Little Mac to Tiny Mac


As Samus walks through the Smash Mansion, she only has one thought in her mind. Mac’s gonna hate this.

Which can also be translated to Samus is going to love this. It has been a casual day for Samus. Not booked for any Smashes and she's on Holiday right now so she doesn't have to worry about whats going on out with space. Her two biggest rivals funny enough are in the Mansion too she knows those two are out of trouble. In nothing but a pair of tight blue shorts and a tight blue top she walks. Carrying a bottle of some strange liquid.

Why is she carrying this, well the answer is pretty obvious. She's gonna shrink Little Mac.

Since last round when she first Little Mac, the Bounty Hunter can't help but have fun at his very short expense. He's only 4’8 which means he's smaller then most of the occupants at the house. While Samus herself stood as a proud 6’3. Of course he wasn't the smallest but he's the one who's more ignored by it. When Samus first mentioned he was fuming, going off and getting angry. Which only made her continue the trend throughout the years.

Normally Samus doesn't do this, she more reserved, quiet and serious. Never joking with the other girls or doing anything along those lines. But something about Mac makes her do it. Something about his height.

Which lead to today. Princess Peach, her good friend has smuggled in from her kingdom whats known as a Mini Mushroom. A blue mushroom that she says, can shrink Mario down to bug size.

And if it can do that to Mario, it can also do it Little Mac. After grabbing it and blending it up into a drink, knowing Mac’s not stupid enough to just eat a mushroom she was on her way.

Where? Well where Mac is always. The gym.

After arriving in, she wasn't surprised to see he was in there, laying into a sandbag with punches left and right. She was a bit supersede seeing no one else in there, but she doesn't mind. Makes it easier for her plan. Walking up behind Little Mac, she whispered something into his ear.

“You know short stuff, be careful what you hit. They might just hit back”

Mac with his fire reaction turned around. Ready to lay a hook into Samus’s face. However he paused seeing her leaning over his shoulder. Her towering frame annoying him as she of course taunts him with it.

“What the hell do you want?” He barked not happy about seeing her.

“Don't have a short temper with me” The blonde woman said as she used her making fun of Little Mac voice “I just came to see if you needed a little something since your doing such a big workout”

“I don't need your drink” He said eyeing it up “I got my own”

He pointed with his glove to a bottle he has nearby, water waiting as Samus should have seen that coming. She looked at him and quickly moved her foot. Kicking it over and spilling it over the floor “Well now you don't! So take mine, i don't mind”

“Samus, what the hell was that?” He said grabbing his temple with his glove. Its like this every time he sees her. Jokes about his height, belittling him, teasing him. Its gotten to the point where when they are in a Smash together, he aims for her specifically. Done with her he turns around “Whatever, I'm not drinking that”

“What, why? You don't have any other options?” Samus said not mentioning how she kicked it over.

“Why, well its from you. You probably spiked it or something” The Bruiser From The Bronx said as he hit the sandbag a couple more times.

“Spiked it! Is that how little you think of me, I'm just trying to give you some water. A sign of peace if you will. But if you don't want to be the bigger man...”

“Samus, your not gonna make me drink that spiked crap” Little Mac said.

“What makes you think its spiked?!”

“Its blue!!!” He said turning around. Samus took another look at the drink to confirm that it was indeed blue. Plan A failed, time for Plan B.

Jumping on him, Samus wrestled him to the ground. Undoing the lid and getting ready to pour. Little Mac underneath her trying to get him off of her. “Samus! Get off! What the hell how are you so strong!”

She smiled as she had him pinned. His arm locked behind his back and the other one under his body. She didn't need to worry about his legs cause Little Mac can't throw a kick to save his life.

With a smile she brought down the bottle and shoved it into his Mouth. The Mushroom blend going down his throat as she got off of him. Little Mac moved as he got on all fours, coughing and gagging it out as Samus stood back up. Watching as the effects take their place.

Once wiping his tongue from the taste he was angry “Thats it! I try to be nice but i just can't with you! Im about to kick your ass your rude, stupid woma-” He stopped as her swung around, holding a fist up and looking up.

This... was bad. No longer was he his size, instead he was the size of a bug. Ahead of him Samus’s massive boot. Little Mac cracked his neck up, following her long legs to her shorts, then her abs and the breast among them. And finally the blonde hair surrounding the beautiful face. A beautiful face that had the smuggest look in the world.

“Kick my ass!” She boomed, her voice being louder then Mac would of thought “You can't even reach my ass!”

“What the hell did you do!?” Mac complained, shouting up as he didn't want to be small. He didn't like his little size before, it took forever for him to cope with it. But here, its terrible!

“Oh was that you talking, i couldn't tell! It was so quiet! While I'm so loud!” She mocked as she then crouched down, squatting over her as she smirked at him “Okay, so what did you say?”

“You know what i said! Why the hell did you shrink me?!” Little Mac yelled, backing slightly from her.

“Why? Cause i just love toying with you” She said as she teased, bringing her finger and swatting it close to him “I shrunk you with a Mini Mushroom i got from Peach. It should wear off... eventually, which means i got plenty of time”

“Plenty of time for what?” He questioned wanting to know.

“For me. To have fun. With you” Samus then brought her hand to him so he gets moving. Starting to run away and avoid her. Samus was impressed, Little Mac has always been one of the fastest in the Mansion... at normal size. At this size even Incineroar would be his speed. “Really... your running. Well lets see how fast your little legs are, compared to my bigs ones”

Samus then stood up and brought her foot over, stomping it over Mac and right in front of him. He paused and skated as he quickly changed directions. Running in the opposite direction as Samus just watched with joy. She then brought her other boot down in front of him, making Mac pause and look up at her.

“Keep going, you almost made it away from me” Samus mocked as he was beyond angry. This happened for several times with Little Mac running and Samus stopping him with a bit. Eventually he tried to run between her legs, wanting to pass and get away from the Space Bounty Hunter.

With a smile Samus moved down, dropping down off of her legs and landing right in front of Mac. Like a collapsing house Mac saw Samus’s giant frame suddenly appeared in front of him. Getting him to stop. With her legs spread out on either side of him, he was forced to look at the crotch of Samus. He tried to turn around but she closed her legs. Her boots touching each other as he was trapped. Very angrily he started to move, running to his legs and trying to punch his way through. Laying Hooks, Jabs and Uppercuts trying to get anything

“Those are your punches! Are you kidding me, they're nothing! Wow Mac i shrunk you down cause i wanted to take your height, i didn't mean to take your hits also” Samus teased as she leaned forward bringing her finger and hitting Mac teasingly.

Which got him angry enough. Mac was fuming so much that he could do a K.O punch. With a massive windup he hit Samus’s thigh with his most powerful punch.

“Ow, okay that one bruised a bit” Samus said as that was the truth. Hurtful for Mac knowing that at this size his most powerful punch, which at normal size launched even the biggest fighters. But at this size it only got an ‘Ow’

“Okay Mac, I've think you've had your fun” Samus said as she reached for him, not only grabbing him with her fingers but bringing him to her face. Hanging him by two fingers as Mac struggled.

“Let me go! Let me go!” He screamed trying to fight off, which only got a good laugh from her.

“You want me to drop you Mac, fine. I know just the place to drop you” Samus said. Mac stopped a bit confused, however when he gets lifted up he thought he knew what was happening. Mac was lifted up right over her face as he fought

“No! Don't don't drop me in your mouth!”

“Oh... i wasn't going to but that sounds like a nice idea. What about it Mac, do you think you can handle my giant tongue” Samus lowered Mac slightly and stuck her tongue. The saliva covered appendage above him as he tried not to get stuck. She closed it though as she has to admit “Thats not where I'm putting you though. No, where I'm putting you is a bit more... stuffed”

She didnt say anymore words, only watched with joy s Mac’s face registered what she meant by that. She moved her hand around, pulling it to her top and pulling it back. Letting the Little Mac see her two breasts that have been in her tight top.

With a giant smile she brought him down, pushing him in and stuffing him between her breasts. Right in her cleavage as he gets pushed in. Mac’s view becomes breasts as he gets pushed in. His body getting pushed together as they're wasn't much room there and her flesh slowly eating him. After a while, she brought her hand out and look down in. She couldn't see any of his body, all she could see was the top of his head. His dark spiked hair coming out from inside of her breasts.

And that was all that Samus needed to see, closing her top she stood back up. “So Mac, how are they? I know they were big when you were your size before but now... i can't even know how they would be. Do you think you can describe it for me?”

Samus waited for a second for any response, but they're was none “Oh, Cat got your tongue. Either that or you can't talk, having your face pressed against my boob” She joked “Well i think we should get out of here Mac, don't want anyone seeing us... well me”

And with Samus left the gym, going back to her room as she was smiling was ear to ear.

As she walks, Samus was left to her thoughts. And her thoughts key asking the same question, why did she do this? Not why she shrunk Mac, that was obvious. She loves toying with him.

But why did she put Mac between her breasts? Seems kind of more sexual then she's ever done with him. When she teases, its never using her body its using her words. Samus can't help but wonder? Maybe she... no thats to absurd.

While in the breasts, Mac didn't know how to feel. On one side he was beyond angry at Samus for shrinking him, interrupting his gym session as well as kidnapping him. On the other side, he's between two breasts of a woman that is undoubtable beautiful. He doesn't know what feelings to have. As a World Champion Boxer, he's had his share of girls before. But none of them have been like Samus. None of them.

As they keep walking, Samus finally arrived in her room. Unlike Peach or Zelda, Samus wasn't the like to decorate her bedroom. It was as standard as when she first got it offered when she came to Smash. Closing the door behind her, she locks it and walks in.

So many ideas running into her mind she brought her hand inside of her cleavage. Her fingers reaching and feeling for Mac as she pulled him out.

Grabbing him and pulling him out as she hanged him in front of her face. Samus smiling ear to ear as she held him “So how was your big ride? I hope it was a good little journey for you” She said looking up wanting Mac to comment on it.

He didn't however, instead he just looked away and around. Almost like he was trying to find a plan for him to escape. With the door closed the only option he had was the Window, and they're was no way he was going to reach that with his terrible Vertical game.

Samus moved back down and sat onto her rear, landing hard onto the foot of her bed as she leaned forward dropping Mac onto the ground. As soon as he touched the ground he prepared to run, however Samus advised against “You have no where to go, and considering your strongest punch barely even bruised, i wouldn't want to tick me off”

Hearing those words, he frowned and crossed his arms. Standing there as he was not happy. Samus saw his frown and ignored it. She brought her hand down to the ground and grabbed her boot. Pulling it off as she tossed aside, something that Mac wasn't ready for. He also wasn't ready for her to bring her bare foot and hit him backwards with her toes. Samus above laughing at him as she pulled off her other boot and tossed it back. Mac watched as it flew over him and landed on the other side of the room. Right next to the door as it was standing there. Mac moved his head and looked at the two feet, right in front of him as Samus brought it down. Nudging him backwards to the point where her legs were out and her feet were comfortable.

Her toes wiggling as she said above “Now, this is where the fun begins”

“What the hell does that mean?” Little Mac said stepping back he tried to get away from her feet, little did he know that with whats coming it was impossible.

“I want you, to rub my feet” She said as she planted her heels dow right in front of him, her soles towering over his small form.

“No! No way I'm doing that!” Little Mac said defiantly, something that made her giggle.

“You either do it, or i step on you with my foot” Samus said, giving Mac an ultimatum “Think of it like a Punching Bag. Also think of it like your punching me”

Punching Samus? That's an idea he can get behind. After consideration he figured it was best to get it out of his system. Running up he started boxing her foot with his punches. Going to town as this was therapeutic to him.

Samus above smiled seeing the action an enjoyed the feeling. It was like a good massage for her, not the desired effect on Mac’s side. Moving her feet together, Mac started to punch both sides. Really trying to get it out of his system.

Samus above just let it happen for five minutes, enjoying the feeling. Surprisingly she hasn't made a sound or a taunt. She just watched him.

“Okay Mac, you can stop” She said as he did just that. Relaxing as he looked up at her. “That was a nice little job Mac, but i got to say. Be careful what you hit, cause these might just hit you back”

Mac was a bit confused at this however he soon felt what she meant. When Samus brought her foot and hit it into Mac. Mac had a good reaction, but he didn't react in time as the side of her foot collided with him. Knocking Mac to the ground as he landed on his side. Looking at him get back she planted her foot on him. Pinning his body down to to the floor as he foot was on him. She could feel Mac struggling and wiggling under her foot.

“Okay Mac, now say sorry to my foot” Samus said with a superior tone “Say sorry for hitting my foot”

Mac down below wasn't going to say that. He would rather be stuck under her foot for the rest of the night then say that. Something Samus figured out when he was under their for a minute.

“Seems like Little Mac has a big ego” Samus said as she lifted her foot, not to get it off but to grab him between her toes. Mac could feel it grip his sides as he gets lifted up from the ground “Fine you don't have to say sorry to my foot, ill let you have that one Mac”

She then dropped Mac from her toes, Mac landing on the ground as Samus ordered “Take of your gloves, your not gonna need them from now on”

“You know i can hit just as hard without them” He said almost like a threat. Samus of course didn't take it that way

“Yeah i know, just take them out. Your gonna need good gripping for the next part” Samus said giving a hint. Hearing this Mac listened, taking off his green gloves and putting it down by him. Crossing his arms as he didnt look pleased.

Samus was pleased “Now, run up my leg” She then placed her foot down onto the ground giving him a path.

“Your kidding” He said down below, the blonde smirking to him as it was clear she wasn't. Rolling his eyes he just wanted to get it over with. He was fast, so it didn't take long for him to jump on her foot and run up her leg. Her leg was well toned and muscular, which means there was plenty of space for Mac. He didn't have to worry about falling off at all.
Well he didn't have to if it was anyone by Samus. When Mac reached his knee Samus started to move her leg. Bouncing up and down as the slightest movement for her was catastrophic for Mac. He almost fell off right there tripping down and landing onto the ground below. Thankfully he was fast enough to catch himself. Gripping her knee and grabbing before he fell.
She stopped shaking “See, i told you, you would need your grip. See how big my help is to your Mac” Samus taunted as she saw the glare he was sending her. Now that her Leg wasn't moving anymore Mac could continue his journey. Running up top and arriving into her blue shorts. Not losing his pace though he easily arrived at her lap. Standing there as he looked at the mountain ahead of him “Mac, you did it. And it was such a big task for you”

“How long are we gonna do this?” Mac asked wanton to know how long Samus is gonna toy with him.

“I don't know, hopefully for a long time though. I think i like that size more then any other size”

“Right, right” He said rolling his eyes, looking away in defiance. With his eyes no longer on her, Samus got a fun way to tease. Bringing her finger down and stroking his back. Mac looked up to the finger and the woman stroking his back. Samus giving him a very loving look, which to him was filled with nothing but mockery

“Get that damn thing away from me! I'm not your pet!” He said swatting with his hand, something she smiled at.

“Your right, your not my pet. I need a permanent mixture to do that, if were lucky Peach might have” Samus said taunting.

“Your joking”

“Am i?” She said raising her eyes and putting the thought into his mind. He could see the nervousness in his eyes. Thinking it would be best to just leave it to his thoughts she continued.

Moving down and laying onto the bed, her back hitting the blanket as she played down. She couldn't see Mac anymore, but she knew he was there “Mac, keep going. Come to my face”

Looking at her laying down body, he could could see her slim and abed stomach as well as her two large breasts.

“Come on Mac, i don't have all day” Her voice said from over her two breasts as he started to move. Running to her stomach and landing down on it. Samus feeling him touch her abs as it tickled her a bit.

On her abs, Mac couldn't deny what he was seeing. He was impressed by the shape she kept her body in. Samus was one of the few girl in Smash that worked to have a body like that. Wii Fit Trainer being the only other one coming to mind.

Mac moved across her abs and got to in front of her breast. She of course wanted Mac to be flustered and blushing at the giant breasts, just like he was when he was stuck in there last time. But he was already stuck with them and he wanted to get the best of Samus, in anyway he could. Moving onto it, he climbed her breast. Getting up on top and standing proudly. He could see Samu’s smirking face as it was a sight that Mac didn't miss.

“Look at you, your like a little Moutain climber”

“Why do you have to say little?” Mac said under his breath, climbing down and getting in front of her face “Why couldn't you just say Mountain climber?”

When Mac landed right in front of her face, she got to work. Moving her finger and pushing him back. Mac finding himself pushed into her cleavage by her finger.

“Samus!?” He shouted and complained as she just enjoyed the sight.

Her finger pausing as his back was in between them “Your right, you've already been in there. No i think we should do something else, something we haven't done before... i know”

Samus then grew a smile as she moved her finger, placing it on Mac’s back as she pushed him closer to her fae.

“What the hell ar you doing?” He said trying to put his feet on the ground and stop the moving. Of course it didn't work as he gets pulled closer. He gets onto her neck as he considered punching down on it. She can still feel his punches and a punch to the throat would no doubt stun her.

Mac decided against it as he gets pushed right up to her face. Her finger pushing him as Samus pursed her lips.
It took one second for Mac to understand what she was going to do, and it took on for Samus to do it to Mac. She planted a kiss right onto Mac’s face and body. Her finger pushing him deep into the kiss as her lips were on his face and body. Mac was blushing deeply as he was getting kissed. After a while, Samus let him go and Mac collapsed down. Landing on his rear as he looked up at her lips and her smiling face.

Only for a second as he quickly moved, sitting back up and sending Mac flying. Luckily Samus had her hand ready to catch Mac. Samus moved and got further into the bed, sitting in the middle as she smiled.

“I can tell your a little stunned Mac, guess that was a pretty big deal to you” Samus said. Instead of retorting, Mac was still trying to get his mind right. A little shocked at the kiss.

After a while, he stood up within her palm and asked a question he wanted to “What the hell is your deal!?”

“Excuse me?” Samus said a bit taken back

“I don't get it! I don't get... you!” He yelled “Your quiet, your reserved. Don't take to anyone besides Peach and Zelda. You barely show emotion and your distant. Expect for when it comes to me! With me your mean, rude, teasing and mocking. You wanting to belittle me constantly! I thought you hated me, but you took the time to shrink and... and you just kissed me! What is your deal!?”

Samus had her eyes wide open hearing this as she thought about this “I suppose i do have a of explaining to do” Samus then got a bit more honest while taking to Mac “First off i don't hate you Mac... i like you... i like you a lot more then most people here”

“What?” he questioned not getting it “You make fun of me all the time?”

“Mac, your a fighter. You fight guys twice your weight and twice your size without fear. You constantly try to prove that your size isn't holding you back and you work harder then anyone else here, trying more then anyone else. You fought for everything and you never show fear... how can i not like you”

“But you mock me and you make fun of me constantly! Im sorry but i kind of got the wrong idea from that!” Mac said a bit sarcastically.

“I mean... when i first met you, and compared your size to mine you punched me, sending me flying. And well... its just the easiest way to get the loudest reaction from you. So i just kind of kept doing it. And after a while i state to enjoy doing it. Like you said besides Peach and Zelda are the only two i really talk to so my interactions are... limited. I kind of starting to look for to ours. When i found a way to shrink you down even further... well i couldn't resist”

Mac didn't know what to feel, he was a bit flattered at the words she sent him and he was finally given an answer as to why she did all the teasing. Hearing why she did it, he kind of can't angry about it. “You know, you can talk to me without mention my height right?”

“Yeah but... like i said you make the loudest reactions that way, plus your just so cute when your screaming. Especially that size” Samus said “I don't do it to be mean or put you down, i do it... to tease”

“Wow, i had no idea. I don't know what to say” Mac said in her palm being honest. There was a moment of silence in the air as neither of them knew how to continue. Samus feeling uncomfortable speaking up about her feelings to Mac, while Mac feeling uncomfortable about learning the reason why she mocked him at any chance. “Look... your not that bad. I mean, your a gym junkie like me and... i guess your cool too”

Samus heard this and smiled herself. “Thanks Mac, so... does that make us... friends or-?”

“If you stop making fun of my height i guess we can be” He said in her palm, seeing the look on Samus’s face as she was debating it. Clearly she doesn't want to stop teasing him “Fine, you don't have to stop picking on me”

“Thanks Mac” She said bringing her finger and patting him on the head “Now, lets have some more fun little man”

“As your friend, can you we not”

“As a friend, we are”

Mac frowned as Samus got up from the bed. Standing as she walked over to the door “Don't worry, ill make sure you like this one. After all you love going for jogs don't you”

“Yes?” he said hesitantly, something Samus wanted to hear.

“Well then your coming jogging with me” Samus said as arrived at her boot and dropped Mac down. he landed inside as he looked at the giant blonde smiling down at him. Hands on her hips “And i think I'm going to make it a long run”

“Samus don't!” Mac said not wanting to happen.

“Im sorry Mac, i can't hear you down there” She said with a smirk as she brought her foot up, lifting it over the hole as she descended her toes downwards. Mac panicked as he ran away, running to the toe section as he was trapped. Turning around he could see her wiggling toes enter and come for him. He tried to fight it back but her toes pushed him against her boot. Her toes now pushing against him as her foot was entirely in.

Now with her boot on she went to the other and put it on. Playing with Mac in her shoe as she swats him with her toes.

Once they both in, Samus spotted his tiny boxing floes “Don't worry Mac! Ill keep these safe for you” She said as she grabbed it and dropped it onto her cupboard. “Well I'm all set, have fun in there Mac, ill try not to get my giant sweat on to you. Ill try to make sure you won't drown” She teased as she got moving. Walking out her door as Samus smiled to herself. Loving not only Mac in her boot, but the fact that she's got a friend out of this.

Maybe that permanent mixture isn't such a bad idea?