Hassle in Linda's Castle!

(Goomba and Cubed Cinder)

Chapter 1, written by Goomba

                It was that time of year for a certain young lady, who was born in a rich family and lived in a humongous castle, almost the kind you hear about in fairy tales. She did sport a snobbish attitude around certain boys she hangs out at school, but is actually quite friendly once you get to know her.

Her name is Linda Maltinie, and today is the day she finally turns thirteen, becoming a teenager at last.

                Of course, she ordered all of the butlers and maids to prepare all of the decorations and snacks, and also send out the invitations. Linda wanted this party to be perfect, so she got out her best outfit for the occasion; a red top with long blue pants and two bright red high heels for her feet, her usual summer wear. Unfortunately, her parents had to go on an urgent business trip, meaning they couldn’t be at the party. Thankfully, it didn’t stop her happy mood that much, for she sent invitations to her best friends. She hoped they would keep her company on her special day.

                However, there was a certain problem that happened every time her birthday comes along. There was this group of boys that always came uninvited to the party to cause mischief, from tossing pieces of the cakes everywhere to doing inappropriate pranks. She even remembered last year like it only happened yesterday, where they used the entire castle as a race track for snowboarding! It took weeks to finally repair the damage it caused, and it cost the Maltinie family quite a large amount of money.

                Linda sighed deeply after thinking about that incident, for that was the most hectic birthday party she ever had. She hoped that after that incident, the boys would give a bit of slack.

                After a few quiet minutes, the doorbell rang. She knew it was probably her best friends arriving for the party, but for some reason, she didn’t feel as peppy as she usually is when her friends come over. Her thoughts about her parties being ruined by those boys completely killed her attitude.

                Not wanting to keep them waiting, Linda went over to the front door and opened it. As expected, it was her three friends. The first to come in was Nancy Neil, with her big smile and blonde hair brightening the room. She wasn’t wearing her bunny outfit like she usually did; instead, she sported a pink top, blue pants, and white sneakers, which was her usual summer outfit.

                Next was a girl named Wendy Lane. Her glasses could be seen from a mile away due to their huge size, although Wendy herself doesn’t usually mind it. She had her hair in a brown ponytail, which was her usual hairstyle, and wore a long striped dress with grey sneakers, which is her usual outfit for when the temperatures rise. She is the most intellectual of the girls, even creating zany gadgets and robots when she feels like it.  

The last one was Pamela Rasteri. Her most obvious feature was her pink hair, although it was not as long as the other girls. Her outfit was a short green dress, lime green shorts, with two pink shoes. She has a job as a famous movie actress, usually starring in the most popular of movies. She does occasionally get time away from acting to go to Snow Town to hang out and go snowboarding with the others.

“Glad all of you could make it.” Linda said to the girls. “You were the next best thing to come to my party since my parents are out.”

“We are your friends for a reason you know!” Nancy replied. “We always have your back!”

“While I was working on some new inventions when your invitation came, I knew I couldn’t turn down a friend!” Wendy said.

“At least you called me when I am currently on break.” Pamela said. “I do have to be on time for acting and I am usually never late to those.”

“Well, all of the snacks and drinks are out already, so why don’t we eat something first?” Linda asked.

The three girls all nodded in agreement, so they all went to the snack table. After filling up their plates with various foods, Pamela noticed Linda with a depressed face on.

“Linda, is something wrong?” Pamela asked. “You’re not usually like this when it’s your birthday.”

“Well…” Linda said, looking at the floor in depression. “It’s just that every year, those boys always come here uninvited and mess everything up. Do you even remember what they did last year? The damages from that incident cost my family millions!”

“Well, you are in a rich family.” Nancy replied. “It shouldn’t have cost that much by your family standards.”

“While that is true, it’s not because of that.” Linda said. “It’s because it always occurs on a day that should be a happy occasion! You girls never get the problems that I have when your birthday comes along, so why must it always happen to me?!”

Linda then sat down on the floor and sobbed quietly. Nancy and Pamela went over to Linda to calm her down, knowing that it is a pain that the boys always come to ruin her parties. However, Wendy, being silent throughout the whole ordeal, got a twinkle in her glasses.

“Well, I might have something that might ease the pain…”

Linda, Nancy, and Pamela all look at Wendy in confusion, with Linda still having tears in her eyes. Wendy then proceeded to pull something familiar to the girls out of her dress pocket, causing the other girls to cock an eyebrow.

“You seriously still have that?” Nancy asked. “I thought you scrapped that after the whole ordeal in your house that one time!”

“Trust me on this.” Wendy replied. “We can use this so Linda can finally have her revenge against those party crashers!”

Pamela was still confused on the matter.

“Seriously? All it looks like to me is a-“

“We’ll tell you about the matter later.” Linda interrupted, since Pamela never came to her party that year. “I think I might actually get the upper hand this time. I’ll finally show those boys how I felt when they crashed all of my parties!”

“There might be a problem though.” Wendy said. “We’re going to have to get the boys in close proximity of it so we can get them. Anyone have any ideas?”

“I have one!” Nancy replied.

With that said, the girls huddle up to discuss the plan to finally teach those boys a lesson.

Meanwhile, on the way to Linda’s Castle, a group of four boys were making their way to the place.

One of them was Slash Kamei. He usually had on a spiky hairdo with a headband on, but he had on a blue and red golf cap on this time. He wore a yellow sleeveless shirt with orange sandals today, since it was summertime.

Next to him was Jam Kuehnemund, Slash’s best friend. His had a cross bandage on his nose and sported a multicolored cap with long Jamaican hair sticking out of the back. His shirt was sapphire blue with a big white star on the front, and he had yellow sandals on his feet.

Behind him was Tommy Parsy. He sported a big belly due to his gluttonous nature and he also had a bandage on his nose. His clothes were a backwards yellow baseball cap, a large yellow t-shirt, with white sneakers. He was chewing on a hamburger while walking to the castle.

The last one was Ruby Green. He was a big muscular black kid with black shades and blonde hair. He also wore a blue sleeveless shirt. He doesn’t usually snowboard that much, the only time he did was when Slash dared him to one time. He’s more interesting in attracting girls with his big muscles than snowboarding.

“Another year, another time for Linda’s party!” Slash exclaimed in joy.

“I can’t wait to dive into that cake again!” Jam replied. “Last year had my favorite flavor, lemon!

“Well, you can’t compete against the king of all flavors, CHOCOLATE!” Slash exclaimed.

Ruby just shook his head in disgust.

“Remind me again why you are bringing me to this?” he asked. “You do know that I’m not usually a party-goer like all of you, and all that sugar will flab out my muscles!”

“You said you wanted to go to impress the girls, remember?” Tommy replied, chewing on his burger.

“Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that!” Ruby said.

While the boys continued to walk to the castle, an odd kid was following them. He had teal skin and two small fangs coming out of his upper lip. His hair was pure black with two horns sticking out, and his shirt and sneakers were both black and yellow.

It was none other than Damien, the mischievous demon kid.

“Heheheheheheh, I may have got pushed around during last year’s party, but this time, I will be the one to crash the party!” Damien said, slowly following the boys with them knowing.

After a few minutes of more walking, the boys, along with Damien sneaking behind them, finally make it to Linda’s Castle. After Slash rang the doorbell a few times, Jam notices that the doors were already unlocked.

“I have a bad feeling about this; although it could just be the lunch I had today.” Tommy replied. He usually doesn’t do any party crashing when he comes over; he just usually stays near the food table the entire time, chowing down on everything.

When the two boys headed in the castle, with Damien creeping slowly behind them, they noticed that all of the lights were off, with darkness creeping everywhere. Slash decided to let the girls know they arrived.

“YO LINDA, THE LIFE OF THE PARTY HAS JUST ARRIVED!” Slash shouted, but all he could hear was his echo. Jam got an uneasy feeling going up his spine.

“Ummm, maybe they held the party somewhere else?” Jam said.

“Linda always holds her parties here! They probably just went upstairs or something!” Slash said.

However, Ruby was not amused.

“Well, I don’t think so. I can’t believe you dragged me all the way out here just to see that-“

Suddenly, the two front door slammed shut, startling the boys. Tommy didn’t like this at all.

“I think we should get out of-“

Before Tommy could finish his sentence, a yellow beam of light shined on all of them, including Damien. The boys started to get a sickening feeling, even making Tommy drop the burger he was eating, making them slowly pass out. Shadows started to loom over them, and before the boys could see any more, they all black out.

Chapter 2, written by Cubed Cinder

Slash was the first to wake up, but about 10-15 seconds later, Jam, Tommy, and Ruby Green all regained consciousness as well. Damien had been shrunken as well, but for some reason he was not among the group of boys right now, not that it was noticed by any of the other boys since he kept hidden even before they shrunk.
“Are you guys alright?” Slash asked.
“Ooooh… I’ve felt better. Anyone get the license plate of that light that hit us?” Jam said.
“Hey! Where’s my burger? It had my favorite sauce on it!” Tommy shouted.
“Bah! You should be glad that bag of calories is out of hand. You’ll never become as sharp-looking as me if you keep eating like that.” Ruby Green said.

Then, all of a sudden, the guys could hear whispering voices that sounded like they were coming from above.
“Oh, look! They finally woke up!” one of the voices, female sounding, said.
“Oh my gosh! It really worked… I didn’t think you were serious.” another female voice commented.
“Isn’t Wendy amazing, Pamela?” another female voice commented.
“Okay, girls. Let’s wait until they look up at us.” another female voice commented. After listening to the whispers, the guys looked around with confused looks.
“Huh? That sounded like the girls.” Slash said.
“I wonder if they’re hiding somewhere, waiting to surprise us.” Jam said.
“Well, I’m not gonna wait around to find out. I’ll find them and… whooooooooa!!!” Slash said. He started walking but suddenly had to stop when he almost fell down off the surface he was standing on.
“Whoa… Slash, are you okay?” Tommy said.
“Whew… man, that was close. Where are we? On a mountainside or something?” Slash said, taking note of the long way down it appeared from where he was standing. It was finally a reaction from Ruby Green, when he looked up wondering what the sky looked like, that got the guys to look back.
“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! What in the name of Silver Mountain!?” Ruby Green shouted. Finally the guys looked up in the same direction as their muscle-bound friend.

The giant faces of Linda, Nancy, Wendy, and Pamela were all staring down on them.
“Holy Jamaica! The girls! They’re huge!” Jam said.
“Or that light…” Slash said.
“Uh oh… I think I know what you mean.” Tommy said.
“What!? What does he mean!? Speak up, you morons!!” Ruby Green said, still in a panicky mode.
“It’s kinda a long story…” Tommy said.
“I’ll shorten it for you. One of the girls, Wendy, has an invention that looks like a normal flashlight, when in reality it can shrink anything that is zapped by its light to a tiny size.” Jam said.
“Waaaaaaah!! I’m too good looking to be shrunken!” Ruby Green shouted.
“Man… what a baby for someone with so much muscle.” Slash said to himself. Finally, Wendy spoke up and twirled the ‘flashlight’ around in her hand, and the guys had to cover their ears because of how loud her voice, and later the voices of the other girls, sounded to their tiny ears.

“Teehee… another job well done by my handy dandy multi-purpose flashlight.” Wendy said.
“You think maybe I could borrow that for the movie set? I’d like to shrink an annoying director…” Pamela said.
“Er, well… I’ll have to think about that.” Wendy said as she adjusted her swirly glasses. Slash, meanwhile, came to the realization of why he was so far off the ground. It’s because he was standing on Linda’s humongous hand, who promptly grinned when the two finally locked eyes.
“So, boys? What do you think? We must all look nice and big from where you’re standing.” Linda said.
“Linda… w-w-w-why did you do this?” Jam asked.
“Isn’t it obvious? You guys were going to trash up my birthday party, just like you did last year and the year before that and the year before that! Well, not this year! Not on my 13th birthday!” Linda shouted.
“Sweet 13, if I may say!” Nancy shouted.
“I’m finally going to show you guys how I really felt about having my parties trashed by party crashers like you!” Linda said.
“Huh? We didn’t crash your party! We were just having fun, like any party boy would have!” Tommy said.
“Lady, seriously! Why do I have to be shrunk? I’ve never even been to any of your stupid parties!” Ruby Green said.
“Silence! No more arguing! You four are teeny tiny now. It’s time we all had our fun while we’re the tallest ones around.” Linda said.
“Ooooh… I’m excited! What are we going to do first?” Nancy asked.
“I do have a few scientific experiments I’ve always wanted to try on tiny human specimens.” Wendy said.
“I say we chase them like mice!” Pamela said.
“Well, not bad, but I first want to feel how light they are.” Linda said.

As soon as she said that, Linda started casually tossing all four boys up in the air and then let them fall back onto her bare hand. Each toss flew them higher up in the air than before. All the boys naturally screamed for their lives as they soared and then fell helplessly in the open air.
“Waaaah! I wanna get off this ride!” Tommy shouted.
“Like we have any choice!?” Jam shouted.
“This is nuts! I wanted to toy with the ladies with my good looks, not have them toy with me!!” Ruby Green shouted.
After a few more tosses, Linda made one more toss of the boys into the air. This time, she pulled her hand away. For the split second they were at eye level, Linda shouted out something to her girlfriends.
“Quick, someone catch them!” Linda shouted. Nancy was the first to react. In fact, she got down on her knees and allowed all four boys to land on her trademark big nose.
“Oh! Nice catch, Nancy!” Linda said.
“Thanks! Who knew my nose could be used like this?” Nancy joked.
“So how does it feel, Nancy? To have just the boys tiny and have them trapped on your nose?” Linda asked.
“It’s so cool! I love your invention, Wendy!” Nancy said.
“Thank you, Nancy. I very much appreciate the comment.” Wendy said as her glasses mysteriously sparkled. As the boys trembled in fear over seeing the huge faces of both Linda and Nancy, Linda leaned in and got a closer look.
“Go ahead, guys. I dare you to try and escape.” Linda said. The boys moved around only slightly, but they all knew they had nowhere to go aside from a long drop to the floor below. They had to hold on when Nancy moved her face around.
“Heehee! That kinda tickles!” Nancy said.
“Oh! I’ve got an idea! Pamela, Wendy, come here.” Linda said. The other two girls approached Linda as instructed, and as they did that, Linda reached onto Nancy’s round nose and grabbed three of the boys, leaving Jam behind on Nancy’s nose.
“Let’s all put a boy on our noses and see who can hold on the longest.” Linda said. She placed Ruby Green on Pamela’s pointed nose, Tommy on Wendy’s rounded nose, and Slash would have the pleasure of being on Linda’s own pointy nose… although she didn’t put him on yet, instead trapping him inside her closed hand.
“So how are we going to try and get the guys off our noses?” Nancy asked.
“A most excellent question. They most certainly aren’t going to fall off with us just standing here.” Wendy said.
“I agree, Wendy. That’s where music comes in!!” Linda shouted as she walked over and grabbed a nearby stereo. After pushing a couple buttons, suddenly some familiar music started to play out over the speakers.
“Oh! I love this tune!” Nancy shouted as she started swinging her hips to the beat. Linda quickly placed Slash on her nose, and the boy gulped nervously as she and the other ladies started dancing.
“Come on, ladies! Let’s shake, rattle, and roll!” Linda said.

Needless to say, but nevertheless the boys clung for dear life as long as they could to whatever skin they could grab while the giant girls grooved out to the Sunny Mountain music. They didn’t dance too hard at first as they wanted the boys to think they were doing an outstanding job. But as the music continued to play, they swayed their bodies harder and a bit faster.
Finally, Tommy was the first who couldn’t take the dancing and he lost his trip on Wendy’s nose.
“Eeeeeeek!!” Tommy said as he went falling towards the floor. He started flapping his arms, as he was taught that in school to soften the blow when falling off a mountainside or somewhere else with a deep drop if Mr. Dog wasn’t around to save him. The trick worked as Tommy went tumbling onto the floor, but was slowly able to get back onto his feet despite feeling dizzy like a pan had been magically dropped on his head. But he had another big problem, as the ladies above him mentioned.
“Oh, I do believe Tommy is the first to fall!” Wendy said as she pointed to the ground while dancing.
“You’re right! One down and three to go. Careful not to step on him, girls! It’s seriously no fun if they get crushed to death!” Linda said. Indeed, Tommy was right in the middle of the giant dancing girls, and it put him in full panic mode when he saw oversized grey sneakers, then white sneakers, then pink shoes, and finally Linda’s red high heels slamming down in front of him. Tommy did some dancing of his own trying to dodge the giant feet, and finally he was able to get clear as he looked back at the dancing giantesses, along with the other three boys trying hard to hold on.
“Oy… I so need a triple double cheeseburger when this is over!” Tommy said, staying alert in case the giantesses started dancing in his direction.

Half a minute later, Ruby Green could feel his grip loosening as well. Despite his muscular body, he was tiring of the sudden changes in direction as Pamela swung her head around with the music. It didn’t make him feel better that her pink hair was slapping her face, and therefore slapping him as well.
“Ugh! This girl needs a haircut! Whoooa!” Ruby Green said as he finally lost his grip and balance and started falling downward. He tried grabbing onto the bottom of Pamela’s green dress, but missed his chance. To make matters worse, when he made it down to Pamela’s feet… she lifted them up to the beat of the music and managed to punt Ruby Green in the air.
“YEEEEEOOOOOWWWW!!!” Ruby Green shouted as he went sailing through the air, almost landing on Linda’s nose in the process, before finally falling back down to the ground. Like Tommy, he used precision landing skills to soften the blow as he landed and rolled his way towards Tommy.
“Whoa! Are you alright, Ruby?” Tommy asked.
“Oh, fine… considering I just got kicked like a football by the world’s biggest actress. Man, thank goodness the laws of physics work in strange and convoluted ways.” Ruby Green said. He then looked up at the giantesses as they continued to dance and talk with each other.
“Although I have to admit something.” Ruby Green said.
“What is it?” Tommy asked.
“Their increased sized magnifies their intense beauty by a hundredfold. It makes me want to work out more, oh yeah!” Ruby Green said. Tommy just sighed and let a couple drops of sweat go down the side of his head.

As the music started to wind down, the girls noticed it was only Jam (on Nancy’s nose) and Slash (on Linda’s nose) left.
“Only two left!” Nancy shouted.
“Hah! We’ll see about that!” Linda shouted. She wanted so badly to knock Slash off her nose, and she would do so by bobbing her head up and down, again to the beat of the music. The vertical motion was too much for Slash to take, and he finally lost his grip.
“Oh no!!!” Slash shouted as he flew up in the air and then fell down. Linda hadn’t noticed Slash taking his dive just yet as she was grooving out to the music, but then she stopped when she felt something hit her chest. She looked down and saw the tiny Slash clinging onto the top of her red shirt. This did not go over well with Linda, whose head glowed a bright red.
“PERVERT!!!!” Linda shouted as she reached down and plucked Slash from her shirt. She held the boy in front of her eyes and had a glare that simply scared Slash silly.
“Please, Linda, don’t hurt me! I’ll never crash your party again, I swear!!” Slash shouted. Not too long after that, the music came to a stop and all was quiet in the room again. Wendy, meanwhile, ran over and scooped up Tommy and Ruby Green from the floor.
“Heh, you’re lucky the music’s over. I probably would’ve put you right in the middle of our dance!” Linda said. After resting Slash in the middle of her left hand, she looked over at Nancy and saw Jam breathing heavily.
“Well, well, looks like we have our winner! Ladies, let’s give it up for Jam!” Linda said, with Nancy, Pamela, and Wendy all briefly applauding. Jam simply looked confused, wondering what was going to happen next.
“As your reward, you get a big wet kiss from Nancy. Go ahead, Nancy!” Linda said. Nancy immediately caught onto what kind of kiss she had in mind and smiled.
“My pleasure, Linda!” Nancy said. She then took Jam off her nose and then pressed him up against her lips. Jam’s screams for help went muffled as Nancy stuck her tongue out and drenched him in its saliva. This went on for a few seconds, and then Nancy pulled Jam away and put him on the floor where the other boys were being placed.

“Oh, that actually felt nice! And better than kissing him full size too!” Nancy said.
“So what now, Linda? I’m really starting to get a kick out of this.” Pamela said.
“Oh! I know! I want to see how strong Ruby Green really is. Wendy, can you make sure I’m not crushing them?” Linda said. She took a couple steps forward, and her red high-heeled shoes were only inches away from the four boys.
“By all means, Linda! I’m curious how this experiment will go myself?” Wendy said, who got down on her knees and put her face at almost eye level with the boys. Meanwhile, Linda was lifting her right foot and slowly bringing it down on the boys.
“Can’t we talk about this!?” Tommy shouted. Naturally, his wish fell on deaf ears. Then, as if acting on instinct, Ruby Green indeed pressed his muscular arms up against the bottom of Linda’s shoe while the other three boys just ducked.
“Contact!” Wendy shouted.
“Thanks, Wendy! How you holding up, Ruby Green? This is probably more than you bench press!” Linda said with a grin on her face.
“Now be careful, Linda! Don’t crush them!” Nancy said.

Of course, the three boys cowered in fear as they looked up at the red-colored ceiling trying to come down on them.
“Don’t give up, Ruby Green! Use all your strength!” Slash shouted.
“Bah! She’s just toying with us! She wouldn’t… arrrrrgh!” Ruby Green shouted, suddenly having to exert more force when he felt Linda slightly increase the pressure.
“Now I know how it feels to be a snow bug…” Jam said.
“Waaaah! Someone help us!” Tommy shouted. As Ruby continued to fight against Linda’s shoe, he suddenly looked behind the giant Wendy at the nearby wall.
“Hey, guys! Look over there! There’s a hole in the wall!” Ruby Green said.
“Oh! It looks big enough for us to fit in!” Slash said.
“Yeah, but how are we supposed to get to it!?” Jam shouted.
Then, all of a sudden, Ruby Green breathed a sigh of relief as he watched Linda lift up the shoe she was trying to ‘crush’ everyone with.
“Well, that’s one step… huh? Wait…” Slash said as he suddenly reached into one of his shorts pockets.
“Hahahaha! That felt really good! Why don’t you try, Nancy?” Linda said.
“Well… okay!” Nancy said. As the boys nervously watched the giant Nancy slowly approach them, they wondered what Slash was searching his pockets for.
“Slash, what’s up?” Tommy asked. He suddenly pulled out four different motionless ghosts and held them in his hand. They were much too small for the giant Wendy to notice them at the moment.
“Oh! I forgot I had these ghosts in my pockets. I was going to scare the girls with these things.” Slash said. Jam immediately got an idea.
“Hey, we can use those on the girls to distract them!” Jam said.
“Well, don’t just stand there! Use them! USE THEM!!!” Ruby Green shouted, not wanting to give his muscles a test against the bottom of Nancy’s sneakers.
“Okay, okay! Go ghosts!” Slash said as he quickly threw the ghosts up in the air like he would in a snowboard race. The ghosts disappeared…
...and then reappeared at their normal size with one floating around each of the girls. Jam’s prediction would soon prove to be correct.
“EEEEEK! GHOSTS!!!” Linda suddenly screamed.
“Get them off! Get them off!!” Nancy shouted. All four girls backed away from the guys as they tried to swat the ghosts away (even though that did no good; they always swirled around for 10-15 seconds before disappearing).
“Now’s our chance! GO GO GO GO!!” Slash shouted as he and the other boys made a fast break for the aforementioned hole in the wall, because they knew the girls were going to be super ticked off once the ghosts were gone. They all managed to make it inside right at the moment the ghosts were done scaring the girls.

The girls watched as the ghosts finally disappeared and they all breathed sighs of relief, although Pamela was quite frustrated.
“Geez, I hate those things!! Whose bright idea was it to scare the other snowboarders with ghosts!?” Pamela shouted.
“I don’t know…” Nancy said as she brushed some of the hair away from her eyes. Meanwhile, Wendy was the first to notice the guys disappearing.
“Hey! The guys are gone!” Wendy shouted. Linda once again was red-faced.
“Arrrrgh! Those guys must’ve sent those ghosts! I can’t believe it! Even when they’re tiny, they’re still a menace to every bone in my body!” Linda shouted.
“Where do you think they ran off too?” Nancy asked.
“They’re only… what, three inches tall or something? They can’t have gotten far. Let’s search every nook and cranny of this castle. When I get my hands on them, I’ll teach them a lesson they’ll never forget!” Linda said as she pounded her hands together in frustration.

Chapter 3, written by Goomba

                The four boys panted heavily after getting away from the gigantic girls, especially Tommy with his huge girth, and took a short bit to cool down while protected inside the walls.

                “Dude, I think we just dodged death back there!” Jam said. “The girls don’t know that while we are shrunken and whatnot, we’re not toys!”

                “You can say that again.” Ruby replied. “Didn’t you see how close I was to getting crushed by Linda’s gigantic red shoe? Even my precious muscles couldn’t hold it off for that long!”

                Ruby then readjusted his shades and wiped the sweat off of his face.

                “Although, this does give me more of a reason to work out. Soon, not even the giant feet of those girls would stand against my thick muscles!”

                “Could you just shut up for once about working out?! We’re shrunken in a castle that is about ten times bigger than all of ours!” Slash exclaimed.

                “Then what do you suggest we do? Succumb to more of the girl’s games of torture?” Jam asked. “Unless we get that flashlight to reverse our size, we’ll have to avoid the girls at all costs.”

                “I’m still sad that I didn’t get to keep my burger! Now I’m going to starve!” Tommy complained.

                “Dude, you have the biggest belly out of all of us!” Ruby replied. “I think you’ll survive until this whole fiasco is over.”

                Tommy didn’t listen to Ruby. He was too busy sitting on the ground in a fetal position, mumbling different foods to himself in an attempt to calm down.

                “Well, I suggest we get moving, hopefully going into a room the girls aren’t in.” Slash said.

                “What about sad eyes over here?” Ruby said, motioning to the delusional Tommy.

                “Use this snowboard to drag him with us.”

                Slash then proceeded to hand Ruby an odd shaped board, one that looked like a reptilian head of some sort. On one side, it looked like the head of some sort of ancient creature from certain folklore, but on the other side, it was crimson red with some sort of yellow swirl in the middle.

                “That board looks peculiar somehow.” Jam said. “But it is a bit dark within these walls, so I could be mistaken.”

                “C’mon, let’s get moving.” Slash said, walking ahead of the others. The other three boys went behind him, with Ruby dragging Tommy on the mysterious snowboard.

Meanwhile, on somewhere near the second floor of the castle, a certain girl climbed through an open window into what appeared to be a guest bedroom. The girl has brown hair and wore an odd headpiece that looked like white bunny ears with a white headband, which had an image of a shuriken on the front. She also had on a purple skirt and grey shoes.

                “Dang Shinobin, nagging me on about how I shouldn’t be here.” the girl said to herself.  “Can’t a girl like me hang out with others with the same interests?”

                The girl then took a moment to take a deep breath and close her eyes in silence.

                “Stay calm Kaede, anger can corrupt the mind. Remember what the teachers said about how the mind affects the body. Just think happy thoughts…”

                After taking a few moments of thinking in silence, Kaede felt at peace and calmed down.

                “Phew, that should do it. Now to find the other girls so we can hang out and whatnot!”

                Kaede then went toward door to the hallways of the second floor, but before she could open it, she heard a low pitched noise coming from the floor. Normally, to a regular human being, this noise would be inaudible, but since Kaede was trained to hear these types of noises, she could make it out.

                “Hmmmmm? What is that noise?”

                Using her acute hearing, Kaede noticed the noise was coming from an odd speck on the ground. As she focused her eyes a bit more, she could make out an odd shape.

                “What the, you don’t see stuff like this every day!”

                After some time, Slash and the others still have been going through the walls, and Tommy was still in his food scarce state.

                “Oh man, my legs are killing me.” Jam said.

                “At least you aren’t dragging someone that is still thinking that he is starving!” Ruby replied, motioning to the delusional Tommy, still in a fetal position mumbling various foods that he wishes he were munching on. “Dragging this dork is tiring me out, even with my thick muscles!”

                “Then let’s just hope we get into an empty room.” Slash said.

                After a few more seconds of walking, the boys come across shining hole on their left, indicating that they came across an entrance to another room. Various noises could be heard on the other side.

                “Someone poke their head out and see what room it is!” Jam said. “I don’t want to end up being in a room with one of the girls!”

                Not wanting to deny his friend, Slash volunteered to take a look. Poking his head out of the hole, Slash’s eyes nearly popped out in astonishment.

                “Guys, you may want to take a look at this.” Slash said.

                Kaede didn’t know what to think when she saw the mysterious speck. Looking at it a bit closer, it seemed to look like some sort of greenish imp, but she couldn’t make out any more details due to its small size. She currently was holding it in the palm of her right hand, and it looked like it wasn’t moving.

                “I have never seen such a weird creature in all my life.” Kaede thought. “I’m sure Shinobin would know what this is. Too bad he couldn’t be here!”

                Suddenly, she saw the speck starting to move. Kaede watched closely as it happened.

                Damien hadn’t had this big of a headache in a long time. Seeing a bright light that makes you nauseous was one thing, but when you get hurled up into the air by a slight breeze thanks to you lessened weight, causing you to twirl around uncontrollably as the wind carries you, you can’t help but get a big headache after that. Of course, he also felt like this after Linda knocked him out during her last party, managing to do so while riding her snowboard, and Damien managed to wake up with the birthday cake on top of him. The memory still haunted Damien to this day.

                After slowly getting up, Damien took a second or two to pull himself awake, and what he saw jolted him upright.

                “Holy crap! What the heck?!” he blurted out. It was the face of a giant girl, more specifically Kaede’s, looking straight at him with curiosity.

                “I see you are awake!” Kaede said, smiling and giggling softly.

                “What the, am I dead or something, for this is something I not normally see!” Damien exclaimed, almost managing to fall off of Kaede’s hand.

                “Ummmm, you’re not dead. You’re just very tiny!” Kaede replied. “Plus you look so cute at that size!”

                “I’m tiny?!” Damien exclaimed with disbelief. He had only heard about that happening in fairy tales, he didn’t think it could actually happen!

                “Well then, giant girl, I command you to change me back to normal size this instant! I got a party to crash!”

                “Oh really?” Kaede replied. “You do know I can squish you like a bug in a split second?! I don’t think you should tick me off like that!”

                To show Damien that she meant business, as quick as a flash, Kaede pinned Damien down with her left pointer finger, but didn’t apply too much pressure to kill him. Damien could hardly breathe under her massive finger, as the pressure was knocking all of the air out of his lungs. Thankfully though, no bones were breaking.

                “Ugh...errrr…okay…then…I’m…sorry…” Damien said, with most of his air being taken out of him.

                As soon as she heard that, Kaede lifted her finger off of Damien, who in return immediately got up and started to breathe in heavily after getting most of the wind taken out of him. Damien knew the only way to get back to normal was to ask nicely, but he hardly ever did so, so he knew getting the sentence out was going to be tough.

                “Errrrr…ummm…giant miss?” he said softly. Thankfully for Kaede, her acute hearing could make out what he was saying.

                “My name is Kaede you know, and you were saying?”


                Damien knew this was going nowhere, and he needed to get his sentence out. Before he could think correctly, Damien blurted out:


                Damien had no idea what came over him during the time he did that. Was it desperation? Was it a sudden nice emotion going haywire? He decided not to think about it.

                Thankfully for him, Kaede could make out what he said.

                “Hmmmmmm, you did ask so nicely, and you look really cute at that size, so okay, I’ll help you.” Kaede replied. Before he knew it, Damien felt her lips collide with his entire body in a kiss. A warm feeling came over him after that, but only for a split second.

                Meanwhile, the other boys saw everything through the hole they were peeking out of. Tommy eventually got out of his food coma

                “Seems like Damien shrunk as well.” Slash said.

                “I’m not surprised. He’s always following us just to stir up some mischief.” Jam replied. “Although it looks like he got Kaede on his side.

                “Damien? I already know Kaede, but who’s Damien?” Ruby asked.

                “To make a long story short, he some sort of demon kid that like to pull dirty tricks on all of us.” Tommy replied.

                Suddenly, a stroke of genius struck Slash.

                “Hey, maybe we should get her attention!”

                “You want us to WHAT?!” Ruby exclaimed.

                “Get her attention!” Slash said again. “Seeing as how she doesn’t want to harm Damien, she probably wouldn’t hurt us either! Having at least one person at normal size could help us get back to normal!

                “And how are we going to do that?” Ruby asked. “Being this small would take us days to traverse the entire floor to get to her!

                “We use this!”

                Slash then proceeded to pull out the same snowboard he showed Jam earlier. After taking a closer look at it, Tommy recognized what it was.

                “Holy crap, you brought the DragonBoard?!” Tommy asked in disbelief. “Why in the right mind did you bring that?!”

                “I was going to use this to zip around this place to mess stuff up quickly.” Slash replied. “Thankfully, I still had it with me when we shrunk.”

                “Dude, what’s so special about that stupid looking board?” Ruby asked. “It just looks like a regular board with a different shape!”

                “Oh, you’ll find out.” Slash replied. “Everyone, huddle together so all of us can get on this board.”

                After a few seconds of everyone trying to get on the single snowboard, the four boys finally all managed to fit on it, while being a bit uncomfortable.

                “Could you please stop getting your leg out of my eye?” Tommy said.

                “Right after you get you stupid nose out of my groin!” Ruby replied.

                After a few more seconds of bickering, Slash was ready to start up the DragonBoard.

                “Everyone hold on tight, for this is going to be a bumpy ride.

                With that said, Slash started up the board. Suddenly, two wings popped out of the left and right sides of the DragonBoard, and a rocket popped out of the back, bursting the boys forward in a huge amount of speed.

                “Wow, so this is what makes this board so special!” Ruby exclaimed through the air as it smacked him in the face.

Chapter 4, written by Cubed Cinder

Once the DragonBoard had picked up enough speed, it took off into the air as the board’s wings started flapping. Even though some of the boys had ridden this legendary board at least once before, they still were nervous watching the ground fade from view and the wind smacking them in their faces.
“Whoa whoa whoa whoa!!!” Jam shouted.
“What’s the matter, Jam? Flying jitters?” Slash asked.
“Yeah, you might say that!” Jam said.
“You do know how to control this thing, right spiky?” Ruby said, obviously referring to Slash and his spiked hair.
“Of course! I’m a natural at this!” Slash said.
“Better make it fast, because we’re coming up on her!” Tommy said as he pointed ahead. Indeed, the boys were only probably a few seconds of flying away from reaching Kaede’s face.
“Hold on!” Slash said as he tried his hardest to steer the board; no easy task considering there were four people all cramped aboard.

Meanwhile, Kaede and the tiny Damien continued to converse with each other, namely with Damien filling in details on his life (even though most of it was probably lies) and talking about the other girls. Suddenly, Kaede looked ahead and saw what appeared to be a fly heading straight for her. She ducked her head as she turned around to look at the fly. Damien, of course, had to hold on to keep from flying off the giantess’s hand.
“Whoa! What was that about!?” Damien shouted.
“Sorry. It looked like a small insect was about to crash into me.” Kaede said. She watched as the ‘insect’ turned around and made another wobbly path towards her. This time she took her free hand and tried to swat the bug away, but it managed to turn away before it could make contact with the hand.
“Hmph! Persistent little fly, that one is!” Kaede said.

Of course, what Kaede didn’t know was that the ‘bug’ was actually the DragonBoard with the other shrunken boys. The small insect comment was not lost on the boys as Slash tried hard to keep control of the board.
“Arrrgh! The nerve of that girl calling us insects. Still, she is very much cute. I’ll have to make sure to get her number…” Ruby said.
“Um, Ruby… could you please think of something else other than girls! They’re all quite bigger than us right now!” Jam said.
“Hang on everyone. I’m gonna try and get closer.” Slash said.
“Is that a good idea, Slash? What if we get swatted and…” Tommy said.
“We’re NOT getting swatted, Tommy. Not with my superior flying skills!” Slash said. Despite the uneasiness from the other boys regarding Slash’s comment, they still held on as Slash guided the DragonBoard once again towards Kaede.
Kaede noticed the ‘bug’ trying to fly towards her nose again. She wanted to clap her hands together and squash the ‘bug’ in between her hands, but that option was immediately not possible because she was holding her new companion, Damien, in one hand. So she had to resort to swatting the ‘fly’ out of midair once more.
“Hiyaaaa!!” Kaede shouted. Slash steered the DragonBoard downward to avoid Kaede’s hand, but in the process of regaining control, the board flew straight into Kaede’s open mouth.
“EEEEEEEK!!!” all the boys shouted.
Immediately afterwards, Kaede closed her mouth and held her lips with one hand while still holding Damien with the other.
“What’s wrong?” Damien asked.
“I think I just swallowed that poor fly…” Kaede said.
“Oh well, it was clearly bothering you anyways.” Damien said.
“Still… oh! I think it’s trying to fight back!” Kaede said.

Inside Kaede’s mouth, Slash steered like crazy trying to keep the DragonBoard from flying down into the giantess’s stomach, where it would certainly be the end for everyone if they wound up there. In trying to regain steering, the board bumped against Kaede’s teeth one by one, but the board kept flying on.
“Ahhhhhh! Do something, Slash!!” Ruby shouted.
“Yeah! I’ve already had my roller snowboarder quota for this month!” Jam shouted.
“I’m trying! Come on, guys, help!” Slash said. Despite all being crowded on the board, all four boys shifted their weight as best as they could, trying to help Slash steer the board away from the opening to Kaede’s stomach as well as the many huge teeth that surrounded them. Slash was just hoping Kaede would show mercy and open her mouth once again. But for the next 60 seconds, it was just bumping from one tooth to another, not to mention the top of her mouth as well.

After not being able to take the bumping inside her mouth any longer, Kaede opened her mouth. Almost immediately, the ‘fly’ came flying out.
The boys, meanwhile, expressed relief they were out of their saliva-drenched prison.
“Whew… we made it!” Slash said.
“Yeah, but we’ve got another problem…” Ruby said.
“Huh? Like what?” Slash asked.
“Like WE’RE ABOUT TO CRASH INTO THAT WALL!!!!!” Ruby shouted. Indeed, the boys realized they were heading right for a nearby wall. And there was no time to steer away from that wall either. With a resounding and cartoonish sounding thud, both the DragonBoard and the four boys landed up against the wall, and they all started to fall towards the ground. As Jam saw the ground approaching, he tried to make light of the situation despite their impending doom.
“Well, at least this won’t be as bad as dying inside a giant ninja girl’s stomach.” Jam said.
“Speak for yourself, Jam!” Slash shouted.

But the boys were about to get a reprieve. After watching the ‘fly’ crash against the wall, Kaede felt compelled to save the little critter.
“Oh my!” Kaede shouted to herself. She quickly walked over and allowed the ‘fly’ to land in the same hand that Damien was standing on. The DragonBoard was not as lucky. It bounced off and landed on the ground, losing its wings in the process, but more importantly was the ‘fly’ or as Damien was about to reveal, the other shrunken boys.
“Huh? You guys shrunk as well!?” Damien said.
“What? You guys? Wait, that means…” Kaede said. She moved the hand closer to her face and saw that she wasn’t swatting a fly at all, but four more tiny boys.
“Oh! There are more of you?” Kaede asked. Normally the boys would be scared of being in the palm of a giantess’s hand, given the close calls they had with Linda and the others, but after watching how Kaede treated Damien, they were relieved to have her attention.
“Um… hello, Mrs. Kaede.” Slash said.
“Huh? You know my name?” Kaede said.
“Yeah, we were hiding in the same room as you were before we came flying out.” Jam said.
“Wait… you were the ones flying around in front of my face? Don’t you realize how dangerous that is given your current size!? And are all boys as small as you and Damien in this town?” Kaede asked.
“Um… what order would you like those questions answered?” Tommy jokingly asked.
“Darn it, Tommy. This isn’t the time for joking around, just like it wasn’t the time to clam up because you lost your burger!” Jam said.
“So, Damien. I see you got shrunk too.” Slash said.
“Yeah, so!? I don’t suppose you have a plan to get us all back to normal, do you?” Damien said.
“Huh? Who’s this guy and why does have have a greenish skin?” Ruby said. Damien gulped nervously as he looked over Ruby’s muscular body. He right away felt this was the kind of guy who would beat you to mush if you said the wrong thing.
“Oh, Damien, this is Ruby Green. Ruby Green, this is our… well, resident troublemaker, Damien.” Slash said.
“Er, pleasure to meet you.” Damien said as he shook Ruby’s hand and almost lost his arm as powerful a handshake it was the other way around.
“I wait patiently for the answers I seek.” Kaede said from above.
“Right, sorry. Allow me to explain…” Slash said. The boys sat down on Kaede’s hand thinking this may take some time.

Fortunately, it was only a couple minutes of explaining for Slash to get the message across to the ninja giantess. While Tommy was staring up at Kaede and her nose, which looked incredibly attractive to his eyes, Kaede meanwhile nodded her head.
“I see. So the other girls, namely the occupant of this house, a girl named Linda, used a flashlight-looking device to shrink you to this size.” Kaede said.
“That’s right. As I said, we’re all trying to get back to that flashlight and use it to restore ourselves back to normal.” Slash said.
“No offense but, as I have learned interacting with Damien, it’ll be incredibly difficult to complete such a task given your current sizes.” Kaede said.
“Yeah… that’s why we were kinda hoping you would help us out.” Slash said. After looking over all the boys, including Damien, Kaede made up her mind.
“Okay, I will assist you, but I suggest we do this my way.” Kaede said.
“Great… she probably wants to play with us first before she helps us out!” Jam shouted.
“Don’t worry, I have no intentions of that nature. What I mean is I have a plan that I think will work.” Kaede said.
“What is it?” Slash asked.
“Surely the flashlight will be in the same area as the other girls. I will distract them while you search the area for the device.” Kaede said. The boys looked at each other nervously.
“Do I sense nervousness?” Kaede asked.
“Well… isn’t that kinda dangerous? We’ve already had some close calls with the girls.” Jam said.
“All you have to do is look at my arms. Dang, I’m not weightlifting a woman’s shoe ever again in my life!” Ruby said.
“I don’t think we have much choice, gang. It might be our only chance of retrieving the flashlight.” Slash said.
“Don’t worry, we have big, strong, Kaede to protect us!” Damien said.
“Oh, she your girlfriend all of a sudden?” Jam asked.
“What!? No! I mean…” Damien said.
“We don’t have much time, boys. We must proceed with the plan now. Hold on.” Kaede said. Before she closed her hand into a fist to hide the boys, Slash made one more comment.
“Be careful, Kaede!” Slash said.
“I’m a ninja. Careful is in my blood.” Kaede said with a smile on her face.

Kaede left the room she had been in and it only took a couple minutes to make her way to one of the larger rooms where, one staircase down, the other girls (with some of them on their hands and knees) were searching for the other boys. Kaede looked down at the boys again.
“You boys wouldn’t happen to have any parachutes, would you?” Kaede asked.
“You mean that crazy shot that shoots you in the air and you can’t board again until you glide back to the ground?” Tommy asked.
“Actually, I think I have a few in here… yes!” Slash said as he searched his pockets and found the parachute item that Kaede was talking about.
“Excellent. You should use those parachutes to glide down to the ground below. I will distract the other girls with small talk in the meantime.” Kaede said.
“I’m not sure small talk is the right phrase to be using.” Jam said as he referred to the size of himself and the other boys.
“Right… sorry. Slipped my mind.” Kaede said.
“Okay, guys. Let’s get parachuting!” Slash said as, one by one, he threw the parachute items at the other boys, kicking them into the air and then a parachute magically forming above their heads, allowing them to glide down to the next floor down. After Slash struck himself with the parachute and followed the other guys, Kaede made her own move by walking to the other side of the balcony (closer to the other girls) and jumping off.

The other girls, meanwhile, were beginning to show mostly frustration at being unable to find the shrunken boys.
“Arrrrgh! You would think those boys would be nearby with their teeny tiny legs.” Linda said.
“Don’t give up, Linda. They have to be around here somewhere.” Nancy said.
“It’s still like trying to find a needle in a haystack, kinda like in this one movie I was in.” Pamela said. Just then, the girls stopped when they heard the sounds of someone landing on their two feet nearby. They looked to see Kaede standing back to her full height, although they looked nervous at first because they didn’t recognize her right away.
“Hello, ladies. Forgive me for introducing myself like this. It’s part of my nature.” Kaede said.
“Huh? Who are you?” Wendy asked.
“Oh, wait! You’re that ninja girl!” Pamela said.
“Well, I am glad at least someone remembered me. I am Kaede.” Kaede said with a smile.
“So what are you doing here, and how did you get in the castle?” Nancy asked.
“How I got here is of no importance. I heard you ladies were having a party and I couldn’t help but invite myself.” Kaede said. The other girls looked at each other, wondering how Kaede could know of the party in Linda’s castle.
“Hey, news travels fast in this town.” Wendy said.
“Or maybe those boys helped spread the word. Ooooooh, how I wish I could crush them right now!!” Linda said as she stomped her feet. Of course, Kaede knew what boys she was talking about, but did her best not to bring them up.
“So, may I ask what we are doing with the party right now? Dancing? Ninja skills?” Kaede said. Nancy also didn’t want to easily spill the beans that there were shrunken boys in the castle (even though Kaede already knew that).

As the girls continued to chat with each other, the boys creeped ever closer to the giantesses. It didn’t make them feel any better when Wendy told a joke that made Nancy step back in laughter. She was one step away from crushing all the boys beneath her shoe.
“Man, I don’t like this… getting this close to the girls like this. It’s like a bad Jamaica feeling all over again.” Jam said.
“Just stay alert. We just have to get past the girls and to another part of the room to look for the flashlight.” Slash said. Ruby felt like looking up as he walked close by the giant Wendy, and then he stopped walking.
“Um, Slash, I think we found the flashlight.” Ruby said.
“Huh? Where is it?” Slash asked.
“Well… you’re not going to like it.” Ruby said as he nervously pointed up.

The flashlight was several feet above ground level… strapped to Wendy’s hip.

Chapter 5, written by Goomba

                The five boy’s jaws nearly hit the floor once they saw the location of the flashlight. They knew getting the flashlight was going to be a lot harder than usual, not just because of their small size.

                “Well darn, if only the DragonBoard didn’t break, this would be way easier!” Tommy said.

                “Dude, I know!” Ruby replied. “It’s basically ten times higher than Silver Mountain from our perspective!”

                Jam sighed deeply.

                “Our best bet at getting it at this size is if Kaede somehow gets Wendy to lay or sit down so we can nab the flashlight at a lower height.” he said.

                “I hate to say it, but I think you’re right about that.” Slash replied.

Kaede could hear the boys even when she was chatting with the other girls. She wasn’t as trained as her brother Shinobin at these types of things, but she did have enough training to know the basics and such.

“So Linda, maybe we should just let go of the boys for now. With all of your maids and butlers, they probably wouldn’t get far before someone finds them.” Nancy said.

Linda took a deep sigh.

“Well, I guess you’re right. I need to relax a bit. After all, my entire party shouldn’t just be spent on finding them.”

“Then what do you propose we do? I don’t care what it is!” Kaede said.

After a brief moment of silence, Pamela spoke up.

“Well, I have been meaning to show something special during the party.”

All eyes were on Pamela after she said that.

“I’ve recently just got done acting for a movie, and it’s all edited and everything. Mind if I show you the completed movie? It’s not even out in theaters yet!”

The other four girl’s eyes widened in amazement. Pamela has always been one of the greatest movie actors out there, so it’s obvious that she would get all sorts of special gifts and such, but a completed movie that hasn’t even been released in theaters yet? That’s something you almost never publically hear about!

“Well why didn’t you tell us sooner? Of course we can watch it!” Linda replied. ”I’ve even got a giant flat screen TV we can use in another room!”

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

As quick as a flash, Wendy, Pamela, Linda, and Nancy all exit the party room and go into the room conveniently right next to it. Kaede noticed the five specks, which were the shrunken boys, and winked at them before following the others.

“The movie should buy us some time to get the flashlight.” Damien said. “I just hate being this tiny in a place like this!”

“Then I suggest you quit bellyaching and follow us!” Ruby replied.

The five boys then ran over to the door to the room the girls went in and went under the door through the opening under it, following them.

The girls were absolutely astonished by the TV room. It looked like an exact replica of an everyday movie theater. The lights, the big screen in the back, the film camera behind them, it was all there. The only major difference was that instead of the millions of seats like every movie theater has; there was one big couch, big enough so that all five of the girls could sit on it.

“Wow, you never showed us this room in your castle before!” Nancy said. “I’m so amazed!”

“I have to agree. This room is great!” Wendy said.

“That’s because I never needed to use it before” Linda replied. “Pamela, could you please hand me the CD?”

Pamela nodded and handed the CD containing the movie over to Linda. The CD was a sleek silver color with a label saying “AGT2” on the front. Linda took a quick look at it before inserting it into the camera behind them.

“Better take a seat before it starts!” Linda said. All of the girls took a seat in the big couch, which almost felt like sitting on a cloud.

Right when the movie was starting, the five shrunken boys had just made it into the room through the crack under the door.

“Wow, Linda just seems to get everything, does she?” Tommy said, looking around the gigantic room, even in their shrunken states.

“I bet she has ten more of these theaters in this place!” Jam exclaimed. “If I had a room like this, I would be in paradise!”

While the boys looked in awe at the room, Slash noticed something.

“Hey guys, look over there!”

The other four boys looked ahead where Slash was pointing and noticed what he saw. It was the flashlight, right on the left side of the couch, specifically on the armchair, with Wendy next to it, watching the movie.

“She must have taken it off so it won’t irritate her while she is sitting down.” Damien said. “You think this might be the time to go for it?”

“I think it might be our ONLY shot at getting it.” Slash replied. “With the girls distracted, we get the flashlight and return to normal.”

The rest of the boys nodded in agreement at Slash’s comment, and all of them ran over to the left side of the couch, except for Tommy. When he was about to follow the other boys, Tommy noticed a piece of cheese in a corner of the room.

“Yum, I finally found something to eat!” he exclaimed, running as fast as he could over to it. The other boys were so focused on getting the flashlight that they completely forgot about him.

“You actually act really well as the main character Pamela!” Linda said while watching the movie. “But it looks like that mermaid suit was a little tight though.”

“It was a little bit.” Pamela replied. “I didn’t pay much attention though. I was more focused on swimming around with it on while navigating around the tiny tropical island set. It’s actually harder than it looks!”

“I got to get one of those…” Kaede said.

Once the boys made it over to the couch, they all looked up and noticed how high it was from their shrunken height.

“How do you suppose we get up there?” Ruby asked. “We got no more parachutes and we lost the DragonBoard!”

“Well, we can try to climb up…”Slash replied.

“Are you kidding? That thing is like millions of miles up compared to our height!” Damien exclaimed.

“Then I suggest we start doing so ASAP!” Jam replied. “The sooner we get back to normal, the sooner I don’t have to worry about snacking on cookie crumbs for the rest of my life!”

With that said, the boys all attach themselves to the couch, and start to climb up the fabric of it. Due to their small size, it was like climbing up a gigantic rock wall at a playground.

“Oh man, I bet the person in that giant turtle costume is regretting going up against you!” Wendy said, watching as the movie showing a scene with Pamela going up against a giant turtle spewing fireballs.

“Nah, she’s been in many other movies before this one. She’s always taking roles when she has to be in a monster costume, with many of them having mandatory battle sequences in them.” Pamela explained. “I guess playing as them is her hobby of some sort.”

When the boys finally reached the left arm of the couch, the movie was almost finished. Wendy and the other girls were so absorbed into the ending of the movie; they never noticed the boys getting on the couch.

“Phew, that was some climb! My arms are nearly worn out!” Jam said.

“Maybe if you had arms like mine, you wouldn’t be so tired!” Ruby replied, showing off his thick biceps to the other boys. Slash just rolled his eyes, ignoring him, and went over to the flashlight.

“Alright, now that we got to it, we should probably…”

Suddenly, a loud SNAP would be heard from one of the room’s corners. The noise was enough to rouse up all of the girl’s attention away from the movie, which thankfully was already rolling the credits.

“What the heck was that?” Linda said. With that said, all of the girls noticed the shrunken boys right next to them with the flashlight, and a dizzy Tommy stuck right in a mousetrap, which was the cause of the noise.

Slash gulped as the girls noticed them.

“Oh crap.”

Chapter 6, written by Cubed Cinder

Linda quickly cracked a smile as she looked down on the shrunken boys standing on the edge of the couch. Kaede was the only girl, for obvious reasons, who looked just as nervous as the boys, although the other girls didn’t catch this yet.
“Well well, look what the cat dragged in.” Linda said.
“Maybe mouse would be a more appropriate choice of insult given the size of the boys.” Wendy said.
“Oh, Wendy, you’re just nitpicking, much like my critics.” Pamela said. Of course, despite all this talking, the boys looked up nervously up at the giantesses. Slash tried to lighten up the mood, hoping that would show the girls some mercy.
“Wow! Hey, what a great movie that was! I give it five stars! What about you, Jam?” Slash said. Jam, however, was not at all in a cheerful and/or merciful mood.
“Slash, you’re an idiot.” Jam said. Nancy then took notice of how close the boys were to the flashlight.
“Look! They’re trying to get the flashlight.” Nancy said.
“Now how can they possibly accomplish that? The light is much heavier than their combined weight and…” Wendy said, only to be interrupted before she got into another one of her scientific explanations.
“Arrrgh! Never mind! Just get those little squirts! Then we’ll deal with the one in the mouse trap.” Linda said, pointing over to Tommy as he struggled to get out of the mouse trap. Slash, meanwhile, made the only suggestion possible after looking the scenery.
“JUMP!!!” Slash said as he and the other boys followed suit. Just as they leapt off the couch and glided down to the floor, landing hard but still able to get up, the boys looked back and saw the girls piling up on top of each other.

Suddenly, in true Snowboard Kids cartoon fashion, there was a big cloud of smoke along with hands and feet sticking out in every direction. Bouncing up and down amidst the fracas was the flashlight itself, and the boys could only watch helplessly for a minute or two as the flashlight went in every direction imaginable.
“Now what, genius!?” Damien shouted.
“I… I don’t know! It’s hard to think watching all the girls tussle like that!” Slash said.
“Well, may I make one suggestion?” Jam asked.
“What’s that?” Slash asked.
“That we get Tommy out of that trap because I don’t think even his hamburger-sized belly can break him free!” Jam said.
“But what about the flashlight? What if they grab it and decide to shrink us further!?” Ruby Green shouted.
“That won’t happen. Wendy’s flashlight is explicitly programmed to return us to our normal size on a second blast.” Slash said.
“Plus we have Kaede hopefully on our side…” Damien added.
“Alright, fine!” Ruby Green shouted.
The boys quickly ran over to Tommy, who after recovering from his daze, still failed miserably in trying to break free from his prison.
“Ugh! Now I know how a hamburger patty feels!” Tommy said.
“With ketchup and mustard?” Jam jokingly said.
“Enough with the clowning. How are we going to get Tommy out?” Slash asked. Ruby Green suddenly smiled and walked towards the mouse trap.
“Watch the master at work!” Ruby said as he squatted down and lifted up the trap with all his might. The other boys grabbed Tommy’s feet and slid him out from underneath the trap. Once he was out, Ruby let go of the trap and let it snap back into place.
“Yay! Free at last! And I got some cheese to boot!” Tommy said as he quickly scarfed down the piece of cheese that had previously been on the trap.
“What a pig.” Damien softly said.
Meanwhile, the girls continued to fight with each other, trying to retrieve the flashlight and also grab the boys before they could escape (not knowing they had already made their way out of the mess). Finally, Kaede stuck her head above the cloud of smoke with the flashlight in her hand.
“I GOT IT!!!” Kaede shouted, in a very un-ninja like manner. Regardless, the fight scene quickly vanished with the other four girls standing back on their feet.
“Alright! Nice work, Kaede! Now where are those puny boys?” Linda said.
“Over there!” Nancy said as she pointed to the five tiny boys all still standing in front of the mouse trap in the corner of the theater. The boys gulped nervously as they watched the giantesses all march their way towards them, although it WAS Kaede that was holding the flashlight and standing in front of the pack alongside Linda, so they didn’t fully panic right away.
“*gulp* I guess you won.” Slash said.
“Hohohoho! That’s right, you little boy toys! We control the flashlight, and you can’t grow back to normal without it. So now we’re going to continue our fun and games with you!” Linda said.
“I’m afraid I cannot allow that to happen.” Kaede said.
“Huh? What’s that supposed to mean?” Linda asked. All of a sudden, Kaede pointed the flashlight down at the boys and pressed the button to activate it. A yellow beam of light covered all five boys, and they were all back to their normal size in a matter of seconds.

The boys didn’t wait even a millisecond to celebrate being back at their original size.
“YEAH! Woohoo! Back to normal!” Slash shouted.
“Whew! Thank the Jamaican feeling!” Jam said. On the flip side, Linda was stunned. At the same time, though Linda didn’t catch it yet, the other girls were breathing a sigh of relief.
“W-W-What!? How could you….!” Linda said.
“I am sorry, Linda. I was on the boys side this whole time. It was an act of treachery, but my allying with you girls was the only way I could get close and recover the flashlight.” Kaede said, suddenly feeling the need to bow towards all the girls. What happened next surprised Linda even further.
“Well, I for one am glad you guys are back to normal.” Nancy said.
“Even I have to agree.” Wendy said.
“WHAT!? I thought you girls said this would be fun!” Linda shouted.
“Well, it was fun. At least, at first it was…” Nancy said. Pamela could tell Wendy and Nancy were having trouble finessing their words trying to explain to Linda what she wanted to just come right out and say.
“Until we got tired of searching the entire castle for the boys. And even then, you were quite relentless in your search. Crazy and overworking, to be precise.” Pamela said.
“!!” Linda gasped.
“We didn’t want to hurt them, but the things you said during that search… I started to worry for those boys.” Nancy said.
The boys then walked over towards Kaede.
“Hey, Kaede. Thanks for all your help. If there’s ever anything we can do…” Slash said.
“Well, for starters, you can let me win the next big snowboard race!” Kaede said with a smile.
“Well, I don’t know if I’d go that far!” Damien said. The boys and Kaede continued to chat with each other, with Nancy, Pamela, and Wendy eventually joining in. Those other three girls were not just happy to see the boys back to normal and not hurt too badly, but also that they didn’t seem to hold any grudges and were acting like their normal selves. Well, when they weren’t crashing parties, anyway.

For Linda, she couldn’t believe what she was watching and what she had just been told. The anger started to slowly build up and she could feel her blood beginning to seemingly boil. Today should’ve been the day she showed her fellow snowboarders that she was not to be messed with, not herself and not her birthday parties. Even though her castle wasn’t wrecked like what happened last year, she still felt her party was ruined more than ever.
That thought alone finally caused her to snap. With Kaede’s back turned as she kept talking with the others, she reached in and ripped the flashlight out of her hand.
“What the!?” Kaede shouted.
“Nobody move!!” Linda shouted.
“Linda… what’s going on?” Wendy asked.
“This was supposed to be my day of revenge on the boys for crashing my parties! I was going to spend all day and all night toying with shrunken boys! But no! Everything is ruined! You all ruined my plans!” Linda shouted.
“Linda, take it easy… we’re all…” Pamela said.
“Shut up! Just SHUT UP!!!” Linda shouted.
“Linda, please! We’ve been friends since Kindergarten… listen to what you’re saying.” Nancy said.
“NO! I will have my revenge, even if I have to shrink you too, Nancy!” Linda said. Everyone, including the girls, gasped.
“Yes, I’ll shrink you! I’LL SHRINK YOU ALL!!!” Linda screamed as tears slowly flowed down from her eyes and she pointed the flashlight straight at the group of people. Everyone just stared wide-eyed at Linda, wondering when she was going to pull the trigger...

Chapter 7, written by Goomba

                “Easy there, Linda” Jam said. “We don’t want any more trouble around here. We already learned our lesson!”

                “Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!” Linda exclaimed. “You don’t know how it feels to have just one normal birthday party, especially what happened during my 12th birthday party last year! That stupid snowboard race wrecked the entire castle!”

                “Geez, I missed out on a lot last year!” Ruby thought.

                “Linda, we were already punished enough today.” Slash replied “I don’t think you should punish the girls for no reason!”

                “Can it, Slash! You’re the last person I expect to say something sincere!” Linda exclaimed.

                Before she could pull the trigger, Tommy stepped forward.

                “Ummmmm, before you shrink us all, you mind if I say something?”

                Linda cocked an eyebrow in confusion before continuing.

                “Make it quick.”

                Tommy then took a moment to rummage through his pockets until he found a certain object. Before she knew it, Linda was face to face with a medium sized gift box, covering in pink gift wrap with a red bow on top.

                “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Tommy exclaimed.

                Linda froze in place for a quick moment in astonishment, and even the others in the corner were dumbfounded at what they just witnessed. Usually the boys never do this sort of thing to her, and Tommy is usually the most forgettable to her, since she was so focused on the ones that messed with her parties in the past.

                Still very surprised, Linda took the present and opened it. What was in her hands was pure white fluffy scarf, almost like the one movie stars wear. She was taken aback by the gift. Tommy, the boy that is usually pigging out at the snack bar, giving her something as regal as this?

                Her emotions started to come back to her.  Ever since the boys got shrunken, she was put on the brink of insanity, on her birthday nothing less! The boys didn’t ruin the party this time; she ruined it all by herself! Her feelings toward what was just happening were overwhelming her head, so much in fact, that it forced her to her knees in tears, dropping the flashlight in the process.

                “Ummmm, does this mean you don’t like my gift? I found it at the supermarket while picking out food with my mother, and I thought it would be a good birthday present for you.” Tommy said.

                Wiping away her tears, Linda got to her feet.

                “No, I love it. It’s just…you’re the first boy that has ever cared for me enough to get me a birthday present.” Linda replied.

                “Well, you should know that every time I come to your parties, I never mess anything up and crash it.” Tommy said. “While I do hang out at the snack bar most of the time, I do know that you’re still one of my friends. I was going to give it to you right as I arrived, but you shrunk me before I could give it to you, making me prioritize my life over it.”

                Before he knew it, Linda embraced Tommy in a big hug.

                “Thank you so much. You have snapped me back to reality and reminded myself that there are others that care.”

                Tommy was stunned at first, but soon settled in, patting Linda on the back as she hugged him.

                The others just watched the scene unfold without saying anything, although by the time it ended, Slash was still dumbfounded at what he just witnessed.

                Once everyone got done with all of the other party activities, it was time for everyone to go. The boys and girls, excluding Linda, got in their coats and boots so they can get home without much trouble.

                “I must say that this party was something I never expected!” Nancy said.

                “You’re absolutely right about that” Pamela replied. “This actually gives me an idea for a movie suggestion to one of my directors…”

                “I should probably shelve this flashlight for now.” Wendy said, flashlight in hand. “Don’t want another incident like this in the future!”

                “At least I got a really nice workout during all of this” Ruby said. “When I get back to this place, my muscles will be so pumped that all of you ladies will fall for me!

                “Heh, this was indeed something.” Jam said. “This was ten times more nerve racking than the incident at Wendy’s House!”

                Slash slapped Jam across the face at that remark.

                “Don’t remind me.” Slash replied. “After today’s incident, I don’t want to hear about that for a LONG time.”

                Meanwhile, Damien was confronting Kaede.

                “It’s actually nice to see you at normal size.” Damien said. “You’re look ten times more pretty at normal height.”

                “Are you saying that I was ugly when I was huge?” Kaede asked.

                Damien blushed as red as a tomato after she said that.

                “Errrrrr, uhhhhhhh, I didn’t…”

                Kaede giggled as he messed up.

                “I’m just kidding around! I know you didn’t say I was ugly!”

                Damien let out a breath of fresh air after she said that.

                “Well, I better get going. Shinobin is a bit cranky when I take extra time off from training. He kind of takes ninja training serious for a brother.”

                With that said, Kaede vanished. Damien blushed slightly as she left.

                With everyone gone, Linda finally took the time to relax on an exquisite couch.

                “Phew, what a birthday this has been.” Linda said. “This is surely going to be one of those days where insanity can happen.”

                Linda then went over to get a piece of leftover cake, but in its place was an empty plate with a picture of a certain boy sticking his tongue out. Linda knew immediately who was responsible.”

                “SLASH KAMEI!”