Curse of the Toon Gengar


Iris: Hmph.  I can’t believe that you guys are leaving me behind.

Ash: Sorry, Iris.  But I only had one ticket for two people.

Iris: And you chose to go with Cilan instead of me?

Axew: Axew.  Axew.

Cilan: Don’t worry, Iris.  Ash said that he called for some of his friends to spend time with you while we’re at the Invitational Pokemon Tag-Team Tournament.

Iris: Huh?  Who are they?

Ash: The three girls that I traveled with before I got here.  You’ll like them.

Cilan: I believe that you mentioned that they came from different regions.

Ash: Yep.

Pikachu: Pika-Pika!

Cilan: Smells like a nice full-course meal for you, Iris.

Iris: Well, I suppose so…

Cilan: Hey, Ash.  We’d better get going.  Our boat leaves in a few minutes.  Bye, Iris!

Ash: Ahh!  Gotta go!  I told them to meet you here.  They should be arriving shortly.  Bye, Iris!

Pikachu: Pika-Pikachu!

Iris: Have a good time, you guys!

Axew: Ax-Axew!

Ash & Cilan leave, as Iris waves good-bye.  She goes to a nearby stump and sits down.

Iris: Well, Axew, it’s just you and me until Ash’s friends show up.

Axew: Axew.

Iris: I wonder what they’re like.

Axew: Axew.

?????: Hey!  Are you Iris?

Iris turns to see the first of the three girls approaching.  It’s Misty.

Iris: Uh, yes I am.  Who are you?

Misty: I’m Misty, a friend of Ash’s in Kanto.

Iris: Oh, so you traveled all the way from Kanto?

Misty: Yes, and I have to say, Unova is very different.

???: You can say that again.

Both of them turn to see the second of the three girls approaching.

Misty: May!  You’re here, too?!

May: I can’t believe that Ash wanted me to come all the way from Johto just to spend time with someone I’ve never met.  Still, it’s nice to explore a new region.

????: I can relate to you, May.

All three of them turn to see the third of the three girls approaching.

May: Dawn!

Dawn: I came all the way from Hoenn for this.

Piplup: Piplup.  Piplup.

Iris: So are you from Hoenn?

Dawn: No, I’m from Sinnoh.

May: I’m from Hoenn.

Iris: So, I should introduce myself.  I’m Iris.  And this is Axew.

Axew: Axew, Axew.

Misty: I’m Misty, the Cerulean City Gym Leader in Kanto.

May: My name is May.  My dad is the Gym Leader in Petalburg City.

Dawn: And I’m Dawn, and this is Piplup.

Piplup: Piplup.

Iris: Are you related to a Gym Leader?

Dawn: No, but my mom is a top coordinator in Sinnoh.

Iris: Interesting.  Well, it’s nice meeting all of you.  I’m also thankful that you three took time out from your journeys to spend time with me.  But how did you all meet Ash?

As they continue talking, Axew becomes friends with Piplup.  Both of them run off.

Misty: I fished for him.  Then, his Pikachu fried my bike.

May: Really?  The same thing happened to me when his Pikachu became sick and was attacked by Team Rocket.

Dawn: Wow.  Me, too.  I battled it with Piplup, but it aimed a Thunderbolt at Piplup and my bike and fried it.

Misty: That seems to be a fate for any girl that decides to travel with Ash.

May: *giggles* Yeah.  Even though they were accidents, it almost seems like fate.

Dawn: And the bikes are the sign.

All three girls laugh.

Iris: That never happened to me.

Misty, May, & Dawn: Huh?

Iris: I never had a bike, so it never happened to me.

Misty: So, how did you meet Ash, then?

Iris: Well, I was minding my own business, when a Poke Ball hit me in the back of the head.  He thought I was a Pokemon and tried to catch me.

Dawn: What?  Really?

Iris: Actually, his Pokedex ID’d Axew, which makes sense since Axew loves it in my hair.

May: You have a Pokemon living in your hair?

Iris: It’s not as bad as you might think.  Right, Axew?

There’s no answer.

Iris: Huh?  Axew?  Axew?  Where are you?

Dawn: Piplup’s gone too.

Axew: Ax-Axew.

Piplup: Pip-Piplup.

The girls see the two Pokemon in front of a cave.

Dawn: Piplup.  What are you doing?

Piplup: Piplup.  Pip-Piplup-lup.

Iris: Axew.  Don’t wander off like that.

Axew: Axew.

Soon, the girls her some haunted laughing inside the cave.  Axew goes inside Iris’s hair, scared.

Iris: W-What was that?

May: S-Sounded like it came from inside the cave.

Misty: Uh…  I think we should avoid this place…

Piplup puts up a bold attitude and enters the cave.

Piplup: Pip.  Piplup-lup.  Piplup!

Dawn: Hey!  Piplup!  What are you doing?

Dawn follows the Pokemon inside.  Axew jumps out of Iris’s hair and follows after them.

Axew: Ax?  Ax-Axew!

Iris: Hey, Axew!  Wait!  Don’t go in there!

Iris follows Axew.

Misty: *gulps* We can’t leave them behind…can we?

May: M-Maybe we should wait for--

Before she could finish, lightning strikes and rain starts pouring.  Both girls scream and run inside.  They catch up to Dawn & Iris, who are standing in front of a haunted house.  All four girls are surprised that such a place exists inside a cave.  Iris starts getting chills.

Iris: There’s something very creepy inside that house.  I can feel it.

Misty: Do you think they went in there?

Dawn: Somehow, I think so.

The haunted laughing continues inside the house.  The girls get chills down their spine.  Piplup & Axew’s voices can be heard inside.

Dawn: Piplup!

Iris: Axew!

All four girls run inside.  They observe the main hallway.

Misty: Wow.  Who would’ve thought that this huge building existed inside that cave?

May: Who owns it, and why would they put it so deep within here in the first place?

Piplup & Axew scream in horror.

Iris: Axew!

Iris is the first one to make it up the nearby stairs.  Dawn quickly follows behind.

Dawn: Piplup!

May & Misty follow after them.  They find a room with several coffins.  The one in the center has tape on it.

Misty: What’s that?

The girls approach the coffin.  They hear Axew & Piplup’s voices.

Dawn: Someone must’ve trapped them in here.

May: Let’s open it up!

The girls attempt to remove the tape.  However, it’s sealed tight around the coffin.

Misty: It won’t budge!

May: In that case, it’s time to use our Pokemon!  Blaziken!  Go!

Dawn: Quilava!  Go!

Both Pokemon are released.

May: Use your flames to remove the tape.

Both Pokemon use the flames on their bodies to burn the tape.  The tape is soon completely gone.

May: Good job.

Dawn: Return, now.

Both Pokemon return to their Poke Balls.  Suddenly, dark purple energy comes out of the coffin.  It shakes and rumbles.  The top flies off and breaks on the floor.  Thunder can be heard, and it’s really loud.  Suddenly, Axew & Piplup fall out of a nearby coffin.

Girls: Huh?

Iris: Axew?

Dawn: Piplup?

Axew: Axew.

Piplup: Piplup.

Misty: But if they were in that coffin…

May: …then who did we just release?

Purple smoke is released from the coffin.  The wind within the coffin slightly pushes the girls and Pokemon.  There’s more thunder and rumbling.  The area flashes a few times.  Then, a small purple tornado comes out of the center and spins around everyone.  The girls scream.  Piplup & Axew are blown out of the room.  The tornado continues spinning around the area really fast.  Then, it stops and reveals itself to be a Gengar.

Gengar: GENGAR!  Gen!  Gen!  Gengar-Gengar!

The Gengar zooms around the room, looking at its surroundings.  Then, it flies into the air and raises its arms around, celebrating its freedom.

Gengar: Gengar!  Gengar!  Gengar!  Gengar!

Misty: Huh?  A Gengar?

The Gengar starts dancing.

May: So that energy came from this Pokemon, but it doesn’t look scary.

Dawn: *giggles* He’s funny.

The Gengar rearranges it’s face and plays with it.  Then, it inflates its head and it pops.  The Gengar pulls its head from its body and giggles.

Gengar: Gengar!

Iris: Hmm…  Maybe I was wrong.  Strange, though.  Gengar is a Kanto Pokemon.  So why is it here?

The Gengar turns to face the girls.  Its eyes turn to hearts and flies on Misty’s chest, giving her a hug.

Misty: Well, it seems friendly enough…

The Gengar turns to Dawn and gives her a hug.  Then it does the same thing to Iris and May.

Iris: *giggles* Wow.  You must really like us, huh?

The Gengar goes up to Iris’s face and kisses her on the lips.


Iris spits out the taste of Gengar’s tongue, and Gengar laughs.  It pulls a hammer out of nowhere and hits itself in the head, causing three Gengar to appear.  Basically, it’s Double Team done in a loony way.  Then the three Gengar do the same thing to Misty, May, & Dawn, kissing them.  All three of them get that taste in their mouths and spit it out.  The three Gengar laugh.  Then, they start a conversation with each other.  After the conversation, they turn to see Axew & Piplup.  They scare the two out of the cave.  Then they laugh their heads off.

Dawn: Hey!  What’s the big idea?!

Iris: You need to stop causing trouble!

Misty: And how dare you kiss us, you nasty freak!

The three Gengar shake their bottoms at the girls, angering them.

May: Why you little--?!  Let’s battle this thing and put him back where he belongs!

All the girls grab their Poke Balls.  The three Gengar laugh, then become one again.  Its eyes turn blue.

Misty: W-What’s going on?

May: I don’t know, but I feel funny…

Iris: Me, too.

Dawn: *screams* My hand!  It’s getting bigger!

May: So is my foot!

Misty: I think we’re growing!

Iris looks around the room and notices it getting smaller.

Iris: We need to get out of here before--

Before she could finish, the girls’ heights shoot up quickly.  All of them scream as they get cramped inside.  Gengar’s eyes pop out as it screams, because it sees Iris’s growing foot heading towards it.  It flies out of the house.  Axew & Piplup see the Pokemon leave the house and the cave.

Piplup: Piplup?

Axew: Ax-Axew!

Both Pokemon move toward the house.  Suddenly, a giant foot breaks part of the house, scaring both Pokemon.  It’s May’s giant foot.  Then, they see Dawn’s giant hand pop out of the second floor.  The Pokemon run out of the cave, as the whole cave starts shaking.  More limbs start popping out of the building.  Both Piplup & Axew make it out of the cave.  The rumbling continues.  Soon, the whole cave collapses and giant hands appear from the area.  Piplup and Axew catch their breaths before they notice a giant shadow looming over them.  Both of them are shocked at what they see.  The giant shadow is actually four figures.  Those four figures are four girls: Misty, May, Dawn, & Iris, who are now much taller than before.  The two Pokemon turn to see Gengar laughing its head off at the girls before heading into a city.  Both of them get mad at Gengar for its actions.  They nod at each other and go after the crazy Pokemon.


Meanwhile, with the giant girls, all of them are now shocked at their new heights.  They look down and notice that the trees barely go beyond their shoes.

Misty: Okay!  This is really bad!

May: That loony Gengar made us humongous!

Dawn: But where are Piplup & Axew?

Iris: I don’t see them anywhere, nor do I see that crazy Gengar.

Misty: It would be smart if we focused on Gengar rather than our own Pokemon.

Dawn & Iris: Huh?!

Misty: I’m sure they’re fine.  If Piplup was bold enough to lead us into the cave, then I’m sure it’s capable of looking after Axew.

May: Hold on, Misty!  We can’t go into town like this!  People will think of us as giant monsters!

Misty: In that case, let’s use our Pokemon.

Misty takes out a Poke Ball that grew with her.

May: Hold on.  What if our Pokemon grew with us?

Iris: Well, I don’t see any other options.  Let’s go for it.

Misty presses the Poke Ball’s button, but it does nothing.

Misty: Huh?

Misty presses it a few more times.

Misty: It’s not working.

The other girls try their Poke Balls, but their balls aren’t working, either.

May: Don’t tell me that crazy Pokemon is responsible for this, too!

Dawn: Now what?  If we go into town, we’ll be mistaken as monsters!  If we stay here, we’ll be stuck like this forever!

After some heavy thinking, Iris speaks.

Iris: *sighs* I suppose it can’t be helped.  We’ll have to look for Gengar ourselves.

Misty: But Iris…

Iris: Like I said, it can’t be helped.

Misty: *groans* I don’t like this…

Iris: If we’re all in agreement, then I suggest that we each split up.

The girls see four different cities in the distance.

Iris: We’ll each take a city and see if we can find it.

????: What in the world?!

Tyrogue: Tyrogue!

In the distance, a young boy with his Tyrogue see the giantesses split into separate directions, shaking the ground with each step.

????: Four giant girls?!  Amazing!

Tyrogue: Ty-Tyrogue!

????: So, the stories of The Toon Gengar are true!  We’d better tell grandpa about this right away!

Tyrogue nods its head in agreement and both of them leave the area.

(In First City)

Piplup & Axew wonder where they can find The Toon Gengar.

Piplup: Piplup Pip-Pip-Piplup-lup.

Axew: Ax-Axew.  Ax.  Axew-Ax-Axew.

(In First City)

Piplup & Axew wonder where they can find The Toon Gengar.

Piplup: Piplup Pip-Pip-Piplup-lup.

Axew: Ax-Axew.  Ax.  Axew-Ax-Axew.

Suddenly, The Toon Gengar spins around the area, like a hurricane.  It causes things to fly around.  It stops when he sees a bakery.  Its eyes pop out and his mouth has a waterfall of saliva flowing from it.  It breaks into the bakery and scares everyone away.  It laughs, drools at the food, and starts chowing down.  After a while, Gengar’s cleans the place out.

Gengar: Gengar, Gengar!

Gengar belches and lets out a toot from its butt.  It laughs.  Suddenly, Piplup & Axew appear.

Piplup: Piplup!

Axew: Axew!

Gengar: Gengar?

Piplup: Piplup-Pip-Pip-Pip-Piplup!

Axew: Ax-Axew!  Axew!

Gengar sticks its tongue out at them and grabs a horn from inside its mouth.  It’s a small horn.

Piplup: Piplup?

Axew: Axew?

Gengar squeezes the horn and a loud blaring noise blasts all the windows.  The civilians cover their ears.  Piplup & Axew do the same.

Piplup: PIPLUP!

Axew: AXEW!

The noise stops.  Gengar laughs before bouncing around the room like a rubber ball.  Meanwhile, Officer Jenny and the rest of the police make it to the bakery.

Officer Jenny: What is going on in there?!

Suddenly, The Toon Gengar speeds out the building and toward Jenny, stopping just before her face.  She gets startled.  Gengar reveals itself and kisses her.  It then spins away in a tornado.  She’s busy spitting the kiss from her lips.

Officer Jenny: What in the world--?!  Was that a Gengar?!

Piplup & Axew walk up to Officer Jenny and try to explain what’s going on.

Officer Jenny: A Piplup and an Axew?  Do you two know that crazy Pokemon?

Both Pokemon point to the empty bakery.

Officer Jenny: *gasps* This bakery’s been cleaned out!  But for that Pokemon to act this crazy…

Both Pokemon leave to find The Toon Gengar, as another officer approaches.

Officer: Officer Jenny!  We have a big situation!  A very big situation!

Officer Jenny: Calm down.  What’s wrong, now?

Before he could answer, the ground starts shaking.  Suddenly, all those present within the city look up to see a giant Misty looking down at them.  Everyone is shocked.

Misty: (Thinking) This is a really bad idea…

 Officer Jenny: WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!

 Everybody starts panicking, screaming, and running.  Misty bends down.

 Misty: Don’t worry.  I’m not here to hurt anyone.  I’m just--

 Before she could finish, she accidentally bumps her rump into a building, taking it down.

 Misty: Sorry.  I didn’t mean for that to happen.

 Officer Jenny: First a loony Gengar, now a giant girl?!

Officer: Actually, Jenny, this is only one of four giant girls that have been reported recently.

 Officer Jenny: WHAT?!

Officer: Three others have been sighted in three other cities.

 Officer Jenny: You’ve gotta be kidding me!!


(In Second City)
May: Please, don’t panic.  I’m just looking for a Pokemon that did this to me.

However everyone is too busy panicking to pay attention to her.

May: Oh, my.  How am I going to get through this?


(In Third City)
Dawn: People.  Relax.  I’m not a monster.

Like with the last two girls, no one was paying attention to her.

Dawn: Can this get any worse?


(In Forth City)
Iris: Relax.  I’m not here to cause problems.  I’m just looking for a Pokemon.

Like the first three cities, no one was listening to Iris.

Iris: *sighs* I really hate this…


(In First City)

The Toon Gengar, who was actually not too far away, overhears everything that Jenny and the cop were saying.  It sees Misty and gets an idea.  It pulls a hammer from its back and hits itself on the head.  It knocks itself dizzy, creating multiple clones of Gengar, or using its Double Team.  The Toon Gengar discusses its plan with its clones.  Several of the clones nod their heads and leave.  The real Toon Gengar looks at the giant Misty with an evil grin.

Outside the city limits, Axew & Piplup, who have lost track of Gengar, wonder how they’re going to do this.

Piplup: Pip-Piplup Piplup?

Axew: Ax-Axew.

Suddenly, they overhear two people talking.

???????: What?!  Are you certain of this, Dave?!

Dave: Yes, grandpa.  I saw all four of them heading into each of the nearby cities.

They look to see a young child with a Tyrogue.  An old man has a Hitmonchan, a Hitmonlee, & a Hitmontop with him.  The Three Pokemon are shocked at this information.

Grandpa: This is bad.  No one except for me knows about The Toon Gengar.  You need to get those girls’ attention and bring them here before they do more harm than good.

Dave: We’ll get on it right away.

Tyrogue: Tyrogue!

The grandfather looks at his other Pokemon.

Grandpa: Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Hitmontop!  You three will assist Dave.  Both he and Tyrogue can’t do this by themselves.

The three Pokemon nod their heads in agreement.  Piplup & Axew appear and Dave recognizes them.

Dave: Huh?  Aren’t you the two Pokemon that were with those giant girls?

The two Pokemon nod their heads.

Piplup: Piplup.

Axew: Axew.

Grandpa: These Pokemon apparently feel responsible and wish to help.

Dave: So what should we do, grandpa?

Grandpa: It would be unwise to get their attention while they’re in the city.  We’ll wait until they’re out of the city before we make our move.  In the meantime, we’ll have our Pokemon watch over all the action.


(In First City)

Misty continues traveling through the city, being careful not to step on anything.  Meanwhile, people continue panicking.

Misty: This isn’t working at all…  I’ll never find that loony Gengar--

??????: Gengar!  GENGAR!

Misty: Huh?

Hiding in an alley, The Toon Gengar steps out and wiggles its bottom at Misty.

Misty: I found you!

Misty goes to approach the Gengar, but is unaware of the two clone Gengar that hold a rope.  They extend the rope, and she trips over it.

Misty: WHOA!  WHOA!  WHOA!

She falls with a gigantic boom, crumbling a few buildings in the process.  The tiny Toon Gengar in comparison laughs.  Its clones join in, and all three of them approach her gigantic face.  She opens her eyes.  The three turn into one and kiss her in the nose before flying off.  She growls and scrambles up to her feet.

Misty: I’ll get you!

She dashes after the Gengar, not aware of the damage she’s now causing.  Gengar goes into an underground area.  Misty dives for it and reaches her hand out for it, but is unable to grab it.

Misty: Darn it!  It got away!

Misty stands up to her full height.  She looks at the damage done.

Misty: *groans* Great…  I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised…  It’s weird, though.  I thought I’d have to worry about Officer Jenny and the military or something.  But there’s no one here.

Little did she know that The Toon Gengar was being chased by the authorities.

Officer Jenny: Stop it right there, you crazy loon!

The cars get as close as they can to Gengar in the chase.  However, The Toon Gengar uses Double Team, the group sticks their tongues at them a few times and zoom away.  All the cars stop, and the cops are shocked.

Officer Jenny: Apparently, we’re not dealing with any ordinary Gengar.  How can we deal with that and four giant girls at the same time?  We need more information.  There could be a connection between them.

Officer: What should we do?  The rest of our forces are busy evacuating the townsfolk.

Officer Jenny: I want you guys to focus on making sure that the civilians don’t panic.  I’m going to look into this mystery between the giantesses and that Gengar.

Officer: Yes, ma’am.


(Second City)

Meanwhile, May was doing some searching herself.  Unfortunately for her, the streets were narrow, causing her to scrape a few buildings.

May: *grunts* Why did these streets have to be so narrow?  I can barley move around here.

Suddenly, The Toon Gengar appears in a cloud of black smoke in front of her face.

May: Huh?  It’s you!

She sees him pull a giant peppershaker from his back and he sprinkles it on her nose before flying off.

May: Ah…Ah…!  Ah…Ah…Ah…AH…AH…AH-CHOO!!

As expected, May’s sneeze does numerous amounts of damage, from breaking windows, to blowing cars into buildings.  Gengar quickly flies away.  May tries to run after it, but tumbles over and flips upside down, after getting her waist stuck between two narrow buildings, doing even more damage.

May: I swear, if anyone makes any fat jokes about this, I’m going to crush them.


(Third City)

Dawn continues looking low for Gengar, peaking through every sewer and window, trying to cause as little damage as possible.

Dawn: Well, I haven’t caused much damage, but it hasn’t gotten me very far…  No need to worry.  I’m sure I’ll find--Gengar?!

She sees the Gengar waving and making faces at her.

Dawn: Why you little--!?

Dawn goes to reach for Gengar.

Dawn: How would you like to be--OW!

Dawn pokes her arm in a spike building.  She waves her hand to shake off the pain, but accidentally gets her pinky finger caught in an electrical wire and electrocutes herself.  This also causes a power failure throughout the area.  She falls back, doing damage in the area.  Gengar makes his getaway.  She sees her reflection in a building and notices that her hair is a mess.  She screams and scrambles to fix it.

Dawn: Oh, no!  My hair!  Grr!  Darn that Gengar!


(Fourth City)
Iris tries her hardest not to do damage, but her hair continues collecting objects from rooftops.

Iris: *groans* How am I going to find the Gengar if my hair keeps getting in the way?

Suddenly, she runs into the Gengar.

Iris: Gengar!

Gengar sticks his bottom right in front of her nose and toots on it.

Iris: Gross!  Come back here!

Gengar flies off, but Iris is close behind her.  Gengar turns around and is surprised at how fast she is.

Iris: You can’t get away from me!

Gengar makes a turn and goes through a few buildings.  Iris makes a long jump over those buildings, but when she lands, she falls through the ground.  The impact also caused the streets to crack and damaged several buildings.

Iris: I guess I put too much force in my landing…  Oops…

The Gengar laughs like crazy.

Iris: Grr!  I’ll get you!

Iris gets back on the streets and starts chasing the Pokemon.

At the same time, Dawn, May, & Misty do the same thing, chasing the clones into a nearby valley.  Suddenly, the Gengar merge into one.  The girls are too focused on the Gengar that they don’t notice that they’re about to run into each other until it’s too late.  They try to stop, but crash into each other, causing a huge tremor, as the Gengar disappears into the ground.

Misty: *groans* This is pointless!

May: I take it that you guys had little luck in catching Gengar?

Dawn: All I’ve managed to do was mess up my hair and do a lot of damage!

Iris is cleaning out the junk in her hair.

Iris: Well, at least your hair isn’t tangled up in all this cluttered junk!

Misty: Grr…  This is all your fault!

Iris: ME?!

Misty: If you hadn’t suggested for us to go into the cities, we never would’ve gotten into this mess!  Now the military will probably be after us…  And we’ll be on TV…

Dawn: Relax, Misty.

Misty: Relax?!  I’m a giant!  If you hadn’t stopped Piplup from going into that house, we wouldn’t be in this mess!

Dawn: Oh, so it’s MY fault now?!

Misty: Both yours and Iris’s!

May: Aw, come on, Misty!  Getting angry at them isn’t going to solve the problem!

Misty: No, but it makes me feel better!

May: That’s just stupid!

Dawn: May’s right!  You don’t hear her blaming us for this mess!  Right, May?

May doesn’t say anything.

Iris: May, don’t tell me that you believe that we were responsible for this!

May: Well…  Your Pokemon did--

Dawn: I don’t believe this!  You think so, too?!

May: Hey!  I didn’t want to say anything!  You guys MADE me tell you!

Iris: Oh, please!  If anything, it was Dawn’s Piplup that started this mess!  Pretending to be all brave!

Dawn: Excuse me?!  It was YOUR Axew that found the cave!  So it’s YOUR fault!

Iris: ME?!

Misty: It’s both your faults!

The girls continue arguing.


In the distance, their booming voices echo throughout the region.  People around them are covering their ears and running away.  Jenny is driving in the other direction and soon covers her ears, irritated at the arguing.

Officer Jenny: Gah!  What’s that noise?!

She looks and sees the four giant girls arguing.

Officer Jenny: It’s all four of them!  What a racket!


In another area, Dave and his Pokemon are also covering their ears, along with many people, that are running away.

Dave: AAHH!  That’s so noisy!

Axew & Piplup, with their ears covered, run over to the giantesses.

Dave: Hey!  Wait up!

Dave and his Pokemon follow.


Misty: You know, May, you’re not helping the situation!

May: I’m trying to squash this argument that YOU started!

Iris: How about I squash your face?!

May: So you wanna fight now?!

Misty: That doesn’t sound like a bad idea!

Dawn: Girls!  Please!  This is getting us nowhere!

Misty, May, & Iris: Shut up, Dawn!

Dawn: Hey, I’m just trying to help, but if you three wanna--

Before it could get any more dangerous, Piplup uses Whirlpool & Axew uses Dragon Rage.  The girls see the attacks shoot up into the air. 

Dawn: What was that?

Axew: AXEW!

Piplup: PIPLUP!

The giant girls look down to see the two Pokemon.

Dawn: Piplup?

Iris: Axew?

Suddenly, Officer Jenny appears.

Iris: Oh, no!  It’s Officer Jenny!

Officer Jenny: Who…or what are you?

May: Uh…well…it’s a funny story, actually…

Dave shows up with his Pokemon.

Dave: So, you’re the four girls that accidentally got involved with the Curse Of The Toon Gengar.

Officer Jenny: Curse Of The Toon Gengar?

Dave: First, let me introduce myself.  My name is Dave, and this is Tyrogue.

Tyrogue: Tyrogue!


Dawn: Tyrogue?

Dawn takes out her Pokedex and tries to examine Tyrogue, but it’s not functioning either.

Dawn: *groans* Not even the Pokedex wants to work.

Dave: So, you four released the Toon Gengar and are now cursed.

Girls: Huh?

Iris: What do you mean cursed?

Dave: We’ll head over to my grandfather’s place.  He knows the story better than I do.


Later, Officer Jenny, and the four giant girls are in front of the house.

Dave: Grandpa!  I brought them here!


The old man exits the house and sees Officer Jenny.

Grandpa: Hello, Officer Jenny.  I’m not in trouble, am I?


Officer Jenny: No.  Your grandson told us that you knew the mystery behind this…craziness.

Grandpa: Indeed, I do.  You might want to get comfortable.  It’s quite a long story.

Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, & Hitmontop appear.

Iris: Hey, are those your Pokemon?

Misty: It’s a Hitmonchan, a Hitmonlee, & a Hitmontop.


Grandpa: Your knowledge tells me that you’re from a different region.

Misty: Yes, I’m from Kanto.

Grandpa: Good.  Now, it’s time to tell you the story.

The old man & Dave sit down on the steps. Officer Jenny sits next to the old man.  The four giant girls sit down, causing the ground to shake.

Girls: Sorry…

Grandpa: No need to apologize.  Anyway, a long time ago, a very mischievous, hyperactive Pokemon was goofing off and playing jokes on people and other Pokemon, just for fun.

Iris: But why would it show up in Unova?

Grandpa: Back in Kanto, Gengar got itself inside a Team Rocket Laboratory and drank a bunch of special potions and got hit with a few electrical charges and chemicals, making it even stronger.  Aside from being able to use every move its able to, the loony Pokemon was given other special powers; you four girls being gigantic is one of them.

The girls gasp.

Grandpa: Team Rocket dubbed it The Toon Gengar and attempted to see if they could use it for their purposes.  However, the Pokemon was way beyond their control.  Gengar escaped and continued its spree of chaos and jokes nonstop.  However, a group of powerful trainers with nearly unbeatable Pokemon were able to outsmart and contain it long enough to place it in a special coffin, which was never to be opened again.  The coffin was placed inside a haunted house that was built inside a cave far away from Kanto.  This was meant to insure and assure that no one would dare enter it and release the unstoppable lunatic.  It worked for a time, and stories of The Toon Gengar became extinct by all but a few people.

Officer Jenny: So all we need to do is get some powerful trainers--

Grandpa: No, I don’t think battling it with other Pokemon will work this time.  It appears that The Toon Gengar has gotten much stronger while it was in captivity.

Misty: In that case, we’ll have to try and appeal to it somehow.

May: You think that’ll work?

Dawn: Sure.  If we get on its good side, then maybe Gengar will change us back to normal.

Iris: It’s settled then.  Let’s go, girls.

Meanwhile, the Toon Gengar continues its mayhem in another town.  It breaks into several buildings and takes some more food.  Then, it starts hopping away on a pogo stick with an angry mob chasing it.  It goes into a corner and pulls out a paintbrush.  It paints the floor and hides.  The mob falls into the hole.  Gengar grabs the hole and throws it into the garbage can.  Then, it goes through a wall and sees numerous jewelry hanging around.  It bites into a few of them and sees a mirror.  It shows its new sparkly teeth.  Then, it spits them out and finds a food store.  After stuffing itself, it leaves the town.  It goes into a forest and smells food around the area.  After a bit of flying it notices Dawn with a bunch of yummy food.  Its eyes widen and it licks its lips with saliva dropping from the end of its tongue.

Dawn: I hope you like it.  I spent all this time making it for you.  (Thinking) I hope this works…


In the distance, Dave is viewing Dawn’s attempt at work with the giant May nearby, trying not to be spotted by the Toon Gengar.

May: Are you sure this’ll work?

Dave: It should.  My grandfather said the Toon Gengar loves food.  I’ve put sleeping powder in all the food that Dawn made.  Even if it is a Toon Gengar, it should still suffer the effects and go to sleep.  Then, we can seal it up and end this nightmare.

May: I hope so.  But what about us?

Dave: I think I remember grandpa saying before that once the Gengar is sealed up, all curses will be removed.  So, you girls should be back to your normal heights.

May: That’s good to know.


The Toon Gengar approaches Dawn, who shows the Pokemon the first dish in front of him.


Dawn: Why don’t you start with these yummy poffins?  They’re really good.

Gengar gets itself ready to eat.  Then, it takes out a sign and places it in front of the bowl before flying off.  Dawn reads it and is shocked.

Dawn: “How dumb do you think I am?”  Apparently not as dumb as I expected…


Dave: It didn’t work?!

May: Now what?

Dave: We move onto Plan B.

May: Right.


May stands up.

May: Dawn, tell Piplup to give Iris the signal.

Dawn: Right.  Piplup, use Bubblebeam in the sky.

In the distance, Piplup complies by shooting the attack into the air.


In the distance from that, Iris and the Pokemon nearby see the Bubblebeam.

Iris: The signal.  Okay, guys.  You know what to do.

The Pokemon around her start playing games, while she watches.  The Toon Gengar, flying nearby, notices this and watches from a distance.  Piplup and Axew are on a merry-go-round.  Tyrogue is playing on monkey bars.  Hitmonchan, Hitmontop, & Hitmonlee are on a jungle gym.  Gengar approaches, and the others notice it approaching.

Iris: Come on over.  It’s a lot of fun.


In the distance, Officer Jenny, along with the giant Misty keep an eye on things.

Misty: According to Dave’s grandfather, the Toon Gengar also loves to play games.  Maybe this’ll help us catch it.

Officer Jenny: The first trap failed.  Let’s hope this works.


Gengar starts having fun with the merry-go-round, and then later, on the jungle gym.

Iris: (Thinking) It’s working!


Meanwhile, May, Dave, and Dawn join Misty & Jenny.  Dave is riding on May’s shoulder.  She lets him down next to Jenny.

Officer Jenny: Nice to see you guys made it out in one piece.

May: The plan failed, but Gengar flew away.

Dawn: How are things going?

Misty: So far, so good.

Officer Jenny: It’s only a matter of time before Gengar falls into our trap.


At one point, Gengar uses Iris’s finger as a hanging swing.  Then, it uses her hand as a diving board, intentionally going splat.  The other Pokemon are concerned, but Gengar pulls itself out of the ground, as if nothing happened.  The other Pokemon are impressed with this.  It continues having fun with the other Pokemon.  Gengar’s current behavior confuses Iris, as the Pokemon is not causing trouble or being mischievous at all.  It’s just having fun like a normal Pokemon would.  Then, Gengar joins the others in a hopscotch game.


Dave: This is it!


Gengar takes its turn.  However, on the final square, Gengar falls through it and into a glass case.  The other girls and Dave come out from hiding.

Officer Jenny: Good job, girls.  Now, it’s time to send this thing back where it came from.

Dawn: Good.  I’m tired of being this huge.

Misty: Why?  The view from up here is quite nice.

Dawn: Yeah, but I’m the only one of us wearing a skirt, and we ended up destroying different cities, and my hair--

Misty: We get it!

During the conversation, Gengar is sad and sheds a tear.  Iris notices this.


Later, they’re all back at Dave’s house.

Dave: I’m glad things worked out.  Great job, you guys.

The Pokemon are all happy.

Dave: I’ll go get grandpa.

Dave leaves.

Officer Jenny: It’s only a matter of moments before we lock this monster back up.

Misty: And then the four of us can go back to our normal sizes and enjoy the rest of our lives.

Iris: Hmm…

Dawn: What’s the matter, Iris?  Don’t you want to go back to normal?

Iris: Huh?  Oh, it’s not that.  It’s--

David steps out with his grandfather and a few supplies to seal the Toon Gengar.  Gengar sees this and its eyes bulge out.

Dave: Okay, we’re ready to seal this Pokemon back up.

The Toon Gengar gets angry and purple energy surrounds the Pokemon.  It breaks free.

Officer Jenny: It broke free!

Dave: And it looks very mad!

Gengar uses a few Shadow Balls, and hits the smaller beings.

Iris: That look…  It’s not just anger!  Gengar feels betrayed!

Dawn: Betrayed?

Iris: I think it felt like it actually made new friends with myself and the Pokemon.

Officer Jenny: We can’t take that chance!  We have to fight back!

Misty: Officer Jenny’s right.

May: I don’t like it either, but we don’t have a choice.

Iris: No!  This is wrong!

Dawn: Iris, I know how you feel, but--

Before she could finish her sentence, Gengar uses its Hypnosis ability on Misty & May.

Dave: NO!

Grandpa: This is not good!  Gengar’s using Hypnosis on the two girls!

Misty & May’s eyes turn purple, then red.  Both of them get into a fighting stance against Dawn & May.

Dawn: Uh-oh!  The Toon Gengar’s managed to turn them against us.  What do we do?

Iris: Gengar, please!  We didn’t mean to--

Ignoring her, Gengar has the two girls charge at Dawn & Iris.

Both of them get tackled to the ground.

Iris: Misty!  May!  Wake up!  Gengar, please stop this!  We truly want to be your friends!  We don’t--

The Toon Gengar fires a Shadow Ball at Iris.

Dave: What do we do now?!

Grandpa: It appears that this situation now requires my help, now.  Go, Alakazam & Dusknoir!

Both Pokemon are released from their Pokeballs.

Iris: No!  You can’t--

Grandpa: It’s all right, Iris.  I don’t intend to do much harm to this Pokemon.

Dave: Grandpa…

Grandpa: Pokemon are not evil by nature.  Everything that has happened to this Pokemon was all an accident.  It had no one to teach it the difference between right and wrong.  For that, Gengar deserves a second chance.  However, as it is right now, Gengar needs to be stopped.  Ready, my Pokemon!

Alakazam: Alakazam!

Dusknoir: Dusknoir!

Dave smiles.

Dave: I understand.  We’ll help you, too!

Hitmonchan: Hitmonchan!

Hitmonlee: Hitmonlee!

Hitmontop: Hitmontop!

Dave: Okay, guys!  Use Bulk Up!

All the fighting type Pokemon initiate the move.

Dave: Now use Earthquake!

All the fighting type Pokemon jump and shake the ground.  Gengar gets hit by the move, and the Toon Pokemon loses his control on Misty and May.

Misty: Dawn?

Dawn: Misty, you’re back to normal!

May: Iris?  What am I doing on top of you?

Iris: May!  What a relief!

Grandpa: Now, Alakazam, Dusknoir!  Use Psychic!

Both Pokemon manage to attack the Toon Gengar and knock it down.  However, Gengar manages to use Double Team to avoid taking heavy damage.

Grandpa: I had a feeling that it wouldn’t be this easy.

All the Pokemon stand their ground.

Iris: Enough!

Iris steps in the way.

Misty: Iris?!

Iris: This isn’t the right way to do this.

Her actions confuse Gengar.  Iris turns to Gengar with a heartwarming smile.

Iris: It’s okay.  We had a lot of fun with you, so you don’t have to feel so defensive.

Gengar: Gen…gar…

Iris: We’re sorry for tricking you like that, but you shouldn’t cause trouble for others.  It’s not right, and it hurts those around you.

Gengar takes a quick glance at the others around it.

May: You are a funny Pokemon.  You just need someone to teach you the difference between right and wrong.

Dawn: I’m sure you’d be great in show business.  You definitely know how to put on an act!

The Pokemon around them agree.  Gengar starts crying tears of joy.  Then, it flies towards Iris’s forehead and hugs it.

Dave: So, what should we do now?

Officer Jenny: Well, since Gengar seems sincere enough…

Suddenly, Gengar disappears inside Iris’s head.  Everyone around her is shocked.  Suddenly, Iris’s eyes change yellow, and her body is purple.

Iris/??????: You have no idea how happy this makes me.

Misty: Iris?  Is that you?

Iris/??????: Please forgive me, but I wanted to use this kind girl to communicate with you all.

Grandpa: So, the Toon Gengar is using Psychic to communicate with us through Iris.

Iris/Gengar: A long time ago, I was watching cartoons on a TV.  I always wanted to do the fun stuff that they did, so I went around and did funny things to other Pokemon and people.  It was a lot of fun.  Suddenly, I found myself thirsty and drank these weird drinks.  I felt completely energized and wanted to express myself even more.  However, I never realized how bad I was, until it was too late and I found myself sealed within that coffin.  I spent many years thinking about my actions and wish I could say that I was sorry.  But the longer I was in there, the more I wanted to be free.  Then you girls came along, and I was really happy.  At first, I decided to enjoy my new freedom and do what I do best.  However, when this nice girl and her Pokemon pals decided to play games with me, I decided to stop causing trouble.  But then, I got caught and turned two of her friends against her, and even with everything that I’ve done, she still treats me like a friend.

Iris starts crying.


Iris lowers herself to Officer Jenny until her gigantic face is at eye level with the cop.

Iris/Gengar: Please give me another chance!  I promise not to cause trouble anymore.  I just want to have fun with everybody!

Officer Jenny: Well, I suppose after hearing the story, I can give you another chance.

With a gigantic gasp, Iris grabs the officer and snuggles her to her face.

Iris/Gengar: Oh, thank you!  Thank you!

Officer Jenny: Iris!  Not so hard!

Gengar flies out of Iris’s body.  Iris is back to normal and realizes that she has Officer Jenny in her hands.

Iris: I’m sorry.

Iris releases her and places her down.

Officer Jenny: No major harm done.

Everyone laughs.


Iris: I’m sure that Gengar will make great friends.

Dave: Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of it.

Gengar: Gen-Gengar!

Officer Jenny: I’m sure that this is the best way, after all.  I’ll be keeping a close eye on you, though.  So no mischief!

Gengar nods its head.

Misty: This was fun, although crazy.

May: We should get going.

Iris: Yeah.  Ash and Cilan should be back soon.

Dawn: Good-bye, everyone!

Everyone says their good-byes, and the girls walk away, shaking the ground with each step.  After dealing with one crazy Gengar and meeting new friends, Iris and her friends will soon be on their separate adventures.

Dawn: Hey!  Wait a minute!  That Gengar never shank us back to normal!

May: You’re right!  There’s no way I’m going to get into the Grand Festival like this!

Misty: My sisters will never get off my back about the next performance if I come back like this!

Iris: I could probably train dragon-type Pokemon easier like this.

Misty, May, & Dawn: Huh?

Iris: Er…but my hair would get caught into everything and I don’t want--

Suddenly a white light engulfs all of them, and in a moment’s notice, they’re back to their normal sizes.  Ash & Cilan show up.

Ash: Hey, girls!

Pikachu: Pika-Pikachu!

Cilan: I hope you guys had fun while you were together.

The girls take one glance at each other and then back at the boys.

Girls: It was no big deal.

Piplup: Piplup.

Axew: Axew.