Grande Gardevoir

(Cubed Cinder)

Jubilife City

With Gardevoir watching behind him as he swept a hand across his spiky brown hair and patted his yellow shirt and blue jeans, 13-year-old Charlie anxiously dialed as random a telephone number as you can get. He simply couldn't wait to hear what kind of reaction he would get this time. After a couple of rings he finally heard a young woman's voice.
"Hello?" the woman said.
"Hi there, I'm a young trainer and I have a question. How do you fit 5,000 Charizards on a bus?" Charlie asked.
"Gee, I don't know. Why do you ask?" the woman said.
"You POKE 'EM ON! Get it? Hahahaha!!!" Charlie said before he slammed the phone down. Gardevoir simply rolled her eyes. This has been going on for a long time now, and yet the female creature has gotten used to his behavior having been his main Pokemon for three years now. The only reason she stuck with Charlie was that he was the only one who would possibly take care of her, even though he would never ever listen to her. In fact, Gardevoir fears that her mind has been totally detached from Charlie's for quite some time.

Charlie then dialed another number and this time heard a male voice.
"Hello?" the man said.
"Hi there, I'm a young trainer and I have a question. Why is it that Jynx doesn't get a date often?" Charlie asked.
"Gee, it is an interesting question. My daughter's been wondering that for a while." the man said.
"Well, it's because they are as COLD AS ICE! Hahahaha!!! That's the funniest thing ever!" Charlie said.
"What the...!? You little dirtbag! I'm gonna report you as soon as I hang up this damn phone!" the man shouted.
"Better hurry up before the phone runs away!" Charlie said, bursting out into extreme laughter to the point where he was crying. Gardevoir could feel a negative vibe of energy from that burst of laughter. She knew Charlie was in grave danger now, but there wasn't anything she could do about it.
Finally, Nurse Joy came over to check on what was happening.
"Excuse me, is everything okay?" Joy asked.
"Oh, yes, Nurse Joy. Everything is fine. I was just talking with my mother. She can really make you laugh!" Charlie said.
"Well, try to laugh a little softer next time, okay? You're scaring a lot of the trainers here." Joy said. Gardevoir walked over to Charlie and took his shoulder, nodding as he looked up at his Pokemon (Gardevoir is normally 5'3" while Charlie was only 4'11").
"Okay, I'm sorry, Nurse Joy. I'll leave now. Gardevoir and I have to be on our way." Charlie said as he and Gardevoir walked out of the Pokemon Center. As they left, Gardevoir thought about what she had just seen.
"Oh, Charlie. If only there was some way I could get you to understand me. I fear you will soon be in grave danger..." Gardevoir said to herself.

Route 218

Charlie and Gardevoir were walking down the scenic path of Route 218 as they made their way towards Canalave City. The walk stopped, however, when something caught the curious eye of Charlie. Looking to the side, where Canalave Ocean started, he spotted a lonely Ninetales looking out the horizon.
"Hey, Gardevoir... look at that Ninetales over there. Let's have some fun with it!" Charlie shouted. As he started to sneak his way towards the elegant creature, Gardevoir's negative vibes reached an all-time high. She shouted out to Charlie, but of course, all he could hear was the constant shouting of Gardevoir's own name.
"Charlie, stop! Ninetales will place an unstoppable curse upon you if you hurt it!" That's what Gardevoir was really saying, but Charlie wasn't getting the message, nor could she force it into his brain with the bond having been cut off thanks to his devilish attitude. Psychic control wouldn't work either as Gardevoir's psychic abilities were vastly underdeveloped because of Charlie using nothing but Technical Machines for her moveset. So all Gardevoir could do was watch.
Charlie was soon behind the Ninetales, and true to Gardevoir's word, he did the most terrible thing imaginable. He flat out yanked one of the tails. Ninetales jumped up to its feet and looked back at Charlie, who was doing nothing but laugh uncontrollably.
"Hahaha! Hahahaha!!! Oh man... did you see the look on that Ninetales' face!? Hilarious! Hahaha!!!" Charlie said. Ninetales certainly wasn't laughing. In fact, it looked very angrily at Charlie right in the eyes. It was such an angry face that you could cut a boulder with it. Gardevoir took evasive action and jumped in front of Charlie.
"No, Charlie!" Gardevoir shouted in its head. Just as she got in front of her trainer, Gardevoir then collapsed to the ground, screaming out her name in pain as she fell to the ground.
"Oh my god..." Charlie said as he watched Gardevoir suffer. Then he looked back at Ninetales, then down at Gardevoir. It looked like Gardevoir was trying to say something.
"Charlie... please... help... me..." Gardevoir said weakly.
"Oh man... I'm getting out of here!" Charlie shouted. He then took off running in the opposite direction, going as fast as he possibly could.

It was just Ninetales and Gardevoir now. Ninetales approached the weakened Gardevoir.
"Are you alright, young one?" Ninetales asked.
"Ugh... what's happening to me..." Gardevoir said.
"I was trying to cast my new curse spell on that mischievous young boy, but you jumped in the way and took the bait instead." Ninetales said.
"Charlie? Where's... Charlie?" Gardevoir asked.
"That boy, was he your trainer? Some trainer he is... he just took off running after you got it." Ninetales said.
"He... he what!? No, this is impossible! Charlie's always been there for me!" Gardevoir said.
"If I were you, young one, I'd find a new trainer. One that's better for you. I tell you... Pokemon trainers these days. They don't make them like they did a few decades ago." Ninetales said.
"But am I cursed?" Gardevoir said.
"I don't know, to be honest. This new spell I've never tried on a Pokemon before, particularly one like you. I am sorry that you had to be the first one..." Ninetales said. Ninetales soon walked away, no doubt heading back for where it came from. Gardevoir, meanwhile, slowly got back on her feet, feeling all alone with Charlie gone. She looked around at the rest of the scenery. All sorts of thoughts entered her head, particularly about Charlie. Maybe he never cared for her after all, even though he called her a friend? She tried to shrug it off, but the thoughts kept mounting. It didn't get any better when she looked around at the other trainers around the area. She watched as these trainers called out their Pokemon and without hesitation battled either other Pokemon or wild Pokemon, in the case of the latter capturing that creature to make it a part of their collection.
Soon, two older trainers, both male, walked past Gardevoir and looked at her.
"Hey, look, Buddy. It's a wild Gardevoir!" Jason said.
"You're right. What do you say we capture it?" Buddy said.
"But I saw it first! Maybe we should battle to see who captures it!" Jason shouted. As the arguing continued, so did the anger inside Gardevoir. Finally, she screamed out her name when in fact she was saying:
"SHUT UP, HUMANS!!!" Gardevoir shouted.

Gardevoir began to grow.

She was growing at a very fast rate. It only took her five seconds to hit 100 feet tall, and she didn't stop there. 30 seconds later, and Gardevoir was touching the skies at a massive 500 feet tall. Gardevoir glanced down at the two trainers, her mere glance striking fear into their hearts.
"(gulp) I... uh... I think we'll let this one slide!" Jason shouted.
"Me too, man! Wait for me!" Buddy shouted. Gardevoir slammed her foot down to the ground, the ensuing shockwave sending the two boys flying into the background. Gardevoir looked around the scenery. The power... it was almost too good to be true. There had to be a reason she grew this humongous, and that's when it hit her. Her hatred for humans, especially on how they treated not just each other, but other Pokemon as well, many of them innocent and wanting to live their own lives rather than having to be dictated. Her mission was finally clear to her. Screw Charlie if he was ever seen again.
"Humans are fools. They must all perish in order for the Pokemon to survive." Gardevoir said. She looked out in the distance at Jubilife City, where she and Charlie were at not too long ago. That place would be her first target.

Jubilife City

It was another long ways, but Ash and his friends made it to the Pokemon Center in Jubilife City. Brock and Pikachu were still with Ash as always, and this time the girl with him is Dawn. Dawn aspires to be a master Pokemon coordinator, much like her popular mother, Joanna. The group approached the front desk where Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny were standing.
"Hi! Welcome to the Pokemon Center!" Nurse Joy said. As always, Brock reached out over the desk and grabbed Joy's hands.
"Nurse Joy! It is a supreme honor to finally meet you! Let us savor this moment together!" Brock shouted.
"Um, excuse me... but what is the meaning of all this?" Jenny asked. Brock then grabbed her hands instead.
"Officer Jenny! You're even more beautiful than the last one I met! Let us savor this memorable moment together!" Brock shouted. Pikachu then jumped up and thundershocked Brock.
"Pi-ka-chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!" Pikachu shouted. Brock fainted into Dawn's arms.
"Happy joy joy..." Brock said.
"You'll have to excuse our friend. He gets a little excited sometimes." Ash said.
"I know. I've heard from some of my other cousins." Jenny smiled.
"So this isn't the first time he's done this?" Dawn asked.
"Nope, afraid not." Ash said.
Just then, Jenny's radio started beeping, and a male voice was heard on the other end.
"Officer Jenny, this is agent Blue, do you copy?" Blue said. Jenny picked up her radio from her belt.
"What is it, Blue? More poachers arrested?" Jenny said.
"You better get out here. Something... my god... something really big is coming!" Blue shouted. Then static started to build up around the radio, cutting off whatever else Blue was saying.
"Blue? Blue? Are you there?" Jenny asked.
"What's wrong?" Dawn asked.
"I don't know... but he said it's huge." Jenny said as she ran out of the Pokemon Center. Ash and his friends followed suit.
"Wait, we'll follow!" Ash shouted.

When everyone got outside, Blue certainly didn't mince words. The 500-foot-tall Gardevoir was as clear as day despite being a mile or so away from the city. The fact she was a mile away made almost no difference... she was heading for the city fast, able to cover a ton of ground with her height.
"Whoa... did I miss something?" Brock said as he woke up.
"Yeah, a lot!" Dawn said.
"This is impossible! Even at its greatest height, a Gardevoir shouldn't be more than five feet tall!" Jenny shouted. Dawn pulled out her Pokedex, ready to get a scan on Gardevoir.
"Man... and I thought Joy and Jenny on this mystery island from a few years ago were huge!" Ash said.
"Blue? Are you there? Red? Come in!!!" Jenny shouted, but still nothing but static. Joy came running out and gasped over what she saw.
"What the...!? It's a giant Gardevoir!" Joy said.
"Dang it! Its psychic waves must be jamming out the radio frequency." Jenny said. There was no sense trying to radio for evacuation procedures, because when she looked behind her, there was a big crowd of people gathering to watch the coming of the huge Pokemon.
"Everyone get away, now! This city is in grave danger!" Jenny shouted.
"Look out!" one lady shouted. Indeed, a Psybeam ball was on its way towards everyone. But even as everyone scrambled away, the ball fell well short of hitting anyone.

And Gardevoir knew that would happen. That blast was just to get everyone's attention in that puny city. The next thing Gardevoir thought about was what surprised her. Did she just pull off a powerful psychic attack? Charlie didn't care in the least bit about giving her psychic moves. But yes, it seems that her anger has given her psychic abilities beyond even her own imagination. Better still, her little scare tactic worked like a charm. Gardevoir smiled as she looked at the ant-sized people scattering all over the city.
"All humans will suffer, as I have." Gardevoir said, even though all the people could understand was her name. She took her first few steps around the city, easily crushing many of the buildings flat, many of them still with people inside. Some more damage was caused when she swept her gown across the streets, slashing buildings off their foundations.
She then decided to inspect some of the trainers even closer, getting down on her knees and crawling around the city now. She picked up several trainers and held them in her green-skinned hands. She could hear some of the begging ringing through her ears.
"Please don't hurt me! I want to live!" one of the female trainers shouted. The red color of her eyes struck fear into the hearts of those weaker than she was. It didn't matter as she tipped her hand downward, causing these trainers to fall to their doom. They were definitely painful deaths for these youngsters, but Gardevoir simply didn't care. The angry emotions swirling in her head made sure she didn't feel any shred of guilt. Not that she wanted to shrug it off anyway. This new power she was suddenly granted... it felt quite good.

The only people not running away at the moment from the mega-sized menace were Ash and his friends. They carefully approached the giantess, not wanting to get too close to her. Dawn looked at the destruction Gardevoir had caused, and it wasn't a pretty sight. The little bit of blood from crushed trainers seeping out of the cracked rubble almost made her throw up.
"Ugh... I can't look at this." Dawn said as she held onto Ash and looked away.
"Ash, what are we going to do?" Brock asked.
"Um... I guess talk to her. Find out what she's doing here." Ash said.
"Are you really sure that's a good idea? Haven't you seen the kind of destruction she causes?" Dawn asked.
"We'll just have to take that chance." Ash said. As he and the others approached Gardevoir, she suddenly turned around, spitting out fragments of a building that she had been munching on, and looked straight down at our heroes. Ash and his friends froze right in their tracks.
"Yikes! She spotted us!" Brock shouted.
"I should've guessed. The Pokedex says Gardevoir is a strong psychic type!" Dawn shouted. Just then, all our heroes were suddenly encased in a blue glow and then lifted up into the air. They were eventually placed on one of Gardevoir's huge hands.
"Well, well. Some humans at least are brave enough to admire me." Gardevoir said to herself.
"Um... what's she saying, Ash?" Brock asked.
"How should I know? Sometimes I don't even understand Pikachu!" Ash said. Gardevoir could understand that perfectly, though, thanks to her high intelligence that is a natural gift to her, requiring no training from a measly Pokemon trainer. So she began to project her voice into Ash's mind. Ash could only jump thinking he was talking to a ghost.
"Young boy, I admire you and your friends for your courage to face me." Gardevoir said.
"Whoa... she just told me that she admires us for standing up to her." Ash said.
"She said that? How could she do that?" Dawn asked.
"Most psychic Pokemon have that ability, to be able to communicate with humans in a form of speech they can understand. Hey Ash, maybe she can understand you. You can talk some sense into her!" Brock said. Ash gulped nervously, but looking down at Pikachu, who nodded confidently up at its trainer, allowed him to face Gardevoir right in her red eyes.

"Gardevoir! Why are you doing this!?" Ash shouted. He had to shout pretty loud since Gardevoir was way too big to really hear what was going on down below. Luckily, Gardevoir was able to pick that up and she once again projected her voice into Ash's mind.
"It's quite simple. Humans and Pokemon are being treated unfairly. Humans must die in order for Pokemon to survive." Gardevoir said.
"What!? That's impossible!" Ash shouted.
"What is it, Ash?" Brock asked.
"She says humans must die in order for Pokemon to survive." Ash said.
"You're wrong! Pokemon need people like us to look after them once in a while! Especially when it comes to coordinating!" Dawn shouted.
"Silence, girl! Even if you are right, it is only a matter of time before the human does turn on the Pokemon. My own trainer, who I admired since he was 10 years old, suddenly abandoned me today." Gardevoir said.
"Oh, I'm sorry. Perhaps we can help you! Maybe we can find this trainer and give him what for!" Ash shouted.
"His behavior has left a scar that I will never recover from. In order for Pokemon to survive, humans must feel my loss." Gardevoir said.
"Wait, you don't understand!" Ash shouted.
"Enough!!! It is you that doesn't understand. Now I must dispose of all of you." Gardevoir said. She raised her other hand in order to crush our heroes, but Pikachu stood ready, charging up its red cheeks with electricity. Gardevoir noticed this and stopped.
"Pikachu, wait! You don't stand a chance against something that big!" Ash said. Pikachu shouted something up at Ash, and Gardevoir picked it up. Suddenly, she spoke once again to Ash.
"Hmmm... it seems your Pikachu does care deeply for you." Gardevoir said. Just then, she lowered her hand and dropped everyone down to the ground. She then stood up to her full height.
"I will spare your lives... for now. If you wish to live in a new world order, you will leave immediately." Gardevoir said before she twirled around and walked in the other direction.
Our heroes simply stood dumbfounded. It seemed certain that their lives were doomed, but a determined look by Pikachu seemed to save them all.
"Well, that was odd." Brock said.
"Yeah, I guess you're the hero this time, Pikachu!" Ash said.
"Wow, we got lucky! I say we take that Gardevoir's advice and get on out of here!" Dawn shouted.
"No, we're staying and finding a way to take down that Gardevoir." Ash said.
"Huh? How are we going to do that?" Brock asked.
"I don't know, but I do know that Dawn is right. We did get lucky. For some reason, I think she has something up her sleeve." Ash said.

Gardevoir, after tearing up some more of the city and causing more incredible destruction, thought about the sight of that determined Pikachu.
"I should've foreseen it. Some Pokemon will no doubt try to resist my way of life and will defend their trainer." Gardevoir said. She then looked out in the distance, at the clear blue sky that wasn't already covered by the many black clouds of smoke that poured out of what was left of Jubilife City. She was particularly interested in a flock of Starly.
"It's clear now. I need to convince the Pokemon my own way." Gardevoir said. So she looked deep into the flock of Starly and concentrated.

Not too far from this very flock of Starly was Team Rocket, flying in their familiar Meowth balloon. Our trio of baddies were planning their next evil scheme
"And then once we come around the back, we'll snatch all those Pokemon!" James shouted.
"It's brilliant, James! Absolutely brilliant!" Jessie shouted.
"Yeah... except for the fact we tried that plan last week. And them twerps were able to stop us." Meowth said. Jessie sighed.
"Meowth's right. We did try something like this last week. We need to think of something different!" Jessie shouted.
"Yes, it's time Team Rocket put our thinking caps on!" James said.
"We will not rest until Team Rocket reaches for the stars and well beyond, coming up with a plan that will finally help us succeed!" Jessie said.
"And make the boss happy to boot!" James shouted.
"Um... speakin' of reaching for the stars, get a load of this!" Meowth said as he pointed outward, first towards the flock of Starly, and then at the giant Gardevoir.

"Wow... I must be seeing Starly. There's so many of them!" James said.
"Never mind the Starly, and the bad joke for that matter. Look at the size of that Gardevoir!" Jessie said.
"Maybe this Gardevoir's been taking a lot of steroids." Meowth said.
"I guess size does matter after all." James said.
"Hey, look down at that city. It's all in pieces!" Meowth said as he next pointed at what was left of Jubilife City.
"I think that's where Jubilife City resides." James said.
"It's not so jubilant now, that's for sure. But seeing a Pokemon that big... we should capture it for the boss!" Jessie shouted.
"You really sure about that? The last time we tried capturing giant Pokemon, I almost had my nine lives stepped on by an oversized Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny." Meowth said.
"Pull yourself together, Team Rocket! We can score big with this one!" Jessie said.
"Yeah! But how are we going to do it?" James asked. Just as he asked that, with the balloon nearing the Starly, Meowth suddenly began to feel dizzy.
"Ugh... I don't feel so good. My head... it feels like something's trying to grab it..." Meowth said. Indeed, he felt like he was losing control of himself. He suddenly felt a strong urge to leave the balloon and join with his fellow Pokemon. Meowth simply jumped up out of the balloon and went flying towards the ground! Jessie caught this from the corner of her eye as she was discussing her plan with James.
"Meowth!" Jessie shouted as she and James watched Meowth plummet towards the grassy plain below.
"Looks like I wasn't the only one seeing Starly." James said, only to receive a slap in the face by Jessie.
"Shut up and activate the Pika Plucker!" Jessie shouted as she ran back to a set of controls that operated one of the Meowth balloon's key devices, a rubber hand that could reach towards the ground and grab any Pokemon they wanted, such as a certain electric yellow creature they've been hunting down for years. The hand came flying out from underneath the balloon and was just able to catch Meowth.
"Hurry up and get us down on the ground!" Jessie said.
"Aye aye, captain!" James shouted as he worked on the balloon to lower them to the ground.

When they all landed, Meowth was clearly still in a daze. Jessie and James were left to wonder how they were going to snap Meowth out of it.
"Well, remember what we did last time he was in this mood?" Jessie asked.
"Yes, although that was a while ago. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try it again." James said. With that in mind, both villains took turns slapping Meowth silly across the face.
"Wake up, you mangy alley cat! Wake up!" Jessie shouted.
"This is no time for a catnap!" James said. Meowth suddenly woke up again, looking at the two.
"Look at that, and it didn't hurt one bit." James said.
"YOU IDIOTS!!!" Meowth shouted as loud as he could. He then scratched the two rapidly on the face until they were glowing red. Jessie was the first to react... and then some.
"AHHHHHHH!!! MY FACE!!! MY BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL FACE!!!" Jessie shouted. As she ran around hoping to find some instant makeup to fix everything, James wondered why Meowth was so angry.
"Meowth, what happened? I didn't know you were interested in skydiving." James said.
"What's wrong with the two of you? Don't you see Gardevoir is the answer to all our problems!?" Meowth said.
"I'll say... she's hundreds of feet tall! She could probably solve anything that's below the waist!" James said.
"No, you fools! I'm talking about the cruel treatment between humans and Pokemon! Gardevoir will finally bring peace to all Pokemon, eliminating numbskulls like you forever!" Meowth shouted. Jessie ran up to Meowth and picked it up by the skin.
"Now you listen to me! I'm the only one around here that goes cranky, and let's not forget about what you did to my face!" Jessie said, only to receive another quick scratch from Meowth, who jumped back to the ground.
"I'm outta here... to join my new master!" Meowth said as he ran off, running towards the mega-sized Gardevoir.

"Jessie, something's not right. I know Meowth's been cranky before, but this is silly!" James said.
"You're probably right, but he's still gotta pay for what he did to my face!" Jessie shouted.
"So do we go after him?" James said.
"What else!? Go after him!!!" Jessie shouted. The two then ran after Meowth. They didn't even consider the fact that they were putting themselves at a huge risk with the huge Gardevoir still in Jubilife City.

In Jubilife City, the giant Gardevoir was no longer the only threat in town. Much like Team Rocket did earlier, many of the people left in the city were looking up at the big flock of Starly that was rapidly approaching Gardevoir. They flew in front of Gardevoir even as she pointed down at the humans. Then the Starly went divebombing towards the surface, trying their best to hit whatever people they could. Everyone began to run like wild away from the mess.
"The Starly! The Starly!" one person shouted. It looked like a horror movie as the normally calm Starly were tortuting the humans in any way they could, sometimes even by physically damaging them. Gardevoir spoke out, pleased with what she was witnessing.
"That's it, my friends. Teach the pathetic humans who rules this world now." Gardevoir said. She looked around at some of the people who were calling out their Pokemon and using them as defense.
"But it is not enough. Those Pokemon must learn to reason as well." Gardevoir said to herself. That's when she set into motion her next plan. She charged up her newly found psychic energy, found from the anger she felt over being betrayed by humans. After unleashing the powerful Psywave, many of these Pokemon, whether they were Charizard, Totodile, Treecko... you name it, they stopped attacking these Starly and looked up at Gardevoir. They weren't even listening to the calls of their own trainers.
"You will obey my every command, my fellow Pokemon. I now order you to attack your own trainers!" Gardevoir shouted. And just like that, each of these Pokemon looked back at their trainer with mean looks on their faces. In the case of one young lady, named Marilyn, and her Charizard, this was a shocking turn of events.
"What... what are you doing, Charizard?" Marilyn said. Charizard let out a roar in the sky and then shot a fireball at her. Marilyn was able to just dodge the attack, with a small part of her dress getting singed.
"Charizard, what's gotten into you? Return!" Marilyn shouted as she held out her Pokeball and fired the returning beam at Charizard, but to her shock, Charizard broke out of the beam.
"Huh? That's impossible!" Marilyn shouted. Charizard then charged head on for Marilyn and delivered a serious slash at her. Marilyn was struck in the face.
"Ouuuuch!!!" Marilyn shouted as she fell down on two knees, holding the right side of her face. The slash marks were as clear as day, and there was in fact a little blood trickling down those marks as well. Marilyn didn't notice this at all. All she wanted to know was why Charizard was doing this. Charizard approached its trainer once more... now Marilyn was scared. Was Charizard going to go as far as kill her?
"Charizard... you can't... you can't do this." Marilyn said, with tears coming out of her eyes. Charizard didn't seem to relent as it raised its claws into the sky. Marilyn closed her eyes, preparing for the worst.

Until a familiar thundershock saved her.

Charizard was knocked back by a powerful strike of lightning coming from the side. Being part Flying type, the move effected Charizard greatly. Pikachu, with electricity still coming out of its red cheeks, joined in along with Ash, Dawn, Brock, Joy, and Jenny. Brock helped Marilyn up.
"Are you okay?" Brock asked.
"I think so... but what about Charizard?" Marilyn asked.
"Never mind that. We need to get that wound of yours treated." Jenny said.
"Come on, I've set up the Pokemon Center as a shelter. I have Chansey ready to help you." Joy said as she and Marilyn left the scene. Ash, Dawn, Brock, and Jenny stayed behind and watched Marilyn's Charizard jump into a fit of rage.
"This is terrible! I know Charizard can get angry from time to time, but I've never seen it this angry!" Dawn said.
"This has to be Gardevoir's doing!" Ash said.
"Correct, boy. It is my doing." Gardevoir said, once again her voice pounding its way into Ash's head, as she walked into the area, planting her two feet not too far behind Charizard. A bunch of other Pokemon were around the giantess, whether it was flying around her or sitting on some part of her body, like her shoulder. For example, Meowth was sitting on top of her right foot.
"So it must be you that is controlling all these Pokemon, including that flock of Starly that attacked us first!" Jenny shouted. Meowth jumped off from Gardevoir's feet and ran towards our heroes.
"That's right! Gardevoir is finally showing us the right way, the way for Pokemon to go." Meowth said.
"Meowth! I should've known Team Rocket was behind all of this!" Ash said.
"Hah! I'm done with them bunch of losers! Gardevoir has shown me the way, as she will show you, I'm sure!" Meowth said.
"Ash, we don't stand much of a chance against all those Pokemon!" Brock said.
"I know, but we have to try something. Can you handle it, Pikachu?" Ash asked. Pikachu nodded confidently. Before it could make a strike, however, Gardevoir's voice was projected into Pikachu's head this time. Gardevoir did the same thing to Pikachu as she had done with Meowth and the other Pokemon that were following her. But Pikachu proved to be resilient, fighting off the mental strike as best as it could.

"Yes, Pikachu. You cannot fight it any longer. Like it or not, your master cannot support you forever." Gardevoir said, but Pikachu did its best to fight it off.
"Pikachu, what's wrong?" Ash asked, watching as Pikachu was struggling with itself, going as far as firing random bolts of lightning in whatever direction you could think of.
"Ash, Gardevoir must be trying to take over Pikachu's mind!" Brock said.
"What!?" Ash shouted as he ran in front of Pikachu, "Forget it, you monster! I won't let you steal my Pikachu!"
"Foolish human. There is nothing that can't bow to me!" Gardevoir said. She fired a Psybeam down at Ash, who had no choice but to leap out of the way. Pikachu then felt itself being lifted into the air. Gardevoir was using Psychic to pick up the tiny Pokemon. Pikachu screamed out its name.
"Pikachu!!!" Ash shouted. Then, all of a sudden, Jessie and James came running in from behind.
"Hey Jess, look at that, the Gardevoir is stealing that twerp's Pikachu." James said.
"How dare she!? First she takes Meowth and then she takes the one Pokemon that we've been trying to capture!" Jessie shouted.
"Wait, you mean she took Meowth from you?" Dawn asked.
"Which means you're in just as much of a pickle as we are." Brock said.
"I hate to say it, but you're right. She stole your Pokemon and she stole ours as well. She even stole Wobbuffet!" Jessie said, pointing to one of Gardevoir's feet where Wobbuffett was loafing around. Meanwhile, Gardevoir, having gathered as many Pokemon as she could, decided she had enough fun in Jubilife City.
"I shall be moving on now to another city. Try and stop me, and I will make you suffer." Gardevoir said before she turned and walked away with all those Pokemon following her, including Pikachu who was still stuck in Gardevoir's Psychic grip.
"Arrrrgh... no! I can't let her take Pikachu!" Ash said.
"Listen, twerp... we may not be the best of friends, but if we're going to stop that oversized menace, we really should work together." Jessie said.
"What!? How do we know you cheap crooks won't double-cross us like you have all over the world?" Jenny said.
"I hate to say it, but Jessie is right. We can't face Gardevoir by ourselves, and they did have their own Pokemon stolen." Brock said.
"Fine. Another temporary truce." Ash said as he reluctantly shook hands with Jessie.

Soon, two more people showed up to join the group. One was Nurse Joy, and the other? None other than Charlie, the original trainer of the now giant-sized Gardevoir.
"Hey everyone, I found this kid at the Pokemon Center. He claims to be the original trainer of Gardevoir." Joy said. Jenny approached the spiky-haired kid.
"What's your name, son?" Jenny said.
"It's Charlie, ma'am. I'm sorry... for everything." Charlie said.
"For what? Are you saying you have something to do with that giant Gardevoir?" Jessie asked.
"I think so. I... I left it alone on Route 218. I ran away from a Ninetales. I just ran as fast as I could, because I thought for sure that Ninetales would kill me. I never thought about Gardevoir, and I never even thought it would make her as big as she is." Charlie said.
"He was cowering in the corner of the center." Joy said.
"I was not! I said I would be willing to help out!" Charlie said.
"Alright, that's enough. It doesn't matter what you think, Charlie, but abandoning your own Pokemon is a serious offense. You could have your Pokedex, and therefore your Pokemon license, revoked for such an act." Jenny said.
"Hold on... Charlie, has Gardevoir even seen you since she showed up?" Ash asked.
"I told you, I didn't even know she grew. I just kept on running until I wound up in the Pokemon Center. It wasn't until the news broke out that I learned what happened." Charlie said.
"You hear that? She hasn't even seen him since she appeared." Ash said.
"So what's your point, Ash?" Brock said.
"If Charlie still cares for Gardevoir, we can use him to calm her down perhaps." Ash said.
"Huh? Wait... wait a moment! We're ant-sized compared to her, even though it's all because of me! How will she even recognize me?" Charlie asked.
"She better, otherwise we're all doomed." Jenny said.
"Hey, wait! I recognize you! You've been going around causing all sorts of pranks. You even called my mother and tried to fool her about a Pokemon contest for senior citizens!" Dawn said.
"Um... what are you talking about? I didn't do such a thing, I think..." Charlie said.
"We can worry about that later. Right now, we have to stop that giant Gardevoir!" Jenny said.
"Right, so what's the plan? A frontal assault? A backside manuever?" James said.
"First we follow her, of course." Ash said. Our entire group of heroes (and villains in the case of Team Rocket and, to some extent, Charlie) soon were on their way, away from the mess that was Jubilife City.

Route 218

For the few people remaining on Route 218, it was anything but elegant the way Gardevoir was walking down the road. Sure, she walked as elegantly as Gardevoir are always known for, but the amount of Pokemon that traveled with her was staggering, and these Pokemon made sure nothing stood in Gardevoir's way. Gardevoir finally stopped her walk at Canalave Ocean, where her whole growth thing started in the first place. The road was very quiet now, no doubt emptied from the panic that all of Sinnoh was feeling from Jubilife City getting leveled.
"I can feel the fear of the humans. They have scattered to the next city, where I will make my next move. But for now, I need to meditate and make my new powers stronger." Gardevoir said to herself. With that in mind, she dipped her feet into the ocean before submerging herself into it, leaving behind all of the Pokemon, including Pikachu and Meowth, to observe. Of course, as big as she was, much of her body could still be seen even as she stood full height in the water. She stood dead center in the ocean and closed her eyes, focusing her energy.

A few minutes later, Ash and his friends had made it to the ocean. Of course, the Pokemon were all that stood between themselves and the giantess. Ash once again tried to reach out to Pikachu.
"Pikachu! It's me! Try to remember!" Ash shouted. Pikachu did not attack... rather it struggled with what to do. Meowth was not as hesitant in his decision making.
"What are you standing there for!? They are the enemy!" Meowth shouted. Jessie and James stepped forward to speak with Meowth.
"Meowth! Snap out of it!" Jessie shouted.
"You wouldn't do this! We've always looked after you, even though you're not as smart as us sometimes." James said.
"James! Anyway, don't you remember what we stand for? We're Team Rocket! We always fight as a team!" Jessie said. For some unknown reason, Meowth was able to hear this call.
"Enough! You are all my servants! You will do exactly as I say!" Gardevoir shouted. But Pikachu wasn't buying it. It shot a powerful bolt of lightning up at Gardevoir's head, knocking her concentration loose. Soon all the Pokemon snapped loose and were back to their normal selves. Many of them were already running back towards Jubilife City to check on their trainers.
"It's just as I suspected... my powers were not charged up enough. But that doesn't matter anymore." Gardevoir said. Pikachu ran over to Ash and leapt into his arms, while Meowth did the same thing with Jessie and James.
"Oh, Pikachu! I knew you could pull through!" Ash said.
"It's amazing, but then again, we were able to overcome Sabrina's psychic powers many years ago." Brock said with a smile.
"Isn't it nice to have..." Jessie said.
"...the furriest member of our team back?" James asked.
"Yeah, I'll say it is. Nobody's any furrier!" Meowth said.
"Enjoy your little reunion, boy, because I'll see to it that it is short lived." Gardevoir suddenly said to Ash as she began to charge up another Psybeam. It looked much more powerful than before. As she fired it, Ash threw Pikachu out of the way.
"Look out!" Ash shouted. Just in time too, as Ash was hit HARD by the beam. It knocked him back several feet, for crying out loud!

Everyone else in the group, particularly Ash's friends, ran towards the downed Ash.
"Ash! Ash!!! Are you okay!?" Dawn shouted. But there was no response.
"Let me see..." Jenny said. She got down on the ground next to Dawn and put an ear up against Ash's chest. There was no heartbeat. She tried to hear breathing. Nothing there either.
"He's not responding! Joy, give me some help here!" Jenny said. Joy got down next to Jenny, who was performing CPR to try and bring Ash back. All Joy was doing was checking for Ash to breathe again.
"Come on, Ash... you can't quit on us now! You've been one of my best friends ever!" Dawn shouted. Team Rocket was watching all this unfold.
"Hey, maybe we can swipe that twerp's Pikachu now!" James said.
"Not now, James! We're talking about a human life here..." Jessie said. Joy tried breathing into Ash, but still nothing. No pulse.

"Jenny, I'm not getting any pulse." Joy said. Jenny finally stopped pounding on his chest.
"My god... Gardevoir just killed this young man with one blast." Jenny said.
"Oh Ash..." Brock silently said. Pikachu was breaking feverishly into tears. Meowth actually walked up to Pikachu to comfort it.
"Easy now..." Meowth said.

Ash's apparent death wasn't the only concern of our heroes. Gardevoir clearly showed no sympathy as she was making her way through the ocean before standing back on solid ground, looking down at everyone.
"Um... guys, we have a bigger problem!" Brock said. Jenny then took a megaphone from her motorcycle and shoved it into Charlie's hands.
"Okay, kid, if you're going to save us all, you better talk to your Pokemon!" Jenny shouted.
"What!? But what the hell am I supposed to say?" Charlie said.
"Never mind that, just start talking!" Jessie shouted as even she urged Charlie on. He had to say something fast, because Gardevoir was charging up another Psybeam.
"Gardevoir, wait!" Charlie shouted. Amazingly enough, Gardevoir did stop. As her psybeam faded out, she looked a long ways down (naturally considering she's 500 feet tall) and could just barely see her old trainer, Charlie. She got down on both knees to get a closer look at him. Charlie was tempted to run away, but Jenny was standing right behind him to make sure he didn't screw this up.
"Um... hello, Gardevoir." Charlie said.
"I'm surprised you managed to turn up." Gardevoir said, once again using her powers to project her voice into someone else's head, this time Charlie's.
"Listen, Gardevoir... you don't have to kill anyone else. I'm the one you want, isn't it?" Charlie asked.
"You abandoned me. I stood up for you after you hurt that Ninetales, and yet you just took off running." Gardevoir said.
"I panicked! What else do you want me to say!?" Charlie said.
"I doubt you ever even cared for me in the first place." Gardevoir said.
"No! That's not true! We've been best friends since I got you as my first Pokemon! I think your mind is a bit clouded from all this revenge junk..." Charlie said.
"If this is how you are going to continue to act, then I have no use for you." Gardevoir said. She raised one of her feet up to crush the entire group.
"Gardevoir, I'm sorry!!!" Charlie shouted as loud as he could.

Then Gardevoir stopped. That's the first time she ever heard Charlie apologize. To ANYONE. Once again, a mad rush of feelings began to hit Gardevoir. So much so that she took a couple steps backward. She was asking herself two questions. What am I doing? What have I been doing? She looked down at Ash... did I really take the life of an innocent human being? Not again, she thought. She tried to fight it, but once again Charlie had something to do with her mood swing. Before, it was his action of running away. Now it was his words that were ringing a bell or two.
Gardevoir suddenly stepped right over our heroes and made her way back to what was left of Jubilife City. Naturally, everyone wondered what was on her mind.
"Huh? Where is she going now? Why is she going back to Jubilife?" Joy asked.
"Knowing her, she probably didn't trash the place enough. Come on, let's follow her!" Jenny said. She jumped onto her motorcycle, and Joy hopped into the side car.
"Wait! We can't just leave Ash here!" Dawn said. Jenny knew that, but what could she do? The side car could only hold one person. Jessie, though, was right on top of things.
"James, go get the Meowth balloon ready! We're Team Rocket Express for now!" Jessie said.
"You got it!" James said.

Jubilife City

Gardevoir arrived back at the scene of her crimes, but this time she was not looking to cause much more madness and mayhem as Jenny had feared. Instead, she looked down, sulking over what she was seeing. The pain in the eyes of the people and their Pokemon was ringing a tone with her.
"Perhaps it is I that has been a fool. I have allowed my emotions to capture the best of me." Gardevoir said. She paid attention to Marilyn, now wrapped with many bandages as she stood in close proximity with Charizard.
"Humans and their Pokemon each have their own choice to make. Whether they stand side-by-side together or sever their ties for one reason or another is done entirely by choice. There is no reason to break the balance." Gardevoir said to herself. It was with this thought in mind that helped her with her next decision. Once again, she concentrated and began to build up a large flow of psychic energy. This time, she wasn't creating any sort of weapon out of that energy. As a matter of fact, the city suddenly started to heal itself... All that incredible damage caused earlier by Gardevoir was making its way backwards. The rubble from the buildings flew back to where it first came from. Amazingly enough, also going backwards was the blood spilled from crushed innocent victims as they came back to life, watching as their beloved city came back to life.

By the time our group of heroes, both on the ground (Jenny and Joy) and in the air (Charlie, the downed Ash and his friends in the Meowth balloon), had returned to Jubilife City, the city was back to the way it should be.
"What the...? The city's been restored to normal!" Brock said.
"But how?" Dawn asked.
"It looks like Gardevoir might have listened to you, after all." Jessie said.
"You're pretty good for a little brat!" James said.
"Thanks, I guess..." Charlie said. As they took the balloon down to the ground, everyone watched as Gardevoir looked down at everyone.
"I've made some mistakes. Please allow me to fix them." Gardevoir said. She then held a hand out towards the group. Ash Ketchum started glowing brightly.
"Huh? What's going on now?" Jenny asked. Everyone watched as Ash suddenly opened up his eyes and crawled back to his feet, brushing off the dust on his clothes.
"Ugh... what happened? I feel like I was run over by a Dodrio." Ash said.
"Ash! You're alive!!!" Dawn shouted.
"Sure I am. I've never felt better, honestly." Ash said. Dawn ran over to give Ash a big hug.
"Oh, Ash! I missed you so much! I thought for sure you were gone!" Dawn shouted.
"Um... okay." Ash said. Brock and Pikachu (now in tears of happiness) joined in on the hugging as well.
"Welcome back, old buddy!" Brock said. Then Team Rocket even joined in on the hugging!
"I'm so glad you're back, Ash! Life would've never been the same for Team Rocket without you!" Jessie said.
"Yeah! We didn't realize how much we missed you until you hit the dust!" James said.
"And now that you're back, we're still in show business! Yay!!!" Meowth said.
"Gee, thanks, Team Rocket. Does this mean you'll stop capturing Pikachu now?" Ash asked with a smile.
"Um... well..." Jessie said.
"We'll give you a free pass today, but tomorrow we're back to being mean and nasty!" Meowth shouted. Ash shrugged.
"Okay, fair enough." Ash said as he tipped his cap.

Soon, another brilliant flash of light came out. This time from Gardevoir. Since she was so huge, it was a very bright light.
"What now?" Joy asked.
"Gulp... I hope I didn't upset her again." Charlie said. But instead, everyone watched as Gardevoir started shrinking. It was quite a sight, because all she would ever do is fill the skies with her massive height. Now she returned to a much more normal height of 5'3". She approached our heroes, and for the first time ever, spoke in a natural English voice that everyone understood.
"I must apologize to all of you. My hope my latest actions were enough to rectify the evils that I have committed." Gardevoir said.
"Hey, it's cool, Gardevoir. We've had our fair share of these epic adventures, haven't we, Brock?" Ash said.
"Yeah. There was this one with Mewtwo, although for some reason I can't remember the exact details." Brock said. Jenny was nudging Charlie forward.
"Well, go on. Go be with your Pokemon." Jenny said. Charlie indeed started to slowly approach Gardevoir.
"Um... Gardevoir, I'm glad you're back to normal. We're still friends, right?" Charlie said.
"If you promise to be a better person, I will still be your best friend." Gardevoir said.
"Well, I... ugh... I feel strange all of a sudden." Charlie said. Dawn let out a gasp as she was the first to notice what was happening.

"Hey, look at his eyes!" Dawn said. They were glowing red. Brock noticed the next feature.
"His skin is changing color!" Brock said.
"What!?" Charlie said as he felt out the changes, "What's happening to me...!!!!"
"It's happening." Gardevoir said.
By the time all this transforming was done, Charlie was now 100% Gengar. He had become a Pokemon. He screamed out Gengar's name out in the air, before he looked at Gardevoir with his red eyes now glowing.
"Gengar, Gengar GengarGengarGengarGengarGengar!!!!" Gengar said.
"But I..." Gardevoir said. Just then, Charlie the Gengar glowed white and it looked like he was floating away.
"Gengar Gengar!! Gengar!!! GENGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!" Gengar screamed before the beam of light took him away and towards the skies. Of course, nobody understood what just happened. It was probably more shocking than Gardevoir being 500 feet tall in the first place.
"Um... Gardevoir, what was that all about?" Ash asked.
"It's just as I feared. The curse of the Ninetales. I guess he did get hit by it after all, aside from myself." Gardevoir said.
"But what was he saying?" Dawn said. Gardevoir looked down on the ground, actually shedding a tear or two.
"He said that he hated every last bit of me, and that he'll just keep on pulling pranks whoever he meets. He just kept screaming I hate you all as he left." Gardevoir said.
"My gosh... what a terrible feeling that must be." Joy said.
"But where is he going now?" Brock asked.
"If I remember the curse that Ninetales cast correctly, he is being outcast to CoroCoro Island. It's a place where Pokemon prosper and live in peace." Gardevoir said.
"Well, there's nothing we can really do. I hate to say it, but he did bring this upon himself if he messed with a Ninetales." Ash said.
"That's true. That curse could last forever." Brock said.
"But who can I arrest now that he has escaped?" Jenny said before she looked over at Team Rocket, "Maybe I should capture you three instead!"
"Huh? Us!?" Jessie said.
"But we provided free transportation! Not to mention getting our Meowth back." James said.
"Um... I think it's time we blew out of here!" Meowth said as he suddenly pulled out an explosive device. He pressed the button and the device blew, sending our trio flying through the air.
"Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!!!" they all screamed.

After they all disappeared, Ash and his friends took a deep breath knowing that this adventure was over.
"Well, I guess we better be on our way." Ash said.
"Are you sure you guys don't want to rest? We've all been through a lot!" Joy said.
"Nah, we all like to move on as soon as the adventure is over!" Brock said.
"As my mom once said, there's still so much more to see!" Dawn shouted.
"Well, fair enough. But what about you, Gardevoir?" Jenny asked.
"Yeah, I forgot! Maybe you can come with us, Gardevoir." Ash said.
"I would love to, but I don't really belong in this land, not after all I've done." Gardevoir said.
"But where will you go?" Brock asked.
"I... haven't thought about that. Perhaps I will find some place out there to fit my needs." Gardevoir said. She then started to float above the ground.
"Goodbye, Gardevoir!" Ash shouted. Pikachu waved it off as well. Gardevoir nodded to our heroes before she finally took off towards the open blue sky.
"Well, there she goes." Brock said.
"I hope she finds peace wherever she goes." Dawn said.
"Me too, Dawn. Me too." Ash said.

What happened to Charlie, aka Gengar?

Gengar opened up his eyes after being surrounded by white light for what felt like an eternity. When he looked around, there were nothing but lush trees and grass. A beautiful scene in stark contrast to the one of destruction that he was seeing in his eyes. For some reason, he couldn't remember anything beyond that.
"Where am I? I feel like something happened that caused this to happen." Gengar said. Soon, two more Pokemon approached him, Ekans and Medicham.
"Hey, who are you?" Ekans asked.
"Huh? You can talk?" Gengar asked.
"Of course we can! You must be new around these parts!" Medicham said.
"Where is here, anyway?" Gengar asked.
"Yep, you definitely haven't been here. This is CoroCoro Island, home of many Pokemon Rescue Teams." Medicham said.
"Pokemon Rescue Teams? Are you kidding me!? What kind of goody-good-shoes stuff is that?" Gengar said.
"Hmmmm... I like your attitude. We don't really like those teams either. We're more interested in taking over this whole island." Ekans said.
"This whole island? How are you going to do that?" Gengar asked.
"We're still working on that plan. We could use someone to help lead us... how about it?" Medicham asked.
"Really? Sure, I'm in. I feel the need to take over some island as well after the world shut me out!" Gengar said.
"Great!" Ekans said.
"We should disguise ourselves as one of these rescue teams to make sure nobody gets suspicious." Gengar said.
"That sounds good, I like your leadership role already!" Medicham said.
"I even have a good name. We'll call ourselves Team Meanies!" Gengar said as he, Ekans, and Medicham all laughed over their sinister new name for a rescue team. They all headed back to the main village to talk about what's next.

And what happened to Gardevoir?

Gardevoir flew several miles over the Sinnoh region, and then crossed the border to a new land. She didn't bother to stop, as she didn't feel the land was for her. She flew over one island in particular, and suddenly heard a voice being projected into her head.
"You are searching for answers too, aren't you?" the male voice said. Gardevoir looked around to find the source of this voice.
"Fly down to the mountaintop and your questions will be answered." the voice said again. Gardevoir wondered if this was some kind of trick, but quickly shook it off thinking there was nothing this high that could possibly hurt her.

After landing down on the top of the island's mountain, Gardevoir found the source of the voice. Standing there was none other than Mewtwo, with some of his clone Pokemon behind him.
"How do you know of my thoughts?" Gardevoir asked.
"I, like you, have a powerful psychic mind." Mewtwo said.
"But what do you want with me?" Gardevoir said.
"You are feeling alone. You are searching for your place in life. You've committed a terrible crime and you want to get as far away from it as possible." Mewtwo said.
"Well, yes... but why do you need me?" Gardevoir asked.
"Because I've been there." Mewtwo said. Gardevoir was really confused now, actually scratching its head.
"If you need a place to stay, this island is welcome to you until you find the answers you seek. I'm still finding mine, so we are even in this matter." Mewtwo said.
"Alright... I guess I will stay. Thanks." Gardevoir said. Mewtwo offered his hand for Gardevoir to shake, which was exactly what happened.
"Our family welcomes you to Mt. Quena, Gardevoir." Mewtwo said. Gardevoir smiled and nodded with Mewtwo, feeling blessed to be treated with this kind of respect.

After all, it was just what she was looking for. A place far, far away for her to ease her mind of all it has gone through.