Crossover Stories

This section is for stories that span multiple series, whether it's VGGTS, Anime/Cartoon GTS, or a combination of both. VGGTS World's ratings system (E/E10+/T/M/RP) apply here even for A&C stories.

Apple's Smashing Army
(Cubed Cinder)
Approx. pages: 24
- This story includes Cubed Cinder's original character, Princess Apple. After rescuing Peach from a giant Wendy O. Koopa with help from Rosalina, Princess Apple invites her two friends back to her castle in Giant Land. The three talk about the many different worlds discovered thanks to the Super Smash Bros. Tournament, which gives Apple the idea… why not invite these ladies to the castle for a royal celebration with food, discussions, and more importantly, the chance to give these other ladies a taste of being 60 feet tall. Ladies like Zelda, Samus Aran, Wii Fit Trainer, Bayonetta, and many others all arrive and have a good time. That is until a series of dark portals open in the sky and numerous normal-sized monsters come out. Lucina, Corrin, Robin, and Lyn immediately recognize the creatures (some of them half their current size) to be from the Outrealm. Every giantess in the room, regardless of battle experience, agrees to help, with Apple taking the lead as honorary captain even as the fight stretches to the kingdom of Aytolis… Completed February 22, 2018.

Asagi Forever
Approx. pages: 12
- Asagi is a wanderer. Not by choice, of course. She's always wandering through various universes trying to find the one thing a producer promised her years ago. Her very own game, where she could be the main character. Constantly searching for something can begin to wear thin after awhile however, and Asagi isn't known for being patient. When Asagi finds herself in a place where she has more power, she's much more likely to wrest the title of main character from whoever currently holds it, and take it for herself. Anyone in her path is nothing more than a temporary distraction. Completed February 26, 2010.

A Tale of Two Mikus
(Cubed Cinder and Luminar)
Approx. pages: 43
- Shrink High/Project Diva crossover. It's never easy fighting off the legions of fans that come with being the most popular Vocaloid in the world, but that's what Hatsune Miku goes through every day and today is no exception. While sneaking away through a dark alley, however, Miku comes into contact with a mysterious person wearing a black robe. After the person removes the robe, Miku is stunned to be looking at herself! Well, almost herself. While the other person is named Miku and looks almost identical to her, this Miku is not after fame and fortune throughout the entire world. Instead, the director of Advanced Sciences Society wants to shrink it, and she wants the good Miku by her side. When Miku naturally refuses, she ends up shrunken to three quarters of an inch tall and trapped at the mercy of the director and her two close assistants. Miku knows she is going to need help to escape out of this trap, but luckily she won't have to look far when a famous-in-the-making detective, who knows a thing or two about being shrunken, eventually bumps into her... Completed December 22, 2012.

Beyond the Smashing Army
(Cubed Cinder)
Approx. pages: 14
- This story includes Cubed Cinder's original character, Princess Apple. Princess Apple thought the shadow monsters had been fully disposed of, but that proves not to be the case after she has to deal with a surprise attack by these creatures in Giant Land. She wonders what other dimensions these creatures may show up in, and that's when, with the help of her husband as well as Rosalina's Dimensional Star, she sends a message to other worlds with even the smallest energy traces of these creatures... complete with a dose of her magic that makes anyone who touches it grow to her size. The message finds its way to places like Sarasaland, Smashville, Icicle Mountain, and Inkopolis, happening to come to recent entrants of the famed Super Smash Bros. tournament. Ladies like Princess Daisy, Isabelle, an Inkling Girl who's tired of being picked on as the weakest link, and Nana (with help from Princess Zelda) all soon get a taste of what it's like to be shadow monster stomping giantesses saving their worlds from doom and gloom. Completed May 17, 2019.

Big BFFs: Chibiusa & Pudding
Approx. pages: 13
- It's business as usual at Café Mew Mew, especially for Pudding as she is tasked with serving a couple ladies named Usagi and Chibiusa Tsukino. Chibiusa and Pudding quickly become friends, especially after the way Pudding handles an irate male customer over too much icing on his cupcake. When Pudding's shift ends and she's on her way back home, she is ambushed by Chibiusa who asks if she'd be happy to join her in growing to a giant size. At first Pudding thinks the pink-haired one is kidding, but Chibiusa whips out her purple-colored growth formula, and after drinking half the bottle, Pudding watches in amazement as Chibiusa grows to 100 times her normal size, and Pudding does not hesitate to take up Chibiusa's offer in drinking the other half, confessing to having a secret desire to grow gigantic as well. With both girls well over 400 feet tall now, people in Tokyo are already running for the hills as the two giantesses can't help but have mindless, destructive fun (with a few 'snacks' along the way)... Completed July 5, 2019.

Captain N: The New Age
Approx. pages: 10
- 11 years have passed since Videoland, now known as Game World, was liberated from the alliance of evil by the N-Team led by Kevin, who was a normal guy from California brought forth by Game World's ruler, Princess Lana. Nowadays, as Game World continues to reign in peace, Kevin is busy putting his life back together, even if he's now a successful game developer at Nintendo. One night, when Kevin is reliving his days as Captain N by playing old NES games, he is suddenly brought back to Game World, where things don't seem quite right... Completed February 20, 2004.

Clow Call for the Rescue Rangers
(Cubed Cinder; idea by Grey)
Approx. pages: 23
- After escaping from jail thanks to her makeshift witchcraft, Winifred crashes into Nimnul's lab and proposes a tag team effort to get rid of the Rescue Rangers. The two (sort of) agree to fly to Japan so Winifred can search for a centuries-old magic called the Clow. Of course, this does not go unnoticed to the Rescue Rangers, as Gadget's tracking equipment catches the two going there. As only the RR know how, they (along with new team additions Tammy and Foxglove) arrive in the small Japanese city of Tomoeda and search for clues. At the exact same time, Sakura and her friends are sensing miniscule energy distortions around the area. Their own investigation eventually crosses in both Big and Little ways with the Rescue Rangers... Completed September 7, 2018.

Approx. pages: 52
- Homaging and adapting the Sonic Adventure storyline to accomodate the Anime GTS website... introducing Genesix, the Man of Dimensions, coming from a future after the Legendary Ten Embodiments and the Judges! His job is to watch over the Multiverses that contain giantesses and make sure that none of them don't rebel. Six of the most likely meganesses (those beyond 10,000ft) were stored in Genesis Diamonds by the Dimension Hero before the Big Bang started, and they will obey those who acquire them. But there is one man who seeks to use them for evil: Baxola, the last survivor of the Creation's Rapture! He plans to use a strange dark creature named Kardroz to take over the New Existence! Completed October 21, 2011.

Girl Power: The Story
(Cubed Cinder)
Approx. pages: 28
- Feeling down of being underappreciated because they are women, Peach, Zelda, and Samus are looking to change all that, even if they're having very little luck. Then, suddenly, as the girls venture down into the basement of Peach's Castle, they notice an experimental power mushroom that was designed to promote unlimited growth for the user. Naturally, the girls are enticed by the thought of becoming huge, especially Peach since she had been secretly learning of the mushroom's powers for months now. So they all touch the mushroom, much to Toad's dismay, who can only watch as the three girls began to grow out of the castle... Completed August 1, 2004.

GLLK: Giant Monsters All Out Attack
Approx. pages: 72
- Alix Kubdel has been plagued with memories of her encounter with the King of Monsters in 2002, and wonders if he'll give humanity a second chance. Eight years later, a field trip to Japan with a family of ten girls and one boy turns into a fight for survival when Godzilla returns, but this time under the control of Queen Metaria, who seeks revenge on the Sailor Scouts and humanity. The only things stopping her are the spirits of the Guardian Monsters: two of which transform into giant humanoids after having their statues touched by Lana and Marinette respectively. Meanwhile, Alix finds an amulet and seeks to unlock its power to not only save Japan from Metaria, but also Godzilla as well. Last modified October ??, 2020.

Icy Invasion
(Cubed Cinder)
Approx. pages: 16
- This story includes Cubed Cinder's original character, Princess Apple. To prepare for the upcoming competition in Vancouver, four characters from the Mario universe (Mario, Apple, Peach, and Daisy) and four characters from Sonic's universe (Sonic, Tails, Amy Rose, and Blaze) all take warps to the snowy mountains of Vancouver. They are surveying the land and the Olympics themselves, deciding what events to play and even have a little fun in the process. But the fun comes to an abrupt halt, because arriving on Cypress Mountain not too long afterwards is the ice goddess from another realm, Shiva. She is huge; almost ten times bigger than Princess Apple. After capturing Mario and Sonic and proclaiming she will rule the city of Vancouver in a matter of time, Tails quickly comes to the rescue with one of his inventions, which involves the powers of both the Mega Mushrooms and the Grow Monitors. Yeah, you know what's gotta happen now... Completed December 18, 2009.

Moon-Mew Turf War
(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by DrDark7)
Approx. pages: 9
- It's a peaceful day for Usagi and her three friends/Sailor Senshi companions (Ami, Rei, and Makoto). The four are fooling around as usual until they get a surprise visit from Queen Beryl, who promptly captures Usagi after she transforms into Sailor Moon. At the same time, in another dimension, Ichigo and her Mew Mew friends are on their way home after another long, hard day of work at the café. Conversely, they are ambushed by the leader of the Saint Rose Crusaders, with Ichigo being taken away. Both she and Usagi end up in the same place... a strange dimension known as DRD-7 (which looks an awful lot like Tokyo!). It is here that Queen Beryl and Duke make deals with Sailor Moon and Mew Ichigo respectively. Defeat the other in combat and they can go home. But not just any combat... combat that has both of them growing to 100 feet tall and destroying the city they're fighting in. How will the two escape, even with the combined help of Tuxedo Mask and the Deep Blue aliens? Completed April 11, 2019.

Mt. Lady vs. Diane
Approx. pages: 2
- Mt. Lady and Diane: the juggernauts of anime giantesses. Here is my interpretation on how those two would meet based on an image done by Anael-Prosperine while also taking place after the events of azmaybe9's Diane's Actual Bizarre Adventure. Will it have destruction? You bet! Completed July 8, 2020.

Nimi and Riho
Approx. pages: 2
- On a nice relaxing day, Riho was sitting on the beach being 50 feet tall. “Being a giantess isn’t all bad,” she thought. “I’ve been getting a lot more attention than I ever did when I was my normal size.” Riho caught a sight of something that was coming towards the shore. What she saw was a small black-haired girl on the head of the larger brown-haired girl who swimming towards her. When she made it to the shore, the brown-haired girl took the smaller girl off her head, stood up and placed her on her shoulder. Riho saw that the girl was 50 feet tall, just like herself. “I never thought that I would encounter another giantess!” said Riho. “My name’s Riho Futaba. What are your names?” The giant girl replied, “I’m Nimi Minimi, and the girl with me is my partner Noe Oya. We were on our way from Mermaid Island.” Completed March 25, 2020. Uploaded April 24, 2020.

The Return of Radio Zelda
(kronos_recker and taracobi)
Approx. pages: 73
- Exactly four years have passed since the day the Philadelphia Experiment went horribly wrong and caused a group of giant digital girls (later termed VGGTS) went on a rampage that wiped out the Northeastern USA. Since that time, life has slowly returned to normal, but the memory of that day still lives on. Ian Jenkins is doing his best relaxing with his giant friend, Aeris of Final Fantasy VII, until he meets with the notorious G-Man himself. G-Man then stuns Ian by revealing his connection with the infamous research company, Radio Zelda, which runs deep enough to the point where the world will soon once again be in grave danger... Completed March 26, 2005.

Robobot Rumble
(Dreamy306 and Cubed Cinder)
Approx. pages: 13
- Crossover with Sailor Moon and Kirby: Planet Robobot (3DS game from Nintendo). Mysterious Invaders have mechanized Dream Land, and it seems nothing that it's inhabitants are doing can stop them, until a mysterious portal opens and spits Sailor Mercury. King Dedede impulsively enlists her help, and together, they supersize Mercury to fight them. It's going to be a pretty long day for the invaders. Completed March 11, 2017.

Samus and Mini Mega Man
Approx. pages: 2
- When Mega Man shrinks due to a new type of mushroom, Samus tries to help him out... or does she? Completed June 19, 2020.

Sailor Chibi-Moon vs. CardCaptor Sakura!
Approx. pages: 7
- As Chibiusa is taking a walk through the city of Tokyo, she suddenly comes across a flurry of people running away. Chibiusa makes her way down the street where she sees a giant girl, looking slightly older than her. She later learns the name of this magical girl to be CardCaptor Sakura, wearing her famous Winged costume. She's practicing her combat skills, especially with her magic wand, but Chibiusa immediately sees this girl as a threat to her city. She's grown gigantic, after all! Nobody does that but me, she thought! After transforming to Sailor Chibi-Moon, she changes her Luna Ball into a ray gun that she shoots herself with, enlarging her to the same 150 feet tall as Sakura. Despite Sakura's pleas that she's only here for training and not to hurt anyone, Chibi-Moon doesn't believe her and challenges her to a duel. The two magical girls go into a battle stance and get ready to unleash their powers on each other and the poor, innocent city. Oh, and Tomoyo is filming the whole thing! Completed May 14, 2016.

Shadow of the Giantess
Approx. pages: 73
- Based on the game “Shadow of the Colossus.” When her sister is sacrificed due to her cursed fate, Lucky “Wander” Prescott travels to the Forbidden Lands in order to revive her. There, she meets Dormin, a supernatural being who promises to resurrect her sister… if she does something in return: Defeat the twenty-four giantesses that roam the land. With her bow, her horse “Spirit”, and the Ancient Sword, Lucky is certain she can defeat them all. But the price she must pay “may be heavy indeed.” As for every giantess she defeats (and reincarnate them as human-sized), she suffers from the black tentacles locked inside the female colossuses. And if that isn’t bad enough, she’s being followed by Lord Turo, for the sword she has is stolen. Last modified July 15, 2020.

Star of the Star Allies
(Cubed Cinder; idea by Goomba)
Approx. pages: 18
- Of all things Lord Hyness didn't expect to come from the accidental shattering of parts from the Jamba Heart would be a pink puffball...and a gigantic princess from another dimension. Just like the incident with Sailor Mercury, a rift opens up to reveal Star Butterfly tumble into the world of Popstar...and just so happened to make her 150 feet tall. While confused as to what happened at first, once she sets her eyes on the world around her her eyes sparkle at how adorable everything looks, eventually setting her sight on a rather curious Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee observing her. The three get acquainted before Star wonders why she was dragged here in the first place...only for Kirby to see King Dedede and his Waddle Dees steal all of Dream Land's food for himself. Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee head off to stop them and ask for Star to join them, hoping the answer will come to her at some point. Completed February 6, 2019.

The Man Who Didn't Know a Lot
Approx. pages: 36
- Dan Hibiki has always been a strange character. His "pupil," Sakura Kasugano, always noticed that but she played along with his games so that she wouldn't disappoint the poor chap. But what happened one day to Sakura was the last straw between her and Dan. Sakura ends up drinking this weird cola that Dan claims he found from Thailand, and before she knows it, she's 200 feet tall! Naturally, Sakura is ticked off with Dan for this whole incident, yet before Dan can plead his case, he gets clobbered in the worst way by Sakura. Sakura hopes to get help from her good rival, Karin, before she gets any bigger while Dan tries to prove his innocence as he goes on a quest to discover the mystery behind the cola, and his quest will lead him to discover a totally different cast of characters than he is used to... Completed February 10, 2006.

Titanic Crossover Insanity
Approx. pages: 8
- Two certain children from the Anime "Perman", Mitsuo and Sumire, have come to check on a strange, energy producing machine being created by their friends from the Natural History Museum. After something goes.......well, expected from stories that come from this website, They grow to VERY big sizes and crazy, wacky adventures ensue! Characters from lots of cartoons, anime, and even GAMES join to save the world in this oversized crossover! Completed June 17, 2011 (uploaded February 1, 2014).

Viruses & Giantesses
Approx. pages: 37
- After finding all seven Chaos Emeralds and the perfect ally in Bowser, Dr. Eggman decides to use his new Shrinking Portal to deal with Mario & Sonic, again. However, a power surge and a few mixed chemicals destroy the Shrinking Portal and their hideout. The chemicals also mix with the Chaos Emeralds to form three powerful viruses. Meanwhile, Mario & Sonic are training for the Dream Boxing Tournament, when they suddenly hear that Amy has gotten herself sick. Peach explains the story to them, and both of them provide good solutions to help, but will it be enough to cure her in time for the tournament? Get ready for the first ever Dr. Mario GTS story! Completed February 20, 2009.

Radio Zelda 2: Never Say Never Again
(kronos_recker and taracobi)
Approx. pages: 53
- The events of the last story are still fresh in Ian's mind, and with Earth completely destroyed, he and the VGGTS are left looking for new homes. Well, cut to present time, and Ian STILL hasn't reached his destination. He's been flying through the portal's dark abyss for what seems to be an eternity, and hope has long since faded. But finally, after so long, he does manage to end up in a different world, a video game world. Which one? Whatever happens, Ian will soon discover there is more to this mystery than even he could've realized... Discontinued due to lack of updates after at least six months. Final update was on November 3, 2006.

Dangerous Heights
(small_tree_sprite and kronos_recker)
Approx. pages: 9
- It's the 1930's. The US Army started a experiment to cloak ships and weapons for war. This was called the Philadelphia Experiment. It was used on small toy boats and that kind of stuff. It worked fine. It seemed perfect. Then, they started using it on the real thing, with people inside. It worked...but then something went wrong. The targets disappeared. Where they went, no one knows. Those who returned alive said they went to some sort of alternate dimension. Now it's 2000 and the US Army has tried it again. Only problem is that this time, there are serious reprecussions for the 'Philadelphia Experiment' team. Emerging from their experiments are not the teams they sent...but VGGTS's, giantesses from VGs. The 'alternate dimension' the teams had travelled to were inside VG's. Different destinations. Before the US Army team that heads the experiment can contact Washington about it, they are squashed to death by the VGGTS's. Each one goes her seperate way. Thus, our long and fateful story begins... Discontinued. Final update was on February 19, 2001.

(various authors)
Approx. pages: 9
- It is November 8, 2001. Though it's been four years since the nuclear disaster was wiped out by Blast Corps, the company is pushing more of their resources forward to ensure a crisis like this doesn't happen again. It would happen again, but this time, it's looking more grim than it ever was. It seems there are now several nuclear trucks are going out of control around the United States, as well as parts of Japan and Europe. Blast Corps begins to get the suspicion that someone or something is behind all of this. They send their demolition vehicles out again, but with nearly the entire country under fire, as well as Japan and Europe, it may already be too late. Two employees, Nick and Katie, are former scientists and were partially responsible for the second failure of the Philadelphia Experiment just a year ago. In that, cities in the East Coast of the US were demolished by gigantic women known as VGGTSs. Keeping this in mind, Nick and Katie secretly decide to try it again, but this time bring a LOT more ladies from the digital world to the real world. Their third try at this phenomenon could prove to be Earth's final hope... Discontinued. Final update was on November 4, 2001.

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