Divine Punishment


WARNING: This story contains violent crushing scenes that may not be suitable for people aged 17 and under.

"You must infiltrate the inn and deliver divine punishment to the corrupt official staying there for the night. There can be no witnesses."

The orders rang through Ayame's head as she silently stepped her way through the pitch black forest. Another night, another mission. Rikimaru was away doing something extra important, or so she had been told. Not even a full fledged Kunoichi such as herself could keep track of that man at times.

After nearly an hour of stepping carefully, Ayame arrived at the edge of the forest. Climbing a nearby tree to get a higher vantage point, she could see that several lights were on, and because the man sleeping there had a bit of status, a few guards patrolled with spears as well.

"Nothing I can't handle." Ayame thought to herself as she slid down the tree again, and took her first step out of the dark forest. Approaching the outer stone walls slowly, she felt strange about the whole mission thus far.

"No guards on the outside walls." she realized and sighed. "This assassination is going to be boring if the security is this shoddy." She silently told herself as she scaled the outer wall to search for the entry point that would lead to her target.

A lone room lie at one edge of the Inn, not even part of the main building. A dim light could be seen inside, and Ayame's gut instinct told her that this was likely the correct room.

Keeping to the shadows, she made her way to the rooms sliding screen and placed her palm to her face. This mission was more boring than she could have imagined, so she decided to liven things up by disposing of her target in a special way.

Reaching into her uniform, she retrieved a miniature sphere and gripped it tightly between her thumb and index finger. Hugging the wall, she bent her knees and slid the screen open only a few centimeters.

A forceful flick launched the sphere into the room, and immediately after, Ayame closed the screen door once more. The sphere rolled into the room and began releasing a strange purple smoke so thick the candlelight that could be seen through the door was doused. The entire room was blanketed in only a second, and Ayame smiled widely as she patiently waited the minute required for the smoke to dissipate.

Her smile faded all too quickly however, as a single cough was heard before the place was silent once more. A cough that was most definitely feminine.

Once the minute had passed, Ayame slipped open the screen door and slid herself in before sliding it shut behind her again. The smoke had disappeared from the room entirely, so Ayame took the opportunity to relight the candle inside, using a match kept within her uniform.

Scanning the ground, Ayame sighed in disappointment as the very thing she feared was confirmed. Lying on the ground unconscious was a woman who Ayame assumed was likely a servant cleaning the room. Whoever she was though, didn't matter.

One of Ayame's orders had been to leave no witnesses behind. Though she felt a twinge of guilt, as she did everytime she had to deal with innocent witnesses, Ayame knew that everything had to remain a complete secret.

The girl beneath her stirred, and Ayame knew she couldn't have any screams, even if they were tiny.

Reacting quickly, she slipped off her right sandal and grabbed the girl roughly between her big and right toe. The girl looked shocked over what was going on, and Ayame dumped her into her sandal before slipping her foot back in quickly.

Just as Ayame had predicted, she could feel the servant girl flail beneath her sole for a moment and she felt a brief bit of moistiness over the place where the girls mouth lay. She had attempted to scream, but instead found Ayame's fragrant sole filling her mouth, while simultaneously crushing her all over.

Holding back a laugh at the delicious feelings of the helpless girl beneath her, Ayame knew she had to complete her mission before properly disposing of the witness. She made her way to the main part of the inn and stealthily hid behind small objects or in the less well lit areas to bypass all the guards with ease.

Reaching the center of the inn, Ayame encountered a room with a guard standing outside the sliding door. Unlike the others, this guard was not patrolling, but standing still. Realizing she had her targets room, Ayame ducked down the adjacent hallway and climbed up to the high window overlooking the room. Peeking her head over just enough to see, she could tell the official was asleep.

Sliding her body into the window silently, Ayame approached the sleeping man and retrieved a second sphere from her uniform. Once standing behind him she made her move, quickly slipping one arm around his neck, and, holding the sphere slammed it into the mans mouth, before covering it to prevent him from making any noise.

The man struggled wildly in Ayame's grasp as thin wisps of smoke would occasionally exit from his nose. Only seconds after the struggle began however, it ended as he lost consciousness and very quickly went from the size of a full grown man, to the size of a miniature figurine.

Scooping the man in her palm, Ayame kept a tight grip on him as she quickly escaped the room, and made her way out of the inn altogether. Now safely back on the outside walls, the sun began to rise on the horizon when Ayame spread her palm and flicked the miniature man awake.

Encountering an enormous kunoichi upon waking up, he immediately began to scream for help, and Ayame rolled her eyes at him.

"Yeah yeah yeah, you don't have any guards to save you now. Just needed to let you know that you've been laundering money from your villagers to suit your own needs, and for that, I must deliver divine punishment." Ayame explained as she licked her lips hungrily.

As usual for the victim, he began to beg for his life. He claimed it wasn't him, he offered money for his life, he made promises to stop his evil deeds, the works.

"Divine punishment is divine punishment" Ayame explained and spread her tongue out before the man, placing him on it gently. He immediately tried to make his way out of the mouth, and the depressions his hands and feet made on her tongue was enough to make Ayame laugh at his plight.

When she felt he was near the edge of her tongue, she drew it back within her mouth and closed her lips shut. A smile from ear to ear crossed Ayame as she didn't swallow, but rather tilted her head upwards, feeling him slide down into her throat from gravity.

Her natural swallowing reflex triggered, and a sizable lump made it's way down her throat into her stomach, much to Ayame's pleasure.

A warm feeling filled Ayame at the mans death, and she decided it was as good a time as any to dispose of her witness. Slipping her right sandal off, she lifted it up to pull her tiny captive out, but found it to be empty. Briefly wondering where the girl was, the question was answered as she felt a tickle beneath her sole.

Lifting her right foot up to her knee, Ayame examined her wrinkled sole and found the girl to be embedded into it quite deeply, though she still had the freedom to move her arms from the looks of it.

Though Ayame wanted nothing more than to flatten the girl beneath her soft sole, she knew even a small bloodstain left behind was still evidence. Ayame peeled the girl from her sole and made her way back home through the forests.

Once she felt she was deep enough, a simple twist of her fingers snapped the tiny girls neck, and Ayame disposed of the remains by crushing the body flat between her hands until it was nothing more than a bit of red paste she smeared on a random tree, where it could have been anything.

Wiping her hands together Ayame continued her way through the forest to report the mission having been successfully completed to her superiors.

"And it was fun too." She thought as a sly grin crossed her lips.