The Big Sister Act

(Cubed Cinder)

Goldenrod City

Ash sighed as he walked slowly along the busy streets of Goldenrod City. Despite the fact it's only been a few hours since he seperated from Dawn and Brock and both went in other directions, he already missed them. Especially Brock, who has been there almost the entire time that Ash has been on his journies. And yet, Ash still had Pikachu with him, and just looking at the electric mouse was enough to put a smile on Ash's face.
"So, Pikachu, you ready to get some rest at home before we find another region to explore?" Ash said.
"Pikachu!" Pikachu happily shouted. Just then, a female voice suddenly called out to Ash.
"Well well, if it isn't the legendary Ash Ketchum!" the voice said. Ash looked back in front of him, and that's when he was kind of taken aback when he saw Lyra standing there.
"Oh, Lyra!" Ash said, immediately recognizing her after he and his friends met her earlier in the Johto Festival in Sinnoh. Pikachu also happily greeted Lyra's Marill, who was perched on the top of her hat.
"Fancy meeting you here! So what brings you all the way to Johto, and where are your friends?" Lyra said.
"Oh, I'm just on my way home for some R&R before I go on my next adventure. Dawn and Brock have already gone their seperate ways." Ash said.
"Ah... so you're all alone for the time being?" Lyra said.
"Yep. As I said, I'm on my way home to Pallet Town in the Kanto region. I heard the Magnet Train will take me back in a hurry." Ash said.
"Are you really heading for Kanto? So am I!" Lyra said.
"Huh? Really?" Ash asked.
"Yeah! Take a look at my Johto badges!" Lyra said. She pulled out a small case from her backpack and opened it up in front of Ash's eyes. Ash opened his mouth in excitement when he saw all eight badges inside.
"Wow! You have all eight Johto badges?" Ash said.
"Sure do! I'm actually on my way to Kanto to challenge the Pokemon League there. I want to have 16 badges!" Lyra said. Of course, that was nothing compared to the numerous badges Ash had collected from various regions, including the Orange Islands.
"Alright! Good luck to you!" Ash said.
"Yeah! So, we might as well ride the train together." Lyra said.
"Yep, might as well." Ash said, so he and Lyra walked together towards the Magnet Train Station, watching as the train sped into the station and waited for its next group of passangers.

After purchasing tickets to ride to Saffron City in Kanto, Ash and Lyra were walking towards the gates where they would flash their tickets. But as they were pulling up towards the end of the line, Ash suddenly felt like he got tackled! He felt himself falling to the ground, with Lyra gasping as Ash and the other person, a female, fell to the ground.
"Ouch!" Ash shouted.
"Oh, man! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry... I should've watched where I was going!" the girl said. As she was getting up, she grabbed one of Ash's hands and helped him back up to his feet.
"Ow... it's okay, no harm, no foul." Ash said. After rubbing the back of his head, he got his first look at the girl. She wore a cap on her head with light blue hair underneath it, wrapped with two pigtails that ran to the sides. She wore a white jacket on top of a red shirt, with two-toned shorts composing of blue and white colors and the standard set of running shoes. Although Ash didn't recognize this girl, Lyra did as she called out this girl's name.
"Oh? I know you! You're Marina, aren't you?" Lyra said.
"Yes, yes I am! So I guess you're another fan, huh?" Marina said.
"Well, kinda. I've seen your face a lot on posters and magazine covers." Lyra said.
"Hehe, there's no escaping those, that's for sure! As famous as I have become." Marina said with a smile.
"Marina? Is that your name?" Ash said.
"Ash? Haven't you heard of Marina, the famous Pokemon Idol of Johto?" Lyra asked.
"Well, no... sorry! But it is nice to meet you, Marina." Ash said, shaking Marina's hand.
"Yes, you too! What's your name?" Marina asked.
"I'm Ash Ketchum, from Pallet Town in the Kanto region." Ash said.
"And I'm Lyra, a Pokemon Trainer from New Bark Town." Lyra said.
"Ah, well it's nice to meet you, Ash and Lyra. So I guess you two are heading for Kanto?" Marina asked.
"Yes we are, actually." Ash said.
"Oh, good. I'll accompany you in that case!" Marina said.

Finally, the line started moving and everyone in the group (including our three heroes) showed their tickets before hopping on board the Magnet Train.

Magnet Train

Ash, Lyra, and Marina all decided to sit together in one of the rows of seats inside. While waiting for the Magnet Train to get started, although going on until they arrived in Saffron, the three decided to strike up a conversation.
"So tell me what's a Pokemon Idol?" Ash said.
"Oh, it's someone who either battles or coordinates Pokemon, but the trainer has to be just as impressive as the Pokemon itself." Marina said.
"That's why Marina looks soooooo much like a supermodel. She's appeared on a lot of calendars, posters, and magazine covers." Lyra said.
"Oh, stop! I can't be THAT famous! I still have a rival as far as battling goes in Jimmy, who is also from New Bark Town like I am." Marina said.
"Wow! So you're from New Bark Town too!?" Lyra shouted.
"You bet! Many famous people have come from New Bark Town... that's why so many people try to move there!" Marina said with a smile.
"So, Marina, why are you heading for Kanto?" Ash asked.
"Well, I'm scheduled to perform in Fuchsia City, and I was kinda hoping to take a little vacation there afterwards. I've been traveling a lot lately... it's so tiring!" Marina said.
"Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm on my way home after a long adventure through Johto." Ash said.
"Hah! I'm just getting warmed up, despite winning all eight Johto badges!" Lyra said with a smile. Ash and Marina just laughed over that.

Just then, inside Ash's backpack, he could hear a ringing sound. He opened up his backpack and saw his PokeNav ringing. The PokeNav was a combination electronic map and cell phone that he kept from his adventuring days in Hoenn.
"Oh? I wonder who this could be?" Ash said as he answered the PokeNav.
"Hello? This is Ash Ketchum." Ash said.
"Hey, Ash! I'm surprised you picked up the phone for a change!" a female voice said on the other end. Ash immediately recognized who it was.
"Oh! Hi, Misty! Sorry, I just recently recharged the PokeNav. My mom insisted, after all..." Ash said.
"Oh, think nothing of it. So how are you? Where are you and your friends now?" Misty asked.
"I'm just fine, thanks. Dawn and Brock have gone on, actually, to other places. I'm on the Magnet Train now, on my way back to Pallet Town to rest and relax for a bit." Ash said.
"Oh, you're coming back to Kanto!? That's great! Do you think maybe you can stop by my gym in Cerulean? There's something I got recently that I want to show you." Misty said.
"Really? What is it, another water Pokemon?" Ash asked.
"Actually, no. I'd rather keep it a secret for now so my sisters don't find out." Misty said.
"Okay. I'll be right there! Cerulean isn't too far from Saffron." Ash said.
"Great! See you then! Bye bye!" Misty said before she hung up. Ash put the PokeNav away shortly thereafter.
"Was that Misty, the gym leader of Cerulean City?" Lyra asked.
"Yes it was. She wanted me to come there to show her something." Ash said.
"Ah, cool! You don't mind if I tag along, do you? I might as well challenge Misty first." Lyra said with a smile.
"Okay, sure! How about you, Marina? Or are you too busy?" Ash said.
"Nah, it's fine. My show isn't until tomorrow anyway. And I'm kinda curious myself what it is Misty has." Marina said. So it was settled. Ash, Lyra, and Marina would all travel up to Cerulean City to see what it was that Misty had to show.

Cerulean City

After the Magnet Train ride that took more than a few minutes, the traveling trio entered Saffron City and quickly headed north through Route 5, eventually entering Cerulean City. Cerulean City was one of the more active cities in Kanto, mostly thanks to the gym that had not just the popular leader, Misty, but also The Sensational Sisters Swimming Show, where once a week, Misty's three sisters (Daisy, Violet, and Lily) would perform a spectacular swimming act among themselves and their water Pokemon. This was a show that the town was excited to have again after the sisters spent a year or two traveling the world.

Ash and his two new friends eventually walked through the double doors of the Cerulean Gym, walking a bit further until they reached the gigantic swimming pool room. Inside, the three aforementioned sisters were either swimming around or diving in the pool, along with some of their Pokemon.
"Looks like the sisters are practicing for their next show." Ash said.
"Wow! What a pool!" Lyra said.
"Yeah, that's pretty amazing. Maybe we should chat with those girls over there." Marina said.
"Nah, they look pretty busy. Let's just go find Misty. She's probably in the back aquarium." Ash said. Having gone through the Cerulean Gym before, he knew the way and walked to the other side of the room where he would find the aquarium. Marina and Lyra obviously followed behind Ash.

Meanwhile, in said aquarium, Misty (wearing her yellow crop top and short jean shorts held up with red suspenders, plus red and white sneakers) smiled as she was looking inside the tanks. One thing that she was especially paying attention to was a Horsea that looked three times bigger than its normal size. As she was staring at it, she didn't see Ash or his friends entering the room.
"Hey, Misty!" Ash said. Misty quickly turned her head and saw Ash walking towards her.
"Oh, Ash! Hello!!" Misty shouted as she and Ash hugged each other in happiness.
"Thanks so much for coming!" Misty said.
"Of course! Who can resist an invitation to visit from Misty the mighty?" Ash said, joking around with one of her old nicknames.
"Haha, very funny. Oh, I see you've got TWO more girlfriends traveling with you. You certainly are a girl's boy, aren't you?" Misty said, folding her arms.
"Huh? Wait, no! You've got it wrong! They're just tagging along with me because they happened to be coming to Kanto too, that's why!" Ash said, waving his hands frantically and trying not to disappoint Misty, even though she did become good friends with May and Dawn back when she met them. The two ladies stepped forward to introduce themselves.
"Hi, I'm Marina from Johto. It's nice to meet you." Marina said.
"Yes, the same here." Misty said.
"And I'm Lyra, also from Johto. I've actually come here to challenge you to a gym battle!" Lyra said, coming right out and stating her request.
"Oh, fascinating! You've come all the way from Johto to win a Cascade Badge?" Misty asked.
"She did... she earned all eight Johto badges, and now she says she wants to challenge the Kanto Pokemon League." Ash said.
"Ah... well, there's no better challenge the gym leaders we have in this region! You don't mind waiting a little bit, do you, Lyra? I really want to show Ash something extraordinary." Misty said.
"Sure, no problem!" Lyra said.
"I'm actually kinda curious myself what you've done, Misty. That's really why I'm here." Marina said.
"Oh, that's fine, Marina. Anyway, Ash, everyone... take a look in my huge tank. Notice anything different?" Misty said with a smile.

Ash and the others spent the next few seconds scanning the water tank in every direction, trying to find something different with it.
"Hmmm... I don't see anything different." Ash said.
"Yeah, me too. Although this is a very big tank." Marina said.
"I can't believe they have swimming pools AND aquariums this gigantic..." Lyra said.
"Well, Cerulean City isn't called The Floral Lagoon City for nothing!" Misty said. Finally, Ash found the aforementioned enlarged Horsea.
"Huh? Wait a minute... look at that Horsea!" Ash said. Marina and Lyra eventually found it too as Ash pointed at the Horsea.
"Yeah, I see it! That's an unusually large Horsea." Marina said. Lyra quickly pulled out her Pokedex and pointed it at the Horsea. After hearing the description, Lyra punched some buttons on the device to reveal more info on the Pokemon.
"Yes, Horsea are normally just over a foot in height. That looks like about three feet tall to me!" Lyra said.
"Pretty impressive, isn't it? It's all thanks to these berries I found recently in the Viridian Forest." Misty said, directing everyone's attention to a table not too far from where they were standing. On this table were two rather large bowls. One filled with red berries, and another with blue berries.
"Wow... look at all those berries!" Ash said.
"But they look different from your regular berries..." Marina said.
"I know. I was a little lost in the Viridian Forest a couple days ago, and I found these two oak trees. Both were pretty strange. One was really huge, like it was trying to tower over the entire forest. The other was really small, no bigger than an average bush. They both had these weird looking berries and I managed to collect all of them." Misty said.
"So you think these berries caused that Horsea to grow unusually large?" Ash said.
"Yep. How about I show you all? How about I give my Goldeen some of the red berries..." Misty said. Taking six red berries out of its bowl and then climbing up a ladder that allowed her to reach the top of the large aquarium (which was big enough to allow her Gyarados to swim freely), Misty then called for one of her original Pokemon.
"Goldeen!" Misty shouted. It only took a few seconds for Goldeen to swim up to the surface.
"Here you are, Goldeen. A special treat for you." Misty said with a smile as she lowered the berry towards the Goldeen, who jumped up and snatched the berry from her hand.

Everyone watched as the Goldeen chewed up the berry before finally swallowing it. Thirty seconds passed as the Goldeen swam deeper down the tank like normal.
"Huh? Nothing's happening." Ash said.
"It takes almost a minute for the effects to work." Misty said.
"Hey, look!" Marina said as she pointed at the Goldeen. It gave off a red glow around its body, the type of glow similar to when a Pokemon is about to evolve. And then, that's when the Goldeen grew. It grew to double its original size.
"Wow! Goldeen just doubled in size!" Ash said.
"That's incredible!" Lyra said.
"You think that's something? Goldeen!" Misty said, calling for Goldeen once again. The double-sized Goldeen once again greeted Misty.
"Good Goldeen! Here, you can have all these." Misty said, offering the rest of the red berries, which Goldeen happily gobbled up after Misty threw them into the water. Another 30 seconds passed, and this time, the Goldeen was growing much bigger!
"Oh my gosh..." Marina said.
"How big is she going to get?" Ash asked. Indeed, everyone watched as the Goldeen was now at a massive size... almost as big as Gyarados! Goldeen was obviously confused and actually stopped swimming around to take note of its surroundings.
"How about that? Not only do these red berries make the eater grow bigger, but you can eat more to keep on growing." Misty said.
"Cool!" Marina said.
"And of course, the blue berries do the opposite. One bite out of those will shrink the one that consumes them. And they're very smart in interacting with the red berries. Ash, can you get me six of the blue berries?" Misty said.
"Okay, sure." Ash said. He walked over to the blue berry bowl and took six in his hands. He climbed up the wide ladder and handed them up to Misty. After calling her oversized Goldeen again, Misty threw in the six blue berries and watched as the Pokemon ate them up.

Goldeen soon shrunk all the way back to its normal size. Once that was done, Misty finally climbed down the ladder.
"Well, those are some very amazing berries you found, Misty." Ash said.
"I wonder if they work on other living things... like humans?" Lyra asked.
"Oh, I haven't tried that out, and I don't think I want to. You know, berries like these falling into the wrong hands would be disasterous. Best to keep them hidden until I really figure out what to do with them." Misty said.
"Yes, that is a good point." Marina said.
"So, Lyra, you said you wanted to challenge me to a gym battle?" Misty asked.
"Yes! Yes I did!" Lyra said.
"Alright then, let's go see if my sisters are done. I won't lose so easily to you." Misty said as she and the others walked out of the aquarium. The two berry bowls were left behind, and that would ultimately prove to be a problem.

As the heroes stepped into the pool room, Misty saw her three sisters drying themselves off.
"Ah, so I see you three are done practicing." Misty said.
"Like, of course! What does it look like to you, little missy?" Lily said.
"Come on, Lily, chill out. We should get out of these swimsuits. That'll make you feel better." Daisy said as she, Violet, and Lily all walked by our four heroes. Misty, meanwhile, walked over to a nearby switchboard and flipped some switches. A few platforms started to rise from the bottom of the swimming pool, and they went up until they were at water level. A couple of bridges also formed which connected the platforms to the concrete edges of the swimming pool.
But just as Misty was about to take her place on the battle platform, and instruct Lyra to do the same, she suddenly remembered something and stopped in her tracks.
"Wait a minute... I need to hide those berries from my sisters. Can everyone wait here for a bit?" Misty said as she turned around and walked back towards the aquarium room.

But unfortunately for Misty, she forgot that her sisters also cared for the Pokemon in the aquarium, and that's exactly where they were. The sisters, still in their swimsuits, were admiring all the Pokemon in the tank, but something else in the room caught Violet's attention.
"Huh? Hey, girls, look at this!" Violet said, motioning them to follow her. The three girls eventually walked over to where the bowls of berries were sitting.
"Hmmm? They're, like, just berries, Violet." Lily said.
"Yeah, but they look different from your typical berries." Daisy said. Violet then suddenly picked up one of the red berries.
"Hey, wait! You're not seriously gonna eat them, are you?" Lily said.
"Yeah, they might be for Misty's Pokemon..." Daisy said.
"Pfffft... Misty's not gonna sweat over losing a few red berries, and besides, I'm real hungry from all that swimming!" Violet said as she popped the entire berry into her mouth and gulped it down.
"Mmmm... this tastes really good. Come on, girls, you should try these." Violet said. Daisy and Lily looked at each other, finding it strange that Violet took such a fascination right away with those red berries.
"Well, alright then." Daisy said. She and Lily each took a red berry and gulped it down.
"You're right, they do taste nice." Daisy said.
"See? What did I tell you? I want some more!" Violet said as she suddenly used her hand to scoop up more berries... about 24 of them.
"Hey hey! Save some for us!" Lily shouted, taking eight of the berries from Violet's hand. Daisy quickly did the same and swiped eight from Violet as well, leaving each girl with eight more red berries. Violet quickly swallowed her batch before they could grab any more, with Daisy and Lily eventually swallowing their batch as well.
"Wow! Those were delicious!" Daisy said.
"Yeah... I wonder what those blue berries taste like." Violet said.

Misty made her way into the aquarium, and she gasped over what she just saw. Her three sisters munching away at the bowl of red berries. Violet was about to grab some blue berries when...
"HEY! STOP!!!" Misty shouted. The three sisters quickly looked towards the aquarium entrance where they saw Misty with hands to her face.
"Oh, what's up, Misty?" Lily asked.
"Yeah, you look like you saw a Caterpie or something?" Daisy said.
"You three didn't just eat those berries did you?" Misty asked.
"Well, just the red berries, but chill, girl! There's more where you found them, right?" Violet said.
"*gasp!*" Misty gasped. She could not believe what she just heard.
"Out! OUT OF THE AQUARIUM!!!" Misty screamed. Although normally they wouldn't take orders from their 'little sister,' the way she was acting caused them to jog for the entrance. As they walked by Misty, she started to push the three sisters further.

Meanwhile, in the swimming pool room, Ash (and Pikachu), Marina, and Lyra all suddenly looked and saw Misty pushing her three sisters into the same room. But when the three sisters suddenly gave off a bright red glow, Misty stopped pushing and had a worried look on her face, backing away from the suddenly annoyed three sisters.
"Ow! Hey, what's with the pushing!?" Daisy said.
"Yeah! Like, what is with you, shorty?" Violet said.
"Misty, what's going on?" Ash asked.
"I caught my sisters eating the red berries..." Misty softly said. The other heroes gasped at the bad news.
"Huh? Is that why my body is glowing red?" Lily said.
"Yeah, like what was totally in those berries?" Violet asked.
"Oh no... that's not good." Marina said.
"Well, hopefully they didn't eat too many of those." Lyra said.

Then the three sisters began to grow.
"Whoa... hey, Misty! You're shrinking!" Daisy said.
"No she's not... I think pool is shrinking!" Violet said.
"No you two! We're growing! We're getting bigger!" Lily said. And they were growing at a fast rate... their heads were just moments away from making contact with the normally high ceiling.
"They must've eaten a lot... they're growing so fast." Misty said.
"Run everyone!!" Ash shouted. He and the other heroes quickly ran past the growing feet of the three girls, just as they pushed their hands against the ceiling and it started to fall in the swimming pool room.

Ash and his friends made it outside, but then turned around and watched as the three sisters kept on growing. They were already twice the size of the gym and yet they continued to grow. But finally, their bodies stopped glowing red and they stopped growing at about 400 feet tall. The gym could only reach up to their knees as big as they had grown.
"Like... oh... my... gosh..." Violet said. She was overwhelmed seeing not just their home, but Cerulean City at such a small size now.
"Those berries were awesome!" Lily said. Daisy was still trying to soak in everything. In fact, she had a different concern in mind.
"Misty? Where are you?" Daisy said.
"Down here!! We're down here!" Misty shouted as she waved her arms around like crazy. Daisy was just able to see Misty waving around, but she took a couple steps out of the gym, planting her feet not too far from the heroes and giving them quite a scare, especially since most of her toes were big enough to crush all of them. Daisy bent herself down to get a closer look at everyone.
"Misty... what was in those berries? They're awesome!" Daisy said.
"Well, that's kind of a long story. But how many berries did you girls eat?" Misty said.
"Hmmm... let's see. I think Lily started with one, then she gave us one each... and then she was about to eat a whole bunch, but I was able to split it evenly. I remember holding onto eight of them... so I guess nine berries. Wait, just nine berries made us grow this big!?" Daisy said.
"Ha! It's a good thing Lily didn't eat all 24 of those extra berries. She would've grown right off this planet!" Violet said as she and Lily joined up alongside Daisy. Lily was the most reckless of the three, tearing right through the front of the Cerulean City Gym with her bare feet.
"Never mind that! We gotta get you back to normal! Hopefully those blue berries are still in the gym." Misty said.
"No way! Why would we ever like want to shrink back to normal!" Violet said.
"Yeah, I totally agree with Violet. We should stay this big and take over this tiny little city now!" Lily said.
"Hey! That's a totally great idea! Come on, Lily, let's show everyone who's boss of this city!" Violet said. She and Lily then walked further into the city, not that they would have any trouble not being spotted as big as they were.

Daisy, being the most sensible of the sisters and closest to Misty, hesitated at first, but eventually stood back to her full height and stepped over our heroes, flashing a somewhat evil smile as she followed behind her sisters.
"Daisy, wait!!" Misty said.
"Oh boy... this is not good." Ash said.
"Well, let's not just stand here! We've gotta stop them somehow, right?" Marina said.
"Yeah... but how?" Lyra asked, wondering as she and the others could only watch as the three giantesses began their destructive stomping spree...

The peaceful mood of Cerulean City was gone in a heartbeat, replaced with panic and chaos as people scrambled to get away from the trio of rampaging giantesses. Some people wondered in the back of their minds, was this part of the next show? Did the Sensational Sisters deliberately grow as a part of their next act? It couldn't be, many thought, especially after they watched Daisy crush a small house flat with her bare foot. Fortunately, the house had already been evacuated. Daisy, meanwhile, just marveled over her new strength.
"Wow... look at that! I didn't even stomp at full speed and I still crushed that house!" Daisy said.
"Like, that's what happens when you're so big, Daisy! This is sooooooo cool!" Violet said. She reached down and picked up a few innocent people, but in her excitement, she couldn't keep her fingers steady and ended up dropping them. They all fell right into her green swimsuit.
"Heeheehahaha!! Stop it, that like tickles!" Violet said as she brushed her hands against her swimsuit from top to bottom. Eventually, she didn't feel anything, and she assumed she had crushed them with her hands. Violet just shrugged it off.
"Oh well. That was, like, totally their fault." Violet said.
"Their fault? You're the one that dropped them inside your swimsuit." Lily said with a smile.
"Like, hey, you wanna totally make something out of it!?" Violet said as she walked up towards her face. Daisy quickly stepped in between the two.
"Alright, ladies. Let's not, like, kill each other. We should focus more on the city." Daisy said.
"Get out of here, you big ladies! I'm not afraid of you!" a young man's voice said. Daisy looked down by her feet, and standing there with a baseball bat in hand was one of the owners of the Bike Shop. The girls broke out into hysterics when they looked down and saw the man trying to stand up to the giantesses.
"Like, oh my god! This little shrimp thinks he can stop us!?" Violet said.
"Alright, you tough guy, let's see you try to stop this!" Lily said. She lifted up one of her bare feet and was about to quickly bring it down on the little guy, but Daisy stopped her by resting a hand on her chest. Lily had to take a couple steps back after nearly losing her balance.
"Like, what gives, Daisy? I wanted to crush him!" Lily said.
"Nah, that'd be too easy. Let's give him a fighting chance." Daisy said.
"A fighting chance?" Violet asked. Daisy kneeled down and picked up the man (easily after he tried to run away) and held him up to one of her eyes.
"Listen up, little man, you're pretty tough to stand up to us. I'll give you one chance to live." Daisy said. She then stood back up and walked towards the river that stood between Cerulean City and the mysterious cave. She reached it in as little as a few steps across the city.

"If you can save yourself from the tide, then I will let you go." Daisy said. She then opened up her mouth and stuck out her tongue, lowering the man towards it.
"Wait! Stop! Help meeeeee!!!" the man shouted before the tongue rolled back inside Daisy's mouth and she closed it, shrouding the man in near total darkness.
"So what do you mean by saving himself from the tide?" Lily asked.
"Yeah, I totally don't get it." Violet said.
"Watch and learn, my beloved sisters." Daisy said with a smile. She then turned around and faced the river, kneeling down and then lowering her hands into as much of the river as she could. After she felt she had scooped up a handful of water, and then once her sisters had moved (into Route 24) to get a better view of Daisy's plan of action, Daisy then opened her mouth again and slightly tilted her head back. She moved her water-filled hands towards her open mouth and then dumped the water inside her mouth.

The owner of the Bike Shop knew he had made a terrible mistake in trying to challenge the giantesses. He didn't realize how big they were until he got up to their toes and saw most of them towering above him. Still, he tried to remain brave and tried to scare them into leaving the city, but that was a foolish move at best, and he knew death was inevitable, especially as he looked to see Daisy's mouth opening and water started to rush down from her hands.
"Noooooo!!!" the man shouted before the water eventually knocked him off balance. The combined force of the flowing water and the slickness of the saliva-drenched tongue proved too much for the man's legs, and he could only watch as he fell into the darkness that was Daisy's esophagus.

After gulping down the water, Daisy sighed a bit.
"Very clever, Daisy! I admit... that's why you're the ringleader of our act." Lily said.
"So, like, how did he taste? Did he taste like chicken?" Violet asked with a smile.
"I couldn't really feel him... he's just too small. Maybe we grew too big?" Daisy said.
"Heck no! I say we're the perfect size! In fact, after we conquer this city, we can probably conquer the entire Kanto region!" Violet said.
"And why stop there? Maybe we can rule the entire world! Teeheehee..." Lily said, getting an image in her head of herself sitting on a giant-sized throne while thousands of tiny Pokemon trainers threw themselves to her feet.
"Wait, are you sure you girls want to do that? Think of the reprecussions if we were to ever shrink back to..." Daisy said.
"Come on, Daisy! If anyone were to try and shrink us, we'd stomp them flat! We're huge, and we always will be!" Lily said.
"Lil' Lily's right, Daisy. I'm not gonna just stand here for the rest of my life. I'm gonna tour around Kanto and I'm gonna show everyone just what will happen when they defy us." Violet said. Despite being such a ringleader, as Lily said earlier, Daisy knew there was no arguing against her sisters, especially when they wanted to do something as evil as rule the whole Kanto region, and perhaps eventually the entire world. Heck, she could no longer hold back on the temptation as well.
"Alright, ladies, but we'll go in seperate directions. You know the old saying, divide and conquer?" Daisy said.
"Oh, like, totally! I love that idea! How about I go west, over Mt. Moon, and conquer the cities there?" Violet said.
"I'll go south. I deserve to go to Saffron City." Daisy said.
"I guess that leaves me going east... but hey, at least I can go swimming in the ocean!" Lily said, jumping up and down in excitement.
"Alright... after a while, let's meet back here so we can hear from each other what we've done. Have fun, sisters!" Daisy said.
"Woohoo! Tiny Pewter City, here I come!" Violet said. Finally, the three giantesses went their seperate ways. Daisy going south, Lily going east, and Violet going west. All three left Cerulean City in a somewhat ravaged state.

Meanwhile, Ash and his friends were tailing the three giantesses as they walked around Cerulean City causing madness and mayhem. They kept their distance, because as big as they were, all it took was one wrong step and they would be crushed completely. And there were a couple occasions where they came close to being stomped on, such as when Lily almost lost her balance and then when Daisy almost trampled them (they were inches away from her feet) when she turned around to head for Saffron City. After the near death from Daisy, Misty watched as her gigantic sister walked out of the city but down the hill towards the bigger Saffron City. She couldn't fathom her sisters stooping to this low a level.
"Arrrrgh! How could my sisters do this? They were so excited to see the world, and now they want to destroy it!?" Misty asked.
"What are we going to do? How can we stop them?" Lyra asked. Shortly thereafter, Officer Jenny pulled up to our heroes in her motorcycle.
"Is everyone okay?" Jenny asked.
"Yes, Jenny, we're fine. How about you?" Ash asked.
"Oh, don't worry about me. Thankfully those giant girls didn't crush the police station or the Pokemon Center. Still, I wonder how they got so big..." Jenny said.
"It's my fault... I didn't hide those growth berries in time." Misty said.
"We can worry about that later. The important thing is figuring out how we can get those ladies back here and back to normal size." Jenny said.
"Well, all we gotta do is lure them back here and somehow make them eat those shrinking berries, right?" Ash said.
"But how can we do THAT? From the way they acted, they're not just gonna follow us back here, that's for sure." Marina said.
"We should at least try to talk to Daisy in Saffron. She understands me the most... she wouldn't even try to hurt me." Misty said.
"She's got a point, actually." Ash said.
"Are you sure? It could be very dangerous!" Jenny said.
"It'd be more dangerous not to do anything, Officer Jenny. I have to try to reason with her!" Misty said.
"Alright... but I'm coming with you to make sure you stay safe, and to help with the evacuation in Saffron if it's not too late." Jenny said.
"Okay, let's go everyone!" Misty said.

Mt. Moon

On the very top of Mt. Moon, normally where the Clefairy would be dancing on Monday nights, a hiker and his young son were looking down on Pewter City. It was a beautiful sight, as they were able to see the entire city from high atop the mountain.
"Wow, Dad, this looks so awesome!" the kid shouted.
"Indeed, my boy, this is what hiking is all about! The smell of fresh air, the spectactular view..." the hiker said.
"Catching rare Pokemon too!" the kid said.
"Yes, and catching rare Pokemon!" the hiker said with a smile.
"Do you think we'll be able to find a Clefairy one day?" the kid said.
"I wouldn't doubt it, my son. They are quite legendary, and to possess one would be a high mark for trainers like you and I." the hiker said. Just then, the ground started to shake every second or so, with booming sounds accompanying each quake.
"Whoa... what's that?" the kid said.
"Huh? It can't be an earthquake... we wouldn't be able to feel it from this high up Mt. Moon..." the hiker said.
"Dad! Look!" the kid shouted as he tapped his father on the leg and pointed in the opposite direction. By the time the hiker looked where his son was pointing, the giant Violet was less than 50 yards away from the mountain.

As Violet approached Mt. Moon, she marveled over the fact that she towered over the once mighty mountain. The very top of the mountain was probably knee-high to the fast approaching giantess.
"Like, look how small Mt. Moon is! Thank god I don't have to go through that long disgusting cave anymore!" Violet said. With her feet right at the base of the mountain, she lifted her right foot up as high as she could, stepping over the mountain with little effort. She did the same thing with her other foot, and just like that, she was over Mt. Moon and looking down, several yards away, at Pewter City.

The hiker and son both watched as the huge giantess stepped over the top of the mountain, giving them a close up of the bottom of Violet's swimsuit.
"Wow... I wanna go on that ride, Dad!" the kid said.
"Me too, son... me too..." the hiker said. Clearly the sight of that much woman was too much for the man to take, and he whited out.

Pewter City

Much like in Cerulean City, the people of Pewter City already went running for cover as soon as they saw the giantess step over Mt. Moon (and cause the entrance to cave in thanks to planting the back of her left foot against that entrance). For her to step over the huge Mt. Moon so easily, they knew Violet was big enough to put a serious hurting on the city. Violet watched as everyone scrambled to get away from her gigantic body.
"Like, don't run away, ya'll! We'll have so much fun together!" Violet said. She wasn't too thrilled with seeing everyone bolt for the southern exit, which would lead to Viridian Forest. So she quickly stomped her way towards that exit and slammed both her feet down in front of the crowd, keeping them from running away.
"You all have been very, very bad in trying to escape from me, like, the new ruler of this city! So here is your punishment..." Violet said. As Violet sat down in front of the southern exit and stretched her legs out, surrounding the group of panicked citizens and causing her feet to plow into the few houses in the way, she smiled evilly down on the people especially as she thought of what they could do for her.
"Come here, all of you!" Violet said, and that's when she reached forward and scooped up all 50 or so of the people in the group with her hands (including Brock's parents; though Brock himself wasn't there yet). She then leaned forward and sprinkled all these people onto her legs, from top to bottom, and that of course included her massive feet.
"Alright, like, I demand a complete and total leg massage. Like, NOW!!" Violet shouted, her voice echoing in the skies as loud as she shouted. Except for a few who tried to escape, who got flattened by the giantess as she moved her legs to crush them, nobody argued that kind of authoritative voice and they got to work rubbing as much as they could of Violet's smooth skin. Violet rested her arms behind her and leaned back, taking in the comfort of many tiny people up and down her legs and making them comfortable.
"Mmmmm... that feels so good." Violet said. She especially liked the people that were rubbing her foot up and down. She had to giggle seeing some of them struggling to move the skin a great deal, and it didn't help that the smell of chlorinated swimming pool water still dominated her feet. Some people were already too exhausted to do anything, but Violet kept them going by bumping them with her feet.
"Move it, you little snails! I, like, don't have all day!" Violet said.

Flint and Lola, Brock's parents, were staying calm through this whole ordeal. Lola, however...
"Now don't you worry, Lola... Brock and his friends are sure to come and rescue us from this nightmare." Flint said.
"Worried? Who said I was worried? Just look at this beautiful skin? How does this woman do it?" Lola said.
"Um... sweetie?" Flint said.
"From this day forward, I shall become the next great supermodel! Maybe I'll be as big and beautiful as this girl! Oh, I must work hard to make her comfortable... perhaps she can share her secrets with me!" Lola said as she massaged Violet's knee at twice the speed she had previously been going at. Flint just hung his head down with many sweatdrops.
"I think I liked her decorating better..." Flint said to himself.

East of Cerulean City

Meanwhile, past the mountain ridge that was well to the east of Cerulean City and then Routes 9 and 10, Lily had stopped her trek and looked down past her glowing orange swimsuit to see not only various fishermen running like crazy away from the giantess, but also the vast ocean, which she smiled at.
"Ah... the ocean. My second home." Lily said. It was no secret that she was the most passionate of the three sisters as far as the water went. When she and the other sisters went on their world tour a while back (forcing Misty to return home to her gym), she would always try to find the big water hotspot of that area. For Lily at her new size, she felt there was no bigger hotspot for her now than the ocean itself. She took a deep breath and stepped back a couple steps (crushing a small cottage in the process).
"CANNONBALL!!!" Lily shouted. She then ran forward, taking five huge steps before making a huge leap into the air and folding her arms and legs together like a ball. She splashed into the ocean, causing water to splash almost across the entire mountain range, sweeping up the helpless fishermen as part of the flood. Lily emerged from the water, laughing with joy and rubbing the water out of her hair.
"Haha! If only my sisters could've seen that!" Lily said. She then walked further out into the ocean, the water remaining at just below her chest level at all times.
Along the way, a group of Lapras emerged out of the water, almost directly in front of the giantess. The group did not notice the giant Lily at first. At least, not until Lily suddenly decided to gently tap one of the Lapras with one of her fingers. Amazingly, the Lapras simply looked up and acknowledged the tap, but that was all, and this was hardly surprising to Lily. She knew more than anyone else that Lapras were very docile and not aggressive at all. Lily smiled to the Lapras as they sailed away in the ocean.
"So long, don't forget to write!" Lily joked.

Looking to the east of the Lapras, not too far from them were a couple of cruise ships. Lily had a big smile on her face when she saw these ships.
"Ooooooh... finally, some ships full of tiny people to play with. I got an idea for the first ship..." Lily said. Already thinking of a rather crafty idea to scare everyone onboard the first cruise ship, Lily soon held her breath and submerged herself underwater, walking slowly along the sea floor and leaving only her pink hair visible above the water. She snuck up towards the cruise ship as best as she could given her limited vision underneath the water.

Meanwhile, the sailors and trainers aboard the cruise ship had been watching nervously for the past few minutes as the giantess interacted with the group of Lapras. They had hoped she would play with the Pokemon long enough for the ship to sail out of her sights, but alas, that was not to be. They were especially nervous as Lily dipped part of her head underwater and snuck up on the ship, and when she was completely submerged, everyone started sweating buckets.
"Where... where did that giant woman go?" one young female trainer said.
"I don't know, mate, but be calm... maybe she'll go away without bothering us." the sailor said.

And that's when it happened. As the boat started to rock back and forth, everyone looked to see the water actually lowering. They could also see the land far away getting lower in height as well.
"What... what's happening? Are we flying all of a sudden?" one lass said.
"Oh my gosh! Look, we're on the giantess's head!" another trainer shouted as he pointed from over one of the edges and saw what little he could of the giant Lily's orange swimsuit. Indeed, Lily was slowly rising from underneath the water, balancing the entire ship on her head. She tried to keep as steady as possible, but it wasn't easy with the boat swaying from one end to the other. And yet, she felt it had to be dizzying for everyone else to keep their balance.
"Heehee, I should make this a part of my solo act in our next show, provided we're still this big. What am I saying? Of course we'll still be big for the next few days!" Lily said. Finally, she decided to save the balancing act for later. She then took the ship with both her hands.
"Well, I am pretty hungry now, and you're all the main course!" Lily said. As soon as she said that, the people started scrambling for whatever safe haven they could find. But it was all for naught as Lily tipped the bow of the boat towards her open mouth. At such a sharp angle, nobody and no object such as tables and chairs had a chance of staying on the boat, as everything fell inside Lily's wide open mouth.

Once she felt everything on the boat (at least on the surface of it) had fallen inside, Lily placed the boat back down on the water (splashing it everywhere) and gulped everything down, breathing a sigh of relief.
"Ahhhh... sweet and satisfying!" Lily said. After going as far as licking her lips, she then looked over and saw the other cruise ship that was trying to sail away from her.
"Oh no you don't. Let's like see how much water this little ship can take!" Lily said. That's when she walked as close to this other ship as she could and then slammed a hole at the stern of the boat with her fist! And as soon as she removed the fist, that's when water came flying out of the hole like a geyser. There was no chance for the crew onboard to seal up the gargantuan hole, so they did the only thing that would save their lives.
"Abandon ship! All trainers abandon ship!" the sailors shouted. Some tried to jump as fast as they could into the emergency life boats. And when those quickly filled up, everyone else simply jumped right off the boat and into the water. Many of these trainers drowned quickly from lack of swimming experience, but those that were able to survive? They were dangerously close to the giantess Lily, who didn't hesitate to scoop up these trailers or sailors into her water-soaked hands.
"Thought you could escape me, eh? You deserve to be punished, and I have just the thing! Bottoms up!" Lily said. After tilting the water back towards her mouth, Lily easily swallowed the water as well as the group of people. After gulping it all down, however, Lily coughed for a little bit.
"*cough cough* Ugh... too many Tentacool in the water... or maybe it's just the salt in the water. Either way, this ocean sure could use a cleanup one day." Lily said.

As she was walking back towards shore, she noticed one of the emergency life boats sailing in between her legs, and she smiled as she thought a most wicked way to end these little lives.
"And where are you all sailing? I think you should've abandoned this tiny little ship!" Lily said. That's when she squeezed her legs together, crushing the boat and smushing everyone against her legs. These people either stuck to her legs, got suffocated and eventually fell to the sea, or fell right into the sea where they drowned.
"Hahaha! Being giant is soooooo much fun!!" Lily said. She finished up her walk back to shore, brushing her legs and swimsuit of the water that had accumulated for the past several minutes.
"Well, let's see... I bet there are a lot of cute fishermen on Route 12." Lily said. She climbed her way over the mountain range and found herself back on Route 9, where she turned to the south towards Lavender Town...

Saffron City

Saffron City may have been the biggest city in all of Kanto, but right now, it was playing second fiddle to the even bigger Daisy. Daisy was taking her time, watching as the tiny people scrambled to find shelter from her 400-foot-tall self. It wasn't until she saw herself towering over the Silph Company building that she truly got a sense of how big she was. And she let everyone know of that too.
"Hmmhmm... people of Saffron City. Your city may be big, but I am bigger, and you will learn to respect me and my sisters when the day is over. Otherwise..." Daisy said. To prove her point, Daisy targeted a row of significantly smaller buildings to the north of the Silph building. Daisy raised her feet and, house by house, caused total destruction by crushing each one flat with her bare feet. She watched as a family tried to escape out of the houses, only to be knocked unconscious after slamming down on the house and crushing it. She thought about crushing these people too... and she did just that, pressing them against the ground until they were completely devoid of life and the bottom of her foot was stained red in some spots.
"Oh dear... maybe I overdid things by killing those people... but no, the power. I can see why my sisters loved growing so much. This power is just, like, so awesome..." Daisy said to herself.

Later, after about half of the city was torn apart by the giantess Daisy, Misty and all her friends (Lyra, Marina, Ash, and Pikachu) had arrived and could only cringe upon what they were witnessing.
"My gosh... look at this." Lyra said.
"It's much worse than even I could've imagined." Marina said.
"Why... why are you doing this, Daisy?" Misty asked.
"She's probably just overcome by the power. The power of being so large and in charge..." Ash said.
"Well, I'm gonna talk to her." Misty said.
"Are you sure that's a good idea, Misty?" Marina asked.
"She's my sister, and the only one that really listens to me." Misty said as she bravely walked towards the Silph Company building, which Daisy was taunting once again.
"Hey, wait for us!" Ash said as he and the other traveling companions followed.

As mentioned before, Daisy was towering over the Silph building once more, this time ripping off the tall radio tower.
"Hello... this is Daisy, broadcasting my sound to all over Kanto... ah, who am I kidding? This thing probably doesn't work anyway." Daisy said as she casually tossed the tower over her shoulder. Misty and friends watched as the tower fell right in their direction!
"Look out!" Lyra shouted. But luckily it flew well past our heroes, but the loud crash of the radio tower falling to pieces still rocked the eardrums of all our heroes.
"That was too close." Ash said.
"I say we turn back right now before..." Marina said.
"Um, kinda late for that." Lyra said as she pointed towards Misty, who was now somewhere between 30-50 yards away from Daisy's gigantic feet.
"DAISY!!!" Misty shouted as loud as she could.

Amazingly enough, Daisy picked up on that and turned around, facing her normal-sized sister down on the pavement. The others slowly joined up alongside Misty.
"Well, I declare. If it isn't my, well... teeny tiny sister!" Daisy said.
"Daisy, please! Stop this! This has gone far enough!" Misty shouted.
"Come on, why should I? You wouldn't say that if you were as big as me." Daisy said.
"You're killing innocent people! That's why you should stop! This city doesn't deserve to be treated the way it is!" Misty shouted.
"Oh, for crying out loud. What am I, like, supposed to do? Stand around like a circus attraction while I'm this big. It's all about the power, the power to change the Kanto region as I see fit. Maybe even the entire world!" Daisy said.
"Man... she really has gone power mad." Ash said. Marina and Lyra tried their hands at negotiating.
"But, Daisy, if you don't return to normal, what will happen to the Sensational Sisters show!?" Marina said.
"She's right... you three were already popular at regular size! Think of how everyone will feel about you now!" Lyra said.
"QUIET! All of you!" Daisy shouted. Her voice boomed out so loud, everyone had to cover their ears.
"You're all nothing but bugs... little insects at my feet. And why don't I remind you all how I treat little bugs, unlike what Misty does?" Daisy said as she slowly raised a foot above our heroes.
"Run, everyone!" Ash shouted as he, Pikachu, and the girls all took off in the opposite direction, just avoiding being stepped on by the giant Daisy. Daisy, as she watched the group in their panic, realized that Ash was a part of the group, and that gave her an idea to help keep Misty under control.
"Hmmmm... on second thought." Daisy said. She reached down to grab Ash, and by the time he realized what Daisy was up to, he was already trapped between two of her fingers. Pikachu, in a last ditch effort to protect its trainer, grabbed onto Ash's right leg. Lyra was the first to notice Ash was missing.
"Wait a minute.... where's Ash?" Lyra asked. Marina looked to see Daisy bringing her hand back up towards her face.
"Oh no, look!" Marina said as she pointed up to the sky.
"ASH!!!" Misty screamed as she looked up.

Daisy held Ash up to her right eye where he got the most scary closeup of a human female's eye in his entire life. He tried to brighten up the scene with a little humor.
"Wow... um... nice eyelashes? Did you get them from the Goldenrod Galleria?" Ash said. Daisy just ignored that quip and focused her attention down to a now irate Misty.
"Well, Misty, looks like I got your boyfriend again." Daisy said. Misty was about to charge towards the giantess, but was held back by Marina and Lyra.
"You witch!! You give me back Ash right now!" Misty said.
"Don't do it, Misty!" Marina shouted.
"Let me go! PLEASE LET ME GO!!! I have to save Ash!" Misty said.
"Not like this, you are! You're just gonna get killed!" Lyra said.
"Hmmhmm, better listen to them, Misty, just like you used to listen to us older sisters." Daisy said. Misty finally stopped struggling, not just because Marina and Lyra were right, but she was hurt by the words just spoken by Daisy.
"Now then, I'll be keeping Ash for now, unless you do anything foolish like call a legendary Pokemon to stop me... or something. But don't worry, I'll take good care of him. Now BEAT IT!" Daisy said. After stretching out the top of her swimsuit, Daisy stuffed Ash and Pikachu snugly inside so that they would be able to move anywhere, except for their heads sticking out and watching as the destruction continued. And speaking of destruction, Daisy turned around and got right back to it, destroying a nearby building in the city. She even stuffed her hand inside this building and pulled out a few innocent people to munch on.

Misty took a good long look at Daisy causing this destruction, but as she watched the giantess chew on the citizens of Saffron City, she suddenly remembered how this whole thing got started.
"I know what I need to do." Misty said. She then turned around and started to run back towards Cerulean City.
"Wait, Misty! Where are you going?" Marina asked.
"I'm gonna even up the odds... then she'll listen to me!" Misty said as she went back to her run. Marina and Lyra quickly followed suit, wondering what she meant by that.

Cerulean City

Meanwhile, back at the partially destroyed Cerulean City Gym, Marina and Lyra were waiting in the swimming pool room, the very room that the three sisters had grown in a little while ago (complete with the hole that was still in the ceiling). Eventually, Misty came back out, holding the two bowls of size-changing berries. Lyra looked at the bowl full of red berries and finally understood what Misty had planned.
"Oh, I get it! You're gonna grow as big as Daisy grew to and then take her on!" Lyra said.
"But do you know exactly how many berries you need to eat?" Marina said.
"Well, I did the math as I was taking the bowls and walking back here. I remember what Violet said after she and the others grew..." Misty said as she repeated what Violet had said.
"Ha! It's a good thing Lily didn't eat all 24 of those extra berries. She would've grown right off this planet!" Violet said.
"If those 24 berries had been divided among three sisters, plus the one berry they had sampled before gulping down the group, that means they had to have eaten 9 red berries to grow as big as they are." Misty said. She placed the bowl of blue berries to the side and picked out 9 of the red berries with her newly freed hand.
"Wow, Misty! That was some quick thinking there." Lyra said.
"Well, that's what happens when you're a gym leader and part of the Pokemon League. You gotta have a head for strategy and quick thinking to be a successful trainer." Misty said with a smile.
"Wait a minute... if there's three sisters... what about Violet and Lily?" Marina said.
"I'll deal with them after I've subdued Daisy... somehow." Misty said.
"I don't know... they may have already ravaged different parts of Kanto." Marina said.
"She's right. Who knows what kinds of damage they may have caused and will continue to cause while you're squaring off with Daisy?" Lyra said.
"So what are you two saying?" Misty said. Marina and Lyra looked at each other and quickly realized what each other was leaning towards. Lyra took a deep breath, for this likely was not going to be a popular request.

"Misty... let us have some of those berries too. I can pursue one of the other sisters." Lyra said.
"The same goes for me." Marina said.
"WHAT!? I... I don't know if..." Misty said.
"Misty, we want to save this region too. The Kanto region stands for so much in the Pokemon world, and I don't want to stand around and do nothing while it's wasted away." Lyra said.
"I agree with her. And we're also doing this for you. You shouldn't have to, well... put so much pressure on yourself right now." Marina said.
"Yes... I understand. You're right. It's all about teamwork." Misty said. She then handed her batch of 9 berries to Lyra. Then she picked out another 9 berries and handed those to Marina. After that, she finally took out another 9 berries and put the entire bowl to the side. The three girls were now standing close to each other, each holding 9 red berries.
"Just please promise me one thing. This is ONLY to stop my sisters and bring them back here for shrinking. Don't you guys get caught up with the power of being big like Daisy did." Misty said. Marina and Lyra both nodded their heads.
"That's a promise I can keep." Lyra said.
"As fun as it will no doubt be to grow so big, and despite the fact I live in another region, I want Kanto saved just as much as my two new friends do." Marina said.
"Awwww... thanks, Marina!" Lyra said.
"Alright, girls... time to become the giant saviors of Kanto!" Misty said. After counting to three, all three girls gulped down their berries at the same exact time.
"Remember... 30 seconds." Misty said. Lyra was twiddling her thumbs waiting for the growth effect to kick in.
"Don't be too nervous, Lyra! That's what I like to call stage fright." Marina said.
"Hey, I can't help it. I'm about to grow bigger than I ever could've even dreamed." Lyra said.

Then, the three girls began to grow.

"Here we go!" Misty said, watching as the swimming pool room around them got smaller and smaller. Thanks to the open ceiling as a result of the three sisters growing right through it before, Misty, Marina, and Lyra all didn't have to worry about running out of room as they grew. Still, it was incredible to now see Cerulean City itself shrink before their very eyes.
Finally, all three girls were exactly the same height as the three sisters of 400 feet tall.
"Well... I guess we're as big as them." Marina said.
"We are, I can feel it. Still, we won't know until we actually see them." Misty said.
"Why don't I go east? I think one of the giantesses went that way." Lyra said.
"And I'll head to the west, past Mt. Moon if I have to." Marina said.
"And Daisy in Saffron is mine. Good luck, girls... and be careful." Misty said. The three girls all put their hands together.
"Alright. Let's get back my sisters!" Misty shouted.
"Yeah!" Marina shouted.
"On it!" Lyra shouted. The three giantesses then went their seperate ways, trying not to let the scared population of Cerulean City get to them as they stomped their way to their chosen destinations.

As she promised to Misty, Lyra took the east of Cerulean City route, stomping her way through Route 9 and soon Route 10. Once she was on Route 10, there were a couple things she had to step over. Of course, first and foremost was the lonely Pokemon Center that sorta acted as a rest stop for trainers and Pokemon before they ventured into the Rock Tunnel. After stepping over a part of the Rock Tunnel's exterior, she was now walking past the Power Plant, and despite her massive size, some of the smoke from the Power Plant caught up to her nose. Lyra waved the smoke off as she coughed some of it out.
"*cough* They really gotta fix those pipes, for the environment's sake." Lyra said. But she was soon past the smoke and now stepping over another part of the Rock Tunnel. She was being very careful in traversing across this part of the land, not wanting to cause any part of the tunnel to cave in and trap any trainers inside. Fortunately, this was no problem even for the giantess, and once she was clear of the Rock Tunnel, she set her sights on Lavender Town. And it wasn't hard to search for Lily, because she was kneeling down in front of the Kanto Radio Tower.

Lily, after having her fun in the water past Route 9, had decided her next stop would be the nearest town or city, in this case Lavender Town (then she would go down to Route 12 and catch some fishermen). At her size, she towered over everything, including the Kanto Radio Tower. In fact, she was twice the size of the structure, at least until she kneeled down and peeked inside the glass windows at all the people that were either crowding up against the window or running like mad for the nearest elevator or stairway.
"Awww... don't be scared. Some of you must really be jealous. I bet you wish you could know how I grew this gigantic? Too bad, I'm not telling! Well, maybe I will once myself and my sisters have conquered all of Kanto." Lily said. She then lightly tapped on the glass windows with her fingernail, defintiely scaring many of the people off despite the fact the windows were able to hold up.

For Lyra, it was tough to sneak up on the other giantess, because at her size, there was nothing to hide behind. Luckily, Lily was focused on Lavender Town, not bothering to look to the north. She was instead focused on the radio tower and eventually on the smaller houses as she teased the structures with her bare feet. But Lyra soon had an idea not only to catch Lily by surprise, but to perhaps end this pursuit without much of a fight, because that would be devastating to the tiny people.
"Only one chance..." Lyra said to herself before she simply started running towards her fellow giantess.

By the time Lily heard the booming footsteps, thinking it was one of her other sisters, she looked in the direction of the charging Lyra, only to find herself being tackled by the other giantess.
"Eeeeeek!!!" Lily shouted as she felt herself being driven to the ground. Both giantesses landed in the watery Route 12, splashing water everywhere and breaking apart the wooden bridges underneath their immense weight.
"Ha! Gotcha!" Lyra said.
"Huh? Who are you? I don't remember seeing you eating those berries..." Lily said.
"I'm just someone who wants to save this world from evil giant girls like you." Lyra said.
"Wait a minute... I remember! You were with Misty earlier! Don't tell me she's big too!" Lily said.
"Never mind that. You're coming back with me to Cerulean City." Lyra said.
"And what if I don't want to!?" Lily said. Lyra looked around Lily's body, trying to think of some way to force her to come back with her to Cerulean without resorting to some sort of violence. Luckily, she thought of just the thing. A trick that her mother used to play on her at a very young age.
"Well, how about this?" Lyra said. She then, after moving her body on top of Lily's to keep her pinned down to the ground, moved her hands down to Lily's legs and started tapping and sliding her fingers up and down them.
"Hey... what are you doing... st...stop it! Hahaha!! Stop, please!! Heeheeheehee!!" Lily said, unable to supress the sensation of being tickled. Lily kicked her legs around trying to break loose of Lyra's grip (destroying the southern part of Lavender), but it was of no use. She helplessly flailed her arms around, but that only splashed water everywhere, making a mess out of Route 12.
"Will you surrender and come back with me to Cerulean City?" Lyra said.
"N...never... I will... hahahahaha!!!" Lily said. Lyra just kept on going; she smiled as she watched Lily laugh uncontrollably and even break into tears.
"Okay! Okay, stop! STOP!!! I'll come! I'll come with you!" Lily said.
"Very good." Lyra said. Finally, she lifted herself off Lily and then held out a hand to help the other giantess up.

But as soon as Lily was back on her feet, she reached up and lowered Lyra's signature hat down, covering up her eyes.
"HEY!!!" Lyra shouted.
"Sucker! Catch me if you can!!" Lily shouted as she took off running, looking back and laughing as Lyra struggled to get her vision back.
"Haha! Some people are just too gullible, now to... EEEEEK!!" Lily shouted. In turning her head and laughing over Lyra's predicament... she failed to notice the radio tower right in front of her and she crashed into it, taking out over half of the building down with her. Lily lost her balance and eventually crash landed down face-first onto the exterior of the Rock Tunnel.
"Ow!!!" Lily said as she rubbed her face up and down to make sure there wasn't any scratch marks from landing on top of the Rock Tunnel.

Lyra finally was able to pull her hat of her head, and she turned around only to see Lily laying on her stomach, along with much of the radio tower laying around Lavender Town in pieces. She walked up towards Lily and stood beside her.
"Now see what happens when you try to run away at this size?" Lyra said.
"Oh... quit gloating! Besides... I think I broke a nail." Lily said as she looked down on her hands.
"Come on. You've had your fun, now it's time to go home and return to normal." Lyra said. This time, only because she was a little sore from the trip to the Rock Tunnel on top of the chipped nail, Lily complied and walked alongside Lyra as the two giantesses made their way back to Cerulean City. Still, Lyra would occasionally look back at the almost completely ravaged Lavender Town.
"One down, and two to go. I hope the other girls are doing better than I did." Lyra said.

Marina, much like Lyra earlier, had to carefully make her way over a mountainous piece of land as well before she could reach her destination. This time, she was able to just clear the normally large Mt. Moon with a couple mighty steps. As she planted her second foot down on the ground, she looked to see she had nearly crushed a couple lasses who were running towards the Mt. Moon entrance. After hearing the two lasses yelp in shock, Marina kneeled down to get a closer look at them.
"Oh! Excuse me, ladies! I didn't see you stepping over that mountain!" Marina said.
"Oh, it's like, totally okay! At least we're safe, right?" one lass said.
"Right, of course! We were trying to get away from the other giant girl!" the other lass said.
"Other giant girl? Was she still in Pewter City?" Marina said.
"Yeah, totally! She's making everyone massage her whole body while she just sits on her fat butt and does nothing!" one lass said.
"Except file her own nails! I mean, what giant girl does that? I mean, if I were big and tall, I would..." the other lass said.
"Um... thanks for your help, ladies. You better get out of here while you can." Marina said.
"Oh right! Go get that giant girl!" both lasses said before they ran past the giant Marina. Marina stood back to her full height and got her first look at Pewter City, where she saw Violet doing exactly as the lasses were describing. She was laying back against the mountains (to the north side) that surrounded Pewter City to the north and west. She was using a small chunk from that mountain to file her nails while nearly every citizen in town (including Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny) were throwing themselves at her body from head to toe. Marina was simply appalled over what she saw.
"That twisted girl! I should make her pay for what she's done to all those innocent people." Marina said. She then made her way towards Pewter City.

Violet, in the meantime, felt like a queen resting up against the mountain (and sitting on top of the destroyed fossil museum) with nearly everyone still in Pewter City doing their best to massage her. But of course, as big as she was, Violet couldn't always feel the movements of these little people, and she would lightly move her body to get them moving.
"Come on, you little buggies! I don't have all day to sit here." Violet said.
"And you won't have all day in this city either!" Marina shouted. Violet looked up where she saw the other giantess standing near her with her arms crossed.
"Wha? Like, who are you, and what are you doing as big as me?" Violet said.
"I am Marina of Johto, supermodel and Pokemon trainer extraordinaire." Marina said.
"Ah, another supermodel? Good, I was getting kinda lonely to be honest. How about the two of us rule this town together?" Violet said.
"I didn't grow to scare my fellow trainers or turn them into my own body slaves. I'm here for you!" Marina said.
"Oh, you are, eh? I guess that little brat, Misty, must've sent you. She could've at least grown herself and tried to stop me!" Violet said.
"Well, if you must know, Misty is facing another one of your sisters. I'm just here to prevent further damage." Marina said. Violet then, without total regard for the people on her body, stood back on her two feet and looked right in Marina's eyes.
"Further damage? Like, you must be pretty dumb if you're not gonna rule this region while you're this big! Don't you see? Can't you totally feel the power that you have?" Violet said.
"Unfortunately, I think it's you that has their judgment clouded. Just come back with me to Cerulean and no more people have to be hurt." Marina said.
"Alright... I tell you what, you supermodel, you! Let's have the biggest beauty pageant this region has ever seen. If you win, I'll come back quietly to Cerulean with you, but if I win, and you totally know I will, you leave me alone and let me conquer this region. Do we have a deal?" Violet asked.

Marina didn't like the sound of what Violet was saying, but she figured if this was the only way to get Violet to return to Cerulean without resorting to violence, then she would accept the challenge. Especially on her pride as a model throughout the Johto region. Marina then surprised everyone, including the giant Violet, by taking off her white jacket and showing off all of her red sleeveless shirt.
"Deal." Marina said, offering her hand to Violet. The two giantesses shook hands, and Pewter City could only wonder what kind of pageant this was going to be.

Ash and Pikachu could only watch, uncomfortably at that, as the giant Daisy continued rampaging throughout Saffron City. She had just crushed the Fighting Dojo completely, but didn't bother with the Saffron City Gym, at least not yet.
"Aren't you going to crush the Saffron Gym too?" Ash asked.
"Oh, I will, my little pet. There are some buildings I just want to save for later." Daisy said.
"And then what?" Ash asked.
"Well, what else? After I've trashed this city, I just move onto the next one! Provided of course my younger sisters haven't already destroyed it. Hehehe!!" Daisy said. Ash just sighed as he looked back down on the ground.
"Oh, Pikachu. I wish there was something we could do..." Ash said.
"Chu..." Pikachu acknowledged.

"Hold it, Daisy!" a familar voice shouted. Daisy turned around, at the northern entrance to Saffron City, and saw the source of the voice.
"Wha? Misty?" Daisy said, looking at her younger sister as she stood at nearly the same height as herself. Misty took a couple steps towards the other giantess.

"Yes, Daisy. I am here because I have no other way of stopping you from ruling all of Kanto." Misty said.
"Ha! So predictable. This is gonna be one of those giantess vs. giantess battles, isn't it?" Daisy said.
"It doesn't have to be. Just come back to Cerulean so we can return to our normal size." Misty said.
"No! Why don't YOU go back to Cerulean and crawl back into the swimming pool you came from! I'm gonna stay big for the rest of my life." Daisy said. Misty didn't say anything at first, mostly because she was looking right at Ash and Pikachu trapped against Daisy's chest.
"At least give me back Ash and his Pikachu. They don't have to be a part of this." Misty said.
"Pffft... fine. I was getting tired of listening to their whining and complaining anyway." Daisy said. She reached in and picked up Ash and Pikachu, holding them between two of her fingers again.
"You want them? Here you go!" Daisy shouted as she just plain tossed the two up in the air!
"Hey!! Help usssssss!!!" Ash shouted, holding Pikachu in his arms as the two flew upwards and then started to fall down towards the destroyed roads and streets.

Luckily, Misty was able to reach out and allow the two to land onto her supersized hand. The soft flesh of the hand cushioned the landing for Ash and Pikachu, and he looked up to see the giant Misty looking down on him.
"Ash! Are you alright?" Misty said.
"Well... given your new size, yes, I'm perfectly fine!" Ash said.
"I'm glad..." Misty said. As she put Ash and Pikachu into one of her shorts pockets, she focused her attention again on Daisy, and she was mad. Ash and Pikachu both took cover deep inside the pocket. This was about to get real ugly, he thought.
"What? You got your boyfriend back, so like, you should be ecstatic." Daisy said.
"You just threw him up in the air like he was trash. You could've killed him!!!" Misty shouted.
"Chill out, you little squirt. He's just like any other trainer. Weak and too small for girls like us." Daisy said.
"Just like any other trainer? Weak and too small for US? That does it!!! HAAAAAAA!!!" Misty shouted. Then Daisy was totally surprised to see Misty running wildly towards her. She ended up getting tackled and the two giantesses crashed down on the ground, both landing on top of a pile of rubble (much of it previously belonged to the Silph Company).

The two giantesses were now in something of a wrestling match, with their hands locked onto each other's as one tried to gain the upper hand in battle.
"I used to respect you, Daisy... you were the only one that understood my feelings. But now you've resorted yourself to this silly B-movie type behavior. You even tried to kill my Ash. I hate you... I HATE YOU!!!!" Misty said, screaming at her loudest. Her voice could probably be heard all the way out to Johto, as much as the last few words echoed in the sky.
Eventually, Daisy rolled herself to the right, causing Misty to be pinned to the ground and Daisy hovering over her sister now.
"Yeah, well, you're acting like a big baby, just like you always have!!" Daisy said. Finally, she jumped to her feet and forced Misty to stand up when Daisy pulled her arms towards her. The sudden momentum, especially as Daisy released her grip on Misty, caused Misty to go flying to the eastern side of the city and crash into a building, bringing it down with her.
"You never have been one of the Sensational Sisters! Never will be!" Daisy said as she walked up to Misty and grabbed her by the pony tail on the side of her head.
"Owwww!!" Misty shouted. She was stunned by the hair pulling to counterattack.
"You embarrassed me with that tackle, so now I will embarrass you to the highest degree!" Daisy said. She was about to do something that she might deeply regret later in life, but her anger towards Misty was consuming her at this point. Daisy grabbed Misty's yellow crop top and, with two mighty tugs to the sides, ripped the clothing apart. At the same time, she pulled the suspenders off her shoulder, causing her shorts to fall to the ground.

But Daisy gasped. She did not expect what she was seeing.
"What... what the!?" Daisy said.

Misty was wearing a red bikini that she would normally wear in the swimming pool. Misty was just able to crack a smile despite the pain flowing through her body.
"Heh... I have my friend from Hoenn, May, to thank for this. Now I see why she says it's a good idea." Misty said.
"Oh, now you're just standing me up!" Daisy said.
"Well, maybe you should sit down instead!" Misty said. After walking up to Daisy and grabbing her own hair, Misty then kicked her in the stomach with her shoes.
"Ouch!!" Daisy shouted. Misty then simply tossed Daisy away from her, the backwards momentum causing her to fall down on her behind and land on part of the tracks that carried the Magnet Train.
"You got any more dirty tricks up that dirty swimsuit of yours?" Misty said, noting all the dust and debris that covered Daisy's red swimsuit now. Before Daisy could say anything, she looked to the western side, where she saw the Magnet Train trying to come to a screeching halt as it approached her.
"Funny you should mention that, little sis!" Daisy said. Of course, it was tough trying to stop a train that sped much faster than a speeding bullet. Daisy wrapped her hands around the train and ripped it off the tracks, taking a shower of sparks and electricity out from under it. Misty just gasped... she knew there were lots of people that took the Magnet Train between Johto and Kanto every day.
"No!" Misty said.
"Alright, Misty. I'm gonna rule this entire region no matter what it takes, and you're not going to stop me. So if you don't leave now, I'll crush this entire train and kill everyone inside." Daisy said.
"Don't do it, Daisy! You'll be nothing but a cold-blooded killer..." Misty said.
"Shut up! Just SHUT UP!!! I can do whatever I want, and I say I'll kill all these little bugs if you don't leave me alone! Either shrink back to your normal size or go conquer some other unsuspecting city." Daisy said.
"Daisy, please..." Misty said, wiping all anger and fighting spirit off her face and trying to show something out of compassion for her older sister. But nothing was working out.
"Time's ticking, Misty. Better decide now." Daisy said.

Meanwhile, after Misty's shorts were dropped to the ground, Ash and Pikachu both peeked their heads out where they watched the Misty and Daisy battle get heated. Of course, Ash was surprised to see Misty somehow wearing her red bikini instead of her regular clothes.
"Man, I'm glad I'm not in the middle of this mess." Ash said. Eventually, as the two giantesses moved to the west side of the city, with Daisy landing on the Magnet Train tracks with her behind, Ash and Pikachu very carefully followed the action, keeping their distance knowing that one wrong step by either giantesses (Misty in particular) could end his life instantly. When Daisy picked up the Magnet Train, Ash instinctively shouted for Daisy to stop.
"No, wait!!" Ash shouted, knowing that his words couldn't reach either giantess at this point. When he heard the demands by Daisy, he tried to think of how he could help Misty despite being his regular size.
When he noticed some of the sparks still coming out from underneath the Magnet Train, an idea quickly hit his head as he looked down on Pikachu.
"Pikachu! Thunderbolt the Magnet Train!" Ash shouted. Pikachu ran a few steps forward and charged itself up.
"PI-KA-CHUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!" Pikachu shouted, firing a powerful bolt of electricity at the Magnet Train's bottom side.
Ash's idea worked like a charm, as the entire exterior of the Magnet Train became infused with lightning leveled electricity.
"AHHHHHH!!!" Daisy said as she felt the shocking bolts coarse through her body. The shock was so much she had to let go of the Magnet Train as she fainted down to the ground. Everyone could only watch as the Magnet Train headed right for the ground.
"Oops..." Ash said, thinking he had just made a terrible mistake that would end several innocent lives.

But another shock was about to happen. The Magnet Train suddenly was covered in a blue light as it was now hovering in mid-air.
"Huh? What the?" Ash said. Eventually, the train eventually landed softly on the ground with very little damage being added from the giantess attacks. But Ash looked past Misty's huge shoes and realized what it was. It was a person that was standing not too far from the train. A female to be exact.
"Sabrina." Ash said.
"Pikachu..." Pikachu said, also impressed with what it had witnessed as well.

Sabrina soon walked away, just as the doors of the Magnet Train opened up and everyone inside was running frantically for safety. She ended up walking past the gigantic Misty and was passing by Ash.
"Sabrina, hey!" Ash said.
"Oh, hello, Ash. I didn't know you were in town." Sabrina said.
"Well, it's kind of a long story." Ash said.
"And a very big one, no doubt." Sabrina said as she pointed up at Misty who towered over herself and Ash.
"Yep, that pretty much sums it up. But have you always been here, despite these giantess attacks?" Ash asked.
"You forget, Ash Ketchum. I have experience in situations like this." Sabrina said.
"Well... okay then." Ash said.
"Now if you'll excuse me, I have to help with the evacuation." Sabrina said. She then walked away, running towards the crowd of people that had come from the Magnet Train.

Ash was watching Sabrina walk away, but soon had to change his focus of attention when the huge shadow of the giant-sized Misty blocked off all sunlight. Ash turned around, only to be wrapped up (gently of course) in the hand of the giant bikini-clad girl.
"Ash, you know you shouldn't be out here. It's dangerous!" Misty said.
"Well... you lose your shorts and they're laying on the ground, that's just as dangerous a position! I'm just glad you took May's advice to heart." Ash said. Misty smiled.
"Well, maybe I was getting ready to go swimming after showing you those berries. Oh, was that Pikachu who thundershocked the Magnet Train." Misty said.
"Yeah... I didn't think it would knock Daisy out, honestly!" Ash said.
"Hey, that train can hold a LOT of volts as fast as it is." Misty said.
"So... what now? Will Daisy be okay?" Ash said as he turned his head and looked over at Daisy who was laying unconscious on the ground, near the northern entrance to the city, actually. Misty walked over to her fellow sister and looked down at her.
"Don't worry, she'll be fine. Luckily Cerulean City is not too far from here." Misty said.
"Well, time to go home, I guess. Don't forget your clothes!" Ash said.
"Nah, leave them. They're pretty much ruined now, but I have lots of other pairs." Misty said, winking down at Ash. After putting Ash and Pikachu on top of her head (and telling him to hold on tight to the strands of hair), Misty used all her strength to pick up Daisy and rest her on her shoulders. The two giantesses then made their way back to Cerulean City.

Several minutes later, Cerulean City was crowded once again with giantesses. Daisy had regained consciousness, and after seeing her other sisters in the city, she immediately conceded defeat to Misty (and also apologized to her for her bad behavior, with Misty doing the same, saying she didn't mean to say she hated her guts). Misty, still in her red bikini and traveling shoes, had taken Ash off from the top of her head and politely ordered him to get the blue berries inside the gym. Violet and Lily stood next to Marina and Lyra, with the latter two explaining to Misty how they were able to recover the other sisters. Marina rubbed her white jacket as she finished off her story.
"So I have Delia Ketchum to thank for tilting the results of that giant beauty pageant in my favor." Marina said.
"Bleh... you so totally cheated on that pageant. I totally outclassed you in... OW!!!" Violet said, only to receive a pinch on the arm by Marina behind her.
"Okay, okay! You're the most beautiful in Johto AND Kanto." Violet said.
"Thank you." Marina said.

Ash then came back from the gym, holding the bowl of blue berries high in the air for the giantesses to see. Officer Jenny was also with Ash, wanting to make sure the shrinking process didn't have any hiccups.
"I got them!" Ash said.
"Okay, Ash. Now, take nine berries out of the bowl. I'll lower my hand, and just throw the berries onto my hand when you're ready." Misty said. Ash did just that, and just as Misty kneeled down and lowered her hand near him, he threw the berries on and they landed in the middle of the hand. Misty stood back up and held the hand full of berries in front of Daisy.
"Alright, Daisy. Open up." Misty said.
"Like, what if I don't want to?" Daisy asked.
"Come on... you agreed to our little deal. You lost, so you shrink back to normal." Misty said.
"Alright, alright..." Daisy said. She opened up her mouth and Misty, after slightly tilting Daisy's head backwards, dumped the berries inside the open mouth. Of course, as tiny as the berries were, Daisy didn't feel them hitting her teeth, or even her tongue. They just fell down her mouth like little pieces of candy. Just like before, after thirty seconds of the body digesting these berries, Daisy started to shrink.
"Wow... those berries are amazing. We could probably use them for dealing with Pokemon poachers." Jenny said.
"I don't know, you'd probably have to ask Misty first since she found them." Ash said with a smile. Daisy was soon back to her normal size. She turned around and saw the giant Misty behind her and looking down on her. It was quite the sight.
"Man, I didn't realize I was THAT big..." Daisy said.

Eventually, the other two sisters took their nine berries each, and then it was time for Lyra, Marina, and last, Misty, to shrink back to their normal size. Once Misty was back to her normal size, she took a deep breath.
"Well, that's that." Misty said.
"Too bad we couldn't stay big... that was quite an experience!" Marina said.
"I couldn't agree more. Think of how much of the region I could cover in one day being that big." Lyra said.
"I agree, but as we saw with the three sisters, it's best that this power be kept in secret. And speaking of the three sisters..." Jenny said as she looked over at Daisy, Violet, and Lily. All three gulped nervously as sweat ran down their heads.
"Are... are you going to arrest us?" Lily said.
"Of course she is! We've been very bad girls, going around and destroying cities and making people our little body slaves..." Violet said. Daisy was speechless. She felt she was too young and too talented to be jailed up.
"Well... we have to do SOMETHING. I mean, we let this go, girls everywhere are suddenly going to wish they could grow and cause madness and mayhem." Jenny said. Misty glanced over to Ash, who still held the bowl of shrinking berries in his arms.
"Wait. I have an idea, Officer Jenny." Misty said as she walked over to Jenny and explained her solution to the problem.

Cerulean City Gym

Back inside the gym, Misty's room to be exact, it was just Ash, Pikachu, and the six girls. Officer Jenny was satisfied with what Misty had explained to her and left to help with the cleanup in the other cities. The solution? Well, one thing's for sure, the three Sensational Sisters were not too thrilled with it.
"Come on, Misty, do we really have to do this!?" Daisy said.
"Yeah, that would totally be lame to be that size!" Violet said.
"You heard Officer Jenny, my lovely sisters. It's either this or be locked up for a week or so, with possibly the end of the Sensational Sisters Swimming Show." Misty said.
"Well, I'll play along! I would hate for our show to be cancelled only because we had fun being gigantic!" Lily said.
"Lily's right. This is for our show to keep going... and to learn a valuable lesson." Daisy said.
"Ash? Would you do the honors?" Misty said.
"Okay then." Ash said. Holding the bowl of blue berries, he approached each of the sisters one-by-one. Each sister took another nine blue berries from the bowl, and when Misty gave the signal, all three sisters ate the blue berries simultaneously.

Thirty seconds later, the three sisters began to shrink again. Eventually, all three were just over one inch tall. They watched as Misty walked up towards them, placing her shoes as close as they could to them.
"Well, my sisters, can't say I'm the short one anymore. At least, until the week is over and I give you the growing berries." Misty said.
"Ho ho, ha ha, very funny, Misty." Violet said. Misty then reached down and gently picked up the three sisters, showing them off to her friends.
"You sure this is a good idea, Misty?" Ash said.
"Well, why not? Remember when we were shrunken by Sabrina a long time ago and how hard life was even for just a couple minutes? They felt so powerful being so big, they deserve to see the opposite side of things and see how helpless they feel, much like the people they tortured today." Misty said.
"Yes, a good point." Ash said.
"Oh! Misty, I know we've all had a, well... big day, but can we still have our match for a Cascade Badge today?" Lyra said.
"Sure! Luckily the pool is intact enough for us to have our battle. Come on, I'll go get everything set up." Misty said. After handing the three shrunken sisters to Marina, Misty left the room with Lyra, Ash, and Pikachu following behind. Marina easily figured why she was the one to hold onto the tiny girls.
"Well, I guess you'll be watching the match from my lap!" Marina said. As Marina covered up her hands to protect the three sisters, the trio just sighed and all wondered what kind of week it was gonna be with Misty towering well over them.

Luckily, Misty treated them well and the girls eventually learned to like the situation they were in, just as they enjoyed the time they had being giantesses. Evil and destructive, but bigger than everyone and everything else nevertheless.