(Cubed Cinder)

Another beautiful and shiny day in the Mushroom Kingdom. That was just the way Toad and Toadette liked it as they wheeled their respective wagons along the grassy plains. Onboard these wagons were three different varieties of mushrooms. The red-and-white colored Super Mushrooms doubled the size of whoever touched it, whereas the purple colored Poison Mushrooms shrunk the user in size. Then there were the massive Mega Mushrooms, which enlarged the user after touching the mushroom to a gigantic size for a limited amount of time. These mushrooms proved useful in the Mario Brothers’ never ending series of quests to rescue the princess from Bowser and his Koopa minions, and that’s why Toad and Toadette were making sure they were ready to go when the time came.
“Thank goodness we have a never ending supply of these mushrooms. Right, Toad?” Toadette said.
“Yeah! It seems like Bowser will never stop at kidnapping Princess Peach.” Toad said.
“I keep telling her majesty. Have some poison mushrooms nearby so she can stuff them down Bowser’s throat and shrink him to the size of a Pikmin!” Toadette said.
“Haha! Yeah, I’d like to see him capture her after that!” Toad said.
As the two retainers were pulling their wagons, they started to come up on a downhill slope.
“Uh oh... a slope that looks pretty steep.” Toad said.
“We’ll just have to tread carefully. We don’t want to lose these mushrooms.” Toadette said. The two indeed slowed to almost a crawling pace as they started to descend down the hill.
But unfortunately, Toad eventually lost his grip and the wagon began to slide down the hill. Toadette, in shock from seeing this, let go of her wagon for just a split second, but that was enough to send her wagon downhill as well.
“Toad, the wagons!” Toadette said.
“Come on! We can’t let them get away!” Toad said as the two slid down the hill as well.
Ultimately, the chase was all for naught. Both wagons were able to retain all the mushrooms as the hill finally levels out, but they both collided with a pair of warp pipes, causing the wagon to tilt forward and dump the entire supply down the proverbial drains. Toad and Toadette stopped their running and looked down into the warp pipes.
“This is bad! Where do those warp pipes lead?” Toadette said. Toad gulped nervously.
“I think these are two of the pipes leading to the Real World.” Toad said.
“Oh my! There’s no telling what effects the mushrooms will have there!” Toadette said.
“And who might use those mushrooms for bad purposes!” Toad said.
“Come on... we have to tell Princess Peach about this!” Toadette said.
“Alright, but if she snaps and yanks on your ponytails, I don’t want to hear any complaining!” Toad said as the two mushroom retainers left the empty wagons behind and began to run towards Peach’s Castle. They hoped the journey of the mushrooms wouldn’t lead to any silliness or serious problems, and they also hoped the effects of the mushrooms would wear out over time.

But that’s just what would happen over the next several hours around the Real World.


A big crowd was exiting one of the big fighting arenas in Tokyo after another day of qualifying matches for the next King of the Iron Fist Tournament. Among that crowd were two of the combatants. One was the Chinese fighter Ling Xiaoyu and she still wearing her orange sleeveless qípáo that she’s always known for in the ring. The other was one of Xiaoyu’s best friends, Miharu Hirano. She was also wearing her fighting attire rather than her high school outfit, which consisted of a bikini top, denim short shorts, and pink high heeled sandals. She also wears a light purple hat with heart shaped glasses.
“[You were fantastic, Ling-san!]” Miharu said.
“[Thanks! You put up a good fight yourself.]” Xiaoyu said.
“[What do you mean!? I lost to a guy with the face of a tiger!]” Miharu said.
“[Oh well. At least we both did our best. What do you say we head for the ice cream shop?]” Xiaoyu asked.
“[Huh? With me wearing this!? I think I better go home first so I can change.]” Miharu said.
“[It’s okay, I understand. I’ll follow you home!]” Xiaoyu said.

As the two walked down the streets, staying close to each other in case anybody wanted to make a move on them, the two 19-year-olds suddenly passed by an alleyway when Xiaoyu came to a sudden stop.
“[Huh? What did you stop for?]” Miharu said.
“[Look at that!]” Xiaoyu said. The two girls watched as suddenly sprouting up from the ground was a purple object that quickly became the Poison Mushroom.
“[What do you suppose that is?]” Miharu asked.
“[You silly! Don’t you play video games!? That looks like one of those mushrooms from those Super Mario games!]” Xiaoyu said.
“[Huh? You mean the kind that make you grow really tall?]” Miharu asked.
“[Of course! What else could they be?]” Xiaoyu said. Of course, the two were thinking of the Super Mushroom. They didn’t seem to have a clue that this purple-colored mushroom would perform the exact opposite by shrinking the person that touches it rather than making them bigger.
“[Come on! We should touch them before they get away!]” Xiaoyu said.
“[Huh? Hold on, Xiaoyu! Those could be fakes! You know? They could actually be dangerous!]” Miharu said.
“[Nonsense! Don’t you want to be taller?]” Xiaoyu said.
“[Well, yeah! You know I’ve wished to be taller since my 13th birthday.]” Miharu said.
“[Then less chatting and let’s get growing!]” Xiaoyu said as she excitedly ran towards the mushrooms. Seeing there was no convincing Xiaoyu to stay away from the mushrooms, especially given their sudden appearance, Miharu finally followed suit. She stood over one mushroom while Xiaoyu stood over the other. Both girls reached down and touched the mushrooms.

Of course, we know what happens next.
“[Yay! We’re getting... what!?]” Xiaoyu shouted. Indeed, she noticed the alleyway itself seemingly growing around her.
“[Oh no! We’re shrinking!]” Miharu said, figuring out the opposite was happening. The two girls watched as they continued to shrink. They held onto each other nervously thinking they were going to shrink to the size of bugs.
Finally the two stopped shrinking. While they were nowhere near that small, they were still reduced to about four inches tall, judging by Miharu’s best guess. The once small puddles that were by the girls’ feet were now the size of ponds.
“[No way! I thought those mushrooms would make us bigger!]” Xiaoyu said.
“[Well obviously they didn’t, idiot! So what do we do now?]” Miharu said.
“[Okay, let’s not panic. I can figure out a way out of this... we just have to find someone who can help us!]” Xiaoyu said.
“[But who? We’re not exactly at a size suitable for talking to people!]” Miharu said.
“[I know... but we can’t stay here either. We’d starve eventually... and the mice would probably want to eat us as well.]” Xiaoyu said.
“[Aaaaaah! Don’t mention that again!]” Miharu said.
“[Sorry. Well, come on. And stay together... it’s easy to get lost out there.]” Xiaoyu said.
As the two shrunken girls made their way out of the alleyway, they already had to dodge trouble as a woman’s high heels almost stomped the two of them flat. The two watched as the huge business lady just kept on walking, obviously not knowing what she almost stepped on.
“[Just remember... this was your dumb idea to be walking amongst all these giants!]” Miharu said. Xiaoyu simply rubbed the back of her head.
“[Um, yeah. You don’t have to keep reminding me.]” Xiaoyu said.

It felt like an eternity of walking along the enlarged streets, especially as the girls continued to avoid being stepped on by the busy business travelers (most of them women, somewhat luckily enough). Miharu recognized they were coming up on one of the many bus stops in the area judging by the BUS sign and the booth where many people were sitting.
“[Xiaoyu, look! We’re coming up on the bus stop. We can take shelter inside the booth.]” Miharu said. However, it was something else that caught Xiaoyu’s attention.
“[Even better! Look who’s there!]” Xiaoyu said as she pointed upwards. Sitting on one of the benches was Asuka Kazama, whom both recognized from the tournament. Like Xiaoyu and Miharu, Asuka was still wearing her fighting outfit, consisting of a short blue sleeveless suit with black leather attachments and a zipper going down from the neck to the stomach. She wears a pair of black boots with blue protectors, long white gloves with blue elbow and hand protectors, and a black belt with 3 green star prints.
“[Wow... she looks so huge from down here.]” Xiaoyu said.
“[We can oogle over ‘Asuka the Goddess’ later. We have to get her attention somehow.]” Miharu said.
“[Asuka-san! Asuka-san!!]” Xiaoyu suddenly shouted, jumping up and down in the process. Miharu joined in on the shouting as well.

And luckily for the tiny girls, their screams did not fall on deaf ears. Asuka looked left and right trying to figure out who was calling her name.
“[Huh? Who’s calling me?]” Asuka said to herself. She finally traced the voices down to the ground, and lightly gasped over what she saw.
“[Asuka-san! Asuka-san!!]” Both Xiaoyu and Miharu shouted.
“[What the heck!?]” Asuka said as she saw the two girls jumping up and down near her boots. She reached down and gently picked up the two teenage girls, holding them in her hands. Naturally, some of the other people waiting for the bus to arrive were curious as to what they were witnessing. Asuka knew this too, and quickly thought of an escape plan.
"[Oh! There you two are! I've been looking all over for you two silly little runaway dolls. I think I need to punish you for trying to get away from your dollhouse!]" Asuka said. She got up from the bench and walked away from the bus stop, leaving the other soon to be passengers to just wonder briefly what was happening before they went back to their normal lives.

About a minute later, Asuka finally found an alleyway where she could have some privacy with the two tiny girls. Ironically, it was the same alleyway that both Xiaoyu and Miharu found and later touched the poison mushrooms that shrunk them to the sizes they were at. Being familiar with both Xiaoyu and Miharu from the tournament, Asuka skipped the formalities and got straight to the inquiring.
"[I'm sure you two know what I'm going to ask you next.]" Asuka said.
"[Well, this may sound strange, but it's the honest truth. Miharu and I saw these two purple mushrooms in this very alley.]" Xiaoyu said.
"[We thought they were the same mushrooms from those Mario video games that make you taller, but as soon as we touched them, they ended up making us teeny tiny instead!]" Miharu said.
"[Hmmm... strange. I had a dream once involving the mushrooms you describe.]" Asuka said.
"[You did?]" Miharu asked.
"[Yeah. Lili and I touched these mushrooms and suddenly we were having a giant free for all in the canyon.]" Asuka said.
"[Wow! Did you win? How tall did you grow?]" Miharu said.
"[Um, look, I'm sure it's a fascinating dream, but we need to focus on the matter at hand!]" Xiaoyu said.
"[Right! Sorry, Xiaoyu! We hope you don't mind caring for us, Asuka-san. You're the only one we can trust!]" Miharu said.
"[I suppose it's better than the two of you running around waiting to get stepped on. But I don't know what I can do to help you.]" Asuka said.
"[Actually, I think I know someone who can help. Dr. Bosconovitch.]” Xiaoyu said.
“[Dr. Bosconovitch? But isn’t he all the way out in Russia?]” Asuka said.
“[True, but he does have a lab here in Japan. Alisa might even be there!]” Miharu said.
“[Yeah! Surely she might be able to figure a way to return us to normal!]” Xiaoyu said.
“[Okay, I will take you there, but you’ll have to give directions to this lab.]” Asuka said.
“[Don’t worry, we’ll guide you!]” Xiaoyu said.
“[Okay, thanks. You two can stay safe in here.” Asuka said. She used her open hand to stretch out one of the pockets on her shorts and then she dropped the two inside. As the two stuck their heads out, Asuka made her way out of the alley.
“[We’ll still have to take the bus. I left my bike in another part of the city.]” Asuka said.

After a short bus ride, Asuka hopped onto her bike and sped her way down the street. Xiaoyu and Miharu couldn’t help but get excited over the scenery flying past them as quick as Asuka was pedaling her bike. The two girls didn’t get too comfortable, as they had to help Asuka out with directions on how to find the lab. It took about a half hour, but they were finally able to make it to a large mansion-like structure.
“[You sure this is where we’ll find Dr. Bosconovitch or his assistants?]” Asuka asked as she got off her bike.
“[No doubt about it. We’ve been here quite a few times being good friends with Alisa.]” Xiaoyu said.
“[I just hope he doesn’t turn us into lab rats or something like that given our size. Ewwww....]” Miharu said as she shivered over those thoughts. All of that were put aside as Asuka walked up to the door and rang the bell. It only took a few seconds for the front door to be opened, and standing on the other side was Alisa Bosconovitch. Alisa was widely known as Dr. Bosconovitch’s greatest robotic creation. A living android girl who was near perfect enough to be mistaken enough for human. It wasn’t surprising to Dr. Bosconovitch, having lost Alisa a couple years ago to an accident and vowing to bring her or her memories back whatever it took. Like the other three girls in the area, Alisa was still wearing the outfit used earlier that day in the King of the Iron Fist Tournament. Her outfit consisted of white shoes, brown stockings, a purple and pink dress that ends in a skirt, with her breasts being covered in a bra-like manner, with the strings going around her neck, and white gloves covering her hands and long purple gloves covering most of her arms, and she also has three flowers embedded into her hair at her right side.
“[Greetings. I am Alisa Bosconovitch, daughter of Dr. Bosconovitch. How may I help you?]” Alisa said.
“[Um, hi. My name is Asuka. May I speak with your, um, creator?]” Asuka said.
“[I am afraid Dr. Bosconovitch is not home for today. He is conducting an important business meeting downtown.]” Alisa said. Suddenly, the two shrunken girls started waving their arms from Asuka’s short pocket.
“[Yoohoo! Alisa! Down here!]” Xiaoyu shouted.
“[Down here, Alisa! Look down here!]” Miharu shouted. Alisa, being an android capable of perfect hearing, was able to pick up on those voices. She looked down at Asuka’s pockets where she saw the shrunken Xiaoyu and Miharu. Despite being an android, Alisa was very much capable of displaying human emotion, and right now she had a slightly stunned look on her face as she recognized two of her best friends at a size she was not accustomed to seeing them at.
“[Yeah... that’s what brings me here.]” Asuka added.
“[Oh my! Is that really you, Xiaoyu and Miharu?]” Alisa said.
“[Yep! In the flesh! At least what little flesh there is!]” Miharu shouted.
“[I seem to recall both of you being much taller the last time we met.]” Alisa said.
“[It’s a long story, Alisa. And we’re hoping you can help get us out of it.]” Xiaoyu said.
“[I do not know if I can, but I will at least listen to what you have to say. Please come inside.]” Alisa said as she walked inside the lab. Asuka followed behind.

The two were sitting down on a couch inside. The two shrunken girls were now out of Asuka’s pocket and standing in the middle of one of Alisa’s white gloved hands. Alisa was admiring the two tiny girls as they and Asuka explained the whole story to the android girl.
“[Which brings us to right now.]” Asuka said.
“[I see. A most fascinating tale reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. Or Alice Through the Looking Glass. A book written by Lewis Carroll...]” Alisa said. Xiaoyu knew what was coming next and quickly interrupted.
“[Um, Alisa... now is not the time.]” Xiaoyu said.
“[Ah... please forgive me. I am still learning not to go into information overload mode when the situation does not demand it.]” Alisa said.
“[It’s okay, Alisa. We’ll always forgive you because you’re learning from us!]” Miharu said.
“[But in the meantime, perhaps there is some equipment that can help reverse the size transformation of you two. Although...]” Alisa said.
“[Although what?]” Asuka asked.
“[I... I have always wanted to learn fully the sensation behind the infatuation that young girls have with things smaller than themselves. I believe you two might have experienced this in your younger selves by playing with the objects you call dolls.]” Alisa said. Xiaoyu and Miharu simply looked at each other for a few seconds, wondering if this was an area they would be willing to allow Alisa to explore.
“[Well, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt given how kind and careful you always are.]” Xiaoyu said.
“[Sure, Alisa! But you have to promise to help us grow back to normal when you are done!]” Miharu said.
“[Oh, do not worry! There is no promise I cannot keep. When I feel I have sufficiently analyzed the sensation, I will immediately access Dr. Bosconovitch’s files to see if there is any solution to your problem.]” Alisa said.
“[Well, I guess I won’t be needed anymore.]” Asuka said. She started to get up from the couch, but Alisa reached out with her other hand and grabbed her arm before she could move anymore.
“[Wait, Asuka! I would be honored if you would be a part of my experiment. Perhaps you will learn something too.]” Alisa said. Asuka stood still for a few seconds and then sat back down.
“[Well, okay. Maybe it will be fun playing with tiny people for a little while.]” Asuka said.
“[Wonderful! Please wait here everyone while I go get a tea set.]” Alisa said. She set both Xiaoyu and Miharu down on the couch next to Asuka’s legs and then got up and walked away. Xiaoyu and Miharu both looked up at Asuka who had a rather playful smile on her face.
“[I would say fee fi fo fum, but we’re not in a castle or climbing a beanstalk.]” Asuka said. The two tiny girls looked at each other.
“[Are you sure this is such a good idea, Xiaoyu?]” Miharu said as she adjusted the sunglasses over her cap.
“[Oh, don’t be silly. We have Alisa to protect us.]” Xiaoyu said with a smile on her face.

Minutes later, a fancy table was set up full of fake cups and drinks and whatnot. Sitting at the table were Asuka and Alisa, while sitting on the table itself were Xiaoyu and Miharu. Asuka rolled her eyes as she helped Alisa finish setting up the napkins.
“[Ugh... this would greatly damage my reputation as the Gang Mediator if anybody else saw me like this. I’m warning you two... you brag about this to anyone and I’ll kick your butts!]” Asuka said. Xiaoyu and Miharu of course were a bit nerved from this, but Alisa quickly made sure Asuka stayed in line.
“[Asuka, it is not polite to insult our little guests. Please mind your manners.]” Alisa said.
“[Fine fine.]” Asuka said.
“[Now then. I believe it is important that we begin with the pancakes!]” Alisa said as she clapped her hands together in happiness.
“[Seriously? Pancakes at a tea party?]” Asuka said.
“[Hey! It’s modern!]” Miharu commented from the table.
“[Hmmm... there does not appear to be enough maple syrup on my pancakes. Would our little waitress please service us with additional maple syrup?]” Alisa said as she looked down on Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu looked rapidly around the table and finally noticed one of the containers. She pretended, much like the food itself, that this container held the maple syrup the giant Alisa was asking for.
“[One container of maple syrup coming up!]” Xiaoyu shouted. She rushed over to the container, which was about the same size as her, and used all her strength to pick it up. She lugged it over towards Alisa.
“[As I... ugh... said... ooof! One container... arrrrgh... of maple syrup!!]” Xiaoyu said as she struggled to move herself and the heavy container at the same time. Alisa couldn’t help but giggle over seeing Xiaoyu struggle to move around, but Alisa eased her workload by reaching down and grabbed the container.
“[Please try not to overexert yourself, Xiaoyu, especially given your current size.]” Alisa said.
“[Yeah... easier said than done.]” Xiaoyu said.

Asuka decided to ask for a maple syrup container as well, this time ordered Miharu to deliver the container.
“[Hey, short stuff! I’ll have my maple syrup as well.]” Asuka said.
“[HEY! Who are you calling short stuff!?]” Miharu fumed. Instead of trying to lift the container like Xiaoyu did, Miharu simply decided to push the container towards Asuka. Once the container was there, Asuka picked it up and pretended to dip maple syrup onto her plate, causing Miharu to tumble forward and land on her stomach.
“[Oooof! That one hurt...]” Miharu said.
“[You alright? That fall looked rather rough.]” Asuka said.
“[I’m fine, thanks. I’ve taken much worse from the tournament.]” Miharu said.
“[Asuka, please pass little Miharu to me. I have an idea I wish to try.]” Alisa said.
“[As you wish, robot girl.]” Asuka said.
“[Um... you really shouldn’t call her a robot because.... EEEEEEK!!]” Miharu shouted. She was picked up by Asuka, who quickly leaned across the table and dropped the tiny girl into Alisa’s open gloved hands. The robot girl then set Miharu down on the table.
“[Perhaps it is time for me to test your reflexes, Miharu-san.]” Alisa said.
“[What do you mean?]” Miharu asked. Alisa then smiled and actually plucked Miharu’s hat (with sunglasses) off her head.
“[Can you retrieve your hat from me?]” Alisa asked.
“[HEY! Not my favorite hat!]” Miharu shouted, who immediately started jumping up and down trying to get her hat back. She was only further teased when Alisa dangled the hat a couple inches over Miharu’s head, only to pull it back up as soon as the girl made a jump for it. Alisa once again couldn’t resist giggling.
“[Teeheehee... I do not recall having this much fun for awhile.]” Alisa said.

Even Xiaoyu couldn’t resist the humor in watching Miharu trying to get her hat back.
“[Oh, Miharu. I didn’t know you were so passionate about that hat. I’ll have to play games with that if we ever grow back to normal.]” Xiaoyu said. Suddenly she felt something wrap around her entire body. It was Asuka’s gloved hand, and the tiny girl trembled as she was now looking right at Asuka’s huge face.
“[Hmmhmm... see what happens when you take your eyes off the prize?]” Asuka said.
“[Hey! Put me down! I was watching Miharu!]” Xiaoyu shouted.
“[Oh, but don’t think I can’t have fun and games too! How about this?]” Asuka said. She then laid Xiaoyu flat on her side of the table.
“[Let’s see how strong you are. Try to get my chest off.]” Asuka said. She then leaned forward and pressed her chest, contained by the blue fabric of her shirt, down towards Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu right away pressed her hands up against the wall and tried to push it back. As she was doing so, and even as a girl, Xiaoyu was captivated by the sheer size of the chest.
“[Wow... it’s so huge!]” Xiaoyu said. She could feel the pressure of being pressed down to the table, but it wasn’t close to being painful, which Xiaoyu that Asuka was just being playful and had no intentions to hurt her.
But the fun and games were about to come to an end. Xiaoyu suddenly felt a rush of energy that allowed her to push Asuka’s chest away. At first, Asuka chalked it up to Xiaoyu summoning her inner strength.
“[Oh, it seems you have spunk for someone shrunken after all... hey, wait...]” Asuka said. That’s when she noticed Xiaoyu growing bigger. Over on the other side of the table, Alisa noticed the hat (and sunglasses) growing in her fingers, and then looked down and noticed the same thing happening to Miharu herself.
“[Oh my. It would appear the process is reversing itself.]” Alisa said. She and Asuka watched as the two girls were slowly growing in size. Naturally, as their bodies took up more and more of the table, the various items on the table got pushed around with some falling off the table completely.

Finally the two girls were back to normal size, taking up every last square inch of the table before they hopped off.
“[Woohoo! Finally we’re back to normal!]” Xiaoyu said.
“[Thank goodness! I’ll never complain about my height again!]” Miharu said. Alisa got up from the table and approached her normal-sized friends.
“[Well, I am glad to see the effects of the poison mushroom apparently had a time limit. I must also apologize for my actions towards the two of you.]” Alisa said, bowing her head and giving Miharu her hat back.
“[Hey, don’t worry about it, Alisa. I’d probably do the same thing if things were the other way around.]” Miharu said, even giving two fingers up to signify all is well.
“[Except I’d still kick your butt even at a tiny size.]” Asuka said.
“[Riiiiiight. I’d like to see that happen one day.]” Xiaoyu said.
“[Come on, Xiaoyu. We need to get home. Our parents are probably worried!]” Miharu said.
“[Yeah, you’re right. Wanna go to the carnival again this weekend, Alisa?]” Xiaoyu asked.
“[I would be most honored! I will make every effort to join you that day.]” Alisa said.

The day ended with everyone going their separate ways and Alisa waving everyone off. Asuka muttered underneath her breath how she wished she could play with more tiny people, but she remembered the story of the poison mushroom and hoped that one day she’d catch some cute boy or something hitting it.


Christie Monteiro made sure to watch her step with every turn she took. For the past couple of hours, a series of mushrooms, some of them colored red-and-white while others were colored mostly purple, have been sprouting up from the ground. Christie did not know what these mushrooms were nor did she want to be the one to test their powers, so she (along with the neighbors of the village she was walking through) avoided them for the time being.
“[What are these things and where are they coming from? It’s so weird.]” Christie said in her native Spanish tongue. As she progressed further down the village, she started to see more of the purple mushrooms. Plus, there was the weird sensation of the mushrooms disappearing after about a minute or two. It was when she got to one end of the village that she finally saw someone with the courage to check up on one of these mushrooms. She hid behind a tree and watched as the young man kneeled down and picked up the mushroom. It wasn’t until he touched the purple top of the mushroom that something happened, and naturally, it surprised Christie.
“[What the heck!?]” Christie said. She watched as the young man suddenly shrunk smaller and smaller, just as the mushroom disappeared from sight. He seemingly shrunk out of sight, but Christie came out from behind the tree and approached where the man had been standing. That’s where she saw the man had been shrunken down to four inches tall. The man naturally was scared stiff when he looked up and saw Christie towering over him.
“[Shhhh... please don’t worry. I will not hurt you, but it is not safe for you to remain here.]” Christie said. That’s when she decided to keep the man, taking pity for his unfortunate situation after all, and place him in her waist pouch. Just then, she heard a group of people shouting and talking with each other. She ran towards this group, gently weaving her way through the mini crowd. That’s when she saw two more men shrunken to tiny size. One looked to be the same four-inch-tall height as the first shrunken man Christie encountered, but the other was half his size, or two inches tall. Once again, Christie reached down and picked up these gentlemen.
“[Okay, everyone. Move along. Christie Monteiro, the Queen of the Iron Fist Tournament, will be taking possession of these young men for the time being.]” Christie said. The crowd did not argue with the prominent Brazilian fighter of the Capoeira style. They went their separate ways, just as one of the men pleaded for help.
“[Please! I have a wife and son who will be looking for me!]” the man said.
“[Don’t worry. I’m just protecting you until an antidote to your problem is discovered. Although... well, I’ll worry about that later. I wonder if anyone else has been affected.]” Christie said.

As she was walking down the village and along the dirt path that would lead to the next village, she wound up finding four more shrunken men, even witnessing one shrink before her eyes after the man touched another suddenly sprouting poison mushroom. It was the 8th shrunken victim that would catch Christie’s attention.
“[Christie! Christie!]” a voice shouted. Christie looked around the ground, trying to find where the voice was coming. She eventually found it and gasped. It was her good friend and mentor, Eddy Gordo. She got down on her knees, and Eddy had to dodge being crushed by the giantess as she came down.
“[Eddy!? Is that you?]” Christie said.
“[Yep, none other. I’m sure you’re wondering what happened.]” Eddy said.
“[Actually I already have an idea. You touched one of those weird purple mushrooms.]” Christie said.
“[And you would be correct. Astute as always, my student.]” Eddy said. Christie lowered a hand and allowed Eddy to climb on, and she stood back up while looking down on him.
“[I must say. I feel like I am looking at eternal beauty from here.]” Eddy said.
“[Awwww... and I feel like I’m holding a cute and cuddly bobblehead.]” Christie said.
“[I don’t suppose you know of a way to get me back to normal?]” Eddy asked.
“[I may have an idea, but first we should get back to my home. It’s not safe for you and the others.]” Christie said.
“[Others?]” Eddy asked.
“[I found seven others just as small or even smaller than you are. So I hope you don’t mind the bumpy ride.]” Christie said. She put Eddy into the pouch just like the other seven shrunken men. Finally she began the long walk back to her home.

Upon returning to her home, Christie opened up her pouch and gently removed the eight shrunken men, including Eddy Gordo. When she was done placing them all on the table, she put the pouch on the far left side of the table and then sat down at the couch behind the table. She spent about 20-30 seconds simply staring at the shrunken men, ignoring the many voices they were trying to make up at the giantess.
“[You’re all so adorable! I can’t get over how small you all have shrunken... especially you, Eddy.]” Christie said.
“[That’s all well and good, Christie. But you really should be thinking of helping return us to normal size.]” Eddy said, but Christie shook her head.
“[What’s the rush, Eddy? I feel very very good just looking down on all of you. In fact, you’ll be my slave for the hour!]” Christie said as she blew a kiss down on Eddy and the other shrunken men.
“[Now you listen to me, young lady!]” Eddy shouted.
“[Actually, I should ease your fears. Allow me to put on a show for you.]” Christie said. While a couple of the men were whistling and hollering thinking Christie was going to do something super sexy (like take her clothes off), she instead ran off and came back a couple minutes later holding a small stereo system. She placed it on the floor and turned it on, with salsa-like music softly coming out from the speakers.
“[Oh yes... one of my favorites!]” Christie said. She started going into a slow dance that matched with the beat of the music. Christie looked down on the table with the shrunken men almost the entire time. She pulled off many different moves in front of the men, such as kicking her feet high in the air, twirling her hips in a hula like motion, spinning her head around and letting her ponytailed hair smack her body as a result, and even turning around and shaking her behind. It was quite the show as far as some of the men were concerned, and almost all of them forgot they were shrunken and cheered the giantess on. Eddy pretty much stood still and even tried not to look when Christie shook her booty.

When the music stopped, Christie wiped the sweat from her forehead and sat down on the couch again.
“[Whew! What did you think, my little men? Did that ease your tension and make you want to trust me?]” Christie said. She then placed her bare feet on the table, causing some of the men to scamper out of the way.
“[In fact, my feet could use a good massage after that dance. Go on, get rubbing! I promise it won’t hurt!]” Christie said. After the men looked at each other and realized there was no way out of this situation (at least not without them getting tortured or killed by the giantess), nearly all them approached Christie’s foot and began to brush it with their arms. Eddy Gordo was the only one who wasn’t at her feet, and this of course didn’t go unnoticed by Christie.
“[Come on, Eddy. You’re included too.]” Christie said.
“[And if I refuse?]” Eddy said. Christie could easily tell Eddy did not want to play this game, so she finally decided to use some persuasion. Reaching out for the bowl of fruit that was near the middle of the table, Christie plucked a grape out and held it with her two fingers.
“[Well, you’re about the size and strength level of this grape, so if I were to squeeze it together...]” Christie said. She did just that and almost immediately the grape was reduced to nothing but the juices inside. Eddy thought she might be bluffing, but nevertheless finally joined the foot rubbing session with the other men. Christie wiggled her toes as she moaned in comfort.
“[Ahhhh... such a gratifying reward. I should do this after every King of the Iron Fist match.]” Christie said.
Finally, after a couple more minutes, Christie decided that was enough. As she was trying to decide what game to play next, she looked out one of the windows and saw another poison mushroom sprouting up, this time just outside her home.
“[Hmmm? Another one of those mushrooms that made these guys shrink. I wonder... now don’t go anywhere, my little boys!]” Christie said. She got up from the couch and walked outside. Then she very carefully picked up the mushroom with both her hands, making sure not to touch the top part of the mushroom as she remembered seeing the shrinking take effect when the guys touched the top. Christie brought the mushroom towards the table where the eight men (including Eddy) were gathered together.
“[I wonder if this will work a second time!]” Christie said. As she lowered the mushroom towards the table, the guys started screaming for their lives; Eddy in particular.
“[Christie, noooo!!!]” Eddy shouted, but his plea fell on deaf ears. As soon as the mushroom touched the very top of the table and all eight men with it, the power down sound rang through the air once again, the mushroom itself disappeared, and the men began to shrink even further. They were the same size as the sole man who was previously two inches tall at first, but all eight were soon shrinking together. Smaller and smaller they got... Christie was almost afraid they would shrink out of sight, especially when they were starting to look like little dots on the brown table. Finally they did stop shrinking... down to about a quarter of an inch. Christie giggled happily seeing how small a second dose of poison mushroom could make them.
“[Teehee!! Now that’s my kind of small! So teeny tiny!]” Christie said. She walked to the other side of the table and crouched down until her chin was touching the top of the table. The eight tiny men could only paralyze themselves in fear when they saw a woman’s face that was probably taller than the Mirante do Vale. Even her almond brown eyes and her glittering lips felt like 100-150 feet tall each.

“[You thought I was big before? I must seem like the goddess of the universe right now.]” Christie said. After she felt she had let them stare at her face long enough, Christie decided it was time for the next game for the shrunken men to play. She used one of her nails to forcefully push the men onto her other hand. Once all the micro men were on her hand, she sat and then laid down on the couch. She then dumped every last one of the men onto her mostly silver pants. The men looked out to see a seemingly never ending land of Christie’s skin, culminating in two mountains that in reality made up her chest. Christie’s voice echoed overhead.
“[The first man to make it to my chin gets a big kiss from me. Almost literally! Ready? Go!]” Christie said. The men without hesitation started running forward, not taking it long to make it to the soft and uneasy ground that was Christie’s finely toned midsection.
“[Man, I know I’m going to regret this.]” Eddy muttered to himself as he ran forward.
Christie simply laid back on her couch and watched as the near microscopic men were running across her belly towards her chest. It was almost funny watching them stumble as she took a deep breath causing her stomach to rise up and then fall back down. Despite their diminutive size, Christie urged her tiny slaves to pick up the pace.
“[Come on! Hurry up! Faster faster! I don’t have all day!]” Christie said. She even used some of her fingernails to push some of the guys along, including Eddy. Eventually two of the guys finally made it to her breasts and they made every effort to climb the ‘mountains.’ Christie reached down and picked up these two men, almost totally engulfing them within her fingers.
“[Congratulations! As promised, here is your big kiss.]” Christie said. She placed the two men against her lower lip and made a smooching sound to indicate kissing, being careful all the while not to inadvertently swallow the tiny gentlemen. Then she leaned up and placed the two men back on the nearby table, watching also as the other men tumbled down her body and landed on the couch in between her legs. Christie smiled as she looked down on these guys.
“[Trying to get the slip on me, eh? Allow me to give you all a lift.]” Christie said. She took a purple rope that she kept tied around her waist and lowered it down onto the guys. She kept it there for about 15 seconds, thinking that was enough time for everyone to grab on. Sure enough, when she lifted the rope up from the couch, the remaining six guys (including Eddy) were all holding on for dear life. Christie gently got up, holding the rope with one hand to keep it from swinging wildly, and then she set it down on the table and allowed everyone to climb off safely. The eight tiny men were all together again, much to Christie’s delight. And yet, she still had to take a temporary leave of absence.
“[Well, I hope you guys don’t mind waiting for a bit. I have to go the big girls’ room. Get it? Teehee!]” Christie said as she twirled around and walked away.

It didn’t take long for the guys to try and think of some kind of escape plan from the giantess.
“[Man, we gotta get out of here! She’ll crush us like bugs!]” one man said.
“[No way, we gotta stand our ground. She’ll just chase us if we try to escape!]” another said.
“[He’s right. We have to take down that monstrosity... kinda like the people in Lilliput did with Gulliver!]” another said.
“[Or Kirsten Dunst getting tied up by all those little soldier babes. Man that was hot!]” another said. Eddy finally stepped in to offer his advice.
“[We must all be patient. Surely the time will come when this foul shrinking magic will run its course.]” Eddy said.
And right when he said that, suddenly all eight men began to grow. It took almost a minute, but everyone had reverted back to their normal size. They jumped off the table with pure delight.
“[Whoa! I can’t believe it! We’re back to normal!]” one man said.
“[Alright! Come on, let’s go each that witch a lesson!]” another shouted, but Eddy jumped in front of the group before they could take anymore steps.
“[No, let’s not make this a regrettable situation. Go on home, everyone. I will deal with the woman personally.]” Eddy said. The seven other gentlemen all looked at each other and then started to walk away. Eddy followed them and opened the front door on their behalf.
“[Alright, man, but can you save at least one piece for me?]” one man said.
“[We shall see. Now go before she comes back!]” Eddy said.

Soon all the men were gone and making their way off Christie’s property. It was just Eddy now, and he watched as Christie came walking back into the room. Christie was finishing adjusting her pants when she looked up and gasped. She saw Eddy back to his normal size with his arms folded. Christie now was a nervous wreck, not knowing what to expect from her mentor.
“[Um... hi.]” Christie said.
“[As you can see, the effects of the mushroom wore off.]” Eddy said.
“[Y...y...yes, I see. What about the other men?]” Christie said.
“[I let them go free. They wanted to turn on you but I turned them away, saying I would handle this personally.]” Eddy said. He started to walk towards the normal-sized Christie.
“[I see. Soooo... yes, I will accept any punishment you deem necessary.]” Christie said as she lowered her head in shame.
“[Before I do, I just have one question.]” Eddy said.
“[Yes, master?]” Christie said.
“[Why didn’t you take your clothes off?]” Eddy said with a sly smile on his face. Christie quickly looked up and saw the smile.
“[Ugh! You pervert!!]” Christie shouted as she suddenly slapped Eddy in the face. She gasped when she realized what she just did.
“[Oh my...!]” Christie said. But Eddy just laughed.
“[Ha ha! That feels a whole lot better than getting stepped on or falling into a bellybutton.]” Eddy said. Christie couldn’t help but smile and laugh as well.
“[Oh... I see what you did there. So we’re okay?]” Christie asked.
“[Let’s just put the past couple hours behind us and move on. We’ve got some training to do, and try not to touch any more mushrooms either.]” Eddy said.
“[That works for me.]” Christie said. The two, as they said, put the crazy events of the past behind them and got back to their Capoeira training.

Las Vegas, United States

It was another brightly lit night in the city of Las Vegas. Of course, not only because of the bright stars in the sky, but because of all the neon lighting that helped keep city-goers awake all night long. Among those walking the busy streets were Michelle Chang and her 21-year-old adopted daughter, Julia. Michelle was wearing one of her traditional outfits... a brown swade jacket that ends just above her hips and also a small Native American head dress. She wears a white tee shirt that is tucked in her jean shorts. A colorful choker and a low beaded necklace surrounds her neck area. She also wears brown cowboy boots and brown fingerless gloves.
Julia, on the other hand, was dressed much more casually. She was wearing short jean shorts, a white T-shirt, no headdress (at least not this time) and black boots that rose up to below her knees. She also had a tote bag on her right shoulder that Michelle saw was partially open. She closed it up, looking down at the wrestling mask that was inside. Known only to Michelle, Julia’s other identity was the wrestler Jaycee, though she was only taking up that role until her friend (who normally dons the costume) recovers from a serious injury.
“So how long are you going to continue to play this Jaycee character?” Michelle asked.
“Why? Does it really bother you?” Julia said.
“No, of course not. I think it’s admirable what you’re doing with your friend, but it’s not something you can do forever. We still have to travel the globe and continue our mission to save the environment.” Michelle said.
“I know, I know. Don’t worry, Mom. I haven’t forgotten. But you have to admit... this wrestling thing has been kinda cool to try.” Julia said.
“Yeah, I guess. Maybe you should’ve worn that instead of those silly skimpy clothes.” Michelle said.
“Hey, come on! Those dresses were expensive! You should be lucky I’m not like other girls and didn’t cry for them!” Julia said. Michelle laughed a bit and realized Julia was exactly right.

As the two girls turned the corner, they not only noticed there were very few people walking about this part of the city, but they stopped when they saw something suddenly sprouting from the ground.
“Whoa... wait, Julia.” Michelle said.
“Huh? What’s going on?” Julia said. The two watched as a red-and-white colored spotted mushroom rose up from the ground and was slowly moving around. Of course, we knew this as the super mushroom from the Mushroom Kingdom, but it took Julia some time to recognize it.
“What is that thing?” Michelle said.
“Oh... now I remember! It looks like one of those mushrooms from that Super Mario video game. One of my friends was playing it on Wii the other day.” Julia said.
“What’s something from a video game doing here in Vegas?” Michelle said.
“Never mind that! It’s what it does that counts! That mushroom makes you big!” Julia said.
“Big? In what way?” Michelle said.
“Everything! It doubles the size and strength of whoever touches it.” Julia said. She started to walk towards the mushroom (setting down the tote bag in the process), but Michelle put a hand on her arm.
“Whoa, hold on. Where do you think you’re going?” Michelle said.
“Come on, Mom! It’ll be fun to go from 5’5” to 10’10” for a little while!” Julia said.
“But we don’t know what kind of effects that thing will have outside of its natural habitat. And you’d just be drawing attention!” Michelle said.
“Mom, I just said for a little while. The mushroom wears out when you get hurt. All I have to is pinch myself and I’ll be back to normal size.” Julia said.
“Are you sure?” Michelle asked.
“Yeah, I’m sure! Come on, Mom... I know you’d probably think it’d be cool too.” Julia said. Michelle didn’t say anything for about 10 seconds, kinda thinking it’d be pointless to argue any further with her daughter.
“Alright, but we’ll touch it TOGETHER.” Michelle said.
“Awww... thanks, Mom! I wouldn’t want to be tall without you.” Julia said. The two women took a deep breath and approached the super mushroom. They both got down on their knees and simultaneously touched the mushroom.

And just like in Japan and Brazil, the effects of the mushroom proved to be stronger in the real world than in the Mushroom Kingdom.

As the power-up sound rang throughout the air a few times, both Michelle and Julia watched as they were growing bigger. Already they sensed something wrong when they saw the buildings nearby shrinking rapidly. Michelle wasn’t too thrilled to say the least.
“Only double our size, huh?” Michelle said.
“Well... like you said, maybe the effects are different here in Vegas!” Julia said as she rubbed the back of her head. Finally the two girls stopped growing at just over 150 feet tall (in fact, they were 48 meters or 157.48 feet tall). Naturally, the crowd from other streets either murmured and stood still in bewilderment or began running while screaming their heads off.
“Wow... this is cool!” Julia said as she looked down from her new height, especially at the people running close by her black boots. Michelle, on the other hand, had a distressed look on her face and didn’t find this amusing.
“Oh no... NOT cool at all! We’re far too big!” Michelle said. She then took one of her hands and pinched herself on one of her legs just below her shorts.
“Ouch! Huh? I didn’t shrink?” Michelle said as she looked down and saw she was still 150 feet tall. She then looked sharply over at her daughter of the same height, Julia.
“You said all I had to do was just pinch and I’d shrink back to normal!” Michelle said.
“Well, again... maybe it’s different when the mushroom is here in the real world.” Julia said.
“Arrrrrgh... if we ever find a way back to normal, we are so going to have a talk when we get back to the hotel.” Michelle said.
“Come on, Mom, don’t blow a gasket... like you always told me when dealing with nature, right?” Julia said.
“I’d love to stay calm, but we’re... what? 100 feet tall? What are we supposed to do now? We’re too big for the hotel, and we’re most certainly a threat to the tiny people below.” Michelle said.
“Hehe... can you say that last thing again, Mom?” Julia said.
“What? That we’re a threat to the tiny people below?” Michelle said. Julia reached over and patted a building behind Michelle on its roof.
“Exactly! Don’t you see, Mom? We’re bigger than everyone and almost everything now. We can be queens of this city!” Julia said.
“Julia, don’t you even hear what you’re saying!?” Michelle said.
“Look, you can stay here and be a statue if you want. I want to walk around this city while I’m this big. Look out, little people!” Julia shouted as she walked away and nearly stomped a whole group of people with her black boots. As she walked away, Michelle just sighed and rolled her eyes.
“(sigh) I know I’m going to regret this.” Michelle said as she slowly followed behind her daughter.

Julia kept things simple at first. She just walked around, admiring her size against the formerly tall buildings of Las Vegas. She found it cool that her body was lit up in different colors thanks to the many neon lit signs. But she kept her concentration locked onto the screaming people down by her boots. Although speaking of said boots, she suddenly got an inclination to shake off the footwear and show off her bare feet to the city.
"I'm already casual in these shorts and T-shirt. Might as well take off these boots as well." Julia said. She reached down for the zipper that kept her boots tight under her knees and pulled it all the way down, allowing her to step out of them. After picking up her boots and setting them on the rooftop of a nearby building, she playfully wiggled her toes.
"Ahhhhh... now that's more like it!" Julia said. With that, she got back to slowly walking around the city, intentionally coming close to crushing a few people flat but not actually doing so.
"Hehe... I won't be teasing you all for long. You're all going to die soon if you're not careful!" Julia said. She momentarily stopped her stomping spree when she turned around after hearing the similar sounding booms coming from the footsteps of her same sized mother. She still had an uneasy look on her face.
"Julia, please. We shouldn’t be doing this. We should find someone who can help us.” Michelle said.
“Pffft... are you kidding? ‘Someone’ would just want to arrest us or take us to some lab where we’ll be examined for the rest of our lives. That’s why we need to take charge!” Julia said. Michelle this time didn’t say anything, unable to come up with some kind of counterattack to that argument. She then watched as Julia punched a hole in a nearby structure and pulled out a few screaming men.
“Down the hatch you all go... one by one, of course!” Julia said. After she quickly dropped one of the men into her mouth and down her throat, Michelle cringed a bit.
“Now you’re eating them? They can’t be good to eat!” Michelle said. Of course, much to Michelle’s disappointment, Julia’s mmmmming told her a different story.
“Mmmmmm! Are you kidding? They have all the vitamins we need for a nutritious body.” Julia said with a smile. As Michelle rolled her eyes, she suddenly had her wrist grabbed and her hand forced open by Julia, who dropped a person onto her palm.
“Go ahead, try it! You’ll love it!” Julia said as she kept her eyes locked on her mother’s face the whole time. Michelle looked down at the tiny man, watching him beg for his life.
“I am sorry. Please forgive me.” Michelle said as she closed her eyes and tossed the man inside. Unlike Julia who dropped the man right down her throat, Michelle instead crushed the man with her huge teeth, crunching him like a granola bar. After gulping the remains down her throat, she looked over at Julia.
“Well, I guess it wasn’t that bad.” Michelle said. Julia poked her mother in the shoulder.

“Ha! See? Told you you’d like it.” Julia said as she dumped the rest of the screaming men down her throat.
“But... but we’re still taking an innocent life! We’re gonna be arrested for sure if we ever shrink back to normal.” Michelle said.
“Well, then I guess we better hope we stay this big forever.” Julia said. As she walked away from Michelle, she decided to turn her attention to her feet, now stomping out whatever was coming her way. She laughed as she watched her foot easily dismantle any vehicle she stomped out, especially an expensive car like someone’s parked Ferrari.

As time continued to pass on this now destructive night for Las Vegas, Michelle began to realize how happy these acts were making her young daughter. She knew she and Julia would probably be in big trouble or be under the watchful eyes of the world just for growing alone. And as Julia said... this was shaping up to be a once-in-a-lifetime oppurtunity... and she did feel Las Vegas was ‘deforested’ even though that was far from a fact with Vegas being more of a desert town even in some small spots today.
All these thoughts alone were starting to change Michelle’s mind, but it was one particular act that pushed her past the proverbial line between gentle and evil giantess. A group of police cars, three to be exact, pulled up to the 42-year-old maternal giantess.
“Stop! Surrender or we will be forced to shoot you!” one of the officers shouted from his megaphone.
“I do apologize for the actions of myself and my daughters, but your efforts will be quite futile. You should leave while you have the chance.” Michelle said.
“Damn you!” the officer said. Another came running up towards him.
“Sir! The other giantess is heading for City Hall!” the officer said.

“No! We can’t let her destroy that! Let’s pursue her immediately!” the officer said. Even when he wasn’t using the megaphone, these words did not escape the giant Michelle. And any kind of attack directed towards Julia, no matter how big she was, wasn’t going to sit well with Michelle.
“No! You leave my daughter alone!” Michelle said as she raised one of her boots and completely stomped out one of the police cars; the siren of that car dying a slow and painful death.
“Run run ru...!!!!!” the officers shouted before they were killed either by the flying debris from the destroyed police cars or from getting crushed by Michelle’s boot itself. The scene was a mess, and Michelle knew it even after taking a deep breath. Julia then came walking in.
“Mom, what happened? I heard you shouting all of a sudden.” Julia asked.
“I’m okay. I just had to deal with some police officers that were gonna come after you.” Michelle said. Julia looked down at the carnage that Michelle previously caused.
“Did you... did you do all this?” Julia said.
“Yes. Yes, I did.” Michelle said.
“Wow! That’s cool! How did it feel?” Julia asked.
“Well... I did feel pretty powerful crushing all that beneath my boots. You’re right, I guess it is a unique and fun sensation.” Michelle said. Julia put a hand on her mother’s shoulder.
“Can I say I told you so?” Julia said with a smile on her face.
“Okay, okay. I can see there’s no talking now either of us out of this mess. But I just want you to be happy and don’t want to see you get hurt... no matter how big we both are.” Michelle said.
“Heh, you would have your hands full if you didn’t grow with me.” Julia said. Both women laughed a bit before they decided it was time to move on.
“So? Care to join me for a trip to city hall?” Julia asked.
“Okay, but save some of those little things for me.” Michelle said.
“Always, Mom!” Julia said.

The two giantesses, now in a sense seeing eye-to-eye with each other as far as their added size and power were concerned, made their way down another street of Las Vegas. They even passed by one of the famed light-up cowboys. By coincidence, it spoke out as the two giantesses.
“Howdy pardner.” the cowboy said.
“And howdy to you too.” Michelle said with a smile on her face.
“Hey, Mom! Look over there.” Julia said. She was pointing over towards the brightly lit Hard Rock Café and its signature enlarged neon-glowing guitar.
“Ah... you think there might be a lot of people there?” Michelle said.
“A café themed after rock and roll? Looks like a fine place to lose yourself tonight.” Julia said. The two giantesses didn’t waste any time making their way to the venue. They could see people crowding up against some of the windows in the nearby hotel, with many of course running out from the other building where the guitar was nearby. Julia didn’t like the large block that was covering the entrance.
“Pffft... I can’t see those little people running and screaming for their lives with this thing in the way.” Julia said.
“Well, let’s get rid of it, then! I’ll take this side, you get on the other.” Michelle said. Once Julia was on her designated side, she reached down and grabbed the block with both her hands.
“Now don’t ruin that beautiful jacket of yours!” Julia said. Michelle just laughed as she put her hands down on the structure.
“Oh, I won’t. Now on the count of three. One... two... three!!” Michelle said, and as the two women grunted with all their might, the huge block was ripped from its foundation. Several pieces started to crumble off as the giantesses were moving the piece around, and that’s when they both tossed it to the side and watched as it crushed everything underneath it, but then subsequently break apart into many pieces.
“Well, that went well!” Julia said as she brushed her hands against her shorts.
“Just like we planned it, right?” Michelle said as she winked over to her daughter. Julia, meanwhile, looked behind her and saw the neon guitar near her legs.
“Hello, you beautiful thing.” Julia said. Despite her size, the guitar was still a bit bigger than Julia herself. Michelle could sense what her giant daughter was trying to do and stopped her.
“Whoa... hold on there, Julia. You might not be big enough to even hold that thing.” Michelle said.
“Yeah, you’re kinda right there.” Julia said.
“AND there’s no telling how many volts are running through those lights.” Michelle said.
“Okay, I’ll leave it alone. Besides... being rooted into the ground, it wouldn’t look right after it was ripped out.” Julia said.
“Don’t be sad, my dearest daughter. I’m sure you’ll find some other toys to play with elsewhere in the city.” Michelle said.
“Yep, already ahead of you there!” Julia said as she turned and walked towards another part of the city.
“Hey, wait for me!” Michelle said as she tried to keep up with her daughter. Along the way, Michelle took out another couple of police cars with her boots. One of the surviving officers got on the radio on his car.
“Yes, sir. We couldn’t stop them. They’re just too big. I agree, sir. It’s time to send in the big guns.” the officer said. He then put the radio away and simply watched the two giant women walking in the distance.

As the two giantesses kept walking around the city, they now had more lights to deal with, specifically from overhead. It was news all over the western United States that there were two giant women causing madness and mayhem all around Las Vegas, and the bright spotlights coming from the many news helicopters trying to keep up with the giantesses. Julia finally took notice of these lights, especially when two of them decided to shine on her chest.
“Haha! Yeah, keep shining those lights there, guys! They make me look sexy, don’t they?” Julia said. Michelle patted her daughter on the shoulder with one of her hands.
“Come on, Julia. We can’t get distracted by them. They’re much too high in the air.” Michelle said.
“You’re right. Sorry, Mom.” Julia said. But before the giantesses could proceed any further, Michelle was the first to stop when she looked at the end of the intersection and saw something coming.
“Uh oh... I was wondering when they would show up.” Michelle said. She watched as about a dozen tanks and some military jeeps all pulled up towards the giantesses.
“Guess they finally called the big guns.” Julia said.
Much like with the police officers earlier, after the vehicles stopped, one of the army generals stuck his head out and directed a series of commands to the ‘evil’ giantesses.
“Stop or we’ll be forced to fire!” the general shouted.
“Pffft... do they really expect us to be shot down by some toy tanks?” Julia asked.
“But they are still tanks. These aren’t pistols we’re dealing with...” Michelle said.
“Perhaps a demonstration of our power will convince you. Fire the warning shot!” the general said. One of the tanks immediately fired, with the shell striking a nearby building and leaving a rather gaping hole where it landed. Michelle gave a frustrated look down at the tanks.
“The nerve of you people! You would fire on your own buildings!?” Michelle said.
“Never fear, ladies. That building has already been evacuated. I assure you nobody was harmed, but you will be by the combined might of our firepower if you don’t turn yourselves in now!” the general shouted.
Julia didn’t pay much attention to the military arsenal after they fired the warning shot. Instead, she kept her eyes fixated on the building they had fired on. Not because of the hole on the side, but for an entirely different reason.
“Mom, look over here.” Julia said.
“What is it, Julia?” Michelle asked.
“There, on the roof of this building!” Julia said. The two giantesses leaned in to get a closer look. It was another super mushroom sprouting up. The same kind that made the two ladies gigantic earlier that night.
“It’s another of those mushrooms that made us bigger.” Julia said.
“So what do we do about it?” Michelle said.
“Well, now’s a good time to see if more than one will work...” Julia said. She wasted no time in picking up the mushroom and just plain tossing it into her mouth.
“Julia!” Michelle said, worried about how quickly Julia was acting. As for Julia herself?
“Ooooh... I feel something happening.” Julia said.
“Julia... you’re... you’re growing again!” Michelle said.

Indeed, Julia Chan watched as the world around her began to shrink once more. The power-up sound rang through the air again, and the army troops watched in horror as Julia was enlarging even further.

About 20 seconds later, Julia’s growth stopped. She was now just over twice her previous size. 100 meters, or 328 feet, high in the air stood the giant 21-year-old girl. Michelle was quite fascinated to see herself only as tall as her daughter’s legs, for the most part.
“Incredible...” Michelle said to herself. She backed away, stepping on a few palm trees on the street, wondering what Julia would have in mind.
Julia, after admiring her bigger size for a little bit, then looked down at the even smaller troupe of military vehicles.
“So, little boys, what do you think of me now?” Julia said as she placed her hands on her short shorts. The army chief wasted no time in dealing out orders.
“Open fire! OPEN FIRE DAMMIT!!!” the chief shouted as he dove back into his tank. As Michelle scurried behind her even bigger daughter (which Julia silently chuckled about) to take cover from the tank fire, Julia just watched as the shots either exploded or bounced off her body. Her clothes and legs were looking a bit charred, but she did not show any sign whatsoever of pain. When the tanks stopped firing, Julia knew this was her opportunity to strike.
“My turn!” Julia said as she took a couple steps forward. Her booms were louder than before and each step was leaving a bigger crater in the road, but all she was concerned about was destroying every last tank in front of her, no matter the cost of life.
“And BOOM to you!” Julia said as she lifted up her bare foot and slammed it down hard on one of the tanks. The force of the impact destroyed it immediately, sending a burst of sparks and flames from the unit. As soldiers were abandoning their tanks left and right (with Michelle kicking a jeep onto its side as it tried to drive past her), Julia just stomped on whatever that moved around her toes. She even resorted to stomping the same tank a few more times. Michelle chuckled a bit as she remembered her doing that as a teenager whenever she got mad.

Finally the military men were gone and the area was littered with destroyed vehicles and other equipment, not to mention fallen buildings that couldn’t stand up to the shockwaves from Julia’s frantic stomping. After surveying the destruction one more time, Julia set her sights on her ‘midget’ mother, Michelle. Michelle just smiled.
“I suppose you’re going to gloat now on you being bigger than me and I can’t boss you around anymore?” Michelle said.
“The thought had crossed my mind.” Julia said. She walked up towards her mother, who met up with her daughter and hugged her in the right leg.
“Julia, no matter what has happened and no matter what will happen going forward, I am proud to be your mother.” Michelle said.
“And I couldn’t have found a better mother myself.” Julia said as she gently patted her on the back.
Unfortunately for the two, the size difference and fun and games of being gigantic would quickly come to an end. Julia looked down and saw they were shrinking.
“Oh! We’re shrinking, Mom.” Julia said. Michelle looked down and noticed the same thing.
“Yes, you’re right.” Michelle said.

Michelle was the first to return to her normal size. Julia was still taller than her mother, but then she too was back to her normal size. They both looked around at the destruction both where they once stood and out in the distance at the city of Las Vegas itself.
“Well, guess that’s it. Too bad.” Michelle said.
“Too bad? I distinctly remember you saying we should shrink back immediately because we were a menace to society.” Julia said. Both girls laughed.
“What can I say? First hand experience changed my mind very quickly.” Michelle said.
“So... what now? We can’t exactly go back into town and say we’re sorry.” Julia said.
“No, I’m afraid not. For now, we let nature herself conceal us.” Michelle said as she pointed over to a large block of trees. Julia nodded as she got the hint of what Michelle was suggesting.
“And that’s why we must not lose sight of our goal of ending deforestation.” Julia said.
“That’s my girl.” Michelle said. As she and Julia started to run over to the trees before some authority could find them in this area, Julia suddenly realized something.
“Though I am going to need a new Jaycee suit. Either that or somehow get back the one I left in the city.” Julia said, thinking of the tote bag she left in the city prior to growing big.

Paris, France

The young woman known universally around the King of the Iron Fist tournament as Lili, with her full name being Emilie De Rochefort, walked out of the Musée du Louvre behind her faithful butler, Sebastian. Lili let out a big yawn as she looked up at the sunsetting sky. Lili, like most of the other ladies in this story, was wearing her formal outfit that she frequently fought with. Her outfit consists of a white "Victorian-style" dress with lace trimmings on the skirt and the cuffs. Finally, she wears a pair of matching red-and-white gloves and boots, along with a red checkered ascot tie.
“[(yawn) That was kind of a boring trip.]” Lili said in her French accent.
“[I do apologize, Ms. Lili. But it seems Mr. Rochefort’s meeting is taking longer than anticipated.]” Sebastian said, also speaking in his native French tongue. He stuttered on one or two of his words... Lili was known to snap to 11 on the angry dial if one said the wrong things to her, whether that be something on herself or her wealthy father.
“[Well, I do suppose it’s better than spending a whole day with that Karin Kanzuki bimbo.]” Lili said.
“[Perhaps a healthy lunch will adequately do?]” Sebastian said.
“[Fine, but I’m picking the next destination the moment we hop back in the limo.]” Lili said. She started walking (elegantly as usual; one foot directly ahead of the other) away from the museum entrance and towards the limo parked several yards away.
“[As you wish, Ms. Lili.]” Sebastian said as he hurriedly tried to catch up to the speedy walking woman. Her height of 5’9” and her athletic/fighting prowess gave her a big walking stride.

You all know what comes next. Only this time, the biggest has been saved for last. Literally.

Sebastian had finally caught up to Lili, but only because Lili had stopped in her tracks when she saw something orange trying to break out of the ground.
“[Ms. Lili, please stay back. I will protect you with my life.]” Sebastian said as he stood in front of Lili. Finally, the mushroom fully broke through, and we knew it as the Mega Mushroom. To Lili and Sebastian, it was a bulbous mushroom that was much bigger than ordinary mushrooms (especially those in their home of Monaco) with an orange-yellow cap and red spots. Lili was fascinated with the huge mushroom and tried to get closer to it.
“[What an interesting looking specimen.]” Lili said.
“[Please, Ms. Lili. Stay back so I can...]” Sebastian said, only to be pushed aside by the young lady.
“[Will you give it a rest!? It’s just a mushroom? What can possibly happen?]” Lili said. She walked up to the barely moving mushroom and studied it further.
“[Hmmm... perhaps we can take this back home and analyze it further.]” Lili said. As she reached down wanting to look even closer at the mushroom, her hands bumped against the top of the mushroom. Lili suddenly felt her body vibrating.
“[Ms. Lili?]” Sebastian said as he started to approach the girl.
“[Sebastian... get away! GET AWAY NOW!]” Lili said.

The rich girl began rapidly growing in size, and I mean rapidly. Only one second passed after the Mega Mushroom power-up sound rang and she was 100 feet tall and still growing. Sebastian fell to his behind in surprise, and then suddenly found himself scrambling to get up to avoid getting crushed by Lili’s fast growing white boots.
“Sacrebleu!!” Sebastian shouted as he finally got on his feet and ran as fast as he could, only listening to the ground being destroyed as it got compressed underneath Lili’s growing feet.
As for Lili herself, she could only grow more shocked as she continued to grow and grow and grow...
“[What a stunning turn of events...]” Lili said as she watched the scenery around her continue to shrink. She also watched as scores of people were gathering wondering the same thing as her. How big was she going to grow? When she passed 500 feet tall and showed no signs of slowing down, the people started to run away.
Finally, after thinking it would never end, Lili stopped growing. She didn’t know it, but she had grown to a truly mega size of 1,500 feet tall. Nearly the entire Louvre plaza (including the Musée du Louvre itself) was engulfed in the massive shadow emanating from the mega giantess.
But just as quickly as she was shocked to grow to that massive size, she just as quickly put a smile on her face and rubbed her nose with her fingers.
“[Fufufufufu... this is more fun than boring meetings or museum tours. I’ll just tour the entire city from up here.]” Lili said. Anxious to see the rest of Paris from her new size, Lili took her first steps out of the plaza and towards the city, the ground shaking like an earthquake with each elegant step she took with her building-crushing white boots.

Sebastian, meanwhile, just watched the massive beauty that was the mega-sized Lili walk off, ignoring the people yelling and running for their lives around him. He smiled and wiped a tear coming down from his right eye.
“[Magnificent, Lili. Simply magnificent!]” Sebastian said as he walked back for the limo, keep his eyes on the giantess the whole way through.

There had been chaos either from the shrunken victims in other parts of the world or the people in Las Vegas from trying not to get crushed by Michelle or Julia Chang, but none of that chaos could measure to what was going right now in Paris, France. No matter how futile the effort seemed because of the massive size of the giantess in their city, people ran as frantically as they could trying to dodge whichever boot rained down from the sky. For Lili, it was a surreal sight. Maybe it was going to her head because she had the size to match the wealth of her family (at least before the oil company fell into the hands of the Mishima Zaibatsu), but nevertheless Lili took very small steps as she observed the tiny people running from her.
“[And what makes you little ants think you can outrun me?]” Lili said out loud. She took a step forward and crushed probably 30-40 people with one step. She lifted up her boot and briefly saw the stains of blood red underneath before putting the boot back down on the ground.
“[Mmmmmm... such incredible loss of life with just one step. This power is too good to ignore.]” Lili said. She next decided to test her power on a line of houses that couldn’t even reach up to her ankles. When she lifted up her boot and slammed it down, the houses did not put up any fight as they were destroyed the moment Lili literally set foot on the structures.

The mega-sized rich girl decided to take a closer look at all the chaos she was causing. She got down on both her knees, causing massive destruction to begin with, and she leaned in closer. Some brave people stopped to get an up close and personal look at the massive face of the giantess, provided they didn’t get smacked around by her huge strands of blonde hair or ascot tie. Her light blue eyes were so crystal clear that they actually acted as mirrors if people looked into them long enough.
“[Be warned, everyone. Lili will cast upon you a powerful wind.]” Lili said, ‘politely’ warning everyone of what she was about to do. After taking a quick breath of air, she let loose a blow of wind from her mouth. It seemed ordinary for someone her size, but to the tiny people of Paris, it was like a tornado had rolled into town. Just about everything that wasn’t a building (except some of the weaker or already compromised structures) was blown off the ground and flew several yards away, mostly to either their death or destruction. Lili couldn’t help but giggle over what she just witnessed.
“[I hope I stay like this forever. It's too bad I'm not in Japan, though... I'd like to see Asuka Kazama try and beat me now!]” Lili said. Staying on her hands and knees, Lili crawled forward trying to find another group of people trying to escape her enormous body. She then found a double decker bus trying to escape, and Lili wasted no time in trapping the normally tall vehicle between two of her fingers. She raised the bus up to her eyes and slightly closed them so she could get a better look at the screaming people inside.
“[Fufufufu... I must look unimaginably big to you tiny specks. That’s all you are to me now.]” Lili said. She could see some people pounding on the doors and windows trying to escape, but her fingers were making sure these people didn’t have anywhere to go.
“[I can see some of you ants trying to escape. Do not bother. I will end your lives right here and now.]” Lili said. She then opened her mouth and tossed the bus inside, feeling it slide down her tongue and down her throat into her stomach.
“[Hmmm... not nearly enough to satisfy my hunger. I’m going to need to eat some more.]” Lili said.

Once again crawling around the city, Lili finally found a group of about 50-60 people all bumping and banging into each other trying to make a sprint away from her. Lili lowered her head towards this group and stuck her tongue out, pressing it against the road itself. She licked forward the road that laid ahead of her before swinging it back into her mouth. She chewed down on whatever she could grab, just barely feeling some of the people trying to swim out of the saliva on her tongue. After gulping down, Lili just sighed.
“[(sigh) I’m just too big to feel those specks. And besides, I feel like I lost my appetite anyway.]” Lili said. She already thought of the next game she could play with the tiny humans when she looked down at her gloves, which were dirty from crawling around the parts of the city she did.
“[Ew... these things could use a good cleaning. I know what I can make these people do next.]” Lili said. She stood back up to her full height, but only for a little while. She saw another group of people, this one much larger (at least 100 people) as the streets were becoming too crowded to sustain any kind of movement. Lili thought this was a perfect opportunity. Once she felt she had moved into a perfect position, Lili sat down, obliterating whatever was underneath her behind (which of course was of little concern to the mega giantess). She then crossed her legs, preventing anyone from escaping her ‘deadly circle.’ She heard everyone screaming even from her massive height, and she decided to see how obedient they would be.
“SILENCE!!!” Lili shouted with her voice echoing in the sky seemingly never ending. It took about 10-15 seconds, but the crowd noise died down, except for a few scared-until-they-wet-their-panties teenage girls, but that was good enough for her.
“[If you wish to come out of this alive, you will do exactly as I say. Is that understood?]” Lili said. She heard the crowd murmuring, like they were trying to acknowledge they heard her very loud and very clear.
“[Very good. Now then... my gloves are a mess. I demand they be cleaned immediately and to the most pristine condition possible!]” Lili ordered as she then placed her slightly blacked-up gloved hands (with palms facing up) down in front of her dress. Some people wasted no time and tried to climb aboard her hand, although the massive size of just one of Lili’s fingers was giving them a hard time, even if some used her enormous nails as stepping stones. Others were just standing around, wondering if the giantess was joking or having a hard time trying to figure out where to start. And of course there were those that were desperate to find a way out of this trap, but naturally these people got nowhere. Those that tried to climb out using Lili’s legs were crushed instantly by the slightest movements from the giantess. She took the time to remind everyone the penalty of escaping.
“[Try to escape, however, and I’ll crush you and feel like a powerful goddess doing it too.]” Lili said.

She then watched as a few people were working with a small red object that was almost far too small for Lili to see with her naked eyes. She thought about focusing her sight on what it was they were doing, but it didn’t matter in the end because suddenly a burst of water suddenly came shooting out from the ground. Lili then realized what it was they were trying to do.
“[Ah, you wish for me to wash my hands with that broken fire hydrant? Very clever!]” Lili said. Despite the fact there were many people either on her hand trying to scrub off the dirt with their bodies or people still trying to climb up to her palm, Lili took her hands and swished them all around the makeshift fountain. After a few good rubs of water, Lili’s glove was as clean as can be. It wasn’t perfectly clean like she wanted, but it was good enough.
“[Very good, the few of you. You’re smarter than I thought. I have a reward for you.]” Lili said. She lowered her dripping-with-water hand, and this time dangled a fingernail as close to these few folks as they could.
“[Go ahead, climb on. I assure you I have something special in mind.]” Lili said. These few people, even after some of the argued how it could be a trick, climbed aboard. Once they were all on, Lili very carefully pointed her right kneecap towards the sky, allowing her to reach for one of her boots, specifically the red socks she wore underneath. In the back of her mind, she knew this was giving the perverted part of the crowd the view of a lifetime in the form of her white underwear, but Lili brushed it off as an unavoidable consequence of being gigantic and wearing her Victorian-like dress.
“[You few get to live a little bit longer inside here. I cannot promise this will be a comfortable ride, but enjoy it nevertheless.]” Lili said as she finally shook her finger, causing everyone to lose their balance or grip on the nail and fall into her sock. Once they were inside, Lili let it snap back into place. She then focused her attention back on the other tiny people that had tried the hard way (unless they were trying to escape) to clean her gloved hands.
“[As for the rest of you... I’m sorry, but I lied. Goodbye.]” Lili said. As the crowd started to scream like mad again, Lili used her hands (no doubt making them dirty again as they pressed against some of the destroyed ground) to lift her behind up off the road. She then nudged forward ever so slightly, but it was enough to crush everyone beneath her behind. Lili rubbed it back and forth three times.
“[I’m so bad, but I can’t help myself. I wonder what Sebastian would think.]” Lili said with a devilish smile on her face. She finally got up and stood back to her full height, glancing back at the mix of black, gray, and blood red that was tainting the sparkling white of her dress.
“[Pffft! I didn’t think being a giantess would be so messy, but I suppose it can’t be helped.]” Lili said. She then looked out in the distance and got a look at possibly the most famous landmark in all of Paris.
“[Ooooooh... the Eiffel Tower. I think I’m the perfect size for it.]” Lili said. She once again walked ever so elegantly towards the Eiffel Tower, slowly and yet ever so anxious to compare her massive body with the famed tower.

The closer Lili got to the Eiffel Tower, the more her visual perception of it changed. She couldn’t shake the feeling it was getting smaller the closer she got to it, not realizing she had grown taller than the tower itself thanks to the mega mushroom she touched earlier. Finally, after elegantly walking across the city and stomping many blocks flat, the giant Lili was standing right in front of the Eiffel Tower itself. It was just below chest level with Lili standing at her full height, and she noted that as she licked one of her fingers and rubbed it around the very top of the structure.
“[Hello, Eiffel Tower. I would say I’m glad we could meet face-to-face, but that’s not exactly true, is it?]” Lili said. She leaned down looking inside the visitor’s lookout area, and could just barely see a few people still scrambling to get out and get to safety.
“[Fufufufu... those people are silly, thinking they can make it all the way to bottom from up there. Oh well, I’m not worried about them.]” Lili said. Indeed, she had set her sights on the tower itself. She decided to kneel down, temporarily making her shorter than the tower itself, and wrap her arms around its vast iron frame, gently caressing the object with her hands.
“[Mmmmm... I love you, Eiffel Tower. You’re the... well, thing, I’ve been looking for all my life.]” Lili said, almost in a sarcastic tone. She even puckered her lips and gave the tower, especially the visitor lookout section, a kiss.

However, she had to stop the romance act when she heard the sounds of choppers seemingly closing in. Sure enough, when she stood back to her full height and turned around, a group of military helicopters and jets were either closing in on her or already buzzing past her head.
“[Oh good. Toys for me to play with.]” Lili said. One of the helicopters didn’t waste any time and shot a missile towards Lili’s face, but a juke to the right made it miss. She made all sorts of acrobatic maneuvers to dodge the other missiles such as swinging her hips wide, ducking at the last minute, or something else like that. All the while she was closing in on the firing helicopter, and the copter knew it too as it tried to pull up and escape. But a thunderous clap of the hands and the helicopter was swiftly destroyed.
“[One down. Who else wants to challenge the mighty Emilie De Rochefort?]” Lili said. Indeed, a couple of jets were next to try their luck, and they were coming in fast even as big as she was. Nevertheless, she attacked quickly as well. Her huge size allowed a swipe of one of her hands to just catch one of the jets, cutting off its engines and causing it to plummet into an already damaged part of the city and leave a crater underneath the huge explosion. The other jet? Lili skillfully waited until the jet was close enough, and then she swung her head around in a wide motion, causing her hair to go flying about. The speed of the thick strands of hair caused the jet to explode upon impact. Lili swept her hair back into place with her gloved hands.
“[I always knew my hair would prove very dangerous one day].” Lili said.
Another helicopter didn’t waste any time in attacking. One of the missiles this time hit Lili on her hip, but of course with her size, the projectile had no effect on her other than to leave a charred mark on her dress. Nevertheless, it did give her an idea of a funny game to play with the copter. She allowed the copter to shoot another missile and hit her in the same spot. While she couldn’t feel any impact, she acted out what she had in mind.
“[Oh! OOOOOH! UGH! You... got... me...]” Lili said. She ‘stumbled’ around a few times before leaning back against the Eiffel Tower. She pressed every last bit of her weight against the tower, and when combined with Lili being taller than the tower to begin with, it proved too much for the tower to take. It came unbuckled from its foundation and began to fall down to the ground, as did the massive Lili herself. When both landed on the ground, the world seemed to shake uncontrollably as a booming sound rivaling the loudest clap of thunder ever heard resonated around Paris. Lili closed her eyes and pretended to be unconscious.
But the bad news for the helicopter? There was so much smoke from the destruction of the Eiffel Tower and surrounding area that it was hard to see anything. The copter lowered itself, trying to get as close as it can to seeing where the giant Lili was and if she was still unconscious.

That’s when the helicopter got the big boot. Literally... as Lili thrusted her right boot towards the helicopter, destroying it entirely as soon as it made contact with the bottom of her boot. The big cloud of smoke started to dissipate as a now standing Lili was sweeping the clouds away with swipes from both her hands and feet. Lili was ecstatic over the trick she just pulled off... she just had to let out an evil sounding laugh.
“[HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I can’t believe those military jokers fell for that trick, even though I had that smoke screen to thank.]” Lili said. She then looked down at what was left of the Eiffel Tower.
“[Well, so long, Eiffel Tower. We could’ve been such good friends.]” Lili said. As she started to walk away, she looked out in the distance and saw much more of the city she could destroy with her giant body. And the best part? There wasn’t a force of good or military around, not that they could stop her anyway.
“[Fufufufu... I am invincible. Do you hear me, everyone? You cannot stop me as gigantic as I am. I will destroy this city if you do not surrender it to the Rochefort name!]” Lili shouted, hoping her words would reach all the way out to City Hall. In the meantime, Lili walked forward and worked on figuring out what else she could do as a mega giantess.

But alas, much like in Las Vegas, her fun and games came to an abrupt end. Lili watched as the world around her suddenly got bigger.
“[What? I’m shrinking? I’m shrinking!!?]” Lili shouted. She was shrinking as rapidly as she had grown earlier in the story. The destruction she had caused earlier suddenly didn’t look so small. In fact, it was looking menacing the closer she got to her normal size.
“[Noooo! I wanna stay big!]” Lili shouted, pleading with whatever heavenly deity was responsible for this. Of course, such pleas fell on deaf ears. Finally, Lili was back to her normal size, and she sighed.

“[(sigh) I feel so microscopic all of a sudden...]” Lili said. Just then, Lili watched as a black limo was making its way around the wreckage. She immediately recognized the limo as belonging to her, especially when after the limo stopped a few yards away from her, a familiar face as driver stepped out.
“[Ms. Lili! I did my best to keep up with you.]” Sebastian said.
“[You followed me even while I was that big!? Were you trying to get yourself killed or something!?]” Lili said.
“[No, of course not. I merely wanted to assist with your escape if it ever became necessary.]” Sebastian said.
“[Like if I ever suddenly shrunk back to normal because the effects of that mushroom seemingly wore out?]” Lili said.
“[Yes... something like that.]” Sebastian said. Lili then smiled as she elegantly walked towards the limo, secretly sighing that her steps weren’t causing thunderous booms anymore.
“[Well done, Sebastian.]” Lili said. Sebastian opened the door for Lili to climb onboard.
“[We will now be driving for the airport where we will meet up with your father.]” Sebastian said.
“[My... my father? Did he by chance say anything about me?]” Lili said, breaking a sweat thinking she was in big trouble.
“[Actually, he sounded rather excited. He said he couldn’t wait to find out what magic it was that made you gigantic.]” Sebastian said. As he closed the door and then hopped into the driver’s seat, Lili breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. As they were driving away, she looked out the side window the entire time, getting a close up and personal look at the utter mess she made of Paris while a mega giantess.

And she smiled the entire time.


So you’re probably wondering how all the girls (and guys down where Christie lived) were returned to their normal sizes, right?

Princess Peach and Toadsworth followed Toad and Toadette back to the warp pipes where their wagons had gone out of control and they had lost the supply of mushrooms. Peach had remained calm, to Toad and Toadette’s surprises, and she had told the two to lead them where the accident occurred.
“So this is where you lost the mushrooms?” Peach said.
“That’s right, princess! They all went down this pair of pipes.” Toad said.
“Forgive me for asking, Princess Peach, but how can you remain so calm even after those mushrooms went into the Real World?” Toadette asked.
“Well, while it is worrying that those mushrooms would make their way to a place they’re not meant to be, I have this magic spell that I learned not too long ago that will nullify the effects of those mushrooms.” Peach said.
“It really is quite effective! I was quite relieved the princess learned this kind of spell... not since the days of undoing everyone being turned to various objects thanks to that dreadful Bowser!” Toadsworth said, referring to an event way back when Peach was younger, wore a white dress, and had red hair.
Peach then pulled out a wand, similar to the ones that Bowser usually had with him, and fired a couple beams into both of the pipes.

Afterwards, she smiled and hid the wand back into her dress.
“There, that’s done!” Peach said.
“What did you do?” Toadette asked.
“The magic will cancel the effects of the mushrooms in a few minutes. If anyone did use them, they’ll revert back to their normal sizes soon.” Peach said.
“I just hope there wasn’t anyone who would use those mushrooms for bad purposes!” Toad said.
“I hope so too, and if so, I hope we weren’t too late in saving the Real World.” Peach said.
“I concur, now come everyone! I am most concerned with the well-being of the princess in this dreadful heat. Not to mention leaving her out in the open for Bowser to catch her!” Toadsworth said.
“Alright, Toadsworth, alright. I won’t worry you any further. Come on, everyone. Let’s get back to my castle.” Peach said. She started walking down the path that would take her back to her castle, with Toadsworth, Toadette, and Toad all following behind her.

Thus ended the Mega Mushroom Mayhem for the many fighters of the Tekken Tag Tournament... er, I mean, the King of Iron Fist Tournament.