Blooming Roses

(Cubed Cinder)

WARNING: This story contains violent crushing scenes and crude language that may not be suitable for people aged 17 and under.


"1...2...3!" the crowd shouted. As soon as the three was heard and the bells sounded, Reiko Hinomoto jumped off Benikage with her hands thrust in the air. She had won yet another Rumble Roses match, leaving the crowd bewildered at her natural ability to wrestle. Benikage slowly got back on her feet despite taking a beating from Reiko, and she bowed in respect to her competitor.
"Once again you are victorious." Benikage said.
"Thank you... you fought well yourself." Reiko said.
"We shall meet again in this tournament." Benikage said. She then threw a smoke bomb down on the ground, and used the resulting cloud of smoke to escape from the arena. Reiko tried to fan the smoke away from her face.
"Well, she sure is unusual with her exits." Reiko said. Eventually, she walked out of the ring herself, waving to her fans as she headed back to the locker room.

Once she was all by herself in the locker room, Reiko was about to undress herself and get back into street clothes, but she heard a bang sound, like someone just slammed their locker in frustration. Reiko was curious as to what that sound was all about, so she started walking around the room.
"Hello? Is anyone here?" Reiko said as she scanned the locker room from left to right and top to bottom. When it looked like there was nothing there, Reiko brushed it off and proceeded to head back to her locker. But that's when she was ambushed by someone totally cloaked in black.
"!!!" Reiko gasped before she was grabbed by the neck. Reiko tried to fight it off, but eventually the figure's arm wrapped around her neck, with a hand covering Reiko's mouth to keep her from screaming for help. Reiko eventually lost consciousness and fainted. The cloaked figure stepped away and eventually revealed herself to be the evil nurse, Anesthesia. She smiled as she looked down at Reiko, and then she pulled out a large needle with a black-looking fluid inside.
"Now to administer the medicine." Anesthesia said. She kneeled down and stuck the needle up above one of Reiko's breasts, and then watched as she pushed the black liquid into her body. When the liquid was all gone, Anesthesia stood back up. She put the needle away and was now holding a cell phone. She dialed up a number and put the phone against her head.
"It's me. Reiko's been injected with the medicine. Yes, it has the micro control chip in it. Phase one is complete." Anesthesia said. And with that, she took her cloak and put it back on as she walked out of the locker room, and eventually out of the arena.

Reiko, meanwhile, would wake up 15 minutes later. She looked around frantically for the person that jumped her, but the only person in the locker room was herself.
"What was that all about?" Reiko said to herself before she finally changed into her street clothes.

One week later
Undisclosed location

Inside the dark chamber, lit up only by the glowing computer monitors, several people were either typing away or studying the screens. They all jumped to their feet when Anesthesia eventually entered the room.
"Ms. Anesthesia. We have been expecting your return!" one man said.
"Good... that's what I like about Lady X Corporation employees. You're like obedient pets." Anesthesia said with a smile.
"Are we ready to begin phase two, ma'am?" the man said.
"Yes. It's been long enough for them to forget. Our three test subjects haven't suspected a thing since I injected them." Anesthesia said.
"Satellite scan is complete, we have the three girls on our screens." another man said. Anesthesia approached the monitors and watched as the three girls were each doing their thing. Dixie was playing volleyball with three of her friends. Candy Cane was at her home, singing with a couple of her friends, and Reiko was getting ready for her next Rumble Roses match.
"Gentlemen. What we will accomplish today will change our world forever." Anesthesia said.
"I guess we can activate the chips then?" one man said. Then Anesthesia smiled.
"Do it." Anesthesia said.

Around 9:00 AM, local time

The volleyball game was pretty intense and the game was pretty close. Dixie and her partner, Lisa, were competing against her other two friends, Tracy and Veronica. Dixie looked very much attractive in her white bikini, which was all she was wearing as the sand covered her feet all the way through. The game was not a very close one, with Dixie and Lisa hogging up all the points. This was thanks in part to Dixie's excellent spiking. When asked by her friends, she contributed her spiking skills to staying in shape and eating right. In fact, it was because she gained an extra two inches earlier in the week. Normally, she stands 5'11", but shortly after she was attacked a week ago after a Rumble Roses match, she secretly grew up to 6'1". At that height, she stood out wherever she went.
"Alright, this is the comeback, right here!" Tracy said as she was about to serve.
"Yeah right, girl! This cowgirl's gonna show you how it's done!" Dixie said. After Tracy served, the ball bounced around back and forth. Eventually, Dixie laid out another one of her killer spikes and the ball bounced a good 20 yards away from the playing area. As Tracy went to get the ball, Lisa was very impressed.
"Damn, girl! That's what I call a spike! And you leapt pretty high too!" Lisa said.
"Yep, I sure did!" Dixie said. She went back to double high-five Lisa... but something was off. As Lisa tried to high five, her head was level with Dixie's breasts. Of course, she had no chance of reaching Dixie's hands too, and right away Lisa knew something was up.
"Huh? Dixie... you weren't this tall, were you?" Lisa said. Dixie stopped and looked down at Lisa, realizing her predicament.
"What?" Dixie said.
"Oh my god! What's happening!?" Veronica shouted, pointing at Dixie as her growth suddenly sped up greatly. Dixie watched as the beach around her got smaller and smaller, and very quickly too. She was already 100 feet tall in just a few seconds, and she showed no signs of slowing down.
"Whoa!" Dixie said. She thought to herself it was a good thing her bikini was growing with her. But still, her friends were quickly becoming mere specks to her eyes, along with everyone else on the beach who simply watched the woman grow bigger and bigger.

Finally, Dixie's growth spurt ended when she was exactly 100 times bigger than her previous size. This put her a little over 600 feet tall. The beach looked completely different from up there. The water was too close, and the angle was drastically different. The previously big waves looked like they couldn't even tickle her little toe. And the only noises she could hear were the gentle seabreeze, and the very faint murmurs from the people on the beach. At least those that chose to stick around, as many were already running away from the beach. That included Dixie's own three friends.
"Damn! I'm getting out of here. She probably can't even see me from up there!" Veronica shouted as she ran off.
"Me too!" Tracy said before she got away as well. Lisa was the only one who stuck around, but it would be a big mistake.
"Dixie! Dixie!!!" Lisa shouted, but Dixie did not seem to hear her. Instead, she moved her right foot a few inches to her right. Of course, a few inches to the giant Dixie was more than a few feet to Lisa, and she suddenly found herself underneath the biggest foot she'll ever see.
"Nooo!!" Lisa shouted before she was crushed flat. It didn't matter that she was getting stomped underneath the soft sand. The sheer weight of Dixie's foot was simply too much for Lisa's body to take.

Meanwhile, Dixie was looking way down for her friends.
"Veronica? Tracy? Lisa?" Dixie said, but she couldn't seem to find them. Of course, she had no idea she had just crushed Lisa to death.
"(sigh) They must've ran off. I don't blame 'em, a big beautiful girl like me on this here beach." Dixie said. She then looked away from the water, towards the city of Galveston, shielding her eyes from the sun.
"Dang... Galveston sure looks a lot smaller even from here! I better check it out up close." Dixie said. She then stepped away from the beach and headed for the city, leaving behind the bloody and broken body of Lisa on the red-stained sand.

Around 11:00 PM, local time

The stage manager knocked on the door that Reiko was behind.
"One minute to showtime, Reiko!" he shouted.
"Okay, thanks." Reiko said. Sitting in her white robe, with her Rumble Roses outfit on, Reiko thought about two things. First up, she thought about winning yet another match against her opponent for tonight, Aigle. Second, she just couldn't get out of her mind what happened one week ago tonight.
"(sigh) Nothing's happened since that attack last week. I guess I'm okay, but what was that attack about? I wish I knew..." Reiko said. Eventually, she had to shake it off, as it was time to enter the ring. Reiko got up and left her room.

All the fireworks and lights went crazy as it was time to introduce the Zero Fighter herself, Reiko Hinomoto. The crowd began chanting her name just seconds before the announcer shouted Reiko's name over the loud speaker. The lights from the entrance dimmed and Reiko was standing right there. First in her white robe, but she threw that off, revealing her in all her Rumble Roses glory. Tight red shorts, red gloves, red boots that rose just below her kneecaps, red top, and red collar. It's no surprise that some people nicknamed her the Red Rose instead of the Zero Fighter.
Reiko had her entrance down to a science as long as she has been competing in women's professional wrestling. She would always run for several steps and make a high leap over the ropes and into the ring. That was on her mind as Reiko began her charge towards the ring. But what wasn't on her mind was that her growth spurt had begun the moment she began running.
When Reiko was right at the ropes, for a split second she thought something was off. The ropes looked to be down at her knees rather than at waist level. Nevertheless, she jumped anyway, but missed grabbing the rope and landed on her behind. As the crowd gasped, Reiko quickly jumped back to her feet, and while some people cheered... there was still a large majority of the crowd gasping.
"Huh? I didn't blow my intro that bad, did I?" Reiko said to herself. She looked down, thinking maybe one of her boots broke. But instead, she was watching as the ring around her was getting smaller and smaller.
"What!?" Reiko shouted. She looked around the arena, watching as people were starting to panic a little from watching her grow. Reiko was about 150 feet tall and closing in fast on the ceiling of the roof. She was already far too big to escape through the doors, so her only way out was through. And that's what she thought the moment her head banged against the scoreboard.
"Ouch!!!" Reiko shouted, watching as the scoreboard dangled a bit before falling down by her feet. When Reiko's hair started brushing against the ceiling, she busted a hole right through, and watched as her sight changed from inside the arena to outside it.

The frantic crowd escaping from the stadium would occasionally turn around and look to see Reiko growing right out of the stadium. As she got bigger, she had to expand the hole that she had made in order for more of her body to grow through.
Finally though, after another minute or so, Reiko stopped growing. She was just over 550 feet tall, and the normally huge stadium was knee high to the giantess. The people didn't care how big Reiko was... all they knew was that she looked insanely huge, big enough to make some city buildings look pale. And Reiko knew this too, looking down at the stadium she outgrew.
"I'm... so huge." Reiko said. She stepped out of the stadium, and could actually hear her feet crushing the ground.
"And quite strong too. I better get out of here..." Reiko said. Not knowing exactly where she wanted to go, the giant Reiko stepped away from the damaged stadium and into the city of Tokyo.

Around 10:00 AM, local time

At the open garage of her home, Rebecca Walsh, otherwise known as Candy Cane on the RR circuit, was rocking out on her guitar. She was wearing almost the same outfit she normally wears when wrestling. Long white boots, brown plaid skirt with larger-than-usual red belt, and white shirt that could barely contain her breasts. And of course, as two of her friends in the Killer Bambis band already know, she was a mean bitch. Candy heard a different note go off in the background and she lowered her guitar in absolute frustration.
"What the fuck are you doing, Mindy!?" Candy shouted as she looked back at the other guitarist, and a student at the high school that Candy used to go to before dropping out in favor of Rumble Roses.
"Geez, give me a break, Candy! It's tough going from that note to another one." Mindy said.
"Well, you better get with the damn program! We're gonna knock 'em dead with this song!" Candy said.
"I hope so, Candy!" Roxanne, the drummer, shouted.
"Alright, ladies. From the top... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..." Candy said as she and the other girls began rocking out. But not even 30 seconds passed before another hitch got in the way of the song production. This time, it was Candy herself as she had to hold her head instead of play on the guitar. The music came to a halt as Roxanne and Mindy wondered what was wrong with their best friend and band leader.
"Whoa, whoa... what's up, Candy?" Roxanne said.
"Yeah! I'm the one who always messes up, not you!" Mindy said.
"Shut up, Mindy. I'll be right back... I don't feel too well." Candy said as she ran out of the garage and made a left turn, taking her guitar with her.
"What's that about?" Roxanne asked to Mindy, who just shrugged her shoulders.

Candy walked slowly towards the front door, but right away felt a change going on in her body. In fact, the guitar she had strapped on suddenly became a tight fit.
"Damn, I thought I adjusted the strap properly..." Candy said. She tried getting it off, but it would not budge. It wouldn't matter eventually because the strap eventually broke off, and the guitar fell down on the ground. Candy reached down to pick it up, but that's when she noticed her growth spell happening.
"What the hell!?" Candy shouted. She figured she was getting bigger because it wasn't just her guitar, but the entire house that shrunk in front of her eyes.
"This must have to do with that strange attack after the Rumble Roses match last week..." Candy thought to herself as she watched herself get bigger and bigger.
The first person to catch Candy's growth spell was Mindy, who finally decided to step outside and wonder what was going on with Candy Cane.
"Holy shit!!!" Mindy shouted. She then turned around and ran back inside the garage.
"Rox... you gotta see this! Candy Cane's really big now!" Mindy said.
"What? You smoking that pot again, Mindy?" Roxanne said.
"No, seriously! She's really, really big!!!" Mindy shouted. Just then, a very huge white boot came crashing down a few yards away from the garage entrance, following by a familiar laughter.
"Hahaha!!! Hey, girls! Check me out!" Candy shouted.

Mindy and Roxanne stepped away from their instruments and came running out, where they got their first look at a 550-foot-tall plus Candy Cane.
"See, I told you!" Mindy shouted.
"Damn..." Roxanne said.
"Hey, girls! What do you think?" Candy said.
"Um... you look great, Candy. I think..." Roxanne said. Just then, Candy lowered her insanely large hand and gently picked up her two friends with her fingers. They then stood uneasily on her hand, which was about as large as a rock concert stage. It wasn't as intimidating as seeing her entire face right in front of them.
"What's that? You'll have to speak up." Candy said, her voice booming to a decibel level that rivaled the large bands that the Killer Bambis idolized.
"I said you look great!" Roxanne shouted.
"That's right... I look great! This is sooooo cool!" Candy said. Indeed, unlike the other two giantesses around the world, Candy warmed up right away to her new size.
"Can't you make us grow too?" Mindy said.
"Well, the truth is, I don't even know how I grew. And even then, I'm standing alone. But... you can come along for the ride!" Candy said.
"The ride? What do you... aaahhhhhhhh!!!" Roxanne said, but then she and Mindy felt themselves falling. Candy lowered her hand and dumped her two tiny friends into one of the pockets of her skirt.
"Oh, I'm gonna have fun like this! I've always wanted to be the big bad girl! Now I'll show them. I'll show all of them! Starting with the high school..." Candy said. With that devilish thought in mind, Candy walked from her house, and eventually her neighborhood.

Undisclosed location

Anesthesia grinned from ear to ear. Seeing how big the three girls have grown, her experiment of the black potion with control chip had worked to perfection.
"Excellent... and the world governments said this was a dangerous experiment." Anesthesia said.
"We have the growth numbers, ma'am. Based on Mrs. Hinomoto's original height of 5'7", she is now 558 feet and 4 inches tall. Based on Mrs. Walsh's original height of 5'8", she is now 566 feet and 8 inches tall. And based on Mrs. Clemets' original height of 5'11"..." one of the men said.
"Don't forget the two inches I gave her during the prototype test." Anesthesia said.
"Oh... right. Forgive me, Mrs. Anesthesia... based on her previously new height of 6'1"... my god. She's over 600 feet tall!" the man said.
"608 feet and 4 inches, to be exact." another man said.
"Damn... I'm breathing heavily just thinking about those numbers." another man said.
"Well, stay focused, horny toad. Our job is not done yet." Anesthesia said.
"What's next, Mrs. Anesthesia?" another man asked.
"You'll know soon enough. Let's watch and see how much fun these girls have for now." Anesthesia said with a smile.


Reiko thought it was a good thing that Tokyo was so brightly lit at night, otherwise she'd have trouble finding her way through in the darkness. At the same exact time, all the citizens of the city could see of the mega giantess were legs and maybe a little of her waist. Reiko was easily bigger than much of the city at her massive size. It was a long way down, and she could tell from not just how tiny the people looked, but how her body stretched above most of the buildings in the immediate area, if not all of them.
"Oh my... I didn't realize how big I was until I entered the city." Reiko said to herself. She was trying hard to be careful, but when her boots were just about 30 feet wide, they were just barely able to fit into the crowded roads and streets. And considering those roads and streets were full of people trying to get away from the giantess, Reiko was stepping on and killing at least a person with every step. She knew it too, looking back and seeing her bootprint with dead, broken bodies inside each of the holes. Reiko got frustrated seeing that.
"Arrrgh! Why did I have to grow this big!? It's so hard to avoid causing damage or killing people!" Reiko shouted in her Japanese tongue. She even lifted up her boot and looked at the bottom of it, noting all the blood and broken body parts underneath.
"That's not a pretty sight." Reiko said to herself. She put the boot back down on the ground and scraped it against the road, causing some of the bloody mess to come off and stain the once fine-looking roadways.

Reiko then looked up a little bit when she could hear the sounds of a helicopter. She recognized the vehicle to be the chopper of one of Tokyo's most prestigious news stations. She kinda frowned upon seeing this camera.
"Just what I needed... to be on the news for this very reason." Reiko said. Normally she wouldn't mind seeing this camera if she had just won a major Rumble Roses tournament. But now, at over 550 feet tall, it was kinda hard to avoid hiding from the news, let alone the entire city. Reiko watched as the chopper got closer to her, slowly.
"Hey, don't get too close... I don't want to hurt you!" Reiko said. The newswoman inside the chopper then spoke into her megaphone.
"Mrs. Hinomoto, how is it that made you grow so big!?" the lady asked.
"Honestly, I don't know. I was about to wrestle in a Rumble Roses match... and the next thing I knew, I grew right out of the arena." Reiko said.
"How honestly do you feel about being so big?" the lady asked.
"I don't know... I guess I'm still trying to adjust. I do feel I might be too big though... I've already killed a lot of poor people and destroyed a ton of property. But..." Reiko said.
"But what, Mrs. Hinomoto?" the lady asked.
"It does feel amazing, to an extent." Reiko said.
"How is it amazing?" the lady asked.
"I feel... powerful. Being this big makes me feel like I can handle anything. Oh, but I'm trying not to let this feeling overcome me." Reiko said.
"Interesting. Do you think you'll ever return to normal size?" the lady asked.
"I... I really don't know. Listen, I don't want to endanger these people any more than they already have been, so I must be going." Reiko said. And with that said, she turned around and walked away despite the fact that the cameraman was getting the best ass shot he might ever get (and yet it was covered in those tight red shorts, no less).

But along the way, Reiko stepped on a monorail track, along with the monorail itself, destroying it completely. Reiko gasped over seeing what she just stepped on.
"Damn it..." Reiko said to herself, but just kept on walking as if nothing had happened.


Dixie smiled as she slowly walked her way through the tiny city of Galveston. Okay, so it's not exactly a tiny place, but it certainly looked that way to the 608-foot-tall white bikini-clad Dixie Clemets. So far there wasn't a single building that could reach her knees. On top of that, the way the sun was positioned, she was casting a deep shadow over much of the city.
"Fee fi fo fum! Look at how small this here city has become!" Dixie said, her voice booming out into the horizon. She picked up on those echoes too.
"Well, I declare! The whole state could probably hear me with echoes like that!" Dixie said. And saying that only made her smile even more.
"Yeah, that's right... everything's always bigger in Texas, they say. That shouldn't exclude at least this lovely cowgirl right here!" Dixie shouted. She took a couple big steps, leveling almost a whole block or two with each one.
"The bigger they are, the harder they crush, ya'll!" Dixie shouted, again flashing a smile. She clearly was enjoying being so big in contrast to Reiko in Tokyo, of course she had no idea of that. It wasn't just city buildings that she leveled... the ground bent beneath her mighty bare foot, and citizens and vehicles, particularly the tour buses, were crushed so flat you almost couldn't recognize them. Dixie had almost no way of knowing she was causing all this mayhem because she was so big.

She did notice, however, kicking a water tower off its foundation just by merely pressing her big toe against it. As the tower fell off, a huge spout of water went up in the air. And Dixie noticed this as the water tried to tickle her waist.
"Oh good... I reckon I didn't get wet enough at the beach earlier today." Dixie said. She cupped her hands around the water spout, trying to scoop up as much H2O as she could. When she felt she had enough, she splashed it around her body. First on her face, and then her arms, her stomach, and her legs. She was just slightly wet, and she felt that was the best she could do.
"Damn, I'm just too big for this little ol' spout. It's like tryin' to ride a calf!" Dixie said. She watched as she crushed several vehicles, including a big tour bus, flat with her next step.
"Oh my god... this is really awesome! Look at all these little people..." Dixie said. She held a hand just above her eyes so that she could hide the sun from her eyes and get a clear view of the horizon.
"Mmmm... I can see for miles!" Dixie said. Just then, Dixie could hear the sirens in the background becoming louder and louder. That's when she looked down and saw the parade of police cars gathering by her feet. Dixie just giggled for a bit, putting her hands on her hips and looking straight down at the officers as they came out from their cars. Many of them came out slowly, a fact that Dixie caught onto right away.
"Haha! Look at those itty-bitty officers down by my feet. Ya'll probably can't even see my face past these little ol' mountains of mine." Dixie said as she patted her tremendous-sized breasts. Even if she were normal-sized, just looking at the cleavage would send any man into a trance. She could faintly hear one of the officers speak into a megaphone, but being 600 feet tall, she couldn't hear what he was saying.
"What's that, cowboy? You're gonna have to speak up! Better yet, I think I'll just do my own thing. You might wanna start runnin', before I start stompin'! Yeehah!" Dixie said. She could see some of the cops backing away, while others began drawing their weapons. Dixie found this quite amusing.
"Hahaha! What are you really going to do? Shoot me? I reckon that's not a smart idea." Dixie said as she swept some of her hair to her side. Finally, the cops got the hint and started to take off.
"Yeah, that's right, you better run like a bull's coming at ya, because here comes the biggest bull of them all!" Dixie said. Finally, she took one step forward and crushed almost the whole lot. There was almost nothing left in the crushed zone. Nothing but crushed bodies, vehicles, and what little was left of the roads and buildings.

"Oh, that felt so... good! I think I wanna do this all day!" Dixie said. She took one more look around the city that she easily towered over.
"But I can only do so much in Galveston. Now Dallas? Oh yeah... I'm probably bigger than Dallas right now. Only one way to find out! Yeehah!!!" Dixie said as she started walking forward, taking out more of Galveston with each step she took. She just couldn't wait to reach the once mighty city of Dallas.


Candy Cane wasn't too far from the actual city of Quebec, but she wanted to make one quick stop before she began her reign of terror there. At over 550 feet tall, Candy had no trouble spotting the normally large Simon Belmondo Memorial High School, where she was once upon a time a student. Of course, she quit school to focus on her Rumble Roses career as well as her Killer Bambis band. Candy let out a smile when she got her first good look at the school.
"Bleh... some school Simon Belmorono made. It's about to meet the school of Candy Cane!" Candy said.

Inside one of the classrooms, it was business as usual. With Miss Spencer out for the day, a substitute teacher was doing his best to get by for the day. With the window blinds closed, there was nothing outside to distract any of the kids. Although... there was a loud booming sound outside, and the room would shake every now and then. It finally got to the point where even the teacher noticed something.
"What the heck is all that noise?" the teacher said. One of the girls offered to check what it was and she opened up the blinds. As soon as she did this, however... the biggest white boot that any of the students would ever see was heading right for them!
"Holy shit!!!" the girl shouted as she and the other students (jumping out of their desks) attempted to get out of the room. But the huge boot would be the last thing that anybody in that room would ever see as everyone was instantly killed the moment the boot slammed right through the wall.

Candy laughed as she kicked part of the school and left a big gaping hole on its side. But she didn't stop there. She kicked some other classrooms out, eventually causing the whole right side of the school to come crumbling down. Candy knew she had killed many students and teachers since it was a school day, but she didn't care how many it was. She let everyone that ran out of the school know there was a big, bad girl in town.
"Hahaha! That's right, shitheads! You better run because I'm the biggest, baddest bitch you'll ever see!" Candy said. Reiko was being as careful as she could in Tokyo, while Dixie was being a bit more playful down in Texas. But Candy? None of the above. She was the evil goddess that girls like her could only dream of becoming back in the day. She proved her point by stepping onto the school grounds, leveling more of the property and crushing even more students and teachers along the way. She looked underneath one of her boots at all the blood and body parts stuck to the bottom.
"Yeah, now this is a real fashion statement." Candy said. Still, she wanted to make room for more victims, so she brushed the boot on the ground below, scraping off the mess she made with just one stomp.
"Y'know, you pathetic students should be happy there's no more school!" Candy said. With that, she began to demolish the rest of the school with her booted feet. The school of course didn't have a chance. Eventually, there was nothing left. It was as if a bomb had been dropped right in the middle of the property. Candy smiled over the damage she caused, but right away felt it was time to move on.
"And now for the fucking city!" Candy said as she stepped away from the school.

Eventually, after about a few minutes of walking, Candy Cane was now in Quebec City. She flashed an evil smile seeing she was bigger than every single building in the city, even bigger than the tallest ones. She knew that Quebec wasn't like Toronto, Montreal, or Calgary as far as tall buildings went, but to see herself as the biggest thing in the city felt good. Very good in her eyes. She made sure everyone in the city knew that, looking down and seeing the 'ants' running away from her.
"Hahahaha!!! You little pricks better start running, because this bitch is gonna rule your city!" Candy said. She took a few stomps in her place, watching as some of the smaller buildings around her boots just simply fell to the ground. Not to mention of course the ground completely cracked where she stomped and the people struggling to get back on their feet after being shaken by the quake. Candy was quite impressed.
"Ahhhh... so powerful! I can do whatever I fucking want being this big!!!" Candy said. She kicked another set of buildings off their foundations, watching as they fell onto other buildings and took them down like dominoes. After laughing over seeing the destruction, she then turned her attention to the little people running away from her.
"Hmmm... let's see how many little shits I can crush in five steps." Candy said. As said, she stepped right into the large crowd that had been trying to escape her.
"One..." Candy said as she put her foot down on many people. At her size, her feet were about 29 feet wide and 83 feet long, so she covered a lot of ground and therefore could crush many more innocent people.
"Two... three... four... five!" Candy said. After her five steps, she looked behind and saw nothing but a blood-stained roadway, with some leftover body parts that dropped even more blood onto the soaked streets. Candy licked her lips over seeing what she just did.
"Damn, that's a lot of people crushed. I feel so damn powerful!!" Candy said. She then looked to her right, where she could see people in a smaller building crowding up against the window.

"And what are you little shits looking at!?" Candy said. When she realized that the building was chest level with her, that's when she quickly realized what they were looking at. As mentioned before, the way she was wearing her white shirt, her breasts were just itching to jump right out. She wasn't willing to go that far, but she did have something sinister in mind.
"Oh... so you like my boobies, huh? Maybe this'll get your tiny little hormones excited..." Candy said. She cupped her breasts and the shirt that covered them into her hands and started squeezing them together. Eventually, she moved them in every possible direction that they would go. The show lasted for just over a minute, but she wasn't done yet.
"And now for the big closeup!" Candy said. With that, she started pressing her breasts against the building. She first teased everyone inside by 'bouncing' them off the building by moving back and forth. Finally, though, with one great thrust, her breasts broke right through the windows, smothering everyone inside if they weren't crushed to pieces already. Eventually, she wound up hugging the entire building before it could no longer take being abused by her covered breasts.

After the building was no more, Candy looked down at her breasts to see a few remaining souls clinging for dear life from either falling to the ground or falling into her breasts. Candy either brushed these people off or crushed them with her breasts by clinging them together. It was definitely a power trip.
"Wow... that felt so good. I hope I stay like this forever." Candy said to herself as she patted herself on the shirt. But it was time to move on, and Candy thought of what she could do next in the city of Quebec.

Another part of Quebec

Meanwhile, far away from the city, Miss Spencer was sitting on her bed with an ice pack on her head, wearing blue jeans, blue flip flops, and a white tank top (definitely not fit for a teacher). On top of wondering what it was that made her so sick that she had to call the school, she also watched with disbelief as one of her former students, Candy Cane, was trashing up Quebec. She was particularly insulted when she watched her press her breasts against one of the taller buildings in the city.
"Ugh! How can Mrs. Walsh be like this? I always knew she was a bad girl, but for her to do something this..." Miss Spencer said. Before she could finish her sentence, however, she felt another cramp in her stomach.
"Arrrgh! Damn, what is this I'm having? The flu?" Miss Spencer said. She dropped her ice pack and ran to the nearby bathroom, looking at herself in the mirror. Her body looked to be fine, and yet, she couldn't shake this feeling that something was changing inside her.
"Something's happening to me. But what?" Miss Spencer said. But then she noticed something wrong. Something was not adding up, especially when she was having to squat a little to see her face in the mirror.
"Huh? What? Ouch!" Miss Spencer said. That painful reaction was when she looked up and realized her head was bumping against the ceiling.
"I'm... I'm growing bigger!" Miss Spencer said. Indeed, she could see her feet covering more and more of the small bathroom area. In fact, Miss Spencer had already grown so much, she was trapped inside the bathroom.
"Ahhhhhh!!!" Miss Spencer said as her head burst right through the bathroom ceiling. Miss Spencer just continued to grow bigger and bigger, trashing up the rest of her house with her growing feet...


"Shit!!!" Reiko shouted as she stomped on another group of buildings. She sighed in frustration, seeing how difficult it was to avoid causing a lot of trouble in Tokyo at her size. And it wasn't getting any easier with the city almost in total darkness. After she kicked a series of electric towers off their foundations, much of the city became shrouded in total darkness, save for a few things being powered by generators. The only other light came from above with the moon and from below with the vehicles that tried their hardest to escape from the mega giantess. Reiko put her hands on her hips after wiping off a bit of sweat. She watched as even a drop of that caused destruction galore.

"I need to get out of here, for this city's sake." Reiko said. After taking a few steps to her right, she suddenly found herself underneath another light. She looked up and saw that it belonged to a military helicopter. Buzzing around the copter, and eventually around her head, were fighter jets.
"Mrs. Reiko Hinomoto! Surrender peacefully and we will not hurt you!" a voice from the copter said.
"But... I didn't mean to harm this city. I'm just too big!" Reiko said. The jets that were swirling around her head eventually started to annoy her, and she swatted all of them out of the air.
"Arrrgh! Stupid jets! They're like bugs!" Reiko shouted after destroying all of the fighter jets. Most of the pilots onboard the jets were killed instantly as the jets dissolved from being dealt a crushing blow by the mega Reiko. A couple of the pilots were lucky enough to eject before their jets were totally destroyed. One, whose name was Akira, parachuted down to the right side of Reiko's chest while the other, Kiyoshi, grabbed onto Reiko's red shorts. Specifically... you know how Reiko likes to half-zip up her shorts so people can get a small glimpse of her black panties? That's the part he was hanging onto.
"Akira! Are you okay!?" Kiyoshi shouted above as he held on for dear life.
"Yes, so far... I'm hanging onto a boob, for crying out loud!" Akira said.
"Hentai!" Kiyoshi shouted, although he knew he would regret saying that considering he was in a nearly dirty situation himself, looking ahead and seeing the Zero logo on top of Reiko's panties. Akira looked up at the mole that was on Reiko's skin, just above the boob he was sitting on. It looked big enough for him to lay on.
"Wow... she's big." Akira said to himself.

While all this was going on, Reiko, obviously unaware of the two survivors on her body (and how could she be as big as they were?), was still discussing matters with the chopper.
"No! You destroyed much of our air defense group. We will have no choice but to retaliate!" a voice from the chopper said. Reiko was getting frustrated by now.
"Look... I'm gonna walk away now. Just don't shoot at me." Reiko said kindly. And that's when she started walking away with her feet dragging whatever it was that she was stepping on. Despite the words given by the giantess, the chopper fired a couple missiles. They hit Reiko squarely on the back, and while she didn't appear to be hurt by the projectile, she did look quite upset as she looked right at the chopper.
"I said don't shoot me! It's always the same with you military choppers..." Reiko said. She easily handled the threat by clapping her hands together and crushing the chopper to many pieces. She opened her hands up and watched as whatever was left of the chopper fell to the ground. Reiko sighed over what she had just done.
"(sigh) This is not me. This is just not me!" Reiko said, putting her hands on her hips again. Her thumb got very close to crushing Kiyoshi as he continued to hang on for dear life. Akira, meanwhile, was clinging onto the ropes that held her red top together.
"Damn! I better get somewhere else before I'm crushed by one of her nails..." Kiyoshi said. With both hands still gripping as much of the red shorts as he could, he slowly moved his way towards one of the pockets. That's when he let go and felt himself falling inside.
In the meantime, Reiko just kept on walking, now not caring whatever it was that she was crushing. She felt she was simply too big to avoid causing trouble now. As she walked forward in the darkness, she noticed the lit up Tokyo Tower several yards (to her, anyway) away.
"Well, at least the Tokyo Tower is still bigger than me. Maybe I'll compare myself to that, just to see how big I really am..." Reiko said.


It hadn't been long since Dixie left Galveston in almost total ruins, but as she moved her 600-foot-tall body across the Texas soil, she was thinking of what she could do when she reached the big city of Dallas. In her excitement, she totally forgot about the city of Houston. At least, until she walked right into it. The almost flat grounds that filled her perspective since leaving Galveston were suddenly replaced with many tall buildings, at least a few of them even bigger than her! Still, she recognized many of these structures.
"Hmmm... I reckon there's the One Shell Plaza, and the Fulbright Tower over there... Damn, Houston sure is a lot smaller now." Dixie said as she pointed to these taller buildings. She particularly let out a smile when she saw the ExxonMobil Building in front of her at nearly the same height.
"Well hello there... the name's Dixie. What's your name?" Dixie asked sarcastically as she rubbed her hands around the building, inadvertantly touching it with her huge breasts in the process.
"Oops, that was naughty of me!" Dixie said. But she quickly shrugged that off as she looked down at the entrance of the building, watching people running out and either around or between her bare feet. She even wiggled her toes ever so slightly and saw how scared the people got thinking they would be crushed by those monstrosities.
"Hehe, like I told Galveston, everything's bigger in Texas... including me!" Dixie said as she patted herself on the breasts. And speaking of said breasts, she got a wicked idea and lifted up her massive chest, resting her white bikini top on the building she was standing behind. She watched as the building struggled to support her boobs, cracking under the pressure.
"Wow... this is one dang powerful chest!" Dixie said with a smile. Lifting up her chest, she looked down at the big crowd of people that were running from her.
"Awww, don't run away, ya'll! I won't hurt you... much!" Dixie said. She took another step forward, this time crushing a whole bunch of people. She lifted that same foot, seeing the many blood stains and broken body parts that came from these people.
"Now that's one big mess!" Dixie said.

She walked forward some more, and with two more just-as-tall buildings to her side, she could hear loud music coming out of one of the tiny buildings, small enough to put her foot on and crush. But instead, she wanted to hear it even better.
"Hey! Whoever's in that little ol' shop! Turn that music up!" Dixie shouted. A few seconds later, the music came blasting out of the building. It was loud enough to make anyone within 10 feet deaf, but of course, it was just the right volume for Dixie.
"Now that's some rock and roll!" Dixie said. Despite being a country girl, Dixie had always preferred rock and roll, especially when the song had a lot of beats, as this one did. She stepped back and forth with the beat of the music, swinging her arms around the air.
"Hah hah! What do you think of my dancing, ya'll!?" Dixie shouted. Eventually, she even swung her butt around, giving everyone inside the taller buildings quite the show. But then she started swinging her hips very wide, and they made contact with one of the buildings, knocking it off its foundation. Dixie didn't seem to care, as she was having too much fun with the dancing. In fact, she knocked off the other building as well, leaving her as the biggest thing in the block for now. Dixie did a big twirl.
"Yeeeeeeehah!!!" Dixie shouted as she was really moving around now, breaking things left and right with each step she took.

Finally, she stepped on the source of the music itself, and a shower of sparks went off as Dixie stepped on the building. She actually had to step away as the sparks showered into the sky at about waist-level before disappearing. It was here when she finally realized how much damage she caused with her dance show.
"Whoops. Hopefully this whole block was insured." Dixie said. Despite all that, the mega giantess watched as a few tanks waded their way through the wreckage. They stopped short of Dixie's dirty feet, along with a few soldiers that jumped out, aiming their cannons up at her. Dixie brushed some of her hair aside as she looked down at the puny military weapons.
"Them little boys are foolish to try and tame someone as big as me." Dixie said. The tanks fired their cannons and the soldiers fired their bazookas, but as soon as the shots exploded off Dixie's powerful legs, she just laughed.
"Heeheehee! Stop it, that tickles!" Dixie said. She watched as everyone stopped firing, and in fact some of the soldiers and tanks started to turn around, trying to escape from the giantess.
"Givin' up already? I thought you big, strong men were tougher than that!" Dixie said. She stopped them from escaping by taking a big step forward and planting her foot down, essentially blocking their path. She did the same thing with her other foot, and the soldiers and tanks were now trapped in between her feet.
"Come on, my visitors. Stay awhile... staaaaay FOREVER!" Dixie said, impersonating a rather infamous line from video games' past.
"Let's see here how well you tanks measure up against these grand ol' boobies!" Dixie said, once again patting her bikini top. She got down on her knees and lowered her chest until it was just barely over the tiny tanks. The soldiers just ducked, hoping and praying they wouldn't get caught in the double crossfire. As her chest jiggled back and forth, Dixie moved it forward and then backwards, touching the ground in the process. Sure enough, the tanks were no match for the 'moving mountains' and they got trashed up as they got tossed around from being swept by her boobs. Dixie was quite satisfied when she saw the tanks sitting motionless and all torn up on the ground. But she didn't forget one bit about the soldiers, some of which managed to survive the sweep.
"And where are you little boogers goin'?" Dixie said, quickly reaching down and grabbing the few soldiers that remained. Their fate was easy to decide.

"Hey, don't be scared... at least you can die happy since you'll be squirming in my chest..." Dixie said. She then stretched out the top part of her bikini and dropped the soldiers into her cleavage. Some of them bounced off her flesh and fell down either to their death, but Dixie didn't pay any attention to them and just watched as those few soldiers squirmed in between her breasts.
"Seems you all like them so much... how about a closer view?" Dixie said. Then, with another smirk, she took her breasts in both hands and then squeezed them together, crushing every last one of them. She could hear the sounds of bones breaking and blood trickling down her skin.
"Ooooh... that felt so bad, and yet so good." Dixie said. She also wiped the sweat off her forehead and noted the bright sunlight.
"Hey, I didn't get a chance to get my tan today. Might as well do that now before I head off to Dallas... and while my sunscreen is still good." Dixie said. Walking a few steps away from the carnage she had caused the past few minutes, she approached a couple more city blocks, which she instantly leveled the moment she got down on the ground and laid flat on her back.
"Ahhhh... this feels nice, actually!" Dixie said. She could hear the screams of the little people from where she laid, along with the sounds of smaller buildings disintegrating to her mighty bare feet as well as sirens from emergency vehicles.
"Well, listen up, ya'll! I'm gonna be laying here for at least a half hour. If any little gentlemen wanna try and fuck me... well, good luck to you! Hahaha!" Dixie said. Having rolled that dirty thought off her tongue, Dixie just closed her eyes, taking in the sounds of destruction and the goddess-inducing rays of the sun.


Much of Quebec City was now in ruins thanks to the destructive work of Candy. And yet, she wasn't done. She wanted to make sure every last bit of the city had been destroyed. She also made sure each and every building she demolished, she did so in a different fashion. One she tackled like it were an opponent on Rumble Roses. Another she sat on. Another she poked holes in with her fingernails until it came down, like it was a giant-sized version of Jenga. The next one she came across, which was exactly half her size... she put both her legs on either side of the building.
"See if you can survive this!" Candy said. She then squeezed her legs together, watching as the building instantly fell apart, killing everyone inside as well as those who couldn't escape the destruction in time. Watching these people die right in front of her eyes got her thinking...

"Hmmm... I should really show these shitty ants how mean I am." Candy said. The first thing she did? She used a fingernail to pick out some loose ear wax that she could feel coming out of her right ear. She flung it down and it stuck right to the ground, trapping a few people into the sticky wax. This piece of wax, along with the few folks in it, was quickly crushed by Candy, who sunk her boot into the very road they were stuck in. She picked up another small group of people, and this time she closed her hand into a fist, crushing all of them into a bloody pulp. She licked up the blood that was trickling down her hands.
"Hahahaha!! Take that, you little pieces of crap!" Candy said. She was definitely feeling the sense of power that came from being this big, and yet she saved some of the worst stuff for last. In particular, she saw a tour bus that had driven past her feet and away from her. Of course, Candy wasn't about to let some silly little evacuation bus get away from her. She reached down and picked it up, focusing one eye on inside the bus.
"Thought you could get away from me, huh? Try this on for size!" Candy said. Sitting down on the ground behind her, cracking it significantly, Candy spread her legs out a little bit. Keeping one finger gently on the top of the bus, she rolled it forward until the front of the vehicle was touching her massive panties. She bounced the bus back and forth on them.
"Ha ha! So how does it feel to smell my womanhood? How do you shitheads like that!?" Candy said. She tried hard to imagine what it was like for those little people inside the bus. Seeing nothing but the white of her panties and the tan of her skin... she felt it had to stink down there, given she's been intoxicated with power from being so gigantic. Finally, she stopped and lifted the bus back to eye level.
"That's the best fuckin' show you'll ever see!" Candy said. Then she opened her mouth wide and ate the bus whole, chomping it down to little pieces before swallowing.

Candy jumped back to her feet and this time chased a group of people that were running away from her. She herded them all together, stomping on those that dared to try and escape. Eventually, she cornered about twenty or so people between two buildings, and her huge boots made it impossible for these people to escape. Candy just stood there, letting these scared people think they were gonna get a talking to, but as she did that, she rolled her tongue around, trying to gather all the saliva that was in her mouth. By the time some people figured out what she was up to, it was too late. Candy, with all her might, then spit out all of the saliva that was in her mouth, shooting it right at the tiny people. The saliva either knocked them right to the ground and severely hurt them because of the sheer sheed of the expectoration, or it washed them around like rice in a river. After letting out another torrent of spit, Candy just laughed down at them.
"Hahaha!!! You can't even swim your way out of my spit!" Candy said, laughing down at the people who struggled to move around in the sticky stuff. Eventually, though, she got tired of her little game, and she knocked some pieces off the two surrounding buildings to crush every last one of the spit-laden people. Candy rubbed her hands together and smiled.
"Man, this is just too fun. I'll stick around for maybe one more stomp until I go to Ottawa... or better yet, Montreal! Yeah, I'm a big fucking girl... I deserve a big city!" Candy said before stomping away from her latest destructive scene.

Meanwhile, the now 575-foot-tall Miss Spencer was entering what was left of Quebec City. Two thoughts were quickly swirling around her mind. Number one, how did she suddenly grow this big? And number two... did Candy, or Rebecca Walsh as she knew her, really cause this much destruction?
"My god... it's worse than I thought. There's almost nothing left!" Miss Spencer said. She looked underneath her blue flip flops to see all the blood, guts, and muck that she had just stepped through.
"Ugh... this is gross." Miss Spencer said. She then looked out in the distance, and about a hundred yards away, she could see Candy doing some more building stomping. Miss Spencer stretched her arms and then her feet into the air.
"Alright, that does it. Mrs. Walsh can drop out of school and join Rumble Roses if she wants, but I won't let her destroy an entire city!" Miss Spencer said as she walked forward in pursuit of the younger mega giantess.

About a minute later, Candy was stomping on more stuff that was significantly smaller than her, as well as tormenting a whole new group of people.
"Mrs. Walsh!!!" a voice shouted behind Candy. It took her by surprise that someone could yell out as loudly as her, and it was more surprising when she turned around and saw who the voice belonged to.
"Miss Spencer? What the hell!?" Candy shouted.
"Yes, Mrs. Walsh. It is I. We meet again, even being this big." Miss Spencer said. Candy smiled.
"Yeah, isn't it great? It's like being the evil goddess from hell being this huge!" Candy said.
"Watch your language, young lady! Don't you even understand what you're doing!? You have reduced this city to rubble... you've shattered the many spirits of these people!" Miss Spencer said.
"Many spirits? What kinda crap are you spitting out, Miss Spencer!? Don't you feel the power? Aren't you getting turned on being as big as your own city?" Candy said.
"Enough nonsense! I'm gonna stop you even if it means forever ruining this city..." Miss Spencer said.
"Huh? What are you gonna do? Wrestle me?" Candy said.
"Yes, I challenge you to a Rumble Roses match... unless you want to back down!" Miss Spencer said.
"Hell no! I can beat you whether you're 5 feet tall or 500 feet tall!" Candy shouted as she got into a wrestling pose, as did Miss Spencer. Both ladies charged towards each other.

A few minutes later
Undisclosed location

With Anesthesia outside for a little bit, it was the men of the Lady X corporation who were left to watch what was happening with all three of the mega giantesses.
"So let's so over the summary once more."
"Well, Mrs. Hinomoto has been by far the most hesitant. She clearly does not want to destroy the city of Tokyo. Of course, she has no choice given her very immense size. And she has caused quite a bit of destruction. Current status: in front of the Tokyo Tower."
"Very good. Now Mrs. Clemets."
"Yeah, she's been more playful, especially once she got to the city of Houston. She's killed many innocent civilians; death toll estimated to be over 30,000. Current status... getting a suntan in the middle of the city."
"She may not like that, but... anyway, Mrs. Walsh."
"Yeah, she's been just nasty. I can't wait to replay the video tape again when Mrs. Anesthesia comes back."
"Yeah, so you can get your hard-on back! Hahaha!!" a few other guys in the room laughed, but the top of the brass wasn't laughing one bit.
"Silence! Stay on task, people. Mrs. Walsh's current status?"
"Um, yeah... she's fighting her old teacher, who has somehow grown to just over Mrs. Walsh's size."
"Now that I don't understand at all."
"What don't you understand?"

The last voice belonged to Anesthesia, who had made her way back into the
"Mrs. Anesthesia! I didn't expect to see you again so soon..." the man said with a bit of sweat rolling down his forehead. Anesthesia, being a dark and twisted nurse after all, could sense the tension within the man.
"Is there a problem I need to know about?" Anesthesia said.
"Well, Mrs. Walsh is fighting against Miss Spencer in Quebec... or what's left of it. Mrs. Walsh did a number on the city while you were away." the man said.
"Yeah, but we swear to god, we have no idea where Miss Spencer came from. You told us the final formula was injected into just the three ladies!" another man said.
"Of course you don't... because she was my test subject for the prototype version of the formula." Anesthesia said.
"Prototype version? We never knew about this!" the man said.
"I thought it was a total failure, because it didn't do anything. But I guess she witnessed Mrs. Walsh's destructive spree and the formula in her body had a natural reaction." Anesthesia said.
"Yeah, this is why I'm not a doctor... or a nurse." another man said.
"Still, this is unacceptable! Miss Spencer is too goody-good shoes for my needs, and Mrs. Walsh is vital for the rest of my plan! And Rumble Roses is the very weakness to my formula!!!" Anesthesia said.
"Very weakness, Mrs. Anesthesia?" the man said. Anesthesia then looked squarely at the rest of the crew that watched the monitors.

"Gentlemen! We're accelerating our schedule. Begin Phase 2 of the growth sequence now!" Anesthesia said.
"But but but... Mrs. Anesthesia! Phase 2 hasn't been tested yet... it could be dangerous!" the man said.
"Would you really like to know what's dangerous?" Anesthesia said.
"What's that, ma'am?" the man asked. As he looked over at Anesthesia, he suddenly got a firm punch in the face, hard enough to knock him to the floor. As he laid on his back, Anesthesia stepped to his side and put one of her feet on his neck.
"Questioning my orders, because this is what will happen if you do that again. Understand!?" Anesthesia shouted.
"Yes, ma'am. You heard the lady... begin the second growth phase!" the man said. As the other guys on the crew punched away at the control panel's buttons, Anesthesia let out another devilish smile as she stepped off the commanding officer and let him get back on his feet.
"Now you're really gonna see some giantesses." Anesthesia said.


The battle between Miss Spencer and Candy Cane raged on over the smoldering black mess that composed of what was left of Quebec City. With hardly anything (or anyone) left to destroy, both combatants gave it their all, using every wrestling move they knew in the book. The fight was pretty intense, as every slam to the ground by either player resulted in a loud boom that shook the ground as hard as an earthquake would. Candy was getting ready to throw another series of punches when she felt another headache coming.
"What... again?" Candy said to herself. She felt it was the same exact headache from hours ago when she grew to this size. As she felt her head, she could not see a hard charging Miss Spencer coming.
"Oof!!" Candy shouted as she plowed down to the ground. She had to stay there as Miss Spencer was on top of her, with both knees to the sides.
"It's over, Mrs. Walsh! Now you WILL come with me to a science lab so we can figure this out, or I can continue to beat you senselessly for the way you've treated me and this city!" Miss Spencer said.
"Go to hell!" Candy shouted.
"Fine then." Miss Spencer said. She turned herself around, actually sitting on Candy's belly. She began to reach down to grab one of Candy's legs so she could hold it into submission. But... something wasn't right.
"Huh?" Miss Spencer said. Candy's legs actually looked to be getting longer and wider. She looked down at where she was sitting, and Candy's stomach looked bigger too. She first thought she was shrinking, but she looked down at the ground... Candy was growing even bigger!
"No... this is impossible!" Miss Spencer shouted.

Candy started to notice the same thing. She too at first thought that Miss Spencer was shrinking back to her normal size, but it wasn't until she looked to see the ground shrinking as well that she got the hint she was getting bigger. The growth was slow at first, but it sped up and she got to the point where Miss Spencer was no longer able to spread her legs across her stomach.
"Well, well... looks like mY lUcK Is chanGING, BITCH!!!" Candy said, her voice becoming louder and deeper than ever before. Candy then pushed Miss Spencer down to the ground before she stood back on her feet. By the time Miss Spencer got back on her feet, she looked straight ahead, only to see Candy's legs, and bigger they grew. Miss Spencer had to back away as Candy took over more and more real estate. The bigger Candy got, the more Miss Spencer worried. In fact, when Miss Spencer was now the same height as Candy's boots, she got downright scared. How big was Candy going to grow? She definitely didn't feel like she was 575 feet tall now. She was easily being dwarfed by the fast growing Candy.

Candy thought the same thing, although it was more excitement than fear. She wondered when this new growth spurt would end, if ever! She figured she was at least a mile high, if not two miles tall.
"Hell, maybe I'll grow big enough to stomp Miss Spencer flat!" Candy said to herself. It was starting to look that way as Miss Spencer and the rest of the world continued to shrink from view. In fact, the sky darkened from light blue to a slightly darker blue as she grew up seemingly into the stratosphere. But finally, Candy felt her growth stop. Once she felt like she was done growing, she looked down. Waaaaaay down.
"OH MY GOD..." Candy said.

Clouds that were once unreachable were now tickling her belly. The world spread out like a map. She could see Montreal, Toronto, Ontario. Heck, once she squinted her eyes for a bit, she could see all the way out to Ontario! The smoldering ground that once made up Quebec City was nothing more than a black spot. And speaking of spots... Miss Spencer was as tiny as the people of the city were when Candy was only around 550 feet tall.

You really want to know the number? Okay dokey... Candy Cane is almost five and a half miles tall. She laughed at how tiny Miss Spencer looked.
"*gulp*" Miss Spencer said. Really, what could she say? She felt like the people she was trying to save in Quebec City, seeing nothing but the bottom of Candy's long white boots.
"I DIDN'T THINK SO. GOODBYE, MISS SPENCER. YOU WON'T BE MISSED." Candy said. She lifted one of her feet into the air, lowering it down on Miss Spencer.
"Noooooooo!!!" Miss Spencer shouted. She tried in vein to hold the boot back, but she was simply no match for its unimaginable weight. Candy viciously brought the boot down, causing a booming sound that echoed in the skies for miles and miles. And whatever was left in Quebec was crushed along with Miss Spencer, who was nothing more than a huge messy pile of broken limbs and blood. If anyone alive saw that mess, they'd probably die of extreme grossness.
Candy was quite impressed with the power just that one stomp provided.
"WOW... I THOUGHT I WAS BIG BEFORE. NOW I REALLY AM A GODDESS! I CAN PROBABLY CRUSH EVERY CITY IN THIS PATHETIC COUNTRY WITH JUST A FEW STEPS NOW." Candy said. With that said, the nearly 5.5 mile tall goddess was on her way. For Canada, this was gonna hurt... but at least they weren't the only country getting a few miles of woman.


There were some crazy guys who took up Dixie's challenge to try and make love with her, but of course none of them were successful. On top of being way too big for her to feel anything, her bikini was actually on pretty tight, cutting off access to the... yeah, you know. Regardless, these guys did other things, namely run around her skin or try to climb her massive chest. A couple of the guys were dumb enough to fall into her navel. Whatever happened to these guys, nobody dared to guess. They just kept on running, wondering how many minutes it would take to cover all her body.

And these same remaining guys were about to get the ride of their lives, because just like Candy up in Canada, Dixie was also growing even bigger. As Dixie's body expanded, she was knocking down several of the buildings, particularly the ones that formerly towered above her. For the tiny people, they could only panic even further as the giantess took more and more of the city with her. It was particuarly scary when her growth speed accelerated even further. She just kept getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger.
Finally, her growth stopped when, just like Candy, she was 50 times bigger than her previous size, or five and a half miles tall. Dixie hadn't realized it yet because she had been laying on her back, soaking in a lot of the sun's rays.
"MMMMM... I THINK THAT'S ENOUGH SUN FOR ONE MORNING." Dixie said. She then rolled onto her stomach, causing an unthinkable amount of destruction as her body moved from side to side. What finally gave it way that Dixie was bigger beyond belief was when she saw what was directly in front of her.
"HUH? ISN'T THIS THE BIG OL' CHASE TOWER?" Dixie said. Indeed, the building that was once bigger than her was now smaller than her fingers. She held one of her fingers aside the building to confirm just that, and then she scanned the rest of Houston. It was like looking down from a satellite, she could see so many different blocks of the city. Heck, her breasts were even crushing one and almost two of these blocks.

Finally, Dixie stood back to her full height, dissipating a cloud as her head broke right through it. She looked down at where she had planted her chest. The holes were the size of lakes.
"OH MY GOSH... IT'S LIKE I'M AS BIG AS THE STATE ITSELF!" Dixie said. Of course, she would've had to grow a lot more to cover that much of Texas, but still, she felt insanely huge. In fact, she wanted to test her power a bit. She sat back down, with the Chase Tower very close to the lower half of her bikini.
"WELL, WHAT DO YA'LL THINK OF MY BIKINI? PRETTY SEXY, DON'T YA THINK?" Dixie said. She couldn't possibly tell what the people of Houston were thinking. She almost couldn't even see them, really. All she could see was the city of Houston almost all the way out to her bare feet.
"YOU'RE ABOUT TO GET ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS EVER." Dixie said. She then closed her legs together, crushing not just the tall tower, but destroying whatever that stood in each leg's path. When Dixie opened up her legs again, it was nothing but a huge clump of dirt, piled up and crushed together.
"DAMN! I PROBABLY JUST LEVELED THREE OR FOUR CITY BLOCKS WITH THAT MOVE!" Dixie said as she brushed the mess off her fine legs. She couldn't possibly comprehend how many people she had killed with that move, but she didn't care anymore. She was just thrilled to be this huge. In fact, she laid back down on the ground and started to spread her arms and legs out and about. By the time she finished and got back on her feet, she looked to see the massive destruction she had made in the shape of an angel.
"HAHA! A CITY ANGEL! SURE AS HELL BEATS A SNOW ANGEL." Dixie said, smiling over her handiwork. She looked down by her feet and could see a helicopter trying to get away, but she lifted her foot up and crushed it, along with another block or two out of Houston.

Finally, after surveying the damage, she felt she had seen enough. She wanted to make her way to Dallas.
"WELL, HERE I COME, LITTLE OL' DALLAS. I'LL JUST FOLLOW I-45... HOPEFULLY THAT'S I-45 DOWN THERE." Dixie said, noting the long stretch of road that was heading outside of the city. Of course, she was way too big to tell if that was indeed I-45, but she walked down this path anyway, completely crushing the road and the terrain that surrounded it along the way. For the people that managed to survive in Houston, it would be a while before the super mega giantess faded from view, and even then, her booming footsteps would forever rule the skies.


Reiko could feel the sweat coming down her forehead. She was nervous now, as she was watching the Tokyo Tower get smaller and smaller. She thought her growth would stop when she matched the tower's height inch for inch, but that didn't happen. She thought she would stop when she was twice its height, but that didn't happen either. When the tower couldn't rise above her red boots, she started to worry.
"HOW BIG AM I GOING TO GET!?" Reiko asked herself. The military stopped all their firing and could only watch as the girl continued to greatly expand in size. Already she was at least a mile tall and still getting bigger. Words simply could not describe what everyone was witnessing. News reporters capturing all this on film could only pray to the heavens.
Finally, Reiko stopped growing at an almost Mount Everest height of 5.3 miles tall. She certainly felt like she was as big as the historic mountains as she looked down and saw how much smaller Tokyo was. In fact, she could easily crush the Tokyo Tower in one stomp now. She couldn't count on two hands how many blocks of the once huge city she could see now. And she knew with one step, she could obliterate any one of them. She knew she was about to cause the city a great deal of pain and suffering.
"I'M SORRY. I'M SORRY, EVERYONE." Reiko said. She took one mighty step over the Tokyo Tower, and caused an earthquake that rocked the city just from the sheer force of her foot slamming down on the city. She also crushed all of the military and several city blocks with this one stomp as well. The two people that had been clinging onto Reiko's clothing had all but disappeared within the mega woman's flesh. She did notice how much she had crushed with just one step and she took a look behind her.
"I'M TOO BIG FOR JAPAN NOW." Reiko said. As she looked out in front of her, she could see the vast Pacific Ocean.
"WAIT... I'M PROBABLY BIG ENOUGH TO JUST WALK THROUGH THE PACIFIC OCEAN. I'LL DO JUST THAT." Reiko said. With each step crushing more city blocks, Reiko made her way out to the ocean. She dipped her boots into the water, washing them clean of everything she had stepped on in Tokyo, before getting the lower half of her body into the water. There were times when her chest would dip into the water, but Reiko was so big, being completely underwater was not an option as long as she kept walking straight ahead.

As Reiko pushed the water of the Pacific Ocean away with her massive body, she marveled at the serene beauty of the vast ocean. She also watched as she was watching up with the sun. It had been nightfall in Tokyo but the sun was waking up the United States. At least, that's what it looked like she was walking into.

Port of Los Angeles

After a few minutes of walking through the Pacific Ocean, with cruise ships sinking beneath her mighty body, she looked to see a port full of ships and containers. Of course, there was also strips of land that eventually led to downtown Los Angeles. She recognized the place from previous travels, mainly for Rumble Roses purposes.
"I MUST BE IN LOS ANGELES." Reiko said. Eventually, she was running out of Pacific Ocean to walk through as her thighs and legs began to emerge from the water. Gallons and gallons of the salty water flowed smoothly down her legs and boots, flooding the immediate area around her. She stepped on a smaller piece of the port, but it was not built to hold the tremendous weight that the mega-sized Reiko carried, so the land
"AH!!!" Reiko shouted as she fell backwards, landing hard into the water, splashing it for miles and causing the area to shake violently.
"KEGA!!!" Reiko shouted (in Japanese obviously) as she rubbed her behind. But she got back up easily and looked down at where she stepped.
"THIS PORT IS NOT EXACTLY WELL CONSTRUCTED. BUT THEN AGAIN, I AM AS BIG AS MOUNT EVEREST." Reiko said. She then took a couple more big steps, and wasn't too far from the city of LA now. She already caused a lot of destruction as she looked back at the port, but she didn't care as much as she did in Japan.
"OH WELL. THE AMERICANS CAN PROBABLY REBUILD ALL THAT. YOU KNOW, I WONDER IF I CAN FIND DIXIE FROM HERE." Reiko said, suddenly thinking of her good friend on the RR circuit. So that's when she decided to just keep on walking, until she thought she was towering over the city of Dallas. Fortunately, at her size, it would only take minutes to walk from state to state. And of course, she had no idea that Dixie had grown as big as her.


It only took a couple minutes for the insanely massive Candy Cane to walk from Quebec City to the city of Montreal. Along the way, Candy flattened hills and destroyed rivers. A forest was like a moss bed to her toes. Candy relished in not only the short time it took to get there, but also how she could probably crush it all with at least a few steps. Clearly, she loved her size and thought she was big enough.
"HAHA... NOT SO BIG NOW, ARE YOU!?" Candy said. She raised her boot and stomped on several buildings at once, and it also made the buildings around that boot jump up before they too collapsed to the ground, which sank beneath her weight. Then she made her next earth-shaking move.
"HEY, MONTREAL. YOU CAN KISS MY ASS IF YOU WANT!" Candy said. She lowered herself and then simply planted her butt onto the ground, crushing probably half the city with it. She looked down by her panties at the many small buildings that grazed her, none of them as big as her fingers. She picked up one of these skyscrapers, but it immediately fell apart from the powerful weight behind her thumb and fingers.
"THEY DON'T MAKE SHITTY BUILDINGS LIKE THEY USED TO." Candy said in an almost sarcastic tone. She then crawled around on all fours, crushing entire blocks with her hands and legs, and trying to think of what she must've looked like to the microscopic citizens of the city. She especially tried to imagine how her breasts looked from down there. She lightly brushed the covered monstrosities down by the buildings, delighted in the way they exploded with even the slightest touch. She even pressed her breasts down and watched as they made two gigantic holes in the city.

After feeling she had torn up the city so much, and in such short time, she stood back up and gave the surviving citizens of Montreal a little parting gift in the form of two middle fingers.
"HAHAHA! HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW, LITTLE FUCKERS!? THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON'T OBEY YOUR GODDESS!" Candy said. She then moved onto her next target... Toronto.


Again, Candy's massive size made the trip a very short one, as she was already towering over Toronto within minutes. Much like in Montreal, she announced her arrival.
"IT'S GREAT BEING THIS BIG... YOU LITTLE SHITS HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE IN FOR!" Candy said. She then looked down by her boots and noticed one of the tallest structures in all of Toronto, the CN Tower.
"OOOOOOHHH... WHAT HAVE WE HERE?" Candy said. She then ripped the tower off its foundations and studied it carefully. She looked around each of the sides... it was almost intoxicating how she was effortlessly holding the tallest structure in all of Canada. She then put the spire in her mouth and pretended to use it as a toothpick, not that she needed to do any teeth cleaning from this point forward. It was hard to tell if there were still any people inside, but she pretended there were.
"HAHA! I BET SOME OF YOU WISH YOU COULD DO THIS, EH?" Candy said. She then carelessly tossed the structure behind her, not caring what kind of massive damage it caused. She focused her attention on several of the city blocks, and she got down on her knees for her next idea.
"YOU PRICKS BETTER HOLD ONTO SOMETHING TIGHT!" Candy said. She then took a deep breath before letting out a huge exhale. Almost anything you can think of blew right off the ground and several miles away to their doom. Yes, that included some of the smaller buildings. There was one building (the Scotia Tower) that managed to stay standing, at least barely. Candy, though, quickly took care of that with a flick of the fingers, causing the structure to disintegrate. The leftover ground she clawed her way through with her fingernails.

She then stood up and surveyed the damage she had caused. Once again, she felt she had done what any normal giantesses might take hours to cause. That's when she started to have a change of feelings.
"SIGH... THIS IS GETTING KINDA BORING, I GUESS THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU HAVE A LOT OF POWER." Candy said. Still, she didn't want to shed the bad goddess attitude. The next thing she did was walk towards the once mighty lake that was Lake Ontario. She dipped her hands into the lake and brought them into her mouth. It took at least a few strokes, but a few minutes later, she emptied out the entire lake, leaving nothing but wet soil where the water once rested.
"AAAAHHH, NOTHING LIKE LAKE ONTARIO TO FRESHEN UP A GODDESS." Candy said. She stood up and looked beyond where Lake Ontario, where she could get a decent look at the city of Buffalo. That's when she got a wicked idea.
"YEAH, I THINK I'VE CONQUERED ENOUGH OF CANADA. IT'S TIME I GREETED THE UNITED STATES OF FUCKIN' AMERICA!" Candy said. She stepped into the hole that once made up Lake Ontario, and proceeded to make her way to Buffalo.

Outside Los Angeles

Reiko continued her leisurely stroll across the western United States. She no longer cared that she was destroying millions in property and killing thousands with every step she took... it was simply unavoidable as big as she was. She simply kept looking straight ahead, although once she got to the Grand Canyon, she did have to carefully watch where she was stepping as ragged as the terrain looked even for someone as big as her.
"GOSH, FOR BEING SO BIG, THIS CANYON SURE IS ROUGH." Reiko said to herself. Eventually she cleared it though, now entering the state of New Mexico.

And once she got there, she had to stop. She could not only see the state of Texas out in the distance, but something else that moved around. There, towering high above what she assumed was the city of Dallas, was her good friend, Dixie Clemets.
"DIXIE? NO WAY! SHE'S THIS HUGE TOO?" Reiko said. It was an incredible sight, watching the bikini-clad Dixie stomp around the city. Reiko breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing Dixie.
"WELL, AT LEAST I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE LIKE THIS. I BETTER JOIN UP WITH HER..." Reiko said before she started walking again.


Dixie had tried her best to follow I-45, but at her size, it was hard to clearly see the road. So eventually she broke off from the highway, just walking in a general north direction (crushing nothing but trees) and thinking she'll recognize Dallas when she sees it. And sure enough, minutes later, she found it and she loved seeing it.
"HOWDY, YA'LL!" Dixie shouted as she walked right into the city. She tried listening to the sirens and the people screaming for their lives, but they sounded very faint.
"YEAH, FORGET J.R. EWING, YA'LL. THERE'S SOMEONE BIGGER COMING TO TOWN!" Dixie said with a smile as she brushed some of her hair aside. She kept things simple, just sweeping her huge bare feet across the city and demolishing whatever got in their path. As the people tried to flee away, one panicking person summed up the feeling quite well.
"All is lost! All is lost!!!" the man said before he was crushed by the super mega giantess.
"TRICK OR TREAT, SMELL MY FEET!" Dixie joked as she continued planting her foot from city block to city block. She even got one of the tallest buildings in the area in between her toes and let the people inside admire the huge walls of flesh before she squeezed the toes together, crushing the structure.

When she saw the next tallest building nearby, she got down on her knees and lifted her breasts up and down, letting them jiggle in the air.
"WHAT DO YOU THINK? PRETTY BIG, AREN'T THEY?" Dixie said. She then kneeled down further and actually bit off the top half of the building with her teeth. She chomped it up before swallowing it whole.
"THAT TASTED LIKE... WELL, POORLY CONSTRUCTED MATERIAL!" Dixie said before flattening the building whole with her hands. She got back on her feet and went back to her stomping spree, although on occasion she would taunt the tiny city by waving her foot around in some kind of motion (horizontal or in a circle, for example) before flattening whatever she stopped the movement at.
"EENY, MEENY, MINY, MOE... CATCH A BUILDING BY THE TOE, IF IT HOLLERS LET IT GO, EENY, MEENY, MINY, MOE!!!" Dixie sung, stomping her target very hard when she shouted the last moe. In fact, she lifted up the foot and noticed the big crack in the ground.
"YEEHAW! THAT'S SOME STRENGTH RIGHT THERE! WHO SAYS WRESTLERS NEED STEROIDS?" Dixie said, joking with a common myth she always hears from anti-Rumble Roses fanatics on the internet.

"DIXIE!!!" a familiar voice shouted. Dixie quickly recognized the voice belonging to her best friend, Reiko Hinomoto. But she kept thinking to herself... that was a very loud shout. It was almost as if she was right next to her. And when she turned around, pinpointing the source of the voice, she gasped.
"R...REIKO?" Dixie said.
"OH MY GOD! REIKO!!!" Dixie shouted as she walked over towards her friend and gave her a big hug. Reiko hugged her back, of course, and the booming sound that came from the two bodies colliding with each other was almost unbearable for the people of Dallas to take.
"DAMN, YOU LOOK GREAT!" Dixie said.












"YES... BUT WE'RE REALLY REALLY BIG NOW." Dixie said with a smile.

"OH, I FORGOT!" Reiko said. The two super mega giantesses then started walking away from the ravaged city of Dallas and begin the long (kinda, anyway) trek towards the Big Apple.

Undisclosed location

Anesthesia kept the evil smile on her face the whole time. Not only was her formula a complete success, it was 50 times the success she had hoped, for the three giantesses were causing a worldwide panic the world had never imagined before.
"Gentlemen, I'd call this test a success." Anesthesia said.
"Congratulations, Miss Anesthesia. You've certainly outdone yourself." the man said.
"Oh, but I'm not done yet. I've still got some tweaking to do with the original formula." Anesthesia said.
"So... what's the next move, ma'am?" another man said.
"Keep a watch on our ladies. You're all probably enjoying this anyway." Anesthesia said. She then walked away to leave the secret confines of the observation room.
"And... what about you, if I may ask? Miss Anesthesia?" the first man said. As Anesthesia opened the door, she stopped before she could completely walked out.
"By the time I've fully optimized my formula... I will be wearing this entire planet for a necklace." Anesthesia said. She then left the room and shut the door.

As all the men inside were looking at each other and at the monitors with the super mega giantesses, they all then looked at the door as they heard Anesthesia letting out her most sinister laugh yet, fading out as she walked further down the hallways...