Big & Happy Family

(Cubed Cinder)

Pallet Town

While Mr. Mime was cleaning up the place as always, Delia Ketchum sat back in one of her chairs, staring point blank at a picture of her son, Ash Ketchum. The longer she looked at that picture, the harder it became to fight back the tears. It was only a few days since Ash had departed for the Sinnoh region, but it already felt like eternity since she saw him. Finally, the tears came down slowly.
"Oh, Ash... I miss you so much. Why can't you stay home for a little while just once?" Delia said, wiping the tears away with her hands. So many memories of the two together came pouring into her mind, such as the time when she was captured by Molly Hale and the Unown with Ash coming to her rescue. Eventually though, she had to shake them off. Life must go on, after all. And with that in mind, it was time for her frequent visit to Professor Oak's lab. She picked herself up from the chair, straightened out her dress and went into the kitchen where she picked up her white purse.
"Mimie! I'm going over to Professor Oak's place to see what he's doing. I'll be back later!" Delia said.
Mimie nodded and shouted out something in acknowledgement before Delia nodded back and walked out the front door. She proceeded to walk across town to enter Professor Oak's laboratory.

The walk didn't take long considering the home was not that far from the Ketchum residence. Delia knocked on the door and it opened, revealing Oak's faithful assistant and a former travel companion of Ash, Tracey.
"Good morning, Tracey." Delia said.
"Good morning, Mrs. Ketchum!" Tracey said.
"Is Professor Oak home?" Delia said.
"Yes, he's out back feeding all the Pokemon. I'll go get him right away!" Tracey said.
"Sure, that's okay! Can I wait inside, meanwhile?" Delia said.
"Of course, you're always welcome inside the lab!" Tracey said as he stepped aside and allowed Delia to walk inside. The two entered the main lab.
"Just make yourself comfortable." Tracey said as he walked off to fetch the professor.
"Okay then." Delia said. But rather than sit down, she felt like walking around, curious as to what Professor Oak was working on. He was known for inventing all sorts of things that Pokemon trainers around the world take for granted, and even some weirdo experiments that he wouldn't dare let out of the lab. Eventually, she set her sights on a box of cookies.
"Huh? What's this?" Delia said to herself, looking down at the box. It seemed very inviting, especially since the front of the box said in big, bold letters... EAT ME.
"Hmmm... well, I did miss breakfast this morning. I'm sure Professor Oak wouldn't mind." Delia said, reaching down and grabbing two of them. She thought about taking a bite out of one of them, but when she heard Professor Oak's voice down one of the halls, she quickly pulled the cookie back and threw both of them into her purse. Just then, Delia smiled as she saw Professor Oak and Tracey coming into view.
"Ah, Delia. Welcome! It's so good to see you." Oak said.
"Yes. You too, Professor Oak." Delia said.
"Is everything okay? You're not still down over Ash leaving again, are you?" Oak said.
"Well, I try not to let that affect me, but it's been tough. He's probably been outside far more than I ever used to be." Delia said.
"Hmmm... Tracey, why don't you help feed the rest of the Pokemon for me? I could use a little time inside." Oak said.
"No problem, professor!" Tracey said before he left.

So for the next few minutes, Oak and Delia were talking with each other over various things, with Oak of course taking every opportunity he could to share what new things he was working on for the world of Pokemon. Delia tried to stay interested, but she clearly was still thinking about Ash, and he knew it too.
"You're right. It's proving very difficult to cope without your son." Oak said.
"No, it's just..." Delia said.
"You don't have to hide it, Delia. I can see it in your eyes. That's the same look my mother used to give me when I was a young trainer!" Oak said.
"Huh? Really?" Delia said.
"You bet. She worried about me every day, but was always at ease when she saw me fulfilling my dreams as a Pokemon trainer, especially at the competitions." Oak said.
"Oh..." Delia said.
"Listen, Delia. You should have faith in your son. Every mother should have that. If you truly believe, he will come home safely." Oak said.
"I know, and I've felt that way when he went around Kanto for the first time... and then went off to explore the Orange Islands, and then Johto and Hoenn. Now he's exploring his fifth region, Sinnoh. I guess I'm just worn out watching him go through all that. I just wish I could see a little bit of Sinnoh... maybe that will put my mind at ease." Delia said.
"Hmmm... you know, that's not a bad idea. Sinnoh is a beautiful place, from the little I have seen anyway. But you actually have a good point. You should go off and explore Sinnoh yourself." Oak said with a smile.
"Oh, I wish I could. But that's so far away... Ash would probably be halfway through Sinnoh by the time I got there." Delia said.
"You're probably right, but I think I can help get you to Sinnoh quicker. Come, we should speak with Tracey." Oak said.
"Huh? Well, okay." Delia said. She wasn't sure what exactly Professor Oak meant by getting her to the Sinnoh region faster, but she quickly thought, anything to see my baby boy!

Oak and Delia approached Tracey as he was giving pieces of food to Paras.
"Hey, Tracey! You still have that Pidgeot you recently caught, right?" Oak asked.
"Oh yeah! It's been great having a flying Pokemon around. Helps me get around quicker." Tracey said.
"Well, Delia could use that Pidgeot's help. She wants to get to Sinnoh fast!" Oak said.
"Gee, are you sure, professor? Sinnoh's a long ways away. What could you want to go there for, Mrs. Ketchum?" Tracey said.
"To see Ash. Professor Oak helped convince me that I shouldn't sit around hoping that Ash will be okay. I want to see a little bit of Sinnoh for myself so that I know he will be safe." Delia said.
"Oh, I get it..." Tracey said, smiling as he was thinking what Delia was no doubt thinking.
"Your Pidgeot's pretty strong. I'm sure it can sail across the ocean from here to the Sinnoh region." Oak said.
"But still, I'll take your Pidgeot to a Pokemon Center as soon as I get there." Delia said.
"That's very kind of you, Mrs. Ketchum. Alright, Pidgeot, come out!" Tracey said, pulling out a Pokeball and throwing it in the air, releasing the Pidgeot.
"Pidgeot, I need you to take Mrs. Ketchum to the Sinnoh region for me, using your Fly power." Tracey said as he handed Pidgeot's Pokeball to Delia.
"Oh, wait! Does your Pidgeot even know where the Sinnoh region is?" Delia asked. Oak was quick to provide the solution as he removed the Poketch from his wrist.
"That's no problem. Here, take my new Poketch. I recently put a worldwide map app on this thing. I believe Sinnoh is to the east of here." Oak said. Delia put the Poketch on her wrist.
"Wow... this is fascinating! Thank you, Professor Oak, and you too, Tracey." Delia said as she hopped onto Pidgeot's back (similar to Falkner of the Violet City Gym in Johto).
"Good luck, Delia!" Oak said.
"And be careful!" Tracey said. With those words in mind, the Pidgeot flew up into the sky, soaring towards the Sinnoh region. Delia held on as tight as she could, since Pidgeot would be flying at a high altitude and at high speed.

Jubilife City

Meanwhile, in the busy place that was Jubilife City... Ash, Pikachu, and their new friend, Dawn, were just admiring the sights and sounds of the city until they went inside the Pokemon Center to get their Pokemon healed.
"Hi! Welcome to the Jubilife City Pokemon Center." Nurse Joy said from behind the counter.
"Thanks, Nurse Joy. Can we get our Pokemon healed?" Ash said, handing over Pikachu and Dawn handing over her Pokeballs.
"Right away." Joy said with a smile, and she walked to the back to place the Pokemon in the healing machine.
"Good thing Brock isn't here to go ga-ga over Nurse Joy." Ash said.
"Yeah, tell me about it! So remind me again why Brock isn't here?" Dawn asked.
"Something about family... I guess his mom was trying to redecorate his old gym again. He said he would be back here probably tomorrow." Ash said.
"Hmmm... so I guess we'll be staying here for tonight." Dawn said.
"I guess so. But nothing wrong with that, right? This seems like a nice place." Ash said.
"Yeah, I've heard it is. Hey, speaking of family, I should call my mom. She's probably worried sick about me." Dawn said.
"Good idea. The video phones are over there." Ash said, pointing towards the aforementioned video phones. Both of the kids approached one of them, with Dawn picking up the phone and dialing her home number.

Twinleaf Town

Much like Delia had been doing prior to the start of this story, Johanna was resting back in a chair with her Pokemon, Glameow, laying by her bare feet. Her downtime would be cut off by the ringing of her video phone.
"Oh! The video phone..." Johanna said as she jumped to her feet and walked into the kitchen, where the device was located. She picked up the phone and looked into the screen, which quickly changed from a blank screen to a live picture of her daughter, Dawn.
"Hi, Mom!" Dawn shouted.
"Oh, hello there, Dawn. I guess you've made it to Jubilife City?" Johanna said.
"Yep, we're here. Well, me and Ash. Brock had to return to Kanto for a couple days." Dawn said. Johanna had already been introduced to Dawn's new friends not too long ago when she started her coordinator's journey.
"Yes, your new friends. You're being nice to my Dawn, aren't you, Ash?" Johanna said. Dawn repeated that question for Ash since he couldn't hear it from where he was standing.
"Oh, of course! I'm getting along with her!" Ash said.
"Good. That's good. Oh, Dawn. I love you so much. I miss you already." Johanna said.
"Me too, Mom. Well, we gotta go now. I love you too!" Dawn said.
"Okay. Bye, Dawn!" Johanna said, waving her goodbye before they both hung up and the video screens went blank.

Jubilife City

Just as Dawn hung up, Ash had noted the way Johanna was feeling.
"Your mother seems to be taking it well. The fact that you've left for a big adventure." Ash said.
"Well, yeah. I think she always knew I would be following in her path as soon as I turned ten." Dawn said.
"Too bad my mother can't take it as well..." Ash said.
"Oh, really?" Dawn asked.
"Yeah. She's probably already worried sick about me. She tried so hard not to let me leave for Sinnoh, but I had to remind her that this is what I wanted to do." Ash said.
"Oh, sorry to hear that. Perhaps we should call her too." Dawn said, but Ash immediately shook his head.
"She's all the way out in Kanto... and even then... I'd just make her feel worse." Ash said, sighing upon thinking about Delia. Nurse Joy soon approached our heroic duo.
"Excuse me, but your Pokemon have been restored to full health." Joy said.
"Thank you, Nurse Joy. Can we stick around? We've got nowhere else to go for today." Ash said.
"Of course. We always welcome traveling trainers to stay." Joy said as she walked back to the counter. Ash and Dawn soon followed to pick up their Pokemon.

Sandgem Town

It was a good thing Delia was not afraid of heights, because she and Tracey's Pidgeot were well up in the air. Holding onto Pidgeot's back and helping to guide it by following the directions on Professor Oak's Poketch, Delia felt like a stewardess doing all this work just to get to a wholly different region. Finally, though, after a few more minutes of flying, Delia looked down and spotted her target.
"There! A Pokemon Center! Fly down there, Pidgeot!" Delia shouted. The Pidgeot obliged and began its slow descent. Like an airplane, Pidgeot came down for a perfect landing, stopping just outside the doors of the Pokemon Center in Sandgem Town.
"Good job, Pidgeot. Come on, let me get you healed up for your trip back." Delia said, keeping the promise she made to Tracey. She had no reason to keep the Pidgeot as she felt she would be in Sinnoh for a little while, no doubt looking for Ash. Delia walked inside the center with Pidgeot flying behind her. A few people gave Delia a look because it was unusual for someone to keep a Pokemon outside of its Pokeball, but she didn't let this bother her. Joy gave her usual greeting as she saw Delia approach the desk.
"Hi! Welcome to the Sandgem Town Pokemon Center." Joy said.
"Thank you... can you please heal this tired Pidgeot?" Delia said.
"Of course I will... but don't you have its Pokeball to keep it in?" Joy said. Delia sweated a little, wondering how to put into words how she was using this Pidgeot.
"Well, I'm actually borrowing this Pidgeot. It belongs to a trainer named Tracey Sketchit. You can call him to confirm if you'd like!" Delia said. Officer Jenny, who was also inside the Pokemon Center, happened to hear that.
"Wait, did you say Tracey Sketchit?" Jenny asked.
"Yes, I did." Delia said.
"Then there's no need to call. He happened to call me just a couple minutes ago. He said that you, Mrs. Delia Ketchum, would be coming with his Pidgeot into one of the Pokemon Centers in Sinnoh." Jenny said.
"Oh... I see! Usually I'm the one that plans ahead. That was so kind of him!" Delia said.
"Well, then. I shall heal this Pidgeot right away." Joy said.
"Thank you, ladies." Delia said.
"Is there anything I can get you, Mrs. Ketchum? Food or drink, anything like that?" Jenny asked. That's when Delia remembered the two cookies that she snatched from Professor Oak's lab earlier.
"Actually, I brought a little snack of my own. Thanks!" Delia said.
"Very well! Back to duty for me then. Gotta look out for Team Rocket. Rumor has it they've been sneaking around in this region." Jenny said.

And with that, Delia pulled out both of the cookies that has previously been stashed inside her purse. She looked carefully at both of them.
"Nah, I better not spoil myself. I'll have just one for now." Delia said. With that in mind, she bit off half the cookie, chewing it into pieces before swallowing the other half. Just as Delia gulped it down, Joy returned with the Pidgeot.
"Okay, Pidgeot is in tip-top shape." Joy said.
"Thank you, Nurse Joy. Have a nice day!" Delia said.

Walking out of the Pokemon Center, Delia smiled at Pidgeot as it too was smiling over feeling very much energized. While out there, she could feel a few rumblings throughout her body. She tried to ignore them as best she could, thinking they were just cramps from traveling so long.
"Very good, Pidgeot. You can fly back to Tracey now." Delia said. The Pidgeot seemed to look concerned.
"Hey, don't worry about me. I'll be okay... your trainer needs you!" Delia said. Pidgeot finally nodded and took off flying in the opposite direction of where it and Delia came. Finally, Delia was wondering what all her cramping was for.
"Ugh... I feel strange. Where are these cramps coming from? And why does my purse feel so tight?" Delia said, having to take the purse off her shoulder as it seemed to be squeezing her skin. Placing the purse down on the ground, she suddenly looked back at the doors of the Pokemon Center... she was a full head taller than them, and it looked like they were getting smaller. Heck, the whole center looked like it was getting smaller.
"Huh? What's happening? Why is the Pokemon Center shrinking?" Delia said. Then came the next surprise to her, she turned around and saw a few people gathering around her. They were gossiping over what they were seeing and pointing at her.
"Look, that woman... she's getting bigger!" one woman finally shouted out loud. Everyone looked at the slowly growing Delia, although her growth would speed up for a little bit. Delia was getting a little worried now. She backed up and almost tripped onto the roof of the Pokemon Center. She just watched as the town continued to shrink.
"What's... what going on!?" Delia shouted. Finally, though, the growth stopped. Delia towered over Sandgem Town at just over 100 feet tall. She was easily three times the size of the Pokemon Center behind her, and twice the size of the tallest house in the town. She looked down by her white shoes at the ten to twelve people that were looking way up at her.

"Um... hello... down there." Delia said, weakly waving down at the crowd of people. Some of them were already backing away from the giant woman, and when Delia slightly inched one of her feet forward, everyone took off running.
"Wait, I promise I won't hurt you!" Delia said. Then she looked behind one of her feet and just happened to notice her purse, looking pretty tiny from her new perspective.
"Oh dear!" Delia said as she gently kneeled down and picked up the white speck. Naturally, she wondered what the heck just happened.
"What happened? How did I get so big?" Delia said. She thought of everything that has happened to her the past few minutes to possibly cause this to happen. When she got up to when she ate that one cookie, that's when it hit her.
"Wait... that cookie. That cookie must've been what made me grow. Oh, Professor Oak, what kind of cookies were you really making?" Delia said, wondering what those cookies could possibly be for. She then smiled a bit, thinking how lucky she was didn't eat that second one, otherwise she'd really be towering over the town.

And speaking of towering over the town, Delia didn't want to scare the tiny population of Sandgem anymore.
"I better get out of here. Who knows where I will go... just anywhere away from this town!" Delia said as she carefully stepped away from Sandgem Town, still holding onto her really tiny purse.

Twinleaf Town

Feeling happy over chatting with her daughter and seeing Ash Ketchum as well, Johanna turned her attention towards making lunch. Midway through the process, however, she heard some faint booming noises coming from outside, and they were getting progressively louder.
"Goodness, what is that noise? I hope it isn't a wild pack of Graveler..." Johanna said. She stepped out from behind the counter and then walked out the front door. She gasped right when she got her first glimpse of the giant Delia Ketchum.
"Wh... What the...!?" Johanna said.

Delia looked down on Twinleaf Town, feeling a little bit bigger because of how much smaller this place was compared to Sandgem.
"Gulp... I hope I didn't grow bigger during my short walk here." Delia said. It was definitely small because she could only see a few people, and all of them were looking right up at the giantess rather than running off thinking she was here to destroy. Delia slowly walked forward, trying to gaze out into the ocean.
"I wonder how far it is from here to Kanto? Maybe I can swim my way back..." Delia said. Then she happened to look down and see she came very close to crushing one of the houses! She stopped her foot in midair and moved it backwards, sparing the house. She looked down and saw Johanna down by her feet.
"Whew... I'm sorry. Thank goodness I stopped short of crushing your house!" Delia said.
"Yes, thank goodness you did... I can't believe it." Johanna said.
"I'm sorry, I can't hear you from up here. Hold on." Delia said. She then kneeled down and carefully picked up Johanna, holding her in her left hand.
"I can't believe someone as big as you would show up." Johanna said.
"Well, it's nothing unusual where I live... there have been giant Nurse Joys, Officer Jennys, gym leaders, and Team Rocket girls in the past. I just never thought it'd happen to me." Delia said with a bit of smile.
"I think I remember those stories now that you mention it." Johanna said.
"Oh, I should introduce myself. I'm Delia Ketchum, from Pallet Town in Kanto." Delia said.
"Wait, Ketchum? Pallet Town? Are you Ash Ketchum's mother, by chance?" Johanna said.
"Huh? How do you know about my son?" Delia asked.
"He's been traveling with my daughter for a couple weeks now. We just talked not too long ago." Johanna said.
"Oh, good. How is he?" Delia asked.
"He seems fine. He's getting along well with Dawn." Johanna said.
"Ah, so he's found another traveling companion." Delia said.
"Yeah... but even so, I miss my Dawn. I feel like a part of me is missing now that she has gone." Johanna said.
"So you miss your child as well. I know the feeling. I came here wanting to see my little Ash. Well... before this happened to me." Delia said.
"So how did you grow that big, anyway?" Johanna asked.
"Oh, with this special cookie. I think there's still one in my purse." Delia said, and Johanna looked down to see Delia's normal-sized purse a few yards away.

"Hey, wait... I have an idea. You said you missed your daughter. Would you go out and find her like I'm doing with Ash?" Delia asked.
"Well... I don't think I'm that worried for her. She's very adventurous, just like me. I'm confident she'll be fine and she doesn't need me to follow her." Johanna said.
"Still, you do miss her. We should try and find her as well. I tell you what... you can have that other cookie." Delia said.
"Huh? Really?" Johanna said.
"Well, put it this way... I'm not gonna eat it. I've already grown big! Come on, maybe you can come with me and see how your Dawn is doing." Delia said. Johanna had a tough time deciding, but eventually she agreed with Delia's logic.
"Okay then... from one mother to another, I guess." Johanna said. So she dug through Delia's purse until she came up with the other cookie. As soon as she grabbed it, Delia placed Johanna (and her purse) back down on solid ground. Johanna chewed up the other cookie and gulped it down, and both mothers waited.
"Nothing's happening... oh, wait... I feel... I feel different." Johanna said. Sure enough, she began to grow. Delia backed up to give the growing Johanna some room.
"Everything's shrinking..." Johanna said to herself, watching as the entire town of Twinleaf diminished in size right before her eyes.

Eventually, Johanna was the same exact height as Delia, who smiled happily at her new same-sized companion.
"Nice to get some company." Delia said.
"Yeah... me too. This is incredible..." Johanna said, admiring her new height, something that she never remotely imagined she would be doing. She brushed aside some of the dirt that was tickling her bare feet. Of course, this wasn't much of a problem for Delia since she had shoes on. Delia, meanwhile, put her purse on the roof of Johanna's house.
"I hope you don't mind if I keep my purse up there." Delia said.
"It's okay. We should get going before we scare everyone here." Johanna said.
"I know, I kinda freaked everyone out in Sandgem already when I grew there. So where do you think Ash and Dawn will be?" Delia asked.
"Well, when they called earlier, they were in Jubilife City. Perhaps they will still be there." Johanna said.
"Okay then! I guess we should get going!" Delia said.
"Yep. Just follow me. I know the way to Jubilife." Johanna said, and both giantesses walked away from Twinleaf Town, with the few people there just mesmerized over what they had just seen.

Jubilife City

With Dawn holding her Piplup and watching from the side, Ash was busy playing an arcade machine known simply as Puzzle League. He racked up a high score before the game ended, and took a deep breath as he looked back at Dawn.
"Wow, Ash! You're pretty good at this game!" Dawn said.
"Oh, this is nothing. I was Puzzle League champion a few years ago." Ash said.
"Huh? Come on, you have to be kidding!" Dawn said.
"It's true. I can call Professor Oak and have him prove it!" Ash said with a smile.
"Okay, okay. I believe you." Dawn said. Just then, the ground started to shake every second or so.
"Whoa... what's going on? An earthquake?" Dawn said.
"I don't know... we should check this out!" Ash said. He and Dawn then quickly ran outside the Pokemon Center.

Outside the center, the giantesses Delia and Johanna were carefully walking through Jubilife City. Delia was already fascinated with what she was seeing. Although they still towered over the entire city, it wasn't like Sandgem Town where buildings more than two stories high were very hard to come by. They were still twice as tall as the tallest structure to be found.
"Wow... this is a big city. Well, if we were normal-sized, that is." Delia said.
"Yes, that's true. Oh, see that building over there? That's the Global Trade Station. Pokemon are traded around the world from that place." Johanna said.
"Fascinating! From anywhere in the world? Not just the other regions?" Delia said.
"That's the way I've heard it. Sinnoh is quite advanced when it comes to anything Pokemon. We've come a long way here!" Johanna said.
"Yes, I can understand that." Delia said. She then accidentally kicked a lamppost off its foundation, and it went flying by the Pokemon Center.
"Oops! Sorry... I didn't mean to." Delia said, watching as the lamppost went flying.

And right as Ash and Dawn walked outside the Pokemon Center, that same lamppost almost nailed them, but fortunately they saw it coming and backed away.
"Whoa... that was close!" Dawn shouted.
"What's a lamppost doing flying by at that speed?" Ash said. Dawn looked towards the direction where the lamppost came from.
"*GASP*" Dawn said, gasping pretty loudly.
"Huh? What is it?" Ash said, looking in the same direction. Finally, they both had the same reaction.
"Mom!?" they both shouted.

And right when that was said, Delia was the first to spot the children. Johanna was busy looking out at the Jubilife TV station until she was alerted to the presence of the kids.
"Oh, Johanna! There they are! Hey, Ash! There you are, my little baby!" Delia shouted as she approached the Pokemon Center in a few or so steps.
"I didn't know your mother was so big, Ash..." Dawn said.
"What? She's not! Come on, let's get out of here!" Ash said. But before the two could even turn around and sprint out of the city, they were scooped up by the giant Delia.
"Got you! You wouldn't run away from your own mother, would you?" Delia said.
"No, not really..." Ash said under his breath. Johanna soon joined Delia, and she was all smiles seeing Dawn right before her eyes.
"Dawn! I'm so glad to see you again. I missed you so much!" Johanna said.
"Mom... how? How did you get so big?" Dawn said.
"Oh, it's quite simple..." Johanna said, but before she could say any more, she looked down by her feet and saw a Jubilife TV news van pull up. She wasn't surprised, considering the TV station was a few dozen yards away from where they were standing.
"That didn't take long." Johanna said.
"What? Who are they?" Delia asked.

Within seconds of the van stopping short of the two giantesses, the cameraman and female news reported stepped out. The lady quickly straightened out her hair and then held her microphone up, looking straight at the camera. The cameraman was counting her down.
"You're on in three... two... one..." the man said before pointing.
"Good afternoon, Sinnoh. Roxy Natochenny here with breaking news. We are live here in Jubilife City as two giant women have entered the city, and one of the women appears to be holding children in her hand. There are people running all around the city trying to escape, but so far we don't have any reports of deaths or even destroyed property. One of the giant women, shockingly enough, is Johanna from Twinleaf Town. Many of you know her as a former champion in Pokemon Contests..." Roxy said. While she was talking, Johanna and Delia chatted with each other.
"Oh, they're just the Jubilife TV news crew. We're probably the big news of the day." Johanna said.
"That's quite the understatement!" Delia said, causing the two ladies to laugh a bit.
"Listen... I am pretty famous here because of all I've done for Sinnoh. They may require some answers." Johanna said.
"Don't worry. I think I know what to say." Delia said. Meanwhile, Johanna decided to grant Roxy the interview she was probably looking for. She very gently got down on her knees and looked straight down at Roxy.
"Mrs. Natochenny, it's nice to see you again." Johanna said. She was quite familiar with Roxy, having been interviewed by her before during the last few Pokemon Contests.
"It looks... it looks like Johanna has agreed to do an interview with us. Hold on, folks. Johanna! Johanna! Can you hear me!?" Roxy shouted as she and her cameraman slowly approached the giantess.
"Yes, loud and clear, but how are you gonna get that microphone up here?" Johanna said with a smile.
"Oh, I think the viewing audience will be able to hear you. Tell me... how did you get so big, and who is that other giantess?" Roxy asked.
"Oh, this is my new friend, Delia Ketchum. She's visiting all the way from Pallet Town in Kanto. As for how we grew... I guess you'll have to ask Delia that." Johanna said.
"Um, well... I can't really say exactly, as I kinda stole the items from the original source, but it was something we ate that made us grow like this." Delia said.
"I see. And what about the children that Delia is keeping?" Roxy asked.
"Oh, those are our kids. Dawn is my daughter and Ash is Delia's son. We both grew so we could catch up with our kids again. We miss them so much. Delia especially." Johanna said.
"So I see. A mother's love causes them to grow so big? It's something this reporter will have to investigate further." Roxy said.
"Roxy, you know neither of us will hurt anyone. We're just gonna play with our kids. Nobody in Sinnoh has anything to worry about." Johanna said.
"You heard her, folks, but no doubt city officials will advise everyone to stay inside for their own safety. I'll update throughout the day if anything develops." Roxy said. A few seconds passed.
"Okay, we're clear." the cameraman said.
"Roxy, you should go too. Wouldn't want to accidentally hurt anyone!" Johanna said.
"Yes, I understand. I do hope I get more of the story later, though." Roxy said.
"I promise... if we ever return to normal." Johanna said. Roxy nodded, trusting Johanna with her word.
"Come on, let's get back to the station." Roxy said to her cameraman. Both people jumped back into the van, and it drove away back to Jubilife TV.

With Jubilife City nearly empty from the evacuations that were taking place, Delia looked a bit uneasy from that last comment that Johanna made.
"Don't worry, she's quite nice. She's not one of those snobby reporters that likes to keep digging." Johanna said.
"Well, that's good to know." Delia said.
"Now then, how is my teeny tiny girl?" Johanna said as she looked straight down at Dawn, sitting down on Delia's hand.
"Teeny tiny? That's only from your new size, Mom!" Delia shouted. As Johanna took her daughter out of Delia's hand, Delia could finally focus on Ash. Ash could sense her excitement as she showed a big smile.
"You just couldn't stay away, could you?" Ash said.
"Now now, that's no way to talk to your oh-so-worried mother." Delia said in a playful tone.
"So... Mom. The truth? How did you grow?" Ash asked.
"I had some cookies from Professor Oak's lab. He forgot what they did, so I tried them out for him. And then I grew! Simple, isn't it?" Delia said.
"Yeah, I guess. What are you going to do with us?" Ash said.
"What else? I'm gonna hold onto you for dear life!" Delia said. After she said that, she gripped onto Ash with both hands and pressed him against her chest, where the soft sound of her heartbeat filled his eardrums. Delia felt like she was talking to Ash of many years ago again, having to reassure him that he would be safe as long as she was close by. After another minute of Ash feeling better thanks to Delia's heartwarming hug, Delia pulled him back out and looked at him in the eyes.
"No matter what happens, my little Ash, I'll always find a way to protect you. Always." Delia said.
"Gee... thanks, Mom. Even though I can take care of myself..." Ash said softly.

Not too far from Delia, Johanna was giving just as much love to Dawn.
"It's been tough going on with you away..." Johanna said.
"Really? I have been calling you often... isn't that enough?" Dawn said.
"Yes, and I'm glad you've done that, Dawn. But it just doesn't compare to seeing you in person." Johanna said.
"I guess I'm sorry for making you worry. But I'm not sure I want to come home yet..." Dawn said.
"Dawn, I don't expect you to follow me back to Twinleaf. You're living the adventure of a lifetime. Besides, didn't you say you wanted to be better than me?" Johanna said.
"Of course I did." Dawn said.
"Well, I want to see that dream happen too. I'm only here because I... well... I didn't say goodbye long enough." Johanna said. Delia, with Ash in her hands, joined up with Johanna once more.
"Listen, Johanna, I was wondering if I could speak with your daughter for a little bit." Delia said.
"Oh, why is that?" Johanna asked.
"Well... I want to make sure she's getting along with my Ash just fine." Delia said.
"Okay, that's fair. I can do the same with Ash, now that you mention it." Johanna said.
"Great!" Delia said. She placed Ash in Johanna's hand while Johanna gently placed Dawn on Delia's hand.
"Um... I'll be over by those condominiums, if you don't mind." Delia said, pointing towards the group of buildings by the northern exit.
"Okay. I'll wait by Route 218 to the west for you to return." Johanna said. Both giant mothers then went their seperate ways, though they wouldn't be gone for long.

Delia walked towards the Jubilife Condominiums, which she was twice the height of. She gently placed Dawn on the roof of the tallest of these buildings, and then she got down on her knees so that pretty much only her head was shown above the buildings. Still, Dawn felt a bit nervous looking up at the giantess, and Delia could sense it.
"You seem nervous, Dawn." Delia said.
"Well... I've never really had to talk to someone's giant mother before." Dawn said.
"You have nothing to worry about. I promise I won't hurt you. I just have a few questions about my little Ash." Delia said.
"Okay, ask away." Dawn said.
"Is he changing his underwear every day?" Delia asked. Dawn felt some nerves in her body come alive from hearing that. She honestly hadn't seen Ash do that, but she wanted to put her mind at ease rather than risking her life.
"Yes... yes he is." Dawn said.
"Good. I've been telling Ash to do that every single day ever since he was a baby boy. So how did you two meet?" Delia asked.
"His Pikachu accidentally thundershocked my bike." Dawn said.
"Another one? Seems like that's how he's always meeting his girls!" Delia said.
"Huh? You mean he's traveled with other girls?" Dawn asked.
"Yeah, he had some great friends, like Misty back in Kanto and May in Hoenn. There was also this nice gentleman named Brock that was traveling with him." Delia said.
"Nice gentleman?" Dawn thought, thinking of his crazy behavior when he encounters a Nurse Joy or an Officer Jenny, but then she spoke out loud, "He's not here today. He had to go off on official Pokemon League business."
"I see. Well, good to know he's stuck around. And good to know you've become a friend of my son. He's been nice to you... right?" Delia said, leaning her face forward a bit as she definitely wanted to hear this answer.
"Yes, he's been very kind. He's even helped me with raising my Pokemon, especially Buneary. She just adores his Pikachu." Dawn said.
"Oh, interesting! I didn't know Pikachu had a love interest!" Delia said.
"Yeah, kinda..." Dawn said. Delia then looked down at her Poketch, which still displayed the world map that Professor Oak had set up.

"Oh dear... how do I check the time on this thing?" Delia said, holding up the Poketch for Dawn to see.
"Man, that's the biggest Poketch I've ever seen!" Dawn said.
"Yeah, I used this to get to Sinnoh. But... it does tell time, right?" Delia said.
"Let me see it. Maybe I can find the digital clock app." Dawn said.
"Oh, thank you!" Delia said, standing up to her full height and lowering her hand (and twisting her wrist) as close as she safely could to the top of the condominium that Dawn was standing on. Dawn approached the giant Poketch and pressed against one of the buttons on the right side. After the loud beep almost knocked out her hearing, she looked to see a different app running on the screen.
"Hmmm... nope, this is Berry Searcher." Dawn said, pressing the button again and dealing with the loud beep.
"Coin Flip..." Dawn said, pressing the button again.
"Dowsing Machine..." Dawn said, pressing the button again.
"Calculator..." Dawn said, pressing the button again. By now, her ears were ringing from the loud beeping of the Poketch and she hoped that she wouldn't have to press that darn button again. Fortunately, she wouldn't have to.
"Ah... there it is! Digital Clock!" Dawn said. Delia moved her hand away and looked at the Poketch.
"Thank you, Dawn. I see all I have to do is press these buttons to switch between applications." Delia said.
"No problem... I'm just glad I didn't lose my hearing!" Dawn said.
"Oh... I'm so sorry for that. Please forgive me." Delia said. She then picked up Dawn and surprised her a bit by giving her the same hug that she gave Ash earlier. Like Ash, Dawn's tension level went down instantly the moment she could hear Delia's heart beating. Delia then pulled Dawn back out and looked at her.
"Wow... that was a soothing heartbeat." Dawn said.
"I know. That's what Ash tells me a lot." Delia said.

While all this was happening, sailing through the clear skies of Sinnoh were Team Rocket in their infamous Meowth balloon. Once again, our group of inept villains were wondering how they were going to score a big batch of Pokemon. Or were they?
"So, remind us what our big plan is this time, Jess." James said.
"Well, it's simple... we... um... we'll be ambushing the Pokemon Center!" Jessie said.
"Hold up a second, didn't we try that in the last story?" Meowth asked.
"You're right, we did! Arrrrgh! That stupid author is running out of ideas for our appearances!" Jessie said.
"Hey, cut him some slack... he's done sixteen of these stories!" James said.
"Ha! That's nothin' compared to the hundreds of episodes we've been in." Meowth said.
"Nevertheless, we should try and think of something. Our reputation depends on it." Jessie said. Just as she said that, the booming sounds from Delia's footsteps picked up again as she was walking back towards Johanna on Route 218.
"I agree, but how can we think of anything with all these booming sounds?" James said. Meowth obviously was curious as to where the sounds were coming from, and he got on the lookout.
"Hey, look over there!" Meowth said. Jessie and James looked the same way, and they fell back in their balloon from the shock of seeing the two giantesses.
"This is a nightmare!!!" Jessie said.
"Well, I hope we wake up soon..." James said.
"Not only is Team Rocket losing its penchant for creativity, but I am once again denied the opportunity to be towering above mankind so I can literally extend my reach to the stars above! You're gonna pay for this, you miserable author!!!" Jessie shouted, looking up as she was calling me out.
"Wait a minute... ain't one of them ladies the little twerp's mother?" Meowth said.
"Hmmm? Yes, she does look familiar! But who's that other lady with her?" James said.
"Who cares!? I'm gonna find out what vitamins she's been taking... then I'll be able to grow as big as her!" Jessie said. James and Meowth just looked at each other.
"So... how are we gonna do that?" James said.
"We can sneak up on them while they ain't looking!" Meowth said.
"I know! We can sneak up on them while they ain't looking!" James said. Meowth just frowned when he heard James say that.
"And they wonder why I act like the dummy." Meowth said.

So as the Meowth balloon was slowly floating towards the giantesses, they were telling each other what they thought of the children.
"So... how did it go with Dawn?" Johanna asked.
"It went fine. Don't worry... I didn't ask her any tough questions. She was even nice enough to help me with my Poketch!" Delia said, showing the correct time.
"Oh, nice! Aren't those Poketchs amazing?" Johanna said.
"They sure are. How about you, Ash? She didn't scare you, did she?" Delia said.
"Er... well, everything went fine. Really, it did!" Ash said.
"I guess maybe I did scare him a little when I told him how much I treasured my little Dawn." Johanna said. Dawn giggled a bit.
"I should've warned you about that, Ash!" Dawn said.
"Yeah, I guess so." Ash said.
"In any event, I think our children are getting along just fine." Delia said.
"That's good. It's important for Dawn to have friends during her travels." Johanna said.
"Yes... and just as important to have such high goals. Becoming a champion Coordinator can't be easy..." Delia said.
"I should know, because I've been there. How about you?" Johanna said.
"Oh no... not me. I stayed home to take care of Ash when my husband wasn't able to." Delia said.

While the two were chatting, Ash happened to look over Delia's shoulder (as he still sat in Johanna's hands), and see the Meowth balloon floating towards her.
"Huh? Mom, look behind you!" Ash said. Delia picked up on that, and turned around the see the Meowth balloon not too far from her face. Team Rocket naturally reacted to being spotted like this.
"Ack! She spotted us!" Jessie said.
"So much for the steulth approach..." James said.
"That's stealth approach! Now hurry up and turn this thing around before we're..." Meowth said, but before he could get the last word in, the entire balloon, from basket to balloon itself, was wrapped around Delia's free hand. She looked closely at it.
"...caught." Meowth finally finished.
"Hmmm... I feel like I've seen this Meowth balloon before." Delia said.
"Oh great, not Team Rocket again!" Dawn shouted.
"We just can't catch a break from those guys." Ash said.
"What!? Team Rocket is still following you!?" Delia said.
"Heh heh, now I'm sure we can reasonably settle this without crushing anyone." Jessie said.
"Or making hot air balloon pancakes out of us..." James said. Delia was angry now... to think that the misfits she held in her hand were still giving her young son a hard time. That was something she always cringed her teeth at when thinking it over, and now that she was literally holding their lives in her hand... that's when Delia started to squeeze her hand together. The air inside the balloon went flying out, and the villains could hear the basket breaking apart slightly from the skin of Delia's hand pressing it together.
"Ahhhh! Stop it! We paid good money to get this thing fixed!" James shouted.
"Hundreds of times, no less!" Meowth said. The scare became greater for the three when all they could see was Delia's eyes as she held the balloon right against them.
"I'm warning you... if you EVER lay another finger on my son, you're going to wish you regretted ever entering a life of crime. Do you understand?" Delia said.
"Well, you see, it's like this... we simply..." Jessie said.
"I SAID DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?!?!" Delia shouted. Ash was taken aback... he hadn't seen her this angry since trying to play Voltorb Bowling as a 7-year-old.
"Yeah yeah! We understand completely! Just don't crush us... that'd be too violent for the readers!" Meowth said.
"I have no intention of crushing you... not today, anyway. I can do this, however." Delia said. She wound her arm back, and then swung it in a circular motion like a softball player would before sending the balloon (what's left of it anyway), flying through the sky.
"Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!!!" all three shouted before they disappeared in a blink of light.

Dawn, Ash, and even Johanna were impressed with what they just saw.
"Um... Mrs. Ketchum... you played softball?" Dawn asked.
"Yeah, for a short while. I'm surprised I can still throw that well!" Delia said.
"Very impressive! Makes me think of that Electabuzz team in Johto, especially that energetic purple-haired girl fan of theirs." Johanna said.
"Well, hopefully that's the last time Team Rocket ever messes with us or our children!" Delia said.
"I doubt it..." Ash said.
"Huh? What do you mean?" Delia said.
"I'll give Team Rocket credit for one thing. They're very persistent. They keep going with their evil plans even if they always fail in executing them. I'm surprised they're even still employed by Team Rocket, to be honest with you." Ash said.
"He has a good point. I was the same way when I was young... never stopping until you've achieved your goal." Johanna said.
"Hmmm... so I see. You know, I am getting kinda thirsty." Delia said.
"Why not scoop up some of the water here?" Johanna said.
"Huh? Are you sure? There's probably a lot of Magikarp floating around in that water!" Delia said.
"True... but we're so big we probably won't even feel them!" Johanna said.
"Good idea!" Delia said. She first put Dawn on the ground, next to her feet until she took a couple steps towards to the Route 218 lake.
"Whew... I thought I'd never get back on solid ground." Dawn said. Ash soon joined her as he was let down by Johanna.
"Tell me about it!" Ash said. The two kids stayed back and watched their respective mothers hopefully quench their thirst.

Delia went first, getting down on her knees and lapping up handfuls of water with her two hands. Like Johanna had mentioned, maybe she was too big to see any Magikarp that had been scooped up. Yet, even as she focused tightly on the water, she couldn't find any water Pokemon whatsoever. Perhaps they had been scared away from Johanna's earlier arrival? It didn't matter, as she wanted that water right now.
"Well, time for an old-fashioned splashdown." Delia said as she dumped the water backwards from her hands to her mouth. As she gulped that wave down, she scooped another batch of water and swallowed that down, and another, and another. She took probably six gulps before she was satisfied.
"I guess you were thirsty, huh Delia?" Johanna said.
"Yeah... I did miss breakfast, after all." Delia said. As she stood back up to her full height, she noticed something wrong... Johanna was a full head taller than her. And she looked to be slowing getting bigger!
"Huh? Johanna... you're not growing are you?" Delia said.
"No, you're shrinking, it looks like." Johanna said. Delia looked down and could see the ground getting closer and closer.
"You're right... perhaps the effects of that cookie are wearing off?" Delia said.
"It looks like it." Johanna said as she continued to watch her new friend diminish in size.

Eventually, Delia was back to her normal size. Ash was happy to see that as he ran towards her and gave her a hug.
"Mom, I'm so glad you're back to normal." Ash said. Delia wrapped her own arms around Ash just as he did.
"Yes... though it's too bad. I kinda liked being big for that short while." Delia said.
"I think it was the water that made you shrink back to normal." Dawn said.
"You're right, and it makes sense considering it was a cookie that made me grow." Delia said. The group eventually looked up when Johanna took a couple steps, her feet just a few yards away from the normal-sized trio.
"Delia, are you okay?" Johanna asked.
"Yeah... I think it was the water that cancelled the effects of that cookie." Delia said.
"So I see. I'm sorry you lost all that size..." Johanna said.
"Oh, it's okay. At least I got to see Ash one more time... as well as his new friend." Delia said.
"So, you're okay if I move on... on my own?" Ash said.
"Yes, my son. I feel much better compared to this morning. I wish I could stay with you... but I understand." Delia said.
"I know, I'm glad you do. I do think of you every day..." Ash said.
"Especially when he's changing underwear." Dawn said with a smile, thinking back to what Delia told her during their private conversation.
"Hey!" Ash shouted.
"That's good. I'm glad you do." Delia said.
"Hey, there's just one problem I just thought of. How are you going to get back home, Mrs. Ketchum?" Dawn asked.
"Hmmm... yeah, that is a problem. The Pidgeot I used to get here is back in Kanto." Delia said.
"Well, I'm sure you or I can think of something. Until then, you're welcome to stay at my place if you wish." Johanna said.
"You mean, back in Twinleaf?" Delia said.
"Sure... I think it's time I returned to my normal size as well. There's a pond in Twinleaf I can use to do just that." Johanna said. The next thing she did was reach down and pick up her daughter, Dawn.
"Dawn, you be careful, okay? Make sure to call me!" Johanna said.
"Of course, Mom... I will!" Dawn said. Johanna smiled and then gave her a big kiss, surrounding Dawn's entire body with her lips. She then placed her back on the ground, next to Ash, and then picked up Delia.
"Wow... that's the biggest kiss I'll ever get. Next to seeing the biggest Poketch ever!" Dawn said. Both Johanna and the normal-sized Delia waved down at their children.
"Be careful, Ash! Good luck on your adventure!" Delia said. Johanna then started walking back through Jubilife City, on her way back to Twinleaf Town. As Ash and Dawn watched the giant Johanna walk away, they thought back to what had happened over the course of this story.

"Well, that was certainly interesting." Ash said.
"I know. It's not every day your mother decides to grow to 100 feet tall just because she misses you so much." Dawn said.
"But I can understand why." Ash said.
"Yeah... me too. So what should we do now?" Dawn said.
"Well, I guess we go back to the Pokemon Center for our day's rest." Ash said.
"Yeah, I could use a day's rest after what just happened." Dawn said. The two then walked away from Route 218, returning to Jubilife and eventually getting back to the Pokemon Center.

Twinleaf Town

A few minutes after she left, the giant Johanna returned to her home town. Once again, the few people who lived in this place were stunned to see the giantess, but she did her best not to let their reactions get to her. Stopping just short of the Twinleaf Pond, Johanna placed Delia down on the ground.
"Stand back, Delia." Johanna said. The mother of Ash Ketchum stepped to the side and watched as Johanna got down on her knees again. She backed them up as well so she could lean forward much better. As she did that, her body stretched almost all the way through town. She was fortunate that she wasn't crushing any houses, although her legs were brushing up against some of the taller ones on the backside of town.
But what Johanna was concerned about was the water in the pond, and she lowered her lips down to the pond and started sucking the water up like a vacuum! About half the pond was drained by the time Johanna had gotten her fill. Kneeling back up, Delia was amazed with what she saw.
"Whoa... that was some sipping!" Delia said.
"Yeah, I guess it comes from all the glasses of Fresh Water I've had." Johanna said. Finally, Johanna watched as she started shrinking, just as Delia had done earlier.

It only took about a minute for Johanna to return to her normal size. Delia ran up beside her and patted her on the shoulder.
"Well, did you have fun?" Delia said.
"What, being big? I guess I did... but I think I like being normal-sized." Johanna said.
"Yeah, I feel the same way. I wouldn't want to be that huge forever." Delia said.
"Come on, let me see if I can get you a flight back to the Kanto region." Johanna said.
"That'd be great. You've been very nice, Johanna. I hope we can become very good friends just like Ash and Dawn." Delia said.
"I think we already have." Johanna said with a smile.

Both mothers then made the short walk into Johanna's home, entering inside with the memories of their time as giantesses (complete with children in hands) forever entrenched in their minds.