Viruses & Giantesses


(Flashback to Shrink & Switch: Link In Mobius)


Dr. Eggman: (Thinking) Next time, my victory will be certain.  Now that I know what to do, it should be a lot easier to make the upgrades for the real machines.  I doubt that I’ll be able to work with Ganondorf again, however.  Maybe someone much stronger.


(End flashback.)




It’s been over a year since that incident, and Dr. Eggman has found, what he believes to be, the perfect ally.  A big figure emerges from the shadows, and Eggman smiles.


Dr. Eggman: Nice of you to show up, my king.


The shadow reveals itself to be Bowser from Mario’s Dimension.


Bowser: Even though we’ve been playing like fair competitors, it doesn’t mean that we can’t plot schemes for world conquest.


Dr. Eggman: And with us working together, Mario & Sonic don’t stand a chance!


Bowser: Are you sure that these Shrinking Portals will work?


Dr. Eggman: Positive.  The Dimensional Shrinking Portal is an upgrade from my last machine, and it shouldn’t cause any problems.  All we need to do is lure Mario & Sonic in there.


Bowser: Leave that to me.


Dr. Eggman: I don’t care what anyone else says.  This device has served me well the first time, and after we get rid of Mario & Sonic, we’ll use the seven Chaos Emeralds to conquer both worlds!  After we win the Olympics, of course!


Bowser: I just love how your rotten mind works, doctor!  Go for the gold and conquer the globe!


Dr. Eggman: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!


Bowser: MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!


Dr. Eggman activates the machine, causing the whole base to rumble.  Unfortunately for them, it also causes a few chemicals in the hideout to fall over and spill on the different equipment.  The machine lets out an explosion.


Bowser: What the--?!


Dr. Eggman: Oh, no!  I hadn’t expected this possibility!


Bowser: What’s wrong?!


Dr. Eggman: The emeralds are causing a power surge!  I thought I made sure that--OH NO!  MY CHEMICALS!!


Soon, the whole place goes haywire.  As the building explodes, Dr. Eggman and Bowser escape in their flying vehicles.  After the explosion subsides, Dr. Eggman & Bowser look at the hideout.


Dr. Eggman: I spent months improving that device, only to have our entire hideout destroyed!!!


Bowser: I guess someone up there doesn’t want us messing around with that device any longer.


Dr. Eggman: That is not helpful to me.  That, I don’t need.


Bowser: Forget about it, doc.  Let’s just head back to the dorms before we’re missed.  World conquest will have to come another time.


Dr. Eggman: *groans* Fine…


Dr. Eggman & Bowser fly away.  Meanwhile, several liquids are flowing down a stream, carrying the Chaos Emeralds with them.  The emeralds become encased in the liquid, start glowing, and emit steam.  They slowly head into the sky and start dripping glowing liquid on the ground in three different colors.  The emeralds fly off into different directions.  Meanwhile, the liquids start forming into three solid figures.  The solid figures become bodies, and the bodies become viruses.  The viruses look around the base, like newborn creatures ready for the world.  Then, they leave the ruined hideout, anxious to do the only thing they do best: infect and infest.




The next morning, near the Fighting Arena, Mario is busy training with Sonic.  Both of them are getting ready for the Dream Boxing Tournament in one week.  Mario is busy with the punching bag while Sonic works with the speed bag.


Sonic: So, let me get this straight.  The tournament isn’t going to be a sixteen-man tournament?


Mario: Correct.  It’s actually going to be a tournament with each-a participant in-a separate blocks.


Sonic: Okay.  How is it organized?


Mario: All participants are-a randomly chosen.  And-a it’s-a four per block.  The winners of each of-a those blocks will move on to the semifinal rounds for a chance at the gold-a.


Sonic: Have they set up the tournament decisions yet?

Mario: I think-a so.


Sonic: Let’s go check it out, then.


Mario: Okie-dokie.  I think the list is in the Fighting Arena.


Both of them head inside the Fighting Arena and take a look at the tournament ladders.


Sonic: So, I’m in Block A.


Mario: I’m in Block A, too.  And it-a seems that-a we’ll be facing Peach and-a Amy in the preliminaries.


Sonic: Do you feel bad that your first opponent is the princess?


Mario: I do.  It-a feels horrible that I have to be the one to take her out-a so early in the tournament.


Both of them laugh.


Peach: Very funny, Mario.


Both men turn over to see Peach looking at them with her arms crossed and a smirk on her face.  Mario gets nervous.


Mario: Uh, Peach. *gulps*  I didn’t-a mean that--Uh, I meant nothing--What I meant-a was--


Sonic: *laughs* Let’s see you talk your way out of this one, champ.


Peach: Spare me the excuses and jokes.  Right now, we’ve got a serious problem on our hands.


Mario: What’s-a wrong?


Peach: Come on!


Peach leaves with Mario & Sonic following her.




They enter a clinic nearby, and find Amy lying down on a table in pain.  Her forehead is red, sweat is coming down her face, and her skin is very pale.


Sonic: Amy?!


Amy: Uh, Sonic. *coughs* *sneezes*


Sonic: Amy, what happened to you?  You look terrible!


Amy gets out of the table and gets ready to pound Sonic.


Amy: *groans* WHAT’S THAT SUPPOSE TO ME--*coughs*


Amy hunches over in pain.


Mario: Take it easy.  Get back on the bed.


Amy: *groans* I can’t rest.  I--*sneezes*--I need to get ready for the tournament.


Sonic: Forget it, Amy.  You’re in no condition to compete.


Amy: *coughs* Well, I’m not having you get past me on a bye!


Amy sneezes.  Sonic takes a good look at her face and notices that she’s definitely sick.  Her eyes are red, her nose is running, and she looks exhausted.


Amy: Boxing is one of my favorite events.  I’m not letting this disease stop me, especially if my first opponent is you.


Amy starts getting teary-eyed.


Sonic: You’re really determined about this, aren’t you?


Amy passes out, and Mario and Sonic place her on the bed.


Mario: What exactly happened to her?


Peach: Well, we were getting ready to train for our matches against you guys, as all four of us are part of Block A in the Dream Boxing Tournament.  Suddenly, I heard a scream in Amy’s room.  I rushed in, and I saw these creatures gnawing at her.  By the looks of it, they were definitely viruses.  Fortunately, I came prepared for this situation.  I ran back to my room and grabbed some megavitamins.  I took care of the viruses but was not in time to save Amy.  She must have a numerous amount inside her body, now.


Sonic: How is that possible, if you already took care of them?


Mario: Well you see, when a virus’s teeth sinks into the flesh of a victim, the victim gets-a weak, and-a within the victim’s body, an unpredictable number of microscopic viruses are born.  Meanwhile, the virus host, or-a the one responsible, gets-a stronger and multiplies, as-a there strength solely relies on-a numbers.  Alone, it-a doesn’t matter what-a powers they gain.  They can easily be destroyed with the right megavitamins.  But a huge amount of viruses, no matter how strong they are, can be big-a trouble.


Sonic: I’m surprised that you didn’t just whack the pests, instead.


Peach: I think they tend to multiply if I do that.


Mario: But they also change color if-a they get attacked.  And if-a more than-a one virus is in the room, and they become the same color, they disappear the same way.


Peach: I didn’t know that.


Sonic: So, does anyone else know about this?

Peach: Aside from the doctors and you guys, no.


Mario: Well, let’s-a keep it that-a way.


Peach: Couldn’t you get Tails to look at her?


Sonic: He’s a mechanical genius, not a doctor.


Peach: Well, all the doctors around here took a look at her, and none of them could find a cure for this. 


Suddenly, both Mario & Sonic get an idea.


Mario & Sonic: I’ve got it!  I’ll be right back!


Both of them leave the room.




Sonic zooms into Mobius Village.  He enters a hut and looks in a closet.


Sonic: Where is it?  I know that it was left in here--Here it is!  I haven’t used this baby in a LONG time!




Mario heads into his house and grabs a bunch of items from his closet.


Mario: Let’s-a do this!




Peach is pacing around and looking at Amy with concern.


Peach: Oh, goodness.  I wonder where they’ve gone.  All the doctors have stated that she won’t be able to compete unless she’s cured, but--


Amy: YAAHH!!  Don’t say that!  I WILL compete!  *coughs*


Peach: Don’t be stupid, Amy.  You’ve only got one week before the tournament starts, and who knows how long you’ll be like this.  Your own life could be in danger!


Amy: *sneezes* I’m not giving up.  I’ll get through this, and I’ll win the competition.


Peach shakes her head slowly.


Peach: (Thinking) It’s amazing how she can be so confident about this.  I admire her.  I just hope that whatever Mario & Sonic have come up with works.


Sonic: I’m back!


Amy: Sonic! *coughs*


Peach: So, what’s your big plan?


Sonic: Not big, small.  Behold!  The reduce/enlarge component! 


Sonic shows them the device.


Sonic: This invention belongs to a friend of mine, and it’s perfect for this situation.


Amy: Sonic, no.  I--*coughs*

Sonic: It’s okay, Amy.  I know how much you want to compete.  And even though letting you stay sick would be an easy win for me, I could end up losing something far more important.


Amy has a bright gleam in her eyes, knowing that Sonic really cares about her.


Amy: Ooh, Sonic…


Amy goes to sleep, as she’s very low on stamina at this point.


Peach: So, what does this thing do?


Sonic: It makes things bigger or smaller.  I figure that if we can’t destroy the germs from outside the body, then we’ll go inside, and take them all out.


Peach: Are you sure about this?

Sonic: Trust me.  I’ve done this before, and I’ll have Mario helping me out, as he seems to know all about this stuff.


Suddenly, the door opens, and Mario is dressed up differently, surprising Sonic.


Sonic: Mario?!


Dr. Mario: As of-a now, I’m-a known as-a Dr. Mario.


Sonic: …Are you serious?


Dr. Mario: Very serious.  Both of us-a will be heading into the unknown, and I wanted to come-a prepared.  Peach?


Peach: Yes?


Dr. Mario: I also brought-a your equipment with-a me.  So that-a way, you can-a monitor and-a navigate everything.


Peach looks at the equipment, then smiles.


Peach: In that case, give me a minute.


Peach leaves the room.


Sonic: I wonder what she’s up to.


Dr. Mario: Well, while we wait for her, let’s-a get things set up.


Sonic: No problem.


Fortunately, there were several outlets in the room for the equipment, and it only took several minutes to get it ready.  As they finish up, Peach enters the room, but is dressed differently, much to Sonic’s shock.


Sonic: You’ve gotta be kidding me…


Dr. Mario: So, are we ready to get started, Nurse Toadstool?


Sonic: Nurse Toad--


Nurse Toadstool: Ready whenever you guys are.  And you got all the equipment set up just the way I like it.  Thank you.


Sonic: Uh, Mario, Peach, are you guys feeling okay?


Sonic is still trying to wrap his head around this.


Dr. Mario: We’re fine.  But-a please call us by our appropriate names.  Now, let’s-a get your girlfriend back-a to her old-a self.


Sonic: Fine, doc.  (Thinking) Might as well go along with it.


Still feeling skeptical about these two with their doctor routine, Sonic knows that he can trust them.  Nurse Toadstool goes over to the device that Sonic brought in.


Nurse Toadstool: Sonic, how does this work?


Sonic: Well, nurse, you point the nozzle at the object you want to use.  The lever on top is what makes it work.  You pull it to make it shrink stuff and push it to make it enlarge stuff.  To make it stop, move the lever to its neutral position.


Nurse Toadstool: I understand.


Dr. Mario: Remember that-a you need to take us-a through the oral cavity when-a we’re small.


Nurse Toadstool: Got it.  Here, doctor.


Nurse Toadstool gives the doctor a Mushroom Phone.


Nurse Toadstool: This way, we’ll be able to keep in touch with each other.


Dr. Mario: Thank-a you, nurse.


Nurse Toadstool: Now, are you two ready?


Dr. Mario & Sonic: Ready!


The nurse pulls the lever, and Dr. Mario & Sonic start shrinking.  In an instant, they become 1/4 inch tall.


Sonic: Now what?


Before Dr. Mario could answer, they found themselves jumping up and down on the ground, as the ground was shaking like an earthquake.  Soon, they see a huge pink wall drop in front of them.  Above them was an enormous blue sphere.


Sonic: Whoa!  We haven’t even gone inside Amy’s body, and we’re already facing monsters.


Dr. Mario: It’s-a not a monster.  It’s just-a Nurse Toadstool.


Sonic: Oh.  Then that big sphere must be her eye through a magnifying glass, and the pink wall must be one of her sandals.


Dr. Mario: Exactly.  She’s-a just making sure that-a we’re okay.


Dr. Mario & Sonic wave to the nurse, letting her know that they’re fine.  Peach takes her right hand and carefully moves it next to them.  To the micro men, the thickness of her fingers is as tall as they are.  Both of them jump onto her index finger and move to her enormous palm.  Toadstool places her magnifying glass aside and raises other her hand very carefully.  To the guys, it felt like being shot out of a cannon.  When she brings them up to her face, both men are very surprised at how huge it is.  Nurse Toadstool barely sees the two men in her hand, and is amazed at how small they are.


Nurse Toadstool: Good luck, guys!


Although her intentions in that comment were good, the volume of her voice was bad.


Sonic: Gah!  Couldn’t she have waited until we were inside?!


Dr. Mario: Mama Mia!  I hope I haven’t gone-a deaf!


Because of their microscopic size, Nurse Toadstool is unable to hear their screams of pain.  Nonetheless, she carefully brings them over to Amy.  As she does, Dr. Mario & Sonic have to deal with the loud, rumbling noises from her footsteps.  Soon, they see Amy’s gigantic face, still in pain.


Sonic: Don’t worry, Amy.  We’ll get you feeling better, real soon.


The nurse uses her other hand to open Amy’s mouth.


Nurse Toadstool: Down the hatch.


Once again, Dr. Mario & Sonic had to deal with the deafening voice of Nurse Toadstool.


Dr. Mario: MAMA MIA!




Both men feel the ground tilting.




Unable to hear their screams, Nurse Toadstool moves her hand downward.  They continue screaming as they slide down from her palm to her fingers and fall right into Amy’s mouth.  As they do, they land inside her throat, badly.  Suddenly, Dr. Mario gets a call on his phone.


Dr. Mario: *groans* Hello?


Nurse Toadstool: Are you guys okay?


Dr. Mario: Fine, fine, no thanks to you!


Nurse Toadstool: Huh?  What did I do?


Dr. Mario: Never mind.  Just tell us how the situation looks.


Nurse Toadstool: Well, there’s virus activity within many areas of the body.  As long as they don’t infect the brain and the heart, Amy should be okay.


Dr. Mario: Okay.  I’m out.


Dr. Mario hangs up his phone.  Both of them head into the entrance of the digestive track and find a giant sign hanging above them.


Sonic: “Welcome to The City Of Amy?!”


Dr. Mario: Awkward.  What’s-a this?


Dr. Mario is referring to another sign, pointing to many areas of Amy’s body.  Strangely enough, each area has a special name relating to it.


Dr. Mario: Okay, so where should-a head to first?


Suddenly, the whole place starts rumbling, and three different colored viruses jump at them.


Sonic: Whoa!


Dr. Mario: Wha!


Nearly avoiding their teeth, they get themselves ready for battle.


Dr. Mario: This-a shouldn’t take long.


Sonic: I agree.


Sonic rushes over to a yellow virus with a Spin Dash.  He knocks into it, and it turns blue.  He continues and runs into a red virus, and it turns yellow.  Then, he leaps into the air and uses a Homing Attack on the same virus, and it turns blue. The third virus was already blue, meaning that all three of them were about to become extinct.  All three viruses throw a tantrum and disappear.


Sonic: Wow!  So that technique DOES work.  In that case, this’ll be easier than I imagined.


Suddenly, three more viruses appear.


Dr. Mario: Save-a your strength.  Let-a me deal with-a this.


Dr. Mario grabs some megavitamins and starts tossing them at the viruses, making sure that the right colors hit the right viruses.  In no time at all, the viruses were defeated.


Sonic: Wow!  Why didn’t you tell me that you had those?


Dr. Mario: You never asked-a me.  Besides, the way you handled yourself earlier was-a good enough for-a you.


Suddenly, a multitude of viruses appear.


Dr. Mario: Uh, what did you say about-a this being easy?


Sonic: Okay.  So maybe I was a tad overconfident.


As Dr. Mario and Sonic get ready to take out the viruses, a giant beam of blue energy hits the germs, and all of them turn blue.  They throw a tantrum and disappear.  Soon, Dr. Mario & Sonic feel the ground rumbling behind them.


???: Yes!  It worked!


Surprised at what just happened, Dr. Mario & Sonic soon turn to see a giant version of Amy with blue skin standing behind them holding a blue gun.  Compared to the tiny heroes, she roughly stood about 25 ft. tall.


Dr. Mario: Is-a that Amy?!


Sonic: No, it can’t be!  Wait a minute!


???: Oh, goodie!  The outsiders came to help me out!  Allow me to introduce myself.  The name is Ami Bodies.


Sonic: Let me guess.  You’re part of the defense system for Amy’s body, right?


Ami: *giggles* That’s right.  I’m actually the leader around here.  I got word that you two would be coming here to help us out.


Ami takes a good look at Sonic and swoons over him.


Ami: Wow, everyone’s going to be so jealous when they hear that I met Sonic in person.  You’re only the single greatest thing mentioned around here!


Dr. Mario: (Thinking) Amazing.  Even her body is-a crazy over Sonic.


Suddenly, Dr. Mario gets a call on his Mushroom Phone.


Dr. Mario: What is it, Nurse Toadstool?


Nurse Toadstool: Dr. Mario, we’ve got a situation.  Amy’s condition has gotten worse.  She’s suffering from irregular effects of gigantism.


Dr. Mario: What?!


Nurse Toadstool: Fortunately, the effects have stopped, but it could become dangerous if it continues.


Dr. Mario: Thank you for letting me know.


Dr. Mario hangs up.


Sonic: How’s Amy doing?


Dr. Mario: She’s gotten bigger.  I’m-a guessing that-a her pituitary gland was infected.


Sonic: What?!


Ami: That’s why I’m so big.  The three viruses that attacked Amy were not normal viruses.  They had been empowered with a very powerful energy, almost like a Chaos Emerald.


Dr. Mario: And even though they were easily defeated, they still left a powerful mark on-a your girlfriend.


Sonic: Uh, yeah.


Dr. Mario: Meaning that-a whatever happens to Amy, also happens to the cells around-a here.


Sonic: But, wouldn’t the gigantism benefit them as well?


Ami: I wish, but these nasty pests have taken down nearly all of my comrades.  The viruses have multiplied out of control and attacked nearly every area of the body.  Despite their small size compared to us now, it’s like dealing with swarms of poisonous insects.  Now, my worst fear has come to life.  A dangerous criminal has broken out of Waste ‘Em All Prison, and if he manages to get to the central brain area, it’s Game Over for all of us.


Sonic: We’ll do whatever we can to help!


Dr. Mario: Fortunately, I’ve-a got-a plenty of-a megavitamins.


Ami: Awesome!  With you guys, those scumbags won’t stand a chance against us!


Sonic: So, where’s our first stop?


Ami: First, we’re heading over to the stomach, as a new recruit is arriving today.


Ami has them riding on her shoulders as she heads over there.  Dr. Mario and Sonic are amazed to see such an enormous population and a gigantic city within Amy.


Dr. Mario: What is-a this-a place?


Ami: Didn’t you guys read the sign?  This is The City Of Amy.


Sonic: This is amazing!


Ami: *giggles* I’m glad you think so.  I know that it looks larger than it normally does, but that’s only because of what happened to Amy earlier.


Soon, they see other different creatures around the same size as Ami.  All of them are staring at Sonic and whispering among themselves.


Ami: Those ladies are the cells that make up the body.  They just live normal lives, around here.


Sonic: Uh, why are they all looking at me like that?


Ami: *giggles* Silly.  Like myself, those girls are crazy about you.  Even the younger ones can’t help but fall in love with you.


Dr. Mario: Why aren’t there any men around-a here?


Ami: Uh, hello.  Amy’s a girl.  So, her body is made up of female cells.


Sonic: Makes sense.


Dr. Mario gets another phone call.


Dr. Mario: Hello?


Nurse Toadstool: Dr. Mario, I’ve given Amy some medicine to help you guys out.  It should calm things down for a while, but I also hope that it hasn’t done more harm than good for you guys.


Dr. Mario: Not at all.  Thank you for letting us-a know.


Nurse Toadstool: That’s good.  If anything else happens, I’ll be sure to let you know.


Dr. Mario hangs up.  As they arrive they notice a slightly larger figure approaching them.  Surprisingly, she looks just like Princess Peach, except she’s got black hair and purple skin with white boots.  Compared to Dr. Mario & Sonic, she’s about several feet taller than Ami.


????: You must be the white blood cell in charge around here.


Dr. Mario & Sonic take a glance at Ami and find it strange that a white blood cell would be pink.


Ami: *giggles* I may be a white blood cell, but I always think pink.


????: Anyway, I come from the outside world and was sent to assist you.  The name is Trixie Tang, and I come from the Peach Potassium Pill that Amy recently swallowed.  I would’ve gotten here sooner, but the viruses attacked my ride, and I soon found myself getting enlarged.


Ami: It must’ve been the same ones that attacked Pituitary Palace.


Trix: Well, whatever the case, it’s an honor to be working with the three of you, and I’ll do whatever I can to save Amy.


Dr. Mario: Glad to know that-a you’re able to help us.


Sonic: Welcome aboard, Trixie.


Trix: The pleasure’s all mine.  But do me a favor and call me Trix.


Sonic: Sure thing, Trix.


Dr. Mario: Ami & Trix.  I have a very strong feeling that-a you two will-a get along very well.


Sonic: What makes you think that?


Dr. Mario: Maybe it’s-a just because the way the names sounded when I said them together.


Both ladies giggle.


Ami: It does sound cool.


Trix: So, where’s our first stop?


Ami: First, we need to head to HQ, located in Right Bicep Beach.  I’d like you three to meet the rest of my unit.


Trix: So, it sounds like we’re heading to the right arm.


Ami: Silly rabbit, we ARE heading to the right arm.


Trix: (Thinking) I wonder why everyone keeps calling me that.




Meanwhile, a small germ in purple skin is wandering around the town.  This germ is dressed like a gang member.  He has really long fingers, and is wearing a black vest with long black pants, black boots, and dark shades.  Both of his index fingers are slightly longer than his other fingers.  One is glowing red, and the other is glowing blue.


??????: With everythin’ so large, sneakin’ around is almost too easy.


He looks down at the viruses following him.


??????: An’ you guys did a fine job coverin’ my escape.  So now, it’s time to hit ‘em where it hurts.




Inside the HQ, Sonic and Dr. Mario meet up with Ami’s force.  The girls waste no time in gathering around the tiny hedgehog.


Cell #1: He’s so small, yet he’s so adorable!


Cell #2: He’s so hot!


Cell #3: I’m, like, so jealous of Amy!


Cell #4: Totally!  There are, like, no men around here, and this multi-cellular cutie is the best thing ever!  H-O-T-T, Hot!


Cell #5: So, Sonic, I hope that we haven’t made you feel unwelcome.


Nervously blushing, Sonic tries to compose himself in front of all of them.


Sonic: Uh, no.  Believe me.  It’s really nice to meet you, LADIES!!


One cell picks him up without warning and hugs him against her chest.


Cell #6: Oh, his skin is so soft.


She holds him in front of her.  Soon, the other girls gather around and start rubbing his head, touching his stomach, and giggling like schoolgirls.


Sonic: Uh, Mario!  I mean, doc!  Dr. Mario!  Help me out here!


Ami: Okay, ladies!  It’s time for us to get to work!  Leave the cutie alone!


All the girls groan and Sonic heads over to Ami with a sigh of relief.


Sonic: Thank you, Ami.  I didn’t know how I was going to get out of that mess.


Ami goes down to rub Sonic on the head.


Ami: *giggles* Anything for you, Sonic!


Trix: Can we please get started?


Ami: Fine, fine.


Ami goes up to a podium, and the cells are sitting at the desks, making the place feel like a classroom.  Trix has Dr. Mario sitting on her left shoulder as she stands near Ami.


Ami: Okay, ladies.  I’d like to introduce our newest recruits for our most dangerous assignment.  The dreamy Sonic…


All the cells swoon over the hedgehog as he stands on the podium.


Sonic: Uh, hey ladies.


Cells: Hi, Sonic!


Ami: …and on my left, we’ve got Dr. Mario and Trixie Tang, or Trix.


Dr. Mario: Hello.


Trix: Greetings.


Ami: Trix and gentlemen, these six cells are the best of the best inside Amy’s body.  Trustworthy, loyal, and determined to do whatever it takes to stop this madness.


Cell #1: We’re happy to do it, and with Sonic on board, we’ve got more energy to take down that scum.


Cell #2: For sure.


Cell #3: Totally.


Sonic gets slightly nervous as all the cells giggle.


Ami: Okay now, tell me the situation at hand.  C1, you go first.


Cell #1: We’ve lost all communications with the Triple L HQ, and Right Thigh Trailer Park is still in the evacuation process.


Ami: As soon as they’re done, tell the storage cells to hold down the area while the rest of them search Triple L for survivors.  If there are any, tend to their wounds while holding down the area.  We can’t afford any body part to lose all its energy.


Cell #1: Yes, ma’am.


Dr. Mario: “Triple L”?


Ami: Triple L stands for Left Leg Lake.  It’s a lake with a base used to catch germs.


Sonic: Makes sense to me.


Ami: C2, where does Digestive Driveway stand at the moment?


Cell #2: Everything’s still fully functional, but since the recent jailbreak and virus attacks, it’s basically been Rush Hour for the past few hours.


Ami: Well, I’d like you to make sure that traffic stays calm.  If it turns violent, then send a squad to enforce the peace.  We can’t afford to have any extra problems.


Cell #2: Yes, ma’am.


Ami: C3 & C4, I’ve noticed that things appear normal around Chest County around the areas of Spinal Street and Lung Lanes.  However, I want a close eye to be kept on things.  C3, I want you to go undercover with C4 as an eyeball to watch your back.


Cell #3 & Cell #4: Yes, ma’am.


Ami: C5.


Cell #5: Ma’am?


Ami: Left Bicep Boardwalk has no defense cover.  We need a squad over there at once.


Cell #5: You can depend on me, Ami.


Ami: C6, I want you staying here and giving me the heads up on everything.


Cell #6: Yes, ma’am.


Ami: Ladies, this is the most dangerous threat that we’ve faced in our lives.  The viruses are busy with the lower half of Amy and will soon be pushing towards the heart.  On top of that, the most dangerous criminal inside the body has gotten loose, and we believe that he’s using the viruses to keep us busy while he heads for the two most powerful areas of the body.


Dr. Mario: That-a would be the brain and the heart, right?


Ami: Exactly.  Unfortunately, with the city getting enlarged, it’s like looking for an atom.  As long as he’s free, we can’t let our guards down for even a second.  If there’s any sight of him, contact us immediately, and all units will go straight for the area, A.S.A.P.  We can’t allow him to win, no matter what.  Now, MOVE OUT!


Cells: YES, MA’AM!


All the cells leave the room.


Trix: Before we step out, I need to know exactly what we’re dealing with.  I know that the viruses are trouble enough, but what did you mean when you were talking about “he”?


Sonic: Is it the criminal that you mentioned earlier?


Ami: Yep.  Sorry for boring you guys with all that.  I just had to make sure that those ladies were doing their jobs.


Dr. Mario: Don’t-a bother apologizing.  I understand how things-a can get in an emergency situation.


Ami: Thanks, Dr. Mario.  Anyway, the germ’s name is Streak, a dangerous criminal known for causing strokes.  He’s been known to travel from body to body, destroying brains, just for fun.  When he ended up in here, we had gotten word about a security breach in the brain.  Fortunately, we succeeded in capturing him and had him sentenced to life in Waste ‘Em All Prison.  However, the recent virus invasion caused him to break free.  We believe that he’s now using them to help him succeed.


Dr. Mario: Then-a we should-a wait for a call.  If-a we wait at-a one location, then-a he’ll strike at-a the other location.


Sonic: Good idea.  This way, we can make him feel overconfident and strike him when he least expects it.


Ami grabs Sonic and kisses him on his forehead.


Ami: Cool and smart.  I wouldn’t expect anything less from this little hunk.


Ami hugs him against her face.


Sonic: (Thinking) I can’t wait for this to be over.  Dealing with Amy was crazy enough, but this is way too much!


Trix: He’s really popular around here, isn’t he?


Dr. Mario: Well, Amy is-a just crazy about-a Sonic.


Trix smiles and tickles Dr. Mario’s chin.  Dr. Mario laughs.


Trix: You’re kinda cute, yourself. *giggles*


Ami is surprised at Trix for the way she treats Dr. Mario.


Ami: No way.  How could you prefer Dr. Mario over the way past cool, Sonic?


Trix: I guess my taste in guys is different.


Ami: Silly rabbit.


Trix: (Thinking) Why does everyone keep calling me that?




Meanwhile, Streak is somewhere near the heart, ready to strike.


Streak: Now it’s time to call my comrades.


Streak raises his two index fingers and moves them around in a circle.  The two fingers start flashing.




Soon, the energy from both fingers turns into two solid germs.  They dress like Streak, except that one of them is in red skin with a flaming head, and the other one is in blue skin with a crystal-like body.


Frankie: Frankie Fever, at your service!  What’s cookin’ doc?


Frosty: Frosty Fever, at your service!  Just chill an’ leave it to us.


Fever Bros.: The Fever Bros. are at your service, boss!


Streak: All right, boys.  Wit the viruses occupyin’ the attention of many of Ami’s forces, it’s time to strike the main targets.


Frankie: So, what’s the plan?


Streak: You two will head for the heart and unlock the doors buried underneath the heart.  Once you’ve done that, head back to me, and we’ll get started on destroying the brain.  In the meantime, I’m gonna be infiltratin’ the brain’s defenses an’ gettin’ to the center of it.


Frosty: So, we draw out their attention an’ make it easy for you to break through, right?


Frankie: Exactly, Frosty.  Now you’re catching on.


Frosty: Catching on what?  A cold?  I can’t be because I’m made--


Frankie: Never mind, rock head.


Streak: An’ if you can, try to shut down the heart.  A’ight?


Frankie: You can count on us, boss.


Frosty: We’ll stop her heart cold.


Streak: Good, boys.


Streak leaves for the brain.


Frankie: Frosty, go get the tools.


Frosty: What tools?


Frankie: The tools we’ve been using for the last 10 years.


Frosty: Oh, those tools.


Frankie: Yeah, those tools.  Then meet me by the heart in 10.


Frosty: Okie-dokie.




Meanwhile, Dr. Mario gets a call on his phone.


Dr. Mario: Nurse Toadstool?


Nurse Toadstool: Dr. Mario, Amy is breathing heavily now.  What’s going on in there?


Dr. Mario: My guess is that the heart is under attack.  We’re on our way now.


Dr. Mario hangs up his phone.


Dr. Mario: It seems that our adversaries have decided to finish the job.  The heart is under attack.


Ami: I just got the call, stating that Streak and his henchmen are located at the area.


Trix: In that case we should get going.  Every second counts, now.


Sonic: Let me go ahead of you guys.  I should be able to slow things down until you two arrive.


Ami: Smart thinking, Sonic, as expected.


Dr. Mario: Hold it!


Sonic: Huh?


Ami & Trix: Huh?


Dr. Mario: This-a seems too obvious.


Trix: Well, we can’t wait for them to strike.  Even the slightest amount of damage around the heart can cause an all-system shutdown.


Sonic: Relax, silly rabbit.  We can’t just rush out there without a plan.


Trix: (Thinking) I still don’t get why everyone keeps calling me that.


Ami: Sorry, Sonic.  Even though I really hate to disagree with you, I can’t wait for the unthinkable to happen.  Let’s go, Trix!


Dr. Mario: Wait!


Without hesitating, Ami & Trix leave.


Dr. Mario: They’re falling into a trap.


Sonic: Should I go after them?


Dr. Mario: No.  I’ve-a got a better idea.




Both ladies continue making their way towards the heart.


Trix: Ami, are you sure that it was right to leave those two behind?


Ami: We can’t wait for them to come up with a plan.  If I know Streak, he’ll go after the brain rather than the heart.  However, in order for him do so, he’ll need to unlock the Nucleus Doors located at the heart.  We need to stop him before he succeeds.


Trix: I understand, now.




The Fever Bros. are getting ready to dig around the heart.  They have a pick and several shovels.


Frankie: Lucky us.  There’s no one around.


Frosty: Now, if I remember correctly, our plan is to dig to the center of the heart and destroy the ventricles and arteries, right?


Frankie: Right.  At the same time, we’ll be lookin’ for the switch that unlocks the Nucleus Doors to the brain.  While we do this, we’ll also be lurin’ away the attention from Streak, who’s going to infiltrate the brain and destroy it.


Frosty: Wow.  We’ve got our work cut out for us, don’t we?


Frankie: Pretty much.  Now, let’s get started.


Frosty: Okay, take your pick.


Frankie takes a shovel.


Frosty: Oh no.  That’s a shovel.  This is the pick.


Frankie: Well, that’s what I picked.  The shovel.


Frosty: But that’s not the pick.  That’s a shovel.


Frankie: Well, I picked the shovel.  The shovel is my pick.


Frosty: But how can the shovel be the pick?


Frankie: Look.  If I wanted to pick the pick, I’d have picked the pick.  But instead, I picked the shovel because the shovel is my pick.


Frosty: Oh, so you didn’t pick the pick because the pick isn’t the pick of your pick so you picked the shovel because the shovel is your pick, even though the shovel isn’t a pick, yet it’s the pick of your pick.


Frankie: Now you got it.


Frosty: Now I got it.  I don’t even know what I’m talkin’ about.


Frankie: You still don’t get it?


Frosty: Nuh-uh.


Frankie: A’ight, hand me the equipment.


Frosty hands Frankie the tools.


Frankie: Now, take your pick.


Frosty takes the pick.


Frankie: There you go.  Now the pick is your pick.


Frosty: I’m still confused.  Let’s try again.  Give me the tools.


Frankie: Okay.


Frankie hands Frosty the tools.


Frosty: Now you take your pick.


Frankie takes the shovel.


Frosty: You took the shovel!  This is the pick!


Frosty throws the pick on the floor.


Frankie: Oh, come on!  We’ve wasted enough time foolin’ around!


Both men start digging.


Frankie: I swear, how stupid can you get?


Frosty: Well that depends.


Frankie: On what?


Frosty: On how stupid you want me to be.


Frankie groans.


Frankie: You continue diggin’ while I look for the switch.


Trix: Hold it right there!


The Fever Bros. turn to find Ami & Trix right in front of them.  But before anything can happen, the whole place starts to rumble, and the Fever Bros. find themselves getting smaller.


Ami: Oh, no!  Don’t tell me…


Trix: Is Amy experiencing…


Ami & Trix: Another growth spurt!!


Outside the body, Amy, who was already big enough to fit the bed’s size, continues to grow.


Nurse Toadstool: Oh, no!  Another growth spurt?!


Amy soon becomes almost as big as the room itself.  Fortunately, she didn’t outgrow the room.


Nurse Toadstool: Phew!  Thank goodness the equipment is still safe.  Still, who knows when it’ll happen again?  Oh, hurry up, you guys!




When the rumbling stops, Ami & Trix become the size of small mice.  However, to the little men, both of them were around 50 ft. tall.


Frankie: Wow!  This makes things a little more difficult.


Frosty: But on the other hand, it makes it harder for them to find us.


Frankie: Good point.  Let’s find that switch.


The Fever Bros. sneak away, while Ami & Trix try to look for them.


Ami: Okay.  The rumbling definitely caused another growth spurt, and I lost track of those creeps.


Trix: Well, I can see this as a blessing and as a burden.


Ami: What do you mean?


Trix: On one hand, it makes it easier for us to crush Streak and those creeps.  On the other hand, we have to find them, and with us being bigger, that will definitely be a problem.


Ami: Not likely.


Trix: Huh?


Ami: Silly rabbit.  Just follow me.


Trix: Okay, fine.  But by the end of this adventure, you’re going to tell me why everyone keeps calling me that.




Soon, Frankie & Frosty find themselves in front of a giant building.


Frankie: “Switch Palace”?


Frosty: Ha!  I guess it must reside near “Corny Courtyard” and “Rip-off Railroad.”


Frankie: I could say the same thing about your jokes.


Frosty: What’s wrong with my jokes?  Are they too cool for you?


Both men make their way in as they continue talking.


Frankie: No.  It’s more like they’re not hot enough to be funny.  Come on.  Let’s just focus on findin’ the switch right now.  Streak is probably having an easier time making it through the defense system with the recent growth spurt.




Meanwhile, Streak makes it to the Brain Base.  A lot of giant female cells are walking around, patrolling the area.


Streak: *chuckles* Such lovely faces around here, especially from this perspective.  *sighs* Too bad I have to destroy their home.


Because he’s so small compared to the giant female cells, he’s easily able to avoid detection as he makes it to the central brain area.


Streak: Now, I’m at the Nucleus Doors.  I just hope that the Fever Bros. don’t fail me.




The Fever Bros. find the switch, but realize that it’s out of reach.


Frankie: Wow.  Well, I guess this is another downside to our small stature.


Frosty: So, what do we do?


Frankie: I’ve got a hot idea.


Frosty: Cool.  What is it?


Frankie: We’ll climb those power lines and make our way to the top.  Once we do, we jump on the switch, pushing it down, and unlocking the Nucleus Doors.


Frosty: What a brain.


But before the men can get started, they notice a giant shadow looming over them.  As they turn around, they find out that it’s two giant shadows as they look up to see Ami & Trix smiling down at them.


Fever Bros.: Uh-oh!




Ami: So, you two thought that you could use your small size to evade us, huh?  Well, too bad for you.


Trix: Ami knew where you guys were going, so it was only a matter of time before we would find you.


Frankie smacks himself in the head.


Frankie: Of course!  That dame knows every place of this body!


Frosty: Wow!  Very cool!


Frankie: Will you focus?!  I swear, sometimes your stupidity burns me up.


Frosty: Uh, but aren’t you--


Frankie: Never mind!


Ami & Trix look at them with raised eyebrows.


Trix: (Whispers) Uh, Ami.  Are you sure these guys are considered dangerous?


Ami: (Whispers) These guys are just having one of their moments.  (Out loud) Okay, guys.  Fun’s fun, but we’re in the middle of a situation here.  So just make it easy and surrender yourselves.


Trix: With our size compared to you two, you really don’t have much choice.


Frankie: Well, it looks like Streak’s plan is fizzled out.


Frosty: Chill out, Frankie.  You’re acting like a total pessimist.


Frankie: What do you mean?


Frosty: You see this as impossible, but I see this from an optimistic angle.


Ami & Trix laugh.


Ami: Are you crazy?  Look at us compared to you guys.  We’re huge!  You’re tiny!  We’ll crush you both!


Frosty: Oh, really?


Trix: *scoffs* Are you testing us now?!


Frosty: What if I am?  Either way, we will get to that switch.


Frankie: (Thinking) What’s he up to?


Ami: We’re serious.  We’ll do it?


Frosty: Then why are you getting cold feet now?  Is it because of me, or are you elephants afraid of little mice?


Ami: Why you arrogant little--!!


Ami wastes no time in stomping Frosty, but to no avail.  He dodges every foot.  Trix tries to grab him, but Frosty too quick for them.


Frosty: Too easy.  And I’d love to play with you large ladies some more, but my boss is in a hurry, so I’ll have to stop you cold by doin’ that to the floor.


Soon, he uses his hands to turn the floor into an ice rink.


Frosty: You giant cells better know how to ski!


Frankie: (Thinking) Very clever, bro.


Trix: I’ll get him!


Ami: No, Trix!


Trix tries to stop him, but ends up tripping and sliding into a wall.  Ami smacks herself in the head.


Ami: I should’ve seen this coming…


Frost lands on Trix’s nose.


Frosty: Ha, ha, HA, ha!  Ha, ha, HA, ha!  Ha, ha, HA, ha!  Hehehehehehehehehehehehe!


He raises his hand and touches her nose, causing her to feel lightheaded.


Ami: *groans* Well, laugh this off!


Before Ami could go over to stop Frosty, she realizes that her foot is on fire.  She jumps up and slips on the floor, grabbing her foot in pain.


Frankie: Did you forget about me, hot stuff?


Ami: Dang!  I can’t believe I let my guard down.


Frankie then raises his hand and touches her forehead, causing her to feel lightheaded.


Frankie: Frosty!  Get the switch!


Frosty: I’m on it!


Frosty jumps on Trix’s leg, and right on top of the switch.  Fortunately, his weight was enough to push the switch down.  Frosty jumps down to join his brother.


Frankie: I’ll admit, Frosty.  That was very clever.


Frosty: This was my brainchild for Streak.


Frankie: Well, at last you’ve got a brain, child.


Frosty: Well, what can I say.  When you’re hot, you’re hot, and I was smokin’!


Frankie raises an eyebrow.


Frankie: Now that’s an unusual statement coming from you.


Frosty: Enough with the puns.


Frosty uses his power to freeze the switch.


Frosty: Let’s get back to Streak.


Frankie: (Thinking) Very impressive work, man.


The Fever Bros. disappear, leaving Ami & Trix in shock.


Ami: They got away.


Trix: Not only that, this performance of ours is a huge mark on our records.  We’ll be the laughing stock of--*sneezes*--of the force.


Ami: Please don’t remind me.  We let ourselves get overconfident with our gigantic sizes, and in turn, it became a negative asset.


Trix: S-S-So how do we get out of this mess now?


Ami takes a pill from her pocket and swallows it.  She then takes another pill and hands it to Trix.


Ami: Take this pill.  It should bring down the cold.


Trix takes the pill and her cold nose disappears.


Trix: Thanks.


Ami: I’ve faced these guys before, and I know how to counter their diseases.  However, these small problems are nothing compared to what will happen to us if we let Streak succeed.


As Ami & Trix get up to leave for the brain, they soon see an armada of viruses approach them.


Trix: No!  Not now!


Ami: And I don’t have my weapons with me!




Meanwhile at the brain, the Nucleus Doors open.


Streak: Perfect, the door’s unlocked, and there’s no one in sight.


Streak finds his fingers glowing again.


Streak: Good job, boys.  Everything went perfectly as planned.


?????: Not quite, punk!


Streak: Huh?  Who said that?!


Streak turns to find Sonic and Dr. Mario behind him.


Dr. Mario: You’re not the only small one around-a here.


Streak: Huh?  Who are you guys?


Sonic: We’re from outside the body, and we intend to save our friend!


Dr. Mario: It’s-a checkout time, Streak!


Streak smiles at them.


Streak: Good.  To be honest, I was getting bored having the viruses do all the work for me.


Streak shows them his two index fingers and waves them around.




Soon, the energy from both fingers turns into two solid germs.


Streak: Meet my henchmen, the Fever Bros.


Frankie: Frankie Fever, ready to fry you to a crisp!


Frosty: Frosty Fever, ready to freeze you to death!


Sonic: (Thinking) Dang!  I guess that Ami & Trix were unable to slow them down.


Frankie: Don’t expect your giant girlfriends to assist you.


Frosty: We’ve left some viruses around to play with them.


Streak: If I’m not mistaken, you’re this dame’s heartthrob.


Sonic: Yeah, that’s me.


Streak: In that case, this will be more fun than I expected.  Frankie, Frosty, stand down.


Frankie: Huh?  You mean you’re going to face them by yourself?


Frosty: Boss, are you sure about this?


Streak: I got this, boys.  This is another disease that you won’t be able to cure, my friends.


Streak and Sonic face each other.  Dr. Mario faces the Fever Bros.  All of them get into fighting stances.


Streak: Now, let’s get started.


Streak uses his hand to try and fry Sonic.  Sonic manages to dodge it and leap into the air.


Sonic: You’re too slow!


Sonic goes into a Homing Attack.


Streak: And you’re too predictable.


Streak fires an ice blast with his other hand, and Sonic is frozen solid.


Streak: Too easy.  You didn’t think I had the powers of both my henchmen, did you?


Dr. Mario: I should’ve known.


Streak: Yes you should’ve, doc.  Now it’s your turn.


Dr. Mario jumps up and goes for a punch, but Streak uses his arm to try and fry him to a crisp.


Streak: You think you’d learn from the hedgehog’s mistake.


However, Dr. Mario uses his Super Sheet to deflect Streak’s attack, surprising Streak and nailing him in the chest.


Streak: *groans* That was unexpected.  But this fight is far from over, doc.


Streak goes up to him with both fists filled with fire and ice.  He goes up to Dr. Mario and throws a few punches.  Dr. Mario dodges each one.  It soon turns into a punching frenzy between the two.  After a while, they back away and look at each other.


Frosty: Wow!  For a doctor, this guy knows how to fight.


Frankie: He’s not just a doctor.  He’s also a fighter.


Frosty: Of course.  Doctors always fight diseases.


Frankie: No, no, no!


Frosty: Isn’t he also a veteran in many other areas?


Frankie: I think so.


Frankie notices the ground rumbling slightly.


Frankie: We should take care of the front door.  We don’t want anyone unexpected coming in.


Frosty: Leave that to me.


Frosty goes to the Nucleus Doors, and with his hands, creates a solid ice wall.


Frosty: That should hold them off.


Frankie: So, this battle is all but won, now.


Meanwhile, Streak & Dr. Mario are still trading blows.  After a while, Streak gets irritated.


Streak: This is taking longer than expected.  As fun as this is, I’m on a deadline here.  FRANKIE!  FROSTY!


Frankie: You rang, boss?


Streak: Get to the brain and--


Before he could finish, the whole place starts rumbling.  Soon, a giant foot steps on Streak.


Dr. Mario: Huh?


It turns out to be Ami, who looks pretty mangled.


Ami: I made it, and Streak tastes the agony of de-feet! *giggles*


Dr. Mario: Ami, you have-a very good-a timing.


Ami: Where’s Sonic?


Sonic: Right here.


Surprisingly, Sonic appears, looking bluer than usual.  Ami grabs Sonic and hugs him to her face.


Ami: Sonic!  It’s good to know that you’re okay.  Did that mean germ hurt you?!


Sonic: He turned me into a frozen ice-hog.  But I’m all right, now.


Frankie: OH, NO!


Frosty: With Streak unconscious, we’re powerless!


Dr. Mario: Best news I’ve heard all day!


Dr. Mario wastes no time in throwing a few megavitamins at them.  Then, he knocks them both out with a Super Jump Punch.  After knocking them all out, both men tie all three of them up.  Then, they head to the front door.


Dr. Mario: Well, how do we get-a through this?


Ami: *giggles* I got in here though an alternate route.  You forget that I know this body from head to toes.  Second off, with all three of them unconscious, their powers are weakened.  Plus, at my size, that wall will feel as soft as dirt.  Stand back, boys!


Ami places Sonic on the ground, and punches through the ice wall, crumbling it to pieces.  A few other giant female cells go over to inspect the situation.


Guard Cell: Ami?!  What’s going on?


Ami: Never mind.  Just make sure that these three fugitives are kept locked up.


Guard Cell: It’s Streak and his henchmen!


Ami: Yeah, and they’re responsible for the virus invasion.  Do not let them out of your sight.


Guard Cell: Yes, ma’am!


And so, the threat of Streak and his henchmen was finished.  Streak was sent back to Waste ‘Em All Prison.  Ami made sure that he would never cause trouble again by personally taking away his powers and sentencing him and the Fever Bros. to be flushed.  After that was taken care of and the three evildoers were gone from The City Of Amy, Ami goes over to Dr. Mario & Sonic, letting them know the good news.  Soon, Dr. Mario & Sonic would be out of Amy’s body, Amy would be feeling better, and all of them would be ready to start the Boxing Tournament.


Sonic: So, it’s finally over.


Ami: Not quite.  Even though these three are knocked out, those viruses are still in great numbers.  Trix sacrificed herself to safe me, as the viruses ambushed us.


Dr. Mario: Oh, no!


Ami: I don’t know how much longer she’ll last.


Sonic: What?!  So what now?


Dr. Mario snaps his fingers.


Dr. Mario: I’ve got it!


Dr. Mario takes out his phone and phones Nurse Toadstool.


Dr. Mario: Nurse!


Nurse Toadstool: Oh, doctor!  Amy has almost taken the size of the whole room!  Please, hurry and fix the problem!


Dr. Mario: We already have.


Nurse Toadstool: Huh?


Dr. Mario: We just-a need to take care of-a the numerous viruses in-a her body.  Can-a you get Amy to swallow as-a many megavitamins as possible?


Nurse Toadstool: Huh?  But are you sure this will work?


Amy: *groans* Peach.


Everything inside Amy starts rumbling.


Sonic: Whoa!  What’s going on?!


Dr. Mario: Amy must-a be waking up.




Back in the office, Nurse Toadstool is trying to comfort Amy.


Nurse Toadstool: Don’t move, Amy.  You’ve become huge, and any sudden movements could cause problems for the boys.


Amy: The boys?  You mean…they’re inside me?!


Nurse Toadstool: Exactly.


Amy: So, how am I now?


Nurse Toadstool: You’re doing much better.  Dr. Mario & Sonic defeated the source of the problem.  You now need to swallow as many megavitamins as you can to get yourself back to normal.


Amy: In that case, start feeding me.  I’m sure at my size, I’d just wreck the place.


Nurse Toadstool: Understood, and right away.  Dr. Mario!




Dr. Mario: Yes, Nurse?


Nurse Toadstool: Amy will swallow as many as it takes to destroy all the viruses.  Make sure that there’s no one around the digestive track in the meantime.


Dr. Mario: Yes, ma’am.


Dr. Mario hangs up.


Dr. Mario: Ami, tell everyone to evacuate the digestive areas immediately!


Ami: Right away, doctor.


In a matter of moments, all the areas of the digestive tracks are empty.  Nurse Toadstool feeds Amy as many megavitamins as she can.  In a matter of moments, all the viruses in her body start running for their lives but are unable to escape the megavitamins.  In no time at all, the entire body is clean of all viruses.


Dr. Mario: Is it over?


Trix: Dr. Mario!  Sonic!  Ami!


All of them are surprised to see Trix looking better.  Trix walks up to Dr. Mario and picks him up.


Trix: Thank goodness you guys are safe.


Dr. Mario: You sacrificed yourself-a to save Ami.  But-a you must’ve taken-a serious damage.


Trix: Not exactly.  Even though we had no weapons to deal with the viruses, we we’re still much bigger than them.  So, all I did was throw her pass the invasion, and she took care of the rest.  It was a desperate move, but one worth doing.  After getting her through the invasion, I locked the door and tried to keep it barricaded.  At that point, my fate was in Ami’s hands.


Dr. Mario: You can-a say that again.  She saved us all.


Trix: Well, I’m glad that I trusted her with my life.  Because when I left that room, I didn’t see a single virus lurking around.


Sonic: Then that must mean that Amy’s back to normal.


Trix: Does it?  How wonderful!


Dr. Mario: Of course it-a does, silly rabbit.


Trix: …aw, skip it!


Suddenly, the whole place starts rumbling.


Ami: Amy must be returning to her normal size.


Sonic: We’d better get out of here.


Dr. Mario nods his head in agreement, grabs his phone, and responds to Nurse Toadstool.


Dr. Mario: Nurse, we’ll-a meet you on top of-a Amy’s shirt.


Nurse Toadstool: Okay, thanks.


Dr. Mario hangs up.


Ami: Thanks for everything, guys.


Trix: Good luck in the tournament, although we plan on making sure that Amy wins.


Sonic: Good luck with that, ladies.


Sonic grabs Dr. Mario’s hand, zooms back to the entrance, and out of Amy’s mouth, landing on top of shirt.  However, at her current size, to the boys, it’s like an uncrossable red desert.  However, the rumbling reaches the outside of her body and the desert becomes smaller and smaller.




Meanwhile, Nurse Toadstool is concerned with Amy.  She notices that Amy is well and is shrinking back to her normal size.


Nurse Toadstool: Oh, Amy.  Thank goodness you’re back to normal.


Amy: So am I.  But what’s with the outfit, Peach?


Nurse Toadstool: In this outfit, it’s Nurse Toadstool.  But aside from that, how are you feeling.


Amy: Much better, thank you.


Soon, Nurse Toadstool gets a call on her cell.


Nurse Toadstool: Hello?


Dr. Mario: Could-a you please just-a get us back to normal size before we go deaf, listening to your voices.


Nurse Toadstool grabs her magnifying glass and looks at Amy’s shirt.  She finds both men and slowly grabs them.  Soon, she enlarges both men back to normal.


Amy: Thanks again, guys.


Dr. Mario: No big deal.


Sonic: I’ll admit, Dr. Mario.  That was probably the craziest adventure that I’ve ever been on in my life.


Dr. Mario: I strongly agree.  But-a it’s-a still not over yet.


Everyone around him is confused.




Later, it’s the final round of the Dream Boxing Tournament in Block A.  Mario & Sonic have beaten Peach & Amy.  Neither girl feels bad for losing, as both Mario & Sonic were responsible for Amy’s recovery, and for some strange reason, Amy feels a little smitten with Mario, now.  Nonetheless, as the Olympics continue, all sixteen participants will do their best to go for the gold.  But who will come out on top?  Well, that’s another story.




Sonic: I hope you’re ready.


Mario: I am.


Sonic: After all, I don’t want to mangle you too badly.


Both of them laugh.


Mario: I’m-a not too worried about-a that.  I mean you fight-a great, but I’m a great fighter.


Both of them laugh as Sonic goes up to the ring.


Sonic: Age before beauty?


Mario: Anything you say.


Mario steps into the ring, and Sonic goes after him.  Both of them get into opposite corners.


Mario: Ready?


Sonic: Ready.


Mario puts his mouthpiece on and punches his gloves together.


Mario: Wanna ring the bell?


Sonic puts his mouthpiece on.


Sonic: All right.  Ding-ding.


Even though the real bell rung, they still joked about it.  Both of them start moving around the ring.


Sonic: You’re looking good, Mario.


Mario: You’re not-a bad yourself, Sonic.


Sonic: You just better hope that you can catch me.


Mario: Maybe I won’t-a have to.


Sonic: Oh, really? *chuckles*


Both of them move in and make the first punch on each other.




(Now go listen to “Eye Of The Tiger”!)