Cynthia's Super Sized Vacation

(Cubed Cinder and Nodqfan)

Chapter 1, written by Cubed Cinder

It was another bright and sunny day on the beaches outside Undella Town in the Unova region. Perfect conditions for people to go running onto the sand or into the water. An elderly couple was making their way towards the stairs that would lead to the beach, but they didn't notice the door in one of the nearby changing stations opening up. They suddenly bumped into the person walking out and stumbled backwards a bit, but were able to keep their feet.
"Oh! I'm terribly sorry. I didn't see you two." the female voice said.
"It's quite alright, dear." the elderly woman said. The two then got their first look at who it was that bumped into them. It was Cynthia, the champion of the Sinnoh region's Pokémon League.
"Oh wow! You're Cynthia, aren't you?" the elderly man said.
"Yes… Yes, I am." Cynthia said.
"Haha! Well, if there's one person I wouldn't mind bumping into, it's you." the elderly man said. He suddenly got swiped on the shoulder by his wife.
"Oh, Pooh Bear, you're such a looker!" the elderly woman said.
"I'm sorry, my pretty flower. But you have to admit Cynthia is one of the most beautiful looking people in the world… especially wearing that." the elderly man said as he pointed at the black two-piece bikini that Cynthia was wearing. Cynthia just giggled and blushed.
"Hahaha! Oh please… you're making me blush. I know some ladies in this region who would run circles around me in the beauty plus swimsuit department." Cynthia said. The elderly woman felt this conversation was derailing quickly and so she changed the subject.
"So what brings you all the way out here, Cynthia?" the elderly woman said.
"Yeah. It's a great honor but also very demanding to be champion of the Sinnoh Pokémon League. Everyone wants to talk to me like I'm a movie star. So here I am back at my summer retreat spot to get away from it all." Cynthia said.
"Hmmmm… yes, I don't blame you. The world has gotten pretty crazy. I was just watching this news story about all these kids walking around staring at their phones…" the elderly woman said.
"Oh yeah, I remember that! It's like they were looking for Pokémon or something. The news lady said it's become a national phenomenon!" the elderly man said.
"Anyway, we better hurry up and get to the beach. The sunlight and wave heights are perfect!" the elderly woman said.
"I agree. Nice meeting you two!" Cynthia said as she waved the elderly couple off, only to follow them down the stairs and onto the sandy beach.
It was kinda quiet on the beach, at least for the time being. Still, Cynthia was most interested in getting the perfect tan. After adjusting one of the beach chairs to her liking, she sat down and then started spreading suntan lotion all over her skin.
"Thank goodness for this super clear suntan lotion." Cynthia said to herself. Once she felt she had covered as much of her body as she could, Cynthia laid back in her chair and closed her eyes.
"Ahhhhh… the sounds of waves crashing and Wingull and Pelipper in the air. Definitely far more pleasing than people running up to me asking for an interview or an autograph. Ahhhhh…" Cynthia said as she allowed her mind to clear and she focused on the aforementioned sounds. She was so incredibly relaxed, it didn't take her long to doze off.
The next time she opened her eyes, Cynthia felt something. In fact, she could feel a few things that were crawling around her shoulders, legs, and stomach. At first she thought it might be some curious Krabby, but instead it was something she did not expect at all.
"Huh? What in the world?" Cynthia said. She looked and saw all eight gym leaders of the Sinnoh region, and all of them were at a smaller size… she guessed somewhere between 4-6 inches tall. Roark, Gardenia, Maylene, Crasher Wake, Fantina, Byron, Candice, and Volkner were all at different parts of Cynthia's body (mostly her legs right now).
"Oh, Cynthia woke up, everyone! Hello, Cynthia!" Roark said.
"Ummm… hi. What are you all doing here? How did you get so small?" Cynthia asked.
"Don't worry about how we shrunk. The important thing is that we're all here and ready to help you feel comfortable!" Gardenia said. Cynthia rapidly blinked her eyes thinking she was in a dream.
"I'm probably dreaming… but what the heck." Cynthia said to herself, then she looked down at her tiny compatriots.
"Thank you. I really appreciate your support. Oh?" Cynthia said as she suddenly felt a few bumps against the left side of her neck. Crasher Wake then pointed over to a nearby handheld mirror that was suddenly next to Cynthia's right leg.
"Use this mirror we brought along to check your neck!" Crasher Wake said. Cynthia reached down and picked up the mirror. She looked at it and focused on her left shoulder where she saw Maylene punching and kicking her neck like it was a punching bag.
"Hahaha! This could just be my new favorite workout tool! Ha! Ha! HA!" Maylene said as she continued with the punching and kicking. Cynthia couldn't help but laugh a little.
"Hahaha… oh, Maylene, you won't stop training for anything." Cynthia said to herself. She then looked down at the end of the chair she was laying on, where she saw Fantina rubbing at her left foot while Volkner rubbed at her right foot.
"Oui! This foot massaging activity is not suitable for a woman of my class." Fantina said.
"Oh, quit your French whining, Fantina. Somebody has to massage the champ's feet so they won't get tired." Volkner said, prompting another giggle from Cynthia. Then she moved her vision up her legs trying to find where the other gym leaders were. That's when she came across the shrunken Candice, along with one of her ice Pokémon, Abomasnow, just past her right knee.
"Oh? What are you doing, Candice?" Cynthia asked.
"I noticed a small sunburn here on your leg, so Abomasnow and I are helping to cool it off! Keep on using Ice Punch, Abomasnow!" Candice shouted as Abomasnow punched the small red spot on Cynthia's leg. It wasn't much of a burn at all. In fact, Cynthia could feel that small spot on her leg feel really cold, but she didn't want to be rude and let the two do their thing.
The next two gym leaders Cynthia spotted were Byron and his son, Roark. They both had shovels in their hands, although Roark was the one digging inside Cynthia's bellybutton.
"Keep at it, son! We won't stop until every last bit of lint is out of the giant champ's bellybutton!" Byron said.
"Yes, Father!" Roark said. The young man briefly stopped shoveling (he wasn't finding anything by the way) to wipe the sweat off his forehead, only to look up and see Cynthia's magnificent breasts covered by her bikini. It's like looking up at two beautiful mountains, he thought. But then he saw Byron's fingers snap in front of him.
"Focus, my boy! This is no time to be gawking!" Byron said. Cynthia once again couldn't help but laugh.
"Easy there, Byron. Your son is doing an exemplary job." Cynthia said as she patted the older man on his head with one of her fingers.
"Haha! Thank you, Cynthia!" Byron said as he stroked his purple beard. He then decided to help his son out by joining in on the digging.
Cynthia set her hand back down on the chair to her right side, only to suddenly hear a man groaning.
"Ooooof! Careful, Cynthia!" the male voice said. Cynthia quickly lifted up her hand and saw she had set it down on Crasher Wake.
"Oh! I'm sorry, Crasher Wake." Cynthia said.
"Haha, don't be! It takes a lot more than your giant fingers to crush me flat." Crasher Wake said.
"But what are you doing down there?" Cynthia asked.
"What else? Getting my workout in! Can you please set your hand back down? Time's a wastin'!" Crasher Wake said. Cynthia did just that, setting her hand down flat on the chair. Crasher Wake then smacked and rubbed his hands together and squatted down, lifting up Cynthia's gigantic pinky finger like it was a 180 pound barbell.
"One and two and one and two!" Crasher Wake said as he moved the finger up and down a few times before dropping it down at his feet.
"YEAH! Still got it!" Crasher Wake said. Cynthia did all she could to keep from bursting out into serious laughter.
"Now THAT is something I have to do in real life one day. Find some of those super rare Micro Berries…" Cynthia said.
Before she could think any more on that scenario, though, she looked down at her chest where she felt something bouncing on one of her boobs. It was the eighth gym leader she encoutered at a shrunken size… Gardenia. Gardenia stopped jumping when she looked up and saw Cynthia's lonely visible eye (the other was obscured by her blonde hair) looking right at her.
"Oh! Hi, Cynthia!" Gardenia said.
"Gardenia? What are you doing up there?" Cynthia asked.
"Oh, just giving your chest a good massaging. I've read stories about how a fully massaged chest allows a person to think better." Gardenia said with a smile.
"I see." Cynthia said.
"Yeah! But… I couldn't resist doing a little jumping as bouncy as it is." Gardenia said as she started jumping up and down the right breast again like it was a trampoline.
"Yeah, I don't really blame you." Cynthia said. After one of the jumps, however, Gardenia slipped and lost her balance.
"Whoops!" Gardenia said as she fell off the breast and landed in between them. Cynthia gasped at first thinking she was going to fall and slide down her body.
"Oh! Are you alright, Gardenia?" Cynthia said as she looked in between her chest where Gardenia was firmly nestled.
"I'm fine… how about I just stay here for a little while? So comfy…" Gardenia said as she rubbed her head and hands against as much skin as her tiny hands would allow.
"Heh heh heh…" Cynthia laughed, feeling fortunate it was a sweet young girl like Gardenia who was stuck in her chest and not anyone else. Cynthia had to smile watching all eight of these shrunken people helping her feel better in any way they can.
But the next time she blinked her eyes, they were gone.
As the ground suddenly shook slowly and the ocean water waves grew in intensity, Cynthia realized she had awoken from her dream. She didn't have time to think any more on the wonderful dream, however, as she could feel the ground shaking and the waves getting stronger.
"What? What's going on?" Cynthia said as she looked around and saw a little bit of panic setting in amongst the other people on the beach. The ground shook even more and the water was practically crashing on shore now.
"Whoa? An earthquake!?" a nearby man said.
"Wait… look out at sea! What's that?" a nearby woman shouted. Cynthia looked out where she was pointing, and many people gasped when they suddenly saw what was emerging from several yards off the coastline.
It was a Milotic, and it was enormous. Almost 150 feet tall, to be exact. It let out a cry that felt like it echoed throughout the sky. The people on the beach looked out in awe at the Pokémon that sparkled in intense beauty.
"Oh my… is that a Pokémon?" a woman said.
"It looks huge! I've never seen anything like it." a man said.
"That's a Milotic!" Cynthia suddenly shouted.
"Oh? You've seen this Pokémon before, Cynthia?" the man asked.
"Yes… Milotic normally reside in the Hoenn region. They're kinda rare outside of that region… and they're normally only 20 feet tall!" Cynthia said. The group of people almost froze on the spot when they saw the giant Milotic approaching… its head casting a huge shadow over where they were standing. These people scampered out of the way thinking Milotic was hostile, but Cynthia stayed put, looking up in awe at the supersized Pokémon.
"Um… hello, Milotic. It's an honor to meet such a majestic looking Pokémon." Cynthia said. She watched as the Milotic suddenly leaned its head towards her. Cynthia very slowly moved her arm forward and gently petted the giant Milotic's forehead.
"To think I would ever get this close to a Milotic… Huh?" Cynthia said as the Milotic suddenly pulled its head back. It let out a cry in the air once again, and suddenly there was a bright glow on both its forehead and also the diamond scales on its tail. An intensly bright light was directed towards Cynthia.
"Ack!" Cynthia said as she shielded her eyes. The light completely engulfed Cynthia, hiding her from anyone else who could manage to see through the light.
Eventually, the light disappeared, and when Cynthia opened her eyes, she gasped. Everything was much smaller.
"*GASP* What the?" Cynthia said. She had been enlarged to the same 150 foot tall height as Milotic. Naturally the rest of the people on the beach were shocked as well. Some were already running off the sand for any cover they could find, but most simply stood in shock. Here was the champion of the Sinnoh Pokémon League towering over them, but surely she was the same gentle wouldn't-hurt-a-Caterpie they've come to know and love? Cynthia, on the other hand, just looked over herself and down on the beach.
"I… I'm a giantess now." Cynthia said. Then she looked at the Milotic after it let out a happier-sounding cry.
"But why? Why have you cast your magic upon me?" Cynthia said, next noting a happier face on the Pokémon, "Is it because you felt lonely? You wanted someone to be the same size as yourself?" The Pokémon nodded its head and let out a cry, seemingly understanding the giantess's words.
"I… I feel so honored that you trust me. Thank you." Cynthia said as she walked up to the Pokémon and hugged it around the neck.
Cynthia looked down and saw the tiny people still looking up at her on the beach. She also noted the town itself not too far away. Even though her feet were still on the beach, it felt like just a mere couple of steps and she would be towering over the area.
"Ummm… don't worry, everyone! I promise I'll be careful!" Cynthia said. She looked out in the distance and noticed a most interesting sight to her eyes. It was a city with almost all black-colored buildings, only lit up by neon-type lighting. She didn't recognize the city at first, and she kneeled down and looked at a couple.
"Excuse me, but what is that city out there?" Cynthia asked the couple.
"Um… that's… that's… that's…" the man said. It didn't take long for either Cynthia or the man's wife to figure out why he wasn't speaking. He was staring right at the giantess's cleavage. At least he was until his wife elbowed him in the chest.
"That's Black City. It's kind of a mysterious city that's slowly developing. In fact, they just recently put in a Pokémon Center and police station." the woman said.
"I see. Perhaps I'll pay that city a visit." Cynthia said. The giantess stood back to her full height and focused her vision very clearly on the ground as she started walking, making sure she didn't step on anyone or anything, although some parked bicycles already felt the wrath of the giantess's footsteps.
"Oops… sorry!" Cynthia said. She and Milotic (who floated above the ground) made their way through Route 14. On occasion Cynthia would look back and see the footprints she was leaving behind with each step.
Meanwhile, somewhere in Kanto was the headquarters of the sinister organization known as Team Rocket. Its leader, Giovanni, was sitting back in his desk watching something on the monitor in front of him. Then he watched as the double doors opened and a young lady with yellow hair (covered by a cap on her head) walked in. She wore a black shirt with Team Rocket's giant "R" on the front, a white skirt with a red stripe near the bottom, white boots that covered nearly all her legs (much like Jessie) with red stripes at the top, and white gloves similar to Jessie's, again with red stripes. The woman stopped in front of Giovanni's desk and saluted.
"Agent Domino reporting, sir!" Domino said, putting herself at ease.
"Ah, Domino. I have a very important mission for you. Take a look at this." Giovanni said. He turned the monitor he was watching around so that Domino could see. She was now watching the news footage of the 150-foot-tall Cynthia and Milotic making their way towards Black City in the Unova region.
"Do you know what that Pokémon is, Domino?" Giovanni asked.
"Yes, sir! That is a Milotic, a rare Tender Pokémon from the Hoenn region. Milotic is said to be the most beautiful of all the Pokémon. It has the power to becalm such emotions as anger and hostility to quell bitter feuding. Milotic live at the bottom of large lakes. When this Pokémon's body glows a vivid pink, it releases a pulsing wave of energy that brings soothing calm to restless spirits. It is said to live at the bottom of large lakes. Considered to be the most beautiful of all Pokémon, it has been depicted in paintings and statues." Domino said.
"Very good. I'm sure you have already noticed something very different about this Milotic." Giovanni said.
"Indeed, sir. It is normally no bigger than 20 feet tall. The same goes for that woman… both are way bigger than they should be. I know that woman, by the way, sir. She is Cynthia, the champion of the Sinnoh Pokémon League." Domino said.
"Your mission, Agent Domino, is to bring me that giant Milotic. No matter what it takes. Team Rocket must discover what, if anything, has allowed it to reach such a magnificent size." Giovanni said. Domino's eyebrows immediately raised.
"Y…Yes, sir." Domino said.
"Do I sense hesitation in your voice, Agent Domino? Remember that you are one of my Elite Officers." Giovanni said.
"Of course, sir. It's just that… how am I supposed to capture a Pokémon that size? I am not aware of any technology we possess that can aid me in my mission." Domino said.
"That's why I had my smartest and brightest scientific minds come up with this." Giovanni said as he then reached into his desk and pulled out a small liquid container with a needle sticking out from the bottom. He promptly placed the bottle in a case and handed it to Domino.
"It's an enlarging serum. Inject that liquid into your body and you'll grow to the same size as the Milotic and that woman, along with everything you are wearing, so make sure you've already equipped yourself with the Pokémon and gadgets you want to use before you inject that serum." Giovanni said.
"I understand, sir." Domino said with a confident nod.
"Good! I've already prepared a jet for departure to the Unova region. It should take you less than an hour to get there." Giovanni said.
"I will not fail you, Giovanni." Domino said as she bowed her head and clutched the case with the growth serum tightly.
"See to it that you don't." Giovanni said, watching as Domino turned around and left the room.
Things were kinda quiet in Black City as people walked around minding their own business. At least until one woman looked at what was coming out from behind a group of taller buildings.
"Eeeeeek, look! A giant woman and her giant Pokémon!" the woman shouted. The group of people watched as the giant Cynthia and Milotic walked out onto the streets they were standing on. Cynthia first looked around the buildings that surrounded her and then down at the people down on street level.
"It's still incredible I'm as tall as some of these buildings. Still, I better put everyone at ease." Cynthia said as she slowly approached the nervous group of people.

Chapter 2, written by Nodqfan

To say that the people inside Black City were nervous was an understatement. Standing before them was a 150-foot-tall giantess and an equally as big and majestic Milotic. The giantess also happened to be the Sinnoh League Champion, the best trainer from that region. Still, Cynthia hoped that by talking to them, she could put their fear of her and her new friend at ease.
“People of Black City, Milotic and I mean you no harm we are simply exploring how different everything looks from our new size,” Cynthia said, hoping that would calm them down.
Then much to Cynthia’s surprise, the group of people walked up to her.
“Excuse me miss, but could you pet my head please?” asked a young male Backpacker.
“Uh sure,” Cynthia said. She reached down with her huge hand and gently petted the head of the young Backpacker.
“Thank you, ma’am,” the Backpacker said.
“You’re welcome” Cynthia replied.
“Oooh, oooh, could you do me next?” an eager female Lass Trainer asked.
Once more Cynthia bent down, extended her hand, and petted the Lass as she had done with the Backpacker before her.
“Thank you so much,” the Lass said happily.
“You’re welcome” Cynthia replied.
Cynthia also petted some Pokémon on the head as well.
“Are you all hungry?” Cynthia asked.
The Pokémon said their names enthusiastically, which Cynthia took as a yes.
“Alright then I will be right back to go and get you some food,” Cynthia said.
Cynthia stood up to her full height and then walked down the street where she found a nearby supermarket and walked towards it, shaking the ground with each step that she took. When she came upon the store, the building came up just below her knees. Then she reached down with both of her hands on each side of the roof of the building and then with all of her might she lifted the roof off the building. All of the shoppers inside the market were surprised when they saw the roof start to come off the building, revealing the huge face of Cynthia.
“Hello everyone I am looking for Pokémon Food if someone would be so kind as to point me in the right direction that would be great,” Cynthia said with a smile, hoping that would put the people at ease.
The people then pointed in the direction that the Pokémon food was.
“I see. Thank you for your help I really appreciate it,” Cynthia said.
Then she reached down and picked up several bags of Pokémon food at once, after that she set the bags of food down on the street, then she picked up the roof and tried to place it back on the supermarket as best as she could. Then she picked up the bags of Pokémon food and walked back to the Pokémon, who were cheering as the giantess came towards them with the food.
“Okay I am back and I have the food for you” Cynthia said
The Pokémon said their names very happily as Cynthia used her huge fingers, easily opened the bag of food, and poured some into her hand, and then she bent down and held out her hand towards the Pokémon. The Pokémon eagerly jumped towards the hand and ate the food eagerly and then said their names in happiness.
“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Cynthia said.
“Excuse me miss” a male voice called out loudly.
Cynthia looked down to see a man and several people behind him.
“Who are you?” Cynthia asked.
“I am a photographer, and I was wondering if I could take some photos of you,” the photographer asked.
Cynthia took a few moments to think about the photographer’s offer, after some thought she looked down at the photographer and his crew.
“I accept your offer to have some photos taken of me,” Cynthia said.
“Great!” the photographer said.
The group along with Cynthia, then began to look for a spot big enough for their new big model (no pun intended) It took a little while until finally they found a large open area in the northwest part of the city.
“This area is perfect for us,” the photographer said.
The group then set up everything and Cynthia got ready as well. Cynthia started with a simple pose with her arms to her side with the camera taking a couple of pictures while in that pose. The next pose was Cynthia lying down on her side with her hand by her head while the photographers, got some of pictures of that pose as well. The final pose was was of Cynthia with her left arm down by her side and her right arm at an angle on the side of her body (like in this picture) after some photos with their cameras the crew were all done.
“We got some great shots of you ma’am. You definitely would make a fine model if I do say so myself.” The lead photographer said.
“Thank you very much,” Cynthia said.
“You’re welcome; you take care of yourself “the photographer replied.
“You too” Cynthia said.
Once the group cleared out Cynthia resumed walking around Black City, she was amazed at how small the buildings looked from her size.
“Everything looks so different when you’re this size or any bigger than normal wouldn’t you agree Milotic?” Cynthia asked.
The Tender Pokémon said its name in an unsure tone, as it was naturally its current size. Suddenly, a small gadget flew towards Milotic, expanded itself into an electric net, and trapped the majestic Pokémon inside, the Pokémon cried out in pain as it struggled to free itself. Cynthia rushed over to the net to try to free Milotic.
"Oh no! Milotic! What is this contraption!?" Cynthia shouted. She pulled her hands away each time she tried to touch the net due to it shocking her.
“Well, well. It looks like my net worked perfectly.” a mysterious female voice said.
Cynthia turned and saw another giant woman at 150 feet tall approach her. The women had shoulder-length gold colored hair and blue eyes. She wore a black shirt with a large red R across the front of it, white and red shorts, sleeves, and boots.
“Who are you and what do you want?” Cynthia asked.
“My name is Domino, and I work for Team Rocket, as for what I want is simple. My boss is very interested in that Milotic because of its unusual size and sent me all the way here to collect it. If you would like to save your friend then all you have to do is defeat me in a Pokémon battle.” Domino said.
“Fine then we will have a Pokémon battle, and each side will use no more than three Pokémon per side, agreed?" Cynthia asked.
“Fine by me.” Domino replied.
Both of the giant women grabbed a Poke Ball, and threw it out.
“Go Garchomp!” Cynthia shouted.
“Go Raticate!" Domino shouted.
Both of the Poke Balls opened and out came the Pokémon that, each woman had called, both Pokémon were giant sized as well. On Cynthia’s side was her Garchomp. A dark blue bipedal draconian Pokémon with a red colored belly with a golden star shape that adorn its snout, a horn that looked like a jet engine, white claws on each side, curved fins that sprout from the arms, giving it wings.
Meanwhile, Domino’s Pokémon was Raticate, a tawny colored large rodent with a cream-colored underside, large white, incisors teeth, webbed feet, and long tail that was the same color as its fur.
“Raticate use Super Fang!” Domino ordered
Raticate charged at Garchomp with his mouth wide and its top tooth glowing white. However, Cynthia was ready.
“Garchomp dodge and then use Giga Impact!” Cynthia ordered.
The pseudo legendary Pokémon obeyed it’s trainer order and use it’s speed to move out of the way of the oncoming Raticate, causing the giant rodent to crash into a nearby building, cause a fair amount of damage to it. Garchomp then flew into the air, then its body began to be surrounded by spiraling orange energy, followed by its body being surrounded by a purple sphere. Then Garchomp flew with great speed towards Raticate, and struck it with amazing power. The sheer force from the attack not only hit its target, but also caused an extensive amount of damage to the city. Raticate was knocked out, rendering it unable to battle.
"Darn it! Raticate, return!” Domino shouted as the red laser fired from the Poke Ball, striking Raticate, returning it to the Poke Ball. Then Domino pulled out her second Poke Ball, expanded it to regular size, and threw it out.
“Go Mawile!” The Poke Ball popped out revealing a giant short, bipedal Pokémon with a pale yellow body and black arms and feet. Its legs have a thick, fur-like covering resembling hakama or a skirt. Its most notable feature is a pair of large black jaws emerging from the back of its head. These jaws have an oval yellow spot on their top surface and contain ten pointed teeth - six on the top row and four on the bottom. While the jaws are said to be transformed steel horns, Mawile can articulate them at will, using them to bite enemies and chew through iron beams. It has red eyes and two black ear-like extensions on either side of its head.
“Use Flash Cannon!” Domino ordered.
Mawile manipulated the large black jaws on its back to fire a beam of silver energy from the mouth towards Garchomp, whom was unable to dodge due to having to recharge from using Giga Impact. The beam struck Cynthia’s Pokémon, when the beam dissipated, and Garchomp had some damage around its body, but overall it was still healthy enough to battle. The beam also caused even more damage to the city, sending people running like mad for cover.
“Garchomp use Dragon Tail!” Cynthia said.
Garchomp’s tail glowed white and it swung it around, and struck it Mawile with full, sending it flying into a supermarket, causing damage to the building, knocking it out.
“Shoot! Mawile, return.” Domino said, as she pulled out Mawile’s Poke Ball, and the red laser beam fired out, and returned it to its Poke Ball. Domino then pulled out her third and final Poke Ball and threw it out.
“Go Meganium!” Domino shouted.
The Poke Ball popped open to show a giant pale green, sauropod-like Pokémon with yellow eyes. It has two stamen-like protrusions sprouting from the top of its nose, each tipped with its own anther. These protrusions are shorter on the female. It has four feet, each of which three toes have. Large pink flower petals with a yellow central pattern and white tips encircle its neck. Additionally, it has a short, pointed tail.
“That Garchomp is troublesome so I will need to give Meganium an advantage in order to beat it.” Domino said quietly so that Cynthia would not hear her.
Domino then raised her arm that had a small mechanical device on her wrist and pointed it at Garchomp’s feet, and fired. A small capsule came out from the device, was speeding towards Garchomp’s feet. Once the capsule hit the ground,  it left behind a white substance at the feet of Cynthia’s Pokémon.
“Now Meganium, use Slam!” Domino ordered
Meganium then charged towards Garchomp at full speed.
“Garchomp dodge!” Cynthia shouted
Garachomp tried to move as its trainer had ordered. However, both trainer and Pokémon were surprised when Garchomp was unable to move and took the full brunt of Meganium’s Slam. It was damaged yet it could still battle.
“What did you do? Why was my Garchomp unable to move?” Cynthia asked.
“Me? All I did was help give my Pokémon a little advantage.” Domino replied
“An advantage? What are you talking about?” Cynthia asked.
“Hahaha, what I did was shoot a capsule of glue at your Pokémon’s feet, rendering it unable to move.” Domino said.
“Why you…!” Cynthia said angrily.
Cynthia was forced to watch, as her Garchomp took hit after hit from Domino’s Meganium until finally one last Slam to knock Garchomp out causing it to fall backwards onto its back, causing some damage to the street.
“Garchomp return!” Cynthia shouted as she pointed its Poke Ball at the Pokémon. The red laser fired from the ball, hit Garchomp, and returned it to the Poke Ball.
“You did well Garchomp, take a nice long rest.” Cynthia said.
She looked back up at Domino, and glared at her angrily for getting in the way of the battle. Then she charged forward at Domino.
"How dare you!!!" Cynthia shouted.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Domino said as she turned a dial on her left wrist, this caused the electric current around the net to get stronger, causing Milotic to cry out in pain.
“The closer you get to me the more Milotic gets hurt.” Domino said.
Cynthia let out a frustrated growl as she walked back to her spot, where she then pulled out her next Poke Ball and tossed into the air.
“Go Glaceon!” Cynthia shouted.
 The Poke Ball popped open and materialized into a giant quadruped, mammalian creature covered in light-blue fur that can be frozen into sharp quills. It has long, pointed ears, dark eyes, and a small nose. Glaceon has two dark blue, rhombus-shaped markings on its back, and the tip of its tail and feet are the same shade of blue. It appears to be wearing a teal tuque on its head and it has two teal dangles, one on each side of its head.
“Glaceon use Ice Beam!” Cynthia ordered.
The Fresh Snow Pokémon did as its trainer had commanded, it opened its mouth where a light blue ball formed inside, then the ball turned into a light blue beam and fired it from its mouth, it Pokémon.
Sensing that her Pokémon was once again in trouble Domino once again used her gadgets to give Meganium an advantage. This time she shot mud into Glaceon’s eyes, temporarily blinding it.
This allowed Meganium, despite the type disadvantage to use a Body Slam to defeat Glaceon.
“Glaceon, return!” Cynthia shouted as she returned her Pokémon to its Poke Ball. She was growing frustrated by her opponent’s use of underhanded tactics in this battle.
Milotic could sense Cynthia’s frustration as it too was frustrated by being trapped inside the electric net, it continued to fight tooth and nail, slamming it body to get out of the net. Both trainers noticed this and stopped the battle temporarily to watch as the gigantic Tender Pokémon try to break out of the net.
“Hahaha, try all you like, you won’t break yourself out of that net” Domino said, finding it amusing that Milotic trying to free itself.
Unfortunately, for Domino, that taunting was all it took to motivate Milotic. With a determined cry, it slammed its body so hard against the net that it shattered the net and freed itself!
“No way! That is impossible! That net was fool proof!!” Domino exclaimed in shock and awe that Milotic was able to break itself out of the net. Then the Tender Pokémon looked at Cynthia and began to say its name in a determined tone.
“So you would like to battle alongside me?” Cynthia asked. Milotic nodded.
“Then let’s do it” Cynthia said. The two then turned to face Domino and her Meganium with a look of determination on both of their faces.
Meanwhile Domino was very unhappy with how the situation was turning out.
“Darn it! You may have escaped your net Milotic, but as long as I bring you back to my boss, I will have completed my mission. Now Meganium use Frenzy Plant to end this battle!” Domino commanded.
Meganium summoned many plant roots from the earth and sent them at Milotic.
“Milotic dodge and counterattack with Hydro Pump!” Cynthia shouted.
Milotic darted from left to right dodging each root, then when it found an opening its mouth and fired a powerful jet stream of water from it, striking Meganium. The force of the Hydro Pump was so powerful that it knocked Meganium back into Domino that, caused the two crash over several buildings, then the two fell to the ground.
“Grr… I’ll get you for this,” Domino said.
Suddenly, however, both Domino and Meganium began to feel strange, and then everything around them began to get bigger, and bigger.
“What? Oh no! We’re shrinking!” Domino shouted.
Indeed the two were getting smaller by the second, soon they were half the size that they originally were, and still shrinking until finally, they were back to normal size.
“The growth serum must have worn off. In that case I have no choice but to retreat! Meganium return!” Domino said as she returned the Pokémon to its Poke Ball.
Cynthia saw that Domino had a jet pack on her back; she knew that Domino would use that to make her escape, and she was not about to let that happen.
“I don’t think so!” Cynthia said. She clenched her hand into a fist and pounded the ground so hard that it caused damage to the street, but more importantly, it was enough to knock Domino off her feet. Cynthia then walked right up to Domino whom was forced to crane her neck upwards just to see the face of the giantess. This caused fear to take control of the Team Rocket agent that was also known as the Black Tulip.
“Please… don’t hurt me!” Domino pleaded, hoping that the giantess would spare her from a horrible punishment.
"I’m not going to hurt you. In fact, I am going to let the proper authorities deal with you.” Cynthia said.
She then reached down and picked Domino up into her hand, walked over to the nearby police station where she saw Officer Jenny waiting on the ground and set Domino on the ground in front of the police officer.
“Thank you so much!” Officer Jenny said.
“You’re welcome.” Cynthia replied.
Then Officer Jenny placed both of Domino’s arms behind her back, and put handcuffs on them.
"You are under arrest for attempting to steal a wild Pokémon, as well as damage to public property,” Officer Jenny said.
“Waaaaaaah! My Team Rocket days are over!” Domino whined as Officer Jenny forced her inside the police station.
Cynthia then looked back and saw something that horrified her Milotic had fallen to the ground.
“Milotic!” Cynthia shouted. She then rushed over to the side of the fallen Pokémon, and knelt down.
“Milotic, are you alright?” Cynthia asked. However, there was no response from the Pokémon
Then she checked to see if Milotic had a pulse, she was even more horrified to find that did not have a pulse. Tears began to fall from her face.
“Help! Someone, anyone… please HELP!” Cynthia shouted.

Chapter 3, written by Cubed Cinder

Cynthia did not have to wait long for help to arrive. The giantess looked down on the ground as Nurse Joy, along with some other doctors as well as some Pokémon like Chansey, came running towards Milotic.
"We're here to help! Do you have the Poké Ball for this Pokémon?" Nurse Joy asked. Cynthia wiped the tears from her face as she tried her best to compose herself.
"N…no. I found this Pokémon at the beach!" Cynthia said. One of the male doctors approached the Milotic and then looked sharply at Nurse Joy.
"Nurse Joy, I'm not reading any life signs from this Pokémon!" the male doctor said.
"We're going to have to get it to the emergency room immediately! Quick, get me the Medical Ball!" Nurse Joy said. As the doctors scrambled through their equipment to find this so called Medical Ball, Cynthia was curious about it.
"Medical Ball?" Cynthia asked.
"A special Poké Ball we use to temporarily capture and treat wild Pokémon. We can also treat Pokémon while they're inside using our advanced technology… perfect for Pokémon who are too big to fit in the ER like this one!" Joy said.
"Got it, Nurse Joy!" the male doctor said. He handed Nurse Joy the special Poké Ball and she wasted no time in throwing it at the giant Milotic. Once the ball made contact with Milotic, it became surrounded in the familiar red light, which then flew inside of the ball. The doctors (and Chansey) took the ball and ran in the opposite direction. Nurse Joy started to follow them, but stopped when she heard Cynthia's voice.
"Nurse Joy… please. I'm begging you… save that Milotic." Cynthia said as she clutched her hands against her chest. Nurse Joy nodded and had a determined look on her face.
"We will do everything we can, Cynthia." Nurse Joy said, and then she turned around and chased after the fellow doctors. Cynthia got up and carefully followed the group from behind… at least until everyone ran inside the Pokémon Center. At that point, there was nothing more the giantess could do but stand outside and wait.
For the next few minutes, Cynthia paced nervously back and forth, with all the normal-sized people making sure to keep their distance from the giantess so she wouldn't step on them. Cynthia normally is calm, cool, and collected when it comes to a lot of things, but this situation made her beyond nervous. A Pokémon's life was at stake, and she tried her best not to think the worst was coming. Finally, as she turned around, she looked down and saw Nurse Joy walking out.
"Nurse Joy… is Milotic…?" Cynthia said with a solemn look on her face. Nurse Joy then smiled.
"Everything's okay!" Nurse Joy said as she threw the Medical Ball up in the air. It popped open like any other Poké Ball and a white laser came shooting out. The laser suddenly formed into the giant Milotic, who looked very happy and cried its name out in joy.
"Milotic! You're okay!" Cynthia shouted as she ran towards the Milotic and hugged it around the neck.
"Oh, Milotic… thank goodness you're okay. I was so worried about you…" Cynthia said as she felt tears coming down her eyes again. After wiping them off and releasing her hug on Milotic, she looked down at Nurse Joy. Officer Jenny also arrived at the scene.
"Nurse Joy… I can't thank you enough." Cynthia said. Nurse Joy nodded up at the giantess.
"We were able to treat Milotic on time and fully heal it. Another few seconds and we might have lost it forever." Nurse Joy said.
"I'm glad. We've become such good friends in such a short time. That Milotic would sacrifice its life for me… that's what friendship between a trainer and his or her Pokémon is all about." Cynthia said.
"I couldn't agree more." Nurse Joy said. Cynthia then looked down at Officer Jenny.
"Officer Jenny… I'm so very sorry for the damage caused here in Black City." Cynthia said.
"Oh, don't worry about it. What's more important is that there were no lives lost at all during the whole battle between you and that Team Rocket girl." Jenny said.
"I'm glad to hear it." Cynthia said.
Suddenly, the Milotic rubbed its head against the giantess's shoulder.
"Oh? What is it, Milotic?" Cynthia said. That's when Milotic floated its way to the west towards the western edge of the city.
"Huh? Milotic?" Cynthia said as she followed the Pokémon, along with a few other people as well as Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny. A couple minutes later, everyone was at the southwest corner of the city, where a large river bank rested. As Milotic inched closer to the water, Cynthia realized what the Pokémon was doing.
"Oh… I see. Are you returning to beneath the sea?" Cynthia said. The Milotic gently nodded its head.
"I understand." Cynthia said. Once again tears slowly came down her eyes, which she tried to stave off, but this was like saying goodbye to a friend and never being able to see him or her again. Milotic let out a gentle cry and brushed its head against Cynthia's face. Cynthia hugged the Pokémon one final time and endeared it with some advice.
"You're a very special kind of Milotic. You be careful out there, you hear me? And just remember… we'll… *sniff*… we'll always be friends." Cynthia said as she patted the back of Milotic's head. The Milotic then floated away and sank itself into the water, floating backwards so it would get its last look at the same-sized Cynthia. Finally, its head went beneath the water, and that was the last anyone saw of the giant Milotic.
Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny were in awe over what they watched.
"Wow… that was beautiful." Nurse Joy said.
"I agree, it's not every day you see a rare and majestic Pokémon like Milotic, let alone one as big as we saw." Jenny said.
"That makes it a prime target for other evil groups like Team Rocket to try and capture it again. I certainly hope it stays alert." Nurse Joy said.
"All we can do is hope for the best. Having traveled from one region to another, I can safely say that's the way the world works." Cynthia said.
"Hey, wait! I just realized… how are we going to get you back to normal, Cynthia?" Jenny said.
"Oh, that's right! I'm still gigantic thanks to that Milotic. Maybe I'll go visit Professor Aurea Juniper. She may have a solution. Besides…" Cynthia said. Before she could say any more, however, her body glowed a bright red. It didn't take long for everyone to see what was happening.
"Oh, look! She's shrinking!" Nurse Joy said, watching as Cynthia was shrinking smaller and smaller from her 150-foot-tall height.
In about 30 seconds, Cynthia was back to her normal size as the red glow faded away.
"Haha! Problem solved, I guess!" Jenny said.
"Heh, yep! It's kinda too bad. I started to say I wouldn't have minded being taller for a little while longer. It really makes all of Unova look much different." Cynthia said.
"Oh well. We're just happy you helped save the day at Black City. Is there anything I can do personally to thank you?" Jenny said. Cynthia tried to think of what the officer could do that wasn't too outrageous. When she looked down and realized she was still wearing her swimsuit, that's when she thought of a suggestion.
"Well, could you give me a lift back to Undella Town? I left all my things there before I grew. I should be packing up and getting back to the Sinnoh region anyway." Cynthia said.
"Consider it done, Cynthia! Just follow me, please." Jenny said.
As everyone returned to Black City to get back to their normal lives (and help clean up the mess left behind by the giantesses and their Pokémon), Cynthia walked back as well and followed Officer Jenny back to the police station. Before she did, though, she took one more look back at the river where the giant Milotic disappeared, hoping one day the two would cross paths again.