D.Va: The Goddess


NOTE from Cubed Cinder: This story contains brief scenes of nudity.

NOTE from author (psppwner300): One quick thing I want to make clear before the reader starts reading: Dates and certain information may not be completely accurate. Some of it is even speculation. Overwatch lore puts the game in the year 2075, a little less than sixty years from now. I made the events in this story occur in 2074, when the South Korean government was still rolling out the MEKAs to various professional gamers. Song hasn’t been deployed yet but will be in the following year. She could be eighteen, but she could also be nineteen still. So please don’t rile up if in the event I got this all wrong; just try to enjoy the story itself.


Busan, South Korea


            Ken glared at the monitor, the computer running a modified version of the Linux kernel, as he was almost finished wrapping up the code for Hana Song’s new mechanical drone, called MEKA, which was attached to the computer through several cables. While she was waiting for the preparations to be completed, Song in the meantime sat some distance away from him, her eyes glued to her smartphone. She was a social network addict; she couldn’t go two minutes without checking Facebook or Twitter to see who said what on her profile. She was an insane popularity in the eSports scene. At home she owned a beastly computer that, while it looked kinky and pinkish on the outside, the way the parts on the inside worked was if they were on steroids. Of course, she wasn’t super tech savvy. But she certainly possessed the best of the best in regards to peripherals, like mice, keyboards, and headsets. She could have these things because she won them at tournaments, along with the thousands, if not millions of dollars she raked in as each of the winnings stacked up. To say she was a tough cookie to beat still couldn’t describe how much of a freak of nature she was, how intensely competitive she became and all the more so as she continued to compete with other teams. Her only intent is to win. Losing is not an option. Anybody would kill to have someone like her on their team.

            “I think this is ready to go,” Ken commented, still glaring at the screen.

            The young eighteen-year-old was a software engineer for the South Korean government. Needless to say, he was brilliant. He was one of those folks who fell under the five percent Linux category; a whopping eighty-eight percent of the world’s population was still clinging on to Windows, despite Microsoft’s power-hungry binge to basically control its users through privacy collection, while the last seven percent were using Macs. Apple products were too expensive to own these days, or so Ken thought, hence why its percentage is pretty dang small. Ken could do everything he wanted to do with Linux and more, and it’s free, and still afforded him at least a little bit of relief from the hands of those thirsting for his browsing habits. To have this kind of job that almost made him as rich as Song was, certainly, a privilege beyond compare, especially considering his age. It was an even more elevated privilege, however, that he had the opportunity to work with someone so famous as the nineteen-year-old girl, now standing before him.

            A look of excitement glowed her face, and Ken turned his attention back to the monitor, waiting for the code to compile and transfer itself to the drone. The drone rattled up in response, standing upright with its body decorated in LEDs. Ken disconnected the cables and motioned for Song to step into the cockpit.

            “After you, ma’am.”

            She looked at the MEKA before she glanced back at Ken, then back at the MEKA. She jumped up and skinnied her way through the cockpit, as the way the cockpit was set up was so that the pilot inside would lay face-down at a slightly downward angle. Towards the glass shield that protected the pilot lay the controls of the mechanism: twin sticks that looked like joysticks, with a button on top of each and a trigger on the back, and a few buttons on the dock. It was a simple mechanism, really, and Song was glad about that. She had worried that she would have to deal with hundreds of buttons like she were controlling an airplane. She looked at Ken through the glass and smiled. Ken returned the facial gesture.

            “Is it comfy enough for ya?”

            “I think so!” she replied. “The controls look simple enough. In fact, this looks like my old Xbox controller!”

            “Oh, I forgot to mention, whenever you’re in the MEKA your voice is carried through the microphone on the ceiling and out of the speakers it contains, and it looks like it’s working well. And yes, the government designed the MEKA in a way that would look familiar to gamers like you, so it would take less time to adjust to the mechanics.”

            She took a moment to familiarize herself with the controls and wrapped her hands around the sticks, griping them firmly and curling her fingers before she gently pushed them forward. And sure enough, the MEKA started moving in the same direction, slowly.

            “This thing is pretty cool!” she commented. She pushed the sticks in other directions, and the drone followed suit. Ken stood there, amazed himself and proud that the code was actually working properly. This was his own code, that he had built, and already it was working flawlessly.

            “Try pushing the sticks with a little more force,” said Ken, “and see if the drone will move any faster.”
            Yep. That was working too. If they weren’t in a lab with a lot of empty space he wouldn’t have had her do any of this, but since they were he let her get a feel for the mechanism herself, without him commanding too much.

            “Did I tell you this thing can fly?” Ken asked. “At least temporarily.”

            He couldn’t see her facial expression as the MEKA’s back was facing him but the response told him enough.

            “Really? Can we give it a shot?”

            “Thrust the sticks forward,” Ken replied, without giving a direct answer, “and make sure you do it quickly enough.”

            She did just so, and yes, the MEKA dashed through the air at a moderately fast pace. A few seconds later and the MEKA got back to its feet at normal speed. She thrust the sticks again, and this time she moved the sticks upward in the hope the gravitational force of the equipped jetpacks could withstand Earth’s gravity and carry her upwards into the air. Sure enough, the dash lasted long enough to bring her about twenty feet in the air before she braced for a landing. The MEKA returned to the earth peacefully, adjusting itself to the sudden colliding force with the floor and stood itself back up to grace.

            It wasn’t just Song who was outstanded at this. Ken was. It must have been a miracle for this code to have worked so well, to have it do this stuff without much debugging. A frigging eighteen-year-old and he had probably just made the world’s most intriguing piece of software in the world. He even wondered if God himself had helped him code this. He was nervous that some sort of side effect would take place, or that the drone wouldn’t respond to Song’s direction at all, but now, he breathed a sigh of relief, glad that Song was okay.

            “This. Is. AWESOME!” her voice carried itself an octave higher in sheer excitement. Already a ton of things were coming to her mind, things that she could do with this thing. Maybe she could save the world. Or, for the time being, and more so related to the purpose of the mechanism being built, prevent the Omnic Crisis.

            Ken was amused. “Now I think it’s time to learn its basic function: to shoot. I’ll let you figure it out.”

            It didn’t take long as she pulled the triggers from the sticks. Left corresponded to the left cannon; the right, the right cannon. She would strafe the MEKA with the left stick and position it with the right. Just like she were playing a first-person shooter.

            “How much ammo does this thing come with?” she asked after a while of shooting at the walls of the lab.

            “You can load up to a thousand bullets,” he yelled, as the two were considerable distance from each other, “and you can restock here or other areas where MEKAs may be built.”

            That’s an impressive number, Song said to herself. Just how much better can this thing get?

            The question was answered when Ken introduced her to the other controls. The buttons on the sticks would activate a shield barrier in front of her for a few seconds, the buttons on the side of the cockpit would cause the cannons to move quickly enough to hurt someone if they got close, an eject button that would lift the back door open for the pilot to exit the drone, and one last button that, as Ken explained, should only be used in case of emergency.

            “That button activates the self-destruct sequence. You will automatically be ejected from the MEKA and you will have four seconds to get as far away as you can to avoid getting caught from its blast radius. Knocks the living crap out of anyone daring to oppose you, but still very lethal against the pilot itself. If you wanted to test it, I would have to provide you with another room, safely free from anybody or anything that might get in the way.”

            Song gasped. “That sounds dangerous.”

            “Yeah. So you might as well just save it until the time for when you really need it. You can always call another MEKA to spawn at your location at any time by pressing a button on a suit that the government will shortly be giving you.”

            “Okay. Can I have some more time to experiment with this a little bit?”

            Ken smirked. “Of course. Just whatever you do, don’t hit that Self-Destruct button.”

            And so, Song would play around with the MEKA some more, further familiarizing herself with the controls, the gunplay, the flying, the defending, treating the walls as if they were an enemy, while Ken would kiss himself and admire his work of art as a software engineer, taking another glance at the code and see if there wasn’t anything else that he could perhaps add or fix. When she was done she came to Ken’s area and ejected herself from the drone, a look of something like ecstasy crossing her face.

            “I can’t even find the words to describe how awesome this invention is. I must say, Ken, you are a very talented coder.”

            Ken blushed. “It’s what I do. So what have you got in terms of feedback? Anything that needs fixing?”

            “Well, you could add some dummies to the area. That would be nice. But actually, the MEKA itself runs pretty nice! It’s got everything I could possibly want and more. Do you think you could hire someone to do a paint job on it? I’d like it really pink and sassy.”

            Typical of a teenage girl, Ken said to himself. “Yep. That should be feasible. I’ll let one of my agents know and he should have it painted in no time. Any particular way you want it designed?”

            She smiled. “Nope. I’ll have a look at it when it’s done and I’ll give feedback then.”

            “Alright. Well, unless you got any other questions, you can head off home. I’ll have a look at the code and triple-check to ensure there isn’t anything wrong with it.”

            She came close. Real close. She held his face with her hands and drew him in for a kiss. Ken, who wasn’t expecting this, awkwardly adjusted his lips to keep pace with her. When she retracted her face she embraced him in a hug.

            “Thank you so much, Ken. Like, I can’t thank you enough.” She rubbed her hand up and down Ken’s back for a while before she asked, “I’ll be livestreaming tonight. Maybe when you’re done you could come over and join me?”

            Ken, no doubt, was startled. Not only was it his first kiss, but she was basically asking him out? Out of the literally thousands, if not millions of fans she has, how famous she was, that, that...Dafuq?

            When he didn’t respond she took her arms off and placed her hands on his shoulders. She would look at him in the eye while he would awkwardly stare at her tits, too scared to look up.

            “Hey. You have done such a huge favor for me. The least I can do is have you over, at least for one night. How does that sound?”

            Ken shook and imagined he was sweating, although he wasn’t. “Y-ye-”

            Song lifted his chin up, and for the first time he had a good look at her hazel eyes.

            “What was that?”

            “Yes, Hana. It would be an honor.”

            She smiled and braced him in another hug. “Thanks. I’ll see you tonight.”



            Song turned on the GeForce Experience application on her PC and activated the livestream mode, which would broadcast her screen and her face to the whole world on Twitch. She was in casual attire, her dark auburn hair set down, with dark blue jeans that went as low as her waist could possibly hold them, secured with a fancy black belt, studded with gold squares, and a pink shirt that barely covered her midriff. She was laid-back for the time being, as she was still on the main menu screen in the game, but once the match started, her posture would be anything but casual.

            “Hey guys,” she started out, her voice being carried through the microphone on her fancy headset. “D.Va online! Just going to do some casual matches tonight. I might have a special guest over, so you all will be able to meet him!”

            It was weird being a broadcaster on Twitch. Instead of getting something verbal, any responses that people had would be carried through the chat box. Hundreds of visitors to her channel crept to the thousands as they crammed text messages into Twitch’s chat feature, a new message popping up, literally, every two or three seconds. What was the likelihood any one of them was going to get any attention?

            Nevertheless, Song looked at the crowded chat room, reading the familiar messages like, “I love you D.Va!! <3” and, “Wish you luck, D.Va.” They simply adored her as fans. They had to admit, not only was she pretty dang hot, but her precision skills were like that of a surgeon, knowing the best parts of the body to shoot to get maximum effectiveness. Some of the guys envied her. Not just because of how good she was, but the simple fact that she was a female gamer bothered them. For a long time, it seemed the males were the predominant factor of gaming, but the rise of female gamers got to the best of their numbers. It stung like hell, for some reason. Not that any would dare to write that in the chat though; fans would gang up on that user and taunt the living crap out of him in Song’s defense faster than he could blink. People are touchy, that’s for sure.

            Song proceeded to advance to the next screen on the game and waited for an online match. Due to the game’s extreme popularity, she knew it wouldn’t take any time at all. Sure enough, the game quickly found a match with her search criteria, and away she went, random chat messages still flying through the chatroom, some of which weren’t even related to her or the game. Immediately her game face made a formation as she held the mouse close by and her fingers ready to flick at a moment’s notice, getting right into a team deathmatch mode. Some even pondered if she took adderal.

            So she went like that for a few rounds, cussing every so often when her character died or she missed a headshot, and especially when she lost a round. Winning was all that mattered to her. She would frigging kill her firstborn child in order to win a round, for Christ’s sake, if she had one. Losing felt like she had lost her life.

            Thankfully, though, Ken knocked on the door at the right time, after she just won a match.

            “Just a couple of seconds guys,” Song said. “That might be our guest!” She took her headset off and stood up from the chair to walk to the door and open it. Out came Ken’s nervous face, dressed in semi-casual attire and holding a bouquet of red roses in his hand.

            “Are those for me?” she inquired after excitedly greeting him. Ken responded by extending his arm and bringing the roses closer to her, and for once, he smiled.

            She took them from his hand, brought the flowers close to her nose, and sniffed. Smells like roses to me, she said to herself, and moaned at the scent.

            “Thanks Ken! I don’t have a lot of time to talk right now; I’m in the middle of streaming. Want to come in and watch me?”


            She laughed and grabbed him by the hand before he had a chance to think as she led him through the apartment. For the couple of seconds that he had Ken could notice almost everything was pink: the walls, the carpet, the furniture.

            Man, she’s obsessive.

            When they were in her room they went to her computer, and the live webcam captured the both of them.

            “This is my friend Ken, people,” Song said. “Say hello, Ken!”

            Ken was confused. Who was he going to say “hi” to?

            “H-hi,” he said in a gruff voice.

            Song laughed again and wrapped an arm around him. “Ken’s just a little shy.” She then proceeded to go on a long lecture about how sweet of a guy Ken was and just how smart the dude is, how he was able to code a MEKA and for it to work flawlessly. Ken blushed, but he admired how women could just talk and talk, how awesome it is to have someone like them in his company to keep a social scenario from quickly getting awkward. And, of course, he felt good that she was complimenting him as his spirits were lifted.

            “Make yourself at home,” she said. “Mix yourself a drink if you want. I’m going to play a couple of more matches before I stop playing. Or you could just watch me. Oh, could you put these in a vase for me, please?” She handed Ken the bouquet of flowers and sat back down at the chair and went on with her typical business of checking in on the fans and resuming gameplay. Already the gossip was spreading.

            boyfriend? someone in the chat room posted.

            Song anxiously scrolled through the text. Uh-oh. Looks like someone’s ready to give D.Va a blowjob, was another comment. She had the willpower to ignore the messages and continued playing. In today’s world of text chatting with no tone, one could never tell whether a person was just playing around or not. She had hoped they were.

            She kept playing more rounds, and of course she wanted to end her last one with a victory. Interestingly enough, though, Song had the decency of not insulting her team or the opposing one; she always tried to focus on the good the team was bringing and never bragged about her win streaks.

            “Alright. I think I’m done for the night. In a couple of weeks time you will all be able to watch me control a real-life mech!” She thanked her fans for watching and, just before she turned off the stream, noticed the comment, D.Va gonna get a blowjob tonight…

            Ken uncomfortably dug through the cabinets of Song’s kitchen, the doors representing a typical white color while the handles and doorknobs were pink. The protein powders, supplements, and granola bars indicted to him that she definitely didn’t slack off in terms of staying moderately skinny and keeping her body healthy. He happened to find rum in the fridge, and so he mixed some with pineapple juice and sat at the counter, texting Matthew, one of the government officials, through uTox, an Android application that aims to use complete anonymity between two parties.

            How’d it go? he asked.

            A lot better than I expected. I let her run through every feature of the mech and she was more than delighted with how it worked. Her happiness rubbed off on me; I really couldn’t think I could program a piece of software so well. All she wants now is a pink paint job.

            That’s good to hear. You got someone to hook up with for the paint job?

            Yep. He should have it ready a few days from now.

            Awesome! I’m proud of you. Let me know if she wants anything else.

            Song entered the kitchen, and proceeded to make a drink for herself before she sat next to Ken.

            “Sorry about that,” she said.

            “No worries.”

            “So...how do you get to be so talented?”

            Ken responded with, “How do you get to be so pretty?”

            She laughed and took a sip of her drink. Ken continued, “Thanks for having me over.”

            Song smiled. “Thank you for coming!”

            They talked for a while, exchanging stories of how they grew up and their favorite hobbies. All too soon, though, it got awkward and Ken got off his seat.

            “Well, I best be off. Got some...’things’ I need to attend to.”

            “Like what?” she smirked.

            “Um...some stuff?”

            “You mean you’re not that busy for the night?”

            Damn. She was right.

            She laughed. “See, I can already read your mind. Can you stay just one night? Please? For me?”



            Of course, it turned out to be much more than just one night. One night followed by two nights, then three, then Ken would just visit on a regular basis. At this point he could safely assume Song was his girlfriend. He had never experienced sex before, and to have it with one of the most popular chicks out there made him feel even more fuzzy. It seemed like they were fit for each other. They would send erotic text messages to each other every day, told each other that they couldn’t live without the other. It was an amazing experience to know that there was at least one person out there that cared about Ken, who looked out after him and his interests. It was one night Song was on top of Ken’s body, on her knees. Everything in her room was pink. Ken wondered if she lived here by herself or she had roommates. She traced a finger around his shirtless body as she asked, “Tell me, Ken. What do you want in a girl?”

            “You’re fine just the way you are. You look fantastic.”

            She didn’t bite it. “Thanks, Ken. But seriously...if there was something you wanted me or some other girl to have...some kind of trait or whatever, what would it be?”

            Ken gulped. Should he tell her?

            “I, uh...”

            “C’mon, say it!”

            “I like tall women. Like, really, really tall.”

            “Oh? How tall are we talking about?”

            Ken raised his arms skyward as his eyes followed suit. “Like, fifteen or twenty feet.”

            “That’s interesting. No guy has ever told me that before. And yet you had the balls to say it right in front of me.”

            Ken felt like he had just pulled off a heavy weight off his chest.

            “I’m not exactly sure how I can fix that for you, but I’m glad you told me,” she continued.

            The thing is, Ken actually knew of a way.

            “The MEKA,” he said.

            “What? What about the MEKA?”

            “I actually know how to implement a growth and shrinking solution. If you give me a couple of days I can implement it into the MEKA. So whenever you’re in it, you can grow and shrink to suit whatever needs you have.”

            She looked at him like he had three heads. “You’re...kidding, right?”

            Ken shook his head. “It’s possible.”

            “And you want to test it out on me?”

            Ken smiled. “If you would be so kind.”

            Song finally put up a grin. “Let’s do it. I’m all for it so long as you know what you’re doing.”

            With renewed zeal Ken pushed Song so that they exchanged places on the bed, saying, “You’re so awesome, Hana,” before he rapidly embraced her luscious body with kisses and practically squeezed her to death.



            How’s progress coming along? Is the paint job done?

            Yes sir. She said she likes it the way it is. She just wants a few more days to ensure the MEKA is fully operational, Ken half-lied. He knew that this MEKA, along with the others that were in production, needed to be deployed as soon as possible due to the Omnic Crisis. But there was no way he was going to ruin his one and only opportunity to experience lying on top of a giant sleeping beauty before he had to part ways with Song. Who knows how long she was going to be needed, or even if she was going to get out alive.

            He took one last look at the code he just finished adding before he compiled and transferred it to the pink MEKA. He couldn’t believe he was doing this. Before he hopped in he measured himself.

            “Six-foot oh,” he mumbled, and drew a quick line with a pencil on the laboratory wall. He did like Song, really, but given that she was somewhere between 5’5” and 5’7” he would’ve really liked to see her taller.

            Ken jumped into the MEKA and held a red button down, representing shrink. Before long he withdrew his finger and ejected from the drone. Ken went back to the wall and measured himself again. Sure enough, he was a bit shorter now at 5’10”. Ken nearly orgasmed in excitement as he went back into the MEKA to try it again.

            “Five-foot eight!” he yelped. The code worked just like it was supposed to: for every second the button was held, both the MEKA and the pilot within would shrink an inch. Frigging amazing. How the hell could he know how to do this stuff?

            “Let’s hope the growth function works as well,” Ken said to himself and held the green button, which was on top of the red, for four seconds. After exiting the drone, he measured himself once more. Sure enough, he was back to his normal six-foot even stature.

            It’s ready, Ken texted Song. Come on over to the lab when you get the chance.

            Ten minutes later she was there. This was the weekend, so nobody else was here. Ken made sure of that. She was wearing the suit that she was provided for the job, which, while it did have small hints of pink, was mostly white and blue. Her hair was set down, just the way Ken liked it.

            “Let me demonstrate,” Ken said. He went into the MEKA, hit the shrink button for six seconds. When he popped out he got close to her. They were the same height.

            Song put a hand over her mouth. “That’s awesome!” she blurted.

            Ken nodded. He went back into the MEKA to demonstrate the growth process, held the growth button for six seconds.

            “Works like a charm,” he said after getting out. He waited for a response from Song.

            “I want to grow! I want to get bigger!” she said. Without saying anything else she got right in to the MEKA herself, and seeing the new buttons that were implemented, she tapped the green one, assuming it was growth. Nothing really happened.

            “You have to hold it down,” Ken told her.

            She held that button for what had seemed to Ken a disturbingly long time. She finally got out and when her feet hit the ground, a small thud could be felt. She towered over him, and she smiled.

            “What do you think?” she said, shifting her weight to one side and put her hands on her hips. Her voice was a little deeper too.

            Ken was speechless. His giant girlfriend standing in front of him like this. Parts of her suit were tearing up. It was hard to take in but at the same time, it was frigging awesome.

            “You look great,” he finally said. “Just don’t kill me though. Here, let’s see how tall you are.” He gave her the tape measure.

            “I think it’s saying one-hundred and eight,” she said.

            108 inches. That meant she was nine feet.

            “Not good enough,” she continued. “You said you like fifteen feet, right?”

            “W-well, yes, but -”

            “Then that’s what we’ll do. Don’t worry, honey, I won’t hurt you.” And just like that, she got back into the drone, once again hitting that green button. Ken eyed the drone as it slowly expanded in every direction of the laboratory. There was still plenty of room, though, thankfully. If she wanted to she could be fifty feet into the sky and still have some wiggle space.

            She came back out, the thud getting louder and more vibrant. She measured herself again, the tape measure looking puny in her hands. She could barely read the numbers at her height.

            “One-hundred and...fifty-six?”

            Thirteen feet.

            She looked at her tiny boyfriend below. He only made it to her upper calves at this point.

            “You look so cute!” she giggled. With almost no effort at all she picked him up and hugged him, already aware that if she squeezed too hard he might suffocate. She planted a smooch on his head and said, “Ken...you are the best guy I’ve ever met.”

            He could feel her breath more easily now. He was sure glad she was happy; even at this height she was pretty damn lethal if she got angry.

            “And you’re the best girl I’ve ever met,” Ken retorted. Song smiled and happily pressed his crotch against her soft titties, the boner getting worse. Song laughed at that.

            Before long she was getting this odd feeling in her body, some sort of strange energy. Song set Ken back on the ground. She moaned, not sure what was going on. Ken didn’t know either.

            Now she was experiencing a growth spurt outside of the mech. Her body slowly expanded, the remaining pieces of her suit shedding off like a dog shedding off its fur. Ken watched her feet lengthen, then looked up as her body kept increasing in height, then finally looked at her face. Instead of panicking, she had a look of sheer joy and ecstasy. Was this experience orgasmic for her?

            It finally stopped after about a minute or so. She looked down again at the tiny fellow in front of her, a devilish smile crossing her face.

            “You hanging in there?” she said. “You look pale. You look like you’re going to pass out.” She picked him up again, cradled him like a baby.

            “Shhh...” she cooed. “It’s going to be alright. You’ll get used to it, eventually.” She gently bounced around with her legs and shifted her body from side to side, rubbing the dude’s back with her giant hand. She started humming.

            To Ken, this was a dream come true. This. Actually. Frigging. Worked! Her little growth spurt at the end wasn’t something he expected but as long as she was fine with it his heart was put to rest. He was almost in a trance before he heard Song moan again, and he could definitely feel her chest groan in agony.

            “Shhh...” she said again. “It’s happening again. Don’t worry, I got this.”

            Ken felt like he was shrinking in her ever-increasing expanse, the tits getting even more smooth than they were before.

            “Hang on!” she quipped.

            He had held her arm with all might because she wasn’t doing a very good job of holding him; it was probably due to the orgasmic feeling she was experiencing. A minute later, for what seemed like an eternity for Ken, and it was over.

            “Hehheh, sorry!” Song said as she held him again, feeling Ken vibrate with fear and uncertainty.

            “What’s wrong?” she asked. She sat down, her back against the wall, and started rubbing him again, her big fingers running through his short brown hair. Ken couldn’t tell how tall she was at this point; maybe twenty feet as a wild guess. In any event he absolutely refused to talk, but he was glad Song wasn’t those kind of people who required you to talk at every moment.

            For a while, it went like this, Song humming and rubbing. It didn’t seem like she was getting any more spurts at this point. She was just right. Ken finally relaxed.

            “Do...do you like this?” he asked. “I mean like, being this tall?”

            “I do,” she said. “And I like you being small.”

            If Ken was carrying a second heavy weight it was now lifted off his shoulders.

            “That’s great to hear,” he said. Song smiled, rubbing him again and humming. All too soon, Ken fell into a deep slumber on her stomach, and from that point on he referred to himself as the luckiest guy on earth.



            “How the hell did you manage to do that?” Matthew demanded.

            Ken shrugged. “I...I don’t know.”

            They stood in a factory and watched as more drones were being deployed through a conveyor belt. Ken didn’t think he’d ever have to confess what happened but it became pretty clear why he kept saying, “the drone isn’t ready yet.”

            “You want to implement something like that, you let me know from now on. Okay? And I don’t think I have to tell you what the consequences would be if you let anybody know about this.” Matthew was surprisingly slack from what Ken expected.

            Ken nodded. For a while they stood like that, watching the drones, before Matthew asked, “You think you could do that for my wife?”