Tali's Fantastic Journey


Quarian Contact

Deep within Pylos Nebula…


    The Normandy was task to quickly search the sector for any useful resources before the Reaper would inevitably come and thus make traveling through this sector of this galaxy dangerous. However, before the ship and its crew could prepare to head to the nearest planet after existing the Mass Relay, EDI receive a strange signal. The source of the signal, while distorted and cryptic, was sounding a bit close.

“Are you positive that this is where the signal is coming from?” Shepard asks as he made his way to the bridge. Looking outside, he sees nothing but a space.

“Affirmative Shepard,” EDI, in her metallic body, states as she continues to scan the area. “We should be making contact of the source of the signal in a few.”

“So far I see nothing that sticks out,” Joker says as he continues to fly the ship while also looking around as well. “At this rate I think we have a better chance of finding a needle in…”

“We are approaching the source of the signal.” EDI says as she uses a nearby screen to zoom in where the signal is coming from. Once zoom, a large cargo spaceship, called the Squibble, can be seen drifting.

“Well I’ll be damn, guess we found the needle.” Joker scoffs a bit.

“Strange, ship isn’t moving, have they made any attempts to contact us?” Shepard asks.

“Negative,” EDI says abruptly, “But the signal is slightly clearing up, though is still distorted.” EDI says as she begin to play the transmission that is broadcasting.

“Zzz…oten…geth….medic…need to….” The transmission continues but is too distorted to make out.

“Geth, someone might be in danger.” Shepard says, “Tell Tali and Liara to meet with me in the shuttle. EDI, can you come as well, might need an extra pair of hands with how big the ship looks.” EDI nods as she gets up and prepares to join the commander.

Once everyone got prepared and met at the shuttle, the shuttle leaves the docking bay and makes their way to the ship.

“What do you think we will expect?” Liara asks as she and everyone looks at the large ship that has done nothing but drift in space.

“As far as I can tell, there might be Geth involvement.” Shepard says.

“Keelah, as if we don’t have enough trouble as it is with the Reapers appearing here and there in the system.” Tali says as she prepares some hacking defense against the geth.

“Let’s worry about what we got now.” Shepard says as the shuttle makes its way to the docking bay of the cargo ship. Once inside, the whole squad exit out, guns raise and carefully looking out, and sees that so far, nothing appears wrong. Lights were on, nothing that indicates a fight at all, it was sort of strange to everyone as they were expecting some sort of conflict. On guard, everyone move out the docking bay and into the hallways of the ship.

“Nothing so far, where is everyone?” Tali asks, wondering if this another derelict ship.

“Stay cautious, there’s no telling where-,” Shepard talks before suddenly…




Everyone turns to one of the metal door of where the sound came from. The door was electronically seal. Shepard turns his head to EDI who understands why and walks to the door to begin hacking the door. After a few seconds, the door unlocks and…

“YOU WON’T TAKE ME ALIVE, RAIDERS!” A female voice shouts as lasers shots out the door. Everyone moves out of the way in time to avoid getting shot as the unknown shooter continues to attempt to, though very poorly, blast them.

“We not raiders, now quit shooting before you kill somebody!” Shepard shouts out to the assailant, who kept shooting until she ran out of ammo.

“Eep, please don’t kill me, I was just on pilgrimage.” The woman says as she tries to hide behind a desk she shoved to its side.

“Pilga…Wait a second.” Tali says as she quickly enters the door, with Shepard trying to stop her before he and everyone else follow her. Tali walks around the desk and saw what she thought the second she heard pilgrimage, a female quarian. The quarian was very slim, slightly slimmer than Tali, and her suit was a similar to other female quarians’ suit and clothing except her suit is white and clothing is light blue.

“Ah!” The startle quarrian jumps as soon she saw Tali, but stops as she sees her and the rest of the squads. “Wait, you’re not raiders?”

“That is what we have been trying to tell you the entire the time.” Liara says as she and everyone puts their weapons away.

“S-sorry, I didn’t see you entering my ship until I heard you outside the door.” The woman says as she sighs in relief. “I should introduce myself, I’m Zisa’ Jeezh vas Squibble, or I hope to be called once I finish my pilgrimage.”

“Wait, you are by yourself in this huge ship?” Shepard, rather confuse, asks. “We got a transmission about geth and thought someone is in danger.”

“My sensor are not picking up any geth signal.” EDI says as she tries to detect anything geth related.

“Transmission…oh, oops, must have left the radio on to wide broadcast by accident.” Zisa gives a nervous chuckle as she twiddles her fingers. “I was hoping to get my project done before I let anyone know, but since you are here, I guess I can show the geths you are looking for.” Zisa says as she makes her way to the door. “Come, follow me.” She says in a cheery tone as she leaves the door. The squad looks at each other and just shrug as they figure they might as well see what the quarrian is doing since they are here.


Secret Project

“As you may know, since the geth decide to kick every quarian out our home world, we have had…difficulties living in many environments to the point a simple sneeze can kill us due to our weak immune system.” Zisa says as she walks to a door that is heavily lock with tons of electronical locks. She types some passwords into her omni-tool and the door open. “As such, I always wonder if there is some way to at least improve immune system to where we can breathe outside our suit without fear of dying from a simple bacteria, or at least take a beating from it.”

“You know full well our people have tried many things and have come with miniscule results.” Tali says as she and everyone walks pass the door and is greeted by a large open room with a table with a device in one side, at another side a computer and desk with a petri dish, some needles, and a microscope that is connected to the computer, a medical bed next the computer and possibly even stranger is a shuttle in the middle of the room.

“And that word, ‘miniscule’ is what hit me.” Zisa says as she rushes towards desk and grabs a petri dish that was on it and brings it to the group. “I thought that since it was the geth that cause us to leave our home, it will be the geth that will help our immune system. Ta-da.” She says as she shows the petri dish. Everyone looks at it, but sees nothing.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t see anything.” Liara says and thought the quarian is a little delusional or pulling everyone’s leg until she heard EDI talk.

“How is this possible?” EDI says as she leans in closer to the dish, shock as she sees something that everyone else can’t.

“Aha, seems your robot companion sees my secret project.” Zisa says as she walks to the desk and sets the petri dish under a microscope, turns it on, and turns the computer. The computer pulls out an image of the petri dish and it starts to zoom in closer until it brought up the sight of geth, each having a container on their back.

“The geth, they’re…” Shepard spoke before Zisa interrupts

“Tiny~” Zisa chimes. “I manage to find a ton of deactivated geths that were on an asteroid and decide to bring them with me and got rid of their AI units and replace them with my own with one sole purpose, improve a quarian’s health.”

“But how, how are they so small?” Tali, so confuse of the microscopic robot’s size, she didn’t question how in the world Zisa manage to grab the geth and got rid of their AI units.

“With the very thing I have been working on my whole life.” Zisa says as she points at the strange machine. “After lots of testing and messing around with element zero, I manage to make a device that is capable of changing any objects sizes.” Zisa says as she grabs the device that was on table on the other side of the room. The device looks like a pistol with a screen on its side that fits on Zisa’s hand. The quarian types something on the screen before aiming the device at the shuttle that was in the middle of the room. She pulls the trigger and a beam shots out and hits the shuttle before it almost immediately dwindles in size. The shuttle shrinks until it was nothing more than the size of a small toy car. Zisa grabs the shrunken shuttle and shows it to everyone.

“By the Goddess…” Liara spoke as she, as well as the rest of the squad, couldn’t believe what she just witness. Zisa gives a cheery chuckle as she places the shuttle back in the middle of the room before she types something into the screen of the device and blast at the shuttle, growing it back to its normal size.

“Keelah.” Tali says before she remembers one of the things that Zisa says she wants to do. “Wait, you want put the geths inside yourself just to see if your idea will work?”

“Pretty much, all sixteen of them should be enough to do what I am experimenting.” Zisa says.

“That’s insane, how are you sure this will work? They might make things worse instead of improving your immune system.” Tali says, still remembering what happened when her father thought he reprogram Geths, and unfortunately suffer the consequences for not noticing he didn’t reprogram the geths at all.

“Well, unless you want to shrink down and join the geths to make sure they do what they are program to do, there’s no way on telling this idea of my will work or not.” Zisa says. “Besides, if something does goes wrong, I made a shutdown command to deactivate them all at once.” She says as she points at the computer. “Now if you need me, I’m going to help our people.” Zisa says as she walks to the desk with the shrunken geths and grabs a needle to suck them all in.

“Wait.” Tali blurts out that made Zisa looks at her before Tali looks at her commander. “Shepard, can I discuss something with you?”


Micro Effect

“Are you sure you want to do this, Tali?” Shepard ask as he his teammate laying down on the medical bed.

“No, but I think we both know she is going to keep trying this insane idea until she is positive it works or not. And honestly, I would prefer for her to not risk her life if the geths went up and started blasting at her insides.” Tali states.

“And you rather risks yours?” Shepard says bluntly as he’s not liking this idea more.

“No, that’s why I ask you to join her when you two enter me in case something does go wrong, that sounds so weird.” Tali says as she doesn’t know how to feel about microscopic people flying inside her body. “Though, to also be honest, I hope I’m just being paranoid and this experiment of hers work.” Shepard figures he can’t talk Tali out of this idea either and figure to just go with it.

“Very well, we’ll try to not blow anything up while inside of you.” Shepard says somewhat jokingly while receiving a slap to the arm from a not so amuse Tali. Soon Zisa walks towards the two with a tray that has two needles.

“Ok, ready to make quarian history?” Zisa says as she grabs one of the needles that has fluid in it.

“No, now let’s hurry and get this over with before I change my mind.” Tali says nervously as she lays down on the bed.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Now we have to sedate you so you aren’t moving around making things difficult while Shepard and I are inside you.” Zisa explains she brings the sedative shot to Tali’s arm. Tali sighs a bit, feeling a bit unease a bit as she looks at the needle.

“Fine, just hurry up and make sure everything is ok and get out before I wake up.” Tali says as she feels the needle going though one of the ports of her suit and puncture her arm. Already, she could feel the sedative hitting her as she is feeling tire. Before anyone could count to one, Tali is sound asleep.

“Ok, now for the geths.” Zisa says as she grabs the other needle, far smaller than the sedative needle, and sticks it into Tali’s other arm. “Best to not risk the same arm twice in the row until we are sure the geths work.” Zisa says before Shepard could question anything.

“Ok, where will we be inject to then?” Shepard asks before Zisa points at one of Tali’s thigh.

“It will be quite the detour, but we should meet up the geths soon enough.” Zisa says as she and Shepard makes their way to the shuttle. “Ok, remember the calculation to shrink us, and remember to be careful when injecting us. And don’t forget to check Tali’s face once in a while as somewhere on her face will be a rendezvous point.” She says as she instructs both EDI Liara, who’s fetching another needle and special googles to help her spot the shuttle once it shrinks.

“Understood.” EDI says as she begins to type the specific size calculation Zisa gave her.

“Pardon me,” Liara calls out to Zisa as she grabs a clean needle, “I’m looking at your computer and you said that this thing tracks how many geths are inside Tali, correct?” Zisa nods her head to the asari. “Well, according to your computer, fifteen of the sixteen geths are inside Tali.” Upon hearing that, Zisa looks at the floor a bit. “Will this be a problem for your experiment?”

“Hmm, guess I must’ve drop one when trying to show you guys. Oh well, I’ll either find it later or accidently step on it later.” Zisa shrugs. “Come on, we’re wasting time.” She says as she enter the shuttle. Shepard follows the quarian as the door of the shuttle closes. The two buckle down as they see the robotic companion outside the window.

“This is exciting.” Zisa says as she can’t help but feel so giddy about the whole thing.

“Out of curiosity, have you ever tried to with living people?” Shepard ask, realizing that Zisa never said if the shrinking device works well on living beings.

“Yes actually, I tried it on myself.” Zisa says, “Let’s just say it was a mess because I didn’t had someone to shrink me back normal for a long time.” Before Shepard could question what she meant by that, both of them hear EDI counting down to shrink them.

“Firing in three…two…one…” With that last number, EDI fires the shrink ray and watch as the shuttle disappears. Liara sighs as she carefully walks towards the spot where the shuttle shrinks.


Meanwhile for the shuttle.


“Ugh… that was… something…” Zisa says, feeling extremely queasy once the ray hit the shuttle and struggling to not hurl in her helmet.

“Wish we…ugh…knew that the shrink ray…” Shepard struggles to talk as he also felt extremely sick from the machine’s effect.

“Wonder how well the shrink did on us.” Zisa says as she struggles to look outside. The two look outside the window of the ship and see nothing but blurry images. That is until…




Something absurdly massive lands for what felt like miles away from the group, creating a massive earthquake that is causing the shuttle and the two to shake around.

“W-what in the world is going on?” Shepard says before another earthquake could be felt, only much, much stronger. Then another one, then another one, then another one before the area grew incredibly dark before…




The shaking finally stops for what felt like forever. The two look outside and saw that their view is block as something is obscuring everything to them. What the two don’t realize yet is that they are staring that the very bottom sole of their asari’s boots, only what maybe mile to them, is nothing more than a mere inch to Liara.

The two were about to question what was going on when the shuttle rock around more before they soon felt themselves being lifted up the ground and skyrocketing high up into the sky. The sudden lift was making the two felt like they enter a ship that went through the mass relay, yet wasn’t built for such terrifying speed. Soon the two felt the shuttle settling down, making the two sigh in relief a bit before looking outside to see what’s going on. Outside, they found themselves in what looks like what, before noticing something else that was staring at them. They realize that Liara is starring right at them. The asari, using the microscope googles, stares at the two before blinking a bit, causing a minor shake to the needle the two were in. Shepard was about to see if it’s possible to contact Liara through radio at their size, but they soon felt the world around them rumble as before the outside word started shift and move around them, Liara was moving.


Back to EDI’s and Liara’s POV…


Liara walk carefully before she stops herself a bit as she soon spot the shrunken shuttle and carefully plant her foot just before it. She then bends down and uses the needle she had in her hand to suck the shuttle up. She then moves the needle close to her eye to examine it and see that the shuttle is safely intact. A smile forms on her face as she then gets up and makes her way to the bed.

“Is Shepard and Zisa ok?” EDI asks as she walks with Liara.

“Yes, the shuttle seems intact, so they should be as well.” Liara says.

“Let me see if I can contact them somehow.” EDI says as she use her radio.


Back to Shepard’s and Zisa’s POV…


Shepard and Zisa watch as everything outside blur past them as their massive currier carries them to their destination. They could feel Liara’s simple footsteps as it cause everything to shake a bit, making the two glad they are safely secure in the shuttle.

“Got to say, this is a fascinating, and slightly terrifying, experience.” Zisa says. “I wonder what it will be like inside Tali.”

“Well, let’s see if EDI or Liara can even contact us first.” Shepard says as he fiddles with the built in radio in the shuttle. “EDI, Liara, can you hear us?” Shepard calls out for the gigantic AI and asari. After a while of nothing responding back, Shepard was about to call out to the two again when a thunderous rumble shook the shuttle violently and cause the two to cover their ears a bit.

“Keelah, what is that?” Zisa says while covering her ears in pain.

“Shzzz…zzpard…” The radio pick up a signal, sounding distorted before finally sounding clear. “Shepard….can yo…ar me?”

“EDI, what is going on out there? Did a bomb go off or something?” Shepard says as his ear aches a bit.

“Apologies, Shepard, that may have been Liara and I talking normally.” EDI says, “I’m contacting you with internal transmission. Though at your size, it’s slightly difficult to understand even with this radio.”

“Just those two talking can cause that?” Zisa says, now really wondering what it will be like once the two enters Tali.

“EDI, please stick to radio communication until we grow back to normal, or aren’t the size of cells.” Shepard says, still feeling his ears ache.

“Understood, Shepard.” EDI says. Soon the two felt Liara stopping as everything stood still for the shrunken duo “We have arrive.” EDI says as she and Liara stands before Tali. “Brace for injection.”

    Shepard and Zisa watch outside as they see everything moving a bit before they a see a purple blurry image of Tali outside the needle before they felt themselves drawing close to the unconscious quarrian. They soon see the thigh that they will be going to and soon see the tip of the needle making contact with the thigh. Liara gently pushes the needle as it pierces Tali’s suit until it made contact through it, make contact with her skin and pierce that. Everything pauses for the two as they wait for Liara to inject them. Seconds past before everything shakes and the two felt themselves being launch as if they were in a Mass Relay. Soon everything grew dark for the two as the got pushes into the long, tiny needle before being shove out of that and soon were inside the living breathing world of Tali.

Liara pulls the needle out of Tali’s thigh once she sees that she injected Shepard and Zisa inside Tali. Quickly patching the tiny puncture to seal the suit, EDI and Liara looks at Tali’s masked face, still unconscious, as she mumbles in her sleep.

“Well, guess we’re playing the waiting game until they’re done.” Liara says as she grabs a chair and sits down. “Have any interesting story to tell?”

“I know some geological and historical jokes Joker has been telling if that counts.” EDI says, prompting Liara to wish she joined Shepard and Zisa.

Welcome to Planet Tali

            Shepard and Zisa wait a bit the whole shaking of them getting launch from the syringe was finally over before either them open their eyes and look outside the window. Outside, they see themselves in a red ocean like world fill with blood cells that were the size of citadels.

“Keelah, it’s so different than looking through a microscope.” Zisa says as she could make out the tiniest details of the cells and tunnel like veins they are in. Shepard was about to look as well until he spots one of the cells heading towards them. With quick thinking, the commander grabs the control and flew the shuttle out of the way in time to avoid getting ram by the cell.

“Best we find a safe spot first before doing some sightseeing.” Shepard says as he tries to hitch a ride on one of the cells to avoid any contact with any other oncoming cells that could crash into them like they were nothing to it.

“Shepard, this is amazing.” Zisa says, “Every scientist and doctor in the galaxy would want to see this type of technology.” She says all giddy as she see the world around them. “Think the council would gladly acknowledge the quarians enough to give them a seat?

“How about we worry about if your experiment works on Tali first before anything else.” Shepard says.

“Oh, right, sorry, just got so excited.” Zisa says as she types one console of the shuttle and pulls up a radar of sort. “This thing will give us a general direction of where the geths I reprogramed are as well as how close they will be.” She says as she types on the console.

“Where exactly are they?” Shepard asks as he look at the console as well.

“Well, if things go correctly, their first destination I sent them to go to first is the heart.” Zisa says as she looks outside the window and sees everything still passing by as the cell goes through Tali’s body.

Time past for the two as the travel past much of Tali’s body. Soon, the two started to hear loud thunderous thuds. The sound was growing louder and louder as Shepard and Zisa continue their destination. Soon the saw an opening the cell is heading and soon pass the opening the two find themselves in a more spacious, some alien like world that constantly thuds around them.

“We made it to Tali’s heart.” Zisa says as she began to type on console while Shepard began to move the shuttle away from the cell and land on the “ground.” “Ok, according to my radar, the geths should be coming here right about…now.”

Shepard looks outside the window of the shuttle and at first sees nothing, but soon he started to see blurry metallic objects, each half the size of the blood cells, started to enter the hearts.

“They made it… and they are bigger than I thought they were going to be.” Zisa says as she thinks she screw up on the calculation that she gave EDI. They two were supposed to be shrunk to the same size as the geths themselves. Shepard saws one of the two heading and moves the shuttle to avoid being in the geth’s path. He made it just in time as the geth’s foot slams near the shuttle.

“Ok, this is ridiculous, they’re the size of cities.” Shepard says as he then moves the shuttle to get higher up until he reaches the shoulder of the geth and lands the shuttle.


“S-sorry, but look.” Zisa points at one of the geth that was in the distant and see it moving to one of the blood cells that is passing by the heart. The geth got the cell and start to do multiple of things to the cell, mainly injecting something into the blood cell, which causes it to have some sort of reaction something before the geth injects something else into it that calm the reaction done.

“What exactly it is doing?” Shepard, rather confuse, ask as he watch the same geth repeating the process over and over.

“Introducing a common cold the blood cell, immediately curing it, and then reintroducing it.” Zisa says as she watch the rest of her geths do the same thing. “Basically, try to make the cells in Tali’s body forcible get used to the cells as it pass on and starts to work on the rest of her body, and make her immune system, though slightly, healthier through this process.”

“That’s…amazing.” Shepard says as he sees one of the cells looking healthier than a minute ago before the geth moves one.

“Though, the process will still be extremely slow.” Zisa says. “If I have more geths than this, or the geth and my people aren’t in a war still and the geths are willing to help, this process would go by far faster than this.” Zisa says as she the geths working on one cell at a time. “Still, baby steps will have to do. Well, since things seems to be working, shall we go ahead and leave before Tali wakes up?”

Shepard looks outside a bit before feeling contempt of Zisa’s project. “Sure.” Shepard start the shuttle up and starts to make the journey to the rendezvous point.

A Glitch

Meanwhile in the outside world of Tali…

“Do you think this project will work truly work?” Liara ask, still a bit concern for her teammate, as well as Shepard and Zisa, as she looks at her unconscious companion.

“Theoretically speaking, there are some video documents from human culture that tried to attempt this kind of thing with.” EDI says as she remembers looking up old movies with Joker. “I believe it was called ‘Fantastic Journey’ or something similar to that.”

“EDI….that was fictional movie from hundreds of years ago.” Liara says as she thinks she knowns what EDI is talking about.

“Oh, then Joker and I need to disc-zrrt” EDI stumbles back as she felt a strange zap in her head.

“Are you ok?” Liara ask as she gets up from her chair.

“Y-yes…” EDI says, though doesn’t sound sure of herself.

“I think you sit down as well.” Liara, concern as she hasn’t seen EDI reacted so strangely since she got her body, help the AI move to the chair she was using.

“I might have a mechanical issue.” EDI says as she sits down. “Please pardon me as I run a diagnosis check through my system.” She says as she sits up and a small winding noise can be heard as she is checking to see what cause the strange reaction.

“Ok, I’ll go look for something that might help.” Liara says as she makes her way out the room, leaving EDI alone with the unconscious quarian next to her. The AI continues to examine her body, so far finding nothing out of the ordinary. After a few minutes, she was about to assume that maybe a wire was loose or something in her head, but she began to sense something abnormal that was indeed in her head. She run a diagnosis one more time, focusing her head more and still see nothing at first. But as soon as she starts to see something…

Liar-!” EDI, panicking, stands up and tries to shout out to the asari, only for her to be cut out as she then flops back to the chair, motionless.

After a few minutes has pass, Liara returns with nothing in hand. “Sorry EDI, I can’t find anything that might…” Liara looks and saw EDI in a position that made her worry. “EDI?” Liara runs to the motionless AI, shakes her up, calling her name but nothing happened. Very worry now, Liara runs to the computer. “Shepard, you need to get out here now. Something’s wrong with EDI.” Liara tries to use the radio to contact Shepard and Zisa, but only receive static. “Damn it, pick up already.”

    Liara, now fluster, fiddles with the computer to see if maybe she can send a message to the shuttle somehow. As Liara did, something caught her eyes that made her a little bit worry. She looks at the screen that is supposed to keep track of the sixteen geths, and remembers the one she said to Zisa is unaccountable for. She look and sees that fifteen are in one spot, Tali, but she sees a faint signal that is coming right behind Liara. Liara, feeling a pit in her stomach, heard what sounds like EDI shuffling behind her. She turns around, hoping to see EDI ok, only to see the barrel of gun pointing at her before a blinding light hits her.

    With her vision blinded by the bright light, Liara stumbles back and fell on her back as she wonders what in the world hit her. Her vison started to return and soon she found herself in a strange land the felt like it went on for endless miles.

“EDI!?” Liara shouts out to EDI, hoping that what hit her isn’t what she think it is and that this is some sort of cruel joke from the AI. Unfortunately for the asari, it wasn’t a joke as she looks around and soon sees EDI, but in vastly larger form. “By the Goddess.” Liara, absolutely intimidated by EDI’s sheer size, stumbles back as she struggles to crane her neck high to the sky to see EDI’s head, only for her head to be block by her chest. Liara couldn’t believe what she is seeing, any imperfection that was on EDI’s body, shot from raiders, geths, and Cerberus, minuscule niches, all could be see tenfold to Liara’s view. Harbinger, or any of the Reapers, would be nothing but a mere gnat to the robotic being.

            And speaking of EDI herself, she looks around, slightly confuse at first before lowering her weapon and started to move towards Tali. Liara, petrified in fear, watch in fear as the bottom of EDI’s foot looms above her, debris of dust and dirt falling and landing near Liara, before passing over her and landing a mile behind the germ size asari. The world practically drop from the impact of the robotic foot as it made contact to the ground, causing Liara to bounce up a bit. Liara looks up to see the rest of EDI’s body loom over her. Soon a booming sound came out, but it wasn’t the familiar famine of the Normandy AI, but a gurgle of distorted noise, the noise of that of a geth. She then watch as EDI moves one of her hand towards Tali and places her head on Tali’s chest.

“EDI, please stop!” Liara shouts up to the AI, fearing what she might be doing, with AI not responding back as she gives a small jolt unto Tali. Tali seems to be ok, but Liara fears what might have happen to Shepard and Zisa. EDI then moves her hand away from Tali and starts to make her way out the room. Liara, doesn’t know what to do at her size, did the only thing she could do and that was to grab on to EDI before she lifts her foot. She manage to hold on to the bottom sole just as the massive AI takes a step. Sadly for the asari, Liara couldn’t hang on to the metallic surface long enough and lost her grip as EDI took a step. Liara got up and try to grab on again, but it was too late as EDI was too fast for her and already took another step, leaving behind the shrunken asari, the unconscious quarian, and whatever is happening inside said quarian.

Situation Growing Worse

            Shepard got shuttle off the geth and prepares to leave the area. However, as he and Zisa would be leaving the heart soon, they felt a rather large tremor, larger than the thumps the heart was creating. The two thought it was EDI and Liara moving around and ignore it. However, they then heard a large thud as if something landed on Tali’s body. Before they could question what is going on and reach for the radio, a powerful surge of electricity hits them. The two wince in great pain even after the electrical shock came and went.

“Keelah, what in the world just happened?” Zisa says as she looks at her suit to make sure everything is ok.

“G-good question…” Shepard groans as he tries to use the radio, only for it to short circuit and bust apart. “Crap, now how are supposed to communicate with everyone?” He says in frustration as he tries to see if he could do something with the broken radio.

“Um, Shepard… I think we might have bigger things to worry about than the radio.” Zisa says nervously as she points outside the shuttle. Shepard looks outside as well as he sees what the quarian is saying as they see the geths acting strangely. They seems to shudder and jerk around as electricity zaps out of their body. “C-commander, you d-don’t think that shock may h-have…?”

“We’re getting out here, now.” Shepard says as he hastily stir the ship away from the geths and immediately fly the thing as fast as possible. The two hear the loud robotically sound of the geths as they all look towards the direction of the shuttle and immediately give chase. Zisa uses one of the console of the shuttle and sees the shuttle picking up speed as they chase after the two.

“H-How in the world is this possible, they were working perfectly.” Zisa, sound hysterical, tries to see what is causing the geths to go against her reprogram.

“Not now about what causing them to go back to being killing robots, just focus on losing them.” Shepard says as he tries to lose them within the many veins they are in.

    Unfortunately for the two, the geths are far larger and faster than the shuttle and are catching up to them rather quickly. One of the geths manage to get near to the shuttle and reaches out to grab and crush it. However, Shepard mange to not only maneuver around the hand, but also spot a nearby branch of the blood vein and moves the ship towards it. The geths saw Shepard moving to the branching paths and tried to move to it, but stumbles on top of each other and past the section. They manage to get up and ran back and went through the other branch of the vein and try to catch up to the shuttle. What the geths don’t realizes that Shepard places the shuttle near the branch that has a small indent that had enough space to place the shuttle in and make a go hiding spot as the watch the massive geth units run passed them. After a minute to make sure the geths haven’t spot them, they took a moment to breathe a sigh of relief.

“I think we lost them for now.” Shepard says as he sits back on his chair as tries to figure out what to do next.

“This bad, this bad, those geths shouldn’t be able to be acting like that.” Zisa says as she stutters and talks rather quickly, “And even if they did, why haven’t your friends use the deactivate command yet? They should be able to still have a good enough signal to see that something is wrong.”

“We need to get out of here somehow and see what is going on outside.” Shepard says as he prepares the shuttle to fly again.

“Wait, what about the geths, if they are left alone, they might, or most likely will, do harm to Tali just to get out or realize they are in a quarian.” Zisa says, now very worry how things has gotten.

“Crap,” Shepard says as he knows Zisa is right. He doesn’t want to risk Tali to be left alone with the geths with how they are now. “If we were bigger, I could easily shot them all before they realizes.” Shepard states, cursing his smaller size.

“Wait, maybe we can use this size.” Zisa says with Shepard looking at her with a skeptical look, “It’s a stretch, but maybe we can get inside the geths and re…reprogram the geths to go back to normal, the ‘helping Tali normal’ I mean, or at least help us destroy the rest of the geths.”

“Can you even hack this things at this size?” Shepard ask, not knowing if this a good idea or not.

“Sure, or at least I think can,” Zisa nervously says as she isn’t too confident herself, “Look, what do we have to lose…other than our lives, Tali, and maybe any chances of anyone finding us ever at this size?” The nervous quarian ask, not making the situation better.

Before Shepard could say anything, the two felt the world shake a bit as they look outside the shuttle. They see nothing at first but then see a faint light that was starting to grow brighter, one geths must have either got separate from the group or decides to split away as it made its way back to the branching path that the geths lost the two at. To make matters worse for them, the geth turns its head a bit and spots the shuttle. Zisa screams in fear as she sees the geth running towards them while Shepard struggles to get the shuttle moving. The geth was moving closer at a fast pace and was about to reach for the duo until something, almost like an earthquake, cause the geth to the stumble a bit and make the shuttle rock a bit. Everyone looks around, wondering what is going as the shaking grew stronger and stronger.

“Are EDI or Liara moving again?” Shepard says as straps the restrain on his chair more.

“No…its worse.” Zisa says as she heavily buckles down as she know what, or who, is causing the shaking.


Meanwhile outside…


“By the Goddess, I should have guess that missing geth might be a cause of concern.” Liara says to herself as she has been walking for what felt like forever. She doesn’t know why she thought she could somehow walk towards the end of the room to catch up to EDI’s hacked body, but she figures she might as well try something other than stand around and twiddle her thumbs. However, as Liara walks further and further away from the spot she shrunk at, she heard what sounds like a loud rumble and thunder. At first she thought it might have been the ship considering her size and pays no attention, but she then hear the sounding growing louder and stronger. Liara wonders at first what the sound might be coming from before a chilling feeling ran through her spine as she completely forget about one person that is in this room.

            As Liara quickly starts to run away in fear, the area around her grew very dark. She looks up and sees a silhouette as an indescribable lands mass starts to fall towards the asari’s direction. Liara runs and runs as she knew what the landmass truly is and tries to get away from its path. The landmass was dropping fast and immediately slams right at Liara’s position, with a loud booming explosion upon contact. Liara, with her ears aching from the explosion like sound, thought she has become an invisible stain on the floor once that massive landscape made contact almost right on top of her. Either the asari has extremely dumb luck, more than Shepard’s considering what he went through, or her Goddess is watching over her. She opens her eyes and looks around her, seeing that she seems to be in a rather deep canyon were the walls stretch up to the sky for miles and goes the horizon for miles as well. Liara knows where exactly she is at as she looks up, struggling to see high up into the sky. Suddenly a loud booming sound can be heard as Liara had to cover her ears a bit.

Shepard?!” Tali’s voice echoes with a booming voice.

The Planet Awakens

            Tali opens her eyes a bit as the sedative in her body wore off. She mumbles a bit as she gets up from the bed and swings her foot to the side and plants it down as she gets off the bed.

“Shepard?” Tali calls out to her commander as she stretches and yawns. She looks around, expecting to see everyone but sees that she is by herself. “Where is everyone?” Tali questions out loud as she prepares to walk.


Down below, Liara watch as Tali’s slightest movement causes everything to shake to the asari. The awaken quarian has no idea of not only how close she was on stepping on Liara, or that Shepard and Zisa are still inside her and that EDI has been hacked by one of the microscopic geths. “Tali, stop, EDI is being controlled!” Liara shouts out to Tali to try to warn her, but her voice would never reach the quarian’s ears from the ground. Another booming sound came out as Liara can hear her astronomical size companion talking to herself. She then felt the ground shaking more as Tali is about to walk. Determine to not get left behind again, Liara immediately grabs on to the bottom sole of Tali’s foot, which is far easier to get a grip on then EDI’s metallic body, and brace herself as she felt the foot lifting up.

    Liara struggle to hang on to the foot as it then slams down to the ground as Tali takes a step. This causes Liara to lose her grip again, but unlike what happened with EDI, Liara flew up a bit and lands on the top of Tali’s foot. This gave Liara a, rather insane, idea as she waits for Tali to move her foot again and take another step. The world rumbles below the asari as she felt the foot lifting up, just as the foot rises high up, Liara let’s go of her grip on the last second and it catapult her high up to the air. Liara flails her arms a bit until she land on something rather hard. Groaning a bit as she figure out where she is exactly, she looks up and see Tali’s face, still many miles away, at a much closer view. Liara looks around and see that her plan somehow work as she uses her size to launch herself in the last second from Tali’s foot to now her chest. The worst was far from over as Liara tries to climb her friend to warn her before its too late.


Meanwhile back inside Tali.


            Things were rather hectic for everyone due to Tali waking up. The simple blood flow that made things bearable for Shepard and Zisa now became a dangerous rapid river. This cause the shuttle, as well as the geth that was nearby, to dislodge and are force to endure the dangerous roller-coaster ride. This was made worse as every step Tali made, every muscle she uses, causes everything to bounce around almost giving everyone a whiplash.

“Keelah, I knew it was going to be rough if we stay inside Tali, but I wasn’t expecting things to be this dangerous.” Zisa says, wishing she was back to normal size now.

“This shuttle will not last long at the current rate we keep banging against the walls.” Shepard says as struggles in a vain attempt to keep the shuttle under control, but it was no use the flood of the blood is too strong for the shuttle. “We need to someplace safe or we are not going to last long.”

Zisa looks around, trying hard to find anything that can help. Her attention turns to the geth that is strongly to find a spot to grab on to. “Quickly, try to get inside that thing.” She says as she points at it. Shepard sees this and tries to maneuver the shuttle to it. After some dangerous flying and avoid the incoming meteors, he flew the shuttle close to the geth’s face. Shepard rams the shuttle into what looks like a small opening on a tube that is connected to its head. The shuttle manage to not only get into the opening, but was stuck and doesn’t seem to be getting dislodge for the moment. Shepard grabs the gun he was planning to use if he was at a bigger size and shoots at the window, shattering it. He and Zisa get out as fast they can as they didn’t want to be anywhere near the shuttle in case it gets dislodge.

            After reaching a point where they hope they are safe for the time being. The two look around to see the inside of the geth, before finally one of them spoke up.

“Ok, let’s hurry up and see if we hack this geth and do something about the other geths.” Shepard says as he helps Zisa up, who nods in agreement. They hope that things are doing ok outside.

            The two pass though the passage of the tubes, which gives Shepard a familiar feeling of surroundings that he get when he’s inside a geth ship. The two kept passing though the long tunnel until they find themselves in more spacious area with many wires, tubes, and many alien technical materials.

            “We made it to the brain of this geth.” Zisa says as she rushes towards the center of the area where large core made of what looks like various computer components that was slap together, making Shepard wonder a bit of how these geths are functional enough to work before he remembers who’s the quarian that reprogramed these geths is also the one who made a shrinking device. Zisa uses her omni-tool and begins to try to hack the core. “Ugh, this will take a minute to hack, geth programming are extremely difficult to hack into.”

“Are you still sure you can hack into the geths, I thought they were next to impossible to hack into.” Shepard says.

“Maybe, but this core isn’t exactly geth made.” Zisa as she continues to hack until the core made a rather loud noise.

“Please tell me that is a good thing.” Shepard says blurts out as he felt everything shaking a lot.

“Yes, it is.” Zisa says in a cheery tone as the shaking is not only settling down, but the two don’t feel the harsh force of the blood flow outside as the geth adjust itself and was able to get on the walls and start walking as if nothing is affecting it. Shepard couldn’t help give a chuckle as he is glad that something good happened with how things are so far. Zisa looks at her omni-tool in sighs a bit. “One down, fourteen more to go.”

Cleaning a Minor virus

            Back outside, Liara has been doing her best to not fall off Tali as she nonchalantly walk on her own accord, still unaware of what has happened so far. Even though Tali’s suit is easier to get a grip than EDI’s body, it was still difficult as the booming step countless miles down below can still be felt and shakes everything to the germ size asari. It didn’t help as Tali was still talking out loud to try to find the people she has no idea are much close than she thinks.

Shepard, EDI, Liara, Zisa! Where is everyone?” Tali says to herself as she hasn’t found anyone. The ship was the familiar eerie setting that could be felt when Tali and everyone enter the ship before meeting Zisa. The quarian continues to walk all while Liara is still desperately trying to get Tali’s attention.

“Tali, please stop!” She shouts out to the unaware woman that shows no signs of even acknowledging her voice. Liara tries to think of what to do, as she realizes that even if/ when she reaches Tali’s head, hear helmet will most likely block all form of sound that Liara tries to make. Passing midway up Tali’s chest, an idea did came up to Liara, but she doesn’t know how well it will work. Using the transmission radio she has on her omni-tool, she tries to contact Tali.

            Time has passed and so far nothing appears to happen with Tali. However, Tali, starts to hear a radio transmission through her helmet. Tali moves one of her hands towards her helmet and press a button.

Hello?” Tali answers the radio but receives a broken up connection. That didn’t stop Liara as she sees this as her chance to contact Tali.

“Tali, EDI has been hacked by a geth and has the shrinking device.” Liara says to the radio but can hear her transmission sounding distorted. Liara hopes that getting closer will improve the connection otherwise she fears that she is too small to save her friend.


Tali continues to try to understand what is being said to her but with little luck. She uses her omni-tool to see if she can enhance or boost the signal. However, she stops one she reaches the near the bridge of the ship and starts to hear noises that made hear stop focusing transmission.


“Hello, anyone there?” She said as she passes some control consoles before she sees a familiar face. Tali spots EDI by one of the consoles as she seems to be typing on one of the command console and shows no sign of noticing Tali. “EDI, there you are.” Tali says as she makes her way to the AI. Meanwhile, Liara hears this and knows she is running out of time and has to hurry.

“EDI, I have been calling you and everyone else for a while.” Tali says as she walks closer. “Where’s everyone else, I haven’t seen anyone else.” She says as she gets closer. EDI now notices Tali and prepares to stand up. She turns to see Tali and right there Tali stops a bit as she notice EDI still hasn’t said anything which has her concern a bit. Before Tali could say anything, the transmission that she kept hearing for the past few minutes can be heard a little bit more clearly, enough to make the quarian to panic.

“Get away f-om E-I,…ali!”

            Right there, Tali, sees EDI reaching for something in a quick speed the prompts Tali to quickly move to one of her sides, just in time to dodge a laser beam fire by EDI before it hits a chair. Tali looks and see the chair shrinking and can figure things enough to immediately get up and start running as far away from EDI possible. These movement causes Liara who, at first was glad to get her message to Tali on time, panics as she felt herself getting catapulted from Tali’s chest and into her hood instead.


Meanwhile inside Tali…


Shepard and Zisa tries to command the controlled geth as they traverse Tali’s body, while feeling a bit lost in the process.

“Ok, if we can somehow get the geths to separate and make this geth hack one of them, we should be able to get things to get back in order.” Zisa says as she types many commands into her omni-tool to make a virus or something of sort that she can use to rewrite the other geths to get them back to normal.

“Hopefully they won’t suspect this geth and try to rip it apart.” Shepard says as he tries to use his omni-tools to keep the massive geth under control.

As the two continue to work with their objectives, the soon find themselves back to where they were about half an hour ago, Tali’s heart. The loud thud noise greets the two as they figure Tali is alright, but that quickly change when they notice that the heart start to beat harder and louder, causing the geth to stumble a bit and shaking everything violently for the two.

“W-what’s going on now?” Zisa checks her omni-tool to see what is going on. “Something is causing Tali to move around a lot. At this heart rate, it’s going to make things impossible do anything without moving around too much.”

Shepard hears this and commands the geth to hang on tightly to what it could find that will keep them in place. As Shepard does this, a loud beeping noise can be heard on Zisa’s omni-tool. The quarian fiddles with it and panics a bit.

“The other geths, they’re heading to this direction.” Zisa says as she uses a radar similar to the one in the shuttle to see the other fourteen geths making their way to the heart at great speed. Soon the sounds of the geths could be heard and soon they see the geth Shepard and Zisa are in are dashes towards them with hostility. Shepard prepares for what will come next and start putting commands to the geth. The others geth quickly swarm on the control geth and begin to start beating it up. Shepard puts many commands that made the control geths to fight off few of the geths, but several others manage to get behind and knock the control geth. This cause causes the control geth to fall on the ground and allowing the rest of the robotic assailant to dog piled on poor robotic giant.

“Please tell me you almost done with that virus.” Shepard shouts to Zisa who’s struggling to not have a panic attack and focus on the virus.

“I-I think so.” She says a she types in more stuff into the omni-tool. Meanwhile, the geths can be heard pounding the control geths as they try to rip it apart to get to Shepard and Tali. Shepard tries to put in more commands into the control geth but it was no use as it’s limbs wear torn off, leaving the two a sitting duck if Zisa doesn’t upload the virus. More sounds of the geths ripping the one geth’s body apart as they are very close.

“Done!” She says as she uploads the virus into the core that starts to transmit to the other geths. Nothing happens at first as the geths continue to destroy the shelter of the two. Zisa wonder if she didn’t made the virus strong enough and begin to panic. However, the geths started to make sounds and started to back away from the destroy geth. Shepard and Zisa said nothing as they wait for the geth to do anything. After what felt like an eternity, the two notice that the geths hasn’t move at all. Zisa pulls up her omni-tool and looks to see what the geths’ conditions are. She types a bit before she got her answers. “The geths, they’re back to normal.” She says in a nervous chuckle before she collapses from the whole experience.

Shepard doesn’t blame her as he sits down to catch his breath and tries to collect his thoughts. As Shepard took the time to calm done, something happens that broke his train of thought. Another surge of energy courses through Tali’s body, and at first Shepard was worry that this would cause the geth to go nuts again until he realizes that the surge of energy gave a familiar feeling to him, the same feeling when he and Zisa shrunk.


Annoying Bug


            Tali passes many doors and uses her omni-tool to shut and seal the doors behind her to slow down EDI. She ran a few more floors until she stops at the same room where this all started. Tali was about to run back to the door to find a better room to run to, but hears the sound of EDI as her body bangs on the door.

“Great, now I’m going to die from my friend after she shrinks me.” Tali scoffs as she tries to think of something to get her out of this mess. “What next?” Tali says until she hears the transmission from earlier.

“Tali…et to the com-er, there’s…a deactiva…. mmand for the geth con…EDI!” The transmission could be heard, with Tali recognizing the voice as Liara’s.

Looking around, Tali see the computer that Liara is talking about and runs towards it. She types on the computer and looks for the deactivate command. She founds the screen and tries to activate the command. But as she presses the command code, the screen reads error.

“Bosh’tet!” She shouts, cursing the geth as she can guess that the geth must have rewrote its programing including for the deactivation command. With the deactivation command practically useless, Tali wonders what she could do to even get rid of the geth that is inside EDI. She then remembers Liara and thought of something. “Liara, where are you exactly?” Tali talks through her radio and hopes Liara can reply in time.

“I’m…your hood.” Transmission barely got through that made Tali took a second before she thinks she understand what exactly Liara means.

“Move to my hand.” Tali says as she moves her hand inside her hood. Liara see the landscape like hands and had to move a bit to avoid getting smack one of the three digits on Tali’s hand. Liara then immediately runs to the closes finger.

“Tali, I’m on one of your fingers. What exactly are you…” Liara got interrupted as she felt the hand moving and hangs on tightly. A bright light blinds her a bit until she looks up and could see Tali’s masked eyes staring at her. Liara couldn’t help but smile a bit before waving at Tali to get her attention. Tali seems to see spot Liara as she gave a gasp, shock to see Liara at such a tiny size, bigger than geths that are inside her body. Before Tali could even say anything of the situation, the door can be heard as EDI seems to be trying to either break it or hack it. Tali looks back at Liara.

“We don’t have time and only got one chance, so listen carefully.” Tali says to Liara with the asari willing to listen.

A minute has past until the door starts to open as the AI manage to hack the door. EDI raises her gun and prepares to fire at Tali and doesn’t see her at first. The room doesn’t have much room to hide in with only the bed and table to hide at so the AI searches carefully as she enter and locks the door behind her to prevent Tali escaping. EDI searches a bit before the geth inside her decides to uses the size device to shrink the bed. Tali wasn’t behind it and with that EDI immediately aims at the desk and prepares to fire. But just EDI turns towards the desk, Tali pops up and uses energy drain on EDI. This causes EDI’s body to stall bit, enough for Tali to run up, get behind EDI to get on her and moves one of her hand that held Liara to the back of EDI’s neck.

Liara immediately runs and jumps off Tali’s hand and lands on EDI’s neck. She looks around and saw a tiny opening that, while a normal size person would either not notice or have difficult time seeing, is large enough for the asari to squeeze in and enter EDI. Tali smiles a bit as she see Liara safely inside but remembers that the energy drain she uses on EDI only stalls her, and she about to move.

EDI quickly moves around and grabs Tali by her neck. She then tosses the quarian across the room. Tali tries to get up and move, but the second she looks up, she sees EDI aiming the size device and right there Tali gets blinded as she gets hit by the shrinking laser. Tali, knowing what exactly happened to her, looks around and soon sees her surrounding is indeed much larger. The first thing she sees what appears to be bolt the size of a small building. Tali gulps a bit as she must be the size of an ant. As much of the realization of being shrunk was bad, the worst has yet to happen as she felt a powerful tremor. Tali looks around a sees the source of the tremor as she spots EDI’s looming body walking towards her. Seems the geth isn’t going to risk Tali’s presence any more as it makes EDI look for Tali. Tali knew she needs to give Liara as much time as possible and immediately tries to run away from EDI.


Meanwhile inside EDI’s body, Liara hastily tries to maneuver through the many robotic components that makes up the AI’s body. Liara continue to navigate around EDI’s head until she hears the sound of the size device going off and knew she is running out of time. Passing thought many wires and tubes, Liara came across many circuits and chips that seems to make up about a small portion of EDI’s head. She looks around, trying desperately find the geth. With how things are and looks, it didn’t look like the geth is in this part of the head and so Liara quickly try to move closer to the center of EDI’s head.


    Tali has been trying desperately to put as much distant away from EDI, but sees that is easier said than done as EDI is already a few feet near where Tali shrunk at. EDI uses gazes carefully at the ground, searching carefully for the shrunken quarian until she spots a tiny moving purple dot that is five feet away from her. Tali continue running until she made the worst mistake you can make when running from something and looks behind her, and sees EDI looking right at her. EDI didn’t do much but raises her foot high up before slamming it hard to the ground. This simple movement was powerful enough to shake the world for Tali and made her fall to her side. Tali tries to get up but felt the powerful tremors of EDI’s foot step as she walks towards her. Each step halted any hope of Tali getting up and try to run until EDI was right on top of her. Both of the AI’s foot stood to the sides of Tali as she looks up in fear until she felt one of the foot raising up and prepares to hover above Tali.


    Liara was moving close to what look like the central brain core of EDI and thinks, mostly hopes, that this is the most likely spot of where the geth must be at. As she moves closely toward it, Liara felt the powerful stomp EDI made to stop Tali, and panics as she fears she is about to run out of time. Liara moves to the core and inspects it. She didn’t see anything at first but she then spot something of a small a hole, small enough to where she can only move her hand inside. Liara looks inside and gasp a bit as she spot the geth, which looks like a large toy to her, attach to one of the many wires that makes up EDI’s brain. Liara waste little time in trying reach for the geth, but she struggle to grab the geth as it was out of reach, by a mere millimeter to the asari’s hand. It didn’t help as EDI’s movement were causing everything to shake and make things extremely difficult for Liara. Liara, scared to lose two of her friends from EDI’s hacked body, desperately reaches for the annoying geth. Frustrated, Liara takes a deep breath and forces herself to extend her arm. She winces in pain as she feels like she is about to extend her arm out of her socket before she feels something. Taking a good grip, she yanks with great speed and tosses whatever is in her hand to the ground. Liara looks down and sees that by some miracle that she manage to grab the geth. Annoyed and mad, Liara raises her boot and slams down on the geth.

                Tali watch in fears as the bottom metal sole of the EDI’s foot hovers above her. There was no signs of dent or anything that could give Tali hope to run to avoid getting step on. Soon the foot start to descend and Tali can only cover her sights and what for what comes next. She felt a strong gust of wind hitting her, but that is all that the quarian felt as she wonder if she died and have yet to notice. She looks up and see that the foot stops a couple of feet above Tali before it starts to move again, rising up and away from Tali. Soon Tali can see the face of EDI who gasp of what she was about to do and carefully moves her foot away from Tali. EDI, as gently and slowly as she can, kneels down and moves one of her hands to Tali to lift her up.

“Apologies, Tali, I don’t know what came over me.’ EDI says sincerely as she carefully picks Tali up and brought her up to her face. Tali couldn’t help but smile and sigh in relief as she looks at her friend.

“It’s’ ok, you just had a minor bug.” Tali says she felt so happy to see EDI back to normal. EDI smiles as she sees Tali is ok. She then looks around and realizes where she is.

“Where is Liara?” EDI says as she remembers that she was trying to call out to the asari and doesn’t see her. Tali just couldn’t help but smile as she figures EDI is going to have a long day fixing everyone’s size.

Another Successful Project


            Hours has passed since the whole intendent. Tali was the first to grow back to normal as they still wanted to contact Shepard and Zisa, hoping there are still ok even after everything that happened. After an hour, EDI manage to make contact with Shepard and with Liara, who’s still shrunken, manage to get to where they were supposed to meet. Liara had to wait inside wait a long time inside Tali’s helmet while Tali had to remain still and not say anything the whole time until Shepard and Zisa made it out of Tali via though her tear duct. With everyone account for, EDI prepares the size device and grew Liara, Shepard, and Zisa back to their normal size.

“Well, I don’t know about all of you, but I called that another successful project for me.” Zisa says in a cheery tone.

“After everything that has happened, you called that a success?” Tali says flatly at the quarian.

“Yup, we get to see what it’s like to be inside a person, what happens when the person shrinks with already shrunken people inside her, and that multiple uses of the size device in a short amount of time will weaken the shrinking effects for some reason.” Zisa says as she hugs the size device as it was a toy. “Besides, the main experiment that we were doing in the first place is working perfectly, wouldn’t you agree?” She says as she pulls out the computer with the screen of the remaining, and functional, geths that are still inside Tali’s body.

“Yes, I can agree that I feel a little bit better than I can say hours ago.” Tali says as she took her mask off and took in a breath of the air and don’t feel so sick like she would be if yesterday. “Still, I think you want to do more trial first before presenting this to the other quarians.”

Zisa puts some thought of it while she and Tali can hear the others checking EDI to make sure she is ok.

“So far nothing seems abnormal or any damage that may have been caused by the geth.” Liara says as she and Shepard check their omni-tool to make multiple checks on EDI.

“I’m starting to see why no one wants to do checks up in the Normandy.” EDI says, feeling rather annoyed of the constant checks. Liara and Shepard couldn’t help but give a small laugh, even if it wasn’t a joke from the AI.

“I got to say, thank you so much for helping me.” Zisa says as she and Tali walks towards the group. “Though I also got to say, sorry, I didn’t think things out of control like that.”

“Honestly, stick around long enough with us, and you kind of used to things not going to plan.” Shepard says, with every one of his teammate nodding in agreement, much to their dismay.

“Well, as a way of thanking all of you, and saying, sorry, I want you to have this.” Zisa says as she hands Shepard the size device.

“Um, no thanks, I had enough shrinking experience for one life time.” Shepard says as he tries to give the device back.

“Same here.” Liara says.

“Are you sure, this thing might be very useful in case you face massive or large amount of enemies.” Zisa says. “I didn’t even have a chance to show you all what it’s like to grow massive with this thing.”

“Thanks, but like I said, I think I had enough…” Shepard tries to deny the offer until Tali grabs the device.

“I’ll take the device.” Tali says as she looks at the device and pockets it. “I can easily think of certain robotic alien destroyers I would like to use this on and she them the meaning of the word ‘massive threat.’

“Won’t you missing the device?” EDI asks Zisa, “You did said this is your life work.”

“Don’t worry, I still have blue prints to make another size device.” She says. “Besides, I think I got to go find a friend of mine first before heading back Migrant Fleet. So I won’t be needing the size device for a while, so I might as well give it to people who will have far more use and fun than me at the moment.”

Shepard figures he’s not going to be able to deny this offer so he might as well take it. “Well, besides everything that has happened, thanks for the whole experience.”

“No problem, I hope to meet you all…” Zisa got interrupted as Shepard receive a urgent call from the Normandy.

“Shepard, finally, I have been trying to contact you all day,” Joker can be heard through the transmission, “Reaper signal has been detected, we need to get out of here.”

Shepard hears this and looks at the group. “We got to go, let’s hurry and leave…” Shepard looks around and sees Tali leaving.

“Well, let’s see how well this thing works.” Tali can be heard as she makes her way to the docking bay with the size device in hand and she prepares the setting. Shepard, EDI, and Liara didn’t know if they should stop Tali until they heard the docking bay opening. They all ran to the nearest open window and look outside. Three massive reapers can be see, heading towards the cargo ship. Suddenly a bright light blinds everyone as the view of the Reapers were soon replace by Tali who uses the size device to grow herself to the size of a moon. Tali looks at the reapers and waste little time in reaching for them and crushing them with her hands as if they were mere bugs.

“I love size technology.” Zisa says in a cheery tone as she makes her way to the bridge of the ship to prepare to leave.