Mini Makoto and the Colossuses


“Now then…allow me to show you…”, Monokuma said. “I’ll skip my second and third forms and go straight into…MY FINAL FORM!”

“You’d better not be bluffing!” Akane Owari snapped. “I’m going to beat the crap out of you and pull all your stuffing out!”

Monokuma simply laughed at how foolish Owari was able to threaten him. He then clenched his “fists” and started to charge up energy. Soon, he was surrounded by a lightish-blue wave of energy as small rocks began to levitate up as grunted in agony. “Now then! Make sure you burn this ginormous despair you’re about to see into your memories!” As his power reached critical mass, he howled in pain and shouted, “I-I’M GONNA D-DIEEEEEEEEEEEE!”


Where the robotic bear once stood, a giant hand replaced it. Obviously, the poor animatronic was crushed, as energy particles flew from its spot. Suddenly, a massive, 15-meter tall high school girl emerged from below. She towered over the students, yet fizzled like static as if it were a mere hologram. The girl had a hourglass figure, light blue eyes, and long, strawberry-blonde hair tied into two pigtails with hair-clips shaped like Monokuma’s head. The right has plain white with a neutral expression, while the left was black with a white muzzle, jagged red eyes, and a wicked, toothy smile. Her hands had long fingernails covered with red nail polish. She took two large steps toward the judging stand that would’ve been 30 compared to a normal-sized human. She took a heavily-decorated cellphone, punched in some numbers, and placed it behind Monokuma’s podium.

Hajime Hinata, Akane Owari, Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu, Sonia Nevermind, and Kazuchi Soda all stood in shock at the size of the Giantess in front of them, and just as shocked to see a girl similar to her on the phone’s screen.

“Wh-What?” Hinata stuttered, “What’s going on?”

“A-am I hallucinating…?” Sonia trembly said.

“I-I know anything goes here…”, Kuzuryu stammered. “But this… this is clearly not f*#%ing okay!”

“I see,” the girl on the phone finally spoke out. “So that’s your reaction to seeing an extra large high school girl… But are they really that big? Don’t you think they’re pretty small?”

“Sh-she’s huge!” Owari stuttered. “She’s way too huge!”

“But the final boss in a certain action game is even bigger.” The blonde replied. “You know, ‘that’ game. Knifearella.”

“She said it, anyway.”

The phone girl “looked” at her giant counterpart, mostly at the chest area.

“I see, I see. An estimated bust size of fifteen meters, huh. My boobs are hopelessly huge. Hey, hey… want me to squish you in between them? Big boobs always feel good, you know.”

“I’d get f€¥£*ing crushed!” Soda screamed.

“If this were a pandering fanservice game full with pretty girls, there’d be a CG close up of my cleavage but…” the girl continued. “Too bad! This isn’t a fanservice game! Of course, since it’s not an action game either, you won’t even get to experience the refreshing sensation of battling an enormous final boss.” She laughed psychotically before she, her giant counterpart, and everything else around her froze.

It was revealed to be just a recording of the Killing School Trip, inside the Neo World Program, playing on a computer. Sitting in front of it was Makoto Naegi: one of the six surviving student from the previous Killing Game. He was known as the “Super High-School Level Hope” due to his belief and confidence in hope. Makoto put a hand on his face and sighed.

“Was there nothing serious that Junko couldn’t have made fun of? Even at Giantess size, her mind’s like that of a delinquent.”

Junko Enoshima, as Makoto would tell you, was a high-school fashionista, one of the Despair Sisters, the Mastermind of both Killing Games, the cause of the Ultimate Tragedy, and a complete despair-consuming nincompoop. She was known for her changing personality, teasing, excessive hunger for both food and despair, and treachery. Her reign of terror ended after she lost the final battle against Makoto and the other five surviving members of the Killing School Life games, and, after feeling happy for the amount of despair she endured, executed herself.

The despair she caused was soon countered with hope, Future Foundation’s efforts, and help from Makoto’s little sister, Komaru Naegi. Since then, the high school the first Killing Game started, Hope’s Peak Academy, was rebuilt by Makoto and his friends to make sure the place would get a second chance. The area where Junko executed herself remained there as a memorial for her by Makoto.

The giantess in the recording and the woman on the phone were actually part of an AI(Artificial Intelligence) downloaded into the Neo World Program. Like Junko, both were destroyed in the final battle. As of now, Junko Enoshima’s actions became a legacy.

Makoto was now the headmaster, or principal, of the newly rebuilt school. He promised himself that he wouldn’t let despair get out of hand again, not wanting to feel the pain of losing those close to you. However, he did watch some clips of the Killing Games to make sure that if someone like Junko Enoshima threw the world into despair, he would be prepared for any kind of situation they would be in. At least, that’s what he thought…


Makoto looked behind him to see his friend and vice principal of the school: Kyoko Kirigiri, the “Super High-School Level Detective”. Like Makoto, Kyoko was also a participant of the Killing Games. Her father, Jin Kirigiri, was the principal before the Tragedy, which was why Kyoko came to Hope’s Peak. When the incident occurred, she mostly tried to get along with her father until she was dragged away to be brainwashed for the Killing Games. Meanwhile, Jin was executed via rocket ship. When Kyoko woke up, she forgot all about her talent. But, she still felt her father’s passing somehow*. After escaping Hope’s Peak, she became Makoto’s boss in Future Foundation’s 14th Division. During the Final Killing Games, she was poisoned for violating her NG code, but not before drinking an antidote made by the now deceased Seiko Kimura, causing her to fall into a coma until she was woken up by Mikan Tsumiki, the “Super High-School Level Nurse.”

“Hey, Kiri,” Makoto said. “Is something the matter?”

“Yes. Something big, which is small, ironically. Look at this.” She placed a box between them and opened it up. Inside were little models of what appeared to be the execution sites in the Killing School Games. These included miniature versions of various sites, like:
•The Space Journey
•Million Blows
•The Motorcycle Cage of Death
•The Burning of the Versailles Witch
•Excavator Destroyer(with a toy excavator)
•After School Lesson(Makoto and Kyoko’s intended punishment)

“Are those…?” Makoto started to ask.

“Indeed,” Kyoko answered. “Junko’s little dioramas of every execution she executed. No pun intended. Looks like she’s been envisioning every scenario for the guilty since the beginning.” She picked up the toy excavator and gazed at it, then spacing out. It wasn’t until her friend cleared his throat that brought her back. “Sorry, Naegi. Just looking at this excavator and holding it in my hand makes me feel like I’m a giant, or giantess.”

“It’s okay. I know how you feel. Komaru use to make paper cites, then stomp them flat. I’d sometimes join her in crushing her cities.”

“Really? I guess it made you happy to pretend you were Godzilla with your sister.”

“Well, it did. But it was a bit embarrassing.” Makoto blushed in embarrassment and Kyoko was quick to see this. She chuckled at the sight of her friend’s pink cheeks.

“What?” The brunet asked. It was rare to hear Kyoko Kirigiri laugh.

“You’re blushing like a rose bush.” Just looking at Makoto made her blush as well.

“So what? You’re blushing, too.”

“Well, I can’t help it. I know you know I don’t laugh that often.”

“Yeah. How exactly do you know that?”

“I can see your thought bubble.” Makoto was stunned a bit until Kyoko let out a chuckle. “Just teasing. ‘Intuition’ as Maizono would’ve said.” Her brunet friend sighed in both relief and sadness.

Sayaka Maizono, the “Super High-School Level Idolmaster”, was also one of the participants of the Killing Games, and Naegi’s old friend (despite not being in the same class together). She was joyful, light-headed, and had an excellent voice. Sadly, she was one of the ten deceased participants. She tried to murder the “Super High-School Level Baseball Player”, Leon Kuwata, and frame Makoto in order to escape. However, the tables turned when Leon used a katana for self-defense and critically wounded Sayaka. She tried to hide in the bathroom to recover, but the baseball player didn’t want her to get away with it, and stabbed her with a knife she tried to use in killing him. In her final moments, Sayaka wrote Leon’s name on the wall in code: 11037. This was so her death would be avenged, and as an apology to Makoto. Now, whenever the brunet thought of the lunette, he would grieve silently, mostly in the shower.

“Sorry, Naegi. I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s okay. I’m sure Maizono’s laughing in the afterlife at that joke.” Both he and Kyoko chuckled together. “Besides, I can always go to the VR room and chat with her. There are some things she and I have to talk about. But, then again, there are some things that need to stay in the box.”

“Speaking of box, where should I put this?”

“Next to Junko’s memorial. Despite being the mastermind, she was our classmate after all, so it’s best if we pay our respects.” Before she executed herself, Makoto tried to snap Junko out of the despair she was inflicted with, but failed. She was so caught up in her own despair, not even the Super High-School Level Hope’s own hope-convincing speech could stop her.

“Okay, then. But, can I please keep the excavator?”

“Sorry, Kiri. I’ll buy you another toy excavator for you to play- I-I mean… examine.”

“Fine with me.” She placed the excavator in the box and closed the lids. Before she left, she turned to Makoto “Do you want some coffee?”

“Of course, I’m a bit parched and tired.”

Kyoko walked out of the office and into the staff room to get her friend coffee. She poured some coffee beans into the coffeemaker and filled it up with water before turning the machine on. After a minute of brewing, the coffee was finally done. She poured it into a mug while she thought to herself.

‘Naegi must be proud having a sister who pretends to be a giantess. I wish I can show him how much I enjoy that.’ After emptying her train of thoughts, she picked up the mug and began to walk out the room. That is, until she spotted a test tube sticking out of her bag. The purple-haired girl set the mug on a nearby counter and walked over to her bag. She pulled out the test tube, which was filled with turquoise salt-like grains. There was a label on it reading “Shrink X”.

‘Shrinking powder.’ She thought to herself. ‘Got to hand it to that Kimura: she sure knows her pills, antibodies, and drugs.’

During the Final Killing Games, Kyoko found both the antidote and shrinking powder in Seiko’s pocket.(Presumably, Seiko was going to shrink herself to slip out of her bracelet before growing back to full size and escape). Kyoko took the shrinking powder due to her giantess fantasies and wanted to use it for future use. That’s when it hit her.

“Maybe I can show Naegi how much I love giantesses.” Grinning evilly, she poured the powder into the mug, where it thankfully dissolved like salt. “Time to play with the principal.”


Kyoko returned to Makoto’s desk with the coffee mug in her hands. She nonchalantly kept her demeanor to trick Makoto into like nothing had happened. She gave the brunet the mug, and the deal was done.

“Thanks, Kiri. I’m glad you’re here with me.” Makoto said.

“Me too…” She replied, before whispering to herself. “…So I can play with you and smush you in between my breasts.”

“You said something, Kiri?”

“I-I said ‘Me too. That way I can help you so you can rest.”

“Okay.” The brunet, unaware of what was inside the coffee, sipped slowly, savoring the taste. “This coffee is amazing, and so sweet. What did you put in here?”

“That’s my ‘little’ secret.” She replied, secretly laughing in her mind.

Before long, Makoto drunk the mug empty. He even licked the inside of the mug to get what droplets of liquid was stuck to the sides. Kyoko found this both unexpected and cute. The brunet placed the mug on his desk and leaned back on his chair.

“Mmh. Delicious. Thanks, Kiri.”

Kyoko smiled. She had completed Phase 1 of her plot. Now all she had to do was wait for the “Shrink X” to take effect. She remembered that it would start just seconds after being ingested.

“Um, Kiri? Aren’t you going to take that box to Enoshima’s memorial?”

“Yeah, about that. I’m just going to leave them here and wait.”

Makoto was shocked hearing this from Kyoko. Once she promised to do something, she’d do it.

“Oh, I get it. You probably want me to come with you to the memorial room to pay our respects. Not that you need help or anything right now.”

“Well, I’m sorry, Naegi. But I’m afraid you won’t be much help anymore. Not when you’re able to fit into the palm of my hand.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You know that little secret I put in the coffee? Well, you’re about to find out what that secret was.”

Before Makoto could ask, he started feeling weird. A pain rushed to his stomach area, which he held in pain. He then looked down and saw the floor getting closer. ‘Why is my office suddenly getting bigger?’ He thought. The brunet then looked at his desk to find it getting bigger, and so was Kyoko. He then realized the room wasn’t growing. He was shrinking! After what seemed to be half a minute, Makoto was now five inches tall, nearly half a foot tall. “What the? Why is this happening?” He shouted.

The brunet looked around him to see that his office was very different at the size he was. The carpet hairs were the only things that he towered. Suddenly, he felt the ground shake. He looked up to find a giant Kyoko looking down at him. She got on her hands and knees and looked at the tiny principal.

“Hello there, Mini Makoto.” She teasingly joked before laughing. “Sometimes I wished I did this to my father or my grandfather.”

“Mini Makoto? Wait a minute… Was that ‘little’ secret in the coffee shrinking powder?”

“Seiko Kimura’s ‘Shrink X’ to be precise. Found it with the antidote and another test tube in her pocket.”

“Well, I’ve got to hand to her for her excellent medicine. But why did you pour her shrinking powder into my coffee?”

“Well Mini Makoto, if you must know, I had a fetish for small men when I little. Every time I saw Giantess video, I often envisioned myself playing with tiny men, chasing them, smushing them in between my breasts, eating them, or keeping them as pets. I just had to make that dream a reality.”

“Well, why me?”

“I thought you were happy to have a sister who likes to play ‘Attack of the 50ft Woman’. And I just wanted to make you even happier now that you’re able to experience it.”

“Kiri, you can’t do this to me! I’m your friend! Please tell me you’re going to grow me back to size? I can’t stay like this for… Wait! You did that all for me.”

Before Makoto could react, a hand quickly wrapped around him and brought him to his giant friend’s face. The brunet was worried that he made her mad.

“Of course, Mini-Makoto. You helped me find the light of hope through the darkness of despair. You convinced me that my father would’ve been proud if I continued on looking forward. Even when you thought I died, you did everything in your power bring the Earth back to its despair-free state. You’re the best friend I could ever have… not to mention the cutest boyfriend.”

Makoto blushed after hearing that statement, and Kyoko caught onto that. He had never heard Kyoko state such great sentences. Nor had he heard her call him “cute” before. He was seeing a more friendlier side to his giant friend than when he was normal sized.

“So, now that we cleared that up, how about a trip to the Moon?”


Kyoko placed her tiny friend on his desk. She opened the box and pulled out a Monokuma Rocket model(the same execution used on her father) and placed it next to Makoto. When he was normal sized, it looked as tall as a toddler. But now, the rocket looked like it was the same size as its actual counterpart.

“Is this what you mean by trip to the Moon?” He asked his friend worriedly.

“Yep. Sure is.” Kyoko answered. She opened the rocket’s doors and put her friend inside. “Have a nice ‘blast’, Mini Makoto.” She said before closed the doors. “This is Mission Control to Ultimate Hope: Prepare for Liftoff. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Blastoff!” She made takeoff noises while lifting the rocket off the table, even going as far as making airplane noises like a kid as she held it in her hand while walking around the room, moving her hand up and down, left and right. After a few minutes of playing with the rocket, she eventually felt satisfied and placed the rocket on the desk. She carefully opened the doors and a dizzy Makoto Naegi stepped out, with swirly cartoon eyes. “Did you enjoy your trip, Cadet Naegi?”

“T-t-titans s-stole my l-lunch, my dear Jaeger.” The dizzy principal uttered.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Kyoko picked up her shrunken friend and gave him a peck on the cheek, snapping him back to reality.

“Huh? K-K-KIRI! I… I didn’t do anything embarrassing, did I?”

“Well, besides stumbling around like a ballerina, you didn’t do much. But you’re still my cute Naegi.”


“Sure. I may be a giantess now, but I’m still your friend. And I won’t make suffer

“Yes, Kiri. What can I do to please you?” The purple haired girl set her friend down on the desk.

“Well, I’ve been walking around for a while, and my feet are very tired. I require a nice foot massage.”

“Massage? But Kiri, in most of the giantess stories and videos I’ve seen, the small people fail to appease the Giantess with a good foot massage. And look at me. I’m half the size of your feet and… Ohhhhhh. Right.” Makoto blushed at the mistake he made and looked away. Kyoko once again chuckled at her blushing friend. “Fine, I’ll massage your feet.”

“Thanks, Mini Makoto!”

Kyoko took off her shoes and socks, revealing her bare feet. She sat down on Makoto’s chair and laid back as she put her feet on the desk. The tiny principal walked up to his friend’s feet and started rubbing them. Despite the smell, he didn’t want to complain, lest he felt the fury of “Queen Kiri’s” feet.

“You know, if someone else tried to do this at your current size, I’d step on them like the bug they are if they didn’t put enough effort into it. But, like I said, I’m doing this for you. No need to worry about me getting angry.” Kyoko said before giggling. Makoto giggled, too. Luckily for him, Kyoko wasn’t the violent type. And he knew that this wouldn’t be the end of his giantess dream.


After what felt like five minutes, Kyoko felt that Makoto had done enough working on her feet. She picked the mini brunet up and put him on her shoulder. He hung on as his purple-haired friend put her socks and shoes back on.

"So, now what Naegi?"

"I’m actually not sure. Thought you had an idea since you’re doing this for me."

"Actually… I have one idea. But I’m not sure you’re going to like it."

"Come on, Kiri. I’m the 'Super High-school-level Hope' student. There’s nothing I can’t handle."

One Minute Later

"Yep. There’s definitely nothing I can’t handle."

Makoto was taped to the leg of a chair, not even bothering to struggle against it. In front of him was a miniature model of the pitching machine from "Million Blows". Like the brunet, it was half a foot tall, making it “normal-sized” compared to him. Unlike the real deal, it was remote-controlled and could only launch pompons(much to both Kyoko and Makoto’s relief). Kyoko was hesitant to activate the model, as she didn’t want to hurt her friend.

"It’s okay, Kiri" Makoto assured her, "I’ll be fine."

The lavender-haired girl felt nervous. She remembered the last person who was ‘punished’ by this was Leon Kuwata. Killed by a barrage of baseballs while tied to a post. But she remembered that she was doing this for her friend. Mustering up courage, she pressed the start button on the remote control, thus activating the machine. It shot out a few pompons at him like slow balls, before rapidly shooting countless pompons like a machine gun. Fortunately, the softness of the pompons meant that Makoto wasn’t seriously hurt. However, Kyoko wasn’t sure and deactivated the model, much to the brunet’s disappointment.

"Aww, why’d you stop?"

"I was worried you’d get hurt."

"Well, I’m hurt now… mentally hurt. You said this was your idea, and now you’re abandoning it?"

"I just… Seeing you get killed would’ve caused me to fall into despair."

This was what shocked Makoto. He had so much fun with his giantess fetish that he didn’t even notice about Kyoko’s precaution with handling him.

"I’m sorry, Kiri. I was just so excited with you being big. Well, me being small. If it’ll make you happy, I’ll be more careful with what I do. Starting with getting out of this stitch of tape."

Kyoko giggled as she kneeled down and peeled the tape off Makoto(and the chair). She then picked the little brunet up and placed him on the desk before leaning in and kissing him, causing both of them to blush. Makoto then noticed the mug Kyoko gave him earlier. He then looked at the box, and got an idea.

He wanted to try out the “Motorcycle Cage of Death”, but now knowing that his giant friend wanted to keep him safe, he decided to use the mug as the cage. Ironically, there was a good reason why the model had “death” in its name. During the Killing School Life, the cage was used by Monokuma to turn Super High School Level Biker Gang Leader, Mondo Owada, into butter.

"Kiri?" The brunet asked. "I think I know what I want to do." The lavender-haired giantess leaned in close as Makoto whispered into her ear. Her mouth formed a smile when she heard it. "I like that idea, Mini Makoto" she said. She picked up her miniature friend and placed him inside the mug. It still had some drops of coffee inside it, but Makoto didn’t care. He gave a thumbs up to his friend, signifying that he was ready.

Kyoko grabbed the mug by the handle and held it close to her body, just incase. She started to shake the mug in a swirling motion, as Makoto held on for the ride. She swirled it faster and faster and faster until she felt it was enough. She placed the mug on the desk as a dizzy Makoto peeked up from the rim of the mug.

"I don’t know why I even wanted to do that" the swirly-eyed brunet said before shaking his dizziness off. "But at least it wasn’t deadly."

Kyoko sighed in relief. She then looked at her shrunken friend. "What do you want to do now? Hopefully not play with more of those models."

"Well, it was either the 'Witch Trial' model or doing your nails. And frankly, I’d enjoy doing your nails."

Kyoko smiled at the thought of a shrunken Makoto doing her nails. It was one of the many tortures shrunken men were put up against in mini-giantess settings. Now, she could experience it. No, both of them could experience it, together. "I’d be happy for you to do my nails, Naegi. But just incase, let’s just test the 'Witch Trial' model for any flaws." She didn’t want to say that the possible flaws would be fatal. If the models were like their actual counterparts, she didn’t want her friend to end up barbecued like Celestia Ludenberg, the Super High School Level Gambler. And thankfully, he didn’t…


What looked like a burnt pile of wood was once the model for the "Burning of the Versailles Witch". Apparently, Junko Enoshima had made this model too much like the actual thing. Now, it just laid there on the floor. A relieved Kyoko and Makoto watched nearby.

"So, nails?" The brunet asked his giant lavender-haired friend.



No sooner had they put the burnt remains of the model inside a bag(which was placed inside the box with the other models) was Makoto helping Kyoko paint her fingernails. He took off his headmaster uniform and now sported a white t-shirt. In front of him was a bottle of pink nail polish. He didn’t bother using the lid brush that came with said bottle. Instead, he dipped both of his hands in the nail polish. Once they were covered in pink lacquer, he walked over to his gigantic friend as she placed her burnt left hand on the desk.

The brunet wasn’t sure if he could apply nail polish to a burnt hand, but he wasn’t going to be distracted from his fetish reality. So he started with the pinkie, rubbing his hands all over the nail as if he was finger painting. Once the polish was applied, he smoothed it down to ensure that no paint bubbles would appear. He continued this process for the other fingers(and thumbs) on each hand until every nail was tickled pink. How he managed to do all of Kyoko’s nails in under ten minutes astonished him.

Even Kyoko was impressed. Of course, the brunet did climb up a lot of ladders after he was 'accidentally' dumped down a garbage chute. Even at his current size, he still had hope and confidence. No victim in the giantess videos she watched had that.

Whether the victim(mostly a man) was shrunken or the giantess was fifty feet tall didn’t matter. For every time the victim tried tried to appease the giantess, he would fail and get crushed to death by the foot of the angry female. They, however, only cared about their own safety. The giantess, on the other hand, would only care about herself. But their selfless acts had flaws, and would result in death to either of them(whether it be under the giantess’ foot for the victim, or carelessness for the giantess). Following them would be despair, which would bring riots and, possibly, the end of mankind.

Makoto, however, cared for her. And Kyoko cared for him. This had no flaws, and the outcome of this was hope.

"Kyoko, do you want me to massage your scalp?"

She quickly snapped out of her thoughts and looked at her shrunken friend. He still had nail polish all over his hands. What purpose was it to massage someone’s scalp if your hands were covered in paint. "Only after you wash your hands, Mini Makoto." She picked up her shrunken friend and carried him towards the teachers’ lounge to give him a bath.


"Yes, Naegi?"

"When you handed me the mug with Shrink X in it, you wanted to squeeze me in between your breasts, didn’t you?"

"Yes. Sorry."

"Don’t be. I’d be happy to be between your breasts. Actually, I’ve dreamt about that when…"

"When you first met me?"

"How did you…? Oh, let me guess. Intuition?"



Taking a bath wasn’t easy for Makoto, due to his small size. Even if he and Kyoko had the school to themselves, both were embarrassed to take off their clothes and reveal their privates. But fortunately, Kyoko had a solution: a small bathtub for a small man. She attached one end of a garden hose  she found to the faucet, and screwed on a bottle cap on the other end. The cap had holes poked into it, so the water could sprinkle out like a shower.

Makoto stood inside a strainer placed on top of a waste bucket. Thankfully, he was too big to accidentally slip and fall through the small holes. But all he was focused on right now was privacy.

Fortunately for him, Kyoko had placed a plastic plate on the strainer, and cut a hole in it so that the hose would fit into it. So not only would the hose be stabilized, but she also wouldn’t accidentally catch a glimpse of her boyfriend’s naked body.

"Ready, Naegi?"

"Ready, Kiri."

Kyoko walked towards the sink and turned on the faucet. Warm water flowed through the hose and sprayed onto the tiny brunet. He had taken off his clothes and given them to Kyoko before she turned on the faucet. Now, he could enjoy a nice, warm shower.

The last time Makoto had taken a shower at Hope’s Peak was during the Killing Games. After Maizono’s body was removed from the stall, he took a late night shower to try and restore his inner peace. But it didn’t work, all because of Junko’s despair.

Thankfully, he wouldn’t feel despair anymore. Not when he had friends who believed in hope.

"How’s it going in there, Naegi?"

"It’s nice and refreshing in here, Kiri."

"Just let me know when you’re done. There’s still so many things I want to do with you before I restore you back to normal."

"Thanks, Kiri."

Makoto decided to stay in for five more minutes. Meanwhile, the water in the waste bucket kept rising almost every five seconds. Kyoko hoped Makoto wouldn’t forget.

"Kiri, I’m done."

After the aforementioned five minutes were over, Kyoko turned off the faucet. She pulled the hose out of the cutout and carried the strainer to the table. The lavender-haired detective then placed the strainer on the table and took off the plate covering it without even peeping at her shrunken boyfriend.

She then walked over to the sink and grabbed a towel with one hand, before walking back to the table and tipping the strainer to let Makoto out with the other hand. She placed the towel in front of him so he could dry off, and gave him his shrunken clothes to put on. When he stepped out, he looked clean as a whistle, which is what Kirigiri did.

"Something tells me you like what you see, Kiri."

"So you noticed."

"Well, anyway, let’s continue with our fun."


Back in the principal’s office, Kyoko watched happily as Makoto tussled with the toy excavator. The toy digger was only an inch higher than the brunet(seven if you count the arm). The lavender-haired girl could only giggle as Makoto struggled against the machine.

"Need some help, Mini Makoto?"

"Nope, I got this."

Makoto pulled the excavator’s arm with all his might. He pulled…

"I can do this."

…and pulled…

"Almost there!"

…and pulled…

…until he lost grip and fell face first on the desk.


"Are you okay, Naegi?" Kyoko asked.

"The only thing that’s hurt is my feelings," Makoto playfully said in his sad voice. "Please avenge me."

"No problem."

Kyoko placed her middle finger on the toy excavator and gave it a little push. Not too much force. But just enough for her to tip the excavator over and let it fall on its side. Makoto ran towards the finger and hugged it.

"Thanks, Queen Kiri."

"Queen Kiri?"

"It was the best I could come up with."

The two laughed at that. But it wouldn’t last. A rumble suddenly got their attention. They looked at the source: Kyoko’s stomach. The lavender-haired girl blushed.

"Sorry, I forgot breakfast."

"It’s okay. Hey, I got an idea."

"What is it?"

"It’s kind of related to the 'After School Punishment'."

"Okay. Spill the beans, Naegi. What’s the big deal? No pun intended."

"A trust fall. I’ll fall over the edge of the desk, and you catch me."

"You want to do a trust fall?"

"With a twist."

"What twist?"

"Instead of catching me with your hands, I want you to catch me with your mouth."


"You heard me."

"But, that’s like eating you…"

"And what do most giantesses do when they see tiny men?"

"You have a point, but…"

"You don’t have to eat me. When I land in your mouth, you can spit me back on the desk. Okay?"


The brunet stood on the edge of the desk as Kyoko positioned herself beneath him. She opened her mouth as wide as she could. She waited for Makoto to take the jump. And he did. Hopefully he doesn't miss, Kyoko thought.


Before Makoto knew it, a pair of giant hands trapped him inside them. He felt himself going higher and higher. When the hands opened, Makoto was shocked to see…



Makoto was surprised to see his little sister here at a time like this. Did I say little sister? I meant younger sister, due to terms of high being reversed.

Komaru turned towards Kyoko. The lavender-haired girl could see fury in the green-haired teen’s eyes. And who could blame her? Komaru did think Kyoko was going to eat Makoto, as she had watched many giantess vore videos and see the outcome.

"Kyoko," Komaru began, "What on Earth were you thinking?"

"It was just a game, Komaru."

"Game Shmame. I know a giantess eating a shrunken man when I see one. And it looked like you were eating Makoto."

"But I wasn’t."


"Komaru," Makoto jumped in, "She’s telling the truth. We were playing a game."

"Really? If you were playing a game, why were you about fall into her open, hungry mouth?"

"It was my version of Trust Fall. Instead of catching me with her hands, she would catch me with her mouth."


"Don’t worry," Kyoko said calmly, "I was going to spit him back out after."

"Well, that’s a relief," Komaru exhaled, "But I still have one question? How did Makoto get so small in the first place?"

"I placed some 'Shrink X' in his coffee. At first, he panicked. But then he got use to it."

"Why would you do that to him?"

"When he told me how much you enjoyed pretending to be a giantess, I wanted to show him how much I enjoy being one, too."

"So you shrunk him because you wanted to share your feelings with him?"

"Yes… Please don’t get upset."

"Oh, I am upset…"

"Komaru, I’m…"

"…upset that you didn’t invite me to join you."


"I always dreamed of playing with my brother when he shrunk. That’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And now I can experience it."

"So, you’re happy?" Makoto asked.

"Definitely!" The green-haired girl said in glee. "And I know exactly what I want to do first…"

"What?" Makoto and Kyoko asked.

Before any of them could react, Komaru picked up her shrunken brother and popped him into her mouth. Kyoko gasped. The green-haired girl moved her brother around her mouth, savoring his taste. She moaned in delight at how tasty her brother was.

But being the caring person she was, she spat Makoto out onto her hand. The brunet was covered from head to toe with saliva. He didn’t looked pleased.

"Komaru," he said, "Next time, let us know what you’re thinking about before you do it."

"Sorry, Makoto."

"Don’t you mean 'Mini Makoto?'" Kyoko corrected.

"Oh, yeah. Mini Makoto."

The three shared a laugh before Kyoko spoke to the Naegi siblings.

"Komaru, do you mind if I have a taste of Makoto?"

"Sure thing," The green-haired girl said.

"Whatever makes you happy, Kiri," Makoto added.

Kyoko picked up the shrunken and salivated brunet from Komaru’s hand and dangled him over her mouth. "Down the hatch," she said before opening her mouth and dropping Makoto into it. She closed her lips and started tasting Makoto. Somehow, Komaru’s saliva made him even more tasty. So tasty, she almost wanted to swallow him.


She spat out the shrunken brunet and placed him on the desk. Makoto looked up as both giantesses gazed down on him. Then, they looked at each other.

"So, now what?" Komaru asked Kyoko.

"I was thinking off squishing him between our breasts."

"That’s a great idea." Komaru grabbed her brother and rubbed him on her shirt. "Just got to dry him off, and then we can smush him."

After Makoto was completely dried off, Komaru placed him between her breasts. She started rub them against him, while her brother felt himself pressed against two soft walls of skin and fat. He enjoyed every second, and his excitement grew when Kyoko back Komaru into a wall and pressed her breasts against hers. He was so overjoyed with being trapped between two pairs of breasts he didn’t notice what was going on above.

Back with our two "giantesses", they looked at each other with smiles. They were happy with making Makoto happy. Plus, it was a good excuse for playtime.

"You know," Komaru said to Kyoko, "If you marry my brother, that’d make me your sister-in-law."

"I’d be to proud to have one of those," the lavender-haired teenager said.

The two then exchanged small pecks before kissing each other on the lips. And no, they did not touch tongues. That would be too extreme (even by Danganronpa standards).

After finishing their kiss, the two "giantesses" gasped when they realized they forgot Makoto. Kyoko picked him out of Komaru’s breasts. His eyes were swirly, a definite sign that he passed out.


"So… many… breasts…"

The two girls looked at him with insulted looks, but then started laughing. They then looked at each other.

"Anymore ideas, Kyoko?"

"Well, I do have one more…"


After Makoto snapped out of his daze, Kyoko and Komaru took him the VR room for Kyoko’s "special surprise." In many giantess stories, there are often VR chambers that let the female characters rampage around with no care. But the chambers only work for a while. But thankfully, this wouldn’t be the case.

Instead of running on electricity or gas, Makoto decided that the VR room should run in natural power. In other words, he decided to let it run on sunlight. That’s right. The VR room was solar powered, not to mention lunar powered. That way, the VR system could keep running even after the sun went down.

"So, what’s this special surprise, Kiri?" The brunet asked.

"The surprise is this," Kyoko said as they entered the room. "VR System, Activate."

The room began to power on. Lights glowed and small, virtual particles swarmed around the three. These particles were as big as the now five inch tall Makoto. He could guess what was happening.

Good Afternoon, Ms. Kirigiri, said a feminine robotic voice, How may I serve you today?

"VR System, me and Komaru are giantesses, rampaging across the city of Japan."

Suddenly, the particles swarmed above them and manifested into a giant head. The head resembled the deceased cross dresser and technician, Chihiro Fujisaki. This was actually Alter Ego, an A.I. unit created by Fujisaki during the Killing Games. Thankfully, she still lived on in the school’s internet system.

As you wish, Ms. Kirigiri, it said before looking at Komaru. Hello, Komaru. It’s nice to meet the sister of the headmaster.

"Thanks. I’m delighted to meet you, too."

The A.I. then noticed the shrunken Makoto in Kyoko’s hands. It should signs of confusion.

Headmaster Makoto? Is that you?

"Well, me or a small person who looks like me."

Why are you so small?

"Long story," Kyoko explained. "I’ll return him to normal after we rampage in the city."

"One thing, Alter Ego," Makoto said, "Can you make the surroundings look normal to my size? I.e. I’m like the same size as the people panicking."

Sure thing, Headmaster Makoto.

Suddenly, the head started spinning rapidly before dissipating into small particles. In a matter of seconds, a city took over the emptiness of the room. The ceiling became a bright blue sky, mountains could be seen to the east, and an ocean splashed on the west beachside.

Kyoko placed Makoto on the virtualized road. To his surprise, everything looked normal-sized from his perspective. The cars, trees, buildings, streets, everything. Everything except his giant friend and his equally-sized sister, who both looked to be 600 feet tall. To them, everything looked puny. Only the tallest building dwarfed them.

"So now what?" Makoto asked.

"We’re going to place hide and seek," Kyoko answered, "We’ll count to thirty and when we’re done, you better be hiding."

"It’ll just be like when we were little, brother," Komaru exclaimed, "And when I meant little, I meant younger. Not as small as you."

"I kinda knew that."

"Ready? One, two, three…"

Makoto got the hint as he took off running. Where could he hide at his size? Not in an alley. That’s where giantesses always check first. In a car?

'No, they would accidentally squish me,' he thought.

In the sewers?

'Too dirty. Plus, they might accidentally step on an unstable part of the road and their feet would good right through it.'

In a tree?

'They might not see me in a tree. But what if they were hungry and decided to have a salad?'

The beach?

'Too far away.'

Inside a building?

'They would find me for sure, even if I was well hidden. But if I was in a place they couldn’t reach…'

Makoto made a sharp left and scrambled into the nearest building, and thankfully, it was taller than both Kyoko and Komaru, about eighty stories high compared to Kyoko’s height of 5'6" and Komaru’s height of 5'4". As he entered an elevator, he hoped that the giantesses wouldn’t climb it. Speaking of which, both girls were almost finishing counting.

"…28, 29, 30. Ready or not; here we come!"

As Makoto had predicted, Komaru checked a nearby alley, but didn’t find her brother. Meanwhile, Kyoko looked into the buildings to catch a glimpse of her boyfriend. She tapped some windows, just to see if he would jump out. But she didn’t see her "Mini Makoto". Her stomach growled once again. And this time, she wasn’t the only one to hear it.

"Sounds like you missed breakfast, Kyoko."

"Definitely did, Komaru." She looked down and saw a tree. She knelt down to uproot it, inadvertently crushing a car with her knee in the process. After uprooting said tree, she looked in its leaves to see if Makoto was hiding in it. Fortunately, he wasn’t. The lavender-haired girl then bit down on the leafy part of the tree, before tearing it off. As she chewed, she was surprised that the leaves tasted exactly like lettuce. She gulped down her mouthful and released a small burp. "That was somehow satisfying."

"May I have the trunk?" Komaru asked.


"Thank you." She took what was left of the tree and threw in her mouth. She could feel the bark, wood, and roots being crushed and flattened by her teeth. It was somewhat like eating a churro. She gulped it down and sighed. "That was delicious."

"Sure was. But I’m still hungry."

"Don’t worry. After we find Makoto, I have a surprise meal for you."

"Really? What?"

"If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it?"

"No. But it’s okay. I can wait."

"Great, let’s find Makoto."

Found him.

Komaru and Kyoko looked up to see a five-inch version of Chihiro Fujisaki flying above them. And when I meant fly, I literally mean it. Two hawk-like wings sprouted from her back, which helped her fly.


Up there.

The three looked to the building Makoto was currently in. Komaru and Kyoko then looked at the flying cross-dresser in confusion.

"Why are you helping us?" Komaru asked the A.I.

Secretly, the A.I began, Fujisaki also wanted to be a giantess, or giant. That way, he could scare those who bullied him into submission and hoped he wouldn’t get picked on again.

"So, you’re trying to make his wish come true?" A simple nod from the blond answer her question. "Well, I’m happy for you to join us in our rampage, VR System."

Thank you, Ms. Kirigiri.

"But wait," Komaru interrupted, "If Fujisaki was a boy, wouldn’t that make you a giant?"

Actually, I would be a girly giant. Or, in terms of genetic behaviors, a giant tom-girl.

"Well, that’s good enough for me."

Thank you, Komaru.

"But how are we suppose to let Makoto know we found him?"

"Leave it to me," Kyoko said.


Makoto was on the top floor, hiding under an office desk. He was confident that the giantesses wouldn’t find him in here. They wouldn’t climb, less they hurt him if the building fell over. But he knew he couldn’t hide here forever.

His stomach growled. He remembered he didn’t pack anything for lunch, because he and Kyoko would’ve been leaving after they left the box of models at Junko’s memorial. But he didn’t panic. Even if this was a simulation, the virtual food would hold him off until he left. Only one problem: the food was down on the third floor, where he would be spotted by Kyoko or Komaru and lose the game.

"Not to worry," he said to himself, "This is a simulation, after all. Anything here can be edible, right?"

Wise observation, Headmaster Makoto.

Makoto jumped in surprised. He looked back to see Alter Ego with a clipboard in one hand and pen in the other. The brunet was quick to notice that the blond had wings.

"Alter Ego. What are you doing here? And why do have wings?"

One: I’m here to help you with your dilemma. And two: I think they look pretty, don’t you?

"Of course they do, A.I. But, don’t you mean dilemmas? Aren’t there two giant woman waiting for me outside?"

Not to worry, Headmaster. They moved on. Listen.

Makoto heard two voices. Undoubtedly Kyoko and Komaru.

"Well, I guess Mini Makoto isn’t here, Komaru."

"Indeed, Kyoko. Let’s move on."

Makoto then heard footsteps, getting quieter and fainter until he couldn’t hear them anymore. He could assume they were gone. But he wasn’t sure.

"Are they gone?"

According to my scans, they have left this area. And my scans never lie.

"Well, that’s a relief. But why do have a clipboard?"

It’s to help with your hunger, Headmaster.

"So, you want me to eat that clipboard?"

Of course. Anything for Headmaster Makoto.

"Well then. Thank you for the food." Makoto took a bite out of the clipboard. To his surprise, it tasted like pizza. He soon scarfed the whole thing down with great gusto. When he finished, he released a big burp. He blushed in embarrassment while the A.I. giggled. "Delicious. Too bad real clipboards aren’t as tasty."

Thankfully, you have me to make certain, inedible things tasty, the Alter Ego said as she popped the pen in her mouth. Plus, I love eating some of the things I can create.

"So, are you sure it’s safe to come out?"

Absolutely, Headmaster. But first, would you accompany me to the fiftieth floor? I have something personal I want to discuss.

"But why not here?"

It’s important concerning making this city look realistic.

"Well, we can’t let this city look fake. Let’s go."


As Makoto and the Chihiro Fujisaki A.I.(who had finished eating) walked down to the fiftieth floor, Makoto wondered how long it would be until Komaru and Kyoko found out they were duped. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be long.

When he entered the room the A.I. told him to go in to, he gasped as a giant purple eye gazed from outside. Suddenly, a giant hand broke through the wall and grabbed him before he could escape. As the brunet was pulled out of the building, the winged blond followed. Makoto then found himself looking at a smiling Kyoko.

"Found you, Mini Makoto."

"How did…?" He stuttered before he turned to the A.I. "I thought you said they were gone. You said your scans never lied."

They don’t, I do, the blond said, I also revealed your location to them.

"That’s cheating! I demand a rematch!"

"Sorry, Mini Makoto. You snooze, you lose."

Ms. Kirigiri has a point, Headmaster.

"Well, then there’s no use for that building anymore. Kiri?"

"Way ahead of you."


Before Kyoko could smash the building, she looked at Komaru. The green-haired girl looked frantic.

"What is it, Komaru?"

"You said after we found Makoto, I can show you your surprise meal."

"So what’s the surprise?"

"This!" Komaru grabbed onto the building and took a big chomp out of it. She moaned as she chewed up the cement, bricks and glass inside her mouth. Kyoko and the A.I. were surprised, while Makoto didn’t look too surprised at all. Soon, Komaru swallowed her fill and grinned. "Delicious."

"Did you just take a bite out of that building?"

"Yeah. I use to eat most of the paper buildings I played with when I was younger."

"Naegi, you didn’t tell me about that."

"Well, probably because he was embarrassed. Sometimes, when he played with me, he ate some buildings too. He called them 'Structural Candy Bars.'"

"Thank you for acknowledging that," Makoto sarcastically said.

"Don’t worry," Komaru said, "I’ll give you a piece."

She broke off a small piece of rubble and tossed it to her brother who caught it.

"Well, thanks for the food." The brunet took a bite. He was amazed at not only how his teeth managed to slice and crush through the hard material, but how much it tasted like chocolate. He swallowed and sighed. "My compliments. Delicious."

"Thank you. I just don’t understand while most giantesses don’t even think about eating buildings. They’re just as delicious as little men."

"Can I have a bite?" Kyoko asked.

"Sure. Any meal for me is a meal for my friends."

Kyoko took a bite out of the building. She found the taste to be sweet and satisfying rather than bitter and disgusting. After she swallowed her fill, she took another bite out of the structure. And another. And another.

"Um, Kyoko," Komaru asked as the hungry lavender-haired girl munched her way towards her, "I think that’s more than one bite. You might cause the building to…"

Suddenly, cracks sprouted from where the parts Kyoko ate once lied, slithering around the structure like a constrictor after its meal. Then, there was a loud snap. The top thirty floors of the building slowly tipped over.


The two giantesses backed up just as the upper part of the tower crashed onto the streets. But it didn’t stop there. It continued to fall, right towards the beach. Anything in its way was demolished in a matter of seconds. When the top of the falling building reached the beach, it splashed into the sea. This caused waves to form and sweep up anything not bolted to the ground. The tsunami was just like a normal wave to the two girls, and only reached their feet.

Kyoko muffled something to Komaru, who didn’t understand due to the detective having so much rubble in her mouth. The lavender-haired girl swallowed it all in one big gulp. Komaru and Makoto could actually see the outline of it going down her throat.

"Sorry," Kyoko finally said, "it was just so tasty. I had to eat it all."

"Kiri," Makoto said, "I haven’t seen you like this since you woke up from your coma."

"Yeah, well… I was starving from the lack of nutrition after I woke up. But this… I’ve got nothing."

"Kyoko," said Komaru, "I didn’t say you had to take only one bite. But I was worried about what would happen if that building fell on you. Makoto could’ve gotten hurt."

Kyoko suddenly realized her mistake. Before, she was more concerned with Makoto’s safety than her antics. Now, she had put him in grave danger.

"Sorry, Naegi."

"It’s alright. You were just excited."

Kyoko lifted the brunet to her lips and gave him the biggest kiss he ever felt. "I’m going to be more careful. I promise." She handed her shrunken boyfriend to his sister. "Now if you excuse me, I’ve got a date with some delicious decadent demolition." She walked to the beach, and entered the sea, wading towards the roof of the falling building to continue her big buffet. Meanwhile, Komaru and Makoto exchanged smiles.

"It’ll be a long time for her to finish that," the green-haired teen said to her brother. She sat down on the street to rest her legs. "So, maybe you can tell me about how your adventure with the giant Kyoko were."

"Well, it all started after Kyoko gave me my coffee…"

As the brunet chatted, the VR Chihiro A.I. observed Kyoko consuming the building bite after bite. She then looked at Komaru and the shrunken headmaster. The blond thought that the moment between both Naegis was a special one. Who’d thought a giantess would be so caring to a tiny man? That’s when it realized there weren’t any simulated people. This city certainly wasn’t looking real. But that would change…

"…covered my hands with nail polish to do the task quickly. Well, in most giantess videos, the victim doesn’t often succeed. But because Kyoko’s so-"

A loud honk interrupted him. Komaru looked back to find a red car humming. The driver, an angry driver, wasn’t pleased by the green-haired giantess sitting in his path. Komaru, meanwhile, wasn’t pleased at the driver’s actions. She placed her brother on the roof of a nearby building. Then she picked up the car and held it in front of her face.

"That was very rude," she began, "Interrupting my brother’s story. Guess I’ll have to teach you a lesson." Komaru then shoved the entire car, driver and all, into her mouth. Makoto and Alter Ego could hear the bending of metal, the breaking of glass, and the crushing of bones inside her mouth. Komaru gulped down the wreckage and grinned. Surprisingly, her teeth were spotless. Not one speck of blood.

Don’t worry, the A.I. said, I made sure that this simulation wasn’t too realistic.

"So that means no blood?"


"Wait. Did you make that car with the stubborn driver I ate?"

Correct again, Komaru.

"Well, thank you for my snack. I think virtual cars and buildings are my new favorite foods."

"After sparrow nests, tuna eyes, and roasted kangaroos?" Makoto questioned.

"Exactly. And speaking of kangaroos…"

Komaru looked towards her left, where a zoo was located. The green-haired girl had a strange taste in foods, and one of her favorites was kangaroos. She looked back at her shrunken brother and smiled.

"Makoto, do you mind if I leave you here while I go eat lunch?"



Komaru then ran off to the zoo for a feast. Makoto groaned in annoyance. Despite his sister’s bravery and kindness, she was still childlike. He then looked at Kyoko, who had finished the top part of the building and was now eating the foundation. He hated to compare both giantesses as being childlike, but there was evidence right in front of him. And speaking of front…

Headmaster Makoto?

"Yes, Alter Ego?" When Makoto faced Alter Ego, he leapt back in shock. "What happened?"

Isn’t it obvious?

Indeed, it was. Alter Ego was now a giant. Though because of his looks, you could easily mistake him for a giantess. He was around the same size as Chihiro Fujisaki, around 4'1". But to Makoto, the blond was around 450 feet tall, as big as the building he was on.

"As much as I hate to admit it, Monokuma was right…" the brunet said, "You and Fujisaki are the most girliest girls, well, boys."

The A.I. giggled at the shrunken headmaster’s remark. Yes, he said, but I do look pretty. Pretty big and strong.

"Yeah. Strong enough to squish me to a pulp."

I could. But that would be evil. How about I lick you instead?


Makoto walked up to the giant Alter Ego. The blond stuck out his tongue and licked the headmaster, covering him in saliva. If the A.I. wanted to, he could’ve swallowed Makoto and let him simmer in his stomach. Being virtual meant the blond’s stomach wouldn’t digest the brunet.

According to my scans, you have a taste combo of 50% ramen, 45% chocolate, and 5% steak. A perfect flavor for any taste bud. Including mine.

"Thank you for the compliment, Alter Ego."


Makoto and Alter Ego turned to the sound of Kyoko burping. She had finished the foundation in a matter of seconds, and looked quite satisfied. The lavender-haired girl looked where she last saw Komaru, only to find a human-sized Alter Ego with the shrunken Makoto.

"Alter Ego," she said, "I didn’t expect you to be part of our brigade."

Well, I couldn’t let you hog all the fun, the A.I. explained. It’s about time I joined in with this rampaging and smashing.

"Glad to have you. Wait, where’s Komaru?"

"Right here!"

Makoto and the giants looked back to see the girl in question walk towards them. She had something in her mouth, hence why she was chewing.

"Where were you?"

Komaru swallowed. "I’m sorry. It’s just that there was a zoo nearby and I couldn’t resist going there. I had to have kangaroo meat. Well, I also did manage to have a side of elephants, hippos, lions, zebras…"

"You ate all the animals at the zoo?"

"Well, I did also eat their enclosures and snack on any zookeepers or tourists unlucky enough to escape my grasp. And I did have one or two carts and cars."

"You must’ve been really hungry, Komaru," Makoto said.

"Actually, I was just experiencing all the different tastes in this virtual world." Four distinct honks got her attention. She looked down and saw four more cars honking at her feet. "And speaking of tastes…" She picked up three of the cars and handed one to Kyoko, and one to Alter Ego. "Well, dig in." She stuffed the car in her mouth and chewed it up.

Alter Ego and Kyoko didn’t need to be told twice. They took small bites from their cars as if they were eating hamburgers. To Kyoko’s surprise, it did taste like a hamburger. She quickly scarfed the rest of the vehicle down, just as Alter Ego finished his.

"Delicious," the lavender-haired girl said.

I couldn’t agree more, Alter Ego agreed.

"Now," Komaru said, looking down at the last car. "Who’s up for car pancakes?" She didn’t have to ask twice, because both Kyoko and Alter Ego raised their hands. They, too, looked down at the car. Then, Alter Ego raised his foot and brought it down so fast, the car was flattened by the impact. After the blond raised his foot off the car, Kyoko stomped it. Then, Komaru. The trio continued to stomp on the car until it was a flattened hunk of junk. Komaru peeled it off the road and tore it into three pieces. She gave one piece to Kyoko and one to Alter Ego. "Let’s dig in."

"Wait," Kyoko said. "How about we eat our pieces at the same time?"

"Great idea, Kyoko."

Excellent, even, Alter Ego agreed.

"Okay, on three," the lavender-haired girl said. "1. 2. 3!" The two giantesses, and giant, stuffed their flattened pieces of car into their mouths. They chewed for a few seconds before gulping their mouthfuls. "Not bad."

"So, now that we had our meal, guess it’s time for some destruction," Komaru said. "I call the ocean."

And I since I have wings, I can cause chaos from above, Alter Ego said.

"Guess that leaves us with the rest of the city," Kyoko said to Makoto.

"Well, I was kinda hoping you would say that," the brunette agreed. Alter Ego unfolded her wings and flew into the sky, while Komaru turned and walked into the ocean. Kyoko picked up her miniaturized boyfriend and placed him on her shoulder as she walked into the heart of the city.


Komaru waded through the ocean thanks to her height. Surprisingly, her clothes weren’t getting soaked. But that was because this was all just a simulation.

The green-haired giantess stopped and looked down at the water. She thrusted her hand into the water and pulled it back out, holding a bunch of tuna fish. She then dumped the entire school of fish into her mouth and chewed them up before swallowing.

"Not bad," she said. "I’m just glad this is a simulation. Otherwise, I would’ve put the entire species in danger. We’ve lost so many animals after the fight with despair."

Then, she saw a couple of cruise ships in the distance. The giantess smirked as she waded to her new play things.

Of course, the people on both cruise ships were bewildered by the size of the mega giantess. The closer she got, the more massive she appeared. Komaru decided to start with the ship closest to her. She picked up the ship with both hands and brought it to her mouth.

"You know, I’ve tried cruise line food before. But this is my first time I’ve ever had an actual cruise liner. Bon appetite."

Komaru opened her mouth and took a big chomp out of the bow of the ship. She could hear the metal being crushed in her mouth. She swallowed and licked her lips.

"Tastes great. But, then again, this is just a simulation."

After seeing Komaru eating the front of the cruise liner, the people on both ships began to panic. Some leapt off the ships(though with the ship Komaru was holding being above the water, those people were surely to meet an untimely demise). That didn’t matter to Komaru. She continued to eat the ship she was holding(and people on it) until it was in her stomach.

"So delicious." She said. Then, she went to the other ship. Having had a taste of cruise liner, she decided to do some playing with the other. She felt the ship brush against her dress.

"How dare you poke me! For that, I’ll poke you back." And she did, pushing the ship back a few feet. Despite her size, she still had to kiss her finger.

"Ow… that ship is pretty strong." She then looked down at the ship.

"Look out, little people. A hurricane is coming." Komaru formed an O with her lips and exhaled on the ship, unleashing gale force winds that blew away anything that wasn’t nailed down. People were hanging on for dear life to anything that was bolted down, but even then, they were getting bruised and battered by flying objects, like other people, or by the sheer powerful force of the wind.

"Aww, are you all hurt? Don’t worry, I’ll make you feel better…" Komaru said. The green-haired girl then formed a fist with her right hand and thrusted into the cruise ship, leaving a hole in the hull. Water soon flooded into the hole, as the ship began to take on water. Komaru watched as it slowly sunk into the water.

"…by putting you out of your misery."

Just then, Komaru felt something explode off her chest. She looked and saw five battleships approaching her.

"Teehee. As much as I would like to have a battleship for lunch, I’ll probably do it some other time." She then raised her right hand as something materialized in it. It was her hacking gun. She aimed it at one of the ships(the one that shot her).

"You have power, you know that? How about showing it to your friends? LINK!" She shot a rainbow-colored orb at the ship. Although it didn’t explode, the mounted guns on the ship began to aim at another ship, which Komaru pointed out with her hacking gun. Suddenly, the controlled ship fired at the other ship, causing it to explode. As the crew of the ship scrambled to regain control of it, they didn’t notice the giantess charging up another shot.

"Guess you’re all going to get fired. Literally. BURN!" Komaru shot a red orb at the ship that was once under her control. Once the orb made contact, the ship bursted into flames. As it exploded in different sections, soldiers were diving into the water as balls of fire.

The giantess then decided she had enough fun with the ships and blasted remaining three with her "BREAK" bullets. As she watched the ships sink, she wiped her forehead with her free hand. She then looked at her hacking gun and saw it dematerialize from her grip.

"Better save my gun for later when I encounter more enemies, again." She then continued to wade further out to sea.


Like Komaru, Alter Ego was having the time of his life, despite the fact that he was an A.I. As he soared through the skies, he saw a small passenger plane from the corner of his eye. It was flying below him.

I’ve always wondered what airline food tasted like, The A.I. said to himself. Guess I’m about to find out.

The blond followed the airplane, flying slightly above it so he wouldn’t be noticed. Then, he grabbed the aircraft with his hands and held it against his chest. He then ripped off the wings of the plane and dropped them. He presumed that the wings would explode once they hit the ground. He then held the wingless aircraft to his face.

Hello, in there. I’m kinda hungry, and you’re all my lunch.

He then stuffed the front of the plane into his mouth, and tore it off with his teeth. He chewed for a bit before swallowing. After downing the rest of the plane, he sighed in relief.

So delicious. But, then again, this is a simulation I created.

Suddenly, Alter Ego felt something explode against his back. He looked back and saw a squadron of jets fly towards him.

About time they showed up. Mostly because I programmed them to attack me after I did something destructive. Now, they must be deleted.

Alter Ego turned to face the jets. Then, he clapped his wings together, releasing feathers that struck some of the jets, causing them to explode. The blond then fired red laser beams from his eyes, that destroyed the other jets. Only one jet managed to escape the beams, but Alter Ego decided to destroy it in a much unique matter. He raised his leg in the air and brought it down on the jet as it got close. The aircraft exploded as Alter Ego watched the burning remains plummet to the ground below.

That was fun. I wonder if Ms. Kirigiri and Headmaster Makoto are having the same fun I’m having.


Alter Ego would be correct, as Kyoko stomped down the streets of the city with the miniaturized Makoto sitting on her shoulder.

"Rawr! Look out, you scums. Kirizilla is coming!" The lavender-haired girl said, imitating a roar of the Kaiju on TV. She heard Makoto laughing and looked at him. "What?"

"Nothing," The brunet replied. "It’s just that I never seen you act this childish before. Not that I’m calling you a child or anything."

Kyoko smiled. "Well, we all have a secret we have to keep. Right, Mr. 'Wet the bed until the fifth grade?'"

Makoto gasped. "How did you…"

"I found the piece of paper with your secret on it. Don’t worry, I won’t let the others know."

"Um, thanks."

Kyoko smiled before she continued to stomp down the streets. Her feet crushed anything in their way, from cars to people. But as Alter Ego said, there wasn’t any blood flowing from the smashed corpses. Instead, anyone who was stomped and crushed under Kyoko’s feet was pixelated out of existence.

Kyoko reached a building that was half her size in front of her. But instead of going around it, she plowed right through it, with the rubble falling from her uniform. The lavender-haired girl was amazed by her power. And so was Makoto.

Then, a group of tanks rolled up to them. Kyoko’s face changed into a serious face, like she had during the Killing Games. It didn’t frightened Makoto, though. He had seen it many times, and got use to it. It didn’t frighten the tanks either, as a voice echoed from one of them.

"Alright, miss! Leave this city right now or we’ll shoot!"

"I don’t think so," Kyoko said. She plucked Makoto from her shoulder and set him down on a nearby building. "Wait here, Mini Makoto."

"Go get them, Queen Kiri!"

Kyoko smiled as she turned to face the tanks. She smirked evilly as she stomped towards them. The tanks started firing, but because of her size, the shots didn’t do anything but annoy her.

"Well, allow me to show you my own power." Kyoko raised her foot up in the air and brought it down on some of the tanks, crushing them and the soldiers in them. She then got on her hands and knees and crawled towards the other tanks, who were still firing while they were retreating. The lavender-haired girl raised her hand high in the air and brought it down fast.


Several tanks were flattened under the giantess’ palm. As she lifted her hand, she saw that some parts of the tanks were stuck on to her hand. But that didn’t matter as she peeled the crushed pieces of metal off her hand and stared back at the few remaining tanks.

"Don’t worry. I’ve saved the best for last." Kyoko crawled over until her body was directly above the tanks. She waited until the rolled under her chest. Then…


Kyoko flattened those tanks under her breasts. She snickered as she got up, with bits and pieces of metal falling off her clothes. She couldn’t believe she had done something like that, but it felt so amazing. She looked back at her shrunken boyfriend, who gave her a thumbs up. That made her blush.

Then, she saw another group of tanks rolling up behind her. She grinned as she stood back up and walked backwards to the tanks. Then, with a hand on a nearby building(not the one Makoto was on) to help her balance, she lowered her bottom on the platoon and crushed them under her bottom. Kyoko twisted her bottom from side-to-side, ripping up the road, and the flattened tanks, in the process. She stopped when she saw two more platoons(each having four tanks) roll up from her left and right respectfully.

Kyoko didn’t need to think about her next move. With her hands, she grabbed each platoon with each hand and brought them to her mouth. She dumped them into her maw and crushed them with her teeth. Moaning at the taste, she swallowed and looked at Makoto.

"Guess you were still hungry," the brunet said.

"Of course, and this simulated stuff isn’t very filling."

"Well, maybe I could make you something when I get back to normal."

"Like now?"

"No. What about…"

"It’s okay, Naegi. I’m upset, too. But you can stay like this for the rest of you life. Besides, I’m not sure if the school would be okay with a principal whose height is half a foot tall."

"I guess you’re right. But, it was fun while it lasted."

"Glad you liked it. Come on, let’s go meet up with the others." Kyoko stood back up and picked up the miniaturized principal before placing him on her shoulder. Then, she turned around and went back the way she came.


By the time Kyoko reached the area where she and the others began their rampage, Komaru and Alter Ego were already there. They were chatting until they saw Kyoko.

Miss Kirigiri, Alter Ego said. How was your rampage?

"It went well. I suppose you two had fun also."

"Yep, you should’ve seen the damage I did to a naval base. Bing! Bang! Boom!" Komaru shouted.

And I really did a number on air traffic, Alter Ego said.

"I’m glad for both of you," Makoto said. "But I’m afraid fun-time will have to come to an end."

"Aw! But why?!" Both Alter Ego and Komaru asked.

"I think it’s time for me to grow back to my normal size. I can’t stay like this forever. Plus, I have a sister to look after and a school that needs a principal."

"Well, now that you put it that way, I guess we should get you back to normal," Komaru said.

Undoubtably so, Alter Ego agreed. But first, Miss Kirigiri, can I give Headmaster Makoto one more lick?

"I don’t see why not. What do you think, Naegi?"

"I’m fine if that what she wants." Kyoko picked the shrunken brunet from her shoulder and held him in front of Alter Ego’s face. The blond A.I. wasted no time as he gave Makoto a big lick with his tongue. "So, am I still tasty?"

Mmh, still tasty.

"Thanks. Well then, let’s get that growing potion and make me big again."

Kyoko and Komaru nodded as the simulated city pixelated out of existence and the door appeared. Komaru held out her hand as Kyoko placed the shrunken principal on her palm. The three looked back at Alter Ego, who smiled before he too vanished in a series of pixels.

"Don’t worry, Alter Ego," Makoto said, "I’m sure that we can play again… someday."


"Mmh. This sandwich is so delicious."

"Thanks, Kiri. I made it myself."

It had been a few days since the shrinking episode. After giving the brunet the growing potion labeled "Grow Y", Makoto was now back to his height of 5'3". Now, Makoto, Kyoko, and Komaru were in the coffee room. The principal had made a sandwich for his girlfriend. As for Komaru, he was preparing something special for her.

"Makoto, what are you doing back there?" The green-haired girl asked her brother

"Just making some lunch for you, Komaru."

"What kind of lunch?"

The brunet then picked up the flat platter which his sister’s meal was on and turned around to face her. "Ta da!"

Komaru gasped when she saw her food. Well, food to her. On the platter were six paper buildings taped onto the tray to stay standing. Makoto brought the tray over to her sister and placed it in front of her.

"Enjoy your delicious decadent demolition."

"Arigato," Komaru said before grabbing a tall, paper building from the platter. "Itadakimasu." She bit onto the building and ripped a good chunk of it off. She felt the paper being crushed under her teeth. She swallowed before stuffing the rest of the building into her mouth. She chewed and swallowed, then looked at her brother. "Oishī."

"Komaru," Kyoko spoke. "Can I try one of those?"

"Sure." She grabbed another building and gave it Kyoko. The lavender-haired girl didn’t hesitate and stuffed the entire thing into her mouth. Although it didn’t have any flavor(because it was made of paper), she did find it satisfying. After swallowing, she looked back at Komaru. "How was it?"

"Umai." She turned to her boyfriend. "Why don’t you try some, Naegi?"

"Um, no thanks."

"Come on, please?"

"Well, I am hungry. But, I’d prefer… YEOW!"

Before Makoto could complete his sentence, Kyoko 'accidentally' stepped on his foot. Seeing this as an opportunity, Komaru quickly grabbed a building from the tray and stuffed it into her brother’s mouth. Having no other option, he chewed up the paper building and gulped it down.

"So, how was that structural candy bar, Naegi?" Kyoko asked.

"First of all: Ouch! Second, I didn’t want to have a paper building. I was going to make a sandwich. And third… that building was quite delicious."

"See? I knew you hadn’t given up on them."

"In fact…" Makoto leaned forward and grabbed a paper building with his teeth. He turned to face Kyoko, who got the hint of what was going one. She opened her mouth as Makoto walked over and crouched next to her. Then, the brunet inched his face closer to his girlfriend’s until the bottom of the building was in her mouth. She bit down as the two locked lips. Then, they pulled away, each having half of the paper building in their mouth. They chewed and swallowed before looking at each other and smiled. "Well?"

"It was pretty interesting." Kyoko then grabbed her sandwich and tore it in half. She gave one half to Makoto and began to consume the other.

Komaru smiled as she grabbed the last two paper buildings and stuffed both of them into her mouth. Her cheeks popped out like a chipmunk’s. Makoto and Kyoko looked at her and giggled.

Just then, the door bursted open and in came Mikan Tsumiki, the Super High-School Level Nurse. The sound of her barging in almost caused Komaru to choke on her buildings, but she managed to swallow them down.

"I’m so sorry for interrupting, Mr. Naegi," the nurse said, exhausted.

"Tsumiki? What are you doing here?"

"Miss Kirigiri, I’ve managed to recreate the Shrink X and Grow Y powder you told me about. I’m sorry for being late."

"Don’t worry, Tsumiki. It’s alright." The lavender-haired girl stood up and walked over to the nurse, giving her a pat on the head.

"Wait, what do you mean by recreating the Shrink X and Grow Y?" Makoto asked.

"Well, before I came back with your coffee with the shrinking formula, I called Tsumiki to analyze the tubes with both substances and try to recreate both shrinking and growing formulas. I wasn’t sure if she could do it, but I had hope."

"And the reason was…"

"I wasn’t about to let this event happen only once. I wanted to experience it over and over again."

"So I guess that means my time as a shrunken pet isn’t over yet."

"Nope, it definitely is. For now. But if you want, maybe we could shrink you again and get the other girls in on the action."

"You know what, I’m actually eager to be shrunken, again. Maybe tomorrow. If that’s fine with you."

"Whatever makes you happy will make me happy as well."

"Yes, another go at playing with my 'little' brother!" Komaru jumped in.

"Um, I’ll give it a try," Mikan squeaked out. "But please forgive me for any future embarrassments."

"Tsumiki, don’t worry. It’ll be fine."

"Okay, but you won’t mind being tied to a syringe as I play with it like a plane, won’t you?"

"Well, at least if it’s not as deadly as Junko’s version." Then, both Makoto and Kyoko’s faces drained their color. Mikan gasped while Komaru walked up to the two.

"What is it?"

"We… may have… forgotten to put all the models of the High School Killing Games back in the box that was suppose to be placed in the room Enoshima committed suicide in," Kyoko said.

"Well, guess we better do it now instead of leaving it in my office overnight," Makoto said. The couple then ran out of the room to the office. Komaru giggled. It wasn’t often that both Makoto and Kyoko would forget to do something. After she stopped giggling, she looked at Mikan, who had a grim expression on her face.

"Something wrong, Mikan?"

"What? Oh. Yeah. It’s just about the two powders. Miss Kirigiri said she found them with the antidote in Miss Kimura’s coat. But why would she have them with her, but not use them?"

"Makoto did say she committed suicide after watching a video, so that explains why she didn’t use them."

"But why did Miss Kimura bring them in the first place. It was as if she wanted Miss Kirigiri to find them. Like someone wanted her to bring them to be discovered by Miss Kirigiri."

"And who in their right minds would make her do that?"

"I found a paper with the formulas for both powders." The nurse pulled out a note with the name "Enko Ikushama" written on it. "I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but I’m seventy-two percent sure it was Junko’s idea."


"The name on the paper is a mixture of her name and Mukuro’s. I guess she wanted to see Mr. Naegi being tortured by Miss Kirigiri in the afterlife."

"Maybe. But, if that’s true, her plan failed. And if Makoto does get into trouble, we’ll be there to save him."

Mikan smiled and the two walked out of the coffee room to help Makoto and Kyoko.


In a darkened theater, seven figures watched as the events that took place in this story played on the screen. The figures were Sayaka Maizono, Chihiro Fujisaki, Celestia Ludenberg, Seiko Kimura, Ruruka Ando, Mukuro Ikusaba, and, of course, Junko Enoshima.

"Teehee," Sayaka said. "Wasn’t that amazing?"

"It appears my shrinking and growing formulas were a success," Seiko said. "You were right about Kirigiri deciding to take them after she found them, Enoshima."

"Well, duh, that’s what I planned. Seeing that jerky hope guy being played around by that detective and his sister was obviously what I envisioned before in the first place."

"Too bad your plan didn’t go according to, well, plan," Celestia said. "And might I add that your model of the witch trial was a bit too realistic."

"Don’t look at me! Monaca was that one who made the darn things. When that NEET comes back from space…"

"You can’t do anything but watch because you’re dead," Ruruka teased.

"Shut up!" Junko hollered. While Ruruka snickered, Junko turned towards Chihiro. "Guess I was right about you being the girliest girl. Boy, was your A.I. destructive. Almost makes me feel bad about destroying your laptop."

"It’s alright. And you’re right about me being girly. I always dreamed of rampaging through the city, stomping on those who teased me."

"Luckily, you have Alter Ego to fulfill your dreams," Celestia said.

"Huh. Guess I am lucky."

"That you are," Mukuro said before sighing. "I just wish I could’ve put Naegi between my breasts."

"So do I," Sayaka agreed. Then, all the girls(sans Junko), and Chihiro, looked down at their breasts(or chest in Fujisaki’s case), imagining a shrunken Makoto trapped between them. Then they all sighed, except for Junko.

"Whatever. I could’ve done a much better job rampaging in that city than the others did. The despair they brought to that simulated city was nowhere near the one I caused."

"We are all aware of your action two years ago, Enoshima," Ruruka said. "And the girls did have some interesting ways of destroying things."

"Like my A.I.’s air kick," Chihiro added. "I don’t think anyone came up with that before."

"And you got to admit, Junko, that Komaru is really something when it comes to destruction," Mukuro agreed.

"And the way she would eat almost anything," Ruruka said. She reached into her pocket and pulled out two paper buildings, similar to the ones Makoto made for Komaru. She turned to face Seiko, who looked at the strawberry blonde-haired girl. "Wanna try one?"

"Well, since it’s not one of your deadly sweets, why not?" The grey-haired girl plucked a building from Ruruka’s grasp and held it in front of her face. She used her other hand to pull her mask off her mouth(revealing rows of sharp, jagged teeth), and dropped the paper object into it. Once it was in, she closed her mouth and shredded the building into small bits, which were sent down her throat with a gulp. Seiko then put her mask back over her mouth and looked at Ruruka. "Delicious."

"Aww, thanks." The sweets girl then bit into her paper building and ripped a good portion off. She chewed for a bit before swallowing. She licked her lips and was almost going to stuff the other half into her mouth before she looked over at a certain, despair-loving blonde. "Enoshima?"

"What?" Junko was taken aback when she saw Ruruka offer her half of a paper building. Ruruka was a member of Future Foundation, the very organization that ridded the world of her despair. But since they were already dead, and since rivalry and bitterness didn’t last long in the afterlife, it wasn’t weird that Ruruka would offer Junko something to eat. "Um, thank you?" She took the building and, after a few seconds of staring at it, popped it into her mouth. She chewed for a while before gulping it down. "Hmm, not bad. Kinda makes me wish I should’ve grown in the first place."

"Don’t you mean 'we?'" Mukuro reminded her sister. Normally, Junko would chastise her sister for occasional reasons, but instead…

"Yes. I mean 'we'. And I guess seeing that Naegi fool being toyed around at half a foot tall is almost as satisfying as causing worldwide despair. Almost."

The eight laughed before getting up from their seats and walking out of the theater. Even though they were dead, they still needed sleep. After all, tomorrow would be the day 'Mini Makoto' would face up against the colossuses.