Crash's Big Little Sister


Bandicoot House-N. Sanity Island

Crash was asleep on the floor when Aku Aku floated to him "Crash, have you seen Coco anywhere" he asked, Crash woke up and pointed toward Coco's Workshop before getting up on his feet, as Aku Aku and Crash walked into the workshop they saw Coco working on her latest invention
"Crash, Aku Aku, glad you're here" Coco said turning around "Behold my latest invention, I call it the Sizemolater" Coco held a device in her hand "Watch this" Coco placed a Wumpa Fruit on the table and turned the dial, the device fired a purple laser striking the Wumpa Fruit causing it to grow in size
"Impressive Coco" Aku Aku said as Crash stood drooling
"Yeah but it's still a work in progress" Coco said, Crash dashed at the Wumpa Fruit to try and eat it but was stopped by Coco "Hold on big brother, I wouldn't eat that if I were you"
"Igabah" Crash said confused before long they looked to see the Wumpa Fruit grow larger and explode covering them in purple Wumpa Juice "Gabayag" Crash said
"Yeah, that's the tenth Wumpa Fruit I've tried it on but every time that happens" Coco said "I can't find a proper power source to get it to work properly"
"Well I'm sure you'll think of something" Aku Aku said
"Iyasa" Crash said
"Wait a minute, Crash you're a genius, thanks big brother" Coco said as she hugged Crash and ran off
"What did you tell her" Aku Aku asked
"Dabagah" Crash said
"Are you sure that's a good idea" Aku Aku asked
"Crash shrugged his shoulders and walked out of the room as Aku Aku followed confused

N. Sanity Island

Coco looked on her laptop to find the nearest Crystal "If I'm correct and I'm hoping I am it should be around here somethere" Coco said, looking around she saw a Crystal on top of a cliff "Perfect" Coco said closing her laptop and putting it away as she ran toward the cliff, however it was guarded by natives, Coco looked around and saw Papu Papu walking around "Oh Deriberry, how am I supposed to get past them" Coco thought looking around, she noticed a patch of ground "There's an idea" Coco ran over to the patch of ground spinning into the ground and tunneling underneath the natives vision on the other side, she emerged and grabbed the Crystal "Gotcha" Coco said "Ugabagalah" Papu Papu said
"Mangha" the natives said
"Uh oh, busted" Coco said, the natives picked up their spears and began throwing them at Coco "AAAAUUUGGGHHHH" Coco said screaming and running at full speed before the natives pushed a rock toward her "OH COME ON" Coco said before jumping back into N. Sanity Beach "Ha, you missed" Coco said sticking her tongue out, before she could react a spear poked her in the butt "YYYEEOOOWWWW" "Bugalah" the natives said walking off leaving Coco to her own devices

Bandicoot House-N. Sanity Island

Coco pulled the spear out of her butt and tossing it away "Ugh, that hurt but at least I made it out of there" Coco took the Crystal out of her pocket and placed it inside the Sizemolater "Alright, time to test this baby out" Coco walked outside and placed a Wumpa Fruit on the ground "Here goes nothing" she said activating the device causing the Wumpa Fruit to grow "So far so good" Coco said, however the Wumpa Fruit soon got to big "Ok, that's a little bit to big" she said but the device began to spark and electrocuted her "GGYYUUGGGHHHH", Coco sat up and shook her head looking at her frazzled hair "Okay, that was a little much" she said fixing her hair and standing up "Great, now what" looking at the Wumpa Fruit it exploded again covering her in juice again "Ugh, back to the drawing board" she said spinning the juice off her and scratching her head "Well what now" she wondered, looking at her hand it inflated "Oh no" she said looking at her other hand as it inflated, soon her feet inflated as well as her head "Well at least it can't get any worse" she thought but before she knew it the rest of her body began to grow causing her to grow to over 25ft tall "Oh no" Coco said "CCCRRRRAAASSSHHHHH"
inside Crash was busy trying to fix a frame when he heard Coco call him, walking outside his jaw dropped when he saw Coco "Coco, what's wrong" Aku Aku said noticing Coco "Oh dear"
Coco looked down "Help me"
"What happened" Aku Aku asked
After her explaination Aku Aku and Crash wondered what to do "What am I going to do, I can't stay like this" Coco said sitting down,
"I'm sure we'll figure something out" Aku Aku said
"Yigh" Crash asked confused
"Well, I'm sure there's someway to fix this" Aku Aku said
tears began to form in Coco's eyes "I don't want to be like this" she cried
"Gyagh" Crash said ducking behind a nearby rock in order to dodge Coco's tear
"Calm down Coco" Aku Aku said, but it was hard for her to hear him over her crying, Crash emerged from behind the rock and pulled out a few Wumpa Fruit
"Gibah" Crash said holding it out to Aku Aku
"If you're sure it will work" Aku Aku said
Crash walked up to Coco's foot and began juggling the Wumpa Fruit, Coco opened her eyes to see Crash "Badabah" Crash said catching the fruit
"Hehe, you always know how to cheer me up" Coco said working up a smile and drying her eyes, after sometime Coco fully calmed down and all three pondered what to do
"How are we going to fix her" Aku Aku said
"Gibah" Crash said
"The only way to counterbalance the Crystals is with the Gems" Coco said
Crash thought for a moment and pulled a Clear Gem out of his pocket "Yabah" he said
"Thanks Crash, but in order for it to be stable enough to work properly we need a Color Gem not a Clear Gem" Coco said
"She's right Crash" Aku Aku said
Crash thought for a moment and remembered that he saw a Color Gem near Papu Papu's hut "Yig" Crash said
"Ok Crash, let's go get that Gem" Aku Aku said "Coco, you wait here"
"Good idea" Coco said "No sense in drawing attention to myself as it is" soon Coco's body began to tremble "WHAT'S HAPPENING" Coco said panicked soon her body began to grow again "NOT AGAIN" after sometime Coco stopped growing and was now over 50ft tall "Crash, better make it quick" Coco said "I don't know how long I have before I grow again", Crash and Aku Aku nodded and headed off "It's only going to get worse" Coco thought

N. Sanity Beach

On the beach Crash and Aku Aku were heading toward Papu Papu's compound, meanwhile on the other side Dr. Cortex and N. Gin were preparing their latest creation "Aren't you finished yet N. Gin" Cortex said "This time I will not let that annoying bandicoot get the better of me"
"I am almost finished Dr Cortex" N. Gin said, N. Gin placed the final components into place "There it is finished"
"Excellent, now to crush that infernal bandicoot" Cortex said, Cortex jumped on his hoverboard as N. Gin went inside the mech and headed off
Crash and Aku Aku made it to Papu Papu's compound and saw a Color Gem sitting on Papu Papu's chair "Ok Crash, we need to be careful" Aku Aku said
"Iyabah" Crash said, digging into the dirt Crash made his way toward the chair popping out behind the chair
"Steady now Crash" Aku Aku said quietly
Crash nodded and pulled the Gem out of the chair "Yibah" Crash said quietly
"Good work Crash" Aku Aku said quietly"
soon Crash began to fall off the chair "Uh oh" Crash said falling into Papu Papu's chair causing the natives to see him "Hehe" Crash laughed nervously
"Bagalah" Papu Papu said, "Run Crash" Aku Aku said
Crash got up and ran as the natives chased him and Aku Aku, after some time Crash and Aku Aku got away "Hahahahaha" Crash said making faces at the natives, soon a spear passed by him taking his pants with it Crash looked down and covered his boxers "Doh" Crash said walking away embarrassed and grabbing his pants from off the spear

Bandicoot House-N. Sanity Island

Coco held her laptop in her hand trying to keep herself busy but due to her size it was hard for her to see her screen "I hope Crash and Aku Aku get back soon" she said putting her laptop down, soon her body began to tremble "Here we go again" Coco said as she began to grow again, her growth stopped capping off at over 75ft tall "Ugh great" Coco sighed and stood up "Now what", Coco looked around "Everything looks so small" Coco said, unsure if staying near the house was a good idea she began to walk around "I better find Crash and Aku Aku before I get any bigger", Coco walked around the island hoping to find her brother and father figure
meanwhile Cortex and N. Gin were on their way toward the Bandicoot House, "Hmm somethings on the scanner" N. Gin said
"What are you talking about you fool" Cortex said, Cortex looked around and saw a giant Coco walking around "What in the world" Cortex said
"I'm picking up traces of the Crystal's power" N. Gin said
"Follow her" Cortex said, Cortex and N. Gin turned around to follow Coco
Crash put his pants back on heads back to the house "Come on Crash" Aku Aku said "Now that we have a gem we need to get back to Coco"
Crash nods but falls into a hole "Yig" Crash said
Aku Aku looked closer and noticed it was not a hole but a large footprint "Crash, I think Coco may be on the move"
Crash pulls himself out and looks around seeing Coco near them "Gibah" Crash said
"Good job Crash" Aku Aku said flying over to Coco "Coco, over here"
Hearing Aku Aku's voice Coco turns around to see him and Crash standing nearby "Hey guys" she said "Looks like you've grown since we left" Aku Aku said
"Yeah" Coco said scratching her head "I was worried I was going to crush the house so I went for a walk"
"Anyway we have the Gem" Aku Aku said as Crash pulled it out
"Great now all I gotta do is place it in the Sizemolater and I can fix this" Coco said bending down to grab the Gem, Coco got the Sizemolater out of her pocket and took out the Crystal, placing the Gem in its place "Ok, here goes" Coco said, but before she activate it it was blasted out of her hand and landed in a tree "What was that" Coco asked
"I think we've got trouble children" Aku Aku said turning around to see Cortex and N. Gin "Surprised to see me Crash" Cortex said
"Of all the times to attack, why did it have to be now" Coco said
"Gabah" Crash said
"What do you want Cortex" Aku Aku said, "I couldn't help but notice your ummm big sister" Cortex said "And I realized that you're in possession of a Crystal but I also noticed you have a Gem, now be a good bandicoot and GIVE IT TO ME, N. GIN"
"SAY GOODBYE BANDICOOT" N. Gin said activating the laser blaster for the mech, Crash dodged out the way and threw some Wumpa Fruit at Cortex
Cortex aimed his ray gun at Crash and fired a green energy blast only for Crash to spin it right back at him "Gyuuahh" Cortex said trying to regain his balance
Coco saw the mech advancing on Crash and tackled it and began punching the dome "Crash, I'll handle N. Gin, you take care of Cortex and get the Sizemolater" Coco said as she began kicking the mech Crash saluted and headed for the tree the device was stuck in, however Cortex recovered and opened fire on Crash but Crash dodged every shot "Hold still darn you" Cortex said as he continued to fire at Crash, Crash jumped into the tree and grabbed the Sizemolater, N. Gin broke free from Coco and concentrated on Crash "Uh oh" Crash said
"Hold still bandicoot" N. Gin said as he aimed the blasters at him
Coco panicked and ran toward N. Gin "NOOOOOOOO", as she ran toward N. Gin, she began to grow again reaching over 100ft tall, N. Gin turned around and saw Coco towering over him
"Oh dear" Cortex said "Mommy"
Coco raised her foot and slammed down on N. Gin's mech launching him clear out of the area "AAAAUUUUGGGHHHHH" N. Gin screamed
Cortex activated his hoverboard and took off before Coco could do anything "This isn't over bandicoot, we will meet again" Cortex said, Coco glared at him, Cortex stared into Coco's giant green eye and panicked "AAAAAHHHHHHH, MERCY, MERCY", Cortex flew off in a panicked streak "HAHAHAHAHA" Crash laughed, "Nicely done both of you" Aku Aku said
Coco smiled but it quickly faded as she grew again growing over 200ft tall "Uh guys, little help here"
"Right, Crash do you have the device" Aku Aku asked
Crash nodded and aimed the device at Coco, turning the dial to the other setting it fired a blue laser hitting Coco shrinking her back to her normal size, however it suspened her in midair "Uh oh, AAAHHHHHH" Coco fell and landed on her butt "Well that was something I didn't take into account" Coco said rubbing her bruised bottom and standing up and hugging Crash "Thanks big brother" "Yiyagah" Crash said rubbing the back of his head
inside Coco placed the device into a drawer "This thing still has some kinks to work out, but it may come in handy later" turning around to face Crash and Aku Aku "Well, now that that's over with how about we get something to eat, I'm starving" Coco said rubbing her stomach
"Yagah" Crash said fist pumping and rushing outside with Coco and Aku Aku following close behind.