How Now to Summon a Fox Woman


WARNING from author: This story contains vore, which some people may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

Derrick was a bit of a loner in his life; however, he was obsessed with magic. He was obsessed with summoning otherworldly creatures into this dimension, but they would always fail or they turn up not what he expected.

One day in an antique store, Derrick spotted a book being put on display. He looked through it and saw characters that could only be dreamed up in fiction. In one page, he saw a beautiful, busty black-haired fox woman with nine tails. Luckily for Derrick, it was a summoning book, so it was perfect for him. He bought the book and the shop’s owner warned Derrick that he should follow the directions and warnings closely or they’ll be consequences. As he rushed out the door, Derrick said, “Right! I got it!”

That night at his home, Derrick drew a summoning circle in the center of his bedroom floor. He read the incantation in the page and the circle was glowing a bright blue light. Derrick looked at the page and it said, “Warning: Do not summon on a full moon night.” He looked out the window to see a brightly lit full moon. “Oh shit!” said Derrick.

He quickly went back to stop the summoning process, but it was too late. The room was bathed in a flash of light and Derrick covered his eyes so he wouldn’t be blinded by the light. When he uncovered them, he saw the fox woman from the book standing in front of him.

“Who are you, human?” said the fox woman. “I’m Derrick,” replied Derrick. The fox woman then said, “I am Ahri.” As Ahri came closer to him, Derrick was awestruck on how she looked. He never thought that someone like her would ever come to him, let alone appear in his room.

Ahri fell on her knees and said, “I feel so weak.” “Are you hungry?” said Derrick. “Yes, I am,” replied Ahri. Derrick got a burger that was sitting on his table and gave it to the beautiful fox woman. Ahri stuffed her face with the burger and swallowed it whole. “That was hot,” thought Derrick. Ahri stood up and felt invigorated from the burger. “Why, thank you, Derrick,” she said. “Do you have any more food you could offer me?”

Derrick went into the living room and got all of the fruit from a fruit bowl. He went back into his room and gave it all to Ahri who swallowed every fruit whole. “That was satisfying,” said Ahri.

She then started to grow, quickly filling the space in Derrick’s room. “Any more, by any chance?” said Ahri. Derrick went into the kitchen and got a cake from the refrigerator. After he came back into his room, he gave the cake to Ahri who easily ate the whole thing at her current size.

As Ahri grew once again, Derrick ran out of his home where he saw it being destroyed by her growing body. Now 25 feet tall, Ahri stood up and searched for anything that can quell her appetite. Derrick searched through the remains of his home and found the book he used to summon Ahri. He ran after her as she walked along the road.

Ahri came across a diner with a giant doughnut that was part of its display. The people ran out of the diner while Ahri took the doughnut and ate it as if it was real. She sat down on the diner itself which ended up being crushed by her bottom. Ahri saw a pool with a man and woman relaxing in it. She picked it up and drank the water along with people in it! “Nothing like a refreshing drink,” she said.

Derrick managed to catch up to Ahri just as the giant fox woman went off on her own again. “Just when I managed to find you, you just walk off,” he said. He flipped through the book to the page in which he summoned Ahri. The rest of the warning said, “When summoned on a full moon night, Ahri will develop an endless hunger that will cause her to eat and grow.” “An endless hunger?” thought Derrick. “I’ve got to try and stop her! I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?”

Ahri then came across a cake delivery truck. Seeing as how she loved the cake Derrick gave her before, she picked up the truck and everything in it went down her throat. Ahri dropped the truck and grew to 50 feet. The truck’s owner came out of the store to find his truck destroyed and the contents gone. He looked up at Ahri and angrily shouted, “Hey! Do you know how much those cakes are going to cost me?!” “I’m sorry,” said Ahri. “I’m going to make it up to you by having you go where your cakes are.” She picked up the owner and dropped him into her mouth. “Mmm. Humans taste better than I thought,” thought Ahri. “They actually taste better than their souls alone.”

A news crew was reporting the situation involving Ahri. Behind them, the fox woman grabbed a group of people running away from her and dropped them into her mouth. She turned around and saw the news crew and they met the same fate as the people before them.

As Derrick was trying to get to Ahri, the antique shop’s owner came up to him. “You summoned her on a full moon night, didn’t you?” the shop owner angrily said to Derrick. “I’m sorry,” replied Derrick. “I realized too late that tonight had a full moon. But I found a way to fix this!” The shop owner said, “You’d better! It’s only a matter of time before-” Ahri picked up the shop owner, threw him into her mouth and swallowed him.

After finally catching up to Ahri, Derrick attempted to read the spell to undo the summoning, but the voluptuous fox woman picked him up with her tongue and made him drop the book. As Derrick was being brought into Ahri’s mouth, the last thing he saw was the book on the ground before he was swallowed. Derrick landed in Ahri’s stomach where he saw all the people she devoured. “Hopefully this problem can work itself out,” he said.

Outside, Ahri patted her stomach and said, “He thought he could stop me, but I gave him a good licking.” She smiled and giggled from what she said. She then grew until she was 200 feet tall. Five fighter jets flew around her and Ahri opened her mouth as one of them flew towards her. “Tasty, but not enough to fill me,” she said.

Ahri picked up a building and saw the people in it. She broke the building in half and dropped the people in it into her open mouth. Some of the people spilt into her cleavage, but Ahri grabbed them and tossed them into her mouth. She came across a taller building and saw the people running in fear from the sight of her. She punched a hole in the building and caught a handful of people whom she ate. “This is turning into a real smorgasbord!” said Ahri.

She grew and consumed whatever was around her as she was growing. At 75,000 feet, Ahri sat on her knees and collected several cities into her hands. She stuck out her tongue and licked them all up. After she swallowed the cities, Ahri said, “I don’t know what could be better than this!”

Ahri soon grew bigger than the planet she was on. She looked at the moon and brought it to her face. As she was about to eat it, she thought, “It was because of the moon that I had this much fun eating. I think I’ll spare it for now.” Ahri placed the moon between her planet-sized breasts.

In her eyes, Earth was now the size of a ping-pong ball. She opened her hand and held the planet in it. With a look of hunger in her eyes, Ahri sat the planet on her tongue while the people could do nothing but watch as everyone became her meal. She swallowed the planet and let out a satisfied sigh. “I hope everyone has fun in my gut,” said Ahri.

She then proceeded to eat everything within the solar system. As she was growing, Ahri thought, “If I’m ever summoned to another universe, please let it be on a full moon night.”