(Cubed Cinder)

: Thanks to rain_icecolt for helping with most of the big fight scene at the end of this story.

The crowd cheered on in Ultratech Arena as the exhibition fight between Kim Wu and Jago continued. Kim would give anything for victory, which is something she hasn't been able to taste as of late. The young 17-year-old is currently riding on a 15-match losing streak. Kim was fortunate that this was only an exhibition match, where the losers always survive, no matter what happens to them. With that many consecutive losses, she would've been dead had the next Killer Instinct tournament already started.

Things were looking promising. After unleashing a series of killer combos on Jago, he was starting to get tired as Kim moved ever so closer to breaking that losing streak. But suddenly, Jago walked back, closed his eyes, and placed his hands together in front of his face. Kim stood at her side of the ring confused, but then was caught by surprise when Jago's eyes lit up in a golden flash. Jago had called upon the spirits of the Tiger, which has helped him many times in battle. To the surprise of many fans, Kim was not able to block Jago's fury of jump-in attacks, which led to 6-hit brutal combos. But what Jago was about to do would leave many of Kim's fans crying foul. Jago opened with a wind kick, and from then on, it's a fury of punches, kicks, and dagger swipes.

It was back to the same old story for Kim Wu's fans. A 31-hit ultra combo had led Kim to her 16th straight loss. Kim laid on the ground not only in pain, but in disgust as well. Jago approached Kim to help her up, but Kim just smacked his hand away and got up herself. With blood all over her hands and face from the ultra combo, she did not give a pleasing look to Jago.

"Uh, good fight..." Jago said.
Kim did not say anything. She simply looked down at her blood-stained hands as she walked away. Jago stood confused as well, not bothering to celebrate his victory.

In a secret location unknown to the world, the exhibition matches of the Killer Instinct tournament are being watched carefully by Gargos. Being the evil villain he was, he sent out his henchmen to track the stats of all the fighters so he would have an edge in the final battle. As he rested on his throne, one of his assistants came back to report.

"So, what's new?" Gargos said.
"Well, master, in the match between Kim Wu and Jago, Jago came up the winner with a 31-hit ultra combo finish. Jago's record is now 12-4, while Kim Wu has dropped to 0-16." his assistant said.
"Pity. She looked like a strong contender for..." Gargos' speech was cut by a sudden thought. "Hmmmm...."
"What is it, master? What's on your mind?" his assistant said.
"Give me a full profile on Mrs. Wu." Gargos said.
"Yes sir." his assistant said. He started to flip through the mess of notes in his pocket, when he pulled out one paper slip and gave it to Gargos. The assistant started to tell the story of Kim Wu as Gargos looked at it, along with the attached photo of the fighter.

"Kim Wu is 17 years old, weighs 130 pounds, and is 5 feet, 4 inches tall. As a descendant of the heroes who banished you and Eyedol to Limbo, Kim is appointed as her people's guardian. Amazing considering she is still a high school student, and she trains daily at the Gold Training Dojo. Though she can be mischievous at times, she has proven to be very popular with people the same age as she."

"She would make the perfect first customer for my potion shop..." Gargos said.
"Really, sir?" the assistant said.
"Think of a way to lure her to my new potion shop. We don't necessarily have to conquer the world through Killer Instinct." Gargos said, handing the papers back to his assistant.
"Yes sir!" the assistant said, running off to find Kim Wu.

After washing the blood off most of her face and hands, Kim was walking along the streets of Ultratech, still deeply disgusted after having lost her 16th straight match. Along the way, she met with her best friend and school classmate, Mary Anne.

"Hi Kim!" Mary Anne said.
"Hi Mary..." Kim said, with a long face.
"What's wrong? You seem so down." Mary asked. Tears were starting to fall down Kim's eyes.
"I lost my 16th straight fight. Just when I promised my master I would finally win..." Kim said, with hands over her face.
"Oh. I'm sorry..." Mary Anne said, giving Kim a hug.
"I don't know, Mary. Maybe we need to cut back our time together..." Kim said.
"No way! I don't think our friendship is causing you to lose these matches. You just need to focus more..." Mary said.
"You're probably right. So, is there anything new happening?" Kim asked.
"Yeah. I've heard a potion shop was spotted in one of the mountain ranges. It's so unusual, they're considering sending the secret service up there to investigate." Mary said.
"A potion shop, huh? I wonder if they would have anything to enhance my fighting skills?" Kim said.
"It's possible..." Mary said.
"Well, I gotta go. I know the master's waiting for me at the dojo." Kim said. She started to walk off.
"Hey Kim! Good luck." Mary said. Kim just nodded.

Kim slowly climbed up towards the top of the mountains where her dojo rested. She tried to waste as much time as possible, since after losing her 16th straight match, the sensei was the last person she wanted to talk to. Nonetheless, she made it up top, took a deep breath, and approached the sensei.
"Greetings, Kim Wu." the sensei said, with a smile on his face. Before Kim's battle, he had total confidence she was going to turn her game around.
"Hi, honorable master." Kim Wu said, with a long face.
"So how did you do in the battle against Jago?" the sensei asked.
"Uh, Jago? You're talking about Killer Instinct, right?" Kim Wu asked, reluctantly.
"Of course! Where else would you face off against him? You know, one of my students won their 12th straight battle. Yet, we were both very disappointed!" the sensei said, laughing at the end.
"Oh yeah! That... hahahaha... that Killer Instinct. Well, uh... See, that is, well, uh..." Kim Wu said, or at least tried to say.
"Kim, come on. Tell me. How did you do?" the sensei said.
"Jago gives me the... well, uh, you see, uh, it's like this. I, uh... well..." Kim, by this point, was running out of words to say.
"Let me hear it." the sensei said, still as calm as ever. A 10-second pause ensued, before Kim finally gave in. She lowered her head as she spoke.
"OK... I lost. 16 straight. He beat me in a 31-hit ultra combo." Kim said, softly. Another 10-second pause occured, and during this time, the smile on sensei's face slowly drifted away, before it now looked like a face of anger. Kim braced herself.
"A 31-HIT ULTRA!?!? YOU SAID LAST NIGHT YOU WERE READY!!! KNOW WHAT YOU NEED TO DO!?!?" the sensei shouted, very loudly.
"No." Kim Wu said. Suddenly the sensei was pushing her backwards.
"GO HOME AND PRACTICE FOR THE NEXT MATCH!!! BECAUSE IF YOU LOSE, YOU ARE THROUGH!!! UNDERSTAND!?!?!?!?" the sensei said. His anger reached such a high peak, he literally pushed Kim out of the dojo and over the cliff. Kim started tumbling, striking the mountain from various sides before finally landing at the base. Kim moaned in pain as tears began to fill her eyes. Hands over her face, she didn't notice the cloaked figure approaching her from behind. It seemed to be a man dressed up as a wizard, but if you think about the wings attached to the person's back, you can get an idea of who's behind the mask.

"My goodness. That series of falls must've really put a beating on you." the figure said. Kim kept crying and didn't respond.
"I don't mean to sound rude, young lady, but I heard the conversation between you and your master." the figure continued. As the figure offered Kim a kleenex, Kim took her hands off her face, wiped her face of all the tears that streamed down from her eyes, and slowly stood up, looking at the masked figure.
"Fifteen straight losses. That qualifies for a brainless fighter desperate for media attention in Killer Instinct. But I can see through your spirits, young lady, and I see a winner within you." the figure said.
"Really?" Kim asked, softly.
"I do indeed. I tell you what. Since I happen to be a wizard, why don't you follow me to my potion shop? Maybe we'll find something to enhance your fighting ability." the figure said. Kim started showing a face of excitement.
"Yes!" Kim said.
"Good. Now, grab onto me and hold on tight!" the figure said. Kim grabbed on and noticed the wings sprout from behind the masked figure. As soon as the wings gained full momentum, the figure took off for the sky, with Kim holding on tight to the hands.
"Wow! You have wings?" Kim said.
"One of my potions gave me these. I wanted an abnormal way of traveling through the lands." the figure said. After traveling a couple miles, the figure, with Kim still hanging on his hands, landed deep within a beautiful forest. A few yards away was the potion shop. They both entered, and as the figure got behind the counter, Kim looked around and marveled at the countless number of potions that laid on the shelves of the shop.
"You sure have a lot of potions, but you said you had one that would help my fighting skills." Kim said.
"Indeed I do, young lady." the figure said. His assistant, cloaked just like he, reached up the shelf and grabbed the red potion. He handed it to the cloaked figure with wings, who held it in front of Kim.
"This potion is one of my best creations. It's so strong, I must keep most of its details away from even beautiful young ladies like you." he said. "But it's guaranteed to help enhance your fighting ability!"
"Well," Kim said, thinking it over, "I'll take it. Anything to help me out. If I end up with side effects, then so be it." Kim said, taking the potion.
"For you, young lady, the potion is free of charge." the figure said.
"Oh! Thank you very much! I'll think of you when this potion helps me win many battles down the road." Kim said as she headed out the door, with the red potion in her hands. After she was gone, both figures took off their disguises, to reveal themselves as Gargos and his assistant!
"Uh, sir. That potion could increase Kim's fighting ability to a point she could defeat you..." the assistant said.
"True. But it's likely she'll be having too much fun with the effects of the potion." Gargos said.
"Indeed. What I really gave her was a growth potion. For such a young lady to be insulted by her fellow fans of Ultratech, I figure a little size increasement will be enough to scare those fans." Gargos said.
"A little?"
"What's to worry? She'll only grow to 100 feet tall. Bwahahahaha!" Gargos said.

Outside the potion shop, Kim felt so anxious to try out the new potion. So many thought crossed through her mind as to what the future would hold with her improved fighting ability. Kim popped open the bottle and drank the entire potion down in one gulp. As she wiped the drops of the potion that got on her lips and her clothes, she went on her way back to the dojo so she could train for the next fight. Before she could leave the forest, Kim suddenly started to feel pain. She brushed it off as side effects to the potion. But it was about to get worse. This time, the pain was striking her around all sides. Kim groaned loudly in pain and she tumbled towards the ground and later fell unconscious.
As the wind died down and the night sky began to set in, Kim stood up, wobbling from the experience. She continued to groan as she got up. Her sides ached from the pain as Kim struggled to walk. She stumbled into a tree and fell again onto the ground. She opened her eyes again, slowly, but then realized that the tree she had stumbled on was not there. She took a look around, and it seemed the whole area around her was smaller what it used to be. Somehow, the whole area had shrunk!
"Ungghhnn...what's happened to me? Why is this happening?" Kim asked herself, with a voice lower than normal. She took one more good look at the scenery below her and finally came to a conclusion. She was big; very big. At first, a state of panic went through Kim's mind, but she looked to see the city of Ultratech.
'Hmmm... At this size, I can make the people of Ultratech so sorry for making fun of me!' Kim thought. It was true that she had been insulted by even her own fans ever since she lost her 16th straight match.
As she continued to stare at the city of Ultratech, Kim kicked off her sandals and began to carry her 100-foot-tall self towards the city.
(NOTE: Sorry nudist lovers. Her clothes grew with the body.)

Activity was as busy as it has been for the Organization. Among the many teams branched out within the service, none of them were as busy as Team KI, headed by Black Orchid, who lowered Ultratech's power considerably by defeating Eyedol. Orchid and her team were busy hunting down the notorious one himself, Gargos. So far, Orchid has been successful in stopping a number of threats by Gargos, but the one that was about to hit her office took her almost by surprise.
As Orchid was consulting with one of her teammates, one of Team KI's members came running back. He was almost out of breath by the time he reached Orchid.
"Agent Orchid, I have breaking news to report!" he said.
"What is it, Agent #64?" Orchid asked.
"You have to come with me. It's on all the news channels!" #64 said.
"On my way!" Orchid said, as the two of them ran to #64's office. They both looked at the TV screen at the terrible sight, while listening to the newscaster as well.
"News flash! A giant woman, a very beautiful giant woman, is at this very moment stomping all over Ultratech, causing an orgy of destruction. We'll take you now to our correspondant with more from the scenery." the newscaster said. The cameras switched to another news anchor who was standing on the ground. Behind him, people were running frantically as they tried to get away from the giantess.
"Carnage and chaos reign supreme here in Ultratech as the monster continues to crave destruction through the city..." the news reporter said. As the camera got a closer shot of Kim Wu, Orchid immediately recognized her.
"Kim Wu! I fought against her in Killer Instinct last week." Orchid said.
"How did she get so big is my question!" Agent #64 said.
As Orchid and Agent #64 listened in, they looked in fear as the giant Kim Wu rampaged all over Ultratech. Another agent, Agent Thunder, looked on from the back. Formerly known as Chief Thunder, he competed in Killer Instinct along with Orchid. The two became good friends for the short time they met in the tournament. Thunder is not participating in this year's KI out of respect for his fallen brother, Eagle, but after meeting Orchid on the streets once again, he gladly accepted her offer of becoming an Ultratech agent as a means of vacation time. The three continued to look at the screen.
"For a rampaging monster, she sure is gorgeous!" the reporter continued.
"I'm with you there, buddy..." Orchid said to herself.
"I know that offers little consolation to the legions of people now being crushed to death by the monster, but... wow! Is she HOT or what!?" the reporter said. Just then, Kim Wu stepped on the reporter and camera person, knocking out the picture on Orchid's TV screen.
Kim Wu walked easily and confidently. Her head was looking down at the tiny people and buildings below, not caring what she stepped on. Despite being at 100 feet tall, there were some buildings that she stood eye level with. There were even some buildings still taller than her. Nonetheless, she was a giantess and loving every second of it.
"Look at all these little people..." Kim said to herself, watching all the people of Ultratech run away from her as if they were the size of bugs to the giant 17-year-old girl.
She lightly brushed her finger along some of the buildings and admired her full gigantic body in those with mirrored surfaces. Kim looked at the herd of people once again before she bent down and grabbed a handful of them. As she examined their fearful faces, she leaned in closer to get a very good look. Some tried to back away, but they only succeeded in falling off her hand and to the hard pavement below, which led to their death. Her eyes squinted a bit as she laid her head back, opened her mouth, and swallowed. Her face gave an expression that a suppressed yearning had just been broken. She looked back down at the flock of running people.
"And where do all of you think you're going?" Kim said to the people below. But instead of chasing them down, Kim stayed put and started knocking down buildings once again, even the ones that towered over her, as her destruction-fest continued.

Back in Orchid's office at the Organization's headquarters, Orchid shut the TV off and looked towards Agent Thunder and Agent 64.
"So what will we do, Miss Orchid?" Thunder said.
"We're going after her. I'm getting bad feelings that Gargos may be behind this." Orchid said. Then she looked into the eyes of Agent 64 and said, "Agent 64! Tell the boss we're going after the giant woman, since we feel Gargos is behind the whole mess."
"But isn't that against his orders? Didn't he want you to stay here and investigate on Gargos' hiding place?" Agent 64 said.
"Just do it, #64! I may just want to use that girl to torment the boss if he does fire us." Orchid said.
"Which he has done many, many times..." Thunder said.
"Exactly. Agent Thunder, to the helicopter!" Orchid said to Thunder, as they both ran off towards the roof of the building where the helicopters waited. As soon as the helicopters gained enough steam in their engines, Orchid (who was piloting) and Thunder set off towards the skies and into Ultratech in search of the giant Kim Wu. 20 seconds later, they received a video call from the boss. All they could see was his brown hair, his dark glasses, and his trademark unhappy face.
"Orchid! Thunder! What the hell do you guys think you're doing!? I thought I told you to stay put until you found Gargos! The army is already after that gigantic beast!!!" the boss shouted.
"We know, boss. But I have this hunch that Gargos is behind the whole calamity. If we find the giant girl, we find Gargos." Orchid said.
"Look, who cares about Gargos himself! I want his hideout! I order to report back to headquarters immediately!" the boss said.
"No. We're going to try to take down the giant woman, then we'll take down Gargos." Orchid said.
"Orchid. You come back right now!" the boss said, grinding his teeth together.
"We'll come back... soon." Orchid said.
"I'm telling you. Do not expect to be working for the Organization anytime soon if you do not come back to headquarters right NOW!" the boss shouted. Thunder leaned in to the video screen to speak with him.
"If you make the choice to fire us, boss, then you must destroy the woman. And destroy Gargos." Thunder said.
"Look, I just want you two to come back to headquarters! It's way too dangerous for even the likes of you two!" the boss said.
"We will not do that, boss. We're going to try to defeat Kim Wu without the army killing everyone else in the city." Orchid said.
"Then you... are... FIRED!" the boss said.
"Goodbye, boss!" Orchid said before shutting off the video screen as they continued on their flight. She smiled at Chief Thunder. Back at headquarters, the boss looked down at his box of pink slips as well as his female assistant standing next to him.
"I will fire them. I'll even make sure they don't enter the premises!" the boss said.
"No you will not." the assistant said, sarcastically. The boss had tried to fire the two many times, but he never kept his word, until now.
"Watch me." the boss said as he opened his box of pink slips.

Orchid and Thunder continued their flight through the Ultratech skies. They looked around for miles until they finally saw Kim Wu, stomping on people and buildings. Military jets were also around the scenery, trying to shoot down the giantess, but none of their shots had any effect.
"There she is." Orchid said, pointing at Kim Wu.
"How are we going to fight her?" Thunder said.
"Just do it like everyone else is. Maybe she'll get worn out from all the blasts." Orchid said.
"I hope for our sakes you're right." Thunder said.

Meanwhile, Kim Wu was busy with the military forces.
"Damn pests!" she said as she swatted another jet down, causing it to destroy a building.
"These guys are about as annoying as bugs, and just as small too." she smirked at her comment and proceeded to squash a person as they ran from a building in a fruitless attempt to escape. Just then, a fire from behind her hit her in the heel.
"OW!" Kim Wu snapped, it was small but stung her for a quick moment.
"You guys dont know when to stop!" she turned around to a group of several tanks and folder her arms.
"You can't stop me with these little toys of yours." she sneered down at the tank and steped right in front of it, as to show her dominance over it. The soldiers inside opened the hatch of the tank and tried to get away, but Kim was too fast for them. She lifted her foot and brought it down on the tank, crushing it with ease. The other soldiers dissembarked their tanks, realizing the situation was hopeless and tried their best to get away. Kim chuckled at their feeble attempts, and crushed their tanks just as they got out of them.
As the soldiers sprinted down the road, Kim continued to play with them and stepped over them. She blocked the rest of the road with her foot, as it spread from the sidewalk to the front of a building on the other side of the street. Some of the soldiers turned around and ran, only to find Kim's foot blocking the other side too. They were trapped between both of her feet and were powerless to do anything. She looked down at them with a mischivious grin on her face, taunting them. Kim licked her bottom lip and raised her foot high above the soldiers and slowly descended it on them. One of the men, paralyzed with fear, could do nothing. He just gazed up at the underside of her shoe, as it got closer and closer. He could see Kim's smiling face before it was obscured by her foot. The soldier could see nothing but the blood stained foot approaching him. It pressed down on him and made him fall. The man screamed, but it hardly made a squeak to Kim. The pressure grew stronger and stronger until the soldier submitted to her foot.

Orchid and Thunder inched in ever so closer to the giantess, trying to find a safe distance to fire just in case the shots weren't effective.
"On my mark, fire the machine gun." Orchid said.
"Yes, Agent Orchid." Thunder said, putting his finger on the trigger.
The helicopter flew just over Kim's head and another was heading straight for her. She stood with her hands on her hips as the copter shot wildly at her, but none of the bulletts seemed to have any effect.
"They don't seem to even penetrate her skin!" Thunder said in disbelief.
"Great. Now what are we going to do!?" Orchid said.
The chopper continued to keep its distance from the giantess, but Kim was able to reach out and grab it with no problem. Using her thumb she popped off the propeller and it sailed away. She examined Orchid and Thunder inside and felt an immense rush of power go through her. They were so small, just like the other people of the city. Thoughts were going through her head, she couldn't decide what to do with the copter, but this gave Orchid an opportunity to get away.
"Thunder, hit the ejection seat, NOW!" Orchid shouted to Thunder.
"Yes, Agent Orchid!" Thunder said. He reached to the control panel and hit a button. The floor opened from underneath the two as the seats fell through the sky. Parachutes opened for Orchid and Thunder's seats so they could glide to safety. Kim by this point hadn't realized the pilots had escaped, as she was thinking a jet that was flying at her from her side and ready to open fire. She turned to it, and with great ease flicked the helicopter in her hand at the oncoming jet as it fired its missiles. The helicopter exploded from the collision with the missile and the jet blew up from the flamming debris.
The explosion rocked Orchid and Thunder's floating seats to the forest as they glided down within its large trees. When they landed, Orchid went to check on Thunder.
"Agent Thunder, are you OK!?" Orchid said.
"Yes, I'm fine." Thunder said, before he looked back in the direction of Ultratech, with the giant Kim Wu trashing every part of it. "But the city is not." he continued.
"I know. So how are we going to fight her now?" Orchid asked. As the two tried to think of a new way to combat against Kim, Thunder looked behind Orchid to see an unusual sight for the forest.
"Hey, Orchid! Look over there!" Thunder said, pointing behind Orchid. Orchid turned around her to see... the potion shop.
"A potion shop? What's a potion shop doing in the middle of the forest anyway? Unless..." Orchid's train of thought suddenly stopped. She began to get an idea.
"Thunder, I'm 100% positive that Gargos is the one running that shop." Orchid said.
"And he was probably the one who turned Kim Wu into a giantess!" Thunder added.
"Draw your weapons, Agent Thunder. It's time we paid a visit to the doctor." Orchid said. As they walked towards the potion shop, Orchid drew her sword-like weapons that normally mount on her arms, while Thunder drew his trademark two miniature axes. They snuck up to the front door as Orchid placed her ear next to it in order to hear Gargos' conversation.

Inside the potion shop, Gargos and his assistant both watched Kim continue to destroy the city from the TV screen.
"Hahahaha! Aren't I so brilliant, my faithful assistant?" Gargos said.
"Oh yes indeed, master. You fooled me when you said that potion would increase her fighting ability." the assistant said.
"Yes. Increase her fighting ability? Hahahaha! What a joke. I'm surprised a weak fighter like her would fall for that one. HAHAHAHAHA!" Gargos said with his menacing laugh. Orchid listened outside and was about ready to blow a gasket after hearing what he said.
"I will not allow any rotten creatures to fool with that young woman's mind! Ready, Thunder!?" Orchid said to Thunder.
"Ready when you are, Agent Orchid." Thunder said. Orchid then got up and kicked the front door down, jumping Gargos and his assistant from their seats. Gargos was not very thrilled.
"You again? Ha! Seems like we're neighbors to our insides." Gargos said.
"Cut the corn, Gargos. You messed with Kim Wu's mind by telling her that potion would increase her fighting skills when it has instead turned her into a giantess! In defense of Killer Instinct, I will not allow such a thing to happen!" Orchid said.
"ATTACK!!!" Gargos shouted to his assistant. Both of them charged forward at Orchid and Thunder ready to attack. Thunder took on Gargos' assistant while Orchid went on to battle Gargos himself. Through a dazzling array of special moves and swift punches and kicks, the good guys were gaining the upper hand. When all was said and done, Thunder defeated the assistant with an 11-hit king Phoenix combo, while Orchid knocked Gargos out cold with a 17-hit killer Lasaken combo. Orchid approached Gargos' blood-covered face and grabbed him by the neck.
"All right, Gargos. Tell me how Kim grew to the size she's at right now and how to reverse the effect!" Orchid said.
"I... I'll... I'll... (cough) (cough)... never tell..." Gargos was out of breath to speak, and blood was pouring out of his mouth everytime it opened. Orchid forced a tighter hold on Gargos.
"One more chance!" Orchid shouted.
"Alright... Alright... I'll talk! (cough) (cough)" Gargos said. Orchid let go of Gargos as he struggled to get up and blood still covered his body.
"I gave her the red potion up there." Gargos said, pointing up to the red potion on the highest cabinet. "The spell lasts for 2 hours, unless someone the same size defeats her in Killer Instinct. There are no side-effects to the potion for someone your age."
"Out of my way!" Orchid said, pushing Gargos out of the way and back down to the floor. Orchid grabbed the red potion from the top shelf and exited the potion shop, along with Agent Thunder. Gargos and his assistant just laid still on the floor.
"What now, Agent Orchid?" Thunder asked to Orchid.
"It's only been about thirty minutes since Kim took the potion. If we let that other 90 minutes pass, she will have destroyed over half of the city! Contact the Organization and have them get Gargos. Try to keep him down if he attempts to escape." Orchid said as she popped open the red potion bottle.
"But what about you?" Thunder asked.
"As for me..." Orchid said before dunking the entire bottle of red potion down her throat. "I'm fighting fire with fire. Hopefully KI will reverse the effect."
At that moment, the effects of the growth potion started to rush through Orchid's body. Along with her clothes and weapons, Orchid began to grow. Soon enough, just as quickly as she had taken the potion, she had grown to the max height of 100 feet tall. Now she was the same size as Kim Wu. Thunder looked up in amazement as he walked back inside the potion shop.
"Good luck, Orchid!" Thunder shouted up to his now giantess partner. Orchid gave a thumbs-up down to Chief Thunder before she started walking towards Ultratech...

As Orchid approached Ultratech, she looked down to see the citizens panicking even more. One giantess would have been enough, but two meant certain doom to them. Of course, they didn't realize that the giantess Orchid had come to stop Kim Wu's rampage. As she carefully made her way through the city, making sure not to crush any buildings or people, she looked up to see how much closer she was getting to Kim Wu.
Kim continued to have fun causing havoc throughout Ultratech.
"I haven't had this much fun since I gave the sensei a beating in that training session!" she said to herself. As she crushed more buildings, she suddenly could hear another booming noise. One that was similar to the sound of footsteps she had made at her size, and it was getting progressively louder. No longer able to ignore it, she turned to see... another giantess. Black Orchid was there.
"Kim, I'll have to ask you to stop this." Orchid said.
"Huh? Who are you? And how are you as big as me?" Kim asked.
"Black Orchid. I faced off against you last week in KI." Orchid said.
"Oh, now I remember. The skimpy secret agent, right? So you're gonna crush the city with me, right?" Kim said.
"No, Kim Wu. I've come to stop you. Come with me, I can reverse the effect." Orchid said.
"Huh? No way! I love this size! I want to stay like this for the rest of my life!" Kim said, angrily.
"But the army will be coming after you! They'll try to kill you if you stay like this!" Orchid shouted. Neither girls cared that they were destroying many peoples' eardrums.
"Fine then. If you want me to follow you, you must defeat me in Killer Instinct!" Kim said, pointing at Orchid.
"No! We can't do that. We'll destroy the entire city by the time the fight is over!" Orchid said.
"Then I'll just crush the entire city by myself... Unless you want to challenge me to KI!" Kim said, grinning. A short pause ensued between the two girls, then Orchid spoke with hesitance.
"(I'm sorry, people of Ultratech.) Kim Wu, I challenge you!" Orchid said, drawing her sword-like weapons from her arms.
"I knew you'd see it my way." Kim said as she withdrew her nunchuks. They had somehow managed to grow along with Kim when she took the potion. Both girls stood at their spot for about fifteen seconds in order to gain their mental focus, before the battle began.


Both girls charged for each other at an alarmingly fast rate. Kim, with her speed, was able to strike first with her nunchuks. The nunchuks hit with such a force it knocked Orchid back into a building, with a huge welt on her face. She got up, taking the huge chunks of steel out of her skin, and ran for Kim. Quickly, she delivered a strong punch to Kim's face, followed by a swift kick, which left Kim stagerring back and blood splattering all over Ultratech. Orchid threw her laser boomerang (lasa-ken!), hitting Kim with such a force that Kim fell backwards onto the ground, crushing hundreds of helpless citizens. She felt bubbly warm blood against her back, knowing that she just wiped out about a thousand people.

As Orchid charged once again, Kim caught her off guard with a large uppercut to her chin. The brunt of the attack knocked Orchid off her feet, fracturing her jaw. Kim picked up a huge slab of a devastated skyscraper, chucked it and took dead aim. Orchid staggered back, feeling her warm blood race down her body. Orchid quickly got under Kim with a sweep kick to the legs, knocking Kim down to the ground, smashing a few dozen helpless stragglers. Kim attempted a flying kick to Orchid's face, but missed, and smashed into a surviving (well, not anymore) skyscraper. She flew right through it and then fell on a nearby landfill.

Kim quickly jumped to her feet and tossed her weapons towards Orchid's face. They were thrown so fast, Orchid couldn't jump out of the way before they struck her face. She held her face in pain, and couldn't notice Kim sending a kick right into her face. Orchid was hit, and she fell down, crushing several buildings and people upon impact with the ground. Those buildings and people that did survive were simply covered in her blood. Orchid got up slowly, and by this point in time, she was having enough.

Orchid got in her regular position to fire her laser boomerang. Kim got ready to block the shot, not realizing what Orchid was really warming up for. Electric bolts suddenly flew straight out of her weapons, hitting Kim directly. An incredible wave of electricity surged throughout Kim's body. She screamed out in pain as she attempted to break free from Orchid's electrical hold, but all that power simply paralyzed her right at the spot. After a few seconds of electricity, Kim fainted.

As Orchid approached the young 17-year-old to check and see if she was OK, she slowly started to diminish in size. Orchid began to remember what Gargos said about the potion. As Kim slowly began to wake up, she could see nothing but the green of Orchid's boot. Looking around, she saw the many pools of blood that were small puddles when she was a giantess. Now she was back to normal, and was not very happy towards the giantess Orchid, who was kneeling down in front of Kim.

"Orchid! How could you do this to me!?!?" Kim shouted unhappily.
"YOU SHOULD'VE KNOWN BETTER TO TRUST GARGOS' MAGIC, KIM. BUT THEN AGAIN, YOU HAD NO IDEA YOU WERE FALLING FOR GARGOS AND HIS TWISTED POWERS." Orchid whispered. Even though it was only a whisper, her voice was still deafening to the regular-sized people. After hearing her out, Kim's eyes lit up.
"You mean that masked man was Gargos?" Kim said. Orchid decided to pick Kim up from the ground. She was now standing on Orchid's huge hands.
"You think so?" Kim said.
"I KNOW SO. THAT'S HOW I'VE WON ALL MY EXHIBITION MATCHES." Orchid said. She then set Kim back down onto the road. "YOU SHOULD START NOW. YOU HAVE A LOT OF POTENTIAL AS A FIGHTER." she said. Kim nodded and started to take the long walk back for her dojo. She then stopped when she noticed that Orchid's shadow was still looming over her.
"OH, KIM. BE CAREFUL. THIS CITY IS A MESS." Orchid said, cracking a smile down to Kim. Kim looked around at all the carnage she had done as a giantess. She looked up to Orchid.
"Look at it this way, Orchid. We had one heck of a battle!" Kim said, before walking again.

Orchid, still as a giantess, looked around at the carnage before looking up at an Organization helicopter. She could just see Agent Chief Thunder as one of the copter's pilots.
"Hey Orchid! What happened to Kim?" Thunder asked.
"I TAUGHT HER A WELL-DESERVED LESSON." Orchid said. Thunder then looked around at the city.
"I'll say. This place is a mess." Thunder said, then he looked back at Orchid, "So, what now? How will you get back to normal size?" he asked. Orchid looked at her watch, then back up to Thunder.
"I STILL HAVE ABOUT 90 MINUTES. WE SHOULD HELP WITH THE CLEAN-UP AROUND THE CITY. AND THEN..." Orchid said. Her train of thought was cut when she looked down at her large breasts. To a normal-sized person, they were almost half the size of a mountain.
"Then what?" Thunder asked.
"WE'LL HAVE SOME FUN WITH THE BOSS." Orchid said. She and Thunder both laughed before the copter headed back to the Organization. Orchid, meanwhile, walked around the city, helping clear Ultratech's roads of the carnage that she and Kim Wu had unpurposely left behind.