Big Time Professor Fun

(Cubed Cinder and BiggerBetterBarbie)

Chapter 1, written by Cubed Cinder

It was business as usual for the citizens of the big city. People were walking around doing whatever you could think of. Shopping, healing their Pokémon, engaging in small talk, things like that. But for the next event that was about to take place, everyone came to a stop. Despite the fact the ground shook every second, and there was a booming sound to accompany the shaking, everyone seemed to know what was about to happen.
“Oh, it sounds like she’s coming again.” A young man said.
“Yay! I love that giant science lady! I wish I could be as big as her.” A younger girl said.
“Ummmm… we’ll talk about that when you’re older, young lady.” An older woman holding the girl’s hand said.

Everyone looked out to the east and saw a giant woman stepping over the mountain range and slowly making her way towards their city. A few seconds later, the giantess stopped just short of a building that was half her size. Judging by her appearance… a lab coat covering most of her pink dress, pink shoes, glasses, and most importantly, a flower attached to her very VERY long dark blue hair (which stretched down past the back of her knees), everyone knew who the giantess was and smiled.
“Hello, Professor Fennel!" nearly everyone shouted.
"Good morning, citizens of the city! I have indeed returned!" the 300-foot-tall Fennel said as she waved down at the crowd. Fennel watched as the people moved over to the streets to give her plenty of room to walk on the roads, doing just that. Walking slowly, she admired seeing everything so much smaller than what she was used to.
"Don't mind me walking slow, everyone. It's just… I'm still in awe seeing everything so small from my new perspective. Being gigantic certainly has its merits!" Fennel said.
When Fennel eventually came to a crossing section, she noticed a group of cars all bunched up together. This got Fennel's curiousity going and she approached the traffic jam. She kneeled down and leaned in towards one of the drivers who was shouting at the pack.
"Excuse me, sir, but what's going on?" Fennel asked.
"These trucks are blocking the road… and what's worse is that there don't seem to be any drivers!" the man said.
"Oh dear! How rude of the owners of those vehicles! Don't worry, I'll take care of this!" Fennel said. She kneeled back up and stepped mightily into the middle of the cross section where it was devoid of vehicles. Fennel reached down and carefully picked up the empty trucks one by one, balancing them in the palm of her hand. It only took about 30 seconds, as she was being careful not to cause any accidental destruction, but all the trucks were off the road and the giantess could already hear some cheers from ground level.
"Yay! Thank you for clearing the roads, Mrs. Giant Fennel!" one of the men shouted.
"Awwww… it was nothing really, thanks!" Fennel said as she stepped out of the cross section and onto a section of grass, allowing traffic to flow once again.

Fennel then turned her attention to the empty trucks in her hand.
"Hmmm… I wonder what these trucks were for and why they were abandoned. Maybe I should take them to Professor Juniper's lab and have her analyze." Fennel said. She then put the trucks in one of her oversized lab coat pockets, but right as she did that, she heard a couple familiar voices.
"Hey! Give us back those trucks!" a female voice shouted.
"Yeah! Those are Team Rocket property!" a male voice then shouted. Fennel turned around and saw where the voices came from. The ever infamous Meowth balloon with Team Rocket's Jessie and James (dressed in black) onboard.
"Hey, I remember you two! You tried to capture Musharna!" Fennel shouted, suddenly looking a little bit angry.
"Hahaha! Glad to see you still remember us! Now then, you will return those trucks to where you found them." Jessie said.
"Why? What possible purpose do they have?" Fennel asked.
"Team Rocket is conducting important experiments to attract this Unova region's most legendary Pokémon. It requires an empty lot where we can gather plenty of electricial energy from the city's power grid." James said.
"And we can't have big girls like you getting in our way, can we?" Jessie said.
"Arrrrgh! You guys are the worst! No wonder Ash says you have a foul reputation!" Fennel said.
"Guilty as charged, pretty lady. Now then, hand over the trucks and nobody will get hurt." James said. Fennel tried reaching up to grab the balloon with her free hand, but it was just out of her reach.
"Hahaha! Silly girl. Even at your magnificent height, you can't reach us! We're smarter than you might think." Jessie said with a wink from one of her eyes. Fennel, on the other hand, smiled right back.
"That may be true, but I'm smarter than you might think as well." Fennel said. That's when she reared back her hand that was holding the trucks. A few seconds later, she fired them upwards, sending them like little guided missiles towards the Meowth balloon itself. A hole was punched in the Meowth balloon and it spiraled out of control.
"WAAAAAAAAAH! Not again!" Jessie shouted.
"Well, I never thought I'd be saying this here in Unova…" James said.
"But Team Rocket's blasting off again!!!" both shouted as the balloon went crashing out in the distance within the mountain range.

As Fennel wiped her hands clean of the trucks she had been holding, she was suddenly greeted with another round of applause from the tiny people by her pink shoes.
"Hooray for our heroine! Professor Fennel! Fen-nel! Fen-nel! Fen-nel! Fen-nel!" the people shouted as they started chanting her name in unison. Fennel couldn't help but blush and hold her face.
"Awwww… you're being too kind; thank you so much!" Fennel said. As she stood still taking in all the chants of her name, she suddenly heard another familiar voice.
"Hey, sis! Big sis!" the childish female voice said. Fennel knew right away who it was.
"Oh? Amanita?" Fennel said as she looked around trying to find her younger sister, Amanita. She was nowhere to be seen… not enlarged and not even by her feet amongst the tinies.
"Amanita? Where are you?" Fennel said.
"I'm right here… shaking you out of bed as always." Amanita said.
"Huh? Out of…?" Fennel said. That's when she blinked her eyes, and just like that, the tiny city was gone.

When Fennel opened her eyes, there she was back in her lab, turning around and seeing Amanita (already dressed in her lab outfit) tugging on her shoulder.
"Come on, sis! Wake up! We're supposed to be meeting with Professor Juniper today!" Amanita shouted.
"Alright, alright… I'm waking up! I'm waking up!" Fennel said as she slowly tossed and turned her way out of bed.
"That would be an amazing first." Amanita said.
"Oh, give it a rest, will you? You know my dream research demands I sleep almost half the day." Fennel said as she stood up to her bare feet.
"I take it you had pleasant dreams once again?" Amanita said.
"Oh, did I ever! You have just got to hear what this dream was all about! I'll tell you once we're on the road to Nuvema Town." Fennel said as she ran over to the closet and gathered her clothes.
"I'm looking forward to it." Amanita said as she left the room and allowed her older sister to change her clothes.

Once Fennel was fully changed into her familiar lab outfit, the two ladies hopped onto their respective bikes and pedaled away out of Striaton City. As they traveled down the routes that would lead them to Nuvema Town, Fennel talked about the dream she had with Amanita.
"So what did you dream about this time?" Amanita asked.
"Oh… I was in this really small city. Well, either the city was small or I had grown really tall… who knows." Fennel said.
"Oh? So you were a giantess?" Amanita asked.
"Precisely! I was walking around the city, everyone was in love with me… they especially cheered for me when I saved the city from a Team Rocket plan." Fennel said.
"Oooooh… did you catch them in your hands and threaten to crush the living daylights out of them?" Amanita said with a smile.
"Sadly no. I merely broke their balloon with the trucks they tried to deploy. They were gone in a flash." Fennel said.
"Ah, I see. I wish I could have a dream like that so I couldn't hear those 'shortie' jokes anymore." Amanita said.
"Awwww, come on, Amanita. It can't be that bad!" Fennel shouted.
"It goes with my talents, unfortunately. Don't you remember what one of those scientists said after I invented the Unova Pokémon Storage System? You can't possibly be the age you claim to be! You're not even old enough to have a Pokémon license! But your invention is certainly a triumph for the midget class." Amamita said as she rolled her eyes.
"Amanita, you shouldn't take those comments so seriously. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I was laughed at at first when I said I would begin researching dreams." Fennel said.
"Hey, thank goodness we're alike in so many ways." Amanita said.
"How so?" Fennel asked.
"Such as having a normal professor like Juniper as our best friend." Amanita said, prompting a laugh from both ladies.

Several minutes later, the ladies finally arrived in Nuvema Town, parking both their bikes just outside of Professor Juniper's massive lab. The two ladies jumped off their bikes and quickly walked in, where they saw Professor Juniper talking with another woman.
"*huff puff* Sorry we're late, Professor Juniper. You know the drill, my older sister sleeping in again." Amanita said.
"HEY! I didn't sleep that long!" Fennel shouted.
"Oh, don't worry about it, ladies. I'm used to it by now. I'd like you two to meet a good friend of mine." Juniper said as she pointed over to the older woman, who sported short dark purple hair, red shirt top (that was just barely able to cover her unusually large breasts), dark blue skirt, a white lab coat much like Professor Juniper's, and black high heeled shoes. The woman walked over and offered to shake Fennel's hand.
"Hello, I'm Professor Ivy." Ivy said.
"Hello, it's nice to meet you. I'm Professor Fennel, and this is my younger sister, Amanita." Fennel said. Ivy raised both her eyebrows when she saw Amanita all dressed up in a lab coat.
"Wow… you look quite young, Amanita." Ivy said.
"She's one of the most brilliant young minds anywhere in the world!" Fennel said.
"Quite impressive. I remember studying my first Pokémon when I was your age. That's what made me one of the best Pokémon professors around." Ivy said with a smile.
"That's nice. Where do you come from, Professor Ivy? I don't believe I recognize your work anywhere." Amanita said.
"That's because she comes from a faraway place known as the Orange Islands." Juniper said. Both Fennel and Amanita gasped.
"The Orange Islands!?!?" they both shouted.
"That's all the way out near the Kanto region!" Amanita added.
"That is correct. But now that the formalities are done and over with, I think now I can begin my presentation." Ivy said.
"Yes, I agree. Go ahead and show us what you wanted to show us!" Juniper said.

Ivy nodded and reached into one of her lab coat pockets. Out came what appeared to be a Master Ball on the surface with the top half of the shell colored purple.
"Huh? A Master Ball?" Fennel asked.
"It may look like an ordinary Master Ball, but this Poké Ball is actually not meant for Pokémon at all. Professor Juniper, I believe you are familiar with an invention called the Abnormal Ball?" Ivy asked.
"Oh, yes. I remember it." Juniper said.
"Heh, we remember it too. I can hardly forget what happened that day. Right, Amanita?" Fennel said.
"Yeah, you're right. That was a bit of fun, I must admit, playing with that Iris 'doll.'" Amanita said.
"Oh?" Ivy asked.
"It's kind of a long story. Please continue with your report." Juniper said.
"I shall, and actually it'll be shorter since you all know about the Abnormal Ball. Well, this is sort of like a backwards Abnormal Ball. It enlarges whatever it captures instead of shrinks it. Basically I wanted to make something that someone can use to quickly undo the effects of the Abnormal Ball, especially if the Abnormal Ball breaks and is unable to zap the object back to normal itself." Ivy said.
"I see. Most fascinating!" Juniper said.
"And yet very similar to that one Poké Ball in that Giant Woman movie." Amanita said.
"Oh?" Ivy asked.
"Oh yes, I remember that movie! What a dramatic movie that was… that actress named Rosa did a great job as the main character trying to convince her grown sister not to destroy the city. It had me on the edge of my seat!" Fennel said.
"It took me some convincing to get my older sister to see it with me." Amanita said.
"Ah, I see. I guess this Unova region is ahead of the curve." Ivy said with a smile.
"Heh heh, I did warn you of that, my friend, but it's okay. I'm glad you took the time to fly all the way out here and show me this." Juniper said.
"Actually, I have more inventions that I brought blueprints for. While I'm showing you those, perhaps you can enlighten me on what you've been working on." Ivy said as she put the 'reverse Abnormal Ball' down on the nearby table.
"I'd be honored! Follow me!" Juniper said.

Fennel and Amanita, meanwhile, just stayed behind and watched as both Ivy and Juniper talked things over.
"Well, there they go, just like two best friends who have endless stories to talk about, even in school." Fennel said.
"Speak for yourself, big sis!" Amanita said. Fennel, meanwhile, walked towards the Poké Ball and looked over every square inch of it.
"Sooooo… this ball can make anything that it captures bigger? I wonder how much bigger?" Fennel said.
"Maybe we should find out." Amanita said.
"Huh? Wait a minute! I'm not touching that Poké Ball! Don't you remember what we almost did to Ash and Iris that one time?" Fennel said.
"Pffft! Come on, big sis! I think you're overexaggerating. Professor Ivy wouldn't dare go overboard on this thing's power. I betcha it's only going to double the size of whatever it captures." Amanita said.
"What… what makes you say that?" Fennel asked.
"Think about it! If evil hands were to capture this ball and turn Pokémon into giant Godzilla wannabes, Unova would be doomed! Professor Ivy, I'm confident, would take every precaution to make sure any kind of disaster would be minimal." Amanita said.
"Well, okay. If you say so!" Fennel said.
"I tell you what. Let's both get zapped! That way you won't have to be alone no matter how big you grow." Amanita said.
"Deal!" Fennel said with a smile.
With that, Amanita picked up the Poké Ball and walked towards Fennel with it.
"Now… if this thing is like any other Poké Ball…" Amanita said. She then bonked her older sister squarely on the head.
"OW! Not so hard, Amanita!!" Fennel shouted.
"Sorry!" Amanita said, quickly realizing she had to hit herself with the Poké Ball as well in order to keep her word with Fennel. Not too long thereafter, the ball opened up and shot a laser that split apart and zapped both girls.
"Oh, here we go!" Fennel said.
"I've always wanted to see the inside of a Poké Ball!" Amanita shouted before the two girls disappeared inside the ball as it closed up.

The actions of both Fennel and Amanita did not go unnoticed, especially after Fennel's sharp yell after getting hit on the head. Ivy and Juniper both ran into the room and right away noticed Fennel and Amanita nowhere to be found.
"Oh? Where did Professors Fennel and Amanita go?" Juniper said.
"Did they leave already?" Ivy asked.
"No, they're not like that…" Juniper said. Just then, Ivy looked down on the floor and saw the special Poké Ball she had created.
"Huh? What's my special ball doing on the floor? I know I put it here on the table." Ivy said.
It only took seconds for the two ladies to do the math and figure out what happened.
"Uh oh…" they both said. But Juniper was quick to her thinking.
"Hurry! Let's get them outside and release them before they can break out!" Juniper said.
"Right!" Ivy shouted.

The two ladies were just outside the lab, and that's when Ivy got ready to toss the ball a few yards forward.
"Soooo, Professor Ivy, just how big are they going to grow?" Juniper said.
"Oh… you'll find out in a big hurry, and that pun was completely intentional." Ivy said as she threw the ball. It opened up as it landed, bouncing right back to Ivy in the process. The twin lasers that came out of the ball landed on the ground and gradually grew bigger and bigger and bigger… slowly resembling human figures. Eventually the lasers faded out, revealing both Fennel and Amanita who were both 60 times their original size (putting Fennel at just over 300 feet tall and Amanita more like 175-200 feet tall).
"Oh? I think we're no longer in the Poké Ball." Fennel said.
"All that empty space… so much for my 'ideal environment' theory." Amanita said. Fennel then looked down and finally realized where exactly she and her sister were. It definitely wasn't inside the lab.
"*GASP!* Amanita! Look!" Fennel said. The younger sister looked down where Fennel was pointing.
“Oh my! That's the entire lab!” Amanita said.
“Fennel! Amanita! Down here!!” Juniper shouted. Eventually the giantesses’ attention was grabbed and the two looked down at their much smaller friends.
“Ummmm… Hi, Professor Juniper! What's up, aside from us?” Fennel asked.
“Professor Fennel… You really should know better than to treat Professor Ivy’s new invention like a toy.” Juniper said.
“I know, I know, I'm sorry! Amanita didn’t think we'd grow this big… She thought the size increase would only be marginal!” Fennel said.
“Yeah… guilty as charged. If you're going to punish someone, it's going to be me.” Amanita said.
“We’ll worry about that later. We should first get you two back to normal size. That shouldn't be too hard, right, Professor Ivy?” Juniper said.
“Yeah, I'm afraid that's going to be a problem. I haven't programmed the return laser for this Poké Ball yet.” Ivy said.
“What!? So they're going to be stuck like this?” Juniper asked.
“Not for long… Just give me at least a few hours. I can download all my research via satellite and work on the solution in your lab.” Ivy said.

Once hearing the news that they were going to stay gigantic for at least a few more hours, that suddenly got Amanita thinking.
“Well, big sis, we both always wanted a chance to explore the world at this kind of size. Now's our chance!" Amanita said.
"Oh?" Fennel said.
"While Ivy is busy doing her thing to get us back to normal, this is the perfect opportunity to play Giant Women ourselves!" Amanita said.
"Well, you do bring up a valid point!" Fennel said.
"Ummm… ladies, I'm not so sure that's such a good idea." Juniper said.
"No offense, Professor Juniper, but we're bigger than you now. We can make our own decisions! Come on, big sis! I'll race you back to Striaton City!" Amanita said as she marched off to the north, walking over various houses and making her way to Route 1.
"Hey! Wait for me!" Fennel said as she walked off as well. Ivy and Juniper both sighed as they watched the two giantesses walk away, and it didn't make Juniper feel any better seeing the huge footprints from the shoes of both giantesses.
"Oh boy… looks like Unova has another big problem." Juniper said.
"No pun intended, I hope." Ivy said.
"Come on, we better get to downloading that data." Juniper said as the two ladies ran back into the lab.

Later, the data download was successful, judging by Ivy's reaction as she ran her eyes up, down, left, and right on the computer screen.
"Good. Everything's here." Ivy said.
"So you can get started on the modifications on the Poké Ball?" Juniper asked.
"Actually, Professor Juniper, I have to ask. How good are your assistants?" Ivy said.
"I consider them the best in all of Unova. I can confidently leave them on a project and go do something else, especially with personal time." Juniper said. Ivy smiled.
"I'm glad to hear that, because you and I are going after your friends." Ivy said.
"Huh? You sure that's a good idea? We'd probably be crushed flat under their shoes and they wouldn't know it." Juniper said.
"Indeed. That's why we're going to grow ourselves." Ivy said as she held the ball in front of Juniper's face.
"We are!?" Juniper shouted.
"You know the old saying, professor? Fight fire with fire. If we're going to keep those ladies from turning all of Unova into their personal playground, they'll listen to reason when we're just as big as they are." Ivy said.
"Well, as always, your logic is sound and makes perfect sense." Juniper said.
"Besides, it's a chance to explore the world from a new perspective, even though we'll try to be extra careful." Ivy said with a smile.
"Okay, you got me. Van!" Juniper shouted. Shortly thereafter, a young man walked up towards Juniper.
"Yes, professor?" Van said.
"I need you and the others to drop whatever they're doing and quickly go over Ivy's research that she downloaded. Find a way to modify the ball she's holding to shrink objects instead of enlarge them." Juniper said.
"Understood!" Van said.
"But first, you'll have to capture us so we can be enlarged too." Juniper said as she took the ball from Ivy's hands and handed it over to Van.
"Okay… as you wish, professor." Van said.

A few seconds later, Van, Ivy, and Juniper were all outside the lab… obviously so the two women could have room to grow.
"Okay, Van. Fire at will!" Juniper said as she and Ivy both took a deep breath knowing their perspective was going to greatly change in a few moments.
"Alright! Go Poké Ball!" Van shouted as he threw the ball and hit Juniper in her hip, as she swung it to make sure the ball made contact with Ivy as well. The ball opened up once more and zapped the two women, trapping them inside. Van quickly ran up to the Poké Ball and then threw it in the air, catching the ball and backing up. Just like with Amanita and Fennel, the lasers slowly grew bigger and bigger and took more of a human shape. Finally, the light was gone and replaced with Professors Ivy and Juniper, both enlarged to over 300 feet tall. They both looked down and saw how easily they towered over the lab.
"Wow… we're so big." Ivy said.
"I definitely agree, but let's not waste any more time." Juniper said.
"Right, let's get moving and find those two friends of yours. You lead the way." Ivy said. Juniper nodded and got walking, making sure not to step on anyone (who was still recovering from seeing the earlier giantesses) or anything in her path. As Ivy followed behind, she continued to survey the landscape that spread out in front of her black high-heeled shoes.
"Fascinating." Ivy said to herself, trying to fight the urge to interact with this environment somehow or someway…

Chapter 2, written by BiggerBetterBarbie

Of course, before there was Striaton City, there was little Accumula Town. And to the eyes of both Professors Amanita and Fennel, it couldn't look any more smaller. Even when they were still a dozen steps away from reaching the town, they could already tell the buildings weren't going to rise past their knees.
"Ooooh… Accumula Town is so tiny!" Amanita said.
"Isn't it amazing what a new perspective can do?" Fennel said.
"Agreed! Come on, let's go say hi to everyone!" Amanita said.

And with just a few more steps, the two giantesses were towering over the town, causing mass panic and hysteria. Amanita already put her scientific mind to work as she straightened out her glasses.
"Heh, they're just like little ants trying to run away." Amanita said.
"Don't worry, everyone! We're not here to hurt you… at least we'll try not to." Fennel said.
"That's going to be tough, big sis. See how big our feet are in comparison to the buildings?" Amanita said as she took one step forward and placed one of her red, white, and blue colored shoes next to a structure.
"Well, that's true…" Fennel said as she continued to look down and admire the scenery. Amanita, meanwhile, was already walking around the city, even teasing a group of trainers who tried to escape from being crushed by her shoes.
"Oooooh! This is so fun, chasing these little bug-sized people!" Amanita said. When one of the men slipped and fell on his back, he looked up and saw the bottom of the young giantess's shoe fast approaching.
"Noooooo!" the man screamed, but watched as Amanita brought the shoe to a sudden stop. She moved it away and reached down and picked up the gentleman, holding him up against her face.
"Whew… that was close! Be more careful, I almost made roadkill out of you!" Amanita said.
"Y-y-y-y-y-yes, ma'am!" the man said.
"Teeheehee… you look so cute when you're panicking." Amanita said, watching as the man was backing away towards the giantess's fingers. It didn't make him feel any better when he saw the taller giantess approaching from behind.

"Oh? What happened, Amanita?" Fennel asked.
"I almost stepped on this poor man. I was gonna maybe, say, kiss him to make him feel better." Amanita said.
"Oh! That's interesting. Can I try that?" Fennel said.
"Well, sure. This guy looks like he hasn't showered lately anyway." Amanita said as she handed the little man over to her older sister. Fennel trapped the man in between two of her fingers.
"Like my little sister said, let me kiss you and make you feel better." Fennel said. After pucking her lips at least once, even though they didn't have any lipstick on them, she moved the man towards her lips and pressed him against them. The 'kiss' lasted a few seconds before she moved the man away and set him down on the ground in front of her pink shoes.
"There you go, that's your reward for being a nice little man! Go on, run along!" Fennel said as she and Amanita watched the man turn around and run away.
"Awww… I wanted to keep him and do a little experiment on him later." Amanita said.
"Huh? What kind of experiment?" Fennel asked.
"Like maybe see if he shrinks when we eventually shrink, much like how everything we're wearing and have in our possession grew along with our bodies." Amanita said.
"Hmmm… that's a good point." Fennel said. Amanita then reached inside one of her older sister's pockets on her lab coat, pulling out a pen that looked ordinarily-sized from their perspective.
"Take this pen for example." Amanita said. She kneeled down and stood the pen upright, placing it next to a nearby building. The two objects were the same size.
"Heh, look at that. That pen is just as tall as that building! It shows just how big we've grown." Fennel said.
"My thoughts exactly." Amanita said. Fennel then looked out a short distance and saw the Pokémon Center of the town.
"Ooooh! I've got a fun idea." Fennel said.

After reaching down and picking up the pen, Fennel walked over towards the Pokémon Center with Amanita following behind. Once Fennel was towering above the building, sometimes watching as tiny people ran all around her shoes, she got down on her knees (nearly crushing some of these people in the process) and pushed the button on the other side of the pen, allowing it to write. That's when she gently pressed the pen on the roof of the Pokémon Center and wrote, in signature form, her name. Professor Fennel smiled as the word 'Fennel' adorned the top of the Pokémon Center in blue ink.
"Heh, cute. How about me? Let me sign the Pokémon Center too!" Amanita said.
"Of course, little sister! The Pokémon Center deserves both our autographs." Fennel said as she handed the pen over to Amanita, who kneeled down beside Fennel. Amanita started to write her name, also in signature form, only for the pen to punch a pole in the roof of the building.
"Amanita! Not so hard!" Fennel shouted.
"Oops! Sorry…" Amanita said. She placed the pen down beside the hole and this time was much gentler with pressing the pen against the roof. Slowly but surely, Amanita was able to spell out her name in solid blue ink. With both their names scribbled on top of the Pokémon Center, Amanita and Fennel both stood back up to their full height as Fennel took back the pen and stored it back in her lab coat.
“Teehee! We’ve permanently left our mark on the Pokémon Center!” Amanita said.
“Yep, we sure did! At least until they wash it off.” Fennel said.
“So what should we do now?” Amanita asked.
“Well, we really should be getting to Striaton City.” Fennel said.
“Yeah, I agree. I wanna see how big we are compared to that city.” Amanita said with a smile.
“Well then, let’s go!” Fennel said as the two giantesses got to walking through the town and eventually hitting the open path.

A few minutes later, Striaton City was now the place that showed mass panic as the people watched the two giantesses slowly arrive. Unlike back in the previous town where Amanita and Fennel could easily crush nearly every structure there under their feet (if they wanted to, of course!), the buildings here were taller. Although the two ladies were the tallest things, living or not, in the city, some of the structures were over half the height of the giantesses.
“Well, as I expected, Striaton City’s buildings stand up much better.” Amanita said as she patted a nearby building on its roof.
“Yeah, we’d have to REALLY grow up to make Striaton City look incredibly tiny.” Fennel said.
“Still, there’s no shortage of activity to be done despite our massive size. Such as…” Amanita said. The younger and shorter giantess reached down and, with seemingly the speed of a Meloetta eluding even the most experienced Pokémon trainer, picked up a bus that tried to swerve around her giant shoes. Amanita looked inside the bus and could just see all the tiny people screaming.
"Awwww… they look so cute when they're screaming." Amanita said.
"Let me see! Let me see!" Fennel said. Amanita moved the bus in front of Fennel's eyes, also covered by glasses of course, and she could just see the people screaming as well.
"Ooooh… they're so tiny, but I can understand why they're scared." Fennel said.
"Yeah, I know I'd run if there was a giant eyeball looking straight at me." Amanita said.
"Oh, I know! Let's take this bus back to our lab!" Fennel said.
"Right now? We might be a little too big to do any king of experimenting right now…" Amanita said.
"I know, I meant for later if we shrink back to normal." Fennel said. She gently took the bus, denting it somewhat with one of her fingernails, and dropped it into one of her lab coat pockets.
"Heh, that was kinda a rough ride, don't you think?" Amanita said.
"Oh well, I don't think it can be helped. We're so huge… even being gentle is causing havoc." Fennel said.

The two giantesses were about to discuss what they should do next, only for Amanita to cover her eyes as she felt something fly directly in front of her.
"OW! Hey!" Amanita shouted.
"Amanita! Are you alright?" Fennel asked.
"I'm not sure… something's flying right in front of my face." Amanita said as she aimlessly swatted the air with her hands, trying to get rid of whatever was bothering her. Fennel looked around Amanita's head trying to find what it was, thinking maybe it was a fighter jet that didn't approve of their giant bodies being there. Finally, though, Fennel recognized what it was.
"Amanita, stop! It's a Pokémon!" Fennel said.
"Huh?" Amanita said.
"It's okay, little one. I won't hurt you…" Fennel said as she gently held out a hand in front of Amanita's face. The two giantesses focused in on the palm of Fennel's hand and recognized the Pokémon.
"Oh! That's a Swanna." Amanita said.
"It is indeed, but I wonder why it was attacking you." Fennel said. The two watched as Swanna repeatedly screeched out.
"It's trying to tell us something, but what?" Amanita said.
"Hmmm…" Fennel said.

That's when she gently kneeled down on a group of small trees that Amanita was towering directly over. When Fennel looked beside Amanita's shoes, there she saw a heard of Ducklett walking around both on the ground and on the trees. Fennel gasped.
"*gasp* Oh my… it's a heard of Ducklett. Are you… are you their mother?" Fennel asked down to the Swanna in her hands. Swanna seemed to be screeching this time in agreement.
"Oh, I see!" Fennel said.
"What is it, big sis?" Amanita asked.
"You see those trees down there? There's a pack of wild Ducklett… and this Swanna seems to be their mother!" Fennel said. Amanita gasped herself when she realized what had almost happened and why the Swanna was attacking her.
"Oh… I understand now! I could've crushed those poor Ducklett." Amanita said.
"This is definitely not a safe environment. We should get these Ducklett to the nearby river." Fennel said. That's when the giantess gently got down on her knees again and lowered a hand towards the pack of Ducklett. At first the Ducklett looked confused, but the Swanna's screeches seemed to be its way of telling the Pokémon that it was okay to trust the giantess. The Ducklett quickly jumped onboard, joining up with Swanna. Fennel then stood back to her full height and very slowly walked through the city.
"Clear the way! Ducklett delivery coming through!" Fennel shouted with Amanita following close behind. About a minute later, the two giantesses were standing over a river that flowed south out of the city. Once again, Fennel kneeled down and held a hand close to the water. Swanna and all the Ducklett gently jumped off Fennel's gigantic hand and landed in the water, swimming off into the distance.
"Goodbye, you cute little Ducklett!" Fennel said as she waved the Pokémon off. Amanita gave her older sister a quick hug.
"That was very noble of you, big sis." Amanita said.
"Thanks, Amanita. You know I care so much for Pokémon… both in real life and in the dream world." Fennel said.
"So what now?" Amanita said.
"Oh… I don't know. I'll think of something we can do next." Fennel said.
"Alright, but think fast! I'm having too much fun being this big." Amanita said.
"Me too!" Fennel said as the two giantesses got back to walking around Striaton City.

Meanwhile, back in Accumula Town while all that above was going on, the citizens of the small town were breathing a collective sigh of relief thinking their 'The Giant Woman' in real life troubles were over. But instead, it was time for them to panic again… albeit cautiously this time, because the booming sounds coming from the south made everyone look and see two more giantesses coming their way. One of them, Professor Ivy, they did not recognize… but the other giantess raised nearly every eyebrow in town, because it was the famous Professor Juniper. As the two giantesses approached Accumula Town and noticed how very few people were running away, it got Ivy's curiousity going.
"Professor Juniper, do you find it unusual that so many people are looking up at us in awe instead of running for safety?" Ivy asked.
"Actually, I think I know why they're curious. Because it's me, Professor Juniper, world famous scientist of this Unova region, that's marching up towards their city." Juniper said.
"Hmmmm… yes, your reputation does hold tremendous merit, maybe as much as the size we're both at." Ivy said with a smile. When Juniper and Ivy both stopped in front of the first set of buildings they encountered, which were small enough to be crushed with their feet if they weren't careful, Juniper tried her best to spread the word about her condition.

"People of Accumula Town… what you see is the result of an accident at my lab in Nuvema Town. My team is working as hard as they can to correct the issue, but in the meantime, I can assure you that I will do my very best not to cause harm to you or your town. This is my good friend, Professor Ivy of the Orange Islands, and she shares my sentiment. Still, if you want to evacuate to safety, I will fully understand." Juniper said. A few people quickly took off running inside their apartments, probably to pack their bags, while many others just went on with their business, staying off the roads so the giantesses could have plenty of room to move in. Professor Ivy just smiled.
"I wish I were as popular and had as much influence as you where I live." Ivy said.
"Well, it's not entirely your fault. Aren't even the Sevii Islands more well known than the Orange Islands?" Juniper asked.
"I suppose. You know, we're probably big enough to walk in the ocean and pick up those islands if we wanted." Ivy said.
"Oh?" Juniper asked.
"Think about it, Professor Juniper. This is an experience we may both never live again. Perhaps we should make the most of it by putting our size advantage to use." Ivy said.
"Well… okay… I can see where you're coming from." Juniper said as she looked down and stared at the many tiny people in front of her. The longer she looked down, the more she couldn't resist acting more like someone who best represented her increased size.

Ivy was the first to, in a sense, break the ice, when she looked down and saw a young man who was riding his bicycle and staring all the way up at her giant face. As a result, he didn't see he was coming up on her giant black high-heeled shoe and he crashed right smack into the shoe as a result.
"Hahaha! I guess my beauty broke your concentration, young man." Ivy said as she gently reached down and picked up the man, pinching him by the back of his shirt and dangling him in front of her face.
"Please! Let me go! I'm sorry! I wasn't paying attention!" the man shouted.
"Don't worry, little man. I will forgive you if you do just one thing for me." Ivy said.
"Wha… what's that?" the man said. The man held his breath as he felt Ivy moving around once more. This time the giantess sat down on the ground, her lab coat brushing a few buildings on the way down. Ivy placed the man on the ground and tilted her shoes up so they were pointing skyward.
"My shoes are a bit dirty. Please clean them as best as you can." Ivy said. The man felt no need to object, thinking the giantess was going to hurt him or worse, like crush him to death, if he didn't comply. So he got to wiping the bottoms of the giantess's high heeled shoes. There wasn't too much 'dirt' to speak of on the shoes, just bits and pieces of trees that she stepped on on the way to the town. Still, Juniper enjoyed watching the little man work hard on cleaning Ivy's shoes. She couldn't resist making the same offer herself as she sat down right next to Ivy.
"Hey, don't forget my shoes too!" Juniper said as she stretched out her legs and showed the bottoms of her own shoes to the man. There were several patches of dirt and other debris littered amongst the many ridges on the bottom of her shoes. The man worked as quickly as he could in finishing up rubbing what he could of Ivy's shoes, especially the high heels, before moving onto Juniper's shoes.
It took a few minutes, but finally both giantesses felt satisfied with the job the man did, especially as they saw him sweating like crazy.
"Okay, young man. I think you've done more than enough. Besides, they're likely going to get dirty anyway." Ivy said as she smiled and stood back to her full height, as did Juniper, and picked up the man in the process.
"Are… are you going to let me go now?" the man said.
"Almost. We're gonna give you a kiss for all your hard work." Ivy said as she put a hand to her lips and then blew a smooch towards the man, almost blowing him off her hand. Juniper did the same thing, blowing a kiss down to the little man.
"There you go! Double the giant kisses! You can't say you had a bad day now, can you?" Juniper asked. Ivy finally let the man down on the ground and nudged him with her finger to run away, which he did.

As the giantesses watched the man run to safety, they both took a moment to let the activities they just did sink in.
"Wow… that was suprisingly fun, Professor Ivy." Juniper said.
"I'm not surprised… the power and responsibility that comes with being this big. It's no wonder I've seen some men come to enjoy this." Ivy said.
"Oh? I guess you've done research on this subject?" Juniper said.
"In my spare time, in a manner of speaking." Ivy said with a smile. The two giantesses then watched as a motorcycle next pulled up to their footwear. This time it was Officer Jenny. Professor Juniper kneeled down so she could better hear the officer.
"Professor Juniper!" Jenny shouted.
"Oh! Hello, Officer Jenny. Have we done anything wrong?" Juniper asked.
"Well… not yet, although you two being gigantic is not exactly an ideal situation either." Jenny said.
"Yes, we understand. My team of scientists I'm sure will have the cure to our condition very shortly." Juniper said.
"That's good. It's already been trying for this town after the other two giantesses came by." Jenny said.
"Huh? Other two giantesses?" Juniper said.
"Yeah! I think one of them was Professor Fennel. I recognize her super long hair anywhere! There was a younger giantess with her as well." Jenny said.
"Oh yes! We forgot about your two friends." Ivy said.
"Officer Jenny, where did they go?" Juniper asked.
"They went north towards Striaton City. I've sent some officers there to watch over them and make sure they don't go 'The Giant Woman' on that city." Jenny said, prompting Professor Ivy to raise an eyebrow.
"I see. Don't worry, Officer Jenny. Professor Ivy and myself are headed there to keep them in check." Juniper said.
"Okay… but please be careful!" Jenny said. With a nod, Professor Juniper stood back up and she and Ivy both stepped over the officer, making their way out of Accumula Town and towards Striaton City. As the two stomped their way out, Professor Ivy made a comment.
"This 'The Giant Woman' movie… I take it it's a smash hit here in Unova?" Ivy asked.
"Well… kinda. I think it's only popular because Rosa, the actress who plays the main character, is quite the accomplished Pokémon Trainer." Juniper said.
"Ah, that makes sense." Ivy said as the two giantesses were finally off the Accumula Town grounds and on their way to Striaton City.

In Striaton City, Fennel and Amanita continued to find ways to entertain not only themselves, but also the tiny people of the city as well, even though most of it was far from safe. For instance, Fennel was in the process of laying down while Amanita took as much of her older sister's hair, and it was a LOT of it, and covered as many of the smaller buildings as she could.
"Heh, finally a legitimate use for all this hair!" Amanita shouted.
"What's that supposed to mean? Can't I look?" Fennel asked.
"No, of course not! But I'll make sure to take a picture." Amanita said as she continued to spread out Fennel's many large strands of hair over the block. A couple minutes later, she was done. Almost the entire block of the city was covered in Fennel's outstretched hair.
"Ahhhhh… perfect! I guess we can call this place Hair City now." Amanita said.
"Ho ho, very funny. Now hurry up and take the picture!" Fennel said. Amanita reached into the pockets of her lab coat, only to discover one big problem.
"Oops… I forgot to bring the camera with me." Amanita said. Fennel sighed deeply.
"Awwww… Amanita." Fennel said.
"But don't worry! Take my word for it, you look marvelous!" Amanita said.
"Whatever you say, little sis." Fennel said. The older giantess finally got up and the hair swept across the buildings as she moved. Some of the strands even damaged the structures slightly, but both giantesses would not notice this. Fennel was finally back on her feet and she brushed back every last strand of hair on her head, even as it nearly touched the ground.
"You know, I'd LOVE to see that Iris girl try and swing around your hair. You know she likes to play jungle girl from time to time." Amanita said.
"Heh, that's true. It would be funny watching her swing around my hair, let alone climb it!" Fennel said.
"Indeed! That would take a loooooong while!" Amanita said as both ladies giggled.

Just then, the two giantesses heard rumbling sounds that progressively got louder and louder. When they turned around where the sounds were coming from, they both gasped when they saw Professors Ivy and Juniper approaching them, enlarged like they were.
"Oh! Professor Juniper?" both Fennel and Amanita said.
"Hi there, ladies! I see you're having some fun being gigantic." Juniper said.
"Well, yes! But what made you two grow?" Fennel asked.
"The same way you two grow. We wanted to make sure you stayed out of trouble." Ivy said.
"And, on the other hand, this would make for a fantastic experiment, walking around the world at this size." Juniper said.
"Oh… you mean you love being big too!?" Fennel said.
"Now THAT I did not see coming." Amanita said.
"It's part of a woman's charm, young lady. Since most women love playing with things smaller than them, it's only natural they would embrace this very scenario of being gigantic." Ivy said.
"Hey, that makes sense, doesn't it, Amanita?" Fennel said.
"I won't argue with logic like that." Amanita said.
"I think we should enjoy this while we can. My assistants back in Nuvema Town are working quickly on a way to reverse these effects." Juniper said.
"Personally, I hope they take their sweet time. I agree with the rest of you, this being big thing is starting to… ahem… grow on me." Ivy said. The other three giantesses laughed so loud, their voices echoed in the sky.
"Professor Ivy… I never knew you had such a sense of humor." Juniper said.

While the older giantesses were talking with each other, Amanita looked down at the tiny people that were scattering around their footwear, including her own. However, there were a couple of people who had a different agenda in mind. A much dirtier agenda, to be precise. Amanita caught a few middle-aged gentlemen who were standing directly beneath either Ivy, Juniper, or Fennel, and taking snapshots with their cameras.
"Uh oh… hey, big sis." Amanita said.
"Huh? What is it, Amanita?" Fennel asked.
"Someone's exploring one of the downsides of being big AND wearing the appropriate clothing." Amanita said as she pointed down at Fennel's shoes. That's when Fennel noticed the photographers almost directly underneath her lab coat. Fennel instinctively closed her legs and pressed her lab coat and dress against herself.
"HEY! No pictures from there please!" Fennel shouted. The men tried to run away, but Amanita was quick with her hands and scooped up the gentlemen. As she did so, Ivy and Juniper looked down and noticed their own group of dirty-minded male photographers right in front of their footwear.
"Oh dear… not a very wise move." Juniper said.
"But again… to be expected." Ivy said. These men tried to escape as well, but the two professors quickly scooped them up.

The three older giantesses were now holding onto the scared photographers. Naturally, they had displeased looks with them.
“I must say I’m very disappointed in you men. You should know better than to take dirty shots like that.” Juniper said.
“Still, they went through an awful lot of trouble to get the shots they wished for. Perhaps we should fulfill their fantasies even further." Ivy said.
“Huh? How so, Professor Ivy?” Fennel asked. That’s when Ivy took the photographer she was holding and tilted her hand towards the cleavage between her breasts. Once the man (who screamed on the way down) was in between, Ivy quickly took hold of her chest and closed her breasts together, smooshing the man in between.
“Oh my!” Juniper said as she looked surprised.
“Ummm… I don’t think this is appropriate for someone your age, Amanita.” Fennel said as she took her hands and covered up Amanita’s glasses.
“Hey!” Amanita shouted as she tried to fight off her older sister’s hands. In the meantime, Ivy continued to press and move her chest around as the man could clearly be seen gasping for air.
“Around and around they go. Where they stop, nobody knows!” Ivy said with a smirk on her face. Eventually, though, the sweat started to accumulate on Ivy’s skin where the man was, and it allowed him to slip through, trapping him between her stomach and the fabric of her clothes, and with her shirt firmly tucked in, there was no escape for the man.
“Whoops… he’s stuck down there. Hopefully he’ll be smart and take cover in my navel or something like that.” Ivy said.
“So I see…” Juniper said, suddenly getting a sense of fascination over what she just witnessed.

But she was snapped back to reality when she heard the small man she was still holding captive started to beg for mercy.
“Please, ma’am! Let me go! I promise I won’t do it again!” the man said.
“Hmmmm… alright. I’ll let you go this time. But next time you’ll be in suffocation territory just like that other man.” Juniper said as she gently kneeled down and placed the man on the ground. Unfortunately, as Juniper started to stand back to her full height, the man was right back to trying to get snapshots of Juniper’s undergarments, a trait that Fennel immediately picked up on even as she still covered Amanita’s eyes.
“Professor Juniper! He’s at it again!” Fennel shouted. Juniper looked down and was far from amused. In fact, she was downright angry.
“STOP IT!” Juniper shouted as she suddenly raised a foot up in the air and quickly brought it down on the man. The fast speed of Juniper’s giant leg moving up and down was too much for the man to possibly counteract with, and he was crushed on the spot. After Juniper moved her shoe from side to side one time, she lifted up her foot and saw the man’s lifeless corpse. His body was still intact, but the blood seeping out from underneath meant he was crushed dead. Ivy did not feel any sympathy for the man.
“A tragic end for a young man who got too close to the action.” Ivy said.
“(sigh) I’m sorry. It’s just… he’s like a Pokémon Poacher. I HATE people who just don’t learn their lesson.” Juniper said.
“Totally understandable, my friend.” Ivy said as she patted her friend on the shoulder.

Amanita couldn’t take her vision being blocked any longer. She felt like she was missing all the action judging by the words being spoken by the grownups around her.
“Arrrrgh! You’re leaving me no choice, big sis!” Amanita said. That’s when she raised her foot and slammed it down smack on top of one of Fennel’s shoes.
“OUCH!! Ow ow ow ow…!” Fennel said as she released her grip on Amanita and danced all around holding the foot that was stepped on. Unfortunately for her, that caused her to lose her balance, especially as the edge of her other foot caught the curb.
“Whooooooooa!!!” Fennel shouted as she toppled over and crashed face first over a few apartment buildings, crushing them completely flat underneath her front side.
“Owwwwww…” Fennel said as she slowly picked herself up and rubbed her lab coat of all the debris that accumulated from the damage. Juniper ran over to help Fennel back on her feet.
“Are you okay, Fennel?” Juniper asked.
“I think so… nothing feels broken.” Fennel said.

Ivy watched the whole scene play out. Between trapping a man between her breasts and then inside her shirt, Juniper crushing a man to his death, and now Fennel taking more than a few lives thanks to crushing some buildings underneath her body, she knew the proverbial gloves were off now.
“We’ve crossed the line, ladies.” Ivy said as she folded her arms under her chest.

Chapter 3, written by Cubed Cinder

As Fennel stood back on her two feet and brushed off the debris from her lab coat, with Juniper helping her out, Amanita pointed and laughed at her older sister.
"Hahaha! Big sis made a boo boo!" Amanita said. Fennel did not have a happy look on her face.
"Me!? You're the one who stomped on my foot, you little brat!" Fennel said. She made a couple steps towards Amanita, but Juniper was there to block her path.
"Okay, okay. Take it easy, Professor Fennel. Now is not the time to have one of your wrestling matches." Juniper said.
"She's right. Look at the damage all this mayhem has caused." Ivy said. Afterwards, the group looked down as they heard sirens that sounded like they were getting closer and closer.
"Oops… I think we finally got Officer Jenny's attention." Juniper said as she watched Officer Jenny stop her motorcycle a few yards away from the giant Juniper's shoes. With the other officers remaining seated in their own motorcycles, Jenny pulled out a megaphone and spoke to the four giantesses.
"Professor Juniper! I demand to know what you and the other giant ladies are doing!" Jenny shouted.
"Please forgive us, Officer Jenny. We were having too much fun playing around, forgetting that we had enlarged to this size." Juniper said.
"Still… you know I cannot let these actions go unanswered. As an officer of the law, I order you to leave this city immediately to prevent further harm and damage from occuring." Jenny said.
"You're exactly right, officer. We will do exactly that. Perhaps we should move onto the next city, Professor Juniper?" Ivy said.
"Another city? What if we get chased out of there?" Juniper said.
"Then we shall move onto another city. Your assistants surely will catch up to us once they've found a cure for our condition." Ivy said.
"Hey, I wouldn't mind! At this rate, we can tour around the entire Unova region and see it all from this awesome perspective!" Amanita said.
"Hmmmm… come to think of it, I would like to see Castelia City while this big. We're probably just as tall as all the buildings there!" Fennel said.
"I somehow doubt that, and there's still Nacrene City and the Skyarrow River to pass through." Juniper said.
"Then that is our destination. Would you lead the way, Professor Juniper?" Ivy asked.
"Oh? I'd be happy too! Excuse us, officers." Juniper said as she carefully stepped over the group of police officers led by Jenny. The group watched as the four giantesses, all (except Amanita) nearly 300 feet tall, marched off into the distance.
"Should we follow them, Jenny?" one of the male officers said.
"Of course, but let's not get too close. One sudden step and we're all bloody stains under their shoes." Jenny said with a nervous gulp. She then revved up her motorcycle and drove off, as did the other officers, after the giantesses as they all left Striaton City.

But Route 3 would prove to have its own set of challenges for the four giantesses, as Juniper was quick to point out after crushing some trees under her shoes.
"Be careful, everyone. It's hard to see the ground with all these trees around." Juniper said.
"Just do what I do with grass. Brush it aside with your foot!" Amanita said as she hovered a shoe above the ground and brushed trees aside… only to knock them over onto the ground, nearly crushing a surprisingly brave male trainer.
"Ack! Hey, watch where you're knocking over trees!" the male trainer said.
"Oh yeah!? You're so teeny tiny, you can't boss me around. Pffffffffffffft!!" Amanita said as she stuck her tongue out down towards the man. She then felt herself being pulled back as Fennel grabbed her by both her shoulders.
"Amanita, where are your manners? Big or small, that's just rude!" Fennel said.
"We're sorry, sir. We shall endeavor to be more careful next time." Ivy said. The man just shrugged his shoulders and walked around the tree.
"Heh, he sure was brave for someone looking up at a woman 60 times his normal size." Juniper said.
"Perhaps he's watched this Giant Woman movie too many times." Ivy said, prompting a chuckle from all four ladies.
Just then, Juniper looked down at the path when, despite her massive size, she heard a familiar cry from down below.
"Out of my way! Out of my way!! Out of my waaaaaaaay!!!" the girl said. Juniper recognized the tiny normal-sized girl to be Bianca.
"Oh dear! Bianca!" Juniper said. At that moment, she slammed face first into one of Fennel's pink shoes, eventually falling down onto her back with swirls in her eyes, a sign she had been knocked unconscious.
"Just like in a cartoon." Ivy said.
"It's okay, she's one of my assistants. Bianca is her name." Juniper said.
"Uh oh… she looks unconscious." Fennel said as she kneeled down and examined the girl. Then she picked her up and rested her in the palm of her hand.
"So what now? Anybody got something to wake her up, like water or something?" Amanita said.
"As a matter of fact, yes." Ivy said as she reached inside her lab coat and pulled out a normally 8 ounce bottle of water.

After twisting off the cap, Ivy very gently let a few drops hit Fennel's hand, namely Bianca. Bianca quickly sat up.
"*cough cough* Whoa… and I thought Ash was always the one hitting the water." Bianca said out loud. She took a look around and noticed the scenery was way different. She no longer seemed to be in the forest.
"Huh? Where am I?" Bianca asked. That's when she got a face full of Juniper's giant face.
"Hello, Bianca!" Juniper said. Bianca shrieked and back up in Fennel's hand.
"EEEEEEEEEEEK!!! Pro… profess… Professor Juniper?" Bianca asked.
"Heh, yep. It's me! Please don't be scared." Juniper said.
"What… what happened? Did I shrink?" Bianca asked.
"No no, not at all. You're just fine. It's us that have been enlarged thanks to an experiment gone bad." Juniper said.
"Wait, US? That means…" Bianca said as she stood up and looked down, finally realizing she was standing on a giant hand. She looked around and realized that Juniper wasn't the only giantess around. That's when she saw Fennel, Amanita, and Ivy all towering above her.
"Oh my… I didn't think so many could grow all at once!" Bianca said. Ivy looked confusingly over at Juniper, but Juniper immediately shrugged it off.
"You'll have to excuse Bianca here. She's the type who doesn't often think before she speaks." Juniper said.
"Ah, and I've seen plenty of those too." Ivy said. Bianca took another look at Professor Fennel, who was holding her.
"Oh, wait! I remember you! You're Professor Fennel, aren't you? The dream scientist?" Bianca said.
"Haha! I do have that pleasure! So you're Bianca? I've heard Professor Juniper talk so much about you." Fennel said.
"Has she really? I'm so honored! Oh… but I don't recognize the other two ladies." Bianca said.
"This is my little sister, Amanita." Fennel said as she gently patted the smaller giantess on her head.
"Ah… well, nothing little about you, is there?" Bianca said with an obvious 'did you like my joke?' smile on her face.
"Cute… but watch yourself, little girlie. I haven't fully outgrown my love for dolls." Amanita said with a sly smile on her face.
"Eeeep…" Bianca said.
"And this is Professor Ivy, a good friend of mine who's visiting all the way from the Orange Islands." Juniper said.
"Oh? The Orange Islands? I've never heard of it." Bianca said.
"It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Bianca." Ivy said as she moved two of her fingers towards the tiny girl. Bianca was at first confused as to what Ivy was doing.
"I think she wants to shake your hand, Bianca." Juniper said.
"Oh! Of course!" Bianca said as she allowed Ivy to trap Bianca's outstretched hand between her fingers and gently shake it up and down.
"Wow… Miss Bianca. That sounds so formal…" Bianca said.

Now that the introductions were out of the way, Professor Juniper wondered what Bianca was doing between Striaton City and Nacrene City.
"So what are you doing here, Bianca?" Juniper asked.
"Oh, I was just on my way back to your lab after competing in the Clubsplosion Battle Tournament!" Bianca said.
"Oh, that sounds wonderful! How did you do?" Juniper asked.
"Sadly I lost to a man named Stephan…" Bianca said.
"Awwww… too bad. Do you want me to find and crush him?" Amanita said.
"Amanita!!" Fennel shouted.
"What!? Don't you know a joke when you hear one?" Amanita said.
"Heh heh, I sorta wouldn't mind that. I kinda wish I could grow big just like the rest of you!" Bianca said.
"Yeah, that wouldn't be very advisable. Four is more than a crowd for this region." Ivy said.
"And besides, our assistants are hard at work on a cure." Juniper said.
"Ah, I see. Still, it must be fun for all of you." Bianca said.
"Oh, it is at times. In fact… I feel like having some fun now." Juniper said. That's when she reached down and lifted off Bianca's signature hat off her head.
"Huh? Hey! My hat!" Bianca said.
"Hahaha! Come on, Bianca! Try to catch it!" Juniper said. Much like in a separate incident involving Iris and a shrunken Georgia, Juniper dangled the hat just out of Bianca's reach, even as she jumped up and down trying to grab it.
"Awwww… come on, Professor Juniper! You're not being fair!" Bianca whined. Finally, a minute later, Juniper dropped the hat down into Bianca's waiting hands.
"Alright, there you go." Juniper said.
"Awwww… I wanted to see her jump some more!" Amanita said.
"Yeah, that looked like a fun game to play, especially with the people in the bus we've captured." Fennel said as she patted one of her pockets.
"Well, I didn't want to come off as mean-spirited. Besides, I think Bianca should come along for the ride as we head to the next city. If you want to, that is…" Juniper said.
"Oh, I'd be happy to!" Bianca said.
"Alright then. You can ride on my shoulder." Juniper said as she gently picked up the tiny Bianca and placed her on her right shoulder, and she promptly sat down and held onto as much of Juniper's lab coat as possible.
"Now then, let us proceed to this next city." Ivy said. With a nod from Juniper, she led the way as the four giantesses continued their walk through Route 3.

Finally, they made it to Nacrene City. Just like every other place the giantesses have visited, people took off running trying not to get crushed by the giant women. Ivy took a step forward and scanned every square inch of the city.
"Hmmm… this city looks interesting. A lot of warehouses, I see." Ivy said.
"Heh, that's this city's calling card. Nacrene City is known for its warehouses that were built centuries ago. The owners decreed that they shall not be torn down because they're rooted in the city's tradition. That said, this city is also known for its many avant garde artists, thus giving this city the nickname of the city of art." Juniper said.
"You know, I could've told you all this in one breath." Amanita said.
"Now now, Amanita. No need to go hogging all the glory." Fennel said.
"Okay okay, big sis. Whatever you say." Amanita said with a slight pout.
"Well, I'll be darn! Look how big you ladies have grown!" a female voice said down by Amanita's shoes. Juniper of course recognized who was down there.
"Oh! Hello, Lenora!" Juniper said.
"Another friend of yours?" Ivy asked.
"Kinda. Lenora is the director of the Nacrene Museum and leader of the Nacrene City Gym. She's always asking me at least once a week if I've discovered any more Pokémon fossils. Fennel, can you please pick her up?" Juniper said.
"Wait a minute, big sis! Let me pick someone famous up for a change." Amanita said.
"Okay then, Amanita." Fennel said with a smile on her face. The young giantess reached down and scooped up Lenora, who now stood steadily on the palm of Amanita's hand and looked up at the other giantesses.

Lenora scanned the giantesses from head to toe and whistled over how big they were, including the one holding her, Amanita.
"Dang, Professor! I must say I'd love to have a sip of whatever made you grow so big." Lenora said.
"Heh heh… well, I'm not sure that'd be wise. We wouldn't want Team Rocket or some other criminal organization getting their hands on my experiments. Anyway, I'd like to introduce you to Professor Ivy." Juniper said.
"A pleasure to meet you, ma'am." Ivy said.
"And the same here. Heh, forgive me, Juniper, but I can't get over how long Professor Fennel's hair has become, especially at this size!" Lenora said.
"Heh, yeah. I guess you might say I've been too busy with my research to cut it." Fennel said with a smile.
"You know, I bet Iris could climb them vine-like strands in a flash." Lenora said.
"Yeah, I agree! Big sis and I were talking about that not too long ago." Amanita said.
"Yeah. I wonder where she is? Probably too far away… we'll be shrunk back to normal by the time we'd find her." Fennel said.
"Honey, you actually don't have to look too far. She's inside the museum doing research on some of the Dragon Pokémon fossils." Lenora said.
"Oh! You think maybe you could go get her? I wouldn't mind seeing how fast she climbs Professor Fennel's hair." Juniper said.
"No problem! Just… well… let me down first so I can get inside the museum?" Lenora said. Amanita did just that, kneeling down and placing her hand on the ground and letting Lenora hop off. The giantesses followed Lenora all the way to the museum as she ran inside.

The giantesses didn't have to wait long… as only a minute later, out came Lenora again from the museum, and this time with Iris behind her.
"Wow! You weren't kidding, Lenora!" Iris shouted as she looked up at the four giantesses.
"I told you, honey! Just remember that I wouldn't ever lie to you." Lenora said.
"Hello again, Iris! How have you been?" Juniper said. It took a few seconds for Iris to answer as she was mesmerized with seeing all the giantesses standing before her.
"Errrr… great! I guess things are looking up for you four!" Iris joked, which caused the giantesses to laugh themselves.
"So you are Iris? Professor Juniper has talked a lot about you, especially when you were with Ash Ketchum." Ivy said.
"Um… yes! Sorry, but I don't recognize you." Iris said.
"This is Professor Ivy, coming all the way from the Orange Islands." Juniper said.
"Wow! The Orange Islands? Where are they at?" Iris said.
"Oh, they're far away, but let's not get into that now. Has Lenora told you about our challenge?" Juniper asked.
"Huh? What challenge?" Iris asked as she looked over at Lenora.
"I reckon they want to see how fast you can climb up the jungle that is Professor Fennel's hair." Lenora as she pointed over at Fennel, who brushed her very long head of hair back with her hands (with a few strands tapping some of the nearby warehouses).

Iris gulped nervously as she envisioned herself climbing a long ways up.
"*gulp* I don't know… that could be dangerous." Iris said.
"Oh, don't talk silly, young lady! Didn't you once tell me you swing from one 100-foot-tall oak tree to another for almost an entire day!?" Lenora said.
"Well, yes, I did say that… Okay, I'll do it!" Iris said. Juniper clapped her hands together, the clapping sound echoing through the clear sky.
"Great! And to sweeten the deal, you're going to have a competitor." Juniper said. As Bianca, still sitting on Juniper's shoulder, watched from above, she suddenly looked to see Juniper's giant hand coming very fast towards her.
"Huh!? What the…!" Bianca shouted as she felt herself being trapped in Juniper's hand. Juniper bent herself down and gently dropped the girl down on the ground next to Iris.
"Ow! That smarts!" Bianca said as she rubbed her behind while getting back on her feet.
"Huh? Bianca?" Iris said.
"Oh! Hi, Iris! It's so good to see you again!" Bianca shouted. Suddenly, Iris had a smile on her face. Her competitive side seemed to be taking over.
"Ha! This'll be too easy… like beating the heck out of Georgia." Iris said.
"Huh? What?" Bianca asked.
"Didn't you hear, Bianca? You're in a climbing race up Big Sis's hair." Amanita said.
"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!?" Bianca shouted.

Of course, Bianca didn't have much choice, especially with four giant women around to keep her from escaping. She agreed, with great trepidation in her voice, to run the climbing race against Iris. She even thought briefly what it would be like if Iris were the giantess and she had to climb up her hair. The scary thought of being eaten by the Axew in her head of hair snapped her back to reality. Fennel, meanwhile, was slightly bending her knees, allowing the bottom of her long hair to touch the ground.
"Okay, they're in place!" Lenora shouted as she gave a thumbs up to the giantesses. Fennel heard that and stood back to her full height, with both Iris and Bianca holding onto the giant strands as best as they could, because even the smallest of swings from Fennel's subtle movements felt like a carousel going at its fastest speed.
"Alright! Whoever reaches the top of Professor Fennel's hair is the winner, but the loser will get a special consolation prize that I will reveal at the end of the race." Ivy said.
"Wait… what if one of us falls!?" Bianca shouted.
"You need not worry. I will be here to catch you." Ivy said.
"Yeah! Me too. We'll put you back into place." Amanita said.
"Racers, ready?" Juniper said as she took her place behind Professor Fennel, coming within a few yards of Nacrene City's Pokémon Center.
"I cannot lose… I cannot lose… I cannot lose…" Iris said, with Axew shouting its name to inspire its master trainer before going back into her hair.
"GO!" Juniper shouted with thundering authority. With that, Iris and Bianca both got to climbing.

The race wasn't close by any stretch of the imagination. Iris was speeding her way up the hair strand like she were climbing up a rope. Bianca was climbing, but at a much MUCH slower pace. It didn't help when she occasionally looked down and saw the ground seemingly miles away.
"Eeeeep… it's so high." Bianca said.
"I kinda expected this. It's a runaway right now." Juniper said. Of course, being the 'track' of the race, Fennel was unable to see what was going on, and it was driving her a bit crazy.
“Really? I wish I could see.” Fennel said as she bobbed her head back and forth. As a result of doing that, however, her hair swayed in a similar fashion. To Iris and Bianca, these subtle movements were immense, causing both to hold on tight to keep from flying off.
"Whoa whoa whoa!!!" Iris shouted as she kept a firm grip on Fennel's hair.
"Big sis! Be careful… you're gonna shake them loose!" Amanita shouted.
"Oops… sorry!" Fennel said.
"I can't hold on! Eeeeeep!" Bianca shouted. Indeed, she was not as lucky as Iris in keeping her grip on Fennel's supersized hair. Bianca eventually slipped and found herself falling towards the ground. But luckily, she didn't fall far, as Amanita held out a hand and caught Bianca.
"Whew! That was close." Amanita said as she helped Bianca back onto the hair, even nudging her from behind with her finger.
"Okay, okay! Stop pushing!" Bianca shouted.

A couple minutes later, Bianca was still mired back at Fennel's midsection, and Iris was all the way up to the giantess's neck. Juniper felt it was safe to declare this race over.
"Well now, I hereby declare Iris the winner!" Juniper said as she gently plucked the tiny girl from Fennel's hair. Even though her only audience was the four giantesses around her, Iris bowed her head gracefully anyway.
"Thank you! Thank you!" Iris said. Bianca, meanwhile, was grabbed by Ivy and dangled in front of her face.
"Too bad, Bianca, but like your Pokémon, I'm proud of your valiant effort." Ivy said.
"Thanks… I guess. Sorry I didn't go so fast… I'm kinda nervous about climbing to higher places." Bianca said.
"As I said, you've got a consolation prize… you get to sit on my chest for about 60 seconds." Ivy said with a smile. Immediately afterwards, Ivy moved her hand over the top of her breasts and casually dropped Bianca on top of the skin.
"Whoa!" Bianca said as she bounced up and down the right breast a couple times before coming to a landing, which she was surprised at how soft it was.
"Oh… this feels so cushy!" Bianca said.
"Heh, I am glad you approve." Ivy said with a smile. Juniper, on the other hand as she still held Bianca, wasn't smiling as much.
"Professor Ivy, sometimes I think you have a dirty mind." Juniper said.
"Duly noted, my friend." Ivy said. Bianca, meanwhile, used the rest of the time to marvel over the sheer size of Ivy's chest, even though Ivy as a whole was enlarged.
"They're so big…" Bianca said to herself.

Alas, time ran out for Bianca. Ivy picked her up and placed her back down on the ground. As Juniper did the same thing for Iris and the two ladies backed away to make sure they wouldn't be stepped on by any of the giantesses, she suddenly heard a couple familiar male voices.
"Professor Juniper!" the male voice shouted. Juniper looked to see it was three of her assistants, all led by Van.
"Oh, Van!" Juniper shouted.
"Professor Juniper! We've finished the adjustments on Professor Ivy's Poké Ball. We can shrink you all back to normal size!" Van shouted.
"Oh, wonderful! I knew you guys could pull it off!" Juniper said.
"Impressive work by your assistants. That's quicker than I thought would happen." Ivy said with a smile.
"Awww… do we have to shrink back to normal? I was having so much fun being this tall, actually!" Amanita said.
"Me too, honestly! But I suppose this is for the best." Fennel said.
"Precisely. We all have to get back to work eventually." Ivy said.
"There's just one thing, Professor." Van said.
"Huh? What's that?" Juniper asked.
"The ball only has enough power for one shot, and then it goes dead again. We advise standing together for this one blast." Van said.
"Hey, I don't mind holding hands." Ivy said with a smile.

The four giantesses did just that, standing in a straight line and holding hands so all four were connected together.
"Okay, Van. Fire away!" Juniper said. Van aimed the modified Poké Ball and fired the return laser up at Professor Juniper. The laser spread all across the bodies of the other giantesses before they became completely encased in the red light and it got pulled into the ball. Van waited a few seconds, just as Lenora, Bianca, and Iris all came running towards him and the other professors.
"Well, here we go, let's hope this works." Van said as he threw the Poké Ball into the air. It opened back up and out came all four ladies… all returned to their normal sizes.
"Whew! Alright!" Juniper said.
"Congratulations, Juniper." Ivy said.
"Awww… thanks, Ivy. I knew my assistants could do it all along. No offense to you or Professor Oak or anyone else, but I have the best assistants in the world." Juniper said.
"Heh, none taken." Ivy said as she patted her friend on the shoulder.
"It's good to have you back to normal, Professor Juniper." Van said.
"Yeah, it's fun to be a giantess, but only until we have to get back to work and we cause accidental damage." Juniper said.
"Which is why as we're making our way back to your lab in Nuvema Town, we should offer our sincerest apologies." Ivy said.
"I agree, Professor Ivy. Come on, let's all get back to my lab. Bianca, wanna come?" Juniper said.
"Sure, of course!" Bianca said.
"How about you, Iris?" Juniper asked.
"Well, thanks for the offer, but I'll stay here with Lenora. We still have lots of research to do with Dragon Pokémon fossils!" Iris said. Juniper nodded and made her way back to the truck that Van had driven.

As Juniper and the other formerly enlarged female professors made their way to the truck, Amanita suddenly remembered something very important.
"Oh! Big sis! That bus you were carrying!" Amanita said. Fennel gasped when she realized exactly what bus she was talking about.
"Oh yeah! That bus from Striaton City I jokingly said we would research?" Fennel said. She reached inside her lab coat into one of the pockets. Sure enough… there was the bus, shrunken down in size. As far as the people inside the bus went, they were still screaming and shouting like Fennel and the others were still giantesses.
"Oops… it shrunk down with us, didn't it?" Fennel said.
"Oh, Big Sis! There you go again with your selective memory." Amanita said.
"Hey, give me a break! That happens when you do dream research almost 24/7!" Fennel said.
"Any way we can use the Poké Ball to restore them to normal, Van?" Juniper asked.
"Oh… I'm afraid not. As I said, the ball is out of energy again. It'll probably take us hours, maybe days, to recharge it AND reverse its polarity to make things grow again." Van said. Amanita stuck her head as close to the windows of the bus as she could.
"Don't worry, little people! Big sis and I will take good care of you at our lab until we can grow you back to normal! Honest!" Amanita said.
"Yeah! And you'll keep Amanita from complaining about being so short." Fennel said with a snicker at the end.
"Oooooooh! I heard that!" Amanita shouted.

With Iris and Lenora (plus a few other random citizens of Nacrene City) waving them goodbye, the four ladies as well as Van and Juniper's other assistants all jumped inside or onto the back of the truck. Van turned the truck around and drove it out of the city, beginning the long drive back home to Nuvema Town.