(Cubed Cinder; idea by Twilight Prince)

The blaze continued to burn brightly even with the full night sky. It was the light from the burning fire at the Lyra Forest that was lighting up the night rather than the moonlight. Many Pokemon Rangers, along with various water Pokemon, have tried with all their might to put out the blaze, but it just kept flaring back up. Not even their latest plan, taking a huge bucket full of water from nearby ponds and lakes and dumping it over the flames, have helped. Many of the rangers summed up the grim situation perfectly.
"It's no good! It's like the fire is getting stronger!" April shouted.
"There has to be something within that fire that's strengthening it!" June said.
"But what? We can't break through the fire to see what it is!" Julius shouted. Cameron, head of the Summerland ranger base and leader of this group for tonight, called in his good buddies at the Ringtown ranger base...

At Ringtown, with Lyra Forest not that far away, everyone could smell the burning ashes as they sailed through the sky. That was a clear sign that the fire was getting very close. Some of the rangers tried urging everyone to get away from the forest entrance and leave Ringtown, but very few heeded the evacuation part of the notice, which shows how much faith everyone had in the Pokemon Rangers. They simply watched the blaze reach for the sky and hoped for the best.
Meanwhile, activity was heated (if you'll excuse the pun) inside the ranger base. Watching the scene play out on the monitors were: Spenser, the leader of the Ringtown ranger base and a very popular figure around the town. Joel, leader of the Fall City ranger base and close friend of Spenser. Professor Hastings, reknowned creator of the Capture Styler and other inventions, plus the head of the Ranger Union, making him the head honcho of all the Pokemon Ranger stations. And of course, with them was one of Ringtown's top-rated Pokemon Rangers, Solana.
"This is terrible..." Solana said.
"Agreed, young lady. I don't think I've ever seen Mother Earth unleash something with this much furor, not since that hurricane many years ago on Summerland." Hastings commented. Spenser's styler suddenly started beeping, and so that's when he activated the phone function on the device.
"Tell me you have good news, Cameron." Spenser said.
"Negative, captain! The fire's getting stronger by the minute... I don't think we can contain this thing before it hits Ringtown." Cameron said.
"Darn it... alright, pull out and get everyone you can to safety. We'll be doing the same from here." Spenser said.
"10-4. Be careful!" Cameron said before he hung up. Spenser did so too, and right away Joel was not too pleased. He was second only to Spenser in not tolerating a failure of the mission from the Pokemon Rangers.
"We can't just give up, Spenser! That entire forest is going to burn to ashes!" Joel said.
"But what can we do!? Cameron said that fire is getting stronger no matter what they throw at it..." Spenser said.
"And what about all those poor Pokemon!? The ones we swore to protect when we took the oath as Pokemon Rangers!" Joel shouted.
"In a blaze like that, I doubt anything will survive there. Our focus should be on saving human lives now." Spenser said.
"Spenser!" Joel shouted.
"Those are my orders, Joel! You and Solana will help get everyone out of Ringtown." Spenser said.

"Hold on, we may still have one more chance." Hastings said.
"What is it, Professor Hastings?" Solana said.
"There's this one invention I've been working on in case of emergencies like this..." Professor Hastings said. He walked over to a nearby briefcase and opened it up. He pulled out what looked like an ordinary Capture Disc, the top-like device attached to a Capture Styler that gives it its capturing powers. The only difference was that it was yellow in color instead of the typical blue.
"This disc, when attached to a Capture Styler, effectively turns it into a Growth Styler. The beam, instead of temporarily hypnotizing Pokemon to obey the commands of the owner, absorbs itself into whatever is zapped by it. The beam's energy then is taken by the object's molecules, therefore expanding them until there is no more energy to absorb." Hastings said.
"In other words, that thing makes other things bigger." Joel said.
"Well, yes, if you want to put it that way." Hastings said.
"But how is that thing supposed to help us douse those flames?" Joel said.
"Wait, I think I get it. If we can somehow find a water Pokemon, capture it and then make it gigantic, we'll have more than enough water to put out that huge forest fire!" Spenser said.
"Exactly what I was thinking!" Hastings said.
"You're brilliant as always, Hastings!" Spenser shouted.
"Wait, wait, wait... has nobody here stopped and realized that this thing may backfire on us?" Joel said.
"What do you mean, Joel?" Spenser asked.
"Well, think about it! What if we can't control this Pokemon after it grows? THEN we've got an even bigger problem on our hands!" Joel said.
"Well, I will admit that this thing is still being worked on. I mean, the basic functionality, the growing part, works. I tested it on inanimate objects. I'd say the invention is about 90% complete." Hastings said.
"We have to take the risk! I can't stand seeing that fire burn the beautiful Lyra Forest to a crisp any more than you, Joel. At the same time, you are right. So I say we all split up and find a good, manageable water Pokemon for the job!" Spenser said. While all this discussion was going on, Solana was running her own theories in her head. She definitely didn't want to see the whole world fall under risk while a giant water Pokemon was out there, no matter if it were as gentle as a Marill. That's when she blurted something out that even she couldn't believe a few seconds later.

"Wait, Professor Hastings... that thing makes anything grow, you said? Even humans?" Solana said.
"Well, sure. Blocks, food, Pokemon, trees... you name it. Whatever is zapped becomes gigantic, at least for a little while." Hastings said.
"Spenser... with all due respect, we don't have time to find one stray water Pokemon and test its obedience to us. One of us I say has to grow and take on this forest fire." Solana said. The three gentlemen looked at each other, and Spenser quickly agreed with Solana's logic.
"Hmmm... come to think of it, Solana's right. The longer we wait to take action, the closer that fire is gonna get to our town. We better decide right now which one of us will use the Growth Styler." Spenser said.
"Me, sir." Solana said.
"Huh!? Are you serious?" Joel asked.
"Solana, no! I can't let you put yourself at risk!" Spenser said.
"Sir... I trust Professor Hastings. His inventions have never let us down." Solana said.
"She's right, Spenser..." Joel said.
"Professor, you said you tested this thing?" Spenser said.
"Yes, on inanimate objects. I have yet to experiment on living beings, like humans or Pokemon." Hastings said.
"Spenser, we don't have time. If we're going to save the forest AND Ringtown, we have to do this now. As one of the top Pokemon Rangers who has seen almost every form of danger with my partner, Lunick, I'm not afraid to take this chance." Solana said.
"Very well. Let's get outside and make this happen." Spenser said. Solana looked down at a happy Plusle and then got down on her knees and looked at her faithful partner Pokemon.
"Plusle, you'll have to stay here. I'm gonna be too big for you!" Solana said. Plusle seemed to understand as it nodded its head. Once that was done, our four heroes stepped outside.

Indeed, there was not a moment to lose. The blaze could clearly be seen now. It was probably another few minutes away from breaking through the last bit of forestry that made up Lyra Forest and hitting Ringtown.
"Alright, Professor, make it happen!" Spenser said.
"And fast! That fire is closing in!" Joel said.
"Hang on, everyone! Here goes!" Hastings shouted. After loading the special disc into his own Capture Styler, he activated the device and controlled the disc like a master Pokemon Ranger, because that's what he once was, after all. Solana watched as the disc swirled around her body, energy building up. Finally, the yellow energy came out and began to surround Solana. When a full circle was made, the energy made its way into Solana, absorbing itself into her body. She could feel the tingling sensation of waves of energy striking her body. She got struck with this energy for about 6.4 seconds, when Hastings finally stopped swirling.
"What now, Professor?" Spenser said.
"We wait... hopefully I got just the right number of revolutions." Hastings said.
"Number of revolutions?" Joel asked.
"How big she'll grow depends on how much energy she absorbed, and of course how long I had the styler activated dictates how much energy I sent out. If I spent too little time, she won't grow a whole lot." Hastings said.
"But if you went too long?" Joel asked. Hastings gulped upon thinking over what he was about to say.
"If I put out too much energy... all of Ringtown will probably be under her foot." Hastings said.
"Yeah, that's bad." Joel said softly. But now the time was at hand... despite glowing with yellow energy, Solana could still see normally, so she would have no trouble watching herself increase in size.

And that's just began to happen. The three veteran rangers watched as Solana grew bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Solana could hear the conversation the three men were having, and she gulped nervously as well. She was afraid of growing so huge that she wouldn't be able to see anyone and she could crush a whole town with one step. Fortunately, it didn't come to that. Right when the last of the energy faded out and Solana stopped glowing, she also stopped growing. She was 80 feet tall. Not too big, but definitely not too small, and Solana knew that too. Ringtown looked a lot smaller from her new perspective. She tried her best not to wobble around from the shock of her new size, like some newly-created giantesses tend to do.
"Whoa..." Solana said.
"Well... um, Solana, how do you feel?" Hastings shouted from ground level.
"I'd like to say I feel like an Onix, but I'm probably much bigger than one." Solana said.
"You can admire your new height later. Right now we still have a crisis on our hands." Spenser said.
"Don't worry. I already have some ideas. Just sit back and watch the fun." Solana said. She carefully stepped over the ranger base, and eventually walked out of Ringtown, only stepping on a lone mailbox on her way to Lyra Forest.

Solana tried not to get too distracted, but it was an amazing feeling to be twice the size of many of the trees in Lyra Forest. It used to be those trees would dwarf her when she and her Pokemon would enter the dense forest. Eventually, she got to an opening of the forest where the flames were burning, and that's where she saw Cameron and not only his band of rangers, but a small army of water Pokemon. About the only water Pokemon missing were those of Legendary status, such as Articuno or Lugia. Naturally, Cameron and the other rangers were stunned to see the giant Solana approaching them. The Pokemon didn't notice Solana yet as they were busy trying to put out the fire.
"What... what in high tide is this!?" Cameron shotued.
"She's gigantic!" Julius said.
"Not only that, but she's huge!" April shouted.
"It's a long story, Cameron. Right now, I need to check over your army of water Pokemon." Solana said.
"Oh, but of course. Alright, rangers, gather up all our Pokemon!" Cameron said. The rangers called up all the water Pokemon as they stood the rangers. Some immediately got spooked by seeing the giantess and took off running. Others were either a bit frightened or not scared at all, and therefore they stayed to get a good look at Solana. When she noticed two Gyarados as part of the pack, rising up to her knees because of the height she was at, she smiled.
"Perfect. All I need are these two Gyarados." Solana said. She also smiled when she noticed her Capture Styler had grown with her (as did all of her outfit, obviously). And so with a simple flick, and in fact only one twirl thanks to the enormous power of the huge object, both Gyarados fell under Solana's control. She commanded them to approach her, and that's when she gently picked up both of the Gyarados with both her hands, holding each like a squirt gun with their heads and necks sticking out of her fists.
"These flames shouldn't stand a chance when these Gyarados shoot their water at the flames dead on rather than at an angle. You guys should follow me and take out any little flames that get left behind." Solana said.
"Hey, I won't argue against a ranger that's much taller than I am!" Cameron shouted.
"Hopefully we'll find the source of this huge fire as we go along. Wish us luck!" Solana said.
"Good luck!" all the rangers down by Solana's feet shouted. Solana then looked at the two Gyarados.
"Alright, you two. I need you to give me everything you've got. Use Hydro Pump on the flames!" Solana shouted. The Gyarados nodded as if they were willing to follow her orders.

And so, Solana aimed both of the Pokemon down at the flames, and the water came gushing out of their mouths like fire hoses. In fact, she had to hold both of the Gyarados to her legs just to keep them from flying out of her hands! But the extremely high water pressure that comes with the Hydro Pump clearly was doing its job, as the fire was instantly out like a light bulb the moment it made contact with the water. When the path became clear, Solana walked forward, not minding stepping through the smoldering mess left behind by the fire (which was instantly cooled anyway by the water).

Cameron and the other rangers were impressed. Solana was making it look remarkably easy as she made her way into the blaze, clearing it out quicker than it spread throughout the evening. At least a few minutes later, everyone had made their way to the last of the flames, at the base of the Panula Mountains. Both Gyarados looked fatigued, but they continued to do their job thanks to words of encouragement from the giantess. Then, Solana looked to the left of the last of the blaze and watched as another mini-blaze tried to flare up. It was time to do some further investigating.
"Alright, Gyarados, that's enough! You can go now." Solana said, setting both Gyarados down on the ground and allowing them to return to their natural habitat. Solana may be gigantic, but she hadn't forgotten about her duties as a Pokemon Ranger. Meanwhile, she started brushing aside many of the trees near these little blazes, accidentally knocking down some of them, but that was just from continuing to adjust to her newfound strength being 80 feet tall.
"No wonder..." Solana said as she saw the reason for the flames shooting up. There were LOTS of angry Charizard and Magmar that were spitting out fireballs at anything that was green in front of their eyes. A couple of Charizard even tried to fire up at Solana, but she was able to easily dodge these fireballs.
"I get it. These Charizard and Magmar were spread out around the forest. These have to be all of them rolled into this one spot because of all the water that Gyarados spread..." Solana said to herself. But she had to cut the rest of her thought when she had to dodge another wild fireball from a Magmar. She looked back at the other rangers down by her feet, and held a hand out.
"Wait, stop! There are dangerously wild Charizard and Magmar in this area! I've counted about seven of each!" Solana said.
"Seven Charizard and seven Magmar? Man... no wonder those flames kept firing up every time we put one out! But where did they all come from?" Cameron said.
"We'll know once I've captured them. Capture On!" Solana said. Once again she pulled out her Capture Styler. Luckily for her, capturing a whole herd of Pokemon such as Charizard and Magmar proved to be beyond easy, considering her increased size. With a couple swirls, all of the Charizard and Magmar were covered with blue energy, and then once it faded, their temper tantrum went away.

While the rest of the water Pokemon put out the rest of the fire, rendering most of Lyra Forest smoldering but safe from further damage, the group of fire Pokemon looked up and wondered what it was that Solana was about to say.
"Listen, the forest is not the right place for all of you. What is it that has brought you down from the mountains?" Solana asked. One of the Charizard flew up and pointed at one of the many cliffsides on Panula Mountains. Solana spotted the same person that Charizard was pointing at, and judging from the outfit this frantic man was wearing, only one group was responsible.
"You!" Solana shouted. She recognized the grunt to be from the Go-Rock Squad, who is the equivalent of Team Rocket in the land of Fiore.
"Blast! Our plan has been ruined! I must boogie out of here!" the grunt shouted as he scrambled to run back into the nearby cave entrance.
"Not so fast!" Solana shouted as she rushed forward and tried to grab the grunt, but the guy got into the cave just in time, leaving Solana to grab nothing but a bunch of rocks from the mountain (some of them falling onto the cliffside that the grunt was standing on).
"Arrrgh... he got away. Oh well, at least the fires are out now." Solana said. She looked back at Cameron, who was looking up at the giantess wondering what she just did.
"Solana, what happened?" Cameron asked.
"There was someone I recognized on the cliffside. Someone from Go-Rock Squad. I bet they have something to do with all those wild fire-type Pokemon ravaging the forest." Solana said.
"That no good Go-Rock squad! They're off their rocker! We should report this immediately!" Cameron said.
"I'll do that on my way back to Ringtown. You guys can help with the forest cleanup and in making sure the fire Pokemon get back home safely." Solana said. The other rangers nodded and got to work on their assignments while Solana stepped over the group, making her way back to Ringtown. It wouldn't be hard to find the town considering all she had to do was follow the smoldering trail left behind from extinguishing the flames.

As Solana made her way back to Ringtown, she activated the cell phone part of her Capture Styler and dialed into Ringtown ranger headquarters.
"This is Spenser, go ahead." Spenser said.
"Spenser, mission accomplished!" Solana said. Spenser quickly pulled the phone away from his ear after Solana's insanely loud voice came out.
"Yeowch! Not so loud, Solana... your signal must have grown with the rest of you!" Spenser said.
"Oh, sorry. Let me fix that," Solana said, now pushing a few buttons on her device, "Okay, I've turned down the volume. Is that better?"
"Yeah, that's more manageable. I've put you on speaker with Joel and Hastings. So tell us what happened." Spenser said.
"Well, all the fires are out, and I left Cameron and his rangers behind to help with the forest cleanup. I found the source of the flames. There was a large herd of Charizard and Magmar, and they came from the Panula Mountains." Solana said.
"Panula Mountains? That's impossible! Charizard and Magmar make their home inside the lava-filled caverns of that mountain range! They rarely ever come out from there." Joel said.
"I agree, and I think the Go-Rock Squad has something to do with it. I saw one of their grunts on the cliffside. I tried to capture him, but he got away." Solana said.
"Darn it, not those crooks again! They always bring trouble with them!!" Joel shouted.

"Well done, Solana. You can have the rest of the night off. You'll need the rest for your next mission." Spenser said.
"Um... that may be a problem, Spenser." Hastings said.
"Why so?" Spenser asked.
"I just happened to remember one of the side effects that I still haven't fixed with the Growth Styler. You see, whatever is grown has to stay at the enlarged size for 24 hours." Hastings said.
"What!? I'm stuck like this for 24 hours!?" Solana shouted, stopping dead in her tracks when she heard the shocking news.
"Awwww man, just what we need, a giant-sized Solana." Spenser said.
"Well, it's better than a giant water Pokemon going beserk. Imagine having to deal with that for 24 hours!" Joel said.
"Look, even with the side effect, Solana would've gone for it anyway, I feel. We were probably within mere minutes of losing our beloved Ringtown, on top of over half of the Lyra Forest!" Hastings said.
"You're both right. Sorry, Solana... we'll just have to make the best of this situation. We'll think of something for tomorrow." Spenser said. Solana just sighed and chose to accept it. Hastings was right. She likely would've opted for the supersizing even knowing the risk she just heard of being stuck as a giantess for 23 more hours. And Spenser brought up a good point. Maybe she can make the best of her situation, especially when daylight breaks for tomorrow on a hopefully more peaceful day. So many thoughts were swirling in her mind that she didn't say anything to her bosses for a few extra seconds.
"Solana, are you there?" Spenser said.
"Oh, yes, Spenser. I'm sorry, I kinda had my mind on other things. Do you know where Lunick is?" Solana said.
"Your fellow ranger in rank? Well, I heard him say he would spend his vacation in Summerland. Why do you ask?" Spenser said.
"Well, just curious. I think I'll stop by there and help some people there." Solana said.
"Wait, aren't you coming back to Ringtown!?" Spenser asked.
"I will tomorrow. I'm gonna sleep in Summerland for tonight. I'll check back with you tomorrow morning!" Solana said as she hung up the phone. Joel immediately got a hint on what Solana was planning.
"I'm thinking she's gonna pull the ol' surprise move on Lunick while she's that big." Joel said.
"This could be dangerous! We should alert the ranger base there and put them on alert!" Spenser said.
"That won't be necessary. If I know Solana, she'll be extra careful when she arrives there." Hastings said.
"Besides, I don't think you want to be picking on a girl that big. I know I wouldn't want to." Joel said.
"I hope you're both right. I'd hate to bring a giant person mess into Fiore like the ones Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn have had in years past." Spenser said.

Meanwhile, Solana changed her walking direction, going now through the trees that went unharmed in the fire attack. Her destination under the clear moonlit skies, the small island of Summerland, hoping to find little Lunick there...

Despite the moon lighting up the night, Solana still had a bit of trouble wading her way through the dense forest. She may have been 80 feet tall, but many of the trees were over half that height, making walking through them like walking through thick bushes. Solana had to be careful too. She couldn't see what she was stepping through underneath those trees, which put people and, worse, Pokemon in harm's way. In fact, Solana stopped when she heard something snap underneath one of her shoes.
"(gulp) Please, no..." Solana said to herself. She had to check and see what poor thing it was that she crushed to death. But she breathed a sigh of relief when, upon further review, she saw it was only a mere bush that she crushed.
"Saved by the bush." Solana said to herself. Still, that very well could've been an innocent human being or even a Pokemon. She thought of how she could improve her vision underneath the night sky, and luckily she quickly had an idea.
"Wait... the flashlight on the styler." Solana said. Indeed, she tends to forget about the many features that her Capture Styler had, and a flashlight was one of those things. Solana pressed a specially marked button on the device, and a beam of light flashed out from the top. Solana aimed it down and could definitely see the many trees that were in her path.
"Ahhhhh... that's more like it." Solana said. Using one hand to hold the flashlight and another to brush aside the trees in her way, Solana moved forward. She stopped when she noticed some rustling in some of the trees. Shining her light forward, a flock of Hoothoot and Murkrow flew away. Solana smiled, knowing that she would've likely crushed those innocent Pokemon had she not thought of the flashlight idea.
Eventually, she would run out of forest and come across a small mountain range. Solana recognized this range as the tail of the Panula Mountains. Solana put a couple feet down at the base of the mountain range before swinging her right foot over the mountain.
"I guess there's nothing like stepping over a whole mountain, even if it is very small." Solana said. Once she easily cleared the mountain, only a couple dozen yards ahead of her was the beach, which of course was connected with the island of Summerland. It was brightly lit, which was a good thing for Solana since she would be able to see where she would step. And so with a smile, and thoughts about what Lunick would think, Solana started walking towards Summerland.

In Summerland, it was obviously very quiet with many people already asleep for the night. A few folks were doing some midnight strolling, but of course that would stop when they looked to the north side of the island and saw the 80-foot-tall Solana heading their way.
"Whoa... look at that!" one man shouted.
"She's huge!" a woman shouted.
"And she's heading this way!" another man said. Some of this handful of folks started running for cover, while others stuck around, noticing that this giantess was wearing the uniform of a Pokemon Ranger. Solana, her feet down in the water-logged town (but fortunately not on any of the boardwalk), tried to calm everyone down.
"Shhhh... it's okay, everyone. I promise I won't hurt you. I am a Pokemon Ranger and I am here to serve and protect you." Solana said.
"Then why are you so gigantic?" one man said. Solana at first was gonna save the story for another day, but she then thought they deserved to know the truth, especially since she was going to be stuck at that size for several more hours.
"That's a long story... I had to grow this huge using a tool from Professor Hastings to help stop that huge fire in Lyra Forest. Thankfully, it's out now, but I'm stuck like this until tomorrow night." Solana said. The few people still around looked at each other like they were staring at an alien from outer space. Finally, one woman spoke up.
"Well, you are a Pokemon Ranger. You do make it your sworn duty to protect us and Pokemon, right?" the lady asked.
"That is correct, ma'am." Solana said.
"You see, people! We have nothing to be afraid of!" the lady said.
"Yeah, but she's so big. What if she accidentally steps on something?" the man said.
"Listen, I have no intentions of staying in your town for long. In fact, I am actually looking for a fellow ranger. His name is Lunick. Have any of you heard of him?" Solana said.
"Oh, I do! He's booked to sleep at my seaside hotel for tonight, but I saw him heading for Olive Jungle a couple hours ago. He hasn't come back since... oh, I hope he isn't lost there. It can be quite dangerous!" an older man said.
"Olive Jungle? Okay, thanks!" Solana said. She gently started walking to the east, stepping over the boardwalk and into the water until she made it back on shore. The people left behind were quite impressed with what they just saw.
"Man, she is good." one man said.
"It's like she's done this before, or something." another lady said. Soon, the group went back to whatever it was they were doing. Most likely heading home for bed.

Lunick, meanwhile, was quietly cursing himself for the mess he's gotten himself into. How could he be so foolish in trying to follow an ordinary Wynaut? It had to be the Liechi Berry it was eating that drove his curiousity into overdrive. Now it was just him and his trusty Minun, who was using Flash to help light up the dark forest.
"Man, because of my bad judgment, it looks like we're stuck here, Minun." Lunick said. Minun made a comment that Lunick definitely understood.
"I know... I should've brought my Capture Styler. I had to be brave and all like I was the last time we came here." Lunick said, "Well, I guess we'll be sleeping here for tonight."
And so Lunick walked over to the closest tree he could find and sat down against it. He took Minun into his lap and lightly patted its head to help it fall asleep. Both soon got quite the awakening.
"LUNICK!!!" Solana shouted. Lunick immediately jumped to its feet, forgetting that Minun was on his lap. Fortunately, the energetic Pokemon landed on its feet and was just as alert as its owner.
"Whoa... Solana!?" Lunick shouted. He looked in every direction, but no sign of her.
"Huh? That's weird... she shouted so loud it was like she was behind me." Lunick said.
"Lunick! Where are you!?" Solana shouted. He looked around again, and nothing.
"Solana!? Where the heck are you? Are you playing with me again?" Lunick said. Soon, accompanying Solana's loud voice would be a slight booming sound, and even then, that was muffled somewhat by the loud rustling of the trees above him.
"Wow... those trees are really rustling. I wonder..." Lunick said. But it was when he finally decided to look up that made him stop dead in his tracks.

No wonder her voice is so loud, he immediately thought.

Minun quickly jumped into Lunick's arms, amazed itself that Solana was so huge. She was looking away from Lunick, unaware that he was just a few yards away from her feet. So he started yelling as loud as he could.
"S-S-S-Solana! Over here! I'm down here behind you!!!" Lunick said. Solana picked up on that sound and activated the flashlight on her Capture Styler. That's when she breathed a sigh of relief seeing her little partner down by her feet.
"Oh, Lunick. Thank goodness I found you." Solana said.
"Um... yeah. So..." Lunick said.
"I know, you're wondering why I'm so big." Solana said.
"Well, of course!" Lunick said.
"Have you heard about that big fire that erupted in Lyra Forest today?" Solana asked.
"Yes, it was on TV all day. I wanted to come there and help even though I'm officially on leave... but I guess they shut down the Dragonite Bus." Lunick said.
"So I guess you've already seen what I did." Solana said.
"Well, no actually. I got so tired of doing nothing that I tried taking the long way through Olive Forest. Until I got misled by a Wynaut..." Lunick said.
"Huh? A Wynaut? Hahahaha!!! A little Wynaut is why you got lost?" Solana said, unable to resist the urge to laugh down at her partner.
"Hey, it was carrying a Liechi Berry. Those are very rare!" Lunick said.
"Well, I can forgive you if it was carrying a berry. Anyway, I got tired of waiting too, so I volunteered to be the test subject of Professor Hastings's new Growth Styler. Putting that fire out was as easy as arming two Gyarados and firing away!" Solana said.
"Oh, so all the fire is gone?" Lunick said.
"Yep. There was a wild pack of Charizard, Magmar, and other fire Pokemon that got lured out of the Panula Mountains. I saw someone from Go-Rock Squad, so they likely had something to do with it." Solana said.
"Hmmph... dirty pool! We really need to shut down those evil-doers once and for all!" Lunick said.
"I agree. But that's for another day. As for you..." Solana said.

She didn't want her good partner spending another day down in the dumps of the Olive Forest, and so that's when she kneeled down and held a hand in front of Lunick. He hesitated at first, but finally jumped on Solana's hand. He kept as still as possible as he felt himself rising into the air as Solana stood back up. She held her hand at stomach level and looked down at the little Lunick.
"Wow... you look so small from my hand. I should call you Little Lunick!" Solana said with a bit of a giggle.
"Well, so be it, G-Solana." Lunick said.
"G-Solana? Is that the best you can come up with?" Solana asked.
"Yeah, I guess. So why haven't you shrunken back to normal?" Lunick asked.
"He hasn't found a way to reverse the spell, so I'm stuck like this for 24 hours." Solana said.
"Whoa, bummer." Lunick said.
"Oh well. Opens me up to a new experience, right?" Solana said.
"Right. Hey, does Summerland know about this? I mean, your new size and all." Lunick said.
"Oh yeah. I promised them I wouldn't hurt anyone. I think I did a good job of convincing them. Speaking of which, we better get back. Don't want that hotel room you rented to go to waste." Solana said.
"Oh, right. Right." Lunick said. Finally, the two were on their way. Lunick stayed as still as he could. It was a long ways down from Solana's palm, after all.

When she made it to the beach, Lunick took a moment to look up admire all the pretty stars that joined the moon in making the night so beautiful.
"It's such a beautiful night." Lunick said. Solana stopped when she heard that.
"You're right. I didn't realize that. It's so much nicer away from the fiery mess." Solana said.
"Y'know, you're so big, it's like you can reach up and touch the stars." Lunick said. Solana smiled.
"Yeah, even though they're still miles and miles away in the sky. But you know..." Solana said. She then started raising her palm higher into the air. Lunick freaked out the higher he was in the air, especially when he was higher than Solana's head.
"Whoa... hey, what are you doing!?" Lunick said, clutching tightly onto Minun.
"I wonder if you can reach up and touch the stars now?" Solana said with a bit of a giggle.
"Oh, very funny. Wow..." Lunick said. When he decided to put his hands as far as he could reach towards the night sky, it was an exhilarating feeling. He lost his balance and fell on his behind when Solana lowered her hand again, this time to where her whole face was in front of Lunick.
"Well, did you fare any better?" Solana said with a smile.
"Glad you still have a sense of humor, Solana." Lunick said. Solana laughed, and then had to let out a yawn.
"Ah, you're tired too, aren't you?" Lunick said.
"Yeah, I should get some sleep." Solana said.
"Yeah, but where are you going to sleep?" Lunick said.
"Right here, of course, away from Summerland. And you're going to keep me company." Solana said.
"Huh?" Lunick said. Solana went back to Summerland and gently stepped towards the hotel, easily towering over it. She knocked lightly on the roof, and the old hotel manager came walking out.
"Um... you rang?" the old man said.
"Excuse me, but Lunick is going to sleep with me tonight. You may cancel his reservation, though hold onto any items he left behind until he gets back." Solana said.
"Well, if you insist. Gosh, of all the things I've seen in this world..." the old man said as he walked back inside. Solana smiled as she headed past the beach and towards the base of the Panula Mountains, where she emerged from earlier to reach Summerland.

The first thing she did was place Lunick down at the Summerland entrance. Lunick simply watched as the living tower that was G-Solana got herself in as comfortable of a position as she possibly could. Solana stopped just short of the mountain range, and then sat down on top of this range, causing rocks to crumble off the mountain and slide down to the base. But what happened at the base with those rocks was of no concern to Solana as she started to lay back. Finally, Solana leaned forward and grabbed Lunick and Minun once again, resting both of them on her stomach. Lunick wobbled as he tried to regain his footing, but it wasn't helping since Solana's stomach area was moving up and down because of her breathing.
"Are you comfy, Little Lunick?" Solana asked.
"Well, not as comfortable as you probably are." Lunick said.
"It's no luxury suite, but it'll have to do given my condition." Solana said.
"Yeah..." Lunick said. He then got another light pat on the head from Solana's huge fingers.
"Good night... sweet dreams." Solana said as she finally dozed off.
"Yeah. You too, I suppose..." Lunick said as he laid down over Solana's stomach, trying his best to fall asleep. It was no easy task, but eventually both fell asleep.

The next morning, the bright beam of sunlight stirred Lunick awake. He stood up, picking up a sleeping Minun, and looked out at the sun rising over the ocean. In many ways, it was just as beautiful as the moonlit night about seven to eight hours ago. He also looked down to see Solana's legs as they ran down towards the beach. He was impressed with how her feet stopped at the shoreline and just short of the Summerland entrance.
Lunick was amazed. He was so overcome with seeing his partner as a giantess that he forgot to report this to the Ringtown ranger base. Even though they knew of Solana's plight, it was still his duty as a Pokemon Ranger to report his whereabouts, including that of his partner, whoever it was for the mission. But first, he had to retrieve his Capture Styler, left behind at the hotel thanks to Solana's efforts last night.
Still carrying Minun in his hands, Lunick climbed down while gripping onto Solana's very short shorts. Once he landed on the ground, he was almost frightened to see her massive legs on both sides. He quickly knew that all Solana could do was close the legs together and he'd be crushed, so he didn't waste any time in moving forward towards the beach and Summerland.
"Man, she looks so much bigger from here." Lunick said to himself. He didn't feel like standing around, though. He kept on moving.

Little did he realize that Solana was up too. With one eye open, she watched as Lunick wondered off towards her feet to get back to Summerland. Very slowly, so that she wouldn't tip Lunick off, she reached for her Capture Styler. She then activated it and aimed with tight precision down at Lunick.
"Capture On!!!" Solana shouted. Obviously, this took Lunick by surprise, and by the time he turned around, the blue top surrounded him with the capture energy. Eventually, after just one loop, he was concealed in a blue energy ball, the same one that captures Pokemon.
"Hey! What the...?" Lunick said.
"Hehehe... gotcha!" Solana said as she sat up and looked down at Lunick as he tried punching his way out of the ball.
"You were up the whole time, weren't you?" Lunick said. Solana smiled.
"I've always been good at surprising you, haven't I? So where were you heading?" Solana said.
"To the hotel, just to get my things." Lunick said. Solana then stood up and walked right to Lunick in the energy ball, her shoes just inches away. She picked up the ball and lightly squeezed it to break it apart, freeing Lunick and Minun from their temporary prison.
"Well, why waste your strength? I can get them for you. Besides, we still need to safely assure Summerland that it will be safe, at least until I shrink back to normal later today." Solana said.
"Whatever you say, partner." Lunick said. With that, Solana started walking again, and all Lunick could do was sit back on Solana's palm again and enjoy the ride.

A short while later, after Solana has gotten Lunick's things from his hotel room, the giantess was treated to a deluxe breakfast. It was easy for the hotel manager to explain as he rolled out the cart.
"Young lady, this is all the breakfast we have. Hopefully it will... well, fill you up in a hurry." the old man said.
"Why thank you, sir!" Solana said. She picked up the cart and tipped it towards her mouth, dumping everything inside. With one big gulp, she placed the cart back down on the ground.
"Thank you again... though I hope you weren't planning to serve any of those meals to your customers." Solana said.
"Oh, don't worry about it. I have some of the best chefs in all of Summerland. They and their Pokemon will help me come through." the old man said with a smile. With that, Solana once again assured everyone in Summerland that all is well.

"Don't worry, everyone. I promise everything will be back to normal soon." Solana said.
"Yeah, but what will you do until then?" Cameron said. With the crisis from last night averted thanks to Solana, Cameron and his band of rangers could return home to Summerland. Of course, some of them weren't expecting to see Solana in their neighborhood.
"Heh, what's up, Cameron?" Solana asked.
"Well, you, you silly! Seriously though, I heard from Spenser. Is there anything we can do to make you comfy until you return to normal?" Cameron said.
"Nope. Like a true Pokemon Ranger, I will be exploring the land, offering my service to anyone that needs it." Solana said. Lunick, holding onto Minun, was watching the seas when he noticed something popping out.
"Hey! Look out there!" Lunick said, pointing out to sea. When Solana noticed Lunick pointing in the direction of the ocean, that's where she saw three Lapras come out.
"Hmmm... what are these Lapras doing out here?" Solana said.
"We should find out!" Lunick said. Solana nodded and walked towards the sea, carefully stepping over every square inch she could of Summerland. The Lapras did not move as they looked up at the giant Solana, whose height would diminish as she walked deeper into the depths of the ocean. The water was waist level by the time she stopped walking and gently patted the Lapras on the head.
"Hey there, little Lapras! What brings you here?" Solana asked.
"Y'know, they're probably just curious about you being here." Lunick said.
"Yeah, and why I'm so big." Solana said. She then reached down and gently picked up one of the Lapras, holding it in her other hand. She kept her hands close to compare the sizes of Lunick and the Lapras.
"Wow, it's amazing to think I can hold a Lapras with such ease as big as I am." Solana said.
"We should check up on the forest. Make sure all the Pokemon are okay there, I mean." Lunick said.
"That's a good idea." Solana said. After placing the Lapras back in the water, Solana turned around and walked back towards Olive Forest.

Of course, her next destination was really what's left of Lyra Forest. But along the way, she'd have to make a couple of stops. Her first stop was when her souped up hearing was picking up the cries of very young Pokemon. Lunick, who was now sitting atop Solana's shoulder so she could free up her hands, wasn't able to hear the sounds as well.
"Hey, do you hear that?" Solana asked.
"Wait... it does sound faint. But what is it?" Lunick asked.
"Those are baby Pokemon... we have to follow their sound trail!" Solana said as she picked up the pace on her walk. Lunick, right away, felt concerned for those that might be in her path.
"Be careful, Solana... you're so huge compared to them..." Lunick said.
"Don't worry, little Lunick, I think I got this giant thing down to a science." Solana said.
"Well, if you insist." Lunick said. Indeed, Solana kept steady with her steps, checking between the many trees of the forest before she made a step. Finally, she came to an open spot of the forest, where she saw a large group of these so-called baby Pokemon. They included: Smoochum, Wooper, Magby, Teddiursa, Igglybuff, and two Pichu. There was also an Azumarill, by far the oldest Pokemon of the group. All the Pokemon looked up and were obviously stunned with what they saw. Azumarill ran in front of the group and put on a tough face, even as Solana put her feet just a few yards away from the group.
"Look at that. That Azumarill must be trying to protect them." Solana said.
"Where do you think they came from?" Lunick said.
"Perhaps they got seperated from the Lyra Forest, because of that big fire we had last night." Solana said.
"We better lead them away from here. I'll capture them with my Styler!" Lunick said, only to receive a tap on the forehead from one of Solana's oversized fingers.
"Oh, come on, Lunick. Save your energy. Let me handle this." Solana said.
"Oh... Solana." Lunick softly said. Solana pulled out her Capture Styler and activated it.
"Capture On!!!" Solana shouted. With one quick swirl, every single Pokemon in that group was 'captured' or at least under her control.
"There we go. I promise I will protect all of you." Solana said.
"How are you going to do that? Little Pokemon like those Pichu can easily get lost in the forest." Lunick said.
"Fortunately, they won't have to travel through the forest. Watch this." Solana said. As Solana leaned down to pick up all the Pokemon, Lunick did not anticipate such a quick movement from the giantess. He fell forward but quickly latched onto Solana's jacket. Minun, of course, held on tight to the top of Lunick's head. He climbed back up and lightly punched Solana's neck. She could feel that little hit as she sorted out all the Pokemon in her hand.

"Oh! What was that about?" Solana asked.
"I almost fell off when you leaned down to pick up those Pokemon! Luckily your jacket saved me from falling." Lunick said.
"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry, Lunick! I promise I will be more careful." Solana said.
"Ah, don't worry. It's nothing I can't handle." Lunick said.
"Heh, spoken like a true ranger. Now then..." Solana said. She looked down at her belt, where she kept all her tools, most important of all her Capture Styler of course. She looked to the styler's left and noticed her pouch that she normally kept her berries in. It had a few leftover Oran Berries inside, but Solana didn't mind. Let the Pokemon feed themselves, she thought. They must've been starving after being run out of their native home because of the fire.
"Eat up, everyone!" Solana said as she gently placed all the Pokemon inside the pouch. She watched as all of them wasted no time in chomping on one of the massive berries, which had obviously grown with Solana half a day ago.
"Huh? Eat up? You have Oran Berries with you?" Lunick said.
"Of course. You know I always carry at least a few with me." Solana said.
"Hmmm... you know, I am kinda hungry..." Lunick said. Solana immediately got what he was thinking.
"Your wish is my command, little Lunick." Solana said. She gently reached inside the pouch once again, making sure to avoid the busy baby Pokemon. She pulled out one Oran Berry and moved it up towards her shoulder. She kept a firm grip on the berry until she felt Lunick tug on it. The berry was about half the size of Lunick himself, so it wouldn't be too difficult to haul the yummy piece of fruit up onto Solana's shoulder.
"Don't forget to feed Minun!" Solana said.
"Oh yeah, he's beaming with excitement." Lunick said, who watched as Minun started digging into the berry, letting some of its juice flow out. Lunick, on top of taking multiple bites out of the berry as if it were an apple, was licking up as much of the tasty juice as he could. Nothing was more quenching of a thirst than Berry Juice, he thought to himself.

Eventually, the berry was totally gobbled up by both Minun and Lunick. They both relished from their extravagant snack provided by G-Solana.
"Wow... that was great, G-Solana. But aren't you going to have some of those berries?" Lunick said.
"It's okay, that can wait. I can go a long time without eating, you know." Solana said.
"Of course. That's what makes you one of the tougher rangers." Lunick said. Just then, Lunick would be surprised again as he felt himself being grabbed by Solana's hand again. Minun watched from Solana's shoulder as she held Lunick up to her face again.
"Listen, Lunick. From the first day we've been partners, I've always felt there was something special between us." Solana said.
"Huh? Really?" Lunick said.
"We've been friends for a long time... I'm glad we've been friends. Your talent has made me a better ranger." Solana said.
"Well, I try my best." Lunick said.
"Yes. That is what the Pokemon Rangers stand for. Giving their best no matter what. And you and I together have given the best this world can afford. I'm glad you came to Ringtown, and I hope you never leave." Solana said. She then moved Lunick right to her lips and planted both of them over as much of his body as she could, giving him the biggest kiss of his life. And before he could recover from that, he watched as he was pressed up against her chest in order to receive the biggest hug he could ever imagine. While up against her chest, Lunick could actually hear the thumping of Solana's heart. Finally, Solana looked at the obviously stunned Lunick, holding him in front of her eyes.
"Wow... after a display like that, it'll take a hundred Golem to haul me out of here!" Lunick said.
"Glad to hear it! Come on, let's check more of the forest for any more stray Pokemon." Solana said. After placing Lunick back on her shoulder to let him recover (Minun cheered Lunick on for the incredible score he just made), Solana resumed her walk for the Lyra Forest.

The Lyra Forest was so huge, so Solana took as much time as she could helping out the Pokemon displaced from their home after the massive blaze from overnight. She would spend the next few hours doing so, in fact. She even took a brief nap against the Panula Mountains as requested by Lunick. She would wake up to find the sun going down.
"Look at that! The sun's going down." Solana said.
"And what does that mean?" Lunick said.
"I probably only have an hour or two left before I shrink back to normal." Solana said.
"Well, I guess we better hurry up and finish the job then!" Lunick said.
"Whatever you say, little Lunick!" Solana said as she stood up and started walking again.
"Honestly, G-Solana is the much cooler nickname." Lunick said, no doubt prompting a smile from the giantess. But the fun and happiness would stop when Solana looked down at her feet and noticed several trees rustling. Then, out came a Skarmory, which appeared to be in distress.
"Whoa... what's a Skarmory doing here?" Lunick asked. Solana quickly looked by the trees down by her feet and could see why. It wasn't just someone from Go-Rock Squad... it was one of the Go-Rock Quads, Tiffany. She didn't seem to notice the giantess, yet anyway. That's because she was scolding her prized Pokemon, Camerupt, for an apparent failure.
"Stupid Camerupt! You should've toughened up your flamethrower. We would've had that Skarmory easily!" Tiffany shouted.
"Up to your old tricks again?" Solana said. Tiffany quickly turned around and was stunned to see the giantess in front of her. She stood behind the very Camerupt she insulted just a few seconds ago.
"What... what in the name of Fiore!?" Tiffany said.
"Alright, Tiffany, what are you and the Go-Rock Quads up to?" Solana said.
"Are you kidding me? I would never reveal our life-changing plan to the likes of you!" Tiffany shouted.
"We'll just see about that. It's no use arguing against someone bigger than you." Solana said. She then reached down to try and pick up both Tiffany and her Camerupt.
"Camerupt, use Eruption, now!" Tiffany shouted. Camerupt then shot several flaming boulders out from its back, all of them striking Solana. Amazingly enough, the boulders did hurt, mainly because Camerupt's boulders were always scolding hot, hotter than Charizard's flames if it were at full strength.
"Ouch!" Solana said. Camerupt then aimed its boulders at Solana's stomach and legs. Each time they hit Solana, she couldn't fight off the burn, and eventually she felt her skin warming up.
"Ha! So much for the great, big, huge Pokemon Ranger!" Tiffany said, watching as Solana was unable to fight back from the torrent of flaming boulders.

Lunick (with Minun clutched onto his head) once again couldn't hold on from the sudden jolt of motion coming from his giant-sized partner. He tried grabbing onto her jacket again, but her moving back and forth to keep from getting burned made this difficult for him. Finally, he latched onto Solana's short black shorts, with the brief amount of time her legs didn't move. He looked up first. Seeing Solana from this perspective was quite amazing, despite the fact she was being attacked by the strong Camerupt. And then he looked down. It was still a long ways down, and being so close to Solana's legs almost took his breath away. But there was no time to admire the view from the middle. He watched as Solana continued to get attacked, falling back a couple steps in fact.
"Arrrgh! I have to do something!" Lunick said. Minun shouted its name repeatedly. When Lunick looked up and saw Minun pointing to his right, behind Solana's legs, he noticed a Pelipper flying nearby.
"Huh? A Pelipper? Wait..." Lunick said. He quickly did the math. A Pelipper was both Water and Flying. Camerupt was both Fire and Ground. It was the 4x advantage that most Pokemon trainers dream of having. Even though Flying wasn't officially super effective against Ground, Flying type Pokemon were immune to Ground-type attacks however. And Lunick knew that. Hey, rangers have to think like trainers too!
"Great thinking, Minun! Capture On!!!" Lunick shouted as he drew out his Capture Styler with one hand while holding on for dear life to Solana's shorts with the other. Lunick activated the styler and he swirled it around the Pelipper, who obviously was taken by surprise and not prepared to counter-attack the styler. Soon, Pelipper flew close to Lunick.
"Pelipper... use Water Pulse on that Camerupt!" Lunick said, quickly thinking of one of Pelipper's signature attacks. Pelipper went flying down towards the Camerupt, who was concentrating on attacking Solana and didn't see the Pelipper approaching. Pelipper opened its large mouth, and out came several pulsing blasts of water. Camerupt suffered a critical hit that not only caused it to stop attacking, but it clearly looked confused from its swirling eyes.
"Yeah, lucky strike!" Lunick shouted.
"Camerupt, you weakling! What's wrong with you!?" Tiffany shouted. Camerupt tried to fire again, but the boulders only went straight up in the air, crashing down on the Pokemon and causing it to faint.
"Darn it!" Tiffany said.

But that was the least of Tiffany's problems, she watched as Solana stepped closer and closer to her. She called Camerupt back into her Pok├ęball and tried running away, but Solana stomped the ground hard, causing it to shake and Tiffany to lose her balance. Tiffany soon almost went numb when she looked up saw Solana's shoe coming down on her. But this was only a scare tactic from the giantess. Solana, ignoring Tiffany's pleas for help, slowly brought her shoe down on Tiffany until she was pinned underneath it, leaving only the upper part of her body sticking out.
"You mess with the Pokemon Rangers one more time, and I'll probably put this foot down harder on you." Solana said.
"Yeah, sure. I get it, I get it already!" Tiffany said. Solana then lifted her foot up and let the villainess get away.
"Heh... for being the calm one of the Go-Rock Quads, she sure was begging for her life." Solana said.
"Um... Solana, a little help down here!" Lunick said, who was kicking Solana's leg trying to get her attention as he kept on clinging to her shorts. Finally, he let go when Solana placed a hand underneath him, allowing him to drop safely. He once again was looking right at Solana's big eyes after a brief ride on her hand.
"My gosh... are you okay, Lunick?" Solana said.
"It's no big deal... well, I don't mean that literally. Thanks, Pelipper!" Lunick said, waving up to the Pelipper that saved their skin. The Pelipper nodded as it flew away.
"It was you, wasn't it?" Solana asked.
"Well, you were a little busy. Luckily I had my styler and I knew a common attack from the Pelipper was the Water Pulse. See, it helps to have a background in Pokemon training!" Lunick said.
"You're absolutely right. I could've handled that Camerupt if it didn't attack so fiercely." Solana said.
"Sure, sure." Lunick said with a smile.
"No, really! I would have! I mean... I'm big enough, right!?" Solana said.
"Oh well, it doesn't matter. We should get back to Ringtown and report this incident. Not to mention find out what we're going to do with all those baby Pokemon." Lunick said. Solana made one final remark about the encounter with Tiffany as she began to walk back to Ringtown.
"Thank you for helping out. I guess it proves that size isn't everything." Solana said. Lunick nodded as he once again held on for the ride from Solana's hands.

Back in Ringtown, it seems that Professor Hastings, Joel, and Spenser were waiting for the giant Solana as she carefully made her way back into Ringtown. Almost everyone in town (including two trainers named Gamdann the Idea Man and The Twilight Prince) came out to get a good look up at the giantess.
"Welcome back, Solana." Spenser said.
"Hey, Spenser. Did you guys know I was coming?" Solana asked.
"Are you kidding? You're news all over Fiore!" Joel said.
"It's like I said to Joel... this is something new for Fiore. It used to be all the giant woman incidents would happen in faraway lands like Kanto and Johto." Spenser said.
"Oh, understood." Solana said. She let Lunick down on the ground, and he and Minun landed safely there. Minun went to play a little bit with Plusle, who was still stunned over seeing its master so huge.
"Well, have a good time, Lunick?" Professor Hastings asked.
"More than good, sir. It's like a wild dream come true. Although we did run into Tiffany of the Go-Rock Quads." Lunick said.
"Huh? What was she doing this time?" Spenser asked.
"We're not sure. Apparently she was trying to capture a Skarmory, but we stopped her and her Camerupt before that could happen. Oh, we also rescued a group of baby Pokemon that we think got displaced from the fire last night." Lunick said as he looked up at Solana.
"Oh, right! Of course!" Solana said. She detached the berry pouch from her belt and placed it down on the ground. Lunick and some of the others helped open it up, and some of the oversized berries came tumbling out. The most important thing, however, was that all the baby Pokemon (plus Azumarill) were accounted for.

"Hmmm... yes, it looks like they're all okay too. I'll have some of my rangers help these Pokemon get back to their natural habitats." Spenser said.
"Man, look at the size of these Oran Berries!" Joel said.
"Hmmm... fascinating, it's quite clear to me now that whatever is attached to whatever it is that's been hit with the Growth Styler." Professor Hastings said.
"And you just now figured that out, professor?" Solana said after hearing that from above. Everyone else couldn't resist laughing. Even the professor picked up his brief brain freeze for a moment. She reached down to picked them up, but she quickly pulled her hand back when she felt a slight vibration cruise up and down her body.
"What is it, Solana?" Lunick said.
"Oh, I felt a slight vibration from my hand... now my whole body is pulsating a little for some reason." Solana said.
"The effects of the Growth Styler must've run their course. I've seen the inanimate objects I tested do the same thing." Professor Hastings said.
"In other words..." Joel said.
"Look, she's shrinking!" Lunick shouted.
"Exactly!" Professor Hastings said. Indeed, everyone watched as Solana got smaller and smaller. She was no longer the towering 80-foot-tall figure that stood above everything in Ringtown. Finally, Solana was back to her normal size.

Solana looked around, getting accustomed to a more normal view after having anything but that for the last 24 hours.
"Oh darn... I was just beginning to enjoy being that big." Solana said.
"Well, if the professor fixes the 24-hour bug, maybe... I repeat, maybe, we can let you do it again." Spenser said.
"Oh, it's okay, Spenser. I'm just glad to be back to normal. I can only do so much from up there." Solana said.
"Yeah, me too. I couldn't really get used to a giant you... not after that big kiss." Lunick said, prompting a laugh from everyone. Plusle came running from the crowd towards Solana, who quickly picked it up from the ground.
"Oh, Plusle! I missed you too! Don't worry, everything is back to normal." Solana said.
"Wait a second... not everything. Look at this!" Joel said. Indeed, everyone looked where he was pointing at. It was Solana's berry pouch, and it was still oversized as if she were still 80 feet tall. Obviously, that meant quite a few Oran Berries, the size of small boulders, were laying down on the ground in front of the ranger base.
"Um... oops." Solana said.
"Well, you were trying to get it when you felt that shrinking feeling, right?" Lunick said.
"Yeah, that was it!" Solana said.
"So... what are we going to do with all these berries?" Spenser said. Right when he said that, Solana's stomach grumbled loud enough that everyone around her heard it.
"I guess I am kind of hungry!" Solana said. Everyone laughed out loud from that while Solana just blushed a little from making a funny. It was eventually agreed that Solana would have a couple of the oversized Oran Berries to compensate for the lack of food she's had while she was a giantess. The rest of the berries were divided among everyone in Ringtown, enough to make sure nobody would be complaining of hunger until the next day.

But there was little time to talk about the unforgettable past, for it was back to work for both Lunick and Solana (and their trusty Pokemon, Minun and Plusle) the next day to stop the Go-Rock Squad from conquering Fiore. But thanks to Lunick, the events of the past day would go down quite clearly in Pokemon Ranger lore as the chronicle of G-Solana... and Little Lunick.