Bad Girl and the Gimps


WARNING: This story contains violent death scenes (crushing, skull bashing, etc.) and strong language that may not be suitable for people aged 17 and under.


The sound of a baseball bat impacting a human skull filled her ears with joy, while the dead man donning a leather mask and handcuffs continued down the conveyor belt leading to a large pile of corpses.

A girl wearing a bloodstained, pink tutu and holding a blood soaked baseball bat smiled as another man came down the chute. Another hard swing from her bat, a giggle, and his skull gave to her strength as well. She had a normal name, but it was known by no one left alive other than herself, so she went by her self given name of, "Bad Girl"

Another man appeared down the chute, and Bad Girl swung her bat once more, seeming to finally tire from her workout. She lowered her bat and pressed a nearby button, stopping the conveyor belt as another man was within striking range.

Ignoring him, Bad Girl walked to a nearby refrigerator and pulled a beer out. Despite her appearance, she was anything but dainty as she swallowed the contents of the can in mere seconds. She burped loudly, and threw the can at the man on the conveyor belt that no longer moved.

"All gonna pay with their fucking lives..." she said to herself as she stretched and made her way into the room that all the men were coming through the belt on.

The room was dark, and Bad Girl felt a tingle go down her spine as she felt a crunch beneath her right foot while searching the darkness for a light switch. A couple of seconds later, the switch was located and the room was illuminated. All over the room were miniature men, of many different races and builds, though they all had one thing in common. Some were family men, some were business men, and some were probably even innocent homeless people that had been abducted for her perverse games. Though they were of many different sizes, colors, and builds, they were all wearing a leather mask over their face, and were handcuffed from behind. A device at the entrance to her batting practice room would restore the men to normal size so she could practice her swings on them, but for now, she needed to let off some steam and needed her victims to be just a bit more helpless than they already were.

Though she was eager to begin her deadly games, she remembered the crunch beneath her shoe only a moment ago. She searched the nearby ground and found a flattened corpse. Though she wasn't sure how he had managed to get there, she giggled at his death being unnoticed. She scraped the body with her shoe a bit, deforming it further until it was no more than a small stain on the ground and returned her attention to the large conveyor belt full of miniature men.

Bad Girl approached the belt and laughed to herself, she knew they could hear her approaching, and probably feel it as well, but they were completely blinded by their masks. Reaching down, Bad Girl pinched the head of a random man between two fingers. She could feel a slight vibration, probably a scream of terror, before she gave a quick pull upwards and completely removed his head from his torso.

The body flopped to the ground, and Bad Girl flicked the head into the torso of another little man. Though there was a severed head in his lap, he remained completely still and made no movements. Though she enjoyed complete willingness and silence from her victims, Bad Girl was annoyed by this mans lack of a reaction, and brought her thumb down on him. He still made no attempts to move, and, in anger, she forced her thumb down quickly, crushing both him and the head in his lap to paste.

The loud crunching sound filled the almost silent room. Bad Girl loved the sound of death, it was the reason she became an assassin with such a blunt weapon in the first place, and she quickly placed her palm over a small group of miniature men, pressing them flat slowly and enjoying the tortured screams of pain of the one that happened to be right in the center.

"He's probably one of the unwilling ones" she thought to herself, and smiled hugely as she finished pressing down, enjoying the bodies deforming beneath her soft palm until she was sure they had all expired.

Standing up straight, she stepped up onto the raised belt, feeling several more bodies crush beneath the hard soles of her heels. A shiver ran down her spine and she giggled as she took a few steps down the belt. The feeling was similar to walking on dry, crunchy leaves, but much more satisfying with the knowledge that they were real human lives being snuffed out beneath her weight.

With a devious smile, Bad Girl reached down to untie her left heels and pinned a few of the masked men beneath her stockinged sole. She held her position, keeping the weight on her right foot as she gradually applied only the slightest bits of pressure to her pinned victims. She continued this for a minute before coming to the realization that they may have been enjoying this, and gave a firm press with her left foot. Several light cracks were felt beneath her sole and she stepped off of them, deciding she had spent enough time cooling down.

Bad Girl stepped down the length of the conveyor belt, nonchalantly crushing countless men beneath her high heeled right shoe, and her stockinged left sole. Only a moment after beginning, she was at the entrance to the chute that led to the batting practice. Stepping off near the edge of the belt, she quickly raised the back of her tutu, and jumped onto the edge of the belt, crushing the last few men flat beneath her rear end.

Giggling madly, she wiggled from side to side and stood to her full height. There wasn't any pathetic guys alive for a good portion of the conveyor belt and Bad Girl laughed as she walked back to retrieve her shoes, leaving several bloody footprints behind her.

Slipping her right heel back on and brushing her tutu down she took one last look at all the carnage on the conveyor belt. She would need more men soon, but the association would take care of details like that for her. There was no shortage of submissive men out there. Heading back towards the door, Bad Girl stopped at the body of the guy who had somehow wound up near the door. Uncaring if anyone would notice, she spit onto the remains of his corpse, and gave them another firm stomp, before turning the lights off and closing the door behind her.

Back at the batting practice room, she picked her bloodied baseball bat up and gave it a quick kiss, blood smearing over her lips as she did so. Still handcuffed on the conveyor belt was a man at the edge of the pile of corpses. Resisting the urge to kill him immediately, Bad Girl instead chose to give him a light tap with her bat on the head. His head turned around curiously as she pressed a button to begin the conveyor belt once more.

The man fell off the edge of the belt into the pile of the corpses, and Bad Girl went to retrieve another beer and watch the show. Less than a minute after the still living man had joined the corpse pile, huge piles of smashed gore made their way down the belt and poured over him.

Quickly finishing her beverage again, she threw the can into the pile of corpses as it was quickly buried beneath more blood crushed parts. Holding her bat up and in position, she awaited the next live man to come down the belt.

"They're gonna pay. All of them, with their FUCKING lives..." she whispered to herself as the piles of gore finally gave way to another living man.

Bad Girl giggled and swung her bat with a deafening crack.