Captain N: The New Age


In the real world, mankind has enjoyed video games since the 1970s, an age before most of our times. Things started out as Table Tennis (aka Pong), but soon evolved into Atari 2600, Intellivsion, Master System, NES, and so on and so forth. We can all remember our firsts: First time we beat a game, first "Easter Egg" unlocked, first time throwing a controller in rage because a boss fight was so hard (Fun fact: the video game term "Boss" is derived from the classic stealth game Metal Gear. The final bad guy, a terrorist by the name of Big Boss, was a memorable fight. After that, tough fights were referred to as "Boss Battles").

Anyway, the characters from these video games have their own special world where they interact and have a total society. It's called Game World, and under the rule of Princess Lana, order has been upheld for years, until the villains came along. People and creatures such as Ganon, Bowser, Mother Brain, Dr.Wily, Dr. Ivo Robotnik (aka Eggman), Dynamite Kid Mike Tyson (the final round in Punchout!!), and others, including the Big Boss himself, have made frequent attacks on different places in Game World.

Lana, knowing something must be done, assembled the N-Team. It consisted of her, Simon Belmont, Mega Man, Pit, and Ice Climber, along with assistance from Link, Mario, Snake, and whoever else is willing to lend a hand. Sadly, this wasn't enough. Lana, desperate for a new hero, summoned Kevin, an every-day gamer with knowledge of the games and the skills to succeed. Armed with a blaster pistol and a special controller attatched to his belt, he took on any villain stupid enough to come at him.

During his time in Game World, he and Lana started to have feelings for each other. Sadly, this did not last that long. When Kevin won the final battle and destroyed Big Boss and his alliance of him, Dracula, Wario, and Sagat, he left Game World to continue his normal life in the real world......a decision he may or may not have regretted.

The year is 2004, 11 years after the fateful fight that brought Game World to peace. Kevin, now 26, got through college and was hired by Miyamoto himself to work at Nintendo. His most memorable project was Prime, the first person shooter spectacular that would become Metroid Prime. Kevin worked on designs to show Samus in her bikini style space suit, but they were turned down for reasons none of us know. Unfortunatly, the poor guy lost his parents to a car accident when he was 22, and he lost his faithful dog, Duke, to old age at 25.

He was alone and miserable in this world, so he spent his days working and drinking, but to his luck he works just as good with a hangover. When Kevin came home to his apartment, and pounded a 6-pack, he looked in his closet and found his old N-Team jacket and NES. For old times sake, he decided to play a bit of Zelda II. To his suprise, he was just as good now as he was so long ago. Hours into the game passed and it was late at night, around 3 A.M., when a strange light appeared on the TV screen. No, it's not Sadako, it's a new beginning.......


The television seemed to have teleported Kevin back to the world he knew and loved. All of it knocked him unconscious though, a typical side effect of teleportation. When he woke up, he looked around to see that the world he once knew looked like the city he lives in now, only much cleaner. He didn't believe he was in Game World and just thought he got drunk and passed out.

"Ugh...last time I do that for awhile." he said to himself, slowly standing up. A police officer walked over to him to see if he was okay.
"You alright? You came out of nowhere." the officer said, helping him stand. Normally the cops in Kevin's city would arrest him for public intoxication, but this cop was more concerned about his well being than about simple laws.
"Yeah, I think so." Kevin said, looking at him. Because he just woke up, he couldn't see who this guy was. He sure looked familiar though.
"My name is officer Redfield. Do you have any idea how dangerous it is to be face down out in the middle of the road?" he asked, not really prepared for his response.
"No way! Your Chris Redfield?!" Kevin asked in disbelief.
"How do you know my name?" he asked him, a bit confused. He helped Kevin out of the road and to the sidewalk so that it would avoid any major accidents. It was 4:30 A.M. and rush hour was about to come their way.
"I'm a big fan of yours. You and your sister really did a number on those zombies at Raccoon City." he told him. Chris couldn't believe what he was hearing. The incident of Code Veronica was to be kept between him and Claire alone, and if he kept his mouth shut and she stayed quiet as well, how could he have known about what happened?
"How the hell do you know....wait...that jacket. You can't be him, can you?" he asked, shocked by seeing the N Team jacket that Kevin was wearing.
"The name's Kevin. I'm not really new here, but things look different than I remember." he said to him, thinking for awhile.
"So you do exist. I'm gonna take you back to N-Team main base. Wait here." Chris said as he walked to his car and drove over to him. Kevin got into the car and put his seatbelt on. The car took off into the morning highway.

"There's one thing I don't get though. I thought Video Land was a fantasy world. What's with the big city stuff?" Kevin asks to break the silence.
"I suppose I better explain now before you really get confused. You see, our world is no longer known as Video Land, but known as Game World. As time progressed since your time, things have been getting a lot more modern. Instead of having to deal with Bowser or a swarm of Moblins, we are having to deal with terrorists and nuclear weapons and things like that. It was a bad time, but businesses such as Mishima and Umbrella started making their own cities and started restoring order." Chris started explaining.
"That's good. Seems like this place is better without me." Kevin commented.
"Wrong! Things only went downhill from there. You see, dirtbags that are high up on the corporate ladder tend to get corrupt, and with powers like them doing as they please and getting greedy, things go berserk. Pandemonium soon broke out to level the balance of power between the corporations and the people. N-Team tried their best to help the people out, but they can't be everywhere at once, so the people had to shut up and fight back for once. Myself, officer McNeil (State of Emergancy), Nick (True Crime: Streets of L.A.), Jak, and No-Name (Hero of Grand Theft Auto III) formed our own little underground resistance and started the war of people against business. Eventually, we had help from Mr. Vercetti, another business owner that's rather fair with people, and Kazuya Mishima, the son of the owner of Mishima Inc. The war soon ended and balance was restored." Chris finished. A lot sure has happened in a decades time. Kevin soon realized that games have evolved since the 8-Bit era. Games from SNES, N64, and PlayStation became much more plot complex and realistic, which caused evolution in Game World. This all happened so fast that it couldn't be controlled, so it led to chaos and confusion.

After about 2 and a half hours of driving, the police car came across a gate made entirely of silver. No way...could this really be? Chris pressed a button on the intercom that was on the side of the gate.
"State your business." a voice said.
"We got an old member of N-Team here and he needs to be with his friends." Chris responded.
"Sir, all members of N-Team are currently in a training excercise. There is no way any of them could have left." the voice said to them.
"You must be wrong, because I got the legendary Kevin in the car with me." Chris said, a smirk on his face. The gates immediately opened and the car drove in. It was about another 20 minutes or more before they got to the place. On the way Kevin saw beautiful fountains, gardens, and other things that would only be in a rich person's front yard. The car eventually came to a gigantic castle and stopped by the front steps. The place was so beautiful it was like he was in heaven. Kevin stepped out of the car.
"Well, I gotta get back to work. Good luck in there!" Chris said before driving off. Kevin walked nervously inside. The castle seemed much more luxurious than her remembered. When he came across a red carpet that led to a stairway, he saw a bunch of servants kneeling down at the sides of the carpet, creating a pathway. One of them pulled Kevin down into a kneeling position as well.

"Queen Lana has arrived!" a servant cheerfully said as a beautiful young woman walked down the stairs. Kevin wanted to look up at her, but he thought since times have changed he better do what people tell him to so he would catch on. He looked and the next thing he saw were two big, yet beautiful feet.
"Kevin, is it really you?" she asked, shocked to see him. It has been so long since they had been together.
"Yeah, it's me." Kevin said, somehow knowing from the second he passed the gate he would see her again.
"It really is you!" she cheerfully shouted and hugged him. Kevin looked up at her as she hugged him, and saw that she had changed a lot since the old days. She had become much prettier,and when he stood up, he noticed that she was a lot taller too. 6'8" to be exact.
"Woah....I guess a lot more has happened in 11 years than I can think of." Kevin said. "And what are you doing still in your pajamas?" he added. Deep down, he hasn't changed a bit.
"Well, for your information its still the morning. After all this time, that's all you have to say to me?!" she asked, a bit angry. Kevin knew she wasn't a morning person, and the fact she could now beat him up got into his head,so he best be sincere.
"I'm sorry. I missed you, I really did! I just can't believe all this is happening. One minute I'm gettin' drunk and hanging around, the next minute I wake up to see Chris Redfield. Reason why I asked that is that I was told that the N-Team was out training." he said to her. She calmed down after he said that.
"I'm not part of N-Team anymore. As Queen of Game World, I have too much responsibility to be out there having fun like I used to." she said to him.
"But weren't you a princess.....oh...I'm very sorry." he said, knowing that the parents have to be dead for a princess to become a queen.
"It's okay. I'm sad that this happened, but I know that if I keep up the legacy my family has created, my parents' death wouldn't be in vain." she said.
"My family is gone too, so I know how you feel." he responded, understanding what it's like to lose loved ones. The two of them had a great breakfast, her able to eat more than him of course. He couldn't believe how she got so damn tall in a short amount of time, and it wasn't caused by Mario's mushrooms either. They talked about how their lives were and spoke of old memories of when they were back on the N-Team. After Lana went up to her room and got dressed in a blue dress that's similar to Peach and Zelda's and put on some high heels,she showed Kevin to the new N-Team. He knew them all from one game or another,but only one of them recognized him.

"Kev, you're back!" Snake shouted. It was his old friend and teammate from back in the day.
"It's good to see you again Snake. You've aged quite a bit, haven't you?" he asked him. True it had been awhile since the fight against Big Boss, and since he lived in the freezing cold for so long it didn't let him age well. Another person, an aristocrat with platinum blonde hair, walked up to him.
"So you are still alive after all. I am Alucard, the replacement for the late Simon Belmont." he said, lowering his head a bit in respect for the vampire hunter.
"Simon...dead? But how?" Kevin asked, wanting to know why one of his close friends is gone.
"Kain, the vampire ruler of Nosgoth, killed him during the great invasion in 1998. Since then, I have sworn to uphold his duties." he said, keeping the same tone of voice.
"I guess I better introduce you to the rest of the team." Lana said, leading him into a building. Inside, there were two people target practicing with their laser cannons.
"'re here!" a familiar voice shouted. It was Samus Aran, the legendary Metroid heroine. She was still wearing her battle armor as usual. A girl standing next to her scanned him.
"Identity: Kevin, member of N-Team. Greetings. I am KOS-MOS, android model 00000001." she said. Kos-Mos had little emotion if any at all, but was superior in combat. After the greetings,a familiar face appeared on the screen attatched to the back room.
"Hi there Kevin! Welcome back!" Mega Man said. He explained that he is no longer an actual fighter but more of a backup supporter, just as Roll was in MegaMan Legends. Even Game World uses the information superhighway. They all said their greetings before Lana led Kevin out to the the gauntlet, a place where all N-Team members can sharpen their skills. There awaited one person that has been alongside him in more situations than he can count: Link.

"Man Link, you changed too?!" Kevin asked. The once brown haired teen had become a blonde adult with a better attitude and a wedding ring on his finger.
"Yeah. Times change man. When I'm not with Zelda and my daughter, Zelda the Second, I work here as a teacher in archery and sword combat. My partner Navi here teaches precision aiming (Z-Targeting system). Say hello, Navi." he said. A tiny fairy on his shoulder waved to him.
"Hello, Kevin! And Link, quit treating my like a child because I'm smaller than you. I bailed you out of so many situations and you know it." the fairy shouted.

Now that Kevin is back with the N-Team, the fun will really begin...


Kevin felt rather relaxed now that he was back with his old friends. Most of them had changed, such as Snake's aging, Link's change in hair color, and Lana becoming tall enough to dominate basketball. It was all part of game evolution, and they were just affected in different ways. He stood there and watched Link shoot targets for awhile, getting rather bored.
"Damn. I wish I had my blaster about now..." he said to himself, about to fall asleep. After all that's happened, he only had a few hours of sleep, and that's because of his drinking problem. Then out of nowhere, a rather updated version of his old blaster appeared in his hand, thanks to Megaman's super technological powers.
"Sweet! My old gun!" he shouted, spinning it on his finger Ocelot style. He didn't know where it came from,and really didn't care at this point. With a quick aim he gazed at the target and fired, hitting the bullseye. Normally it made an NES beep when it was fired, but this time it sounded like a blaster that a Storm Trooper would carry around. There was also a big burn hold in the target instead of a percision hole.

" blue hell did I do?" he asked himself, rather shocked that even equipment changes over periods of time. Kos-Mos walked over to him, ready to explain about his new gear.
"Your NES prototype module N.E.S.X. controller belt and blaster have been upgraded as a result of advances in technology and will fit the needs of worldwide crime fighting in what you call a 'New World'." she says to him, explaining yet again about game evolution. His controller belt would have become a GameCube controller, but not even Batman had that many buttons on his belt. She then escorted him to a rather large hangar and opened the door, revealing the N-Team's new transportation, FFVIII's Ragnarok.
"......Woah......!" was all he could say. The vehicle didn't have any weapons other than bullet fire, but it had the shields and speed needed to cover any sort of job.
"Like it? Top of the line flight material. Wish I had one of these back on my missions." Samus said, walking into the hangar. Kevin turned around and saw that her suit was still on, but she had her helmet held under her arm. She was the same beautiful blonde he created back in the real world, and it almost made him pass out just looking at her. For once his creations made a difference.

"It's gonna be smooth sailing from here on in." Kevin commented, knowing that all this was so much better than what he was used to, even if he didn't have his controller belt anymore.
"If only that was true." she said, sighing.
"What's wrong? You mean to tell me even with all this we still have the same messed up odds of getting out alive!?" he asked, which sort of made her angry.
"You still haven't learned have you?! Even with the new gear, weapons, and ships, the bad guys have become that much more powerful! While you were in another world hittin' the bottles, I was damn near dead fighting Prime to make this realm a better place!" she yelled, spitting at him before walking off. He felt bad, not because he just now caught on,but because he worked on Prime and MetaRidley, two creatures designed to give even hardcore Metroid fans a run for their money. The real Samus almost didn't make it out alive.
"I don't belong here..." he said, leaving the hangar and walking to the exit of the castle grounds.

Elsewhere, in a shadowed base to the north, an evil plot is being discussed. Inside the meeting room was Dr. Eggman, Ganondorf, Bowser, and Murray (the talking skull from Monkey Island). They too have been changed by the flow of time, but this time it was for the worse instead of the better. Eggman was once the villain of all Sonic games and cartoons, but in the current era he is replaced by nasties like Chaos, Hazard, and Shadow.
Ganondorf, formerly known as Ganon, went through great improvements when he was changed from a pig demon into a human-like creature, but was ruined when a strange looking Cel-Link stabbed him between the eyes in the easiest final boss in Zelda history.
Murray claims to have evil powers and once worked as a bouncer at a popular bar, but he's only a skull and can't do much.
Bowser.......poor poor Bowser. Back in the 1980's and early '90s, he was the most feared villain there ever was. He had an army of Koopas, had his own kids, and a castle, but all that soon changed. The Koopa Kids disbanded and are now presumed dead. The castle was raided by Mr. Smithy (get it?), and the army was reduced to a bunch of armored morons. Hell, in SuperStar saga, many considered him as nothing more than a comic relief. All these villains are afraid that unless they do something drastic as a team, they would become nothing more than history in Game World.
"So, what's the plan?" Murray asked, a bit impatient.
"It's simple. Using my machines, Bowser's mushrooms, Ganondorf's Triforce of Power, and your knowledge of Game World, we will finally be able to destroy the N-Team!" Eggman shouted.
"........Right, but what exactly IS the plan?" Murray asked, speaking for Ganondorf and Bowser as well.

"You see, I will make a machine that uses the mushroom powers to supersize whatever the beam emitted from it hits. Since the weight is increased greater than the strength, the machine will also be using the Triforce shard to add power to what the beam hits as well, making it an unstoppable force! And the first thing I plan to use it on will be Hyper Metal Sonic!" he explained.
"A robot?! Thats a load of bull! Why not use it on me?!" Bowser asked, enraged.
"People, calm down! The last thing we need is to rip off Megatron and Godzilla! There's bound to be someone or something we can use this thing on." Ganondorf said.
"By the way, how did we afford this hideout and all the parts anyway?" Murray asked. Evil schemes didn't come cheap, and all the big corporations were taken out in the rebellion.
" half of Game World to the Syndicate.." Eggman said nervously.
"YOU WHAT!?!?!?!!" everyone else shouted in disbelief. Ganondorf got up and was about to tear his head off.
"What kind of idiot makes deals with LeBlanc!?!" Bowser asked. (Sorry Bebop fans. This is a totally different syndicate).
"I didn't have a choice! Its not that big of a loss is it?!" Eggman asked them.
"I wouldn't say that. This will indeed be a big gain, and I do say BIG. I volunteer to be the one zapped by this thing." said a female voice.


"Who said that?" Ganondorf asked, turning around. The girl just kept talking from the shadows.
"You see, your theory is correct, and that we need to be a step ahead of evolution, and 2 steps ahead of the enemy to conquer this world. That's why I volunteer myself as your leader and future ruler of Game World!" she said, making an evil laugh afterwords.
"No way we're letting you rule us! You must be nuts!" Bowser shouted. Each of these men had pride and were not about to let it be taken away by a mysterious girl that likes to hide in the shadow. Even Murray agreed with them,which is rare because he wise cracks and makes rude comments whenever possible. After a couple minutes of shouting, the voice spoke again.
"You all act so tough, but what makes you so sure you'll actually pull this one off? Big Boss tried this 'work together' thing before, and improper leadership costed him his life." she said.
"But wasn't Big Boss a great leader?" Eggman asked.
"He was a solider, a mastermind of men and guns. He had no knowledge of different forces, which became his downfall. N-Team may have barely won, but in warfare, near misses don't count in strategy." she responded. The others began to think for awhile, realizing that she might actually be on to something.
"But still, what in the blue hell makes you think you'll be our leader?!" Ganondorf asked with anger in his voice. The woman stepped out of the shadows and revealed herself.

"Either you can nicely make me the queen of Game World and have some power, or I can obliterate you all and take it from you. Either way, I will become a goddess!" she shouted.
"M......M...Morrigan Aensland!?!?!" everyone shouted at once. There in front of them stood a beautiful succubus that had great power in the art of darkness combat.
"You all should learn to call me 'your majesty'. It keeps on my good side." she said, a hint of smug in her voice.
"But why? You already took over Nosgoth! Isn't that enough?" Murray asked.
"Controlling demons and vampires is fun, but a true queen deserves control over everything! Even I can't fight evolution the way I am forever, so this is my ticket to staying in power forever! As a reward, I'll let you boys have some power." she said, looking over the machine. At first the guys were a bit nervous, but then they thought that at least some power is better than a plan being backfired. Someone else walked in from the shadows.

"Gimme gimme never gets. You're all under arrest for conspiracy!" said a lone officer by the name of Nick Kang. He worked underground along with Max Payne and Chris Redfield, but he thought this was a routine bust, so he went alone this time. His twin pistols were drawn, and everyone except Morrigan felt nervous. She merely walked to him as if to surrender, then caused her shadow to form into a spike and rammed it into the officer's chest, nearly impaling him. Nick fell to the ground, moaning in pain.
"See that, boys? Disobeying me or acting stupid gets you killed. Let that be my first kill on my quest to power!" she said before letting another evil laugh escape. Nick, still barely alive, pressed the silent emergency button hidden in his officer's badge. N-Team was immediately notified of this and was now tracking the location.

"One more thing, before we start." Ganondorf said, now thinking of something that should be taken care of.
"What is it?" Morrigan asked, a bit annoyed.
"What about fatboy's promise to the syndicate?" he asked, which caused Eggman to shout at him.
"Leblanc can't even handle three teenage girls, let alone veterans and a goddess. I don't think we'll have to worry about the syndicate." she responded.
After awhile of planning and discussing, Eggman explained how the machine will work. Morrigan seemed quite impressed that something made by Eggman sounded like a machine that wasn't weird or something that came out of a midboss battle in a Sonic game. After explaining, Morrigan smiled and stood in front of the machine, waiting to be blasted as soon as possible. They all smiled, knowing that conquest and victory would be on the road ahead. Eggman started the machine and a green beam hit Morrigan.
She smiled and looked down as the ground seemed to move further away from her. Higher she rose and eventually crashed through the ceiling. She grew and grew and grew until she stood at 500ft tall.

"Hahahaha!!!!!! I love it!! The world looks so small!" she yelled in joy, her voice booming and can be heard for miles. She then saw a flash of light,then another flash. It was Ragnarok and the N-Team,ready for action. In her mind, she could hear a familiar voice talk to her.
"Your voice is recognizable. I could hear you from quite a distance." the voice said.
"Alucard! You dare show yourself after what you did to my lover?" she asked, rage filling her eyes. Alucard went after Kain to avenge Simon Belmont, but Morrigan's husband, Demitri, fought as well in an effort to become true lord of vampires. With some help from Raziel and Maximo, Alucard defeated both vampires and destroyed the Soul Reaver once and for all. Morrigan was devastated and heartbroken, but she became queen of Nosgoth and ruler of the Darkstalkers, but it wasn't enough. She wanted it all.
"I'm only doing my job, to make the world a better place." he said. Ragnarok shot a plasma blast at her, but it didn't even phase her.
"You expect a puny shot like that to hurt a goddess?!" she said rhetorically, sending her trademark soul beam into the ship. The beam was massive, but luckily Kos-Mos's flying skills managed to evade most of the attack. The right side of the ship caught fire.
"It is suggested that we land and fight the battle from down below." Kos-Mos said.
"She would stomp us if we did." Alucard commented.
"Maybe, but ground battles against giant things isn't impossible. Raiden, god rest his soul, took on 20 RAYs at once." Snake said.
Raiden's disappearance was a shock to everyone, but it happened to Tidus and both those blonde swordsman/son of a bad father that they fight/crybabys/ brunette girlfriend/ cool partner/ confusing mission fighters are alike, so they just forgot about it. The Ragnarok landed, but Morrigan wasn't paying much attention. She was too obsessed with her new self to care right now. All N-Team members stepped out of the ship. Snake turned on his CODEC to talk to MegaMan.
"You see what I see out there?" Snake asked.
"Yep, and I can tell you right now, a Stinger won't be able to beat her." the NetNavi responded.
"Got any suggestions?" Snake asked, his combat skills not able to help him out this time.
"The machine also has a shrinking ability, so if you can hit her with it, it's all smooth sailing from then." Megaman said. Snake thanked him and turned off his CODEC and looked on ahead to see the machine still intact. Only problem was, N-Team would have to get past Eggman, Bowser, and Ganondorf to get to it....not much of a problem really.

"Everyone, on the count of three, rush those guys and get to the machine. Kos-Mos, take Nick back to the ship and see to his injuries. Samus, set the machine to shrink and hit Morrigan with it. Alucard and I will handle the rest." Snake whispered to them, lighting a cigarette afterwords.
"On three, or is it one, two, three, then go?" Samus asked, which caused everyone to think for a minute. Snake shook his head and just took off running. Everyone else soon followed. Alucard immediatly started fighting Ganondorf in a classic sword brawl. Snake got into a fistfight with Eggman, and seemed to be beating the crap out of him. Kos-Mos helped the injured Nick to safety and began working on his wounds. Samus shot a charged beam at Bowser to stun him, then started working on the machine.
The plan seemed to be working well, but Eggman was thrown into the machine, causing it to activate just milliseconds before Samus pushed the shrink switch. It was too late: Both her and Kos-Mos were caught in the growth beam's path.

"Oops..." Snake said to himself. Both girls immediatly started growing until they reached the 450ft mark. They were a bit shorter than the succubus, but at least now they could fight her.
"It seems the odds are back in our favor." Kos-Mos said, her monotone voice superloud. Morrigan turned around and looked at them in disbelief.
"!?" she asked in disbelief. She still felt like a goddess, but now she felt threatened.
"Call it a lucky accident, but now your nothing more than a simple fighter to me now." Samus responded. Morrigan was in fury because of this. She once felt so powerful, so unstoppable, and now two N-Team members come around and try to take this away from her.
"Simple fighter to you, but the goddess of death to them!" she yelled, stomping the Ragnarok into the ground. The ship went up in an explosion instantly. The rest of N-Team was now trapped.
"Hmm....the tables have turned yet again." Alucard said softly, still keeping his guard against the dark warrior. Ganondorf thought about taking the Triforce piece out of the machine so he can turn into Ganon, but he might make Morrigan mad doing that, so he just kept on fighting with swords.

Kos-Mos ran over to the self proclaimed goddess and used her energy knife attack to slash into her, but she merely countered with a soul fist attack. Samus tried to come and attack from behind, but Morrigan's shadow formed into a blade and slashed at her, getting her directly in the helmet. She then grabbed Kos-Mos's arm and threw her into Samus before finishing the attack with her Soul Cannon finisher.
"Ugh....." Samus said, struggling to get up. Kos-Mos decided to retalliate with a pulse shot, and actually did a good deal of damage, knocking Morrigan back a bit. While she was distracted, Samus had a charged blaster ready and shot in at her, this time knocking her down to the ground.
"I...can't lose! Eggman, start the machine and make me bigger!" she commanded. Eggman smiled and elbowed Snake in the neck before walking over to the machine. Right as he was about to set it back to growth, a bang noise was heard and he fell to the ground. A newly recovered Nick Kang put a bullet in his head, ridding the world of the evil doctor once and for all.
"Nice one." Snake commented. Non-lethal force is encouraged, but reality is hard and that sometimes a kill is needed. Nick aimed his pistols at Ganondorf and Bowser, causing them to surrender. Now all they needed to do was shrink down Morrigan and this battle would be over. Sad thing is, she would protect the machine at all costs and kill N-Team as soon as she could. Morrigan aims her Soul Cannon down at the normal sized people.

"If you two don't surrender, I'll kill everyone down there!!" she yelled, causing some of them to fall back. Samus and Kos-Mos didn't know what to do. It was a risk they couldn't take, so they just raised their arms in surrender.
"That's you people will live to see me rule...." she tried to finish, but a missle hit her in the face.
"I can name a couple things wrong with this picture, so I decided to come to the rescue." a voice called out from a helicopter loudspeaker. This wasn't any was the Hunter! And where there's the Hunter, you know who's there.
"Vercetti!?" everyone shouted as they looked up. The aging criminal turned neutral was the last person that anyone would expect to help, but it took Tommy Vercetti years to own a lot of Game World legally, and an overgrown succubus wasn't about to take it all away from him. He shot missles and bullets at Morrigan, but it was kinda like the Pink Sugar Heart Attack from Sailor Moon: A mere painful annoyance. She swiped at the helicopter, but he outmanuvered her.
"You insect! When I hands on you...ow...quit shooting for a damn minute!" she yelled. Tommy signalled the girls, telling them to strike. Kos-Mos grabbed Morrigan by the hair and pulled her back and held her arms while Samus attacked. Tommy landed and let everyone board the chopper. Luckily there was plenty of room. As he took off again, Morrigan wanted to take down the chopper to get revenge. She used a double soul fist and rammed right into both girls, knocking the wind out of them. She then stomped toward the helicopter,easily catching up to it. She reached out to grab it when a laser blast hit her hand, causing it to bleed.

"Yeeeeeehaw!!!!" a familiar voice yelled and shot again and again. It was Kevin at last! This time, he was behind the wheel of the great Vic-Viper fighter jet and was shooting like crazy. This was the deversion that the good guys needed to get to safety, and now the girls can fight without there being much trouble. Kevin kept distracting Morrigan as the girls recovered and prepared to fight again. Samus and Kos-Mos both fired plasma rounds at her, doing some real damage. It was almost over....the battle was almost over.
But Morrigan reached out and grabbed Kevin, holding the Viper tightly in her hand as a hostage.
"This is your last chance....I will kill him too!" she shouted.
Samus felt bad for Kevin. She drove him off and hes back here risking his life for the good of Game World. She'd never forgive herself if anything were to happen. Morrigan walked over to Samus and slapped her so hard it destroyed her helmet, revealing her true self. Kevin looked at her in awe, seeing the same Samus he designed in the real world.
"Woah....." he said to himself. His hard work indeed was a success. Samus still didn't attack, for his sake. Kos-Mos, however, shot a plasma round at the machine, causing a massive mushroom cloud explosion. Everything caught in it was shrunk. Kevin blacked out from it, as well as the others.


When he woke up, he looked around and saw the very beautiful bedroom around him. Only thing was, the bedroom was gigantic...far bigger than any room he'd ever been in. He thought it over some more, then saw Lana walk toward him. Oh yeah... and she looked bigger too, in case you were wondering.
"Seems you still got your old skills after all, Kev." she said, smiling.
"And I thought you looked tall before. Now this is just messed up." Kevin commented.
"A job well done, Captain N. Bowser and Ganondorf decided to fight evolution in a positive way, so they became part of the Underground N-Team's Nosgoth Division. Not only did you save Game World, but everyone made it out in one piece, except Eggman, but that guy had it coming." she said.
"But how did I get like this?" he asked, really confused.
"The machine caused a chain reaction and shot out a shrinker blast everywhere, hitting you, Samus, Kos-Mos, and Morrigan. It returned them to normal, but it did hell to you. It may be awhile before you are restored and get to return home." she responded.
"Come to think of it, I think I'll stay here with you and the team. Game World is my home now......I think of everyone as family and I don't want to leave it behind again." he said, which almost made Lana cry. She felt so heartbroken when he left the first time, and this time he was back forever. Kevin could have had a successful life.....maybe even become president of his own video game company, but if he kept creating games and not being able to live them, what fun would it be. Maybe it was reasons like this that kept Peter Pan from ever leaving Neverland, but that's a bit off topic.

Kevin was home now, and that's all that mattered.


Kevin and Lana soon became lovers, even though he was a fraction of her height. But she kinda liked it that way. After about a month, Megaman created a size changer for N-Team as well. It was used on Kevin and he returned to normal, but there was a problem.........Lana was holding him while he was hit, apparently forgetting to let her lover go.

So from then on, Lana became the giantess ruler of Game World!!!