Metroid VGGTS Stories

Chozo Exposure
Approx. pages: 4
- As Samus is sailing the galaxies in search of a new mission, she lands on a distant planet after detecting readings of an electromagnetic field surrounding a seemingly lifeless ancient city that belonged to the Chozo. As Samus walks through the city, she comes across an old Chozo statue that is holding some sort of energy ball. Whatever it is, Samus feels she must stop it as the source of the field is apparently from this ball. But when she winds up touching this ball, that VGGTS thing happens, and Samus ends up getting more than she bargined for. Completed November 3, 2004.

X Factor
(Dry Bones)
Approx. pages: 8
- Samus has returned to Galactic Space Federation Headquarters after the BLS Research incident and the apparent extinction of the X parasite. The Federation is naturally seriously ticked that Samus went against their orders and destroyed what could've been great research material for generations to come. But just when that becomes the extent of her problems, her routine checkup with the doctors reveals she has gained a few inches in height, and she's slowly growing even more. What could be causing this to happen? Completed November 20, 2005.