Barbie's Bigger & Better Birthday


NOTE from author: Just so there's no confusion, when I say Barbie, I'm referring to myself rather than the actual Barbie doll. ^______^

Barbie casually brushed her long brown hair back and brushed off her denim blue shorts and white tank top as she stopped in front of the ‘Welcome to Cerulean City’ sign and then looked out in the distance at the city, adjusting her glasses as she did so.
“Ahhhhh… It's nice to be back in Cerulean City. I can't think of a better place to spend my birthday!” Barbie said. As she said, today was her birthday, marking 29 years to the day since she was born. After leaving a high paying job at a hotel a few months ago, Barbie decided to pursue her life long dream of being a Pokémon Master. Since then, she's made headlines and become the talk of many towns, winning seven out of the eight possible badges in the Kanto region. Of course, it was no accident that she was winning those badges. Despite being employed at the time, Barbie spent much of her free time studying the Pokémon and the right and wrong ways of using them to win battles. Her 6 Pokémon, all stored in Poké Balls in her backpack, consisted of Venusaur (evolved from her starter, Bulbasaur), Pikachu, Flareon, Machoke, Mr. Mime, and Lapras, whose back she would ride if she needed to travel across large bodies of water.
Today though was not about battling, especially since the Viridian City gym was still closed, much to everyone’s bafflement, especially since the actual gym leader was still a mystery! So she decided to travel to Cerulean City to visit her good friend, Misty. Despite an age difference of 16 years between the two (Misty being the younger one, of course!), Misty admired Barbie’s tenacity, her smarts, and her personality. One minute she could be intense and focused on the battle, while another she could be cheerful and keep a conversation going for seemingly hours. Barbie approached the sliding doors of the Cerulean City gym after a couple more minutes of walking and went inside. She navigated the corridors until she was in the main room of the gym, which had the large swimming pool right in the middle.
Barbie looked around until she heard a huge splash. She looked towards the pool and saw water splashing around in all directions, like someone had just dove in. Barbie carefully approached the pool and then stopped when she saw Misty poking her head above the water.
"Oh! Barbie, hello there!" Misty shouted as she climbed out of the pool, revealing her red two-piece bikini.
"Hi, Misty! Did you just dive into that pool?" Barbie asked.
"Yep, sure did! I was practicing my dives for tonight's show. What did you think?" Misty asked.
"Oh, I didn't see it. You were already in the water when I walked in." Barbie said.
"Awwww, it's okay. So what brings you here? I take it you want a rematch or something?" Misty asked.
"Well, I suppose that'd be nice, but I figured I'd just stop by and say hello, especially since today's my birthday!" Barbie said.
"Oh! Happy birthday then! How old are you now?" Misty asked.
"29 years old." Barbie said.
"Wow… 29. I admire any woman that age who finds the time to travel the Kanto region in the hopes of becoming a Pokémon Master." Misty said.
"Teehee… I know! It's all the more amazing that I'm just one badge away." Barbie said.
"Ah, very nice! Let me guess… Viridian City is your last gym, right?" Misty said.
"Yeah, but it's still closed." Barbie said.
"Sheesh… the Pokémon League really should do something about that. But hey, since you came all this way, why not have a swim with me?" Misty said.
"Sure! I'd be happy to! Let me just go change." Barbie said. Having been through the entire gym during her first visit, she knew where to find the changing room, which is where she headed.
A few minutes later, with Misty swimming laps back and forth the pool, she stopped when she noticed Barbie returning to the room. Like Misty, Barbie also wore a two piece swimsuit, but the bottom half was a skirt. Both halves of the swimsuit had a heavy floral pattern; numerous flowers colored mostly in red, white, and pink.
"Wow! Your swimsuit looks nice." Misty said.
"Thanks! I'm glad you like it." Barbie said as she twirled around and showed her entire self to Misty.
"But are you sure you want to be swimming around with your glasses on?" Misty said.
"I have to! I can't see anything without these things!" Barbie said as she adjusted her glasses with her fingers.
"Ah, okay then! Well, jump on in then!" Misty said as she swam away from the edge, giving Barbie the room she needed to do a cannonball jump into the pool.
For the next 20-25 minutes, Misty and Barbie either swam around in the pool or rested their arms on the deck talking about various subjects, Pokémon and otherwise. Finally they felt it was time to jump out of the pool. They walked over to the towel rack and each grabbed a towel, with Barbie making sure to clean her glasses too.
"Whew… that was such a refreshing swim! I soooooo needed that after all the traveling I've been to." Barbie said.
"Not to mention all the stories you've told me, both with and without Pokémon." Misty said. Both girls giggled as they kept wiping their swimsuits and skin clean of water. Misty then smiled.
"Hey, Barbie. How about I show you something I picked up recently? Come with me to the kitchen." Misty said.
"Oh? I wonder what it could be…" Barbie said. The two women set down their towels and then made their way into the kitchen.
Once they got there, Misty opened up one of the cabinets and pulled out two bowls full of berries. One of the bowls had red-colored berries, while the other had blue berries.
"Oh? What kind of berries are those? I don't think I've seen those before." Barbie asked.
"The red berries are called Mega Berries, while the blue ones are called Mini Berries. They're just as they sound… the red ones make whoever eats them bigger, while the blue ones have a shrinking effect. They also have a radiating effect so that anything the consumer is wearing will grow or shrink with them." Misty said.
"I see. Where did you find them?" Barbie asked.
"I found them while hiking near Mt. Silver one day. Nurse Joy said I should consider myself lucky… these berries are very hard to come by!" Misty said.
"Wow! Lucky you! But I guess they only work on Pokémon?" Barbie said.
"Nope… Like I said, anything that eats these berries will increase or decrease in size… people or Pokémon! And they're quite powerful too… look what just one whole red berry does." Misty said. Much to Barbie's surprise, Misty did not hesitate in picking up one red berry and tossing inside her mouth. Misty chewed it up and then gulped it down.
It only took a few seconds for the berry to take effect. Misty's body glowed a bright red and Barbie watched as she slowly grew bigger. Barbie's jaw dropped when she saw Misty's head approaching the ceiling. In fact, Misty had to kinda kneel down so that her head wasn't scraping too much of the ceiling. Finally the glow around Misty disappeared and she stopped growing. Misty was now standing almost 12 feet tall, more than twice the current height of Barbie who stood 5 feet, 3 inches tall.
"So, Barbie, what do you think?" Misty asked as she patted both halves of her bikini.
"Wow!!! You look amazing, Misty!" Barbie shouted as she walked up and hugged one of Misty's legs.
"Oh, glad you approve." Misty said. Barbie let go and looked up at Misty.
"Oh… sorry about that. It's just that ever since I saw this movie as a little girl about a kid growing giant and then her Mom growing big to stop a military unit from shooting him… I've been incredibly fascinated with giant people. Almost as much as Pokémon itself!" Barbie said.
"I see. I find that most fascinating." Misty said. Then the gym leader reached down and gently picked up another Mega Berry, "Why don't you join me? I'd feel rather lonely if I was the only one this tall."
"You really mean that?" Barbie said.
"Sure! Besides… I think you'd look just as amazing as me being taller." Misty said.
Barbie snatched the berry from Misty's fingers and didn't waste another second, popping it into her mouth and swallowing it whole. Much like Misty earlier, Barbie's body glowed a bright red and she grew in size, along with the glasses and swimsuit she wore. She too had to duck down as she felt her head being brushed against the ceiling of the kitchen. In fact, she had to eventually duck more than Misty as she was getting slightly taller than even her. Finally the glow disappeared and Barbie's growth stopped. She was closer to 15 feet tall.
"Haha! We ran out of room pretty quickly in here!" Barbie said, commenting on how she and Misty were taking up almost the entire kitchen thanks to their enlarged bodies.
"Heh, you can say that again!" Misty said.
Just then, Misty heard a doorbell like sound go off in another room.
"Oh, that sound means there's a challenger waiting for me." Misty said.
"Ah… guess we better shrink back to normal then." Barbie said. Misty nodded and reached down for the bowl of blue berries that would shrink them down… but the mini orange-haired giantess then stopped.
"Hold on… I want to see how this challenger reacts to seeing such a tall girl." Misty said. She then carefully walked out of the kitchen, making sure not to accidentally destroy anything on the way out.
"Oh! That ought to be a laugh!" Barbie said, already imagining what kind of reactions this challenger might have as she followed from behind.
Meanwhile, a young boy who clearly looked 10 years old was standing on his two feet looking around the entire Cerulean City Gym. He marveled at how big the gym was and how there was a big swimming pool not too far from where he was standing. He was so entranced with his surroundings that he didn't noticed the enlarged Misty (or Barbie behind her) approaching.
"Hi there, little boy! Welcome to the Cerulean City Gym!" Misty said. The boy turned and gasped as he looked and saw giant legs in front of him. How could that be, the boy thought. He was standing up straight and not kneeling down on the ground. His eyes gazed up and up until finally he saw Misty's face as the girl towered above him and she looked down.
"You’re a new face around here. My name's Misty! What's yours?" Misty asked. The boy tried to utter his name, getting a couple letters out before stuttering. Finally he just couldn't take the sight anymore and he fell backwards in an unconscious state.
"Oops… he whited out already." Misty said. Barbie walked up towards Misty and stood behind her.
"That's quite the understatement! But what do we do now? Should we take him to the hospital?" Barbie asked.
"Let's just have him rest on my bed. He should recover soon." Misty said. She reached down and picked up the boy, cradling him in her arms and holding him almost like a baby, which prompted a quick giggle from Barbie. The two ladies made their way through the gym, mostly having to duck as they went into hallways and rooms that weren't as tall as the main room. Eventually the two were in Misty's bedroom, which looked a little bit messy to Barbie's observation.
"Wow… I didn't know you were a bit of a slob, Misty." Barbie said.
"Heh, well… normally my older sisters are cleaning up all the bedrooms, but since they're on vacation…" Misty said as she set the boy down on her bed.
"There. He can rest here until he wakes up." Misty said. The two girls then made their way out of the bedroom with Misty almost closing the door (leaving a crack open) behind her.
As Barbie and Misty walked through the hallway to get back to the main room of the gym, Barbie once again commented on her increased size.
"Teehee… I still can't get over how much taller just one Mega Berry made us. Imagine if we had eaten 10 or 12 of those things!" Barbie said. Misty then stopped and turned around, looking back at her friend with a smile.
"Why don't we find out?" Misty asked as she winked one of her eyes and turned into the kitchen.
"Huh? No, wait! I was only joking, Misty!" Barbie said.
"Awwww… come on. I agree with you… being taller is so much fun. Why don't we see just how powerful a bunch of these Mega Berries can be?" Misty said.
"Well… okay, if you insist!" Barbie said. She wasn't about to argue an invitation to grow even bigger, especially coming from Misty herself!
Once the two were in the kitchen, Misty scooped up half of the red Mega Berries from the bowl. She handed them right away to Barbie who watched the berries drop into her hands. Misty then took the other half, emptying the bowl completely.
"Come on, let's head outside to the back of the gym. We wouldn't want to be growing in here, right?" Misty said.
"You're right!" Barbie said with a smile on her face. The two ladies then walked their way through the gym once more, not only making sure not to bump their heads too much against the ceiling, but also making sure not a single berry slipped out of their hands.
Eventually, the two made it outside the gym at the back side.
"Whew… thank goodness! My knees were starting to tire from all that bending down to avoid the ceiling." Barbie said.
"Alright, Barbie. Go ahead and eat your berries." Misty said.
"Okay, but what about you?" Barbie asked.
"I'll be right behind you. I feel it's only fair that you grow first since you're the birthday girl!" Misty said.
"Teeheehee… thank you very much! Okay… here goes!" Barbie said. After looking down at the batch of Mega Berries and counting approximately 15 of them, the 29-year-old licked her lips and dropped all the berries in her mouth. She chewed them up, feeling the liquid from inside the berries sliding down her throat, and easily gulped them down. Once again, Barbie's body showed a bright red glow, and she watched as the ground was fading away from her.
"Oh! It's working! I'm growing!" Barbie said, who stood perfectly still and watched the world around her get smaller and smaller, including Misty, who quickly didn't feel so tall anymore. She took a couple steps back and watched as her friend grew bigger and bigger.
Already Barbie was bigger than the Cerulean City Gym itself, and yet she continued to grow. When she was twice its size, and then it was no taller than her knees, she was quite astonished, especially as she looked in the distance and saw the city spreading out almost like it were on a map. It only made her even happier as she continued to grow, but FINALLY her growth spurt stopped. Barbie was now a whopping 600 feet tall!
"Wow! I'm huuuuuuuuge!" Barbie said as she clapped her hands together and the clap echoed in the sky.
Misty, meanwhile, was nothing short of completely astonished. Even though she was 12 feet tall, she was dwarfed by the giant Barbie's big toe that was only a few inches from where she was standing. As Misty stared up at the giantess's legs like they were lighthouses stacked atop one another, it wasn't until Barbie spoke again that she was broken out of her trance.
"Teehee, you look so small, Misty!" Barbie said. Misty instinctively ducked down as she watched Barbie suddenly kneel down to get a closer look at her.
"Heh, you can say that again! Oh man… I want to be that big! Here I come to join you!" Misty said. After standing back on her two bare feet, Misty excitedly threw her own batch of Mega Berries into her mouth. Her body glowed a bright red once again and the gym leader found herself growing at a rapid pace much like Barbie earlier. She felt herself rising in the air like she was riding an elevator, making eye contact with Barbie's knees, her midriff, and so on.
Finally, the glow disappeared and Misty stopped growing. She was almost 600 feet tall… just a tad shorter than Barbie but unmistakenly massive to the eyes of the Cerulean City citizens who stopped and dropped what they were doing.
"Welcome to the club, my friend!" Barbie said.
"My pleasure, Barbie! I'm so glad to be here!" Misty said with a smile on her face as the two giantesses hugged each other.
"Wow… I can't believe how small Cerulean City is now." Misty said.
"Yeah, me too! So what now?" Barbie asked.
"What else? Let's walk around and say hi!" Misty said.
"I won't argue with that!" Barbie said. The two mega giantesses stepped over the Cerulean City Gym and proceeded to walk around the city.
Needless to say, but people scrambled to get out of the way and avoid being stepped on by the two giantesses, and they had a LOT of running to do. At their size, each bare foot from Barbie and Misty was over 30 feet wide! Those who came close to being crushed were looking up at girls who seemed to stretch forever into the sky even as they walked by. As for the giantesses themselves, they did their best to watch where they were stepping, but it didn't take long for a slight mishap to happen as Barbie took a step, only to have her toes clip off the roof of a small house.
"Oops! Sorry!" Barbie said as she reached down and picked up the roof, putting it back on top of the house as best as she could.
"Heh… we are very huge. It's only a matter of time before we cause some damage." Misty said.
"Still, you have to agree it's an invigorating feeling to be so much bigger than buildings that used to be taller than us!" Barbie said.
"Oh, I definitely agree with you there! In fact, I know a good building we can crush." Misty said.
"Oh?" Barbie said out of sheer curiousity. She watched as Misty walked ahead of her and she followed from behind. Misty walked up towards a building that she and Barbie easily towered over.
"This is the old Bike Shop. It closed not too long ago to move to Goldenrod City in Johto." Misty said.
"Ah, I see. Has anyone moved into that building?" Barbie said.
"Nope… and nobody ever will." Misty said with a smile. That's when she raised her foot halfway up in the air and then brought it down with brute force, crushing the building completely flat and shaking the ground in the process.
"Whew! Now that's what I call BOOM!" Barbie commented from behind. As Misty lifted her foot and stepped back to survey the damage, she suddenly realized something important.
"Oh… I'm sorry, Barbie. I should've asked if you wanted to stomp the structure given that it's your birthday." Misty said.
"It's okay, Misty. I want you to have fun being bigger too." Barbie said.
"Thanks!" Misty said.
The two giantesses turned around and looked back at the rest of the city, watching as panic seemed to be increasing with more and more people running away from their feet.
"Wow… they certainly are running scared." Misty said.
"You can't really blame them. We're so incredibly huge… and we did show them how powerful we are by oblierating that old bike shop." Barbie said.
"Haha! So much you have to think about even though we're so big." Misty said. Barbie then looked down by her toes and saw one brave man appearing to hold something in his hands as he looked up at them.
"Well, there's one brave soul by our feet." Barbie said as she kneeled down to get a closer look at the man, who looked middle-aged and had a bald head.
"Oh? That's a camera he's holding, and he's taking our picture." Barbie said. Misty was next to kneel down and get a closer look at the man, who kept snapping away despite how dangerously close he was to Barbie's huge feet. Misty, however, eventually raised her eyebrows after looking more and more at the man.
"Hey! I know that man!" Misty said. That's when she reached in and picked up the man, trapping him between her fingers. When she stood back to her full height, as did Barbie, Misty dropped the man into the palm of her other hand.
"You're the guy who keeps peeking through the windows of the Celadon City Gym. Erika's been telling me a lot about you, little man!" Misty said with a suddenly annoyed look on her face.
"Heehee! This is great! Women are so much prettier when they're bigger!" the man said.
"Heh… somehow I get the feeling he was born a pervert." Barbie commented.
"Oooooh… I should crush you like the bu… er, I mean… shrimp that you are, but I have a feeling Officer Jenny has been looking a long time for you." Misty said, stopping short of calling the man a bug, which would've sent shivers down her spine despite being so big!
"Hold on, Misty, before we do that, why don't we make him the happiest he'll ever be?" Barbie said.
"Huh? How do we do that? You're not suggesting we take these bikinis off, do you!?" Misty said.
"Hoho! Of course not! Allow me." Barbie said. That's when she reached down and gently trapped the man between two of her fingers and then held him up to her face. Even when he was right up to her glasses, he was still barely visible given the incredible size difference between the two.
"It's time you went on a fantastic voyage, little guy!" Barbie said. That's when she lowered the man down and actually placed him inside her navel. To the older man, it looked like he was about to go into a large cave entrance as big as the bellybutton was. Once he was dropped inside, he clutched as much skin as his hands would allow in order to keep from falling either down to the ocean or deeper into the navel. Misty kneeled down to get a closer look at the trapped man.
"Hahaha! Lucky for him he doesn't have to worry about smelling bellybutton lint." Misty said.
"Hey, Misty, can you lay down flat on the ground? There's something fun I want to do with the man." Barbie said.
"Oh, okay. Hopefully I can do this without crushing too much stuff…" Misty said as she looked down at Cerulean City and carefully positioned herself. She slowly got down on her hands and behind, with a few leftover escaping people coming within inches of being crushed by the mega giantess's fingers. Misty very slowly laid down until she was tucked in between rows of small houses, but her back was flat on the ground. She had to raise her knees and shift her feet around to avoid crushing more houses. It was a tight fit to be sure, and for the tiny people running away, they only felt smaller as they saw Misty's stomach, chest, and arms rise far above them.
"Alright, Barbie. Try to make your idea quick… it's a tight fit here!" Misty shouted. Barbie was next to position herself, walking over Misty and spreading her feet on both sides of her fellow giantess.
"Okay, little guy! Time for a navel transfer!" Barbie said as she suddenly leaned forward, causing her bellybutton to point straight downward. With not even the slightest body hair to save him, the man felt himself falling and falling.
"Eeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!" the man shouted, watching as he was rapidly getting closer and closer to the giant Misty and her own bellybutton. Misty could see that the man was drifting backwards, and so she ever so slightly shifted her body forward.
A few seconds later, the man landed straight inside the bellybutton like a basketball going through a hoop.
"Woohoo! Score!!!" Barbie said with a triumphant fist pump.
"Haha! Nice shot, Barbie… even though I did cheat a little." Misty said. Barbie then leaned forward again and offered a hand to Misty, helping the orange-haired giantess sit up. Once she sat up, Misty reached inside and grabbed the now unconscious man, holding him in her palm once more.
"Awww… I think he had all he could handle." Misty said. Barbie kneeled down next to the sitting Misty to get a closer look at the man.
"I can't really blame him. When you've got TWO girls who are hundreds of feet tall, that'd be too much even for Lt. Surge to handle!" Barbie said.
"Hahaha! Now there's somebody we should toy with while we're this big." Misty said.
Seconds later, the two looked to the right where they heard a series of police sirens. They were coming from a few police cars and motorcycles, and hopping off one of the cycles was Officer Jenny.
"Uh oh… here comes Officer Jenny." Misty said.
"Hello, Misty! You've really… well… grown up since we last met!" Jenny said.
"Yeah! In more ways than one. Oh… I have a present for you." Misty said. That's when she lowered her hand, gently so that she wouldn't accidentally crush Jenny or any other officer, and dropped the unconscious man down by her feet.
"Oh! It's the stalker from Celadon City we've been chasing for three years!" Jenny said.
"Yep! He obviously got more than he bargained for!" Barbie commented.
"Oh, this is my friend, Barbie. She's training to become a Pokémon Master." Misty said.
"I see! Nice to meet you, Barbie. Thank you again, Misty, for catching this guy for us. Although…" Jenny said. Misty could tell Jenny had something important to say, and she had a feeling what it was.
"Let me guess, Officer Jenny… you'd like us to leave the city?" Misty said.
"Well… yes. Sorry, Misty, but you and your friend are just far too big for this entire city. It'd be dangerous if you stayed here another second." Jenny said.
"We understand, Officer Jenny. In fact, we were just about to leave right now!" Barbie said as she stood back to her full height and offered a hand to Misty.
"Oh? We are?" Misty said as she was pulled up to her feet by Barbie.
"Yep! You were going to take me to the coastline on Route 25 and we were going to walk around in the ocean!" Barbie said.
"Oh, yes! Of course! I did say that, didn't I? Well then, we better get going! We'll come back to Cerulean once we've shrunken back to normal!" Misty said as she played along with Barbie and her choice of dialogue. That's when the two giantesses stepped over Officer Jenny and her squadron. She and the other officers watched as the giantesses walked off in the distance, although they could both be clearly seen even as they exited the city grounds. And don't forget the booming thunder sounds from each step they took!
"They're so big… I wish I could grow that tall…" Jenny said.
"Um, Officer Jenny? We have the suspect in handcuffs." a male officer said as he showed the older man (finally waking up) now in handcuffs.
"Oh, right! Take him back to the station. Everyone else, check to make sure nobody's been hurt while the giantesses were around." Jenny said.
"Yes, ma'am!" the officers said.
Meanwhile, just north of Cerulean City on Route 25, the two giantesses (after they had completely flattened the Nugget Bridge) were making their way to the end of the road where the lighthouse and Misty's favorite beach rested.
"Heh, that was well played, Barbie." Misty said.
"Thanks, Misty! I was going to suggest we finally go someplace else, anyway." Barbie said.
"I'm glad you suggested this route. That means we get to go into the water." Misty said.
"Yeah! A swimming pool for people our size!" Barbie said, prompting a laugh from Misty. The two then came to the actual shoreline and waded their way into the water, although they stopped when they saw the cliff by their knees that the lighthouse rested atop on. Misty and Barbie admired the cliff and lighthouse for different reasons.
"Teehee… I can't believe how tiny this lighthouse now looks. To think once upon a time I was smaller than it!" Barbie said as she kneeled down and playfully rubbed her hands up and down the structure very briefly. Misty, meanwhile, looked at the edge of the cliff.
"I always love coming to this cliff when the sun is going down. It's such a beautiful and tearjerking sight." Misty said. Barbie then stood up and patted Misty on the back.
"Now then, shall we go for a walk through the ocean?" Barbie said.
"You bet!" Misty shouted as the giantesses high-fived each other. They both walked out into the ocean.
The two had probably walked only a couple miles away from the shoreline (which only took a minute given their massive size!), and yet the water level was just above the knees of both giantesses.
"Heh, the water's not so deep anymore!" Barbie said.
"And it feels so warm too… then again it has been pretty hot lately." Misty said. The two looked down and watched as the water got pushed around as they moved.
"And those waves probably look like tidal waves to any swimmers down there!" Barbie said.
"No doubt about it, although I think THIS is a tidal wave." Misty said as she reached down and pushed a large wad of water forward with both her hands. The giantesses giggled as they watched the water crash forward after Misty stopped pushing it.
"Teeheehee! Good point! Oh, look, there go some innocent swimmers!" Barbie said as she pointed down and saw some people indeed getting swept up by the wave and getting carried away into the distance until the wave finally dissipated. The same went for a few small boats that were trying to speed out of harm's way, with a couple going between Barbie's legs. There was one watercraft that wasn't so lucky and crashed straight into Misty's legs. The sudden stop caused water to splash atop the boat and capsize it.
"Oops… so much for that boat. These boats are not even big enough to be toy boats!" Misty said. Barbie then gasped lightly as she looked ahead and saw a rather famous boat a few yards away.
"Not that boat! Look, Misty! Is that what I think it is?" Barbie said. Misty looked where Barbie was pointing, and she recognized the vessel at first sight as well.
"Oh, there it is! The SS Anne!" Misty said.
"How about we go say hi to her?" Barbie said.
"Somehow I had a feeling you'd say that." Misty said with a smile and wink of one of her eyes.
The SS Anne was sailing casually through the ocean and people were going about their merry way finding whatever fun they could find. Of course, that all changed as these people looked out in the distance and saw the two mega giantesses. Most people recognized one of them to be Misty, much to their surprise, and natually they wondered how she and the other woman grew so huge. It didn't make them feel any better when they saw Misty and Barbie both pointing directly at them and the ship. Most of these people scrambled back to their cabins while others stayed behind and watched as the giantesses got closer and closer. Once Barbie and Misty were inches away from the SS Anne, they admired how small it looked compared to themselves.
"Teehee… the SS Anne is not so big now, right?" Barbie said.
"You can say that again! I have to say it looks kinda cute from this perspective." Misty said as she casually moved her hands to her backside. Barbie, on the other hand, bent forward and scooped her hands underneath the water and eventually beneath the SS Anne's underside. To her surprise, it took very little effort to lift the entire boat out of the water and hold it level with her chest. As a small biplane flew behind Misty's head as it tried to dodge the giantesses, Misty smiled and marveled at the mere sight of Barbie holding the ship.
"(whistles) Very impressive, Barbie!" Misty said.
"Thanks! Here, see how it feels to hold it." Barbie said as she gently moved the ship in front of Misty, who pulled her hands out from behind her back. Misty took the SS Anne into her own hands and held the boat up to her face.
"Wow… this is so cool! I feel so powerful holding an entire cruise ship in my hands." Misty said as she studied the ship from every angle, with people holding on for dear life as the speed in which the giantess was tossing and turning the ship was almost breakneck.
"You know, if we were even bigger, I could probably eat this ship whole. Hahaha!" Misty said as she jokingly moved the boat towards her open mouth but pulled it away.
Still, dozens of people screamed thinking they were going to be eaten alive. Barbie felt it was important they let these ant-sized citizens know they meant no serious harm. She gently took the ship back into her hands and looked down on the docks.
"Don't worry, people! We have no intention of hurting any of you. Honest!" Barbie said as she cradled the ship underneath the top half of her bikini, smothering the ship with her chest. Some people couldn't take it any longer, especially with mountain-sized breasts covered behind a floral-patterned swimsuit coming within inches of where they were standing, and they jumped off the ship, falling down towards the open water. The people that splashed down quickly tried to swim away as they looked and saw Barbie's enormous legs tower over them, but they didn't get far as Misty reached down and scooped the people up.
"Oh no… where do you people think you're going? You'll tire out by the time you find land." Misty said. Just as Barbie set the SS Anne back onto the water, Misty placed the people that had jumped back onto the docks (along with a ton of sea water!).
Just then, however, one of the cabin doors opened and Misty gasped when she saw who came out from the door.
"Ohmigod! What's all this shaking?" the blue-haired girl said.
"Daisy!? Violet!? Lily!?" Misty shouted. Yep, the three girls that came out were Misty's older sisters, otherwise known as The Sensational Sisters. They all gasped loudly when they looked up and saw their formerly little sister towering over them.
"Misty!?" Daisy shouted.
"Like, wow! She's totally gigantic!" Lily shouted.
"Gee, Lily? What was your first clue?" Violet said. Misty then smiled and put her hands on her hips as she walked as close as she could to the SS Anne and reached down for the docks, picking up the three girls and holding them in the palm of her hand.
"So then, who's the little runt now?" Misty said with a smile on her face.
"Um… y-y-y-you are, Mist! Absolutely you, no question!" Lily said.
"But how, Misty? How did you grow so big?" Daisy said.
"Haha! Sorry, but that's my BIG secret. Well, mine as well as my friend, Barbie's, secret." Misty said as Barbie walked and stood alongside her fellow giantess. The two were so focused on the three tiny ladies, they didn't notice the SS Anne slowly sailing away and resuming whatever voyage it was on.
"So these are your older sisters, Misty?" Barbie said.
"Yep, sure are! They're a lot smaller than I remember them, naturally." Misty said with a smile.
"What… what are you going to do with us, Misty?" Daisy said.
"Yeah! We totally said we were going to come back home in a few days! Honest!" Violet shouted.
"Yeah! You should see this one land we went to called Hoenn…" Lily said.
"Oh… I won't do much, just poke around like you did to me growing up." Misty said.
That's when she literally thrust one of her fingers forward and hit the ladies, one by one, down onto their behinds. Then she would push them around some more, leaving them almost no chance to get back on their feet as they got swept around in Misty's palm.
"Awwww, come on! Stop that!" Violet shouted.
"Yeah! This is, like, totally mean!" Lily shouted.
"Oooooh… you're going to regret this when you shrink back to normal, you little runt!" Daisy shouted.
"Hah! What makes you think you'll get a chance? I'll just keep you tiny even when I eventually return to normal size." Misty said.
"Oh! Can I try something with them, Misty? I promise it won't be dangerous." Barbie said.
"Okay, sure!" Misty said. That's when Barbie leaned in and cut off almost any view of the sky the ladies had between her and Misty's faces blocking their vision. Barbie, in the meantime, formed her lips into an O-shape and then lightly exhaled. It may have been the lightest of exhales for someone her size, but to the three sisters, they were grasping onto each other and whatever skin they could grab from Misty's palm to keep from blowing away.
"Ugh! This is like being in a hurricane!!!" Violet said.
"Or worse… Gyarados's Dragon Rage!" Lily said. Once Barbie was done exhaling, she and Misty shared a quick giggle.
"Haha! That was cool, Barbie! To think just the smallest of blows will knock them on their feet like that." Misty said.
"Thanks! I'm so glad you liked it!" Barbie said.
"Now then… to keep you three safe until we get back to Cerulean City. But where?" Misty said.
"Why not in your orange hair?" Barbie asked, but Misty shook her head.
"Nah… somewhere I can always keep an eye on them." Misty said. That's when Barbie pointed down to the bottom half of Misty's swimsuit below her stomach region.
"How about right there? Your swimsuit is on so tight, it'd be impossible for them to fall." Barbie said.
"Good idea, Barbie! Why don't you help me out?" Misty said.
With her other hand, Misty stretched out the very top of the bottom half of her bikini, keeping a finger underneath to keep the sisters from sinking too far inside. Barbie gently took the sisters, one by one, and dropped them where Misty's thumb and finger was holding her bikini. Once all three were in place, Misty let go of the bikini, locking the three sisters in place with their bodies from the chest up sticking out.
"There you go. You girls get a nice bird's eye view of the world for the time being. I wouldn't think of trying to escape given how high off the ground you are… but if you do, I'll make sure my friend gives you a tongue lashing!" Misty said.
"Teehee… like so!" Barbie said as she kneeled down and literally tapped all three girls, one by one, with the tip of her tongue, drenching them in saliva.
"Ewwwwwwww!!!! Gross!!!" Lily shouted.
"Sigh… I'll shower, but I'll never be clean." Violet said. Daisy just sighed and didn't say anything at all, trying not to think of the humiliation she was going through with her much taller younger sister.
"Haha! Very good, Barbie." Misty said.
The two giantesses stood back to their full height and looked around, seeing almost nothing but open water for the next several miles (the only land being Route 25 and Cerulean City behind them).
"So, what now, Misty?" Barbie asked.
"Well, I suppose we could head back home for Cerulean and eat those Mini Berries to shrink back to normal." Misty said.
"Awwww… can't we stay this big a little while longer? It is my birthday, after all!" Barbie said as she patted her friend and fellow giantess on the shoulder.
"Okay, okay, you're right. I'm kinda enjoying being this huge myself." Misty said.
"Teehee! I figured you might! So which way should we go? There's gotta be some other stretch of land we don't know about!" Barbie said.
That's when Misty looked up at the sky and noticed something interesting. A group of bird Pokémon were flying about 100 feet above and past her head, although she didn't recognize this flock of Pokémon. And for good reason… these Pokémon actually were Baile Style Oricorio, a Fire/Flying-type Pokémon that could only be found in the Alola region!
"I know! You see those bird Pokémon?" Misty asked.
"Oh! Yes I do. I don't think I've ever seen that breed before." Barbie said.
"Let's follow them to wherever they live. Maybe we'll discover a whole new region along the way." Misty said.
"Great! I think that'd be awesome!" Barbie said.
"Then let's not waste another second! After those Pokémon, and also that beautiful sunset." Misty said. The two mega giantesses started wading their way through the sea water once again, following the Oricorio to wherever they would wind up. Along the way, Misty and Barbie admired the sight of the sun setting in the distance. They felt there was something soothing about being 600 feet tall for a little while longer and walking towards a beautiful sunset while hearing the sounds of their booming footsteps walking on the ocean floor.
Barbie, no matter what happened from here on out, could not have asked for a bigger and better birthday party!