Attack of the Giant Misty


It was a dark, quiet night. The only sounds were those of the wild Hoothoots who studied the dark woods with their big, red eyes. Ilex Forest was always densely populated with Pokemon. Misty lay awake, staring up at the dense leaves that completely covered the night sky. Misty had always been able to sleep if she could see the stars, and their absence made it impossible for her to rest peacefully. She constantly turned in her sleeping bag, but it was useless. Giving up, she decided to go for a walk. She extricated herself from her sleeping bag and set off into the depths of the dark woods. It was not a relaxing stroll at all. The red eyes of Hoothoots penetrated the dark woods like light bulbs, watching the slightly scared Misty as she climbed over several fallen trees and over slightly repulsive-looking plants. As Misty considered going back to the campsite, a wild Ratatta suddenly shot out from behind a rather large boulder, and sank it's teeth into Misty's leg.

"Ow! Get off of me!" she screamed furiously, shaking her leg violently, but the insane Ratatta would not detatch itself from Misty's leg.

In desperation Misty flung her leg close to the boulder behind which the Pokemon had been hiding, and the wild Ratatta hit the boulder and flew off of Misty's leg and landed on the ground, motionless. Misty was in complete shock. Looking down at her leg, she was even more shocked to see the bitewound heal instantly. Seemingly unharmed, Misty then turned her attention to the corpse of the Ratatta that had attacked her. It did not look like an ordinary Ratatta. It's eyes were a very dark red, and it's purple fur was much darker than it usually was. At that moment a wild Hoothoot flew from the dark tree it had been hiding in, and began to peck the rodent's corpse. Still in deep shock, Misty made her way back to the campsite, moved her sleeping bag into the tent, and after a few hours managed to sleep.

In what seemed like seconds later Misty awoke inside of the tent, which was flooded with light. She checked the clock/radio beside her sleeping bag. It was 9:36AM. Exiting the tent, Misty got up and stretched, yawning loudly, and went over to the nearby lake to get a drink of water, and noticed something very strange. Her reflection in the water had two catlike ears protruding from her head. They were the same color as her hair. But that couldn't be right, Misty thought, how could she have grown cat ears? She ran her fingers through her hair, confident that the cat ears that her reflection had were simply a hallucination caused by her lack of sleep. However, as she had dreaded, Misty's fingers were halted by what felt like two catlike ears.

"No," she muttered to herself, staring at her reflection in shock as she pulled the cat ears slightly with her hands, just to be sure they were real, "this can't be real, this is a dream, it has to be!"

But as she continued feeling the catlike ears with her hands, Misty noticed something else in her reflection, something that turned her blood into ice. In her reflection in the water, a sort of furry red rope was sticking up behind her, curling itself slightly. She didn't have a-a TAIL?! Misty was now in a state of complete disbelief. She held the tail in her hands, squeezing it slightly. Misty was now in a state of complete panic.

"What-what happened to me?!" she yelled, jumping back from the lake. "How did this happen?! Oh no, I need to get to a doctor-"

Misty suddenly stopped abruptly. She had just noticed something that was the strangest of all. Everything around her, everything, had gotten much smaller. But the whole planet couldn't have just suddenly shrunk, Misty realized. But that would have to mean that she had gotten bigger...tripled in size, at the very least...but how?!

"This is really bad..."Misty said to herself, staring at her gigantic form in shock. "I need to find a way to stop this, and FAST!"

"Misty?!" someone said suddenly. "What's going on?!"

Looking down, Misty found that her outbreak had abruptly awoken Ash and Brock, who were now staring up at their giant friend in complete disbelief.

"I-I don't know..." Misty stammered, "I-I just woke up like this and-and then I started growing! Wait!" she said suddenly, a look of understanding dawning on her face. "Maybe it's that bite I got that's making me grow like this! It must have given me some weird disease..."

"Wait, back up." Ash said suddenly. "When did a Pokemon bite you?"

"Last night, while I was going for a walk. It bit me in the leg."

"I don't see any bitewound," Ash said, staring at Misty's gigantic legs.

"Well, I don't know why, but it healed really fast."

"Okay," Brock cut in, "Misty, I think the first thing we should do is get you to a doctor."

"Why?" she asked him.


"But-but what if I don't WANT the cure?" Misty said suddenly, giggling a little.

"Misty," Ash sighed, "whether you want the cure or not, you have to have it. I mean, how can you live like this?!"

"Well, it's not too bad." Misty said, more to herself than to Ash. "Why let this go to waste? I should at least have a little fun with my new size."

"Misty, I think that disease is starting to mess with your head!" Brock said quickly. " You need to be cured, and you know it!"

"No, I don't," Misty said, giggling again. "I'm beginning to enjoy being this big. I'm not letting either of you take my new gift away! In fact," Misty stood up, smiling fiendishly, "I think I'll have a little fun in Goldenrod first! But I can't have too much fun at my current size-"

Suddenly Misty grew bigger, now almost 40 feet tall.

"Much better!" The giantess said happily, grinning again. "So long, boys!"

And with that, she began to make her way through the Ilex Forest, heading straight for the city of Goldenrod.

"Misty, NO!"

As Misty continued to walk through the Ilex Forest as though the trees were nothing more than weeds, Ash turned to Brock, who was still staring at Misty as though he could not believe what had just happened.

"C'mon!" Ash yelled at Brock, who immediatly came back to his senses. "We've got to stop her!"

The two ran after their gigantic friend, following the trail of broken trees, crushed Pokemon corpses, and footprints the size of mattresses. Eventually they arrived at Goldenrod City, but they were too late- Misty had already done quite a bit of damage. The Radio Station was on it's side, and several buildings, including the Pokemon Healing Center, the Bike Shop, and the Market were nothing but rubble. Worst of all, Misty was now three times bigger, at least 120 feet tall. People were fleeing in all directions as Misty placed her gigantic foot upon the Shopping Center, and crushed it to dust. As she stepped off of the rubble, Ash heard a familiar voice calling out his name.

"Ash! Brock! Over here!"

Suddenly Ash spotted Professor Oak, sticking his head out of the entrance to the subway station. Ash and Brock dashed into the station. It was much different. There were tables everywhere, upon which sat microscopes, goggles, chemistry tools, and other stuff that Ash didn't recognize. It looked like it had been converted into a temporary lab.

"Good, you're safe." Professor Oak said exaspiratedly, walking up to them. "As you may have guessed, I have a few questions for you. First of all, why is your friend attacking the city?"

"Wait, Professor, what are you doing here?"

"I was recruited to help develop an antidote to cure your friend. Anyway-"

"But why are you using this place as your lab?"

"Because it's underground, so it's safe from harm, and we can travel to other cities and back while avoiding your friend Misty, who I have a few questions about, as you may have guessed. How did this happen?"

After Ash and Brock explained Misty's growth spurt and change of personality while in Ilex Forest, Professor Oak looked a little puzzled.

"You said that she claimed to be bitten by a sick Pokemon?"

"Yes, Professor."

"And she also claimed that the wound healed instantly?"

"Yes. Professor, what's happened to her?"

The professor thought for a moment, then sighed.

"I'm afraid that she has caught a disease known as SizoMatus. It allows the host to alter the size of themselves and their surroundings, while amplifying certain traits of their personality. The ears and tail are just side effects."

"So, what do we do?" Ash asked.

"We need to prepare an antidote, which will take about 12 hours. By that time Misty will be asleep, and someone should be able to insert the antidote into her mouth."

"But the entire city could be in ruins by then!" Ash cried out. "We can't wait that long!"

"I'm afraid that we don't have a choice." Professor Oak said sadly.

So they waited. Miraculously Misty had only managed to obliterate about half of Goldenrod City, and was now sleeping on the wreckage. Military forces had given up on actually hurting the giantess, seeing as all of their attempts to do so had either failed or resulted in the loss of several soldiers and tanks. Misty was now 370 feet tall. The antidote was finally ready, and Ash had agreed to climb onto Mistys face and throw the antidote into her mouth. The antidote wasn't that big, about the size and shape of a soda can. Ash approached the sleeping Misty. Ash knew what he had to do. He had to get onto Misty's chest, then climb onto her chin in order to reach her mouth. Only one question remained- how was he going to reach her chest? He needed to climb up something like a wall, something that he could easily grip. Suddenly, with a jolt of horror, Ash realized that only one part of Misty's body fit that description: the soles of her feet. This was NOT something Ash was looking foward to, but he knew that he didn't have a choice. So, hesitating, Ash approached Misty's soles, and began to climb them. The smell was horrible: Ash felt like he could have been knocked out by the stench, but he continued to climb Misty's feet. It took about 10 minutes, but eventually Ash climbed onto the space right betweek Misty's toes: the smell was even worse there, but now that his hands were free Ash held his nose, jumped, and slid down onto Misty's leg. Thankful to be away from her feet, Ash made his way across Misty's left leg and across her chest, eventually climbing onto Misty's chin. The journey across the leg and chest felt as though it took at least an hour. Ash approached Misty's open mouth, took the antidote out of his bag, and threw it into her mouth. Suddenly Misty took in a deep breath, and Ash lost his balance and fell into her mouth. As he slipped down the tongue Ash felt several tiny hairs slide across his body. He became drenched in saliva, and fell into the throat. Ash cried out for help, but nobody could hear him, and suddenly, he hit a very soft, slimy floor, and everything went black. Meanwhile, as the tiny capsule hit the floor, and bounced into Misty's stomach acid, Misty immediately shrunk back to normal size, and sat bolt upright, wide awake. Feeling the top of her head, she realized that her Pokemon-like ears were gone. She felt her lower back, and her tail had also disappeared.

"I can't believe it!" she muttered, staring at her hands. "I'm back to normal!"

As the realization of what she had just said hit her, an incredible happiness spread throughout her entire body.

"I'M BACK TO NORMAL!" she shouted excitedly, standing up and smiling delightedly, "I'M BACK TO NOR-!"

She stopped suddenly, noticing the wreckage that she was standing on. The smile melted away, and was replaced with a frown.

"Where am I? Wait-did I do this?"

Looking around, she saw the many ruined buildings and crushed corpses of the citizens and some Pokemon. Her blood turned to ice.

"Now I remember..." she said miserably, sitting down on the remains of the buiding. "I DID do this. That disease made me do this. It made me destroy half of the city! Oh no, what have I done! Thousands of people are dead because of me!"

"Technically, my dear," said a familiar voice from behind her," thousands of people are dead because of the disease you caught."

Misty turned around, and found Professor Oak and Brock walking up to her. Incredibly, Professor Oak was smiling.

"He's right, Misty," Brock said to her, "you weren't yourself. None of this is your fault!"

"But the disease used ME to destroy half of Goldenrod City!" Misty cried, "I must have killed thousands of people!"

"That doesn't make this your fault. The important thing is that you're cured. Now, let's get you to your sister's house. You need rest."

As Misty set off with the other two, Ash lay in her stomach, still unconscious.

Ash opened his eyes.

"Wha-where am I?"

He got up, and stared around at the room. He appeared to be in a very big cave. The walls, which were dripping with water, were kind of a reddish-pink color. It was suprisingly hot for a cave. Looking down, Ash jumped back in shock. There was a huge lake in the cave, and it was no ordinary lake. It was filled with a lime-colored, boiling liquid that looked almost like...acid. Ash could not believe his eyes: what kind of cave had a lake of ACID? And how did he get there? He was nowhere near a cave when passed out. Suddenly, Ash remembered falling into Misty's mouth, and with a jolt of horror, realized that this was NOT a cave: it was Misty's stomach. He was still in Misty's body...then he realized something else. He must have been unconscious for hours, and that had to mean that the antidote had taken affect and cured Misty, which had to mean that she was normal-sized. But then why was he so tiny? Deciding he'd better worry about that later, Ash began to search Misty's stomach for an exit, when, suddenly, he spotted a strange white gooey substance in the shape of a door. Ash walked up to it, and stared at it. What was this stuff? Was it an exit? Or was it some kind of digestive substance? Either way, it was his only hope of getting out of here, so Ash stepped through the substance, and found himself in another room.

This room was incredibly bizarre. The walls were made up of long, pink, twisting tubes that were at least a foot thick. Strange, gooey doors like the one Ash had stepped through were everywhere. Strange creatures were constantly entering and exiting the doors. They were shaped like humans, but they had no faces, and they were made up of a clear liquid substance. Deciding that they may be able to help him, Ash walked up to one of the creatures.

"Hey, where am I?" Ash asked the creature, but it completely ignored him and continued walking.

"Hey!" Ash called after the creature. "Come back! I need help!"

"They will not respond." said a voice from out of nowhere. Ash turned, staring around in search of the person who spoke.

"You will not find me." The voice said. "I am this entire room. I am the central control system. And those creatures are electrical messengers. They have no minds, they simply carry information."

"Okay," Ash said, now slightly creeped out. "What are those?" he asked, pointing to the gooey, door-like structures.

"Those are neural transmitters. They convert messages from the brain into electrical signals."

"Um...okay. How do I get out of here?"

"You may not leave." The voice said sharply.

"Why not?"

"You have been identified as a virus. Activing white blood cell distribution."


Suddenly, white creatures appeared out of nowhere, surrounding Ash. Strangely enough, they all looked exactly like Misty, except they were white-literally.

"What?! No! Please, I'm not a virus!" Ash yelled desperately. "I'm human, this was just an accident!"

"You cannot fool me, virus." The voice said sharply.

The white blood cells closed in on Ash. In desperation he forced his way out of the circle of white blood cells, and fled into a random neural transmitter, and found himself in a very strange room. He was floating, almost as though there was no gravity in here. There was something else: after every few seconds, the room expanded slightly, then shrank back to it's normal size. I must be in the lung, Ash thought to himself. Then just as he was considering what to do, Ash spotted several white blood cells entering the lung through several different neural transmitters. They were closing in on him. Ash desperately fled into yet another neural transmitter, and found himself pressed against a very soft surface by some sort of white fabric. The smell was horrible, but it smelled familiar, exactly like- Misty's feet. But- -how? Suddenly Ash realized something else: he was drenched in sweat, but not his own. It was Misty's sweat. He had gone through the sweat gland and winded up in Misty's sock! Although glad to have escaped Misty's body, Ash wasn't exactly thrilled about where he had come out. The last time he was this close to Misty's feet, he felt as though he would pass out. If he didn't get out if Misty's sock soon, he might pass out again, and he couldn't let that happen. Luckily Misty, who was relaxing on her bed at her sister's house, felt something moving in her sock, took it off, and emptied the microscopic Ash into her hand.

"Ash?" she said, shocked. "What-how did you wind up in my sock? And how did you get so small?!"

After Ash explained everything to Misty, she called Professor Oak, while Ash sat in her lap, waiting.

"Okay," she said cautiously, putting the phone back on the receiver. "Professor Oak says that you shrunk because you were so close to the antidote when it took effect, and that you'll return to normal size in about a day."

"Great." Ash said irritably. "So I'm stuck like this for 24 hours."

Misty picked Ash up, and held him in the palm of her hand.

"Hey, it could be worse." she pointed out to him. "I mean, you could be stuck like this forever."

"But how am I supposed to survive like this for a whole day?"

"You survived being trapped in my body," Misty pointed out. "And you were being chased by an army of white blood cells."

"Yeah, but I almost died." Ash pointed out. "Out here, I could get stepped on in less than five minutes."

At this point Misty picked Ash up by the shirt, and lifted him up so that they were face-to-face. She looked irritated.

"Look, quit being a baby!" she snapped "I'll just keep you with me so that I make sure you're safe, and the next day this'll all be over."

"I guess you're right," Ash sighed. "Thanks, Misty."

"No problem," Misty said, smiling a little.

"So, did I miss anything?" Ash asked

"Not really. After you fell into my body I returned to normal, and Professor Oak and Brock took me to my sister's house so that I could rest. Thanks, by the way" she added.

"Thanks for what?"

Misty laughed a little.

"For curing me, you idiot! You were brave enough to climb up on my face, and if I had seen you I probably would have crushed you. You took a big risk just to cure me."

"I'm your friend, Misty. You were in trouble, so I helped you. That's what friends do."

"Still, you could have died." Misty pointed out.

"I know, but I didn't, did I?"

"I guess you're right. I'm just glad you're okay. By the way, what was it like?"

"What was what like?"

"Being in my body."

"Um..." Ash didn't want to offend Misty, espically not at his size"...exciting(?)"


At that point Ash quickly changed the subject. The next day, Ash, who was normal-sized again, set off with Misty and Brock for Ecuteak City, mainly because Misty was too embarrassed to return to Goldenrod City, at least for a while. As they set off for Ecuteak City, Ash thought to himself that if Misty had ever gotten those size-alteration powers again, things might be much worse than this time.