Abnormal Ball 4: One More Shrink

(Cubed Cinder)

Continuing on his quest to be Battle Frontier champion, Ash and his friends make a pit stop at the Viridian City Pokemon Center. There was hardly anyone inside. Just Nurse Joy and our group of heroes.
"Hi! Welcome to the Viridian City Pokemon Center!" Nurse Joy said. Brock came running up to Joy and took her right hand.
"Nurse Joy! I have waited for this day since the beginning of time! Let us savor the moment!" Brock shouted... but as always Max was there to grab him by the ears.
"That's his way of saying thanks, glad we're here." Max said. Ash and May approached the counter, handing Joy their Pokeballs along with Ash's Pikachu.
"Nurse Joy, where is everyone? It seems awful quiet around here." Ash said.
"Yeah... I've always felt Pokemon Centers were always busy!" May said.
"You're right, I guess the customers aren't coming today. Oh well... at least that leaves me with some quiet time." Joy said with a smile. She then stepped into the back room, taking all the Pokemon with her.

Meanwhile, just outside the Pokemon Center, coming out of the bushes were Jessie, James, and Meowth. Of course, we know them as Team Rocket. Jessie was holding a weird black-colored Pokeball in her hands.
"Just as I suspected... the twerps have come in here to get their Pokemon healed!" Jessie said.
"Yes, but doesn't every Pokemon trainer come here to get their Pokemon healed?" James asked, only to get another bonk on the head from Jessie.
"Hey, Jess! Remember, we can't mess up this plan! The boss spent good money to get that Abnormal Ball thingy fixed!" Meowth said.
"You don't have to remind me what the stakes are... not when this thing has failed on us three times." Jessie said.
"What do you mean? It did work, didn't it?" James asked.
"Yeah... but either we couldn't catch those twerps or we weren't around when it happened." Jessie said.
"Oh yeah, and don't forget! We still have to avoid those that are trying to get that dang contraption back!" Meowth said. Indeed, Giovanni made it painstakingly clear to the three that the Abnormal Ball was nothing but an invention made from stolen technology, and there was no doubt that the people that owned this technology were drawing near to getting it back.
"Alright... James, hit the explosive device!" Jessie said.
"What? You mean this thing?" James asked, holding up a bomb-like object and subsequently pressing a button. Jessie and Meowth immediately panicked like mad when the bomb started to show a blinking light.
"James! Get that thing out of your hands!!!" Jessie shouted.

Just then, an explosion soon rocked the entire Pokemon Center, causing Ash and his friends to fall to the ground.
"My gosh! What was that explosion!?" May shouted.
"Hey, look over there!" Brock shouted. Indeed, there was now a gaping hole at the eastern wall, where the video phones used to be. Our heroes could see a trio of characters slumping their way through the thick smoke. They were coughing as well.
"(cough cough) James, you idiot! How many times do I have to tell you to get rid of that thing after you activate it!?" Jessie shouted.
"You never really said the device had a quick countdown timer either!" James said.
"Well, look on the bright side, at least we are inside the Pokemon Center where the twerps are!" Meowth said.
"Team Rocket!" Ash said.
"What do you creeps want now!?" Max shouted.
"Ah ha... prepare for trouble on a grand scale!" Jessie said.
"Make it double, there's no way for you to bail!" James said.
"Forget the motto, you dimwits! Use the Abnormal Ball, and hurry!!!" Meowth shouted.
"What!? Not that thing again!" May said.
"Oh yes... and this time we don't even need to throw the ball. We can just zap you for good measure!" Jessie shouted. Indeed, she pulled out the infamous Abnormal Ball and activated it, causing the red laser to come flying out.
"Look out, everyone!" Ash shouted, but it was too late... all four got caught in the beam and they all began to shrink in size.

After making them a bit dizzy from getting caught in the bright light of the Abnormal Ball's red beam, Ash and his friends were slowly regaining their senses.
"Ugh... is everyone okay?" Ash said, rubbing his head.
"I'm fine. I've been through worse, you know." Brock said.
"What happened to us? I remember getting caught in that beam." Max said. May decided to walk around a bit.
"Yeah, but I don't feel any different." May said, but just as she said that, she walked right into a huge wall of black. That huge wall of black was actually Jessie's boot. Soon, Jessie let out a soft laugh that sounded pretty loud to the ears of the now three-inch-tall heroes.
"Well well... tiny little twerps for us to keep." Jessie said.
"Eeeeeeeeeek!!!" May shouted. Jessie then kneeled down and captured all four heroes, who now stood uneasily in her hand.
"Did it work, Jessie?" Meowth asked, standing on top of James' head.
"See for yourself." Jessie said with a big smile on her face. She showed the four tiny trainers to both Meowth and James.
"Alright! It's a small victory for Team Rocket!" James said.
"And any small victory is good for us and the boss!" Meowth shouted. Just then, the back doors burst open with Nurse Joy coming out of them. She was holding onto Ash's Pikachu.

"Hey, what's going on here!? What are you crooks doing here!?" Joy shouted. Jenny clutched onto the Abnormal Ball with her other hand while holding the tiny trainers in her other hand.
"Nothing much, just doing a little downsizing!" Jessie shouted. She fired the Abnormal Ball again, this time for Nurse Joy. Joy gasped thinking the worst was about to happen, but Pikachu managed to leap out of Joy's arms and get hit by the beam instead, shrinking down to three inches tall.
"Pikachu!!!" Ash shouted. Joy looked down and could just barely see the tiny Pikachu at her feet.
"Your turn, nurse!" Jessie said. She fired again, but Joy was just able to get out of the way in time, with only her hat getting blasted. Joy made her way to the front desk and pressed a button.
"Emergency at the Pokemon Center! Calling Officer Jenny! Emergency at the..." Joy shouted, but before she could finish, she too was blasted by the Abnormal Ball's beam.
"Meowth! Go get those two!" Jessie shouted.
"Aye aye, captain!" Meowth said as he ran over to grab Joy and Pikachu.
"Hey, what about me?" James asked.
"You go watch the front entrance... the officer will probably be here any moment." Jessie said. James nodded and then ran over to the front entrance. Jessie then approached Meowth who was holding onto the shrunken Nurse Joy and Pikachu. She then lowered her hand with Ash and his friends and showed them the two newly shrunken characters. Pikachu quickly ran into Ash's arms.
"Looks like you'll be having some company for a while." Jessie said.
"Team Rocket! You won't get away with this! I'll make you pay!!" Ash shouted.
"Oh grow up... little Ash. Hahahahaha!!!" Jessie said, letting out a good evil laugh as happy as she is to see the shrunken people in front of her.

Meanwhile, Solana and her companion Pokemon, Plusle, were just outside of the Viridian Forest and not far from the small city itself as they walked for it. Solana is a Pokemon Ranger coming from the far off land of Fiore and she is on a mission to get the Abnormal Ball back.
"Hmmm... according to the scanner we got from Spenser, this so-called Abnormal Ball should be in the city ahead." Solana said.
"Plusle!" Plusle shouted happily. Solana looked down and smiled at her Pokemon.
"I hope so too, Plusle. We've traveled a lot of miles in search of Professor Hastings's gizmo." Solana said as the two continued on their way for the Viridian City Pokemon Center.

A short while later, Officer Jenny came running into the Pokemon Center having received Nurse Joy's distress signal. At first she had a hard time spotting anything.
"It's far too quiet... I wonder where everyone is." Jenny said. Then she picked up some very faint screaming sounds. They eventually led her to the front desk. She looked down and almost gasped.
"Oh my gosh... Joy? Is that you?" Jenny said as she leaned in to get a closer look at the shrunken Joy, standing with Ash, May, Max, Brock, and Pikachu who were all just as tiny. Jenny could finally hear what it was that Joy was screaming.
"Jenny! Get out of here! Team Rocket has a shrinking weapon!" Joy shouted.
"Huh? What are you talking about?" Jenny asked. Just then, Jessie and James popped up from behind the desk, with Jessie holding the Abnormal Ball.
"Surprise!" Jessie shouted as she fired the ball, but Jenny was able to dive out of the way. Team Rocket, on the other hand, thinks they were successful in shrinking Jenny for the time being.
"James, go get her!" Jessie said. James crawled out from behind the front desk, only to see Jenny crouching down in front of the desk.
"Uh... Jess, I think you missed her!" James shouted. Jenny very quickly stood back up, pulling one of her Pokeballs from her belt.
"Charizard, I choose you!" Jenny shouted. She threw the Pokeball squarely at the Abnormal Ball, knocking it out of Jessie's hands.
"Ouch! The ball!" Jessie shouted. She watched as the ball flew backwards by a few yards before it landed hard on the floor. At the same time, Charizard came out of its ball and let out a loud roar, signifying it was ready for battle.
"Charizard! Retrieve that Pokeball, and hurry!" Jenny shouted. Charizard walked over to try and get the Abnormal Ball, but it was too late, as Jessie dived forward and got it in her hands. She aimed the ball at Charizard as she got back on her feet.
"Not so fast, little Charizard!" Jessie said with an evil smirk as she fired the ball, shrinking Charizard down to three inches tall.
"No... Charizard!" Jenny shouted. She started to run over to check over her Charizard, but stopped when Jessie had the ball pointed right at her face.
"And as for you, you'll be nothing but mouse patrol." Jessie said. She fired the ball, and Jenny was now shrunken. She stood motionless as she watched the now giant Jessie walk up to her and pick her up with her black gloved hands.

Jessie looked down at the tiny Charizard who was flamethrowing at Jessie's boots with no success. She thought about stomping the little Pokemon flat, but didn't want to be that cruel just yet, not when she had plenty of tiny people to play with.
"Now return your puny little Charizard!" Jessie said as she squeezed her hand together, causing Jenny to scream out in pain a little before she was able to get Charizard's Pokeball and call it back. Over at the front desk, Joy just cringed over seeing Jenny in the predicament she was in.
"Oh Jenny... I'm so sorry." Joy said.
"Great, so now what do we do!?" Max shouted.
"I hate to say it, but Team Rocket may have finally beaten us." Brock said.
"Don't give up everyone! There's gotta be hope somewhere up there!" Ash said, still holding onto Pikachu.
"Oh dear! Am I destined to live the rest of my life at three inches tall!? Will this be the last of May's expedition adventures?" May said.
"May!!!" Ash, Brock, and Max all shouted. Just then, Jessie walked up to the front desk and picked up the rest of her tiny captors. She placed everyone down on the floor while still holding the Abnormal Ball in her left hand. James and Meowth sat in close proximity with Jessie, though she made sure they didn't get too close to the shrunken group.
"My, my... isn't this a lovely collection I've built up?" Jessie asked.
"Oh, it's just dandy! Um... what are you going to do with them?" James said.
"Yeah? Invest in a dollhouse, maybe?" Meowth said. Jessie conked her two teammates on the head.
"You dimwits! Can't you recall all the times these little twerps have messed up our plans? I say we finally dispose of them one by one." Jessie said.
"Man, you sure are cruel today, Jess." Meowth said.
"Yes, I certainly am. I think I'll start by gobbling up the one they call Ash Ketchum..." Jessie said. She reached down with her right hand to pick up Ash and no doubt swallow his entire life, but just then... Jessie felt a burning sensation in her left hand, the hand she was holding the Abnormal Ball. Finally, it got way too hot for Jessie to handle. She lightly tossed it to her right.
"Ouch! That's hot!" Jessie shouted, licking her hand to help cool it down. Then, all of a sudden, the ball began to vibrate in an intense manner.
"Hey, what's happening to the ball?" James asked.
"I don't know, but it sure is stranger than fiction!" Meowth shouted.
"I thought the truth was..." James said. Jessie picked herself up and walked towards the vibrating ball.
"Oh never mind! Let me just get that thing and..." Jessie said. As she reached down to pick it up.

She got zapped with it and soon shrunk down to three inches tall.
"Oh no! Jessie!" James said. Just when he started to approach his good friend and teammate, he too got suddenly zapped
"Yipes! That ball's getting bouncy! I better get out of here before..." Meowth said, but before he could finish and take off, the laser suddenly went off in his direction and shrunk him as well. So now Ash, May, Max, Brock, Pikachu, Meowth, Jessie, James, Nurse Joy, and Officer Jenny. All of them were about a sixteenth or less of their original size. But that was the least of everyone's problems. The ball was still clearly malfunctioning as it continued to fire lasers in all sorts of random directions. Ash felt there was a good chance he or someone else in the group could get zapped again by the laser.
"Come on! We better take cover behind the front desk before we're smaller than a dust mite!" Ash shouted as everyone including himself took cover behind the desk, knowing that the Abnormal Ball's laser had no effect on non-living objects. Team Rocket, however, had other ideas.
"Jess, I think we better follow them!" James said. He started to follow everyone else behind the front desk, but
"What are you, nuts!? We wouldn't dare damage our reputations by working with them, let alone take cover with them!" Jessie said.
"I didn't know we had reputations to be honest with you." Meowth said.
"Whatever! This is our chance to escape, so come on! To the front door!" Jessie shouted as she started running for the front door, which was certainly a much longer ways away as small as she and everyone else was.
"Oh well, I guess Jessie is the boss, right Meowth?" James said. Meowth simply chose not to comment as he followed the two bumbling morons.

Just when the tiny Team Rocket trio was right at the front door ready to make their escape, they almost get crushed by a normal-sized young woman who comes running into the Pokemon Center. That woman is Solana, a Pokemon Ranger. As Team Rocket dashes out the automatic doors, making it outside before they close, Solana sees the laser show happening behind the front desk.
"Geez... some laser show! But this is where the scanner says the Abnormal Ball is!" Solana said. She had to duck when one of the lasers nearly hit her. She moved to the left of the front desk and indeed saw the Abnormal Ball going haywire. Her mission was to bring it back in one piece, but her ranger captain, Spenser, said before she left that if it was absolutely necessary, she could destroy the device. And destroying the darn thing now, asking questions later, certainly looked like the better option at this point.
"Plusle, thundershock that ball!" Solana shouted. Plusle hopped off Solana's shoulder and then let out a powerful thundershock at the Abnormal Ball. After a few seconds of shocking it, the ball finally exploded into pieces. Our shrunken group of heroes once again took cover behind the front desk to avoid all the broken pieces of the ball, even though none of them came flying their way.

Solana took a deep breath knowing that this crisis was averted. She slowly walked up to Plusle as they both looked down at the broken ball. In the meantime, Ash and his friends were slowly coming out of hiding. They all looked up at the giant Solana.
"Hey, isn't that Solana, the Pokemon Ranger we met a couple weeks ago?" Ash said.
"Yeah, but what's she doing here?" May asked.
"She's the most beautiful thing I've ever laid eyes on..." Brock said, clearly showing hearts in his eyes as he scanned Solana's body from head to toe.
"Great... now he's hitting on her." Max said.
"Never mind that. How are we going to grow back to normal since that weird Pokeball that shrunk us is destroyed?" Joy asked.
"We'll have to get her attention. She may be the only one who can help us out. Everyone be careful." Jenny said, making sure everyone was aware that one wrong step by Solana and they'd all be crushed flat. Luckily, they didn't seem to be in immediate danger as they watched Solana pull out her cell phone.
Solana dialed a number and held the phone against her ear.
"Hello?" a male voice said on the other end.
"Spenser, it's me." Solana said.
"Ah, Solana. How did it go?" Spenser said.
"Well, I found the Abnormal Ball, but it was acting wacky and zapping in various directions. It almost got me, I'll admit." Solana said.
"Ouch, glad you seem to be okay though. We wouldn't want Cameron to make bad jokes about downsizing our operation." Spenser said, letting out a little laugh at the end.
"Ha ha... very funny. Anyway, Plusle and I managed to destroy the ball. I can't find anyone around this place... not even the criminals responsible for stealing the thing." Solana said.
"They must've escaped, though I bet they can't have gone far. Look around and report back soon." Spenser said.
"Roger that." Solana said before she hung up. Just then, Solana began to pick up some faint voices.
"Plusle? Do you hear that?" Solana said. Plusle nodded and then looked to its left, spotting the shrunken group of heroes as they shouted like mad to get Solana's attention. Plusle then ran up to Solana and began tugging her shoes.

"What is it, Plusle?" Solana asked. Plusle then pointed over to the tiny heroes and almost gasped.
"Oh my gosh..." Solana said as she slowly walked up to Ash and his friends. She kneeled down to get a closer look at them.
"Solana! Down here!" Ash said.
"Yeah, and try not to step on us!" May said. Max just pretended he didn't hear that.
"Ash? Is that you?" Solana asked.
"None other, I guess. How have you been?" Ash said. Nobody seemed to notice Brock running up to Solana's shoes and hugging them for all his worth.
"Well, I've been fine... but what about you guys? You're so tiny!" Solana said. Jenny stepped up in front of the group to talk with Solana next.
"Excuse me, but what brings a Pokemon Ranger like you all the way out here to Viridian City?" Jenny asked.
"Well, I was tracking a group of criminals who had stolen something called the Abnormal Ball. It's an invention by Professor Hastings intended to make carrying legendary Pokemon back to their nests a lot easier, among other things, but that's all I know. It was a top secret project, so when it was stolen, every Pokemon Ranger was sent to either retrieve it or destroy it if absolutely necessary." Solana said.
"Yeah, Team Rocket kinda zapped us with that ball. That's why we are so tiny." Max said.
"Team Rocket? I should've known. They're just as nasty as the Go-Rock Squad that my partner and I disbanded a while back. Were they here?" Solana said.
"Yes, but I think they escaped after they too got shrunk and then the ball started going crazy, until you saved us, that is." Joy said.
"Hmmm... we better look for them. Hold on tight." Solana said. Wanting to put them in a safer place, Solana carefully picked up all of the shrunken heroes and put them inside her back shorts pocket. Once she felt they were all snug inside, Solana and Plusle both walked outside the Pokemon Center to look for the shrunken Team Rocket trio.

Outside, the Team Rocket trio had made their way from the concrete into the grass, which for the most part was just as tall as they were. Jessie was already getting tired of pushing away many of the blades.
"Sheesh, you'd think they would make grass suitable for us three-inch-tall members of Team Rocket!" Jessie said.
"Jess, what are we running from anyway? It's that crazy ball that did this to us!" James said.
"Yeah, I don't think the boss will be too happy that we once again lost his precious invention!" Meowth said.
"Forget that stupid thing! That Officer Jenny could still be on our tail!" Jenny shouted. But just then, a huge wave of blue energy suddenly flew past and around the three. Jessie, James, and Meowth suddenly could not move.
"Hey! I can't move!" James said.
"What is this? A Psybeam!?" Jessie shouted. The three could only watch as Solana walked up in front of them, putting her feet just inches away from the tiny trio.
"You gotta admit, Plusle... my capture styler is handy not just for taming wild Pokemon." Solana said. Plusle nodded and shouted its name in agreement. Solana then reached down and grabbed the three, holding them up against her face.
"So I guess these are the hoodlums responsible for stealing the Abnormal Ball. You three are in a lot of trouble!" Solana said.
"I think I liked her better at normal height..." James said.
"Yeah, me too. Just look at those eyes!" Meowth said.
"Oh shut up, you two!!!" Jessie shouted in anger. Solana then walked back inside the Pokemon Center. While walking back, she began to think of what kind of things she could do to punish Team Rocket.

Solana was back inside the Pokemon Center, still looking devilishly down at the tiny Team Rocket. She definitely felt quite powerful holding such a group of villains in her hands. It was almost intoxicating, she admitted herself. She sat down on one of the nearby benches where customers would normally wait for Nurse Joy, forgetting that Ash and his friends were still inside one of her back pockets. Plusle didn't forget, however, and as Solana was taking her seat, Plusle shouted its name furiously.
"What is it, Plusle?" Solana asked. Plusle then pointed at the pocket.
"Um... Plusle, I didn't think you cared about my behind like that." Solana said, getting the wrong idea from Plusle, let's just say. But Plusle finally pointed at one of its hands and moved it like it was putting something in its pocket. That's when Solana quickly caught on.
"Oh my gosh! Ash!" Solana shouted. Placing Team Rocket down on the bench, with Plusle watching to make sure they didn't get away, Solana stood up and then reached into that pocket. Thank goodness she pulled out Ash and everyone else safe and sound, although they did look like they were stretching to get the cramps out.
"Ash! Are you and everyone else okay?" Solana asked.
"Yeah... considering we almost got flattened like pancakes!" Ash shouted.
"I'm so sorry. I guess I forgot you guys had shrunken too." Solana said.
"Yeah, I guess we can be hard to spot at this size." May said.
"Speak for yourself, May..." Max said.
"Please allow me to ease your worries." Solana said. She then took her hand with everyone in it and then pressed it, along with her other hand, against her chest. Everyone listened closely at Solana's heartbeat as close as they were to her chest.
"Now this is what I call keeping you close to your heart!" Joy said.
"You can say that again, Joy." Jenny said. Solana then took her hands away from her chest and held everyone up to her face
"I promise I'll take good care of all of you until I find out how to reverse this effect." Solana said.
"Gee... thanks, Solana. I hope this won't be a problem with your mission. I know how important a Pokemon Ranger's mission is." Ash said.
"You are right, but my mission was to either take back the Abnormal Ball or destroy it... which I did. So the mission was successful." Solana said.

Plusle then shouted out its name once again to Solana. She looked to see Plusle pinning down Team Rocket as best as it could.
"Good job, Plusle! I guess they were trying to escape again." Solana said. She put the good guys down close by Team Rocket and was now looking at the evil three. She sat down with her legs on the bench as well.
"You three are going to pay dearly for your crime against the Pokemon Rangers. I should think of some clever punishments for all of you." Solana said. Jessie looked at those stone cold eyes of Solana and right away got frightened. So frightened that she ran behind Ash and tried to hide behind him.
"Oh please... don't let her take me! I'll do anything, honest!" Jessie said.
"You get away from Ash Ketchum this instant!" Solana shouted, her loud voice striking a chord in the tiny ears of Jessie. Ash as well, but he recovered quickly as he was glad he wasn't the one being yelled at.
"You heard the lady. You better get off me this instant!" Ash said, with a smile on his face. Jessie was very slowly backing away from Ash, but she burst into a run back with James and Meowth when Solana took her capture styler and poked little Jessie with it. James actually felt like defending his good friend and teammate.
"Hey! I totally resent what you have done to my friend!" James said.
"Yeah! If you're going to poke someone, at least use my claws!" Meowth said.
"Really?" James said, but Jessie just bonked the two on the heads again.
"Ugh... you two are no help! I say we settle this with a Pokemon battle!" Jessie shouted. Solana let out a giggle as she tried to hold much of it in.

"A Pokemon battle?" Solana said.
"This oughta be good." Max said.
"For once I agree with you, little brother." May said.
"Go ahead, Jessie. Show that big bad Pokemon Ranger who's boss!" Ash said, almost sarcastically. Joy and Jenny were holding in a giggle as well, not realizing that Brock was tiptoeing his way behind the two ladies no doubt to flirt with them.
"Alright, you're on, even though we rangers don't usually resort to battling. One Pokemon each. I will use Plusle." Solana said.
"And I choose Seviper!" Jessie shouted as she threw her Pokeball and out came Seviper. Unfortunately for Jessie, Seviper had shrunken too. The snake Pokemon looked way up at Plusle and especially at Solana. Right away, Seviper hid behind Jessie like a scared child.
"Seviper, what's wrong with you!?" Jessie said. Plusle looked back at Solana, waiting to receive its orders.
"Stay back, Plusle... I'll handle this." Solana said. She leaned in and blew out her breath down at the shrunken Team Rocket group. As tiny as the villains were, the wind from the breath was strong enough to knock them down to their behinds, not to mention the fact that they were dizzy from the powerful smell.
"Yuck, my nose feels like it's on fire!" Meowth shouted.
"Meowth, I still don't think you have a nose." James said.
"Drats! I'd give my nine lives just to have one... oh wait, then that Gloom smell would be just putrid!" Meowth said. Solana was watching as Meowth spoke out. She then smiled and waited until Meowth looked up at her.
"Hmmm... I've always been fascinated with your ability to speak, Meowth. I could probably sell you and make a fortune!" Solana said. Meowth gasped at hearing this. He found himself running around in fear until he climbed right on top of Jessie's head.
"Ack! What will I do!? I ain't no showcat! Jessie, get me out of this mess, why don't ya!?" Meowth shouted. Jessie didn't say anything, and Meowth looked to see why... she had a steaming mad look on her face.
"Uh oh... someone call the hair patrol!" James shouted, knowing what was coming.
"WHY YOU MANGY LITTLE ALLEY CAT!!! I'LL TEACH YOU FOR MESSING UP MY HAIR!!!" Jessie shouted. She tried taking a swipe at Meowth, but he leapt off and was running all over the bench with Jessie chasing after him.
"GET BACK HERE YOU!!! HOW ABOUT I GIVE YOU A GOOD OLD FASHIONED FURRY BEATDOWN! JAMES, GET HIM!!!" Jessie shouted. James soon joined in the chase, as did Seviper. Solana and the shrunken good guys just laughed as the silly act was playing out.

"Ha ha! Glad to see Team Rocket's back to their normal self." Ash said.
"What do you mean normal?" May asked.
"Normal meaning they're always getting themselves in trouble." Max said.
"Oh, right... I knew that!" May said, while Max just shook his head. Brock had finally gotten in between Joy and Jenny and was talking with them.
"Okay, ladies... now that Team Rocket's been dealt with, what do you say we proceed with the lovely ceremonies?" Brock said. However, he felt himself being lifted into the air all of a sudden. Soon his vision was filled with that of Solana's face.
"Oh no you don't, hot shot! How about going out with someone a little, well... bigger?" Solana asked. Brock was sweating nervously... how could he possibly go out with Solana in this kind of situation? He turned around to look down at Ash and friends.
"Um... right? Uh, guys! A little help here!" Brock shouted.
"Congratulations, Brock, it sounds like you've finally found your dream date!" Ash said with a grin.
"Yeah... I guess we can finally end this search of yours!" Max shouted.
"But isn't he too small for..." May started to say, but Max just bumped her lightly on the shoulder.
"Oh, right... right! Hooray for Brock!" May shouted.
"Ugh... this is most humiliating." Brock said. Solana kicked up her feet and placed them on the bench, nearly crushing Team Rocket (still running around in circles) with her feet. She then placed Brock on her lap and patted him until he looked to be comfortable, even though he was still nervous about being stuck with a girl much bigger than him. Solana picked up the rest of the good guys and placed them on her shoulder.
"You all will be much safer here than in my pockets." Solana said. She then grabbed Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny and held them against her face.

"Nurse Joy. Officer Jenny... I'm so sorry you both had to get caught up in this." Solana said.
"Hey, it's no problem. This is kind of a new experience for both of us." Joy said.
"Yeah. At least I will still perform my duties no matter what my height is." Jenny said.
"It sure is strange holding onto you two, let alone seeing you as small as you both are. I remember a while back the incident up at Porta Vista." Solana said.
"You mean the Island of the Giant Pokemon?" Ash asked, remembering those events from a couple years ago as well.
"Yes. I was on my way back from one of my first missions. I decided to cross by the Porta Vista shipyard since that was the quickest way back to Fiore at the time. That's when I looked out in the distance and saw the biggest Joy and Jenny I ever saw! From where I was watching, it looked like they could cover each corner of that island in a matter of seconds." Solana said.
"Gee, I didn't know we had cousins that big!" Joy said.
"Let alone anyone that could be that tall..." Jenny said.
"Yeah, it's true. I... had a first hand experience." Ash said, still standing from Solana's shoulder.
"Really!?" Solana said.
"Yeah. I was captured by those ladies and stuck on that island for six weeks. So was Brock and an old friend of mine named Misty. But they were very nice to us." Ash said.
"Heh... you certainly must have had some exciting adventures over your lifetime, little Ash." Solana said. Ash rubbed the back of his head.
"Well, it's nothing really!" Ash said.
"But it is. It's important to keep track of all the adventures you go through. One day when you look back on your life, you'll feel good in reliving those memories. Always remember that. That's something each and every one of us Pokemon Rangers are taught." Solana said.
"Well, okay then..." Ash said. Solana then looked down and noticed Brock trying to sneak away as he walked down Solana's long legs, but the girl just raised her leg and caused Brock to fall back down towards her stomach region.

"And where do you think you're going, my little guy?" Solana asked.
"Um, to the bathroom?" Brock said.
"You're so cute when you are so small, Brock. I bet you feel much better about your ladies this way." Solana said.
"Huh!? No I don't... and since when do you know about my intuition!?" Brock shouted.
"Oh, I've watched you, Brock. I know what you are like. I tell you what... let's play a little game." Solana said.
"A game?" Brock asked. He then watched as Solana picked him up again. This time, Solana got up off the bench and stood back on her two feet.
"Plusle, watch Team Rocket for me." Solana said. Plusle nodded as Solana walked a couple steps and then placed Brock down on the ground. Ash and friends held on as tight as they could on top of Solana's shoulder. Brock, meanwhile, was back to standing on the floor of the Pokemon Center and looking all the way up at Solana standing at her full height.
"If you can get away from me, Brock, I promise I won't bother you until you grow back to normal." Solana said.
"But how am I supposed to get away from you as big as you are!?" Brock said.
"You'll figure something out. Better get moving before I crush you." Solana said as she raised a foot above Brock, but he started running as soon as she put the foot down next to him. Solana very slowly followed the tiny one.
"Oh dear... you're not actually going to crush him, are you?" Joy asked, speaking into Solana's ear.
"Of course not. I'm just having a little fun with him." Solana said, softly so that Brock wouldn't be able to hear that..
"Yep, I'd say he's having the time of his life!" Max said.
"Oh yeah... at least he won't have his ears pulled off." May said, clearly the last one to pick up on the fact that Solana was deliberately letting Brock keep a fair amount of distance between himself and the giantess. But finally after running around in a circle at least three times, Brock tripped on one of the tiles and Solana reached down to pick him up.
"Looks like I won, Brock. So how about a big kiss?" Solana said. She then planted her lips completely over Brock's body. Soon he was covered in saliva from head to toe.
"Yeesh... I've heard of wet kisses but this is ridiculous!" Brock shouted, prompting a laugh from the other shrunken good guys as well as Solana. Solana, after putting Brock on her shoulder where everyone else was, then looked back at the bench and saw Plusle jumping up and down.

"What is it, Plusle? Is Team Rocket giving you a hard time again?" Solana asked as she walked back to the bench and saw Team Rocket trying to rush past Plusle. They immediately stopped their efforts to get away when they saw the giant Solana looming.
"I guess I can't leave you three alone for a minute without all of you getting into madness and mayhem." Solana said.
"Don't we always get into madness and mayhem?" James asked.
"Sure we do, you dummy! We're Team Rocket!" Meowth said.
"Exactly! You better find a way to reverse our shrinking or you'll be seeing the stars!" Jessie shouted.
"Yes, and extending your reach as well!" James said.
"Well, I don't think you all are in a position to be making demands." Solana said. She then picked up the three once more and started poking Jessie in the chest.
"Hey! Watch it, will you!?" Jessie shouted as she covered up her chest.
"I've got just the punishment for all of you!" Solana said. Then she surprised even the good guys when she placed them inside her mouth.
"Whoa... she just swallowed them!" Ash shouted.
"Well, I guess we won't have to deal with them ever again." May said.
"Solana, you didn't just..." Joy started, but Solana interrupted her.
"No, I just placed them on my tongue. I'm gonna make them sweat for a little while." Solana said.
"Hmmm... that oughta show them!" Max said with a lot of enthusiasm. Indeed, inside Solana's mouth was pure torture for Team Rocket. Solana was moving her tongue up and down, slamming the trio up against the top of her mouth. Then she tilted her tongue forward, causing the three to slam against the back of her teeth.
"This is disgusting! Even for me!" Jessie shouted.
"Well, at least we're getting a much-needed bath." James said.
"Are you kiddin'? Saliva is the last thing I would substitute for water!" Meowth shouted. He tried holding his nose as the smell of Solana's breath was definitely overcoming.

Finally, when Solana felt they had been punished enough, she opened her mouth and tilted downward, causing the three to fall back down on her hand. They were all drenched in saliva, to say the least.
"There you go. That will teach each of you to mess with me or my Plusle!" Solana said.
"Arrrrgh! You'll pay for this, I swear it!" Jessie shouted, now madder than she has ever been. Solana didn't listen as she sat down this time on the floor in front of the bench. She then placed them in between her legs while placing Ash and the other good guys on top of her legs and wondered what she could do with them next as she held them in her hands.

Solana looked down at May and Max and remembered seeing them with Ash during his journey.
"So, May and Max. Are you two still getting along?" Solana asked.
"Well... I guess you could say that." May said.
"I don't know, if you ask me. She's always getting us into trouble." Max said.
"I do not! You're the one we always have to rescue!" May said.
"Gee, that's too bad. Maybe I should play with you, Max, since you are the cuter one." Solana said. Max gasped upon hearing that.
"Ack! Don't let her take me, sis!!!" Max shouted. He ran up to May and hugged her as tightly as he could, stuffing his face into her stomach.
"Hey! Max!" May shouted. Solana just giggled.
"Yep, I'd say you two are getting along fine. It's important to protect each other in the heat of the battle." Solana said.
"Yeah, I guess you're right..." May said as she started to hug Max back, almost like a mother would to her child. Then she looked over at Ash who was enjoying the action... that's when she reached down and grabbed his hat with two of her fingers.

"Hey! My hat!!!" Ash shouted. Solana couldn't help but let out a giggle.
"Come and get it, Ash!" Solana said. She lowered the hat down towards Ash but quickly pulled it back up when Ash made a jump for it. She kept on repeating the process.
"Come on, Solana! Give me back my hat!" Ash shouted.
"Okay, okay. I'm sorry... I guess I couldn't resist." Solana said. She dropped the hat and allowed Ash to catch it. He put it back on and just looked up at the giantess.
"I admit, I haven't had this much fun since before I joined the Pokemon Rangers. There, you have to take your job seriously if you want to make the world a better place." Solana said.
"So I see..." Ash said.
"When I was a little girl, I always went to the Safari Zone back when it was here in the Kanto region. While everyone else was trying to capture the Pokemon, I would always try to get up close and personal with these creatures and study them in their natural habitats. It was something special and it changed my life forever." Solana said.
"Wow... that's amazing, Solana." Ash said.
"Yeah. It changed my entire outlook on Pokemon. I simply loved these creatures for how they lived their lives, not how trainers chose to live their lives. Of course, the Pokemon Rangers don't ever interfere with the lives of these trainers unless they are committing criminal acts, but still... this is why I became a Pokemon Ranger. To protect the Pokemon that others cannot." Solana said.
"Well, you certainly do a good job. I'd like to visit your homeland someday." Ash said.
"It's a deal." Solana said as she and Plusle both winked down at the tiny Ash. Just then, Solana felt some kind of major itch and she had to jump a little, knocking everyone off her legs.
"Ouch!" Solana said. She looked down to see a red mark on her skin where the itch had originated. The next thing she knew... she saw Team Rocket standing in close proximinity with Ash and his friends, who were slowly crawling back to their feet.

"Hey, that was a good shot, Meowth!" James said.
"Yeah, I guess I still got it!" Meowth said, lightly touching the sharp claws that he now had on each of his fingers. Solana looked down at Meowth.
"Oh, so it was you? You dare get tough with a Pokemon Ranger? I'll show you..." Solana said.
"Not so fast, ranger fool!" Jessie shouted. Suddenly she ran over and grabbed May, holding her by the neck.
"Ack!" May said as she was locked in Jessie's arms.
"May, no!!!" Max shouted.
"Team Rocket! You cowards! Leave May out of this!" Ash shouted.
"Yeah... let's settle this in a Pokemon battle!" Jenny shouted.
"Never! We're done playing by the rules!" Jessie said. She watched as Solana stood up to her full height.
"I'm warning you, Team Rocket. If you harm that girl in any way..." Solana said.
"No way! If you don't want us to hurt this cute little girl, you'll do what WE say!" Jessie said.
"No, stop! Please!" Joy shouted. Just then, when Ash wanted to make a move towards Jessie, he felt a huge cramp in his stomach. It was really hurting him.
"Ow... what's happening!? I feel cramped all of a sudden!" Ash said. Max and Brock soon felt the same painful sensation.
"Oooof... me too!" Max said.
"Same here!" Brock shouted. May, while struggling to escape Jessie's grip, could feel it too. In fact, Jessie could suddenly feel May getting stronger. May finally felt strong enough to shake herself loose of Jessie's grip.
"Hey, wait a minute! You're not supposed to do that!" Jessie shouted. May turned around to face Jessie, but noticed she was a full head taller. In fact, Solana quickly realized what was happening.

"The process must've run its course." Solana said to herself. Ash, Max, May, and Brock were all getting bigger.

Finally, the four heroes were back to their normal sizes. The Team Rocket trio backed away nervously as they looked up at not just the gigantic May who was standing right in front of them, but also the other heroes back to normal.
"Hey, what's happened!? They're back to their normal sizes and we ain't!" Meowth said.
"Um... I'm sure we can talk about this peacefully!" Jessie said. May just smiled with glee, seeing how the tables have turned so quickly. It wasn't too long ago when May was trapped in a giant Jessie's hands.
"Gee, looks like you're the ones in big trouble now!" May said.
"Yeah! Now I know how they felt!" Max shouted.
"What do you think we should do with them, Ash?" Brock said. Ash was about to make a suggestion, but Solana walked in front of all our heroes and picked up the tiny trio.
"If you guys could grow back to normal, they will too any minute. We must get rid of them as soon as possible, and I know just how to do it." Solana said. She then took the three and walked outside the Pokemon Center. While this was going on, Ash's Pikachu soon reverted to its normal size and it ran happily into Ash's arms. Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny were both still tiny, however. Brock quickly noticed this as he kneeled down and looked at both of them.
"Gee, you're both so beautiful, yet so tiny. It would be a first for me but I'd be willing to give it a try!" Brock said with some happiness. But just then, they too began to grow back to their normal size. Brock now had to look up at the two ladies again.
"Um... try what?" Joy said.
"Yeah. What were you saying?" Jenny asked as she smiled down at Brock.
"Ugh... I just have the worst luck." Brock said. He and everyone else finally decided to join Solana outside so they could see what she had in store for the tiny Team Rocket trio.

Solana, with Plusle on her shoulder and happy to see all her friends back to their normal size, had put the Team Rocket group down on the ground and was holding her capture styler in her hand.
"Okay, everyone. Watch this! Capture on!" Solana shouted as she activated her styler and swirled it around Team Rocket once again, trapping them in the styler's energy once again.
"Oh great... not this again!" Jessie shouted. Solana then looked back at the good guys.
"I call this the fleaflicker!" Solana said. She flicked her styler forward like a magic wand, and indeed the three were sent flying into the air.
"You know, it's a lot breezier flying through the skies at this size!" James said.
"But it's just as painful..." Meowth said.
"Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!!!" they all shouted before they disappeared. Solana then powered down her capture styler and took a deep breath.
"Well, once again... mission accomplished!" Solana said, giving a thumbs up at Plusle. Officer Jenny shook Solana's hand and then boarded her motorcycle which had been parked outside the center this entire time.
"Nicely done, Solana the Pokemon Ranger. Well, I better go find Team Rocket before they too revert back to their normal size." Jenny said.
"I don't know... Solana threw them pretty far with that wand of hers!" Joy said.
"Yeah, I know. But hey, at least that'll teach them to mess with us. See you later, Joy." Jenny said as she rode off down the road.

While Nurse Joy went back inside the Pokemon Center to clean up the mess that Team Rocket left behind, Ash and his friends approached Solana for the last time today.
"Well, this was quite an adventure, wasn't it?" Ash said.
"Just like anytime that creepy Pokeball shows up. I hope we've seen the last of that thing!" May said.
"Definitely. I'm gonna make sure Professor Hastings burns those blueprints for that so-called Abnormal Ball." Solana said.
"So what about you, Solana? What's next?" Brock asked.
"Well, I guess it's time I headed back home for Fiore." Solana said.
"I wish you could come with us, Solana! We'd make a great team!" Max said.
"Yeah, he's right... us Pokemon trainers teamed with a Pokemon Ranger would be great!" Ash said. Solana just smiled.
"Thanks, but the Pokemon Rangers need me back home. Perhaps one day we can meet again under normal circumstances." Solana said. She then looked out at the sun setting in the distance and started walking in that direction. Pikachu was waving off Plusle as it waved back from Solana's shoulder.
"Goodbye, Solana!" Ash and friends shouted.
"Take care, everyone!" Solana shouted, looking back for the final time at her friends before she continued on her long walk back for the Fiore region.

Ash and friends, meanwhile, decided to spend the rest of the day helping Joy fix the Pokemon Center here in Viridian City. They would sleep there for the night and then leave to continue on their journies, particularly the Battle Frontier when it came to Ash Ketchum.

Thus ends the long and twisted history of the Abnormal Ball.