It was just after the explosion. The Umbrella Training Facility had been completely decimated. Corpses lay everywhere. It should have been over. But for the Alpha team, it was only beginning. And for Rebecca Chambers, it didn't stop.

She had headed back to the wreckage of the helicopter to search for survivors. This was where it began, when she found the train. But nobody was to be found. At least, nobody among the living...


"Whoa!" Rebecca jumped and turned around to face a zombie. It was all by itself. In her time inside the Umbrella Training Facility, she had experience against these. She aimed and shot. Blam! Blam! Blam! The rounds rammed through the zombie's head, splattering blood on the ground, and it fell down, defeated. "There are still undead around?" she commented. She pumped another bullet into it for good measure.

"If the explosion didn't kill all the zombies, then there most still be traces of the virus...where could it have come from?" Rebecca turned towards the wreckage of the facility. "It's not over, not by a long shot. I pray for the safety of the other STARS members, if there are even more of them....I'll do what I can. Alpha team could be walking into a deathtrap..." Rebecca was still holding on to the Magnum gun from earlier. She had only 6 shots left, which she loaded, praying she wouldn't have to use them all. She walked towards the wreckage and debris, her gun at the ready.

The mansion had no structure left to it, after that spectacular explosion. The only thing left were several pairs of bloody footprints, which Rebecca followed carefully. It led her to an area where a wall should have been, only it was destroyed. And beyond that area was a small, but thick hatch, which led deep underground. The hatch had several scratch marks on it. "This looks to have been broken by the explosion." Rebecca said. "Since the footprints come from here, this is the onl-"

Rebecca jumped as a Hunter leaped out and slashed, scraping her shoulder as she jumped out of the way. She aimed and fired the Magnum, which sent the Hunter flying back several feet, killing it with authority. "That was almost a Rebecca-kibob." she said, not bothering to pay attention to the cheesyness of that line. She climbed down into the deep chamber. As she went, she noticed that the walls were specifically made to withstand powerful blasts, not unlike that of a fallout shelter. "So whoever built this place must have expected the self-destruct sequence to be triggered eventually. They didn't want any possiblity of this place to be destroyed. That's why the hatch was behind a wall, so it would also remain hidden." She finally reached the bottom and opened another thick door. She took a long walk down a dimly lit hallway, leading to a room underground far away from the musuem. She opened a final door...

It was a laboratory. Marcus' laboratory, by the look of things. A lot of slime was on the ground. There was a huge container filled with liquid and an unrecognizable creature, around 8-9 feet tall. But it looked somehow...familar, only it was composed of thousands of tightly packed leeches, with an odd deep greenish color, different than the other ones.

But the moment she had opened the door, she triggered a bright green light in the middle of the room. Almost instantly, the leech-creature began to move as a whole, and it's large, clawed arm, broke through the glass, and stretched 10 yards across the huge chamber towards Rebecca. She wasn't fast enough this time, and it grabbed her by the leg, and yanked her back, the force nearly giving her whiplash. "NO!" Rebecca tried to shoot it, but the leech-beast was able to take the punishment, sinking it's teeth into Rebecca, drawing blood. It would be all over, unless.....

A gunshot rung out and a .44 shell tore through the arm holding onto Rebecca, weakening it for enough precious seconds to allow her to escape. She slipped away.

"Billy! You came!" Rebecca said.

"Of course I did. How could I not? I was concerned about leaving you back there. I just knew there were these....things left." Billy responded, and aimed his grenade launcher. "Stand back!"

Rebecca ran for her life as Billy unloaded the napalm grenades. Fire was especially effective on these leeches. Rebecca noticed that it was taking a lot of hits, so she threw every molotov cocktail in her possession.

But it wasn't about to give in yet. It continued to advance, taking slashes at the team, who had to dodge repeatedly. Finally Billy put in an explosive grenade and shot it, which caused the relentless leech creature to fall apart into harmless leeches. *SPLAT*.

"It's dead. Thanks Billy." Rebecca said.

"You're welcome....but I may have been too late." Billy said, as he was examining a bunch of papers. He'd found a file.

February 11th

It's been ten years since my assassination. However, my beloved leeches procreated a new life for me. Surely, they do recognize their father. I can obtain more of "T" and continue my work, where no one will find it, and it will endure throughout the ages.

February 16th

So, they've created a B.O.W. named Tyrant. I've seen data files of the creature and it is formidable. But, I will improve on "T" and make a literally undestroyable creature. I can imagine the look on Spencer's face when he sees it... All I need is time....

March 1st

By some miracle, I've managed to mutate "T"! It has unbelievable effects on living and dead cells: It will rebuild them and cause them to multiply! My leeches....they will be perfect. If they are destroyed, they will return more perfect.

March 15th

The new virus is the "GT-Virus", the Generating Tyrant. I've started out by injecting it into a small leech embryo. And now we will wait...

April 2nd

It's taken nearly one half of a month, but the leech embryo has multiplied. I find that if I shine a certain green light wavelength on them, their multiplication doubles and makes them more active. They've begun to mimic me, as before.....this new beast is the Leech Tyrant, far surperior to that of the Tyrant that they created. Now I will begin to take my revenge on Umbrella...

"But we destroyed it," Billy said. He turned around, and saw the leeches coming back together, rebuilding themselves. "No....Oh s***! Rebecca, move! We gotta get the hell out of here!"

Rebecca got up and ran for the door....only she couldn't see where it was. She was dizzy...and she passed out. Billy stood in front of her, guarding her, ready to fight this creature to the death.

Only, the creature didn't seem to notice him yet. It was still reforming. Instead of fighting it, Billy tossed a molotov at it to slow it's regeneration and lifted Rebecca up onto his shoulder.

"Dang, Becky, have you been putting on weight?" Billy commented. He ran out the door and shut it tight, and tried to brace it with a few barrels. "Your team's going to have to know about this thing.....Dammit! We wasted Marcus and yet his legacy still lives on to haunt us."

He shut the other door at the end of the long tunnel, which took him a while to cross, because Rebecca just seemed so heavy to him....and he climbed the ladder, breathing daylight once again. Rebecca stirred and woke up, standing firmly on the ground.

"Well, I managed to block it in for a bit, but that thing isn't dead. There's got to be a way to kill it. That thing can't run free. You'll have to call in your other troops, girl." Billy said.

"I'll let them know. Thank you, Billy. Thank you so much for saving me." She hugged him tightly. "Why do you look so short?"

"Well, gee, I don't know. This is freaky.." Billy pulled away after the embrace was over. He stared at Rebecca, who appeared to be....expanding.

"Huh? What? Why?" Rebecca looked confunded. She figured out soon that she was growing. Yes, growing. A hundred feet tall already. "What is this? Why would this happen?"

Billy couldn't help but find this ironic. Rebecca had always been shorter than him, now things were way different. Instead of freaking out though, he took it cool and he chuckled a bit. "Don't tell me your drank any of the crap down there..."

"No, it was probably the Leech Tyrant when it bit me. I'm infected! Probably a side effect. Jeese, I hope this isn't permenant...This isn't good if I have to stay this way forever!" Rebecca responded.

"Well, woman, you needed a bit of size anyways, in more ways that one, if you know what I mean," Billy stared at Becky's "assets".

"Oy, Billy.......keep your perverseness tucked away, okay? I figured you'd say something like that," Rebecca reached down and picked up Billy. "You don't want me to bite you or anything, right?"

Sweat rolled down Billy's cheek. "Okay, okay. But....still......your....b-b.." Billy couldn't stop staring and imagining things.

"Billy!" Rebecca shouted. She squeezed on him lightly. "Come on, we're in a serious situation here. Please control your libido!"

"Alright, Rebecca." Billy was put down on the ground. Rebecca sat down with a loud thump. "So what do we do? We could wait for this to wear off. I'll stay with you until it does. Or we might need to find a cure. Either way, I'll help you."

"Well, the L-Tyrant needed to be sustained in a tank. The document we found said something about "green light", so as long as I'm not exposed to any more of that or the creature's chemical, I think we'll be okay. Now that I think about it, this is an interesting situation to explore." Rebecca commented. She stood back up, and wandered over to the wreckage again.

Without warning, a bunch of leeches, uncountable numbers, exploded from the basement they had just escaped, and all of them crawled deep, deep down into the destroyed facility. They didn't seem to want to have anything to do with Rebecca or Billy.

"Uh, Billy! It's back..." Rebecca backed away a little. "It didn't attack. Where is that thing going?"

It gave her an answer. The huge collective symbiosis of leeches went to work down there, and soon, a huge legion of zombies that they had previously killed emerged from the wreckage, with an eerie green glow, but reddish colored bodies and fierce looking claws.

"It's reviving the zombies!" Rebecca shouted. "It's more intelligent than we thought.." The huge legion of zombies charged Rebecca and Billy. Yes, they charged. The GT-Virus reconstucted their cells again and turned them into a form of the V-Act Zombies. Billy pulled out his gun, but Rebecca started to think, analysied the situation, and stood her ground.

"What do you think you're doing, Rebecca?" Becky stood poised to attack. "Start shooting, Billy! I'm gonna see what I can do like this...."

Billy whipped out his shotgun and started to send heads rolling with it's powerful buckshot. One by one they fell, but the hordes were still coming. Bill couldn't hold out for long with just the shotgun.

Rebecca looked down at the small zombified freaks, that seemed to be hopelessly trying to bite her ankle. She kicked them away easily. Then she went on the offensive and actually stomped on a few. Their limp, fragile bodies flattened easily beneath her. While she was doing this the feeling of power, of strength rushed through her. Being so young and inexperienced in STARS, this feeling was new to her, as she never had real strength, her token skill was with mixing chemicals. She kept on trampling them, focusing on protecting Billy and this new sense of strength.

Billy needed the additional backup, because of the sheer speed and numbers of the zombies. They quickly fell to the combined attack. But then, a bunch of Hunters came out too. These revived beasts moved with more precision and speed than the V-Acts. Rebecca couldn't possibly get all of them. Though it was an easy enough task to crush and kill her enemies, she couldn't focus on so many.

"Argh! They're coming in too fast!" Billy said. Hunters ripped at his skin from all sides and occasionally made a swipe for his neck. The shotgun only knocked them over and they kept getting up, able to take a few hits before dying.

Rebecca whipped out the magnum she kept earlier. and shot a Hunter. The bullet pretty much made the hunter explode due to the fact that it and the gun grew with her.

Soon after, the stream of zombies and B.O.Ws slowed down and stopped. Rebecca hunted down and crushed the last of them. "That's it! We did it!" Rebecca picked Billy up and hugged him her chest, unintentionally. The force was near crushing for Billy as he tried his best to return the embrance, hold back his nosebleed, and keep breathing in there.

When they pulled away, Billy looked almost swoon. "Aheh...he he....."

"Billy, are you thinking perverted thoughts again? I might eat you for breakfast tomorrow if you are," Becky said, licking her lips playfully. "It's almost completely pitch black out. Do you think we should just rest?"

"No. No! We can't. I have to find you an....antidote...." Billy yelled. "If we wait until tomorrow, you might end up like this permenantly."

"Well, take a break then. You need to be ready for whatever's down there. I appreciate your concern. So, how do I look?" Rebecca smiled, standing up to her full height, putting Billy down on the ground.

Billy looked up Rebecca's body slowly. Her boots were bigger than his whole body. She had long, smooth firm legs that were covered part of the way up by her pants. The STARS uniform from this perspective almost seemed to be pushing her chest outwards. Her face appeared to be bigger than the full moon. Needless to say, this sight excited him.

"A....aah...." He twitched a bit. Rebecca leaned over and put her finger on Billy's chest, and then pushed gently, knocking him over, then pinning him to the ground. "That was easy. I can knock Mr. Cowen the ex-Marine down with my finger!" Rebecca giggled. "I think we need to do something to lighten the mood, honestly. We can worry about the Leech Tyrant thing later. Why don't you go run into those woods....................and you can try to hide from me. Don't overpressure yourself, because it's just a game and you need your energy later."

Billy seemed stunned at Rebecca's proposal, since ironically she was the one who said this was a serious situation. She seemed to have changed her mind and found out a way to cope with things, and make the best out of her size. "I agree. You count to 10." Billy took off immeadiately.

"Okay. One. Two. Three. Four. Five.." While Becky was counting, Billy of course didn't run a straight path through the woods, he cut a diagonal line occasionally zig-zagging. "Six. Seven. EightNineTen!" Rebecca cheated a little. "Ready or not....." She turned to the woods and charged in.

Rebecca's presence was announced by the sound of giant footsteps in the woods. Billy kept running, but not at full tilt. "I see you Billy! You can't hide..." Rebecca was able to pinpoint Billy's motion beneath the trees. Her long legs easily enabled her to walk faster than Billy could run. Suddenly Billy tripped on a large branch that had fallen.

Rebecca was about to stomp him on accident! Quickly she stopped, and her foot ended up on top of Billy without actually exerting enough pressure to kill him. She rubbed the back of her head nervously. "Sorry..."

"No, it's my fault...." Billy said. "Forget me carrying you now. You must weigh a ton." Billy pushed up against the huge foot. "Can you let me go?"

"Hmm, I don't did make that chest comment before....what if I crushed you?" Rebecca taunted jokingly. "Nah, it's okay, you can go."

Billy got off the moment Rebecca moved her foot away, and looked back towards that wrecked mansion. "It's time to go in. I'm pumped up. I'll call you on radio if I find anything important."

"Okay Billy. Now you listen. If the Leech Tyrant attacks you, get out of there. But let it follow you. We'll want to take it on with me helping you. I obviously can't fit through that hatch."

Billy made his descent down into the darkness. He found where the beast had broken through, and switched on his lighter. "Alright, I'll start looking," he said on the radio.

Suddenly a HUGE boom sounded. Rebecca watched as millions of leeches emerged from the wreckage of the mansion. And slowly, it formed up into a gigantic creature, much bigger than before. It was level with her neck.

So Rebecca abandoned all reason and attacked it head-on. She delivered a fierce roundhouse kick to it's neck, removing the head instantly. However, the leeches that were separated simply recombined into it's body. It countered with an attempt at stabbing through her. When it missed that, it simply just sweeped it's arm and knocked her back. Though it was a full head shorter than her, it still had a lot of strength.

Rebecca pulled out the magnum and tried to put holes in the leech with it's large caliber rounds. However, this only slowed it down. The leeches seemed to want to keep going.

"Okay, it to kill it....." Rebecca said. She thought about her previous experiences with leech creatures. Then she remembered that molotov cocktails were very effective against it.

"It can't stand fire!" She emptied the rest of her magnum into the leech tyrant's limbs, removing a few. While it tried to put itself back together, she backed up and threw her leftover molotov cocktails into it. The creature writhed as the smoke and fire covered it.

Suddenly, Rebecca's radio beeped. "This is Billy! I found the vaccine for the GT-Virus! It turns out that Marcus was afraid of being accidently infected. The note says that any living thing other than the leeches will have severe side effects from the virus, including rapid cellular growth, then expiration."

"So if I were to stay like this, I would die?" Rebecca shouted back. "Thanks for finding that. You're a true life saver. I could use your help though! Bring the biggest weapon you can grab and come back up!" She peppered the leech tyrant with the last of her cocktails. The thing had shrunk to half her size because most of the leeches melted from the heat of the flames.

However, Becky had run out of ammo. The tyrant was pissed off and tried to use it's enormous claw once again to chop Rebecca up. The claw sent her reeling in pain as the still smoking beast jumped on her and tried to stab her to death. All Rebecca could do was fend it off until.....

"Who's up for roast leeches with BBQ sauce on the side?" Billy commented, and sprayed the creature with a flame thrower. The leeches continued to melt from the flames and it got off Rebecca, continuing to dwindle down as the very miniature parasites that made it up died. Eventually, it finally fell into a blob, with flames streaming from it's body.

Rebecca looked down onto the helpless thing. "Yuk." She stomped the flames and the creature out. "Thank you Billy. It looks like I needed your help."

Billy promptly injected Rebecca with the antidote. "Well, I guess it's no more giant Rebecca. I kind of liked you like that, but you couldn't possibly stay that way."

"Yeah....." Rebecca's body quickly returned to normal.

"Well, we're back where we started. I'm going to leave.....and you still have a job to do, don't you?" Billy exclaimed.

"I'm heading down to the other mansion. Maybe someday, we'll meet again. I'll make sure of it." Rebecca said, waving goodbye as she departed.

Somewhere, in the wreckage of the training facility, a familar figure emerged from the darkness, his eyes cold and red, angry for vengance.