X Factor

(Dry Bones)

It was one week since Samus had destroyed the BLS Space station, and more importantly the X-parasites. She had just returned to her apartment on the Earth colony ERTH-41. With standard Federation Protocol she had to pay a visit to the medical center for a routine physical.

‘Ok Samus, open your mouth and say AHHH” asked the resident Doctor, Dr. Chris.

“Ahhhhh” Samus did as she was told; she wanted to get out as soon as possible. Dr. Chris stuck a flashlight in her face to get a good look in her throat. It was then the yelling of a man coming from the waiting room interrupted them.

“Sir please you can’t go in there! The doctor is with a patient!” cried the receptionist

“SAMUS ARAN! WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU!” A short man with a terrible comb over in a black suit threw the door open. It was one of the Federations financial “yes” men, Raphel Minch. “Do you have ANY idea how much you cost the Federation with that STUNT you pulled with the BLS station!” he yelled. Samus remained calm.

“hmmmm. I did what I thought…” Minch interrupted her.

“We don’t pay you to think…” Samus was getting fed up.

“No you don’t, you pay me to protect the Federation from anything I find to be a threat! Now you have a choice.” A grin appeared on her face… “You can give me my money, and get off my back, OR I can go to the press to collect my money, by telling them about the Metroid cloning lab on the space station. I am sure they would be delighted to hear my story…” Samus was smiling now… Minch’s nostril flared and he began to turn red.

“FINE!” He pulled out a small card and threw it on the Doctors floor. And stormed out of the office.

“Can we finish up now Chris?’ Samus asked as she picked up her payment card and put it in the back pocket of her red shorts. It was then Samus noticed that they felt slightly snugger then before. But she quickly dismissed it.

“We are already pretty much done, I just need to get your height and weight. Step over here please. He pointed to a small metal platform with a metal stick coming out of the back…

“What the heck is that?” She chuckled. She walked up to it and stepped on the platform.

“It is an antique scale and height measure. I saw it one planet Ebay, and just had to have it… Now…” He began to fiddle with the meter that was in front of Samus. “Weight…ok… and now for your height… Huh…” he sounded puzzled

“What is it? Something wrong?” she asked

“Well, I think it may be a misprint, but according to your file it says you are five foot seven… But what I am seeing now… You are 2 inches taller!”

“Excuse me?” Samus said.

“Well like I said I think this is just a misprint, according to your file your 6 foot 1. But what I am seeing now you are 6 foot 3.”

“How is that possible? Unless…” the though of the Metroid DNA just struck Samus.

“Unless what?” Chris inquired

“Nothing, anyway, you have what you need can I go now?” Samus’s voice quivered slightly.

“Um. Yes, were done here.” With that Samus left the office her mind racing at the thought of her slight growth. She wondered if the Metroid DNA now in her system along with the absorption of all the X-parasites could have triggered it, and if so. Why it is manifesting itself so long afterward… Perhaps her power suit slowed down the growth. As Samus headed home to her apartment she began to calm down. It was only 2 inches after all. Upon reaching her apartment, Samus had grown tired and let her fears rest for now. She climbed into her bed and drifted to sleep.

Samus was out for no more then an hour when she was violently awaked by terrible screams and explosions emanating from outside. She ran out of her apartment, and opened the door to find a group of men running toward the exit armed with blaster rifles. She caught one by the shoulder.

“Hey! What the hell is going on!” the nameless man tore away and ran to catch up with the others. But he yelled 2 words the echoed in Samus’s head… “Space Pirates” Samus didn’t need to hear any more she quickly followed the group, she knew if she could reach her ship she would be able to get her powersuit and save her home. The men stopped at the complex transporter and they quickly teleported to the battlefield. When it was clear she got in and set the coordinates.
She closed her eyes and was transported to the Federation docking area. Samus left the transporter, it was overrun with pirates, and they were gunning down the last of the resistance in the docks. When one saw “the hunter” quickly all the attention fell on Samus. But none of them fired. Realizing something was wrong she quickly began to turn when she felt a stabbing pain in her neck. Before she could react, she fell to the ground and became unconscious.

Some time later Samus awoke groggy, disoriented, and oblivious to her situation. She look around the dank room she found herself in, and noticed the forcefield that sealed her in. It wasn’t long before she felt the same stabbing pain in her neck. She reached around and gently felt around, when she felt some sort of object embedded in her flesh. The severity of her predicament suddenly became more clear. She grabbed the object firmly with both hands and ripped it out.
The pain was terrible but she grit her teeth, and her eyes began to tear, but she didn’t make a sound. Having removed the object she examined it, it appeared to be some sort of Tranquilizer dart. Looking around the room she was in once more, Samus realized just what was going on. For the first time, the Zebian Pirates had taken a prisoner. Samus was more then surprised that she was the first.
Samus took a moment to look in detail to see if there was anyway to escape. The room was almost completely barren the only objects inside her “cell” was the dart they drugged her with, and apparently some sort of security camera. Samus knew that the pirates had her and they didn’t want to let her go.

Samus didn’t know how to feel. She knew she was going to die. This was the first time that she faced death without her power suit. She stood in silence in her cell trying to keep calm. That silence was broken by the sound of a hatch door opening followed by footsteps. She turned around to see a familiar foe looking in on her.
“Ridley…” she blurted out.
The monster appeared to grin as he gazed at the helpless girl.
“Samus Aran… 3 Years old. We may look different, but we can be friends… I remember that day. In a way it seems very similar to today.” He snarled.
“Kids say the dardest things don’t they?” she teased
“Indeed… Indeed.” Ridley played along “Even though we didn’t become friends. You and I seem to be connected.”
“If by connected, you mean that you won’t stay dead, then yes we are very much connected.” She continued to toy with Ridley approaching the field that separated the foes.
“I think I like you better in your armor, atleast your mouth stays shut. But I suppose you are correct I have confronted you more times then either of us would have liked. But no, our connection is deeper. Surly even a lowly human can see our similarities…”

“Similarities!? I am nothing like you! You kill innocent people! You kill parents, brothers, sisters, you destroy families!” She exclaimed.
“hmph. Silly girl, you just don’t get it, do you? We destroy families? I suppose Space Pirate lives mean nothing. You kill parents, YOU kill brothers, YOU KILL sisters, YOU DESTROY FAMILIES! YOU extinguish life and almost bring about our extinction! We fight for honor of our people, you, YOU kill for money! He roared.
Samus became silent. When a thought that was ringing in her head allowed her to speak.
“Why am I here? Why not just kill me when you had the chance!?” she demanded
“We had intercepted several transmissions between you and the Federation regarding your little run in with the X-Parasites. We learned many things. Including you, Samus, having the last reminisce of Metroid DNA combined with your own. Our scientists wanted to keep you alive until we have successfully removed those genes from your filthy human DNA. But don’t worry once we have what we need, I will be sure to make your death long and painful.” He said. “Enjoy the time you have left.” He continued, “Who knows how much you really have.”

With that Ridley left Samus alone in her cell. She sat in the middle of her dank new home. She bend her legs pulling her knees up to her chin as she sat, Samus was racking her brain thinking of how she could get free. Her head sank as the realization that she may not figure out a way to escape. Samus began to grow hungry, no sooner did her stomach rumble did the door to the detention area open. Samus ignored it assuming it was Ridley coming to gloat once more.
But to her surprise it was to low rank Pirates. One carrying a tray of food, the other holding his weapon high, ready to strike at any moment. The one with the tray pushed some buttons on the control panel for her cell, turning off the field that kept her in. They both took no more then 2 steps, the one with the tray bend down, and placed down the tray. Without even turning around, the two slowly backed out of the cell. And the cell’s field rebooted and once again sealed Samus in.
When she was sure they were gone she crept up to the food and examined it closely. It appeared to be your common space food, and a small glass of water. Just enough to keep me alive huh… she thought. Samus ate the “food” she was givin, and threw the tray aside, she then started to go back to her curled up position to continue to plan an escape.

Suddenly she felt a strange sensation deep within her. It started small, but quickly began to grow. In seconds it had grown into a terrible pain. There was no way to describe it! It felt like her skeleton was growing and about to burst out of her skin. Samus’s eyes began to tear from the pain; she had never felt anything like this. Samus looked at her hands, he watering eyes grew wide as her hands seemingly began to grow right in front of her!

The pain continued to get worse, Samus let out a scream, and then collapsed on the floor.

Sometime later she awake, Samus felt cold, she examined herself. For a moment Samus felt violated, the zipper on her red vest had burst open at the seam! It appeared as though it had been forced open! Her shorts were also damaged; they were torn all the way up to the waistband. Samus was shaken, she kept thinking of what the Space pirates did to her while she was out. She was on the verge of a break down at the thought of it, when the food tray she had been given earlier caught her eye.

Still on her hands and knees she crawled up to it, it looked somehow smaller then before. Suddenly she knew what had happened, she had grown again, and everything began to come together in her mind. The food made me grow… Just like a Metroid, the more energy I consume the larger I get… she thought. Samus climbed to her feet. She looked around the room, being as barren as it was, she had no real was of gauging her new size…  But that didn’t matter right now. She had to think of a way out she had to formulate a plan now. Samus knew that if she stayed she would have to eat, and she would continue to grow. Eventually she may get too big to escape, and by that time, the pirates may start to recreate the process in there own soldiers. The universe would be in the palm of their hands.

Samus sat down again and began to think once more, time passed, and she had grown tired. She began to lie down when she felt a stabbing pain in her back. She shot back up and turn around, it was the dart the pirates used to capture her! Looking with her eyes she figured out a way to use it against them… She smiled and for the first time since she had been captured, it was real. She pushed the dart aside, laided down, and fell asleep.

She was awoken by what she could only assume was the next morning by the sounds of the pirates opening her cell, to give her food.  Samus merely tiled her head to see what the sounds were, and then she let it down again. When it registered in her mind that these were the same 2 pirates from before, she knew they were her guards. This now evident, she had completely come up with a plan to escape.

Sideling up to the tray of her space meal, Samus pretended to eat the food instead placing the space food bar in her tattered short’s pocket. This was all part of her plan. It was merely a distraction, while she appeared to eat with her back to the camera that watched her every move she grabbed the dart they drugged her with and mentally prepared herself for the next step. She only had one shot she had to make it good. In what all seemed to happen in one fluid motion, Samus turned quickly, and threw the dart at the camera.

It was not in vein. It struck the lens and shattered it. Acting quickly, she ran to northeast corner of the cell, and using her now lengthy legs she steadied herself near the ceiling waiting for her captors. In seconds, the 2 Pirates that had brought her food ran into the detention center, more importantly to Samus’s cell. Seeing that it was empty the 2 opened the field and entered. No sooner did they enter Samus leap down and run outside. Seeing the keypad that controlled the field Samus punched it with all her might. Her increased size and strength allowed her to do so. Her strike broke the controls sealing to 2 pirates inside her former cell. The 2 fired their weapons in a panic but it was no use, the field absorbed every shot. The captors had now become the captives.

Giving them a wave and a grin Samus headed for the door. Opening the hatch that lead out of the detention cells, Samus peered her head outside and looked around. It was clear, she walked out slowly. There were 3 paths, only one had a hatch at the end. Before she could take a moment to choose a direction, Samus heard footsteps, they were coming right for her. As fast as she could she dashed for the hatch, the footsteps getting ever closer. The hatch opened and closed quickly, without even looking to see where she was, she stared at the hatch she had just come through, paralyzed with fear. If she was caught now it was all over. Waiting a moment with no signs of her being followed she looked around the room to see where she was.

The room was small, with only a large control panel in front of her. Placing her hand on the large touch screen, the ship’s schematics appeared before her. Carefully looking at the hologram, although unable to read the pirate language without a translator, Samus was able to decipher where the docking bay was. She smiled faintly, her eyelids became heavy, and Samus let out a large yawn. She had suddenly become very fatigued, her legs suddenly weakened and she fell to her knees, Samus used the control panel to steady herself.

She had no idea what was happening. Just then her stomach growled as though giving her a wake up call. I guess that’s it…I am out of energy… heh heh. Holding herself up with her left arm on the panel, Samus reached into her right pocket and pulled out the space food bar she had put there just minutes before. Looks like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place… If I eat this, I’ll grow again, If I don’t, I will be too weak to reach the docking bay. I guess I don’t have a choice, I have to take my chances…

Opening her mouth slowly, she began to eat the bar. No sooner did she finish the last bit, did all her strength return. It felt as though she had just gotten up from a deep sleep. Getting to her feet, Samus took a look at the map once more. She didn’t have much time before her next growth. Moving her finger along the path slowly, she made a copy in her mind. She also noticed that there was a ventilation shaft that led right to the docking bay. Her good fortune continued.

Looking around the map room, she eyed a vent. Grabbing the grate covering the vent with both hands she pulled the grate off, Samus got on her hands and knees and carefully examined the vent. It appeared to be steardy, and other then the usual vermin, it appeared to be safe. Crawling inside, Samus found it harder then she thought to maneuver around. She hadn’t taken in account her new size. But Samus’s determination kept her moving despite the discomfort from the cramp tunnel. She moved as quickly as she could, only stopping when she passed a vent to avoid detection.

In what seemed like forever she reached the docking bay, and saw a vent she could crawl out of. Just when Samus thought she was home free, she heard the hatch door to the bay open, followed by several footsteps entering. Samus reached the vent, and looked down upon what must have been 20 space pirates all taking security positions around the several ships. Looks like my secrets out she thought. 

Samus remained silent hoping for a moment of weakness so she could pounce. But she didn’t get a chance. Suddenly Samus felt a familiar pain inside her… It began to grow, as did she. Samus covered her mouth, trying to remain discrete, but it was no use. The vent goaned as it strained to contain the growing bounty hunter. Samus began to panic as she heard the sounds of bolt popping as the vent began to give way. Finally the vent collapsed causing her to fall to the ground below. Samus hit the ground hard, she was in incredible pain but she was able to lift her head, blood was streaming down her face. Her forehead had been cut deeply. 

The pirate surrounded her, excepting her fate, Samus blacked out…

Samus awoke some time later in a daze. Her entire body ached terribly, almost as badly as her growth spurts. Samus tried to get up but found she was thoroughly restrained. She noticed she was wearing some sort of white body suit that went from her chest to the middle of her calves. Though her mind was foggy she was able to grasp the subtle changes in her surroundings. The first of which was the mask over her mouth, an oxygen mask. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed an I.V. unit connected to her right wrist. She also realized that the pirates had not taken her back to her cell, this was somewhere new.

“You are very lucky my dear… Fate seems to be your best friend” walking out of the shadows of her dark surroundings Ridley appeared. Somehow he appeared to be smaller then before. Samus tried to speak but could not. “I am sorry young lady, but to prevent anymore complications we have sedated you. No more running around I am afraid. It will also keep your wise mouth shut. You are no doubt curious to your predicament. It seems the Metroid DNA within you is having a more profound effect then what was first indicated… That is the reason you are not in your cell, you have grown far beyond the size of any normal human. You were closing in on 100 feet a few minutes ago; you have no doubt surpassed it.

The I.V. in your right arm is feeding in nutrients to your body to allow a constant growth.” A wicked smile curled on Ridley’s face “Not so much as to discover more about the Metroid DNA fusing to another organism, but to make you suffer… Just enough so you will feel every inch without killing you. We will be arriving at Creeia VII soon, where you will be sent to our most advanced researched facility. Once we can extract the Metroid DNA we will dispose of you in a manor fitting of the retribution of our brothers. Savor the suffering you are going through, for when the time comes it will seem like a forgotten dream.” With that Ridley turned, expanded his wings, and flew to the hatch.

Samus had lost all track of time, she lay there restrained and sedated, but every inch she grew she felt the terrible pain. It never wained even once. All Samus could do was lay there and watch as the room around her got smaller and smaller with each passing minute, as she grew larger and larger. Eventually 2 pirate commandos entered and shut off the I.V. that fed her growth. As she watched them she marveled at their size! To her they appeared to be nothing more then small toys. Once they turned off her I.V. she tried to struggle free, but she was still under muscle sedation. Her movement became easier the more she struggled. Seeing this the Pirates quickly ran for the door and activated some sort of alarm.

Almost immediately a team of pirates entered heavily armed, a pair of them carried a giant hypodermic needle. The pirates took position around Samus as the 2 carrying the needle cautiously walked up to her. Samus began to toss and turn hard trying to get free. Quickly the 2 pirates got within distance and shoved the needle into her arm. Samus let out a groan, as she began to feel the drug they injected her with, her muscles relaxed, stopping her struggling. With only her mind left at her disposal Samus tried her best to focus her senses as to keep intouch with the ever shrinking world around her. As her sized increased all she could see was the ceiling closing in every second. Samus lost all track of time. She tried to sleep but was awaken by the harsh vibrations of the ship.

Samus’s eyes grew wide knowing she was closing in on the pirates base or new planet whatever they had build throughout their failures at the hands of the hunter. When it finally stopped it became eerily quiet the cargo bay ceiling began to open and the light of a foreign sun shined in. Samus still under the effects of the muscle relaxant tried her best to close her eyelids; it had been a some time since she had seen natural light. The sight of it hurt her eyes. Her growing pains had suddenly stopped; the pirates removed the IV from her arm. They were getting ready to move her.

Samus heard a strange sound; a sound of faint rockets lighting beneath her. She felt her self rise upward through the ceiling. Once outside thousands of pirates all cheering and yelling at the fallen hunter, many throwing objects at her ranging from rotted food, to rocks. At her mammoth size they felt like nothing to her. The sounds began to fade as she grew farther and farther away from them. The pirates were moving her, she assumed that the pirates had strapped her to a large moving cargo transport. Probably towing her to a lab where she would no doubt become a guinea pig. In a matter of minutes she had stopped moving and was being carefully lowered to the ground. When she finally touched down everything came to a complete crashing halt.

As Samus waited she could feel her strength returning, the muscle relaxant was wearing off! Regardless she had to remain still, but looked around the room best as she could. When her ear’s picked up a familiar screech. She lifted her head and her face lit up, a Metroid was contained just inches from her massive feet. Releasing the Metroid may just provide the distracted she needed to make her move. Samus tried maneuvering her legs trying to give them enough room thus to break open the case containing the most dangerous life form in the universe.

Samus thrust her foot forward, the case cracked, the Metroid bobbed around in its case as if it knew it would soon be free. Again and again, until finally with a mighty shatter the glass sprayed across the room glowing brilliantly almost dancing from the bright lights of the lab. The Metroid flew around the room in glee at its freedom, flying with the sounds of alarms and lights of a fugitive. It stopped suddenly just hovering over Samus and cooed slightly, seemingly recognizing its sister.
The alarm still ringing became silenced when 2 pirate troopers charged into the lab thorough a hatch on the East Side.

They opened fire on the young creature. The Metroid avoided their attacks and latched onto one of the pirates sucking the life from its prey. In the struggle the nameless pirate fired 2 stray shots, luckily hit on of Samus’s restraints. When the Metroid finally released its prey, it fell to the ground upon hitting the floor it burst into billions of dust particles. The remaining pirate fired wildly at the floating menace but he too became nothing more then another meal for its insatiable appetite. The 2 pirates now space dust Samus struggled for freedom but even with the damaged restraints it was impossible. The now empowered Metroid larvae floated over her as if it was watched over its sister for a moment. It flew down to her massive waist and latched on.

Suddenly Samus felt a burst of power flow into her. The Metroid gave its energy to Samus like the infant Metroid that gave saved her on Zebes had done before. Samus tensed her muscles and the restraints groaned at her improved power. Snapping in mere seconds like over stretched rubber bands.
Samus got to her knees and truly understood her size. Which she guessed was around 250 ft. She reached up and pat the Metroid which cooed at her touch. She grabbed it with her massive hand, and moved it toward the hatch. The movement opened it and she opened her palm against it releasing the Metroid into the other parts of the lab. She removed her hand and with just her index finger crushed the control panel of the hatch saying “Sorry little fellow I appreciate the help, but this is no place for you.”

No sooner had the hatch sealed that Samus heard the screams of pirates falling at its fangs. She now turned her attention to the ceiling of the lab. She reached up and placed her hands on it, at the same time firmly planting her right foot on the floor. Samus pushed against the ceiling with her mighty arms and used her leg for leverage. Under the great pressure of the giant woman the ceiling began to crumble. She burst forth into the freedom of the outside world in awe. In relief she stretched out her arms in the warmth of the sun. It was short lived however, as soon a shower of blaster shots rained down on her.

A small army of flying pirates fired down upon her. Samus easily shielded herself with her lengthy arms. She reached up and swatted several pirates in a single slap. Some falling to the ground exploding on impact others crashing into their allies making beautiful fiery bursts in the sky. Samus couldn’t help but smile at the power of her giant size. She had never felt so powerful, even in her Chozo power suit. Suddenly a familiar voice rang out from the laboratory rubble beneath her.

“Self Destruction of base in 1 minute Please evacuate”

No sooner had the alarm been sound did a large dragon like creature fly out at breakneck speeds. Acting quickly Samus threw her arm at it and grabbed it firmly. She clutched it with both hands and brought it to her face.

“Ridley… This is it you know. The end for both of us!” Samus began to squeeze him with all her strength, he fought hard, but he slowly stopped as the life was literally squeezed out of him. Finally stopping Samus let him go and his lifeless body fell to the ground. Even though he remained still she could not take her eyes off him. She didn’t even notice nor cared about the timer counting down…


High above the planet a large warship orbited the planet, a Federation warship. The crew getting a front row seat to an explosion with a light bright enough to be seen even from their great distance. When the light subsided, one of the privates spoke up.

“Sir, why didn’t we help Samus!? She was one of ours!”

“Minch told us to hold back… All right send an away team down there and survey the area. If you find any sign of Samus I want to know immediately!” The CO bellowed.

“Minch wants a body, dead or alive. Her DNA hold the power of the ultimate life form we must retrieve it at all costs! We can’t afford to let the pirates get to it first! Now MOVE OUT!”