Tiniest Kong

(Cubed Cinder)

Outside Donkey Kong's treehouse, things were peaceful and quiet. The birds were squawking, the frogs were bouncing around, and the rhinos were looking for things to charge into. It was just another day not just around the treehouse, but on Donkey Kong Island as a whole. I emphasize things *were* peaceful and quiet, because a few seconds later…
"Yeah! Here I come, you stinkin' Kremlings!" a young energetic male Kong shouted. That voice belonged to Diddy Kong. With a jetpack strapped on his back and peanut popguns in each of his hands, Diddy rocketed around the wide open space around the treehouse and blasted peanuts galore, pretending there were Kremlings running around on the ground trying to find cover.
"Hahahaha! Go ahead, make my day!" Diddy shouted as he did all sorts of aerial stunts in the air and continued to blast away.

The mayhem lasted a few more minutes before finally Diddy had to land (otherwise he'd run out of fuel and have a rough landing!). He twirled his peanut popguns around before magically tucking them away.
"Ahhhhh… it feels so good to do some peanut popping in the morning. Too bad DK wasn't around to judge me. Heh, I can probably hear him mumbling about having to do training with Cranky." Diddy said as he put a hand near his ear trying to hear his buddy grumbling. But he instead heard something different… a high pitched female whining, and it sounded close.
"Huh? Sounds like a girl in distress." Diddy said as he walked around tracking down the female voice. It took him several seconds of walking around to eventually find the source of the crying. Diddy looked down by his feet and saw what appeared to be a Banana Fairy crawling around in the grass.
"Oh? A Banana Fairy!" Diddy said as he gently approached the fairy.

The fairy, meanwhile, was finally back on her feet, but had to quickly look up when a big shadow took away the sunlight shining from above. She found herself looking up at Diddy Kong.
"Are you okay, little fairy?" Diddy asked. The fairy, meanwhile, looked VERY ticked off as she showed an angry face and pixie dust sprinkled off her clothes.
"Do I look alright, you empty-headed baboon!? You nearly shot me out of the sky!!!" the fairy shouted. That made Diddy quickly realize that he must've almost shot the fairy during his 'flying exercise.'
"I… I'm sorry, little fairy! I couldn't see you!" Diddy said.
"Bleh! That's always the problem with us Banana Fairies! We're too small to be noticed by ANYONE!!" the fairy shouted.
"Hey, come on! I know a Kong that can shrink to your size! You're not always ignored." Diddy said.
"Still, it's always the same with you macho male monkeys! You like your big weapons and golden, shiny bananas with little regard for anything else!" the fairy said.
"Ummmm… maybe you should take a chill pill, lady. I said I was sorry!" Diddy shouted.
"Enough! I think it's time you see life from a new perspective!!" the fairy shouted.

As Diddy backed away, not wanting to be a part of whatever the fairy was planning, he suddenly found himself surrounded in golden sparkles that left him unable to move.
"What the…!? I can't move!" Diddy shouted. The fairy, meanwhile, was able to fly again by flapping her previously charred wings. She closed her hands together slowly and watched as Diddy shrunk smaller and smaller.
"What's happening!?" Diddy shouted, now obviously in a state of despair as the world around him got bigger and bigger. Finally, the shrinking stopped… and what a shrinking it was. Blades of grass now towered above the Kong like trees and once miniscule mounds of dirt towered over him like mini-mountains. Diddy was finally able to move again, but before he could process what had happened to him, he watched the Banana Fairy come flying down. He fell back as he looked over how huge the fairy was. She was once your typical-sized fairy, but now she loomed over him like she were over 150 feet tall.
"What… what did you do to me!?" Diddy squeaked while the Banana Fairy put her hands on her hips.
"What does it look like? I shrunk you to the same size as your IQ! Which is a centimeter or two tall, no doubt." the Banana Fairy said. She no longer squeaked up to Diddy… she sounded more like a normal female living being thanks to the big size difference between the two. Diddy couldn't care less about that, however. He repeatedly stomped his foot in the dirt and shook a fist up.
"Please change me back! I said I was sorry!" Diddy shouted.
"I think not. You strike me as the type who won't learn his lesson so quickly." the fairy said. This made Diddy slump his shoulders knowing this was an argument he couldn't win, especially as he looked forward and saw the yellow walls that were the Banana Fairy's shoes. But that was soon going to be the least of his problems as he watched the fairy lift up one of those shoes.
"In fact, I should crush you like the insignificant rodent you now are." the fairy said as she hovered a leg over the Kong, who gulped nervously and was prepared to run away through the forest of grass blade 'trees.'

However, the Banana Fairy suddenly looked in front of her and gasped.
"Oops! I've overstayed my welcome!" the fairy said as she suddenly flew away, leaving the micro-sized Diddy behind deep within the grass.
"Huh!? Wait! Where are you going!? Well, I may have been spared from being a glob of gum under her shoe, but she didn't bother to change me back." Diddy shouted.
Suddenly, the Kong felt the ground thump very strongly and a booming sound echoed overhead. Diddy could only assume it was because someone normal-sized was coming, and his theory would prove correct as he looked up and suddenly saw the bottom of an island-sized white shoe.
"Meep!" Diddy shouted as he activated his jet pack and flew out of the way, just before he could get crushed. Diddy eventually landed on top of one of the grass blades and saw who it was that nearly (and unawarely) crushed him.
"Whoa… Candy Kong…" Diddy said, not believing how much she towered over him. Suddenly the Banana Fairy that shrunk him earlier was like child's play compared to what he was looking up at.

Meanwhile, Candy Kong was not alone as she walked up to DK's treehouse. Joining her to her left were two other female Kongs… Tiny and Dixie. Dixie made sure she was on the end of the trio line, not wanting to feel so short when surrounded by the taller and bustier Kongs (especially her sister, Tiny). Candy was the first to see charred marks in some spots of the grass.
"Huh? What happened here?" Candy asked.
"It was probably from Diddy. He likes to fly around and practice shooting Kremlings from the sky. I think it's cute, actually!" Dixie said.
"Heh, everything Diddy does is cute to you." Tiny said as she winked down at her 'little' sister (to this date there's considerable debate as to who is older given the height difference between the two).
"Point taken!" Dixie shouted.
"Anyway, come on, girls. Maybe we'll catch both of them in the treehouse." Candy said as the three ladies made their way towards the treehouse.
Down below, Diddy shook his head after realizing something important.
"Hey, if I hitch a ride on Candy, I won't have to use as much jet fuel!" Diddy shouted as he fired a quick burst from his jet pack, propelling him off the grass blade and landing him on top of Candy's super tall platform shoe. Diddy held on tight to the shoelaces as he would be taken for quite the ride while Candy, Tiny, and Dixie climbed up the ladder that would lead them into the treehouse.

The three ladies found themselves inside the treehouse where they didn't see a single Kong inside.
"Huh? Where is everyone?" Candy asked. Tiny walked over towards a piece of paper that was taped to the TV and read what was written on it.
"Hey, my sweet and darling Candy Kong. If you see this note, that means sadly I've been called away to train with Cranky again. But don't worry! I'll be back home soon! Hugs, kisses, and banana cream pies, DK." Tiny said.
"Awwww… how romantic!" Dixie said.
"Hahaha! I agree, Dixie. Still, why does he have to train? I thought K. Rool was sunken for good?" Candy said.
"That may be so, but if the Snowmad invasion taught us anything, there are still evil goons out there who want something from this island." Dixie said.
"A lot more than his banana hoard too!" Tiny said.
"Speaking of which, where's Diddy? Shouldn't he be here in the treehouse if DK's not around?" Dixie asked.
"Maybe he's in the actual cave?" Tiny asked.
"You know what? I better go check. You two wait here." Dixie said. Candy took a seat over towards one of the bean bag chairs while Tiny sat inside the swinging tire that Diddy normally chills out in.

Meanwhile, atop one of Candy's shoes, Diddy tried to call up to the three Kongs, even as Dixie walked close by (and her footsteps sounded like thundering booms to him).
"Candy! Tiny! Dixie!" Diddy said, only to stop after a few tries.
"Bleh… what am I, stupid? I'm so small, there's no way they can hear me from down here. I have to get closer… as tall an order as that will be." Diddy said as he sweated nervously seeing Candy tower over him like a skyscraper in New Donk City. Fortunately for Diddy being mostly like a chimp, he was good at climbing things, so as long as he imagined each individual hair on Candy's leg like tree trunks, he would be just fine. Diddy bounced upward from one hair strand to another, hoping Candy wouldn't suddenly swing her leg around as she lounged back. Diddy had to cover his ears as Candy and Tiny chatted with each other over random topics. At his size, their voices sounded like the really loud music Dixie would always tease him over playing.
"Ugh… loud voices are definitely not my kind of jam." Diddy said as he continued to climb, eventually making it to Candy's pink shorts.

A couple minutes later, Diddy temporarily stops his climb around Candy's stomach region when he sees Dixie returning.
"So is Diddy loafing about in that banana hoard?" Tiny asked.
"Actually, no. I looked high and low and even in the hoard itself, but I didn't see him." Dixie said.
"Hmmm… that's strange. It's not like Diddy to not be guarding anything… not even his stereo!" Tiny said.
"Maybe we should go look for him?" Dixie said.
"Awwww… just chill, Dixie. Diddy's probably training with DK. You know how those two tend to stick together like glue. Or me and DK when we're on a date, teeheehee…" Candy said.
"Heh. Lucky you two. But you're right. I suppose waiting around for them to come back won't hurt." Dixie said.
"Well, I for one don't want to wait. I gotta get back to the garage anyway." Tiny said.
"The garage?" Candy asked.
"I'm still fine tuning my kart so I can enter it in that Mario Kart thing someday. There's only so much fun in barrel blasting!" Tiny said. She started to walk out of the treehouse, only to turn around and grab Dixie by the hand.
"Come on, little sis! I'll need your help!" Tiny said.
"But, but, but, but what about Diddy!?" Dixie said.
"Don't worry, he'll figure you're at the garage with me! Let's go!" Tiny said as the two Kongs walked out of the treehouse.
"And by the way, YOU'RE the little sis!" Dixie shouted.
"Sure doesn't look like it, does it? Hahaha!" Tiny laughed before the two left. Diddy sighed and pouted after watching the two rush out.
"Tiny sure does like to be in a hurry." Diddy said.

But then the micro-sized Kong had to get back to the task at hand, which was to get Candy's attention. He continued to climb up until he reached Candy's breasts… which were big enough at normal size. Now it felt like he was looking up at a pair of pink mountains.
"I'm sure DK would have a field day if he were in this position." Diddy said as he shook the dirty thoughts out of his head and got to climbing up the covered breasts. On top of that, his mission to get Candy's attention was about to get harder as he watched the 'giantess' pull out her signature blue Rare-branded headphones.
"No, wait!!!" Diddy said as he watched Candy put the headphones on. Diddy sighed… he had hoped to crawl into one of Candy's ears and bang on the eardrum inside to get her attention. On the other hand, he was glad he wasn't trapped in that ear when Candy started playing the music, otherwise… he gulped thinking what was worse. That or getting flattened by a Kremling's steamroller that one day.

As Diddy held on tight to Candy's shirt, he had to change his tactics suddenly. It was about survival now as Candy stood up and pushed play on her music player clipped to her shorts. Music started playing and Candy slowly danced to it, even giggling to her own dancing.
"Teeheehee… I know DK would be grinning ear to ear if he watched me dance like this." Candy said. Diddy, meanwhile, held on as Candy's breasts heaved up and down from her big dancing movements.
"Like I said, DK would have a field day if he were in this position!" Diddy commented as he held onto the shirt (and breasts underneath it) for dear life.
It looked like Diddy was going to get a break when he heard Tiny calling out from the side. Candy was still dancing around, however, and Tiny was left with no choice but to walk up to Candy and tap her on the shoulder.
"Candy!" Tiny shouted. Candy gasped and quickly swung towards Tiny. The fast movements caused Diddy to lose his grip on the shirt and go flying through the air.
"Waaaaaaah!!!" Diddy yelled as he tried to get his jet pack fired up to break his fall. By the time he did, he screamed again as he found himself crashing against a light blue colored wall, grabbing against it to make sure he didn't fall again. He wouldn't realize it just yet, having been dazed from the wild air ride, but he was now clinging onto Tiny Kong's shirt.

Meanwhile, Candy pulled the headphones away from her ears and looked rather sternly down at Tiny.
"Geez, Tiny! Don't sneak up on me like that!" Candy shouted.
"Well… you didn't leave me much choice given you were rocking out to your music… with your noise cancelling headphones on, I might remind you." Tiny said.
"Oh… yeah, I guess that's the downside of these things, right? Anyway, I thought you were going to the garage?" Candy said.
"I was… until I realized I dropped my lucky wrench somewhere." Tiny said.
"Oops! Do you need help finding it?" Candy asked.
"I'd appreciate that!" Tiny said as the two ladies walked around the treehouse looking for said wrench.

It only took a minute for Candy to spot it underneath the tire dangling from the roof by a rope (the same one Tiny sat in earlier).
"Is this it?" Candy asked.
"Yep! I wonder if it slipped out of my pants when Dixie and I left." Tiny said.
"Could be. Anyway, good luck, Tiny!" Candy said.
"Thanks!" Tiny said as she left the treehouse once again. After climbing down the ladder, she went into a light jog to try and get back to the garage sooner than later. At this point, all Diddy had to do was look up and see where he now was.
"*gulp* Oh boy… now I'm riding Tiny. Hopefully she doesn't do anything acrobatic." Diddy said to himself as he clutched her shirt tightly with her unaware she had a passanger on her shirt.

Eventually, on another part of the island, Tiny finally made it back inside a place marked Funky's Garage (as in Funky Kong). But inside, there were only two Kongs… Tiny and Dixie, who casually sat back in one of the rolling chairs sipping away at a glass of banana juice.
"Ah, so you found your wrench." Dixie said.
"Yep. So no more making fun of me losing things." Tiny said. Dixie rolled her eyes.
"Are you sure you need me around? I'm not the most mechanically knowledgeable, you know, compared to Diddy." Dixie said.
"I know, but it's always nice to have a helping hand. Just sit tight and I'll tell you what to do when necessary." Tiny said before she leaned into the engine compartment of her kart and got to work adjusting a nut here and a bolt there with her wrench.
By leaning in, however, it was causing Diddy to lose his grip on Tiny's shirt.
"Can't… hold… any…" Diddy said. When Tiny stood back up, Diddy finally lost his grip and went falling and bouncing down from one hair strand on Tiny's stomach to another. He eventually reached out and grabbed something purple.
"Whew… saved by… oh boy." Diddy said as he looked up and realized he was holding onto a loose thread from the purple bow tie on the front of her pants. It did not make him feel better looking around and seeing almost nothing but a wall of light blue which was the color of her pants. Diddy tried one more time to get Tiny's attention.
"Tiny! It's me, Diddy!" Diddy shouted. But of course, no response. Even worse? The thread Diddy was holding onto was coming loose.
"Oh spit!" Diddy said as the thread broke off and Diddy went into a free fall, eventually tumbling down Tiny's light blue colored pants. He fired his jet pack up at the last minute to soften his landing, eventually coming to a stop on a flat pink surface. Diddy shook his head.

"That was a wild ride." Diddy said. But he couldn't relax for long… he saw something massive coming down towards him.
"Whoa!" Diddy shouted as he cartwheeled to safety and ran to the edge of the surface he was standing on. He turned around to look up and see what almost crushed him… and his jaw dropped to the floor like King Dedede was playing a joke on him and DK.
He was looking up at Tiny Kong's skyscraper-sized toes, and that made him realize he was standing on one of her pink flip flops. Tiny, probably from working so hard on her kart, had her toes scrunched up but would stretch them back out every now and then. And little did she know that Diddy was down there in front of one of the toes. Any time Tiny moved one of her toes, Diddy had to scramble out of the way… only to almost get crushed by another toe or find himself in between two of the toes.

Diddy watched as Tiny lifted up one of her toes, and out of desperation to keep it from crushing him, Diddy pulled out his peanut popguns and rapidly fired away. To his shock… Tiny actually felt that.
"Ow!" Tiny shouted as she kicked that same foot forward, sending Diddy flying in the air.
"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Diddy shouted.
"Huh? What happened, Tiny?" Dixie said as she heard that and saw Tiny looking down at her foot.
"I don't know… I guess a tiny bug must've stung the underside of one of my toes." Tiny said as she took that foot out of her flip flop and looked underneath and saw a very miniscule red spot.
"It's nothing. Don't worry about it." Tiny said.
"Okay, whatever you say." Dixie said as she got back to sitting casually and watching Tiny get back to work on her kart.

Meanwhile, for Diddy, with him still flying in the air, there was no more being cautious.
"Jet pack!" Diddy shouted as he fired up the jet barrels on his back and flew in the air.
"Whew… that was close. Otherwise I'd end up a banana splat on the floor." Diddy said. He rapidly looked around trying to decide his next move.
"Yeah, I think Tiny's out because she's anything but tiny. I just gotta try with Dixie… she cares enough to spot me when I'm like 5 miles away." Diddy said as he got to flying towards Dixie. He was approaching her and her glass of juice when suddenly he felt the jets sputtering out.
"Oh no! I'm out of fuel! May day may day may day!!!" Diddy said as he tried to get the jets fired back up, but nothing. It looked like he was heading for a rough landing on the nearby table, but instead, he watched as Dixie temporarily set her glass of banana juice down on the table… long enough for Diddy to go SPLASH in.

Even if Diddy's barrel jets weren't out of fuel, he couldn't take off anyway due to them and himself being water logged. Diddy splashed around trying to stay afloat.
"*cough cough* Well, this is great. Now I'm swimming around in a glass full of banana juice. What else can go wrong?" Diddy said. He didn't have to wait long to find out the answer, as Dixie reached down and grabbed the glass and lifted it towards her mouth. Diddy's view of the ceiling was eventually obscured by Dixie's huge face.
"No, Dixie! Don't drink meeeeeee!" Diddy said as he rapidly swam against the current that was being caused by Dixie sipping her glass of juice. Diddy was able to earn a break as Dixie set the glass down again (gulping the juice simultaneously), but his arms felt like melted swiss cheese.
"*huff puff huff puff* I don't know if I can go through something like that again." Diddy said.
But the micro-sized chimp was left with little choice when Dixie started to lift her glass up again. Diddy tried shooting his peanut popguns up at the giantess, but all they did was shoot soggy peanuts that felt right back into the drink. Diddy watched as Dixie's open mouth closed in fast.
"Well, if I'm going to go, at least it will be in the stomach of my beloved Dixie." Diddy said as he prepared for the worst as the liquid slowly slid onto Dixie's tongue.

However… he was about to get a lucky break. Dixie suddenly spat out the many drops of banana juice that landed on her tongue. With the spit take, Diddy found himself rapidly back on the table, laying flat on his back and dizzy from the wild high speed ride. And he would soon not be alone as Tiny came running to Dixie's side.
"Dixie! And you're always barking at me for my manners!" Tiny said.
"Bleh… sorry… it's just I felt the slightest trace of peanuts in my banana juice." Dixie said.
"Huh? Peanuts?" Tiny said.
"Yeah! And you know I don't like peanuts too much!" Dixie said.
"Yeah, I know, but what peanuts? I don't see any." Tiny said as she looked all over the table where the liquid was shot out from Dixie's mouth.
"Trust me… I know the taste of peanuts when I feel them!" Dixie said. Tiny still thought Dixie was probably talking crazy, but she looked down on the table again. This time, something caught Tiny's attention. She was looking down at something speck-sized with faint traces of red and brown.
"Huh? I think I see something else aside from peanuts." Tiny said.
"What is it?" Dixie said as she watched Tiny lean in, giving Diddy a view of the biggest eyeball he'd ever lay eyes on.
"DOWN HERE! DOWN HERE! DOWN HERE!!" Diddy shouted, trying to get Tiny's attention.
"I don't know. It's way too small for me to make out." Tiny said.
"Probably just a bug that was flying around and somehow landed in my juice. Maybe it's the same bug that bit one of your toes." Dixie said.
"I guess." Tiny said as she stood back up and folded her arms.
"Let's just squish it and move on!" Dixie said as she started to move a finger towards the speck, sending Diddy into a panicked frenzy.

But luckily, Tiny came to his rescue.
"Whoa whoa! Slow down, sis! We could be dealing with a rare, never before seen species of bug! Best keep it alive for now." Tiny said.
"Alright, but how can we see what it is?" Dixie said. Tiny immediately snapped her fingers.
"Remind me what my name is, Dixie." Tiny said.
"Tiny Kong? Oh! I get it!" Dixie said.
"I'll shrink down so I can get a better view." Tiny said.
"Okay, but won't you need a camera first so you can take pictures?" Dixie asked.
"Let's worry about that later. For now, I just want to get a close up view of what we're dealing with." Tiny said.

The micro-sized Diddy watched as the two ladies took their positions around the table, with Dixie watching and waiting for her sister to…
"TINY!!!" Tiny shouted as she rapidly dwindled in size down to roughly 2-3 inches tall, but definitely small enough for Dixie to tower over her.
"So who's the taller sister again?" Dixie said.
"Alright, alright, quit joking! Just pick me up already!" Tiny said. Dixie giggled and then got back to business… reaching down and scooping Tiny into her hands. She set the shrunken Kong down on the table, who promptly ran towards the speck. Diddy suddenly looked over and saw a much smaller Tiny approaching, although she still towered well over him like she was almost 100 feet tall.
"Tiny! Thank goodness for your power to shrink!" Diddy shouted. And this time, Tiny responded with a gasp. She got down on her knees and finally saw the much smaller Diddy Kong.
"Diddy!?" Tiny shouted.
"Heh… that's my name. Don't wear it out." Diddy said with a smile, relieved that he finally got someone's attention.

Dixie heard Tiny call out Diddy's name as well.
"Huh? Diddy? Where?" Dixie said.
"Um… Dixie. Diddy's down here." Tiny said.
"What!? Come on, Tiny! Don't be kidding around!" Dixie shouted.
"I'm not, I swear! Look in my hand!" Tiny said as she lowered a hand towards Diddy, allowing the chimp to climb on. Once Diddy was onboard, Tiny stood back up and held up a hand for Dixie to laser focus her vision on. It took a good bit of squinting, but finally Dixie tracked down the shrunken Diddy.
"D-D-D-Diddy!?" Dixie shouted.
"Heh. Hi, Dixie." Diddy said (with Tiny passing on his words to her), watching as Dixie sat back in shock.
"He's… he's so small." Dixie said.
"Heh, he sure is. Are you trying to steal my title or something?" Tiny asked.
"No no no, honest to goodness! There's a reason I've shrunken this small. Please let me explain everything." Diddy said.

For the next couple minutes, Diddy told the story to both Tiny and Dixie of how he shrunk that small.
"I see. You must've really angered that Banana Fairy for her to whip out a spell like that." Tiny said.
"Never mind that! What were you thinking flying around in circles and blasting randomly like that!?" Dixie shouted.
"Yeowch! Easy with the yelling, Dixie! I didn't mean to hurt any Banana Fairies! Usually they're not flying around here!" Diddy said, with Tiny relaying his words to Dixie.
"Hmph. Oh well. That's what I love about you, Diddy. I'd kiss you, but I don't want to accidentally swallow you." Dixie said.
"Well… it's a little late for that considering you almost swallowed me with your banana juice." Diddy said.
"Okay, okay. We can play the blame game later. Right now, how are we going to get Diddy back to normal?" Dixie said.
"Sigh… I guess we'll be making a pit stop to Cranky's. I can't wait to see what the 'mad scientist' will cook up." Diddy said. Instead of repeating Diddy's last sentence, Tiny thought of something else.
"You know, if a Banana Fairy did this, maybe if I talk to the Banana Fairy Queen, we can get her to help grow you back to normal, Diddy." Tiny said.
"Oh? There's a Banana Fairy Queen?" Dixie asked. Tiny nodded.
"I'm the only one who can shrink small enough to go inside Banana Fairy Island, where the queen lives. Surely she can help us… she owes us after you, me, DK, Chunky, and Lanky all helped rescue the Banana Fairies who got separated that time K. Rool tried to blast our island to pieces." Tiny said.
"Hmmm… yeah. I remember that day. If only I didn't twist my ankle trying to imitate Diddy's cartwheel… I could've helped out that day!" Dixie said.
"Anyway, you should wait here, Dixie, while I go to the island." Tiny said.
"No way! If the fairies prove uncooperative, you're going to need someone to pound outside their doors to get them to restore my beloved Diddy!" Dixie said.
"That might not be a bad idea, actually. Dixie can get fiery eyed once in a while." Diddy said.
"Okay, whatever you say. But where am I going to keep you so you don't go flying away?" Tiny said.

That's when Dixie got up and ran towards one of the shelves. She reached up and pulled down an empty jar which had a YOSHI 1 sticker taped to it.
"Tiny, will this help?" Dixie asked.
"Perfect! Pick me up so I can drop him in." Tiny said. With Dixie gently picking up Tiny, she then dangled Diddy over the jar opening. Tiny gently dropped Diddy inside, but he still felt the need to rub his behind.
"Sorry. I guess everything hurts when you're that small, right?" Tiny said, only to see a quick nod from Diddy. After Dixie set Tiny back down on the table, Tiny ran towards the edge of the table and jumped.
"BIG!" Tiny shouted as she sparkled and was immediately back to her normal size. Then she turned around and gently picked up the jar that Diddy was riding around.
"Okay, let's go. Just follow me." Tiny said as the two Kongs departed the garage.

A short time later, after much walking and a short swim off DK Island, Tiny and Dixie made it to Banana Fairy Island. A few fairies were flying around and some of them took time to greet both girls.
"There's so many of them!" Dixie said.
"Yeah… actually more than when I last came here." Tiny said. She then set the jar down gently on its side and opened up the lid.
"Well… wish me luck." Tiny said.
"Good luck!" Dixie said with the two ladies smiling at each other.
"TINY!" Tiny shouted as she shrunk back to 2-3 inches tall. She approached the now big jar and called out to Diddy.
"Come on, Diddy!" Tiny said, watching as the micro-sized Kong ran as fast as he could towards Tiny's flip flops. Once he was close enough, Tiny reached down and scooped him up.
"Hey, not so hard!" Diddy shouted.
"Sorry, sorry. I've never held anyone smaller than smaller me!" Tiny said.
"Good point." Diddy said as the two went inside the now normal looking entrance into Banana Fairy Island.

The Banana Fairy Queen was sitting back peacefully on her throne when she looked at the entrance.
"Huh? Who goes there!?" the queen shouted.
"Your highness! Do you remember me? Tiny Kong?" Tiny said. The queen looked over Tiny from top to bottom. She rapidly compared visions of the past when Tiny was much younger (and smaller!) to today. The twin ponytails that made up Tiny's hair were a dead giveaway.
"Oh? Tiny Kong! Wow… it's been so long. You've really grown up!" the queen said.
"Heh… relatively speaking! Please forgive me, your highness, but I'm afraid I must cut to the chase." Tiny said.
"Oh? What troubles you, my friend?" the queen asked.
"Well, I'm sure you are familiar with my other Kong friends since they helped rescue the Banana Fairies like I did." Tiny said.
"Yes?" the queen said.
"Well, look what one of them has done to my friend, Diddy." Tiny said as she finally showed off the micro shrunken Diddy Kong. The queen had to get up from her throne and lean in to get a closer look.
"Oh dear! That's quite a predicament your friend is in. I was worried Miarika would do something like that someday." the queen said.
"Huh? Miarika?" Tiny said.
"The Banana Fairy who has the power to shrink things. I felt her using her power for the wrong purpose earlier today." the queen said.
"Wow… you really do know everything that goes on with the Banana Fairies!" Tiny said.
"Heh… I am the queen, after all. Isn't that right, Miarika?" the queen said.

She looked back at her throne, and coming out from behind it slowly was one of the Banana Fairies. In fact, the same one that shrunk Diddy in the first place.
"Y-y-y-yes, your majesty." Miarika said.
"Now go on. Apologize to Diddy for what you did." the queen said as the fairy approached Diddy in Tiny's hands.
"I'm sorry, Diddy. I shouldn't have gotten angry with you like that AND use my power so irresponsibly." Miarika said. Diddy could see the contrite look in her eyes.
"It's cool. I'd probably flip out too if I were shot in the tail by peanuts." Diddy said.
"You can restore my friend to his normal size, right?" Tiny asked.
"Of course, of course! Another blast will cancel the effects and restore him to normal." Miarika said.
"Then let us not waste another second!" the queen said as she and Miarika flew to the outside world, with Tiny and Diddy catching up from behind.

Dixie watched as the two fairies came flying out, and then Tiny, who gently set Diddy down in the sand. Tiny backed away from Diddy to return to normal herself.
"BIG!" Tiny said as she rapidly grew back to her normal size. Then she watched Miarika do her thing, surrounding Diddy in a wave of golden sparkles once more and leaving him unable to move. This time, instead of pinching her fingers together, she spread her hands apart, and as she did so, Diddy grew and grew. It took a few seconds, but Diddy was back to her normal size.
"Yay! Diddy!" Dixie shouted as she rushed towards Diddy and gave him the happiest hug he would ever feel.
"Oooooof! I never thought I'd be so glad to be ape hugged by you!" Diddy said as she hugged his girlfriend back. Tiny walked up to Diddy and patted him on the cap on his head.
"It's good to have you back to normal, Diddy, and not the size of toejam." Tiny said.
"Heh, yeah! I've definitely learned a lesson through all this and will never take my size, or anyone else's, for granted!" Diddy said.
"Well then, now that all's well that ends well, it's time we retreated back inside. Until next time, our friends!" the Banana Fairy Queen said until she and Miarika, the Banana Fairy that started this whole mess, flew back inside while other Banana Fairies continued to fly around happily.

Tiny, Dixie, and Diddy all smiled at each other until Diddy was the first to break that silence.
"Come on. How about we all hang out in the treehouse until DK gets back?" Diddy said.
"Sounds romantic to me!" Dixie said.
"Er… Dixie, almost everything we do is romantic." Diddy said, prompting a laugh from all three Kongs before they all went jumping into the water to begin the short swim back to Donkey Kong Island.