Make Room for Hera

(Cubed Cinder)

WARNING: This story contains violent crushing scenes and an overdose on blood that may not be suitable for people aged 17 and under.

NOTE from author: This story contains part of the ending to God of War II, so if you haven't beaten the game yet and don't want to spoil yourself, stop reading where it says *SPOILER*.

Zeus waded his way through the bloody mess created by the Blade of Olympus. Only a couple minutes ago, he seemingly killed Kratos after he had threatened the safety of the Gods by replacing Ares as the God of War. Of course, you probably know what Kratos was really up to, but that was of no consequence to Zeus, for he carried the godly power that the Ghost of Sparta once held in the blade. He had used that same blade to wipe out nearly all of Kratos' Spartan army, and eventually he would wander into their home turf to kill them all. But for now, he watched as Athena, his favorite daughter, came down from the heavens.
"Father?" Athena said.
"It is over, Athena. Kratos will be no bother to us any longer, and his Spartan army shall soon answer to the Gods." Zeus said. Athena held her head down. She felt guilt for what just happened. Perhaps if she hadn't convinced Kratos to become a God, none of this would be happening.
"Father, please... you must forgive me. I thought I could change the Ghost of Sparta. I thought he could be the answer to..." Athena said, but Zeus cut her off.
"Ares was destined to be slaughtered, my dearest. Our mistakes of the past do not matter now. The safety of Olympus is of most importance. Come, we must return." Zeus said before both he and Athena teleported back to the heavens.

Much later, as Zeus and some of the other gods and goddesses were watching the world from high atop the mountains, Zeus was about to receive some fantastic news. He sat on his throne and watched as one of his brothers, Poseidon, approached. Poseidon got down on one knee.
"My brother, Zeus, I come with news you may wish to hear." Poseidon said.
"Rise, Poseidon. You are always welcome to my chambers as a fellow god. What news do you wish to deliver?" Zeus said.
"Your wife, Hera... she is expected to return today from her travels of enlightenment." Poseidon said. Zeus leaned forward on his throne... he has not heard the name of his beloved wife, Hera, since she left many years ago on a journey to find her inner powers.
"Do you speak the truth!?" Zeus said.
"Yes, I have communicated with her. She cannot wait to see you, my lord." Poseidon said.
"Very well, Poseidon. See to it that her welcome is not unnoticed by the gods." Zeus said.
"As you wish." Poseidon said as he teleported out through a pool of water, naturally being the king of the seas. Athena overheard that conversation and approached Zeus.
"Hera is coming back?" Athena said.
"Yes... I had almost forgotten about her. It's been nine years since I have last seen her." Zeus said, just showing a smile on his face. Athena had mixed feelings right now. She despised Hera, as she was not her true mother. That title belonged to Metis, who was killed a long time ago by Zeus before Athena was born. Despite knowing the truth, Athena didn't dare try to go against Zeus. He was more of a father than any other god could dream of, and so she stuck with him, instead taking any anger she had out on the 'wrong mother' Hera.
On the other hand, she looked at Zeus's face and could see him trying to show happiness. If having Hera by his side made him the happiest ruler of all Olympus, then so be it, she thought.
"That's great, Father. I'm also glad Hera is coming back." Athena said.
"Thank you, my daughter. Yes, it will be celebratory occasion when my equal returns." Zeus said.

Meanwhile, Kratos was outside the Temple of Lahkesis, just beginning his quest for vengeance against Zeus. He had already been revived by the titaness, Gaia, and been told of the Sisters of Fate; how he could alter his past by defeating them and taking in their power. Gaia, however, took the time to make Kratos known of one other trump card he could play against
"It seems that Hera is making her return to Olympus." Gaia said from inside Kratos' head.
"Hera? I have heard the names of all the gods at least once per year, except for that one." Kratos said.
"Yes, she has been on what she calls a spiritual journey. I believe she has been trying to build her power, to rule alongside Zeus." Gaia said.
"I have no concern for one goddess. It is Zeus that I seek to destroy!" Kratos shouted.
"Zeus cares deeply for Hera. I would imagine Hera to be Zeus's heart. I would imagine him to be happy to see her, to break the mold of hatred that built when you defeated Ares." Gaia said. Kratos was thinking about Gaia's words, but didn't want to shed any shred of his godly warrior mentality.
"You are only to guide me to the Sisters of Fate. Only then will I continue to listen." Kratos said.
"Understood, Ghost of Sparta." Gaia said. But Gaia knew... Kratos was thinking about it. And if she was thinking right, fate would help steer Kratos towards Hera.

Back atop Mount Olympus, Zeus watched as a peacock suddenly flew its way in front of him. But he knew right away this wasn't any ordinary peacock. He could tell from the brighter-than-usual rainbow glitter that eminated from its wings. Eventually, the peacock landed on the ground and formed itself into something else. That something else, prompting a wide smile from Zeus, was Hera. Her long curly brown hair and bright white goddesses' dress were still a sight for his sore eyes.
"What? No great big welcoming back party?" Hera said.
"Hahahahaha!!!" Zeus said as he got up from his throne and embraced his wife.
"It's good to see you, honey." Hera said.
"And I missed you so, my love. It's been nine long years." Zeus said.
"Yes, well... if it takes that long to increase my powers, then so be it. Is it true what happened to our son, Ares?" Hera said.
"I am afraid so, but he left us no choice. His behavior was unworthy of the gods." Zeus said.
"But who has taken his place as the God of War?" Hera said.
"It was our servant, Kratos... but he too betrayed us after staining my hands with Ares' blood. But he is no more as well." Zeus said.
"I see... that must be the unlucky spot, the God of War." Hera said.
"We cannot worry about that now. Soon, the Ghost of Sparta's Spartan army will be wiped out, and once more we will prove Olympus's might over the mortals!" Zeus said.

"So you intend on going to Sparta, to finish the job?" Hera asked.
"Yes, but in due time. I must prepare myself for the long battle ahead... and besides, you have returned. We have so much catching up to do." Zeus said.
"Yes... but my love, it is important that we as the gods and goddesses of this world put our foot down and show those puny mortals that we will not tolerate their defiance, or any uprising." Hera said.
"And we will, but what are you suggesting?" Zeus said.
"Send me down to Sparta! I will show those mortals a thing or two!" Hera said.
"No, I forbid it! You may be a goddess, but you are still vulnerable! All it would take is a sword to your heart... that is how Ares met his fate." Zeus said.
"Not even if you could lend your power to me?" Hera said, showing a rather confident smile.
"What? Is it even possible?" Zeus asked.
"Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you aid Poseidon many years ago in defeating the sea monster? That's what allowed him to rise to power. With all my spiritual training, I can take in more godly powers than ever before." Hera said. Zeus then thought back to what Hera said when she first arrived. If she wanted to have a welcome back party for Sparta, and perhaps eventually the whole world, then she shall have it.
"Hmmm... and correct me if I'm wrong, but you were expecting a welcoming back party?" Zeus said. Hera smiled.
"I will be fine. Nothing can stop us now if Kratos is dead, as you say." Hera said.
"It is settled then. Prepare yourself for transport to Sparta, with my power by your side." Zeus said. Summoning one of his lightning bolts, he fired it at Hera, and the bolt swirled around her body. Eventually, she was teleported out of the area.

When Hera opened her eyes, feeling that the transport was over... there was an entire city ahead of her. And it was at her feet as well.
"Hmmhmmhmm... just what I was hoping Zeus would do. Now, to finish what he started!" Hera said as she took her first steps at just over 200 feet tall, making her just as big as the Colossus of Rhodes (before it was destroyed by Kratos, at least).

Moments later, in Sparta, the clear skies were quickly covered up by dark clouds and booming thunder nearly every second that passed. Kratos' second-in-command, whose name has been kept secret for as long as he has served under his master, did not like the looks of the skies. Of course, neither did the two Spartan warriors nearby.
"Sir, this does not look good!" one warrior said.
"We are Spartan warriors, men. We will stand guard no matter how dangerous the threat. Keep a close watch!" the right-hand man said. Soon, they all could hear a humming sound that slowly increased in volume. They looked behind as the humming seemed to come in that direction, and before they knew what could hit them... a huge ball of energy came crashing down on the tower they were standing on. The tower exploded immediately. While the second-in-command was able to make a last-minute leap, the other two warriors were reduced to a bloody mess. The second-in-command crashed hard to the ground, his body bleeding as fast as it could, but he still stood up holding his sword and shield. At least until he looked behind again.
"By the..." he said, as a giant sandaled foot came crashing down. The force of the impact threw him many yards backwards.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" he screamed in pain. If the hard landing didn't injure him, the rocks that landed on his legs and head certainly did.

Hera, meanwhile, was already having a field day, laughing as she watched the puny citizens of Sparta run around in fear.
"Hahahahaha!!! That's right, mortals! Fear the wrath of Mount Olympus!" Hera shouted after she stepped on another building, crumbling it to pieces. She then reached down and picked up a tower with just one hand, ripping it from its base. Using just that one hand, she hurled the tower out in the distance, watching as it crashed against a larger building, likely the capital of the Spartan army. Everyone around the destruction site, including everyone inside the towers, was killed instantly. Hera took a couple more steps, summoning another energy ball and firing it down by her feet, bursting the whole area into flames. She did the same thing on her opposite side. Much of Sparta was already covered in flames from the powerful nature of her energy strikes.
The second-in-command pushed aside all the rubble, in pain, and watched as the giant threat walked by. Her evil laugh drained out all other sound around him.
"My god..." he faintly said.

Hera took great pleasure in watching all the people run away from her, and in fact added to the chaos by hurling another tower as far as it would go, causing it to explode.
"Hmmm... Zeus's spell really did the trick." Hera said to herself. She looked down by her feet and could see two warriors. One of them was trying to pull the other out who was trapped underneath Hera's right foot.
"Come on, you can do it!" he said to the trapped person. Just then, Hera very slightly lifted her foot, only to very quickly grab this person and lift him into the air.
"And just where do you think you're going?" Hera asked.
"Please, leave me alone! I'll do anything! Anything!" the man shouted.
"Really? How about you be a part of my lunch for today?" Hera said. And with that, she slowly dangled him over her wide open mouth.
"No... no... noooooo!!!" the man screamed as he was let go and he fell into her mouth. Hera licked her lips as she closed them again.
"Kinda tasted like... well, a mortal!" Hera said.
"You bitch!!! You killed my brother in battle!" the man shouted.
"You dare to shout at me!?" Hera shouted down at the man. She pulled her foot back and gave the man a swift kick, sending him many yards down the pavement. Gulping down the man she had swallowed, Hera walked towards the bleeding man, who clearly had too many broken bones to even try and escape the giantess.
"I am a goddess, and you will suffer!!!" Hera shouted. She lifted her foot high up in the air and brought it down on the man, causing him to go splat and leaving nothing but a mess of blood and guts. Hera decided to go down an even meaner route, picking up a nearby woman.
"Please... don't hurt me! I have children!" the woman shouted.
"So do I, little lady! My husband... we really rock worlds when we make love!" Hera shouted. She placed half of this woman's body inside her mouth and then closed it tight, chomping off the entire lower half of the woman's body, effectively splitting her in two.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" the woman screamed in pain as she fell down, but Hera catched the rest of this lady while she swallowed what she could of the woman.
"" the woman faintly said on her dying breath. Hera did nothing but smile and pop the rest of the woman into her mouth.
"She'll be happy to have her whole body back. Nobody can defy me now!" Hera said, laughing once again to the panicking crowd.

Hera continued her stroll down the road, stepping on whatever she could that was in her path. She eventually caught up to a group of about four people, all Sparta warriors who weren't able to run fast enough to get away from the goddess. Needless to say, they were unable to avoid being swept up by Hera's huge hand.
"Let's see, I have an idea. How about a race to see who can get down to my feet the fastest?" Hera said. She held her hand high in the air, well above her own head in fact.
"Ready... go!" Hera shouted. As soon as she said go, she tilted her hand downwards, causing all four men to fall from top to bottom. They all tried in vain to grab any part they could of Hera's magnificent dress, but they were too far away. One by one, they all crashed down on the pavement, some already dead from the forceful impact while others were trying to crawl away, but too heavily injured to do so. It didn't matter to them as Hera crushed each of them flat.
"That was fun. I guess mortal blood turns me on as much as Zeus does!" Hera said. Soon she kicked away a group of Spartan warriors who tried in vein to fight back. All that was left was a huge pile of blood and broken bones, all of which eventually getting mixed with the fires the goddess started. The last of the Spartan warriors made one final cry before his death.
"Lord Kratos!" he shouted as Hera grabbed him. She then opened up her mouth, this time biting down on the man little by little until he was completely devoured. With blood all over her lips, she spat out some of that blood, with most of it landing on a nearby building and definitely grossing out anyone that got a good look at the gruesome scenery.
"Messy, yes. But that's part of the job description!" Hera said as she wiped off the blood on her lips with the back of her hands.

Pretty much all of Sparta, by this point in time, was a total mess, like it was wiped out by a clash between a God and a Titan. Yet Hera stayed around for a little bit longer to finish the job. Meanwhile, the lone Sparta warrior left standing, Kratos' second-in-command, slowly snuck out, knowing full well his last mission was to seek the Sisters of Fate and change history...

We fast-forward in time to when Kratos is just outside the Phoenix Chamber. He looks out a nearby large window to see the Phoenix resting there. He had to get to the legendary bird, as it was his only ticket to the Sisters of Fate. When he enters the room, however, he sees the silhouette of someone else apparantly seeking the Sisters of Fate.
"I have come... too far to fail!!!" the man said, sounding like he was out of breath. Kratos would have none of it though, immediately engaging this warrior in combat. Using all sorts of weapons he now possessed over his long journey, Kratos was coming out on top. Eventually, both combatants threw themselves out the window, crashing down on the pedestal not too far from Phoenix itself. With the brightness of the daylight, Kratos was about to finish his opponent when he recognized him to be none other than his second-in-command!
"You!?" Kratos shouted. He pulled his blades out from the man's chest, despite him leaking blood everywhere in his body at a rapid pace. He, however, showed just as much surprise when he saw his own opponent to be his master... his God.
"My lord!?" he said. Kratos grabbed the man by his warrior's outfit and clearly looked angry.
"I told you to return to Sparta! Why do you leave Sparta unprotected!?" Kratos shouted.
"Sparta... is no more." the man said.
"What treachery is this!?" Kratos shouted.
"H...H..." the man said as he struggled to pick up his voice with his dying body.
"Is it the work of Zeus!?" Kratos shouted.
"Hera... my lord." the man said. Kratos wiped away some of the angry look on his face with more of a confused look. But he kept a stern face as he listened to his general tell the story.

"She came under the cloak of darkness... into Sparta. Clearly she was aided by Zeus. The people cried out for you... they begged for their God to save them... but you did not come." the man said. Kratos pictured it in his head... he found it hard to imagine Hera would be the source of Sparta's fall, yet he wasn't surprised considering how loyal she was to Zeus.
"I was left with no choice. I had to seek out the Sisters to change the fate of our beloved Sparta... for I am all that is left. *cough cough cough*" the man said as he began to cough up blood. Kratos picked him up after his coughing, and listened to his last words.
"Now you... are all that is left. I have faith... that our brothers of Sparta... will live on... through the true... God... of... War... *COUGH*" the man said. And with that final cough of blood, he fainted to the ground. Kratos knew right away he was dead. And so was all of Sparta, except for him. Although Hera was responsible for their deaths, he immediately cast blame on his true enemy.
"Zeuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus!!!! Is this how you face me, coward!? I am through doing the bidding of the Gods!!! Come down here and face me NOW, Zeus!!!" Kratos shouted. But instead of Zeus, he looked behind to see a most vicious monster, known as Kraken. Of course, this being a giantess story, we'll skip this part and fast forward once again...

After defeating the Lahkesis, Atropos, and the horrendous Clotho inside the Loom Chamber, Kratos now possessed the power to weave the Strands of Fate. Kratos was busy wheeling around each strand, finding the period of time and space when Zeus betrayed him. Eventually, he cast his sights on the mirror when he saw the moving image of Hera stomping all over Sparta. He had to stop turning the strands to watch this horrible scene play out. Gaia was watching too, and she projected her voice into the mind of Kratos.
"Kratos... Zeus cares deeply for Hera. If she were to be eliminated, it would strike a blow into the heart of Zeus." Gaia said.
"The only blow to the heart I desire is directly to Zeus... by taking the Blade of Olympus back and driving it through his heart!" Kratos said.
"Perhaps so, but Zeus is not to be taken lightly. It was with one swift blow that he banished all the Titans to the Underworld. He may lose a battle, but as long as he possesses the will to win the war, he cannot be defeated." Gaia said.
"..." Kratos didn't have an answer. What Gaia said next helped steer him down the right path.
"Zeus will torment you for many millennia even after you both die. But shatter his spirits by taking what he values most from him... just as Ares took your most precious gifts. Seek out the weapon you value most, and then return to send Hera to her grave." Gaia said. As much as he hated to think it, she was right. He could have the best of both worlds by first going back to the time when Zeus took the Blade of Olympus from him. Then, with all of his godly power, he could stand up to the giant Hera... perhaps even salvaging what was left of Sparta in the process.
He continued to wheel the strands around. Eventually, he saw the ugly video in the mirror of being stabbed by Zeus by the blade. With the mirror set for teleportation, he quickly ran up to the mirror and jumped through, covering himself in bright blue light.

Eventually, he walked out from the light and saw Zeus stabbing the Kratos of that time.
"Even now as you draw your last breath, you continue to defy me!?" Zeus shouted. Kratos ran over and pushed the preoccupied Zeus away. Zeus looked up and saw the new Kratos standing right next to his Blade of Olympus.
"What!? How can this be? The Sisters of Fate have aided you. Unexpected." Zeus said as he got back on his feet.
"The sisters... are dead." Kratos said as he pulled the blade out from the lifeless and bloody corpse of himself, which eventually faded out because of the unbalancing of time and space.
"Mmmmmm... I underestimated you. A mistake I do not intend to repeat!" Zeus said.
"Your defeat will come soon enough. But first... you will feel the pain and suffering I have endured for the last ten years!" Kratos said, pointing the blade at Zeus. Then, using his newly gained power, he turned around and blasted open another blue portal. He ran on through to return to the Loom Chamber. Zeus just stood there, a bit confused on what Kratos is planning. He shrugged it off, though, feeling he was a god and Kratos was a broken mortal and nothing more. Big mistake, of course...

Back at the Loom Chamber, Kratos put away the Blade of Olympus for the time being. He would need both his hands to wield the Strands of Fate once more. This time, the mirror was back to playing the moment of time when Hera was about to destroy the last of Sparta. That would be Kratos' destination as he made his way to the mirror.

When Kratos arrived in Sparta, there was almost nothing left. Nearly every building was either crushed flat, reduced to a big pile of stone and rock, or burst into flames. Only a few men, women, and children remained as they tried to escape the wrath of the giant Hera. And Kratos certainly didn't have to look far to find the giantess. She was as plain in view as Mount Olympus was. Kratos ran several yards, getting as close to Hera as he could, before making his presence known.
"Heraaaaaaaa!!!" Kratos shouted with as loud a war cry as he could allow. Hera heard it, because she turned around and looked at the base of her dress to see the former God of War standing by her feet.
"Well, well... if it isn't little Kratos. Zeus warned me of your arrival after he lost the blade! You're pretty naive to come and stand by my feet." Hera shouted.
"I may not walk with the gods any longer, but I can still fight like one!" Kratos said.
"Hahahaha!!! Pathetic mortal! I have despied you ever since you killed my son, Ares! I will show you the true power of a goddess!!" Hera shouted. She lifted her foot high in the air, but Kratos jumped out of the way, merely getting thrown into the air from the huge shockwave. He landed at the top of one of the few untouched buildings in Sparta, a rather large fortress of some sort that was half the height of Hera. Kratos could tell as he watched Hera approach him. Hera quickly tried to grab the Ghost of Sparta, but Kratos made a high leap into the air and struck the back of her hand with the blade. Hera quickly pulled the hand back and tried to flatten Kratos by pounding her hand on the structure, but Kratos merely jumped between her fingers on top of the hand, stabbing it and definitely hurting Hera. Blood came spilling out of the back of Hera's right hand as she tried brushing it off.
"Ouch! Damn you!!!" Hera shouted. She lifted her foot to try and crush him, but Kratos jumped aside just as the building exploded to pieces. He landed on a nearby canopy, allowing him to bounce up into the air, up to Hera's waist. He clutched onto Hera's dress.
"Insect!!!" Hera shouted as she tried to grab Kratos, but he made a timely leap onto her wrist, quickly running up her arm with great speed. After making it on top of Hera's shoulder, he made another quick jump to avoid another crushing slap from Hera. Landing on top of the hand, it moved away, causing Kratos to fly high into the air. He made a quick dash to his left, avoiding being crushed in between Hera's hands as she slapped them together. Landing again on her arm, he made another bold leap (avoiding being grabbed by Hera's other hand in the process), this time onto her face. He pulled out Athena's Blades and stabbed Hera right in her right eye.
"Ahhhhhhhh!!!" Hera shouted as she clutched her eye in pain. Kratos was lightly slapped by the other hand with its quick movement, causing him to go flying back towards the ground, but he landed safely on his two feet.

Kratos watched as the blood dripped down from both her right eye and the back of her right hand. But Kratos knew she wasn't done yet, as all Gods were taught to see through the stain of blood no matter what, especially since Hera was still able to maintain her immense size. And Hera came charging after the tiny Kratos.
"Alright, if you want to play rough, that's fine with me!" Hera said. Kratos ran away as Hera came walking after him, trying to find more higher ground to fight the giantess. But Hera made a big stomp that caused Kratos to lose his footing. As soon as he stood up again and turned around, he looked to see Hera's huge foot charging down towards him. He only had a fraction of a second to react, so he held his arms up and was able to stop Hera's momentum. Eventually, after a few seconds of exerting powerful strength he previously showcased as the God of War, he pushed Hera right off her feet, causing her to fall backwards and crush several buildings (and unfortunately, innocent Spartans) behind her. That didn't bother Kratos, as he scaled another building half the height of Hera.
"Do you see, goddess of Olympus!? Do you need more proof that I am more powerful than any God!?" Kratos shouted. Hera heard that as she got up... and she was losing all her cool.
"Arrrrrrgh! Die, Ghost of Sparta!!!" Hera shouted as she pounded her fists on the heavily enforced building, with Kratos sidestepping the attack and casting one of his most powerful magic spells, Zeus' Fury. The intense lightning bolts greatly stunned Hera, enough to cause her to rest her arm on the building and catch her breath. Big mistake, Kratos thought to himself. He climbed up on her arm, easily dodging her other hand, then he threw Athena's Blades as he leapt at her face again. The blades latched on her right cheek, just underneath the eye he had previous damaged. Kratos used all his strength to drag the blades downward, leaving a deep cut on her face.
"AHHHHHH!!!" Hera screamed in pain. On top of that, Kratos swung over to her left eye and took that out too, also slicing her cheek on the way down before he finally got thrown out of frustration from the goddess. Landing back on the structure, Kratos looked as more blood seeped out of the giant woman.
But seemingly from gloating over his work on the goddess, Kratos did not anticipate Hera quickly recovering from his punishment, and could not dodge her hand as it reached down to grab him. Kratos, with his arms free, tried to wrestle himself out of Hera's tight grip.
"I am through playing with you, Kratos! Now I will make YOU suffer by sending you to the depths of Tartarus!!!" Hera shouted. But fortunately for Kratos (after mashing the L1 and R1 buttons for a few seconds; just had to throw that in :p), he was able to break free of Hera's grip. This time, pulling out the Blade of Olympus itself, he sliced up Hera's thumb and one of her fingers. Hera had to let go because of the pain being inflicted, but she would take another bad hit after Kratos slashed her wrist.
"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" Hera shouted, angrier and hurting more than ever. It didn't help that she was bleeding more than ever as well. And to make matters worse, Kratos charged up the Blade of Olympus with its maximum energy, firing a bolt at her chest and leaving a hole that poured out nothing but her blood.

It was finally too much for Hera to take... she began to shrink in size. Kratos jumped to ground level and waited for Hera to return to her normal size. After being back to normal, Hera struggled to stay on her feet, and of course struggled to contain all her blood. She watched as Kratos slowly approached her.
"Please, Kratos... it does not have to be this way! *COUGH*" Hera said, now coughing up blood.
"I don't need your mercy... I already know what it's like to kill a God!" Kratos said.
"Please... *cough cough* You don't need to kill me... think of your family! You will only stir up the bad memories of your past by killing me!" Hera said. Kratos paused for a moment... it was like watching his wife and daughter die by his own hands. But he shrugged it off, and in fact looked very pissed off.
"Do... not... bring my family... into this!" Kratos said. He lunged forward and drove the Blade of Olympus right through the center of her body.
"Zeus has betrayed me, and this is his price to pay!" Kratos said. Just as he mentioned that name, Zeus came roaring down with a huge thunderbolt. Kratos quickly pulled out the blade and backed away as Zeus ran towards Hera.

"Hera!!!" Zeus shouted. He caught Hera as she was falling to the ground. He had to cringe just looking at the blood and guts staining her beautiful outfit.
"Z...Zeus...." Hera said faintly. Green orbs of energy soon start to float out of Hera's body, the same kinds that Ares showed when he died. Kratos immediately knew this was the sign of a God dying and losing all of his or her powers.
"Hera, please stay with me! Olympus will heal your wounds!" Zeus said.
"No... it is too late. Save yourself... Kratos is... *cough cough*" Hera said.
"Hera... please!!!" Zeus shouted, showing tears out of his glowing white eyes. Gaia was right, Kratos thought... Hera was indeed a weak spot for Zeus.
"Promise me... that Olympus... will thrive... in the end..." Hera said as her eyes started to close.
"In the end, my love." Zeus said. Finally, the end had come for Hera. Her body exploded in a flash of green energy that flew into the sky. Soon, there was nothing but her lifeless corpse. Zeus couldn't bear to watch this, and immediately turned his eyes on Kratos.
"Kratos... you incompetent child! I swear when I kill you... you will be tormented even beyond your afterlife! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" Zeus said as he charged blindly after Kratos, with lightning bolts in his hands. Kratos was taken aback... not because Zeus was suddenly trying to attack him. Well, actually, that was the reason! Kratos had always known Zeus to be more of a strategist, building up his power before exerting it with such force. Clearly the death of his true love has clouded his judgment, and Kratos wasted no time in taking advantage. He stabbed the blade into Zeus's heart, then throwing him against the remnants of one of Sparta's most famous locations before it was destroyed. He flung Athena's Blades into his wrists, trapping him against the building, and then he once more thrust the Blade of Olympus forward. Zeus tried to fight it off after freeing one of his wrists, but Kratos strength was too much as he now dug deeper into Zeus's chest with the blade. Zeus cried out in pain as the blood gushed out of his defenseless body.


While this was going on, Athena teleported onto the scene. She only looked briefly at Hera's lifeless body before she ran forward towards Kratos, trying to save her father and... as Kratos would eventually learn, something more.
"You cannot do this, Kratos!" Athena shouted as she drew out a pair of swords. Kratos could sense her arrival and he pulled the blade out from Zeus and blocked Athena's attack.
"You dare stand against me, Athena!?" Kratos shouted, clearly angry that the goddess who promoted him to the position of God of War was now standing in his way of vengeance.
"I do not wish to fight you, Kratos! But I WILL DEFEND OLYMPUS!!!" Athena shouted with all that her vocal chord could handle. Zeus, meanwhile, limped away with blood still pouring out from his wrists and chest.
"Know this, my son. You have started a war you cannot possibly win. The fates have already deemed me victorious!" Zeus said. Kratos looked to see Zeus trying to sneak away, but he would have none of it.
"Prepare to join your wife, Zeus!!!" Kratos shouted as he lunged forward with the blade.
"No, Kratos! Stop!!!" Athena shouted. She ended up taking the sword through her body instead of Zeus. Kratos couldn't believe what he just did.
"Athena... no!!!" Kratos shouted. Zeus, who had just witnessed the deaths of both his wife and his favorite daughter... merely teleported away, retreating to plot his own bit of revenge against Kratos.

Athena, meanwhile, watched as her green energy began to flow out of her body. Kratos, for the first time in a long while, had a concerned look on his face. It didn't matter that Zeus had gotten away. He was concerned with the one woman who helped make his living, starting with his serving of the Gods over ten years ago.
"Why do you sacrifice yourself?" Kratos asked as he pulled the blade out of Athena's body. Athena, meanwhile, weakly clutched onto Kratos after falling on both knees.
"To save Olympus..." Athena said.
"I do not seek to destroy Olympus. Only Zeus." Kratos said.
"Zeus is Olympus! *cough cough*" Athena said.
"He brought this to himself." Kratos said coldly.
"Because of fear Kratos. A fear felt by his father, Cronos. A fear that brought the Great War. A fear that drove Zeus to kill you... his own son." Athena said.
"His son!?" Kratos said.
"Just as Zeus was compelled to destroy his father, Cronos. You are compelled to do the same. No son should destroy his own father." Athena said. Kratos was conflicted, to say the least. Athena really didn't just say that Zeus was his father. Did that mean he just killed his own mother? He stayed in denial, like the true Spartan warrior he always was.
"No! I have no father." Kratos said. Athena was no longer able to keep her balace with her knees, eventually collapsing down to the ground. She relayed the last words she could to Kratos.
"God after god will deny you, Kratos. They will protect Zeus. Zeus must live... so that Olympus... will prevail." Athena said. And with that, Athena was dead. Kratos stood back on his feet, looking around what was left of Sparta.
"If all on Olympus will deny my vengeance, then all on Olympus will die. I have lived in the shadow of the Gods for long enough. The time of the Gods has come to an end!!!" Kratos shouted. After that, Athena's body exploded with green energy ascending to the heavens, similar to Hera with her body laying several yards away from Athena's. Just like that, two goddesses were killed by Kratos.

Gaia, having witnessed Kratos' triumph, encouraged him to continue, especially with his new powers of time travel.
"Remember, Kratos. You have the power to control time itself." Gaia said. As Kratos heard Gaia's voice in his head, he suddenly came up with an idea, one that would indeed help with the overthrowing of the Gods. Concentrating with his new powers, Kratos disappeared from Sparta and found himself back in the Loom Chamber.

After weaving more threads of fate, Kratos soon teleported back in time once more. He found himself right in the middle of the Great War, at the same place where Zeus would soon annihilate all of the Titans from creating the Blade of Olympus. Kratos looked up and saw a familiar Titan.
"Gaia!!!" Kratos shouted. Gaia picked up the voice and lowers herself to examine the Spartan warrior. Naturally, Kratos looked quite small compared to Gaia. Even Gods like Zeus or Hera couldn't grow that big.
"We have been expecting you, Ghost of Sparta. The Gods are far too powerful for us to defeat now." Gaia said.
"All of Olympus tremble at my name! Zeus is weak! Ares, Athena, and Hera are dead and I wield the Blade! We can win the Great War... but not in this time! Together, we will destroy the petty Gods, and we will see Olympus crumble before us! Come with me, Gaia! Return to my time! Victory... awaits!" Kratos shouted. Summoning the powers he gained from killing the Sisters of Fate, Kratos soon covers not just himself, but ALL the Titans in his time-traveling grasp. They all made it just before the energy of the Blade of Olympus wiped them all out.

Gaia, just before she was teleported, smiled knowing that Kratos had a plan and executed the start of it perfectly. Now it was up to her and the other Titans, spared from lifelong imprisonment, to finish it.

The Great War was about to commence once again... and so, The End Begins...