The Biggest Match of Metro City


WARNING: This story contains graphic violence scenes and slight sexual references that may not be appropriate for people under the age of 17.

"Hey Mister!  You missed our stop!"

The bus driver flipped around to see who was yelling at him.  In the middle of the aisle was a pink-haired woman with a topless white shirt, cut-off shorts, and a...sailor's hat.  She had a very accusatory visage.

"I told you we wanted to stop in Japantown!  Didn't ya' hear me, bonehead!"

"Sorry lady, this bus don't stop me near Japantown!"  The driver chuckled dismissively.  The woman was fuming.

"I thought all busses went through Metro City's regions!"

"Look at the signs next time!  This bus only goes through Little Italy and Pier 10!"

He peeked behind him again.  Next to the girl sat one of the largest men the bus driver had ever seen in his life.  Bulging at the seems of his clothing with muscle; with each hand the size of a TV set!  The black-haired giant grunted noncommitedly as he tried to squeeze in better into his tiny bus seat.  The passenger above him was trembling and hiding his head in the newspaper.

The pink haired girl was still peeved.

"Can't you just drop us off here!?"

"Sorry lady, I can't interrupt the bus route!"

"When's the next stop?"

"You're out of luck.  It's several minutes from here."

"UGH!"  The girl threw up her arms in frustration and scooched in closer to her giant companion.  She sat for a few minutes, grew impatient, and then leaped back into the aisle again.

"You have to let us out!  Our reputation's at stake!"

"Not my problem!"

"Don't you know who we are?  We're Metro City's wrestling team!  We've got an appointment in Japantown and we REALLY NEED TO MEET IT!"

"Too bad.  Think about that when you pay for your ride next time."

"Pay...?"  Her eyes widened.

"That's right.  You do have money for this bus trip, right?"


The black-haired titan shifted around in his seat and then tried to slide his enormous hands into his pocket.

"I think I have a wallet in here...somewhere."

"Well get it out!"

"It's the one from our last mugging.  You sure you don't have...?"

Before he could finish, the Metro City bus came to a screeching halt.  Right in the middle of the sidewalk, it stood immutable.  There was a struggle inside.  A few seconds later, two figures were thrown out of the bus' front door into the dark urban streets.  One was a sumptuous feminine shadow, and the other was a hulking physique.

"AND STAY OUT!"  Poison and Hugo heard the bus driver yell at them from behind.  Then they listened as the tires screeched and the vehicle zoomed away into the night.

Poison slowly got up and rubbed her aching rump.

"OW!  I landed right on my a..."

"Where are we?"  Hugo gazed around.  The city section was not familiar to him.  It was dark and grimy.  Newspapers flew everywhere like hail, and graffiti covered every inch of the walls.  Even the streetlights had been painted from head to toe.

Poison yawned.

"I guess we'll have to walk back to Japantown..."

"No Poison!" Hugo sat up and rubbed his head.

"This isn't anywhere near Japantown.  The driver lied to us.  We’re several miles from Japantown."

"Why that dirty..!"

She fumed and clenched her fists.

"Why are there so many crooks in Metro City!?"

"Beats me..."  Hugo shrugged his massive shoulders and continued to erect himself.

"I suppose we'd better get out of here..."

All of a sudden, clinks of metal were heard.  Hugo and Poison flipped around and looked every which way.  From the shadows emerged a number of thuggish looking gangsters with chains and brass knuckles.

"You wondered into the wrong hood man..."

Poison shook her head and smiled wryly.

"I'm sorry fellas; not tonight."

She motioned to Hugo and the 8 foot giant flexed his muscles.  One of the thugs charged, but Hugo slammed his huge fist square into the face.  Other punks came from behind.  But Hugo grabbed one and piledrived him in the middle of his friend's crowd.  The remaining punks were shocked, and they tried to assault him one at a time.  Hugo grabbed the hand of one assailant and threw him into his partner.  Then he grasped the last punk with both hands, lifted him high over his head and threw him seven feet into a pile of garbage.

Poison smiled at all the carnage around her.  There were a few more thugs, but they were fleeing.  Poison took the opportunity to trip a few of them before they got away.

"Oops!  Oops!"  She exclaimed as each one fell helplessly to the ground.  They trembled as Hugo's shadow loomed over them.  The giant cracked his knuckles, but then gave them the signal to leave.  They hobbled out of there as fast as they could.

"I don't think you qualify for our wrestling team!"  Poison called over them before patting Hugo on the cheek.

"Good job, big boy."

"That's what I do." He smiled.

Poison straightened her hair.

"If we can't meet our appointment in Japantown, then we'll just have to find somewhere else where we can get some doe.  Let's go look around."

She lead the way and Hugo obediantly followed.


In the middle of the dark urban vicinity, next to an abadoned parking lot and junkyard, there was a lively nightclub. The neon signs on the roof and sides glittered fervenrently with the name--"JOE'S WRATH." At the entrance, a dark man in a business suit stood at the doorstep, negotiating some matters with Poision.

"Sorry Lady, there ain't no openings!"

"Come on! We're the biggest, baddest duo in
Metro City! You've surely heard of the HWA, haven't you!?"

"Well, how about WTF!? Now get out of here. There ain't no place here for the likes of you."

She smiled wryly.
"This is a rough neighborhood chief, and you need a rough fella' to deal with those idiots who come stealing and trashing your nightclub, right?"

"Yeah sure, but..."

"Then I've got the perfect Bouncer solution right here!"

She made an entrance motion and Hugo stepped out of the shadows. Poison smirked.
"Now Mr. Joe, I doubt that that's a person you'd turn down!"

The black haired giant flexed his muscles, and showed off the enormity of his chest. But Joe merely glanced at him for two seconds, and indifferently rolled his eyes.

"Oh great. Just what Metro
City needs. Another ten ton fighter low on brains and big on brawn."

"What are you talking about!?" Poison exclaimed. "He's got the brains!"




She crossed her arms.

"Although he's just a big ape by himself; with me around, we form the best brains and brawn combination this side of the US. We're an inseparable team! I look for opponents and manage the fights, but he does all the dirty work!"

Joe sighed.

"Look, if the brains ain't in his head, then I don't want him. The last thing we need in this joint is a big, overpumped guy who thinks sweat is a good lubricant."

"It is!" Hugo exclaimed in all his dignity. Poison turned angrily at him. Joe shook his head.

"I settle my case."

He turned to leave, but Poison still pleaded with him.

"Please Big Joe! We need a job! Can't you let him try it out for a few days?"

"No. I already got 5 gigaton bouncers."

"I could smash them into the pavement!" Hugo roared. Joe chuckled.

"You do that, and I call the cops. No get out of here. And be careful out there. I heard a chemical truck spilled somewhere around this area. I wouldn't want you kids getting sick."

He turned and walked back into the nightclub. Poison tried to follow him, but he slammed the door in her face. She put her ear to the keyhole and the last thing she heard him mutter was...

"What we really need in this joint is more WOMEN, anyway..."

Poison took her ear off the door and sighed. Her head drooped, she moodily walked in Hugo's direction.

"Let's get out of here."

The towering giant followed her. She playfully slapped him in his huge iron-hard stomach.

"Don't worry. I still think you're the biggest and best in Metro

He looked down at her and smiled.

"And I'm gonna prove it."

Poison didn't respond, but rather continued walking blindly around the parking lot. Her lithe body swayed with each breeze of the wind. Her naked legs and high-heeled feet lightly stepping one in front of the other. Hugo could tell she was frustrated. Finally she couldn't hold it anymore, and she burst out.

"Ever since I joined up with you, rookie, my life has been going downhill!"


"When I was Belger's girl, all I had to do was stand around, and I got paid tons of money! But with you, I don't have that opportunity! I have to keep advertising YOU!"

She pounded her chest.

"What about ME!? What about MY life!? What about my fame and glory?"

"It's called business, manager." Hugo smirked in a bestial manner. Poison huffed and put her hands on her hips.

"Business-Schmissness! All my life, I've never had the power to take anything into my own hands. I thought being manager would change that...but no! My colleague's not worth selling, and with him...goes my business! I have no power over it! Now...I'm WORTHLESS!"

She marched off in a rage. Hugo just kept smiling like a big boy. He knew Poison had a tendency to throw fits sometimes. Women generally thought in the social scheme of things, but there were times when they lost their cool, and in those moments, they would become the most self-focused and self-centered beings mankind knew.

Poison walked blindly off into the distance. Hugo decided to follow her for the heck.

"Hey listen...manager!"


"Watch out!"

Not looking where she was going, Poison unwittingly tripped into a pool of pink slime--one of many that was scattered around the parking lot.

Poison tripped and fell down, butt-first, into a pool of pink slime.

“EWW!  What is this stuff!?”

She had caused quite a splash, and her legs and clothes were completely soaked in the stuff.  Hugo rubbed his chin in speculation.

“Isn’t that the pollution our fine manager was warning us about.”

“Pollution-Smution!  Like I said, everything I do, I’m unable to take care of myself!”  She got up and wiped some of the slime off her legs.

“My clothes are soaked.  When is this gonna dry up?”

“Want me to bash his skull in for screwing you over?”

“Not now, muscle-brain.  We’ve got bigger fish to fry.”

She took off her hat and used it as a cloth to soak up the slime from the rest of her body.

“This stuff is all over me!”

“I’m glad I didn’t step in it.”

“Shut up!  Look…we aren’t going to find anymore people for our troupe tonight, so I think we should just take a rest.”

“What do you mean!?  I’m ready to do some smashing!”

“Later big boy.  Let’s find a place to lie down for the night.”

Hugo and Poison scoured the area, until they found an empty garage out in the middle of the district.  Broken automobiles were scattered about, and the place itself looked desolate and abadoned.

“This will do for tonight.”

With one foot, Poison hopped up onto the hood of one car and cleared out the dust to make a sleeping space for her small figure.

“If the world doesn’t act right, make it work for you.”


“Pop psychology.  The likes of you would find difficult to understand.”

“Nonsense!  I got an A in Anatomy!”

As Hugo lumbered over the garbage pile, several metal pieces of metal were crushed under the enormous mass of his feet.  He finally found a truck he could sort of fit his body into, but first he had to rip off the roof and the car door.

Hugo yawned.

“That’s better.  So Scout; what are we going to do for tomorrow?”

Poison’s eyes were closed, but she was still awake.

“First order of business—find some food.  Our troop can’t go starving.”

“You mean ‘we can’t go starving.’”

“Hugo, are you with the group or not!?” she mumbled fiercely.  “Remember: I’m the brains, you’re the brawn.”

“I don’t deny it.”  Hugo muttered before throwing his arms out and resting his shoulders in a comfortable position in the interior of the car door.

Poison stopped curling like a cat and tried to stretch herself across the windshield.  But she was uncomfortable either way she positioned herself.

Hugo closed his eyes.

“Nighty-night Miss Poison.”

“Same to you, Mr. Andore.”

They fell into slumber , as the night flew by and the slime on Poison’s body mysteriously dried up.

The next day, the sun beat heavily down on the two compatriots.  Poison rubbed her eyes upon realizing it was morning and groggily straightened herself up on the windshield.  Still yawning and half asleep, she decided to wake Hugo first.

“Hugo…” she muttered.

The sound of heavy snoring was her only response.

“Prized champion wrestler…”

No response again.  Without opening her eyes, she felt around at arm’s length to shake the giant awake.

“You’re not going to earn any money sleeping like that!  Get up, ya’ big lug!”

She was surprised when her hand felt a normal sized fist around the area where Hugo was.  It seemed impossible that that it could be Hugo, for his hands were enormous!  Yet she felt it around, and realized that the hardness of its muscular physique was…just like Hugo’s.

“Ya’ big dolt!”  She yawned.  “Have you been sunbathing while I was asleep?”

She finally shifted herself around on the windshield, and was surprised when the whole thing fell in right under her body.

“What!?”  She snapped wide awake and stared at the broken windshield that had fallen into the front two seats.  She paused and readjusted herself.

“Must be a cheap, junky…”

She stopped when she realized that her legs stretched way off the hood of the car, whereas on the previous night, her whole body fit snugly on the hood.

“What?”  She gasped upon realizing the hand she was holding was indeed Hugo’s hand.  But it had shrunk considerably.  So much that she could almost cup a fist around his.

“What’s going on?”

She sat up and her weight crushed the hood of the car in, causing the alarm finally go off in the automobile.

“Oh stupid…!”

Poison jumped up and kicked at it, only to find her leg stretching up into the air.  She apparently had jumped much farther than she had expected.

“Wait a sec…!”

Then she looked down at the automobile and noted how small it was in comparison to…her.  In fact, everything was small in comparison to her.  She reeled back in confusion.  The noise of the alarm finally woke up Hugo.

“What…Poison….who?  What?  Where!?”

The black haired giant jumped up and grabbed the whole automobile and threw it quite a distance, where it smashed into a wall and ceased to be loud anymore.

“That’s all there is to…”

He stopped upon gazing at Poison.  Whereas the night before, she had been almost below his waist, now she stood a full head taller than him.  His eyes fixed on her face, he walked closer to her, and unwittingly bumped his head into her chest.

“Err…Manager?  What’s going on?”

Her eyes were wide with shock.

“I was hoping you could tell me, bro…”

Hugo had never endured the experience of walking side by side with someone taller than him…until now.  As they traveled together down the urban streets, he noted how strange the whole situation was.

“Maybe everything’s shrunk…”


“Idiot!  Can’t you tell?  I’VE GROWN!”

“That quickly?  Wow manager.”

Poison tore at her hair.

“Must have been that damn pink stuff from last night!”

“How does this affect our promotional campaign?”

Her face turned red, like the fire of the sun and she yelled down at him.

“There isn’t going to BE any promotional campaign until we get this fixed!!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes…no wait.”

She pondered for a minute.

“I’m still trying to sell you.”

“Me again?”

“Of course.  This doesn’t change anything.”

She stomped on down the sidewalk, shocked at how small everything had become.  Parking meters only came up to her knees.  Car hoods barely touched her thighs.  Even the top of a truck barely reached her chest.  She finally sighed and figured out her direction.

“We’re getting out of here via next Taxi.”

“But we don’t have any money, let alone roo…”


She held up her thumb for a taxi and a few minutes later, one came.  The driver pulled over, slid down the window, saw Poison’s figure, gasped and then drove away!  Poison shook her fist at the escaping car.

“Do you know just WHO you turned down!?”

She stuck her tongue at him.

“You can forget those free passes we’ll give you to the next show!”

Hugo finally sat down on the sidewalk, shaking his head in confusion.  This was a situation totally beyond him.  He knew Poison was supposed to arrange fights for him.  But how could she make him look good now, when he was merely a dwarf compared to her?

Poison finally decided to cool off and sit too.  She crossed her legs and sat down, filling up the entire width of the sidewalk.  She rubbed her chin.

“How are we going to get any cash now?”

Hugo shrugged.

“Maybe I could just beat it off some guy again.”

“Oh come on Hugo.  If you keep doing that, we’re going to lose our reputation very soon.”

She stared admirably at him.

“You are the strongest fighter in Metro City.”

“I know that.”

“We just have to find some place where you can show off your skills.”

“Bashing skulls is fun…”  he chuckled.

Suddenly a car drove up by the sidewalk.  It was a black Honda that mysteriously looked like it had been pulled from the trash site they had slept at.  It parked near the other end of the sidewalk.  Out from the door emerged the manager they had been talking to the previous night…Joe.

“Oh great…”  Poison rolled her eyes.

Almost as if in a trance, Joe walked up to Poison, ignoring Hugo along the way.  Poison smiled at him.

“Have you reconsidered our offer, Mr. Joe…?”

“You’re perfect.”  He cut in.  Poison looked confused.


“You’re perfect.”

“If you’re referring to Hugo sir, he’s right behind you.”

Hugo began to flex his muscles, but the manager avidly ignored him and focused purely on Poison.

“Beauty and brawn.  That’s different!  That’s what I want!”

Poison raised an eyebrow.

“Who are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about you BABE!”


Poison rose up in fury, revealing  her full height (which was a few inches taller than before).  Joe laughed and clapped his hands.

“You’re just the new attraction I need for my nightclub!  A 10 foot girl with mesmerizing pink hair and a mouth to match!  You’d be perfect as a stage attraction!”

“Hey!  Who’s doing the selling around here buster!?”

She shoved a huge finger right into his chest which nearly pushed him to the ground.

“We don’t need your help anymore.  I offered you a chance, but you threw our services into the gutter…”

“I just dumped the muscle-bound freak, broad.  You’re a completely different tune!”

He straightened himself up (after having been pushed down by the force of Poison’s finger), and dusted his jacket off.

“Listen lady, I’ve already got enough muscled bouncers to make another US army.  What I’m lacking in is showgirls; girls who are willing to ‘show’ for the entertainment of my male patrons!”

“How unlucky for you.”

“What I mean is…you’re the perfect new attraction.  With that size and all, your features…”

His eyes landed on her huge breasts.

“…really come to light!”

“Oh please!”

Poison stomped her high heeled foot into the ground so hard that it caused the cars to jump.

“I ain’t no showgirl!  I’m a wrestling manager!”

“Tell me another one babe; before the seven dwarves come walking into my bar!”  He laughed hysterically.  Poison was not amused.

“I’m serious!  This change in my figure is just because I stepped in some weird stuff last night.  I’m not supposed to be the main attraction; my troupe is!”

Joe turned around stared at Hugo.

“Your ‘troupe’ is one ugly attraction…”

Hugo growled.  Poison’s face turned red.

“Get out of here before I make my partner ‘escort’ you out!”

“But lady, please!”

“Business is concluded!  There’s no deal!  Get out of here now…!”

She was cut off by the sound of another car driving down that same street.  It was a sleek black limousine, polished and shining to the nth degree.  It parked a couple feet away from Joe’s car.  Everyone stared at it and watched three huge men in coats and sunglasses step out.  The front door was opened, and out stepped a fat short man with the ugliest chin Poison had ever seen.  The man was wearing a fancy business suit, and he had a huge cigar in his mouth.  He puffed, threw off the ash, and then addressed Joe.

“Hey you der’…”  He spoke with a distinct Italian accent.

“I don’ think the lady appreciates ya’ company.  Boys!”

He snapped his fingers and his henchmen moved forward.

“Why don’t you take our friend back ter’ his house an’ teach him sum’ ‘manners’?”

The large, dark men nodded and quickly ran up and seized Joe and dragged him back to his own car.  They grabbed his keys and started the ignition.  Joe was heard screaming as he was being driven away.  The short man chuckled.

“Heh heh…always gets te’ me.  I fall too easily fer’ da’ same old’ joke.”

Hugo rose up and towered over him.

“What about your bodyguards now?”

The little man looked up at him with a confrontational stare.

“Ah!  Don’t you worry!”

Three more coated men with sunglasses stepped out of the back seat of his car.  Poison beamed.

“Nice trick!  But we can’t use you…”

“Use me!?  Who said anyding about usin’ me!  Listen gal…”

He puffed his cigarette.

“It’s you dat I wanna’ use!”

A drop of perspiration could be seen sliding down Poison’s forehead.

“You mean?  Not again!”

Her feet made craters in the sidewalk as she jumped up in frustration.  The fat man stood his ground calmly.

“Don’t think it like that.  Listen…dat’ guy who was jus’ here.  He was’ probly tryin’ to make you do stuff’ ya’ didn’ want.  Stuff…below your reputation.”

She raised an eyebrow.

“And what does that…?”

“Cus’ you’re a fighta’!”  He pointed straight up at her.

“I can’ see it your eyes!  You don’ know the very meaning of talent unless it involves someone’ head bein’ split open!”

She continued staring at him.

“Go on.”

“My name’s Vini Cognitti.  I run da’ things’ down in Little Italy…and I gotta proposal for ya’.”

Poison’s face lighted up.

“A proposal…!  For a fighting competition?”

“Yes…for you!”

She frowned.  She leaned forward until her face was nearly on top of the little man.

“What do you mean?”  She said wryly.

“I need some new fightas’ in my ring.  Times area changin’ and people wanna see new flavor added into der’ daily dose a body smashin’.  I’ve alredy run myself dry wid all da big male fighters.  Maybe somethin’ a little bit different…”

He paused and puffed his cigar.

“A big new wrestler.  A big…girl wrestler.”

Poison reeled back in astonishment.

“Me!  But I’m the manager of our wrestling troupe!  Not…”

“You’ll get half a’ da’ total income!”

He grinned cannily.

“Half! 50 PERCENT!  Can I be any more generous?”

Poison’s face lighted up with pure joy.  Half of a mafia boss’ salary!  That would be hundreds of dollars flying into her pocket!

“When can I start?”

“Very soon…”

He laughed.

On the sidelines, Hugo moodily stared away.

“Poison?  I don’t think this route will exactly lead to fame and fortune.”

“Ah come off it Hugo!  I told you…this is only for some quick cash.  And maybe to start promoting our campaign.”

“But I’m supposed to be doing the wrestling!”

“Ah…maybe you can be the new assistant manager when this is over.”  Poison smiled as she scooted herself into a more comfortable position on the floor of Vini’s fight club.  Since their talk on the sidewalk of that unknown district, Poison had grown even more, to the point where she was 20 feet now.  Hugo only came up to her belly when they stood upright together.

Poison was a little bit concerned about the fact that her growth had not ceased, but she quickly drowned out those worries with thoughts of money.

“I hope every new inch rakes in another couple hundred dollars…” she muttered.

Since the waiting room was very small, Poison’s naked knees kept unwittingly knocking on the wall out of nervousness.  So much to the point where Vini’s goons had to tell her to be quiet—the audience kept thinking the police had invaded the place.  Obligingly, she curled up herself into a tight ball, legs held close to her.

Finally the announcer yelled over the intercom that the new fight was about to begin.  Poison, out of excitement, jumped up, hit her head on the ceiling and subsequently knocked over one of Vini’s goons in the process.  She rubbed her head and then muttered snidely about the cheap fixtures Italians used to hold up their business places, but then stopped as a new messenger came in.

“Lady!  Get into the ring now!”

She nodded and slowly inched her way out of the room, crouching real low to get through the door, until she finally emerged into the ring.

Once she came into the public square, the audience gasped upon seeing her physique.  She raised herself to her full height in order to display her physical attributes more clearly…but then stopped as soon as she noticed that many men in the audience were drooling.

“Dogs…” she muttered and stepped into the center of the ring.  On the other side of the room, her opponent emerged from another door.  He was a towering man with a huge belly, great muscles, black hair, and an ugly face that slightly resembled…

“HUGO!”  Poison gasped.  Hugo rushed out of the waiting room.

“What’s wrong?”  Then his eyes landed on her opponent.  He laughed.

“Well, if it ain’t Andore the Giant!”

Andore looked between Poison’s enormous legs and saw Hugo on the other side.

“HUGO!  Haw’s it been goin’!?”

“Same as always.”  He cracked his knuckles.  Andore chuckled.

“That’s what me like to see, brothher.  Too bad I must contend with yuur’ girrlfriennd.”

“I ain’t his girlfriend; I’m his manager!”  Poison snapped back.  Andore rumbled with laughter.

“Nonesense!  Hugo only dream of BIG GIRLS!  It look like he got one!”

Poison blushed upon being addressed in a such a manner.  She finally readjusted her hat and inquired

“Can we get on with this?”

“Ready when u’ are!”

Before they could engage though, Vini climbed up to the highest stand in the audience ring and made an announcement.

“In order to celebrate de’ return of a great’ champion und’ de arrival of a new one…we’s goin’ to be doin’ somedin’ a lil’ special.”

He signaled to the guards at the side.  They pulled the lever, and the next thing Poison knew, a giant metal cage had begun to descend over both Andore and her.


“A Cage Match!”  Vini smiled.  “Gud luck, fighters.”

Whilst the metal cage didn’t cause Andore any trouble, it basically locked Poison down.  She had to crouch in order to fit in it.  Even at that, her rear end was still squished against the end of the cage causing her butt to be a mammoth sight for those audience behind.  The force of the cage’s restrictiveness caused her to throw her legs out to the side, where the cage metal bit into he naked flesh.  She squirmed uncomfortably.  And in doing so, her boobs were pushed out to the point where even Andore stepped back in shock.

“Oh mama…”

“Can we get on with this!?”  She cried impatiently, embarrassed at being leered at from every direction.  The manager blew the whistle and the match had begun.

Andore roared like a tiger and leaped wildly on the startled Poison.   He grabbed her by her neck collar, pulled her hair, and pinned the upper half of her body into the ground.  Poison shrieked.


“Manager…you got fight back!”

“With..what!?  AH!”

Andore had grabbed her flaying legs and was dragging her around the ring like a mop.  Despite his size in comparison to her, Andore was still strong as iron.

“I pull you into wall and stick your foot in cage so yu cannot get out!”

“Ow!  Let go of me, ya’ creep!”

Finally all of Poison’s wild flaying pay off as she lay one wild backhand smack against Andore’s face and sent him flying…shooting through the metal cage, through the audience, and making a landing on top of Vini.

“Oh shi…!”

Vini was crushed under Andore’s enormous figure.  Vini moaned from underneath.

“OW!  That smarts…!”

His goon rushed to help him.  Poison stood there staring at the damage, shocked by the display of strength she had just displayed.  A creeping question resounded in her mind.

‘What is happening to my body!?’

But before she could dwell on the matter, she noticed that Vini’s servants were staring furiously at her, from behind their sunglasses, with very disapproving eyes.  She turned red and laughed nervously.

“Eh heh…does this mean I still get paid?”  She meekly inquired.

Finding herself too large to fit in the restaurant, Poison stood outside as she watched a wheel-chair bound Vini yell at her from beneath his bandages and casts.

“You stupid brod!  Ya coulda’ killed me!”

“Well, the rules didn’t make clear…”

“Did da’ rules say ‘kill da manager’!?  I don’t dthink so!  If I die, da’ show dies wit me!”

“Hey whatever, short stuff.”  Poison was about 25 feet tall now.  The wheel-chair bound Vini was like a toy truck at her feet.  She crossed her arms.

“When do I get my winnings?”

“Ya’ want yer’ winnins’ eh?  Here…Bruno!”

A huge bodyguard from the restaurant.


“Give the girl her winnins’ and kindly send her off.”

“Of course.”  He opened his wallet and threw a ten dollar bill at her enormous feet.  Poison was enraged.

This is all I get!?”  Her voice was like an earthquake throughout the whole district.  Vini was unmoved though.

“Dis’ it wat’ we both get.  The rest a da’ money went ter’ pay the hospital bill.  I don’t exactly call dat’ a ‘winning.’”

He added snidely.  Before this, Poison would have merely yelled back.  But now she realized she had the power to destroy his restaurant.  The thought crossed her mind for a minute, but she shook it off  So she stood there, glaring at him angrily.

“I don’t have to put up with this.  I’m sure there are many other opportunities around in Metro City.”

“Don’t be on it!”  Vini whistled.  “You didn’ make it clear dat’ you was still growin’ when you entered my fighting ring.  Now I don’t care why or how, but dat’ magic don’ work good here.  How you gonna fit in anyone’s ring now?”

She stomped her foot in frustration.  The force caused Vini’s wheelchair to bounce.


I didn’t ask for this, ya meatball chewing, pasta slurping…jerk!”


“That’s not our problem.”  Vini snidely replied.  The words were all too familiar.

“Fine!”  Poison turned on her high heels and stomped away into the distance.  She made sure to smash some windows with her huge legs before she exited the district.

“Boss!  That was your car!”

“Heh heh…huh?  AH CHRIST!”

Poison eventually found a spot of solace in an unknown hood south of Little Italy.  She sat down on the sidewalk, her body causing traffic problems for anyone driving through that area.

“Stop honking!”

Her stomach growled.  She realized she hadn’t had anything to eat since yesterday morning.  And considering her size at the current moment, filling up her stomach was not going to be an easy task.  She looked around and spotted a soda machine next to her.  She wished she had a quarter.  But then she remembered the show of strength displayed  back at Vini’s ring.


She grabbed the soda machine by its hinges and broke it off the ground.  Holding it midair, she managed to rip open the whole front with her fingers.  But then there was another problem…the cans.  At her size, it was impossible to open the top of a can.

“Great…” she muttered and tossed the thing back onto the ground.  It crashed near the entrance of someone’s bar, and consequently blocked the door.

Poison set herself down on the sidewalk again and growled in frustration.

“Where is that mass of muscle who used to follow me around everywhere!?”

In the distance, she saw a black-haired figure running in her direction.  She squinted her eyes and peered closer.  Indeed, it was the one and only…

“HUGO!  Thank god you’re here.”

She began to stand up, her movement caused the ground to shake.

“Come on!  We’re getting out of here…”

“Just a minute, manager.”  Hugo stared up at her with those dumb, indecipherable eyes of his.  She leaned over and glared down fiercely at him.


“I just came to tell you that I’m leaving the HWA!”


Hugo chuckled and scratched his huge head.

“I’m just bored because I haven’t had any skulls to bash in a long time.  Now Vini offered me a job at his restaurant, and he backed it with lots of money…uh…but of course, I’m just in it to break some bones.”

Hugo flexed his muscles for the nth time.  Poison was not impressed.

“And…!?” she inquired angrily.

“My brother, Andore, is in traction, so Vini asked me to replace him.  Hell, I’d do anything for my brother…even smash his ribcage.  But anyway, I thought that you, manager, would be able to take care of yourself.  It’s just that…I want to get back into the action.  It’s my job.”

“Hugo.  You can’t leave the HWA!  We founded it together!”

“But manager…you can be the manager…and the fighter!  That’s all you need for the troupe, right?”

“But Hugo…we were a team!”  She clenched her fists in frustration.

“This is all because of what’s happened to me!”

“I don’t know.  I don’t do the thinking.”

“Shut up, you muscle-bound maggot.  If you wanna to go hang in for Vini Snot-izmo, get a move on.”  She stated moodily, as if she hiding some internal feelings about his departure.  Hugo couldn’t tell though.  He just laughed and left.

“Good luck with the team, manager!”  He yelled behind him.

“There ain’t no team now.”  She muttered, standing up to her full height.

“There’s just me.  Me…”

She looked around at all the small buildings and people buzzing on the streets.

“Me…” she thought.

She watched the tiny lights blinking around the street-signs.  The stores and shops only came up to her knees.

“ME…”  An avaricious idea entered into her mind.  She giggled at the thought.

“I guess it’s time to start MY OWN ONE-WOMAN BUSINESS right here in Metro

The phone was ringing loudly.  Mayor Mike Haggar quickly plopped down into his office chair and picked it up.

“Hello.  This is Mayor Mike Haggar…What!?…Another report!?…Give me a break…What do you mean “50 foot woman!?”  In the middle of Metro City!?  That’s ridiculous!  I’ll…”

The voice on the other end was obscured by the sound of stomping just outside his office on the 23rd floor.

“Hold on a sec’…”

“MISTER MAYOR!!”  An enormous voice boomed throughout the air.  Mike Haggar looked out the window and gasped.

“I’ll…have to call you back.”  He told the person on the other end.  He set it back down on the receiver and faced the window again.  A few blocks from his building, there stood an enormous pink-haired girl with a sailor cap, short shorts, a topless shirt and a collar.  She towered over several buildings and her head was pretty much on level with the mayor’s office.  She grinned and waved at him!


Mike Haggar sat paralyzed.  Poison leaned closer to his window.


She reeled broke off into a tremendous laughter which shook the structures.  Mike Haggar growled.

“Goddamnit…” he muttered through his breath.

Poison looked away from the mayor’s office and turned upon the rest of the city.  Many of the citizens of Metro City were staring up at her in awe.  Her shadow seemed to fall over two entire districts.  She grinned at all the attention she was getting.

“IF ONLY BELGER COULD SEE ME NOW!!”  She declared proudly.  The citizens of Metro City continued to leer at her immutably.  There were some that turned away in embarrassment.

Mike Haggar made another phone call.  After that, he looked out the window and speculated for a few minutes.  He eventually opened his file cabinet and began digging around.  After a few minutes, he pulled out a huge megaphone.

“I knew this would come in handy at some point…” he muttered again as he marched toward the window, and opened it.  He stuck the megaphone out and yelled at the top of his lungs.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT, POISON!?”  The giantess was taken aback by the sound of his voice, and actually jumped at the noise, causing her current vicinity to shake a bit.  She turned around and sighed upon realizing it was only the Mayor with a megaphone.


After enduring the pain inflicted by his piledrivers during their initial encounter, the sound of his voice always had a tendency to make her tremeble.

Haggar repeated his question.



“YEAH, LIKE WHAT?”  His gravelled voice was as hard as stone, unmoving and full of anger.  Mike Haggar was not a man to be intimidated, even by a giantess.  Still, Poision was smart enough to know she had the advantage.  She glared fiercely at him and responded.



Poison smirked naughtily.


She spread her arms wide, as if glorifying herself.


“WHATEVER…”  Mike Haggar turned away.  Poison, shocked by his reaction, walked closer to the building.


Haggar put down the microphone, and (now that she was close enough) began talking to her in a normal tone.

“You wouldn’t do that, Poison.”


“That’s not like you.”


“Whatever.”  He stared fiercely at her.

“Without some big, muscle-bound freak at your side, you’re nothing but a scared little girl.”

“THAT AIN’T TRUE!”  She rose her fist up to the his level.


“You know it’s true.”  He began adjusting his tie.

“Now why don’t you go make yourself useful and help clean up this city?  You can start with the residence of your old gang.”

Poison wasn’t used to being in this position, and the unmoved nature of Mike Haggar only made her self-esteem fall shorter.  She was angry, but she couldn’t bring herself to do anything rash, like crushing his whole building.  She stood stunned for a minute as Mike Haggar walked into the elevator.  After realizing she had lost him, she just HMPHED in frustration.

‘What a stubborn mayor.’ She thought.  ‘With all that muscle; how does he have room for any brain?’

She turned away from the office.  Her original plan to blackmail the mayor had failed.  At this rate, she would starve to death, unless she found somebody else who would work for her.  She stomped around the district, checking out important businessmen (and blushing at all the punks staring at her like a drive-in movie).  She tried intimidating some more high-ranking officials of the city, like the Police sergeant and stuff, but she found they usually fainted before they could elicit any useful response.  Disgusted at the lack of progress, she decided to run back to her old Mad Gear hood to find someone to help her there.  At her size, travel was only a matter of direction—time was a very small factor.

When she arrived in the Mad Gear district, she scanned the area for sign of any potential allies.  Suddenly, she heard  a small voice squeak from beneath her.

“Poison!  Down here!”

She looked below her feet and noticed a tiny little thug with green hair and jeans jumping.


“Ah…forget that now, Poison.  Belger’s dead, and there ain’t no more use bringing up the past anymore.”


“Mad Gear needs to reassemble.  Mike Haggar’s boys are clearing out the last vestiges of our shelters and hoods!”

“OH GREAT!  THOSE…”  She grumbled “…PARASITES!”

Billy finally rubbed his head and asked her

“We need a leader!  Do you think you could fill in that position?”


“A leader!  To get the gang back together—and launch an attack on Mike Haggar’s headquarters.”

“LEADER?  ME!?  BILLY…”  She stomped and shook the ground.  “…ARE YOU INSANE!?”


“I CAN’T LEAD ANYONE…LIKE THIS!”  She rose to her full height.  Billy shrugged his shoulders.

“I wouldn’t mind.  Be the first time Mad Gear’s ever had a girl leader, that’s for sure.  We need a BIG leader to manage all the troops.”

Poison sighed, but the thought of ultimate power over her former gang began to appeal to her.  Even though Hugo had left her, she would have control over all his partners and friends.  That didn’t sound bad for a second choice.

She smiled.




“Uhh…I don’t think we have a room that b…”


“Alright.  Okay.  Maybe we can bug Vini’s cooks about that.”  He dashed off to perform his assignments.  Poison yelled back to him.


“Yes, boss.”

The feeling of such might finally began to creep into her subconscious.  She giggled at the all the fearful reactions displayed around her.  She examined her surroundings again and compared them to her size.  Normal one-story houses only came up to her heel now.  She estimated that she had increased another five feet in the meantime—she had past the 50 foot mark!  She threw her fist up into the air and declared proudly:


The thought of fame and fortune couldn’t help but elicit a giggle.

Mike Haggar conitnued to answer phone calls as fast as he could.

“Yes…Mad Gear…rowdy…I know about the 50 foot woman!  Calm down!”

…Hello?  Any new chemical research…?

…Shipment from Friday…?

…M’am, I can’t do anything…!”

But the last phone call was the most important.

“Guy!  Thank God you’ve called back!  Have you found out anything?”

“There was a shipment that came through Metro City a few days ago.  It was carrying an unknown chemical from a secret lab outside of Metro City.”

“Secret lab?”

“Yes, we suspect that the truck was part of a smuggling process to obtain the ingredients of the chemical.  It was apparently a hormone enhancer which had an unusual side effect on the pituitary gland.”

“Oh great.”

“Fear not.  My ninjas have infiltrated the secret compound, and kidnapped one of the scientists.  They will be returning with him shortly.  From what I understand, he knows of a way to reverse the formula!”

“Good…now what!”  There was a knocking at the door.  Haggar rose to open it, but the person outside burst in hurriedly and unexpectedly.

“Lucia Morgan!  Head of the SCU—Special Crimes Division!”

For a cop, she was of an interesting make-up.  She wore a blue bikini top combined with a brown vest and short shorts underneath.  Haggar quickly recognized her and acknowledged her presence.

“Lucia, welcome back.”

“Dispense with the pleasantries, Mayor!  Have you heard of situation outside?”

“Who wouldn’t!”

“There’s panic in the street, Mr. Haggar!  I’ve come here to find out if you know any extra information that could help the SCU track down the person responsible for this massacre and apprehend.”

“Well…” Haggar scratched the back of his head.  “From what I understand…”

“Haggar!”  The door burst open again and Guy entered the room.

“Guy!?  Wow, you ninjas are sure quick!”

“Deception is our speciality, Mr. Mayor.  Now…”  He snapped his fingers, and a group of ninjas walked in dragging a white-coated scientist bound in tape and rope.

“Who’s he?”

“This is the scientist I was telling you about, sir.”

Then Guy removed syringe from his pocket.  It was filled with pink fluid.

“This is the chemical which passed through town a few days ago.  Our friend was carrying an extra dosage on him.”

Mike Haggar rose and walked over to where the scientist was.  He was struggling, but not too violently.  For the 3 ninjas had him safely secured wtihin their grasp.  Mike ripped the tape off the scientist’s mouth, and roared at him in the face.

“TALK!  How do you reverse the procedure?”

The scientist spat out blood (apparently, the ninjas had given him a beating), and faced Mike Haggar with a solid and unmoving stare.

“Mr. Mayor…that’s a secret formula developed by our group that was going to cure dwarfism and stop world hunger.  It was never meant to be used in this way!”

“But someone from inside thought you could make a few outside bucks if you used it on human beings, right?”


“Enough!”  Mike Haggar grabbed him by the collar.

“Listen punk!  I don’t care for any special introductions!  Just tell me how we can reverse the damn formula, and shrink our problems back to scale!”

“I could tell you how to manipulate the bloodstream via a sonic wave emitter.  But it’s complicated, and you’ll need all of my assistance.  So I suggest you…”

Haggar looked skeptically at him.

“Is that possible, Guy?”

“My men have already captured a sonic wave emitter prototype from their base.  I suppose it is a fallible solution…”

But before anything else could be said, Lucia grabbed the syringe out of Guy’s hands.

“What is this doing here!?”  She screamed at the scientist.

“I just thought I’d have one on hand…”

“You were going to test this on some unsuspecting individual, weren’t you!?”

She finally rose the syringe up to her eyes and examined its contents.

“I’m sorry, Mayor.  This is an illegal substance, and as head of the SCU, I must confiscate it for evidence.”

“Wait a minute!”  Mike Haggar approached her.  His massive figure loomed and came down upon her like a huge gargoyle.

“What gives you the right to make those kind of orders?”

“The Police Unit has certain rights that go through your authority, Mr. Mayor.”

“And you’re gonna hide that in your drawers until some other crazy freak gets a hold of it.  Sorry Lucia…”  He made a swipe for the syringe.  “…As mayor of the city, I won’t allow it.”

She dodged his arm.  “You are in no position to order the SCU around, Mr. Mayor!”

“Listen, you little…” He grabbed her hand and held it still.  “You can do what you want back at home, but this is my city!  And I want to MAKE SURE stuff like that never gets into our streets again.”

“How very noble of you, Mayor, but I can’t allow that.”  She began struggling against him.

“This…is…a…matter…of…the…law…HYAH!”  She kicked him in the pelvis.  Mike cursed and grabbed her by the leg, while he tried to take the syringe.  In the confusion and chaos that resulted, nobody noticed Poison descending upon them from outside.

Lucia finally fought off Mike Haggar, and held the syringe proudly in both hands.

“This is going to the crime labs!”

There was an earthquake.  The whole building shook and everybody lost their balance.  Lucia thought she had lost the syringe, and in an attempt to grab the flying object, she accidentally stabbed herself.

“NO!!”  She cried out when she saw that it was empty.  The entire fluid had been injected into her bloodstream.  For a moment, everyone stood in shock, until the scientist broke the silence by crying out:

“If injected into the bloodstream, the effect is INSTANTANEOUS!”


“I’m alright.  Just a little…”  she felt a weird sensation in her stomach.  Her clothes immediately felt tight on her, and then her vest shredded as the growth began.  Mike Haggar eyed her curiously.

“Why are your other clothes not ripping?”

Lucia shrugged her growing shoulders.

“They’re made out of good farbric…OW!”  She proclaimed as her head hit the ceiling.  She knew she wasn’t going to be able to fit in the room much longer.  Haggar noticed too, and quickly motioned to Guy and his group to get out of the room.  He ran for the door, but looked back at Lucia, and saw her now-enormous figure crouched and cramped within the small box-like office.

“Agent Lucia!”

“I’ll be fine Mayor!  Just…” she immediately leaped through the glass window.  There was huge thundering BOOM that signified her landing.

“Oh great.”  Mike Haggar sighed.  One giantess was bad enough, but two…?

Poison yelled at all her colleagues scattered across the streets.


She crumpled up an entire car in the palm of her left hand.


So the Mad Gear buzzed across the streets like a hive of fire ants while Poison slowly lumbered behind them.  Each step she made caused a shockwave across the street.  The cops who came to fight with the Mad Gear turned away in fear at the sight of her massive figure.  Poison simply smirked in light of all the commotion she was causing.  Her shadow loomed over all the authority in Metro City.  As she stomped around the streets in delight, she felt that ecstasy of invulnerability, the likes of which she had never felt before.

But all that was met by a rather strange fate…

“Leader!” Billy squeaked up from beneath.

“WHAT?”  Poison leaned her massive torso over and glowered at Billy.  Billy gulped.

“Poison…we’ve…uhh…I don’t know how to say this…but…”

“WELL…?”  Poison leaned her huge arm on the roof of a nearby video store. The sign caved in a bit under her weight.  She smiled harmlessly at the little thug.  Billy finally stood up and declared confidently:

“We’ve encountered another giantess around Mayor Haggar’s tower.”

“WHAT!?”  Poison jumped back in shock.  The ground shook.  Billy leaped up a bit, and then settled down again.

“Yes…another giantess.  Our gang doesn’t know what to do!  We thought this was going to be easy!”

Poison gulped upon this hearing this news.  The feeling of invulnerability dwindled away from the core of her soul.  She felt exposed to the elements, brought back down to the center of a fighting ring.  Suddenly, she began calculating all the possibilities.  Remembering all the strength she had displayed at Vini’s restaurant brought painful premonitions of what the upcoming encounter would possibly be like.

But maybe she wasn’t fully enlarged yet?  If she was only 20 feet tall, then Poison had the advantage.  At 55 feet tall, Poison could easily knock her out and grab Mayor Haggar.  She inquired hastily.


“Well, I don’t know exactly.  But from what we’ve seen…” He paused.  “…we’d have to say bigger than you.”

Poison gulped a massive gulp.  Her worst fears had been realized.  With no option left, she adjusted her hat and stomped off into the distance.

“Poison!  Are you going to fight her?”

“ MAYBE…HOW ABOUT WE SEE YOU TRY…?”  The pink-haired giantess responded snidely.  Billy blushed.

Poison walked over smashed cars, cracked streets, flaming buildings and charred sidewalks.  The bodies of her comrades were scattered across the ground like ants.  In the distance, she squinted and saw her next femme fatale.

It was a blonde-haired woman with short shorts and a top bikini over her chest.  Poison noted that these items looked like they were stretched to the maximum capacity over her body.

‘Wow.  I’m glad that goo got into MY CLOTHES as well.’ She thought.

Although she felt a tinge of disappointment upon realizing that the tightness of Lucia’s clothes made her get-up more revealing.  Poison felt she was draped in an enormous curtain.

Even worse, what Billy had claimed seemed to be true.  The woman was slightly larger than Poison—about 5 more feet to be exact.  She also seemed to be displaying a greater show of agression as she picked up the tiny Mad Gear members and threw them every which-way.

“GET OFF THE STREETS!”  She yelled with the volume only a giantess could muster.

“HEY!”  Poison announced to her.  Lucia turned her way.  Poison smiled and adjusted her hat again.


Lucia stomped over to meet her challenger.  Poison sighed upon looking close up at her.  She was bigger, right down to the size of her hips.  Lucia, who had previously been very serious before, now felt a tinge of satisfaction upon her seeing Poison shirk from under her massive prowess.  In the Police Force, Lucia had always been the shortest commander in the field.  This was a very different experience for her.


Lucia’s massive new body was illuminated like an enormous avatar across the horizon.  Poison felt another tinge of jealousy upon staring at the opposing figure.  She seemed like a Madonna reflected across the twilight sky, while Poison still felt like Poison…except bigger.  Poison tried smiling in rebuke, but she found it difficult.  She was clearly outmatched, both physically and visually.

Poison tried to hold out her hand to invite her, but was quickly caught in a throat-lock by Lucia’s quick grasp and was pinned against the side of a building.  Poison’s eyes stared into the apartment complex and gazed upon an old man taking a shower.

“What the hell!?”  She heard him exclaim from inside.

Poison tried to get out of his line of vision, but only resulted in exposing different parts of her anatomy to the man’s eyes.  Finally the force of the struggle caused his windows to shatter altogether.


Poison wrenched herself out of Lucia’s grasp, but the cop wasn’t about to give up so easily.  She sent a furious kick flying into Poison’s stomach and sent the giantess crashing into a nearby bakery.  Poison rubbed her injured back, and then looked behind her.  Upon seeing the entire factory devastated beneath her weight, she really began to realize how much damage she was capable of at her current size.

“GIVING UP SO EASILY, EX-GODDESS!?”  Lucia screeched as she sent another kick flying Poison’s way.  Poison dodged it, but upon missing Poison, it devastated the factory.  Poison was a bit shocked.  Lucia could care less.  She was enjoying this surge of unstoppable power—such power she had never felt in her life before.  She turned upon Poison with ferocious, bestial eyes.


She continued her fierce kicking spree, throwing leg after leg against her opponent relentlessly!  Poison tried to dodge each one and counter with some kicks of her own, but Lucia’s slightly larger legs gave the cop the advantage.  Poison’s legs were knocked aside like a daughter losing at a feet-kicking game with her mother.  The pink haired giantess was near helpless.

Back down on the ground, Haggar and Cody were interrogating the captured scientist on the precise way to reconfigure the Sonic Emitter in order to manipulate the giantess’ bloodstream and shrink them back down to size.

“Listen, you’re calculations better be correct!  If this causes more harm to this city than good, then I swear…”  Haggar shook a huge fist at him.  The scientist gulped.  Guy ignored the mayor’s antagonism and concentrated on switching the wires around within the sonic emitter.

“Is it blue to green?”  Guy inquired ruggedly.

“Blue…t-to…g-green…?”  The scientist was beginning to perspire under Haggar’s fierce gaze.  Finally he snapped to and concentrated.

“Yes!  Blue is the internal relay system!  Hitch it to the green wire, which is the modifying sequencer…”


“Now I need to input the correct calculations in the number-pad on the back.”

Haggar cracked his knuckles.  Guy slowly untied the scientist’s hands and allowed him to perform his duty.

“Please sir.  For our sake and YOURS, make sure the calculations are correct.”

The scientist gulped upon staring down at the keypad.  He entered a series of numbers that looked like a code only a computer whiz could memorize.  When he was finished, he sat up and sighed.

“Aim the sonic wave emitter at the specimens who have been affected by the serum.  Then press the red button at the top.  This should revert their bloodstream back to the normal configuration, and clean out all the toxins.”

Haggar nodded and heaved the large device onto his shoulders.  Suddenly, the scientist jumped up with a frightful gaze.

“Be warned!  The process won’t be immediate!  It has to SLOWLY manipulate the DNA in their bloodstream before it will take effect!”

“You mean…?”

“For a few minutes, they will still be giantesses.  Proceed with the utmost caution.”

Haggar nodded and lumbered away to the battle-site.  Guy proceeded to follow him, but then grabbed the scientist by the cuffs and dragged him along.

“What’s this?”  Guy asked as he removed another syringe from the scientist’s pocket.  The scientist grinned.  Guy was indifferent.

“You disappoint me, sir.”  The ninja replied coldly, before giving the vial to his ninja comrades, who promptly wrapped it in a cloth and sealed it away in a small, black, airtight box with an Orochi symbol carved upon the top.

Back in the streets of the city, a lone figure wondered through the wreckage.  He was not like many of the punks sprawled around the streets, but as he came into view, the Mad Gear members recognized him immediately.


“Hugo!”  Hugo roared back to them, pounding his chest.  Then he sourly crossed his arms and demanded to know what the hell was going on around there.  Billy tried to explain.

“Our leader’s up there fighting with another giantess.”



“OH.”  Hugo chuckled.  “I told her she’d find a nice job.”

Hugo finally raised his head and gazed upon the titanesses’ battling it out with each other.  As he saw their conflict smash several buildings around the vicinity, he scratched his head.

“Hasn’t the Mad Gear considered that their might not much of a city LEFT to take over once this is through?”

He considered surveying the battle beyond the buildings, and it finally occurred to him that Poison was at a serious disadvantage.  She had been kicked in the stomach three times and was now having her head slammed into the side of a building.  She needed help.

“Oh great…”

He turned around and pointed to the battle scene.

“Who’s helping Poison?”  he asked.

Billy hesitated.

“No one!”

“Aren’t leaders always supposed to have bodyguards?”

“Uh…yeah…but what bodyguard could hold down that blonde-haired beast?  Also, I wouldn’t want to be under the sole of Poison’s high heel when she’s walking?”

“Oh come on!”

Hugo flexed his muscles.

“I’ll show you how it’s done.”

With the speed of a panther and the flexibility of an ape, Hugo used his mighty leg muscles to propel himself onto the roof of a nearby building.  The Mad Gear gang stood amazed.  Hugo grinned to them, and then leaped a few more rooftops closer and closer to the giantesses.  Lucia’s mammoth figure loomed over him, but fortunately her back was to him.  She had almost knocked Poison out completely and she was so busy gloating over victory, that she didn’t sense Hugo creeping up on the roof behind her.  Hugo crouched, and hardened up all his leg muscles until they were hard as iron.

“This…will…be the BIGGEST match ever!”  He declared, and then he leaped and unleashed the longest and most powerful DROP-KICK he had ever performed in his life.  It slammed right into Lucia’s rump, and the force of it sent her sailing head over heels over Poison’s body.  Her head slammed into the middle of an office building.  She was busy rubbing her aching head, while Poison grabbed her leg and attempted to drag her to the ground.

But at that moment, both girls were hit by a mysterious force, which rattled their ears to the nth degree.


Haggar stood below one of the rubble of one building, and had aimed the sonic emitter at the two giantesses.  Once he thought they’d had enough, he turned off the sound waves.  Both giantesses collapsed to the ground, but were still concious.  Lucia recovered first, and finally lay her eyes on the source of the disturbance.


“Agent Lucia.”  Haggar yelled up to her.  “Don’t worry.  You’ll revert back to normal in a few minutes.”


“NO!” She sharply retorted, standing to her full height.


“Not on my time.”  Mike Haggar yelled backed.  Lucia stomped with her still-enormous foot.  She could feel her power beginning to dwindle already.


“No!  We’ve already had enough destruction as it is.”

“DESTRUCTION!?  DID YOU SEE HOW EASILY I DEALT WITH THOSE MAD GEAR CRIMINALS!?  I COULD BE THE SAVIOR OF METRO CITY!”  She felt her clothes starting to loosen up around and then realized that she was shrinking.


“No.”  Haggar grunted loudly.  Lucia was in a rage.


“I can think of quite a few.”  Haggar retorted, pointing at all the wreckage.  Lucia still persisted.


“Goddesses are the last thing we need in this city.  Law and order, with a bit of the ol’ muscle, is what’s best about Metro City and it’s going to stay that way!”  Haggar retorted fiercely, as Lucia continued to dwindle.


“Lieutenant.  Calm down and shrink yourself.  You’re one of us now, and don’t you forget it.”

Lucia sighed as the power left her.  She had shrunk to 30 feet, 25…

At 25 feet, Poison groggily turned to Hugo (who was perfectly alright, despite having landed on his back).

“Big Boy.  You sure you had to do that?”

“It was my job.”  He stated as he cracked his knuckles.  Poison nodded, and scooted up closer to him.

“So, now that I’m…” She paused.  “…changing back to normal.  What about the HWA?”

“Oh yeah.  The skull crushing has to continue.  Vini didn’t like me doin’ that to his contestants.  So he kicked me out.”

“Oh, I see…”  She was around 20 feet tall right now.

“Sure you don’t want a giant kiss for all your troubles?”

“That’s the last thing I need, manager.”

She turned to Mike Haggar.

“Hey Mike!”


“Tell your cute blonde-haired friend that his 15 foot admirer blew him a kiss today, alright?”

Haggar muttered something indecipherable as he tried to fend off Lucia’s (still huge) hands from fiddling with the sonic emitter.

A few seconds later, the giantesses had dwindled back to normal.  Mike Haggar proceeded to order all the clean-up crews in Metro City to get cracking.

Poison and Hugo joined together again as the HWA and proceeded to face other warriors from around the globe.  They were last seen in a small temple in Thailand facing off against an odd contestant by the name of Gill.

Lucia went back to being the head of the SCU.  However, she made it a top priority to intercept any shipping requests or uncover any more containers involving that substance.

Guy released the scientist back into his own job with a barrage of threats about the prowess of his ninjas.  If there were any more incidents like the one in Metro City, then the scientist would know that an invisible justice would pursue him.

As for the last syringe encase within the little black box, it was buried deep within the secret vaults of Guy’s ninja clan.  Underground it lay, not to be seen by anyone…for quite some time.