Mega Super Ultra Extra Bonniezilla Supreme

(Cubed Cinder; idea by whitebearboy)

Dynamax fever is slowly taking over other regions outside of Galar. Ever since the first match to be televised outside Galar hit regions like Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn, people have gotten excited seeing some of their favorite Pokémon be enlarged to an incredibly large size, even if it's only temporarily. People who have dreamed of being near giant Pokémon suddenly felt their love for such a thing was not so strange after all. It was something being officially sanctioned by a Pokémon League, after all!

The Kalos region was no exception, and it's inside the Prism Tower that our story begins. Clemont, as you can well imagine being deeply integrated with science and technology, just had to get a Dynamax Band for himself and find out how it ticks. After taking part in a few battles here and there, he finally had the big bucks he needed to import a Dynamax Band (and it was not cheap when you factor in the shipping costs!). With Chespin sitting by his side, Clemont was busy taking apart the band piece by piece, trying to find the source of its power.
"Just think, Chespin. Maybe you'll be towering sky high the next time someone challenges this gym! Wouldn't that be exciting?" Clemont asked.
"Ches!" Chespin shouted with a smile.

The two would soon be joined by Clemont's younger sister, Bonnie.
"Hey, big brother!" Bonnie said.
"Oh! Hey, Bonnie. Where's Dedenne?" Clemont asked.
"Sleeping in my room for now. Ooooooh… is that the Dynamax Band you've been telling me about?" Bonnie asked.
"Sure is! I'm still trying to figure out how this thing ticks." Clemont said.
"Heh, anything that will get Chespin or Bunnelby as big as a movie monster, right?" Bonnie asked.
"Yeah… maybe that's part of it. Still, maybe I can make my own brand of Dynamax Bands… and help bring Dynamax to the Kalos region!" Clemont said.
"Wow! That'd be awesome!" Bonnie said. Clemont then noticed Bonnie standing behind him and looking over her shoulder.
"Huh? You're sticking around, Bonnie? Usually you find this part boring." Clemont said.
"I can't help it. I'm really curious about this whole Dynamax thing myself." Bonnie said with a smile.

As Clemont got back to work, however, he inadvertantly touched one wire to another and it caused sparks to shoot up.
"Whoa!" both Clemont and Bonnie shouted as they and Chespin backed away. They suddenly watched the Dynamax Band suddenly bounce around all over the table.
"What… what's happening, big brother?" Bonnie asked.
"I don't know, but whenever anything mechanical bounces like that…" Clemont said.
"That means hit the deck!" Bonnie shouted as she and Clemont backed away, ducking just as a red laser suddenly shot out from the band. The laser literally bounced around the entire room, until finally it struck the ceiling, sending big chunks of it falling down and glowing red for some reason. Bonnie was the first to see the debris falling and pushed her brother out of the way.
"Clemont! Look out!" Bonnie shouted as Clemont tumbled away from her… just as she got flattened underneath the chunks of ceiling. Clemont gasped as he saw this play out.
"Bonnie! BONNIE!!!" Clemont screamed as he ran towards the glowing rocks and used all his strength to pull them out.
"Please, Bonnie… please be alright…" Clemont said as he and Chespin kept tossing aside the rocks.

Finally, after removing one more piece, they saw Bonnie's face. It was scraped up, but most importantly, she was unconscious and didn't look to be breathing.
"Bonnie! Say something! Speak to me!" Clemont said as he feverishly shook Bonnie's head, but there was no response. He stumbled backwards and fell on his behind.
"Oh no… Bonnie. It finally happened… I cause something to blow up, and this time… I… I… I killed her!" Clemont said as he sunk his head into his knees.
"*sobs* I'm so sorry, Bonnie!" Clemont said.
The young boy was crying so much, he (and Chespin) didn't notice Bonnie suddenly opening her eyes again. Not only that, but she let out a snarling growl as she burst her hand through the rubble. This was enough to get Clemont looking up again.
"*gasp* Bonnie! You're okay!" Clemont said. As he got up to try and remove more of the rocks, he suddenly watched as the rocks were falling off as Bonnie stood up to her feet, removing the debris with ease.
On top of all that, Bonnie looked taller… a lot taller. She was a full head taller than her brother and still growing. And her body had a faint red glow too.
"B…Bonnie?" Clemont said.
"Get out of my way!!!" Bonnie suddenly shouted as she shoved Clemont away and charged towards one of the walls. Already approaching 30 feet tall and with the ceiling closing in on her, Bonnie plowed right through the wall, allowing the sunlight from outside to come shining through. Clemont stood stunned as Chespin stood beside him.
"That's… not good." Clemont said.

Unsurprisingly, anyone who could see the Prism Tower within their field of vision was shocked to see one of the side walls burst apart and a growing young girl, with her entire body (including clothes) covered in a red glow, emerging. As Bonnie lightly growled, she watched as the area shrunk smaller and smaller as she continued to grow. 100 feet tall, then 200, 300, 400… people were getting real worried she'd grow bigger than the Prism Tower itself! Luckily that didn't happen, but at 600 feet tall, Bonnie still towered well over the city.
"ARRRRRRRRRGH!!!" Bonnie screamed as she flexed her arms and took a couple steps forward. This instantly set the city into a panic as people (and some of their Pokémon) ran left and right trying to get away from the rampaging 8-year-old giantess, who already crushed a smaller building underneath her bare feet.

It was almost like watching a monster movie for anyone who had gained enough distance from the giant Bonnie or was watching on the news. Despite being so huge, Bonnie had incredible speed as she flattened a row of parked cars underneath her feet. With those same feet, she kicked a couple apartment buildings off their foundations. There were a couple more apartment buildings on the row, and what did she do with those? Reach down, pick them up, and squeeze them together like accordions.
"GET AWAY!" Bonnie shouted down at a group of people just as she lifted up her foot and tried to step on them. A couple dozen unlucky people were flattened underneath her toes. Bonnie showed little regard for their safety as she marched forward in the city. In fact, to make matters worse, she suddenly took a deep breath and then exhaled, shooting out green flames from her mouth. It was actually atomic breath, but the tiny people didn't care. Buildings were being lit up in green flames as they continued to run and run.
Bonnie walked up to a building that was almost as tall as her, and she grabbed both sides of the structure. With a mighty grunt, Bonnie ripped the building off its foundation and then slammed it on the ground, taking out several other structures and causing the building she held to fall apart.
"ARRRRRRRRRGH!!!" Bonnie once again roared as she relished in the destruction she was causing. Once again she let loose her atomic breath and destroyed a whole row of structures with one breath.

As Bonnie walked in the northwestern direction and carved a path of destruction underneath her feet, she eventually spotted the ocean out in the distance. Bonnie dipped her feet into the ocean water, sending gigantic waves that easily capsized any boats in the area, if they weren't already crushed by the giantess as she walked deeper into the ocean. Eventually, she found herself completely submerged and yet did not feel the need to hold her breath. Bonnie figured this was the next of her new powers… the power to breathe underwater. With a depth of 800-900 feet, Bonnie walked around and looked at the previously unseen aquatic world. It made her happy from the inside seeing the many different types of water Pokémon.
However, they wouldn't stay visible for long. Bonnie felt the need to open her mouth and not only let a vast amount of sea water into her mouth, taking in a lot of innocent water Pokémon as well (including the normally massive Wailord).

A couple minutes wind up passing, and Bonnie felt the need to come back up to the surface. People had walked to the outer edges of the city wondering where the giantess went, but they went back to running and screaming as they saw her head and upper body eventually emerge. As water dripped down from the giantess's clothing, she was back to roaring and rampaging around the city.

Meanwhile, there was a man and woman walking opposite of the screaming people that were either very brave or very stupid depending on who you ask. The man of the group has brown eyes, short green hair, and wore a black shirt with a red R popping out, black pants, white boots, and white gloves. The woman has purple eyes and gold hair worn in pigtails. She also wears a pair of triangular pink earrings. Her Team Rocket uniform takes the form of a black short-sleeved minidress with the team's red R logo on the front, plus white gloves that reach the sleeves and have a red stripe near that area, and white thigh high boots with the same stripe near the tops and a small heel. Of course, I'm talking about Butch and Cassidy of Team Rocket. They were joined by one of their Pokémon, Scizor.
"Huh… I wonder what everyone is running from?" Cassidy said.
"Maybe it's that special perfume you put on this morning." Butch said with a smile. Cassidy wasn't smiling though.
"Ugh! You're no help… as usual!" Cassidy said.
"Alright, alright, I'm sorry. Let's just focus on trying to break into Lumiose Gym like the boss asked us to do." Butch said.

However, the two looked way up in the sky expecting to see a clear blue sky, but instead they saw the mega-sized Bonnie stomping around.
"Yikes! Look at the size of that little girl!" Cassidy shouted.
"Little? What kind of vitamins has she been taking!?" Butch said.
"Ooooooh… we must get a piece of her! Maybe I can steal whatever power she has that made her grow…" Cassidy said.
"Ugh… don't you mean we? OW!" Butch said, only to be slapped in the face by his partner.
"Silly Hutch! Don't you know Team Rocket rule 99, section D? Only women are allowed to grow when presented the opportunity!" Cassidy shouted.
"Bleh! I don't remember a rule 99 in the book… and the name is Butch, by the way!" Butch shouted as he rubbed his face.
"Whatever! Scizor! Chop off one of that girl's giant toes!" Cassidy said. Scizor looked funny at Cassidy.
"Sciz?" Scizor said.
"You heard me! Time is size… er, money!" Cassidy shouted. Scizor finally shrugged its shoulders and went flying towards Bonnie.

But of course, all Scizor would end up doing is angering the mega-sized Bonnie. Scizor landed atop one of Bonnie's toes and sunk one of its claws into the skin of the giantess's toes, but immediately…
"ARRRRRRRRRGH!!!" Bonnie roared as she kicked her foot forward, causing Scizor to go flying off and land in front of Butch and Cassidy, whom Bonnie was looking straight down at.
"Those R's… Team Rocket… I HATE TEAM ROCKET!!!" Bonnie screamed as she lifted a bare foot up.
"Yeah, Cassidy, I'm not so sure biting into her skin like that was the smartest strategy…" Butch said.
"SHUT UP AND RUN!!!" Cassidy said as she, Butch, and Scizor all went running away, barely avoiding being stepped on by Bonnie. While Bonnie could've easily crushed the three flat given her long stride (thanks to her massive size), she toyed with them by keeping each of her steps a yard or two behind the villainous duo.
After a couple minutes, though, she finally planted one of her bare feet to the point where the two were trapped between two of her toes (one of them being her pinky toe which looked building sized from the perspective of the team). Butch and Cassidy hugged each other as they watched the mighty toe walls close together.
"Eeeeeek! Don't let them crush me!" Cassidy said.
"Maybe now would be a good time to ask for your number?" Butch asked with a smile on his face. Cassidy blushed and then slapped his partner in the face.
"Bleh! How can you think about dates at a time like this!?" Cassidy shouted.

When it looked like the 'walls' were going to completely close together and crush everyone within, the trio watched as Bonnie suddenly lifted her foot away. But even as they breathed a sigh of relief, they looked up and suddenly saw a couple fingers heading down. They pinched together, allowing Bonnie to pick up the evil group. They shivered as they stared right into one of her blue eyes.
"Why don't you just BLAST OFF!?" Bonnie shouted angrily. The mega giantess wound up her arm and, you guessed it, flung the evil trio into the distance.
"We’re blasting off again!!" Butch and Cassidy both screamed before they and Scizor disappeared in a blink.

Meanwhile, just behind the incredibly large Bonnie was a helicopter hovering overhead. Inside the copter (aside from its pilots) were Officer Jenny and Clemont, Bonnie's brother.
"Are you sure you can talk her down!?" Officer Jenny said.
"I have to, officer! Otherwise this entire city will be wrecked and I'll have nobody to blame but myself…" Clemont said.
"That's fine, but what about returning her to normal?" Jenny asked.
"Yeah… that I'm still working on." Clemont said. Once the copter got close enough to the giantess, Clemont picked up the megaphone and shouted into it.
"Bonnie! It's me, Clemont!" Clemont shouted. Bonnie turned around rapidly, causing the ponytail of her hair to almost whack the helicopter (even as it flew higher to gain altitude), and growled as she looked at the helicopter.
"Bonnie! Please! Come to your senses! This is not like you!" Clemont said. Bonnie didn't say anything. She instead inhaled deeply, and Officer Jenny knew what was coming next.
"Pull up! PULL UP!!!" Jenny shouted as the helicopter quickly flew higher just as Bonnie let loose her atomic breath, with the copter barely avoiding getting scorched. Because of the sudden ascension, however, the helicopter had trouble staying level, causing everyone to tip back and forth. Officer Jenny tried to grab Clemont, who was having the most trouble keeping his footing, but finally the boy went flying out of the copter.
"Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!" Clemont screamed as he fell and fell.
"Clemont!!!" Jenny shouted, watching helplessly as Clemont fell and fell.

As Clemont fell, he got a close up view of Bonnie's gigantic face and then her clothes. He gasped when he realized he had one shot left, and that was to grab onto the black bow at the top of her shirt. As Clemont held on for dear life, Bonnie looked down and snorted as she spotted her tiny brother hanging on. She opened her mouth like she was going to breathe atomic fire again, but stopped when she heard Clemont speak out.
"Bonnie! Listen to me! Fight the Dynamax! This is not like you!" Clemont shouted. Shockingly to everyone watching, including Jenny in the helicopter, Bonnie's face didn't look so menacing.
"You deeply value all life, especially those of Pokémon. I know you'd be much more gentle." Clemont said.
"Bi… bi… big… brother?" Bonnie said.
"That's right, Bonnie. It's me. Everything's going to be alright." Clemont said. Less and less Bonnie's face was looking like the menacing monster she had been portraying for the last hour or so. She seemed to be coming back to her senses, especially when…
"Big brother!" Bonnie said as she wrapped her arms around her own chest, pinning Clemont between them and her shirt.
"Ack! Not so hard, Bonnie!" Clemont said. The hugging continued for another 30 seconds before finally Bonnie rested Clemont in the palm of her hand.
"I… I'm so sorry, Clemont… and Lumiose City! I don't know what came over me!" Bonnie said.
"Heh… I guess that's what happens when I experiment with new technology like Dynamax without fully studying it." Clemont said.
"You can shrink me back to normal, right, big brother?" Bonnie asked.
"Well, um…" Clemont said as he then gulped nervously.

Afterwards, however, the red glow around Bonnie's body disappeared, and the girl suddenly found herself shrinking back to normal size. Clemont could tell, watching Bonnie's hand getting smaller underneath him.
"Oh, you're shrinking, Bonnie!" Clemont shouted. Bonnie watched as she rapidly dwindled in size. A couple minutes later, and she's back to her normal size with Clemont standing next to her.
"Whew… alright! Back to normal! I don't think I ever want to go through anything like that again. Well, I mean… the blind monster-like rampage part I mean." Bonnie said.
"Huh? You mean…" Clemont said.
"Being that big was fun! Maybe I should start building model cities out of paper in my free time!" Bonnie shouted playfully.
"Oy vey…" Clemont said as he rolled his eyes. He and Bonnie then watched as the copter landed not too far away, with Officer Jenny coming out with a smile.
"Whew… you sure gave us a scare, Bonnie." Jenny said.
"I'm really sorry, Officer Jenny. All those people, these buildings, those Pokémon…" Bonnie said as she looked around at the damage she caused in the city. Jenny, however, shook it off.
"It's tragic we lost some lives and structures, but there wasn't anything you could do. We just have to hope that power doesn't reawaken in you again." Jenny said.
"It shouldn't, Officer Jenny. My portable scanners show she's all clear and there's no trace of Dynamax left in her." Clemont said.
"Whew… that's a relief!" Bonnie said.

Jenny then looked down at her watch.
"Well, I better get back and file my report on what's happened. Take care, you two… and try not to blow up anything else!" Jenny said.
"Er… I'll try!" Clemont said. Everyone would go there separate ways, with Bonnie and Clemont heading back towards Prism Tower, part of which was their home in the form of the Lumiose Gym. As Bonnie looked down at her wrists, however, she suddenly noticed a faint red glow highly resembling that of when she had the Dynamax power. It appeared briefly and then disappeared.
"Huh?" Bonnie asked.
"What's wrong, Bonnie?" Clemont asked.
"Ummm… nothing. I thought I saw something, but it's nothing really." Bonnie said. Clemont gave her sister a quick hug as they continued their walk back home.

Something, however, told Bonnie that this would not be the last time she'd be using this power.