Riho Futaba: Big and Beautiful


It was a nice, sunny day on Minakajima Island in Okinawa, and Riho Futaba was having a photo shoot. As she was enjoying the sun, a creature resembling a jellyfish approached her. She looked down to see what it was, and it pinched her when she got too close. Afterwards, Riho felt dizzy and passed out on the beach.

When she awoke, Riho discovered that she was now giant! Riho’s new giant size caught the attention of news outlets all around Japan. The people thought that she was a creature of unknown origin, so the government sent a military force to deal with the perceived problem.

A helicopter came to Okinawa with the objective to collect information on the “creature.” As the helicopter was about to scan her breasts, Riho let out an embarrassed yell. “W-W-What are you doing?” she said. The pilot said, “The creature speaks!” “I’m not a creature!” replied Riho. “I’m human!” The pilot looked at Riho from head to toe and said, “I can see that now. I can’t think of any creature that is as beautiful as you are.” “Aww. Thank you," said Riho as she smiled.

Riho stopped smiling and said, “I ask again. What exactly were you doing?” The pilot replied, “I was ordered to get data of you. I know how I’m going to get it seems embarrassing, but if you don’t mind…” “Okay then,” said Riho. And so the pilot scanned Riho’s breasts, then her hips, butt, and face. “This actually feels good,” said Riho. After the scanning was finished, the pilot said, “Thank you for your cooperation.” "No problem,” replied Riho.

“Wait a minute!” said the pilot. “Aren’t you Riho Futaba?” “Why, yes, I am,” said Riho. The pilot said, “To think that I’ve gotten to meet THE Riho Futaba, but I didn’t think that it would be like this or you being big.” “It happens sometimes, I guess,” replied Riho. The pilot flew his helicopter away from Riho with a smile on his face. “Boy, the guys back at base are sure going to know about this!” he said.

The news reports and other sources confirmed that the “creature” is Riho Futaba. However, the military was given a new objective: put Riho to sleep. The helicopter and the pilot returned to do this task. The helicopter fired a projectile at Riho’s head. “Ow! What was that?” she said. She turned around to find the same helicopter that scanned her for data.

“Are you the same guy from before?” said Riho. “Yes, I am,” replied the pilot. “I have been given orders to put you to sleep. Please don’t hate me for this.” The helicopter fired several rounds of projectiles filled with anesthesia, causing Riho to become drowsy. “I guess I could use another nap,” said Riho as she yawned. As she started to fall, Riho crushed a building with her bottom, then fell on her back, falling asleep afterwards. The pilot said, “I know I don’t see you as a problem, but I’m only following orders. I hope that things don’t get worse from here.” Four helicopters arrived to transport the sleeping Riho from Okinawa to the mainland.

A few hours later, Riho woke up and found herself beside the slopes of Mt. Fuji. She came across the same creature that made her big beside her. The creature flew up and attached itself to Riho’s head. The creature spoke telepathically, “You and I are one. We shall set this pathetic planet in flames.” Riho’s eyes glowed red and fired a laser beam from them, causing catastrophic damage to the surrounding area. Riho looked at the roller coaster and walked towards it. She jumped up and it crumbled under her tremendous butt as she fell.

The pilot was called in once again to deal with this situation. He watched the destruction unfold and said, “Say it isn’t so, Riho.” As Riho turned around to face the helicopter, she swayed her hip and hit the Ferris wheel. The force of her hip caused it to break and fall over. The creature and Riho spoke in unison: “Foolish human, you dare not try to stop us.” The pilot replied, “Yeah? Well, we’ll see about that!”

A fierce battle went on between the creature and the pilot, with the pilot being successful over the creature. “I may have underestimated you,” said the creature. “But you have not won yet.” It flew away as Riho regained consciousness. “What happened?” said Riho. Before the pilot could explain what happened, the creature called out to Riho who followed its voice towards Shinjuku.

Later that night, Riho reached Shinjuku and saw the creature on top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. As Riho climbed the building, the pilot flew in, ready to shrink her with the antidote. The creature said, “Why must you get in the way? Your meddling ends now!” The creature fired projectiles at the helicopter, destroying it and any chances of getting Riho back to her normal height. The pilot managed to eject himself before the helicopter went down.

As the pilot was parachuting down, he saw Riho reach the top of the building. The creature emitted a bright light which caused Riho to grow. The building started to collapse as Riho was growing. The pilot could do nothing but watch as Riho grew as big as the building that once stood where she was standing. She grabbed the creature and it said, “Together we shall see this planet fall!” Riho closed her hand on the creature and dissipated into red particles after being crushed. Riho said, “I’m not going to let you control me any longer!” The pilot looked up and smiled at the woman stopping a big threat to the world.

The red particles flew into Riho and caused her to grow again. “No!” said Riho. “I thought this was over!” She continued growing until she was bigger than the city of Tokyo. She fell backwards and the entire city was crushed under her massive butt. Riho’s growth showed no signs of ending, leveling more cities with her butt as she grew.

In no time at all, Riho grew bigger than the planet itself. She drifted off the planet, yet her growth continued. The people of Earth got a good look at Riho’s butt before they were destroyed by it as she grew. “Now what’s going to happen to me?” Riho thought. “Am I just going to keep growing without stopping?” Her thoughts were right on point as Riho soon outgrew the galaxy and saw others get smaller before her eyes. Riho was now surrounded by darkness everywhere she looked. But she heard a voice call out to her. “Miss Futaba, are you there?”

Riho found herself in her bed. “Was it a dream?” she said. “It felt so real.” A brown-haired man came in and said, “Are you okay, Miss Futaba? You’ve got to get ready for your photo shoot.” “Yes,” replied Riho. “But have we met somewhere? You sound familiar to me.” “No,” responded the man. “This is my first time meeting you. And you look just as beautiful as you do in the pictures.” Riho smiled and said, “Why, thank you. I’m going to get ready, so wait outside.” The man said, “Yes, Miss Futaba” and closed the door. As Riho got up out of bed, a red particle emerged from her back and floated out the window.