The Rampage of Dr. Veronica


WARNING from author: This story contains vore. which some people may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

For Dr. Betty Veronica, every day working at Scumlabs was stressful for her. Incompetent co-workers, lack of safety measures, and testing the latest products that literally blew up in her face. The only reason as to why she hadn't left was because it paid well enough and was the biggest corporation in the world.

Dr. Veronica went into Scumlabs' break room after another stressful test session. She went up to the vending machine and bought a lime soda to help her relax. As she set the soda on the counter to think about her day, another employee came in with Scumlabs' latest product: ScumCola Lite.

The employee set the can of ScumCola Lite next to Dr. Veronica's can of soda after he came in. Without noticing, Dr. Veronica grabbed the can of ScumCola Lite and drank the entire can. When she saw that she grabbed the wrong can, Dr. Veronica said, "Who brought this in?" The employee replied, "It was me." Angered by it, Dr. Veronica said, "Damn it, Frank! How many times have I told you not to bring our products into the break room?!"

Suddenly, a strange feeling came to Dr. Veronica which caused her to hold her stomach in pain. "Are you feeling alright?" said Frank. "No," replied Dr. Veronica. "I feel... I feel..." Her body glowed an eerie green color and started to grow. Frank ran out of the break room and warned the other employees of what was happening. They didn't believe him at first until the building started to shake.

The employees all ran out of the building as Dr. Veronica continued to grow. They then saw Dr. Veronica's expanding body destroy the building, reaching a height of 30 feet after she stopped growing. She looked over at Frank and said, "See, this is what happens when you bring our products into the break room!"

Dr. Veronica put her hand to her stomach and said, "The pain I had before is no longer there. But still I am hungry after all those tests today." She picked Frank up and held him above her head. "What are you doing?!" said Frank. Dr. Veronica replied, "Consider this your punishment for not listening to me!" She opened her mouth and dropped Frank inside it. The man let out a scream which had faded as he was being swallowed by the giant woman. "I hope you'll learn a lesson as you're getting digested in there," said Dr. Veronica.

She looked at her fellow co-workers and said, "All this time I've had to put up with cleaning up after your messes and your unwillingness to do even the simplest of things! So the punishment all of you receive is being my lunch!"

With one swipe of her hand, Dr. Veronica grabbed as many of her co-workers as she could. She also grabbed the ones that she had missed with her other hand. Every person Dr. Veronica caught fell into her open mouth and went down her throat. "Well, I'm certainly full," she said. "Payback had never tasted so good!" Free from her stressful job, Dr. Veronica saw a city in the distance and began walking towards it.

Near the city limits, Dr. Veronica saw a sign near feet. She crouched down to see it and it said, "A Scumlabs Owned City." "There's just no getting away from Scumlabs!" said Dr. Veronica. "I know they're the largest corporation in the world, but I feel this is ridiculous!" She dejectedly held her head down, walked into the city and said, "It can't be any worse than this."

When she went into the city, Dr. Veronica saw ads of Scumlabs products everywhere she looked. There was even one sign on a billboard that said, "Scumlabs: We Own You." With anger in her eyes, "Dr. Veronica said, "I've just about had it with Scumlabs and everything they stand for!" She went up to the nearest building and started punching it in frustration. "Scumlabs this and Scumlabs that! I wish that corporation would just fall to the ground!"

After sustaining enough damage from Dr. Veronica's punches, the building came down. "I think I feel better now," said Dr. Veronica. "But strangely enough, I had a bit of fun destroying that building." A smile ran across the giant woman's face which turned into a smirk. "With how big I am, I can actually make Scumlabs fall to the ground!"

Dr. Veronica came up to another building and climbed to the top. She then punched the building she was on from top to bottom until it too came down. "So this is what it's like to be a giant destructive monster!" said Dr. Veronica.

As the people ran away from the rampaging woman, one man stood by and looked at her as her destruction continued. "I feel it's better having her destroy this city than by a giant ape, lizard, or a wolf," he said.

As she punched a hole in a building she was on, Dr. Veronica saw a man cowering in fear from the sight of her. She grabbed the man and said, "Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm just going to eat you is all." She closed her eyes and tossed the man high into the air. Wondering why she didn't feel the man fall into her mouth, Dr. Veronica looked down to find the man stuck in her cleavage. "I've never really been good at doing this," she said. She took the man out from between her breasts, tossed the man in her mouth and swallowed him. "Have fun in there," said Dr. Veronica.

She came to a short and wide two-story building, climbed on top of it and jumped on it as if was a trampoline. When the building collapsed from being Dr. Veronica's destructive fun, she said, "I haven't had this much fun since I was a little girl!"

One hour later, every building in the city was destroyed and Dr. Veronica's stomach was filled with its population. "That was really fun!" she said. "I wonder if I can find more Scumlabs owned cities and bring them down as well."

So Dr. Veronica went to every city in the world that was owned by Scumlabs to unleash her destructive side on them. The head of Scumlabs tried to deny that what was happening was because of one of their former employees being exposed to one of their products. One by one, the cities owned by the company fell, as did Scumlabs' reputation. Eventually, Scumlabs was exposed for its lack of safety measures and that its products contained radioactive material, losing their reputation even further.

When the last building in the last owned city fell, Scumlabs did as well as the company closed its doors. "That should just about do it," said Dr. Veronica. As she walked out of the ruined city, the giant woman said, "What's left for me to do now? First I'd like to find someplace that can make me small again. But then again, there could be some places that could use the big brain of an even bigger beauty."