Alola to MicroBerries!

(Cubed Cinder; idea by Final7Darkness)

The bell stopped ringing and the students filed out of the Alola Pokémon School. Among the students coming out were Ash Ketchum and Mallow, whom Ash was quickly becoming friends with, along with the Pokémon they owned. Mallow had Steenee while Ash had Pikachu (as always), Rockruff, and Litten. Rowlet was sleeping inside Ash's backpack (as usual).
"Wow… wasn't that a fun field trip into the forest, Mallow?" Ash said.
"It sure was! So many berries… I can't wait to get back to the restaurant and make some delicious new berry shakes!" Mallow said.
"I can't wait to try them!" Ash said, pumping his fist in excitement with his Pokémon shouting out in excitement as well. Mallow then looked behind Ash's head.
"Hey, Ash. I just now noticed… where is Rotom Dex?" Mallow asked.
"Oh! His battery was getting low, so Professor Kukui is taking him home to recharge him. He said he wanted to upgrade his operating system too." Ash said.
"I see. I thought for a moment he went to solve a murder mystery!" Mallow said.
"Haha! He just might when he comes back to life!" Ash said.
"Say… speaking of berries. There are some from far, far away that I found recently. Would you like to come see them?" Mallow asked.
"Sure! I suppose I can put off on training my Pokémon for a little while." Ash said.
"Great! Race you there!" Mallow said as she took off running in the distance.
"Hey! No fair on the head start!" Ash said as he and his Pokémon ran after her.

A few minutes later, the two and their Pokémon arrived at Aina's Kitchen. Mallow watched as Ash finally caught up with her.
"Ha! I win!" Mallow said.
"*huff puff huff puff* Yes you did. Clearly, I need to work out more." Ash said with a grin. Pikachu couldn't help but giggle that he was still in one piece compared to Ash. The two eventually went inside where they saw customers at almost every table.
"Wow… we're looking really busy today!" Mallow said.
"I'll say!" Ash said.
"Anyway, come with me to the back, Ash, so I can show you the berries I'm talking about." Mallow said. The two went into the kitchen where Ash eventually saw a bowl of blue-colored berries.
"Oh… what are those?" Ash said.
"I'm not sure what kind of berries they are exactly, but when I called my brother to ask about them, he said they came from the Kanto region." Mallow said.
"Wow! That's so cool… that's where I'm from! How do they taste?" Ash said.
"I don't know, actually. These came not too long ago. I've been so busy with school, training Steenee, and running the restaurant with my father… I haven't had the chance to try them." Mallow said.
"So I guess you want me to taste test them?" Ash asked.
"Would you please? Steenee and I would greatly appreciate it." Mallow said.
"Okay, I'll do it!" Ash said.
"Great! Why don't you and your Pokémon wait outside at one of the tables while I prepare something with the berries?" Mallow said. Ash nodded and stepped outside the kitchen, taking a seat at one of the empty tables (with his Pokémon down by his feet on the floor).

It was only a couple minutes since Ash sat down, but he could hear his stomach rumbling, something which his Pokémon clearly heard.
"Oops… I guess I didn't have enough for lunch." Ash said. Shortly thereafter, Mallow came walking towards the table Ash was sitting at. She set down a plate with two sandwiches. Wedged between the two slices of bread were a spread that looked like thousand island dressing, as well as almost a dozen of the blue berries Ash saw earlier. She then set down three separate bowls of the berries. One was given to Pikachu, another to Rockruff, and the last to Litten. The Pokémon quickly dug into their bowls.
"There you go, everyone! Oh, what about Rowlet, Ash?" Mallow asked.
"Haha! I think he's too tired to even think about eating." Ash said as he patted on his backpack still strapped to his backside.
"Heh, that's true." Mallow said. She then watched as Ash took a bite into one of the sandwiches. His eyes immediately sparkled.
"Mmmm! This is fantastic, Mallow! These berries… I feel like I've had them before, but I just can't resist!" Ash said.
"I'm so glad to hear that, Ash! In that case, I should put these sandwiches on our menu sooner than later." Mallow said.
"There you are, Mallow!" an older male voice said. Ash and Mallow looked to see who it belonged to, and that's when they saw Mallow's father, Abe, approaching.
"Dad!" Mallow said.
"Listen, Mallow. Can you take over waiting and cleaning tables for me? I gotta get back to the kitchen and prep some more food. We're understaffed today because my top chef is out with an illness!" Abe said.
"Oh dear! That's terrible! Anything I can do to help, of course." Mallow said.
"Thanks, sweetie. You're the best!" Abe said as he patted her daughter on the shoulder and rushed away.
"Well, duty calls, Ash. I'll be back later." Mallow said as she walked away.

After Ash finished the sandwich he was eating, he looked down at Pikachu.
"Heh, you gotta hand it to Mallow, Pikachu. She works so hard while being our friend at the same time!" Ash said.
"Pika!" Pikachu shouted. Ash then noticed Pikachu's bowl, as well as the bowls of Rockruff and Litten, were empty.
"Haha! You guys enjoyed those berries, didn't you? We'll have to ask Mallow for more!" Ash said.
"Pika?" Pikachu said with suddenly a confused look on its face. Ash looked puzzled as well.
"Huh? Pikachu? Why are you and the others glowing blue?" Ash said as he got up from the table. He then looked down at his own hands and saw them, as well as his clothes, glowing blue as well.
"Why am I glowing blue?" Ash said. As he looked down, he watched the seat of the chair getting closer and closer. Then he looked up and watched the ceiling fade away from view. Rockruff and Litten both looked around concerned as well. That's when it finally hit Ash.
"Whoa! We're shrinking!!" Ash said. The boy gulped nervously as he watched the world around him grow bigger and bigger.
Fortunately for Ash and his Pokémon, the shrinking finally did stop, but not until he was down to just under 3 inches tall. His Pokémon were even smaller, having shrunk relatively with Ash so their sizes were the same if they were normal-sized. Ash ran up to the edge of the chair, where he saw Pikachu, Rockruff, and Litten all in a panicked frenzy.
"Calm down, everyone! It's going to be okay!" Ash said as he tried his best to calm the Pokémon down with his voice. It eventually did work, and the three Pokémon all looked up wondering what Ash's next move will be.

Ash, meanwhile, looked up at the table, thinking about those sandwiches he ate.
"It has to be those berries I ate… wait a minute!" Ash said as he thought back to the past, trying to remember where he saw those berries from.
"Now I remember! Those were MicroBerries! The same ones Misty once had. Okay, Ash… don't panic. All you have to do is hope there are MegaBerries around. Just one bite of those will return us to normal…" Ash said. But before he could think any longer, Ash looked out into the distance where he saw Mallow walking back towards the table he was sitting at. From a distance, things didn't look so bad… but as Mallow got closer and Ash had to look up, her gigantic size made him a bit uncomfortable.
Mallow, meanwhile, looked at the table and saw three empty bowls on the floor, and then a plate with only one MicroBerry filled sandwich left on the table… but no Ash or his Pokémon.
"Huh? Where did Ash go? Don't tell me he had to run off again." Mallow said. She walked towards the chair that Ash had been sitting in. Pikachu, Rockruff, and Litten all had to scamper out of the way, just avoiding being crushed by one of Mallow's shoes. They all took cover underneath the chair, which made Ash breathe a sigh of relief, but looked up and saw Mallow about ready to sit down on the very chair he was standing on!
"Mallow! Down here! Mallow!!!" Ash said. Of course, there was no response, and Ash ran away when he saw Mallow's behind coming down towards him. Ash made a last minute dive and was just able to avoid being smushed underneath Mallow's shorts, but he had to stay down on the ground and cover his head as Mallow swung her legs so that they were underneath the table. When Ash felt the noise die down, he looked around to see he was between Mallow's huge legs.

Meanwhile, Mallow sighed and looked down at the sandwich.
"Whew… Dad wasn't kidding when he said things were quite busy today. It's gotta be that yellow nectar Ash and I found at Melemele Meadow!" Mallow said. She then reached down and picked up the other sandwich. Ash started to warn Mallow about eating the other MicroBerry sandwich but didn't say anything knowing that Mallow couldn't hear his initial calls for help. Plus…
"Well… at least I'll have some company." Ash said, thinking Mallow would shrink to his size after eating the sandwich.
But before Mallow could even move the sandwich towards her mouth, she heard a familiar male voice.
"Alola, Mallow." the male voice said. Mallow looked over to see…
"Oh! Alola, Kiawe!" Mallow said.
"Say, what's that on the plate? I don't think I've seen that sandwich before." Kiawe said.
"Oh, it's got these new berries I found from the Kanto region. I gave Ash one, but I guess he got so excited, he just up and left." Mallow said.
"Or maybe he's in a hurry to start training. You know how he is, wanting to attempt every grand trial challenge in one day." Kiawe said.
"Haha! That's true. I'll admit, that's one thing I like about Ash." Mallow said. She then looked down at the sandwich she was about to eat.
"You know what? You can have this sandwich if you'd like… as long as you tell me how it tastes!" Mallow said.
"Really? Are you sure?" Kiawe asked.
"Kiawe… I work at a restaurant. I won't starve!" Mallow said as she held the sandwich closer to Kiawe.
"Haha! Good point!" Kiawe said. He was about to take a bite of the sandwich but then heard his Charizard roaring outside.
"Whoops… I gotta get back to the farm pronto. I don't want to be late for deliveries. Can I take this to go?" Kiawe said.
"Sure, no problem!" Mallow shouted.
"Alright. See ya, Mallow." Kiawe said as he turned around and walked out of the restaurant.
"Bye, Kiawe!" Mallow shouted as she waved at her fellow student.

Meanwhile, while the conversation was going on, Ash was sweating like crazy looking around and seeing nothing but Mallow's skin around him. And he realized something important too.
"(gulp) If Mallow squeezes her legs together, I'm done for!" Ash said. That's when he got to work climbing up the right leg like it was a mountain. He made it to the top just in time, as Mallow felt the need to close her legs together while she was talking with Kiawe. Ash looked ahead and saw Mallow's light gray shorts.
"Well, I better get moving if I'm ever going to get Mallow's attention." Ash said. He took a deep breath and started running down Mallow's leg, eventually making it to her shorts, which he started climbing. Mallow sighed as she wondered where Ash could've possibly taken off, but couldn't sit tight for long.
"Mallow! When did I say you could take a break? I still have my hands full here!" Abe said in the background.
"Right! Sorry, Dad!" Mallow said as she got back to her feet (with Pikachu, Rockruff, and Litten underneath the chair all backing away as one of Mallow's shoes slammed down in front of them) and returned to assist her father. Ash, on the other hand, had to hold on tight to Mallow's clothes as the 'giantess' walked all around.

Despite the constant moving around by Mallow, the shrunken Ash continued to climb up her outfit as diligently as he could. He was underneath the shirt pocket on her chest when…
"Here's your soup for the day, ma'am!" Mallow said to an older woman sitting at the table nearby.
"Thank you. Ummmm… miss… I don't mean to be nosy but there appears to be a bug on your shirt." the lady said.
"Huh?" Mallow said as she looked down where the woman was pointing. Ash looked up and saw Mallow looking down on him, giving him the chance he needed.
"Mallow! Help!" Ash said.
"Ash!?" Mallow shouted.
"Huh? Who is Ash?" the old lady asked.
"Oh, um… that's the nickname for my bug. Ash… you silly, don't you know it's dangerous to be walking around here? I better take you back to your cage where you'll be safe. Excuse me…" Mallow said as she talked in a sarcastic tone to try and fool the old lady. The old lady just shrugged as she watched Mallow walk away, focusing her attention next on her soup.

Mallow, meanwhile, retreated to the kitchen (where thankfully nobody else was around for now) and carefully plucked Ash from her shirt, holding her up to her face.
"Ash! I can't believe it… you're so tiny!" Mallow said.
"Heh heh… yep. I guess I am." Ash said as he smiled and rubbed the back of his head.
"What happened?" Mallow said.
"I think it was that sandwich you gave me. The berries between the slices of bread were MicroBerries! Anyone who eats enough of them shrinks to this small a size." Ash said.
"Oh my! I didn't know such berries existed!" Mallow said.
"They sure do. Oh… my Pokémon ate them too! I hope they're not out there almost getting stepped on!" Ash said. Mallow then set Ash down gently on the nearby counter.
"Wait here, Ash. Steenee and I will go find them." Mallow said. Ash watched the 'giantess' walk out of the kitchen and he hoped his Pokémon, namely Pikachu, were safe and sound.

Mallow stepped out and saw Steenee carrying a couple empty plates around.
"Steenee!" Mallow shouted. The Pokémon came running over and looked up at her trainer.
"Steenee… this is going to sound weird, but Pikachu and some of Ash's other Pokémon are running around here this small." Mallow said as she held two of her fingers together. This naturally generated a confused reaction from Steenee.
"Can you please look for them? And let's be careful not to step on them." Mallow said.
"Steenee!" Steenee said as she and Mallow locked their eyes to the floor and looked for the shrunken Pokémon. Mallow, naturally being much taller than Steenee, got down on her hands and knees and carefully moved around making sure she didn't accidentally crush anything. This act quickly didn't go unnoticed, however.
"Mallow! For goodness sake, what are you doing on the floor?" Abe said. Mallow gasped and quickly turned to face her father while sitting on the floor.
"Oh, um… I was just looking for a spoon one of the customers dropped." Mallow said, quickly coming up with an excuse.
"Huh? Why not just give him or her a brand new spoon? It's probably contaminated from falling on the floor and needs to be washed…" Abe said.
"But, Dad! This lady said the spoon was VERY important to her. She… um… she called it her good luck spoon!" Mallow said.
"Hmmmm… I wonder if that's Esther. She's always been particular about the way her food is served. Alright, fine. I'll cover for you for a little while." Abe said.
"Thanks, Dad!" Mallow said, watching as Abe left. She breathed a sigh of relief as she got back to crawling around the floor.

Mallow's Steenee kept her search going, in the meantime. When she approached one of the tables, she heard familiar cries.
"Pika pika!" Pikachu shouted.
"Ruff ruff ruff!" Rockruff shouted. Litten let out a loud meow as well. All these noises made Steenee look underneath one of the chairs, and that's when she saw...
"Stee Steenee!" Steenee said. She then scooped up the Pokémon with one of the oversized leaves on her head, then walking over to Mallow.
“Steenee Stee!” Steenee shouted. Mallow looked at its Pokémon and then saw the shrunken Pikachu, Rockruff, and Litten all being held by her.
“Oh good! You found them!” Mallow said. She held out a hand and Steenee dropped the Pokémon onto it. Mallow smiled as she held the Pokémon up to her face.
“Come on… let’s get you three back to Ash!” Mallow said as she stood back up and walked to the kitchen, with Steenee following from behind.

Ash paced back and forth as he couldn’t stop thinking about his Pokémon. His walking came to a sudden stop when he saw the ‘giant’ Mallow return.
“Here they are, Ash!” Mallow said as she carefully set the Pokémon down next to Ash.
“Pikachu! Rockruff! Litten!” Ash shouted as he opened his arms to let Pikachu jump into them. Rockruff and Litten ran around Ash’s pants and cuddled around them. Mallow smiled as she rested her hands on her legs and leaned in on the counter to see Ash and his Pokémon up close.
“Haha… it’s nice to see how deeply you care for your Pokémon.” Mallow said.
“You wouldn’t believe it, Mallow. I’d be so lost without any of my Pokémon, especially Pikachu!” Ash said.
“Now it’s a matter of getting all of you back to normal size.” Mallow said.
“Oh, that’s easy. Do you have any MegaBerries around?” Ash asked.
“MegaBerries?” Mallow asked.
“They look like MicroBerries, but they’re colored red and make whoever eats them grow instead. They’re the only cure for MicroBerries.” Ash said.
“Ah, I see! I think I may have some stored away in the pantry… let me check.” Mallow said as she walked away from Ash and looked in the many cabinets. While this was going on, Pikachu ran to the edge of the counter and talked with Steenee.
"Pika Pikachu!" Pikachu shouted. Steenee suddenly had a smile on her face from the kitchen floor.
"Steeneeeeeee!!" Steenee shouted. She then moved one of the leaves on her head outward, making it almost like a bowl. Pikachu then called out towards the other Pokémon as well as Ash.
"Huh? What is it, Pikachu?" Ash asked. He then watched as Pikachu suddenly leapt off the counter. At first, this almost gave Ash a heart attack, but he watched where Pikachu was falling… right into one of Steenee's leaves. Pikachu happily called its name as it bounced around a couple times.
"Wow! That looks like fun. Come on, everyone, let's jump too!" Ash said as he, Rockruff, and Litten all made jumps as well off the counter and into Steenee's leaf. After they all landed safely and bounced around for a bit, Steenee lowered them to the floor. Ash and the Pokémon looked up at the smiling Steenee.
"Haha… Steenee looks pretty big too from this perspective." Ash said.
"Steesteesteenee!!!" Steenee laughed as she looked down at the shrunken group.

Ash then circled around, admiring how big everything else in the kitchen looked, including of course Mallow herself.
"The floor sure looks like a wide open grassy plain from here… hey! I got an idea. Come on, everyone, let's have a race!" Ash said.
"Pika!" Pikachu shouted.
"Ruff ruff!" Rockruff shouted. Litten meowed. Ash and his Pokémon ran across the floor with Steenee following from behind. The group ran and ran until they made it all the way to the white of the bottom of Mallow's shoes.
"Well, not in this cabinet, I'll look in… huh?" Mallow said as she looked down next to her shoes and saw the shrunken group running up to the front of her left shoe.
"Haha! I guess it's a tie!" Ash said as he, Pikachu, and Rockruff all ran up and touched the shoe.
"Hey! What are you all doing on the floor!? You could get stepped on!" Mallow shouted.
"Sorry, Mallow. Steenee helped get us down…" Ash said.
"I will not tolerate this kind of behavior, Ash. Maybe I should pretend I'm a giant monster and show you what I do to bug-sized people and Pokémon!" Mallow said with her hands on her hips and a stern look on her face. That's when she actually raised one of her legs up and hovered her shoe above the group.
"Eeeeek! I'm sorry, Mallow! Please don't step on us!" Ash said as he ducked like he was trying to dodge a projectile.

Then, all of a sudden, he heard laughter from the 'giantess.'
"Hahahaha! I like the way you beg, Ash!" Mallow said. She lowered her shoe back to the ground and then bent down, lowering a hand and allowing Ash and his Pokémon to climb on. Mallow stood back up and held her hand to her face.
"Seriously, Ash, did you really think I was going to step on you?" Mallow asked.
"Er… well… you were convincingly angry!" Ash said.
"I was, eh? I always thought I'd make a great actress someday. I wonder how Kiawe would react if he were tiny and I… *GASP!*" Mallow said, only to stop herself as soon as she mentioned Kiawe's name because there was something very important she remembered.
"What is it, Mallow?" Ash said.
"I just remembered… I gave Kiawe the same sandwich I gave you! He's probably teeny tiny just like you are now!" Mallow said.
"Oh my! That's bad news! Whoa!" Ash said. He then had to hold on as Mallow quickly moved her hand towards her chest. She opened up the pocket there that was part of her outfit and dropped Ash and his Pokémon inside.
"You all wait here. I hope Kiawe hasn't left already!" Mallow said as she quickly walked out of the kitchen.

As she opened the front doors of Aina's Kitchen, she could only take a couple more steps before she crashed into something.
"Oooof!" Mallow shouted.
"Ow! Watch where you're going!!" a familiar female voice said. Mallow looked to see it was one of her classmates and friends, Lana.
"Oh! Lana! I'm so sorry. Are you alright?" Mallow said as she reached down and helped Lana up.
"Oooooh… yeah, I'm fine, but what's the hurry, Mallow?" Lana said. Her water Pokémon, Popplio, was talking with Steenee while Lana and Mallow conversed.
"Well, have you seen Kiawe recently?" Mallow asked.
"I saw him flying on his Charizard a couple minutes ago. He's probably heading back to his farm." Lana said.
"Darn… I'm too late!" Mallow said.
"Huh? What for?" Lana asked. Ash then stuck his head out the chest pocket on Mallow's clothes.
"Alola, Lana! What's up?" Ash said. Lana looked like she saw a ghost at first.
"A-A-A-Ash!?" Lana shouted.
"Heh, yeah. Long story short… Ash was the first to try this sandwich I made with some new berries my brother found from Kanto, but it turns out the berries have the power to shrink whoever eats them." Mallow said.
"Oh my! Good thing berries like that don't grow in this region." Lana said.
"Then Kiawe ate them, so I was hoping to catch him before he left town and ate the sandwich. Say… Lana, can you do me a favor?" Mallow asked.
"Anything!" Lana said.

That's when Mallow reached into her chest pocket and gently pulled out Ash and his three Pokémon.
"Can you keep an eye on Ash and his Pokémon for me? I'm going to Professor Kukui's so he can help me get a flying Ride Pokémon. It's important I catch Kiawe before he eats that sandwich… if it's not too late already!" Mallow said.
"I understand, Mallow. I'll take Ash home with me and watch over him until you return." Lana said as she took possession of Ash and his Pokémon.
"Great! Thanks so much, Lana! You're the best." Mallow said as she and Steenee walked past Lana and raced off into the distance. Lana then looked down at Ash and his Pokémon.
"Wow… you look so tiny, Ash." Lana said.
"Heh… thanks. And you're so tall from this angle!" Ash said with a smile. Lana smiled back.
"Haha… imagine that! Anyway, I was going to get some bait and go fishing, but we better get you back to my home where it's safe." Lana said.
"Roger that!" Ash said as he saluted the short blue-haired 'giantess.' She then carefully stuck him and his Pokémon into one of her pants pockets and walked away from Mallow's restaurant.

Meanwhile, Kiawe and his Charizard flew through the clear skies. They were about a minute away from reaching his home farm. He felt his stomach grumble.
"Heh… and I thought I was going to make it back in one piece." Kiawe said. That's when he looked down at his sandwich and bit down on a good chunk of it.
"Hmmm… not bad!" Kiawe said as he gobbled down on the rest of the sandwich. Shortly thereafter, Charizard touched down at his usual landing spot at Paniola Ranch. Kiawe hopped off his flying Pokémon and was about to walk away, but paused as he looked back and up at Charizard.
"Huh? I don't remember you being this tall, Charizard." Kiawe said. Then he looked down at the grass and saw it was fast approaching.
"But I'm not falling…" Kiawe said, and as the top of the tallest blade of grass now closed in, that's when it finally hit him.
"AHHHHHH!!! I'M SHRINKING!!!" Kiawe screamed with an overreactive type of face. Charizard, meanwhile, watched his trainer disappear into the grass, and he looked down with a confused look on his face.

As for Kiawe… to see blades of grass tower over him like they were trees made him nervous. On the other hand, he was still able to clearly think and realize what made him shrink.
"That sandwich… those berries in that sandwich… those had to be the reason I shrunk! But how? Just what kind of berries were those?" Kiawe said.
"Yay! Big brother Kiawe is back!" a female voice shouted in the distance.
"Oh no… that's…!" Kiawe said, only to feel the ground thump every second as he struggled to maintain his balance. Kiawe tried to push aside the grass so he could see on top of it, but he was too small to move them much. It didn't matter, though, as quickly he was looking up at two of the tallest ladies he'd ever see. His little sister, Mimo, and also his mother, Sima. Kiawe had to scamper out of the way as one of Sima's sandaled feet came within inches of him.
"Huh? That's odd. Charizard is here but Kiawe isn't." Sima said.
"Maybe he went to carry the milk containers before I could touch them. That big brother of mine… he's so overprotective!" Mimo said.
"Hahaha! Of course he is, Mimo. That's what big brothers do." Sima said with a smile on her face. The two ladies then looked over at Charizard.
"So, Charizard. Where did Kiawe go?" Sima said. The two ladies traded confused looks when they saw Charizard pointing straight down.
"Huh? Down? Maybe you've gotten too much sun from all that flying." Sima said. Mimo looked down as well, but something did catch her eye.
"Oh? What's this little bug down by my sandals?" Mimo said.

Kiawe tried to sneak away from Charizard and the two giantesses, knowing that even the slightest interaction with any one of them could be dangerous. But he stopped in his tracks when he heard Mimo's voice from above.
"Oh? What's this little bug down by my sandals?" Mimo said. Kiawe turned around and saw Mimo's gigantic hand reaching down towards him.
"Yikes!" Kiawe said as he ducked nervously. He could only feel the rush of air going through his skin as he was lifted quickly upwards. Mimo held the 'bug' that was really Kiawe in the palm of her hand.
"How did you get here, little bug? Oh well… you go squish now!" Mimo said as she raised her other hand up. Kiawe had just about the saddest eyes you can possibly imagine as he begged for mercy.
"Mimo! Come now, we value all walks of life, no matter how big or small they come." Sima said as she held onto Mimo's raised hand.
"Okay… I'm sorry, Mom! Did you hear that, little bug? We're going to take good care of you!" Mimo said as she moved her hand holding the 'bug' closer to her face. That's when Kiawe saw the perfect opportunity.
"Mimo!!!" Kiawe shouted. Mimo thought the bug was acting funny at first, but as she looked closer and closer, with Kiawe falling back from seeing such a massive green eye in front of him.
"Huh? Wait a minute… Kiawe!? Is that you?" Mimo said.
"Yes! Oh… thank goodness you found me!" Kiawe said.
"Kiawe? Where? I don't see him." Sima said.
"He's right here, Mom!" Kiawe said as she held her hand up.
"Now now, Mimo, this is no time to be joking around." Sima said.
"No really! He's super teeny tiny! See?" Mimo said. Sima finally leaned in to get a closer look, and Kiawe gulped nervously as his giant mother looked down at him.

He was almost blown off Mimo's hand as Sima gasped in shock.
"Oh my gosh! It IS Kiawe!" Sima said. She kneeled down as Mimo lowered her hand to bring it back in front of her face.
"What happened to you, big brother? Or maybe I should say little brother now!" Mimo said.
"I ate this new sandwich that Mallow made, and it was filled with these new berries she found from Kanto. I ate the whole thing, and the next thing I know, I'm this tiny as soon as I hop off Charizard!" Kiawe said.
"Oh my! I didn't know berries could do that. Is it temporary?" Sima asked.
"I hope so… I don't know. I didn't ask Mallow for more details. I was in a rush to get back here to the farm. Now how am I supposed to make those milk deliveries!?" Kiawe said.
"Don't worry about that, son! We'll just tell the customers that you're sick and your father will deliver them instead. For now, the important thing is to get you back to normal." Sima said.
"I agree. We should head back to the café so I can talk with Mallow…" Kiawe said, only to suddenly be trapped as Mimo closed her hand into a fist.
"Hold on! Can't we play with him for a little bit? Pleeeeeeease, Mom? I've always wanted to play with a live doll!" Mimo said.
"Well… okay!" Sima said with a smile on her face. Kiawe was utterly shocked to see not just the response from his mother, but her facial expression as well.
"WHAT!? Oh no… nonononononono!!! Mimo will kill me! Mommy!" Kiawe shouted.
"Hahaha! Not if I'm around to supervise her, and not if we're both… I mean… if she's extra, extra careful. Right, Mimo?" Sima said.
"Hahaha! Of course! I'll be as careful with you as I am a basket full of mud for Mudbray!" Mimo said.
"Come on, let's go inside the house. We won't lose him there." Sima said.
"Okay, Mom!" Mimo said. As she cradled Kiawe up against her stomach, the tiny student sighed as he looked up at the giantesses.
"Spirit of Tapu Lele, please help me." Kiawe softly said.

Meanwhile, all the way back to Melemele Island, Lana slowly opened the door to her home, thinking she was going to get tackled by her younger sisters, Harper and Sarah. Instead, she was greeted with silence. With Ash and his Pokémon sticking their heads out of one of Lana's pants pockets, Lana slowly stepped inside with Popplio following from behind.
"Helloooooooo? Anybody home?" Lana asked. Her walk eventually took her to the kitchen counter, where she set down her fishing equipment and noticed a piece of paper there. Lana picked up the paper and read it out loud.
"Lana. Your sisters and I went shopping. We should be back before dinner time. If you don't read this, then it probably means you went fishing somewhere. Love, Mom." Lana said.
"Heh… maybe that's a good thing. I'm the right size to be one of their toys." Ash said. Lana looked down at Ash and smiled.
"You're right. Then again… I could always play with you like a toy." Lana said with a sly smile on her face as she picked up Ash and held him up to her eyes.
"(gulp) But you wouldn't do that… right?" Ash asked.
"Hahahaha! No, of course not! At the size you're at, I've got to be careful. You could get hurt. In fact…" Lana said as she walked over to a couch and table. She set Ash and his Pokémon (after pulling them out from her pants) down on the table, which was knee high to Lana, forcing the group to look up at her.
"You all can stay here for now!" Lana said.
"Thanks, Lana!" Ash said.

Popplio and Ash's shrunken Pokémon didn't waste time conversing with each other. In fact, Litten jumped on Popplio's nose and the Pokémon was thrown up and down while Popplio bobbed its head in the same direction.
"Heh… the Pokémon sure are having a good time." Ash said.
"They sure are. So curious… I mean, I'd be scared if Popplio and I were teeny tiny like that." Lana said. Eventually, Litten made a daring leap off Popplio's nose and landed back on the table, prompting cheers from Pikachu and Rockruff. Then Pikachu looked over to Popplio and made motions with its hands. Popplio knew exactly what Pikachu was talking about, and Popplio looked up at Lana.
"Oh? What is it, Popplio?" Lana asked. That's when Popplio made one of its signature water bubbles, allowing it to float up in the air.
"Oh! I get it! You want us to ride in one of your water bubbles?" Ash asked. Popplio nodded its head and shouted its name in approval.
"Haha! Cool! We're certainly the right size, aren't we, Lana?" Ash said.
"Oh, yes! You're right! Go for it, Popplio!" Lana said.

Ash and his Pokémon stood on the edge of the table and waited patiently for Popplio. Popplio blew up a water bubble almost at point blank range of the shrunken group. It was a small bubble, but certainly big enough to comfortably hold Ash and his Pokémon. The world looked swirly inside their watery shelter, but it was just visible enough to see they were floating upward. Lana actually had to scoot out of the way to keep the bubble from hitting her.
"Wow! We're floating! This is so awesome!" Ash said as his Pokémon cheered in delight as well. Lana looked happy as well… at least until she realized something.
"Oh my… the bubble is floating too high! It's going to hit the ceiling!" Lana said. Indeed, despite Ash and his Pokémon being inside, the bubble was light enough that it had no problem continuing to float upwards. Ash looked up and saw the ceiling getting closer and closer.
"Oh… look how high up we are… and look how close the ceiling is. And if this bubble hits the ceiling…!" Ash said. Just as he feared, the bubble tapped against the ceiling and burst, and Ash, his Pokémon, and a few drops of water went falling towards the ground.
"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!" Ash screamed.
"I got you! I got you!!" Lana said as she moved back and forth, keeping a sharp eye on Ash and his Pokémon. They all landed squarely in the palm of one of her hands.
"Whew… that was close! Are you all okay?" Lana said.
"Yeah! Thanks for the save, Lana." Ash said.
"It's my pleasure to always help a fellow student at the Pokémon School." Lana said as she cradled the group against her face for a short while.
"Whew…" Lana then said. Popplio, meanwhile, felt hungry and ran over to its always ready bowl of Pokémon food nearby.

She walked over to the table and set the group back down on it. Then she crashed on the couch, lifting her feet off the ground to rest them there.
"What's wrong, Lana? Are you tired?" Ash asked.
"Kinda. I've been walking around a lot today and my feet are tired." Lana said. The group watched as she slipped her feet out of her sandals.
"Hey, I know! Why don't we give them a massage?" Ash asked.
"Huh? A massage? Are you sure?" Lana said.
"Sure, why not? A massage always makes tired feet feel better. We don't mind! You helped us so it's only fair we return the favor." Ash said with a smile. Lana smiled right back.
"Awwww… that's so sweet of you, Ash. Thanks! Stand back now…" Lana said. After watching Ash and his Pokémon take several steps backwards, Lana set her bare feet on top of the table. Ash secretly thought that Lana had such lovely looking feet. She probably takes very good care of them when she's home, but he shook his head to get that thought out.
"Alright! Pikachu, Rockruff, Litten! Let's work hard to make Lana's feet feel better! Are you with me!?" Ash shouted.
"Pika!" Pikachu shouted.
"Ruff ruff!" Rockruff said, followed by a friendly meow from Litten.

For the next few minutes, Ash and his Pokémon did whatever they could to massage the giant Lana's feet. Whether that was the old-fashioned massaging with their arms and legs, or in more creative ways like Pikachu giving them light shocks or Rockruff using Rock Throw on the skin, Lana felt almost every move they made. It made her smile.
"Mmmm… this feels so good. I should get foot massages like this more often…" Lana said as she yawned and rested her head on one side of the couch. Ash and his Pokémon eventually looked past Lana's feet and saw her falling asleep.
"Oh… look at that. Lana is dozing off. Maybe we should wake her back up, Pikachu?" Ash said.
"Pika!" Pikachu said.
"Rockruff, Litten. You two stay here and keep working on Lana's feet." Ash said. Both Pokémon nodded as they watched Ash (with Pikachu riding on his head) climb up Lana's feet like they were cliffsides. Ash jumped on top of her blue pants and ran across them.
"Haha! This is like running through Route 1, right Pikachu?" Ash said. It took a few minutes, but Ash finally made it past her blue pants and was now running on her left arm with it rested on top of her white shirt. He had to make an athletic maneuver as Lana turned to her left, causing Ash to land on top of her white shirt. He and Pikachu were a good few yards away from Lana's chin now.
"This is close enough. Alright, Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!" Ash said. Pikachu jumped off Ash's head and fired its signature electricity
"PiiiiikaCHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!" Pikachu shouted.

As soon as the bolt hit Lana on the chin, she felt it.
"Ow!" Lana said as she jumped up to a sitting position, taking her feet off the table in the process. Of course, the sudden change in position meant Ash and Pikachu went sliding down Lana's white shirt. They eventually landed in her lap where she found them.
"Haha! Sorry about that, Lana… you were dozing off." Ash said.
"I was? Oh my… how embarrassing. I haven't fallen asleep on the couch since I was a little girl." Lana said. She gently picked up Ash and Pikachu and set them back on the table.
"You two must be exhausted after running across my clothes to get to my face. Would you like some water?" Lana said.
"Sure! That's nice of you, Lana!" Ash said.
"Okay! Wait here." Lana said as she got up and walked away from the table. She wasn't gone for long, though, returning about a minute later with a glass almost completely filled up with water. She set the glass down on the table, where it towered well over Ash and his Pokémon.
"There you go!" Lana said.
"Thanks, but… how are we supposed to drink it?" Ash asked.
"Oh… you're right. Hmmm…" Lana said, quickly realizing the size of Ash and his Pokémon was definitely not ideal for drinking from a glass of water. But with a snap of her fingers, she thought of something.
"Oh! I've got an idea." Lana said. That's when she gently picked up Ash and only Ash.
"Huh? Lana, what are you… Whoa!!!" Ash shouted as he suddenly was let go by the 'giantess' and he fell right smack into the glass of water, splashing in it like it was a swimming pool.
"There you go! You can drink from inside the glass." Lana said.
"Heh heh… thanks, Lana! Although this makes for a good swim too!" Ash said as he swam around despite his clothes being drenched.
"The water's not too cold, is it, Ash?" Lana asked from above.
"No, not at all! You got it perfectly right." Ash said as he gave a thumbs up to Lana, who smiled down at the shrunken boy.

She reached down to pick up Pikachu and Rockruff (Litten scampered away, as it had a natural distaste for water) but stopped short of getting a grip on them when she heard the front door knock.
"Oh? I wonder who that could be?" Lana asked.
"Maybe it's your Mom and your younger sisters." Ash said.
"Ooooooh… I hope not. Try to lay low, if you all can." Lana said as she got up from the couch and walked towards the front door. She opened it up, and to her relief, it was only one person, and a person that she recognized.
"Alola, Lillie!" Lana said. The girl she was looking at was Lillie, one of her classmates at the Pokémon School. She was wearing her signature white dress complete with white hat, and she held her Alolan Vulpix, whom she nicknamed Snowy, in her arms.
"Alola, Lana! I hope I'm not interrupting anything." Lillie said.
"Not at all. Please come in." Lana said as she backed away and allowed Lillie to come in.
"Thanks, but I can't stay long. I have to get home soon. I was just wondering if you've seen Ash." Lillie said. This, of course, caused Lana to open her eyes wide. She knew exactly were Ash was, and Lillie probably had no idea what happened.
"Um… well…" Lana said.

But Ash saved her the trouble. He looked into the distance and saw Lillie walking inside.
"Lillie! Alola!!!" Ash shouted.
"Huh? Did you hear that?" Lillie asked.
"Um… no… I didn't hear anything. Maybe you're hearing things." Lana said.
"No, I could've sworn I heard Ash's voice." Lillie said as she slowly wandered around Lana's home, trying to track down Ash via his voice.
"Over here, Lillie!" Ash said as he waved from the top of the water glass. Finally, Lillie approached the table and looked down. She gasped when she saw the shrunken Ash and his Pokémon as well.
"Oh my! Ash!? Is that… is that you?" Lillie said as she and Snowy leaned in to get a closer look.
"Haha! Yep, it sure is! Don't mind me… I'm just going for a swim." Ash said. Lana caught up to Lillie and stood alongside her.
"Ash and his Pokémon are like this because they ate something called MicroBerries from Mallow." Lana said.
"Oh? MicroBerries? I've never heard of those kinds of berries." Lillie said.
"Yeah, neither did I. She said they came from the Kanto region. Anyway… it turns out whoever eats them shrinks to a teeny tiny size. I guess Mallow and Professor Kukui are working to find an antidote, so I was watching over them until then." Lana said.
"I see. How fascinating." Lillie said.

Just then, both girls heard a couple loud horns from outside, followed by a male voice.
"Miss Lillie, I do not wish to intervene on your time spent with friends, but we really must get back to the mansion to care for the Pokémon there!" the male voice said. Lillie immediately recognized it as coming from the butler of the mansion she lived in, Hobbes.
"Coming, Hobbes!" Lillie shouted. She then looked over at Lana.
"Um… listen, Lana. Would it be okay if I borrowed Ash for a short while? He was going to teach me on how to better embrace Pokémon. That way I don't… you know… quiver with fear every time a Pokémon other than Snowy gets near me." Lillie said. Lana smiled.
"Sure, I don't mind! I'll just tell Mallow you're now keeping him." Lana said. She reached into the glass of water and plucked Ash out from inside. After Lillie set Snowy down on the ground, Lillie accepted Ash into the palm of her hand.
"Alright! Your mansion is already huge… I can't wait to see it from this size!!" Ash said. Lillie and Lana both giggled.
"Did I mention he still has his enthusiastic attitude?" Lana asked.
"Obviously, but that's what we like about you, Ash! Come on, let's go!" Lillie said. She started to walk out of Lana's house, but then…
"Wait, Lillie! Don't forget about my Pokémon!" Ash shouted. She then looked back at the table where she saw the tiny Pikachu, Rockruff, and Litten all standing on the edge.
"Oh… um… right…" Lillie said as she gently reached down with her other hand to pick up the Pokémon. Pikachu was too excited as he didn't wait for Lillie's hand to get low enough and he jumped onboard. However… the instant Pikachu made contact with Lillie's left hand.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Lillie screamed as she sharply pulled her hand away, forcing Pikachu to fall back to the table.

As Lillie breathed heavily, Ash and Lana both gave incredulous looks.
"Lillie! Don't tell me you can't touch Pikachu even when he's shrunken!" Ash said, his head sticking out from Lillie's enclosed hand.
"Yeah, Lillie. They can't bother you much at that size." Lana said. Lillie then had a determined look on her face.
"I know that! It's just… it doesn't matter whether a Pokémon is 2 inches tall or 200 feet tall. I still… *gulp*" Lillie said. Ash and Lana just sighed, wondering if there would ever be a day where Lillie could truly show her love of Pokémon and touch any that she wanted. Fortunately for everyone involved, Snowy came the rescue and held its head a few inches away from the table. Pikachu, Rockruff, and Litten all jumped, landing first on Snowy's nose but then making themselves comfortable in its fluffy hair.
"Looks like Snowy saved the day!" Lana said.
"Thanks, Snowy. I don't know what I'd do without you." Lillie said.
"Vul!" Snowy replied.
"Well… thanks, Lana! See you at school tomorrow!" Lillie said.
"Bye, Lillie!" Lana said as she waved goodbye not just to Lillie, but also the tiny Ash and his Pokémon.

Lillie walked towards the small limousine where Hobbes opened one of the back doors. He then noticed Snowy walking on the ground, which was a curiosity as it rarely ever left Lillie's arms.
"Oh? Miss Lillie? Why aren't you carrying Snowy in your arms?" Hobbes asked.
"Well, it's because I have a guest coming with me. You remember Ash Ketchum, right?" Lillie asked. That's when she opened up her hands and showed off the tiny Ash to the butler.
"Oh my! I don't remember Master Ash being that small!" Hobbes said.
"It's a long story, Hobbes. Something made Ash shrink this small, but Mallow and others are actively searching for a cure. So I'm taking care of him for now." Lillie said.
"I see. Well, if anyone can give tender, loving care to people of all shapes and sizes, it's you, Miss Lillie." Hobbes said.
"Thank you, Hobbes!" Lillie said. She jumped in the car, as did Snowy with the Pokémon riding on its head. As Hobbes got in the passenger seat and the driver fired up the car, Lillie tucked the tiny Ash up against her lap and kept a firm grip on him the entire trip. Along the way, Ash suddenly had Kiawe on his mind.
"Hmmm… I wonder how Kiawe is doing? I hope he didn't eat Mallow's sandwich and shrink to my size. Who knows what might be chasing him if that were true…" Ash said to himself.

Back at Paniola Ranch, meanwhile…
"WAAAAH!!! MAKE MIMO STOP, MOM!!!" Kiawe screamed as he jumped out of the way of Mimo stepping on him.
"Bwahahaha! Run, little brother! This is for all those times you yelled at me!" Mimo said as she walked right behind the shrunken Kiawe, trying to pin him underneath one of her sandals.
"Teehee! How am I doing, Mom?" Mimo said as she looked back at Sima, who sat comfortably in a chair.
"Great, Mimo! Just remember… this is only for fun. Don't crush him for real." Sima said.
"Yes, Mom!" Mimo said as she got back to chasing after the shrunken Kiawe. It made Kiawe sweat like crazy seeing his sister look over 100 feet tall walking behind him. Eventually, Kiawe tripped over what would be a microscopic crack in the wooden floor to someone at normal size. Kiawe rolled around and looked to see Mimo towering over him.
"Haha! Gotcha!" Mimo said as she raised one of her sandaled feet up in the air.
"Eeeeeeep!" Kiawe screamed.
"Mimo!" Sima shouted, thinking Mimo was going to crush Kiawe for real.

But instead, Mimo merely pinned Kiawe underneath her sandal, leaving only his head sticking out.
"Relax, Mom! Look, I merely pinned him under my sandal!" Mimo said. Sima got up from her chair and saw what Mimo was talking about. She couldn't help but laugh.
"Ah, I see. Hahaha!" Sima said.
"Come on, this isn't funny! I can barely breathe down here!" Kiawe said.
"Okay, Mimo. Let him go now." Sima said. Mimo complied by lifting her foot up, allowing Kiawe to move around again, though not for long as Mimo picked him back up.
"Hey, I know what we can do next!" Mimo said. That's when she ran over to another corner of the room and pulled out a tea set. With one hand (because the other was holding onto Kiawe), she put the tea set together on a nearby table complete with chairs, table, tea cups, and dolls of various Alolan Pokémon sitting in all but one of the chairs. The empty chair was filled by Kiawe as Mimo dropped him onto the chair. Mimo and Sima sat down close to the tea set.
"Alright, Kiawe. As the newest member of the tea celebration, would you like something to eat?" Mimo asked.
"Ugh… this is downright humiliating. It's like watching Sophocles trying to eat healthily." Kiawe muttered softly. He then got a gently tap from one of his Mom's fingers.
"Kiawe, your little sister asked you a question." Sima said.
"Little sister!? What's so little about her right now!?" Kiawe shouted.
"Ooooooh… you're being very naughty right now, Kiawe. So I guess I'm going to have to feed you the rotten apple sauce. Open wide!" Mimo said as she picked up one of the tiny spoons.
"What? There's not even… ooooof!!" Kiawe said, only to have his face stuffed with the end of the spoon. Mimo moved it all around his mouth like he would a toothbrush. This went on for a few more seconds until finally, Mimo pulled the spoon out and Kiawe coughed for air.
"So, Kiawe, how did that apple sauce taste?" Mimo asked as she leaned her face in almost point blank at Kiawe.
"Er… um… great! Wonderful! Fantastic!!! Best apple sauce I've ever eaten!" Kiawe said, prompting a laugh from both Mimo and Sima.

Speaking of Sima, Mimo just happened to glance down at the floor at her mother's bare feet.
"Oh, Mom! Your feet are kinda dirty!" Mimo said. Sima looked down and saw streaks of dirt and mud, with alternating colors of gray and brown, at her feet, namely between her toes.
"Huh? Oh, you're right. I guess I did a little too much walking through Mudbrey's turf. I better go wash them off." Sima said. She started to get up from her chair, but Mimo stopped her.
"Wait, Mom! I have a better idea. Have little brother Kiawe clean them!" Mimo said.
"WHAT!?" Kiawe shouted.
"Hmmmm… yeah! That sounds like fun! You'll do it, right, Kiawe? You work so hard for the family farm." Sima said. She flashed that characteristic smile of hers that told Kiawe you better do what she says or else.
"Sigh… okay, okay." Kiawe said. Mimo clapped her hands and lifted Kiawe away from the tea set. She kneeled down and set him on top of her right foot.
"Heeheehee! He looks so cute standing on your foot, Mom!" Mimo said. Kiawe looked around his giant mother's foot. It didn't seem so bad at first… but then he looked between her toes. Some of them had probably the nastiest looking filth one could ever imagine as toejam reigned supreme in some spots. Kiawe gulped nervously and got to work rubbing away whatever mess he could.

For the next few minutes, Sima and Mimo both watched the tiny Kiawe work his heart out in cleaning one of his giant mother's feet. Almost literally. He's had to wipe the sweat away from his forehead on numerous occasions on top of flinging off some of the toejam that was getting all over his hands.
"Ugh… Mom, no offense, but when's the last time you washed your feet?" Kiawe asked.
"I'm pretty sure it was a couple days ago, but you know how farm life can be, son!" Sima said with a cute smile on her face. Kiawe almost fainted as he took another whiff of Sima's feet. At normal size, the smell probably wouldn't be noticeable, but at his size, it was like a punch right to the face. Nevertheless, he soldiered on, continuing to rub feverishly to dislodge whatever dirt or mud or toejam he could.
“Mmmmm… you’re doing good, Kiawe. Keep it up!” Sima said as she wiggled her toes, which scared Kiawe into thinking they would crush him if he wasn’t careful.

Suddenly, the door opened wide, and on the other side was a panicked Rango, Kiawe’s father.
“Sima! The Miltank are running wild again!” Rango shouted. Sima and Mimo both quickly stood up from their chairs. Kiawe was taken aback by the sudden movements of his giant mother, but held on tight to the top of her foot.
“Oh no, not again!” Sima said.
“Have no fear! I’ll calm them down!” Mimo said as she quickly ran out of the room.
“Wait, Mimo!” Sima said.
“It’s okay, Sima. Olivia is here to help. The three of us can take care of the Miltank easily.” Rango said.
“Oh? Olivia is here?” Sima asked.
“Yeah, she said she wanted to speak with you when she got the chance. Oh, not that way, Mimo!” Rango said as he ran away from the open door. Sima walked towards the door and closed it. She then looked down at her foot and saw Kiawe still sitting atop it, at least until Sima reached down to pick him up.
“Whew… thank goodness you didn’t get crushed during that panic attack.” Sima said.
“Mom! Shouldn’t you go out there and help everyone with the Miltank?” Kiawe said.
“They can handle the situation, especially with Olivia around. Let's talk about us." Sima said as she held Kiawe closer and closer to her eyes.
"(gulp) Us?" Kiawe said.

She then moved Kiawe towards one of her earrings.
"Go ahead. Grab on!" Sima said. Kiawe sighed and jumped onto the earring, latching onto the object that was just as tall as he was.
"Alright. I want to see how strong you've become. Let's see how long you can hang on!" Sima said.
"Mom! This is crazy! Shouldn't we find a way to… WHOA!" Kiawe said as he clutched tightly onto the earring and held on for dear life. Sima, meanwhile, did a little dance around the room. It was nothing too crazy, although she did bob her head left and right, wanting to see how long it would take until Kiawe slipped off. He held on for much longer than she thought.
"I… can't… hold… on… any… longer… Eeeeek!" Kiawe said before he finally lost his grip. He ended up flying in front of Sima, causing him to crash onto her necklace. And being too tired to hold onto that, Kiawe slid into the top half of Sima's clothing. Sima put her hands on her hips.
"Kiawe! I thought I raised you much nicer than that!" Sima shouted.
"Ugh… you did… Mom… I'm just…" Kiawe said.
"There, there. You're just tired from all that hanging on. I understand." Sima said. She reached down and pulled Kiawe out from her chest, holding him up against her face again.
"Relax, Kiawe. You're my first born. I'll make sure nothing bad happens to you." Sima said as she hugged the shrunken boy up against her face.

Just then, she heard a knock on the nearby door. Sima tucked Kiawe into her skirt against her backside, leaving only his upper half sticking out. While Kiawe held on tight to keep from slipping inside, Sima opened the door and saw it was Olivia standing on the other side.
"Oh! Alola, Olivia." Sima said.
"Alola, Sima. Whew… sorry I'm late. Those Miltank gave us a run for our money! WHOA!!!" Olivia said as she stepped inside… only to trip on the doorstep and fall flat on her face.
"Olivia! Are you okay!?" Sima shouted. Olivia quickly jumped to her feet and laughed like nothing happened.
"Hahahaha! Of course! You know that's my style!" Olivia said.
"Can I get you anything? Like some food or water or 10 million bandages?" Sima asked.
"No, no. I'm fine, thank you for asking. Say, where is Kiawe?" Olivia asked.
"Well, um… if I told you, you probably wouldn't believe me." Sima said.
"Sima, Sima. I'm the Kahuna of Akala Island. I've seen just about everything this world has to offer!" Olivia said.
"Heh… true. I keep forgetting. Anyway, here's Kiawe right here." Sima said as she reached behind her back and pulled Kiawe out from between her skirt and her back. Olivia had a stunned look on her face as she leaned in and looked closer at the tiny Kiawe.
"Ummmm… Alola, Olivia." Kiawe said with an awkward wave.
"Well… almost everything." Olivia finally replied.
"Kiawe accidentally ate some berries that have the power to shrink anyone that eats them. His friends are working to find a cure as we speak." Sima said.
"I see. They must be some strong berries!" Olivia said.

Sima then turned her head when she heard her husband and her daughter yelling for Tauros to come back.
"Sigh… and hopefully soon. Without Kiawe, keeping the Pokémon calm and collected is tough!" Sima said.
"Why don't you go out there and help them? I'll keep an eye on Kiawe." Olivia said.
"Are you sure?" Sima said.
"Sure I'm sure! It'll be no problem at all." Olivia said. She gently took Kiawe out of Sima's hands.
"Great! I'll be back soon!" Sima said as she ran out the door, closing it behind her. Olivia then looked at a nervous shrunken Kiawe in her hands.
"Sooooo… what brings you here, Olivia?" Kiawe asked.
"Oh, I was shopping here on Melemele Island and I figured I'd stop by before taking the ferry back to Akala Island. But never mind that. I have a question for you." Olivia said. She then moved Kiawe up to her face.
"What's that?" Kiawe asked as he looked nervously at not only Olivia's eyes but the pink lipstick on her face as well.
"Are you ready to take on your biggest trial challenge yet?" Olivia asked. Kiawe gulped nervously wondering what that could mean.

Meanwhile, back at Lillie's mansion on Melemele Island, Lillie walked through the doors that would lead to her bedroom, with Snowy walking behind her. Lillie, now with her hat off (which Hobbes always removes when Lillie arrives home), still carried Ash comfortably in her hands while Snowy still had his Pokémon riding atop its head. Lillie dropped down to the yellow couch in one corner of the room.
"Well, here we are, Ash!" Lillie said.
"Awesome! Thanks for the lift." Ash said.
"Anytime, Ash. I bet you've always wanted to be carried like that." Lillie said.
"What!? Well… yes… no… kinda…" Ash said as he blushed a bit and rubbed his shoes around the palm of Lillie's hand. Ash's Pokémon then jumped onto the couch, landing right next to one of Lillie's legs. Lillie jumped a bit and scooted over to the side.
"Awwww… come on, Lillie. It's not so bad to touch them like that." Ash said. Lillie sat almost paralyzed for a few more seconds.
"You're right! I have to be strong for your Pokémon!" Lillie said with a determined face. She slowly lowered a hand down towards the Pokémon, and all three (Pikachu, Litten, and Rockruff) jumped onboard. This time Lillie didn't budge and moved her hands together to reunite Ash with his Pokémon, who all cuddled around him.
"Haha! Pikachu, did you like riding atop Snowy?" Ash said.
"Pika Pika!" Pikachu said. Lillie smiled.
"Ash, can I ask you something?" Lillie said.
"What's that, Lillie? Oh!" Ash said, only to watch as Lillie stood up from the couch.

She then set the shrunken group down on the floor, a yard or two away from her shoes, and then stood to her full height, pressing her hands against the front of her dress.
"Tell me, Ash. Do I look very big from down there?" Lillie asked.
"Oh, of course! You're almost like a skyscraper." Ash said.
"Oh? I am?" Lillie said. Ash couldn't see it, but Lillie briefly blushed over the comment.
"Sure do! It reminds me of this building called the Silph Tower back in Kanto. I'm always amazed at how many floors it has!" Ash said.
"I see. What a fascinating thought. I've always wondered what it would be like to either look up at a giant or even be a giant!" Lillie said.
"Oh? Is that so?" Ash asked.
"Yes. I had this dream a couple weeks ago. My mother and I were walking around this city. People were waving at us because we were being respectful to them. It was so nice to talk with people much smaller than me." Lillie said.
"Haha! That dream sounds awesome, Lillie!" Ash said. Lillie then got down on her knees and leaned in towards Ash.
"Oh, but can we please keep this a secret. Just between the two of us… I'm afraid of what the other students like Mallow or Kiawe would think." Lillie said. Ash smiled and gave a thumbs up.
"No problem, Lillie. Your secret is safe with me!" Ash said.
"Awwww… thank you, Ash!" Lillie said. She gently picked up the young boy and gave him a quick kiss from head to toe.
"Wow! That was so sweet of you!" Ash said.

After Lillie set Ash back down on the ground next to his Pokémon, she suddenly heard a rumbling noise.
"Oh? What was that?" Lillie said. She then saw Ash clutch his stomach.
"Whoops… I guess I'm getting hungry again." Ash said.
"Hmmm… I think we can fix that in a hurry!" Lillie said. She stood back up and walked over to the doors. Opening them up, she looked down the hallway and seeing Hobbes walking away.
"Hobbes!" Lillie shouted.
"Oh! Yes, Miss Lillie?" Hobbes asked.
"Please have the maid bring some food for Ash. He's getting quite hungry!" Lillie said.
"As you wish, Miss Lillie!" Hobbes said as he walked away. Lillie nodded her head and walked away from the doors, returning to where Ash was standing. She reached down and picked him and his Pokémon up.
"There now. It should only take a few minutes." Lillie said.
"Awesome!" Ash said. Lillie walked towards a nearby table and set Ash and his Pokémon down there. She sat down on the chair and focused on the shrunken group, resting her hands on the table.
"(sigh) I wish I could be as loving and caring for Pokémon as you are, Ash." Lillie said. Ash walked up towards one of Lillie's hands and patted one of her fingers and looked into her green eyes.
"Don't worry, Lillie. You'll be touching every Pokémon on the planet someday!" Ash said.
"Haha! I hope so!" Lillie said.

Ash then looked longingly at the pigtails at the front of Lillie's hair and got an idea.
"Hey, Lillie, I'd like to work up my appetite even more. How about I climb up your hair?" Ash asked.
"Huh? My hair?" Lillie said.
"Sure! It's the perfect length! And it will help me get exercise for the day!" Ash said.
"Oh? Okay, but are you sure? What if you fall? You might get hurt!" Lillie asked.
"Naaaaah… you'll catch me, won't you?" Ash asked.
"Of course! Well, okay then." Lillie said. She leaned forward so that some of her hair was dangling over the table. She gasped as Ash did not hesitate to jump up and grab the hair. Ash got to work climbing up Lillie's hair like he was climbing a cliffside. Lillie did her best to encourage him.
"Come on, everyone, including you, Snowy! Let's cheer Ash on!" Lillie said as Snowy and Ash's shrunken Pokémon all cheered him on. For the next couple of minutes, Ash made his way up Lillie's hair until he was standing on the very top of Lillie's head.
"Yeah! I'm king of the mountain now!" Ash said.
"Good job, Ash!" Lillie said.
"Thank you! Heads up, I'm jumping off!" Ash said as he boldly leapt off Lillie's head. The 'giantess' was ready, like Ash anticipated, to catch him, and he sat squarely in the palm of one of her hands.
"Haha! I'm not going to lie, that was so much fun." Ash said. Lillie just smiled, admiring how carefree Ash was despite his current size situation.

Just then, the doors opened wide, and an elderly woman in a maid's outfit came walking in with a tray full of different items of food. Lillie set Ash back down on the table, and he and his Pokémon ran out of the way as the maid set the plates full of food down.
"Miss Lillie. Here is the food you requested. I even included some Pokémon food for when you go outside." the maid said.
"Thank you! You thought of everything, didn't you?" Lillie said with a smile. The maid smiled right back as she adjusted her glasses.
"Just doing what I do best, Miss Lillie. Please enjoy your snacks, especially your little friends." the maid said before she turned around and walked away.
"Well, there you go, Ash. Pick what you like and…" Lillie said.
"Oh boy! Rice balls!" Ash shouted as he practically stuck his head inside the giant rice ball and dug right in.
"Hohoho! That Ash and his appetite. Here you go, everyone. Dig in!" Lillie said as she set one bowl of Pokémon food down on the floor for Snowy. Another bowl she scooted over towards Pikachu, Litten, and Rockruff all to dig into. Of course, Lillie didn't leave herself out as she picked up one of the more healthier snacks to munch on.

A few minutes later, Ash and all his Pokémon laid on the ground clearly feeling stuffed.
"Aaaaaaaah… that was most delicious. Thank you so much, Lillie." Ash said.
"Haha! My pleasure! It's amazing how so little can fill you up so much at that size." Lillie said, noting how some of the food looked barely eaten from her perspective. Just then, the doors opened up again, and this time it was Hobbes again.
"Excuse me for interrupting, Miss Lillie, but you have some guests." Hobbes said.
"Oh? Please send them in." Lillie said. She quickly stood up from her chair when she saw Mallow, Lana, and Professor Kukui all walking in. Flying in behind all of them was Rotom Dex.
"Alola, everyone!" Lillie said as she bowed her head.
"Alola, Lillie! Taking good care of Ash, I see!" Mallow said.
"I sure am!" Lillie said.
"Mallow filled me in on everything already. And as you can see, Rotom Dex is fully recharged and ready to go." Kukui said.
"I most definitely am! I am at 100% power capacity now!" Rotom Dex said.
"Alola, Rotom Dex! Feeling better!?" Ash shouted from the table. Rotom Dex looked shocked as it flew close to Ash.
"Ash!? Is that you? You are only about 4% of your normal size! DOES NOT COMPUTE! DOES NOT COMPUTE!" Rotom Dex said.
"Haha! It's a long story, Rotom Dex. I'll explain later." Ash said with a smile.

He then watched as the 'giant' Mallow walked up to the table. She reached into her chest pocket and pulled out a lone red berry.
"Ash! I found the berry you and your Pokémon need to return to normal." Mallow said.
"Alright! Awesome job, Mallow! I knew you could find a MegaBerry." Ash said.
"I'm glad you're familiar with Micro and MegaBerries, Ash, but that shouldn't be a surprise given they originated from Kanto. I gotta say, it's amazing your brother found them in the first place, Mallow. After a few incidents in years past involving growing and shrinking in other regions, I thought those berries were extinct." Kukui said.
"Oh? There were other incidents aside from this one?" Lillie said.
"Yeah, and I was kinda sorta in a couple of those episodes… Hahaha!" Ash said as he rubbed the back of his head.
"Really!? What kind of adventures, Ash?" Lana said.
"Maybe another time he can tell us, Lana. Right now it's most important that we get Ash and his Pokémon back to normal size. Ash… all it takes is one bite from the MegaBerry Mallow is holding to neutralize the effects of the MicroBerries." Kukui said.

After Lillie took Ash and his Pokémon and set them down on the floor, Mallow then held the MegaBerry directly above Ash's head and he took a bite out of it, as did Pikachu, Rockruff, and Litten. All four glowed a bright red, and then everyone watched as they grew.
"Oh! It's working!" Lillie shouted. Almost 30 seconds later, Ash and his Pokémon were back to their normal size.
"Woohoo! Back to normal!" Ash said as he pumped his fist in victory, with his Pokémon cheering too. To his amazement, all three girls in the room (Lillie, Lana, and Mallow) all ran up to him and gave him a hug.
"Alright! Life would never have been the same if you stayed tiny!" Mallow said.
"Heh… thanks everyone for being such good friends no matter what size we were at!" Ash said.
"I'm afraid we can't celebrate just yet. We have to get to Paniola Ranch right away and apply the same treatment to Kiawe." Kukui said.
"Oh, right! Kiawe! Man… I hope he hasn't gotten squished or eaten. But how will we get there?" Ash said.
"Professor Kukui rented a couple Poké Ride Pelipper to fly us to the farm. It's by far the fastest way to get there." Mallow said.
"Right then, let's get going!" Ash said.
"Lana, Lillie. You two will have to stay here. There's only enough Pelipper for myself, Ash, and Mallow. Don't worry, we'll let you know how everything turns out." Kukui said.
"Understood!" Lillie said.
"Good luck, everyone!" Lana said. Ash, Mallow, and Kukui all left Lillie's bedroom and eventually the mansion itself, hoping they were not too late to save the shrunken Kiawe.

Back at Paniola Ranch, Kiawe once again found himself running for his life on the wooden floor. This time, he had a much bigger threat behind him as Olivia was the one chasing him now. He was coming way closer to stepping on the poor boy with her sandaled feet.
"Fee fi fo fum! I smell a flea-sized feisty-eyed fire-type Pokémon trainer!" Olivia said as she stomped down close to Kiawe once again.
"Come on, Olivia! Give me a break! I was just running away from my sister and my mother!" Kiawe shouted.
"Good to hear! The more the merrier, I say… WHOOOOOOA!!!" Olivia said. She tried to pretend to step on Kiawe once again, only she lost her footing again and wiggled around. Kiawe turned around and looked up in shock as he saw Olivia falling backwards like a tree in the forest coming down on him.
"Well, I guess this is it…" Kiawe said as he closed his eyes and braced for the worst.

He heard a very loud thud and felt the ground shake briefly. He opened his eyes and saw he was still alive. He turned around and gasped after he realized where he was and how he was still alive. He was inches away from Olivia's dark pink shorts, with her legs on both sides of him. Olivia, after rubbing her behind, looked between her legs and saw Kiawe there.
"Hahaha! Whoopsies! I need to do a better job of watching where I'm going." Olivia said with an innocent smile.
"You think?" Kiawe said.
"Hmmm… getting smart with me, I see. I think I need to teach you some manners." Olivia said as she reached down to pick him up.
"Not if you don't catch me!" Kiawe said as he quickly got running to avoid the giantess's hand. Without thinking much other than just wanting to get away from the hand, he jumped onto Olivia's arm and eventually ran into her yellow shirt.
"Hahahaha! Hey, don't run there! That tickles! Hahahaha!" Olivia said as she reached into her sleeve and tried to grab Kiawe, who simply climbed as fast as he could seeing the giant hand behind him. Eventually, the shirt was being pressed down as Olivia rubbed her fingers near her shoulder, laughing as she continued to feel Kiawe's tiny movements on her skin.

Eventually, Kiawe made his way out of the shirt, but lost his footing and fell for a short distance, ultimately landing on her thick necklace. Olivia calmed down after the tickling stopped and looked down at her necklace.
"Hahaha… that was very clever of you, Kiawe." Olivia said. She reached down and with nowhere to go, Kiawe just sighed as he felt trapped in between two of the giantess's fingers.
"Say, since you seem to like to go spelunking over my skin, I know a good place where I can keep you." Olivia said.
"Where's that?" Kiawe asked. As she sat up, Olivia then lowered him towards her navel.
"Go ahead! Get inside." Olivia said.
"Ummm… are you sure?" Kiawe said.
"It'll be okay. Go on!" Olivia said as she moved her hand closer and closer. Kiawe finally thrust his arms out and pressed them against the left side of her bellybutton.
"NO! I DON'T WANNA!!! PLEASE!!!" Kiawe shouted. Olivia could sense the extreme desperation in his voice and pulled him away.
"Kiawe, I didn't know you had this side in you." Olivia said with a smile.
"Hmmmph! That's because I do my best to hide it! I don't want to appear weak, especially in a battle." Kiawe said.
"Hahaha! I totally understand!" Olivia said.
"Um… look… I'll cooperate if you promise not to tell anyone what just happened." Kiawe said.
"Deal." Olivia said as she gave a quick kiss on his entire body, covering him in some of her pink lipstick.
"I tell you what. I have a better idea." Olivia said. She then stood back to her full height and then lowered the shrunken Kiawe again. This time, she went past her bellybutton and even past her shorts. Kiawe was now looking right at the garter around her left leg. Olivia eventually trapped him within this garter, leaving only his head sticking out.
"Are you comfy, Kiawe?" Olivia said.
"I guess I have to be, right?" Kiawe said.
"Now then… I'll take my shoes off to keep from tripping over myself." Olivia said as she slipped her feet out of her high-heeled sandals, leaving her in her bare feet. Kiawe held on and watched the world move around as Olivia started slow dancing around the room.
"Did I ever tell you I like to dance in my spare time?" Olivia said down to Kiawe, who nodded quickly.

Olivia danced for the next few minutes until she felt she had enough. She reached down towards her garter and pulled Kiawe out.
"There. Wasn't that fun, Kiawe?" Olivia said.
"Yeah, I guess so." Kiawe said.
"But you know… I just realized something. People would easily see you if I were to walk around with you there." Olivia said.
"Really? Maybe they'll just think I'm a toy." Kiawe said.
"Perhaps, but I don't want to take any chances. I'll put you someplace where nobody can notice you." Olivia said. She then licked her lips and dangled Kiawe up in the air by his feet.
"O…Olivia! What are you doing!?" Kiawe said.
"Putting you in my stomach, what else?" Olivia said.
"But how am I supposed to get out!?" Kiawe said.
"Regurgitation, what else?" Olivia said with a cute smile. She opened her mouth wide and drew Kiawe closer and closer to it. Kiawe said just about every prayer in the book until he would become Olivia's next snack.

At least… until the door opened up unknown to Olivia as she was focused directly on swallowing Kiawe. The female voice of Sima snapped Olivia out of it.
"OLIVIA!!!" Sima shouted.
"Hey! How! What the…!?" Olivia said as she quickly clutched Kiawe with both her hands and cuddled him against her shirt. Sima walked into the room, and behind her were Ash, Mallow, their Pokémon, Mimo (his younger sister), and Professor Kukui.
"Olivia… what were you doing with my son?" Sima said.
"Um… well… you see… I was just about to lick him and then give him a kiss. That's all!" Olivia said. Sima then smiled.
"Oh, okay. I was worried you were going to eat him or something worse!" Sima said.
"Hahahaha! Me? Eat Kiawe? What kind of horrible, sick person would do that!?" Olivia said. Kiawe just rolled his eyes over the lie the giantess was telling, but he kept his mouth shut.
"Ash. Mallow. I'd like you to meet Olivia… the Kahuna of Akala Island." Kukui said.
"Wow! Another Island Kahuna!? It's an honor to meet you. I hope to challenge you one day!" Ash said.
"Haha! I look forward to it. And I look forward to eventually visiting the Pokémon School, Professor Kukui." Olivia said.
"Glad to hear it! I'll inform Principal Oak as soon as I can." Kukui said.

Mallow, meanwhile, walked up to Mallow and looked at Kiawe.
"Kiawe! I'm glad you're still in one piece." Mallow said.
"Heh… yeah. You wouldn't believe all the close calls I've been through like this." Kiawe said.
"Well, don't worry. Mallow the nutritionist is here to rescue you!" Mallow said as she held the MegaBerry in her hand.
"Just one bite of that MegaBerry will return you to normal, Kiawe… neutralizing the effects of the MicroBerries no matter how many you ate." Kukui said in the background.
"Great! Let's get to it!" Kiawe said.
After Olivia set Kiawe down on the ground, as much as she didn't want to because she enjoyed playing with a shrunken person, Mallow allowed Kiawe to take a bite of the MegaBerry. His body glowed red and, much like with Ash and his Pokémon back at Lillie's home, he slowly grew and grew until he was back to his normal size.
"Whew! Finally!" Kiawe said as he breathed a sigh of relief and wiped his forehead. Sima then ran towards her son and hugged him and kissed him.
"It's great to have you back, my son!" Sima said.
"Awwww… I kinda wish he stayed tiny a little longer. I had fun!" Mimo said.
"Yeah! Me too!" Olivia said. They both got dirty looks from Sima.
"But… I'm glad you're back to normal, big brother." Mimo said.
"Yeah. Me too!" Olivia said, which prompted a laugh from everyone else in the room.

Eventually, everyone walked out of the room and was back outside.
"Well, I gotta run. I'm WAY behind on my chores, especially the milk deliveries!" Kiawe said as he ran away from the group of Sima, Mimo, Olivia, Professor Kukui, Ash, and Mallow (and the Pokémon of the latter two).
"Hey! Wait for me, big brother! I want to help!" Mimo said as she ran after him.
"Mallow, I would recommend storing away both the Mega and MicroBerries to where nobody else can eat them. You've seen just how much chaos they can cause." Kukui said.
"You're right, professor. I'll do that as soon as I get back to my kitchen. I'm so sorry! I had no idea all this would happen!" Mallow said.
"It's okay, Mallow! We all learn something new every day, like me! I didn't think I'd ever see those berries again. But I still had fun!" Ash said.
"Heh… I'm glad to hear that!" Mallow said.
"Well then, we'd better get back to Melemele Island. Sima and Olivia, I hope we'll all see each other again!" Kukui said.
"Alola!" both Sima and Olivia said, watching as their friends hopped on the Pelipper and took off for the skies to head back to Melemele Island.

And with that, life returned to normal for everyone involved. But even though Mallow kept her word to Professor Kukui and stored the Mega and MicroBerries at Aina's Kitchen away where nobody else could access them… there will undoubtedly be another time and place where the berries will wreak havoc once again.