Date With Donkey Kong

(Cubed Cinder)

NOTE from author: Prior knowledge of the Captain N series is highly recommended as it would take a lot of time to fully explain everything that goes on. If you've never seen the show before but would like to, watch the show on YouTube!

Prince Plenty was pacing back and forth inside the wooden walls of his palace while one of his fellow servants simply watched nervously. The two listened as another explosion and then a fierce roar, which they recognized as coming from Donkey Kong, echoed through the skies.
"Sire, won't you please give it a rest? Remember, you summoned the N-Team, and they should be here shortly!" the servant said.
"I wish I could relax, but this is such a terrible crisis we've had on our hands. The N-Team is truly our last hope, I fear!" Prince Plenty said before he went back to pacing around his throne, waiting anxiously for the N-Team to show up.
A few minutes later, a portal opened up just in front of the gate that led to the outside of Kongoland. From that portal, several familiar members to not just Kongoland but all of Videoland emerged. There was the usual team of Kevin Keene and his dog, Duke, Princess Lana, Simon Belmont, Kid Icarus, Mega Man, and Game Boy. Also with the group was Dr. Light... er, excuse me... Dr. Right, Mega Man's creator. Mega Man showed a concerned look on his face as walked right next to Dr. Right, who was carrying a small backpack with him.
"Dr. Right, are you sure you want to be here traveling with us? This mission could be a mega dangerous one!" Mega Man shouted.
"Yes, Mega Man, but I could use the field experience to test some of these new programs I've been making for future robots. I have my thanks to Game Boy for letting me test my programs using his built-in robotics emulator today!" Dr. Right said. Game Boy simply showed a happy face on his monochromatic screen.
"Ready to be of service!" Game Boy said. Finally the group was getting close to Prince Plenty pacing around his throne, but once he saw the team arriving, he very quickly ran up to Princess Lana and bowed before her.

"Oh great Princess Lana of Videoland, I am so happy that you could come here with your team of heroes as swiftly as you did." Plenty said.
"Well, of course, the N-Team is willing to help anyone out. You may rise." Lana said. Plenty did as he was told.
"Yeah, no job is too big for the N-Team." Kevin said, putting on his best gamer face.
"Well, I certainly hope that is not the case. You see, Donkey Kong has been extremely angry these past couple of days. We've tried everything in our power to calm the giant beast, but not even feeding him a thousand pounds worth of bananas did the trick. He's been going around destroying everything in his path, except of course when it's his naptime." Plenty said.
"What? How can this be? What could've possibly angered him?" Lana asked.
"I have no idea. I'm absolutely certain nobody in our village has done anything to anger him." Plenty said.
"Huh... with that big ape's temper tantrum, anything can get him angry." Simon said.
"I know, and that's what has bothered us all. Please, N-Team, you have to calm him down and save Kongoland! I fear one more outburst of anger and our village may be next." Plenty said.
"Hey, no problem! We'll get right on it!" Kevin said.
"Yes... leave this to the N-Team." Lana said.
"Oh thank you... thank you so much! We will forever be in your debt if you can successfully pull off this mission! I think DK is taking his nap now as he hasn't attacked anything for the past several minutes." Plenty said.
"But how are we supposed to tame that beastius maximus? We don't even know what's causing him to be so angry." Kid Icarus said. For about fifteen seconds, there was total silence as nobody seemed to have a perfectly logical plan. Then Dr. Right dug into his backpack and seemed to have the answer.
"Hmmm... perhaps this would be a great time to test one of my new programs, the Mind Analyzer." Dr. Right said as he pulled out what looked like an ordinary Game Boy cartridge, except big enough to fit perfectly inside Game Boy's cartridge slot. As Dr. Right was installing the cartridge for Game Boy to use, Kevin could only wonder how something that big was able to fit inside Dr. Right's little backpack, which certainly was the kind that elementary school kids could use anyday.
"Hey! How could you fit that big cart into that little backpack?" Kevin asked.
"Oh, that's easy... once the cart is exposed to direct sunlight, especially that of Kongoland, the tiny 4x4 cart expands to fit perfectly into Game Boy. Just another one of the little perks of my inventions, you see." Dr. Right said.
"Hmmm... expandable cartridges. What a concept!" Kevin said. Once the cartridge was properly installed, Dr. Right pulled out a remote control.
"Okay, now to activate the program. Hold on tight, Game Boy... this might sting a bit." Dr. Right said.
"Acknowledged!" Game Boy said. Dr. Right then pressed a couple buttons, and Game Boy started to shake itself up a little bit with its face going in and out of view.

Finally, though, Game Boy was completely stabilized and he looked to be his normal self.
"Program module NGB-004, codenamed Mind Analyzer, ready for game playing action." Game Boy said.
"Hey, I guess it worksicus!" Kid Icarus said.
"It sure does. Now we can find out what's causing DK to go out of control, right Dr. Right?" Lana said.
"Precisely. But first, someone has to attach this antenna to the very top of DK's head in order for us to read his brainwaves." Dr. Right said. The entire N-Team just looked at each other only to see much of the group shaking their head.
"Are you kidding? I'd rather dance with the bats than get anywhere near that thing again! Besides... I wouldn't want to mess up my hair." Simon said.
"Oh... count me outicus. Last time we tangled with that big ape, I nearly lost my wings!" Kid Icarus said.
"Well, Kevin... I guess it's up to you again as the Game Master." Lana said.
"Heh... I figured. I bet you guys want me to go because I'm the only one that tangled with DK during the Videolympics." Kevin said.
"That's mega precisely why you should go!" Mega Man said. Kevin then took the antenna from Dr. Right's hands.
"Alright... wish me luck." Kevin said. He reached down to the Power Pad on his belt with one hand and pressed the up direction on the D-Pad. This allowed him to jump extra high into the air. He landed on one of the branches before jumping again, eventually making it all the way next to DK's head. From there, he simply tossed the antenna onto the giant ape's head and it landed perfectly.

Kevin used the Power Pad one more time to jump off the one tree that part of DK's hammock was tied to. He landed safely on the ground and was greeted by Lana who hugged him.
"Oh, Kevin, that was magnificent!" Lana said.
"Hey, aren't I always?" Kevin said with a smile. Simon just grunted knowing that he blew another chance to get a kiss from his beloved princess. Dr. Right was already pressing some buttons on his remote control.
"Alright, here goes nothing..." Dr. Right said. Soon, the sound of static could be heard from the large speaker located at the top of the remote. After a bit of adjusting from the good doctor, everyone started to hear DK speaking out in his native tongue. Naturally, nobody could understand what he was saying.
"What's he mega saying?" Mega Man said.
"How should we know? You'd have to be an ape to understand him!" Simon said, not realizing that he was once in this kind of situation before as a result of losing his memory for one day.
"Perhaps if I fine-tune the translation module with this dial..." Dr. Right said. Indeed, after a few adjustments, DK's monkey talk faded out into a robotic-like voice.
"...jungle boring from being so lonely. Donkey Kong only wish someone as big as Donkey Kong could share jungle and perhaps be queen." the voice said before it fell into silence.
"That's all I could pick up. The Mind Analyzer I'm afraid didn't have as much memory as I thought it would." Dr. Right said.
"Well, I'd say we've heard enough. It sounds like DK's just lonely." Lana said.
"Yeah, I don't blame him. Being that big and with nobody else matching his size can make anyone feel quite lonely." Kevin said.
"Oh, so what are we supposed to do? Babysit him and make him feel comfortable?" Simon said.
"Simonius... we've got bigger problems than thaticus. DK clearly said he wishes to meet someone that matches him inch for inch." Kid Icarus said.
"And he even said to be his queen... which my circuits tell me he might want a date." Mega Man said.
"I don't know. He said to perhaps be his queen. He would seem okay if he just met someone as big as him." Kevin said.
"Which brings us back to the problem at hand... that there's nobody else as big as that big ape!" Simon said. As the N-Team was discussing how they were going to handle this, Dr. Right had been thinking of an idea of his own. He looked at his backpack and then snapped his fingers, offering a solution.

"Hmmm... perhaps not yet, N-Team." Dr. Right said.
"What do you mega mean, Dr. Right?" Mega Man asked. The good doctor then suddenly was digging through his backpack until he came across another one of his cartridges, which again supersized upon being taken out of the backpack to the same size the Mind Analyzer cartridge inside Game Boy was already at.
"I should be lucky we're finding these times to test my many different programs. This would be a good time to try out the Supersizer!" Dr. Right said.
"The Supersizer?" everyone said in near unison. Mega Man helped eject the Mind Analyzer cartridge from Game Boy and then put the Supersizer cartridge into Game Boy.
"Program module NGB-001 Omega, codenamed Supersizer, ready for game playing action." Game Boy said.
"If I've programmed this piece of software correctly, Game Boy will emit a radiation wave that will greatly speed up the growth process of anyone or anything exposed to the rays." Dr. Right said.
"Oh, kinda like touching a mushroom in Super Mario Bros.?" Kevin asked.
"You could say that, only this way is much more powerful. You should've seen how big the watermelon got!" Dr. Right said.
"Yeah... we almost ran out of lab room!" Mega Man said.
"If it's that much more powerful, you're saying it could make one of us grow to Donkey Kong's sizeicus?" Kid Icarus said.
"Yes, indeed. So who is willing to be exposed to these rays and grow as big as Donkey Kong?" Dr. Right said. The whole team looked at each other and didn't seem too optimistic, particularly at the thought of growing so huge. Kid Icarus in particular.

"Oh no... not meicus. I swore I would never grow again after that wild experience with the genie." Kid Icarus said.
"Yeah, I agree. I feel much more comfortable to stay as a mega shortie." Mega Man said. Before Kevin or Simon could speak their mind, Lana suddenly stepped forward.
"I'll do it, Dr. Right." Lana said. Everyone, even Dr. Right, just gasped.
"Lana!? You'll really do it?" Kevin said.
"Of course. Remember what Donkey Kong said? He wished he could talk to someone that was as big as him, hopefully someone that can be considered 'queen' of the jungle to his eyes. I could give him the best of both worlds." Lana said.
"Well... you see, Lana. Even if you were as big and tall as Donkey Kong, he's still a formidable opponent and his temper tantrums are never cool to see up close and personal." Kevin said. Lana just folded her arms and showed a determined look on her face.
"I'm the princess of Videoland, Kevin. Even Donkey Kong will think twice before tangling with me." Lana said.
"Well, doesn't bother me one bit." Simon said. He then turned his head away so the team couldn't hear the dirty thought he had in mind, "This means more princess for me to love!" He let out a grin as he faced Lana once more who was walking in front of the Game Boy.

Suddenly, the team could hear a loud roar out in the distance. They looked to see Donkey Kong waking up and stomping away, still in a very angry mood. Everyone knew now was the time to act rather than ask.
"Very well, princess. You're the boss. Now everyone step back!" Dr. Right said. Indeed, everyone stepped a good ways away from Lana. Everyone was standing behind Game Boy and watching as Dr. Right worked his magic.
"Ready, Game Boy? Is your screen aiming right at the princess?" Dr. Right asked.
"Affirmative! Ready to proceed!" Game Boy said. Dr. Right nodded and then pressed some buttons on his remote once again. A few seconds afterward, Game Boy's screen flashed a bright green and its light was now shining all over Lana's body. Lana took a deep breath knowing she was about to go through the experience of a lifetime. And then she started growing. Everyone watched as Lana rose higher and higher into the sky. Lana could of course only watch in wonder as the world around her got smaller and smaller. Only one thought was entering her mind.
"So this is what it's like to be Donkey Kong's size..." she said to herself.

Finally she stopped growing right at DK's height, which was certainly huge as the N-Team looked way up at the skies.
"I better not say anything at this point." Kevin said as he looked back at his teammates.
"This will be a mega experience I'll remember for a long time." Mega Man said. Lana finally looked down at her tiny friends.
"Wow... you guys look so tiny from up here." Lana said. Simon quickly ran up to Lana's feet and almost threw himself there as he bowed down before the newly created giantess.
"Oh your really really highness... please allow me to throw myself at your marvelously monstrous feet." Simon said. Lana let out a slight giggle before she gently tapped Simon with her foot, knocking him backwards by several yards.
"You're cunning as always, Simon." Lana said.
"Yeah... you really got swept off your feet that time!" Kevin said, laughing at Simon as he was getting up and brushing the dirt and mud off his suit. To make matters worse, Duke jumped on Simon's back, somewhat pinning him to the ground.
"Ho ho, very funny, Captain Humorous." Simon said. Lana then looked over to her left where she got a good look at the angry Donkey Kong.
"Well... wish me luck, gang." Lana said.
"Good luckicus!" Kid Icarus said.
"Yeah, you're going to mega need it." Mega Man said.
"We'll be behind you in case things go wrong!" Kevin shouted up to the giantess. Lana smiled down at her teammates before she started walking in DK's direction, making sure to take some high steps over the many trees in her path. The N-Team, along with Simon back on his feet, followed behind the giantess.

As Donkey Kong was pounding his chest and ripping trees from their roots, the oversized Princess Lana very slowly approached the bad ape. Even as big as she was, she knew one false move would send DK out on a temper tantrum like never before. Finally, when she was within fifteen or so yards of DK, she called out her name.
"Donkey Kong..." Lana said softly. At first DK didn't hear the call, so she tried a couple more times. Finally, DK seemed to get the message as he quickly calmed down, looking around as he tried to find the source of the voice. Then he set his eyes on the giant Lana, and the angry face was instantly gone. A look of confusion was on his face, which Lana was expecting, because there certainly was nobody else besides herself and the big ape to match them inch for inch.
"That's right... I'm here for you. I'm here to comfort you." Lana said as she continued her slow approach towards DK. As Lana got closer to DK, she could see the confused look on his face, like he had seen a ghost or something like that. Lana finally was standing right up against DK, brushing the fur on the side of his face. She felt very lucky that DK apparently had taken a shower not too long ago as he didn't smell like rotten eggs. The last time Simon Belmont made fun of DK's smelly body, she and the rest of the N-Team had to run like crazy for the nearest warp zone.
"You look nice today, DK. I see you've been keeping yourself clean." Lana said. DK seemed to understand what she was saying and he finally let out a smile. The N-Team, watching from the ground below (with Duke and Kid Icarus trying their best to keep Simon from looking up that dress of Lana's), couldn't believe they saw DK smiling for a change.
"Hey, he's smiling!" Kevin said.
"You're right! I don't think I've seen a mega smile like that in a long time!" Mega Man said.

Finally, after DK scanned Lana's body from top to bottom, he suddenly seemed happier than ever as he jumped up and down, shouting himself out like any excited monkey would. Naturally, all the jumping around caused the ground to shake and knock the N-Team off their feet. Lana was not affected as big as she was, of course.
"Yikes! I think I liked him better when he was angry and not shaking the ground!" Simon said. Finally the shaking stopped when DK stopped his jumping up and down. Then he surprised Lana by fully embracing her within his arms. Lana tried her best to push DK away, but certainly there was no chance against the big ape's strength.
"Yes, yes... I'm happy for you too, DK. I'm so glad." Lana said. Finally he let go and looked at her in the eyes once more.
"Um... listen, DK, now that you're all happy again, I guess you'll stop terrorizing everyone in Kongoland?" Lana asked. DK didn't seem to hear a word she said as he instead took her right hand and dragged her along for the ride. Lana had no choice but to walk with him.
"Whoa... hey, where are we going!?" Lana shouted as she tried to keep up with DK. The N-Team watched as Lana walked away from them quickly.
"Quick, team! After those lovebirds!" Kevin shouted. As he started running after the two, Kid Icarus and Mega Man looked at each other.
"What did he just call them, Mega Manicus?" Kid Icarus said.
"Hey, don't look at me. This was all her mega idea, after all!" Mega Man said as he and the rest of the N-Team followed.

Meanwhile, back at the Kongoland palace, Prince Plenty was again pacing back and forth, hoping that the N-Team would be successful in their mission to calm down Donkey Kong and keep him from going on one of his rampages. He could then feel the ground start to rumble.
"Oh no... not again. I guess they couldn't do it this time." Plenty said. Just then, he looked to the part of the wooden fence that was cut so he and the villagers could see when Donkey Kong was ready to be fed (like in the episode entitled Queen of the Apes). Nothing could prepare Plenty for the shock he was about to get from what he saw. Yes, there was Donkey Kong, and with him, just as tall as he, was Princess Lana.
"Oh my..." Plenty said, obviously having trouble finding the right words to say. Shortly thereafter, the N-Team arrived at the palace to join up with Prince Plenty.
"Hey there, Prince Plenty. Quite a sight, isn't it?" Kevin said.
"Yes, I'll say it is. How is this even humanly possible?" Plenty said.
"It's quite easy, Prince Plenty. My new program, the Supersizer, worked like a charm." Dr. Right said.
"Ah... so I see. If you can't beat them, join them!" Plenty said.
"Well, you're certainly up with the times, old chap." Simon said.
"Recommendation to team! Eyes upward to giants!" Game Boy shouted. Indeed, the N-Team looked to see what DK was doing next with Lana.

DK shouted out over the walls at the village, pointing the oversized Lana out to those daring enough to step out of their huts and see the two.
"I guess he can't resist showing me off to the public." Lana said to herself. Then DK reached down to the modified wheel barrow that the village used to deliver food to him. One of the buckets still had a handful of bananas and he was able to grab most if not all of them. He presented his hand full of bananas to Lana, who gently took some of the tiny bananas from his hand.
"Uh... gee, thanks. You're too kind, Donkey Kong." Lana said as she threw the bananas into her mouth, swallowing them instantly. DK grinned and hopped up and down happily seeing her do just what he would do. Lana placed a hand on DK's shoulder to get his attention.
"Listen, DK. Wait right here. There's something I need to take care of." Lana said. DK seemed to get the message as he nodded and continued to 'chat' with the villagers. Lana walked over to the opposite side of the wall where she could get a better look at the N-Team.
"Well, DK seems to be feeling much better." Lana said.
"Boy, I'll say. It's like he's flipped head over heels for you, princess!" Kevin said.
"Yeah, more like high heels just looking at your extremely highness!" Simon said, making another one of his crazy puns again. Lana wanted so bad to play with the tiny Simon for that, but the wooden wall that was built to protect the village from Donkey Kong prevented that from happening.
"I swear, Simon... So, Dr. Right, when can I return to my normal size?" Lana asked. Dr. Right then showed about as nervous a face as you could get. He knew she probably wouldn't like this answer.
"Well... I'm afraid to tell you this, princess, but I have yet to create a reversal mode for my program. You're stuck like that for the next 24 hours, when the magic wears off." Dr. Right said.
"What!? You mean I'm gonna be stuck with DK for the rest of the day!?" Lana shouted. She accidentally kicked the walls in frustration.
"Whoa... I feel bad for her highnicus." Kid Icarus said.
"Yeah. It seems she's the one in a mega pickle this time." Mega Man said. Kevin stepped forward to provide some comfort.
"Hey, look on the bright side, Lana. The more time you spend with Donkey Kong, the longer I'm sure he'll be in a good mood!" Kevin said.
"Yeah, you do have a point, Kevin." Lana said. A thought then crossed her mind. She thought back to when DK provided her those bananas and then when he was okay with her walking over to talk with the team. Could it be that DK would provide unquestioning loyalty to her while she was this size? She shook it off thinking it'd be wrong to treat DK that way, but if it were for fun and games, perhaps he wouldn't mind. She then looked at the team, and that's when her idea became a really good one.

"Hang on, guys." Lana said as she walked back over to DK. She grabbed one of his arms to get his attention
"Oh, Donkey Kong, my sweetums!" Lana said. DK let out a big smile and even got down on one knee, kissing her right hand. Lana couldn't help but giggle as her plan it seemed was going to work much better than she originally thought.
"Donkey Kong... I'm still a little hungry. You think maybe we can go to the jungle and find some more bananas... or maybe even coconuts. I like coconuts!" Lana said. DK hopped back to his feet and started to walk away, signaling her to follow him no doubt for the jungle. Lana looked back at where the N-Team was standing and she gave them a wink before she followed the big ape. The N-Team ran out of the palace to try and catch up with the two giants again. Kevin was the last to leave as he looked at Prince Plenty.
"Well, no matter what happens from here on, I'd say mission accomplished! Come on, Duke." Kevin said before he and Duke took off running after the rest of the team. Plenty just eerily waved off everyone as he looked one more time at DK and Lana walking away from the palace walls.
"I'll have to make a note of this day's events. I thought the discovery of Tetris Land by the princess was startling enough..." Plenty said as he cruised back over to his throne to sit down.

Lana trailed behind DK until they both stopped over the depths of the jungle. Naturally, any normal-sized person would easily get lost in this vast area full of trees and bushes and mosquitoes, but as big as both DK and Lana were, this was no problem. Behind this forest was a mountain that was easily big enough for one of the giants to sit on. DK looked over at this mountain and led Lana over to it. He seemed to be brushing off some of the loose rocks and boulders of this mountain as Lana watched from behind. DK then stepped aside and held his hand out in front of the mountain, like he was signaling Lana to take a seat.
"Oh? This mountain is for me to rest?" Lana said. DK immediately nodded. Lana just shrugged off her stroke of luck as she sat herself down top of this mountain. She was able to snug herself perfectly on one of the cliffs, which was wide enough to support her weight.
"Why thanks, Donkey Kong. If only you were this loyal and faithful like Captain N was. Now, can you be a good... well, ape... and fetch some more bananas. And don't forget the coconuts!" Lana shouted. DK happily obliged as he ran back for all those trees at her feet filled with bananas and coconuts.

As Lana was watching DK do his job from the mountainside, she watched as the N-Team carefully made their way around the big ape and finally stopped to rest against her left foot. Simon was about the only person that made a conscious effort to look up Lana's legs.
"Whew... remind me to travel ape express next time we come here." Kevin said.
"Yes, provided Donkey Kong is still as gentle as he is now." Dr. Right said. Lana was able to catch Simon trying to climb up her legs in clumsy fashion, and she reached down to pick him up and hold him against her face. Simon was almost blinded by the glitter of her light purple-shaded eyelids.
"And just what do you think you were doing, vampire hunter?" Lana said in an intimidating fashion.
"Uh... um... just getting my climbing exercises for the day, your extreme cuteness! What else?" Simon said. Lana just smiled seeing the sweat coming down Simon's forehead. She could tell he was feeling the weight of her cold stare. Then she got an idea.
"Hmmm... since you like admiring my feet so much, how would you like to get a close up look of them?" Lana said.
"Huh? What do you mean? I never said that to your face, did I?" Simon asked. Then Lana let Simon down on the dirt-filled ground of the mountain base and suddenly just planted her right boot on top of him! She pinned him to the ground, hard enough to keep him from escaping, but soft enough so that he wouldn't get hurt. No matter what, Simon was not having a good time seeing nothing but the blue of Lana's boot on top of him.
"Like them now, Simon? Huh? How do you like them now?" Lana said, letting out a laugh in the process. The rest of the N-Team just laughed with her.
"Well, I guess Simon is finally getting his wishicus to the maximus!" Kid Icarus said.
"Wow! Remind me never to tip off the princess of all of Videoland, Mega Man." Dr. Right said.
"Right as mega always, Dr. Right!" Mega Man said.
"Yeah, I gotta admit, this is better than any game I've ever played back home!" Kevin said. The team then looked to see Lana lowering a hand right next to her right foot, where the N-Team had been resting.
"Care to join me up here, team? You'll be safer up here." Lana said. The rest of the N-Team climbed off her boot and onto her hand, and they rode it up to the cliffside where she was sitting. She dumped everyone off to the side, and very close too, which got the N-Team closer than ever to the giant princess. Feeling that he had learned his lesson, Lana took her left foot off Simon and brought him up with the rest of the team. The group just laughed when he looked a little flat from being stuck underfoot.

"Ho ho, very funny. Ha ha, it's a real hoot... to boot! I'll never tangle with a princess's lovely feet again." Simon said as he walked over to rest down with Game Boy. Lana then decided to pick up Kevin. She raised her left foot up to the cliffside, sticking her knee right up into the sky it seemed. She gently set Kevin down on the kneecap, allowing him to look almost eye-to-eye with the princess of all of Videoland.
"So... Kevin, what was life like on your home planet?" Lana said. Kevin was almost surprised to hear her ask such a question, but he had to remember that he was the one from planet Earth and this other dimension was not his true home.
"Well, I guess you could say I lived like any other 15-year-old. I went to school. I did my homework and my chores, even though I didn't do them often. I was always playing my video games like I was a real game master. Ironic, isn't it?" Kevin said.
"What is, Kevin?" Lana said.
"Well, that I was selected as the game master probably because I've played so many games back home. It's like it was destiny." Kevin said.
"The Ultimate Warp Zone selected you long ago as the game master who would lead us to victory in the fight against Mother Brain. You know that, Kevin." Lana said.
"Well, yeah... of course. It's just that I've never really believed in destiny because our future is always changing. I never thought Mike Vincent would turn into my bully when we were such good friends in the past, y'know." Kevin said.
"Hmmm... yeah. I guess fate has been known to pull different strings." Lana said. As deep as this conversation seemed to be getting, she looked over to her side and saw the rest of the N-Team still standing there, looking like they were listening to this whole thing going on between Kevin and Lana.

"Ahem... why are you guys just standing there!? Shouldn't you be doing something while we're waiting for Donkey Kong?" Lana said. While Game Boy was still tending to Simon Belmont, the other team members (Kid Icarus, Mega Man, Duke, and Dr. Right) just looked at each other wondering what they could do. Lana quickly offered up suggestions.
"Weren't you supposed to be practicing your flight skills, Kid Icarus?" Lana asked.
"Oh, that's righticus! Would it be okay if I used you as my obstacle for today, princess?" Kid Icarus said.
"Yes, of course." Lana said as she nodded. Kid Icarus right away started flying all around the princess from head to toe. He mainly flew circles around her huge head.
"Mega Man, how about using your powers to cut my nails?" Lana asked as she showed off her very long and glittering blue nails to Mega Man.
"It shall be done, your mega royal highness!" Mega Man said as he saluted to the giant princess. He pulled out his Metal Blade weapon and got to work as slowly chiseling his way around the nail. Naturally, he did this very carefully not wanting to accidentally cut too much and possibly anger her. Finally, the giantess looked down at Dr. Right and Duke.
"Dr. Right... um... why don't you feed Duke for Kevin?" Lana said.
"Huh? I'm a scientist, not a veternarian... and besides, how am I going to find dog food around this jungle?" Dr. Right said, pleading his case.
"Why not use Game Boy? He can create objects on the fly, can't he?" Lana asked.
"Oh yes, of course! I almost forgot that is one of his natural abilities!" Dr. Right said. He and Duke ran over to Game Boy, who was using an outstretched hand to pat Simon to his nap. Clearly the vampire hunter was exhausted from being stuck underneath Lana's boot. He ought to be lucky Lana didn't have that boot off and her foot wide open, Dr. Right thought.
"Game Boy... could you perhaps whip up a quick batch of dog food for Duke here?" Dr. Right said.
"Affirmative! Ready to commence game play action!" Game Boy shouted. The face on his screen went blank and a series of random objects flashed by on the screen each second. Finally a batch of dog food appeared and it literally fell out of the screen and in front of Duke, who wasted no time in chomping away at the tasty treats
"Ah... the wonders of having a robot around. It's too bad there are people like Dr. Wily around to make them war machines instead." Dr. Right said as he looked at Game Boy and then looked over at Mega Man who continued to do nail work on the princess. Kid Icarus still flew around the princess at a high rate of speed, able to sweep himself underneath Lana's right knee that still was sticking up in the air and supporting Kevin.

While all this was going on, Kevin and Lana continued their small chat with each other.
"So... Kevin... do you ever miss your home?" Lana said.
"Well, sometimes. But at the same time, I've made a wonderful group of friends, especially you." Kevin said.
"Really?" Lana asked.
"Yeah... I know Simon will disagree like he always does, but I think you're the single most important person that I have ever met. You've kinda helped set me straight. I still feel bad that I shrugged you off that first day we met." Kevin said.
"Please don't blame yourself, Kevin. I'm sure if I were to travel to your world, perhaps I wouldn't believe anything either." Lana said.
"Oh you would be a sight to see in my home world... I mean, not if you were as big as you are, but as a regular-sized person, you know." Kevin said. Lana giggled over what Kevin was trying to say.
"Oh Kevin... what a sweet thing to say. You deserve a big kiss for that." Lana said. She slowly started to lean her head forward, getting closer and closer to Kevin.
"Hey, who's arguing?" Kevin said. He perked his lips up, wondering what kind of kiss he was bound to get as big as Lana is. But when Kevin's lips were inches away from touching Lana's lower lip, something suddenly crashed into Lana's face that startled her. It turned out Kid Icarus wasn't expecting Lana to lean her head out like she did and he ended up crashing head-on into her right cheek.
"OUCH!!!" Lana shouted. She quickly held her right hand up to rub her cheek. Unfortunately, she didn't realize that Mega Man had still been on her right hand chipping away at her nails. Mega Man was sent flying into the air, right into Kid Icarus in fact as the two landed right on Simon, waking him up instantly. The three started to argue with each other like they have before once or twice in front of Kevin's eyes. And speaking of Kevin, he was hanging onto as much of the skin on Lana's legs as he could. Lana quickly noticed and allowed him to fall onto her right hand.

"Oh... I'm so sorry, Kevin. Something startled me!" Lana said.
"Hey, I'm the game master. You can't hurt me!" Kevin said, groaning a little feeling he might have pulled something from having to hang on tight. Lana finally decided to stand up and she looked down at the rest of the N-Team, her shadow blocking off the sunlight.
"Enough of this! How many times do I have to deal with your senseless arguing?" Lana said. Before she could say anymore, however, she could feel something tapping against her shoulder. She turned around to see that Donkey Kong was standing behind her, holding a handful of bananas and coconuts and flashing one big smile on his face.
"Ah... well done, Donkey Kong. That's why you're king of the jungle, I suppose." Lana said. DK nodded happily as he seemed to appreicate the compliment. Noticing Kevin was still standing on one of her hands, Lana quickly moved the hand up to her shoulder and gently set Kevin there, where he would watch the events unfold almost from Lana's viewpoint. Lana then took the bananas and coconuts and dropped some of them down her mouth while setting the rest of the food down with the N-Team. She made sure to feed Kevin as well with some of the bananas and coconuts.
"I hope you don't mind if my little friends have a bite to eat as well." Lana said. DK didn't react at all, indicating he had no problem with the N-Team eating some of the treats that he had gotten for the giant Lana.
"Wow... for once Donkey Kong is sharing the goodies with us!" Simon said.
"He really has changed ever since the princess mega grew!" Mega Man said.
"It's like I always say, Mega Man. The way to a man's heart is through a woman." Dr. Right said.
"Huh? I never heard you say that." Mega Man said.
"Recommend more attention be paid in future robot-to-robot inventor conversations!" Game Boy said.

Although Lana no longer felt starved, she now felt a drink of water was in order to quench her thirst. But where could she possibly find a drink at her size? She looked over at DK, and if he could provide food for herself and the N-Team, perhaps he could help with this matter as well.
"Um... Donkey Kong. I sure am thirsty. You know where I can get a drink of water?" Lana said. Miraculously, DK understood these words as well. He once again grabbed (a little more lightly this time) Lana's hand and guided her to the other side of this small mountain. There was a vast lake with a waterfall at the rear. DK walked over to the lake and used his hands to lift a lot of water from the lake. Lana watched as DK took the handful of water and threw it back into his mouth in one gulp.
"I guess that's the whole idea of it, Lana." Kevin said, standing as close as he could to her right ear since he was already standing on her right shoulder.
"Yeah. It's not luxurious like at the palace, but I guess this will have to do." Lana said. She walked over to the lake and got down on her knees before doing exactly the same thing as DK did, breathing a sigh of relief from the cool water touching the back of her mouth. DK suddenly pulled a fast one on Lana... as he was smiling from the trick he was about to play, DK dipped his hand into the water and then splashed some of the water at Lana! Lana was taken aback from having her face getting wet.
"Oh, so you wanna play, eh?" Lana said. She returned the favor by splashing him back. This time DK had a bit more menacing face, though nothing like the temper tantrums he went through much earlier in the day. Then came the big surprise. DK held onto Lana and the two giants went flying into the lake itself!

Kevin could see the rough play coming and he quickly jumped off Lana's shoulder and landed on the ground with the help of his power pad. From there, he watched as Lana and DK splashed around in the lake. He thought about helping the princess, but from the sounds of their playful laughter, something told him that the situation was well under control. That didn't mean, however, that he was getting splashed himself from water flying all over the place.
The rest of the N-Team, having climbed down from the mountainous range, joined with Kevin.
"Whoa... what's going onicus!?" Kid Icarus said.
"Yeah, what do they think this is? A water park like the one we have on Castlevania?" Simon asked.
"Shouldn't we be helping them, Captain N?" Dr. Right said.
"Nah... I think they're having the time of their lives." Kevin said. Finally, the two giants settled down and just looked at each other. DK's fur and Lana's dress were both soaking wet.
"Sigh... now look what you did. I'll have to redo my hair when I get back!" Lana said. Both then just laughed, thinking that was the last thing on each of their minds right now. And speaking of last things, Lana reached up to her shoulder and suddenly gasped. She forgot about Kevin!

"Oh my god... Kevin! Kevin, where are you!?" Lana said as she frantically looked around the lake to find Kevin, thinking the worst had happened to him.
"Right here, Lana!" Kevin shouted from the side of the lake. He was just standing there like nothing happened having escaped from the treachery of their games. Lana crawled over to the side and looked down on Kevin, water dripping down from her body.
"Kevin... are you alright?" Lana asked.
"Sure I am. I was able to get away before you two could play Splashdown! But it looks like my power pad and zapper got soaked again." Kevin said.
"Oh, thank goodness. And don't worry about those things. You've got me to protect you, right?" Lana said.
"Hey, I got no problem with that." Kevin said. DK then tapped Lana on the shoulder once more. The princess looked back to see the big ape pointing over at the sun setting in the background.
"Oh... it's getting late. I guess it's time we all headed back, right?" Lana asked. But DK shook his head. He pointed towards the tallest mountain in all of Kongoland, which was probably the length of a football field away at the size of the two giants. Lana could immediately see where he was going.
"Oh yes... I almost forgot. Your nightly call of the wild." Lana said. Now that she had caught on, DK felt now was the time to take her there. He once again grabbed her hand and the two started to walk towards this mountain.
"Whoa... hey guys! I'll be right back! Meet us back at DK's home!" Lana said as she looked back at the N-Team.
"Hmph... Donkey Kong certainly is rude for a changed monkey. I guess that's one thing that will never change." Simon said.
"Hey, you can't blame him. He's having the time of his life, and that's all anybody can ever ask for." Kevin said.

Up at the tallest mountain, with the sky lit up in bright orange from the sun setting on Kongoland, DK and Lana had climbed their way up to the top of this mountain, which was no problem given how big they both were. DK walked up to the very edge of this mountain, which allowed him to see almost all of Kongoland, and then he let out his gigantic trademark roar that echoed throughout the entire land. Beating on his chest as well like he normally does. When he was done, he stepped back and allowed Lana to step up to the edge. The gusty winds that are associated with the highest peak of this mountain were causing Lana's dress to flutter about.
"Wow... it's beautiful." Lana said as she looked out and around all of Kongoland. The view was simply breathtaking, especially considering she had never been this high up Kongoland before. She looked back at DK and then out to Kongoland. She thought about letting out a similar kind of roar, but she didn't feel like going that far. Instead, she thought of something. Something special. She placed her hands on the pendant around her neck.
"Father... I pledge to one day rescue you from your prison in the Mirror World." Lana said. She then rose her voice a little for all of the land to hear.
"I swear by this family crest that Mother Brain will pay for her crimes against Videoland, and we will once again know peace and prosperity! I pledge not to rest until my mission as ruler of Videoland is complete!" Lana shouted. DK just applauded, simply thinking she had made her call to the wild.
"Thank you, Donkey Kong. Now we must get home to rest for tomorrow." Lana said. DK nodded and the two giants made their way down the mountain to begin their trek for DK's home.

Finally, with the night sky now in place, DK and Lana were back at DK's home. Lana, holding the entire N-Team in her hands, was making up some quick bedtime stories to help DK fall asleep, which he did. Lana breathed a sigh of relief as she looked at her team.
"Well, today was a lot of fun, don't you think?" Lana asked.
"Oh yes... it's not everyday that the princess of Videoland becomes giant-sized to tame a wild beast like Donkey Kong, you know." Kevin said.
"This is all fine and dandy, but where are we going to sleep!?" Simon said.
"Yeah... can't we go back to the palace now that are mission has been completed?" Mega Man said.
"No, we'd cause a ruckus if I were to arrive at the Palace of Power at this size. We'll wait until the morning when I'm back to my normal size." Lana said.
"Excellent deductive reasoning. Levels on par with my systems!" Game Boy shouted. Everyone had to take a laugh at Game Boy's little joke. Lana then laid herself down on the ground, almost beneath the hammock that DK sleeps on.
"You're going to sleep on the groundicus?" Kid Icarus said.
"Sure. I figured I'd try something like this for once. Link always did it back on Hyrule. You guys can sleep here." Lana said. She then dumped the rest of the N-Team onto her stomach area. Lana's skin was at first a bit cold, but the team quickly got used to laying down on it.
"And no funny stuff, Belmont!" Lana said down to Simon.
"Why would I do that? I've had enough excitement out of an oversized princess for one day." Simon said as he walked down to Lana's dress and used a slight part of it for covers.
"Well, this is a good time to use my sleeping arrow." Kid Icarus said. He fired such an arrow into the air and allowed the dust from the arrow to sprinkle itself around the N-Team, causing all of them to drift off to sleep.
"Good night, Kevin." Lana said.
"Good night, princess..." Kevin said. Everyone soon fell asleep.

As the sun was beginning to rise, the N-Team was slowly but surely waking up from the powers of Kid Icarus's sleeping arrow. Around the time they all woke up, they began to notice one significant change. Lana seemed to be getting smaller. Game Boy was the first to note this.
"Danger! Danger! Subject reducing in size!" Game Boy shouted. The N-Team indeed looked around to see Lana was slowly shrinking back to her normal size. They were running out of safe room to be standing on Lana's body.
"Whoa... time to abandon princess!" Kevin shouted as he and the other members (though Duke had to wrestle Simon away from his comfy spot) of the team jumped off Lana. A few minutes later, everyone watched as Lana had shrunk herself back to her normal height. The team had to once again adjust their senses to get used to seeing Lana at her normal height, having only seen her as a giantess for the past 24 hours. Kevin approached Lana as she slowly woke up herself. Lana looked up at Kevin.
"Kevin? But how..." Lana said.
"Shhhh... easy, Lana. You're just back to your normal self." Kevin said. He helped the princess back onto her feet as she looked at the rest of her team.
"So I guess it's over, huh?" Lana said.
"Yep. The effects of the Supersizer program indeed lasted only 24 hours, as I predicted." Dr. Right said. Lana looked back up at DK, who was still sleeping.
"That's too bad. I kinda liked being that big. Dr. Right, you think maybe another time we can try that Supersizer program again on me?" Lana asked. Dr. Right just shrugged.
"Well... anything you say, your highness!" Dr. Right said.
"I look forward to your next challenge!" Game Boy said.
"Well, come on, N-Team. We better get back to Prince Plenty's place where we can open up a portal to get back to the Palace of Power." Lana said as she and the rest of the team began their journey back home. Kevin took one more look back at Donkey Kong.
"Gee, I hope Donkey Kong will still be cool under pressure now that his 'girl' is gone." Kevin said.
"Oh, I wouldn't worry about him. I looked into his eyes when we were on top of that mountain. He seemed to be genuinely thankful and that he would always think of me in order to keep his temper under control." Lana said.
"You really think that?" Kevin said.
"I guess we'll know next time we come here." Lana said, flashing a smile which showed how confident she was in that DK would be much more calm than he has ever been when Kongoland is at peace.

Indeed, a few days later, Prince Plenty called the N-Team to thank them so much for DK's change of heart. Of course, he would get frustrated when either Eggplant Wizard or King Hippo tried unsuccessfully to carry out one of Mother Brain's evil schemes, but other than that, he has been very calm and for a short amount of time very helpful to the villagers of Kongoland!

Meanwhile, Lana would help Dr. Right with finetuning the Supersizer program that previously required Game Boy to work. She hoped to one day perhaps grow once again as much fun as she wound up having on that day she spent with Donkey Kong.