The War Against Paula! Part 1


NOTE from author: Thanks for taking the time to read this! I’d just like to point out this story contains an original character.

I used EarthBound’s “enter your name” feature and turned it into a character. This character was made to be an EarthBound version of Mother 1’s Teddy, a character who lacks PSI but with plenty of physical strength.
Besides the OC, All characters are owned by their original companies.

(Flashback, during the final struggle with Giygas.)

Ness and his robotic friends are trapped within the dark dimension with Giygas. Paula is praying from the bottom of her heart.

Paula: I can’t think of anyone….Someone, anyone….please help us!


Paula’s call was absorbed by the darkness.


Paula: Someone…can you hear me?! Please, give us strength!


Paula and her friends’ call touched the heart of --y --n--g.


R-- M--ta- prayed for the kids, having never met them before.


Giygas suffers a hard blow.


-oy Mont-g kept praying.


Giygas suffers a severe hit.

Roy Montag kept praying.


Giygas can’t handle the emotions in his mind, and begins to fade away. Pokey Minch sends one last taunt at Ness, and runs away!


The Chosen Four black out. While Paula is unconscious, she sees a figment of a long haired man smiling across a field of blackness.


The three heroes and heroine re-awaken in Saturn Valley. The war against Giygas is finally over…



Three months have passed since then. Ever since Giygas’ influence on the world vanished, things have settled down. Ness returned home to Onett, and celebrated his fourteenth birthday with his family. In Twoson, Paula is the even more “Ms. Popular” at Polestar Preschool. Jeff, after his journey and the remaining semester, has moved out of the Snow Wood Boarding School for the summer. The last hero, Prince Poo, is now regarded as a legend in Dalaam.

Needless to say, life was very good for The Chosen Four.


However, until one day…


In Onett, around noon.


It is a hot Summer day in Onett. It is currently late May in the year 199X. School has recently let out, and the children of Onett couldn’t have asked for a better day. The Sun is shining is a clear, cloudless sky. However, in the Northern corner of town, Ness and Picky Minch are sitting inside Ness’ house. Ever since his father and demented brother left the house, Picky has made a good friendship with Ness and Tracy. Ness and Picky are sitting on the sofa, playing a game called “Mother” on Ness’ NES.


Picky: We’re almost to Mt. Itoi!


Ness: We just need that last melody…


Tracy and Ness’ Mom enter through the front door; King is following them on a leash.


King (It’s such a nice day outside!)


Tracy: Big Bro, Picky! You both are still here?


Mom: Do you want to play Nintendo games all summer?


Picky: It’s too hot, we can’t do anything else!


Their conversation is interrupted by the telephone ringing. Tracy runs to it and picks it up. On the other side of the phone, there is a girl asking for Ness.


Tracy: Ness, you have a phone call!


Ness: Can you ask who it is, please?


Tracy: Ness wants to know who this is.


Paula: This is Paula Polestar.


Tracy: Ness, it’s your friend Paula!


Ness immediately tosses the controller to Picky, and he darts over to the phone. Ness gingerly takes the receiver from Tracy.


Ness: Hello?


Paula: Hello, Ness. Long time no see.


Ness and Paula talk for about 20 minutes. However, the preschoolers at Polestar Preschool begin to get impatient because Paula is not playing with them.

Paula decides to end her and Ness’ conversation, but before she does…


Paula: Ness, there’s one more thing I need to tell you.


Ness: …

Paula: Jeff, Poo, and I want to have a get-together. How about a picnic in Onett?


Ness: That sounds great! When is it?


Paula: How about tomorrow? We’ll meet you at your house; tell Tracy and Picky they can come too!


Ness: OK, I’ll see you tomorrow.


Ness can hear a “SLAM!” and “beep-beep-beep” on his side of the phone. Ness understands Paula and the other two are getting ready for tomorrow.


The next day, around 2 in the afternoon.


The Sunny weather returns, and the day is just perfect for a picnic. Ness, Tracy, and Picky are greeted to the sounds of the Sky Runner landing in Ness’ front yard. King, on the other hand, is barking madly at it. Poo, Jeff, and Paula step out of it. The Chosen Four are glad to see each other.


Jeff: It’s nice to see you again, Ness. Hard to believe it has been three months.


Poo: Yes, I’m glad to see our fearless leader again.


Paula: We have a lot to catch up on, Ness! Let’s go and find a nice spot for our picnic.


They leave Ness’ house and look for a spot to set up. Along the way all of the boys, except Poo, pondered what was inside Paula’s picnic basket.

They knew whatever inside must be good.


Meanwhile, in an unknown location.


In another part of the world, a dark, cloaked person is sitting on a rather expensive looking throne. The room he is in is only lit by a giant computer screen.

On it, there is a photo of The Chosen Four posing. Next to this cloaked person stands a gigantic Starman junior!


?????: I want to see what you’re capable of doing, Starman Giga!


Starman G.: What do you *click* need me to do, Sir?


?????: Sources have told me that Ness and his friends are gathering in Onett. I want you to go to there in one hour and pick someone up for me.


Starman G.: Who, sir?


?????: (Pointing at the photo) The blonde girl. Kidnap her and bring her back here to me. Ness and his friends will surely come looking for her.

We then can lure them where we want too, and then wipe out those lame excuses for heroes!


Starman G: Roger that, Sir!


Starman Giga leaves the room, and prepares for his mission.


Back in Onett about an hour later, however, at a different place.


In another corner of Onett, There is small home with a “Sold!” sign in its front yard. Inside the house, a mysterious young man who looks like he has crawled out of the 1980’s, is busy unpacking boxes. He has just moved it, and trying his best to get settled in.


???: Yes! I finally got all the ceramics unpacked! I deserve a break.


The young man enters his kitchen, and grabs a bottle of water. He takes a quick mouthful and sets the bottle back down on a counter.


???: (Thinking) I wonder what I should do next…Maybe hook the Wii up or-…


He quickly notices that the water in the bottle is rippling, and the bottle is vibrating softly. There is nothing on the counter besides the bottle.


???: What in the world? The agent never said anything about a poltergeist… (He quickly glances at a lamp.) Don’t YOU start with me!

…I really need to stop playing Mother so much.


He laughs quietly, and then grabs the bottle. His whole arm vibrates as he touches it.


???: OK, I’m really getting freaked out…


Suddenly, many humongous tremors rattle the house. The young man is knocked off his feet, but quickly gets back up when they’re over. He notices a pot is dangling over a table, and it falls off. He dives for the table and manages to catch the pot before it smashes. Before he can get up, a few weaker tremors strike. He gets up, and straightens his long, curly “80’s-style” brown hair.


???: Is the sky falling?


He quickly runs to his front door, and opens it. He sees what nearly crushed his home, Starman Giga!


???: WHOA! Is that a Starman? I never knew they were that huge! (Thinking) He’s HUGE, at least taller than this house. Whatever, he’s just begging for trouble.


He decides to follow Starman Giga. Before running off, He notices an old, rusty hatchet sitting on his porch.


???: Meh, better than nothing. I’ll have to use this for now.


He equips it, boosting his offence slightly. He then chases after Starman Giga, but tries not to get too close.


Rejoining Ness and his  friends.


Ness and the others are all sitting on a red and white checkered blanket, under a nice shady tree to escape the summer heat. Everyone is enjoying Paula’s picnic. They all are chatting about what has happened in the pass three months.


Tracy: ...So, then King got in the garbage at Ness’ party. He ate some rotten steak, poor guy was sick for three days!


Everyone laughs; King lets out an annoyed whine.


King: (I’m colorblind, how was I supposed to know it was spoiled!)


Paula: Well, I promise this won’t be rotten.


She reaches inside her basket and pulls out a covered chocolate cake.  Even through its covered, its aroma is wonderful. It even catches the attention of a few passer-bys.  Everyone prepares their plates for a slice. However, two rowdy looking boys approach.


Boy #1: (To Paula) Hand over that cake nice and easy!


Boy #2: Or else things are going to get nasty!


Poo: It would be very unwise to fight us.


Jeff: I suggest you leave now; we don’t want to hurt you.


Boy #1: Oh yeah? What are you going to do, four eyes?


Ness and Poo charge up their PSI powers. Jeff reaches for his stun gun. However, Starman Giga sneaks up from behind. Ness and friends have their backs turned against him, they cannot see him. The rowdy boys notice him approaching, and both boys panic and run away.


Tracy: Yeah, you two better run!


Picky: Uhh…Guys, we have trouble! (He turns and points at Starman Giga.)


Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo quickly notice him too.

Starman G.: I am here for the one named Paula. Please come with me now, *click * or else I will crush this pathetic town!


Paula: (Thinking) Me? Why me?


Jeff: There’s no way your taking her!


Poo: Looks like we’ll have to defend our shelves.


Ness: Tracy, Picky, get away from here!


The Chosen Four get ready for battle and so does Starman Giga. Ness begins by using PSI Rockin’ Beta. The Starman Giga takes a hard blow, but can easily shake it off. Paula attacks with PSI Fire Gamma. However for Starman Giga, the flame isn’t nearly hot enough to burn him.  Jeff and Poo decide to go on guard. The Starman Giga attempts to whack them with his tentacle-like arm, but the Chosen Four quickly dodge. Starman Giga stands back up tall and proud.


Starman G.: Resistance is futile. Give up now, or you *click* can say good-bye to this town!


???: I don’t think so!


Starman Giga is hit in the chest by a flying hatchet. He stumbles over, clutching his robotic “heart”. His amour has been pierced, and he has suffered a critical hit. The young man seen earlier jumps out of nowhere, and snatches the hatchet back from the ground. The Chosen Four are surprised to see him, as they do not know if he’s a friend or enemy. The young man quickly runs over and stands next to Poo. Paula can’t shake the feeling that she has seen this person before.

Jeff quickly notices the words “Fourside Fire Department” on the mysterious man’s dark blue shirt.


??? : Kept ya waiting, huh?


Ness: Who are you?

??? : Don’t worry about me, we have a bigger problem!


Starman Giga, regaining his strength, stands back up.  The Chosen Four plus One unleashes a full barrage of attacks, but Giga’s high defense protects him. Once again, he tries to whack them, and everyone but Paula successfully dodges the attack. Paula is beat down and knocked unconscious! The young man quickly notices her state, and rushes over to her side.


???: Oh man! Are you alright?! (No response from Paula.) I guess I have to use it…


He pulls out a small glass, never-opened bottle from his inventory. He unscrews the top, and gives a strange red liquid to Paula. Paula is instantly revived!


Paula: …Thank you! What was that?


The young man helps Paula to her feet, and shows her the empty bottle. Stamped on the side of the bottle are the words “Pick Me Up”.

Tracy and Picky run to Paula’s side.


???:  Don’t tell me you haven’t played Super Mario RP-…


Tracy: (interrupting) Paula, Mr. 1980!


???: … Mr. 1980? Just because of my hair-…


Picky: (interrupting) It’s not that, look over there!


Picky points at Starman Giga. Ness, Jeff, and Poo are giving it their all, but Starman Giga shows no signs of going down. Paula quickly notices the pierce in Starman Giga’s amour.


???: You guys stay here. I’ll help those three.


Paula: I have a better idea. Please stand back, I don’t want to shock you.


All three of them give Paula some space. She builds up PSI Thunder Omega, and sends it towards Starman Giga.

The Thunderbolt enters the crack, and Starman Giga suffers a devastating electrical shock throughout his body.

Starman Giga loses his entire HP and falls to the ground, causing a large tremor.


Starman G: Master, I have failed you! (He disappears without a trace.)


Everyone regroups. Ness and the others boys check to see if Paula is OK. Paula explains how she was revived, and how she landed the final blow.


Ness: He was tough, I thought Ghost of Starmen were a pain…


Poo: We certainly fought well. Good job, Paula.


Tracy & Picky: Don’t forget 80’s guy!


Roy: My name is Roy Montag, and just because of I have long hair doesn’t-… (He suddenly realizes who the red-capped kid is.)

 Hey! You’re John, aren’t you?                                                                                      

Ness: John? Me?


Roy: Noo… Your name is either Alec or …Mario? ...Oh, you’re Ness, right?


Ness: Okay! (Posing in his Smash Bros. taunt.)


Roy: Ha! I knew it! You’re the guy who beat up Captain Strong!


Ness: Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that. Do you know these three too?

Roy: Paula, Jeff, and Poo too! This is a little embarrassing, but…could I get your autographs?

He jokingly pretends to hold a pen and a piece of paper. Everyone laughs.

Paula still can’t shake that she has seen this person before.

Paula:  Excuse me, Mr. Montag , have we met before?

Roy: I don’t think so. I just moved here from Fourside, so I doubt it. I do remember praying for you guys about… three months ago, though.


Jeff: You prayed for us? And today’s the first day you’ve met us?

Roy: Yup. I remember sitting at home alone, and I began to worry about you four. I could close my eyes and see this massive, swirling red…thing.

(Shudders) It was so scary…I also heard a disturbing voice scream “Ness!” over and over. I also heard a female voice scream “Please, give us strength!” too. You guys have no idea how long I prayed.


Poo: Did you see anything else?


Roy: Uhh…Yeah, actually! Five robots. Four of them were cyborgs, and one was a Spider-like machine driven by a pig in human clothes.

One cyborg was wearing a baseball cap too.


Tracy: A Pig in human clothes?

Roy: Yes, it even had blonde hair!  (He looks at his watch) Hmm…I’ll leave you to your picnic now. It was nice to meet you all.

Stop by and see me sometime, OK?


He points to his home a short distance away. He waves goodbye, and leaves. As soon as he is out of sight, Paula walks up to Ness.


Paula: Ness, can I speak to you alone for a second?


Ness: Sure.


They walk a few yards away, so only they can hear.


Paula: I think Mr. Montag’s prayers are the ones that killed Giygas.


Ness: Really? His description did match perfectly…


Paula: That’s what I was thinking. I think we should go to his house tonight, to get to know him better.

We’ll need all the help we can get if more Giant Starmen come!


Ness: That’s a good point.


They walk back, and explain their plan to everyone.


Back at the unknown location.

The cloaked person is still sitting alone in his dimly lit room. He’s deep in thought, planning on what to do when Starman Giga returns.

However, three important looking Starmen enter. They appear in different colors from one another, Red, Gold, and Blue.

Unlike most Starmen, they each seem to have a personality and can speak perfectly.


Red: Sir, Sir! There’s an emergency!


Blue: Giga was defeated!

?????: WHAT?! How did he lose?! (Thinking) That’s the LAST time I use the growth ray on these Starmen clones!


Gold: Ness and friends, plus another person, managed to defeat him. (Gold throws a switch, and a picture appears on the computer screen.)

This is Giga’s last picture that he shot. That Paula girl delivered the final blow!


Red: She’s much stronger than I thought!

Blue: Too bad she isn’t on our side! She could be a very worthy solider. Don’t you have some kind of mind control, Master? …

Maybe we could use it on her!


Gold: No, you idiot! Even if we got her on our side, she would get beaten by Ness and the others! She’d have just as big as Giga to even stand a chance!

?????: Will you three shut-…(He thinks about what Gold has just said.) Starman Gold, you’re a genius!

Gold: …Sir?


????? : You just gave me a wonderful idea. Prepare the growth ray; we’re going to Onett for a little field trip tonight!


Back in Onett, at Roy’s house. It’s about 5 o’clock in the afternoon.


Ness and his friends walk up to Roy’s doorbell, and ring it. Roy answers the door, and is glad to see them. Ness and the others enter Roy’s home. Ness and his friends feel a very nostalgic atmosphere as they walk inside. The only thing they can see is the living room, which has a TV, a sofa, a loveseat, , and a number of cardboard boxes.


Roy: Pardon the boxes, I haven’t finished unpacking yet. Make yourselves at home anyway.


They all take a seat. Ness, Jeff, and Paula take the sofa. Tracy and Picky take the loveseat.

Poo and Roy sit on the floor.


Roy: So, what brings you guys here this evening?


Ness: You wanted us to come over sometime.


Roy: (laughs) You’re right. I bet you want to talk about our “little” fight earlier, right?


Paula: Actually, no, we wanted to introduce ourselves. Can you tell us anything about yourself?

Roy: (Counting on his fingers) Well, let’s see, I’m nineteen years old. I’ve just moved here from Fourside. I absolutely love Nintendo games.

And I used to work as a firefighter in Fourside.

Tracy: Can you explain the funky hair? You look so 80’s…


Picky: (Thinking) Just like this house.

Roy: My old neighbor was a New Age Retro Hippie, do the math.


Everyone laughs.


Roy: Enough about me, tell me about you guys.

Everyone introduces themselves to Roy. They tell their name and anything interesting about themselves.


Roy: Now, Ness, I’d like to hear about your adventure. What is it like to be Eagleland’s hero?


Ness: It feels great! It began when a meteorite fell…


Ness begins telling the story to Roy. He explains everything from the meteor and Buzz-Buzz, to fighting Giygas, and everything in between. Paula, Jeff, and Poo would add in a few things every now and again. At some moments, Roy is almost in tears laughing, and some he’s on the edge of his seat in suspense. During the story, Ness mentions Pokey Minch many times, who was a pain in their quest. At the end of the tale, Paula explains to Roy that she thinks his prayers destroyed Giygas.


Roy:…(Amazed) So, you think I helped kill Giygas? I feel all heroic now!


Paula: Yes. I ran out of people to pray too. Somehow, you heard my plea.


Roy: About that Pokey dude …Where is he now?

Jeff: He ran away, to another time era. We probably won’t see him again.


Poo: Pokey is just another lost soul in time. He is probably eons away from us.


Roy: Well, as long as our time is safe, I hope I never see this guy…


He quickly notices Picky staring at a box labeled “Nintendo games”.


Roy: Picky, that’s a good idea, let’s play the Wii!


Roy gets up and unpacks the Nintendo box, and quickly sets the Wii up.


Roy: I only got Smash Bros. out, is that OK with everyone?


Everyone nods.


Roy: Only one rule though…I get to be Meta Knight!


Picky: Meta Knight stinks! I like Ike!


Roy: …Really now? I, sir, challenge you to a duel! Me and you, one on one, Mushroomy Kingdom!!


Picky: OK then! I won’t hold back!


Roy and Picky quickly grab a controller each, and select their characters. Their fight is set 5-stock, and Picky insists on no items.

After about 10 minutes, Picky wins the intense battle, one life to zero.


Roy: Geez, You can actually use Ike!


Picky: (Laughs) You’re not to bad with Meta, either!


Tracy: (Giggles) Link beats them both, and he’s cuter than Ike!


Roy and Picky just laugh at her comment. As the night goes on, everyone plays Brawl. At about 8 o’clock, Ness and the others decide to head back to Ness’ house.Ness and his friends were having such a great time; they all decided to stay the night at Ness’ house. Picky and Roy decide to stay in their own homes.


Ness:  Wow, its getting late. We should be going back home now.

Roy: Hey, before you go, you guys want to do anything tomorrow?


Paula: That sounds like fun. What could we do?

Roy: Let’s decide tomorrow. I’ll meet you at your house, does 9 A.M. sound good?


Ness: Sounds good, see you tomorrow.


They leave, Roy waves goodbye as they walk away.


Many hours later, at around 3 in the morning.


The summer heat has died down, and a cool summer night has taken over. The moon is glowing radiantly in the night sky.  The only sound that is heard is the sound of crickets. However, the nighttime ambience is broken when the cloaked person and his three Starmen arrive in Onett via portal. They hide out in the forest on the road towards Twoson.


?????: I can’t believe Ness and the others are having a little slumber party! What girls!


Gold: How do you know that, Sir?

?????: Hehe…Lucky guess. That isn’t important though! Red and Blue, go to Ness’ place and kidnap Paula! Since she’s a girl, she should be in Ness’ sister room. Bring her back here, and I’ll handle the rest. Gold, prepare the growth ray!


Red, Blue, & Gold: Yes sir!


Red and Blue quietly sneak through Onett to Ness’ house, and open a window. They climb inside Ness’ house, and appear inside the living room.

King is sleeping (or, rather, snoring) heavily next to the sofa.

Red: Darn, that mutt is noisy. We’ll have to be quiet. Let’s get this done with.


Blue: (Nods)


Red: (Whispering) Not THAT quiet, Blue! Just whisper, OK?


Blue: (Nods)


Red just shakes his head, and they quietly climb up the stairs. They see Ness and Tracy’s rooms.


Red: Master says Ness’ sister has a pink room, so… (He peeps into one of the doors, and using nightvison, sees two girls sleeping away.)

Blue, this way.


Starman Red and Blue quietly enter the room; however both of them notice both girls are blonde and they’re both wearing pink pajamas. They cannot tell who Tracy is and who Paula is.


Blue: Uhhhh…Red…What are we going to do?

Red: Relax, Blue. Just take one, Master can tell us if we got the right one.


Red and Blue snatch one of the girls and quietly sneak out. The two Starmen walk all the way back. They show their Master who they kidnapped.

Among closer look, the Starmen Duo accidentally took Tracy.


????: NO, NO! You got his sister! She isn’t much use, Go back and swap her out.


Red and Blue, once again, sneak back into the house. They go back upstairs and sneak into Tracy’s room. They lay her back on her bed, and quickly snatch Paula, who was sleeping on an air mattress. On their way out, the hallway light turns on. Both Starmen panic, and quickly lean up against a wall in Tracy’s room. They look through the almost closed door, and see Ness. He’s half asleep, and holding a glass of water.  He finishes off the glass, mumbles something, and turns the light off.

Red: That was close; let’s get the heck outta here!


Red and Blue quietly sneak downstairs and out the window. They walk all the way back to their Master. They show their Master, again, who they’ve kidnapped.


?????: Good. At least you got it right the second time!


The three of them walk a short distance away. They reach a grove in the forest, where the trees are a lot taller than the normal trees in Onett. Starman Gold is waving at the others, showing the ray is ready to go. Starman Blue lays Paula against a gigantic oak tree. As he stands back up, he can hear Paula snoring softly. Starman Blue’s heart becomes heavy, and he begins to feel slightly guilty.


Blue: (Thinking) Are we really about to do thi-…Argh, what am I thinking, I’m supposed to be evil!


Starman Blue shakes off his guilt, and walks over to his Master.The mysterious person starts to examine the growth ray, which resembled a small tank’s turret.


Red: These trees are huge…They must be at least 30 feet tall!


?????: Stop looking at the trees, Red! Time to carry out my new plan! Starmen, please stand back; we don’t need another loser like Giga!


All of the Starmen rush over to their Master’s side.


Gold: Sir, we haven’t tested this on a human before!


?????: So what? What could go wrong?                          


The cloaked person pulls the trigger on the ray. After a few seconds, the ray shoots a yellow laser beam at Paula.

The ray misses, and the laser reflects off a tree. The laser starts bouncing around the grove.

Red: Hit the deck!


Everyone ducks. The laser keeps bouncing around the grove for about five minutes. It finally reflects off a small branch and makes a direct shot at Paula, who was still asleep throughout this all. Paula begins to glow a yellow hue. The glow fades, and nothing happens. The cloaked person and his Generals look up, and become confused. The cloaked person grows a disappointed frown of his face.


Gold: Does it even work on Humans?

Red: I guess not.


Blue: Oh well, at least we tried.


?????: Grr! Now I have to make a new plan! Argh, pack up the ray, we’re going hom-…


But all of a sudden, Paula begins to glow brightly! She then starts to grow slowly! The cloaked person’s frown quickly becomes a sinister smile. Paula keeps growing and growing until she stops growing a few feet below the tree’s top. Compared to Paula, the four evil-doers are slightly smaller than an average doll. Paula quits glowing, and she is still sleeping. Paula’s soft snoring can be clearly heard by the mysterious person and his Starmen.


Gold: It…worked?!


Red: Man! She’s HUGE!


Blue: Time for the mind control, Sir?


?????: Not yet. Mind control only works when the person is awake. Besides, I want Ness to have a surprise in the morning! For once, you three have done a good job! We need to go back to base; I need you three ready for the morning!


Red, Blue, & Gold: Yes, Sir!


They leave, and Paula is asleep all alone in the grove.


Later, at Ness’ house. The time is around 8 in the morning.


Ness’ Mr. Saturn alarm clock is going off. Ness slowly wakes up.


Clock: Boing! Ding! Zoom! Get up, Kay-O?


Ness lumbers out of bed, and makes it up. He then changes out of his pajamas and into his normal outfit. Ness then opens up a closet, and takes out his prized weapon, the Legendary Bat. Ness wakes up Jeff and Poo, who were sleeping in his room. They get up, and prepare for the day also. Ness and Jeff leave the room as Poo gets dressed, then Jeff gets dressed when Poo leaves the room. After the three are dressed, Ness knocks on Tracy’s door.


Ness: Tracy, time to wake up.


Tracy:…(Yawn) Good morning, Big Bro. Let me get dressed!


Tracy gets up and rubs her eyes. She too gets out of bed and dresses in her normal clothes. She turns around a notices the air mattress Paula was sleeping on is empty.


Tracy: (Yawn)…She must be an early bird.


Tracy leaves her room and walks downstairs. She sees Ness, Jeff, and Poo talking. Paula is nowhere to be seen.


A little while later. The time is almost 9 in the morning.

Roy:  I overslept! Ahh, they’re gonna kill me for this!


Roy quickly slides on a red striped shirt, the same as Luca’s red costume in Brawl, and a pair of blue pants. He then darts out his home, and he runs like a madman to Ness’ house. When he gets there, he quickly notices Picky standing in front of the Minch household. Picky looks to be deep in thought.


Roy: Morning, Picky!


Picky: Oh, hey, Roy.


Roy: Why are you standing here?


Picky: I don’t want to me the first one over there. I like to be fashionably late!


Roy: (laughs) So, are you ready for today?


Picky: You bet! How about you?


Roy nods, and pulls out an impressive looking Fire Axe.


Roy: Meet my “child”; this is the axe I used when I fought fires. I figured I’d need a weapon, just it case.


Picky: Could I, you know, hold it?

Roy hands Picky his axe. Picky tries Ike’s “Prepare Yourself!” pose. Roy shakes his head, and Picky gives back the axe. He puts it back in his inventory for safekeeping. Ness, Tracy, and their friends leave Ness’ house, and see their other two friends standing in front of the Minch household. While the door is open, King runs out the door and begins barking at Picky and Roy.


Picky: (Impersonating Ike) Prepare yourself!


Tracy: (Shouting) Ike, Roy!


Picky: (Shouting back) You forgot Marth!


They laugh, and walk over to Ness’ house. Picky and Roy quickly notice that a certain someone is missing…


Roy: Morning guys!


Picky: Where’s Paula?


Ness: We haven’t seen her all morning.

Poo: She went missing.


Roy: Missing? Does she sleepwalk?


Tracy: She’d still be inside the house…I hope…


Jeff: Ness, do you think she was kidnapped again?


Obviously, they are oblivious to Paula’s situation. While Ness and the others discuss what’s going on, King starts sniffing around.

He catches Paula’s scent, and begins barking at Ness.


King: (Follow me! She’s this way!)


Ness: Everyone, follow King!


King leads the group across town, almost to Twoson. King stops in front a forest, and turns to Ness.


King: (She should be through here. I’m heading back home now.)


King walks off proudly. Everyone enters the forest slowly. While walking, everyone faces a different direction and begin to call Paula’s name. After walking a short distance, they can see a grove up ahead. They continue walking, but Picky decides to walk backwards and speak out loud.


Picky: Was King tricking us? I don’t see Paula anywhere! (He bumps his back into something huge.) What…the…?


Picky turns to see what he bumped into, a colossal bare foot! The foot stood a lot taller than Picky. Everyone turns to Picky, and sees what he bumped into…


Roy: Is this Giant Step?


Suddenly, a man in a top hat drops down and lands in front of Ness and his search party. He blabbers on about his photo skills, and tells everyone to say “Fuzzy Pickles”. Ness holds up a V-for-Victory sign, and the man takes a snapshot. He then warps away.


Picky: What was that about?


Jeff: You get used to him. Anyway…What’s up with this foot?


Suddenly, the foot twitches. Picky, who was leaning against it, nearly gets scared to death.


Picky: It…it…moved?!

Jeff: This isn’t right. This is a real foot?


While everyone else is examining the foot, Poo calmly looks to his right. He sees an odd skin colored object, then a huge wall of pink, and a head of blonde hair. He notices a sleeping gigantic figure is sitting down. Poo fits the pieces of the puzzle together, and figures out where Paula went.


Poo: Everyone, I found Paula. (He points at Paula’s head).


Everyone looks at where Poo is pointing. Poo and Roy aren’t too surprised. Ness and Jeff become quite surprised. Tracy is left speechless.

Picky faints at the sight of the large Paula.


Ness: Oh my…Is that…?

Jeff: No way, this isn’t…logical…


Poo: I suggest we take a closer look.


Roy: Poor Picky, he’s been overwhelmed…


Everyone, except Roy and Picky, walk up to Paula’s knee. Roy stays behind and makes sure Picky is OK.


They start to examine Paula’s current height.  Jeff thinks for a moment, and comes up with an answer. While sitting down, she is over 20 feet tall.

There was no telling just how huge she was when she stood up…


Ness: So…this is Paula?

Poo: Yes. I can feel her PSI energies.


Jeff: How...did... this happen?


Ness looks over his shoulder to see Tracy staring blankly at Paula. He looks over his over other shoulder to see Roy helping Picky, who has regained consciousness, get up. Ness suddenly gets an idea.


Ness: Tracy, Why don’t you give Roy a tour of Onett?

Tracy: …Why do I have to do that, Not-So-Big Bro?

Ness: Poo, Jeff, and I can handle this.


Poo: There is a good chance she’ll only want to see us three when she awakens.


Jeff: Your absolutely right, Poo.


Tracy: OK, just make sure Paula doesn’t go on a rampage or something!


Tracy walks back to Roy and Picky, and explains to them Ness’ idea. Roy and Picky look at each other, and nod. Tracy grabs one of both boys’ hands, and leads them away.


Ness: So, what now?

Jeff: Should we wake her up?


Poo: We cannot leave her alone. We have to wait for her to awaken.


All three of the boys sit on the ground, and Jeff pulls out a deck of cards. The three boys play a card game for about 20 minutes until Paula begins to move.

Paula lets out a loud yawn, and rubs her eyes as she wakes up. Her yawn causes the tree she’s laying against to shake. A whole colony of Spiteful crows inside the tree panic and fly away. Paula opens her eyes, and notices she’s outside!


Paula: Why am I outside? Am I dreaming?


Paula becomes very confused. However, she looks down and sees her three tiny friends staring back at her.


Paula: Oh, how cute! A Ness doll!


Ness becomes confused as well. Before he can get up and say anything, Paula reaches with her long left arm and grabs Ness gently. Paula lifts Ness up to her face. Ness certainly felt like a doll compared to the size of her hand and face. Ness breaks into a cold sweat, and becomes frightened. Paula begins to slowly rub Ness against her face.


Ness: Paula…What are you doing…?


Paula: You talk too? How adorable! Apple Kid has really outdone himself this time!


She flips Ness on his back, and begins to examine him. While being flipped over, Ness’ cap fell off his head. Jeff manages to catch it before it lands on the ground.


Paula: There’s no string. I wonder…


She flips Ness back over. It’s nothing but him and his head full of exposed black hair staring into Paula’s eyes. She then starts rubbing Ness in the stomach gently with her finger, and Ness starts laughing uncontrollably. Ness is experiencing the worse case of Tickle Torture, and tears stream from his eyes.


Ness: Pa…Pa…Paula, please stst…stop! Hahahahaha!


Paula: You want me to stop?


Jeff: (To Poo) Should we help him?


Poo: (snickering) Let Paula have her fun. Besides, Ness seems to be enjoying it.


Jeff is surprised to hear Poo say this. It seems that Poo has a secret sense of humor.


What Paula does next is completely unexpected. She stops tickling Ness, and puts her other hand behind Ness. She then gently draws the “doll” close to her chest, and Ness receives the biggest hug he’s ever been given. As the giant-sized Paula continues to hug Ness, his face turns a dark red, almost as red as his lost cap.

Although Ness couldn’t break free, he gave into Paula’s hug. It felt rather nice to him.


A few minutes later, Paula releases Ness, and sets him on the ground. She notices Poo and Jeff, and happily waves at them.


Paula: There are even dolls of Poo and Jeff?


Before either one of them do anything, Paula grabs both of them with her long arms. She brings them both to her face. Jeff becomes frightened as well.

Poo crosses his arms, and gets a serious look on his face. Ness slips on his lost cap Jeff dropped, and stares up at them both.


Poo: Paula, please set us back on the ground.


Jeff: Y-Yeah, I don’t like heights!


Paula: You talk too? Did Apple Kid make you too?


Jeff: (Thinking) W-What does Apple Kid have to do with this?!


Before Jeff can say anything, Paula carefully places Jeff and Poo in one hand, and she hugs them as well. Jeff’s face turns almost as red as Ness’, Poo shows no emotion at all.


After another moment, Paula releases her two other “dolls”, and sets them on the ground. Paula turns her head and stares up into the sky. Despite what they’ve been through, the three boys laugh. However, their laughter is quickly interrupted when a familiar cloaked person jumps out of nowhere.


?????: Hello losers! I’m here for your big friend. Don’t try to fight me, or else I’ll sick my three Starmen on you wimps!


Jeff: Starmen? Just who are you?

Ness: You’re not taking Paula!


Poo: Bring on your worst. We will still prevail.


?????: OK, you’ve asked for it! Red, Blue, Gold, show no sympathy! I got the rest!


Starmen Gold, Red, and Blue jump from behind the cloaked person as he disappears. Ness, Poo, and Jeff unsheathe their weapons, and a heated 3-on-3 battle breaks out. Paula pays no attention to the fight, as she thinks she is still dreaming.


Meanwhile, in front of Onett’s town hall.


Tracy, Picky, and Roy are walking throughout Onett. Tracy points out anything interesting to Roy as they continue on the tour. The three stop in front of Town Hall for a short break.


Roy: So, is that the Fire Station? ‘Cause, you know, I need to find a job soon…


Tracy: Nope. This is Town Hall.


Roy: (confused) Wait…Onett has a Hospital and a Police Station …but no Fire Station?

Picky: Yes, you’re right.


Roy: (even more confused) Then what happens if a house is on fire?


Tracy and Picky look at each other with confused expressions.


Tracy: (Shrugs) That’s a good question.


Picky: Speaking of a question. Can I ask you one, Roy?

Roy: Sure, go ahead.


Picky: You didn’t seem so surprised when you saw Paula, what gives?


Roy: I’ve seen fires twice her, err…new size. Plus, I had to fight them!


Tracy: That sounds scary.


Roy: It was at first. I think it was a few months ago and…


The three of them sit down on a bench, and Roy begins telling Tracy and Picky a story about his firefighting days. However, right at the story’s climax…




Roy’s story is interrupted by a loud, unbearable scream. The screaming is so loud that everyone outside in Onett had to cover their ears. Tracy recognizes just who screamed…


Tracy: That was Paula! I know it!


The three of them get off the bench. Tracy equips one of Ness’ old bats, and Roy equips his beloved Fire Axe. Picky pulls out a Yo-Yo and sighs, and the three of them run off.


Back at the forest’s grove.


Tracy, Picky, and Roy run all the way to and through the forest. They head back into the grove. When they get there, they notice Paula is gone.

Ness and Jeff are lying on the ground, unconscious. Tracy immediately runs to her brother’s side.


Tracy: Big Bro! Are you OK?!


Roy: I know First-Aid; let me see if he’s alright.

Tracy moves over and Roy flips Ness on his back. He then checks for the signs of life.


Roy: Heartbeat…Pulse…Breathing…Ness is OK!


Roy quickly hops up and does the same to Jeff.


Roy: Heartbeat…Pulse…Breathing…Jeff is OK too!


Tracy: (Sign of relief) Oh, thank goodness…. Mom would have had a heart attack.


Picky: (worried) Hey, where’s Poo? And Paula is gone too!


The three of them look around, and Poo is nowhere to be seen.


Picky: Did he go AWOL?

Tracy: I doubt that. Poo would never run away.


Roy: He is royalty after all!


Ness and Jeff regain consciousness. They slowly get up, and look around.


Ness: (moaning) What just…happened?


Picky: We’d like to ask you the same thing!


Jeff: …Where did those Starmen go?

Roy: Starmen? What did you guys do while we were gone?


Ness: A cloaked boy showed up and sent his Starmen on us. The three of us fought hard, and almost won.


Jeff: However, the cloaked boy appeared by Paula’s ear and shot an odd ray…Paula screamed very loud, and the Starmen got us while we distracted.


Ness and Jeff quickly look where Paula was sitting.


Ness & Jeff: SHE’S GONE!!


Tracy: This isn’t good…


Picky: Poo is gone too!


Jeff: We need to go to my Dad’s lab in Winters. We can take the Sky Runner. If Poo and Paula have gone missing, we need to find them.

Tracy: I hope they’re OK…


Everyone runs to Ness’ house, and Jeff gets the Sky Runner prepared. Ness and Tracy explain to their Mother what’s going on. Picky does the same to his Mother. Mrs. Minch tells Picky to be very careful, and to return home in one piece.


Mom: Adventure is always calling you, Ness. Good luck, I hope you find your friends. Just remember not to overdo it!


Ness: Thanks, Mom. I promise not to take too long this time.


Tracy: Ness, Picky and I are coming along too.


Ness: Are you sure? What about the Escargo Express?


Tracy: They gave me a few weeks off. Besides, you’ll need as much help as you can get!


Roy: That’s why I’m coming too.


Tracy: I thought you had to unpack?

Roy: That’s not important right now. Poo and Paula’s safety is. I want to help as much as I can. Besides, I’ve helped Ness before.

I’ll be of service again!


Jeff: (from outside) We’re ready to go!

Ness and Tracy bid their Mother goodbye. Tracy and Roy leave the house and board the Sky Runner; however Ness’ Mother stops Ness before he leaves.


Mom: Remember, Ness, come home and rest when you need too. I’m always here to help you!


Ness: Thanks, Mom.


Ness runs outside and boards the Sky Runner. The Sky Runner lifts off the ground and flies away to Dr. Andonuts’ lab.


Meanwhile, at the unknown location.


The cloaked person and his Starmen are celebrating their success. They are standing inside what looks like a hangar.

Paula, normally dressed, stands tall over all of them.


Blue: We did it! I thought for sure it wouldn’t work!


Red: The look on their faces, priceless!


Starman Gold and his Master are standing on a platform in front of Paula’s face. Paula, who is dazed, stares at them both.


Gold: Go on, Master, ask her anything! This is the stage of Mind Control that you can control what she does.


?????:  I don’t know about this…W-What should I say?

Starman Gold turns to his Master, and sees a nervous look on his face. Despite being immensely evil, he’s intimidated by Paula’s size.


Gold: How about I start off? (To Paula) State your name, please.


Paula: My name is Paula Polestar.


Gold: Now, sing us a tune!


Paula: …Like a diamond in the sky


Gold: This is cool! Now one last request, put me on your shoulder.


Paula reaches out for him, and places him on her shoulder. Once he gets comfortable, Starman Gold waves at his master.


Gold: Try it out, Master!


?????: (thinking) Oh wow, that was awesome…(Out loud) OK, Paula. I am your master! You serve me, just like these three Starmen do.

Do not take orders from anyone besides me!


Paula: Yes, Master. I will obey your every command.


?????: Now, Ms. Polestar, I need you to go to Fourside in one hour. You might find a boy named Ness there. (He holds up a photo of Ness to Paula.)

Do whatever you can to find him. If you see him, knock him out and bring him here. Do not kill him! And if you see anyone helping him, knock them out as well!


Paula: Yes, Master.


?????: And, take Starman Gold off your shoulder…


Paula grabs Starman Gold, and places him next to her master.


Gold: Aww, I was having so much fun…


Everyone in the hangar prepares a gigantic portal for Paula to enter. Paula prepares for her mission.

About an hour and one-half later, in Winters.


Everyone is standing around a computer in Dr. Andonut’s lab. Jeff is looking at a GPS Map, but cannot find his two lost friends. Everyone else is thinking of possible solutions.


Jeff: The satellite is down. This never happens…


Tracy: Do you think Paula’s PSI is jamming it?


Jeff: That may be what’s wrong, but I really doubt it.


Picky: Do you think a Giantess with PSI powers could do something like that?


Roy: (confused) Giant…ess? What in the world is a Giantess?


Jeff: The suffix “-ess” is usually added to a word to give in a feminine sound.


Roy: Oh, so a female giant… Hmm, I learned a new word today!


Their conversation is interrupted by an emergency broadcast on the TV.


TV: (static) Danger….monster….Fourside….


These words immediately catch Roy’s attention.


Roy: Yo, turn that up!


Jeff fixes the TV antenna, and the TV shows a clear image of a news show.


TV: Again, Fourside is under a state of emergency. There are reports of a gigantic monster running throughout town. If you live in Fourside, please evacuate NOW! Other places that should be advised are: Podunk, Threed, and Dusty Dunes Desert! Here is supposed picture of the fiend….


A blurry pink picture appears on the screen. Ness and his friends can’t tell just what the picture is.

TV: Once again, evacuate now! News Station K-WIN 95 will keep up to date as this story unfolds!

The News broadcast turns off, and a different TV show resumes.


Roy: I need to go to Fourside…Jeff; could you take me there with the Sky Runner?


Ness: You can’t go alone! How about I go with you?


Jeff: What about Paula and Poo?


Ness: We could search for them while we’re out.


Jeff:  Well, OK. I guess I can stay here and continue looking for them on the map. If you two are going alone, you should take these.


Jeff hands both Ness and Roy each a small, bullet-shaped ear piece.


Jeff: This is a two-way radio; use it if you need to talk to me.


Ness: Thank you, Jeff. Ready to go, Roy?

Roy: Let’s rock and roll!


Ness walks ahead, and Tracy stops Roy before he leaves.

Tracy: Roy, there’s something you need to know about Ness


Roy: What’s that?


Tracy: Ness gets really homesick. If you see him start to worry, have him call our Mom quickly.

Here, take this…


Tracy reaches into her pocket, and hands Roy a few dollars.


Tracy: Have him use these to use a pay phone.

Roy: I bet you want whatever’s leftover back, rig-…


Ness: (from outside) You coming, Roy?

Roy: I’m coming, keep your hat on!


Roy walks outside, and Ness prepares PSI Teleport Alpha. After Ness gets a good running start, both boys are instantly teleported to Fourside.


Not too long later, at the entrance of Fourside.


Ness and Roy are standing on the bridge that connects Dusty Dunes Desert to Fourside. The entrance is blocked off by a few police barricades. The weather is extremely cloudy, and a soft rain is falling over the empty town. Overall, there is a gloomy atmosphere. There is also a ghostly silence throughout Fourside.  This certainly isn’t good for Ness’ homesickness.


Roy: Well, Ness, our first grand adventure together. You’ve saved the world before, you can lead the way.


Ness: Let’s get going then.


Ness and Roy summon up all their courage, and climb through the barricades. They enter the empty city, and begin walking through the streets.

Fourside is so empty that Ness and Roy can hear the soft rain fall. While walking, they can see damaged buildings and overturned cars and buses.


Roy: (disgusted) What a dump! This thing must be a real monster …I can’t wait to see what it is!


They continue walking. Ness becomes slightly homesick from the emptiness and the gloomy environment. His concerns for Paula and Poo make him feel awful. Roy quickly notices his depressed state.    


Roy: You know, Ness…I kinda wish Jeff tagged along with us.


Ness: …Why’s that?

Roy: We would be just like Ninten, Lloyd, and Teddy!


Ness: But you look nothing like Teddy.


Roy: Well, I match his character more than anyone. I’m certainly not Ana, right?

Ness laughs. However, his homesickness still looms in his mind.


Roy: And…How did you teleport us here?

Ness: PSI Teleport. I know Teleport Alpha and Beta. I also learned a new PSI teleport, Sigma. Alpha and Beta can teleport me and a group of people.

But Sigma lets me teleport someone away.


Roy: So, you could use Sigma and teleport me to Summers without you?


Ness: That’s right. It’s mostly used to get someone out of danger.


Roy: Cool! Now I want PSI Powers!


Ness laughs again. However, after walking a few more blocks, Ness becomes extremely homesick. Roy becomes concerned for his partner.


Ness: (low sigh)


Roy: Hey, man, are you feeling OK?


Ness: …I’m really worried about Paula and Poo.


Roy: I wouldn’t be. Poo is a strong warrior, I’m sure he can take care of himself. As for Paula, she’s a…uhh, Big Girl! She’ll be fine on her own for now, at least.


Ness: What do you mean by “Big Girl”?

Roy: Think about it, Paula is bigger than Waddle Doo’s contact lens! She’ll have no problem with tiny enemies.


Ness: (laughs) You really like Kirby, don’t you?


Roy: Yeah, Kirby is the best! …Well, not as good as Mario, but still…


They both laugh. Despite Roy’s jokes, Ness still feels homesick. They continue walking, and they pass a street phone booth.

Ness digs through his pocket, and finds nothing. Ness lets out a low sigh. Roy gives one of his loaned dollars out, and gives it to Ness.


Ness: Please, I can’t take your money.

Roy: Tracy gave it to me to give it to you. I’m glad to see your sister cares so much about you.


Ness smiles, and inserts the money into the phone. He dials his home phone number, and his mom answers. As they talk, the sweet sound of her voice makes Ness feel better. Roy leans up against the phone booth, waiting for Ness to finish.


Mom: Hello?

Ness: Hi Mom.


Mom: Oh, Ness! I’m glad to hear from you. Tracy told me you and Roy went into Fourside. Be careful and show that monster whose boss, Ness!


Ness: Thanks Mom.


Mom: Tell your new friend that I want him to be careful too.


Ness: (To Roy) My Mom says to be careful.


Roy smiles and gives a thumbs-up gesture.


Mom: Anyway, good luck. Try your best, and never give up. Bye!


She hangs up. Ness does the same.


Roy: All done?

Ness: Yup! Let’s get going!


However, before they can carry on walking…


?????: PK Freeze!


Ness and Roy quickly look over to where the voice came from. A blast of PSI Freeze is heading towards them at a fast pace.

Before it explodes, both boys quickly jump out of the way. They both land in an intersection of the road. Both boys look up ahead, and see a dark figure approaching them.


Roy: I think we found our target…


Ness: What is that?


The mysterious figure continues walking, shaking the ground as it does. The monster stops just before in the intersection our heroes are standing in.

A glow of a street light reveals just who the “monster” is…


Roy: No…way…


Ness: …


Standing before them was their good friend Paula Polestar. She stood about 40 feet tall. She was normally dressed, but was wearing a black cape too.


Paula: You’re the one named Ness. My master wants to see you. Either come with me now, or else I’ll use force.


Ness: ….WHAT?!


Roy: What are you talking about, Paula?! We’re your friends!


Paula: I would NEVER be friends with you two!


Ness and Roy look at each other in disgust. Before they can say anything, Paula begins to shoot bolts of PSI Fire, machine-gun style, at both boys.

They quickly dodge the attack, and begin running around Paula, taunting her along the way.


Roy:  Ha! You can’t catch me!


In the midst of the battle, something glittery drops out of Paula’s pocket. While Roy is distracting Paula, Ness quickly scoops up the shiny object and takes a good look at it.


Ness: Is this…her Franklin Badge?


As Ness continued to stare at the dropped badge, he suddenly has a flashback to when he first met Paula. He closes his eyes and thinks about how Paula’s badge saved him from Mr. Carpainter, and how he saved Paula. However, his flashback is interrupted when Paula tries to stomp Roy, causing the ground to quake. Ness quickly slides Paula’s Franklin Badge into his inventory.


Roy: Hey, Ness! Do you mind giving me a hand here?


Ness looks up to see Roy pointing at Paula’s nose. Roy is also making a Sigma-like symbol with his other hand. Ness gets the idea, and uses PSI Teleport Sigma on Roy. Roy is teleported onto Paula’s nose. He sits on it, and waves into Paula’s left eye.


Roy: I got your nose! (He spits his tongue out at her)


Paula attempts to flick him off, but Roy is too swift. He jumps off, and Paula accidentally flicks herself in the nose. Paula closes her eyes and covers her nose, and becomes even more frustrated. Before falling 40 feet, Ness uses PSI Teleport Sigma on Roy again. Roy reappears next to Ness.


Roy: Sorry about that, Paula…


Ness: (Concerned) Oh…I hope she’s OK…


Paula, who is still covering her nose, uses her other hand to shoot PSI Fire bolts at both boys. While her eyes are closed, Ness and Roy run away.

They spot a large truck, and hide behind it. Ness quickly boots up the radio Jeff gave him.


Ness: Jeff, I found Paula!


Jeff: You did? Where is she?


Ness: She’s here in Fourside, but I think she’s gone crazy…


Ness tells Jeff what’s going on. While they’re talking, Roy tries to think up a getaway plan. He looks around and spots an overturned police motorcycle, which bore a resemblance to Mario Kart’s Mach Bike, but slightly larger for two riders. Roy hatches an idea, and waits for Ness to finish. As they hide out, Paula walks close by, causing tremors as she walked.


Paula: (Giggles) Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum! You can’t hide from me, Ness!


Fortunate for Ness and Roy, Paula doesn’t see them. She continues searching for them both. She walks about half a block away before Ness and Roy can safely get up. Jeff tells Ness what to do, and Ness ends the conversation.


Ness: Jeff wants us not to fight directly, but defend ourselves.


Roy: And take her out when the time is right?

Ness: Mhmm.


Roy: Well, then, let’s lead her to a safer place.


Ness: How will we do that?

Roy points at the motorcycle and smiles.


Roy: I’m the oldest, so just leave the driving to me. I know this city well; we can lead her out of Fourside.


Ness: Wait, is that legal?


Roy: Dunno. It’ll be fun though!


Before they start walking, Ness takes a closer look at the truck they’re hiding behind. He can see the words “DANGER! PROPANE!” stamped on the side.

Ness and Roy look at each other surprised.


Ness: I’m glad she didn’t use PK Fire on this…


Roy: Let’s get out of here!


Both boys panic, and run to the motorcycle. Roy gets it up off the ground. He sits down on it, and starts the engine. The motorcycle is in perfect running condition. Ness hops on, and Roy starts driving slowly toward Paula.


Ness & Roy: Oooooooooooooh, Paaaaaaaaulaa!


Paula turns around to see both Ness and Roy mounted on the bike.


Ness: We were going to run off, but….


Roy: It’ll be more fun if you chase us!


Paula: You think you can run away? Keep dreaming!


Paula kneels down, and her black cape is torn by a pair of gigantic, mechanical wings. She begins lifting up into the air. Ness and Roy look at each other in horror, and Roy speeds off in the opposite direction. Paula begins to fly and chase after both of them. The soft rain falling earlier has stopped, and the sky remains cloudy.


Roy: You never told me she could fly!


Ness: She can’t. Those wings must be fake!


Paula: You’re not getting away from me!


Roy: This is just great! ...I have an idea!


Ness: What’s that?

Roy: There’s a new bridge not too far away from here. There’s some empty desert on the other side, we’ll lead Paula there.

However, we have to be very careful.


Ness: Why?


Roy: There’s a small town called Podunk not too far away from that bridge. If we lead her too far, Paula could easily demolish it…

Ness turns his head around to see the angry Paula flying very fast. Ness urges Roy to floor it, and he does. Roy flies into an intersection, and takes a sharp left into an empty road. Paula quickly follows after them, shooting more PSI Fire. The motorcycle is pushing about 80 miles per hour.


Roy: The Bridge is after these next few tunnels. We’ll have to press our luck here!


Ness: Or else Paula will get us…


Ness and Roy enter the first tunnel. It’s very dark, and it’s only lit by Paula’s PSI Fire and the motorcycle’s headlight. They fly out of the tunnel, and reappear on another stretch of road. Ness turns around and sees Paula has vanished. The motorcycle continues to fly down the empty road.


Ness: Phew, I think we lost her.


Ness pulls out the Franklin Badge, and continues to stare at it. The Badge’s shininess catches Roy’s eye.


Roy: Whatcha got there?

Ness: This is Paula’s Franklin Badge.

Roy: A Franklin Badge? Didn’t you say one of those helped you beat the Happy-Happy leader?


Ness: Yes, the same badge I hold now saved me.


Roy: Does Paula know you have it?

Ness: No, she dropped it. I don’t think she needs it now…


Roy:  And I don’t think stealing from a giantess is a good idea!... But, I’m sure Paula wouldn’t mind if you borrow it.


Ness nods his head in agreement. Roy quickly spots the second tunnel, and the motorcycle zooms right into it. It’s just as dark as the first one.

When they almost reach the end, Roy sees a pair of giant red shoes and a pair of giant legs. He figures out who they belong to…


Roy: Ness, do me a favor…


Ness: Hmm?


Roy: When we leave this tunnel, don’t look up


Ness: …?


Roy floors on the throttle. The motorcycle leaves the tunnel, and zips pass in between Paula’s legs. She is too slow to react when they pass under. Ness and Roy enter another stretch of road, and the Fourside River can be seen in the distance. Roy glances over at Ness, and sees his month agape and his face red…


Roy: You looked up, didn’t you…?


Ness: (embarrassed) I’m sorry…


Roy: (laughs) Well, if you enjoyed the view …I promise not to tell anyone!


Ness: …Thanks, Roy.


A few moments later, the bridge Roy was talking about is in the distance. The two heroes are almost to their goal. However, Ness turns around to see an even angrier Paula flying after them.


Ness: I think we’ve really ticked her off…


Paula: I won’t let you escape!!


Roy: Just a bit further…


Paula: Enough of this game! This ends now! PK Thunder!


Paula shoots a massive thunderbolt at Ness and Roy. However, it passes by both of them. They become confused, but their confusion ends with a massive explosion just a few yards away. Roy slams on the brakes, and the motorcycle is thrown into a slide. Roy looks up ahead, and the bridge has been broken in half!

The motorcycle continues sliding, and stops right on the broken bridge’s edge. Both boys get off the bike, and see nothing but a river below them.


Roy:  Ness, this is probably a bad time to tell you, but…I’m a bit of an aquaphobe


Ness: You can’t swim?!


Roy: Well, I can, I just hate wat-…


Paula interrupts by landing right behind the boys, causing the ground to shake. Ness and Roy turn around to see her with an evil smile on her face.

Paula begins to charge up PSI Freeze Omega.


Paula: This is the end of the line. I hope you two can swim! PK Freeze!!


Paula shoots her PSI Freeze. Ness and Roy, while dodging, accidentally jump off the bridge.

A loud “SPLASH!” can be heard.










…Ness and Roy continue to scream these fake woes of pain as they hang from a broken girder. After a little while, they stop.


Paula: (Giggles) Master will be pleased. Now I just have to find them…


Paula begins to walk away. Ness and Roy look at each other, and smile.


Ness: I can’t believe that worked…


Roy: I think our guardian angels are watching over us.


They laugh quietly. Ness uses his PSI to lower himself and Roy to the ground. Below the bridge, there is a gigantic, empty concrete lot along the water’s edge.

Ness and Roy begin to sneak away.


Ness: Be quiet, OK?


Roy: (Nods)


Paula: Did you two think that trick would work?

Ness and Roy freeze where they stand. They turn around to see the giant-sized Paula, on the bridge, staring dead at them.

A Metal Gear-style “!” appears over both boys’ heads.


Roy: Darn it!


Ness: Busted…


Paula: Did you two take me as a fool? Let’s see how you like THIS!


Paula jumps from the bridge, and causes a large tremor when she lands. Her massive size also causes the concrete lot to crack. Paula, once again, begins to fire PSI Fire. Ness and Roy spread apart, and avoid her barrage of fire bolts. However, while Ness is running, he steps into something very sticky.


Ness: What’s this?

Ness looks at his feet, and sees melted cement. The heat from Paula’s PSI has caused the top layer of concrete to melt, and become very sticky. Ness tries to break free, but the cement has him stuck tight. The problem worsens when Ness notices the piece of cracked concrete he’s standing on is sinking. Ness can feel water rising from his feet. Ness begins to slowly sink! A hard rain begins to fall, and rumbles of thunder can be heard.


Roy, who is a few yards away, sees Ness’ problem. He runs to his partner, but he too steps into melted cement along the way. Ness and Roy are stuck, and separated.


Roy: Now I’m stuck! This is just wonderful!


Paula: You both are trapped now. Now then, please come with me now, Ness! ...Never mind…I’ll stop your sidekick first!


Paula begins walking towards Roy first. She attempts to grab him…however; a familiar boy in white drops from the air and kicks Paula in the arm.

Paula flinches, and pulls her arm back. The boy in white manages to break Roy free from his sticky prison.


Roy: Poo?! Where did you go!


Poo:  That’s not important. You distract Paula, I’ll rescue Ness!


Roy nods. Poo and Roy run off in opposite directions. Poo attempts to rescue Ness, who’s in neck-deep water. Roy runs up to Paula, and stares bravely at her.


Roy: (Whistles for attention)


Paula turns to see Roy with his Fire Axe in hand.


Paula: Who are you? Some sort of tiny Firebug? My master never told me about you.


Roy: Your Master? Have you been eating Magic Cake again?!


Paula: Yes, my master. He told me to search for a boy named Ness. Just who are you?


Roy: I’m Roy Montag, you should know that!


Paula: Well, Mr. Montag, I’ll have to take you out just like Ness!

Roy: Stop calling me “Mr. Mont”-…


Paula gets irritated and begins shooting PSI Fire at Roy. Roy dodges the attack, but…lands in some more melted cement.


Paula: (Giggles) You’re trapped now! Did you think you could even beat me?


Roy: Oh, come on!


Paula steps in front of him, and begins to charge up PSI Fire. However, when she shoots it, nothing but smoke emits from her fingers. Roy isn’t sure just what’s going on.


Paula: Darn, out of PP! Looks like I’ll have to deal with you the old-fashioned way!


Paula grabs Roy from the ground with her hand, breaking him from the melted cement. She then lifts him up to her face. Roy tries to break free, but Paula’s grasp is like steel. Paula begins to close her hand, putting some pressure on Roy. He can take the pain, for now.


Meanwhile, Poo continues to rescue Ness. Ness is now mouth deep in water, and is trying his best to stay afloat.


Ness: Poo….get me…out of here…!


Poo: I almost have you out Ness, just a bit more.


Poo tries to cut the rapidly cooling cement from Ness’ feet. After a mix of PSI and his Sword of Kings, Poo breaks Ness free. Poo summons all his strength, and pulls Ness out of the water. Ness takes a deep breath the second he touches solid ground.


Ness: (Cough) Thanks…Poo…Where have you been?


Poo: For some reason, a whole army of robots invaded Dalaam. My Master teleported me back home, and I helped fight them off.


Ness:  It’s nice to see the prince is dedicated to his kingdom.


Poo: Thank you, Ness. Now...Where is Roy?

Ness and Poo look around and see Roy in Paula’s clutches. Ness and Poo try think up a plan to set him free. Meanwhile, After Roy undergoes some serious pain; Paula looses her grip on him, and brings him up to her face. She has an angry glare on her face, and her eyes seem to stare straight into Roy’s soul.


Paula: Well, Mr. Montag, you’ve survived this so far. You look like you have suffered enough. My Master has nothing against you, so, I’ll be nice and spare you this time! Any last words before I drop you?


Roy: I like…Ike!


Paula’s angry glare quickly becomes a confused stare. Roy’s remark has made her confused. Before she says anything, a small, green ball begins to float in front of her face. The ball bursts into a huge blast of PK Flash, and Paula lets go of Roy. Poo quickly jumps in the air, and catches him before he falls 40 feet. Paula is left dazed from the PK Flash. Poo, with Roy, lands back on solid ground. Ness and Poo help Roy to his feet as he recovers from Paula’s attack.


Ness: Are you OK?

There is no answer from Roy. He’s hunched over and breathing heavily. Poo quickly uses PSI Healing Omega on him. Ness then uses PSI Lifeup, and Roy’s HP is maxed out! Roy begins to feel much better.


Roy: … (Groans) Thanks guys, I owe you one!


Ness: You have a little something on your


Roy: Huh? ...Oh, for the love of…


Roy can feel the left side of his face bleeding heavily. He quickly pulls out a rag from his inventory, and wipes off the blood. Poo uses PSI Healing Alpha, and Roy’s cut is healed completely. Roy places the bloody rag back in his inventory.


Poo: You should be alright. We need to finish off Paula now, before she causes any more damage.


Ness: What could we do?

Poo looks over to see a broken piece of bridge suspension. Poo thinks for a moment.


Poo: I have an idea. Ness and I will use our PSI to lift this in front of Paula. One of us will distract her, and cause her to trip.


Roy: Sounds good. But…Who’s our distracter?


Ness: All of us can.


Ness and Poo walk on opposite sides of the suspension. They use their PSI powers to lift it up and move it so Paula has plenty of room.

The suspension’s gray color blends in with the concrete. The three of them gather their courage, and call out for Paula…


All 3: Paula!


She breaks out of her dazed state to see Ness and the others waving at her. She gets up and walks toward them. However, they run away when Paula draws close. She doesn’t see the cleverly hidden trap and trips over it. She falls over, and lands on her front side. The force of impact on her head causes her to become unconscious. Although Paula has blacked out, she hasn’t suffered anything serious.


Poo: Forgive us, Paula. This is for your own good.


Ness: I hope she’s OK…


The three heroes walk up to Paula, and reluctantly celebrate their victory.


Poo: Paula would never attack us like that; something strange is going on…


Roy: I wonder what’s up with her…She seemed like such a nice girl…


Ness: We have to get to the bottom of thi-…


Suddenly, a gigantic UFO drops from the sky. The UFO shoots a large tractor beam, and Paula begins to lift up into the air.

Three Starmen poke their heads outside a widow, and yell some taunts at the three heroes.


Blue: You got lucky! We’ll be better prepared next time!


Gold: We’re taking her back now!


Red: Find us if you can, loooooooosers!


Paula finally reaches the top of the tractor beam, and a series of belts wrap around Paula’s arms, legs, and waist. As soon as she is fastened in,

The UFO flies away at a high speed. As soon as it leaves eye sight, the sun starts to break through the clouds.


Ness: No! They took her away!


Roy: Darn, all our hard work ruined!


Ness and Roy’s receivers go off. Jeff has something urgent to say.


Jeff: You guys found Poo, I see. Where’s Paula?

Ness: A UFO took her away!


Jeff: Wait, what?!

Roy: You heard him right. A UFO swooped down and abducted her.


Jeff: Dang, this isn’t good. We might need to tell Paula’s parents about what’s going on.

Could you three run to Twoson before you come back here?


Ness: Sure. Mr. Polestar might freak out thought…


Jeff: I’m sure he will. But, he has to know. Just take your time, and I’ll see you guys when you get back.


Jeff hangs up. Ness, Poo, and Roy prepare to teleport to Twoson, but….


?????: You rats! How dare you defeat my new weapon!


The three heroes turn to see the cloaked boy standing on a broken piece of concrete.


Ness: Who are you?!


?????: Why, Ness, you don’t recognize my voice?


Ness: No…No…


The cloaked person throws off his cloak, and reveals a rather fat body in a red tuxedo and blonde hair.

Ness and Poo recognize just who this person is.


Ness & Poo: POKEY!!

Roy: …Pokey?

Pokey: Yes, it’s me, Pokey!


Poo: You’re the one responsible for Paula!


Pokey: That’s right! I’m so evil, aren’t I?


Roy: You filthy swine! Why would you do this to Paula?

Pokey: She has so much potential. Besides, I think we needed a girl on our team!

Poo: You’re a monster!


Ness: How did you even pull this off?!


Pokey: Ahh, yes…I used the growth ray and mind control I whipped up in my spare time when I worked for Giygas. I tried to kidnap Paula as bait for you two, but…one of my Starmen gave me the best idea. Starman Giga was a mess, so why not enlarge the girl that you three like so much?! My three Starmen and I kidnapped Paula from your house last night, and used my growth ray on her. We returned later, and I used my mind control! Paula serves under me, and there’s nothing you can do! You’d best run home Ness, and cry to Mommy!


All three heroes unsheathe their weapons, and begin to draw close to Pokey.


Ness: Didn’t you run away to another time?

Pokey: I was going too. However, I figured I’d even the score with Ness before I ran away!

And you, Montag…You better not help these two, unless you want me to take you down too! You’re better off putting out a forest fire!


Roy: Hmm, Will YOU take me down? Or will your girlfriend do your dirty work?


A flare of anger builds up in Pokey; though, he lets it go.


Pokey: You have a sharp mouth, I like that! Why not assist me instead, and ditch these losers!


Before they say anything, our three heroes grip their weapons tighter.

They begin to walk even closer to Pokey.


Pokey: You losers and your toys…When will you learn? Enjoy your victory while you can, babies!

We’ll be back stronger next time! Until then, au reviour!


Pokey throws a mysterious object at his feet. There is a sudden flash, and Pokey disappears. The moment he leaves, the sun begins to break through the clouds even more. Ness and his friends are left all alone in Fourside.


Roy: That was him, right?


Ness: Yes. He’s responsible for all of this.


Poo: We need to get Paula back to her senses. We should follow Jeff’s plan, I hope Mr. Polestar can handle the truth…


Ness: It’s going to be a long day…


The clouds have now vanished, and the sun shines brightly in the sky. Ness, Poo, and Roy stare up into the clear, blue sky.

They know an all new adventure is about to unfold...