Big Trouble! Make it Double!

(Cubed Cinder; idea by Fez)

In the dense forest that leads to Eterna City (near the Moss Rock, to be precise), Team Rocket was busy putting the finishing touches on another one of their crazy machines. James and Meowth were doing all the dirty work, actually, piecing the machine nut by bolt while Jessie just watched all the action. Of course, that didn't make James and Meowth too pleased.
"Ugh... why is it that Jessie had to make us do all the dirty work? This is exhausting!!!" James shouted.
"What do you expect? You're the gentleman and I'm the cat! The lady is always sitting back and doing nothing." Meowth said. Jessie stared angerily over at Meowth.
"What was that, hairball brain!?" Jessie said.
"Er, uh... I mean, we don't want Jessie's magnificent beauty damaged by all the hard work being done on this contraption!" Meowth said.
"Anyway, are you sure this is gonna work, Jess? I mean... we did steal blueprints from Biff and Cassidy after all." James said.
"Hmph! They may be second-rate compared to us, but you got to admit they have some nifty brains to think of a device like this." Jessie said.
"With a name like 'Humongous Transformer,' I'll believe it when I see it." Meowth said.
"Laugh all you want, you two... but when this machine is activated, I will be the biggest ruler in the history of Sinnoh!" Jessie said. James tightened up one more bolt before getting back on his feet.
"Okay, it's done. I think it is..." James said.
"We should probably test this thing first. I mean, on an inanimate object." Meowth said.
"Who cares about test runs!? Just point that laser at me and commence the enlarging action! Now now NOW!!!" Jessie shouted. James rushed over to the switch as Jessie took her position.
"Whatever you say!" James said.
"One giant Jessie coming right up!" Meowth said, as he and James both pulled the switch forward as hard and fast as they could.

But just as that happened, the machine started vibrating badly and... oh, wait, that was The Loneliness.

For this story, things actually went silky smooth for a change. The red laser beamed onto Jessie's body, covering her in a bright red light. Jessie just stood in place, not feeling a thing as the laser continued to hit her body. After a few more seconds, however, the laser went away and the machine automatically shut off. James and Meowth ran towards their teammate.
"Well, anything?" James said.
"Hmmm... I don't feel anything different. Those idiots! Even they can screw up with blueprints!" Jessie said as she stomped the ground in frustration. At that moment, however, Meowth noticed something.
"I think you might have spoken too soon." Meowth said. James was the next to notice.
"Look! It's working!" James shouted. He noticed right away Jessie was a full head taller than he was and obviously growing bigger right before his eyes. He and Meowth both backed away from Jessie's expanding body as it took up more and more room.
"Oh! You're right! Hahaha!" Jessie said, reveling in the wonderful sight of her surroundings shrinking smaller and smaller. She especially felt delighted as her head began to peek out above the tall trees of the forest.

Finally, Jessie stopped growing at a little bit over 150 feet tall. Right away, she put her hands on her hips and laughed as she looked down on the ground, specifically the machine that made her gargantuan.
"Hahaha! Look out, Sinnoh, Jessiezilla has arrived!" Jessie said. She then reached down and picked up the tiny James and Meowth.
"Jessiezilla? That sounds like something out of a bad movie." Meowth said.
"Hey! Watch your tongue, you little cat, or you'll be spitting up hairballs for a week!" Jessie said. Meowth of course gulped, knowing full well Jessie was capable of doing that with her new size.
"How do you feel, Jess?" James asked.
"Like I want to crush something! Then take over the region... you know! Things a big girl like me enjoy doing." Jessie said.
"That's great... but I was hoping maybe you'd feel lonely." James said.
"Lonely?" Jessie asked.
"You know, if you needed someone by your side." James said. Jessie smiled.
"I know what you're getting at. You want to be big too." Jessie said.
"I've always been bad at keeping secrets, haven't I? But yes, I want to feel what it's like too! Please, Jessie?" James said. Although she had planned on having just herself grow big to do whatever she wanted around Sinnoh, Jessie began to think over what James was saying, going as far as actually picturing herself and her partner together gigantic. It got more enticing the more she thought about it, feeling two evil giants would be more fear inducing to the entire region than just one. The giant Jessie nodded.
"Okay, you can grow too." Jessie said. Right away, she set down James down next to the machine and watched as he took his spot in front of the laser gun. Meowth, however, stayed tucked in Jessie's gloved hand.
"Hey! What about me? Aren't you going to set me down so I can grow too?" Meowth asked.
"Patience! Besides, wouldn't you rather watch from up here rather than get crushed by my giant partner?" Jessie asked.
"Now that you put it that way..." Meowth said.
"Ready, Jess!" James shouted. Jessie very carefully with one of her huge fingers pushed the switch, activating the laser once again as it beamed its way onto James.

Like with Jessie, the growth did not happen instantly. James stood around staring at Jessie's huge boots for a few seconds, but he then watched as he felt like he was going up an elevator. James grew bigger and bigger, and Jessie was watching it happen right before her eyes. Eventually, the long-time partner of Jessie stopped growing at the same size of 150 feet tall. Jessie and James looked at each other like they were normal-sized, and yet they both realized how big they were.
"So? How do you feel?" Jessie asked.
"I feel like climbing the tallest building with a pretty girl in my hand, all of a sudden." James said with a smile. He then got conked on the head by Jessie.
"You may be big, but your jokes are still dumb!" Jessie said.
"Alright, my turn!" Meowth said. He then got a face full of Jessie's huge face.
"No! Sorry, Meowth, but being big is for us handsome people!" Jessie said.
"Awww! But three giant heads are better than two!" Meowth said.
"Not unless they have cat ears and a gold coin on their head." James said.
"I resent that remark!" Meowth shouted.
"Instead, you're going to find the twerps from the balloon. Fly all over the region if you have to!" Jessie said as she casually tossed Meowth to the Meowth balloon they always flew around in. Amazingly, he landed right in the seat of the balloon; an accurate throw by the giantess.
"Man, and I was hoping to play a role in Meowthzilla Part 2, but no matter... maybe Jessie will reward me when I find them twerps like she asked me to." Meowth said. He fired up the balloon and the two giants watched as it flew away from the forest.
"Gee, maybe we should've let him grow too. It might take him a while to find those kids." James said.
"Oh let him be. Anything to keep him from spoiling our fun and games while we're big. And speaking of... I better make sure nobody else gets any ideas of joining us." Jessie said. She took a couple steps forward and planted one of her boots down, completely crushing the growth machine and reducing it to nothing more than a flattened piece of smoldering junk. James was impressed with how powerful that crush was.
"Oooh! Those boots are mighty strong." James said.
"I know, aren't they?" Jessie said.
"So what now? Do we start looking for the brats too? We can just pick up their little Pikachu now." James said.
"Yes, but we'll worry about that later. Right now, let's you and I introduce the bigger and badder Team Rocket to Sinnoh." Jessie said.
"That makes me tingle with excitement. Let's get stomping like that big lizard monster! Owwww!" James said, once again getting smacked on top of the head by Jessie.
"And please no more giant monster references." Jessie said. The two giants then finally made their way out of Eterna Forest, navigating their way out of the once tall trees and setting their sights on Eterna City.

The once calm and quiet Eterna City was now a place full of full-scale panic, with people running away from the fast-approaching giants that were Jessie and James of Team Rocket. Both Jessie and James stopped their walk as soon as they arrived onto the city grounds, taking in the wonderful sights of buildings smaller than they were and sounds of people screaming their heads off trying to get away.
"That's right, you people better prepare for BIG trouble!" Jessie said.
"And make it double!" James added.
"Isn't this great, James? To be bigger than everyone and everything in this tiny little region!" Jessie said. Indeed, both giants towered well over the city. The tallest buildings, the Eterna Condominiums, could only reach up to their knees.
"You know? If we get any bigger, maybe we really can reach for the stars!" James said with a smile.
"We probably could. I wish I had thought of that before I crushed the growing machine." Jessie said.
"Oh well. At least we're big enough to scare everyone." James said.
"Yep! And big enough to do this, of course!" Jessie said. She lifted one of her huge boots up and promptly brought it down on one of the condominiums. It began to crumble apart underneath the weight of Jessie's boot, breaking apart as Jessie very slowly added more weight to her stomp. Finally, though, the building all but surrendered to Jessie's boot as it came crashing down to the ground along with the boot, leaving a huge boom sound as well as shaking the ground a little bit.
"Hahahaha! You see that, everyone? This is what will happen if you underestimate the Team Rocket giants!" Jessie said.
"Oooooh... can I crush the other one, Jess? Can I?" James asked.
"Absolutely." Jessie said with a smile. She backed up a bit and watched her fellow giant, James, approach the other apartment. Like with Jessie earlier, James slowly lowered his own boot down on the building, watching it slowly crumble as he put more weight onto his foot. Eventually, the building completely came apart, but he took special delight in watching some trainers escaping from the destruction at the last minute. Some trainers were undoubtably killed, but James didn't think much of that, chalking it up to not running when they were supposed to.
"Wow! That felt so good! I felt powerful crushing that building like it was nothing." James said. Jessie happily patted her friend on the shoulder.
"Today, James, we finally have our day. We're big and powerful and there's nothing anyone can do to stop us. In fact..." Jessie said. She then stepped forward and grabbed a handful of trainers. Luckily for her, there was an equal mix of both males and females as they all panicked heavily on her gloved hand.
"Don't be scared, you little bugs. We're not going to kill you... at least not right away!" Jessie said as she poked most of these trainers with a finger from her other hand. She then moved her hand towards James, forcing everyone to look up at the giant.
"Here you are, James. Take whatever trainers you want." Jessie said.
"Well, might as well take the ladies. They'll all probably want my number after all this." James said as he carefully plucked all the female trainers from Jessie's hand and held them into his own gloved hand. With his free hand, James pulled out from underneath his shirt one of his red roses that he always kept with him.
"I offer you this rose with my supersized love." James said as he dangled the rose above the women. Jessie flapped her lips at the sight of James already flirting with his captives in the manner she was witnessing.
"And how are those little girls supposed to hold that big rose?" Jessie said.
"They can't. I like to think of it as my calling." James said as he winked one of his eyes to Jessie. Then he casually tossed the rose, causing it to land on top of and slightly damaging the Pokemon Center.
"So James, what do you propose we do to these cute little screaming critters?" Jessie said.
"Oh! How about we see which group can climb up us from bottom to top in the shortest time?" James said.
"Hey! I like that!" Jessie said. She wasted no time in placing all the men in her hand down on the ground in front of her long black boots. James naturally did the same thing with his mini collection of girls. Some of the trainers tried to sneak away, but a quick stomp by both giants made sure they didn't get very far.
"Alright, losers! If you can somehow make it to the top of my head, I may just let you live to tell this tall tale." Jessie said.
"Hey! How come you get to say the silly puns and I get slapped every time?" James said.
"Oh shut up and get all those lovely little ladies to climb you." Jessie said. Indeed, after watching Jessie bend over and force the men onto the top of her boots with her hands, James did the same thing with the female trainers, and the climbing race commenced.

The women were having an easier time thanks to the gigantic James wearing clothing from the neck down. They scrambled up the giant's short boots before latching onto his pants and climbing them rather easily. In only a couple minutes, a large majority of the women were climbing past the belt on his waist, proceeding towards the big R on his white shirt. Even James was impressed with their progress.
"Hmmm, these women must secretly be hikers for them to climb so easily." James said. Of course, the real reason they were climbing so well was not lost on Jessie.
"Hah! You're the one that's wearing trousers and not me!" Jessie said. Indeed, the women were doing better thanks to him having more clothing than she did. Jessie looked down and grunted with a hint of frustration as she watched the men continue to climb up her boots.
Indeed, it was tougher to get traction on Jessie's boots despite their immense size, and many guys were slipping and falling down to the giantess's ankles at first. Eventually though, they started to get the hang of things and were steadily climbing their way to the top. Sadly for Jessie, some of these men were a little flirt-happy, especially as they stopped to look up Jessie's skirt and get the best possible view of her panties. Jessie slapped her boots to get them to get a move on.
"Come on, you little peepers! I don't have all day!" Jessie shouted. There was one guy who was already tired from climbing that he decided to perch himself just inside Jessie's right boot, snuggling himself between the two walls that were the inside of the boot and the flesh of Jessie's leg. Jessie found that cute and pretended not to notice the act of this young man for the moment. She instead watched as the other guys finally made it past her skirt, but struggled once again with their climbing thanks to Jessie's rather smooth midriff, and these trainers would wind up falling to their deaths. The few that were able to make it past her skin were clinging onto her shirt, and naturally onto the biggest breasts they would ever dream of hanging onto.

But before Jessie could enjoy this any further, she suddenly heard her partner shout something out.
"Yay! We have our winners!" James said. Jessie looked over, turning so quickly that some of the men went flying off her chest. Jessie sighed when she saw nearly all of the women that the giant had been possessing had made it either to his shoulders or on top of his blue hair.
"Cheater! I told you they had the help of all those clothes you were wearing." Jessie said.
"Well, I couldn't help it. At least you're still the prettiest girl of all time no matter how big you are." James said.
"Awwww... I'm so glad to hear that. I shall give you a pass for that. As for these poor saps..." Jessie said as she looked back down on the tiny men. She easily dealt with them by cupping her covered breasts, crushing them with the press of her hands. Those that did not get pressed into a bloody stain would plunge over a hundred feet to their death. Those that were still running around past the giants had the unwelcome sight of dead bodies to contend with as well.

And driving her way around both these bodies and those that were running away was Officer Jenny. Jenny stopped her motorcycle a mere few yards away from the boots of both giants, looking up bravely at the titanic villains.
"Team Rocket! This is Officer Jenny of Eterna City!" Jenny shouted into her megaphone. Naturally, both giants looked down at the tiny officer, and Jessie was already laughing over the lopsided difference as far as size went between the two.
"Well, well. If it isn't Officer Jenny, or maybe I should call you Officer Antsy! Why don't you run back to the molehill you came scurrying out of?" Jessie said.
"I'm ordering you to return all those people you captured immediately!" Jenny shouted. Jessie didn't have anyone to give back, having killed all of the victims she was able to capture, so she turned her attention onto the women that were populating James' upper body.
"Well, you heard the nice officer, James. Better give those people back!" Jessie said as she swept a handful of them into one of her hands. She then dropped them almost a hundred feet over Jenny's motorcycle, smiling as she heard them screaming for their soon-to-be-over lives.
"Yes, you're right. We better obey the law and comply with her wishes." James said in an almost sarcastic tone. As much as he didn't want to, but quickly realizing he could find another group of lovely women to keep in another city, James tilted his head forward, causing the rest of the women to lose their balance and fall to the ground with the first group. Needless to say, Jenny had nothing to catch these innocent victims with and took cover behind the motorcycle, listening as bodies left and right were crashing to the ground and also on her own motorcycle. When all the thudding ended, Jenny looked to see several immobilized male and female bodies littering the ground. Some were barely moving and crying out in pain while others were presumed dead judging by their lack of movement. Jenny was really steaming as she looked back up at the giants.
"You cowardly crooks! I demand you leave this city at once if you want your lives spared!" Jenny said. Jessie was almost laughing at Jenny's sheer determination despite the huge size difference, but it was time to end this conversation and move on, and she had the perfect way to scare the officer away if she didn't crush her flat first.
"Hah! You're in no position to be giving orders to the titans of Team Rocket. In fact, why don't I show you how I treat stubborn insects like you!" Jessie said as she began to raise one of her boots. Jenny quickly jumped back on her motorcycle and fired it up, driving away just a split second before she was crushed by the villainess. Jenny eventually sped her way out of the city, with Jessie watching with extreme delight. James wondered if they were going to chase her.
"Aren't we going to chase her?" James said.
"Nah... there will be other Officer Jennys to harass. We should head for the next city. We've pretty much chased everyone out of this town." Jessie said.
"So what city are we going to?" James said.
"I don't know yet. Let's just start walking and enjoy the scenery, shall we?" Jessie said.
"Works for me!" James said. The two giants, now holding hands, exited Eterna City, making sure to crush a few more small houses on the way out. They both were walking down the eastern route that would lead them to Mt. Coronet...

The two giants marched on their merry way towards Mt. Coronet, anxious to get to whatever city they wound up in next. However, they decided to put their journey towards the next city to a temporary halt when they both compared themselves to the once mighty mountain. Jessie was particularly enamored when she saw how she was almost as big as the highest point of the mountain.
"Look, James. We're almost as big as the mountain." Jessie said.
"Maybe we can carve our faces onto the mountain, and become world famous!" James said.
"Right, and here I am forgetting my chisel." Jessie said sarcastically. Nevertheless, she thought it was a good idea and hoped one day it could happen. But for now, Jessie looked down on a spot of the mountain where the carvings might take place, and she noticed a couple hikers staring up at both her and James.
"You hikers are quite brave to be up here while there are a couple giants around!" Jessie said.
"So what are we going to do with them, Jess?" James asked.
"Try to warn them that it's about to get windy up here." Jessie said. The giantess then took a deep breath and then unleashed a breath of air that was unquestionably too much for the hikers to take, as they went flying off the mountain and presumably down to their deaths.
"Hahahaha! Oh I got such a power rush from doing that! You try it, James. I see another group of hikers over there." Jessie said, pointing over to a group of four hikers to the left. These hikers were running like mad trying to save their skins after having witnessed the other two hikers get blown away. But they had no chance as James leaned in and blasted the hikers with his own mouth gust. One of the hikers held on for dear life onto one of the large rocks, but eventually he succumbed and got blown away with his friends. James smiled a little bit, though Jessie seemed to enjoy the display more.
"Whoo! That's really blowing them away, James." Jessie said.
"Yes, it is. But..." James said.
"Huh? What is it, James?" Jessie asked.
"Are you sure we should be doing this? I mean... Team Rocket is all about controlling Pokemon to do our bidding, not this senseless but fun killing of innocent people." James said.
"There there, James. You're just still getting used to being a giant." Jessie said.
"But you've never grown before!" James said.
"You're right, I've only watched it happen to other people, and mainly in the movies. But now that I really am big, I can see why those people got such a thrill from their new size. Look around, James. We're bigger than people, as big as cities, and almost as big as this whole mountain! Do you really think we could be gentle, as much as I can't stand the thought, when all these people are instantly scared of our presence?" Jessie said.
"Yes, you are right, Jess. As you said, I'm probably just still getting used to the idea of being bigger than I could've ever imagined." James said. Jessie patted her partner on the shoulder.
"I guarantee you you'll feel the same way I do by the time we've conquered this whole region. Now come on! I want to get to the next city!" Jessie said, who then started to stomp off towards their next destination.
"Hey, wait up!" James said as he tried his best to catch up, nearly stomping on a group of scared trainers along the way.

Eventually, the two giants found a city worth invading, and it was Hearthome City. Like they did in Eterna City, they didn't move much, taking in the wonderful sights and sounds of people screaming for their lives and buildings shorter than they were.
"Look at them all run! They're so scared of us, aren't they, Jess?" James said. The giantess noted the smile returning to her teammate's face.
"That didn't take long for you to get excited again!" Jessie said.
"Guess that makes me a city boy after all!" James said. Jessie groaned at another bad pun by the giant, but decided to let him off the hook nevertheless, espeically when she had a rather devious plan in mind for the tiny people.
"James, gather as many teeny tiny twerps as you can. There's something I've always wanted to do." Jessie said as she started scooping up people of their own.
"As you wish!" James said.

After spending a couple minutes gathering all sorts of people, ranging from trainers to city officials, Jessie sat down on top of the front entrance of the famous Super Contest Hall, crushing part of it underneath her behind. James kept standing straight, trying to keep all his tiny captives trapped in his gloves.
"Well, little people, I've walked a long way to get to this city. I think I deserve a foot massage." Jessie said. Knowing she'd need two hands for her next task, Jessie dropped all her captives on the roof of the Super Contest Hall behind her, leaving them with no way to escape (unless they wanted to jump almost a hundred feet to the ground, which nobody did). James watched Jessie reach down for her boots and gasped over what was about to happen.
"Jessie? Are you doing what I think you're doing?" James said.
"You bet, partner. I can't even remember the last time I took these things off." Jessie said.
"Oh boy..." James said, covering his nose with one of his arms. Jessie reached down for the zipper on her right boot, lowering it down to the ground. She lifted her huge leg out from the boot and brushed the boot to the side. After doing the same thing with her other boot, Jessie let out the biggest (and loudest) sigh of her life as she stretched out her legs to their fullest and twiddled her toes that were pointing straight up in the air. Jessie reached behind her and grabbed all the tiny people from the Super Contest Hall with her gloved hands.
"Alright, my darling little slaves! Start massaging me!" Jessie said, then sprinkling all the people up and down her legs, especially near her feet. The gigantic redhead looked up at James.
"Well? Aren't you gonna have your group of people massage my feet!?" Jessie said.
"Yes, of course!" James said as he kneeled down and dropped his batch of people all over Jessie's exposed legs.

The smell from Jessie's legs after what felt like years of her wearing those same boots wasn't too bad for James, but for the tiny people, it was almost too much to bare. Some of them either threw up or fainted after taking just one whiff of the powerful odor. With so many people groveling on the skin of her legs, Jessie felt comfortable as she rested her head against the contest hall.
"Mmmmmm... I feel like such a queen." Jessie said as she wiggled her toes again, causing a few people to fall off.
While Jessie was getting her massage, James felt compelled to get the same kind of treatment, albeit with all his clothing and accessories still on, so he sat down, crushing a building beneath his behind. He gathered, skillfully, a group of women trainers all trying to escape from the giants. Once again, the sight of trainers the opposite gender was a delightful sight to the giant. In fact, it was becoming a turn on... almost literally. When some of the women scrambled to a certain midsection that best not be said here even though James is wearing pants, he nevertheless reacted to the bulging that was occuring in that spot.
"Hey, umm... I'm not sure you ladies should be running around there." James said.
A few moments later, Jessie glanced over to James and raised her eyebrows as she looked at his legs and then at his face.
"James, you rowdy rascal!" Jessie shouted.
"Wait, Jess! It's not what you think! These ladies are the ones that are playing dirty!" James shouted.
"Yes, I can see that." Jessie said. Without a moment's hesitation, she reached down and boldly picked up the women from the bulge in his pants. James breathed a sigh of relief as he jumped back to his feet and watched Jessie handle the now scared ladies in her hands.
"You ladies ought to know better than to treat my partner like that! Just for that, you're joining the massage club!" Jessie said as she casually dropped the ladies down her chest, forcing them to slide down her stomach and then land on her legs with the rest of the captives. Some people, if they weren't overwhelmed by the smell or even slippery surface of Jessie's exposed legs, tried to escape, but these efforts were quickly thwarted when James stomped one of his own boots down and blocked their path.

Finally, after a few minutes, Jessie felt she had been massaged enough. She got up without paying much mind to the people falling down to the ground and landing next to her bare feet.
"Ahhhhhh... that was a wonderful massage by all those little people. I feel relaxed and refreshed all of a sudden." Jessie said.
"Are you going to put your boots back on?" James asked.
"Heck no! I feel fit as a fiddle and nimble as a nutcracker without my boots!" Jessie said as she twirled around and giggled happily.
"Well, if it makes you happy." James said as he simply shrugged his shoulders.
"Come on, what do you say we go find another city to rule over?" Jessie said.
"No arguments here!" James said. With that said, the two giants started to make their way out of Hearthome City. Along the way, Jessie unknowningly stepped on a young man with purple hair, but she didn't think much of it, chalking him up as a victim who didn't bother to get out of the way in time.

That boy with the purple hair, you ask? Yep, that's Paul. The ruthless, and almost certainly heartless, rival of Ash who traveled around Sinnoh in search of the strongest possible Pokemon in existance. He not too long ago had walked out of the Pokemon Center and was simply staring up (secretly in awe) at the two giants having their fun. Suddenly, another young man bumped into Paul and urged him to run just like he was.
"Quickly! You must flee if you want to live!" the man shouted. Paul simply shoved him aside.
"Oh, quit your whining. They're just giants, for crying out loud. I could probably take them on with my eyes closed." Paul said.
Although Paul was very much mean-spirited, he wasn't very bright. Because in the time he spent berating the man who was fearing for his life, Jessie had sprung to her feet and was walking in his direction. Paul just now figured it was time to make a run for it.
"Oh sh...!" Paul shouted, but as he began to run, he ended up getting pinned to the ground thanks to the bottom of Jessie's bare foot. Paul groaned as he felt some of his bones snap from the immense pressure being dealt by Jessie's foot. Ultimately, Jessie's super soft foot actually saved Paul from a much worse fate. By the time Jessie took her next steps and was on her way out (with the giant James stepping over the boy), Paul was laying on the ground cringing in pain, but still alive. A young lady witnessed Paul's fate and ran up towards him.
"Help, somebody! Somebody get this man some medical attention!" the lady said. Another lady looking like her, presumably her twin sister, made a totally different comment.
"Hey, wait, isn't that the boy who went on a rant saying all Pokemon and their trainers were stupid for having a loving relationship or something?" she said.
"Oh, you're right! I forgot about all that after the giants showed up." the first girl said.
"Let's just leave him. A jerk like that doesn't deserve to live." the other girl said.
"Yeah, I guess..." the first girl said.
"Come on! Let's go watch those giants now that we're behind them!" the other girl said. Both girls then ran out of the wrecked Hearthome City, anxious to get a close-up look of the two giants.

Paul just laid there motionless and cursed those stupid girls under his breath. I would say he was feeling lucky for still being alive... but that would be way out of character for Paul, wouldn't it?

Instead of crushing the next running man that was at her now bare feet, Jessie instead reached down and picked him up, holding him up to his face.
"Please! Please don't hurt me!" the man screamed.
"Don't worry, little guy. I won't hurt you as long as you answer one question for me and my partner." Jessie said.
"Anything, anything!!" the man shouted.
"Point us in the direction of the next city." Jessie said.
"T..t...there! Solaceon Town!" the man said. James leaned in on the man, scaring him with two giant faces in his view now.
"I believe she said the next CITY, not town! That little town we could probably flatten in two or three steps." James said.
"Okay, okay! To the northeast of that is Veilstone City! It... it... it should be big enough for you two!" the man shouted.
"Sounds like fun to me. Thank you, young man. You've been most helpful." Jessie said. She thought about just casually throwing the man away and to his doom, but she thought back to James's words back at Mt. Coronet and decided instead to just simply place the man down on the ground.

The giants couldn't watch him run away for long, however. Storming their way past the running man were an army of police officers and some of their Pokemon, led of course by Officer Jenny on her motorcycle. Jenny jumped off her vehicle and held a megaphone in her hands, looking up as fearlessly as she could at the two giants.
"Stop right there, Team Rocket! Surrender now or we will use force!" Jenny shouted. Jessie and James looked at each other and slowly broke out into laughter over the officer's threat.
"Did you hear that, James? Those little ants telling US big strong giants to surrender!?" Jessie shouted.
"Mmmm, yes. I think they should surrender now or prepare to fight." James said.
"Or in this case, prepare to be stepped on! But, actually, you do give me an idea!" Jessie said.
"Oh, what's that?" James said.
"Officer Jenny, what do you say we settle this with a Pokemon battle? You win, we'll follow you wherever you want to lock us up, but if we win, you better start running before the two of us crush you flatter than a Ditto run over by an Onix!" Jessie said. Jenny at first didn't answer, and she could hear the murmuring of her fellow officers (and even some of their Pokemon) wanting to get away while they had the chance. But Jenny wasn't about to back down, not even from these evil giants.
"We will never surrender to you! We'll defeat you no matter how big you are!" Jenny said.
"Well, don't say we didn't warn you. C'mon James, let's show them our best Pokemon." Jessie said.
"Alright! Cacnea, go!" James shouted as he took one of the Poke Balls off his belt and threw it in the air.
"Seviper! I choose you!" Jessie said as she did the same thing. Both Poke Balls popped open in the air, and appearing in front of the police officers (and already scaring some of them and their Pokemon away) were both Seviper and Cacnea. And they were both huge, just like their masters. But there was one thing that didn't change, and that was Cacnea wrapping its spiky arms around James and hugging it like a father.
"Cacnea!!" Cacnea shouted. James was taken by surprise as always, and he started to topple backwards.
"Hey! Stop it, Cacnea! Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow!" James shouted, finally losing his footing and crashing on top of a small building back in Hearthome City, crushing a few curious trainers (including the two girls earlier) underneath his clothes. Jessie naturally watched her partner's path to destruction, but was still annoyed over Cacnea choosing affection over battling.
"Ugh... James! Tell that Cacnea to stop sticking it to you and get up!" Jessie said.
"I can't help it, Jess! It's childish behavior has grown with it!" James shouted as he kicked around frantically to get Cacnea off. Jessie just rolled her eyes and focused her attention back on the officers.
"Alright, Seviper, let's see how fast these little ants are. Poison Tail!" Jessie said.
"Seviper!" Seviper shouted. It pointed its tail up and it glowed purple, indicating a poisonous sting was coming. As it came charging down, Jessie finally started running away with the other officers.
"Look out!!" Jenny shouted.

Seviper poked the ground several times with its tail, missing with every shot and instead leaving a gaping hole in the ground. Eventually, Officer Jenny found herself tripping up and screamed as she saw the poison tail coming down on her.
"Eeeeeeeeeeeeek!!" Jenny shouted as she covered her eyes.
"Wait, Seviper!" Jessie suddenly said, with Seviper's tail stopping only a few yards away from Jenny. Seviper lifted the tail away as Jessie patted its Pokemon on the back of its head.
"Very good, Seviper. I'll take it from here." Jessie said. That's when the giantess walked up towards Jenny and wrapped her gloved hand around the officer, who immediately struggled and of course was failing to break free of the grip.
"Let me go, you monster! Let me go!!!" Jenny shouted.
"Teehee! Look at the little officer struggling. It's a beautiful sight." Jessie said. James, after finally getting Cacnea off himself, got back on his feet and looked over Jessie's shoulder at the tiny Jenny in her hand.
"Yes, it is beautiful. Being this big means no more running from the big and bad Jenny." James said with a smile.
"I wonder what we should do with our little captive. Maybe eat her up like a gummi treat." Jessie said as she licked her lips directly in front of the officer, causing some saliva to drip down onto her.
"I know! Let me have her." James said. Jessie handed the tiny officer over to her partner, who wasted no time in putting her in one of his pants pockets.
"We'll give her a free ride to Veilstone City, that way she won't have a chance to call for backup." James said.
"Hmmm... yes, a man giving a little woman a lift. As romantic as ever." Jessie said as she nudged James on the shoulder.
"Hey! What's wrong with that?" James asked.
"Nothing at all. Come on, let's just get to Veilstone City." Jessie said as the two giants went on their merry way to the next major city, Veilstone City. Along the way, they practically crushed all of Solaceon Town in two or three steps, just like James had predicted earlier.

It only took them a few minutes of casual walking, but the two giants had arrived at Veilstone City. Like the other cities they had visited, everyone was already panicking like crazy trying to find shelter or escape from the evil giants.
"Oh what the heck... fee fi fo fum! I smell the blood of teeny tiny trainers!" Jessie said as she forcefully stepped on a couple buildings directly in front of her with her bare feet.
"Be they living or be they dead, we'll grind their bones to mix our bread." James added as he took a couple steps and crushed part of the Pokemon Center with his boots.
"Hey, that was pretty good, actually." Jessie said with a smile.
"Thanks! I've always wanted to say that. It was when I was a little boy and..." James said, but before he could tell his story, Jessie suddenly yelped in pain.
"OW!" Jessie said as she kneeled down and looked by her feet.
"Huh? My story isn't that painful!" James said.
"No! Look down by my feet! Am I stepping on something sharp?" Jessie asked. James looked down at Jessie's (still somewhat smelly) feet and noticed something.
"Huh? It's a little girl, and she's kicking the heck out of your ankle..." James said. Indeed, the girl that we know as Maylene, the gym leader of the city specialized in fighting-type Pokemon, was rapidly kicking Jessie's foot like she were a Chinese Street Fighter.
"Well, make her stop, you idiot!!" Jessie shouted. James promptly reached down and picked up Maylene, holding her up to his face.
"How dare you come into our beautiful city and destroy it with your bigness!? I'll make you pay for your crimes!" Maylene shouted.
"Ooooh... spunky little girl, aren't you? Even I have to admit you have a lot of nerve attacking my partner like that. Although... you seem to be pretty powerful." James said.
"Never mind that. Let me show you what I do to people who attack me like that, little girl!" Jessie said as she took Maylene from James's hands. Jessie just reared her hand back and tossed Maylene right past the Team Galactic HQ building and over the seaside cliff with the girl eventually plunging into the sea. Of course, being trained in the martial arts, Maylene was able to survive the splash into the ocean and swim to the big rocks nearby, but Jessie and James couldn't see that even with their huge size, and they just assumed she had splashed to her death.
"Well, I guess she's swimming with the fishes tonight." James said.
"Never mind that! Just find a Nurse Joy or someone to look at that bruise on my foot!" Jessie said as she pointed down to the red spot on her ankle where Maylene had rapidly kicked it. James looked down by the destroyed Pokemon Center and, appropriately enough, saw Nurse Joy running out of the entrance. He promptly reached down and gently grabbed the screaming Nurse Joy.
"One Nurse Joy at your service." James said with a smile.
"Set her down by my feet." Jessie said.

Nurse Joy was indeed set down by Jessie's huge toes, and she looked up marveling over how big Jessie looked from where she was standing.
"Alright, Nurse Teeny Tiny. I demand you do something with this bruise on my foot. Bandage it, make it go away, anything to help me feel better!" Jessie said.
"But... but... I'm a Pokemon nurse! You need a regular doctor for something like that!" Joy shouted. Jessie immediately raised that same foot high above Joy, who panicked thinking she was going to be crushed underneath it.
"If you don't do something with this bruise in 10 seconds... you won't be either one!" Jessie shouted.
"Okay, okay! I've got a whole pack of bandages in my dress! I'll apply them immediately!" Joy shouted.
"Very good." Jessie said as she lowered her foot back to the ground and close to Joy, who got to work applying as many bandages as she could. It would almost certainly take all the ones she had and maybe another pack back at the Pokemon Center to cover a red bump on her skin that big! Jessie simply relished in treating Joy like a little slave.
James even enjoyed it too as he watched for the next couple minutes from not too far away, but he then heard a couple faint female voices.
"Bravo! Bravo!"
"Yeah! Jolly good show!" the two female voices said. James looked around and eventually tracked the voices to a group of warehouses that were no taller than his knees. On top of one of the warehouses were two women, both in black-white-grey outfits he didn't recognize before. While Jessie was preoccupied with making sure Joy was doing her job and not trying to escape, James kneeled down and got a closer look at the two women. One of them had red hair while the other one had slightly longer purple hair.

"Oh? You two enjoying our show?" James said.
"Of course! Anything to bring mankind to their knees is always welcome in the Team Galactic family." the woman with red hair said.
"Team Galactic?" James said.
"That's right. I am Mars, and the other lady is Jupiter. We are top level executives of Team Galactic sent by our beloved master to recruit you." Mars, the woman with red hair, said.
"Oh, now I remember. Our boss said to look out for you guys." James said.
"We'll make it short and sweet because we don't have a lot of time. Join Team Galactic. Forget the ways of Team Rocket. With your huge size, we will rule Sinnoh and then the entire world." Jupiter said.
"Well, that's very flattering, but what about Jessie?" James asked.
"That ugly cherry head? Hah! Look at her... just thinking of only herself and that so-called gimmick of human society called beauty." Jupiter said.
"With Team Galactic, you can have it all. Unlimited power beyond your wildest dreams. You'll truly reach for the stars as your antiquated motto says." Mars said. But James stood firm.
"You must think I'm real stupid, don't you? I'm sorry, ladies, but Team Rocket is not just my home... it's family. And I'm not going anywhere without Jessie." James said.
At that moment, Jessie, with a makeshift band-aid on her ankle, walked over and joined up with James.
"James, what's going on here?" Jessie asked.
"Oh, these two little ladies from Team Galactic want me to join them. I just told them I'm staying put with you." James said.
"Ahhhh, I'm glad you're showing what Team Rocket does best. Being loyal to the end." Jessie said. That's when she reached down and held Mars and Jupiter in both her hands. The two evil women struggled to break free, but still kept their evil tone to try and foolishly intimidate the two giants.
"How dare you mock us, the all powerful Team Galactic!?" Jupiter shouted.
"We will see to it that you pay for your insolence!" Mars said.
"Really? Well, let's see you do it from the ocean!" Jessie shouted. She then, just like with Maylene earlier, tossed them over the cliffs in the distance and into the sea. Mars and Jupiter splashed into the water and swam their way to the big rocks to keep from drowning.

Jessie and James both laughed over showing Team Galactic who was boss in this city now.
"Hahaha! So much for the great Team Galactic, right James?" Jessie said.
"You said it, Jess. We're big enough to conquer the whole region without them." James said.
"And perhaps eventually the entire world. Or we'll just crush those cities flat like that crater over there." Jessie said as she pointed to the hole in the center of the city, where several meteorites were resting and sorta symbolized the city. The two giants even stepped into the large crater and both barely were able to fit in with their feet... although that seemed to be changing rather quickly. It seemed like as the two giants moved around to make room, it felt like the crater was expanding.
"Look at that, even when this big this crater is still massive." Jessie said.
"And it seems to be getting larger too." James said.
"Huh?" Jessie said as she looked down. Then she gasped.
"Oh no! James, we're shrinking!!" Jessie said. Indeed, the two were suddenly dwindling down in size.
"Huh? Do you think those two ladies from Team Galactic caused this?" James said.
"No... it has to be the growth laser wearing off." Jessie said. No matter what the reason, the two watched with despair as their huge size suddenly faded away. As the two continued to shrink, Officer Jenny quickly realized the same thing as she watched the space inside James's pocket collapsing around her. Eventually she jumped out of the pocket and slid down the rocky ground with little harm done to her body.
Jessie and James were back to their normal size, looking around and seeing the crater they were standing in larger than ever. The same thing went for the meteroites that populated the crater.
"Well, that's the end of Team Rocket giants." James said.
"And maybe the end of our careers if we don't get out of here..." Jessie said, noting a normal-sized Officer Jenny walking towards the two of them.
"Alright, you two. You've got nowhere to run now. You're under arrest!" Jenny shouted as she pulled out some handcuffs.
"Quick, James! The Blast Off Again Bomb!" Jessie shouted.
"Right!" James shouted. He pulled out a magenta-colored bomb and threw it down to the ground. After a small explosion ensued, Jenny looked to see Jessie and James not there, but instead flying high in the sky.
"Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!!!" both Jessie and James shouted before they disappeared in a blink of light.

Meanwhile, all the way across the Sinnoh region near Jubilife City, Meowth continued to sail through the air Team Rocket's familiar Meowth balloon. He was not having any luck looking for the twerps, otherwise known as Ash and his friends.
"Man, looking for them twerps is like trying to find a Diglett in a snowstorm." Meowth said. He then looked up with his binoculars when he saw a blink of light in the sky.
"Huh? What's that?" Meowth asked. Then Jessie and James suddenly came flying towards him!
"Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!" Meowth shouted and tried to take cover, only to get trounced on by Jessie and James as they landed squarely inside the Meowth balloon. The sudden increase in weight caused the balloon to drift down towards the ground and eventually crash.
Jessie, James, and Meowth all crawled their way out of the wreckage, and Meowth was surprised to see Jessie and James no longer giant-sized.
"Huh!? What the heck happened to you guys? When you last left me, you were more mountain-sized than molehill-sized." Meowth said.
"Ha ha... very funny. Did you use one of your nine lives to figure that out!?" Jessie shouted as she bonked Meowth on the head.
"The growth laser must've worn out. We shrunk before we could destroy Veilstone City any more." James said.
"I'll say. Hey, what happened to Jess's boots?" Meowth said.
"She took them off in one city so she could get a leg massage." James said.
"Never mind that! James, let's get to the nearest city so we can get in touch with the boss!" Jessie said.
"Oh! Are we going to tell the boss that the growth machine was a success?" James said.
"No, I need a new pair of boots pronto! I can't go walking around like this!" Jessie shouted as she marched down the path and towards Jubilife City.

James and Meowth simply groaned as they left behind the Meowth balloon for now.