The Dynamax Four


In the Galar region, Oleana was working on a device that she feels will change the Pokemon world forever: the Dynamax Band. With a few more tweaks, the device was ready.

Oleana put the Dynamax Band on herself and tested it out. She grew to 30 feet as a result. "Just as I expected. This works just fine," she said. Oleana used the device to shrink back down to her normal height. She soon produced four more Dynamax Bands to give to certain people of her choosing. Her first stop was Kanto.

At the Sevii Islands in Kanto, Oleana approached Lorelei as she was Dynamaxed. Lorelei was surprised by the giant woman and said, "How'd you get to be that big?" Oleana shrunk down and showed her the Dynamax Band on her wrist. She handed her Lorelei very own band and said, "With this, you will feel unstoppable." "Why, thank you," said Lorelei. "I will certainly put it to good use." Oleana Dynamaxed herself and bid her farewells to Lorelei.

Oleana went to Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh to hand Dynamax Bands to Whitney, Flannery and Cynthia, respectively. As she handed the bands to them, Oleana said the same thing that she told Lorelei and that they will feel unstoppable.

Three weeks later, Oleana watched the news about villainous teams reforming in each region. However, their efforts were being thwarted by four giant individuals. One report took place in Kanto with Lorelei sitting in the ruins of the new Team Rocket base while holding several grunts in her hand. "You made a big mistake showing your presence here again," said Lorelei. "And I made a big impression by stopping you before you even started." Oleana said, "She certainly put it to good use like she said."

She changed the channel and another report took place in Johto within Goldenrod City. Whitney was chasing Team Rocket grunts until she came to their base there. She sprinted and jumped over them to cut off their escape. With the base behind her, Whitney began to sit down on it, which ended up getting crushed by her bottom. The grunts tried to escape again, but Whitney quickly caught them. "Thought you could reform behind my back?" she said. "Well, your plans are now behind my behind!" Oleana said, "A team was stopped thanks to the power of Dynamax."

Changing the channel once again, Oleana saw a report taking place in Lilycove City in Hoenn. Members of Team Aqua and Team Magma were fighting against each other when Flannery showed up under the effects of the Dynamax Band. "Hi there!" said Flannery. The two teams stopped fighting and a Team Magma grunt said, "Make a run for it!"

Flannery caught the members of Team Magma while the members of Team Aqua were getting away. The Team Aqua members were met by a large shadow looming over them as they were getting crushed by Flannery's butt. As she held and sat on the two teams, Flannery said, "Consider your plans put out!" "Dynamax triumphs once again!" said Oleana.

The final news report that she changed to took place at Veilstone City in Sinnoh. Team Galactic members were running out of a building used as their headquarters as Cynthia towered over them. Cynthia lifted her foot over the building and it crumbled after she dropped it. "You just haven't learned your lesson, have you?" she said.

After all the teams were cleared out, the four giantesses got together as the people gathered. Lorelei said, "We'd like to thank Oleana for creating the Dynamax Band. Without it, we wouldn't have brought down the teams as effectively as we did." Cynthia stood forward and said, "Any teams that show their evil purposes will be brought down by the Dynamax Four!" The people applauded their efforts and the message as Oleana watched from afar.

"The Dynamax Band is definitely making a change in the Pokemon world," she said. "Now to make a version of the band that will work on Pokemon."