Prince Marth's Tiny Misadventures

(Dr. Kafka)

Fane of Raman


“Tiki… Tiki…” rasped Gharnef “Princess-that-was of the great divine dragons… Can you hear my voice?” A small girl in white robes sat in front of him. She had pale white skin, green pony-tailed hair, and strange jewelry scattered across her robes. She stared at Gharnef lifelessly.

“… Mh-hmmm.” She hummed in response.

“Defilers have set foot inside the fane-- despoilers!” Gharnef informed her “Punish them. Let your fire consume them!”

“Defilers… in the fane…” Tiki repeated “Punish them…”

“Remember, Tiki: Your divine-dragon kin perished long ago, and Bantu has abandoned you…” He was referring to the old dragonkin Bantu, who was supposed to be watching over Tiki to make sure she doesn’t go insane from a lack of sleep, but he was somehow separated from her.

“I alone am protecting you from Emperor Medeus,” Gharnef growled, clutching his pentacle “Remember…”

“You alone…” Tiki repeated “Are protecting me… punish the defilers…”




Prince Marth Lowell and his troops were preparing to advance to the Fane of Raman, where Tiki was held captive by the evil Gharnef. An old man wearing a red cloak and a skinny young man in a light red tunic approached Marth.

“Hello Bantu and Xane. What do you need?” asked Marth.

“I can feel Tiki’s presence in this place…” the cloaked man (Bantu) said “Let me speak to her once it is safe to do so…”

“Y’see princey, Bantu and I have this deal with Sage Gotoh to protect li’l Tiki, and that includes mind control from deranged sorcerers,” said the one in the tunic (Xane).

“I see…” said Marth.

Bantu explained further “I should tell you she is of the divine-dragon kin, and should she fall into the hands of evil, we should all be in great peril!”

“Divine-dragon kin…” Marth responded “Then I will allow it. But do not allow her to do anything that may jeopardize this army. Understand?”

“Yes, sire,” Bantu and Xane said, walking back to their tents. Marth looked at all of his soldiers, trading equipment with one another, trying to set up a plan to seize the fane.

“Whatcha thinkin’ about, Marth?” came a sweet voice. Marth looked up. It was his childhood friend, Caeda. Her long blue hair flowed in the wind like the Altean flag.

“Oh, hello Caeda,” said Marth “I’m just sitting here, waiting for everyone to get set up for the battle. I’ve already got my swords arranged.” He patted his belt, which was adorned with various swords, most notably his turquoise rapier, which was his signature blade.

“Anything you need to talk about?” asked Marth.

“No, I’m just checking on you,” smiled Caeda.

“Lord Marth,” said a stern voice.

“Navarre?” Marth turned to a young man with long black hair in matching black robes.

“I’ve a Levin Sword you might want,” he said “In return, might I be able to borrow your Wyrmslayer for the siege of this fane?”

“Certainly, Navarre,” said Marth, reaching into one of his sheathes and producing a grey blade decorated with yellow stripes. Navarre handed Marth a serrated green blade in return.

“Thank you sir,” Navarre said, walking away slowly.

“Navarre,” Marth called. Navarre stopped without turning to face Marth.

“Yes, my lord?” Navarre replied.

“Why exactly do you want the Wyrmslayer?” asked Marth.

“Are you afraid of that dragon-kin? What’s her name…?” Caeda added.

“Tiki,” Marth answered.

“Tiki! Are you afraid of that dragon-kin Tiki, Navarre?” teased Caeda. Navarre looked down slightly, with his pale face slightly reddening.

“Lady Caeda,” said Navarre, turning to face her “I’m a master of the blade. I can dash through a crowd of cavaliers and have them fall to pieces without breaking a sweat. But if there’s any one thing in this world that I do fear, it is the mythical dragon-kin.”

“Why? Aren’t swords the effective tools of dragon-disposal?” queried Caeda.

“Maybe in fairytales and children’s books,” Navarre began “But I’ve never seen an actual dragon. Thus I must have some sort of advantage against the one we face.”

“Navarre, you will not lay your blade to young Tiki unless your life depends on it,” Marth threatened “Should she die, we will lose what could possibly become our most valuable soldier.” Navarre simply walked off.


Fane of Raman


“Hmm,” Gharnef pinched his chin while in deep thought “That Navarre character might be able to slay you, Tiki.” Tiki sat silently on a golden throne. Gharnef turned to look at Tiki.

“Perhaps we should amend that, hm?” Gharnef said “That sword may be able to slay a dragon at your size, but what about slaying a humongous dragon?” Tiki looked into Gharnef’s zombified eyes.

“Yes, perhaps larger than this very fane!” Gharnef started to laugh.

He held his pentacle in front of Tiki’s eyes, “Grow, Tiki, GROW!”

“Grow…” Tiki repeated “Grow…” Soon enough, Tiki was slowly growing bigger and bigger.

“Vwee-hee-hee-hee…” said Gharnef “Annihilate those defilers!”

“Annihilate… defilers,” repeated Tiki. Gharnef cackled loudly and teleported to another location. Soon, Tiki was breaking through the interior walls of the fane, forcing all of the soldiers inside to evacuate. Two thieves were running with large crystal spheres in their hands, but they tripped and allowed the spheres to roll uncontrollably down the steps of the fane. They tried to get up, but they were both squashed to death under Tiki’s expanding feet before any such thing could happen.




A large rumbling sound could be heard outside the fane.

“What the devil?” Marth exclaimed.

“Earthquake!” a soldier shouted frantically. Soon, the fane crumbled down to the ground, revealing a rapidly growing Tiki from underneath the roof.

“What is that?” shouted a soldier. Bantu rushed to Marth.

“Lord Marth! That colossus destroying the fane-- that’s Tiki! I’m sure of it!”

“So what do we do?” said Marth.

“Our best bet is to knock her down with all our might. From there we’ll have to wait for her to wake up, and I’ll try to talk to her,” Bantu explained “But we MUSTN’T kill her!”

“Right!” said Marth “Soldiers of Altea! Attack! Do not kill her!” All soldiers picked up their weapons, mounted, and then charged towards the colossal Tiki.

“Marth! Get on!” shouted Caeda, pointing to the back of her pegasus’ saddle. She held her golden lance with blue wings wrapped around the tip, which she called the ‘Wing Spear’. Marth jumped on, and they flew into the air, where they could have a better view of the giantess, who was now crouching, staring at the incoming mass of cavaliers, dragon riders, knights, and cloaked figures.

“Wait!” shouted Marth, spotting two glows on the ground below “The Starsphere and Lightsphere! They’re still in tact!” Caeda analyzed the ground and found the two spheres. She steered her Pegasus towards the spheres, when suddenly a green fire appeared in front of them. Tiki was breathing this fire, no longer needing to transform into a dragon with her divinestone. The pegasus halted immediately, steering around the fire, and before Tiki could aim again, a large iron bolt slammed her in the nose, producing a small explosion on contact. She flinched a little, losing concentration on her targets.

“Nice shot, Beck!” Marth called down to the ballistician who fired the bolt. However, Tiki quickly recovered from the blow and blasted another stream of fire down at the army. However, a sudden burst of light caused the fire to dissolve into the air. This light had been collectively produced by several bishops and mages. The rest of the group kept charging at her, launching flurries of arrows, tossing hand axes and javelins madly, and running circles all around Tiki, stabbing and slashing at her with close-ranged weapons. Tiki appeared to be in small pain, but nonetheless, she spat fire all around her. The wielders of magic repelled the flames with all their might, trying to keep up with the draconic giantess the best they could.

“Minerva!” Marth called out to a red-haired knight mounted on a dragon “Assemble the Whitewings into a triangle attack!” The knight he called to nodded and called to several other warriors mounted on pegasi.

“Whitewings! Triangle formation!” The pegasus riders drew in close together and charged furiously at Tiki’s head, striking her fiercely with each blow from their lances. Tiki fell over at this attack, striking the ground with her head with an enormous THUD.

“Caeda! The spheres!” Marth reminded Caeda, pointing to the Starsphere and Lightsphere on the ground below. Caeda swiftly flew her pegasus to the ground. Marth hopped off, grabbed the spheres, and reboarded Caeda’s pegasus. Tiki started to rise from the ground however, and Marth quickly grew frustrated at his relentless foe.

“Let’s drop these off at the convoy before she gets us!” Marth cried, sliding the spheres into a pouch on the pegasus’ saddle. Caeda took to the skies, heading for the Altean army’s conv-- WHAM! A large fist flew at the pegasus, only hitting Marth, letting him plummet straight to the ground.

“Marth!” Caeda cried out. Marth was at top speed, falling straight to the ground like a rock, when suddenly a ray of hope appeared and Marth was grabbed before he was halfway through his fall.

“Ugh… who…?” Marth tried to talk, but he was unable to produce intelligible sentences after the shock he had just received. He opened his eyes to look at who saved him… and found nobody.

“Uh…” Marth groaned “Where…?” He looked down, and he saw several giant fingers wrapped around him. Everything was slowly moving in front of him, and when he turned around to find himself heading straight for Tiki’s colossal mouth. Marth suddenly broke into a panic.

“Aaaaaaargh!” he yelled. But to no avail, he was still being brought up to Tiki’s monstrous mouth.

“Marth!” Caeda cried with horror.

“No!” shouted Minerva.

“Princey!” called Xane.

Nobody moved except Marth, who had just been placed on Tiki’s moist tongue. Tiki’s glistening fangs nearly blinded Marth until her lips sealed behind him. Tiki then began to wrestle Marth with her tongue, swishing him all around her mouth. Marth was unable to react, completely paralyzed by the submission Tiki’s tongue put him in. He was soaked from the saliva, and after what seemed like an epoch of being swished around Tiki’s wet mouth, he entered a downwards tunnel which gradually pulled him towards Tiki’s stomach.

Marth closed his eyes as he fell to the damp floor of Tiki’s stomach. Outside, Tiki patted and rubbed her stomach happily.


Elsewhere on the battlefield


“Xane!” shouted Bantu.


“What do we do? We can’t talk to Tiki now that our leader’s been ingested by her!” Bantu cried urgently “You are a freelancer, yes? Can’t you mimic her size?”

“Sorry, Bantu. I can only mimic those who are on OUR side,” said Xane.

“…Darn it,” Bantu lamented “How do we get Marth out of there?”

“Do I look like a biologist to you?” said Xane.

“Boy, what you look like to me is worth a thousand dirty words,” Bantu snapped “We need to knock her down fast!” He handed Xane a red sphere.

“Mimic me, then we’ll both use these stones to become dragons that may have a chance against her,” Bantu said.

“Sounds good to me,” Xane commented. Xane then held his hand up high, and a vivid light illuminated the area. The light died out, and revealed an exact copy of Bantu. The two Bantus began channeling energy from their respective spheres, and another more immense crimson light illuminated the area. When the light died out, two tremendous quadrupedal red dragons stood where the two manaketes were. The two dragons charged at Tiki, took off into the sky, and bombarded her with large blasts of fire. She raised her arms to defend herself, and retaliated with large green wisps of fire.


Elsewhere on the battlefield


“Ogma!” Caeda cried out. A buff man with a sword slung over his shoulder appeared, and behind him were three axe-bearing men.

“Yes, my princess?” the man replied.

“Assemble a team attack with your crew and slay that terrible giantess!”

“Yes, my princess,” replied Ogma. Ogma and his merry men charged madly at the preoccupied Tiki, holding their weapons up like flags.

“I thought Marth’s commands were to NOT kill her,” said a stern voice from nowhere. Caeda jumped and turned to face Navarre.

“Navarre!” Caeda jumped “Where’ve you been this whole time?”

“I fought,” he said “But I made sure to keep this Wyrmslayer in reserve, just like Marth ordered me to.”

“This is different! She’s far larger now!” Caeda objected “Use that Wyrmslayer, otherwise we’ll risk the fate of Altea!”

“…So be it,” said Navarre “But if she dies from this, it’ll be at your command.” He ran to join the mob’s large attack on the titaness.


Tiki’s stomach


“Ugh… So this is my grave…” Marth said as he lay at the floor of Tiki’s stomach. No acids were present, but the mere humidity of the air tortured the prince. He drew his slender rapier and plunged it into Tiki’s damp red stomach wall. He pulled it out, only to find the wall had absorbed his stab. Marth continued to groan, until suddenly a light flickered around his belt. Marth rose slowly, patting the belt to find the source of the flicker. He found the flickering source when it sped up to a continuous glow. He pulled the radiant object from it’s sheathe-- the Levin Sword Navarre had traded him. Marth started to breathe heavily as he stood up to raise the sword upwards. The sword grew brighter and brighter until a bolt of lightning soared from the tip and struck the ceiling of Tiki’s belly.




Tiki suddenly winced as she grabbed for her abdomen.


Tiki’s stomach


Inside Tiki’s stomach, Marth was firing off bolts of lightning from the jagged Levin Sword which were so radiant that Marth began to dry off.

“I fall not without a fight, Tiki,” Marth said. Acid gradually began to form in Tiki’s belly, forcing Marth to begin hurrying along his lightning storm.




Tiki finally fell over, unconscious. Bantu and Xane landed around one of her ears, reverted to their normal forms, and Bantu began to talk:

“Peace, child… Peace... Awaken from Gharnef’s control!”

“Yeah, what he said!” Xane chimed in.

A bright flash sparked from Tiki’s eyes, and she slowly began to shrink to her normal size.

“Yes!” shouted Bantu “It worked! Gharnef’s power has been completely eradicated from her body!”

“Now how do we get Marth out?” asked Xane.


Tiki’s stomach


“Aha!” said Marth, taking note at Tiki’s stomach turning on its side “The beast has fallen! Now I may exit!” Marth sheathed his sword and began to crawl sideways through Tiki’s throat, out her mouth, and onto the ground.




Marth started drying the saliva off of him using his Levin Sword’s radiation. Tiki slowly awakened and rose up slightly, noticing the tiny Marth on the ground. She picked him up with curiosity.

Caeda landed near Tiki, dismounted, and put her hands to her hips with a stern face. She pressed her forehead against Tiki’s, growled, and swiped Marth away.

Mine,” Caeda snarled at Tiki, walking back to her pegasus, placing the tiny Marth in her cleavage, and holding a Dragonpike in Tiki’s direction. Caeda growled one last time, and flew off.

“Yo, Tiki!” said Xane, who had just walked over to where Tiki had shrank to, with Bantu.

“Xaney? Ban-ban?” Tiki said with growing excitement. She jumped up and hugged them both tightly.

“Ah, my child,” said Bantu “It’s about time you’ve come back to my protection.”

“Yeah,” Xane said “Now let’s get Marth outta ya.” Tiki cocked her head in confusion. Xane grabbed her by the ankles, flipped her upside-down, and started shaking her violently.

“Xane you fool!” Bantu scolded “That Caeda girl just took Marth away from Tiki! Are you blind?”

“Uh,” Xane stammered, putting Tiki down delicately.

“Let’s head back to base camp,” Bantu said, walking off.

“C’mon, Tiki,” said Xane, motioning for Tiki to follow them. Tiki ran to Bantu’s side like a lost child, happy that she was no longer under a sorcerer’s spell.


Base Camp


“We’re lucky you survived,” Caeda said to Marth as she cleaned him with water from a canteen “If you hadn’t attacked her from the inside, she might not have fallen.” Marth remained silent while Caeda dried him off.

“There,” Caeda said “Now you’re clean.”

“Thanks, Caeda,” Marth said “Now just how are we supposed to get me back to normal size?”

“Hm, I think I like you better at this size,” Caeda said as she placed Marth back into her warm cleavage “You’re a lot cuter now.” She giggled, stroking Marth’s hair.

“Har-har,” Marth grumbled “Really Caeda, I have an army to lead. It’s hard to do so when you’re the size of a bug”

“Oh hush,” Caeda said “I’m trying to have fun with you.”

“Yeah,” Marth commented sarcastically “Being squished between your breasts while being stroked like a pet; real fun.”

“Exactly,” Caeda teased, continually stroking Marth’s head gently. Xane and Bantu walked over to Caeda, holding Tiki. Caeda pushed Marth further down between her breasts, much to the prince’s dismay.

“Hey, y’seen the fresh prince of Altea anywheres?” Xane asked. Bantu sighed at Xane’s English skills.

“Maybe,” said Caeda “Why?”

“Tiki would like to apologize to him,” Bantu explained, pushing Tiki in front of Caeda. Caeda hissed at her.

“Fine,” Caeda said, reluctantly pulling Marth out of her shirt “But make it quick.” She handed Marth over to Tiki, while grasping her Dragonpike firmly in hand. Tiki held Marth in both hands.

“I’m sorry for eating you,” she said “I was under Gharnef’s control; I didn’t know what was going on!”

“Tis’ fine, Tiki,” Marth said “That rotten old sot’s got a lot coming to him.”

“Thank you,” Tiki said “Can I come with your army? I don’t like being alone.”

“Yes, as long as that’s what you want, Tiki,” Marth consented.

“Yes! Oh, thank you, Mar-mar!” Tiki cried with joy, nuzzling the tiny Marth softly against her cheek. Caeda’s face grew fiery red as she observed this. Once again, she swiped Marth from Tiki’s grip and pressed her head against Tiki’s.

Mine!” she said, walking off with Marth in her cleavage.

“What’s her deal?” Tiki asked.

“She’s foolish; driven by lust instead of love,” said Bantu.

“Amen to that, brother,” said Xane.

“Will you stop talking like a gangster already?! You’re a descendant of an ancient demonic race! Act like one!”


Caeda’s Tent


“Caeda, as much as I love the pressure of your breasts squeezing the life out of me,” said Marth “CAN YOU PUT ME DOWN?”

“Silly Marth,” Caeda said, tapping Marth lightly “You should know better than to throw a tantrum at a girl who can easily crush you to death.”

“Like the way you’re doing now?” Marth retorted.

“No, like this,” Caeda said. She pulled Marth out of her cleavage, placed him in her sleeping bag, and sat on him.

“Agh!” Marth wheezed “Point taken! POINT TAKEN!”

“Good,” Caeda remarked “Now get comfortable; I need a nap.” She lied down, leaned her head on her pillow, and fell into a deep sleep. Marth was relieved to find he was now under less pressure now that Caeda wasn’t voluntarily crushing him under her butt. It was a lot more cushiony, but that said, Marth was still pinned down. He couldn’t draw any of his blades, but he didn’t dare use them on his own soldier.

He tried crawling out from under, but couldn’t move without being stuck in an unpleasant position, so he just remained trapped under Caeda’s butt in the most comfortable possible position.




Caeda stood up and yawned. She checked on her little Marth and found him sleeping like the dead.

“Aw, how cute,” she said to herself. She picked Marth up and placed him in her cleavage. Marth readjusted himself farther down subconsciously. She gathered a couple of things and exited her tent, only to be greeted by Minerva, the red-headed Dracoknight, leaning on a stone poleax.

“Oh! Hello, Minerva,” Caeda greeted nervously.

“Good evening, Caeda,” Minerva said, picking up her poleax “Have you seen Marth anywhere?”

“Er… no,” Caeda stuttered “Why?”

“I want a word with him,” Minerva said. Caeda’s eyes were focused on the blood-stained poleax.

“Uh, actually I know where he is,” Caeda admitted out of fear of the large poleax “Come in.” Minerva strapped her axe to her ruby covered belt and entered after Caeda. Caeda sealed the tent door behind Minerva and walked over to where Minerva stood idly.

“Nice tent,” Minerva said.

“Thank you…”

“Now where’s Marth?” Minerva interrupted.

“Uh, he’s right here,” Caeda slowly pulled Marth out of her cleavage and showed him to Minerva.

“Okay,” Minerva said, as if she expected Marth to be this small “He’s asleep?”

“Yes,” Caeda said “Don’t you think he looks cuter at this size?”

“…Yeah, I guess so,” said Minerva slightly grinning “He does look kind of cute at this size. I can’t really blame Tiki for eating him; he looks so adorable at this size!” Caeda shuddered at this.

“Er, so what should we do until he wakes up?” Caeda said “Unless what you need to say is urgent?”

“Nah,” Minerva said casually “I can wait for Marth to wake up. Besides, he looks cute when he’s asleep at that size.”

“Y’think so?” Caeda commented, feeling slightly more comfortable talking to Minerva.

“Why don’t we toy with him a bit?” Minerva suggested playfully.

“Yeah, sure,” Caeda agreed “How?”

“Let’s interrupt his dreams,” Minerva said. She lowered her head to Marth’s ears and whispered softly:

“Marth… Where are you?” Minerva tried suppressed a giggle.

“Unh… Go away, Minerva!” Marth shouted “Caeda and I are…”

“We’re what, Marth?” Caeda whispered innocently.

“We’re… trying to… take down Tiki!” Marth stuttered.

“And you don’t need my help?” Minerva teased.

“Nah, we’ve already got enough archers for… this…” Marth said “You can go rest for now…” Minerva tried to suppress her giggles as best as possible.

“Watch out Marth,” Caeda whispered “I think she’s reaching for you.”

“Minerva, I told you we don’t need any more berserkers for this fight,” Marth said. The two girls were trying to prevent themselves from laughing too hard, or else Marth might wake up and ruin their fun.

“Marth,” Caeda whispered “Why are you so short now?”

“… Cord’s up there with the other Whitewings…” Marth responded, pointing in a random direction.

“No, silly,” said Caeda “I mean why are you so small now?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Navarre…” Marth said. Minerva let a chuckle out. Caeda ignored this.

“Marth, you’re so tiny…” Caeda said “It’s adorable.”

“Thank you Caeda,” Marth said “Right back at’cha.”

“Minerva, I can’t help myself anymore,” Caeda laughed “Let’s wake him up before I suffocate myself.”

“No, I have a better idea,” Minerva said “Let’s wake him up in a weird position.”

“So, bend his knees backwards?” Caeda asked.

“No silly; weird position with us,” Minerva said.

“Oh…” Caeda realized “I like the way you think, Minerva.” Caeda smiled evilly.

“How about we make it look like one of us is about to eat him?” Minerva suggested.

“No,” Caeda objected “It would traumatize him after what he just went through.”

“Right,” Minerva acknowledged “How about we put him between our breasts?”

“Nah,” Caeda said “He’s probably used to that from me by now.”

“Hm,” Minerva though aloud.

“Well,” Caeda began “When he fell asleep, I was sleeping on top of him.”

“… Go on,” Minerva said.

“It was the way I slept on him,” Caeda said “He was underneath my butt.”

“…So we should trap him between our butts?” Minerva said.

“You read my mind,” Caeda said.

“Right,” Minerva said. Minerva pulled off her crimson plated armor to reveal her red silky under-clothes, and laid her poleax to the ground. Caeda and Minerva both lied on Caeda’s sleeping bag and leaned against each other in a way that their butts were parallel. Caeda carefully slipped the unconscious Marth in between her and Minerva’s butts. Caeda tapped lightly Marth on his head. Marth woke up slowly.

“Uh…” Marth groaned “Where am I?” He opened his eyelids groggily and tried to analyze his surroundings. A pair of soothingly soft red cushions and a similar pair of blue cushions immobilized him. He couldn’t reach for any of his swords, so he had to push himself out from between the four cushiony objects. To his dismay, the cushions tightened around him. He grumbled to himself.

“Marth…” Caeda teased.

“Caeda!” Marth jumped. Then he remembered what happened before he fell asleep. He realized that the blue cushions made up Caeda’s rear… but the red ones…

“Marth…” Minerva chimed in.

“Minerva!” Marth shouted “What are you two doing?”

“What does it look like we’re doing?” Caeda teased.

“Trying to kill me?” Marth retorted.

“Nope,” Minerva replied.

“Trying to fatally wound me?” Marth said.

“Nope,” Caeda answered.

“Then what the devil are you doing?” Marth gave up.

“Trying to see how you would’ve reacted to being squeezed between two beautiful ladies like us,” Minerva explained “Especially at your current size.” Minerva let out a giggle, picked Marth up, and looked him in the eyes.

“But alas, there are matters I need to discuss with you,” Minerva said “My sister, Maria, thinks she has found a possible cure to your “little” problem.” Minerva and Caeda chuckled. Marth folded his arms with dismay.

“Hey, lighten up,” Minerva said when she saw Marth’s frown “You look cuter at this size anyway.”

“Thanks. Caeda tells me so,” Marth said sarcastically “So shall we go see your sister?”

“I think we should play a game with him first,” Caeda said.

“Caeda, always trying to fit in every bit of fun into life, aren’t we?” Minerva said “And to think you’re a soldier.”

“Caeda, we’re about to seize her kingdom as we have done so with mine,” Marth said “And to be frank, this size sucks. Let’s get on with the size-restoration!” Minerva re-armored herself, grabbed her poleax, placed Marth in her cleavage, and walked off to wherever her sister was, Caeda following her.

“You’re kidding me…” Marth said as he slid in between Minerva’s soothing breasts.

“As if you don’t enjoy them,” Caeda taunted.

“I don’t enjoy them!” Marth said in denial, trying to hide his blush.


Minerva and Maria’s Tent


“Sister Maria,” Minerva called. A short-haired red-headed girl in a priestly white gown appeared.

“Hello Minerva. Marth here yet?” Maria spoke in a teenage slang that no other cleric would dare use.

“Yes,” Minerva confirmed, pulling Marth from her cleavage and handing him over to the young cleric.

“Enjoy the ride, Marth?” Maria teased.

“No,” Marth responded calmly.

“So what took my sister so long to get you here?” Maria casually asked as she flipped through a book and selected a staff.

“I’d rather not say,” Marth said “Say, how can clerics like you learn spells if you aren’t a mage?”

“These aren’t spells; their prayers,” Maria said “Though they can work like spells. I just can’t use them on the battlefield because it would be hard to focus, so I have to memorize them.”

“I see,” Marth responded.

“Ready to be restored to your original size?” Maria said encouragingly.

“Yes!” Marth answered with exhaustion.

“Sure you don’t want just ONE more ride in my sister’s…”

“NO THANK YOU,” Marth interrupted angrily, trying to deny his love for Caeda’s and Minerva’s giant presences.

“Hee-hee,” Maria giggled “Let’s get this started.” Marth rubbed his hands in anticipation. Maria recited an ancient incantation in some dead language and pointed her wooden staff at Marth.

Marth began to sparkle like a vampire and reverted back to his normal size instantly.

“Thank you, Maria,” Marth said to the cleric, shaking off a couple left over sparkles.

“No problem, Marth,” Maria said. Marth walked out of the tent and back to his own. Caeda sighed sadly.

“He was so much cuter at that size,” Caeda reminisced.

“Not to worry, Dame Caeda,” Maria said, handing Caeda a piece of paper with some writing on it “This is the shrinking spell that I worked with. Any time you and Marth are alone, point at him and chant the words in red to shrink him. To grow him back, do the same thing with the green writing.” Caeda was ecstatic.

“Oh, thank you Maria!” Caeda threw herself onto Maria and hugged her.

“Er, you’re welcome, Caeda,” Maria said, unsure of how to react. She motioned for Minerva to escort Caeda out.

“Uh, Caeda I think you should go rest for tomorrow’s battle,” Minerva interrupted.

“Oh, right,” Caeda said, letting go of Maria “Thanks again.” She skipped out jovially, waving to Maria.

“Maria,” Minerva said “What were you thinking to give a girl like Caeda a spell like that?”

“I thought I’d make her happy,” she said, smiling.

“But-- ah, forget it,” Minerva said “She’s harmless.” Minerva then pulled off her plated armor and slid into her sleeping bag.

“I’ll see you in the morning, Maria,” Minerva said, drifting off to sleep.

“Good night,” Maria said. Maria picked up a spare copy of the shrink/growth spells she had and stared at it for a moment. Then she looked at the sleeping Minerva. Then she thought about their older brother, Michalis, the corrupt prince of their homeland of Macedon. Then she just giggled to herself, put her stuff away, and slid into her sleeping bag, falling asleep.