It was only a month ago that Brendan stood on the top podium, relishing in the people cheering for him as he became the champion of the Hoenn Pokémon League. His team of Pokémon, which included Swampert, his companion from the very beginning since its days as a Mudkip, all played their parts in defeating the mighty Steven. Since then, what has Brendan done? Tour other regions to become champion there? Become a worldwide ambassador for what can be accomplished when people and Pokémon work together and achieve maximum friendship?

Actually, none of the above. He's in the forest just south of his home of Littleroot Town, helping out his father, Professor Birch. Brendan carefully snuck up on a lonely Zigzagoon that was trying to eat a couple berries. However, after stepping on a loose twig, Zigzagoon took off running into the bushes.
"Oops…" Brendan said as he sighed and looked down, almost dropping the portable camera he had been holding.
"Brendan, my son! You're the champion of the Hoenn region and yet you can't sneak up properly on a Zigzagoon?" Birch said as he walked up to his son with a smile and patted him on the shoulder.
"Sorry, Dad. I couldn't see that twig within the tall grass." Brendan said as he brushed aside some of the blades of grass with his shoes, revealing the twig.
"Hahaha! It's like I've always told you, son, when you started your Pokémon journey. You never know what you'll bump into when you rustle through the grass." Birch said. Brendan smiled and looked up at the sunlight shining through the trees.
"I wonder how much daylight we still have. It seems like we've been doing field research out here for hours." Brendan said.
"Then I guess we better hurry and wrap things up! I'll be over there if you need me." Birch said as he patted Brendan one more time before walking away.

Brendan got back to work shooting pictures and video of various random Pokémon, making sure not to scare them away like he did that one Zigzagoon. However, there was one Pokémon in particular that made him gasp and almost drop his equipment.
"Is that…?" Brendan said. He rapidly blinked his eyes to make sure he wasn't dreaming, but in front of him was indeed a…
"Hi! I'm Jirachi!" Jirachi shouted.
"Um…" Brendan said.
"What's wrong? Are you surprised to see me?" Jirachi asked.
"Er… actually, yes. The legends have said that only with the singing of a pure voice every 1,000 years can you be awakened." Brendan said.
"Hahaha! I guess you can't believe everything you hear." Jirachi said. This only confused Brendan more. Maybe this was a genetically made fake, part of some evil plot by Team Magma? Team Aqua? Team Rocket? Or maybe even those same scientists that created Mewtwo? Before he could contemplate even further… in fact, before he could turn and run to find his father, Jirachi spoke again.
"I know of your most desired wish, Brendan." Jirachi said.
"Huh? You know my name? AND my secret wish?" Brendan said.
"I sure do! And I'm here to make it happen. Now just hold still… Jirachi rachi!" Jirachi said.
The Pokémon twirled around a few times before facing Brendan again. Suddenly, a slip of green paper formed between its hands and it magically floated between Brendan's eyes, landing on his forehead. Just as quickly as it landed, though, it disappeared. At first, nothing happened.
"Hmmm? I don't feel any different." Brendan said.
"Give my magic a few seconds to kick in." Jirachi said.

And then it happened. Brendan was growing bigger.
"Oh!" Brendan shouted, watching as the area around him got smaller and smaller. Just as he grew over 30 feet tall, Professor Birch was walking back towards him. Jirachi, meanwhile, disappeared in a flash of light (getting a quick giggle in before vanishing).
"Hey, Brendan, you should see what this group of Pooch… WHAT THE!?" Birch shouted.
"Um… hi, Dad. You may want to step back." Brendan said, with the professor seeing his son's shoes (with his feet inside) getting closer and closer. He also had to dodge a few falling tree branches as Brendan grew past the once towering trees.

Brendan already was towering over the trees and still growing. He legitimately wondered how big he was going to grow, but just as he did that, the growing stopped. Brendan watched as various Pokémon like Zigzagoon and Poochyana were running out of the forest, along with his dad, Professor Birch. He was towering over the forest at just a tad over 160 feet tall. He took one of his hands and brushed the tops of the trees that once towered over him.
"Wow… I'm really a giant." Brendan said.
"Brendan!" Birch shouted.
"Oh! Dad!" Brendan said as he gently reached down and picked up his father, holding him in the palm of his hand.
"Brendan! Are you alright? What happened?" Birch asked. Brendan wondered how much of the story he should tell, as he knew a spontaneous powerful growth spurt probably wouldn't fly given how smart he and the other professors of the Pokémon world were.
"Well, you know the legendary Pokémon Jirachi, right?" Brendan said.
"Yes?" Birch said.
"Well… I don't know how, but it suddenly appeared in front of me. It said it could make my most secret wish come true. The next thing I knew after it worked its magic… here I am." Brendan said.
"Come now, son! This is no time for jokes! There must be some scientific explanation for what has happened!" Birch said.
"Dad… have I ever lied to you?" Brendan said. Professor Birch stared right into his giant son's eyes.
"No… no, you haven't. Still… the odds of a Jirachi suddenly showing up like that are…" Birch said.
"I know. Astronomical, kinda like my size. At least, that's what I feel like. But I wonder if Jirachi is still down there, then I can prove it to you." Brendan said. He started to kneel down and grab the trees, but…
"Wait, son! Set me down so I can get a closer look. I'm worried one wrong step from you could cause much damage to this forest." Birch said.
"Okay, Dad." Brendan said as he gently dug his hand into the trees and allowed Professor Birch to climb off.

The professor took one look up as his son loomed above, causing him to almost white out given it was a sight he thought he'd never see. He shook off the shock and walked around his giant shoes, trying to see where Jirachi had run off too, not knowing the Pokémon had disappeared from the area.
"Any sign of Jirachi, Dad?" Brendan shouted from above, his voice echoing for a few seconds even though Professor Birch was within the many trees of the forest.
"No, son! I don't see it! It probably teleported away so nobody else could find it!" Birch said. He then watched as Brendan's giant hand came down again. He climbed aboard and held on from the palm as the giant lifted his hand back out.
"That's too bad." Brendan said.
"Listen, son. You said Jirachi was here to fulfill your secret wish. Was… was this your wish?" Birch asked. Brendan lightly blushed. It actually was true he had always wanted to grow to a giant size and explore Hoenn from a new perspective, but he didn't feel comfortable confiding that secret to his Dad. So he thought of a different 'secret wish' on the fly.
"Well… actually, no. Half of my wish already came true in becoming the Hoenn Pokémon League champion. The other half of my wish was to share it with my girlfriend." Brendan said.
"Ahhhh… that would be May, right? Our former next door neighbor before she, her brother, and her mother all moved back to Petalburg City to be with her father." Birch said.
"Yep, that's her. Hmmmm…" Brendan said.

"What is it, son?" Birch asked.
"I wonder what May would think of seeing me like this. I should go say hi to her. And see how she's doing on top of things." Brendan said. The giant finally took his first steps out of the forest, already towering over a shocked Littleroot Town as the remaining few residents came out of their homes and looked up in shock over how big Brendan was now.
"W-w-w-wait, son! You could cause panic wherever you go as big as you are!" Birch said.
"Dad, I promise I'll be careful. Besides, I shouldn't stand here and do nothing. Maybe I want to see the rest of Hoenn too. It can't take as long as it used to given the size I'm at now!" Brendan said. Professor Birch tried to object further even as his supersized son set him back down next to his lab.
"But, but…" Birch said.
"I'll be back soon, Dad! Wish me luck with May!" Brendan said. The giant then slowly walked out of Littleroot Town and headed up Route 101. The professor could only watch as his gigantic son stayed prominently in view despite already being dozens of steps ahead.

Meanwhile, inside the Petalburg City Gym, there were no gym battles going on right now. In fact, Norman, the gym leader, was nowhere to be found. That was because he and his wife, Caroline, were out of town for Pokémon League business. Their two children, however, May and her younger brother, Max, were staying home watching a somewhat epic Pokémon battle play out on TV inside a stadium.
"Yeah! Go get them, Gengar!" Max shouted.
"Geez, Max. Sometimes you really get into these Pokémon battles." May said.
"Haha! You bet, sis! It makes me can't wait to become an actual Pokémon trainer." Max said. May smiled, admiring his brother's passion for Pokémon battling. While she did battling every now and then, especially against her boyfriend, Brendan, she was more into the Pokémon Contests, where it was more about showing off what your Pokémon could do and how it looked.
"Sigh… there ought to be more Pokémon contests on TV than battles." May grumbled to herself.

Then, suddenly, the picture cut away from the battle, displaying the words BREAKING NEWS on TV.
"Good afternoon, Hoenn region. I'm Gabby and we're breaking into your program for a very important news flash." the female reporter, Gabby, said from her desk.
"Awwww… come on! Why now!? What's so important that a grand Pokémon battle has to be interrupted!?" Max said.
"Shhhhh!" May shushed over to Max, trying to hear what Gabby was saying.
"You will soon be looking at live footage over Oldale Town where the reigning Pokémon League champion, Brendan, has grown gigantic in size. Oh, I understand our helicopter is in position now, so let's look at… oh my! Look how big he is compared to the town. Ladies and gentlemen, I assure you this is not doctored in any way…" Gabby said. Both May and Max naturally gasped over the next picture they saw, which was an overhead view of Brendan towering well over Oldale Town.
"Brendan!?" May shouted.
"Whoa… what vitamins did he take this morning? Unless maybe he learned how to do that Dynamax thing?" Max said.
"Oldale Town… that's, like, not far from where we are!" May said. She got up from the couch, slipped her socked feet into her shoes, and ran out of the gym.
"Hey, May! Where are you going?" Max shouted as he followed from behind.

Once May and Max made it outside, they, along with a few other stunned citizens, looked towards the east and upward, where they saw the giant Brendan's upper body sticking up over the trees. It appeared Brendan was looking straight down and chatting with some of the people at his feet and didn't notice what Petalburg City was doing in the distance. Of course, Max couldn't help but crack a joke at May given the two were in a relationship.
"Heh heh… so how are you going to kiss him now, May?" Max said.
"I don't know, but… it'd be fun to try." May said.
"Huh? You're not seriously gonna go chase after him, are you? You'd be a glob under his shoe for sure!" Max said.
"Pfffft… you never read the fairy tale, Thumbelina, did you?" May said.

Suddenly, a flash of light appeared in front of the two, plus a series of childish female-sounding giggles. After the light died down and the two lowered their arms away from their eyes, they were both staring at the legendary Pokémon, Jirachi.
"Hello! I am Jirachi. I take responsibility for what has happened to that young man." Jirachi said.
"Jirachi? I… I'm afraid I'm not that familiar with you." May said.
"It's okay, young lady named May. The important thing is I know about you." Jirachi said.
"What!?" May shouted, shocked that Jirachi would know her name.
"Okay, Pokémon! How long have you been spying on my sister!?" Max shouted.
"Max, please." May said.
"I've not only been following you in secret, but I know of your secret, most desired wish. And I'm here to make it happen!" Jirachi said.
"You are?" May asked.
"Yes! Now please hold still… Jirachi rachi!" Jirachi said. The Pokémon twirled around a few times before facing May again. Suddenly, a slip of green paper formed between its hands and it magically floated between May's eyes, landing on her forehead. Just as quickly as it landed, though, it disappeared. At the same time, Jirachi twirled around and began to disappear.
"Teehee… my work is done! You and Brendan have fun!" Jirachi said before vanishing.
"Wait!" Max shouted, wanting to get his hands on Jirachi, but he was only able to grab a series of sparkling stars.
"Huh? I wonder what it could've meant by you and Brendan having fun, May." Max said as he kept looking at the now empty space in front of him, He did not notice yet that his big sister was getting bigger.
"Uh… Max." May said.

Max finally turned around and yelped, having to look up at his quickly growing sister.
"Meeep!" Max said as he backed away to keep from getting bulldozed by her growing shoe. May, meanwhile, watched in awe as the scenery around her continued to shrink. At first she worried she'd grow too big, but she breathed a sigh of relief when she felt her growing stop. May was now the same size as Brendan, just a tad over 160 feet tall.
"Whoa… I'm… I'm so big." May said as she looked around the now small Petalburg City.
"May! May! Down here!" Max said as he jumped up and down in front of her right shoe. May looked down and couldn't help but smile at seeing how small Max was.
"Well, hello down there, even little-r brother!" May said as she kneeled down and scooped Max into one of her bare hands.
"Eeeeek! Don't eat me, May! I'm sorry for ever teasing you!" Max shouted.
"Teehee… chill out, Max. I'm not going to eat you. You'd probably taste bad anyway. I just can't get over how small you and the rest of the city look now." May said. Max looked down at the city between two of May's fingers, seeing a few people running around in panic.
"Heh… maybe you should tell that to some of the people down there." Max said.
"Hmmm… yes. I should try and calm them down." May said. She gently placed Max on top of one of her shoulders, and the young boy held on for the ride as May carefully walked around, both admiring the view of the city from her new angle as well as assuring everyone she'd be careful.

Meanwhile, after the giant Brendan arrived in Oldale Town, he right away was taken aback by how different the town looked from his new perspective. Of course, the many senior citizens who lived in this town were also admiring the giant, who took the time to chat with some of these folks.
"Heh heh, don't be afraid, everyone. I may be big, but I'm just passing through." Brendan said.
"You're the Hoenn champion, aren't you? I saw you on TV over a month ago." an old lady said.
"Yes, ma'am. I am." Brendan said.
"Ha! I bet you could wrestle with a Wailord as big as you are." the old lady said. Brendan couldn't help but giggle at that remark. Then, however, he looked towards the west where he could see Petalburg City in the distance. But there was something else he could see, and it made him almost drop his jaw in surprise.
"M-May? She's big too?" Brendan said out loud, watching as May was looking away from him and Oldale Town and looking down like she was talking with the normal-sized people at her feet.
"Huh? Who is May?" the old lady said.
"Er… my girlfriend. Somehow she has grown big just like me." Brendan said.
"Awww… what a lucky girl!" the old lady said.
"Yeah. If you'll all excuse me." Brendan said as the giant got walking again, making his way towards Petalburg City.

The giant May, meanwhile, continued her casual stroll through Petalburg City, which certainly looked small given she was easily bigger than almost all the buildings in the city. It wasn't an entirely smooth stroll, though, as May took a step toward and accidentally crushed a row of parked bicycles.
"Oops… sorry!" May said.
"At least one of those bikes wasn't yours!" Max said.
"True…" May said. The giantess was laser focused on the ground in front of her, she wasn't the first to hear another series of booming footsteps. It was Max who swung around from atop May's shoulder and could see the same-sized Brendan walking up towards her. Before he could warn his giant sister of his arrival, Brendan beat him to it.
"Fee fi fo fum… I smell the sweet scent of my giant girlfriend." Brendan said. May, naturally, gasped and turned around, looking at Brendan right in the eyes.
"Well hello there…" May softly said. She took one step towards the giant and the two lovingly embraced each other in a hug. The collision between the two almost knocked Max off his feet as he grabbed the shoulder strap of her shirt.
"Hey! Easy with the hugging!" Max shouted as he climbed back to a safe spot on May's shoulder.

The two giants, meanwhile, didn't hear Max as they were focused on each other.
"So how did you… I mean, how did…" they both said at the same time, prompting a quick laugh between the two.
"You were going to tell me how you grew this big?" May finally got out.
"Well, it sounds kinda strange, but…" Brendan said.
"Hey, being dozens of feet tall is kinda strange all by itself, don't you think?" May asked.
"Good point. So I'm doing research with my father in Littleroot, and then suddenly a Jirachi appears in front of me. It says it'll make my most desired wish come true, and then it shoots this green strip of paper to my head. A few seconds later… well, I'm like this." Brendan said. May raised both her eyebrows.
"Whoa… that's actually how I grew too! Well, Max and I were watching a Pokémon battle on TV when the news broke about you towering over Oldale Town. We both ran out to try and catch up with you, but that's when Jirachi popped up for me too!" May said.
"Oh? I made the live news?" Brendan asked.
"Of course you did, big guy! You and May are literally the big stories now! Hahaha… ow!" Max said, only to get poked lightly (or at least as lightly as possible) on the head by his giant sister.
"Okay, Max. Leave the jokes to the quote, grownups, around here." May said with a smirk.
"Still, it can't be a coincidence that both of us have been enlarged." Brendan said.
"What do you suppose Jirachi was planning by making both of us grow?" May said.
"We'll never know. I assume the Jirachi disappeared after you grew?" Brendan said, prompting a nod from May.

Brendan smiled and gently placed his hands on May's hips.
"Regardless, while it would've been neat to hold you in my hands, I'm more glad to have you this big with me." Brendan said.
"Oh? How so?" May asked.
"Because I… I would've eventually felt lonely being the only giant in Hoenn." Brendan said. May smiled right back.
"Me too, actually." May said. The two then looked up and saw a helicopter hovering several yards above.
"That's probably the news helicopter that showed me on TV." Brendan said.
"It has to be." May said.
"I wonder if they're going to follow us the whole time?" Brendan said.
"Heh… why not? Might as well say hi to everyone watching, including my parents." May said.
"Oh? They don't know you've grown?" Brendan asked.
"No, they're out of town for Pokémon League business." May said.
"Awww… I would've loved to see their faces seeing the two of us both gigantic and standing together." Brendan said.
"Heehee… me too!" May said.

She then looked up at the helicopter and waved at it.
"Hi, Mom and Dad! Hi, all of Hoenn! Don't worry, we promise to be careful for however long we're this big! And yes, this here is my boyfriend, the champion of the Hoenn Pokémon League!" May said, blowing a kiss towards the camera at the end, giving a quick hug to Brendan.
"Awwww, May…" Brendan said as he blushed a little bit.
"Hmmhmm… still modest even as a giant. I like that, actually." May said. After the two giants looked down at the ground one more time, they looked at each other.
"Sooooo… what now?" May asked.
"What else? Let's explore as much of Hoenn as we can while this size lasts." Brendan said.
"Good idea! But first…" May said. She reached up towards her shoulder and wrapped a hand around her younger brother, Max.
"Hey!" Max shouted as he felt himself being lowered to the ground. He eventually was dumped in front of the Petalburg Gym, forcing him to look up at his giant sister and her giant boyfriend.
"You better stay here, Max." May said.
"Awwww… come on, May!" Max said. He watched as the two giants held hands.
"Sorry, Max. But we're officially… on a date." Brendan said.
"The biggest date ever." May said as she embraced Brendan a little more now that Max was no longer on her shoulder. With the two holding hands, they eventually walked off to the west and eventually out of Petalburg City. Max pouted as he watched the giants stroll off.
"Bleh… I wish Jirachi could've made me giant too." Max said as he kicked a rock on the ground and then made his way back inside the gym, hoping the news would keep up with the two giants.

As for May and Brendan, they walked slowly alongside the shoreline that was Route 104 before they were forced to waddle their way through the Petalburg Woods. Despite their size, their lower bodies were still covered by the trees, and they could only hope trainers and Pokémon were smart enough to scamper out of the way to avoid being crushed. They did stop, however, when they saw a flock of Taillow suddenly come flying out from the trees.
"Oh! Sorry, Taillow. We didn't mean to scare you." May shouted to the Pokémon despite them not listening.
"It's kinda romantic in a way, seeing bird Pokémon flying away from you from this height." Brendan said.
"Heh, yeah, I suppose. It'd be cuter if they surrounded us with bouquets and all that stuff." May said. Brendan smiled and patted May on the shoulder as the two continued to walk.

They eventually were able to clear the forest and proceed further north into Rustboro City. While much bigger than Petalburg, the two still towered over most of the buildings in the area, as well as of course the many people that looked up at the giants in shock. Most of them took off running once the giants set foot on city grounds.
"Look how scared they are…" Brendan said.
"Heh, it can't be helped, right? I mean, I'd probably be running if a giant person came stomping into my city." May said.
"Except me, right?" Brendan said.
"Teehee… of course!" May said as the two giants traded hugs once again.
After walking further into the city, the two noticed a familiar looking building (and water fountain) in front of them.
"Oh? Isn't that the Pokémon School for Trainers?" May asked.
"It sure is." Brendan said. The two then watched as a group of children came running outside, and behind them was a familiar face.
"Hey, Roxanne!" May shouted down at the young woman behind the children. It was Roxanne, who served as both the Rustboro City Gym Leader as well as one of the teachers at the school.
"Oh my! Hello up there! Everyone stay back, please!" Roxanne said. May got down on her knees and closely inspected the many children.
"Awwww… hello, kids! You look so cute!" May said.

Roxanne, meanwhile, focused her attention on the giant Brendan.
"You know, Brendan, when I said you'd be on the big stage one day, I didn't mean it like this!" Roxanne shouted.
"Heh, what are you gonna do? Strange things have happened." Brendan said. He then watched as one adventurous kid was trying to climb up one of his shoes. He chuckled a little bit, but then bent down and gently plucked the kid off his shoe and placed him back with the group.
"You should probably listen to your teacher, young man." Brendan said.
"I'm sorry. I just can't believe the Pokémon League champion is a towering giant! Did you come down from the beanstalk?" the boy asked, prompting a laugh from May and even Brendan.

Roxanne took a good look at the kids she was teaching and then at the giants and finally got an idea.
"Hey, kids! New lesson for today! How'd you like to learn more about the human body?" Roxanne said.
"YEAH!" all the kids shouted.
"Great! Our two giants here will be the subjects, if you will. They will let us walk around atop their skin and clothing while I explain what each and every part does and why it's so important." Roxanne said, winking an eye up at the two giants.
"Oooooh… this'll be fun, watching children run around us like a playground." May said.
"You know what? You might be right, May." Brendan said. The two giants then very gently sat down cross-legged in front of Roxanne and the children. Once Roxanne gave the signal to go, the kids (without a shred of fear) went running towards the shoes of either May or Brendan. May couldn't help but giggle, especially once a few of the kids made it up to her ankle, but they sat perfectly still while some kids either stayed behind and listened to Roxanne (though often she would stumble as she stared up at the giants, marveling over how big they were) or, as May suggested, run around and even climb up her body.

After a few minutes, with kids as far up as their shoulders or as low as by their shoes, it was eventually time to get back into the classroom.
"Alright, kids! Back into the classroom!" Roxanne shouted.
"Awwww… do we have to!?" one of the kids, bouncing up and down May's leg, said.
"I'm afraid so. We need to sit in a circle and talk about what we just went through! Now, let's go! Hustle!" Roxanne said. The kids did just that and walked away from the two giants. The kids who were atop the shoulders of the two went sliding down their arms like they were on a playground slide.
"Wheeee! That was fun, giant lady! I'd like to be as big as you one day and have kids slide down my arm!" a girl said.
"Er… nice! Good luck!" May said. Brendan playfully rubbed May on her shoulder.
"I know someone who was once like that." Brendan said.
"Ha! Look who's talking!" May shouted. The two giants watched all the children walk back into the school building, with Roxanne taking one more look up at them.
"I guess you two are not going to share your secret on how you grew?" Roxanne said.
"Yeah… I'm afraid not. For many reasons." Brendan said.
"It's okay. I'm just glad you didn't go fee fi fo fum on the city." Roxanne said.
"Heh heh… that's just asking for trouble, Roxanne. But still… we're doing our best to not go overboard." May said. Roxanne smiled.
"Well then, I guess I'll see you later!" Roxanne said before she walked back into the school.
Once she was gone, May and Brendan helped each other to their feet and wondered where to go next.
"So where to now?" May asked. Brendan looked around and set his sights on a familiar building.
"Over there." Brendan said and pointed.
"Huh? The Devon Corporation HQ?" May asked.
"Yep, because we're as big as them now." Brendan said.
"Heh, good point." May said as the two giants locked hands again and carefully walked through the city grounds.

It only took them a few seconds to arrive at the Devon building, and they were almost the same size as the structure.
"Heh heh… hey there, Devon Corporation! I wonder if you really do make everything for everyone, including a giant couple!" May shouted.
"It'd be fun to see them try." Brendan said.
"True! Maybe we can encourage them." May said as she leaned towards the building and gently tapped on some of the glass windows.
"Come on, people! Work hard to make things big enough for the two of us!" May shouted. Of course, the people looked outside their windows with a range of emotions, at least those that stayed behind. Some were running out of the front entrance around May's giant shoes, which wasn't lost on the giantess.
"Oh! Be careful! One wrong step and you'll be flatter than Ditto pancakes." May said. Brendan hugged her girlfriend from behind.
"Oh well. It can't be helped, right?" Brendan said, with May sighing.
"Yeah, but still… there must be something we can do to calm their nerves and prove we're not evil giants." May said.

That's when Brendan smiled and gently turned May so that she was facing him.
"There's always the power of love." Brendan said as he and May embraced each other.
"Ooooooh…" May said. She finally leaned in and locked lips with Brendan's, and the two kissed and kissed. Almost immediately, that broke the tension some people had in the city. They stopped running and were actually quite touched with seeing the two hug and kiss each other softly.
After a couple minutes, the two finally stopped kissing, especially when May looked down behind Brendan and saw most people cheering for the two.
"Awww… thanks, everyone!" May said as she couldn't resist blowing a kiss down to the crowd.
Then the two heard what felt like cries from two Pokémon. They didn't have to wait long to see who they belonged to. The legendary Pokémon, Latias and Latios, were flying in at high speed.
"Oh? Isn't that…?" Brendan asked.
"It is! Latias and Latios!" May said. The two wondered what the Pokémon were going to do… and what they were doing here in the first place! But they watched as the two flew circles around the giants, letting out happy voices in the process.
"Oh wow… this is pretty sweet of them." May said.
"You know, I've heard legends that these two Pokémon will always show up around a couple who's deeply in love." Brendan said.
"Oh… I guess we qualify then! Teeheehee!" May giggled as she felt Brendan embracing from behind while she continued to watch Latias and Latios circle around them.

Eventually, though, after a couple minutes, the two Pokémon flew back to wherever they came from.
"Awwww… there they go back into hiding." May said.
"Speaking of which, we should be going now. There's still so much of Hoenn for us to explore!" Brendan said as he and May waved down to the crowd and eventually departed the city, heading in an eastward direction.
The two were traversing down the path when they could see the temperature rising ever so slightly. May, even at her size, couldn't resist wiping some sweat off her forehead.
"Whew… it sure is getting warm all of a sudden." May said.
"That's because we're very close to Mt. Chimney." Brendan said as he pointed to the left, where the two giants got a good view of the massive volcano.
"Oooooooh… that's right." May said.
"We better watch our step too. The terrain gets a little rough from this point forward." Brendan said as he pointed down at the jagged path that lied ahead of them. May nodded and the two tiptoed their way around the spiky ground, which normally would tower over them at their size. Brendan was eventually able to find an opening of grass and he planted his feet down. Right on time too… because May wound up clipping a part of one of those rocky spikes, causing it to crumble apart and her to lose her balance.
"Whoa whoa whoa!!!" May said as she flailed her arms around trying not to fall down, but she finally tipped forward… right into the waiting arms of Brendan, who looked down on her like they had just finished a dance.

"Oh… my big strong hero…" May said. Brendan smiled and leaned in to give May another extended kiss. Eventually he helped May stand back up straight. After May instinctively brushed off her clothes, she looked in the distance and saw a familiar spot.
"Oh, look! There's Lavaridge Town." May said.
"Ah yes, I remember that place. Those hot springs were awesome. Maybe you and I can relax in there!" Brendan said.
"Hahaha! The only problem is we're much too big now!" May said.
"Heh, you're right. There always has to be a downside to being giant." Brendan said. May patted her boyfriend on the shoulder.
"We can still say hi to Flannery and everyone else that lives here." May said.
"Yeah. Shall we?" Brendan said as he and May held hands again, this time helping each other cross the rocky terrain.

However, when they were a few steps away from arriving in Lavaridge Town, they were suddenly greeted by a floating pink ball of plasma energy. Brendan instinctively swatted at the ball like it was a fly.
"Huh? Shoo, little ball of energy!" Brendan said. The ball then flew close to May's face and she saw a familiar legendary Pokémon inside.
"Brendan, wait! I see a Pokémon inside! It looks like…" May said, watching as the ball floated closer, finally giving the giantess a clear look as to who was inside.
"Mew!?" May shouted.
"What? Mew! No way! That's one of the most mythical Pokémon in the entire world!" Brendan said.
"I know. First Jirachi, then Latias and Latios, and now Mew. We must be extremely special on top of being extremely big!" May said with a smile. Mew then floated towards Brendan's face, floating in front of the giant young man next.
"Er… hi, Mew!" Brendan said as he waved at the Pokémon.
"Mewmew!" Mew happily shouted.

Mew then twirled around like it was about to do something. The giants presumed it was about to teleport away. However, it instead did something rather unpredictable. The energy ball Mew floated in suddenly sprouted a just as energetic chain that wrapped around. It made the ball suddenly resemble a necklace… one that gently floated into Brendan's hands.
"Oh? It looks like a necklace now." May said.
"Mew! Mewmewmew!" Mew happily shouted.
"I think it wants me to put this on you." Brendan said.
"Heh heh… by all means!" May said.
"Okay then!" Brendan said, finally with a smile. He put the Mew 'necklace' around May's neck, with the giantess lightly touching the energetic piece of jewelry and admiring it with sparkling eyes.
"Wow… it's so beautiful. Thank you, Brendan." May said as she gave a quick kiss on his cheek, causing his face to lightly blush for a bit.
"Hmmmm… just being the best giant boyfriend I can be." Brendan said. The two could hear Mew giggling like it was enjoying what it was seeing.
"Come on. Let's head right into Lavaridge Town." May said as the two giants got back to holding hands.

Just like the other towns and cities the two giants have come across, May and Brendan were greeted with a mix of emotions from the normal-sized people, namely shock and fear, though it wasn't totally unexpected.
"Oh my gosh! You're real! I thought the news was just playing a trick!" one man shouted.
"Heh heh, yep. We're very much real, and very much not going to hurt you." Brendan said as he waved down at the middle-aged couple.
"Well, that's a relief. Still, we should get out of your way so we're not stepped on!" the woman said.
"Good idea." Brendan said with a smile.
"Say, have any of you seen Flannery, the Gym Master of this town?" May asked. Before anyone could answer, there was suddenly a female voice screaming frantically.
"OWOWOWOWOW!! HOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOT!!!" Flannery squealed as she went running in every direction you can think of with her behind on fire. May and Brendan gasped as they watched from above.
"Oh my! Did she overtrain with her fire Pokémon again!?" Brendan asked. May knew she needed water right away, but where would she get it at her size? She finally set her sights on one of the hot springs, which thankfully was empty. She dipped two of her fingers into the water and quickly moved them over Flannary, causing many drops of water to literally rain down on her, putting out the fire.

Flannery breathed a sigh of relief as she fanned away the smoke that was billowing off her pants, leftover from the fire that was burning.
"Whew… thanks, whoever dumped all that water on me. I overdid my training with Slugma and caught…" Flannery said as she turned around to face whoever saved her. At first, she was confused to see two giant pairs of shoes not far from where she was standing. But she looked up and up and up, and finally saw the giant faces of May and Brendan.
"Hi, Flannery!" both May and Brendan shouted.
"Yikes! Maybe I burned a few brain cells this time…" Flannery said as she fell back in shock.
"It's okay, Flannery. It's just us on a bigger scale." Brendan said as he kneeled down and gently picked up the young woman, holding her in the palm of his hand with May watching from beside him.
"Wow… you're not kidding! You two have REALLY grown up since we last met!" Flannery said.
"So what happened, Flannery? Why were you on fire? And how is it you don't have second or third degree burns?" May asked.
"Oh, I was training with my Slugma and caught a flamethrower to my butt. You two should know me by now… I was practically raised by fire! I can almost walk right through it with no issue." Flannery said.
"Still, you should be careful. If this were a fire started by, say, a Groudon…" Brendan said.
"I know, I know. Man, you sound like my grandpa! Though… you two could certainly be big enough to boss me around." Flannery said.
"That would be cool, but…" May said.
"Whoa! Don't say things like cool, or cold, or chill… you know how I get with icy words!" Flannery shouted.
"Whoops, sorry!" May said.
"It's okay. Still…" Flannery said.

The two giants could easily see Flannery was pondering something.
"What is it, Flannery?" Brendan said.
"Man oh man… have you two had a Pokémon battle yet? As big as you both are, that would be supremely epic!" Flannery said. May and Brendan both traded looks at each other.
"Er… no. We haven't had the time to think about it, actually!" May said.
"I certainly wouldn't mind, though. I'd like to see how much stronger you have become." Brendan said.
"H-H-Here? N-N-Now? Won't we cause quite a mess?" May asked.
"Nah… not when you've got that wide open area over there at the base of the mountain!" Flannery said as she pointed out towards the open rocky field not far from town.
"That'll work!" Brendan said.
"Well… okay then! Let's have a great big Pokémon battle!" May shouted. The two giants, with Flannery still in Brendan's hands, carefully stepped out of town and made their way to the open field. Some of the town's citizens wound up following the giants, anxious to see, as May perfectly put it, a great big Pokémon battle.

A couple minutes pass, and May and Brendan are standing several feet apart in the open field. As for Flannery? She had taken her place atop one of the many cliffsides of Mt. Chimney.
"I will be the referee of this Pokémon battle. In order to make sure things don't get out of hand, this will only be a one-on-one battle. The Pokémon that's left standing shall be the winner! Let the battle between Giant May and Giant Brendan begin!" Flannery said. As the crowd gathered outside of town started cheering for either of the giants (mostly depending on their gender), May and Brendan each pulled a Poké Ball off their belts.
"Blaziken, I choose you!" May shouted.
"Go, Swampert!" Brendan shouted. The balls opened simultaneously, revealing the two Pokémon that, unsurprisingly, were gigantic as well. The two didn't waste time trading blows.
"Blaziken, use Blaze Kick!" May shouted.
"Dodge and counter with Muddy Water!" Brendan shouted. The two pulled off their moves, showcasing a spectactular display of fire and (muddy) water that the Pokémon were able to dodge.

The crowd cheered wildly as the battle raged on for a few minutes (use your imagination on how it all happened! ^_____^), neither Pokémon seeming to give an inch. The ground was able to take the attacks well too, despite giant Pokémon and their giant trainers moving around. Flannery was crazy excited too as she jumped up and down like a little girl.
"Wow! What a fierce and intense battle! Maybe all Pokémon and their trainers should be gigantic from now on!" Flannery shouted.
In the end, though, the type advantage Swampert had over Blaziken would finally catch up. After Blaziken jumped in the air, Brendan saw this as the opportunity to strike.
"Now, Hydro Pump!" Brendan shouted, with Swampert shooting a huge gush of water out its mouth. Blaziken couldn't possibly dodge the attack from the position it was in, and when it got hit with the water, Blaziken flew back several yards, carving a path of destruction underneath its back as it slid. May gasped and ran to Blaziken's side.
"Oh no! Blaziken!" May shouted. The giantess kneeled down next to her Pokémon, but the swirly eyes on its face told all.
"Blaziken is unable to battle! The winner of the match is Brendan and Swampert!" Flannery shouted.
"Yes! Way to go, Swampert!" Brendan said as he high-fived his Pokémon, who shouted its name in celebration.

May, meanwhile, summoned Blaziken back into its Poké Ball.
"Good job, Blaziken. You gave it your all… you deserve a nice long rest." May said as Blaziken disappeared in a red flash. Just as May stood back to her full height, she saw Brendan (who had already called Swampert back into its Poké Ball) walking up towards her.
"Heh, that was fun. Sorry if I was too rough on your Blaziken." Brendan said.
"Nah… I'd expect nothing less from the champion of the Hoenn Pokémon League." May said.
"Too bad you can't heal Blaziken right away." Brendan said.
"Hahahaha! True! We're much too big for a Pokémon Center. But you know… there is one way we can celebrate having that great battle." May said.
"What's that? Oh!" Brendan said, watching as May suddenly wrapped her arms around him and kissed away. Brendan returned the favor and the two warmly embraced each other, softly moaning each and every second the romance lasted.
"Awwww… and a little romance for the grand finale!" Flannery commented from the cliffside.

A minute passes and the two stop kissing as May looked over at the cliffside.
"Whoops! We forgot to set Flannery back down." May said as she walked over and gently picked up Flannery, setting her back in front of the crowd that had been watching the Pokémon battle and the kissing show. As May stood back to her full height, she let out a long yawn and stretched her arms outward.
"Huh? What's wrong, May? Getting tired of being big?" Brendan asked.
"No, no. That was an exhausting battle and we have traveled a long way from Petalburg." May said.
"Yeah, that's true. I suppose we can rest out here for a little bit." Brendan said as he sat down on the plain ground, only to suddenly find himself gently pushed to his back by May, who sat stop Brendan's stomach region with her legs on both sides.
"Uh, May? What are you…" Brendan said.
"Shhhhh… this is my first time kissing you while laying down. Let's not ruin the moment." May said as she shifted around, leaning closer and closer to Brendan's face.
"Mmmmm… but all those people…" Brendan said.
"Let them watch…" May moaned as the two giants got to kissing again in a slightly more romantic manner as they swished their tongues around in each other's mouths while kissing each other.
"Oh my… they are so deeply in love with each other." an older woman said.
"I have a feeling they'll be married over 50 years, just like us." an older man said, prompting a giggle from the older woman.
Eventually, the kissing was over and May fell onto her backside, laying next to Brendan as the two giants stared up at the clear blue sky, dozing off more than a few minutes later.

Most of the people, including Flannery, watched the napping giants for a little bit before finally getting back to their normal lives. There was one young man, however, who was very fascinated with the giants, and he knew them both well having met them during their separate journies through Hoenn. He was Wally, a trainer determined to succeed despite the illness he has to face every day.
"They're… they're so big… They look bigger in person than on TV." Wally said. His vision went all over the giant bodies of both trainers as he studied every last layer of skin and clothing from where he stood, and yet, it wasn't enough.
"I have to get closer!" Wally said as he clenched his fists and walked towards the giants. He walked past Brendan and his giant shoes and soon stood in front of the bottom's of May's shoes. He jumped onto one of the grooves that lined the bottom of that shoe and made his way upward. Then he slid down the shoe and landed on her leg, walking briskly up it. When he got up her black shorts and white skirt, he had to duck down and hold onto the clothing as May shifted ever so slightly, but of course her increased size made that subtle shift that much more noticable. He also watched May reach down and rub her stomach with her fingers.
"Mmmmm… stop fighting, Groudon and Kyogre…" May said. This made Wally nervous, even though he couldn't tell from where he was standing that May was dreaming. Still, he was determined to get as close to May's face as he could.

Meanwhile, as you just read, May was talking in her sleep as she continued to dream. Her dream had started out with her opening her eyes and then looking down. Hoenn looked smaller. A LOT smaller. She gasped thinking she could easily crush an entire city with one stop as big as she was. And that made her wonder about Brendan.
"Brendan? Where did you go?" May said.
"Right here." Brendan said as May turned around and was relieved to see he was the same mega size that she now was. Even at their new height, they could still hear the thundering booms from each of their footsteps.
"Wow… we're so much bigger all of a sudden. Are we dreaming?" May asked.
"Maybe, maybe not. But look on the bright side." Brendan said.
"Huh? The bright side?" May asked.
"So much more of Hoenn can see how much we love each other." Brendan said as he gently caressed May's shoulder.
"Mmmm… that is true. You're such a quick thinker." May said.
"Heh… it is what made me Pokémon League Champion." Brendan said.
"Mmmmm… shut up and kiss me." May said as the two stepped towards each other and were ready to kiss and hug once again.

However, right before they could lock lips, suddenly the weather changed rapidly. For a few seconds it would be heavily raining, and then for another few seconds, the sun would be shining super bright.
"Huh? What's going on with the weather?" May asked.
"Oh no… you don’t suppose Kyogre and Groudon…?" Brendan said.
"They're not fighting again, are they!?" May said.
"We better go check around the islands." Brendan said. May nodded and the two mega-sized giants made their way south off land and onto the chain of islands on Hoenn's southeastern side.

Sure enough, when the two arrived, there were Kyogre and Groudon duking it out like this was a monster movie.
"Ugh… not again. What do you suppose set them off this time? Team Magma? Team Aqua? Team Rocket?" May asked.
"That doesn't matter now. Look how big we are compared to them." Brendan said as he pointed downward.
"They're like little bugs…" May said, remembering how big Groudon looked when using an app to compare her height with the Pokémon's.
"Let's get in there and separate the children." Brendan said.
"Heh… kinda like Max and I." May said with a smile.
The two finally stepped in with firm stomps, sending water splashing everywhere (including on the nearby islands) and getting the attention of both Groudon and Kyogre, both of whom were stunned there could be someone even bigger than them. In fact, the normally 11 and a half foot tall Groudon was about as tall as the big toes of both giants (if they were visible instead of covered by their shoes)! If the sight of the mega-sized couple wasn't enough to stop their fighting, their voices definitely would've qualified.
"That's enough!!!" May boomed from above. Brendan reached down and scooped the two Pokémon up (along with some water that eventually rained back down into the ocean), holding them up to their chest level.
"You two are not doing Hoenn any favors with this constant bickering." Brendan said with a stern look on his face.
"He's right! You two need to learn to get along. So stop fighting, Groudon and Kyogre! Do you hear me!?" May shouted as she pointed a finger down at the two legendary Pokémon in the palm of Brendan's hand. The two Pokémon genuinely looked frightened and let out a series of sweatdrops before they nodded together.
"Heh heh… you'll make a fine mother someday." Brendan said.
"Awww… don't make me blush!" May playfully said. As Brendan carefully set the Pokémon back into the water and watched them go their separate ways, May suddenly watched as her vision faded quickly to white.

Back in the real world, Wally had no idea he was about to be a lot closer to the two 160-foot-tall giants. As he approached May's chest area (he could tell from the way the red ground, aka May's shirt, was beginning to raise up like a hill), a shadow blocked out all sunlight above him. Instead, above him now, was Brendan's gigantic body as he was now the one taking the top spot of the 'pile.' May opened her eyes and saw Brendan leaning above her.
"Am I interrupting?" Brendan asked.
"No, not at all. I didn't even realize I dozed off." May said.
"Well, here I am to give you a great big wake up kiss." Brendan said.
"Mmmmm… less chatting and more smooching, big guy!" May said with a smile. As Brendan leaned in to plant his lips onto May's, Wally could see Brendan's chest coming down in a hurry.
"Yikes!" Wally said as he ducked down. But he was getting worried he would be crushed flat underneath the giant, even though there was still daylight as the giants kissed. He reached up and rapidly slapped Brendan's shirt in a desperate attempt to get his attention.
"May! Brendan! Stop or you'll crush me!" Wally shouted.

Amazingly enough, it worked. Brendan suddenly pulled back from May, who looked confusingly up at him.
"Huh? Why did you stop?" May asked.
"The Mew necklace is gone, first of all." Brendan said, causing May to clutch underneath her neck and indeed no longer feel the 'Mew necklace.' But May didn't panic too much.
"I guess Mew finally had enough fun riding around my neck and teleported away while we were napping." May said.
"Heh… I like how you don't panic when losing your jewelry, unlike some other female trainers I encountered during my journey." Brendan said.
"Well, granted, that was no ordinary jewelry, just like how we're not at an ordinary size." May said.
"True. Oh, and I thought I heard someone…" Brendan said as he looked up and down May's upper body.

Finally he noticed a familiar face jumping up and down and waving his arms.
"Down here, Brendan!" Wally shouted.
"Oh? It's Wally!" Brendan said.
"Huh? Wally? Wher…?" May said as she leaned up to look down at her chest and spot Wally there. May didn't have a pleasing look on her face as she reached down and grabbed Wally with a couple fingers, leaving him to dangle about as she sat back up (forcing Brendan to back away and take a sitting position too).
"Wally? What were you doing near my chest? You're such a naughty boy!" May shouted. Wally frantically kicked his legs around and waved his arms.
"N-N-N-N-No! You've got the wrong idea! I was only…!" Wally shouted.
"I'll have to punish you for this offense… by making you an appetizer!" May shouted.
"Uh… May?" Brendan asked, wondering what May had in mind. Wally, meanwhile, naturally feared for his life as he saw May's open mouth get closer and closer.
"Waaaaaaaaaah!!! I'm sorry! Please don't eat me!!" Wally shouted as he waited for the lights to go out upon entering May's mouth.

However… he instead got covered from head to toe in saliva as May licked the boy with her tongue.
"Hahahaha! Oh, Wally. You should've seen the look on your face! You didn't really think I was going to eat you, right?" May asked.
"Um… well… er…" Wally stumbled. He then watched as Brendan leaned in closer to him.
"You'll have to excuse May, Wally. She… well, both of us… are having fun being this big." Brendan said.
"O-o-okay." Wally said. May then cuddled him against her face briefly before letting him move around in the palm of her hand.
"Oh, Wally. You really should learn to lighten up. Then again, I do think you're cute when you're nervous, especially at that size!" May said.
"Thanks… I guess. But still, I'm sorry for walking on you. I was just really curious what it felt like being an ant compared to your magnificent size." Wally said.
"Haha! It's okay, Wally. I know I'd do the same thing if it were just Brendan." May said.
"Maybe next time you can walk all over me instead." Brendan said.
"O-Okay! I'll remember that!" Wally said.

As the two were about to continue talking with and admiring Wally, May and Brendan suddenly heard a female voice calling out from above.
"Well, hello there, you cute and adorable giant couple!" the female voice shouted. May and Brendan looked up and saw the woman coming in along with her Pokémon.
"Oh, that's…" Brendan started to say.
"Winona and Tropius!" May said as she carefully stood back up along with Brendan, who spotted a couple other people onboard the Tropius.
"Oh… and are those your parents?" Brendan said. May looked behind Winona and indeed saw her mother and father, Caroline and Norman, riding behind her.
"Oh! Sure is. Hmmm… I wonder what they're going to think of seeing us together like this." May said. As Brendan walked up behind May and wrapped an arm around her backside, May remembered she was still holding onto Wally.
"Wally, you better wait in here where you'll be safe." May said as she carefully dropped Wally inside one of the pockets on her white skirt.

Tropius, meanwhile, flapped its wings and flew in a stationary position not too far from the faces of the giant couple.
"Hey, you two! What's up… I mean, besides you two." Winona said.
"Heh… hey, Winona." Brendan said.
"Oooooh… I'm so jealous! I've always dreamed of being that tall so I wouldn't have to rely on a flying Pokémon to soar above the clouds!" Winona shouted. The next to speak were May's parents.
"May! How are you, dear?" Caroline said.
"Heehee… hey, Mom and Dad. I guess you've seen us on the news already." May said.
"Yeah. The three of us were on Mossdeep City talking with Tate and Liza when the news started spreading around first on Brendan growing, and then you!" Norman said.
"Oh, are you alright, May? Where is Max? How did you grow so big?" Caroline asked.
"I'm fine, Mom. I'm fine. Max stayed home back at the Petalburg Gym. As for how we grew, well…" May said.
"It's kind of a long story." Brendan added.
"Well, however it happened, I'm just glad you two seem to be having a good time." Caroline said.
"And not causing any kind of trouble too like giant monsters." Norman said.
"Heh heh… You know as well as I do, sir. We both found trouble easily at our normal sizes." Brendan said.
"Hmmm… given the long adventures you both went on separately, I can imagine." Norman said with a smile. Caroline looked like she had hearts coming out of her eyes.
"Mom, are you okay?" May asked.
"Oh, yes, May. It's just… it makes me so happy to see you growing up before my eyes." Caroline said.
"Awww… thanks, Mom. In more ways than one, right?" May asked, prompting a laughter between everyone, even Wally from within May's skirt.

But then Winona snapped back to reality and showed a somewhat serious face next.
"Oh! Before I forget… I gotta warn Flannery." Winona said.
"Huh? About what?" Brendan asked.
"I saw a group of Team Magma members marching their way down Route 119, probably on their way here!" Winona said.
"Huh? Team Magma? I thought they and Team Aqua disbanded after they almost destroyed the world from waking up Groudon and Kyogre." May said.
"Evidently they want to wake Groudon again and finish what they started." Winona said.
"We can't let that happen. You said you saw them on Route 119?" Brendan said, prompting a nod from Winona.
"That's to the east of here, past the tropical rainforest. We can easily get there on foot in seconds." May said.
"Wait! What are you two planning?" Norman asked.
"What else, Dad? We're going to stop them! By any means necessary." May said.
"We should go, May. We don't have a moment to lose." Brendan said as he started to walk away from Lavaridge Town and the base of Mt. Chimney.
"May! Please don't do anything you might regret…" Caroline said as she watched her giant daughter walk by. May turned her head (almost accidentally whacking Tropius and everyone onboard with some of her hair strands).
"Trust us, Mom. We got this." May said as she winked one of her eyes and got back to walking, trying to catch up with Brendan.
"Shouldn't we go after them and help?" Norman asked.
"Not yet. I should consult with Flannery and her grandfather. I'm hoping they can get a hold of the one person who can truly set Team Magma straight… Let's go, Tropius!" Winona said. Tropius flew downwards to Lavaridge Town.

Meanwhile, marching south on Route 119 were six rogue members of Team Magma.
"March, Team Magma! We will succeed where our cowardly administrator, Courtney, couldn't! Awaken Groudon and have him spread the volcanic lava across Hoenn, shaping the land to our liking!" one man said. The woman marching next to him, however, looked a bit worried.
"Sir… are you certain this is the right course? We both know the legends of Groudon, Kyogre, and…" the woman started to say.
"Do you doubt the validity and sanctity of our mission!?" the man shouted.
"No, sir…" the woman said.
"Then shut your trap and stand with me! This is for the greater good!" the man said.

Seconds later, everyone came to a stop when they felt the ground shake and booming sounds echoed in the sky. Naturally, it made the nearby river on this route ripple heavily as well.
"Whoa, what was that!? An earthquake?" one man shouted.
"In this part of Hoenn? Don't be silly!" another said. The group watched the tall trees rustle around and then suddenly split apart. They all gasped as they watched the giant couple, May and Brendan, arrive on the scene, firmly planting their shoes on the ground.
"Stop right there, Team Magma!" May shouted.
"We can't let you disturb Groudon from his eternal sleep." Brendan said. Of course, Team Magma had nothing but stunned looks on their faces.
"What in the name of capsaicin!?" one of the guys said.
"It's those brats that spoiled our plans last time!" the girl of the group said.
"But they're huge now!" one of the guys said. The leader could sense the tension amongst his teammates and tried to rally them.
"Come on, you wimps! We're Team Magma, we don't back down to anyone! Send all the Pokémon you've got!" the man said as he threw a couple Poké Balls, as did the rest of the group (albeit in a hesitant manner). A wide range of fire-type Pokémon, such as Camerupt and Houndoom, came out and growled like they were ready to battle.

May and Brendan couldn't help but try and hold in a laugh.
"Are they serious? I guess they weren't close enough to see our epic battle between Swampert and Blaziken." May said.
"Still, they ARE challenging us to a Pokémon battle. We have to accept their challenge, right?" Brendan said with a smile.
"Yep. I guess we have no choice." May said as they both reached for a Poké Ball from their waists.
"Go, Swampert!" Brendan said.
"Let's fly, Beautifly!" May said. Obviously, with Blaziken defeated from its battle earlier with Brendan's Swampert, May had to summon another one of her Pokémon, in this case Beautifly. Like before, the Pokémon had been enlarged along with the trainers, which already struck fear into the minds of the Team Magma members.
"Swampert, let's keep things simple with Surf." Brendan said. Swampert planted its feet on the ground and threw its arms up. All of a sudden, a tidal wave magically appeared in front. Team Magma didn't have to think twice on what to do.
"Take cover!" one of the men shouted. However, the water crashed down, getting Team Magma soaking wet, but most importantly… it knocked out every single Pokémon Team Magma had summoned, even non fire types, in one shot.
"Boom! One shot!" Brendan shouted as he high-fived Swampert and then May. As for Team Magma…
"Ugh… clearly we're outmatched, and outsized!" the woman of the group said.
"No duh! Retreat, Team Magma!" the man shouted as all their Pokémon were called back and they went running in the opposite direction.

May smiled over at Brendan.
"This one's on me. Beautifly, use Gust to knock them back to us!" May said.
"Beauti!" Beautifly commented before flapping its wings and flying ahead of the Team Magma group. After scaring them by flying within a few yards overhead, Beautifly flapped its wings and caused an incredible gust of wind that indeed blew Team Magma backwards. After they landed, they looked back to see the two giant humans approaching. They had lumps on their throats as they watched the two, especially May, loom ever larger the closer they got, not to mention those nearly deafening booms from their footsteps.
May finally stopped walking when one of her shoes was no more than a few feet in front of the group.
"Not so bullying now, are you, Team Magma?" May said as she reached down and scooped up all six members into her hand, closing it into a fist and leaving their heads sticking out.
"Oooooh… this feels so good to be holding such a villainous group in my hand." May said.
"I admit, I'm kinda jealous." Brendan said. May giggled and then looked down at the group.
"Hey… I wonder if they're like Oran Berries? They gush all about when you squeeze them hard enough." May said.
"I guess there's only one way to find out." Brendan said as he winked one of his eyes.

As the Team Magma members begged for their lives not to be squeezed by the giantess, she and Brendan then turned around when they heard a series of loud sirens coming from the north. They looked up and saw who was coming.
"Oh? Is that Officer Jenny and the rest of the police?" May asked.
"Yep. I guess they're here to pick up the goods." Brendan said. The two giants (and their Pokémon) watched Jenny and the officers park their bikes not too far from the giant shoes. There was someone else that was close by to Jenny that the two recognized.
"Huh? Courtney?" Brendan asked. Jenny was the first to speak out.
"Well now… I see you caught those Team Magma renegades for us. Thank you, giant citizens!" Jenny said.
"Haha! Always happy to help, Officer Jenny." May said as she kneeled down and set the group down in front of Jenny and Courtney. As the group was being handcuffed by the other officers, Courtney angrily marched up to their leader and slapped him in the face.
"What were you six thinking!? Have you already forgotten what almost happened to this entire region when we woke up Groudon!?" Courtney said. The man she slapped didn't look too happy.
"Bleh! You chickened out on us, Courtney! You're no better than Giovanni of Team Rocket." the man said. Courtney briefly frowned and then looked at the man again.
"One day you will realize, just like I did as well as Team Aqua… that trying to change the lay of the land is a fool's errand and that it has extremely dire consequences." Courtney said. As the officers led the criminals away, Jenny gently rested a hand on Courtney's shoulder.
"I know it must be hard, Courtney, but your continued cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated." Jenny said.
"It's okay, Officer Jenny. Believe me, I learned the hard way the consequences of what Team Magma tried to do. I'm not doing this just to stay out of prison… but to ensure fear doesn't reach that high a level again throughout Hoenn." Courtney said.
"I seem to recall Shelly saying the same thing about Team Aqua." Jenny said, prompting a smile from both.

Obviously, all this was not lost on May and Brendan, and they gave words of praise to Courtney from above.
"It's nice to see you've changed so much, Courtney." May said.
"I agree. It's always nice to see the bad guy or girl turn a new leaf." Brendan said.
"Heh, thanks you two. I must say you look cute standing together that big." Courtney said. The two looked at each other and lightly blushed, but then gave each other a quick hug.
"Ain't love grand?" Brendan asked.
"In this case, definitely!" Courtney shouted. May and Brendan then remembered about their Pokémon, Beautifly and Swampert.
"You did great, Beautifly! Return and get some rest." May said as she returned the butterfly Pokémon into its ball.
"You too, Swampert. That's two 5-star efforts from you today!" Brendan added as Swampert got summoned back into its ball.
As the two put the Poké Balls back onto their waists, they then watched a familiar face suddenly return.
"Oh! It's Jirachi again!" May shouted.
"Hello, my giant friends! I hope you had a lot of fun these past few hours!" Jirachi shouted.
"Why yes, we did!" May said excitedly.
"I'm glad to hear it, and I thank you both for preventing what could've been a disaster had Groudon awaken again. But now, it's time I set things back the way they were. Jirachi rachi!" Jirachi said. The Pokémon suddenly swirled around the two giants, showering them with glittering stars.
"Oh? What's happening now?" Brendan asked.

The two briefly thought they were going to get even bigger, but instead, they watched the opposite happening. The ground (plus everything and everyone on it) was getting much closer this time.
"Oh… looks like we're shrinking instead." May said. The two watched as they got smaller and smaller until they were all the way back to their normal size. The two looked up at Jirachi who was fading away again.
"Until the next thousand years, farewell! Jirachiiiiiiiiiii!" Jirachi shouted before disappearing in a flash of light.
"I guess Jirachi felt we had enough fun." Brendan said.
"Yeah, though I was kinda hoping for more! Oh well." May said.
"Maybe it's for the best. You were certainly the talk of the news all around Hoenn." Jenny said. She, Courtney, May, and Brendan all watched as suddenly Tropius arrived again, and hopping off its back were Winona and both of May's parents, Caroline and Norman. Caroline ran up to May and gave her a hug.
"Oh! Thank goodness you're back to normal size, May." Caroline said.
"Oh? I thought you were proud that I grew up so big?" May said.
"Well, yes, but… how would you two have lived if you were stuck that big?" Caroline said.
"And what would become of Hoenn's food supply too? Imagine trying to feed the both of you!" Norman said.
"Haha! Good point, sir." Brendan said, who suddenly got a pat on the shoulder.
"Thanks for being there with my daughter." Norman said.
"Always." Brendan said.
"You know, speaking of food, I am kinda hungry after walking across half of Hoenn." May said.
"Let's fly back home then to Petalburg. Caroline's super special cooking is on tap!" Caroline said happily.

May and Brendan started to walk towards Winona's Tropius, but then May gasped as she remembered something.
"Wait, Brendan! Where's Wally?" May asked.
"Wasn't he…" Brendan said, suddenly making the couple gasp.
"In your/my skirt pocket?" May and Brendan both said to each other. That's when May reached inside and gently pulled out Wally… or to be accurate… a shrunken Wally.
"Whoa! What happened? I kinda dozed off from trying to watch your battle with Team Magma. Huh?" Wally said as he looked around and suddenly saw more giants around May and Brendan, such as May's parents, Winona (and her Tropius), Officer Jenny, and Courtney.
"Huh? Did more of you grow big?" Wally asked.
"Um… actually, Wally. We're back to our normal size." May said. That's when Wally looked around and saw the scenery had grown quite big too.
"W-W-W-What!? Gulp…" Wally said as he gulped nervously, almost stumbling off May's hand but being helped back towards the palm by the 'giantess.'
"Oops! I guess since he was in your pocket and everything you were wearing shrunk back down with you… that meant he shrunk along with the two of you." Jenny said.
"Oh my! What are we going to do?" Caroline asked.
"I… gulp… I'm afraid of being small…" Wally said, watching as Brendan leaned his face towards him.
"Hey, Wally. Chill out, it's going to be okay. Maybe my Dad, Professor Birch, can think of something." Brendan said.
"You think he might have an answer, Brendan?" May asked.
"I don't know, but it doesn't hurt to pick his brain. Besides, you know you'll always be safe between the two of us, Wally." Brendan said.
"O-okay. I guess." Wally said before being gently cradled by May against her chest.

"Well, first and foremost, let's get back home to Petalburg. You don't mind giving us a free ride, do you, Winona?" Norman asked.
"Awwww… heck no! Winona Air Transport Company at your service! Altaria, I choose you!" Winona said as she pulled another Poké Ball off her waist and threw it up, summoning another of her well known flying Pokémon partners, Altaria.
"Norman and Caroline, you two can ride aboard Altaria while May, Brendan, and I ride Tropius." Winona said.
"Sounds good to me!" Caroline said as she winked to May and Brendan, who again lightly blushed. After saying goodbye to Jenny and Courtney, the flying Pokémon and everyone onboard took off for the sky.

On the way back to Petalburg as everyone soared through the clouds, May and Brendan held hands as they sat comfortably behind Winona.
"Listen, May. If I didn't make it obvious during our time as giants, I'll say it now. I love you." Brendan said. May smiled.
"I love you, Brendan." May said as the two warmly embraced each other with hugs and kisses. Winona couldn't help but turn back and smile seeing the couple love each other so much no matter what size they were at before focusing back on the sky in front of her. Shrunken Wally, back in May's pocket, admired seeing the two love each other from where he sat, yet he also wondered what his future held in store for him.