Bonnie, We Shrunk Ourselves!

(Cubed Cinder; idea by Skull13)

Ash Ketchum made his way out of the Prism Tower with a huge smile on his face, and for very good reason.
“Woohoo! The Voltage Badge is mine! All mine!” Ash shouted.
“Yes, Ash, I believe we heard you the first 8 or 9 times.” Clemont said, also with a smile on his face.
“Heh… sorry, Clemont. I can’t help but get excited every time I win a new gym badge.” Ash said.
“Well, I for one understand the feeling! I’m like that any time I win a contest.” Serena said.
“That was such a great match between you two! It was one for the ages!” Bonnie shouted. It was hard to believe that just one day ago, she was the center of attention in the entire city after an accident from one of Clemont’s inventions caused her to grow to a gigantic size. Fortunately everything worked out thanks to the combined teamwork of Ash, Clemont, and some other people.
“Alright! I say it’s time we hit the road again for another adventure! I want to win another gym badge right this instant!” Ash shouted, with Pikachu shouting its name in agreement.
“Already!? Can’t we stop and just rest for the rest of the day?” Clemont said.
“Well, I for one am not ready to leave yet.” Serena said.
“Huh? Why not?” Ash asked. Suddenly, Serena twirled around, giggling as she was suddenly holding onto a couple shopping bags.
“Because I want to do some major clothes shopping while we’re still here! I hear Lumiose City has the biggest selection of clothing stores anywhere in Kalos! Am I right, Clemont!?” Serena shouted.
“Um… I suppose…” Clemont said with sweatdrops coming down his head.
“Come on, Bonnie! What do you say I get you some stuff too? My treat!” Serena shouted.
“Oh! I would like that, just like a big sister! Thanks, Serena!” Bonnie said as she ran off (with Dedenne along for the ride as always) along with Serena deep into the city.

The two boys, meanwhile, just stared at the two girls as they ran off into the distance.
“Well… leave it to Serena to run off like she’s going to raid every shopping mall in town.” Ash said.
“Hah! Let them be, Ash! While they’re running off out of harm’s way, this is the perfect opportunity to test out my newest invention!” Clemont said, suddenly his glasses sparkling with light.
“Oh? You’ve invented something new already?” Ash asked.
“Well, kinda new. See, I couldn’t sleep much last night because of our excitement over today’s gym battle, of which I once again congratulate you on your victory. I studied the schematics of my last machine and I think I've figured out where I went wrong.” Clemont said.
“Oh, is that so?” Ash said.
“Yep! Wait right here, I'll go get it from the gym.” Clemont said.

A couple minutes passed, and Clemont returned wheeling something towards Ash that was covered in a white sheet.
“My dear friends, Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, may I present to you the Super Pokémon Training Regimen Executor Mark 2!” Clemont said with a grin on his face.
“Wow! Science is so cool!” Ash shouted.
"This way, Ash, you can be prepared for anything I throw at you. Go ahead, give it a shot!" Clemont said with a smile.
"Okay… how about Electro Ball?" Ash asked.
"One Electro Ball coming up!" Clemont said. He stepped up to the keyboard that was embedded on the machine, typing in exactly that move. A few seconds later, a perfectly shaped ball of electricity shot its way out towards Pikachu.
"Alright, Pikachu! Dodge it!" Ash shouted.
"Pika!" Pikachu shouted, jumping up in the air and dodging the attack with ease. Bonnie and Serena applauded in the background.
"Very good! Now try another move!" Clemont said.
"Okay… since I'm sure you'll be using Chespin tomorrow, let's go with some of his moves… like Pin Missile!" Ash said.
"There you go, Ash! You can learn to defend against Chespin without my Chespin breaking a sweat!" Clemont said. After typing in the commands, several Pin Missiles shot out towards Pikachu, who once again jumped and moved around both in the air and on the ground to dodge.

It felt like Déjà vu (it should to you too!), the way the exercise was going… right down to the machine beginning to malfunction.
"Alright, Pikachu! Get ready to dodge Mud Shot!" Ash shouted. Clemont typed in the commands for the machine to shoot a ball of mud… but instead it sprayed water like it was executing Water Gun.
"Huh? Water Gun?" Both Ash and Clemont said. Pikachu was not expecting the water to come flying out of the machine, but was just barely able to dodge the attack successfully.
"Hmmm… that wasn't supposed to happen." Clemont said. Like clockwork, that's when things started to deteriorate in a hurry again!
"Uh oh…" Ash said as he and Clemont watched the machine start to spark and shoot out smoke. Bolts of electricity also shot out that got stronger with each passing strike.
"And that REALLY isn't supposed to happen!! It's a power surge!" Clemont shouted.
"Not again! Ruuuuuuuun!!!" Ash shouted as he, Clemont, and Pikachu all turned the other way and tried to get as far away from the machine as possible. And then…


The explosion covered the immediate area in thick smoke and bright light. Ash and his friends were knocked out as they both got knocked off their feet and landed on the ground. About three seconds after the smoke cleared, however, Ash was the first to wake up.
"Ugh… that felt like a bullet train hitting me. Pikachu? Pikachu!?” Ash said as he frantically looked around and tried to find his faithful electric Pokémon . Thankfully, it only took a few seconds for Pikachu to call its name and come running towards Ash, jumping into his arms.
"Oh, Pikachu! I'm so glad you're alright. Where's Clemont?" Ash asked.
"Over here, Ash!" Clemont said. Ash came running over and helped Clemont stand back up to his two feet.
"Whew… thank goodness we don't appear to be hurt." Ash said.
"Indeed, I don't think we've been physically compromised." Clemont said.
"Hey, Clemont? Where are we? We didn't get blown halfway across the planet, did we?" Ash said as he next took notice of the vastly different surroundings. Clemont looked around next, and he gasped.
"Oh no… no no no no no…" Clemont said.
"What? What is it, Clemont!?" Ash shouted.
"Ash, we're still in Lumiose City. See Prism Tower over there?" Clemont said as he pointed out in the distance.
"Oh, yes I do! But wait… I don't remember it being that far away." Ash said.
"Precisely, and now look down on the ground." Clemont said. Ash did just that, and noticed how much, MUCH closer the tiles were to his view. When he next looked over and saw a street light that was as tall as a skyscraper, that's when it started to hit him.
"Wait, Clemont… are you saying…" Ash said.
"Yes, I am." Clemont said.
"WE'VE BEEN SHRUNK!!!" Ash and Clemont both screamed.

A few seconds later, the boys (and Pikachu) felt like they had screamed for long enough. As they continued to survey the much larger world around them, Clemont felt the need to sincerely apologize to Ash.
"Ash! I'm sorry! I'm so very sorry! I should've tested the machine myself before I showed it to you, then I'd be the only one shrunken, and…!" Clemont said.
"Clemont, it's okay. Don't sweat it, it's just… an unfortunate accident." Ash said.
"You're… you're not mad at me?" Clemont said.
"Well… to be honest, what good would getting mad do? You're the only one that can get us out of this mess! And besides… this isn't exactly my first time like this." Ash said.
"You're right. Thanks, Ash, for understanding." Clemont said.
"At least Serena and Bonnie are not a part of this mess. Serena would probably strangle you to death!" Ash said.
"Heh heh, you're right! I'm glad you can still have a sense of humor through all this." Clemont said. Just then, a large shadow suddenly blocked out the sunlight from the two. By the time they looked up to see where it was coming from, they saw a woman's high heeled shoe coming down towards them!
"Watch out!" Ash said as he, Pikachu, and Clemont scrambled to get out of the way, doing so before the foot slammed down.

The group watched as the giant woman (who looked exactly like the office lady in that 'Giant Woman!' movie seen mostly in the Unova region) walked away from the shrunken group, not knowing she had nearly stomped them flat.
"Still, we can't stay like this…" Ash said.
"You're right, Ash. If I had to guess off the top of my head, judging by how big that woman's shoe was, I'd say we're no bigger than 2 or 3 inches tall. Any one of these people could crush us to our death at the size we're at. We have to find a way to grow back to normal." Clemont said.
"But how? Your machine blew to bits and I don't see any traces left of it." Ash said as he pointed to where the machine once rested.
"I know… I'll think better once we're back at my lab, but first, we better get to the Pokémon Center and somehow find someone who can help us." Clemont said.
"Good idea. Nurse Joy can surely help us." Ash said. The group watched as a young couple walked close to them, though not nearly as close as the office lady did earlier.
"Provided we don't get crushed along the way." Clemont said.
"Yeah, everything's so big… we'll just have to be careful." Ash said.
"Right, let's go then!" Clemont said as he, Ash, and Pikachu all started running, something they were going to do a lot of given their size and the distance between where they were and the Pokémon Center. Of course, along the way, they checked to make sure any giants, giantesses, or even giant Pokémon didn't come close to stomping on or eating them.

Finally, the group managed to make it to the Pokémon Center. Naturally, they were too small for the automatic doors to recognize them, so they had to time their next move just right. The group watched as a woman and a younger girl (presumably her daughter) approached the doors. They slid open when they were just a few feet away and they walked inside.
"Hurry! Now's our chance!" Clemont shouted as he, Ash, and Pikachu all sprinted inside… making it inside the Pokémon Center just as the glass doors closed behind them.
"Whew… we made it! Now what?" Ash said.
"Now we REALLY watch our step as we make our way to behind the desk where Nurse Joy is standing." Clemont said as he pointed to the many oversized people that stood in their path. The Lumiose City Pokémon Center was having one of its busier days (compared to yesterday), and Ash gulped nervously when he saw the many gigantic obstacles in their way.
"Yeah, piece of cake, right Pikachu?" Ash said, with Pikachu saying its name nervously. Nevertheless, the group pressed on, ready to dodge anything that came their way.

Fortunately, that only happened once or twice during the journey to Nurse Joy's desk. The group continued to press on until they turned around when they heard a familiar voice.
"Hey there, Nurse Joy!" Officer Jenny said as she walked inside, stepping towards the desk where Nurse Joy was standing behind. Unknown to her, in her path was the shrunken group of heroes.
"Uh oh… Officer Jenny! Wait, stop!" Ash shouted as he waved his arms and jumped trying to get the giantess's attention. Clemont knew that wasn't going to work and he pulled Ash and Pikachu out of the way, just as Jenny slammed her dark colored shoe down where they were standing.
"It's no good, Ash. The world is just too big for us." Clemont said.
"Arrrgh… we can't just give up! We have to get their attention somehow." Ash said.
"But how?" Clemont asked.
"I don't know… I'll think of something on the way. Come on, follow me!" Ash said as he took off running towards Officer Jenny.
"Wait, Ash! You know how much I hate running!!" Clemont said as he tried desperately to keep up.

Meanwhile, unsurprisingly unaware of the shrunken people heading her way, Officer Jenny walked up to the desk that Nurse Joy was standing behind and stood there.
"So how are you doing today, Nurse Joy?" Jenny asked.
"Oh, better today. That was something yesterday with Bonnie growing gigantic, wasn't it?" Joy said.
"I know. I hope I never have to deal with anything like that again." Jenny said.
"I don't know, it kinda made me think back to the days of Pokémon Land." Joy said.
"Oh? That theme park in Kanto that was shut down after all the giant Pokémon robots were destroyed?" Jenny asked.
"Yeah. You know, I have this secret I want to share with you." Joy said.
"What's that?" Jenny said. That's when Joy leaned towards Jenny and whispered into her ear.
"I've kinda wished ever since I was a little girl I could grow that big and take care of giant Pokémon like those." Joy said, leaning back when she was done.
"Hahahaha! Well, the old saying is dream big, right?" Jenny said as she casually took a step back while holding onto the counter.
"Still, could something like the giant Bonnie situation happen again?" Joy asked.
"As much as I'd like to believe otherwise, anything is possible in this world." Jenny said.
"So true." Joy said.

Meanwhile, down on the floor, Ash continued to sprint his way towards the giant Officer Jenny. He had to stop when Jenny took a small step back. It was small to her, but to Ash, it meant her shoe was about a yard away instead of a few yards… coming that much closer to being accidentally crushed. Ash turned around wondering where Clemont was, and he finally caught up sucking in as much air as he could.
"(huff puff huff puff) And to think at normal size I thought I was running great distances… *huff puff*" Clemont said.
"(sigh) I have to agree with Bonnie, Clemont. You really should shape up so you don't tire out easily like that." Ash said.
"Never mind that… what's your plan, Ash?" Clemont asked.
"Simple… we climb up Officer Jenny until we get to her shoulder." Ash said.
"(gulp!) Are you sure that's such a good idea? We're like little bugs crawling into a picnic basket, and you know how those things end up…" Clemont said.
"Yeah, but it might be our only shot!" Ash said as he (with Pikachu perching itself on top of Ash's head) leapt onto the top of Jenny's shoe. Then he tugged onto the nylon stocking that Jenny wore over her legs.
"It's a good thing Officer Jennys in this region wear nylons, otherwise this wouldn't work at all." Ash said as he looked up at the towering giantess, who continued to converse with Nurse Joy (judging by the other voice overhead). Without hesitation, Ash latched himself onto the nylon and started climbing. Clemont took a deep breath
"This is way too dangerous… but then again, this is the same Ash who jumped off the Prism Tower just to save Pikachu." Clemont said, knowing it wouldn't do any good to talk Ash out of risking his life just to complete the task at hand.
The climbing was going pretty well for the two boys as they were getting very close to the skirt of Jenny's outfit. They tried a few times calling out Jenny's name to get her attention, but there was no response.
"Officer Jenny! Down here!" Ash shouted.
"It's no good, Ash! She's busy talking with Nurse Joy. She can't possibly hear us with her own voice!" Clemont shouted from below. On top of that, the two watched as one of Jenny's white gloved hands started to approach them!
"We're gonna get squashed!" Ash shouted as he closed his eyes tightly bracing for the worst.
"Eeeeeek!" Clemont shouted. There was a soft booming sound, and Ash slowly opened his eyes when he didn't feel anything else. It turned out that Jenny had put her hand on her hip and the two shrunken boys were between two of her fingers.
"Whew… man, that was close!" Ash said.
"Still, we're not out of the woods yet. One wrong move by those fingers…" Clemont said.
"Yeah, I know. We better keep on climbing, even if it means latching ourselves onto those gloves." Ash said as he got back to climbing upwards, this time getting as firm a grip as he could on Jenny's gloves.
"Ash, wait!!" Clemont said as he tried to keep up.

Meanwhile, Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy continued with their conversation. Jenny, after putting her hand on her hip to take care of an itch, moved that hand back on top of the counter.
"That's when Ralph said how can you not like shorts? They're comfy and easy to wear!" Jenny said.
"Hohoho! That's pretty funny." Joy said. Of course, Ash and Clemont were not at all prepared for Jenny to move her gloved hand so quickly, and so they lost their grip and went flying up in the air.
"AAAAAHHHHH!!!" they both screamed (along with Pikachu). Eventually, they landed miraculously on top of the counter. Ash and Pikachu managed to land on their two feet… however, Clemont stumbled backwards towards the edge of the counter.
"Whoa whoa whoa!!!" Clemont said before he finally tumbled over.
"Clemont!" Ash shouted as he dove for the edge of the counter, grabbing Clemont's hand just in time.
"I got you, Clemont!" Ash shouted. Clemont looked down at the ground that seemed a long way down, and he gulped nervously.
"D-d-d-don't let go, Ash!" Clemont said. Ash fought hard trying to pull Clemont up before he could fall a long ways down to the ground. But Clemont did all he could do and finally managed to grab the counter with his other hand. The two worked together and Clemont was pulled up on top of the counter. The two boys breathed heavily.
"Wow… that was a close one!" Ash said.
"You can say that again! I swear I saw my life flash before my eyes as I was stumbling backwards." Clemont said.

At that moment, Officer Jenny looked at the watch on her wrist.
"Well, I better get back on duty. Take care, Joy." Jenny said.
"You too, Officer Jenny!" Joy said. The officer turned around and walked away from the counter.
"Wait! Come back, Officer Jenny!!!" Ash shouted. But Jenny did not hear those words and just kept on walking away.
"Well, I guess she won't be helping us." Clemont said.
"Yeah, but maybe Nurse Joy can. Come on, Clemont." Ash said as he turned around and started to walk around the counter, figuring out a way to get Nurse Joy's attention away from the computer that she was typing away at.
"Huh? Wait, Ash! Look who's coming!" Clemont said as he pointed out towards the sliding doors at the entrance of the Pokémon Center. It was Serena and Bonnie, both carrying a few shopping bags in their hands and under their arms.
"Oh! Serena and Bonnie!" Ash said as he and Clemont paid very close attention to where the two ladies were walking.

After taking a few steps inside the Pokémon Center, both Serena and Bonnie finally set down the many shopping bags they had been carrying. A couple of them were overflowing with various items of clothing.
"Whew! Wasn't that fun, Bonnie!?" Serena said as she brushed the back of her long hair.
"I'll say it was! I'm looking forward to wearing those Groudon pajamas. That'll keep the bed bugs away… if they were real, of course!" Bonnie said, prompting a laugh from Serena.
"Still… you sure we should be buying so many clothes? Your Mom doesn't mind, does she?" Bonnie added.
"Oh, she's okay with it. She's been buying piles of clothes ever since I was a baby girl. Like I said yesterday, I'm the fashion expert! It's all about quality AND quantity!" Serena said.
"Teehee! Whatever you say! Now come on, we better ask Nurse Joy if she's seen Ash and Clemont." Bonnie said.
"Yeah, I agree. They couldn't have gone too far." Serena said.

Ash and Clemont watched as the two ladies quickly got closer and closer to the counter.
"Oh, right! They ran off to do some clothes shopping. They have no idea what's happened to us!" Clemont said.
"Are you sure we should get them involved, Clemont? Maybe it's best that we interact with Nurse Joy in a situation like this." Ash said.
"Maybe… but I'd rather not take any chances. What if Nurse Joy decides to alert Officer Jenny? She might blow another gasket and ban me from making machines again! We can trust Bonnie and Serena to be careful with us." Clemont said.
"Good point… hey, watch out!" Ash said. The two boys and Pikachu had to back up as Serena rested one of her arms on the counter, nearly crushing the boys with it.
"Nurse Joy!" Serena and Bonnie both said. Joy looked up from the computer screen and faced the two girls.
"Oh! Serena and Bonnie! It's good to see you two again. How can I help you?" Joy asked.
"Nurse Joy… have you seen my brother, Clemont? I can't seem to find where he's gone to." Bonnie said.
"And there's another boy, this one named Ash, who's gone missing too." Serena said.
"Oh my! Don't worry, girls. I can help you find them…" Joy said, but just then, a familiar sound went off on the other side of the Pokémon Center.
"Oh… but first I have to bring out a big batch of Pokémon that have just been healed. Can you give me a couple minutes?" Joy said.
"Sure. We'll be waiting right here." Serena said. Joy got up from the desk and walked to another section of the Pokémon Center.

That left just Serena and Bonnie standing in front of the desk, along of course with the shrunken Ash and Clemont who continued to try and get the giantesses' attention. All the shouting in the world could not possibly get through to the ladies.
"It's no use, Ash. We're just too small. Even if we did have their attention, we'd probably just sound like little squeaky toys." Clemont said.
"Wait! I've got an idea! Pikachu, use thunderbolt on Serena!" Ash said. As Clemont wondered what Ash had in mind, Pikachu did as it was told and shot a powerful bolt of electricity towards Serena's arm. Once it made contact, Serena suddenly lifted her arm off the counter and held it where she was shocked.
"Ow!" Serena said.
"Oh? What is it, Serena?" Bonnie asked.
"I don't know… for some reason I felt this little burst of static electricity hit my arm." Serena said.
"Huh? From the counter? But I don't see anything." Bonnie said. Ash and Clemont looked up as suddenly the girls were now scanning the counter from left to right.
"Ah, good thinking, Ash! Even at our size, Pikachu still gave Serena just enough of a shock, but how are they going to find us?" Clemont asked.
"I'm hoping this next part of the plan will do just that… Pikachu, shoot thunderbolts up above you until they find us!" Ash said.
"CHUUUUUUU!!!" Pikachu did just that, shooting up bolts of bright electricity in the air above it, with Ash and Clemont of course keeping their distance so they wouldn't get shocked.

After a few seconds, the plan was a success. Serena stopped scanning the counter from left to right when she set her sights on a faint bright light.
"Oh? What's this bright light?" Serena said as she leaned in to get a closer look. Ash and Clemont held onto each other, scared somewhat by Serena's huge looming face approaching them, especially her shining blue eyes. But eventually they found the courage to get back to shouting Serena's name, knowing this was their best chance of being discovered.
"Serena! Down here, Serena!" Ash shouted.
"Help us, Serena!" Clemont shouted.
"What the…! Ash? Clemont? Pikachu? Is that you?" Serena asked.
"In the flesh… well, what little there is of us." Clemont said.
"Huh? Ash and Clemont? I don't see them!" Bonnie said as she looked over at Serena.
"They're right here, on top of the desk. See for yourself!" Serena said as she backed away and let Bonnie, who stood on the tips of her toes to get a better look of the counter. That's when she leaned forward and saw Ash and her shrunken brother, Clemont.
"Whoa! They're so small!" Bonnie said.
"What happened to you guys?" Serena said.
"(sigh) I'm afraid I'm responsible. I was showing Ash my Super Pokémon Training Regimen Executor Mark 2, but it exploded. Somehow the energy from the machine caused us to shrink to this size!" Clemont said.
"Oh my… what is it with this Super Pokémon Training Reggie Exeggutor thingy that makes things bigger or smaller!?" Serena said.
"I don't know. It's gotten me thinking actually…" Clemont said. As he was thinking, suddenly Nurse Joy walked back behind the desk where she saw Serena looking down on the counter.

"Huh? Who are you ladies talking to?" Nurse Joy said.
"Eeeep! Uh… nobody!" Serena said as she quickly grabbed the shrunken trio and trapped them inside her hand that she rolled into a fist.
"I think the exhaustion from all that shopping has gotten Serena to see things, Nurse Joy. Nothing to worry about!" Bonnie said.
"Um, yes… yes, she's right! I'm so tired." Serena said.
"Well, you're welcome to stay in one of our guest rooms, as always." Nurse Joy said.
"Oh, that's okay, Nurse Joy. We better get going anyways." Serena said.
"Yeah, so we can find Ash and Clemont! Take care!" Bonnie shouted as she and Serena both started to walk towards the sliding entrance/exit door of the Pokémon Center, with Serena secretly slipping Ash, Clemont, and Pikachu into one of her red skirt pockets. Nurse Joy watched as the two left and picked up their shopping bags along the way. She shrugged her shoulders as she sat back down at the desk.
“Oh well. Kids will be kids, I suppose.” Nurse Joy said.

Serena and Bonnie eventually made their way to a nearby empty field reserved for Pokémon battles. After setting the bags full of clothes down, Serena reached into one of her skirt pockets and gently pulled out the two shrunken boys. She sat down on a nearby bench and held the two up to her face, with Bonnie sitting alongside her friend.
“That was a close call, but now we're out here all by ourselves.” Serena said.
“Serena, can I please hold onto Clemont? Please please pretty pleeeeeeeease?” Bonnie said.
“Sure, why not?” Serena said with a smile. With her other hand, she grabbed Clemont by the back of his blue jumpsuit, then leaned over and casually dropped him into Bonnie’s waiting hands. Clemont stood up and couldn't help but sweat over seeing his sister’s huge face in front of him.
“Teeheehee! You look even cuter when you're tiny, big brother… Or maybe I should say LITTLE brother now!” Bonnie said.
“Heh heh, yeah… Seems like only yesterday that we went through this sort of thing, right Bonnie?” Clemont said, referring of course to yesterday when Bonnie had that major growth spurt thanks to Clemont’s mechanical mishap of that day.
“True, but at least I only have to worry about you and not the entire city!” Bonnie said.
“Well, this is great and all that we got your attention, but we really should get to figuring out how we’re going to grow back to normal.” Ash said.
“Ash is right. We should get back to my father’s lab. I think the repair crew doesn't arrive until tomorrow so we have the whole place to ourselves and…” Clemont said, only to be interrupted by Bonnie.
“Oh come on, little brother, what's the rush? I've always wanted to be the big sister for one day!” Bonnie said.
“What!? B-B-B-Bonnie… Think about what you're saying now! We shouldn't be treated like toys, it could be dangerous…” Clemont said, but again Bonnie cut him off. In fact, she put one of her fingers in front of his tiny mouth.
“Just relax, Clemont, I think it'll be fun! Right, Dedenne?” Bonnie said.
“Denne!” Dedenne commented as it stuck its head out from Bonnie’s familiar yellow purse.

Clemont gulped nervously and wondered what sort of antics Bonnie had in mind. Ash wondered the same thing up to Serena, who kept a firm grip on him.
“Serena? What do you think about this? It may not be a wise choice…” Ash said.
“Well, Bonnie is right, we’re not in a hurry to go anywhere. One day of being shrunken can't be all that bad.” Serena said. Suddenly, she moved her hands that held onto Ash and Pikachu closer to her face.
“Huh?” Ash said.
“Besides, maybe we can finally spend some quality time together. I will protect you like I protect all my Pokémon.” Serena said with a smile on her face. Despite the assuring look, Ash still sweated nervously wondering what the giantess had in mind for him.

Bonnie started off her fun and games with her tiny brother by placing him down on the ground. As she stood to her full height, it wasn't an unusual sight for Clemont, just one day ago having to look up at his sister while she was enlarged. What was different this time was the huge familiar smile on Bonnie's face, rather than a look of despair from being in a situation she wasn't at all used to.
"Okay, little brother! I'm going to help you out with some exercise!" Bonnie said.
"Huh? E-e-e-exercise?" Clemont said.
"It's quite easy! All you have to do is keep running so I don't step on you." Bonnie said.
"What!? Step on me!? You wouldn't do that… would you?" Clemont said.
"I guess there's only one way to find out. Better get running, brother!" Bonnie said. She lifted up one of her legs in the air, giving Clemont a good look at the bottom of her pink shoe.
"Yikes!" Clemont said as he took off running in the other direction as Bonnie gently planted her shoe on the ground.
"Heehee! You can't escape from me, little brother!" Bonnie jokingly said as she walked after the shrunken boy, stepping as close as she could to Clemont without hurting him. Clemont, meanwhile, was already huffing and puffing and panting as he constantly switched between looking in front of him and looking back at his sister's huge shoes.
"Ugh… I can't believe… huff puff… Bonnie's making me do this… I should invent… huff puff… a treadmill for shrunken people if I survive this…" Clemont said between breaths. After one of Bonnie's steps came within inches of his body, he was forced to pick up his running pace, which only made him more exhausted. Bonnie, on the other hand, was as careful as can be, making sure she didn't come that close again to stepping on her brother.

Eventually though, after running in two to three circles around the center of the battlefield, Clemont felt he was far beyond his limits in regards to physical strength. He finally couldn't take another step and collapsed on his knees, catching as much air as he could into his mouth. It didn't make him profoundly sweat any less when he looked to his sides and found himself surrounded by Bonnie's shoes, though she backed up a bit so she could look straight down on him.
"N…no… no more…" Clemont said. Bonnie, meanwhile, just folded her arms and had a frown on her face.
"Oh, big brother… I mean, little brother… you can't keep running out of energy like that. You should be more like me… I can run 10 miles without breaking a sweat!" Bonnie said. Of course, Clemont knew that was an expected exaggeration given her age, but he knew she had a point.
"I know, Bonnie, but it… huff puff… it can't be helped! I can't afford to lose a valuable second on my inventing time." Clemont said.
"Oh, come on now. Didn't you tell me once it was always important to brush your teeth or stop and smell the roses once in a while? You don't have to always be inventing things. No offense, but look where that got me yesterday and where it's gotten you today." Bonnie said.
"Yeah, good point." Clemont said.
"You know what? I know exactly what you need, Clemont." Bonnie said.
"What's that?" Clemont said, holding still as he watched Bonnie kneel down and then scoop him up off the ground, back into her bare hands.
"It's time I introduce you to Bonnie's Beautiful and Body Enhancing Exercise Program, Version 1.0!" Bonnie shouted. Clemont had a stunned look on his face.
"B-B-Bonnie! I didn't know you were capable of such long invention names!" Clemont said.
"Teehee, what did you expect? I got that from you. Now then, before we start, it's important to stretch our muscles and get them primed and ready." Bonnie said.
"I… I see." Clemont said. The shrunken boy then held on as Bonnie ran over to a bench on the northern side of the battlefield (Serena was still sitting on the western side) and sat down.

Meanwhile, still sitting on one of the benches was Serena, holding onto Ash and Pikachu. Serena laughed as she watched Bonnie chase the shrunken Clemont around the battlefield.
"Hahaha! Clemont sure is getting quite the workout this time around." Serena said.
"I would think so!" Ash commented.
"Hmmmm… maybe I should chase you around too." Serena said.
"Huh? Um… are you sure you want to do that, Serena?" Ash asked.
"Why not? I want to see how fast you run when you're tiny." Serena said. She got up from the bench and placed Ash and Pikachu down on the ground, right in front of her black boots. Serena stood to her full height and smiled after brushing her skirt and black stockings for a bit.
"Fee fi fo fum! I smell the blood of an itty bitty Pokémon trainer." Serena jokingly said.
"Eh heh… very funny, Serena…" Ash said with a sweatdrop.
"Seriously, though, Ash, how do I look from down there? I'm probably the biggest girl you've ever seen." Serena said.
"Um.. yes, yes of course! I won't argue that!" Ash said.
"Now then, Ash, go ahead and start running, and you better run like I really am going to crush you!" Serena said as she slowly lifted her right foot up and moved it towards Ash and Pikachu.
"Well… you heard her, Pikachu, let's dash for it!" Ash said. With a shout of its name, Pikachu nodded and the two sprinted for the opposite direction just as Serena placed her foot down on the ground.
Just like with Bonnie and Clemont, Serena very slowly walked behind Ash and Pikachu as he ran in circles trying to escape the giantess behind him. This wasn't new at all for the trainer from Pallet Town. He's run from Sabrina, the psychic gym leader who shrunk losing trainers and made them her dollies until she was cured. He's run from Misty, May, Dawn, and Iris in various situations (including three times where it became a battle of the girlfriends). He's even run from Jessie of Team Rocket whenever she grew big or he and his friends were small. So it was a familiar feeling to him.

Still, it was intimidating seeing Serena now a giantess before his very eyes, but at least it was because he was tiny and she didn't actually grow. After what happened with Bonnie yesterday, he hoped that scenario would never come to pass. He and Pikachu ran around for the next few minutes. Unlike Clemont, Ash was not at all tired or exhausted, and that impressed Serena.
"Wow, Ash! You're still not exhausted?" Serena asked.
"Nope! I'm just a bundle of energy!" Ash said with a confident smile on his face.
"Yes, I can see that…" Serena said. Finally, she made one larger step and then hopped a few feet in front of the tiny Ash's path.
"Whoa!" Ash said as he ended up running into the front of Serena's right boot.
"Gotcha!" Serena said as she reached down and plucked both Ash and Pikachu from the ground, holding them in front of her face once more.
"Teehee… I'm impressed, Ash. It's like you've done this before." Serena said.
"Yeah, a few times, while traveling through other lands." Ash said.
"I see. Weren't you scared, then and now?" Serena asked.
"Well, at first I was, but as I said, once you get used to the feeling and know what to watch out for, it doesn't become so scary." Ash said.
"Ah… maybe I should keep you tiny forever!" Serena said.
"What? No! We can't do that! That's much too dangerous!" Ash said.
"You're right, Ash. I'm sure Clemont will think of a way to grow you back to normal soon, but I… I am glad to have you literally in my hands now." Serena said.

After Serena said those words, Ash suddenly couldn't help but look at Serena's entire face.
"Huh? Serena? Are you blushing?" Ash said.
"Wait, what? I am? Oh… well… I suppose that's to be expected because…" Serena said. Clearly she was trying to say something either very important or very embarrassing to Ash, and he knew it too.
"Because what, Serena?" Ash asked.
"Um… Ash, I hope you don't mind me saying this… but I think I have a crush on you." Serena said.
"Uhhhh… wait, didn't you try to crush me before?" Ash said.
"W-w-w-what!? No! I mean… I meant to say… ever since we met back at the Pokémon Summer Camp, I couldn't stop thinking about you." Serena said.
"Really?" Ash said, with Serena simply nodding. Serena then walked over towards the same bench she had been sitting on earlier. She sat back down on it and placed Ash and Pikachu on top of her red skirt on her lap.

Back over to the northern side of the battlefield, Bonnie was encouraging Clemont (still standing on her hands) to stretch himself out in order to prepare for "Bonnie's Beautiful and Body Enhancing Exercise Program, Version 1.0," an obvious knock on Clemont's long and silly invention names. Clemont, however, had only done a few stretches before showing signs of fatigue.
"One… two… one… huff huff… two…" Clemont said as he struggled to raise both his arms at the same time.
"Really, little brother? You can't even stretch both your arms at the same time? Don't worry, though, your 'big' sister is here to save the day!" Bonnie said. With that, the young girl set the shrunken Clemont down on top of her white skirt. Then she took one of Clemont's arms in each of her hands and lifted them up in the air in rhythm.
"OW! Bonnie, what are you…!?" Clemont shouted.
"One two three four! One two three four! Yeah, work those arms, Clemont!" Bonnie said with her signature big happy smile on her face.
"Be careful, Bonnie! Don't pull my arms off!!" Clemont shouted. After a few more 1-2-3-4 cycles, Bonnie let go of Clemont's arms.
"Excellent! Now to stretch the legs. Those are very important for the next exercise I have in mind!" Bonnie said. Like with Clemont's arms, Bonnie took one leg in each of her hands and stretched them outward in rhythm, once again counting up to four. Even though the movement was very minimal, Clemont was still a nervous wreck.
"Ack! Bonnie, not so hard! My little body is very fragile!!" Clemont shouted.
"One two three four! One two three four! Teeheehee, maybe I should start a workout video!" Bonnie said, who seemed to be taking great delight in giving Clemont the workout he deserves.

Finally, Bonnie felt like she had stretched Clemont's body enough and decided to put him to the test. She picked him up and held him up to her face.
"Alright, Clemont. It's time for the first exercise in Bonnie's Beautiful and Body Enhancing Exercise Program, Version 1.0!" Bonnie said.
"Okay… but please tell me this exercise doesn't have a long name." Clemont said.
"Actually, it doesn't have a name period! I haven't thought of a name yet for this first exercise, but it will be lots of fun! And it's perfect for your size!" Bonnie said. She then got up from the bench and then got down on her knees, putting Clemont down on the ground. Next, she gently picked up Dedenne from inside her yellow purse and placed it where Clemont was between the two.
"Okay, Clemont! You're going to jump rope for your first exercise, and Dedenne's tail is the rope!" Bonnie said.
"Denne!!" Dedenne said in excitement, seemingly understanding its role in the game that was about to be played.
"What!? That's crazy! My jumping height is not the greatest in the world… plus there's the possibility of tripping up over Dedenne's tail which could cause grave injury and…" Clemont said, only to be interrupted as Bonnie leaned her head in towards the shrunken boy.
"Sorry, little brother, but you know what they say! No pain, no gain!" Bonnie said with a smile on her face. Dedenne then turned around and allowed its tail to be very gently grabbed by Bonnie.
"Okay, 1, 2, 3, go!" Bonnie shouted as she swung Dedenne's tail up and down in a circular motion. As Bonnie had hoped, this caused Dedenne's tail to act more like a jump rope, which Clemont was forced to leap over each time it came towards him. Even after 10 jumps, Clemont was already feeling the sweat dripping down his forehead.
"Ummm… Bonnie… don't you think… huff puff… that's enough for one day?" Clemont said. But Bonnie didn't seem to be paying attention.
"Keep going, Clemont! Isn't this fun, Dedenne!?" Bonnie said. Even though Dedenne was looking the other way (and didn't have much in the way of head turning to see what was happening), it shouted its name in excitement.

After a couple more minutes, especially after Bonnie saw Clemont was struggling with the last few jumps, she finally released her grip on Dedenne's tail and allowed the Pokémon to roam free once more. Clemont rested his hands on his knees, once again sucking air and wiping his forehead.
"Good job, little brother! I'm so proud of you! You've probably lost a couple pounds already!" Bonnie said.
"Yeah… I think I've lost more than that thanks to this shrinkage." Clemont said.
"Hahaha! That's funny, Clemont! I'm glad you still have a sense of humor, but now it's time for the next exercise." Bonnie said as she reached down and picked up Clemont, then she lowered her hands down towards her white skirt.
"Go ahead, Clemont. Grab a hold!" Bonnie said. Clemont hesitated for a few seconds, but finally grabbed as much of the skirt as his hands would allow. Once he did that, Bonnie stood to her full height, and Clemont held on tight.
"Whoa!!" Clemont shouted.
"Alright, Clemont! It's time to test your arm strength. Hold on for as long as you can!" Bonnie said.
"What!? Bonnie, what if I slip and fall!? And then…" Clemont said, but once again Bonnie either didn't pay attention or couldn't hear Clemont, and she kept on going.
"Ready, go! Wheeeee!" Bonnie said as she suddenly ran all around the battlefield with her arms spread out like she were an airplane. Dedenne excitedly followed from behind, but Clemont was the only one not cheering. Tears came out of his eyes as he screamed out in horror while keeping a firm grip on Bonnie's skirt.
"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!! Bonnie, stooooooop!!!" Clemont shouted.

While Bonnie continued with her own fun and games, Serena was about to do a little playing of her own with tiny Ash and Pikachu as she sat on the bench. She looked down on them as they stood on her skirt, and the two watched as Serena swung her long tied up hair in front of her chest. She gently lowered her head and dangled the hair in front of the two.
"Go ahead, Ash, try and climb it." Serena said.
"Uh, well…" Ash said.
"Don't be scared, Ash. I'm right here to catch you if you fall." Serena said. Ash knew there was no turning anywhere else given his current size in comparison to Serena. So he grabbed the hair and gave it a couple firm tucks first.
"Oh, just like in a fairy tale!" Serena said.
"Yeah… just call me Ash Thumb Ketchum." Ash said, showing a little humor himself. Finally, Ash (with Pikachu staying on Serena's lap and cheering its master on) started climbing up. It was at first a tough chore, but it was made easier once Serena stopped leaning forward and rested her back against the bench, causing her hair to rest against her chest and stomach areas. Ash pressed his feet against Serena's black shirt, and it helped him climb up the giantess's hair faster. In short time, he was already up past Serena's chest and on his way to her shoulder.
"Wow! You're doing great, Ash!" Serena commented. Ash didn't respond, as he was busy finishing up his climb on top of Serena's shoulder.
"Made it! Whoa!!!" Ash shouted as he thrust his arms up in success from reaching the top of Serena's left shoulder. But the slightest movement from the girl caused him to lose his footing and he tumbled over, falling down towards the bench.

Fortunately, Serena managed to catch that with her quick eyes, and with her just as quick reflexes, she held a hand out and let Ash and Pikachu land in the middle of it. She moved that hand back in front of her face.
"Oops! That was a short lived experience." Serena said.
"Yeah… thanks for catching me, though. That could've been bad." Ash said.
"Don't worry, Ash. No matter what, I will protect you." Serena said. After staring for a couple seconds, Serena then moved her hand closer and closer towards her lips.
"What are you doing, Serena?" Ash asked.
"Showing you how much I care for you and your safety." Serena said. But before Serena could give Ash one of the biggest kisses of his life, she stopped when she noticed Ash and Pikachu both glowing in a bright blue light.
"Oh? What's this?" Serena asked.
"Huh? Why are we glowing blue? Oooooh… I feel kinda strange." Ash said. Serena was the first to notice what was happening.
"Oh my! Ash, you're shrinking again!" Serena said. Ash looked down… the palm of Serena's hand seemed to be closing in on him like he were taking an elevator downward. Serena's face already looked bigger than before.
"Oh no! How small are we going to get now!?" Ash shouted.

The good news for Ash was that the extra round of shrinking was quick, lasting only 10-15 seconds as the blue glow around him and Pikachu faded out. The bad news? He was reduced even further to just an inch and a half in height, half the size he was previously at.
"*gulp* You look even bigger, Serena." Ash said.
"Huh? Did you say something, Ash? I can't hear you." Serena said. Even when speaking at her normal voice tone, Ash had to cover his ears from the intense blast of sound.
"Youch! Not so loud, Serena! But then again, we're so small…" Ash said.
"Hold on, Ash. I have an idea." Serena said. That's when she carefully moved her hand towards her right ear. Ash shouted as loud as he could into the huge opening in front of him.
"Can you hear me now, Serena!?" Ash said.
"Yes, Ash! Just barely though…" Serena said, with her voice not as loud since her mouth wasn't in front of Ash like before.
"I said you look even bigger than before." Ash said.
"Well, I can imagine so. You looked so teeny tiny… you could definitely get lost if you were even in the smallest grass." Serena said. Ash then suddenly remembered about the other person he was sharing this predicament with… Clemont.
"Hey, do you think Clemont has suffered the same fate as me and Pikachu?" Ash asked.
"He probably did. We better check with Bonnie. Hold on tight." Serena said. She moved her hand towards her stomach region and kept it as steady as possible, though it was still a rocky ride for the even smaller Ash Ketchum as he bounced up and down in the palm of Serena's huge hand. Serena walked over towards Bonnie, who seemed to be looking down on something herself.

While the stuff with Serena was going on, Clemont still screamed for his life as he got a most unpleasant ride hanging onto Bonnie's skirt.
"I can't hold on any longer… eeeeeek!!" Clemont said, finally unable to take the ride much longer and losing his grip on the skirt. He fell towards the ground and thought for sure this was going to be the end, but luckily his saving grace would come quickly.
"Dedenne!" Dedenne shouted as it moved in all four directions trying to hit the right spot. Finally, it stood still as the shrunken Clemont landed firmly on the top of Dedenne's head between its ears.
"Whew… thanks, Dedenne. I owe you one." Clemont said as he patted as much of the Pokémon's head as his tiny hands would allow. Dedenne, meanwhile, yelled out its name repeatedly trying to get Bonnie's attention. Finally, Bonnie stopped running around in circles, having to hold her head temporarily.
"Whoa… I forgot how dizzying it can get running around like that." Bonnie said.
"Denne! Denne!" Dedenne shouted.
"Huh? What is it, Dedenne?" Bonnie asked. The Pokémon pointed up towards its head as much as it could with its very short arms. Eventually Bonnie got the hint and looked on top of Dedenne's head where she saw something in between the ears. Upon closer inspection, that's where she found Clemont.
"Huh? Clemont!? What on Earth are you doing on top of Dedenne's head?" Bonnie said as she carefully plucked her shrunken brother from the Pokémon.
"What do you think, Bonnie? You were running so fast, I couldn't hold on any longer!" Clemont said.
"Still, it shows your arms are not strong enough. We'll have to work on those for our next exercises!" Bonnie said. As Clemont sighed, he suddenly looked down and noticed his entire body glowing blue.
"Huh? What's this?" Clemont said.
"Oh? Little brother… you're glowing!" Bonnie said, recognizing the glow from when she was gigantic yesterday.

Sure enough, much like what happened with Ash and Pikachu while in Serena's hands, Clemont found himself shrinking even smaller. He watched nervously as Bonnie appeared to be growing even bigger before his eyes, flashing him back to when she had her growth spurts in the heart of the city. Eventually, Clemont stopped glowing and was also shrunken down to 1.5 inches tall.
“Oh wow! You're even smaller, Clemont. You look even cuter!” Bonnie said. Clemont had to cover his ears, as her booming voice proved too much for his reduced in size eardrums to take.
“Bonnie! Not so loud!” Clemont said. Just then, before Bonnie could admire her smaller brother even more, she heard a familiar female voice behind her.
“Bonnie!” Serena shouted. Bonnie turned around and smiled as she saw her ‘big sister’ approaching.
“Oh! Hi, Serena!” Bonnie said. Serena finally stopped her jog when she was standing inches away from the younger girl.
“So, Serena, I've gotta ask! Have you been having fun with little itty bitty Ash and Pikachu?” Bonnie said with a smile.
“Of course! Well, I was having fun until I saw him shrink even smaller." Serena said.
"Oh, it happened with Ash as well?" Bonnie asked.
"Wait… I think Clemont's trying to tell us something." Serena said as she looked down in Bonnie's hands and could just barely see Clemont jumping up and down and waving his arms. Serena lowered her head until her right ear was in front of Clemont, and that's when she was able to hear him.

"Serena! Did you say Ash shrunk even smaller too?" Clemont asked.
"Yes, he did. His body glowed a bright blue, and the next thing we knew, he and Pikachu were half the size they were previously at." Serena said.
"Oh dear… this is not good." Clemont said.
"What's he saying, Serena?" Bonnie asked.
"Hold on. Give me Clemont, Bonnie. This way we can hear both guys." Serena said. Bonnie did just that, tilting her hand so that Clemont fell onto Serena's palm, where Ash and Pikachu were awaiting him. Serena then moved that hand up to her right ear, and Bonnie leaned in with her left ear.
"Bonnie, can you hear us now!?" Ash shouted.
"Yes I can!" Bonnie said.
"Anyway, Clemont, you said this wasn't good that your bodies glowed and you shrunk even smaller?" Serena asked.
"It sure isn't… remember yesterday when Bonnie grew even larger whenever she got close to electricity? The same thing is happening to us. It seems whatever caused us to shrink in the first place is still circulating through our bodies, and until we cure the problem, we're going to continue to shrink smaller and smaller until… *gulp*" Clemont said as he gulped nervously thinking of the worst case scenario.
"You're saying we could shrink so small that nobody will see us!?" Ash shouted.
"That's exactly what will happen if we don't find a way to reverse this pronto!" Clemont said.
"Wait a minute… we haven't been around any sort of electricity all day, so how come your bodies are glowing and you're shrinking anyway?" Serena asked.
"That is a good question, Serena. Perhaps we should get back to my dad's shop and do some analysis on Ash, Pikachu, and myself." Clemont said.
"Alright, let's do that. Bonnie, you lead the way." Serena said.
"Roger, skipper!" Bonnie said as she did a quick salute and walked off in the general direction of the shop. Serena immediately followed behind, keeping a close eye on the tiny Ash, Pikachu, and Clemont to make sure they didn't slip off the palm of her hand.

A couple minutes later, the group arrived at the electrical repair shop owned by Clemont and Bonnie's father, Meyer. Once again, with Meyer away making deliveries, the shutters were down to make it appear the place was closed, but that didn't stop Bonnie from opening up the door. As Bonnie and Serena went inside and the lights were turned on, Bonnie suddenly heard the telephone ringing from a nearby table.
"Oh, aren't you going to answer that, Bonnie?" Serena said.
"Well… Clemont normally answers the phone if Dad's not here." Bonnie said.
"But I don't think Clemont's in the right condition to answer the phone. And it could be someone important." Serena said.
"Okay, okay, I'll take care of it." Bonnie said as she ran over and finally picked up the phone.
"Hello! This is Bonnie at the Lumiose City Electrical Repair Shop, how can I help you?" Bonnie said. She looked and sounded very nervous at first, but right away she felt better when she heard who the voice on the other line was.
"Bonnie, hello! This is Officer Jenny." Jenny said on the other side of the phone.
"Oh, hi Officer Jenny! It's nice to speak with you again!" Bonnie said.
"May I speak with Clemont?" Jenny said. Of course, Jenny had no idea of the predicament that Clemont was in right now, and Bonnie wasn't about to let that secret out anytime soon.
"Oh, I'm afraid he's very busy right now. Do you have a message I can relay to him?" Bonnie asked.
"Ah. Well, I thought he might like to know that Professor Juniper from the Unova region just arrived. I thought he might like to meet her; he's talked about her a lot in the past." Jenny said.
"Oh, I see. Don't worry, I'll tell him when I get the chance." Bonnie said.
"Okay, thanks! I think she's heading for the Pokémon Center now, whenever you two are ready to meet her. I'll see you later, Bonnie. Try not to crush any buildings, hahaha!" Jenny said.
"Hahaha! Okay, I'll try. Bye, Officer Jenny!" Bonnie said, laughing right back at the joke (even though she wouldn't have been laughing about it yesterday given the chaos her increased size has caused) and then hanging up the phone.

Right as she did that, Serena had walked over to the counter and set Ash, Pikachu, and Clemont down on top of it.
"So what was that about, Bonnie?" Clemont said, watching as his 'gigantic' sister came walking up to the counter and then leaned in with her ear.
"That was Officer Jenny. She said someone named Professor Juniper from Unova has just arrived in the city and thought you'd might like to meet her." Bonnie said. Clemont's glasses suddenly lit up with bright light.
"Professor Juniper!? THE Professor Juniper!? Oh man!!! What a time to be shrunken down smaller than a Flabébé!" Clemont shouted.
"Huh? Who's Professor Juniper?" Serena asked. Ash, of course thanks to his travels in Unova, recognized the name as well.
"She's one of the best professors I've ever met! She's very smart, right up there with Professors Oak and Sycamore, in my opinion." Ash said.
"Oh? Someone as great as Professor Sycamore? You've sold me!" Serena said.
"Hey, wait! Maybe she can help us!" Ash shouted.
"Huh? How so, Ash?" Clemont asked.
"She had this invention called the Abnormal Ball. It looked like a normal Poké Ball, but its laser could work on humans as well as Pokémon." Ash said.
"Oh? What an interesting concept." Clemont said.
"What if we can get Professor Juniper to help us? Maybe she'll have the Abnormal Ball with her and she can use it to return us to normal!" Ash said.
"I say it's worth a shot! What do you say, Clemont?" Serena said.
"Fine by me! We could use all the help we can get!" Clemont said.
"I think Officer Jenny said she was heading for the Pokémon Center." Bonnie said.
"Okay. You three stay here. We'll go get Professor Juniper. Come on, Bonnie!" Serena said. Ash, Pikachu, and Clemont watched as the two girls turned around and made their way out of the electrical repair shop.

"Well, there they go." Ash said.
"Let's hope the professor and her Abnormal Ball can indeed save us. They may be our last hope." Clemont said.
However, the two boys soon learned their problems were about to get much worse. Clemont looked over and saw Ash and Pikachu glowing a bright blue.
"Ash! You're glowing blue again!" Clemont shouted. Ash looked over at Clemont and saw the same thing happening with him.
"Hey, so are you!" Ash shouted.
"Oh no! We're shrinking again!" Clemont shouted, already noticing the already huge surroundings growing even bigger.
"*gulp* How small are we going to shrink this time!?" Ash shouted.

Meanwhile, Serena and Bonnie made their way inside the Pokémon Center, where they saw an older woman standing up at the counter where Nurse Joy was sitting. The woman was Unova's own Professor Juniper, although the two ladies didn't know this yet having never met her before. They did recognize Officer Jenny, who was standing to her left side.
"That must be Professor Juniper. It's good that she has Officer Jenny as a bodyguard." Serena said.
"Well, there's only one way to find out. Right, Dedenne!?" Bonnie said.
"Denne!" Dedenne shouted from Bonnie's purse. The two girls walked up towards the professor.
"Um, excuse me, ma'am?" Bonnie asked. Juniper turned around and faced the two younger girls.
"Oh? Hello there. And who are you two?" Juniper asked.
"I'm Bonnie, and this is my good friend, Serena. Are you Professor Juniper?" Bonnie asked.
"I am indeed." Juniper said with a smile on her face.
"Oh wow! It's so nice to meet you, professor." Serena said.
"And it's nice to meet you too." Juniper said, only to watch as Bonnie suddenly took hold of one of her hands.
"Professor, I have a very important favor to ask of you." Bonnie said.
"Oh, what's that?" Juniper said.
"Please… will you take my older brother's hand in marriage so he can be taken care of?" Bonnie said. Professor Juniper's face suddenly glowed red and she had an awkward smile on her face.
"W-w-w-what?" Juniper said.
"BONNIE!! You'll have to excuse my friend, professor. She's just looking out for her older brother." Serena shouted.
"Oh, it's alright. Little girls do have the wildest imaginations. I should know, having once been that girl." Juniper said.
"Actually, we do have to talk to you about Bonnie's brother, Clemont. He's in big trouble and you may be able to help him." Serena said.
"Oh? In what way?" Juniper asked.
"Well… it's a bit hard to explain. Can we go somewhere private and talk?" Serena said.
"Sure. Is that okay with you, Nurse Joy?" Juniper said.
"No problem! We can talk about your work some other time." Joy said. With a nod from both ladies, the professor, as well as Officer Jenny, Bonnie, and Serena, all went into one of the guest rooms.

Bonnie and Serena spent the next couple of minutes explaining what has happened not just with Clemont, but also Ash, so far today. Juniper raised her eyebrows as she was surprised to learn that Ash had traveled all the way out to Kalos just like she did.
"Oh my! Ash has been shrunken as well? This is terrible!" Juniper said.
"No offense, Bonnie, but I'm not surprised your brother messed up again. At least he didn't try to blow a hole in the city this time!" Officer Jenny said. When Bonnie saw the professor looking down by her shoes, she immediately figured what she was doing and put her mind at ease.
"Don't worry, they're both safe and sound back at my Dad's electronics repair shop." Bonnie said.
"Okay, but why do you need my help?" Juniper asked.
"Ash told us that you've invented something called the Abnormal Ball, a Poké Ball where its laser can alter the size of anything that gets zapped, including humans?" Serena asked.
"Well, I didn't invent it, I merely got it from Professor Hastings in the Fiore region after he let me study some of his old blueprints and I made my own copy." Juniper said.
"Professor… do you happen to have this Abnormal Ball with you?" Serena asked.
"As a matter of fact, I do! It's here in my suitcase. If you'll take me to your brother and Ash, I can set the Abnormal Ball to enlarge them with just one zap." Juniper said.
"Oh, that's wonderful!" Serena said.
"Yeah! We should get going! We may not have much time left!" Bonnie said.
"Huh? What do you mean, Bonnie?" Jenny said. Serena was the next to speak up after realizing what important detail she left out.
"Oh, I forgot to mention… the two are slowly shrinking even smaller with each passing hour. If we don't unshrink them soon, they could be smaller than… *gulp*" Serena said.
"Say no more, you two. I understand the gravity of the situation. You lead the way!" Juniper said.
"And I'll come with you. You may need all the help you can get!" Jenny said.
"Okay! Thanks, Officer Jenny!" Serena said. With Bonnie leading the way, the four women set off for out of the Pokémon Center and on their way to Meyer's repair shop.

Inside the repair shop, Ash and Pikachu both genuinely trembled with fear. The world seemed to stretch on forever and in a blurry haze, even as they and Clemont still stood atop the counter.
"Clemont… how small do you think we are now?" Ash asked.
"Well, judging by the scratched wood next to my left foot and comparing it visually now with our previous size… *gulp*" Clemont said.
"What!? Just say it, already!" Ash shouted.
"We're probably no bigger than a quarter inch tall." Clemont said.
"Yeah, I had to ask." Ash said as he quickly rolled his eyes.
"B-b-b-but don't lose faith, Ash. Isn't that what you told me!? Surely Bonnie and Serena are on their way back with Professor Juniper." Clemont said.
"I hope you're right. At least things can't get any worse than they are now." Ash said.
Just then, the curtains behind the counter swung wide open. Ash, Pikachu, and Clemont all turned around and gasped over who was on the other side of the curtains. It was Jessie, James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet of Team Rocket.
"Oh no! It's Team Rocket! How did they get here!?" Ash shouted.

Team Rocket, meanwhile, casually walked inside the room and looked around. James had a smile on his face.
"Hoho! It's hard to believe they still haven't fixed that big hole in the back of the shop." James said.
"Yeah, it's like they just want people to walk right in and steal stuff from this joint." Meowth said.
"Will you two stop goofing off!? We should go; the twerps obviously aren't here." Jessie said as she walked over to the counter where (unknown to her) the near microscopic Ash, Pikachu, and Clemont were standing. Naturally, she looked almost a thousand feet tall from their perspective as they ran to keep from getting crushed by her many huge strands of red hair.
"Wow… and I thought Bonnie at her biggest yesterday was big!" Clemont said.
"Let's hope she doesn't make any sudden moves!" Ash shouted.
"Jessie, remind me why we're looking explicitly for those twerps?" James said.
"Yeah, don't you remember what the boss told us to do?" Meowth said.
"Never mind what the boss said! That little Bonnie girl is going to pay for what she did to us yesterday!" Jessie said.
"But what if she's still gigantic and just in another city?" James asked.
"We probably would've seen her from the new balloon." Meowth said.
"Whatever! Just find something important to loot or something! Maybe that will get their attention when they return." Jessie said as she pounded the counter with her fist in frustration.

The two shrunken boys looked up and saw Jessie forming her gloved hand into a fist and quickly bringing it down where they were standing.
"Look out!!!" Clemont shouted as he, Ash, and Pikachu darted out of the way. Although the trio were able to avoid getting crushed by the mountain-sized fist, the shockwave caused them lose their footing from the rush of air and fall off the counter.
"Eeeeeeek!!!" the boys screamed as they felt themselves falling down and down and down. Ash (with Pikachu latching onto his master's head) felt he had one chance.
"Hurry, everyone! Grab on!" Ash shouted as he latched onto the giant white wall in front of him. Clemont did the same thing, and he managed to grab on and keep from falling.
"Whew… we're safe." Ash said.
"Are you sure, Ash? We're hanging right on the edge of Jessie's skirt! One sudden move and we're back to taking free skydiving lessons!" Clemont said.

Just then, the group heard a sudden knock on the front door, along with muffled voices on the other side.
"Um… Officer Jenny, I don't think Ash or Clemont will be tall enough to answer the door." Bonnie said.
"Oh… you're right! Don't worry, though, your father gave me this emergency key just in case. Now let's see, where is it…?" Jenny said as she cycled through a set of keys.
"Hey! That Bonnie girl must be back to her normal size!" James said.
"Yeah, but Officer Jenny is with her! We have to get out of here NOW!" Jessie shouted as she suddenly darted for behind the curtains.
"Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off casually and quietly!" Meowth said as he and James left as well, with the three jumping back onto their new Meowth hot air balloon and making a getaway for the skies.
Unfortunately for Ash, Pikachu, and Clemont, as the boy genius feared, the movement was so sudden, it caused everyone to lose their grip from Jessie's skirt.
"Oh nooooooooo!!!" Ash and Clemont both screamed as they went gliding down for the ground.

It felt like the group was falling forever, when only about a minute had passed. In fact, the group was able to land on the floor of the shop with barely a scratch.
"We're… we're alive?" Ash said.
"Whew! What a relief, but somehow I had a hunch that might happen." Clemont said.
"Huh? What do you mean, Clemont?" Ash asked.
"Well, it's simple science, really. With our reduced size comes significantly reduced weight. You know how a feather from, say, a Fletchling sails through the sky? It's so lightweight, the wind is picking it up and carrying it through the air. That's what happened to us, in a manner of speaking." Clemont said.
"I think I get what you're saying. Science is so cool!!" Ash shouted.
"I'm glad you agree, but we better find a way to get back up on the counter before…" Clemont said, but before he could finish, he looked out in the distance (which seemed far away thanks to their even smaller size), and saw the front door opening up. In walked four ladies who towered over the boys even from afar… Officer Jenny, Professor Juniper, Serena, and Bonnie. Serena was the first to walk towards the counter, and the boys trembled as they watched the giantess approach them.
"Eeeeps! We're in big trouble!" Clemont shouted.
"You're not kidding! Watch out!" Ash shouted as he and the others scrambled to get away, just as Serena planted one of her black shoes where the group had been standing.
Serena, meanwhile, gasped lightly when she looked on the counter and didn't see the boys there, unaware of course of where they were and how much smaller they were now.
"Oh no! They're not here!" Serena said. Bonnie gasped as well.
"Oh my! Did they shrink even smaller?" Bonnie asked. Serena leaned in and looked closer on the counter, focusing her sight to where they once stood.
"I can't see them! Either they're not here or… *gulp!*… they've shrunken so small we can't even see them anymore! Oh Ash…" Serena said as she clutched her hands to her chest.

"Maybe I should take a look…" Bonnie said. The young girl started to walk towards the counter, but was held back as Professor Juniper put a hand on her shoulder.
"Wait, Bonnie! Everyone, try not to make any sudden moves." Juniper said.
"Huh? Why not, professor?" Jenny asked.
"They could very well be on the floor, for some reason. If that's so, and they've shrunken to the point where we can't see them, they are in very grave danger." Juniper said.
"Y-y-y-y-you mean? I could've already stepped on them!?" Serena said with her body shivering ever so slightly.
"No! Don't think that, Serena! I'm sure they're around here somewhere!" Bonnie asked. Juniper reached into her lab coat pockets and pulled out two magnifying glasses.
"Here, Bonnie. Can you take this and help me locate the two boys and Pikachu?" Juniper asked.
"Sure, professor. Whatever you say." Bonnie said.
"And be very VERY careful. Don't put your hands, feet, or knees anywhere you haven't searched." Juniper said as she got down on her knees and started scanning the ground in front of her.
"I'll stand by the door and make sure nobody else comes in." Jenny said as she backed up against the front door.
"What about me?" Serena asked.
"Just… wait right there, Serena. Don't move a muscle!" Juniper said.
"Okay… got it." Serena said as she did her best to hold still like she were hit with an ice beam.

Meanwhile, down on the ground where almost the only thing the boys could see were Serena's black shoes, they tried hard to think of a way to get any of the giantesses' attention.
"Pikachu! Try shooting thunderbolts again!" Ash shouted.
"CHUUUUUUU!!!" Pikachu did just that, shooting up bolts of bright electricity in the air above it just like back at the Pokémon Center. But there was no response from Serena. Pikachu even tried (after a suggestion from Ash) shocking Serena herself, but even that had no effect.
"It's no good, Ash. This time we're much too tiny for Serena or anyone to notice us." Clemont said.
"If only there were some way to fly up in front of her face and get her atten… hey, wait! That's it!" Ash said.
"Huh? You have another plan, Ash?" Clemont said.
"I sure do. Come out, Fletchinder!" Ash shouted as he pulled one of his Poké Balls off his belt and threw it up in the air. Fletchinder, Ash's faithful bird Pokémon, came out and called its name.
"Fletchinder, fly up in front of Serena's eye and get as close as you can! See if you can get her to follow you down to here!" Ash said. Fletchinder showed a confused look at first, not realizing that it had been shrunken down in size much like Ash and Clemont.
"Fletchinder!?!?!?!?" Fletchinder shouted in shock as it looked up and saw the mountain-sized behemoth that was Serena. It flew behind Ash's head, and Ash could sense the fear in the bird Pokémon.
"Don't be scared, Fletchinder. You're the only one that can possibly save us!" Ash said. Hearing its master so confident, Fletchinder came out of hiding and this time gave a more confident response. Fletchinder then flapped its wings and flew up towards the giant Serena's face.
"I hope this works, Ash. You know it's just as likely Fletchinder could be mistaken for a mosquito and swatted out of the sky." Clemont said.
"I know… but that's a chance we'll have to take." Ash said.

Serena stood a bit uncomfortably as she watched Professor Juniper and Bonnie scan every square inch of the room, not knowing if she had unknowningly crushed Ash and Clemont to their deaths. She had a hard time standing perfectly still. Although her feet were firmly planted on the ground, her hands were fidgeting around as she twiddled her fingers around. She almost knocked Fletchinder out of the air as she moved her hands about, but the Pokémon was able to skillfully fly around and avoid disaster. Even as a bird Pokémon, Fletchinder was still overcome with seeing Serena at such an incredible size, but it knew Ash and Clemont's survival depended on getting the girl's attention.
A few minutes later, the near microscopic Fletchinder finally made it up to eye level with Serena. Fletchinder repeatedly called its name as it creeped closer and closer towards one of Serena's blue eyeballs, partially covered by her long honey-colored hair. When Serena, for a split second, finally took her mind off the well being of both Ash and Clemont, she looked in front of her where she saw a familiar sight.
"Huh? Fletchinder? Is that you?” Serena said. After pointing its wings downward a few times, Fletchinder slowly moved away from Serena’s eye. Already Serena feared she was losing sight of Fletchinder as it lowered its altitude.
“Whoa! Wait up, Fletchinder!” Serena said as she was tempted to move her legs, but thankfully thought better and remained still. Instead, she refocused her vision, effectively cutting off everything else behind Fletchinder and following it down as best as she could. Professor Juniper and Bonnie both looked up and saw Serena leaning forward and staring in midair.
“Serena? What is it?” Juniper said.
“It’s one of Ash’s Pokémon. I think it’s trying to tell me something!” Serena said. But when Serena blinked, she suddenly lost track of the Pokémon and couldn’t find it.
“Oh… but I think I just lost sight of Fletchinder.” Serena said.

Then Bonnie couldn’t help but wonder something, and she got up on her feet and carefully stepped towards Serena. Juniper gasped at Bonnie moving so quickly.
“Bonnie! Be careful!” Juniper said.
“Hold still, Serena. I’m gonna check by your boots.” Bonnie said as she put the magnifying glass in front of her right eye once more.
“Okay…” Serena softly said, hoping to hear good news from her friend. Bonnie scanned the ground everywhere around both of Serena's feet. When she focused on the left side of her left foot (which was to Bonnie's right since Serena had her back facing the counter), Bonnie saw two colored specks that stood out from the solid color of the floor. She leaned in closer… and there were the boys and Pikachu, along with Fletchinder who was being called back by Ash into its Poké Ball. As the two boys saw Bonnie's mega-sized blue eye blinking at them through the magnifying glass, they waved their arms and shouted her name to get her attention.
"Bonnie! Down here, Bonnie! You found us!" Clemont said.
"I found them!!" Bonnie shouted as she turned her head around and then looked back down at the boys. Professor Juniper came walking over and kneeled down beside Bonnie.
"Where are they, Bonnie?" Juniper asked.
"Down there… right beside one of Serena's shoes." Bonnie said as she pointed down where the boys were standing while still having the magnifying glass aimed towards them.
"Oh my… they're smaller than even ants. Are you alright, Ash?" Juniper said. She could see Ash shouting something up to her, but she couldn't hear a single word.
"What's he saying?" Serena asked.
"I can't tell, they're much too small. But the important thing is that we found them and they don't appear to be hurt." Juniper said.
"Whew… thank goodness! You're much too small even for me, little brother!" Bonnie said as she joked with Clemont down on the ground.

Juniper then reached inside her lab coat and pulled out what appeared to be an ordinary looking Poké Ball.
"Oh? Is that the special Poké Ball Ash was talking about?" Bonnie asked.
"It is. This is the Abnormal Ball itself, and we don't have a moment to lose. Let's use it right now before the boys have a chance to shrink again. Our magnifying glasses would do no good if they were to shrink again!" Juniper said.
"Oh dear!" Serena shouted.
"Listen, ladies. I'm going to need your help. First, Serena, can you step to your right? We want to give the boys room to grow." Juniper said.
"Okay, professor." Serena said. Even though it was away from the boys, she still very cautiously stepped to her right, giving herself much more distance between the boys and her feet.
"Now, Bonnie. I'm going to need you to point down to where the boys are standing at all times. That way I know where to aim the ball's laser." Juniper said.
"Got it!" Bonnie said. Keeping her magnifying glass in front of her eye at all times so she wouldn't lose track of the boys, she very carefully crawled over to the boys' left side. She came close to crushing the boys a couple times with her fingers.
"Carefully, Bonnie!" Juniper said.
"I know, I know… sorry! I just don't want to lose them." Bonnie said.
"I know you don't, Bonnie. Just do your best." Juniper said with an encouraging smile. Finally, Bonnie was to the left side of the boys with her finger (which looked mega sized to the boys) pointed down on the floor where they stood.
"Like this, professor?" Bonnie said.
"Well, maybe back it up a few inches. I don't want to hit you with the laser and make you bigger!" Juniper said.
"Yeah, good idea. Once was enough for a situation like that!" Bonnie said with a smile.

Despite a nervous gulp from Serena as she clutched her hands together hoping for the best, and after Bonnie backed up her finger as instructed, Professor Juniper took away the magnifying glass and stood up to her full height. She pressed the button on the Abnormal Ball to enlarge it to a more convenient size (like a regular Poké Ball) and then aimed it down where Bonnie was pointing.
"Okay, here goes. Return!" Juniper said. Upon shouting the command, the ball emitted its signature red laser, which completely covered Ash, Pikachu, and Clemont from head to toe. Bonnie kept a close eye on the trio with her magnifying glass.
"It's not working!" Bonnie said.
"Give it a moment… it probably takes some extra time because the original shrinking was not caused by this ball." Juniper said.
"Oh, look! I see them now!" Serena said as she pointed down. Indeed, the boys were growing quickly to the point where they were already visible to the naked eye.

Finally, a few seconds later, the red laser disappeared, and Ash, Pikachu, and Clemont were all back to their good ol' normal size.
"Woohoo! It worked!!" Ash said.
"PIKACHU!!" Pikachu shouted in excitement.
"Oh, Ash!" Serena shouted as she ran over and gave Ash a tight hug.
"Whoa! Serena, I'm glad to see you too!" Ash said.
"I was so worried… I thought you were going to be stuck tiny forever and…" Serena said. Ash smiled as he saw tears coming down Serena's face, but he knew them to be tears of joy.
"Hey, it's okay. Teamwork between you, the professor, and Bonnie was what got us all back to normal." Ash said.
"That was fantastic work, Bonnie! I'm so proud of you." Clemont said as he gently patted his sister on the head.
"Awwww… it was nothing. I'm just glad you're back to being my big brother again! Life wouldn't have been the same without you at your normal size!" Bonnie shouted.
"Well, I'm glad that all worked out." Juniper said.
"Me too, professor! It was great timing that you showed up here in the Kalos region while this happened!" Ash said.
"I agree. It's like the stars were perfectly aligned! Maybe Mrs. Fennel was right after all about that theory of predetermined fates…" Juniper said.
"Well, I'm glad everything's back to normal, but we better get a move on, professor! We're falling behind schedule with your tour of Lumiose City." Officer Jenny said.
"Ah, yes… forgive me, everyone, but this is where we must part ways. At least for now!" Juniper said.
"It's okay, professor! We should be getting a move on to another city anyway! I think Clemont will agree we've had enough growing and shrinking adventures here in Lumiose for now!" Ash said.
"Oh, for sure! I'm ready to put yesterday and today behind us." Clemont said.
"Well, until we meet again, everyone! So long!" Juniper said as she waved everyone goodbye.
"Oh, wait, professor! Your magnifying glass!" Bonnie said as she ran towards the professor to give back one of the magnifying glasses that she had loaned.
"It's okay, Bonnie. You can keep it as a souvenir." Juniper said with a smile.
"Wow! Really?" Bonnie said.
"Sure! I've got an entire collection of those things back home anyway." Juniper said as she turned around and walked out the door, along with Officer Jenny.

Not too long afterwards, Ash and his friends all walked out the electronics repair shop themselves.
"Well now, let's get going everyone! We don't have a moment to lose! I wanna take on the next Pokémon Gym challenge!" Ash shouted as he and Pikachu started running.
"Yeah! Here we go!" Serena shouted as she ran behind him. Bonnie ran as well, but Clemont? He stood still as thoughts ran wild through his head.
"Hmmm… twice now my Super Pokémon Training Regimen Executor blew up… there's gotta be some way I can keep it not only from exploding but from changing people's sizes. Then again, maybe I'm destined to invent such a device and…" Clemont said.
"Big brother, come on! You're falling behind already!" Bonnie shouted from 10-15 yards away. Clemont looked ahead and realized his sister and friends were already putting a lot of distance on him.
"Ack! Wait for me, everyone!!" Clemont said as he started running after the group. Of course, it only took him a few seconds to already run out of breath, but he pressed on nevertheless…

And with that, life was back to normal in Lumiose City as our heroes finally departed for the nearby forest in search of their next adventure!