Duplica's Little Helpers

(Cubed Cinder and DJYellow22; idea by BiggerBetterBarbie)

Chapter 1, written by Cubed Cinder

It was a long and hard fought battle at the Silver Conference, but after the tough tournament as well as ending his long-time rivalry with Gary Oak, thanks in part to a career change to Pokemon Researcher, Ash and his friends begin the long journey back home to Pallet Town. The group was traveling down a lonely path. In fact, they eventually came across the first building they've encountered since leaving the last city. Despite that, however... they each recognized the mansion.
"Hey, look over there! Isn't that The Imite House?" Ash asked.
"Yeah, I remember that! We met Duplica and her Ditto there." Misty said.
"I wonder how she's doing with her dream of becoming a Ditto master." Brock said.
"Wait, do you see that? Look at all those bikes there..." Ash said, noting all the bicycles parked beside the mansion in the grass. He and his friends knew the primary mode of transportation for most trainers in Kanto was via bicycle.
"You think maybe there's a show going on?" Brock said.
"Well, only way to find out. Come on, Pikachu!" Ash said.
"Pikachu!" Pikachu shouted.
"Wait a minute! We can't just go barging in without calling someone first!" Misty said.
"Why not? We've barged in before." Ash said.
"And besides... it looks like the front doors are open." Brock said.
"Oh..." Misty said. She eventually caught up with the others and entered the house with them.

After walking inside and then walking through another set of doors, the group was inside the main theater. And true to Ash's intuition, the room was packed with other trainers who were visiting to see the show. Everyone looked up on stage where they saw Duplica running out from behind a screen dressed up in a karate uniform. Also on stage was Ditto, Duplica's primary Pokemon.
"Hey, there's Duplica." Ash said, softly of course so they wouldn't draw attention.
"You're right, but it looks like the show is almost over." Misty said.
"And now, for the final act of the show, I'd like to demonstrate Ditto's new speed transforming capability. Watch as Ditto quickly switches from Hitmonlee to Hitmontop, utilizing the best of both fighters. Of course, with my black belt, he doesn't stand a chance against me anyway." Duplica said, drawing a laugh from the audience.
"Alright, Ditto! Begin transformation!" Duplica said.
"Ditto!" Ditto shouted. Ditto transformed first into Hitmonchan, and the transformation was perfect. Some people were easily fooled that they were looking at a Hitmonchan instead of Ditto.

But in the meantime, Duplica was able to do some impersonating herself, executing fighting moves that a black belt could master. After about thirty seconds, Ditto rapidly morphed from Hitmonchan to Hitmonlee, and the crowd was mightily impressed that the transformation occurred so quickly. Hitmonlee was quickly able to block a kick from Duplica's bare foot. This continued for another couple minutes, with each transformation drawing a cheer from the audience. Finally, Hitmonchan was able to put a counter on Duplica, ducking under one of her moves and punching her right in the face. The crowd (including Ash and friends) gasped as Duplica spun around and eventually fell to the ground. The crowd thought she had been knocked cold... until she sprung back to her feet and there was not a single scratch on her face. The crowd cheered as Duplica waved to the crowd. Ditto changed back to its regular self and bowed its head, as did its master.
"Thank you! Your applause gives me great hope for the future! I hope you'll stick around for my encore presentation in about three hours, but even if you don't, please enjoy your stay here at the Imite House!" Duplica said. The crowd eventually got up from their seats and left the theater to head for the many resting areas that also made the house popular. The only ones heading for the stage were Ash and his friends.
"Hey, Duplica! That was amazing!" Ash said.
"Thanks, Ashy boy!" Duplica said, prompting Ash to blush a bit. He figured she still had some feelings for him, but luckily she didn't pursue them since it wasn't really part of her style.
"Although, I hope they were cheering the show over me getting knocked down." Duplica added.
"How is it that your face is still fine? A Hitmonchan can really deliver a knockout punch, you know!" Misty said.
"You're right, but don't forget... Ditto here can make its body soft or hard at will." Duplica said, grabbing a little bit of Ditto and stretching the gelatin-like Pokemon out. Ditto giggled from the move.
"Oh yeah... I forgot." Misty said.
"That's what makes Ditto such an amazing Pokemon, for sure." Brock said.
"Hold on, I gotta get back into my regular clothes." Duplica said. She turned around and ran behind the screen that was on stage. In the blink of an eye, Duplica went from one end in her karate outfit, and came out the other side in her regular clothes, a red-orange T-shirt with blue jeans and brown shoes.
"Okay, I really gotta know how you do that!" Misty said.
"It's magic, Misty. And I mean that literally too! I've had this screen since my mother used it years ago in her act. She says there are some things in life best left unexplained, so I took that to heart." Duplica said.
"Well, that kinda makes sense." Ash said.
"Hey, are you three gonna be staying? I'd love to give you a sneak peek of a new act I'm preparing for tomorrow's show!" Duplica said.
"Sure, we're in no hurry!" Ash said.
"Alright! I'm gonna need Mini-Dit for this. Come out, Mini-Dit!" Duplica shouted as she pulled a Poke Ball off her belt and threw it in the air. Out came another Ditto, one that on the surface looked similar to the regular Ditto, but of course it was much different as Ash pointed out.

"Mini-Dit? Isn't that the one that stays the same size no matter what Pokemon it transforms to?" Ash asked.
"Heehee, you have a great memory, Ashy boy." Duplica said.
"Come on, stop that!" Ash shouted.
"I remember too, it was so cute... can you have it change into a Lapras?" Misty asked.
"Okay! Mini-Dit, you heard the lady. Transform!" Duplica said.
"Ditto!" Mini-Dit shouted. In a very short amount of time, Ditto changed its look to that of a Lapras, but it was no more than a foot tall rather than its normal height of just over eight feet tall.
"Awww, how cute!" Misty said as she walked up to the stage and picked up the mini Lapras, hugging it close to her chest.
"I'm sure it makes you feel big too." Ash said.
"Hoho, very funny!" Misty said with a slightly annoyed look on her face.
"I don't know, I kinda feel big standing up here myself." Duplica said as she jokingly walked near Ash, almost resting her knees against his face. Ash of course backed away again from what was obviously another flirt from the young girl.
"Anyway, if you don't mind, Misty, I wanna show you this new trick I taught Mini-Dit." Duplica said.
"Sure, okay." Misty said as she put the mini Lapras, which transformed back into Mini-Dit, back on stage.
"Okay, Mini-Dit! Change into Electrode." Duplica said. Mini-Dit changed into an Electrode.
"Hmmm? What's so special about Ditto changed to an Electrode?" Brock asked.
"Have patience, Brock! You guys know how an Electrode normally faints after using Explosion, right? Well, Mini-Dit here is able to stay alive even after using Explosion." Duplica said.
"Huh? How?" Ash asked.
"How about I show you, but you might want to take cover behind the seats for this one!" Duplica said. Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu all did just that, walking behind the first row of seats and ducking behind them as best as they could. Duplica took cover as well, but behind the screen instead.
"Alright, Mini-Dit! Explosion now!" Duplica shouted. Mini-Dit, as Electrode, started to glow a bright white, the first sign that a Pokemon was about to explode.


The explosion went off, but instead of lots of flame and debris flying out from the Pokemon, the purple gelatin that was normally Mini-Dit suddenly went flying all over the theater. Unfortunately for Ash and his friends... despite covering themselves behind the seats, some of the gelatin still splashed onto our heroes. Misty, of course, was grossed out from seeing her legs and arms covered in the stuff.
"Eeeeek! Get it off me, get it off me!!" Misty said, unable to pull the pieces of Mini-Dit off her body. Eventually it wouldn't matter, because very slowly, the gelatin was getting absorbed into their bodies (and clothes). But for now, Ash and friends came back from behind the seats, looking around and seeing the theater almost covered with Mini-Dit.
"Wow... what a mess." Brock said.
"I guess the experiment was a failure." Ash said.
"Not to worry, Ashy boy. Watch!" Duplica said as she came out from behind the screen. Everyone watched as the globs of purple gelatin suddenly wiggled its way back onto the stage... eventually forming back together into Mini-Dit itself, who smiled and shouted its name in happiness.
"Oh my gosh..." Misty said.
"How... how did that happen?" Brock said.
"Well, it's a very long story, but I taught Mini-Dit how to control all of its body, even after seperation. Basically, as long as Mini-Dit's heart isn't touched, it can pull itself back together no matter what!" Duplica said.
"Gee, I kinda want to hear the long story after hearing just that." Ash said. Duplica finally noticed the gelatin from Mini-Dit that was on our heroes, and slowly absorbing into them.
"Well, maybe after you've been cleaned up... I guess you didn't have as much protection as I did!" Duplica said with a laugh.
"You may not have to... this thing seems to be absorbing into us." Brock said.
"Or just cleaning itself up." Ash said.
"Either way... I'm definitely hitting the shower next time we hit the Pokemon Center." Misty said.
"Hmmm? That's strange..." Duplica said, watching as some of Mini-Dit's body faded into our heroes.

But what happened next took everyone by surprise.

"Oh... I feel so strange." Ash said as he was holding his head.
"Me too... why do I feel so dizzy?" Misty said.
"Maybe my vision's fading... because it looks like you're shrinking!" Brock said.
"Huh? Don't be silly... you're the one that's shrinking!" Misty said.
"No, wait! Look at the seats! We're all shrinking!" Ash shouted. Indeed, all three heroes, including Pikachu, started to dwindle in size. The shrinking was slow at first, but it quickly sped up. Misty was scared she was going to shrink out of existence as she noticed the speed of the shrinking increase.
"Waaaah! Why!? What's happened to us!?" Misty shouted. Finally, our heroes stopped shrinking when they were down to a tiny two inches tall. Of course, Pikachu was much smaller than that, but stayed in proportion with our heroes.

Of course, Duplica watched this happen right in front of her eyes, and as she jumped off stage to slowly approach the second row of seats, only one thought came out of her mind.
"Um... oops!" Duplica said.

Chapter 2, written by DJYellow22

Duplica looked at the row of seats that contained the ever so tiny (And in my opinion, oh
so adorable!!) trainers. A mini Brock, Mini Ash, Mini Misty, and a extra Mini Pikachu.
Everyone stayed silent for a few minutes, the whole entire scene seemed incredibly
awkward to everyone there.

"So um..." Duplica had a sweat drop on her face, she didn't have any idea what to do
with the shrunken trainers, and Pikachu. "No hard feelings, right?" Duplica smiled at
them, a little nervously of course. She didn't know how they would react to being
shrunken to only two inches tall. "Oooohhhh...." She thought. "Their going to be so
mad about this, I just know it.."

Sadly, Duplica was indeed correct, The shrunken Trainers did look a little upset with
what just happened. Especially Misty, who did NOT look happy about this at all.
"Hey, Duplica!" Ash shouted up at her. "Any idea with what happened to us?!" He
cried out. Pikachu looked up at Duplica, with a worried look. He cried out his name in
a worried tone.

"Uh... See, this sort of thing never happened before." Duplica gave a nervous shrug
to the shrunken trainers. "So.. I guess your stuck like this for a little while. Being a
few inches tall shouldn't be so bad for you anyway.." Duplica gave a gentle sigh, she
had almost no idea what to do with the shrunken trainers.

"Are you KIDDING ME?!" Misty screamed up at Duplica. "Do you SERIOUSLY think
we can survive being only a few inches tall?! You better figure out some way to fix
us... Now!" Misty sounded very threatening, despite only being a few inches tall.

"Now, don't worry Misty.. I'll be sure I'll find some way to get you guys back to
normal..." Duplica tried to reassure them. "So... While you all are small, I guess you
should make the best of it! After all, being this small could have it's advantages

"Really?" Ash looked at Duplica with a rather confused look on his face. "How could
being this small be any fun?" He asked. Pikachu looked up at her with a confused
look as well.

"Well, Ashy Boy.." Duplica suddenly gave a slight giggle as she reached her hand
towards the tiny trainer and Pikachu, and gently grabbed them. Ash and Pikachu
tried to fight back slightly, but soon realized that Duplica met no harm at all. "For
starters, your so tiny and cute, I could hold you in the palm of my hand!" Duplica
gave a gentle giggle as she held Ash in the palm of both of her hands.

Ash clumsily stood up in Duplica's palm, he looked up at her, with a gentle pink blush
on his face. "Oh, yeah.. Uh, right.." Ash blushed. Pikachu smiled at his trainer.

Duplica giggled at Ash. "Besides Ashy Boy, I think your way cuter like this, being all
small and tiny, it's so adorable!" Duplica giggled. She could tell that the shrunken
trainer was getting a tiny bit embarrassed with all of the attention she was giving

Misty was starting to get very annoyed with Duplica's behavior towards Ash. The
magician was basically trying to flirt with him. She shouldn't be bothered by this, but
her cheeks were getting red, and she was getting hot and steamy. "That stupid...
Grr..." She sighed under her breath, she needed to control herself in front of the
giant Duplica, and not get so steamed and worked up about this.

Duplica continued to tease and giggle at Ash. The Young Magician soon kneeled
down, and placed the boy onto the floor. "See, being tiny isn't so bad. Like I said,
your extra cute now Ashy Boy!" She teased at him.

"Okay uh..." Ash blushed slightly. The attention he was getting from Duplica was
indeed making him a little nervous. Though, he did also like getting attention from

Having a funny idea for a prank, Duplica started giggling. "Hey, little Ashy Boy. Do
you mind if I ask you to close your eyes for a few minutes, hmm?" Duplica asked the
tiny trainer.

"Oh, I guess." Ash gave a slight shrug up at Duplica as he covered his eyes with his
hands, he had no idea for what she had planned.

"Thanks Ashy Boy." Duplica grew a slight smirk, and a mischievous tone was in her
voice. With a snicker, Duplica suddenly grabbed the tiny hat from Ash's head, and
dangled it right in front of him. "Okay Ashy Boy." She giggled. "You can open your
eyes now!"

Ash did as Duplica said, and suddenly jumped when he noticed something! His red
cap was being held by Duplica's large fingers, dangling up above him! "H-Hey!" He
shouted up at her, trying to unsuccessfully get his hand back from Duplica.

Duplica only giggled down at the trainer who was just tiring himself out from trying to
get his hat back. She thought it looked very cute, and wasn't thinking of giving it back
to him anytime soon.

Misty and Brock watched Duplica's silly teasing, still sitting on the seats. "You know."
Brock chuckled. "It's pretty funny to see Ash so relied up about his hat, don't you
agree Misty? Err... Misty?" Brock looked at the orange haired girl, a little confused by
her stiff and quiet behavior.

"Yeah, whatever..." Misty wasn't going to admit that she was jealous of Duplica
playing around with Ash just yet. But, she was getting so annoyed and jealous of the
girl. "That stupid, stupid..." She growled under her breath, before giving a deep sigh
as she climbed down from her seat, and started to run towards Duplica with a angry
glare on her face.

Running up towards Duplica, while trying not to be noticed by her at all, Misty ran
towards the giant girl's feet. "Stop it!" She yelled, sadly, she wasn't noticed by either
Duplica, or Ash. "Stupid, stupid.." Misty breathed in heavily, and then started to
punch, and punch the living heck out of Duplica's shoes. Sadly, all she seemed to be
doing was wearing herself out, Duplica didn't feel a thing at all!

Still playing around with Ash, Duplica just couldn't get tired of teasing the young
shrunken trainer. It really was that cute! "This is so funny you know." Duplica finally
said. Though, she finally started to notice something small banging on her shoes,
and yelling up at her. "Hmm?" She stopped her teasing of Ash, and looked down
right beside her shoe. "Misty, what's wrong?"

Misty suddenly stopped her small temper tantrum, and looked up at the giantess
with wide eyes. "Oh... Um, it's nothing, yeah, it's nothing alright!" She smiled
nervously up at Duplica, she didn't want her to think that she was 'Jealous' or

"Are you sure?" Duplica asked the small girl. "You know what, hmm, you look a little
ticked off." Duplica suddenly grew a smile. "Hmm, mind if I try to cheer you up

Misty tilted her head at Duplica. "Uh? No, it's okay, you don't have to do anything for
me." Misty was curious however, what could Duplica do to cheer her up? Misty was
already moody and pissed off just by being only two inches tall!

"Just watch." Duplica giggled softly as she returned to Ash his small hat. Duplica
stood up, and gently picked Misty up, much to the shrunken girl's dismay. Duplica
carried the small girl towards the stage, and hid her behind a small curtain.
"3...2....1... And presto!" Duplica pulled Misty out from behind the curtains, and
almost like it was magic, (Hint: It was.) Misty's clothes had suddenly somehow
changed into her cute two piece yellow swim suit. "Wha-Wha?!" Misty suddenly grew
red as she looked at her body. "How... How did you.."

"Remember Misty!" Duplica giggled. "It's a simple thing... Magic!" Duplica

"Uh... But why did you change my clothes to my swimsuit?" Misty asked with a red
face, she was indeed a little confused. Was Duplica just trying to embarrass her?
She wasn't sure at all.

Growing a smirk, Duplica patted Misty's small head like she was a little pet animal.
"Now, now, Misty. Remember, just watch." Duplica giggled gently, pulling her free
hand behind the curtains, and a few seconds later, the hand emerged from the
curtains, and a small cup of water was being held on it. "Ta da! Behold Misty, a cup
o' water!"

Looking confused at the large(to her) cup of water, Misty titled her head at it. "Okay, I
guess that's pretty cool.. What do you want me to do?"

Duplica giggled. "Well, I had this idea that you could swim in that little cup of water,
don't worry, it's warm, and at your size, it'll be just like your swimming in a large
swimming pool!" Duplica smiled, raising the hand that Misty was standing on right
above the cup of water.

Walking up to Duplica's fingers, and then looking down at the cup of water, Misty
nervously shook. She knew this would be just like a regular swimming pool
apparently, but she was still a little nervous. Gulping, Misty jumped off of Duplica's
hand, and landed right in the middle of the cup, a small splash happened as she fell
down into the water. Moments later, she emerged from the depths of the water, with
a big smile on her face.

"Wow! That was amazing!" Duplica giggled. "Really?" Misty smiled up at Duplica. It's
almost as if Misty forgot about her anger with being shrunken down! "Well,
swimming a natural thing for me, mkay? It's pretty easy for me." Misty said, with a
slight funny smug tone in her voice.

"That's nice Misty." Duplica smiled. She brought the small cup to a stand in the
middle of the stage. She gently placed it onto it, and started to walk away from Misty.
"When your done, just tell me, mkay?"

Duplica walked back towards the seats, and saw that Brock was still sitting there.
"Hey Lil' Brock, how's it going?" She sat on the seat that was right next to the
shrunken trainer's seat.

"I'm doing fine, I guess." Brock smirked. "Unlike the others, I can deal with being
shrunken down for a while, as long as I know everything's going to be alright in the
end." Brock said, with a slight yawn escaping his mouth at the end.

"Ah, mkay Brock.." Duplica nodded. "Well then..." She smirked. "Am I too young for
you still? Hmm?" Duplica asked the tiny trainer.

"Well..." Brock laughed. "See, your bigger then me, a lot bigger then me, but that
doesn't mean that your more attractive to me." He chuckled.

"Oh really?" Duplica smirked. "So... I do know you like Nurse Joys and Officer
Jennies, right?"

"Well... I do, I think I've met with every single one in Kanto, and most of them from
Johto." Brock smiled. "I don't really have a favorite though, they all seem equally as
beautiful to me really."

Smirking, Duplica stood up from her seat, and started to walk back towards the
stage. "Alright then Brock, get ready for this costume then!" She giggled, hiding
behind the curtains for only a few moments, before walking out, in a costume that
would make Brock rather... attracted. "And hello there Brock, what do you think of
me now?" She was wearing the typical Nurse Joy outfit, something that Brock
enjoyed to see so much.

"Heh?! Eh..." Brock's cheeks suddenly became a pink red as he saw the "Nurse Joy"
Duplica walk back to the seats. "Come on Brock, do you like me now?" Duplica
giggled, sitting back in the seat she was before.

"Err.. Well.. I... Nurse Joy, bleh.." Brock was becoming a very confusing mess now,
he was drooling all over the place now. (Hey, don't you think a giant Nurse Joy would
be attractive too? I thought so.)

"Your so cute Brock!" Duplica giggled. "Anyway... Since that you like me now..."
Duplica gave a large smirk to the tiny trainer, suddenly picking him up by his shirt
and dangling him right in front of her face. "Wanna... Play a game of Cat and

Flinching at Duplica, Brock looked at the Magician in a Nurse Joy costume with a
slightly frightened look. "Uh... What do you mean by that?"

"You know, your the mouse, and I'm the cat... Hmm, wait a minute. I think something
like that could work for a show!" Duplica suddenly had a idea of some kind! "What
if... Hmm, maybe.. Yeah, a entire show with you three would actually work!"

"Uh, what?" Brock looked at Duplica with a rather confused look on her face. "Yeah...
What are you talking about?" Misty said, still swimming in the small cup of water.

Little Ash and Pikachu ran up to Duplica, both with concerned, and confused looks
on their faces. "Uh, what the heck are you talking about?"

With a slight smile, Duplica explained. "Well, a entire show about shrunken little
people would be a great idea in my opinion! Just think about it! With you and your
Pikachu Ash, we could make you two do cute little tricks. With Misty there, we could
have her do some aquatic dance like moves in that little cup! And with Brock... Oh, I
could have him be the finale where I dress like a kitty cat, and I make him dress in a
mouse costume and I chase him around the stage like we're in a classic cartoon! All
of this is brilliant! I can't believe I never thought of something like this before!!"
Duplica said with a incredibly excited voice, she couldn't wait to get a show like this

"Wh-What?!" Brock asked the giantess that was still holding him from his shirt. "That
all sounds a little over the top... Especially what you want to do with me!!" Brock

"Yeah, it seems a little... Uncomfortable for us! Aren't we your guests, and not your
own little actors?!" Misty cried out, now sounding like she doesn't like this as much
as she did before.

"Yeah, seriously Duplica! We don't know a thing about acting or whatever you want
us to do!" Ash cried out, Pikachu also cried out it's name nervously, sounding
nervous of what Duplica had planned for the show.

"Now, now, don't worry you guys! We have a few hours to practice anyway!" Duplica
put Brock down onto the ground, right beside her. "Oh, that reminds me, I gotta tell
Nurse Joy about the Change in the show!" Duplica pulled out her Pokėgear, and
started to dial up the number for the local Pokėmon Center. "Hello? Nurse Joy?
Cancel the encore show, we have something completely new! The Amazing Tiny
Trainers! I'm going to need everyone's help to advertise this show! It's going to be
the biggest thing I ever did in my Magician Career!"

Duplica shut her Pokėgear off soon afterward, and then looked down at Ash, and
Brock. "Well now, the show starts in two hours. We better get ready for it! Everyone's
going to be excited to see three tiny trainers, and one extra small Pikachu!"

Duplica was going to get the show going, and do the most impressive show she has
ever done!

Chapter 3, written by Cubed Cinder

A couple hours later, after an agonizing practice session (at least that's how it felt to the shrunken heroes), Duplica, back in her regular outfit, slightly opened the large curtain and peeked her head out, noticing all the people filing into the theater and taking their seats. She couldn't wait to see the looks on their faces. They all (except for Officer Jenny, who was on hand to hold the camera) think it's going to be an encore of her last show, when this show was actually brand new, planned at the last moment to showcase her tiny trainers. Duplica closed the curtain and turned around to face the tiny trainers. Ash was the only one still dressed in his normal outfit as he held Pikachu trying to calm him down from his stage fright. Misty was still in her yellow two piece swimsuit and she was still blushing about it, especially because she was standing next to Ash. But neither were surely to be humiliated as much as Brock... who was dressed up like a gray mouse.
"Okay, guys! It's almost showtime!" Duplica said.
"Are... are you sure we can do this, Duplica? We've only had a short practice session and..." Ash said.
"Come on, Ashy boy. Just improvise. That's what I used to do all the time! The people will love it!" Duplica said.
"Would you PLEASE stop calling me that!?" Ash shouted.
"Yeah! Stop calling him that! Ash is..." Misty said, but stopped short of shouting out her true feelings for Ash.
"Is what, Misty?" Ash asked.
"Oh, nothing. Just forget I said anything." Misty said.
"Okay, time for you to go into hiding." Duplica said. She picked up a small blue bucket (which strangely had a purple W engraved on it) and covered the shrunken heroes with it.
"Thanks for being my camera person, Officer Jenny!" Duplica said.
"No problem... you definitely need this camera as small as those trainers are." Jenny said.

Several minutes later, the lights dimmed out and the curtains unfolded, and coming out to a loud applause was Duplica and her Ditto.
"Thank you, my adoring fans! Thank you, and welcome back to The Imite House!" Duplica shouted as everyone cheered again.
"Now I know many of you wanted to see an encore of my last performance... but I have a little surprise for you. Almost quite literally!" Duplica said, setting off a few murmurs in the audience until everyone quieted back down.
"This show is entirely new. You're going to see something you'll likely never see in this neck of the woods again. In fact, it's such a small discovery, I've had to ask Officer Jenny to help you all out. She's holding a camera that will be projecting zoomed in video on the TV to the right of the stage." Duplica said, pointing to the TV she was just talking about.
And now, having said all that, Duplica stepped behind the table that had the blue bucket sitting on top.
"Ladies and gentlemen! I give you the Terrifically Tiny Trainers!" Duplica shouted as she slowly lifted the bucket up. Jenny stood back and zoomed the camera lens in so everyone could get a good shot at what they were about to see.

Everyone oooohed and aaaaaahed when they saw the shrunken Ash (holding Pikachu), Misty, and Brock. Ash was the only one who acted like he was glad to be on display as he stood like a supermodel holding onto Pikachu. Misty was blushing red as she tried to conceal her bikini-clad body. Brock was also blushing for an entirely different reason... he was dressed up in a gray mouse suit. It doesn't get more embarrassing than this, he thought.

However, he did perk up a bit when he saw the gigantic Officer Jenny coming towards him with the camera.
"H-H-Hey, Officer Jenny!" Brock shouted. He was struck with hearts coming out of his eyes as he slowly walked towards the end of the table, oblivious to the fact he was about to fall off the edge!
"Brock, watch out!" Ash and Misty shouted. Brock fell over, but fortunately Jenny had anticipated this move and had a free gloved hand ready to catch Brock. She held the hand in front of the camera.
"You have to be careful, young man. A fall from that height at your size could've hurt you!" Jenny said.
"I'd fall head over heels for you any day. Why don't we go out someday?" Brock said.
"Well, sorry, but I kinda prefer a much bigger and stronger man." Jenny said with a smile. The whole audience burst into laughter from that comment. Even Ash and Misty couldn't help but giggle even as Brock was placed back on the table.
"Now that's what I call the biggest rejection of all time." Ash said.
"Thanks, guys." Brock said as he moped his head down. Duplica approached the tiny three on the table.
"Very funny, Officer Jenny. But if you don't mind, leave the funny jokes to me!" Duplica said.
"Right, sorry! Slipped my mind!" Jenny said.
"Alright... for my first performance of the day. We explore the life of the tiny master trainer, Ashy Boy!" Duplica said as she gently picked up Ash into her hands.
"I said stop calling me that!" Ash shouted.

As Jenny followed Duplica around with the camera, Duplica meanwhile placed Ash on the floor and then ran towards her magic screen, where one simple passthrough allowed her to take on any identity. After all, it wouldn't be a show without some kind of imitation! Ash wondered who Duplica would disguise herself as, and he gasped when he saw the answer come out from behind the screen.
"MOM!?" Ash shouted. Indeed, Duplica was disguised perfectly as Ash's mother, Delia Ketchum. Well, she wasn't as tall as Delia normally was, but that can't be helped. She still looked huge from tiny Ash's eyes. Delia walked right up to Ash and picked him up, holding him in front of her face.
"Good morning, Ashy boy. How has your Pokemon training been going?" Delia asked.
"Well, um... great. I finished in the top 8 in the Silver Tournament recently!" Ash said.
"Only in the top 8? I am very disappointed in you, son!" Delia said.
"Huh, what?" Ash said.
"I'm afraid I'll have to punish you for making me wait all this time for you to come home. Please close your eyes, son!" Delia said. Ash did just that. Just like with before, Duplica (this time dressed up as Delia) gently grabbed Ash's hat and lifted it off from his head. The audience couldn't help but giggle a bit as they watched this act play out.
"Okay, Ash, you can open your eyes now." Delia said. Ash did as Duplica said, and suddenly jumped when he noticed something! His red cap was being held by Duplica's large fingers, dangling up above him! AGAIN!!
"What!? Not again!!" Ash shouted. He jumped up and down on one of Delia's hand while the other one dangled the hat up above his head just out of reach.
"Teeheehee... keep going, Ashy boy! You could use the exercise." Delia said.
"You little thief! Give me back my hat! I sent in a million postcards to win that hat!" Ash shouted.
"Now now, that's no way to talk to your mother. But okay, I'll give it back." Delia said. She casually let the hat slip out of her fingers, and Ash caught it and put it back on his head.
"But you have to promise me one thing." Delia said.
"What's that?" Ash asked.
"Don't forget to change your underwear every day!" Delia said. The crowd laughed out loud after hearing that, and Ash couldn't help but blush a bright red.
"Now how did she know about my mom's crazy habit..." Ash said.

But before he could wonder any more about that, he had to hold on as Delia started moving again. This time, Ash and Pikachu were put back on the table where Misty and Brock had been waiting. Delia ran behind the screen and changed back into her regular Duplica self, to the applause of the crowd.

"Thank you. And now, for the second part of this act, I present to you the high-diving beauty of Misty!" Duplica said. As the audience applauded and Misty continued to blush from standing in front of everyone in her two-piece swimsuit, despite being at such a tiny size. That didn't stop one rascal in the back from shouting...
"Marry me, Misty!" the man shouted. Misty had a very annoyed look on her face.
"Arrrrgh! I dare you to say that one more time, jerk!" Misty shouted. Duplica patted Misty on her little head to calm her down.
"Errr... maybe another time, Misty. Now it's time for you to dive." Duplica said. She walked to the left side of the stage and placed Misty on another table. Misty looked past the end of the table and saw a cup full of water inside. It was seemingly several feet down, and Misty already figured this was going to be her act.
"Drumroll please!" Duplica shouted. Over the speakers on the sides of the stage, there was a drumroll sound effect. This, on top of all the spotlights shining on her, made Misty sweat like crazy. This was no different than the early days of her show that she did with her older sisters in Cerulean City.
And it was with that thought in mind that she took a deep breath and looked down at the cup of water.
"I have to do this... I have to do this." Misty said. After taking a couple steps forward and placing the front of her feet over the edge. Misty bent her knees down and leaped forward, flipping through the air three times until diving straight down into the water.

It was a perfect dive, with very little splash to be found, and that caused the crowd to cheer loudly for the little girl. When Misty reemerged from the water, she looked out on stage and could see all the gigantic people clapping and whistling for her. Misty smiled and waved at the crowd, even as Duplica gently lifted her out of the cup and placed her back on the table.
"Bravo, Misty! That's why you are one of the most popular people of Cerulean City. Please go visit her at her gym there someday! Don't worry, I'm sure she'll be back to normal size by the time she returns." Duplica said. Misty was kinda surprised that Duplica would take the time to plug her home city and gym, and that helped to break the ice she had with her.
"And now for the finale of our show... my chase with Brock the little mouse trainer!" Brock said. Duplica took Brock in the mouse costume and placed him on the stage floor.
"Wait right here, my little Brock mouse." Duplica said. She turned around and ran behind her magic screen once again.
"Man, that just doesn't sound right." Brock said. Eventually, Brock cringed upon seeing how this was going to play out. Out came Duplica, dressed from head to toe in a Meowth suit. The crowd couldn't help but laugh looking over Duplica, especially as she started crawling and slithering like any other Meowth might.
"Um... down, kitty. Nice kitty!" Brock shouted.
"Nyah nyah! Meowth's gonna get you and eat you for dinner!" Duplica said.
"Eeeep!" Brock shouted. Out of pure instinct, he turned around and leapt off the stage, a move that sorta scared the audience. But Brock was able to survive the fall. As Jenny quickly climbed down the stage herself to follow Brock's every move, Brock tried to find cover in the audience itself. But one lass would have none of it, leaping out of her chair so that her feet wouldn't be on the floor.
"EEEEEEK! A MOUSE!!! GET IT OUT, GET IT OUT!!!" the lady screamed. Another lass, this one wearing a blue schoolgirl uniform and having green hair, didn't mind as Brock scampered to hide behind her shoes.
"Teehee, I think it looks rather cute." the lass said. Of course, Brock couldn't resist a comment like that and shouted out loud hoping the girl would hear him.
"Ummmm... can I have your number, lady!?" Brock shouted. Then, Duplica (in her Meowth suit), jumped off the stage and leaned in towards the feet of this girl.
"Nyah! You put up quite a chase, little mouse! But I've got you now." Duplica said.
"Yeah, uh, can't we talk about this over dinner!?" Brock shouted.
"Oh, absolutely! Because you're my dinner!" Duplica said as she quickly reached behind the lass's feet to grab Brock. She was successful and stood back on her feet with Brock in her hands, looking at the lass that Brock was trying to hide behind.
"Thanks, young lass. You get free admission to my next show!" Duplica said.
"Really!? Thanks!" the lass shouted in excitement.

Duplica jumped back onto the stage (with Jenny following behind with the camera), and looked playfully at Brock. She then surprised everyone in the theater, including mini Ash and Misty on the table, by dangling Brock over her open mouth!
"Yum yum! I wonder what a tiny trainer would taste like?" Duplica said.
"W-w-w-wait!!!" Brock said.

And then Duplica just put the trainer back on the table with Ash, Misty, and Pikachu.
"But hey... it's something I hope I never get to experience. Come on, you didn't think I was going to eat him alive, did you?" Duplica said. After a bit of awkward laughter from the audience, they clapped for Duplica, who smiled and took the applause with grace. She quickly ran behind the magic screen and was back in her normal outfit.
"Thank you, thank you! Well, that's our special show for tonight! Don't worry, our regular show will be back tomorrow morning. I hope you'll drop by and visit again! Thank you!" Duplica said. After one more long round of applause, which included Duplica and the tiny trainers taking bows, the crowd got up and made their way out of the theater.

Soon, it was just Duplica and Jenny as the only normal-sized people still in the room, and Jenny set the camera down on the stage floor.
"Thank you again for your help, Officer Jenny." Duplica said. Jenny gave the traditional salute to Duplica.
"It's my duty to help those in need! Just ask me anytime if my assistance is required again!" Jenny said. She then stepped off the stage and made her way to the exit. With Duplica by herself, she jumped up and down with excitement, and the trio watched as the giantess giggled with joy.
"Oh wow! That was one of the best shows I've ever done! I'm so glad we could do this together." Duplica said as she leaned forward to look down at the three, including Brock who was quickly making his way out of the mouse suit. He was back in his regular outfit having still worn it under the costume.
"Well, I guess we're glad the show worked out for you." Brock said.
"If the audience seemed to enjoy it, I guess we can't complain." Misty said.
"We don't have to do this again, do we?" Ash asked.
"Well... you might have to if we can't find a way to return you three to your normal size." Duplica said.
"WHAT!?" all three shouted.
"Hey, come on, it'll be great! We'll be the greatest act in all of Kanto, on top of my usual imitation acts! Come here everyone!" Duplica said. She picked up all three of our heroes (plus Pikachu) and hugged them against her chest, specifically on the star on her shirt.  Ditto also shouted its voice in approval. Ditto had stayed off stage to the left in case Duplica needed its help in any way.

"Oh, Ditto! You think they were awesome too? Okay, you can hug them too!" Duplica said. She placed them on the floor next to her shoes, where Ditto wrapped its body all around the tiny group.
"Eeeek, gross!" Misty shouted.
"Huh? Come on, Misty... Ditto feels rather nice." Brock said.
"For something that feels like gelatin no less." Ash said with a smile on his face.

But as soon as Ditto stopped rubbing itself around our heroes, another surprising event happened.
"Huh? Wait a minute, everyone." Ash said.
"Yeah... I see it too. The floor... it's shrinking." Brock said.
"Does that mean...?" Misty asked. Indeed, all our heroes were now growing bigger in size! Eventually they all returned to their normal sizes... and they couldn't be happier.
"YAY! We're back to normal!" Misty shouted.
"Oh, this is great! Life's no fun being so small." Ash said.
"But how? I wonder what caused us to suddenly grow back?" Brock said. Duplica, although a bit sad at first that her friends were no longer the small size she enjoyed them at, stepped forward and offered her take on why the shrinking wore out.
"Hmmmm... you know, maybe Ditto hugging you so much allowed some of its DNA to creep into your bodies and cancel out the effects of Mini-Dit's body." Duplica said.
"Now that makes perfect sense." Brock said.
"Yeah. Oh, Ditto, you're quite the life saver!" Misty said as she kneeled down and petted Duplica's Ditto on the head.
"Ditto!" Ditto happily shouted.
"Well, I guess this means the end of your tiny trainer act." Ash said.
"Oh, it's alright. Sure, I'm happy the show was received so well, but it isn't something I could do forever. Who I am and what I've done all my life is all I need. I'm sure people would've missed my Imite Acts!" Duplica said.
"I'm glad you feel that way, Duplica." Ash said with a smile.
"And so I can much more of you to like, Ashy boy." Duplica said as she nudged herself against Ash's body, rubbing her hand on one of his shoulders.
"(gulp)" Ash said.
"Oh brother..." Misty said as she rolled her eyes.

It didn't matter in the end though. Everyone knew Duplica was just playing around, just as she knew our heroes had to get back on the road so they could continue their journey back to Pallet Town. After everyone said their goodbyes and wished each other luck, Ash and his friends walked away from the Imite House.

Duplica just took a deep breath, looked at her Ditto, and smiled. She knew in her heart she would meet those trainers again one day. Especially Ashy boy. Giggling as she thought that, she walked back inside her home and began to practice for tomorrow's act.