When Final Fantasies Collide


NOTE from author: I strongly recommend reading The Incredible Shrinking Thief, Little Nightmare, Shrunken Guardian, and A Sorceress's Little Knight in the Final Fantasy section before reading this story in order for everything to make sense!

Chapter one: Another world

Zidane stands up back onto his own to feet and walked towards the bars of the birdcage. Slowly Zidane placed his hands on them and started to rattle it like he was in prison.

“Hay monkey! Save your strength,” said Squall as he standing up. “What? You got a plan?” asked Zidane, as he turned around. Squall crossed his arms and said, “We can’t do anything while we trapped inside this cage. Even if we brake out, what can we do in our size”

“I say that we let the girls save us” said Tidus. Zidane and Squall turned around and saw that Tidus was just laying on one of the bars. “The girls?” asked Squall as he was walking towards him. “Well I know that Yuna went to this world the same time as me. Not sure about your birds thou” said Tidus as he stand up straight.

“So what? You’re saying that we should play the waiting game?” asked Cloud as he was still siting on the floor.

“Come to think of it, where are the girls?” asked Squall. “There’re in another place” echoed a creepy voice.

The four of them looked outside of the cage and notices a pair of red eyes looking down at them.

“Hay! Wake up” said a female’s voice. Slowly Tifa opens her eyes and notice that she was locked up in a cell along with three other women. “Who are you?” asked Tifa as she looked at the woman who woke her up.

The woman had brown hair, white top and a violet colour skirt along with black boots. She even had two different eye colour, ones blue and the other green. The woman gave her a hand and said, “My name is Yuna, a summoner from the isle of Besaid”

Tifa took her hand and pulled her self up. “The name’s Tifa” said Tifa as she was looking at Yuna. “I’m Garnet, the princess of Alexandria,” said a younger woman. The woman was the smallest of the all four of them. She had long black hair and was wearing orange clothes.

“Nice to meet you” said Yuna as she took a bow. As Yuna stands back up, the women looked at the woman in blue and black clothes. The woman looked at them and said, “Rinoa”

“Nice to meet you too” said Yuna as she took another bow. Tifa looks over to the bars and slowly walks up to them. “How did we ended up like this?” asked Tifa as she was staring out into the difference.

“I remember a portal opening,” said Garnet. “I remember that too and something about darkness” said Rinoa as she walks up to the bars.

“I remember seeing Cloud being grabbed by Rufus” said Tifa as she slowly looks back. “You say that Cloud was grabbed. Like he was being hold in someone’s hand,” said Garnet. “Did he shrink by any chance?” asked Rinoa.

“How did you know that?” asked Tifa as she looked at her. “Because the man I love, also shrunk,” said Rinoa. Tifa looks at Yuna and Garnet and they both nodded. “What the hell going on!” shouted Tifa as she whacked the bars.

All of the sudden the walls began to shake and fell outwards. Leaving behind more bars. “Are we in…a cage?” asked Garnet as she walks up to bars on the other side of the ones Tifa is at.

“Erm…hello” said an unknown voice. The four of them looked out into the distance to see who said it. “Tifa!” said the unknown voice again. “Err…yes,” said Tifa, still looking for who said it. “Down here” said the voice once again.

The four of them looked down and to their surprise, it was a very tiny man who was holding a load speaker.

“Looking good from where I’m standing,” said the man. “Are you looking up my skirt!” shouted Tifa angry. “Dude! We all are” said the man. “What?” said Garnet. “Light them up!” ordered the man.

Within seconds, the whole area became even brighter. The four women looked out and saw miles upon miles of tiny people shrouded them.

“Why are you so tiny? Did you all shrink yourselves?” asked Garnet. “No Garnet. The thing is, we haven’t shrunk, its you four who’ve grown,” said the man. “What!” shouted all four of them.

Set upon the world of Final Fantasy VII, Vincent and the others are busy fighting the unknown monsters. Lightning stuck upon the land that they were fighting on.

“ARRR!” shouted Barret as he was firing the monsters with his gun arm. The ground began to shake. “What the hell was that?” asked Cid still attacking the monsters. “Worry about that later. Right now, we need to make it out alive!” ordered Red XIII.

The ground began to split apart. Within the cracks, a green light began to shine out. “Huh? What’s that?” asked Barret.

The monsters stopped attacking and stood still. “What are they doing?” asked Yuffie. Vincent drew away his gun and said, “Watch”

The green light from the cracks was beginning to shine over the lands. Vincent and the others covered their eyes. As the light dimmed down, everyone was gone and slowly the ground was braking up even more.

Within seconds, the lightning strikes stopped. Everything went all quite and slowly flames covered the lands, which cause the whole area to explode.                                     

Chapter two: Still alive

“Vivi! Are you all right? Wake up” shouted Steiner. Vivi was lying on the floor. Steiner and Vivi were in a narrow street from an unknown city. “Huh? Owe my head,” said Vivi as he was getting up. “Vivi! What happened?”

“I remember Zidane and Garnet vanished in a portal and then out from nowhere monsters appeared. I fount them and the rest is blank” said Vivi.

It started to rain.

“Monsters attacked you lot too huh?”  said, a man in the shadows. Steiner draws out his sword and faced towards the person.

“Calm down rusty, I was attacked by those monsters too.” The man slowly walked towards them. He walked out from the shades and into the light. The man was wearing a red jacket; sunglasses have black hair with grey slashes.

“Put your sword away little man,” said the man. “Who are you then?” asked Vivi as he walks up to him. “The name’s Auron. By the way, do you need a Guardain?” said the man. “No. We can watch our own backs,” said Steiner.

“Your sure about that?” asked Auron as he turned around. “Yes” answered Steiner as he drew away his sword. “Erm…Steiner!” said Vivi in a panic. “What is it?” asked Steiner as he turned around. There in front of Vivi was three odd looking monsters.

“Still alive?” echoed a familiar voice. “That voice? That’s not!” said Steiner. “It is” echoed another familiar voice. “Show your selves” ordered Auron as he drew out his sword. “Oh my…who’s your friend?” “Thorn! Zorn! Show your selves!” shouted Vivi.

Out from the shadows, two little clown people walked out. They now look different. Instead of their normal colours, they are now black and white.

“Those are the monsters that attacked our home!” shouted Vivi as he drew out his staff. Steiner also drew out his sword. “What do you want?” asked Steiner. Throne and Zorn smiled at them and said, “Go to the City Hall and you shall see our prizes” “Garnet’s there!” said Vivi.

“See you there then,” said Thorn as he and Zorn faded into the shadows. The three monsters looked at the three men and went charging towards them.

Up in the sky…

A portal opened up and a pink airship went zooming out. “This must be the world that the others are in,” said Rikku. “Ajanouha! Dyga y muug yd drec!” shouted Brother. “What he say?” asked Quistis.

Rikku ran up behind him and said; “He said to take a look at this” Everyone ran up and looked out of the window.

Outside, everyone can see Yuna, Garnet, Rinoa & Tifa looked up in a huge cage shrouded miles upon miles of normal size people. Everyone noticed that they are around 30-feet. “Now that’s a rare sight,” said Zell. “What happened to them?” asked Selphie.

Before anyone could say anything else, they noticed a dark red light shined over the area. They all were looking at girls locked in huge cage and noticed something odd. The girls are growing. “Oh my god!” shouted Wakka.

The four girls have grown so big that they couldn’t fit in the cage anymore. They broke through the cage. The sound of a crowd screaming echoed though out the area. “They’re must have grown twenty feet more” said Irvine. “Which make them fifty feet tall,” said Lulu.

“WHO WANT TO LOOK UP MY SKIRT NOW!” said Tifa as she looked down at the tiny people.

“Did she say what I thought she said?” asked Zell. “Rumt uh ajanouha!” shouted Brother as he put on his goggles. “What is he planning on doing?” asked Wakka. “He’s going to get them to follow us” answered Cid.

The airship flew towards the giant Yuna. “HUH? CID ARE YOU THERE?” asked Yuna as she was looking through the Brother’s window.

“Wow! She’s huge!” shouted Zell. “What do you mean by that?” asked Wakka as he grabbed hold of Zell. “Chill man. He’s only joking,” said Irvine. Rikku ran out of the room and headed towards the deck.        

Chapter three: The plan 

Yuna began to notice someone running towards her on the airship’s deck. Yuna looks down and saw it was Rikku. “RIKKU? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” asked Yuna as she looked down. “We’re here to save you and Tidus. There are others aboard this ship that are looking for Rinoa and a man called Squall.

“YOU SAID RINOA?” asked Yuna. “Yes. There are people looking for her and Squall” said Rikku. Yuna turned around and said, “RINOA! THERE ARE PEOPLE HERE FOR YOU!”

Rinoa looked at Yuna and carefully walks towards her. Quistis walks up on the deck and walked next to Rikku. “QUISTIS? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” asked Rinoa as he looked down at her.

“We’re here to save you and Squall. Where is he?” said Quistis as she was looking up at her. “I DON’T KNOW,” said Rinoa. “Let’s find him then,” said Quistis. “We’re going to find Tidus as well,” said Rikku.

“HAY GIRLS…TIFA IS ACTING KINDER FUNNY” said Garnet. Everyone looked at Tifa and saw that she was lifting her foot up and was about to slam it towards the people.

Meanwhile down at the other side of the city,

“Hay, are you all right miss?” asked a familiar voice. Yuffie slowly opens her eyes and saw a man wearing rusty amour was standing in front of her. Yuffie slowly sits up and saw two other people were with the man. One was wearing a red coat and the other was wearing a hat.

“Who are you guys. “I’m Auron, rusty here is Steiner and kid is Vivi” said Auron. Yuffie stands up and asked, “Where are we?” “We don’t know,” said Steiner. Before anyone else could say anything else, the whole area shook.

Everyone fell onto the floor. “What was that?” asked Vivi. “WHAT’S THE MATTER? DON’T YOU LIKE ME KNOW?” echoed a female’s voice. “I know that voice,” said Yuffie as she got up.

Auron looked up and shouted, “Get out the way!” Everyone looked up and saw a huge foot and quickly moved out of the way as it touched the ground.

“HUH? YUFFIE? IS THAT YOU?” echoed a female’s voice. Yuffie slowly looks up and saw that the foot belonged to Tifa. Tifa kneels down and swoop up Yuffie and the others. She placed her hand to her face level and said, “What are you doing here? Where’s the others?”

“I don’t know? I just woke up. I remember fighting an army of monsters and then a green light made me fall asleep” said Yuffie as she was looking up.

“TIFA? WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO?” echoed a familiar voice. Tifa turns around and saw Yuna. “My god! Princess!” shouted Steiner. “I KNOW THAT VOICE. STEINER?” said Garnet.

Tifa slowly walks towards to Yuna and the others. As she got up to her, she notices that a pink airship was hovering next to her. Tifa then places the people on her hand onto the ship’s deck.

“Auron! Your alive!” shouted Rikku, as she was about to hug him. “WHAT YOU MEAN ALIVE?” asked Yuna. Auron look up at Yuna and said, “I was fighting strange looking monsters to keep them away from the others”                                

“HOW DID YOU END UP HERE THEN?” asked Garnet as she was looking down at Steiner. Steiner looks up and said, “A bright light flashed over the palace while I was looking for you. I fell asleep and when I woke up, I found Vivi laying on the floor”

“Me and Quina was just walking through the fields till we met a young girl called, Eiko. She can summon Eidolions just like you Garnet. She showed us this when an army of monsters appeared out from nowhere and the last thing I remember was that a bright light flashed and the three of us feel asleep” said Vivi as she was looking up at her.

“Where do we start to look for Tidus and the others?” asked Rikku. “There was a red beam of light. Rinoa! Did you see where that bean came from?” said Quistis. “I SAW A BEAM COMING FROM THAT SKYSCRAPER OVER THERE” said Rinoa as she pointed north.


“OK” said Yuna. Tifa carefully picks up and placed Yuffie on her left shoulder. Tifa started to walk off.    

“Rikku! The ship is running low on fuel” echoed Cid’s voice. “Dam! Pop’s stuff always break when we need them the most!” said Rikku as she ran back inside. Everyone on the deck slowly walks below deck.

“Auron! Your alive!” shouted both Lulu and Wakka. “No hugs” said Auron as he walked towards them. Everyone looks at the door as two people walks in. “Eiko!” said Vivi as he ran up to her. “Vivi! Who’s that?” said Eiko as she ran up to him.

“This is Steiner,” said Vivi. “Not much space to breathe is there,” said Irvine. “What do you plan on doing then? Get the girls to carry you?” said Zell. “That’s not a bad idea,” said Irvine, as he was about to leave the room.

Quistis walked in and said, “The girls said they would carry you all to the skyscraper while Cid find fuel for the airship”   

Apart from Cid and Brother, everyone left the room and headed up to the deck. Rinoa places her hand down and Quistis, Zell, Selphie and Irvine climbed aboard.  She the placed them on them on her shoulders.

Auron, Rikku, Wakka, Kimahri and Lulu climbed on Yuna’s hand and were placed on her shoulders. Steiner, Vivi and Eiko climbed on Garnet’s hand and were placed on her shoulders.

“READY?” asked Yuna. Everyone nodded and the three giantesses headed towards the skyscraper.

Chapter four: The others

“What do we have here? Auron, no that’s not him” echoed an unknown voice. Vincent slowly opens his eyes and saw a man wearing black clothes and have long white hair. “Who? Who are you?” asked Vincent as he stood up.

Three monsters with bird like wings appeared behind him. Vincent draws out his gun and said, “Again?” “The name’s Seymour” said the man as he crossed his arms. Vincent aimed his gun towards the monsters and fired a shower of bullets. All three of them dropped onto the floor and slowly faded away.

Seymour started to fly into the sky. “Don’t die yet you four” said Seymour before he went far away. “Four of you?” said Vincent to himself. Vincent heard a sudden footstep; spun round and aimed his gun at who ever is behind him.

“Me want to live!” screamed an unkown begin as it stuck its arms up as Vincent’s gun was in its face. Vincent stood back in shock of the sight of the thing.

“What are you?” asked Vincent as he lowered his gun. The thing lowered its arms and said, “ME’s Quina and I’m a Qu” “What the hell?” said Vincent as he took another step back.

“Calm down gun boy” said an unkown person. Vincent raised his gun up again and aimed it at two people that were walking up behind Quina. One of them was a rat woman wearing red clothes and the other was a man with a red Afro and a red beard.  “Do you always aim your gun at everything?” asked the man. Vincent lowered his gun and then drew it away. “Take it that you’re here because of monsters?” asked the woman.

Vincent nodded. “I’m Freya and the man’s Amarant,” said the woman. “Nice to meet you” said Vincent. All of a sudden, the area started to vibrate. “VINCENT! THERE YOU ARE” said a familiar voice. Vincent looked at the others and noticed that they were looking up and they looked shocked. He slowly turns around and saw a huge pair of feet. He slowly lifts his head up and saw a familiar face.

“Tif…Tifa?” shouted Vincent. Tifa kneels down and scoop him and the others up. She placed her hand to her face. “Vincent have you seen the others?” asked Yuffie as she was sitting on Tifa’s left shoulder. Vincent shook his head. “The others, they don’t happen to be a small talking cat, a man with a gun for an arm, a talking lion and a guy that looks like a pilot?” asked Freya. “Yes. Have you seen them?” asked Yuffie.

“They were caught by a swarm of monsters. They were heading north” answered Amarant. “THAT’S WHERE THE OTHERS WERE HEADING,” said Tifa. Tifa slowly places the four on her shoulders. Slowly Tifa started to head north, trying to catch up with the other giantess.  

Meanwhile back at the birdcage,

“Did…did you guys felt that?” asked Zidane as he looked outside. The others looked at him and then the cage began to shake. “Cloud, Squall, Zidane and Tidus. Run!” echoed a female’s voice. “Huh? What?” said Tidus as he looked around. The cage started to shake again and this time, the cage door opened. “Freedom!” shouted Zidane as he started towards the open door.

 Chapter five: The party of Villains 

“Zidane wait!” shouted Cloud. Zidane stopped and looked back. “What are you saying? Its our way out” said Zidane. Before Cloud could answer, a hand grabbed hold of Zidane and pulled him out. Tidus dashed towards the door and shouted, “Zidane!” The hand moved in and grabbed hold off Tidus. “Oh crap!” shouted Tidus, as he was being pulled away.  “Squall! Don’t you think about getting to the door. The hand will only grab you too. “Then what are we going to do?” asked Squall. “Just stay here and wait. That was the plan right?” said Cloud. As the two of them was about to sit down, the hand zoomed in and grabbed them both. “Grate plan” said Squall as he looked at Cloud. Cloud remained silent.   

Outside in the streets of the city, a man with long white hair and wears white and purple clothes was walking down one of the streets. “What the hell? I was the one who going to have power! Not those clown twits!” shouted the man. It starts to rain again. “Take it that your world was destroyed” echoed a man’s voice. The man turned around and saw a man with long white hair and wears black clothes. “What’s your name?” asked the man in purple clothes. The man in black smiled at him.


“The name’s Sephiroth. Yours?” said the man. “I’m Kuja. Tell me Sephiroth, do you have the power of the Darkness?” said the man. “No, I’m not the one with the power. A man called Rufus dose,” said Sephiroth as he started to walk towards him. Sephiroth looked at Kuja and gave him a strange look. “What?” asked Kuja as he took a step back. He jumped into someone; he slowly turned around and saw a man with grey hair, black clothes, pale skin and eyes all black.


“Take it that this is Rufus?” said Kuja as he crossed his arms. “You heard of me? I see…he told you. He’s just jealous that I was chosen. I’m the one that’s more powerful than him,” said the man. Sephiroth drew out his long blade. “Face me then to prove that you are the strongest!” shouted Sephiroth as he went running towards him. As he was half way across to Rufus, the whole area started to vibrate. “My god! Is that a giant woman!” shouted Kuja as he was looking in the sky.


Sephiroth looked up and saw the same thing. “Tifa?” said Sephiroth. The two of them looked back down and noticed that Rufus was gone. “Dam that woman! Come Kuja! Let’s follow her,” said Sephiroth as he drew away his sword. “Why should we?” asked Kuja. “She will lead us to the base of the Darkness. Once there, we can claim the power for our selves” said an unkown person.


Sephiroth and Kuja turned around and saw a very tall person. The person has grey skin, red hair; strange looking wings and also has a masculine appearance. “You want to come along with us?” asked Sephiroth. The person nodded.  “If you’re coming with us sir,” said Kuja. “I’m a woman,” said the tall person. “DAM!” said Sephiroth as he looked at Kuja and slowly looked back at the person. “You’re a woman? What’s your name then?” asked Sephiroth. The masculine woman crossed her arms and said, “Adel, the Sorceress of Esthar”

“Welcome aboard. Come now! Let’s follow her,” said Sephiroth as he started to fly. The other two started to fly as well. The three of them landed ontop on one of the buildings and saw Tifa walking towards a skyscraper. “So that’s where she’s going” said Sephiroth as he crossed his arms. Just then, the three of them noticed three more giantesses. “Garnet!” shouted Kuja. “Rinoa!” said Adel. “Keep your guard,” said Sephiroth, as he was about jump off the building. All of a sudden, a dark red light beamed onto the giantess. Slowly, the four of them started to grow bigger. As the light dimmed down, the girls are now 100-feet tall.

“Be very careful,” said Sephiroth as he looked back at the others. The three of them started to fly towards the skyscraper.       


“Cloud wake up” said a familiar voice. Cloud slowly opens his eyes and noticed the others are all right. “Where are we?” asked Cloud as he slowly stands up. Squall, Zidane and Tidus didn’t say a thing. “What’s wrong?” The three of them looked up. Cloud slowly looks at what they were looking at, a giantess with a familiar face. “Hello Cloud” said the person. “Aries?” said Cloud in confusion. The giantess looked down at him with a smile on her face.   

Chapter six: Welcome to the outer world

“TIFA, YOU FOUND THE OTHERS?” asked Garnet. “ALL APART FROM THESE FOUR HAVE BEEN CAPTURED BY A SWARM OF MONSTERS AND THEY ALL ARE INSIDE THE SKYSCAPER” answered Tifa. “SO…ARE YOU GIRLS THINKING WHAT I’M THINKING?” asked Yuna as she smiled at them. Rinoa nodded and said, “HOLD ON LITTLE PEOPLE” Everyone grabbed hold of the giantess as tight as they can. From that moment, all four of them raised their right arm and started to whack the building windows. All the windows started to brake from the vibration of the first wave that the girls made. “AURON YOU LEAD THE TEAM TO SAVE TIFA’S FRIENDS AND RIKKU, YOU WILL LEAD THE TEAM TO FIND OUR SHRUNKEN HEROS” said Yuna as she was looking Rikku and Auron. The two of them nodded. Yuna placed her hands ready for all her friends she was carrying to jump on. As they all got on, Yuna placed them all inside the building.

The other three placed their friends inside the building as well. “ Right Quistis, you odd looking thing, Kimahri, Lulu, Vivi, Steiner, Yuffie & you. The man in red. You’re coming with me,” said Auron as he pointed at each one. They all nodded and the nine of them headed down stairs. “That leaves you lot then” said Rikku as she looked at the people that are left.                   

Auron and the others started to run down stairs and entered a long hallway. “Be on you guard” ordered Auron as he looked back at his party. They all nodded and headed down the hall. As they were halfway through, Kimahri and Quina stopped. “Kimahri has a feeling that we’re being followed” “Quina feel it too” Everyone else stopped moving, drew out their weapons and look at the area they were in. “Over there!” shouted Vincent as he aimed his gun at the shadows. Everyone looks at the shadows and could see a pair of red eyes.

“Black mages! Cast your magic!” ordered Auron. Lulu and Vivi nodded. The two of them closed their eyes and said, “Flare!” An orange light appeared in the shadows and slowly it was growing bigger and brighter. Seconds later, the orange light exploded. As the light dimmed down, everyone could still see the red eyes. “That’s the best you two could do?” echoed a creepy voice.

“Auron! You and the others, carry on. We’ll keep it busy!” said Lulu, as she was about to cast another spell. “Just go!” ordered Vivi, as he too was about to cast a spell. Auron nodded and started to run down the hallway, the others followed him. As Auron got to the end of the hallway, he opened a door and rushed through. As everyone else got through the door, the sound of Lulu and Vivi screaming echoed through out the place.  The others are now in some kind of lab.

“Auron! We must go back for them!” shouted Steiner. “We can’t” “Why not?” shouted Steiner again. Auron shook his head and said, “Have you forgotten our mission? We have to save Tifa’s friends” “But what about the one’s out there?” “I sure they’re alive. If I’m right, this Darkness being can’t kill us,” said Auron, as he was about to walk off.

As Steiner was about say something else, the sound of a lion roaring echoed through out the place. “What the hell was that?” asked Quistis. Yuffie and Vincent looked at each other, Yuffie smiled and Vincent nodded his head. “You know what that roar was?” asked Auron. “It’s one of ours” answered Vincent. Yuffie started to run off down the lab. All seven of them started to run down the lab. As they got to the bottom of the lab, they all found four cages with people inside them.

One of the four was a red lion looking thing. It looks up and saw Yuffie and Vincent. It got up and said, “Yuffie! Watch out!” “A talking lion…now I’ve seen everything” said Auron. “What you mean?” asked Yuffie as she was walking up to the lion’s cage. “I think he’s mean me,” said a familiar voice. Everyone looked back and saw a man wearing black clothes and long white hair was standing behind them. “Sephiroth!” shouted the lion. “What are you doing here?” asked Vincent as he aimed his gun at him.

“Relax, I’m not your enemy. I’m here to help you all,” said Sephiroth. “He’s not but I am!” shouted a deep voice. Everyone looked to the right side of the lab and saw a man with grey hair, black clothes, pale skin and eyes all black walks out from the shadows. Sephiroth draws out his long sword and said, “What are you waiting for? Save your friends!” from that Sephiroth went running towards Rufus. Rufus drew out a black sword from the shadows and blocked Sephiroth’s attack. “We got our orders,” said Auron as he drew out his sword. Auron rushed up to the cage that was holding the lion and slashed the lock right off.

Vincent aimed his gun at the cage with the toy cat inside and shot the lock off. Yuffie drew out her boomerang and threw it towards the remaining cages. Her weapon broke the locks off. The four of them got out of the cage. “Let’s go!” ordered Auron. Everyone started to run towards the exit of the lab. “What about Sephiroth?” asked Steiner. “He made his choice, now come on!” said Auron. From that they all carried on running till they made it to the door.  

Half an hour ago, 

“Ok team, let’s go and find our little men” said Rikku. Everyone else nodded. Selphie noticed a black blur zoomed downstairs.  “Did anyone noticed that?” asked Selphie as she looked at everyone. Everyone looked at her strangely, Rikku walked up to her and said, “Take it easy. Nothing went by, if something did then the girls would have stopped whoever went by” “RIKKU, PLEASE HURRY AND FIND THEM” said Yuna, as she was looking through the broken windows. “We try and find them” said Rikku, looking up at her giant cousin. “GO AND FIND THEM BEFORE THE RED BEAM HITS US AGAIN” said Garnet. Everyone else nodded. Rikku and the others started to head upstairs. 

Meanwhile outside,

“WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?” asked Tifa as she crossed he arms. “WE HAVE TO WAIT,” said Rinoa as she carefully sat down on the buildings. “HAY GIRLS, LOOK UP THERE” said Garnet as she was looking at the sky. The other three looks up and saw a black hole with red eyes in the sky. “WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT?” asked Yuna. “Right, if I just download theses sprites, I could make a new game” echoed a young man’s voice. “WHO’S SAYING THAT?” asked Rinoa as she was looking around. All of a sudden, a blood red beam shined upon them. “WHAT’S GOING ON?” asked Yuna. Slowly the four of them started to grow.

“Oh crap! It’s doing it again!” shouted the voice again. Tifa looks up at the black hole and slowly the blackness was fading. Within seconds, a young man’s face was looking down at her. Slowly the four girls began to give off a dark blue glow. “WE’RE GOING TO CRASH INTO THAT GUY!” shouted Tifa. “COVER YOUR FACES!” shouted Yuna as she placed her hands over her face. The girls carried on growing till Tifa got her head through the hole. Slowly all four vanished. The sky suddenly turned green, lightning began to strike and slowly it started to rain red water.

Rikku and the others were still running upstairs till Rikku looked outside and saw the horrible view. “What the hell?” said Rikku as she slowly walks over to the broken window. “Dear god! Is this the end?” asked Zell. Rikku shook her head and said, “No! This can’t be the end! We’ve only just begun” “We need to get back to the others” said Irvine as he was walking down the stairs. “How can you say that?” said Selphie as she grabbed hold of his arm. “Because he’s right,” said a female’s voice. Slowly they all looks back up the stairs and could see a woman wearing a pink dress with a red jacket walking down.

“Who are you?” asked Amarant. “My name is Aries and I have got what you lot are looking for” said the woman as she stopped moving. “You’ve got the men?” asked Eiko. Aries smiled and said, “Yes. Yes I do. Bring them in” From that, the sound of footsteps echoed through out the stairway. Two people were walking down the stairs carrying with them the shrunken heroes. One of them was a man with long white hair and wears white and purple clothes and the other was a woman with grey skin and has a masculine appearance.

Rikku moves up to them and asked for their names. “Their names are Adel and Kuja” answered Aries. Rikku smiled and slowly started to walk down stairs. Everyone followed her. As they entered the floor they first got there, they all noticed that the giantesses are now missing. Wakka rushes over to the window and said, “How could they just disappear?” “Have you guys found them?” asked a familiar voice. Everyone noticed that Auron and the others have returned. They all walked up to the Rikku’s group and noticed that they have the shrunken heroes. “You’re missing some people,” said Rikku. “Lulu! Where’s Lulu!” shouted Wakka as he walked up to Auron. “They’re still alive” answered Auron. “It must be because of the Glitch,” said Aries.

“Aries!” said Barret as he walked up to her. “Back from the dead” said Aries as she was looking up at him. Barret looks at her eyes and noticed that her pupils are red. “Are you all right?” asked Aries worried. “Its nothing” answered Barret. All of a sudden, the whole skyscraper started to shake. “This place is going to fall down! We need to get out here,” said Auron. “Where do you lot think your going?” echoed a familiar voice. Everyone looks behind them and saw four men standing with their arms closed. There standing behind them were Seymour, Thorn, Zorn and Seifer.    

“Not now!” shouted Rikku as she took a step back. Seymour started to walk forward with his arms open. “Tell me Rikku, where do you plan on going?” said Seymour. Rikku looked outside and then slowly looks back at him with a smile on her face. “What are you so happy about?” asked Seifer.            

“Kad tufh!” shouted a familiar voice. “Get down!” ordered Rikku as she ducked onto the floor. Everyone apart from Seymour and the others ducked. A chain of bullets was fired and hit Seymour and the others. They all fell back and hit the wall. All four of them slowly slide down. Everyone slowly stands up and saw the pink airship, with a man holding a machine gun was standing on the top deck. “Who’s that?” asked Vincent. “That’s Cid, my pops” answered Rikku.

Slowly the airship was moving into the building and hovered right next to it. “Hop on!” ordered Cid. One by one everyone hopped on and entered the bridge. “We need to go up into that black hole,” said Cid. “Why’s that?” asked Zell. “Because we saw Yuna and the girls being sucked up into that black hole. Now hold on to something. We need to get through before it seals up,” said Cid. “Then what are we waiting for?” asked Rikku. Everyone grabbed hold of something and suddenly, the airship started to move faster. The airship is now heading towards the black hole.            

Meanwhile in a far away place,

A man is siting in a room working on his computer. On the screen were the faces of Yuna, Tifa, Garnet and Rinoa. They were getting bigger and moving closer towards the screen. Tifa’s face was getting even more close to the screen. “Oh crap!” shouted the man using the computer. Within seconds, Tifa’s head started to break through the computer’s monitor.

The man fell off his chair and started to craw backwards towards the door. He watched in shock at the fact a video game character in climbing out from his computer and entering the real world. As Tifa climbed out, Rinoa, Yuna and Garnet climbed shortly after.

“You…you don’t belong in this world! You all can’t be real!” shouted the man as he was standing up. The girls slowly looked at him and to his shock, they were starting to grow again. The man turned around, opened the door and dashed out screaming.

The girls looked at each other and started to smile.

The man made it outside and started to run down the street. As he was running he could see a group of teens walking up. One of them had a huge radio and it was playing ‘Monster’ from the band Automatic.

“RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! MONSTERS ARE COMING!” shouted the man as he ran past them. They all looked at him and then each other. They shook their heads and carried on walking.

After a few steps, the whole area started to shake and the sound of a building being destroyed. The teens stopped walking and looked straightforward and saw four girls walking down the street. They all noticed that the girls are getting bigger with every step they take.

The teen holding the radio dropped it and all of started to run down the street. They all started to shout, “MONSTERS ARE COMING DOWN THE STREET!”

Chapter seven: The Wrath of the Giantesses

Back at the room, a pink airship zoomed out from the broken computer and entered outside of the ruined house. Slowly the airship was gaining its full size again. The airship stopped moving. Everyone on the upperdeck slowly walks his and her way to the bridge. “Oh my god!” shouted the two Cids as they entered the bridge. “What is it?” asked Auron. “If you look at the screen, you will see” said both of them. Auron and the others look at the screen and could see the giantesses heading towards another city. “We need to get over there and stop them from doing any harm” said Auron as he entered the bridge.     

“What are we waiting for then?” asked Rikku as she and everyone else walked into the bridge. “You heard the order! Full speed ahead!” ordered Al-bhed Cid. Brother nodded his head. Brother started to give chase for the giantesses.  The pink airship started to head towards the city.

Meanwhile down at the city,

The four giantesses were wondering down the streets. “WHAT’S GOING ON?” asked Yuna as she and the others were still walking. “WE’VE MUST HAVE ENTERED ANOTHER WORLD” answered Rinoa. “WHAT SHOULD WE DO THEN?” asked Garnet. “PERHAPS WE SHOULD LOOK FOR THAT MAN WE SAW” answered Tifa. All four of them nodded. As they were walking down the street, they were stopped at the sight of an army of tanks that were heading towards them.

“THIS CAN’T GOOD,” said Yuna as she crossed her arms. The four of them noticed a man climbing out from the tank that was in front of the rest. He drew out a speakerphone and said, “Now hear this! You giantesses are not welcome here in our city. For your own good, please leave” another man from the same tank came out and said to the other, “Hay Bob, does those girls look familiar to you?” 

The man looks back at him and said, “Now you mention it, they do look familiar” the man looks back up at the giant ladies and said through the speakerphone, “Ladies, could you tell us your names please?”

Garnet nodded, took a step forwards and said, “My name is Garnet” “Yuna” “Rinoa” And I’m Tifa” said the other three as they each took a bow. The man slowly looks down with his face in shook. “What’s wrong Bob…I mean captain?” asked the man next to him. Bob slowly looks at him and said, “The reason we know theses women is because they are video game characters” “SAY WHAT!” shouted the man.

Tifa started to breathe heavily as if she was about to sneeze. The two men looked up and they trued to get back into the tank. “AHCHOOO!” echoed Tifa’s voice as she sneezed, the men and the tanks in front row away. Tifa rubs her nose, looks at the trouble she caused and quickly said, “I’M SORRY!”

As Tifa’s voice died down, the sound of the tanks exploding could be heard and smoke was rising up miles away from where they are. Seconds later, the tanks aimed towards the women and fired. “OH NO!” shouted Yuna as she covered her face. The others turned around as the shells hit them. All four of them screamed. As the tanks were loading, the giantesses started to give black aura and slowly the four of them started to laugh.

All four of them looked down at the army and started to give off a creepy smile and started to walk towards them. The tanks were slowly revising. The giantesses raised their right foot and slammed it down at them. The tanks all exploded, killing the people inside of them. The girls started to laugh, but more insane like. The girls stopped laughing and looked out into the distance and saw a swarm of helicopters heading towards them.

The girls looked at each other and smiled even more. The four of them headed towards the helicopters. The helicopters started to fire at them but no damage was being made to them. The four of them started to run towards them, knocking down buildings due to the impact of the movements that the girls were making.                            

Yuna was the first to be there, raised her right hand and slammed it down upon two helicopters. Yuna watched them as they both went falling down towards the ground and then exploded. Yuna slowly looks back up and saw the rest of the helicopters were still heading towards them.

The other three made it and began attacking the helicopters, showing no mercy. As minutes went by, every last helicopter is now destroyed. As they were looking out into the distance, they slowly walked forwards. “OUR MASTER CALLS” said Garnet as she was taking the lead.

All of a sudden, a rocket was fired and hit Rinoa at the back of her head. Rinoa fell forward, slowly stood back up and turned around. The others looked back and their face turned from happy into a shook look. There hovering in front of them was the pink airship that Auron and the others were on.

All of a sudden, four familiar voices echoed from the ship, they each said, “Yuna! How could you have done all this? I thought you became a summoner to save people from Sin. From what I’ve seen, you’re the Sin” “Garnet! Listen to me, remember what you said to me?” “Tifa! You don’t have to be scared anymore. I’m right here” “Rinoa! Remember that I’m your little knight!”

The four girls looked at the airship for a few moments; they nodded their heads and went charging towards the ship. “Oh crap!” shouted Zell. All four of the ladies over shadowed the airship and slowly they raised their hands and slammed the airship and from that impact, the airship broke into two. The broken parts went falling down towards the ground. Everyone inside the ship went falling out and was heading towards their doom. From that, everyone blanked out.

The girls looked at each other and noticed that their eyes are now pitch black and slowly their hair was turn white as snow. The four of them nodded their heads and headed off towards the distance. “OUR MASTER IS CALLING US,” said Garnet as she was taking the lead again.

“Hay little man, wake up” echoed a female’s voice. From that Cloud opened his eyes and noticed Rikku was holding him. “Are…are we dead?” asked Cloud as he sat up. “No we’re not, little partner” answered Squall. Cloud looks over at him and saw that Aries was holding him. Cloud looked around and noticed that he and the others are still alive and that they are outside. He even noticed that there is a man sitting on a chair under a tree.  

“I’m happy to see that everyone is now awake,” said the man still sitting on the chair. “Who, who are you?” asked Cloud as he stood up. The man stood up and said, “My name’s Chris Judgement, leader of the Judgement Network. I will answer all your questions that you ask me” from that two men walked out from behind the tree and stood next to the man. These two men are Rude and Reno. “Ok first thing first, what the hell is going on!” shouted Tidus as he jumped up and down on Selphie’s hands. Chris closed his eyes and nodded his head.

“Ok, I’ll tell you all. Gather around people” From that everyone gather around him to hear his tale.

Chapter eight: Tale of the Judgement network   

“It all began twenty years ago when the network was first formed. Our job was to create a video game that characters can think for their selves. That when we all found out that if we input the same codes that we did with our video game, into classic games, then the characters will be able think for their selves too. It all worked out fine for the first game we used, then after awhile, something got leaked into it and destroyed the whole game’s world.

You lot been there, it’s that city when you lot woke up. Anyway, we all had been working hard to find out what caused the game’s destruction. We spent years tracing its source and found out that it’s from our rival group, the Virus Network. The leaders of the Virus Network are the Griffin brothers. We managed to make a firewall to block all Viruses that the Griffin sends through.

It worked for over ten years till they broke through. They did minor things to us before they broke through. Anyway, the first game that they managed to destroy was non other then Final Fantasy IX. After that, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X and lastly Final Fantasy VIII. Before your world’s destruction, The Virus kidnapped Cloud, Squall, Zidane and Tidus. Along with their lady friends.                    

I was able to send you lot apart from two to the city known as Virus. Home world of the first destroyed game. As you can see behind me, Rude and Reno are here because I was able to send theses two here. I ordered them to locate the Griffin brothers and came back to tell me that the Griffin have been working on a Virus known as Darkness. I explain about Darkness later. They sent it through to possess the villains that hate the heroes.

In this case, Throne & Zorn, Rufus, Seymour & Seifer got possessed by the Darkness and gained it’s powers. It seems that the Virus can make copies of it self and stayed inside the bodies of theses villains” said Chris. “So you’re saying that we’re just game sprites?” asked Zidane. Chris nodded.

“I got a question,” said Barret. Chris looks at him and said, “And what is your question?” “How come Aries’ pupils are red?” “Reno also have red pupils,” said Rude.

“I see…It’s one of the side affects when we loaded the codes into the game. Characters with the code can not die fully. In this case, when Sephiroth stabbed Aries in the back, she died and returned back to the planet. As Darkness triggered the Project: Reaper, the world got destroyed. Since the code was put in before the world got destroyed, Aries was still alive and she was able to find the shrunken heroes.

For Reno…He was killed by the possessed Rufus and didn’t tell anyone. It took time for his eyes to go red” answered Chris.

“So you’re saying that we can not die fully and we get red eyes out from it?” asked Rikku. Chris nodded. “Wait a minute!” shouted Zell. “What is it?” “You say that, when we die, we only get red eyes?” “That’s right,” said Chris. “Well that make no sense? I mean that, when the giant girls caused the airship to brake apart and we all were falling to our deaths. How come we all don’t have red eyes?” said Zell.

“I never saw myself saying this but, Zell has a point” said Selphie. “You lot didn’t die from that fall, most of you lot just got cuts and bruises. Rude and Reno informed me about you lot so I came over and see you lot in person” said Chris. “What about Darkness then?” asked Squall.

“Right then…where do I begin? At the start of the year 2000, there was a rumour going around that there was a virus that will destroy the world’s machines, but somehow, the virus was never found. Over the years, data from programs on the Internet have somehow been erased. Many hackers tried to stop this Internet virus but they all failed.

Its been going on for hundred of years till suddenly, it vanished. No word, sign…nothing. Now this brings us to the formation of the Judgement Network. One day, while we were working on imputing codes into a game, the virus that had gone missing, mysteriously came back. From what my resources told me, the Virus network has found and brought back the virus that you all know as Darkness. But the Darkness was too weak, so the Griffins took it and upgraded it into the virus that we know now.

As you can guess, the upgraded Darkness is a lot more powerful then before. The Darkness no longer follows the program that made it the way it is and now it is able to think, plan and speak. It went through and made copies of itself into the four games. The copies are the monsters that you lot fought.

In short, Darkness was made at the year 2000, spread chaos over the Internet for hundred of years. Came back four hundred years later, destroyed its first video game, ten years later…got upgraded. Became even more deadly and now it has the giantesses on its side. Its just made up of data that was destroyed by it…nothing more, nothing less” said Chris.

“So you’re saying that Darkness is just a virus that is able to think outside its programming?” asked Zidane. Chris nodded.                          

“So, what are we going to do about our huge problem?” asked Cloud. “First thing first. We need to restore you four back to your normal selves” answered Chris. Rude handed Chris a strange looking gun. Chris stood up and said, “Placed the heroes on the floor please”

From that Rikku, Aries, Selphie & Eiko placed the shrunken heroes in front of him. Chris aimed that gun at them and then fired. A blue beam went shooting out and hit the four. Slowly, the four of them was growing back to their normal size.

“Alright!” said Wakka. “Everyone! You all got an important job to do. In order for the lady friends to back to our side, the heroes, must use these weapons that are the strongest in your game worlds. The others, use this photo and find this man” said Chris. From that, Rude and Reno drew out four weapons and handed each one to Cloud, Squall, Zidane and Tidus. Chris handed Rikku a photo of one of the Griffin brothers. “Rikku, this is Kain Griffin. He’s the one you lot are after” said Chris.

Rikku nodded. “Before you leave, you must know something. When Kain Griffin sent the Virus known as Darkness. It kept on saying it’s after its prizes. It shrunk the heroes and said that they are the prizes that it seeks. That was all a lie. The true prizes were the women that it kidnapped along with them. As you lot can see, Darkness used the women and turned them into giantesses and make them killing machines. But I have a feeling that Darkness has something else planed for us” said Chris.

“Were we just decoys then?” asked Squall. Chris looked down and nodded. From that, Rikku and the rest left to look for Kain Griffin. Reno went with them Cloud, Squall, Zidane & Tidus stayed behind.

Chris looks back up and said, “Rude, get the gifts” Rude nodded, puts his hand in his pocket and drew out two keys. “You can use theses,” said Rude as he threw the keys at Cloud and Squall. “You four can use theses motorcycles that I was able to download from Cloud’s world before it was destroyed. Use theses to give chase to the giantesses.

The weapons that I gave you lot have the power to free them from the grip of Darkness. All you lot have to do is stab into their flesh. Just one stab and they should be fine,” said Chris. “Just one stab huh?” said Tidus. “Right now go!” ordered Chris. From that the four of them go off, jump onto two motorcycles and drove off, in search for the giantesses. Chris and Rude just walked off.

Rikku and the others made it to the city. As they entered, they all noticed that the streets were all perfectly fine. “What the heck? I thought the city would be in ruins by now” said Steiner. “The city must be split in two. One side is Judgement and other is Virus. Remember what Chris said? He said that the Virus network is his rival company,” said Auron. “I guess you’re right,” said Wakka.

“Right then, if you were Kain Griffin…leader of huge company doing god know what. Where would you be right know?” asked Yuffie. “Be inside a limousine, driving towards the crime scene,” said Vincent. “That’s a pretty good guess,” said Rikku as she was still walking off. “No…I mean, he’s in a limousine that is driving towards the crime scene,” said Vincent. From that Rikku stopped and looked back at him.

Vincent just pointed towards Rikku. Everyone looks at her and noticed a black limousine driving into the distance. “We could start there,” said Red XII. “Vincent” said Aries as she looked at him. Vincent nodded and shouted, “Chaos!” From that, Vincent began to transform into a demon known as Chaos.

Meanwhile elsewhere,

“Ok! If you’re a giant and you’re under control of a virus that’s making you destroy things. Where would you be?” asked Tidus as he was holding onto Cloud. “Don’t know…Huh?” said Cloud, still looking forward. “What is it?” asked Squall. “Pull over,” said Cloud as he stopped. Squall pulled over and both of them looked at Cloud.

“Look…over there,” said Cloud as he pointed towards a skyscraper. The others looked towards the skyscraper and saw a giant Garnet standing there like she was guarding something. “Squall, drop me off a little bit closer” said Zidane. Squall nodded. Squall started up the motorcycle and headed towards Garnet.

As they got closer, Squall stopped, looked at Zidane and said, “Remember, just one stab on the flesh. You got one heck of a climb” “What you mean by that?” asked Zidane as he climbed off and drew out his thief sword, the Ultima Weapon. “See you on the other side mate” said Zidane as he went running towards Garnet. Squall started up the motorbike and went in search for Rinoa.    

“Cloud look!” shouted Tidus. Cloud looks north and saw a giant Yuna walking down the streets. “Let’s go,” said Cloud as he started the motorcycle and headed towards Yuna. As they were getting closer to Yuna, Tifa appeared from behind the buildings. Cloud stopped. “Tidus…are you ready?” asked Cloud as he looked back. Tidus nodded, climbed off and drew out his sword, the Caladbolg.

“Good luck” said Tidus, as he was running towards Yuna. Cloud started his bike again and headed towards Tifa.    

Chapter nine: The fight between lovers

Zidane Vs Garnet

Garnet looks down and noticed something small with a monkey’s tail running towards her. Garnet kneels down and said, “FE FI FO FUM, I SMEEL THE BLOOD OF A MONKEY BOY!” Zidane as he stopped running and looked at the giantess that he once knew as Garnet.

“Garnet! Please, snap out of it. Please don’t make me fight you!” shouted Zidane as he raised his weapon above him.

Garnet looks at him funny and said, “SNAP OUT OF WHAT? NOW SIT STILL MONKEY BOY” From that Garnet reach down and grabbed hold of Zidane, who was trying to get away. Garnet raised her hand up to her face level, open up her hand and saw Zidane kneeling down, trying to catch his breath.

“WHAT’S THE MATTER? AM I TOO BIG FOR YOU?” said Garnet, as she looked Zidane as he was standing back up. Zidane looks at her and said, “No, big is good…but you being possessed isn’t” Garnet slowly shows a creepy smile and said, “I COULD CRUSH YOU, THIS VERY SECOND”

“Go ahead…you’re not going to do it” said Zidane as he sat back down. Garnet’s giant face turned from a smile into a surprise look. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN? YOU THINK I CAN’T DO IT? I FOLLOW MY MASTER’S EVERY WORD AND HE’S TELLING ME TO CRUSH YOU RIGHT NOW” said Garnet.

Zidane looks up at her and said, “You would have done it by now. Beside, your hand is shaking” Garnet noticed that her hand was indeed shaking.

“ENOUGH! DIE MONKY BOY!” boomed Garnet’s voice. Zidane stand back up and looked at Garnet before she closed her hand.

As she closed her hand, she tightens it up into a fist. Seconds later, Garnet let’s her grip loose and opens her hand up. As she opened her hand, she noticed a bright purple light that was shining out.

As the light dimmed down, Garnet noticed Zidane whom was now in his Trance form. “WHAT? BUT I CRUSHED YOU, YOU MENT TO BE DEAD!” shouted Garnet.

 Zidane looks at her and said, “It’s because of the Glitch. I can’t die. This will be over soon” Garnet noticed that Zidane’s pupils were turning red.

Before Garnet could crush him again, Zidane jumped up towards Garnet’s head and grabbed hold of her long black hair. “GET OFF ME YOU BUG!” shouted Garnet as she was trying to grab hold of him.

Zidane swung himself towards her left ear and then dropped onto her shoulder. Zidane ran towards her bare neck, raised his thief sword and said, “Forgive me!” From that Zidane forced his sword into Garnet’s neck and then drew it out.

Black mist was leaking out from Garnet’s neck and then suddenly black liquid went shooting out and headed towards the sky.

As the black liquid was shooting out, Garnet was slowly turning back to her normal self. Garnet was still a giantess. Zidane slowly changed back to his normal self and then he dropped onto his kneels.

Garnet shook her head and said, “Zidane? Where are you?” “Right here” said Zidane. Garnet looks at her left shoulder and noticed Zidane. She carefully picks up him up and placed him at her eye level.   


Zidane looks up and said, “Don’t worry about. You crushed me to death and I stabbed you in the neck. So… let bygones be bygones” “YOU STABBED ME?” said Garnet. “Hay…you killed me!” shouted Zidane.

“OK…BYGONES” said Garnet. “So…What should we do now?” asked Zidane. Garnet places Zidane on her right shoulder and said “LET’S GO AND LOOK FOR THE OTHERS” From that, Garnet started to wonder off, looking for the others.

Tidus Vs Yuna

Tidus ran up to Yuna’s foot, look up and said, “Hay Yuna! Your star player is here! Come and get me!” Yuna stopped walking, turned around and looked down. She noticed a small yellow dot, waving its arms around. “TIDUS?” said Yuna, as she was about to kneel down.

“Yuna…you can brake free from its control!” said Tidus. “BRAKE FROM WHAT’S CONTROL? I HOPE YOU’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT MY MASTER? CAUSE IF YOU ARE…” before Yuna could finish her sentence, Yuna picked up Tidus and threw him into the sky.

Yuna looks up and shouted, “HOW DARE YOU THINK BAD THINGS ABOUT MY MASTER! HOW DARE YOU!” Tidus started to fall back down to earth. “Ok Tidus! Think fast, think fast, think fast…GOT IT!” said Tidus to himself.

As Tidus was falling back down, he holds onto his sword tightly and was getting ready to attack. Yuna turned around and began to walk off. As Tidus was meters away Yuna and 100 meters before his very death, Tidus stabbed his sword into Yuna’s skirt.

Tidus was still falling, but with his sword stabbed into Yuna’s skirt, it was slowing him down. Finally Tidus stopped. Tidus took a grip of Yuna’s skirt, carefully drew out away and looked up. “Oh man…just think of it as mountain climbing” said Tidus to himself. From that, Tidus started to climb.

Thirty minutes later,

Tidus finally made it to the top of Yuna’s skirt and start to climb around the front because there was nothing he could climb on and he couldn’t have good grip to stab her. As he was climbing up Yuna’s front, he was thinking to himself, “OH MY GOD! I’M CLIMBING A GIANTESS’ BRESTS! I SURE HOPE SHE DON’T LOOK DOWN”

 As he halfway up, he noticed Yuna’s hair and grabbed hold of it. He started to climb up and swing his way to Yuna’s right shoulder. Tidus dropped down, drew out his sword and said, “Hay Yuna! You can thank me later!”

Yuna looks to her left and right to see who said that, a second later; she shook her head and carried on walking. Tidus raised his sword above his head and force it down into Yuna’s shoulder drew it back out.

Yuna began to scream out in pain as black mist went bursting out. Moment’s later; black liquid went shooting out and headed up towards the sky.

As the black stuff was leaving Yuna’s body, she was slowly changing back to her normal self. “OWE! MY SHOULDER! HUH…WHAT JUST HAPPENED?” said Yuna as she looking at the area she was in. “I freed you from that Darkness fellow” said Tidus, still on Yuna’s right shoulder.

Yuna looks at him, carefully placed him on her hands and said, “THANK YOU” From that; Yuna gave Tidus a kiss. As she looks at him, she noticed that he was covered in lipstick. “SORRY…” said Yuna as she was trying not to giggle.

“Don’t worry about it…I hope the others are ok” said Tidus as he wiping off the lipstick. “LET’S GO AND LOOK FOR THEM” said Yuna as she placed Tidus back on her shoulder. From that, Yuna wondered off looking for the others.                      

Cloud Vs Tifa

Cloud drew out his sword, the Ultima Weapon and made the motorbike even faster. He zoomed passed Tifa and she noticed him.

“CLOUD…HELP…NO…DESTROY CLOUD! DESTROY THE BUG!” said Tifa, as she was about to give chase. “Oh shit! What am I going to do now!” shouted Cloud as he looked back and saw a giant Tifa chasing him.

Cloud turned left and headed towards an alleyway. Cloud stopped, drew away the sword and looked back. Tifa carried on running, still looking for him.

“Ok…think. Just one stab, one stab will bring the old Tifa back. I need to get to her upper half of her body…wait a tick…what’s that?” thought Cloud as he was looking forward.

In front of him was a hundred-foot ramp. “That will do,” said Cloud as he got off and ran up to it. Cloud noticed that the ramp has wheels. Moments later, Cloud started to push the ramp back out into the street and placed a lock on it.

Cloud quickly runs back to his motorbike, turns it on and headed out the other side of the alleyway and entered the main streets again.

“Hay Tifa! I’m over here,” shouted Cloud, hoping to her to notice him. The whole area started to shake and was getting stronger. As the vibration stopped, Cloud slowly looks back and saw a very angry Tifa looking down at him.

“BETTER GET READY LITTLE MAN” said Tifa. Cloud looks forward and hit full throttle. Cloud went zooming down the street. Tifa started to run after him like a thief in an open market. “That’s right…chase after the little man,” said Cloud, as he was about to make a turning.

Cloud zoomed passed the ramp and made half way across the street. Cloud turned around and was getting ready to drive into the ramp. Tifa made it to the street that Cloud was on and started to charge towards him.

Cloud started to dive towards the ramp and went flying up towards the sky. Cloud looks down and could see Tifa stopping. Cloud draws out his sword, jumps off the bike and went diving towards Tifa.

Cloud stuck out his hand to grab hold of Tifa’s hair but missed. “OH MAN!” shouted Cloud as he went falling to his doom.

Cloud landed onto something soft, stands up and looked at what he has landed on. “Hmm…déjà vu” said Cloud as he knew on what he was standing on. “COME HERE YOU LITTLE BUG!” shouted Tifa as she grabbed hold of him.

Tifa raised him to her eye level with an open palm. Cloud looks at Tifa’s eyes and noticing that they’re flicking from black to brown. Cloud nodded, went running and jumped towards Tifa’s forehead. As he jumped, he grabbed hold of her hair and jumped onto her left shoulder.

Cloud raised his sword and forced it into her shoulder. Black mist went bursting out. Moment’s later; black liquid went shooting out and headed up towards the sky. Slowly, Tifa was changing back to her normal self.

 “CLOUD! THANK YOU, THANK YOU” said Tifa as she picked him up and started to rub him across her face.

“T…T…Tifa! AL…All right!” shouted Cloud. Tifa stopped and kissed him. Cloud started to blush. “LET’S GO AND FIND THE OTHERS” said Tifa as she placed the red face Cloud back on her shoulder. Tifa started to go off looking for the others.  

Squall Vs Rinoa     

Squall went zooming across the city, in search for Rinoa. Squall was going around the city twice and he still couldn’t find her. As he was driving threw, he noticed that the others have freed their loved ones from the grip of Darkness. Squall drove for another thirty minutes till he gave up. Squall pulled over, next to the city’s lake. The sun was about to set. 

Squall jumped off and walked towards the lake. As he was halfway across, he noticed something huge was sitting along the back. Squall took a long hard look at it till he realised that the huge object was infact Rinoa. Squall walked towards her till he noticed something.

Rinoa’s clothes and hair was changing back and forth to her normal self and her dark self. “What the…?” said Squall to himself. Squall even noticed that she was crying, her tears were dripping from her cheeks and landed into the lake which was causing waves.

“Rinoa?” asked Squall as he was right next to her. Rinoa wiped away her tears, looked downs and saw Squall. “SQUALL! YOU’RE NOT DEAD!” said Rinoa as she picked him up. As Rinoa was picking him up, Squall noticed that her hair and clothes and changing black and white. “MY MASTER SAY’S TO KILL YOU!” shouted Rinoa as she took a grip of Squall.

“Rinoa please! You don’t won’t this!” shouted Squall as he was trying to breathe because of Rinoa’s grip was too strong. Suddenly, Rinoa’s clothes and hair changed back to normal. Rinoa loosen her grip and Squall fell back on her hand. Squall started to cough and started to take in deep breaths.

“SQUALL PLEASE! DO SOMETHING BEFORE I LOSE CONTROL AGAIN” pleaded Rinoa as she placed Squall down onto the ground. Squall nodded, looked at the ground and drew out his Gunblade, the Lionheart. Slowly Squall looks back up and dashed towards Rinoa.

 Squall jumped towards Rinoa’s left arm and pierced into it. Squall drew his blade out and slowly black mist went bursting out. Moment’s later; black liquid went shooting out and headed up towards the sky.

Rinoa stayed the same. Rinoa shook her head and picked Squall up and placed him on her shoulder. “Let’s regroup,” said Squall. Rinoa gave him a smile and then nodded. Rinoa started to wonder off to find the others. 

Chapter ten: The End?

“You! You are the man on this photo,” said Vincent holding onto a man, still in his Chaos form. “Let go of me you firkin demon!” shouted the man, as he was trying to brake free. “Finally! We found our man” said Rikku as she was trying to catch her breath.

Auron takes the photo from Vincent and said, “Yep…this is our man, He got the spiky hair, green eyes and a gold tooth” “Now what do we do?” asked Aries. Reno walks next to Aries and said, “Please don’t hate me or Rude”

Aries look at him strangely and asked, “Why would I hate you?” Reno draws out a gun and aimed it at the man that Vincent was holding. “I’m sorry…I’m…just doing my job,” said Reno, as he was about to pull the trigger.

A bullet was fired from Reno’s gun and pierced through the man’s head. The sound from the gun echoed and everyone looked at Reno. Vincent dropped the man and went charging towards Reno. Before Vincent was about to pick Reno up, Chris and Rude showed up. “Stop fighting you lot. You found and killed the man who caused all of this to happen” said Chris as he stopped.

“You! You…used us to find your rival and…. And…and made us kill him!” shouted Rikku as she and Aries walked up to him. Aries slapped Chris across the face. Chris rubbed his face and said, “It’s the way we do things around here. The law is, if you act like a god…trying to rule the world with brute force, then it’s our job to stop you”

Aries turned around and said, “Did you have to kill him?” “It was the only way. Trust me…the world is better of without that monster” said Chris. “Aries…if it’s the law of this world, who are we to judge their ways?” said Yuffie. Aries looks at her and nodded. “So what happens when you got rid of all monsters when you’re the one left?” asked Barret.

Chris chuckled and said, “I worry about that when that time comes. Talk about monsters. If you all look up please” The giantesses and the heroes appeared. “WHAT?” asked Yuna. Slowly the girls and the men looked upwards and saw a huge black sphere with glowing red eyes.

“What the hell is that thing?” asked Wakka. “That my friend, is the thing that we all hate. It was born as a virus at the start of the year 2000; it grew strong over the years as it was destroying data through systems, peoples, cities, to this place, Earth, at the year 2500. Hacked into the Virus Network computers, poisoned Kain Griffin’s mind and destroyed it’s first world.

Block it, lasted for ten years, and got upgraded. Broke through and spread its chaos through out the worlds of Final Fantasy. The beams that the woman was hit from, contained codes to form a physical body. Each time you lot grew bigger, the more codes that the girls were given. As you all entered the real world, Darkness took control of the giantess and waited for the heroes to free them from its grasp.

How I know all this? Because I can’t let this thing from escaping!” answered Chris. Everyone looked at Chris. “Man…did you wrote that speech or was it at the top of your head?” asked Zell. “Think what you want. Heroes! Aim your weapons at the sphere” ordered Chris.

Cloud, Squall, Zidane and Tidus nodded. The four of them aimed their weapons at the sphere and like magic, blue rays were fired from them and headed towards the sphere. The beams hit the Darkness. “YES…YES…YES!” echoed a creepy voice.

A blue light covered the whole area, blinding everyone. As the light dimmed down, everyone couldn’t see anything for a few minutes. As their sight came back, they all noticed a light blue CD that was hovering down.

Chris runs up to the CD before it hits the floor and grabbed it. “YES IT WORKED!” shouted Chris, over with joy. “What did we do?” asked Zidane. Chris looks up at Zidane who was still sitting on Garnet’s shoulder and said, “This CD contains the Darkness that you all have been fighting ageist and you all have sealed it away for good”

“So…um, now that the Darkness is now caught and all. What’s going to happen now?” asked Cait Sith. Chris looked at the toy and said, “Everyone that Darkness killed with comeback just about now” From that moment, eight people appeared out from nowhere. “Lulu!” shouted Wakka as he ran up to the eight people.

Lulu, Vivi, Rufus, Thorn & Zorn, Seymour, Sephiroth and Seifer are back from the dead. “Come people, We must put you lot in your new home” said Chris as he was about to walk off. “Our new home?” asked Auron. “It will take time for your home worlds to be restored. Trust me, you will love it” answered Chris. From that, everyone followed Chris to a building that wasn’t destroyed by Giantesses rampage.

The giantesses waited outside while the others walks inside. Chris enters the top room; he could see the giantesses looking through the windows of that room. There were other people inside the room. One of them was playing on a computer. “Hay Mark! Stop playing that Jack & Beanstalk game now!” ordered Chris as he placed the CD on a table. The man on the computer jumped and then left the game. “USER left the game, Game Over, Spirits returning home” echoed a woman’s voice.

“Right…people, it was nice knowing you. I hope you lot don’t hate me. Your new home world is called, Union,” said Chris as he was working on a computer. A laser gun appeared behind the Final Fantasy characters.

“Chris…will we ever see you again?” asked Aries. Chris turned around and said, “I’m sure you will. If you got any trouble, contact us and we will help you. After all, we’re here to help people” Mark walks over to the laser gun and said, “Have fun” from that Chris waved good bye, the others waved back and then a yellow beam was fired and hit them all. Slowly they all vanished.

Chris turns on a big screen TV and everyone apart from the giantesses was there. “Hay Chris!” echoed Aries voice. Chris looks at the screen and saw Aries waving at him. “If you’re in any trouble, contact us and we help you out to” said Aries. Chris nodded and then smiled. “Ladies, I’m sorry but you may have to remain that size it we find a way to restore the damage that Darkness did” said Mark as he looked at the windows.

The girls smiled and Garnet said, “WE’RE NOT IN A HURRY TO CHANGE BACK TO NORMAL. WE’RE GETTING USED TO OUR NEW SIZE” “Happy to hear it. See you lot soon then” said Chris as he waved good bye as them.

The four of them waved back before the beam was fired at them, The giantesses are now in the world known as Union. “Let’s get to work then,” said Mark. Chris nodded, walked towards the table that he placed the CD at and noticed that it’s gone.

“MARK! DID YOU TOOK A CD THAT WAS HERE?” shouted Chris as he was starting to panic. Mark looks at him and shook his head. The two of them carried on searching inside the room, not noticing that a man was peeking through the door to the door.

It was the same man that downloaded Tifa and the others into the real world. The man started to walk down the hall and said, “We got a lot of work to do, with this, we shall have our revenge. Right my brother?” The man took a CD out from his pocket and saw a man with red eyes with a creepy smile on his face. “WHERE THE HELL IS THAT CD!” echoed Chris’s voice through out the building. Chris and Mark stopped searching when they heard a chuckle.

“Zack Griffin!” said Chris as he whacked the table. “Should we get the girls’ help?” asked Mark. Chris shook his head and said, “When Final Fantasies Collide, all hell broke loose. We use them as last resort. Right now, we need to be ready for the war for this world. Better get ready” answered Chris. From that, Chris and Mark left the room and got everyone in the building ready for war.