Turnabout Heights


July 27th, 3 PM
Subway Station

"Ah, it's such a beautiful day. The sky is completely free of clouds, the birds are chirping, and there's even a nice breeze out today." Mia says to herself, smiling and inhaling deeply.

"And yet, here I am" she says and exhales the deep breath she just took. Opening her eyes she looks over her her surroundings again. The dull gray walls of a subway station. An extraordinarily dirty man lay on a bench, he didn't appear to be conscious. Another man, this one with a saxophone at his lips, played simple tunes with an instrument case open in front of him. Though Mia only wore a simple black suit and scarf, she was the very vision of elegance and class when her setting was taken into account.

Mia exhales deeply, annoyed, and looks at the clock hanging on the wall. The hands hadn't budged since the last time she looked at them, which, appeared to be less than 5 seconds ago from the looks of it. Mia cringed visibly at this, and began to work out a plan to just have the person she was meeting here visit her at the law offices. Her brain had just worked out the final details when an annoyingly loud squeal came from the subways tunnel reverberated from the tunnels. Mia looked at the clock, her mind now working out a sternly worded letter of complaint about the stations lack of punctuality, only to realize that the clock still read 3 PM exactly..

She bit her lip, annoyed at her impatience before, turning her attention to the people milling out of the subway. The similarly dressed people quickly became a large crowd, and Mia herself became lost in it. The crowd consisted mostly of the business class, but the person Mia was searching for would have stuck out like a sore thumb among them. Her eyes quickly skimmed over the crowd, not immediately seeing who she was looking for. The ocean of blue, black, and white business attire made it all that much easier when she noticed a small flash of purple among them.

"Ah... I'd recognize that color clothing anywhere." Mia smiled as she headed towards the flash of purple and almost instantly recognized the person she had been looking for.

Maya Fey, the younger sister of one Mia Fey. Maya was in training to be a great spirit medium, and as such, was almost never seen wearing anything but her medium in-training outfit. The outfit, being bright purple would have been noticeable from space in this crowd. However, though Mia had located her sister, Maya was not able to do the same, knowing only that Mia would be wearing a black. This being the only bit of information Maya had to go by wasn't the least bit helpful in locating her sister.

Mia watched Maya search the crowds for her sister with a determined look on her face, and had to hold back her laughter when she realized Maya was inadvertently searching the same group of people, as the crowd forced her to unknowingly walk in a small circle. Not finding Mia after a minute frustrated Maya, and she stomped the ground and redoubled her efforts.

"I should probably get going now" Mia thought and snuck up behind Maya, placing her hands over her siblings eyes. With her vision suddenly blocked, Maya almost shouted in surprise, but was interrupted by a voice asking, "Guess who?"

Lifting the hands over her eyes, Maya turned around to face this person, and discovered it was none other than Mia. Excitedly, Maya jumped and wrapped her arms around her sibling.

"Sis! I haven't seen you in so long!" She exclaimed after releasing her hold.

"It hasn't been that long! Only a couple of days since you last came to visit." Mia laughed.

"Well maybe a couple of days doesn't feel that long because you're so old, but for me that's like... forever!" Maya said, annoyed as she realized that Mia was right, it had not even been a week."But anyway... what were we gonna do today?" she asked Mia excitedly.

"O-Old?" Mia said, flustered over Maya's comment before realizing she had asked a second question. "I-I had just planned on maybe catching up by getting some ramen, and maybe you can meet my apprentice at the offices if there's time later!"

"Ramen?!" Maya asked, her mouth open wide in surprise. "B-But.. you promised..." she said, looking as though she were about to burst into tears over the turn of events.

Mia smirked at her sister's response. "Promised...? Funny, I don't remember that. I guess I'm just so OLD..." she told Maya, while smiling warmly at her.

"Alright alright, I'm sorry, you're not that old" Maya replied reluctantly. "Now, about lunch..." she added, with a hungry grin.

"Right, lunch. A new burger stand has opened near the offices that is supposed to be exceptional. And since you don't seem to feel like ramen, I'm assuming a burger would be fi-" Mia was answering before being cut short as Maya grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the subways exit.

July 27th, 3:12 PM
Cid's Burgers

Maya and Mia arrived at the burger stand fairly quickly, thanks to Maya's incessant hurrying of her sister. The term, "Stand" was appropriate, as the entire establishment was on wheels and had a bright yellow and red umbrella shading a small metal counter that customers could sit and eat on. Two of the four stools standing in front of the counter were quickly occupied by the siblings and they quickly ordered something from the young Greek man that appeared to own the stand. He quickly set about preparing their burgers as the girls caught up on recent events.

"So you actually spent some time training lately?" Mia asked, surprised that Maya had actually taken her training as a medium seriously without being forced to.

"Yup!" Maya responded with a huge grin. "I studied up on the, "101 Ways to Make Money" scrolls, and Morgan even taught me some cool things, wanna see?" Maya asked excitedly.

"I'd really rather not" Mia responded. "I'm not sure if channeling a person is the right thing to do before eating"

"No no no, not channeling sis! Morgan taught me something way cooler! Watch!" she said, and excitedly pulled out a magatama she carried with her at all times.

Mia sat and watched, amused as Maya seemed to focus intensely on the magatama she held, but nothing appeared to be happening. After a minute of this Maya finally slumped down, defeated.

"I don't know why it won't work!" Maya cried as she folded her arms and pouted.

Mia laughed loudly to herself and gave Maya a pat on the back. "Now now, maybe you just need something to eat. That usually makes you feel better!" Mia laughed, while the stand's owner presented two baskets with a burger and several french fries before the siblings.

Maya quickly lifted the burger to her lips, and began biting into it as if she hadn't eaten in days. Mia sat dumbfounded, not having yet bitten into her own burger, though her mouth was open wide in shock at how quickly Maya set about devouring hers. Finishing very quickly, Maya sat back and pat her tummy with a satisfied smile. She quickly sat back up though, and faced Mia, whose mouth was still open, without a bite taken out of her own burger.

"OK, let's try this again!" Maya almost shouted in excitement. She picked up the magatama again and focused on it. Mia almost sighed as it didn't seem like anything was going to happen again when the magatama started to glow a faint blue. Maya's stare intensified and the glow became brighter. "And... Tada!" She exclaimed happily, holding the magatama out for Mia to see.

"Very impressive." Mia said rather flatly, "But that's something even I could handle." she said, finishing the sentence teasingly.

"Wow! Really? You haven't done any training for years and you think you can still manage to do that?"

"I most definitely can Maya." Mia told her sister. "Trust me! While I prove to you that I can though, I'm feeling a little thirsty. There's a soda machine right across the street. Now, go get both of us something to drink," She said while handing Maya a small handful of change. "I promise that by the time you come back, you'll have proof that I can still do it!".

"Ok, I'll be back really quick though, so you'd better hurry!" Maya laughed as she took the change and dashed towards the machine, only to stop and stare at the selection available, wondering what kind of drink to get.

While Maya was thinking, Mia took the magatama she had wrapped around her own neck and began to concentrate on it. It began to glow much faster than Maya's did, though it was growing a bright green, instead of the blue of Maya's. Impressed with her work, Mia placed her glowing green magatama next to Maya's own blue one and sat up, ready to see her sisters reaction. Almost immediately after sitting up however, Mia's vision went completely black.

July 27th, 3:20 PM

Mia felt as though she were falling at an extremely rapid pace and landed harshly on her back. Coming to her feet slowly, she rubbed her back to ease the pain away and tried to figure out what just happened. To her right lay the two magatamas, and Mia took note of the fact that neither were glowing now. Several feet away she noticed an enormous red basket, similar to the ones she and Maya had been eating from. It didn't take a genius to figure out immediately what had happened, and Mia gasped when she figured out she had shrunk! Not the type to think of herself, Mia immediately was worried about Maya and her safety. Mia stood and looked over the metallic counter as far as she could see in every direction, but saw no sign of her sister.

"Oh no! I hope nothing happened to her!" Mia immediately thinks and turns and continues to scan the same area when an enormous shadow overtakes her. Stepping backwards quickly, Mia realizes the shadow is being created by a can. "Samurai Soda... that means...!".

Taking a step back Mia almost faints as she realizes the enormous can is being held by an even larger hand, belonging to none other than Maya. Mia first sighed in relief, knowing that her sister was at least safe, and began to try and think of a way to attract Maya's attention for the sake of her own safety.

Maya, on the other hand, had returned to the burger stand holding two cans of soda and was surprised by what she saw, or rather, didn't see. Mia was no longer at the stand, but it looked like she had left her own magatama alongside the one Maya had been carrying. Taking this as a sign, Maya came to the conclusion that Mia was playing a joke on her, and was likely waiting for her at the office, likely with a water balloon. Deciding to take advantage of this time, Maya nearly inhaled the burger Mia had left behind, and turned her attention to the french fries in her own basket.

Mia's mind was working frantically, trying to come up with the best way to get Maya's attention at this size when she made a move. Maya was shoveling the fries into her mouth, and Mia knew that if she stood in the basket among them, she'd easily be noticed! Figuring this was the best course of action, Mia sped towards the rapidly dwindling pile of fries. She ran as fast as her tiny legs could carry her, and though she was arriving there much quicker than expected, Maya's eating habits seemed to be just a little too fast for her.

"Ah, that was delicious!" Maya said as she finished off the last fry in the basket. She grabbed the two magatamas on the counter, and was going to leave for the office when something left in the basket caught her eye.

Something red.

Lying in the middle of the basket was a small pool of ketchup. Maya licked her lips and looked down both sides of the street for any witnesses. Besides the stands owner, who was busy slicing more potatoes, she found she was alone. Licking her lips, Maya lowered her head, and extended her tongue directly into the small pool of ketchup, then moved her tongue about to make sure she grabbed as much of it as possible in one swipe.


Mia watched as Maya finished off the last fry in despair. Now it didn't seem like there would be any way easily get Maya's attention. Slowing from an all out run to a slow walk, Mia quickly noticed some unusual behavior. Maya continued to stare at the paper the fries were on, though it was definitely empty, and Mia quickly remembered one of Maya's less... feminine habits. Knowing she had to act soon, Mia's legs were again moving at full speed as she ran the remainder of the way, while Maya looked around her, probably to make sure there was nobody around. Mia reached the edge of the basket and started to climb it as Maya's head lowered towards the basket. At the top of the basket, Mia figured there was no time to run down and get Maya's attention, so she jumped from the edge down towards the ketchup, hoping the movement would register on Maya's eye.

She almost made it.

Maya's head was moving much faster than Mia expected, and as a result, Mia landed face first on Maya's sticky tongue. Mia immediately panicked and attempted to pick herself up, only to be completely submerged in the ketchup gathering on the tongue.


Looking both ways, Maya gave a small sigh of relief and calmed down. Nobody had seen her lick the paper clean. She pressed her tongue to the roof of her mouth to try and spread the ketchup over as many taste buds as she could, enjoying the flavor. It didn't last long however, as the ketchup quickly dissipated and soon her mouth was clean of tomatoey goodness, though it was still not empty. Maya's eyes opened wide with joy as she realized that there must have been a small piece of delicious golden fried potato hidden in the ketchup. She used her tongue to move the small fry to her teeth, and, wanting to savor the last french fry, she lowered her teeth slowly.


Spending some quality time with her sisters tongue wasn't the day Mia had planned by any means, and the descending teeth made her realize just how dangerous the situation she found herself in was.

The air was thick in Maya's mouth, but that didn't stop Mia from opening her own mouth wide to take a deep breath. She almost coughed on the humid air but held back to scream as loud as she could. Mia's scream vibrated her own body, but desperate times called for desperate measures. The letting loose a scream more loud than any she could remember. Her normally cool and collected personality was shed and she thrashed wildly in her prison with all the strength her miniaturized body contained.

A moment later the darkness gave way to bright light, and Mia found she was flying through the air at impossible speeds. Before she could react to her now much more dangerous situation, she landed. Rubbing the moisture from her eyes, Mia took in her new surroundings. She was luckily on her sisters palm, and not the cement as she had feared, if only for an instant. She was still suspended high in midair as well, a good thing given her size.

Finally deciding to look up, Mia looked her younger sister in the eye and watched as Maya's face changed from a curious expression, to one of shock. Relief washed over Mia, and she replayed the recent events in her mind to try and explain everything to Maya.

Before she could begin though, the palm closed around her and Mia found herself smothered by Maya's huge fingers.


Maya was more than ready for the explosion of flavor to come out of the piece of fried potato, but instead felt a small bit of vibration and movement from inside her mouth. Terrified that a bug may have been attached to her snack, she spit it out into an open palm quickly

Finding there was something else in her mouth brought terrified her at first, but she refrained from throwing it to the ground and stamping it out as she found there was something vaguely familiar about it.

Curiosity clearly evident in her face, Maya watched the tiny thing start to move about and gasped when it's tiny face turned to meet hers. She could see it now, the tiny figure staring back at her belonged to.

"Mia!" Maya cried out as she closed her fist around her tiny sister again. She knew something had to be done, but she didn't know what.

"Oh! I know! Maybe Feeny will know what to do!" Maya said excitedly remembering that Mia's assistant was in the office cleaning up right now. Forgetting everything else, Maya ran as quickly as she could towards Mia's office, leaving behind the paper she had eaten from.

July 27th, 4 PM
Law Offices of Fey and Co.

Maya ran to the office so quickly that she arrived in less than a minute and was greeted to another surprise.

The office was empty, Mia's assistant had taped a note to Charlie, Mia's plant, saying that he had finished cleaning and would go home until tomorrow. Crumpling the note with her free hand, Maya tossed it into the garbage and brought her other hand to her chin as she thought about what to do.

A struggle against her chin startled Maya at first, though she quickly figured out she had accidentally pressed Mia into her chin when thinking.

"Oh! Geez! Sorry sis, I need to pay more attention..." Maya said, her facing turning red with embarrassment. "Here, lemme put you somewhere safe!" she said, putting Mia on the floor between her sandals.


Mia was annoyed that her sister wasn't being very careful with her, but at the same time didn't blame her, after all, if the roles were reversed, she may have been careless with Maya herself.

"But the least she could do..." Mia said to herself. "Is ask me what happened! Or at least get me into something dry!!" She yelled.


Maya continued thinking with her hand on her chin when she heard a slight squeak from between her feet.

"Was that you Mia?" Maya asked, genuinely curious. "Sorry, I can't hear you, lemme pick you up again!" She said and roughly picked Mia up again.

"Now, what was it you needed?" Maya asked, and held Mia up to her ear.


Having calmed down, Mia realized that getting mad at Maya wouldn't do any good, as she probably had no idea over what had happened either. Taking the more logical route, Mia asked her enormous sister about her second need.

"I'm really wet, and not in a good way Maya! Do you think you could help clean me u-!" Mia asked before Maya started running off.

"Of course I can Mia! I'm so sorry I almost ate you back there! If you didn't taste so much like potatoes" Maya said, bringing a smile to Mia's face. Sure, Maya may be a bit too eager to help sometimes, but her infectious personality could melt even a heart of stone.

"I wonder if that's a compliment..." Mia stopped, suddenly curious about what Maya had said. "I don't think I taste like a potato, maybe I do tho-" Mia started before being interrupted for seemingly the hundredth time today as a cold rush of water fell over her back, soaking her.


"I'll get you nice and clean in no time!" Maya said as she held Mia under the water in the office's lone sink. Reaching over, Maya also spilled some liquid soap on top of Mia's head, letting it run down her body. As gently as she could, Maya rubbed the soap all over Mia until she resembled a snow man made of lather, and dunked her back into the cold waterfall.

"There we go! Clean as clean can be!" Maya said happily over how well she felt she had done her job.

"We can't keep you in those clothes though Sis! You'll catch a cold if you don't bundle up into something warm!" Maya explained as she laid a hand towel in front of Mia, and went back to the main office area.


Mia struggled to breathe as the cold water poured relentlessly from above, and any attempts to scream for help only ended with a mouthful of water. She began to fear the worst when the water suddenly stopped pouring over her.

Taking the moment to cough and inhale deeply, Mia appreciated finally being out from beneath the stream. Ready to thank Maya for taking her out from the faucet, a cold thick liquid running from the top of her head stopped her in her tracks.

Before she could figure out what was going on now, Maya's huge index finger came forward and started rubbing her head quite hard. Though she found it to be irritating, Mia knew that Maya's intentions were good, and if Maya could be appeased then they could get to figuring out what exactly had caused her reduced size.

Maya's finger removed itself from Mia's head, and this time she held her breath before being placed under the waterfall. The suds that had built up all over her body were washed off and Mia at least felt cleaner now that she wasn't covered in Maya's sticky saliva.

A hand towel far bigger than Mia's body was placed before her, and Maya said she'd be back with some clothes. Maya disappeared from sight fairly quickly, and Mia was extremely curious as to what Maya was up to.

Less than a minute passed before Maya returned with her new clothing, and Mia's jaw dropped .


"Here you go Sis!" Maya told Mia, placing a red hakama that looked several sizes too big and a shiny silver jacket before her shrunken sister. "Now go ahead and get changed, I'll give you a few minutes." Maya said and turned around to give her sister some privacy.

After watching the second hand of a clock make 5 full rotations, Maya turned around and had to cover her mouth to stop from laughing at the sight that greeted her.

"Looks like the Steel Samurai's clothes are just a little too big!" Maya managed to say between stifled giggles. "At least you're in dry clothes though! It's a good thing I got you that Steel Samurai figure for your birthday last year, right?: Maya finished before picking Mia up and finally listening to what she had to say about the events.


Though Maya would never be able to see, Mia's face was almost as red as the hakama she wore from humiliation. She never saw the appeal in that kid's show, and being forced to cosplay as the main character was simply terrible. She almost wished she was back in Maya's mouth, at least then nobody would have to see her.

Maya lowered her face to Mia's level so they could have a more normal conversation for once, and Mia was grateful for at least this one concession.

"Now, Maya, we have to be serious for a moment. I'm shrunken and I have no idea how I got this way, or how to get back to normal. Can you think of anything that could have caused this?" Mia asked, giving Maya a rather serious expression.

Maya could see the lack of humor on Mia's face, so she gave it some serious thought. Turning her head slightly and cupping her chin she thought deeply and replayed the events that had occurred earlier over and over in her mind.

"Sorry Sis, all I remember is charging my magatama, then going to get a drink like you told me... I wish I could be of more help" Maya said disappointed, turning her head downward at the last part of the sentence.

"Charging the magatama..."Mia thought to herself when it clicked suddenly. "Maya! What kind of spiritual energy did you charge your magatama with before you placed it on the table?" Mia asked, hoping it would shed some light on the situation.

"Umm... I'm really not sure." Maya replied. "Aunt Morgan taught it to me, but didn't really explain any of the specifics, she said I'd figure it out later."

"Aunt Morgan?" Mia asked. "Then it must have something to do with the spiritual energy from both of our magatamas reacting together!" Mia finished, turning the subject from Aunt Morgan suddenly.

"Whew! Well that's a relief!" Maya sighed. "Aunt Morgan said that the spiritual energy wouldn't last too long. Longer than a channeling of course, but not by much, maybe a day at the most!" Maya explained.

Mia's expression visibly softened at the news.

"Well, that's certainly a relief. I'm sorry Maya, I really did have some fun things planned for today, but I doubt we'll be able to do any of them..." Mia said sadly.

"Don't worry about it Sis! I've got an idea for something we can do!" Maya said, her lips breaking into a huge smile, before running off again.

Though a bit concerned over her sister's strange smile, Mia wrote it off as nothing to worry about until Maya returned with something small and thin inbetween her fingers.

"Here you go Sis!" Maya said as she handed Mia a thin piece of plastic. "The Legendary Samurai Spear!" Maya told her excitedly.

"Now we can have some fun!" Maya said as she lifted Mia from the table and placed her back on the floor, before slipping off her flip flops.

Mia gulped over the turn of events. She had been hoping to maybe watch a movie or something else, but this was turning to be pretty strange.


Maya smiled down at her tiny sister as she began to think over all the things they could do together, but one seemed to ring out to her louder than all the others. A crossover so amazing nobody thought it could be done, but she was going to do it with Mia right now.

"On this weeks episode of, The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo!" Maya said in her best false announcer voice. "Neo Olde Tokyo is attacked by, none other than the Ki-err, Queen of monsters herself! Maya-Zilla!" She finished, laughing as Mia backed away from her slowly

"Can the Steel Samurai hold off the dangerous monster?!" Maya continued as she raised her foot over her sister, wiggling her toes lightly before stomping the carpet beside her. "Or will the Steel Samurai fall victim to Maya-Zilla's size and power?"


Mia could hardly believe what Maya had just said, and her foot stomping right next to her did little to ease her about the possibility of it all being a joke.

A slight odor wafted from the soles, disorienting Mia for a bit as the other bare foot stomped down to her other side.

Looking up, Mia could see that the Maya had her hands on her hips and was looking down at her expectantly. Mia had no idea what to do though, she wasn't familiar with the show at all! Maya lifted her right foot from the carpet and held it above Mia's head. In a panic, Mia broke out into a run to escape the foot, only to find that though her body had escaped from beneath Maya's sole, her oversized hakama had not, and was pinned beneath Maya's fragrant sole.

Directly before Mia were Maya's wiggling toes, and, not knowing what else to do, she gripped the plastic spear Maya had given her between her hands and thrust it into the space between Maya's big and second toe.

Maya cried out in pain, and lifted her foot to her knee to examine her toes for any bleeding. Once she figured she was ok, she smiled again and continued her act.

"What's this? The Steel Samurai has fought back! Is it enough though?" Maya announced before roughly knocking her sister to the ground, and pinning Mia beneath her right foot.

Mia's face peeked out from between two of her sisters toes, and she was completely pinned beneath the enormous sole. Though she was able to press her hands into Maya's sole a good deal, she made absolutely no progress in lifting it from her body.

Turning her head to both sides Mia quickly spotted exactly what she needed. The spear had been knocked from her hand when she was knocked over, but it was still within reach. With all her strength she managed to pull her left arm out from beneath Maya's sole and grab the spear. Thrusting it into the foot once more.


Maya watched Mia grab for the spear, and this time was prepared for the slight prick, making it much easier to handle. Figuring that maybe that was good enough for now, Maya decided to end the game.

"Oh my! The Steel Samurai has attacked Maya-Zilla in her weakest spot, between the toes! It looks like the Steel Samurai has saved the day again!" Maya said before finally lifting her foot off Mia.

"Now, Maya-Zilla must go rest! And The Steel Samurai has saved Neo Olde Tokyo once again!" Maya announced. "But who knows what evil lurks around the corner. Stay tuned next week for another episode of The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo!"

"Now, all this playing around has me a little tired Sis, mind if I take a nap on the couch?" Maya asked as she held Mia to her face. Mia nodded her head to show it was ok, and Maya placed her back onto the desk for safe keeping as they both decided to have a rest. They hadn't done much, but they were both emotionally exhausted and figured nothing would be better than a good rest.

July 27th 8:02 pm
Law Offices of Fey and Co.

Mia awoke several hours later, shivering violently. Looking over herself she realized she had somehow grown back to normal, and was now laying on her own desk without any clothing! She quickly rushed to her back office where she kept a spare suit in case something happened to her normal suit and changed back to her normal clothing.

Once fully clothed again, she saw Maya, still sleeping on the couch and took a look at the clock. It was now just a bit past eight PM, too late to make time for anything else. Maya would just have to leave for now and they could have some more fun tomorrow.

Inhaling deeply, Mia coughed violently. The entire room smelled like feet! Though this was because of the last thing Mia had done before growing back to normal, her mind immediately turned to a different culprit.

"Phoenix must have not done a good job of cleaning!" Mia grumbled. "I'll have to deal with using by bamboo sword the next time I see him!" She said with a grin while reaching for the phone to dial his cell phones number...