Apple's Smashing Army

(Cubed Cinder)

It was another peaceful day in Toad Town, with Toads of all colors walking around doing this thing or that thing. For Toad and Toadette, who normally spent much of their days by Princess Peach’s side at her castle, they were part of that collective group. They walked around inside a shop looking at various items of interest.
“Oh! What about this bracelet?” Toadette said as she picked it up and showed it to Toad.
“Nah… it might get destroyed easily, especially if a blue shell hits her.” Toad said.
“You’re right. Sigh… there’s gotta be a good luck charm here somewhere that Peach will find helpful before her next big kart race!” Toadette said.
“Why buy anything at all? She seems to be doing well enough in the points.” Toad said.
“Toad, Toad, Toad. You know better than anyone how competitive these kart races can be! Remember that Link guy? Wow… he really wanted to win!" Toadette said.
"Yeah, that's true. He said he wanted to win so badly for this Zelda woman." Toad said.
"She sounds like a sweet girl. Maybe Peach can introduce us to her one day!" Toadette said.

Just then, however, their chatting and window shopping came to a sudden stop as they felt the ground shake briefly, along with a firm thud sound coming from outside.
"That was from outside!" Toad said.
"Oy… I hope it isn't Bowser attacking again!" Toadette said.
"Let's find out!" Toad said. When the two ran outside, they saw their fellow Toads running and frolicking around, and for good reason, especially as Toadette looked up and gasp.
"Toad, look!" Toadette said.
"Yikes! It's the Attack of the 60 Foot Wendy!" Toad said. Indeed, they watched as a now giant-sized Wendy O. Koopa was stomping (in a supermodel type walk) her way towards Toad Town. Wendy smiled as she towered over the town now.
"Heeheehee! You Toads look like little ants now!" Wendy said. She lifted one of her legs up and slammed her pink heel down on a mushroom building, crushing it flat. She did the same thing to a building on the opposite side of the street, but instead, she slammed the back of her spiked shell as she fell down and crushed it underneath. She got up and brushed the debris (and unconscious Toads) off her shell.
"Mmmmm… that felt so good. Why didn't I bug Kamek to do this to me more often?" Wendy said. She then reached down and picked up a couple Toads that tried to run between her heels. The Toads trembled in fear as they got an up close look at her giant head.
"Hmmhmm… that wasn't very smart. Even my brothers wouldn't be that dumb!" Wendy said. She opened her mouth wide like she was going to swallow the Toads, but changed her mind.
"Nah… you'd probably taste awful. You're not worth my time anyway." Wendy said as she casually tossed the Toads over her head, making all of them land on the ground. Once they landed (Toads could remarkably survive a long drop), they got to running away, thanking the stars they were still alive.

Wendy then looked beyond the tight confines of Toad Town at a more prominent structure… Peach’s Castle.
"It's you I want, Princess Peach. I better grab her before those darn Marios show up and ruin everything!" Wendy said as she got to walking through the rest of Toad Town, not caring what she was stepping on. Toad and Toadette watched the giantess Koopaling walk past them and head towards Peach's Castle.
"Oh no! She's going to kidnap the princess! We have to stop her!" Toadette said, only to be grabbed by Toad.
"Wait, Toadette! It's too dangerous! Let's let the Mario Brothers handle this. We should check on our fellow Toads." Toad said. Toadette looked worringly at Peach's Castle, watching as the giant Wendy approached it, but Toad brought up valid points.
"Alright…" Toadette said as the two ran around Toad Town to check on everyone.

Several yards away in a grassy plain… a giant warp pipe suddenly sprouted out from beneath the ground, and it didn't take long for someone to jump out of it. That someone was the only person that could make such a pipe look normal-sized, and her name was Princess Apple. She brushed her red dress and straightened out the red tiara on her head.
"Ahhhh… well, here I am in Grass Land again. It feels like forever since I last visited Princess Peach at her castle. I sure hope the Toads don't get too scared over my presence." Apple said. After only taking a few steps, however, she saw the giant Wendy walking towards Peach's Castle.
"Huh? Wait a second… isn't that one of Bowser's Koopalings?" Apple said as she had to think about who she was looking at. Then she recognized the face and gasped.
"It is! That's Wendy O. Koopa! She must've used some kind of spell to grow that big… and she's no doubt trying to kidnap Princess Peach! Well, not on my watch!!" Apple said as she put on a determined face and marched towards Peach's Castle.

Meanwhile, inside the royal bedroom, Princess Peach was going through her closet where all her dresses were (they looked pretty much the same, except for a more fancy one that she used for the Super Smash Bros. Tournament). Toadsworth paced back and forth rapidly behind her.
"I say, Princess Peach. We really should get going. We don't want to keep Princess Daisy waiting any longer in Sarasaland." Toadsworth said.
"Toadsworth, you worry too much. We've still got time to spare." Peach said.
"I must say, time flies faster than you might think." Toadsworth said.
"Haha! Not unless you were my late grandparents. You should've seen the way they took their sweet time in doing everything." Peach said. Toadsworth just rolled his eyes, thinking Peach was being her usual carefree self.

Just then, the floor started to shake and faint booming sounds could be heard from the background.
"Mama mia! What's with all the shaking?" Peach asked. Toadsworth looked out the nearby window and gasped over what was walking towards him.
"Yikes! Princess Peach, a giant Koopa approaches! We must retreat immediately!" Toadsworth shouted.
"Oh my! Has Bowser grown gigantic again?" Peach asked. Before the two could run out, however, a giant hand smashed through the wall. One of the rocks hit Toadsworth and knocked him out cold.
"Toadsworth! Eeeeeeek!!!" Peach said, but before she could check on her faithful protector, she watched as the giant clawed hand wrapped around her whole body and pulled her out through the hole. That's when Peach got her first look at who captured her.
"W-w-w-Wendy!?" Peach said.
"Hahaha! That's right, Peachy! What do you think of the bigger and better me?" Wendy said as she winked one of her eyes down at the princess.
"Let me go this instant, you giant brat!" Peach said, who could barely move in Wendy's grip even as she squirmed around.
"Tsk tsk. I'll let you go once we get back to Bowser's Castle." Wendy said.
"What… what will you do with me?" Peach asked nervously.
"Teehee! Once I get back, I'll shrink back to my normal size with you in my grip… leaving you teeny tiny and nothing more than the backup ruler of my bedroom. But don't worry, I made a nice dollhouse to keep you in! Hahaha!!" Wendy said. The giant Koopaling turned around, walking away from Peach's Castle with Peach in hand.
"Mario! Luigi! Somebody help meeeeeeeeeee!!!" Peach shouted.

Wendy got about a mile away from Peach's Castle, now towering over a forest area and stepping over tree after tree. It was frustrating Wendy that she had to take big steps to wade her way over the trees.
"Ugh… whose bright idea was it to build a forest between here and Dark Land!?" Wendy shouted as she kicked a nearby tree out of frustration. But before she could get walking again…
"Wendy, stop right there!!" a female voice shouted. Wendy turned around and was shocked to see a giant female human standing a few feet away from her.
"What the…!? Who are you!? I'm supposed to be the biggest girl in all the Mushroom Kingdom!" Wendy shouted.
"Princess Apple!" Peach shouted, suddenly having a smile on her face. If it wasn't the Mario Brothers rescuing her, she would've been more than happy to see one of her best friends coming to her aid.
"I am Princess Apple… wife of Prince Hugo the Huge of Giant Land, and I am commanding you to release Princess Peach before you're in for a whooping!" Apple said as she pounded a fist into her free hand.
"So you're Princess Apple!? Oooooh… how I hate it that there's a giantess ruler in the Mushroom Kingdom. I want my own little kingdom to rule! I wanna! I wanna wanna wanna!!!" Wendy said as she stomped the ground (already littered with leaves from crushed trees) with her right foot, leaving several craters shaped like her heel.
"Just hand over my friend, Peach, and nobody gets hurt." Apple said.
"In your dreams, Princess Apple! You'll have to dodge my candy cane rings first!" Wendy said as she pointed her wand towards Apple. Out came a series of the aforementioned candy cane rings (the same ones used in SMB3). Apple gasped as she ducked underneath one ring and rolled to the side to dodge the others.

For the next couple of minutes, Apple dodged all the rings that Wendy fired at her. She was eventually able to get close enough to make a leap high in the air and plant one of her gold sandals on Wendy's head.
"OUCH!" Wendy shouted as she rubbed her nose with the hand holding Peach (giving the princess an unwelcome whiff of the Koopaling's nostrils). Apple landed squarely on her feet.
"Ugh… you're surprisingly nimble for a tall woman, I'll admit." Wendy said.
"Haha! I learned from two of the best plumbers you've ever dealt with." Apple said, referring of course to Mario and Luigi.
"Alright, tough princess! I want to see you dodge this!" Wendy said as she shot another ring at Apple. This time, the ring flew towards Apple at high speed, and it opened up as well. Apple didn't have time to react, and the ring closed itself around Apple's waist, tying her arms to it.
"Ack!" Apple said as she felt immobilized. Wendy fired another ring, this time wrapping around Apple's ankles. This caused the human giantess to lose her balance and fall backwards, landing over a group of trees and crushing them beneath her back. Apple watched helplessly as Wendy walked over and put a heel on her chest.
"Hahaha! Now I've captured two princesses! My brothers will be so jealous of me." Wendy said.
"You won't get away with this!" Apple said.
"Oh shut up! A good ring in your ears will make you fall asleep for a little while." Wendy said as she aimed her wand at Apple's forehead.

But before Wendy could shoot, she and Apple looked up as a shooting star suddenly came blazing down from the sky. It struck Wendy right in the gut and knocked her backwards several feet, causing her to drop both her wand and Princess Peach, who went falling towards the ground.
"Whoa!" Peach said, but then she remembered her powers to float through the air. This time she used them to safely glide down on Apple's stomach region. She and Apple then watched as another woman suddenly floated down from the air and landed alongside Peach, one they both recognized.
"Rosalina!" Peach and Apple both shouted.
"Princess Peach… are you alright? I saw the danger you were in from directly above your planet." Rosalina said.
"I am now, thanks. What was that powerful blast that knocked Wendy back?" Peach asked.
"Oh, that was my newest Luma partner. It has become really strong so fast." Rosalina said. The Luma floated around happily, shouting out some unrecognizable words.
"I see! How amazing!" Peach said.
"Um… ladies. A little help here?" Apple said.
"As you command, Princess Apple. Luma, go!" Rosalina said as she pointed towards the candy cane ring that was going around Apple's waist. The Luma charged forward, becoming a powerful ray of light, which cut easily through the ring. Peach and Rosalina hopped off and let Apple do the rest as she sat up and ripped the candy cane rings off her ankles.

Apple stood up and watched as Wendy was slowly getting back to her feet.
"We still have to deal with Wendy." Apple said.
"Perhaps we can have a mega-sized tilt of the odds in our favor." Rosalina said.
"Huh? What do you…? Oh!" Peach said. She was confused at first, but then remembered Apple's bracelet on her wrist. Inside it was a crystal that allowed her to temporarily enlarge anyone she wished to her size.
"Apple! The crystal in your bracelet! Use it to make us big!" Peach said. Apple looked down at the bracelet and nodded.
"Got it!" Apple said. She opened up the bracelet, revealing the picture of her family from years past (her mother, her now deceased father, her older sister Aska, and a younger version of herself). After firmly pressing down on the picture like a button, the picture opened up to reveal a small crystal. Apple closed her eyes, and soon thereafter, two small beams shot out from the crystal and covered both Peach and Rosalina. In a few seconds, they were both enlarged to Apple's size of just over 60 feet tall.
"Hahaha… it still feels so strange to be looking right at you like a normal person, Apple!" Peach said.
"You'll get used to it over time." Apple said with a smile.

The three giantesses then watched as Wendy got her bearings back as she reached down and picked up her wand, but when she looked ahead, she gasped when she saw three gigantic looking back at her.
"WHAT!? Not fair! Not fair at all!" Wendy said as she once again stomped her foot out of frustration.
"Once we strike her enough times, she should shrink back to normal." Peach said.
"Perhaps a perfect combination attack will quickly subdue her growing magic." Rosalina said. The three giantesses winked at each other, knowing exactly what kind of moves they all had in mind.
"Arrrrgh! I'll take you all! Take this!" Wendy said. She raised her wand up ready to attack again, but Rosalina struck first.
"Stardust Cloud!" Rosalina said as she held her wand up and flung it down. Wendy suddenly found herself surrounded by stardust, which almost completely obscured her view.
"Hey! What the…!" Wendy said as she tried to swat the stardust away. Thanks to the cloud, she was unable to see the next attack coming, which were a series of fireballs which struck her at numerous parts of her body, including the giant bow on her head.
"Ouch! Hot hot hot hot!" Wendy said. By the time she patted the flames out, she looked directly ahead and saw a very angry Peach charging towards her with frying pan in hand.
"Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" Peach said as she swung her frying pan and smacked Wendy right in the head. If this scene were moving in slow motion, Wendy's face would look quite disfigured as she fell backwards and landed on her front side.

Wendy tried getting back up, but collapsed back to the ground. She looked up as the stardust cloud cleared up, revealing the giantesses Peach, Rosalina, and Apple… who was now wearing a white dress and her tiara was gone, replaced with a small Fire Flower attached to her hair, which obviously meant Apple used a Fire Flower she had stored away to become Fire Apple. Wendy then lit up in a shower of purple and yellow sparks. Once those cleared up, Wendy quickly shrunk back to her normal size. She stood up and watched as Peach, Rosalina, and Apple all towered her.
"Waaaaaaaaah! The growing spell wore out! Stupid Kamek! I'll give him an earful when I get back to Dark Land!" Wendy said. Peach then let out a sly smile.
"Why don't I help you get back quicker, Wendy?" Peach said as she then summoned a golf club. Wendy had a look of despair on her face.
"Oh no… nononononono!!!" Wendy said.
"Fore!" Peach shouted. She swung her club down and Wendy went in the air.
"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…!!!" Wendy screamed before she disappeared in a blink of light.

Apple smiled as she patted Peach on the shoulder.
"Nice shot! Prince Hugo would be very proud." Apple said.
"Teehee… thanks! Apple, thank you so much for coming to my rescue. And you too, Rosalina, for helping out." Peach said.
"It's always a pleasure to help out a friend from another galaxy." Rosalina said.
"It's going to be several more minutes before the magic from the growth crystal wears out. Why not spend some time at my castle?" Apple asked.
"I'd be honored, Princess Apple!" Peach said.
"Me too. Please lead the way." Rosalina said.
"Oh… but we're going to have to go through Toad Town to get to the Giant Land warp pipe." Peach said.
"But you'll watch where you step, right?" Apple said.
"Of course!" Peach said. The three giantesses then walked away from the forest and made their way towards Toad Town.

The Toads barely had time to recover from their encounter with the giant Wendy Koopa and make repairs to Toad Town when they suddenly had more giantesses to visit them, but luckily they were all very friendly faces. The Toads cheered as they watched Peach, Rosalina, and Apple (back to her normal form) all slowly walk through the town and wave at everyone.
"Hi, everyone! Don't worry, I'll be back to my normal size soon. I see you're already hard at work on repairs after Wendy came through. Keep up the good work!" Peach said. She, Rosalina, and Apple walked past the town and approached Peach's Castle, where Peach took notice of the hole in the wall left behind by Wendy.
"Oh! I better check on Toadsworth and see if he's okay." Peach said.
"Hmmmm… yes. He'll probably be in for a shock!" Apple said.

Inside Peach's bedroom, Toadsworth had finally gotten on his feet after getting knocked out cold from Wendy's attack earlier. Of course, his immediate concern was that of Princess Peach herself, and he got worried sick when he didn't see her around.
"Oh dear! This is most terrible! Peach has most certainly been abducted again!" Toadsworth said.
"No, I haven't, Toadsworth." Peach's suddenly loud voice said. Toadsworth turned around and fell back over seeing Peach's huge face and then her gloved hand.
"Hiho! What in the…!?" Toadsworth shouted as he tried to escape from Peach's grip, but was unable to do so. He got pulled out through the hole that Wendy Koopa previously made, and Toadsworth found himself looking up at Peach, Apple, and Rosalina from Peach's hand.
"As you can see, Toadsworth, I'm perfectly fine. I had some help." Peach said.
"Heh… yes. I can see that. I should've guessed Princess Apple would work her magic." Toadsworth said.
"Don't worry, Toadsworth. The growth spell will wear out soon." Apple said.
"Whew… thank goodness. But what will you do in the meantime? I hope you're not going to make me ride Rosalina's hair again." Toadsworth said. The elder Toad shook nervously when Rosalina leaned in with a smile.
"That was pretty fun, wasn't it?" Rosalina said.
"Hmph! I still insist that was unladylike and…!" Toadsworth said, only to suddenly be placed back inside Peach's Castle.
"I'll be back soon, Toadsworth. I'll be at Giant Land Castle if you need me." Peach said. Toadworth watched as the three giantesses departed, eventually jumping into the warp pipe that would take them straight to Giant Land.

The three giant princesses emerged from the warp pipe, and not too far away was Giant Land Castle. Running towards them was a familiar face.
"Apple, my dear! Welcome back!" Hugo said as he wrapped his arms around Apple and the two hugged.
"Thanks, honey!" Apple said.
"Oh… I see we have very special guests." Hugo said as he looked back and saw Peach and Rosalina the same size as they were.
"It's kind of a long story, but they grew thanks to the power inside my bracelet." Apple said.
"Ah, yes. Using that crystal E. Gadd found. It is an honor not only to have you visit, Princess Peach, but to be towering alongside us as well." Hugo said as he gently took one of Peach's hands.
"Thank you, Prince Hugo." Peach said with a smile.
"Now come. Let us get inside the palace." Hugo said as he and the other giantesses walked inside the castle.

The giants all walked around for a little bit before sitting and chatting about recent events, including the attack and attempted kidnapping by Wendy.
"Oh my! Thank goodness you three were able to stop her. Those Koopalings… they're always up to no good!" Hugo said.
"Understatement of the year." Apple said.
"So what about you, Prince Hugo? What's been new with you and Apple lately?" Rosalina said.
"Well… Apple's been teaching me how to dance." Hugo said.
"Oh, really?" Peach said.
"Heh, yep! It's amazing I still have the moves. I haven't danced since I was a little girl… literally!" Apple said, prompting a laugh from everyone in the room.
Just then, however, the conversation was interrupted when Madzilla came running in the room.
"Your majesty! Pardon the interruption, but dinner is burning again!" Madzilla said.
"Uh oh! What terrible luck! Would you ladies excuse me for a moment?" Hugo said.
"Are you sure you don't need any help?" Rosalina asked.
"No no, I assure you we'll get the situation under control." Hugo said as he ran out of the room.

Princess Apple, while waiting for her husband to return, then took the topic of conversation in an entirely different direction.
"Say… Rosalina. How many galaxies would you say you've visited lately?" Apple asked.
"Oh, probably dozens of them since my last visit here. Why do you ask?" Rosalina asked.
"Oh… it just amazes me every day that there are so many worlds… so many lifeforms… I saw them all before my eyes in the Super Smash Bros. Tournament." Apple said.
"Yeah, I'm quite fascinated myself. I thought that Marth guy was cute… but of course, nobody can ever top Mario." Peach said with a giggle.
"Hmmm… you know, I was wondering. Maybe we could invite the other women from that tournament here? Have a special dinner to congratulate them on their invitation to that tournament." Apple said.
"I think that's a wonderful idea, Apple, although some might get a bit intimidated by our current size." Rosalina said. Apple then smiled and stood up from her chair.
"That's no problem! My crystal still has plenty of energy left. I'll use it to make them big just like you and Peach." Apple said.
"It'll give them a chance to see what life is like from this perspective!" Peach said.
"Precisely! Oh… I'm loving this idea the more I think about it. But… How am I going to invite all these people? Who knows where in the entire universe these other dimensions are?" Apple said, suddenly showing a look of concern.
"Actually, Princess Apple. There is a way." Rosalina said.
"Oh? How is that?" Apple asked. Rosalina then waved her wand around a few times, and suddenly a star that highly resembled a Launch Star appeared, although it was silver in color.

"This is the Dimensional Star. It's something I've been working on alongside my Luma." Rosalina said.
"Hmmm… this looks like those stars Mario used to travel from galaxy to galaxy." Apple said.
"That's right, only it does more than that. Not only can it be used to launch someone to another dimension, but it can create dimensional portals… to and from dimensions I can think of just by mere thought." Rosalina said.
"I see!" Apple said.
"And by consulting with the Luma on the Comet Observatory, I can pinpoint exactly where the portals can be generated." Rosalina said.
"You're so cool, Rosalina!" Peach and Apple both shouted with sparkles in their eyes.
"Heh… well… I try. Anyway, I can get started immediately provided I had a list of dimensions to scan." Rosalina said.
"Hold on… maybe I can help with that." Peach said. She ran over towards the table where she saw a notepad and a pen. That's when she started writing some things on there. When she was done, Peach handed the notepad to Rosalina. She read off what looked like a list of dimensions.
"Hmmm… let's see. Hyrule. Kanto. Aytolis. Angel Land. The Village…" Rosalina said.
"Wow… that's already a lot of ground to cover." Apple said.
"Thank you, Peach. I should return to the Comet Observatory to get the Dimensional Star powered up and scan for these dimensions." Rosalina said.
"Oh my… won't the Luma be scared seeing you grown up?" Peach asked. Rosalina just smiled.
"You'd be surprised how many Luma look up at me like I'm 60 feet tall every day. I will return as soon as I can." Rosalina said, prompting a giggle from Peach and Apple. She backed away from her friends and waved her wand around herself a few times, transforming into a ball of light that shot its way out one of the nearby windows. Apple then lightly tapped Peach on the shoulder.
"While she's gone, we better tell Hugo we're about to have a LOT of company." Apple said.
"Good idea!" Peach said as the two ladies left the room.

Meanwhile, at the Comet Observatory, thousands of miles above the planet where the Mushroom Kingdom resided, many different colored Luma gathered around at the southern edge of the observatory. They watched as the familiar ball of light floated above the place, but something looked off about it right away. It was much bigger than usual and was hovering in the air. Finally, the ball rematerialized into Rosalina herself in her full 60-foot-tall glory, prompting several gasps from the Lumas, including from the black Luma known as Polari.
"R-R-Rosalina!?" Polari said as he and the other Luma looked up at the giant Rosalina floating above them. Rosalina's soothing voice quickly calmed them down.
"Stay calm, my children. I am this size thanks to our good friend, Princess Apple." Rosalina said.
"Ahhhh… that makes sense. She has that power to temporarily make others big, right?" Polari said.
"Yes. Polari, I don't mean to be rude but time is of the essence." Rosalina said. That's when she waved her wand and allowed both the giant notepad as well as the Dimensional Star to float down on the surface of the observatory.
"I need you to link the Dimensional Star with this vessel and scan these dimensions for the women who competed in the Super Smash Bros. Tournament." Rosalina said.
"Oh!? That same tournament you were in not too long ago? We'll get right on it, Rosalina!" Polari said. As he and some other Luma left to head indoors, Rosalina very gently floated down to the ground. Right away, several Luma jumped onto either her sparkling heels or her signature turquoise dress.
"Oh ho… I take it you all approve of my temporarily enlarged condition?" Rosalina said as she watched the Luma play around while waiting for Polari to return.

A short time later, Princess Apple, her husband Hugo, and Princess Peach all stood outside the Giant Land castle doors, watching as Rosalina floated down from the sky.
"Did you locate everyone?" Peach asked.
"I did. All I ask is if you're ready for the party." Rosalina said.
"We sure are. I gotta hand it to the kitchen staff. They really came through in a pinch!" Hugo said.
"Hopefully our guests will like the food we have to offer." Apple said.
"Very well then. I shall activate the Dimensional Star." Rosalina said as she gently tapped on the star and then stepped away. The four giants watched as the star spun rapidly, and soon, numerous other living beings came jumping out of the star. All of them were their normal size, which made them look small in Giant Land. Jigglypuff, Lucina, Palutena, Pit, Robin (female), The Villager (female), Isabelle, Wii Fit Trainer (female), Princess Zelda, Link, Samus Aran (in her suit), Corrin (female), Lyn, and Bayonetta. Naturally, they all looked around in confusion and asked each other questions.
"What in the world? Where are we?" Zelda asked.
"Curious… I feel so real again, like I am no longer dictated by the commands of the Player." Wii Fit Trainer said.
"What's going on, Lady Palutena? One minute we were fighting against some of Medusa's legion, and then…" Pit said.
"Don't look at me, Pit. For once I don't have the answer." Palutena said.

Then Apple spoke out and that's when everyone looked in her direction.
"Ladies and gentlemen, fear not. We can answer your questions pertaining to what has happened." Apple said. Of course, some were fascinated to see the giantesses (and giant, Hugo) in front of them.
"Oh my! Look, Mayor! Those people are so big… good thing they're not towering over our village!" Isabelle said, with The Villager nodding. Lyn placed a hand on her sword, but Corrin settled her down.
"Easy, Lyn. Maybe they're not servants of Velezark." Corrin said.
"Perhaps not, but it can be hard to gain trust, especially coming from the latest series of battles in Aytolis." Lyn said.
"Something tells me we are not in Aytolis anymore." Lucina added. Zelda then stepped forward when she recognized…
"Oh, Princess Peach!" Zelda said as she waved up to the 60-foot-tall princess.
"Heehee! Hi, Zelda!" Peach said.
"You've… well… grown up." Zelda said.
"Okay, okay. I don't mean to be rude like I usually am… but will someone care to explain where we are and if this is another one of those fancy shmancy universe spanning fighting tournaments?" Bayonetta said.
"I assure you this is not part of the Super Smash Bros. Tournament, but I've been made aware of your accomplishments both in and out of that thanks to my friends here… both of whom I believe you've met before. Princess Peach, and Rosalina." Apple said.
"I brought you all here with the power of my Dimensional Star. We simply want you as guests for our special party to celebrate everything you've done." Rosalina said. Everyone looked at each other before looking back at the giants.

"Jiggly! Jiggly!!" Jigglypuff shouted.
"Will there be healthy food that promotes strong bones and helps to lose weight? If so, then I accept your offer." Wii Fit Trainer said.
"I suppose we don't have a choice, do we? Good thing I was merely giving my ship a good waxing after blowing up another Metroid infested planet…" Samus said.
"You blew up an entire planet!? Oh my goodness!" Isabelle commented.
"(sigh) Anything to get away from Enzo's smelly behind." Bayonetta said.
"Don't worry, everyone. We promise to return you to your original worlds shortly. Oh… will all the ladies step forward, please?" Apple asked. Once again, the women looked at each other with confusion, but Jigglypuff, Lucina, Palutena, Robin, The Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, Zelda, Samus, Corrin, Lyn, and Bayonetta all approached Princess Apple. The only lady that didn't approach was Isabelle, and the Villager looked back to see her staying behind.
"Y-y-y-you go ahead, Mayor." Isabelle said. Villager shrugged and caught up with the rest of the women who did step up. Apple then took a step forward and opened up her bracelet, then pressing down on her family picture to reveal the shiny crystal Peach and Rosalina saw earlier.
"By the power of this crystal, I grant you all the gift of being as tall as me." Apple said. Once the beam powered up, she quickly moved it from left to right, making sure it was shining down on all the ladies who stepped forward.

It only took a few seconds for everyone to slowly grow bigger and bigger and bigger. Link, Pit, and Isabelle all backed away, watching as the women all enlarged. Most of them were the same 60 feet tall as Apple, Peach, and Rosalina; the only exceptions were Jigglypuff and Villager. All the newly grown giantesses looked around their surroundings, naturally the world looked a lot more 'normal' considering they were in Giant Land.
"Wow! It's like our population just tripled, all of a sudden!" Hugo said, prompting a laugh from his wife, Apple.
"Oh? I take it there are not that many people living in Giant Land?" Zelda asked.
"Yeah, I'm afraid so. But we're okay with that. Come on in, everyone. Let's get the party started!" Apple said as she and the 13 other giantesses all walked inside Giant Land Castle.

Eventually, all the ladies sat down at the large dining room table, along with Prince Hugo, filling every seat available. It didn't take long for the royal guards and Madzilla to come out and lay out dishes of various food from around the world (Wii Fit Trainer of course got the healthiest plate).
"Dinner is served! And may I say… all of you look very lovely." Madzilla commented. Bayonetta raised an eyebrow.
"A dinosaur serving dinner. Go figure." Bayonetta said. Already many of the ladies conversed with each other.
"Wow… this food looks delicious! It's been a long time since we've had a decent meal." Corrin said.
"Still… it makes me think of our new friends, like Rowan, Lianna, and Celica. I hope they're doing okay." Lyn said.
"So… seriously? You blew up an entire planet, Samus Aran?" Robin asked.
"More than one, actually. That's probably why the Galactic Federation jokingly call me the Destroyer of Planets. Gets old quickly, if you ask me." Samus said.
"What exactly is it you do at this Galaxy Federation?" Rosalina asked.
"Hunt the hunted and stop the Metroid menace from threatening the galaxy." Samus said.
"Sounds simple enough." Apple said.
"I for one think it's the coolest thing ever. I used to think all women were helpless damsels in distress until I met you, Samus Aran." Peach said with a smile, who then raised a glass of sparkling water.
"I appreciate that." Samus said. She then looked over at the Pokémon, Jigglypuff.
"And what's your story?" Samus asked.
"Jiggly! Jigglypuff!" Jigglypuff said.
"Oh, wait… I forgot. You only say your name, like with that one Pikachu I saved. How is it you and humans can communicate?" Samus said.
"Puff…" Jigglypuff said in disgust.
"So you normally reside in a virtual world?" Apple asked the Wii Fit Trainer.
"Most of the time, yes. My program is stored on Wuhu Island and I go wherever I am summoned." Wii Fit Trainer said.
"And I hear you have how many exercise programs?" Apple said.
"At least 20, maybe 30, by my last count. I teach yoga, stretching exercises… just about anything you can think of." Wii Fit Trainer said.
"That's so cool! I'd love to take one of your classes someday." Apple said.
"I would be most honored to have you as a student, Princess Apple." Wii Fit Trainer said.

Other giantesses, on the other hand, couldn't resist seeing their tiny companions in front of them. Zelda saw Link looking nervously around.
"What's wrong, Link? Is it because you've never been surrounded by so many giant women?" Zelda said. Link nodded gently.
"Here… maybe some peas will help." Zelda said as she picked up a couple peas and dropped them on Link. Of course, the problem was they were as big as rocks, and Link found himself pinned underneath one of them.
"Oops… sorry!" Zelda said, although Link was digging his way through the pea by rapidly eating it.
Pit was also looking around nervously, although he felt something poke against his back. He turned around to see Palutena lunging a fork towards him.
"Teehee! Take that, Pit!" Palutena said.
"Ouch! Lady Palutena! Watch where you're pointing!" Pit said.
"Sorry, Pit, I just can't resist. Did I ever tell you you look so cute when you're small?" Palutena asked.
"(sigh) Only, like, 128 times." Pit said. Pit got back to eating his portion, but suddenly felt himself being picked up. He expected it to be Palutena… but she was busy talking with Princess Apple. Instead, Pit looked nervously at Bayonetta's large face as she licked her lips.
"Mmmmm… I've always wanted to have angel food." Bayonetta said.
"Heh heh heh… I'm not sure that's wise, Bayonetta… I'll give you indigestion." Pit said.
"Why don't we find out together?" Bayonetta said as she opened her mouth wide. Pit tried to shake himself loose as he looked at the saliva dripping inside her mouth.
"Lady Palutena! Help!" Pit shouted.
Before Bayonetta could swallow the angelic boy, she suddenly felt a surge of energy behind her. Bayonetta looked behind her and saw quite the angry face from Palutena.
"What are you doing, Bayonetta?" Palutena said.
"Oh… just making sure Pit smells nice and clean. You know how flying through the skies can be." Bayonetta said with an innocent smile on her face. Of course, she secretly thought… Drat! Foiled again. She gently set Pit down on the table in front of Palutena, lightly patting him on the head with her finger.
"I see." Palutena said, also with an innocent smile on her face, like she was saying don't let me catch you flirting with him again.

Just about all the plates had been cleaned out on the dinner table… when all of a sudden Madzilla and one of the guards came running in.
"Princess Apple! Prince Hugo! I beg forgiveness for the interruption, but we have important news!" the guard said.
"What is it?" Apple asked.
"The outside guard spotted some weird portals opening up in the sky, and some shadowy monsters flying out as well! They're wandering all around Giant Land!" Madzilla said.
"Most of them are tiny, like normal-sized people from the other kingdoms, although a few of them looked about 30-35 feet tall." the guard added.
"Were the portals a dark purple in color? And did the monsters say anything?" Lucina asked.
"Yes… and I think I heard one of them say something like, For the Chaos Dragon…" the guard said. Immediately, Lucina slammed her arms down on the table and got up from her chair.
"Damn it! Oskar must've tapped into more of Velezark's ancient magic to open portals this far away." Lucina said.
"Oh… this is not good! Who knows how many universes will fall under attack from Velezark's army?" Corrin said.
"We must subdue this threat immediately!" Lyn said. She and the other Fire Emblem ladies (which included Robin) got up and started to walk out of the dining room.
"Oh dear! Can we help?" Peach asked.
"She's right. I'm not about to sit here and do nothing while those monsters might escape to Vigrid." Bayonetta said.
"Princess Apple! Perhaps it is not wise to be taking on these monsters." the guard said.
"And take shelter? No! Giant Land is my home! I want to stop the invasion any way I can. Take us outside… that's an order, soldier!" Apple said.
"As you wish, Princess!" the guard said as he led the giantesses (with Link sitting on Zelda's shoulder, Pit on Palutena's shoulder, and Isabelle on Villager's shoulder) outside. Madzilla stayed behind and looked at Prince Hugo.
"Wow… you married a strong and courageous woman, Prince Hugo!" Madzilla said. Prince Hugo smiled.
"I'm glad I did." Hugo said.

Everyone was now standing outside Giant Land Castle watching as the monsters, with a couple handful of them towering above the others, marched towards the castle.
"Oh my! There must be at least a hundred of them." Peach said.
"And more coming…" Zelda said as she pointed out in the distance at the portals still opening up in the sky. Robin opened up her book and pointed at the marching army.
"I'm detecting a few field commanders among that bunch. If we can take them out, it should cut off their link with the rest of the army and seal off the portals opening up here." Robin said. Bayonetta stepped in front of the group and stuck a lollipop in her mouth.
"Ha! No sweat. This'll be like stomping on an army of ants approaching a picnic basket." Bayonetta said.
"Hold on! We can't just go marching blindly into enemy territory! We should have direction… one of us should be captain." Zelda said.
"Even I have to agree, despite the fact I'm often alone in my missions." Samus said.
"True… but do we have time to decide who the captain should be?" Pit asked from atop Palutena's shoulder.
"To me, there should be no debate. Princess Apple should be our leader." Rosalina said as she put a hand on her shoulder.
"Huh? Me?" Apple asked.
"I see much courage and bravery within you, Apple, and you're the reason we've all been brought together this day. I feel only you can guide us to victory." Rosalina said.
"Er… well… um… thanks. I'm truly honored!" Apple said.

"Alright, fearless leader, how do we attack first?" Bayonetta asked. Apple looked around the group of ladies. It was almost a tough decision to decide who to send into battle first, but then she pointed at…
"I choose you, Jigglypuff!" Apple shouted.
"Jiggly?" Jigglypuff said. Bayonetta raised an eyebrow.
"You pick the balloon girl monster thingy?" Bayonetta said.
"Hey, be careful who you're talking about. I've seen her moves. She's pretty tough, especially when she wears a red bow." Samus said.
"Jigglypuff, go and deal with that group of monsters!" Apple said as she pointed at the horde.
"Jiggly!" Jigglypuff said as she marched in front of the group.
"I hope you know what you're doing, Princess Apple." Zelda said.
"So do I." Apple said.

The monsters kept on charging forward even though there was a 40-foot-tall Pokémon standing in front of them. Jigglypuff didn't see the advancing monsters as monsters, however. She saw them as… well… an audience. That's when she summoned what looked like a microphone and then sung. You know… THAT song.
"Oh… what a nice melody." Apple said.
"It's very… soothing…" Palutena commented.
"It makes me want… to go… *yaaaaaaawn*" Zelda said.
"Oh… Mayor… forgive me… I'm so… tired…" Isabelle said from Villager's shoulder. One by one by one… the giantesses and all the monsters drifted off to sleep as Jigglypuff's singing stretched across almost all of Giant Land.

A couple minutes pass, and Jigglypuff finishes singing. She expected, finally at long last, thunderous applause for her singing efforts. But instead it was deafening silence. Again. AGAIN!? Jigglypuff thought. The Pokémon puffed itself up and got frustrated.
"PUFF!" Jigglypuff shouted. She then ran forward and slammed its backside on the ground, crushing several of the sleeping monsters at once. The pounds were so hard… they were leaving small craters in the ground wherever she landed.
Once all the monsters were subdued, then Jigglypuff pulled the top of the microphone off, revealing a black marker. By now you can guess where this is going. :p

Some time later, all the giantesses near Giant Land Castle woke back up, and they all had varying reactions to the drawings of moustaches, beards, and other 'facial hair' or fake smiles on their faces.
"Hey! What happened to your face!?" Peach shouted.
"My face!? What about yours!?" Zelda shouted.
"Oh dear… this will likely scare many of my viewers from Wuhu Island." Wii Fit Trainer said.
"Is this supposed to be some kind of joke?" Samus asked.
"ACK! My beautiful face!" Palutena shouted.
"At least you're not alone, Lady Palutena!" Pit shouted from Palutena's shoulder.
"Why you dirty little pink ball of fluff! I'll teach you for drawing on the face of an Umbra Witch!!!" Bayonetta said as she tried to charge towards the laughing Jigglypuff, only to be held back by Lucina and Corrin, the former of which already was back to a clean face.
"Whoa there… easy! Besides… the ink is far from permanent." Lucina said as she rubbed the ink off Bayonetta's face with her bare hands, doing the same to Corrin. Bayonetta casually brushed her hips as she backed away.
"Of course. I knew that. Don't think I'm not paying attention when in Super Smash." Bayonetta said.

Apple looked to see the number of monsters had dwindled down significantly.
"At least it appears Jigglypuff took care of more than half that army." Apple said.
"Still, look at the portals that are still opening." Zelda said as she pointed in the background.
"Zelda is right. This land won't be safe until we take out those field commanders." Lucina said.
"Fortunately, I'm only detecting a couple of them left… and they're directly in front of us." Robin said. Samus then stepped in front of the group.
"This one's on me. One good supercharged blast should clear that bunch." Samus said as she aimed her arm cannon and pointed it at the charging group of monsters. However, she didn't fire. She then looked back at Apple.
"Provided I have your authorization to fire, captain." Samus said with an almost sarcastic tone.
"Oh, um, yes! Permission granted, Samus!" Apple said.
"Thank you. You're a lot nicer than Adam was." Samus said.
"Long story." Peach added. Apple went oh and watched as Samus charged up her laser.

She then fired a very large beam of light out of the arm cannon, which took all the other giantesses aback. Needless to say, the beam immediately disintegrated any monster on contact, and the ground looked a bit charred as well. But most importantly, any monster that wasn't blasted suddenly disappeared, as did the portals that were letting these monsters through.
"Yes! It worked! All the portals are gone!" Robin shouted.
"Victory!" Corrin said as she instinctively high-fived Lyn nearby.
"Wait… Samus?" Apple asked. She and the others watched as Samus got down on one knee and her suit sparked and shot lightning bolts all around. Eventually, her suit fell apart piece by piece, revealing her in her Zero Suit form as she stood back up and breathed heavily.
"Whew… that beam still takes a lot out of me. And my suit, obviously." Samus said as she dusted herself off, causing a couple remaining pieces of her suit to rain down on the ground.
"Wow… to think a woman of remarkable beauty was behind that suit." Apple said. Samus raised an eyebrow, like Apple was living on another planet.
"Please excuse my friend, Samus. She hasn't seen too many heroic women aside from herself." Peach said, but Samus smiled.
"Understandable." Samus said.

"So is that it? Did we defeat them all?" Apple asked.
"From here, we did. But the threat is far from over. They will surely try to attack again." Lyn said.
"Which is why we need to hunt them down at the source and defeat them there. Maybe we'll get one step closer to preventing the Chaos Dragon, Velezark, from being revived in the process." Lucina said. Robin then approached the 'battlefield' where the monsters were defeated. She tapped a hand against the burnt soil and then ran it through her magic book.
"Hmmm… just as I suspected. These monsters came from Aytolis." Robin said.
"Aytolis? I don't think that's anywhere in the Mushroom Kingdom." Apple said.
"It's not. It's the land we were in before we got summoned here." Lyn said as she, Corrin, Lucina, and Robin all stood together and nodded.
"Oh my, that's so far away! How will we get there?" Isabelle said from atop Villager's shoulder. That's when Rosalina snapped her fingers.
"Perhaps I have the solution. Robin, do you have the power to generate portals?" Rosalina said.
"Yes, why?" Robin asked.
"If we combine your powers with that of the Dimensional Star, we can use it to create a portal and warp instantly to Aytolis." Rosalina said.
"Yes, that just might work! Let's see if I have the right spell here…" Robin said.

As she was scanning through her book, Samus looked over at Wii Fit Trainer and couldn't help but think of something.
"Hey, are you sure you want to be joining us? I assume killing monsters is not in your job description." Samus said.
"I appreciate your concern, Samus Aran, but if the safety of all I hold dear, especially those I teach back at Wuhu Island, is in even the slightest of jeopardy, then I will do my best to combat whatever evil I face." Wii Fit Trainer said.
"Not bad for someone who teaches yoga." Samus said.
"Besides… I trust you still remember that one match where I sent you flying right out of Mute City." Wii Fit Trainer said.
"Okay, okay, I didn't ask you to brag." Samus said as she rolled her eyes and checked up on her laser pistol, which she had to rely on now that her suit (at least for this time) was destroyed. Nearby, Isabelle patted The Villager on her neck to get her attention.
"Mayor, are you sure we should be doing this? It's important you stay as close to 0% damage as you can so we can get back in time to celebrate the grand opening of the new coffee shop!" Isabelle said. The Villager, who wasn't known for saying much, just showed a determined battle face and pumped her fist. Isabelle quickly got the message.
"Yes, Mayor. I understand. Well… at least you're 50-60 feet tall. Reminds me of that dream I once had where I was the giant one. Except I was quite evil… oooooooh… I shiver just thinking about it!" Isabelle said.

"Got it! Rosalina, please activate the Dimensional Star, and I will do the rest." Robin said as she pointed at a section of the book she was holding. Rosalina waved her star wand around and got the Dimensional Star fired up. Robin said a bunch of random words, with everyone presuming it was the spell she was looking for. Regardless of what she was actually saying, everyone smiled when they saw a 60-foot-tall portal open up in front of them.
"That's it! Jump through that portal and we'll be in the heart of Aytolis." Robin said.
"Let's bust some bad guys!" Peach said as she pounded her fists together.
"Did you really just do that?" Apple said, surprised at the kind of attitude Peach just showed.
"I've been hanging with Daisy for too long." Peach said with a giggle. The giantesses (with the tinies that rode some of them like Link, Pit, and Isabelle) all dashed towards the portal, which closed once everyone was through.

Meanwhile, in one of the larger towns of Aytolis, chaos reigned supreme. Flames were burning in some spots, some buildings were in ruins, but monsters were everywhere you looked. The people ran for their lives trying not to be consumed by the shadowy figures. One woman ducked against a corner, holding her daughter, and watched as a few monsters approached.
"Please! Spare us!" the older woman said. The monsters reared their claws back like they were about to strike the two dead, but they and the rest of the monsters stopped when three heroes suddenly came charging in with swords swinging. Rowan, Lianna, and Celica all blocked different strikes from the monsters, with Celica looking back at the mother and daughter.
"Go! Run to safety!" Celica said. The two did just that and ran away.
"Damn! How many more of these things do we have to fight!?" Rowan shouted.
"We can't give up now, brother. Aytolis is depending on us!" Lianna said.
"Man… what a time for Lucina, Lyn, Corrin, and Robin to vanish on us." Celica said.
"I'm sure Chrom and the others are doing their best to find them. We just have to hold on until they return." Lianna said as she kicked a monster in the stomach.

Just then, a giant portal opened high above the town.
"What's that?" Rowan said.
"Don't tell me it's more of those monsters! We're doomed!" a male civilian shouted. But instead, everyone watched as one by one, much taller women came falling out of the portal and landing on the ground. First it was Apple, then Peach, Rosalina, Jigglypuff, Lucina, Palutena, Robin, The Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, Zelda, Zero Suit Samus, Corrin, Lyn, and Bayonetta all standing together. The people ooooohed and aaaaaahed as they looked up at the giantesses, most of them 60 feet tall.
"Oh my! It's a bunch of giant women!" Celica shouted.
"Look! There are the four! How did they grow so big?" Rowan shouted, referring of course to Corrin, Lyn, Robin, and Lucina. As the conversations continued, Princess Apple tried to calm everyone down.
"People of Aytolis, fear not. We mean you no harm. We have come to help defeat the very monsters that attacked my land!" Apple said.
"Our prayers to the Gods have been answered!" one man shouted as he and other people cheered the giantesses on.
"Hey! I'm a goddess, naturally!" Palutena commented. Rowan, Lianna, and Celica ran through the crowd to get closer to the giantesses.
"Lucina! Corrin! Lyn! Robin! What in the world happened to you!?" Lianna said.
"It's a looooong story, Lianna. But we are here now and ready to help." Corrin said.
"Princess Apple… everyone… I'd like you to meet our friends we've been assisting in battle. Rowan, Lianna, and Celica." Lucina said.
"It's a pleasure to meet you." Lianna said as she did a quick curtsy up at the women.
"And might I say it's a pleasure as well! I wonder which one will say yes first when I ask them on a date…" Rowan said.
"Brother!!" Lianna said, jabbing him lightly on the shoulder.

Peach then looked over at Apple.
"Hey, Apple! Maybe we can make Lianna and Celica big like us! The more we have in our army, the better!" Peach said.
"Good idea! Will you two ladies step forward please?" Apple said. Lianna and Celica looked at each other and then stepped forward.
"Oh? We can be as big as you all are? This will be interesting." Lianna said.
"I've always wanted to be tall enough to strangle a dragon in the neck." Celica said as she lightly brushed her red hair. Apple opened up her bracelet to reveal the crystal used to make everyone else her size. She concentrated… but nothing happened. Apple looked at her crystal and sighed.
"Huh? What's wrong, Apple?" Rosalina asked.
"My crystal is out of energy, probably from making all of you so big." Apple said.
"Heh… you know what they say. Too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth." Bayonetta said.
"I'd have to go all the way back to Giant Land to recharge it." Apple said.
"Huh? Giant Land? There's a land just for giants?" Rowan asked from the ground.
"Like I said, children of Queen Yelena, it's a long story." Lucina said.
"And one that will have to wait for another time, along with recharging the crystal." Lyn said.
"She's right. I don't know how much longer the growth effect from my bracelet will last, so we'll have to quickly subdue these monsters while we still have this edge. " Apple said.
"Well then… if it's speed you want." Bayonetta said as she swung two of her guns around in her hands and single-handedly loaded them up, "You've hired the right bi…" she started to finish, but Zelda covered up her mouth.
"Ummmm… there are children present." Zelda said as she pointed down to a younger girl behind Celica. The two waved at each other.

"I propose we split into teams of two. Peach, you're with me. Mayor, you're with Jigglypuff. Lucina and Robin. Wii Fit Trainer and Bayonetta. Corrin and Lyn. Palutena and Zelda. And Samus and Rosalina." Apple said.
"Wow… that was fast. Maybe you'll make a fine captain in reality someday." Zero Suit Samus said.
"And let's all be careful too with any innocent people. The first law of Giant Land is to always look down." Apple said.
"We'll handle any monsters outside the town, like in that forest area." Corrin said as she pointed out in the distance.
"And I'll be sure to telecommunicate where any field commanders are. Remember, the more of those we eliminate, the less portals these monsters will have to reach this land." Robin said. Apple nodded… she was glad many of these ladies already had a plan.
"Alright, team. All together…" Apple said as she held a hand out. All the other ladies (aside from those with too short arms such as Jigglypuff) stacked their hands together.
"Team on 3. 1… 2… 3…" Apple said.
"TEAM!" all the giantesses shouted before they broke the huddle and went in different directions to take on a batch of monsters. Some stayed in the town they towered over, while others left the town and walked into the grassy plains.
"Hey! Wait for us! We want to help too!" Celica said as she ran after the giant Corrin and Lyn. Lianna and Rowan followed from behind.
"Heh… good luck trying to keep up with them!" Rowan commented.
"Oh shut up, brother." Lianna said.

Let's first focus on the duo that took the most unorthodox approaches to battling the monsters. Villager and Jigglypuff watched as the monsters, all of them small enough to be crushed, mostly charged towards the giantesses, though some stayed behind and battled the Aytolis soldiers that were already there.
"Oh, here they come! How will you attack them, Mayor?" Isabelle said from atop Villager's shoulder. She then reached into her dress and dropped a leaf on the ground, which suddenly transformed into a red and white polka dot umbrella. She dug the umbrella into the ground, uprooting much of the grass (and a couple smaller trees), but most importantly, it flung anywhere from 50-60 monsters into the air. With precision timing, Villager opened up her umbrella and spun it around with the monsters and chunks of grass on top. After juggling everything for a few seconds, Villager swung her umbrella upward, sending the monsters high into the air, then she closed the umbrella and swung it like a baseball bat, sending the monsters flying into the distance if they didn't disintegrate from too much damage already.
"Watch out, Mayor!" Isabelle said. Villager looked down by her green shoes and saw the monsters trying to jump on and climb her. Villager backed away and shook the monsters off.
"PUFF!" Jigglypuff said with a fit of anger. She jumped in the air and pancaked the monsters underneath herself using her Pound attack.
"Whew… thank you, Jigglypuff. Uh oh… here come some more!" Isabelle said as she nearly dropped her clipboard (that she always used to keep Villager updated on her schedule). She and the giantesses watched as more monsters made a charge.

Villager then pointed at Jigglypuff and made a rolling type motion. The Pokémon immediately knew what her teammate was asking about.
"Jiggly! Jiggly!" Jigglypuff commented. That's when she curled her hands and feet up and rolled in place. Villager dropped another leaf, this time forming a baseball bat. She picked up the bat and took a swing at Jigglypuff, who launched forward and crushed flat the monsters. As she turned to the right and crushed another batch of monsters, some of them got the hint they were dealing with essentially a pink wrecking ball and tried to flee the scene. Villager, meanwhile, dealt with her own group of attackers. Once again she dropped a leaf on the ground, and this time she was now looking at her bug catching net.
"Yeah, Mayor! Catch those little bugs!" Isabelle cheered from Villager's shoulder as she swung her net down and trapped several monsters inside. She peeked inside the net and saw the monsters cowering with fear.
"Teehee… maybe we should send these creatures to Blathers so he can put them in the museum!" Isabelle joked. Of course, they both knew that was a bad idea especially given how they've never had an animal with combat knowledge move to their village. So Villager swung her net so that all but a couple of the monsters came flying out and disappeared into the sky. Those last couple of monsters? Villager summoned her slingshot and fired them in the distance. She even thought about her brother, another Mayor in another village, who was a big wrestling fan… by dropping yet another leaf which formed a wooden chair, which she slammed down to crush another batch of monsters.

Eventually, all the monsters in this part of Aytolis were gone. The soldiers who stayed alive through the whole ordeal cheered loudly for the two giantesses.
"Three cheers for the giant girl and the giant pink monster!" the soldiers all shouted. Jigglypuff and Villager responded by doing their victory poses from the Super Smash Bros. Tournament. Then they left the area to see if they could help their fellow giantesses.

Back inside the town, Lucina and Robin were busy stomping away at their horde of monsters. Robin smiled as she watched Lucina easily crush several monsters underneath her blue boots.
"You know, Lucina, I have to admit. Those boots were made for stomping." Robin said.
"I appreciate the comment. Too bad I can't stay this size to lead an army or two." Lucina said, winking one of her eyes.
"Heh. I can only imagine the legend of Marth would… ahem… grow if that were to happen." Robin said.
"My, my. I didn't think you were capable of dishing out puns. OW!" Lucina said, only to feel something strike her in one of the ankles. She momentarily lost her balance as a result, and was too late to regain it as she went tumbling down on top of a couple houses, crushing them beneath her body. While luckily there was nobody inside the houses, Robin still showed concern, namely for her teammate. She looked angerily down at the group of monsters.
"Ooooooh… you jerks are asking for it. Thunder!" Robin shouted as she pointed inside her book and then shot a series of bright lightning bolts down on the monsters, instantly shocking them to their demise.

Lucina, meanwhile, struck her sword (the Parallel Falchion) into the ground to help herself back to her feet. She dusted the building debris off her clothes and gave her cape a swing as she turned around and faced the monsters again.
"They've got some nerve attacking me while I'm not looking. Ha ha ha ha HAAA!" Lucina said as she pounded her sword to the ground and slashed the monster to oblivion. With another group of monsters approaching, Lucina looked over at Robin.
"Like our captain, Princess Apple, said… we need to finish this quickly." Lucina said.
"Agreed. I can sense a couple field commanders in this batch." Robin said.
"Combine swords?" Lucina asked.
"Deal!" Robin said. That's when she put away her book and summoned her Levin Sword. She held it up high and made contact with Lucina's sword as it was held high also. Energy of numerous colors, mostly red, blue, and yellow, swirled around the two swords.
"By the power and strength of all in Aytolis, we banish you to the Outrealm!" Lucina and Robin both shouted as they pointed their swords down and send a tremendous surge of energy at the monsters. They all disintegrated on contact, and the beam cut right through the stone wall that had surrounded the town, destroying those monsters as well. Soon, the rest of the monsters vanished and the portals closed.

The smoke billowed from the swords as they separated and the two giantesses looked at the damage that was left behind.
"Fortunately no lives were lost due to our actions." Robin said.
"Come on… we better go check up on Corrin and Lyn." Lucina said. Robin was the first to turn around and head for Corrin and Lyn after seeing where in town they were fighting.
"Oops!" Robin said as she ended up kicking a wheelbarrow with her boots, sending it flying towards the front door of a home and knocking the door down. Lucina could hear a few people screaming from inside.
"Carefully." Lucina said.
"Right… sorry." Robin said as she and Lucina carefully made their way through town to make sure they didn't cause any more trouble by accident.

Just outside of town… in fact in front of the river that separated the town from the rest of Aytolis (aside from the drawbridge), Wii Fit Trainer and Bayonetta watched as a group of monsters charged towards their feet.
"Alright, boys. Shall we dance?" Bayonetta said as she twirled her guns around, only to suddenly get a hand to her chest by Wii Fit Trainer.
"Hold on, Bayonetta. Perhaps we should try a different approach." Wii Fit Trainer said as she stepped in front of her teammate.
"Oh, sure. The old talk them down approach. Like that worked 500 years ago." Bayonetta said as she rolled her eyes and adjusted her glasses. Wii Fit Trainer then held her hand out like she was a traffic cop telling a lane to stop. Amazingly enough, the monsters did. She put her hands on her hips and looked straight down at the monster army.
"Glad to see all of you. Let's work together on the Tree Pose. This will help build your back and legs. For this pose, you'll balance on one leg. This helps build leg strength and is a great way to help stretch your back." Wii Fit Trainer said. Bayonetta watched from behind, surprised that the monsters were all willing to listen and participate in her workout session. It must be some kind of hypnotic effect she's using.

"Just mirror my movements. While inhaling, grab your left ankle and place your foot on your right thigh." Wii Fit Trainer said, who watched as the monsters did exactly what she was doing.
"Once you are stable, bring your palms together in front of your chest. Raise your hands towards the sky. Relax your shoulders so that they are parallel to the ground. Stretch your back, being careful not to let your hips stick out. Inhale and exhale, and hold that position for 30 to 40 seconds." Wii Fit Trainer said. All the monsters in the immediate area were soon copying every one of the giantess's moves.
"Breathe slowly as you hold this pose." Wii Fit Trainer said as she very slowly backed out of the pose and returned to a standing position. This time, the monsters were still doing the tree pose, even as the giantess walked towards them. For the monsters closest to her bare feet, they watched helplessly as Wii Fit Trainer raised her feet and stomped the monsters until they disintegrated.
"Focus on holding your balance. Try to keep your center of balance within the yellow area." Wii Fit Trainer said as this time she firmly stomped the ground, causing 50-60 monsters to bounce in the air, which the giantess kicked (with a mid-air sweeping motion) to the distance.
"Visualize your spine stretching." Wii Fit Trainer said as she gently picked up a few entranced monsters in her hands. She grabbed the top halves of their bodies with one hand and the bottom halves with the other hand, pulling them apart until the monsters split into two, spilling shadowy blood that quickly disappeared along with the monsters themselves.
"Great! Keep it up." Wii Fit Trainer said as she pulled off her next attack… one that made Bayonetta smile with delight. She turned her back to the next group of monsters and then sat down, flattening them beneath her behind. Wii Fit Trainer quickly got back on her feet, brushing her pants off to make sure there were no monster leftovers (there weren't of course due to them disintegrating).

There was one last batch of exercising monsters in the bunch, which Wii Fit Trainer walked towards.
"Inhale through your nose. Exhale through your nose." Wii Fit Trainer said. She placed both her hands on the ground on both sides of the monsters, shifting herself forward until they were underneath her chest. After extending her feet and legs out, she lowered herself towards the ground.
"1… 2… 1… 2…" Wii Fit Trainer said. For the first couple of push-ups, she got within inches of crushing the monsters with her chest. For the next push-up, she slammed her chest down and crushed the monsters underneath it.
All the monsters were defeated as Wii Fit Trainer stood up and put her hands on her hips.
"Well done! Keep at it every day to improve your posture." Wii Fit Trainer said. She then looked to see Bayonetta approaching her and applauding.
"I gotta admit, that was very cheeky." Bayonetta said.
"Why thank you… I wasn't sure the hypnosis would work outside of Wuhu Island." Wii Fit Trainer said.
"Brainwashing people into doing 15th century poses. I like it." Bayonetta said.
"I assure you the effect was not 'brainwashing.' It's simply to encourage everyone to work hard and exercise every day." Wii Fit Trainer said.
"Whatever you say." Bayonetta said. She then looked over Wii Fit Trainer's shoulder and saw another batch of monsters coming.
"Hmmm… they just don't know when to quit." Bayonetta said.
"Shall I commence the next lesson?" Wii Fit Trainer asked.
"Nah… you can sit this one out. Let me show you how a real giantess stomps the competition. No pun intended…" Bayonetta said.

She then walked in a somewhat sexy manner towards the charging monsters.
"Let's dance, boys." Bayonetta said. She stomped the ground heavily, causing the monsters to go flying higher than when Wii Fit Trainer pulled off her stomp. In fact, all the monsters were above her waist, some as high as her forehead and others around her stomach region. Bayonetta fired bullet after bullet from her four guns, neutralizing the monsters with single shots. She did another stomp, and this time clapped her hands together to destroy the tiny monsters.
When Bayonetta saw the next group of monsters approaching, she got down on her hands and knees.
"Watch out, little pests. I hear a storm is brewing." Bayonetta said as she took a deep breath and then exhaled, sending a surge of wind that blew monsters several yards away. They disintegrated when they landed on the ground. She then scooped up several of the now scared monsters, dangling them in front of her lips as she licked them.
"I wonder how little scared monsters taste. Hopefully like rock candy." Bayonetta said as she next pulled out another lollipop. She stuck the monsters onto the lollipop like paper to glue, and then stuck the lollipop into her mouth, sucking them down one by one everywhere in her mouth, namely between her top and bottom teeth.
"Nothing like it at all. What a shame." Bayonetta said as she stood back to her full height.
"Pffft… if you little boogers think I'm big now, wait until you see Madama Butterfly." Bayonetta said as some of her clothing disappeared, causing a portal to open up and a giant fist to emerge as she threw a punch herself. The fist crushed any monsters underneath it, while sending others flying, but those Bayonetta took care of by stomping the ground, causing a giant heel to come out and crush them flat. Still more monsters were flying away, and Bayonetta knew the perfect way to finish them off.
"Witch Time!" Bayonetta shouted as the area glowed a dark purple. Then everything, and I mean everything, slowed down to a tenth its normal speed. Bayonetta watched the monsters fly slowly in front of her eyes. That's when she either flicked them away with her two fingers or swallow them into her mouth like a shark swallowing its prey underwater.
Then once Witch Time ended, the monsters that weren't swallowed went zipping out of the area faster than Blue Falcon speeding past Mute City's start/finish line.

The battlefield was now empty. Bayonetta and Wii Fit Trainer were victorious.
"Wonderful job, Bayonetta. You are obviously in such fine shape to pull off all those moves." Wii Fit Trainer said.
"Pfffft… I've been training longer than you were a gleam in some geek programmer's eye." Bayonetta said. Wii Fit Trainer could only raise her eyebrows.
"Never mind, you fought well too. We better get back to town and help the others." Bayonetta said.
"As you wish." Wii Fit Trainer said as she and Bayonetta sprinted back into town.

In another corner of the town, Corrin and Lyn had their swords drawn as they watched the monsters gather together to try and make a big attack. They weren't alone, however. At their feet were Rowan, Lianna, and Celica. Although they couldn't grow like Corrin and Lyn could, they still had determined battle faces as they swung their swords to strike the monsters.
"Yeah! Take that!" Rowan said.
"For our royal family!" Lianna said.
"Yes! Look at them running, sis! Their morale has to be way down!" Rowan said, only to jump back when he saw a large brown boot slam down in front of him, crushing several shadowy monsters.
"Yes, but let's not forget we have some giant help on our side." Lianna said.
"Heh heh… yes, of course." Rowan said. He gave a thumbs up to the supersized Lyn, who just smiled as she looked down at her new friends.
"Look sharp, everyone! Here comes another batch!" Celica said as she pointed over to another batch of blindly charging monsters.
“I’ll handle this.” Lyn said as she put a hand on the handle of her sheathed sword. She got down on one knee and took a deep breath, and then…
“TASTE MY BLADE!” Lyn shouted as she pulled out her sword and charged towards the group. The monsters were instantly gone, vanished as they were sliced into thin air.
“Nice move, Lyn! But…” Corrin said as she clapped her hands together. But then she had a somewhat depressed look on her face.
“What troubles you, Corrin?” Lyn said.
“I was hoping you’d save some for me. I’ve always wanted to stomp a human or humanoid creature under my foot.” Corrin said as she wiggled some of her exposed toes.
“Ah. Forgive me, Corrin, although your behavior reminds me of Roy. He always wanted to deliver the final blow whenever he battled. Still, Princess Apple did say speed was of the essence.” Lyn said.
“It looks like you’ll get your chance. More of them are coming!” Rowan said as he pointed to yet another charging group of monsters.
“Ah, very good! Stand back, everyone, and watch the master at work!” Corrin said as she stepped in front of Lyn, and over her smaller friends (Rowan, Lianna, and Celica) and walked towards the monsters.

She didn’t waste any time in planting her feet on the ground, crushing monster after monster beneath her feet. Lyn could see a smile on Corrin’s face as she clutched her sword but never used it, relying solely on her soles. Corrin then looked back at Lyn.
“Come on, Lyn, take your boots off and join in! This is fun!” Corrin said.
“Oh, I don’t know…” Lyn said.
“Yeah, come on, Lyn! I think it would look super cool seeing two giant women stomping around in their bare feet!” Rowan said.
“Brother! Don’t you think that’s a little inappropriate?” Lianna said.
“Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing it myself.” Celica said.
“What!? Celica!” Rowan and Lianna both shouted.
"Why not? It's not something you see every day!" Celica said.
"Very well then." Lyn said. She gently slipped her feet out of her boots, fully exposing her bare feet. At the same time, a powerful odor swept across the immediate area.
"Whoa! Lyn! When's the last time you had a foot bath!?" Lianna said as she tightly clutched her nose.
"Ummmm…" Lyn said.
"Never mind that! Smelly feet are a bonus! That will knock those monsters senseless for sure! Now come on!" Corrin commented. She gently pulled Lyn by one of her arms and led her towards the next group of monsters.

Lianna, Rowan, and Celica sat back and watched as the two giantesses stomped one monster after another with their bare feet, but after a few monsters, Lyn decided to get a bit more creative. She sat down and closed her feet together like two walls coming together, smashing several monsters in between the walls of flesh. The monsters that somehow survived wouldn't for much longer, as the powerful smell of Lyn's feet suffocated them.
"Oh! That looks like fun, Lyn!" Corrin said. She sat down and did the same thing, crushing several monsters between her feet.
"Corrin, let's work together." Lyn said as she wiggled her toes.
"Good idea!" Corrin said as she immediately caught on to what Lyn was thinking. The two stretched their legs out until their feet were making contact with one another. They crushed even more monsters between the four soles, and rolled their legs around until every last monster was crushed beneath them.
"Haha! That was fun!" Corrin said.
"I have to agree, actually." Lyn said.
"Now what's going on here?" a female voice suddenly said. Lyn and Corrin looked to see two of their teammates in battle, Lucina and Robin, approaching.
"Oh, hey, you two! We were just doing a little foot play." Corrin said.
"Because it gets boring after a while to merely step on hundreds of your enemies while 60 feet tall." Lyn said. Lucina then smiled.
"Yeah, we can kinda relate." Lucina said. She helped Lyn up to her feet while Robin did the same to Corrin.

But the four couldn't chat or celebrate for long, as they looked to see another portal opening up and a few more monsters coming out. And one of them was half their size at about 30 feet tall.
"Oooooh… a slightly bigger one is in the bunch." Corrin said.
"Wait… the same energy reading as before! That bigger one has to be the field commander. We take him out, the monsters in this part of the town will disappear." Robin said. Lucina drew out her sword.
"Then let's draw first blood, shall we?" Lucina said.
"Wait… I have a better idea. Perhaps we should do this." Lyn said as she huddled the other giantesses together and gave her suggestion.

A few seconds later, Corrin stepped back in shock.
"What!? Are you sure we can do THAT?" Corrin asked.
"I don't see why not. It sure worked for Princess Peach." Lyn said.
"But one such attack may not be enough." Lucina said.
"Maybe not by ourselves, but if we work together…" Lyn said.
"It will be like sending 10 great walls of fire at him. I agree, let's go for it." Robin said.
"Oooooh… this will be so embarrassing. But… anything to being peace back to Aytolis." Corrin said. The four giantesses then approached the 30-foot-tall monster. The monster looked around confusingly wondering what his taller opponents were planning, especially when they turned around showing off their backsides.
"Ah… CHA!!!" all four shouted. They then thrust their behinds towards the monster's head. Like in a violent movie or video game, the monster's head was completely gone, and shadow blood shot up from inside the monster's body until he collapsed first to his knees and then flat on the ground. Then he disintegrated.
"Wow… if all of us giantesses did that, you think maybe the universe would blow up?" Robin asked.
"I would hope not." Lucina said as she and the others looked and saw the rest of the monsters disappear, just as Robin predicted.
"Alright… this part of town is covered." Robin said.
"Let's check up on Rowan, Lianna, and Celica, and then see if any others need help." Corrin said. The four giantesses nodded at each other and then walked to another part of the town (with Lyn slipping her feet back into her boots along the way).

Back outside of town, Palutena and Zelda were towering over another group of monsters… doing nothing. That's right. The two were standing still, watching as Pit and Link were doing all the fighting.
"You sure you don't need any help?" Palutena said.
"No worries, Lady Palutena! We've… HA!... got this!" Pit said as he swung his weapons around while Link swung his sword, slaying one monster after another.
"Does Link always want to show off?" Palutena asked her fellow giantess, Zelda.
"Sometimes. Though I heard in the future that's another story." Zelda said.
"Oh well. It's nice to have men who look out for us no matter what size we're at." Palutena said.
"True." Zelda said.

Of course, even Pit and Link had their limits. Despite killing close to a hundred shadow monsters, fatigue started to creep in on both, and they started to take some damage. That's when Palutena and Zelda immediately stepped in.
"Okay, boys. Now it's our turn!" Palutena said. Zelda struck first when she threw a ball of red light towards the group of monsters staring at Link.
"YAH!" Zelda shouted. That's when the ball burst apart and spread flames in every direction. The monsters screamed out as they burned to ashes on the ground. Palutena, on the other hand, tightly clutched her staff and walked towards the monsters attacking Pit.
"Trust me, creatures of the shadow world. You do NOT want to anger a goddess." Palutena said as she slammed her sandal down and crushed several monsters flat.
"Whoa! Lady Palutena, don't overexert yourself!" Pit said.
"Ha! You worry too much, Pit. The only time I overexerted myself was when all that food escaped, remember?" Palutena said with an innocent smile on her face.
Zelda, meanwhile, got to stomping on some monsters herself. She watched as a few jumped on her dress to try and climb it, but she easily shook them off. She then remembered Link still down on the ground, and she reached down and gently picked him up, placing him on her right shoulder guard.
"You'll be safer up here, Link." Zelda said. The hero didn't argue. Instead he enjoyed the view from above as Zelda planted her boots on one group of monsters after another. Of course, Zelda didn't stomp every single monster. Sometimes she would pick them up and then blow them into the distance using Farore's Wind. Other times she would shoot magical energy from her hands to obliterate them.

The immediate area was clear, but both giantesses watched as another portal opened with monsters flying right out of it and charging towards the giantesses.
"Perhaps we should show these monsters the true power of light?" Palutena asked.
"Sounds like a plan." Zelda said. She set Link down on the ground, with Palutena doing the same to Pit.
"You two better take cover." Zelda said.
"And shield your eyes!" Palutena said. Pit and Link did just that as they closed their eyes as tightly as they could. Palutena then raised her shield up while Zelda summoned her famous Light Arrow. She pointed the arrow at the shield, and a brilliant beam of light shot out from Palutena's shield. The monsters were blinded by the light and then disintegrated by it, fading into nothingness like they were touching the burning sun. Zelda then turned her arrow at the portal and shot at it. Palutena, meanwhile, aimed her hands at the monsters on the ground.
"Omega Laser!" Palutena shouted as a thick red beam cut through the ground and destroyed the monsters.
By the time all the light from the giantesses was gone, there were no monsters left. Link and Pit knew it was time to open their eyes again.
"Man… remind me never to get you mad, Lady Palutena." Pit said, watching as Palutena picked him up while Zelda did the same to Link.
"I've got a better idea! Remind me never to tag team with Zelda at the next Smash tournament." Palutena said.
"Because we'd probably destroy the whole arena at that power level." Zelda said, with both giantesses laughing and cuddling the men they were holding against their faces.
"Come on, let's catch up with the others." Palutena said. Zelda nodded and the two ran away from the battlefield.

Samus (in her Zero Suit) and Rosalina watched the monsters run towards their feet. Samus rolled her eyes.
"They're like Metroid. Latching onto the first thing they see." Samus said.
"And they don't look any prettier, I would imagine." Rosalina said. Samus then pressed some buttons on her pistol, and suddenly it changed to that of a laser whip that she immediately cracked, causing Rosalina to back away a bit.
"These things need a good whipping." Samus said as she confidently stepped towards the monsters. She swung her whip as it dragged across the ground, disintegrating any monster that came in contact with it. Any monsters that were lucky to survive were easily crushed underneath Samus's feet.
She then watched another group of monsters come flying in through the air, trying to drop energy bombs on her that had little to no effect.
"Rosalina, I need your energy!" Samus shouted. She knelt down like she was ready to make a big jump, and Rosalina waved her wand and sent rainbow colored energy towards her fellow giantess. Once Samus felt herself surrounded by the energy, she somersaulted into the air like she was doing her Screw Attack when she wore her Varia or Gravity Suits. The monsters couldn't get out of the way in time, and they disappeared once Samus made contact with them.

Samus landed squarely on one knee, and she looked down at another group of monsters that charged from the ground.
"You little pests sure are persistant." Samus said as she crawled around, scanning the vast group of monsters. It was a good thing she was 60 feet tall, she thought, otherwise she'd be easily surrounded by this horde of evil. Samus then smiled as she dropped her chest down on top of the monsters, crushing many of them beneath her mildly oversized chest. Samus looked back at Rosalina.
"Do me a favor and don't tell anyone what I just did." Samus said.
"As you wish. May I ask why?" Rosalina said.
"Let's just say the Galactic Federation had some dirty minds at work." Samus said.
"Oh ho ho!" Rosalina said as she couldn't help but giggle. She then looked at Samus's behind, watching as monsters were climbing up her suit.
"Oh dear… Samus, you have some uninvited guests." Rosalina said as she gently pointed at Samus's backside. Samus looked at her behind and saw the monsters climbing upward.
"Pffft. Speaking of dirty minds. You want to see my butt up close? Fine then." Samus said. That's when she brought her behind down to the ground and crushed all the monsters.

Samus got back on her feet and dusted off her Zero Suit (not that she absolutely had to).
"If only I had my ship with me. I could blast all these creatures to what's left of SR388… and then carry my ship home given the size I'm at now." Samus said. Rosalina then tightly clutched her wand and stood alongside Samus.
"Perhaps I can assist." Rosalina said. She then waved her wand around, and suddenly a Power Star appeared in front of the two. It appeared small at first (compared to Samus and Rosalina), but Rosalina quickly sent stardust flying into the object, and it grew considerably.
"By the power of this Power Star! I banish all of you from this world, never to return again!!!" Rosalina shouted as her eyes glowed a bright yellow and she had quite the battle face. Already some monsters were being blown away by the star's energy, but those that survived would quickly find their luck running out. The star soon exploded in a shower of sparks and stardust that might've leveled the entire region had it been something more explosive. Instead, it eradicated the area completely of the evil shadows.

And with no more coming, Samus and Rosalina breathed a sigh of relief.
"Damn… remind me not to tick you off." Samus said.
"I normally dislike violence, but I saw no other alternative to the situation." Rosalina said. Samus patted Rosalina on one of her shoulders.
"In Smash, there is no other alternative but to battle." Samus said.
"How do you know?" Rosalina said.
"Four times I've gotten dragged into that thing, so you're looking at a seasoned vet here." Samus said.
"Wow… four times?" Rosalina said.
"Yeah. Must be doing SOMETHING right across the universe." Samus said with a smile on her face.
"Anyway, we should check in with Princesses Apple and Peach." Rosalina said. She and Samus made their way out of the area.

Finally, near the center of the town, Princesses Apple and Peach were engaged in battle themselves. Apple had a somewhat nervous look on her face.
"Are you okay, Apple?" Peach asked.
"Yes. It's just… I've rarely ever gone into a battle like this before." Apple said.
"Don't worry, you'll do fine. Just think of everyone in Giant Land." Peach said.
"Yes, you're right! Thanks, Peach!" Apple said. Peach watched as a group of shadowy monsters charged towards the bottom of her dress.
"Let's show them we're not damsels in distress!" Peach said as she magically summoned a golf club. Apple got in a fighting stance similar to that of her sister, Aska.
Peach swung away, sending monsters several yards out of town and far into the distance. One time, though, she would pop them up in the air with the club and then quickly whack them with her tennis racquet. Where did she send them? Right towards Princess Apple.
"Apple! Heads up!" Peach shouted. Apple looked over after stomping a few monsters under her golden sandals, where she saw several monsters flying and screaming towards her. With quick thinking, she thrust her arm up and jumped.
"Koucho no Mai!" Apple shouted as she sent the monsters flying into the air, never to be seen again.
"Hip Shot!" Apple then shouted as she spun rapidly in place, again sending monsters flying in every direction. Those that didn't fly were dealt severe damage until they were stomped flat by the giantess.

But Apple didn't want to stop there. She looked over at Peach, who was busy hip checking a couple taller monsters to their defeat, and got an idea.
"Peach! Do you have a Fire Flower handy?" Apple asked. Peach smiled.
"I thought you'd never ask!" Peach said as she magically summoned a ? block. She threw it up and Apple punched it, causing a Fire Flower to fly out. Apple touched it, and after the famous Super Mario Bros powerup sound rang in the air, Apple's appearance changed. Her dress becomes white and the tiara on her head disappeared, being replaced with a feather attached to her hair on the right side of her head. Apple did a couple hops and clapped her hands together as they slowly lit up with flames.
"Fueled by… flower power!" Apple said.

And with that, the princess of Giant Land turned things loose. She shot one fireball after another down at the monsters, causing them to scream in agony before they burned to a crisp. Amazingly enough, any fireballs that hit nearby buildings in the town were not effected. Apple's good nature no doubt played a part in making sure those flames were focused on just the monsters. Peach smiled, impressed with seeing her good friend fighting back, but she looked over the town wall and saw another group of monsters approaching.
"Oh no you don't!" Peach shouted as she dug a hand into the ground she was standing on. She then pulled something out like it had blades of grass attached to it… and out came a red colored bomb (like the one from Super Mario Bros. 2). Peach hurled it over the wall and it exploded upon contact, sending monsters in every direction before they disappeared. Soon thereafter, all the monsters were gone. Peach rubbed her hands together.
"There. Piece of cake!" Peach said.
"And you make some BIG cakes too." Apple said. Peach giggled.

She and Apple then watched as the rest of the giantesses (along with passangers on some of their hands and shoulders, such as Link, Pit, Isabelle, Rowan, Lianna, and Celica) rejoined them in town.
"We cleared out our group of attackers." Samus said.
"As did the rest of us. I think we did it." Lucina said. Robin then scanned through her book.
"I'm detecting no more evil presence. Lucina is right… we have won." Robin said.
"Yeah! Awesome!" Palutena shouted.
"That was a great workout. Let's have fun the same time tomorrow." Wii Fit Trainer said.
"Yes, we won the battle, but the war is far from over." Lyn said.
"Lyn is right… Velezark and his cohorts will not give up so easily." Lucina said.
"But we'll be ready for them. They're like cockroaches. Give them enough time and they'll come out, begging to be crushed." Bayonetta said as she dragged her foot back and forth in the ground.
"You have such a way with words, you know that?" Zelda commented.

Just then, however, everyone except Apple (and the passengers) began to shrink.
"Oh! We're shrinking!" Peach said.
"The magic of my bracelet must've finally worn out." Apple said, who watched as all the other ladies reverted back to their normal sizes, leaving her as the only one towering over the town.
But immediately afterwards, there was a loud applause from the crowd that gradually grew louder as more and more people came out of their homes.
"Oh? What's going on?" Zelda asked.
"I think the people finally realize the threat has been neutralized for now." Corrin said.
"And they're coming out to thank us." Lyn finished. Lucina took note of how many of the people were looking up at Apple.
"Especially our captain!" Lucina said. Apple blushed as she looked down at all the people applauding her.
"Oh… um… well… thanks. I don't know what to you say." Apple said.
"We owe you and your team of giant women a debt of gratitude that we can never repay!" one of the villagers shouted.
"Please… I just did what I thought was right." Apple said.

Just then, however, another change began to occur with nearly all of Apple's friends. They started to glow a bright blue, including Apple herself. The only ones not glowing were Lucina, Corrin, Lyn, Robin, Lianna, Rowan, and Celica.
"Oh? What's happening now?" Peach said.
"Oooooh… I feel like I'm going to be blown away and I can't fly fast enough!" Pit said. That's when Rosalina and Robin quickly chimed in.
"It seems the warp spell from Robin's magic and my Dimensional Star is wearing off as well." Rosalina said.
"Rosalina is right. You'll all soon return back to the worlds from whence you came." Robin said. One by one, Apple's friends disappeared in brilliant flashes of light. Jigglypuff, The Villager, Isabelle, Wii Fit Trainer, etc.
"Farewell, Princess Apple. It's been an honor…" Bayonetta said before she too disappeared (before she could finish).
"Perhaps we will fight side-by-side again someday!" Zelda said before she and Link vanished.
"May the Gods bring good fortune to you and your friends and family in Giant Land!" Palutena said before she and Pit vanished. Samus smiled and flashed a thumb up.
"No objections from this lady." Samus said before she disappeared. Apple, along with Peach and Rosalina who stood next to the giantess's ankle, could feel their turn was coming.
"Goodbye, warriors of Aytolis and beyond! Goodbye!!" Apple said as she waved at the Fire Emblem warriors (who of course waved back) before they disappeared too.
"Man, I miss them already. Just imagine if we had that kind of an army taking on Velezark." Rowan said.
"True, brother, but perhaps this is for the best." Lianna said.
"Come on. We should regroup with the others and plan our next move." Lucina said as she and the other warriors worked their way through the crowd as they filed out and returned to their normal lives.

Back at Giant Land… it was like a blink of an eye. One second Princess Apple, Peach, and Rosalina were looking at a foreign town of Aytolis. The next… they're back in front of the Giant Land Castle, looking right at Prince Hugo, Madzilla, and some of the castle guards. Apple was also back to her normal form… the warping likely taking a toll on her Fire Flower power and causing it to vanish as if she had touched an enemy.
"Oh! You're back, my dearest!" Hugo said as he ran towards his wife.
"Haha! It's good to see you too, my love!" Apple said.
"Whew! I'm so glad you're back, Princess Apple! It's not easy being the entertainment for the guards when you or Hugo are away!" Madzilla said.
"And Peach and Rosalina, I'm glad you're safe and sound too." Hugo said as he looked down next to one of Apple's feet.
"Thank you, Prince Hugo!" Peach said.
"Where are the others?" Hugo said.
"They all warped back to their original worlds." Apple said.
"And those shadowy thingy monsters?" Madzilla said.
"I don't think we or the Mushroom Kingdom have to ever worry about those creatures. The warriors I fought alongside… even the ones smaller than us like Lianna, Rowan, and Celica… I can tell they will fight valiantly to make sure the evil doesn't stray far from Aytolis. Our presence, and also the temporary growth spurt they went through… I think I gave them the greatest hope they can wish for." Apple said with a smile.
"Well, that's good. Come on… I'll make you a nice dessert. Care to join us, Peach and Rosalina?" Hugo said.
"Sure, why not?" Peach said.
"I could go for a supersized meal after all that fighting." Rosalina said, prompting a laugh from everyone in the area.

As the sun set in the background, and after Princess Apple picked up Peach and Rosalina so they wouldn't have to do all that walking… everyone walked back inside the Giant Land Castle, where they and everyone else from many different universes would have quite the epic story to, at the very least, remember for the rest of their lives.