Bigger Forms of Expression

(Cubed Cinder)

Gum has been a member of the GG's for quite some time now. She's gained a lot of respect as one of the veteran members of the gang, and she has loved every minute of it. From Beat's daily antics to outrunning the latest breed of cops that Captain Onishima could throw at her, life was good.

The best part, however, was competing every day against Mew, one of the newer members of the team. The two had become close friends over the years because of a few select interests they shared. And at this moment in time, the two were racing each other around the far outskirts of Kogane. They finally stopped after ten long minutes of skating and grinding around the bent parking lot meters.

"Whew... I beat you again!" Gum shouted.
"What're you talkin' about, girl? I beat you fair and square!" Mew shouted.
"Yeah, but I tagged more buildings than you did." Gum said.
"Who said anythin' about taggin'?" Mew said. The two girls just laughed, like they wanted to forget about the whole thing. They then looked behind them to see the abandoned power plant not too far from where they were standing.
"Hey, look at that. The old power plant." Gum said.
"Yeah? What about it?" Mew asked.
"Race ya!" Gum shouted before she started skating again.
"Hey! No fair, girl!" Mew shouted before she too started skating. Both made their way closer to the abandoned power plant.

Gum stopped her skating the moment she entered the worn down facility. Mew was about nine seconds behind her. She was panting heavily as she tried to catch her breath.
"No fair! Why did you have to start before me?" Mew said.
"Well, as a GG, you gotta be ready to face the challenges ahead." Gum said.
"I know, I know." Mew said. She then started to sniff a lot, like she was smelling something.
"Do you smell that?" Mew asked. Gum took a whiff after her, and she could definitely sense the rotten smell. It stunk, that's for sure.
"Yeah. Smells like rotten pancakes all over." Gum said.
"Where do ya think it's comin' from?" Mew asked.
"Who knows? This whole dump hasn't been used for years. Maybe it's the whole place we're just smelling." Gum said.
"I hope so." Mew said.
"Oh, whatever. Let's just do some grinding around, shall we?" Gum asked. Mew nodded, and that's when the two girls spotted a nearby staircase and started to grind along the rails. The screeching noise of the skating wheels making contact with the steel rail echoed throughout the empty facility. As they railed along, they also could feel the bad scent grow stronger the more they advanced through the area.

Finally, Gum jumped off the rail when she noticed something interesting.
"Hey, Mew! Look at this!" Gum said. The two then walked up to what appeared to be a spray can.
"Wha? It's just a lonely spray can. Why would that thing be here?" Mew asked.
"Who knows? I wonder if it still works..." Gum said. She then picked it up and sprayed at the nearby wall. The can let out a strong hissing sound and sprayed paint all over the wall. The stench was also more evident than ever before.
"Whew... strong stuff." Gum said, fanning herself with her open left hand. Then, the two watched with amazement as the blue paint started to fade away from the wall.
"Hey! The paint just disappeared..." Mew said. Gum took another look at the can, doing her best to ignore the strong smell.
"I've never heard of a spray can with disappearing paint." Gum said. She then sprayed Mew on her stomach. She jumped back in astonishment as Gum sprayed her for a few seconds.
"Hey!!! Why the hell did you just spray me like that?" Mew asked. Then, both girls watched as the paint was disappearing from Mew's clothes as well.
"Look at that... It doesn't even stay on your clothes!" Gum said. She sprayed herself, even on the face, for a few seconds before that paint also disappeared.
"Heh... what good is spray paint that stinks and doesn't last a lifetime?" Mew said.
"For once, you make a good point. Whatever. We've got enough spray paint already." Gum said, referring to the many spray cans attached to her waist. She then tossed the blue spray can away. The sounds of it rolling along the floor echoed around the room.
"Oh, come on. We should get back." Gum said. Mew just nodded as she and Gum started skating for the exit.

When they eventually got there, however, something was noticeably different.
"Hey, uh... Gum. Wasn't this doorway a lot bigger than us?" Mew asked. Gum looked to see their heads were well above the entrance to the empty power plant.
"Yeah..." Gum said softly, watching as the entryway seemed to be getting smaller too, "And it's getting smaller too."
"What are you..." Mew started to say, before she too noticed that as they spoke, the entryway was getting smaller. "Eeeek!!! Is this whole building shrinking?" she screamed.
"Buildings don't shrink, genius. Somehow we're getting bigger." Gum said. She looked up to see her head was quickly approaching the ceiling. She sat down in order to give herself more room to grow. Mew followed suit.
"Bigger? But how?" Mew said. Gum gave it a thought, just as her rapidly growing skates were starting to sweep up the broken machinery all around the facility.
"No... it couldn't have been..." Gum said.
"What, girl? Say something already!" Mew shouted.
"What else but that blue spray paint!? It disappeared from everything, even our own skin and clothes. It smelled really badly. And this is the first time I've seen a spray paint that can do things like that. It's not like we drank some foreign chemicals to make us grow or something." Gum said. Mew watched as the remaining space she and Gum had inside the power plant was starting to dwindle away.
"Cool! We're gonna be big girls!" Mew said.
"A few seconds ago, you were scared this thing was happening to us!" Gum said.
"Well... I guess it was too much to ask for at first. But think about it, girl! We're bigger than anything this city has seen! We could kick Onimusha's butt now!" Mew shouted.
"You do bring up a good point." Gum said. She finally couldn't take having to scrunch herself up in order to still fit inside the building, "Bleh... let's get out of this dump." she said. She then punched several holes in the ceiling and then pressed a button on her skates to retract the wheels, allowing her to walk. Then she stood up, along with Mew a few seconds afterwards, and watched as the structure continued to shrink in their eyes.
"That paint's some strong stuff." Mew said.
"You can say that again." Gum said. By now, the power plant, which was about 80 feet in height to begin with (but many times more feet wide), was unable to reach past the growing girls' knees.

Eventually the growing stopped. The girls looked down one more time at the partially destroyed power plant, then out towards the city of Kogane, miles away from where they were standing. The girls looked almost 300 feet tall if you could measure their height by now.
"How big do ya think we got?" Mew asked.
"How am I supposed to know? But we must be pretty big if I can do this..." Gum said. She then lifted up her foot and brought it down hard on parts of the power plant, messing it up even further.
"Whoa... remind me never to get on your bad side, girl." Mew said.
"(sigh) Well... going back to the GG's hideout is not really an option now, is it?" Gum asked.
"Yeah, but how about we go into the city?" Mew asked. Gum just stared at her.
"Think about it, girl! It'll be all over the news! Gumzilla and Mewzilla destroying Kogane! We can be just like those big girls in the movies!" Mew said. Gum then put on a smile.
"Race ya... Slowzilla!" Gum said as she started to run away from the plant and towards the city of Kogane.
"HEY!!! Not again!" Mew shouted as she followed suit. The two giant girls ran playfully through the open fields, just minutes away from arriving in Kogane.

Meanwhile, back at the GG's hideout, everyone was having fun doing many things. Some were watching crappy music videos on television, some were taking turns playing pinball, some were practicing spray painting all over the drab metal walls, and some were listening to music on a stereo with a volume knob that went up to 11. But life was all good, as Beat would say. The GG's, ever since they drove nearly every other gang out of town, were a feared bunch wherever they showed up.

"Yo, Garam! You wanna turn that crap down!? It's bad for my ears!" Beat shouted over to Garam at the stereo.
"Awwww man! Just so you can watch those cheesy Christina videos!?" Garam shouted.
"Hey bro! Christina's got some tight stuff! Know what I'm sayin'?" Piranha said.
"Yeah, you're right... when she's not kissing up to Britney! Hahahahaha!!!!" Tab said, which got Garam laughing with him as they exchanged high fives.
"What a corny thing to say." Beat said silently as he rolled his eyes. Pots, his faithful dog, barked in agreement. A few minutes later, however, the music video quickly vanished as the station logo appeared on screen.
"We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you this urgent newsflash!" the announcer said. The picture soon cut to a female newscaster, with people screaming and yelling behind her. Beat saw the scene and wanted everyone inside to see it.
"Hey! HEY!!! Everyone stop and come here! It's a newsflash!" Beat shouted. Everyone followed orders, with the loud stereo turned off so the TV could clearly be heard. The newscaster was constantly turning her head towards both the camera and at the panicking crowd.
"The city of Tokyo-To is complete and total pandemonium as I speak! People are running like crazy trying to get away from the giant teenage girls!" The newscaster said. The camera then cut to a shot of the giantesses, Gum and Mew, as they stepped on anything that was smaller than them, including buildings.
"Nobody has ever seen anything like this! Two girls the size of skyscrapers causing total destruction throughout the city! Already several people have either been injured or killed, and the girls show no signs of slowing down!" she said.

"What the heck?" Beat said. He, like the other members of the GG's, stared blankly at the TV screen, watching as two of their members took step after step destroying the city. Most of them didn't care the city was getting destroyed. They were just wondering how the heck Gum and Mew got so big!
"Dude! What's goin' on here?" Tab asked.
"You're asking the same thing we're asking, smart&*%." Piranha said.
"I get it! They've been taking steroids!" Yo-Yo shouted.
"When has there ever been a drug that makes people gigantic?" Combo said.
"In fanfiction!" Yo-Yo joked.
"Alright, whatever. We should get into the city and find out what the deal is. Might want to hope that Goji ain't behind this." Beat said.
"Wait, wait, wait! You're telling us we should go into the city and talk to them big ladies!?" Garam shouted.
"Well, put it this way, dude. If they destroy the entire city, there won't be anything left to tag." Tab said.
"Oh... good point." Garam said. Everyone then got their inline skates on and skated out of their hideout and towards the city.

Mew scooped her hand down and grabbed a handful of tiny people that had been trying to escape from the two giantesses. She called out Gum who was busy stomping on as many things as she could.
"Hey, Gummy! Don't you think people look so much cuter when they're tiny?" Mew asked.
"Yeah. But they also look good enough to eat." Gum said. She then took the tiny people from Mew's hand and threw all of them into her mouth, swallowing them all in one gulp.
"Hey!!! I was gonna eat them myself!" Mew shouted.
"You'll get your chances." Gum said, going back to her crushing and teasing the little people.
"That's right, people! Run as fast as you can. You cannot escape the wrath of this giantess!" Gum said, giggling in the process. Mew laughed as well as she picked up an entire building and stuffed it in her mouth, chewing it down along with the people inside to many pieces.
"Y'know, I didn't think steel could taste so good." Mew said, jokingly. Gum only laughed a little bit as she didn't find the joke too funny.

A few minutes had passed, and the two giantesses had already devoured many humans and buildings, not to mention crush anything that they felt didn't taste good.
"I could sure use a drink or two." Mew said to Gum. She looked out several yards into the city to see a water tower.
"I've got the perfect thing for that." Gum said. She proceeded to walk over to the water tower, with Mew following behind. They reached the 100-foot-tall water tower, which was clearly smaller than the two giant girls. Gum bent herself down and ripped the tower from its foundation before holding it above her open mouth. She watched as the water poured down into her mouth.
"Hey! What about me, girl!?" Mew shouted, with her hands on her hips. Gum then handed the tower to Mew, who drank the remaining half of the contents. She then threw the tower down towards the city, which crushed a few buildings in it's path.

"Well, what do you think so far, Mew?" Gum asked.
"You kidding? I'm having the time of my life showing these puny humans what we can do!" Mew said.
"Good, 'cause I'm feeling a little more destructive now." Gum said, pointing to the monorail tracks that weren't far from where they were standing.
"The monorail tracks? They can't support our weight, can they?" Mew said.
"Let's find out." Gum said. She then got off to a running start and then leapt into the air with the wheels on her skates sticking out. She landed on the monorail tracks, but unfortunately, true to Mew's word, they completely broke apart from Gum's weight. In fact, Gum lost her balance in her landing and fell down on her behind, causing an earthquake in the city with the loud booming sound bringing down everything around Gum's body. Mew walked up to her fallen comrade.
"I hate to say I told you so, but..." Mew said as she held out a hand to help Gum up.
"Yeah, yeah. I know. Don't say it or I'll make you crush everything with your butt!" Gum shouted as she got back up on her feet. She retracted the wheels from her skates as she once again looked around the city.
"Hey, you think we should show the gang what we've turned into?" Gum said.
"Yay! I was hoping you'd say that." Mew said.
"Come on, let's go. Hopefully they haven't left yet." Gum said as the two started stomping off towards the GG's hideout, unaware that they were actually heading towards the giant girls.

The remaining members of the GG's, which consisted of Beat, Slate, Piranha, Garam, Yo-Yo, Tab, Cube, and Combo, all skated as fast as they could through the wreckage left behind by their two giant female teammates. They pulled all kinds of jumps and grinds as they worked their way through the damage.
"Dang! Those girls trashed this place good." Cube said.
"You can say that again." Beat said.
"Remind me never to get on their bad side!" Tab shouted. Suddenly, the ground starting shaking every second or so, knocking the gang members down on their backs.
"An earthquake!?" Garam shouted.
"No, you fool! That's probably the girls!" Piranha shouted. The gang then looked beyond a set of small buildings to see the giant Gum and Mew. And they were heading their way!!!
"Well, talk about perfect timing! They're coming this way!" Combo said.
"But can they see us?" Slate said.
"Yeah... they look so much bigger in real life than they do on TV." Tab said. Yo-Yo then skated up a few yards.
"HEY! Yoohoo! Ladies, down here!" Yo-Yo shouted. It did no good... the girls didn't hear, and they were probably one step away from crushing him!
"Yo-Yo! You idiot!" Beat shouted as he quickly skated up to Yo-Yo and dived towards him to push him out of the way, just as Gum's shoe came down where they had been standing! Mew stepped in the same spot before the two giantesses were walking away from where they were standing. The gang just watched as they walked further into the background. They were so big, they could be seen for at least a mile or two. Beat and Yo-Yo got up after barely escaping death.

"Man, Yo-Yo, what were you thinking?" Beat asked.
"What? We had to get their attention somehow, right!?" Yo-Yo asked.
"Yeah, but they're not going to hear us or even see us as big as they are." Piranha said.
"So what do we do? They probably won't be too happy when they find the hideout empty." Cube asked.
"The police won't be happy either when they discover the location of our hideout. We follow them!" Beat shouted as he started skating away.
"I've never done any GTS-chasing before. Does it hurt?" Garam asked, jokingly. Tab just shook his head.
"Idiot. Just ask Yo-Yo." Tab said before he and the other GG members skated away.

Meanwhile, Gum and Mew were still hundreds of yards away from where their hideout was. Gum suddenly stopped after taking a couple steps or two past an alleyway.
"What's wrong, girl?" Mew asked.
"I could've sworn I heard some familiar voices." Gum said.
"Wha? Get real, girl! We're the only humans on this planet this big!" Mew said, patting Gum on the shoulder.
"Yeah, you're right. Maybe I was hearing things." Gum said. Mew then looked to her north when she started to pick up sounds herself.
"Hey! Do you hear that?" Mew asked.
"Yeah... that I definitely hear." Gum said.
"Sounds like..." Mew stopped her train of thought when she realized what those sounds were. She smiled, as did Gum.
"Sirens." Gum smiled as well.
"Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?" Mew asked.
"You're not as dumb as I thought. I say we both teach Onishima a lesson he will never forget." Gum said.
"Yay! This is my favorite part! When we pick on the tiny little police squad!" Mew shouted. Gum just laughed at her.
"Hahaha! And I thought just being big was good enough for you." Gum said.
"Well... I changed my mind, didn't I?" Mew said.
"Whatever. Let's get to this police squad before they get to us." Gum said. She and Mew nodded at each other before they started walking in a different direction from the one they were walking to earlier.

That being said, it only took the girls a few steps to clearly see the police squad firing whatever weapon they had towards them. Natrually, as big as they were, the gunshots and the tear gas had no effect on them. Captain Onishima suddenly ran in front of his squad with a megaphone in his hand. He was jumping up and down rapidly trying to get their attention.
"You little brats! I'll place you both under arrest for this madness!!!" Onishima shouted. Gum and Mew looked at each other and then laughed as loud as they could. This booming laughter, as you can imagine, was taking a toll on the soldiers as they covered their ears as tightly as they could.
"Uh... hello? Earth to you little pricks! Can't you see we're more powerful than you'll ever hope to be?" Gum asked.
"Yeah! And you're, like, so small to us that you can't possibly capture us now!" Mew said.
"Arrrrgh!!! Get them now!!!" Onishima shouted to his men. Some charged forward and grabbed nothing but the girls' skates as they beat on them senselessly. Others simply fired their weapons up towards them, but they were of no use. In fact, Gum couldn't help but giggle every time she watched a bullet or even a missile either bounce off her legs or get destroyed upon impact.
"Some people just never learn, do they?" Gum asked to Mew.
"I'll say." Mew said. She followed Gum's lead and lifted a foot up into the air, bringing it down on the unsuspecting police officers and crushing them flat, leaving a pool of blood and broken bones in their place. Onishima simply freaked out when he saw this, but he continued to fire up at the girls with no results.
"Well, shall we finish Onishima, Gum?" Mew asked. But Gum had a different idea, especially when she looked near Mew's behind.

Their regular ol' spray canisters had somehow grown with them.

"Actually, Mew, if you can beat him, spray him." Gum said as she reached behind Mew and grabbed the can from her belt.
"Hey! That's one of my cans! How did it grow so big?" Mew asked.
"Must've grown with us." Gum said. She then aimed it right down at Onishima, who had already figured out what was going to happen and he started running, but it was too late. Onishima was driven to the ground as the force of the spray overcame him. The hissing sound of the can ringed through his ears as he struggled to get back up. Finally, after a few seconds, the spraying stopped. Onishima looked around himself to find his body and clothes all covered in random colors of paint. He shrieked and ran away from the giantesses. The girls just laughed.
"Ha! Onishima's never looked better, won't you say?" Gum said.
"For once, I agree with you, girl!" Mew said. Gum then looked around, still with the spray can in hand, and looked out towards a business district with many buildings only marginally shorter than the two girls. She smiled upon seeing this sight.
"Mew, do you have an extra spray can with you?" Gum said.
"Of course, Beat always said to have an extra one handy, didn't he?" Mew said, reaching up her own left leg to reveal a spray canister that was previously concealed.
"Time to do what the GG's do best." Gum said before she started walking towards the district, shaking the can in the process.
"Oh, you are so cool, Gum!" Mew said, acknowledging the great idea Gum had thought of.

Meanwhile, as the rest of the GG's frantically tried to follow the two giant girls, they didn't realize that the evil Goji would be standing in their way. But that's what happened when Beat turned the corner and slammed into Goji, making him drop a briefcase full of red and blue labeled spray cans. Goji immediately got up in frustration when he recognized who crashed into him.
"You puny punks! What is it you want with me!?" Goji shouted.
"You can start by hauling your fatt butt out of our way, just like we did to you last time." Beat said.
"Arrrrgh! When you hear from my lawyers, you'll be sorry you messed with me!" Goji said. Tab had skated over to where the spray cans were.
"Hey Beat, look at these spray cans here. For use with altering the size of any given matter." Tab said. Goji quickly shut the briefcase before Tab could snoop over them any more.
"Don't touch those! These are my super special secret spray cans! They contain deadly chemicals not safe for you!" Goji said.
"Wait... did he say altering the size of any given matter?" Combo said.
"Yeah, I heard that... what exactly do those things do!?" Beat shouted.
"Why they can make things either shrink, if sprayed by the red can, or grow if sprayed by the blue can!" Goji said.
"Yo! You think that's what hit Gum and Mew?" Tab asked.
"Why not? It's not like anyone magically invented any size-changing guns or potions." Beat said.
"Huh? You mean?" Goji said.
"Yeah, we mean. Take us in the air, pronto!" Beat shouted.
"Sheeesh... alright, alright. But this is the last time I take orders from punks like you! Follow me to my company building." Goji said as he started to run off. The GG's followed suit.

In the meantime, Gum and Mew were basically having a field day in the business district, spraypainting their works of art all over the buildings. The tiny people weren't stopping to see how well the giantesses could paint. They could make one step and crush several people in the process, and that's why they kept running. The girls then turned around and looked to see a helicopter with a bazooka sticking out one of the windows. From the other window, they saw a familiar face sticking out while holding a megaphone.
"Gum! Mew!" Beat shouted. Tab was also in the chopper, waving with him. Gum looked closer, with her huge face almost scaring Goji, his associate who was manning the bazooka, and the pilot.
"Beat? Tab? Is that you guys?" Gum said.
"Yep, sure is. You sure have grown since we first met!" Beat shouted.
"Ha ha... very funny." Gum said. Mew giggled as well at the remark.
"We found a way to shrink you back to normal!" Beat said. Mew pouted upon hearing that.
"Awwww... do we have to shrink? I was beginning to really like this!" Mew said.
"Yeah, I know it's disappointing, but y'know, the GG's have to come first." Beat said. He stuck his head back inside the chopper and gave his orders to Goji.
"Okay, Goji, set the bazooka to shrink those two girls." Beat said.
"Yeah, yeah. Whatever." Goji said. As his associate turned on the bazooka, Goji had already loaded the red shrinking canister into the device.
"When this device fires, it will let loose a bomb that will explode upon contact. The contact should then release the red cloud, causing the girls to shrink down to normal." Goji said.
"Sounds fair enough." Tab said.
"Activating bazooka, preparing to fire in 30 seconds..." the associate said. Beat and Tab backed away and listened as the bazooka went through its warmup routine while at the same time looking out at the two giantesses, who were standing patiently ready to be zapped back to normal size.

But when Goji caught everybody, including his own associate not looking at the bazooka, that's when he made his move.
"Heh heh heh... well, these girls certainly proved the growth formula that I smuggled from Giantess Magic, Inc., was an absolute success. If I can make them bigger, they can help me rule this land once more! I won't need any punks to help with my dirty work when I've got two very big ladies on my side!" Goji said to himself. He then removed the red spray can and replaced it with the blue one, the same one that made the girls grow to begin with. Just as the countdown to firing was beginning.
"5, 4, 3, 2, 1, fire!" the associate said. The bazooka then fired the bomb directly towards Gum. Gum let it hit her stomach as it exploded with a huge cloud of dust, mixing with a blue and grey color. The girls let the cloud spread around their hands and clothes so that everything around them could shrink.

Or at least... that's what they thought.

Everyone was stunned as the girls started to grow even bigger!
"What!? They're getting bigger! I thought they were supposed to shrink!" Beat shouted.
"I... I don't understand! It was supposed to work the way my company built it!" Goji shouted. Everyone could only watch in shock as the girls continued to grow. Already they were twice as big as what they were at before. Yet bigger they grew. The helicopter was keeping the same height level, so whereas before when the copter was eye-to-eye with the giantesses, it was now at below crotch level.
But finally the growing stopped. The copter was now at knee level with the girls. By the best guess of Goji's associate, the girls had become four times bigger, or were now towering at 1,200 feet tall. Gum and Mew spoke out for the first time, their voices more deafening than ever before.
"Hey! What happened?" Gum asked.
"We got even bigger. Wow... and I thought I was really big before! This is goddess-like, if you like think about it!" Mew said.

Inside the helicopter, with the pilot awaiting his new orders, Tab had looked at the bazooka to see why the girls had grown. Indeed, the blue spray can was there instead of the red one.
"Hey, Beat, you might want to look at this." Tab said. Beat looked to see the blue can as well.
"The blue can? That one causes growth, doesn't it? I could swear I saw Goji load the red can." Beat said.
"Well... there's the blue can. I think he switched out the cans while we weren't looking." Tab said, saying it aloud so Goji could hear it. Beat immediately had a look that could kill in the eyes of Goji.
"Er... now listen. I can kindly explain it." Goji said. But Beat just lunged forward and grabbed Goji by the throat. The sudden leap caused the helicopter to shake a little bit, causing the bazooka and the size-changing cans to fall out along with Goji's associate as he fell to his death.
"You son of a bitch! I knew we couldn't trust you!" Beat said. He then threw him forcefully at the helicopter's control panel, damaging it greatly and sending a shower of sparks and lightning that was shocking the pilot to his death. The helicopter, meanwhile, started to plummet towards the ground.
"Nice going, Beat. Now we're all gonna die when this thing crashes!" Tab shouted.
"Shut up! You probably would've done the same thing, y'know!" Beat said. But just then, when the helicopter was 100 feet from crashing to the ground, the descent stopped.

They were resting on Gum's humongous hand. It was so big, it made the helicopter look like a fly sitting in the middle of Gum's hand. Gum kneeled back up and waited for Beat, Tab, and Goji to make their exit. Mew stood nearby. The three (with Goji crawling slowly due to his injuries) walked out and looked up and the huge figures of Gum and Mew.
"Hey, you guys alright? You should be lucky I looked down near my knees and saw you plummeting down to the ground." Gum said.
"Yeah! Now you owe us one, and as leader of the GG's, you must keep your promise!" Mew said. Beat picked up the megaphone that had survived this entire encounter.
"Well, I'll see what I can do." Beat said softly. Mew was the first to notice Goji trying to crawl away, unaware he was hundreds of feet off the ground as a result of being held by Gum. Mew picked him up and watched him squirm between her fingers.
"Well, well, look what we have here. A little prick! I just love little pricks!" Mew said.
"Please! Please! Let me go! You can work for me!" Goji shouted as he struggled in Mew's grip. But this only worsened his injuries further.
"Gee, Gum, I wonder how little pricks taste." Mew said. Gum just nodded and watched as Mew tossed Goji into her mouth. Gum listened for that tell-tale crack as Mew brought her massive teeth down onto the crime warlord, killing him instantly in one crunch and gulp.

"Well, at least that's the last we'll see of Goji." Tab said.
"Yeah, but now we don't have a way to shrink you girls." Beat said.
"Oh, don't worry about that for now, Beat. In fact, you could call us the members of the Big GG's." Gum said.
"The Big GG's? Did your mom create that for you? Hahaha!!!" Mew said before she got slapped by Gum for the bad joke.
"Cute, Mew. Seriously though, the city might want to get ready. There's some big girls coming to town." Gum said. Beat and Tab looked at each other and then shrugged, knowing that it was not in their position to question the motives of a fellow teammate.