A Tale of Red and Blue




A man in blue leans on a wall outside a building. He looks chilled back, relaxed, not having a care in the world. His blue eyes start to drop down, and you can now hear him snoring. His short hair, flows in the wind as he sleeps. Suddenly…


“Wake up!” He heard a voice yell at him.


“Wah! Oh…it’s just you, Red.” Blue said.


A girl, with bright red eyes, in a red outfit, yellow hair like the inside of fire stood before him. She was Red. How you can describe her was, impulsive, a little naïve in nature, yet so optimistic. She looked at Blue with serious eyes.


“You need to quit being so relaxed!” She cried out. Blue just nodded slowly.


“Yeah…sure...” Blue replied…as he fell back asleep. He snores again.


“Blue!” Red screamed. However, Blue simply ignored it. Red sighs, and walks off thinking.


Red and Blue have a sort of Brother-Sister relationship. They were both orphans which how they can relate to each other. Sometimes, Blue likes to tease or sort of tick Red off. She knows this, but sometimes she just wishes she could find one situation that’ll make him wig out. She would love to see him freaked out by something she did. She grins at the idea, but wouldn’t no anyway how. She sighs, and walks along going her way.


“Red! Blue! Can you hear me?” A voice said over an intercom.


“Yellow?” Blue says, slowly waking up.


Red thinks furiously. “Oh, now he wakes up!” as it screams through her head.


“Yellow…what is it?” Blue asks calmly.


“I’ve detected that the empire has built a new machine on one of the four moons! You both must go, and stop it from firing down upon the Earth!” Yellow says.


“Yellow! Do you have any info on the machine? Do you know what it can do?!” Red asks quickly.


“Sources say, they want to try to shrink the Earth down to a smaller size, so they can conquer it with ease!” Yellow reports back.


“Cool…time to kick the crud outta the empire forces!” Blue yelled, grinning happily.


Red sweat drops, as she looks at blue thinking, Can’t you sometimes show emotion or just overreact?! As the question rings in her head. Both of them ran off to the ship to prepare to take off to one of the four moons.


“Wait…which moon is it located on?” Blue questions as he buckles up.


“It’s currently on the second moon!” Yellow reports to them.


“Man what a pain…oh well, let’s get them!” blue says pounding his right fist into his left palm. Red just rolls her eyes as they begin take off.


Meanwhile on the second moon…


Colonel Orange, put in charge to make sure the operation went smoothly, was in the main room with the machine. He had major muscles, and a Mohican hair style to show off his toughness. This person preferred to use his fists instead of his head. Anyway, he watches things go smoothly.


“Excellent! General Gray shall be pleased that this is going well!” Orange said as he was doing push-ups to even strengthen himself more. He slowly rose up, and commanded an officer to come to him with results.


“When will this task be done? We do this right!” Orange snapped out like an angry bulldog.


“Well sir, calculating our work speed, we should be done in about 15 minutes!” the officer reported to Orange quickly, and fearful. Orange is the kind of guy you wouldn’t want angry at you. Especially with all his muscles, he was fearsome. Suddenly…


“Sir! The alarm is going off! It must be-“The officer was interrupted before he could finish his sentence.

“Those Gunstar Heroes!” Orange said furiously. He walked to a table, and pulled out a microphone.


“Attention! My warriors! Fend off those Gunstar Heroes till we can get the machine to work! Now, dismiss!” He yelled, as soldiers ran amuck trying to find weapons, and stations.


The ship is flying through space, as Red and Blue fly to the second moon. Red looks nervously, but then slowly turns to Blue. Blue grins happily, as he looks out the window.


“How can he stay so cool?” She asked herself quietly. Blue takes notice, and tries to talk to her.


“Something matter?” Blue asks.


“Uh, no…” Red says slowly. The alarm on the ship goes off. Enemy ships start to fly at them from all directions.


“Red! Pilot the ship! I’ll blow some of these guys down!” Blue yells as he runs to a turret. He blows some ships out of space.


“Man, this is easy!” Blue shouts as he shoots them down. Red sweat drops again, and that question she keeps asking herself rings through her head once more.


“What?! There almost here?!” Orange yelled out.


“Y-yeah sir. They’ve managed to get through our outside defenses!” the officer reported, shaking.


“Where are they now?!” Orange demanded.


“Well…uh...” The officer started to stutter.


“Well what?!” Orange snapped.


“THEY’RE RIGHT UNDER US!” The officer blurted out. Orange gazed, wide-eyed.


“WHAT?!?” He screamed. A blast comes from the floor, and Blue jumped in.


“Howdy, old man.” Blue greeted. Red then jumps through the hole, and enters. Orange glares at them. He points, and many soldiers run in with weapons, and such.


“I got Mr. Mohican here!” Blue joked, and leaped for Orange. Red was left to deal with the guards.


“Bring it on!” Red yelled, as her fiery attitude roared up, and shot many with her lasers. She eyed Blue, as he was fighting Orange…still calm…


“You’ll pay for insulting my pride!” Orange mentioned back to the Mohican hairstyle.

“Yeah right, old man!” Blue said as he leaped in the air, and jumps over him to kick him in the back of his head.


“Curse you Gunstar! Now I’m really mad!” Orange declared, as he powered up to start charging like a mad bull! He charged straight at Blue, and Blue turned to see his fury.


“Blue! Get out of the way!” Red yells after finishing the guards from a distance in the room. Blue does a side roll off the platform. Orange seems to have crashed into something, as electricity sparks out. He regains his balance, and looks down.


“The ray! It’s…out of control now!” Orange tries to fix it, but ends up getting angry, and punches it hard.

“Uh oh.” Orange flees from the unstable machine. The ray then starts to move towards Red, and the tip glows white ready to fire. Red has her back turned trying to rid herself of the last few guards that eventually run off. Blue rises to his feet, only to turn to see Red.


“Red! Look out!” Blue yells from the distance.


“What?!” Red says as she turns around to see the machine. The whole room starts to fill with white flashes. Blue covers his eyes from the flashes, and then after it dies down a bit, he sees to look for Red.


“Red! Are you…all…?” Blue gets lost in words as he looks at Red. She’s about 40ft now, as her eyes slowly open and looks around the room.


“Uh…what happened? Blue?” she whispered. She then looks down to see him. Then she yells, “Oh my goodness! They’ve shrunk you!”


Blue covers his ears, and then he replies, “No…I’m not smaller…your bigger.”


Later, Blue called a 3YE ship to come pick them up. He requested a much bigger ship. At first, they didn’t know why he wanted one, or what it was going to be used for. However, when they got there, they soon realized what it was for.


On the ship…


“How did this happen?!” Yellow demanded.


“Well…you see, I was fighting Orange, and I rolled out of the way from an attack. He hit the machine by accident, and caused it to malfunction to another setting.” Blue explained.


“So you did this?!” Red yelled. Blue covered his ears a bit, because her voice was slightly louder now.


Blue started to speak. “Well…technically, it was Orange’s fault…I mean sure it does sound I did indirectly helped, but-“


“Indirectly?! That’s all you have to say for you’re…” Red stops a second. She looks down at Blue’s knees to see them shaking. Hey…he sure isn’t acting cool now… she hears through her head, and she grins.


“Uh…say Yellow? How long before we can turn her normal?” Blue asks, trying to get calm.


“It’ll take quiet a while…Red, you think you can wait that long?” Yellow asks her.


“Huh? Oh sure…don’t worry, I’ll be fine…” Red replies with a smile.


A day goes by…


Blue leans on the building wall in the outside, with fresh air, trees. He acts just as calm as he usually does, grinning happily. He shuts his eyes, and starts to take a nap. However, he opens one eye, and gets surprised to meet with a giant, red eye.


“Wah!” Blue sort yelps, as he sees’ Red. Red was lying out in front of him, on her stomach.


“Hi-yah, Blue.” She whispers softly. Blue leans back, on the tree, with his eyes closed.


“Hey, Red.” He says, as he nods off back to sleep. Red pokes him with her giant index finger. Blue starts to stir.


“What is it Red? I’m trying to get some shut eye.” Blue says dazed.


“I want to play a game.” She says back.


“Excuse me?” Blue replied.


“You heard me. I want us to play a game. I call it hide-and-seek.” Red explains, as she smiles.


“I’m not gonna play.” Blue exclaims as he leans back on the tree, and starts to chill out.


“If you don’t…I’ll squish you.” Red said laughing. Blue eyes sort of lit up.


“What?! You’re kidding right?!” Blue asks sudden. Red, stands up to her new full height, and stomps her foot beside him. She smiles.


“Better get to hiding!” She said cheerfully. Blue sort of trembles, and runs off quickly. Red giggles a bit. Not as calm as usually, are we now? She thinks in her head. After a few seconds, she starts to walk to look for Blue. She sees’ many trees around, and looks through them carefully.


“Oh Blue…where are you?” Red asks playfully.


In a certain tree…


“Oh boy…I can’t let her find me. I need to calm down, like always.” Blue says to himself. He slowly breathes in and out, relaxing. He then smiles as to think it helped some. His right eye, then twitches open when he hears two giant footsteps near his tree. He looks through a tree opening to see her. She looks down, and looks right back into his blue eyes.

“I found you!” She smiled. She reached her left arm forward to pick up Blue.


“Crud! She found me!” Blue stated the obvious. He jumped down the tree, and started to run. Red glares at him.


“Don’t run from me!” She booms out. She waits slowly because she knows she can get to him at anytime, she just wanted to give him a bit of a head start. She the lifts her left foot to move, and the ground sort of shakes as she walks after him. She sees’ a little Blue speck ahead of her what to an average human would be about 10 miles.


On the other end of the stick, Blue was still running. His legs felt like jelly, as he thought he could as well run as far to another country. He runs behind a tree, and stops to rest there. He gasps heavily for air, and looks behind the tree. Weird…he doesn’t see Red anywhere. You’d think you’d hear or see a 40ft person, ya know? Blue sighs in relief to thinking he’s lost Red.


“I wonder where she could have gone to?” Blue asked himself. Suddenly, he felt backwards, onto his backside.


“Wait…wasn’t I leaning on a tree?” He asked himself a new question. Suddenly, he opens his eyes to see Red, smiling down upon him. He sort of freaks out, while she giggles a little bit at him. He reaches her left hand down to pick him up.


“Red! If this is about anything I’ve done, please forgive me!” Blue yells out.


Red then grabs Blue by his collar, and lifts him to her eye level. She sees’ Blue knees shake, actually, his body shaked. Red giggles.


“Relax…I’m not gonna hurt ya.” She whispers softly.


“Y-you’re not?” Blue slowly questions.


“No, I was just teasing, like how you do to me sometimes.” Red responds.


“I see…if was still pretty…well, realistic.” Blue tells her.


“You thought I was going to honestly squish you?” Red quietly asks.


“Well, ya! I mean, you stomped you foot next to me! You even said you would!” Blue says from what he remembers. Red laughs to this.


“I was just kidding. Like how you tease me sometimes. I’d never hurt you.” She said to him.


“You wouldn’t?” Blue questions, and thinking about it all.


“Of course not. You’re like a brother to me. And just as any other brother, I love them.”


She said lastly. Then she sort of gave Blue a gentle, giant hug. Blue had no idea what to say, but hugged back with a smile. Too bad it didn’t last for long.


“Red! Blue! We’ve located Orange again! Hurry to the ships!” Yellow said over a intercom.


Red smiled, as she just took Blue in his hand, and offered to carry him to the ship.


After launch…


They decided to get in a bigger ship were as Red would fit just fine too. Blue was the one taking the wheel, as this time they were headed towards the first moon. Surprisingly, there were no enemy ships in sight.


“I don’t like this.” Blue exclaimed.


“Neither do I.” Red said following Blue. They both exited the ship, and walked on the surface. Blue tries to contact yellow, and talks.


“Yellow? Is there a slight malfunction here? We’re here, yet we don’t see anything in sight.” Blue says, and waits for an answer.


“No, there should be something there. I’m getting strong signals.” Yellow responded.


“Well, I don’t see noth-Waaaah!” Blue screamed as to him, a hole appeared, and he fell in. Red was obviously too large to falls down the hole.


“Blue!” Red cried out. Suddenly, many guards, soldiers, and heavy machinery, came out into the fray. Red’s hot-temper was acting up, and she stood at her full height. The soldiers of the empire sort of trembled at her. She then began to see a base in the distance, and marched through tons of military units to get there.


Inside Orange’s base.


“Yes, Red Gunstar. Come towards the trap within my base. You too shall be trapped like Blue!” Orange demanded. “Won’t General Gray be pleased with me!”  He starts to do poses thinking victory is within his grasp.


Red kept marching through, tearing through all soldiers, and other machines that stood in the giant girls’ path. Many soldiers started to flee from this one’s destruction. Red got to the base entrance door, exactly tall enough for her. She busted the big metallic doors down to the floor. She stomps, shaking the ground, beneath her. She gives off a glare that would make an average sized human cower.


“Blue! Are you in here?!” Red boomed through the entire base. She was mad, and it wasn’t hard to tell. Suddenly, she hears a sizzling noise, as she looks up to see a purple pod. The pod then expands, to cover around her, to trap her in a rather large barrier. She does punches, and kicks, but to no prevail.


“Ha, ha, ha! You feel into my trap!” Orange said, as he appeared from a higher platform. Red shouts out at him.


“Where’s Blue?! Where is he?!?” She demanded loudly, Orange held his ears, but let go of them in a second.


“He’s just like you! Stuck in a trap!” Orange declared. He laughs that how he captured the Gunstars so easily.


“We’ll stop you!” Red shouted.


“Please…who’s left to stop the empire?!” Orange said, as he laughed.


“Well…I’m one.” A voice said from the outside.


“Blue!” Red shouted cheerfully, but she didn’t last that way very long.


Blue walked through the busted door way Red did, and walked slowly in. He was holding his left shoulder, and walked slowly at them. His faced was bruised, and all we know is that right now, he is very injured. Orange just simply laughs away, and then proceeds to talk to Blue.


“I may not know how you escaped, but you’re sure in no mode to fight me.” He yelled in the air.


“Well…come on then.” Blue said, as he slowly got into a fighting stance, and had his gun out.


“Blue! No!” the giant Red protested. Orange didn’t think twice, before stepping up to the plate to fight. He charged at Blue like a mad bull, and was furious. Blue shoots a few lasers at him, but it seems to be hardly having any effect.


“Fool! I’ve worked out since the last time! My body is my pride after all!” He said as he rammed Blue in a wall, and Blue cries out a little bit in pain. Red starts to tear up seeing Blue hit like that in his present condition. Red then looks up, and smiles.


“What?! You’re still standing?!” Screamed Orange. Blue was standing alright, and looked at Orange, all calm. Orange goes angry at how he was just being like that, and tried to punch him. Blue this time was evasive, and dodged the punch, while delivering a kick. Orange fell onto one knee, and looked at Blue mad. Blue then runs at Orange to jump in the air to kick Orange in the chest, and Orange was forced on his back as he fell backwards. Blue raised his thumb up in victory, and walked over to Red.


“How’s our big girl doing?” He comments.


“I’m fine. I’m just glad your okay.” Red said cheerfully.


“Hang on, I’ll get you out there in a sec-” Blue then gets interrupted by Red.


“Look out!” She screams. Blue turns around to see Orange charging at him, and crashes him into the outside barrier that contains the giant Red.


“Gaaaaah!”  Blue screams in pain, as Orange lets him go, and he falls on his front side. He doesn’t move an inch from the spot.


“Blue!” Red shouted up. She began to tear up in her big red eyes.


“I told you, I can handle a bunch of pathetic fighters like you! Looks like you’re retired from being Gunstars anymore!” Orange yelled, as he laughed. Red eyes looked down upon Blue. Her eyes start to change, and she screams as she stands punching the barrier within.


“I told you girl! This is the best in our technology! You can’t break it-” Orange stops as he sees a crack in the barrier. He starts to back away, as Red keeps hitting it, it gets larger. Suddenly a large *CRACK* is heard, and the barrier shatters!


“That’s impossible! Even I can’t break through that!” Orange snapped out.


“This is for Blue!” The giant Red said, as she swung her foot back, and kicked Orange right out of his base! He lands far outside on a hill, with circles in his eyes.


“I’ve failed…General Gray…ugh.” Orange says before he passes out.


Red walks slowly to Blue, and picks him up to lay him in the palm of her hands. She tears up.


“Blue…I’m so sorry. Please don’t be…” She dares not think what happens, as she lowers her head to look down. She then starts to feel a twitch in her palms. She turns hr face back up.


“Blue?!” She asked. Blue sort of moved to around, and then he opened his right eye. He smiles.


“Way to go, Red…” He says. Red gets overjoyed, and hugs him a little.


“Ouch…” He slightly says.


“Oh! I’m sorry!” Red told him. He had been badly injured, I don’t think being hugged by a bigger person is the best thing, ya know?


“Don’t worry…I’m alright…” He starts to chuckle a little. Red smiles and glad that she knew he was okay, thanks to her.


Later on Earth.


Things turned back to normal a little. Blue had a couple of broken ribs, and his left arm was damaged badly. He had to wear a cast for a while, yet he’d recover to fight more of the empire another day. Red was still a giantess, but luckily, 3YE expected a solution in a few days at top.


Much later, Blue was outside leaning on a tree, visible with a cast on his left arm. His eyes are closed, as he has sort of nodded off like always. He then opens his right eye to see a giant red one meet with it again.


“Hey there, Red.” Blue greeted. A giant Red then sat beside him.


“Hey. What you doing?” Red asked.


“Relaxing and keeping cool…” Blue replied. She smiled.


“I see…why are you so calm all the time?” She asked.


“Maybe it’s because to get prepared for whatever come my way? Maybe it’s because it’s something I like to do? I’m not sure…but I just know it feels nice at times when you need to most.” Blue explains. Blue sort of then shakes about, as he felt a giant hand grab him. However, then next thing he knew, he was sitting up on her chest, and turns towards to meet her eyes.


“Your right…it sure does.” She says as she slowly lifts her arms, under her head. Blue then stretches on her, and does the same. Then the both relax as they watching the falling sun in the horizon.