Dragon Goddess



    Clair's rage was growing at a ever increasing rate.

    Inside of the Blackthorn Gym was their Gym Leader Clair, who was claimed to be the world's greatest, most powerful, and most terrifying Dragon Master there is.

    Many had tried to defeat her in battle, none of them were success in their challenge to defeat her. She claimed she could easily wipe out the Elite Four and their Champion.

    Truly, she was considered the greatest Dragon Master.. No, greatest Pokémon Master in all of Johto.




    Her legacy was broken, her career as a Pokémon Gym Leader was ruined completely!

  All because of a SINGLE TRAINER.

    That trainer was a ten year old boy named Ethan. Ethan was a new Pokémon Trainer, who had merely weeks before ruining Clair's career had started his Pokémon Adventure. Traveling across the region of Johto, Ethan had journeyed to many large cities and challenged their Gym Leaders. He was extraordinary compared to most trainers, he was able to defeat the Gym Leaders and earn his badges easily!

    The final Gym Leader that Ethan had fought against was Clair. At first glance, thanks to her incredibly large ego, Clair believed that Ethan looked like a pushover. She believed he had no chance against her.

    Then, Ethan won the battle.

    Clair was so humiliated about her first defeat in her career, that she believed this was some sort of mistake. She believed Ethan did not deserve her badge! She believed that Ethan was somehow cheating! So she sent the boy to the Dragon Den, she sent him there so he can prove that he deserves the badge by passing a test.

    Now, Clair believed the boy would fail the test. Simple as that. Not one has passed the test, not even Clair herself. So Ethan had no chance whatsoever? Right?

    Wrong. He passed the test and received the badge.

      This made Clair's blood boil. Oh so much.

    It had been weeks ever since Clair was defeated unfairly,(In her Opinion) by the young Pokèmon Trainer Ethan. Many thins in Johto had changed. For one, Ethan was now the new Pokémon Master of Johto. He was now traveling to the Kanto region, to defeat the Gym Leaders of that Region and then the Elite Four. Pff, Clair could defeat them easily.


    One of the other things that has changed? Clair suddenly started to lose Pokémon Challenges in her gym! It was almost like Ethan somehow sucked out her skill and Muse!

    Her Gym had been redesigned for the worst, it was now a simple Gym with a small Battle Arena.. Phff. Also, all of her apprentices had left her gym, so now, it was just her. Alone. Truly her life has gone down the crapper thanks to Ethan..

    She was standing her Gym's room, she glared angrily at the entrance of her Gym. Before, the sight of a new trainer gave her a smuggy smirk. Now, it gives her a angry scowl.

    She closed her eyes and started to think inside her head. "What the hell could have made me lose to that idiot? WHAT?!" She thought angrily inside her head. "What could it have been... It has to have been SOMETHING.. Maybe it was what I ate earlier.. Or maybe I didn't get enough sleep.. Maybe my Pokémon were just tired... NO! It can't be any of that! None of that ever happened before I fought that idiot! NONE OF IT!"

    "Yo! Champ in the making!" Clair opened her eyes after deep thinking to see the greeter by the door greet a new face.

    The boy entering the Gym had a Pink Sweater, blue jeans, and long shaggy brown hair. He looked a little frightened, the boy had a shaky frown.

      Clair smirked at the boy. The first she had done so for quite a while. To her, the boy obviously looked like some sort of newbie. He looked as if this was his first day of Pokémon Training! A pushover to say the least.  "Well, well. I welcome you to the Blackthorn Gym.. I am the Gym Leader. Master of all Dragon Pokémon, Clair..."

    The Young Boy walked up to Clair while shaking nervously. "My name is... Uh... Susumu... I came from City to challenge you!" He said in a shaking and scared voice, which just made Clair's Grin grow.

    "Very well then, We shall have a Three on Three Battle... You should know all the rules by now... First to have their Pokémon Faint loses the battle.. If you defeat me, you gain the badge.. Simple?"

    The Boy named Susumu simply nodded his head. "Okay.."

      "Very well then, Let us Begin." Clair took the boy to the Pokémon Arena, she smiled as she took a Pokéball from her Pocket.(That Blue suit has pockets, yep.) "GO! Gyarados!" She shouted, she threw the Pokéball at the Arena and then, in a bright light, Gyarados suddenly appeared.

    Susumu clutched a Pokéball from his pocket and threw it weakly at the Arena. "G-Go! Pikachu!" In a bright flash, a Pikachu suddenly appeared.

      Clair chuckled, she knew Pikachu was a somewhat weak Pokémon unless trained correctly... So this should be a easy win for her... "Hmm hmm, I'll give you the first attack." She said, her smirk grew.

    "Uh, okay!" The small boy said. "Uh.. Pikachu! Use Thunderbolt!" The Pikachu jumped into the sky and threw a thunderbolt straight at Clair's Gyarados.

    Now, before Clair could chuckle quietly and order her Gyarados to simply dodge the thunderbolt and attack with Hyper Beam, the Pikachu shot at Gyarados quickly and swiftly, and then, Gyarados fainted.

    "WHA-WHAT?!?" Clair shouted angrily, the boy and his Pikachu stared at Clair. "Uh-uh... Are you okay?" The boy said, shaking.

    Clair pinched her nose and stared at the boy for a good few minutes. "*Sigh* Gyarados! Return!" Clair pulled out her Pokéball and Gyarados returned to it's Pokéball. "Look kid, you just got some luck. Kay? It wasn't anything special at all." Clair walked up to the small boy and punched me in the arm. "I'm not in my best condition, kay? Come back tomorrow if you want a REAL BATTLE."

    Susumu the little boy looked up at Clair shaking like a little scared dog, he then used his Pokéball to transport his Pikachu into it. "Okay.. I'll try to be back." He said as he slowly walked towards the doors to the gym. He glanced at Clair before stepping out of the gym.

    Clair looked down at the floor. "WHY.. WHY CAN'T I DEFEAT ANYONE ANYMORE? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! I USED TO BE THE GREATEST THERE IS, THEN THAT STUPID DAMN IDIOT HAD TO SHOW UP. THAT KID NAMED ETHAN. HE RUINED MY WHOLE LIFE!" Clair shouted angrily, she pinched her nose and started to breath heavily.

    "I know what I'll do.. I guess I'll take a walk, yeah.. That's it, a walk... To the.. Dragon Den!" Clair breathed in then out once more and then started to walk out of her gym..

      Dragon Den.

      A few hours later, Clair was walking slowly in the Dragon Den, just to cool herself off. "What the hell could have happened?! Seriously?" The angry Dragon Gym Leader continued to walk into the depths of the Dragon Den, during the whole entire walk, she was thinking. Was it really all her fault? Maybe that small boy was cheating? How can a Thunderbolt stop her Gyarados?

    She continued to think these angry thoughts inside of her head, and she continued to do so. Until one sparkling item grabbed her attention. "Hmm? What is this?" Clair looked down to notice a black gem like object.. It looked nice, clean and terrifying..

    Clair picked up the small black gem..  And then, everything started to go all wrong.

    The Gem suddenly flashed a bright light in front of Clair for a few seconds, and before she could react at all.. The Gem started to somehow dissolve into her body, but how? "What.. What the hell?"

    Clair was freaking out now, she started to try to run back out of the gym, alas, she couldn't. Why? Her body was somehow changing, she felt her entire body change... In size? The Den started to shrink in her perspective... Smaller and smaller, but she was the one getting bigger!

    Her head hit the ceiling of the Den, slowly but surely it was starting to collapse because of her ever increasing body...

    The Dragon Den was soon gone. It had collapsed completely, a huge cloud of smoke appeared where the Den once was.

    Citizens of Blackthorn City emerged from their homes, they looked up at the horrible and monstrous sight. But, the horrible sight did not even compare to the sight the citizens would see soon afterwards...

    The smoke was soon gone, and everyone looked up at a gigantic monster.. It was Clair..

    The giantess looked down at the citizens with a smuggy smile, she was finally in power again.. "Citizens of Blackthorn City! I am your new ruler! The Dragon Goddess Clair!!"


    Chaos had soon ensured, some of the citizens were packing everything from their homes and escaping the small City with their Family and Pokémon. Others, were cowering in fear, and the majority were simply hiding in their homes.

    This pleased Clair. This made her feel like she had all of the power in the entire world. Size really did matter, huh? "Listen to your new Goddess my slaves!" She commanded using her powerful voice...

  Clair stomped out of the lake(Where the Den used to be) and to the land, her gigantic and monstrous feet were able to crush a few homes and shake the whole City like an powerful earthquake. Along with the earthquake was splashing water(From when Clair lifted her feet from the lake) that washed up nearly 1/4 of the City.

This alone made Clair's ego grow tenfold, she was in power again... Only this time, she controlled everything...

    Clair looked down at Blackthorn City, she was now standing right above her Gym, she gazed at the city to notice ruined buildings, panicking citizens, and much more chaos. Clair only laughed.. She was so powerful... Just look at the chaos she had just caused!

"Hahaha... My little slaves!" She commanded, most of the panicking Citizens suddenly stopped, they gazed up at the gigantic Goddess, who's hip reached up to the tallest buildings...  "I require some sort of nourishment!" She stated. "Therefore..." Clair hastily sat down, crushing buildings(and her own gym) in mere seconds. "I request vast amounts of food!" Clair pointed down at a street. "I order you all to place the vast amounts of food there.. And you all better hurry..." Clair said darkly before smashing her right palm against several buildings. "Or else this will mean the end of you all..." She chuckled, putting chills down hundreds of people and Pokémon...

    Several minutes passed and the citizens were doing as Clair asked. Machokes, Gravelers, and other strong Pokémon were carrying fruits, vegetables, meats, and other foodstuffs to the street that their Dragon Goddess pointed to. The amount of food increased several times as the humans and Pokémon placed the food there. "Enough!" The Goddess Shouted.

    Clair gazed down at the large amount of food, while to the normal citizens it looked to be enough for them for months, To Clair, it looked just like a little midday snack for her.

  Clair smirked evilly as her right hand reached for the large amount of various foods and simply grabbed it all with a fist..

  Then, Clair threw the months worth of food into her mouth, and she simply swallowed without chewing in seconds. "hahaha.." She giggled, rubbing her belly. "Well, that was decent.. I guess I'll be sparing your lives..." She chuckled....

    Clair stood up from the ground, looking down at her slaves with a dark smile. She adored this... It's only been twenty minutes since she grew and she already took over Blackthorn City...

    But... She felt something was missing... Just something.

While she had became the ruler of Blackthorn... It just didn't seem like enough.., Oh no, she needed much more power.

  She wanted the whole Johto Region to herself... No, Clair wanted the whole PLANET to herself!

    But how was Clair supposed to do this? Sure, she was already hundreds of feet tall and has taken over Blackthorn.. But was that enough power to rule over the entire planet... She thinks not... More power in never enough! She needs all the power she must get!

So Clair decided. "My slaves! Your Goddess is speaking to you all!" She shouted. "I am now embarking on a journey, a rather long one.." Clair stomped her foot heavily on the ground, knocking over several other buildings, which made her smirk. "I will be off, to claim much more of Johto to me!" Clair started to stomp her way out of Blackthorn, crushing and destroying more and more with every step.


Nearby, in the routes that surrounded Blackthorn, was a little boy, the same little boy who had defeated Clair's Gyarados in battle.. Susumu.

Susumu was sitting on the grass relaxing with his Pikachu right beside him. "So, uh... Pikachu..." He sighed, Pikachu just looked at him with a stare. "Remember that Gym Leader we kinda fought a few hours ago?"

  Pikachu nodded at his trainer..

Susumu licked his lips before hugging Pikachu like a stuffed animal. "She seemed really really mad just because she almost lost huh?" Susumu asked. Pikachu nodded in agreement with his trainer... "Maybe she was tired or something.. Yeah that's probably why she stormed away from us..."

  Suddenly, for an seemingly unknown reason, the little Pokémon Trainer and his Pikachu felt strange shakings occur.. "Huh? Pikachu, did you feel that or was it just me?" Susumu asked, turning his head back and forth in confusion.

  His Pikachu however, soon caught on to whatever the heck was going on. Pikachu turned it's head nervously and slowly to see a BIG surprise! "Pika! Pika!" It cried out.

The little boy was confused by his Pikachu's sudden yelp, he looked back himself... "Pikachu, What's.... EEP!"

The Trainer and his Pikachu saw a very horrific sight, they saw a looming gigantic figure, that was getting closer and closer to them with every single step the giant took..

    Susumu started to cower and hug his Pikachu for comfort as the gigantic figure got closer and closer, causing more violent earthquakes with every single stomp.

Susumu yelled a Girly scream when the Little Trainer finally got a close look at the giant... "Oh my god Pikachu! It's... That Gym Leader we fought awhile ago! But... How did... She get so b..." Susumu was interrupted when Clair's Gigantic god-like feet nearly stomped on him.(She wasn't paying attention to whatever was below her, she just wanted to get to the next city so she could conquer it for herself.)

Susumu gazed at the stomping Goddess... As she stomped her way towards her next destination, Mahogany Town.


While Clair was stomping her way happily towards Mahogany Town, she felt some sort of strange... Feeling of some sort.. It felt like some sort of jittering feeling inside of her. "Oh? What's this?" Clair said, stopping in her gigantic tracks to observe the strange change..

Suddenly, Clair felt her whole body start to expand once again, she smirked evilly as she looked down at the ever shrinking sights being crushed by her ever growing feet...

  Clair started to stomp her way to Mahogany Town once again, still growing at an increasing rate.

Yet, little did the Dragon Goddess know, that she was going to be experiencing some other effects besides for growing.

Some desirable effects.


In Mahogany Town, the town was enjoying a mostly peaceful and mellow day. The town had no knowledge for what will be happening soon enough..

In the middle of the day, strong shaking and earthquakes begun to happen... This was very strange as Mahogany Town was never really a area affected by Earthquakes... The Earthquakes continued to get stronger and stronger, collapsing several small buildings in the city... The people started to worry and panic, running out of their homes before they might collapse.

The Citizens soon noticed the cause of the earthquakes.. They noticed gigantic leg like things, stomping forward towards the city while carelessly stomping on many casualties in her way.. As the figure got closer and closer to them, they identified it as a gigantic goddess with a blue suit... Clair had gotten so large that people couldn't see her head, they could only see up to her torso.. Quite amazing.

 The Citizens continued to gaze up at the Dragon Goddess, who was standing, right next to the small town, dwarfing everything in sight while covering it all in her large dark shadow...

 "People of Mahogany Town! I am the Dragon Goddess! The new ruler of your pathetic little Town and soon to be the ruler of the whole Region itself!" She screamed.. Clair looked down at the Town with a chaotic Grin, she lifted one of her feet and then stomped it on part of the town, crushing nearly one fourth of the Town with little to no effort. "Hahaha.." She chuckled, looking down at the worried people and Pokémon.. Running away from her might, a very fun sight for Clair. "Fools... Trying to escape my wrath." She chuckled, stomping her feet under other parts of the town. "This is Grand.."

 Clair stared down at the ruined town, gazing at the ruined streets and roads with huge marks shaped like her feet, the collapsed buildings that transformed into rubble not too long ago, the Families trying to calm their children down..

Clair didn't feel any kind of remorse for this...

In fact, it made her laugh, this was a sign of her power! Her epic control! Her dominance over the rest of the world! She was supreme! She was the Dragon Goddess!

Hours Later...

Clair's Rampaging continued over the day, she took over many of the cities, towns and villages in the eastern section of Johto. Each of her Cities experienced some sort of torture from her, causing her ego to grow larger and larger... Truly, life was finally good yet again for Clair..

 It was the middle of the night, and Clair was heading towards whatever other City or Town she would come by next to take over..

But... Clair felt odd, she felt.. Tired.. Well, being a Goddess is quite possibly hard work I'm assuming.

Clair stopped in her tracks, she yawned a powerful yawn that could be heard from miles away, she then stretched her arms out.. "Hmm, looks like the Dragon Goddess is sleepy. "She giggled to herself.

Clair sat on the ground, crushing many trees and other things.. She looked around.. "Amazing, Today I have taken over nearly half of the Johto Region.. Hahaha... I'm guessing tomorrow will be the day all of it is under my Rule..." She said, flicking a few trees that were nearby her. "Sadly for everyone else on this planet, that isn't enough for me.. Hahaha.." She laughed, now smashing the trees nearby with her fist.

Clair layed down on the ground, smashing even more of the wildlife as she did so. She looked up at the beautiful night sky. "Soon, I'll take over the galaxy..." She joked. "And then, maybe the whole universe... With this power, I can do anything I want to!" She laughed.

Clair closed her eyes quietly, she soon drifted off into peaceful sleeping...

In her dream, she found herself, attacking a small city, she smiled evilly as she carelessly stomped again and again on several of the small homes and buildings, not giving a care in the world about what she was doing...

Suddenly, she felt a strange... Horrifying feeling inside of her, she felt her body shake quite a tiny bit, she felt warm inside of her... Clair's body froze greatly, not letting her move even a single inch..

Her body started to lose the energy inside of her, she felt her energy draining at a rapid rate...  What was happening to her?

Her body started to decrease in size, as she continued to shrink smaller and smaller... Her fear suddenly started to grow, was she going to become a nobody once again? Was she?

Clair woke up from her nightmare with a loud scream. She started to breath in and out quickly.. She looked around her surroundings.. She was still normal sized..(Well, i mean she was still goddess size, which is normal for her.)
"Oh God... What the hell was that?" She said, standing up while scratching her head.. "That was.. Horrible.." She looked back up at the sky, it was still dark.. She must have woken up in the middle of the night..

Even the simple thought of her power being wiped away in only a few seconds frightened her greatly, it already happened once and she wouldn't allow it to happen again. Ever.

But how would she prevent it from happening? Sooner or later all of her power will simply fade away.. Just like what happened in her dream..

Perhaps, there is a way... A way to gain more power.. Yes! There might be a way to gain more power!

Clair looked around her surroundings, to find a few Pidgeys nearby, by a pond nearby.. She grew a grin... Swiftly, she raised her right arm next to the pidgeys to grab them, but just before she was going to grab them, they disappeared.. And Clair's body had a blue aura around it for a few seconds.. Suddenly, her body grew a few feet.. "Hahaha.." She laughed.. She had found a way to get more power! She must have gained the power to absorb... The Pokémon of the world! Amazing!


    Chaos was once again spreading across Johto the next mourning, Clair had woken up only minutes ago from a deep sleep, and was now heading to another City, destroying everything in her path as a consequences.

Clair was growing larger, and stronger at every second, because of her new found ability, to absorb the Pokémon she passes by.

The people and Pokémon beneath her were running away in fright from the Dragon Goddess. She stepped on most of them, because of her increasing size and power.

Clair's growth and power was getting to her head by this time... Was she know undefeatable? Was she know the Goddess of the whole entire Johto Region?

Maybe she is...

"But not until..." She sighed under her breath. "I need the power of the legendary's... I must... I must capture them!" She shouted, stomping her feet, causing many trees and life, and shaking the ground violently..

"All of the power... Should belong to me! The Dragon Goddess!" She whispered to herself..

Clair was stomping her way in the woods, smashing everything below her, while at the same time, inspecting for any of the Legendary Pocket Monsters that Roam the Johto Region.

  "Where the hell could any of them be?!?" Clair growled out loud, crushing everything in her sight in a gigantic Goddess's Fit of Rage.

The chances of a Trainer seeing a legendary Pokémon is very very low, something that only very few have ACTUALLY ever seen. However, Clair believes that because of her increasing power and size, she could find them with ease,(Which, despite her size, she can't.) she needs the three of them, so her takeover of the Johto Region could be finalized! 

"Why can't I find any of them?! Why?!" She cried angrily, stomping her feet in anger. She didn't want to be reverted back to simply just a small time Gym Leader, No! She needed the Legendaries!


One of the Three roaming Legendaries of Johto, Entei, was running out in the forest, roaming across the Johto region as it usually does.

Entei sat on a large rock, taking a little break from his roaming. This is when people usually found the Pokémon, and tried to battle it and capture it. But, all who have tried this, have failed.

Entei's little break was interrupted by the ground shaking, it knew it wasn't Natural, it was a human causing this... But how?

"Where could it BE?!?" Entei heard a loud, angry Human Female voice... The voice was booming loud, so loud, it could possibly blow up a human's ear drums from miles away.

Entei would soon find out the causes of the strange shakings. The sky turned a dark black, as it was being covered by what appeared to be a shadow. Entei looked up slightly to see a horrifying sight, he saw a gigantic human woman, crushing everything beneath her with anger.. "Where are they, WHERE ARE THEY, WHERE?!?"

Entei knew what it must do, it had to stop this gigantic monster from crushing all of the Johto Region. Entei stood up from the rock and started dashing towards the goddess, running past all of the ruined trees and other things the giantess had destroyed.

Finally, Entei made it to the back of the goddess, Entei looked up at the Giantess's back with anger. Entei quickly and swiftly fired a fireball at the giantess's back, when the fireball hit, it just caused a simple little burn that was quickly put out. "Hmm? What WAS THAT?" But, he seemed to have caught the attention of the Goddess..

Clair turned to her back with a scowl, she looked down and her scowl faded away into a Malicious grin. "Well Well... It seems one of you had finally showed up.." Clair chuckled, stomping her foot in front of the Legendary Pokémon.

Entei backed away slightly, it knew that this gigantic human would be a threat to him, so it needed to be cation in front of her.

Suddenly, Clair reached her hand down slowly at Entei. Entei back away slightly again, not knowing what the Goddess was planning to do.

A blot of lighting suddenly hit the back of Clair's neck. "O-Ow!" She cried angrily, nearly falling onto the ground. "Who dare did that to the great Dragon Goddess?!?" She screamed, getting up from the ground angrily, now completely ignoring Entei.

Clair looked to her back, to find the cause of the lighting attack, the Legendary Pokémon Raikou, who was standing on a hill nearby Clair.  "You..." She growled angrily at the Legendary Pokémon, smashing her fist down on the hill it was standing on. Luckily for Raikou, it was able to swiftly run out of the way from Clair, and land on another hill.

Entei used this moment to attack Clair from behind again, this time, shooting out a larger fireball at Clair's back.

The fireball hit Clair in the back like the last one, only this time, Clair cried out in pain. "Damn it!" She cried angrily, looking to her back to find Entei. "You... Hey... What's happening?" Clair noticed everything around her was starting to grow larger around her... Was she finally shrinking? "No! No! This can not be happening!" She cried. Clair looked at Entei with a scowl, she quickly swiped the Legendary with her right hand, angrily.

Clair started to grow in height again, this time, growing larger then she ever had. "Yes... Yes..." She moaned, finally absorbing the power of Entei.. "I will rule this planet! Yes! Yes!"

Clair continued to grow, now fully have absorbed Entei completely, she looked to her left with a pleasant grin, to see Raikou, stepping back from the growing Goddess. "Now, it'll be your turn.." She chuckled.

Clair quickly swiped Raikou from the hill, before it could jump away from her.

Clair started to chuckle again, now the Power of Raikou was being sucked into her, she had the power of two the Legendaries! "Yes! Yes! Oh yes!" She cried happily stomping her feet in joy.

"I just need a little more power! Yes! Yes!"


BlackThorn City.

A Dragonite was flying high above in the sky, and it's Trainer, the former Johto League Champion, Lance was flying on top of it. Lance was staring down at the city with an shocked face... He noticed huge stomps on the city, ruined houses and buildings.. Basically, his hometown was somehow destroyed in some horrible tragedy..

Lance commanded his Dragonite to safely land next to what used to be the Dragon's Den. Dragonite nodded and flew down towards it.

"Thank you Dragonite, you may return now." He sighed, with quite a little bit of anger in his voice.. He pulled out a Pokéball and zapped out a little red light, sending his Dragonite back inside of it..

"Terrible, isn't it?" A small boy's voice said, Lance turned his head slightly to the left to find a small boy, with a pink sweater.. The boy's Pikachu was following him around. "It was pretty scary when this happened, yep.." Susumu, the young boy said.

Lance looked at the boy with a strong glare.. The small boy gulped. "Um.." Susumu sighed, sweating. "Well... "

"What was the cause of this?" Lance asked Susumu with a cold voice.

"Uh..." Susumu gulped, again. "I... I... It was... Well, its kind of hard to explain really.." Susumu shrugged. "But I'll tell you.." He said, grabbing his Pikachu. "Well... You know about the Gym Leader around here?"

Lance nodded.

"Uh... She got really really Big!" Susumu explained. "I don't know how or why... But, she's kinda doing stuff all around Johto... "

Lance gazed at the boy for a few moments, sending shivers down Susumu's body. "She... She must have found the Dark power of The Dragon's Den." Lance mumbled. "We must stop her before she grows to powerful!"

Lance pulled out his Pokéball, he threw it to the ground and Dragonite came out of it once again. "Dragonite, We need to locate wherever my cousin Clair is, she is causing mass destruction across the Johto Region!" Dragonite nodded at his Master. Lance jumped onto his Dragon Pokemon.

Susumu looked up at Lance and his Dragonite. "Wait! Can I come with you?" He asked. Lance gave the boy a small glare, not knowing why the boy should come. "I.. I beat Clair in a battle!" He shouted. The boy's Pikachu gave a small "Pika!" Cry.

Lance nodded at the boy slowly, giving out a slightly surprised look on his face.. Did this little boy really defeat Clair? "Come on, I guess." Lance sighed.

Susumu and his Pikachu nodded, both climbing on top of the Dragonite.., Lance have gave a signal to his Dragonite to fly off towards the sky. Dragonite nodded, and blasted off.. Towards the sky..


Trouble in Johto was constantly growing(heh) at every waking moment.. Clair was possible over hundreds of feet tall, maybe even Thousands of feet high.. Truly, all she needed left was the power of Suicune, and then the whole Johto Region could be her's... Of course, that wouldn't be enough for Clair, she'll continue capturing the Pocket Monsters, traveling to other Regions to Absorb the powers of their Legendaries and normal Pokémon.. She wouldn't stop until all of the world bowed down to their Goddess. The Dragon Goddess.

Clair was stomping over an City. She didn't truly know which City it was actually, mostly because she has grown so large that the cities look like little specks in her eyes.

Clair looked down as she continued to stomp on the several bite sized buildings, watching them shrink smaller and smaller at every moment.. Her power was grand, and there was nothing that could stop it!

"Now.. Where could Suicune be?" Clair thought to herself. At her current size, she couldn't tell what anything was. They all looked liked Specks. But, she'll know when she finally gets Suicune...

  Unknown to Clair, a flying, fly sized(To her) Dragonite was close nearby, flying towards Clair the fastest it can. Lance glared at the gigantic Clair.. Not saying a single word.. Susumu, and his Pikachu were holding each other, afraid of the gigantic Gym Leader who was close by..

The Dragonite flew next to Clair's head. Her body was thousands of feet tall now, making it near impossible for the Goddess to notice the Dragonite and the others on it.

The Dragonite passed by Clair's eye finally, and Clair spotted it. "Meh, just another little fly." She growled, trying to swat the Dragonite with her gigantic hand.

Luckily, Dragonite was able to swiftly dodge the building sized hand in seconds, saving Lance, the little Boy and his Pikachu.

Clair growled at the small fly sized Pokémon, she shrugged her arms and continued her path of destruction.

"Hurray Dragonite, hurray and land on Clair's ear, now!" Lance commanded. Dragonite nodded, the Dragon Pokémon quickly flew to Clair's gigantic ear, and landed on the edge of it.

Lance jumped off of Dragonite and looked at Dragonite. He saw that Susumu and his Pikachu were still on Dragonite's back, shaking because of fright. "Dragonite, take those two somewhere safe. I'll be fine up here." Dragonite nodded to Lance, flying off of Clair's ear, with Susumu and his Pikachu.

Clair looked back at the inside of Clair's ear and smirked. 'Time to finally finish this...' He thought.

"Clair!" Lance yelled.

Clair stopped in her tracks. She heard a familiar voice.. "What?" She gasped, confused.

"Its me, your cousin, Lance!" He answered back, with a slightly serious look on his face.

"Lan...Lance?" The giantess gulped.. What was he here for? "Where are you? " She asked.

"That is not important Clair." Lance growled. "What is important is for you to end your mayhem on Johto!"

"W-What?!" Clair gasped. "No! No! Lance, I am the greatest in all of Johto! Nothing can stop me! Why Would I want to be reverted back to a simple Gym Leader?!"

"Clair!" Lance growled. "Your power has grown too much! You tower over nearly all of Johto, crushing Cities in mere seconds!"

"So? I'm still powerful! And I plan to expand it Lance! Expand it until I can rule the entire planet!"

"Clair! You can't do that, don't you know how many lives you have killed?"

"So? Why should I care?! They all mocked me Lance! Mocked me!" Clair stomped her foot onto a city, smiling as the ant sized building collasped under her massive foot. "They.. All mocked me! And this is what the world gets! The revenge of me, The Dragon Goddess!" Clair chuckled, nearly crying at the moment. "I don't give a damn about those who mocked me, so why should I spare them!"

"But Clair, why do you have to be like this?" Lance sighed.

"Because... I need.. The power!" Clair gave a low growl, obviously sounding very irritated.

"But Clair, tell me.. How did you become a Gym Leader?" Lance asked, from his heart.

"What?" Clair stopped once again, collecting her thoughts. "I.. I just became better at training, battling against many trainers.."

Lance nodded "Clair, did you gain power that way?"

"No! I didn't! " Clair yelled back, angrily.

"Clair, you did gain power, you became a better Pokémon Trainer... And then, soon a better Gym Leader."

"Lance..." Clair sighed, finally deciding to sit down, on the ground, crushing many things below her. "But.. What if anyone else defeats me again? I don't want my honor crushed again.."

Lance chuckled. "Well, maybe you should practice more. Then you'll never be defeated Clair."

Clair nodded, smiling softly. "Yeah... I... I.. I don't need any of of this!" She shouted. "I don't need to be a Goddess to have Power! I just need to be a damn good Pokémon Gym Leader!"

Clair felt a strange feeling overcome the Goddess... She started to shrink in height, slowly. But, Instead of freaking out and trying to find a new source of power, she just stayed there, smiling as everything around her started to grow.

As she continued to shrink, strange balls of energy came out of the Goddess, the strange balls headed to the ground, transforming into the Pokémon she had absorbed.

Lance noticed the walls around the ear were closing around him.. He smirked as he saw Dragonite fly into the ear. "Alright Dragonite..." He chuckled. "Let's go." Lance jumped onto his Pokémon, and then Dragonite flew away, while Lance looked back, at the shrinking Clair.



Clair was standing in the middle of her newly rebuilt Gym, smirking as she looked around at the empty Gym. She awaited her next Challenger to walk into the Gym... Things had mostly returned to normal, most of Johto had rebuilt, along with Clair's Gym

A small Boy, Susumu, to be exact, opened the doors to the gym, having a nervous look on his face as he entered. "Uh.. Hi again." He smiled nervously, looking at Clair. "What is it little boy?" Clair chuckled, staring at Susumu, with a gleeful look.

"Uh... Remember our Gym Battle that we never finished?" He asked, gulping slightly. Clair simply nodded. "Yes.. I remember Little Boy.."

"You ready to finish it?"

Susumu grew a large grin on his face. "Of Course!" The small boy replied, pulling out a Pokéball from his pocket.

Clair chuckled at the small boy's sudden eagerness. "Very well then.." Clair pulled out a Pokéball. "This time, no holding back."