Jenny, I BLEW UP My Sister!

(Cubed Cinder; idea by Skull13)

NOTE from author: This story was written early in the lifespan of Pokémon the Series: XY, specifically before XY Kalos Quest (and well before Serena's makeover), so events in this story will differ to how they actually played out in the show. Still, this story is not meant to be canon to the Pokémon universe and should be enjoyed strictly for what it is.

It seemed like only yesterday that Ash Ketchum was victorious against the gym leader Ramos in Coumarine City. Ash still had a smile on his face as he opened up his badge case and looked at the four badges staring right back at him.

"Wow, Ash! I can't believe you already have four badges! That's not easy to do here in Kalos!" Bonnie shouted.

"Thanks, Bonnie! But I can't believe I'm already halfway to challenging the Kalos Pokémon League!" Ash shouted. Walking not too far behind him (aside from Pikachu) were his travel companions for the sometimes not so ordinary region of Kalos. First there was Serena, a fashionable girl whose ties to Ash go far back as when they were kids both attending Professor Oak's Pokémon Summer Camp in the Kanto region.

Standing the closest to Ash was Bonnie, the younger sister of Clemont. Bonnie was simply a bundle of energy. Her presence, along with that infectious huge smile, was enough to bring everyone into a good mood no matter what troubles they may have had that day. Bonnie was joined with her favorite Pokémon, Dedenne, who was perched safely in her yellow Poké Ball shaped purse. Bringing up the rear was Clemont, the gym leader of Lumiose City who, much like some of Ash's other traveling companions like Brock or Cilan, wanted a break from the gym leader duties to see more of the Kalos region. Being an inventor, his gadgets have come in handy for Ash and the others, provided of course they didn't blow up in their faces like what always seems to happen no matter how perfect the blueprints are.

Nevertheless, the four all traveled through a good bit of the Kalos region, and their journey was about to come somewhat full circle as they walked down the path and saw Lumiose City in the distance. It was in the grandiose Lumiose City that Ash's journey in the Kalos region had started.

"Look, gang! There's Lumiose City!" Serena said.

"Yay! Home sweet home!" Bonnie commented.

"You can say that again, Bonnie. I never thought I'd miss the sweet sight of Lumiose City's many buildings towering in the sky." Clemont said. Bonnie then said something that would prove very prophetic later in this story.

"I wonder what it would be like to be as tall as those buildings…? You could probably see all of Kalos from up there, right big brother?" Bonnie said with a smile on her face.

"Er, well… I guess so…" Clemont said.

"That'd be so cool! But then again, I imagine one would get the same feeling atop a flying-type Pokémon." Serena commented.

"Come on, guys! Less chatting and more running! I want to win my fifth badge from Clemont himself at his gym!" Ash said as he thrust a fist in the air and took off running down the path towards Lumiose City.

"YAY!" Bonnie said as she took off running as well, keeping up with Ash.

"Hey, wait up!" Serena shouted.

"Oh no… not again…" Clemont said as he sighed and was forced to run as well, something he did not enjoy all too much.


Moments later, as the sun was setting in the distance and the bright lights of the city began to shine, Ash turned around and watched as Clemont finally caught up with the rest of the group at the entrance of the gym.

"*huff puff huff puff* Finally…" Clemont said as he collapsed on his knees.

"*sigh* Really, big brother, you are so out of shape because of all the time you spent in your lab." Bonnie said with her arms folded. Dedenne shouted its name, seemingly echoing Bonnie's sentiment.

"Never mind that, guys. The point is Clemont is here, and I'm ready for our long awaited gym battle!" Ash said. He watched as Clemont quickly recovered and stood back on his two feet.

"Whoa, Ash! What's the rush? We just got back to Lumiose City and it's been a long journey back here. Perhaps we should all get some rest and duke it out early tomorrow morning?" Clemont said. Suddenly, there was the sound of a stomach loudly grumbling. One such sound quickly became four… it obviously meant everyone was hungry.

"He does have a point, Ash. As you just heard, none of us have eaten for a while." Serena said.

"Whoa… you're right! Our Pokémon are probably hungry too. Alright, Clemont. I'm willing to wait until morning to have our battle." Ash said.

"Great, thanks! And after we eat, there is a new invention I'd like to test out for tonight. One that I think your Pokémon will appreciate." Clemont said.

"Huh? Really?" Ash said.

"You bet!" Clemont said. But first things first for our heroes… Bonnie and Clemont took Ash and Serena to one of their favorite restaurants and the group (along with their Pokémon) all ate up and felt refreshed.


One hour later, Ash and his friends were standing not too far away from the Pokémon Center. Ash, with Pikachu by his side, and Clemont faced each other from about 15 yards apart. Next to Clemont was something that was completely covered up by a white sheet. Bonnie and Serena watched from the side.

"Alright, Ash Ketchum. As I promised during dinner, my invention will serve as the perfect warmup for your Pokémon in preparation for our epic battle tomorrow morning!" Clemont said as he adjusted his glasses to a position where light reflected off the front of them. Serena nervously looked on waiting to see Clemont reveal his contraption.

"Oh dear… I wonder what he's whipped up this time." Serena said.

"I give you…" Clemont said as he pulled the sheet off using the mechanical arm (that he mostly used to keep Bonnie from asking an older woman to marry him). Once the sheet was gone, an unusual looking machine was being gazed upon by Ash, Serena, Bonnie, and the Pokémon (I'll leave it up to you to picture how it looks!).

"…the Super Pokémon Training Regimen Executor!" Clemont said. Serena and Bonnie traded dumbfounded looks and sweatdrops on their faces.

"The naming still needs a little work." Bonnie said.

"This machine can shoot off different special attack styles… fire, water, electric, steel, you name it… in different forms! Basically what that means is if you need to practice against Fire Spin, Hydro Pump, Thunder, Steel Wing… you name it, this machine will simulate the attack perfectly!" Clemont said. Ash pumped his fists in the air and allowed his eyes to glitter with stars.
"Science is so cool!!!" Ash shouted.

"This way, Ash, you can be prepared for anything I throw at you." Clemont said with a smile.

"Wow! Any move I think of?" Ash said.

"Anything! Go ahead, give it a shot!" Clemont said.

"Okay… how about Electro Ball?" Ash asked.

"One Electro Ball coming up!" Clemont said. He stepped up to the keyboard that was embedded on the machine, typing in exactly that move. A few seconds later, a perfectly shaped ball of electricity shot its way out towards Pikachu.

"Alright, Pikachu! Dodge it!" Ash shouted.

"Pika!" Pikachu shouted, jumping up in the air and dodging the attack with ease. Bonnie and Serena applauded in the background.
"Very good! Now try another move!" Clemont said.

"Okay… since I'm sure you'll be using Chespin tomorrow, let's go with some of his moves… like Pin Missile!" Ash said.

"There you go, Ash! You can learn to defend against Chespin without my Chespin breaking a sweat!" Clemont said. After typing in the commands, several Pin Missiles shot out towards Pikachu, who once again jumped and moved around both in the air and on the ground to dodge.


As the training continued for another few minutes, Bonnie and Serena were impressed with the display of Pikachu and also of Clemont's invention, which led Serena to say something to Bonnie.

"Wow… your brother is certainly very inventive, Bonnie." Serena said.

"Yeah, I know! He's been like that ever since he was born!" Bonnie said.

"It must be very nice to have an older brother who's passionate about what he does, and how much he cares for you." Serena said.

"Oh, of course. I'm actually kinda glad he's the big brother and not the other way around. I don't think I could be as good as him in protecting and caring for others." Bonnie said.

"Awwww… don't say that, Bonnie! I have a feeling when you grow as old as me, you'll have people of your own to protect." Serena said.

"Teehee! I'm looking forward to that day! Thanks, Serena! You've been like a big sister ever since we met." Bonnie said as she briefly grabbed Serena's wrist. Both girls smiled as they got back to looking out at the training going on between Ash and Clemont's machine.


Of course, as you've seen in the actual series, Clemont's inventions don't always work out as planned. And trouble was just around the corner as Ash called out the next move.

"Alright, Pikachu! Get ready to dodge Mud Shot!" Ash shouted. Clemont typed in the commands for the machine to shoot a ball of mud… but instead it sprayed water like it was executing Water Gun.

"Huh? Water Gun?" Both Ash and Clemont said. Pikachu was not expecting the water to come flying out of the machine, but was just barely able to dodge the attack successfully.

"Hmmm… that wasn't supposed to happen." Clemont said. Like clockwork, that's when things started to deteriorate in a hurry.

"Uh oh…" Ash said as he and Clemont watched the machine start to spark and shoot out smoke. Bolts of electricity also shot out that got stronger with each passing strike.

"And that REALLY isn't supposed to happen!! It's a power surge!" Clemont shouted.

"Everyone, take cover!!" Ash shouted. All four of our heroes scrambled to get out of the way of the machine, which was threatening to explode at any second. In the chaos, however, one of the lightning bolts struck Bonnie, sending her flying a few yards away from the Pokémon Center.

"Ack!!" Bonnie shouted before she immediately fell unconscious and collapsed onto the ground, her body being covered from head to toe in a faint blue aura surrounded by static electricity that was very slowly fading out.

By the time Ash, Serena, and Clemont finally found a bush to take cover behind…




A thick cloud of smoke went straight up in the air and could be seen from anywhere in the city, and no doubt far beyond that. Ash, Serena, and Clemont were covered in dark gray dust with their hair all messed up, just like every other time something like this happens.

"And another one bites the dust, Clemont. What do you have to say for yourself?" Serena said.

"*cough cough* Once again, back to the drawing board." Clemont said.

"Well, at least we're all okay. Right, Pikachu?" Ash said. Indeed, the three got up and shook off the dust, instantly restoring their clothes and hair to their normal state. Serena looked back at where the machine once stood, and right away noticed a big problem.

"We may be… but look at the Pokémon Center!" Serena said as she pointed in that direction. The three heroes looked to see huge chunks from the side of the building crumbling down to the ground, with black dust from the explosion riddled around the edges. At the same time, Nurse Joy came running out from inside the center.

"Oh my goodness! What was that explosion?" Nurse Joy said. Then Officer Jenny came running in from around the corner.

"I saw what happened… a machine exploded and caused this damage. Alright, I demand to know who was responsible for this!" Jenny said, looking angrily at the small crowd that was gathering outside and then at Ash, Serena, and Clemont. Ash and Serena certainly didn't want to get in any kind of trouble, especially since it involved property damage, so they quickly pointed fingers at Clemont.

"I should've known." Jenny said as she folded her arms.

"Ummmm… really?" Clemont said, sweatdrops raining down his face.

"I've gotten reports from my cousins all over Kalos that your machines, Clemont, have been causing nothing but trouble, like always blowing up and shooting a cloud of smoke into the sky. Young man, do you know how many people have told me they're afraid because they thought a bomb exploded nearby!?" Jenny shouted.

"Ummmm… well, Officer Jenny… it's like this… ummmm…" Clemont said as he struggled to come up with an explanation.


To make matters worse for him and our heroes, Nurse Joy ran over a few yards from the Pokémon Center after she saw Bonnie fainted on the ground.

"Oh no! Somebody's hurt!" Nurse Joy said as she ran over towards Bonnie.

"*gasp* Bonnie!!" Serena shouted as she and the other heroes ran over and kneeled down beside Bonnie. They initially feared the worst.

"Is she…?" Ash grimly asked. But Nurse Joy quickly alleviated such concerns.

"No, she still has a pulse. She's just unconscious." Nurse Joy said. What was lost on everyone, even as Nurse Joy started to administer CPR to Bonnie to wake her up, was the fact that a blue aura was surrounding Bonnie's body and her clothes, and it disappeared before anyone had a chance to notice. Everyone was concerned for Bonnie's safety, except for one person.

"Do you know this girl?" Jenny asked.

"Yes, she's my sister." Clemont said.

"Now you see what your foolishness with your terrible gadgets has done? Not only am I sick and tired of all the damage being done, but someone has finally gotten hurt!! Your own sister even!!!" Jenny shouted as she continued to lash out in frustration.

"Terrible!?" Clemont shouted. It hit him like a punch to the stomach to hear such negative criticism about his machinery.

"I'm making an executive decision. Clemont, effective immediately, you are no longer allowed to use your inventions anywhere in the Kalos region." Jenny said with about as stern a look on her face as one could imagine.

"B-b-b-b-but, Officer Jenny!" Clemont said.

"No buts, young man! Failure to comply with this order will result in your arrest and losing your license as a gym leader! Is that understood!?" Jenny shouted. Clemont sighed deeply and held his head down in shame. He knew there was no arguing against the officer, especially in light of the consequences he'll face should he disobey the order he has just been given. Ash, on the other hand, tried to stand up for his friend.

"Awwww… come on, Officer Jenny! Clemont didn't mean to hurt anyone or destroy anything! He's doing the best he can!" Ash said.

"I'm sorry, Ash, but my decision is final." Jenny said.


At that point, everyone heard the sound of a young girl coughing. They looked to see Bonnie slowly leaning up and now in a sitting position.

"Bonnie! You're okay!" Serena said as she gave the young girl a hug.

"*cough cough* What happened?" Bonnie said.

"Another of Clemont's inventions blew up, and I guess you were caught in the crossfire, or something." Ash said.

"Bonnie, I'm so glad you're awake! You're not hurt, are you?" Clemont said as he offered a hand down at his sister. She took it and was helped back up to her feet, but as soon as she was standing again, Bonnie pulled her hand away and looked angrily at Clemont.

"Clemont! Why does this keep happening!?" Bonnie said.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Clemont asked.

"You know! Your machines keep blowing up again and again and again!" Bonnie said.

"Well… come on, Bonnie, you know I'm doing the best I can! I'm learning from my mistakes!" Clemont shouted.

"We've been probably halfway around the Kalos region! You should've been able to keep this stuff from happening by now!" Bonnie shouted.

"B-B-Bonnie!" Clemont said. It felt like another punch in the stomach. His own sister was now berating him instead of encouraging him to try and try again like before.

"Ugh! Just leave me alone! I want to be by myself for a little while…" Bonnie said as she marched her way past our heroes and walked into the Pokémon Center, with Nurse Joy following close behind to make sure Bonnie wasn't pushing herself too hard too early, although she didn't seem to be suffering from any physical injuries whatsoever. As she walked inside the Pokémon Center, Pikachu and Dedenne couldn't help but notice the flickering electrical light on Bonnie's back that faded out. Clemont was deeply concerned that Bonnie wasn't going to talk to him again, but Ash was there to comfort him as he patted the boy genius on the shoulder.

"Don't worry, Clemont. I'm sure Bonnie will cool off eventually." Ash said.

"I hope so, Ash…" Clemont said.


The darkness of night had now set in over Lumiose City, although all the bright lights made sure it wasn't pitch black for everyone finishing up their business for the day. Inside one of the guest quarters of the Pokémon Center (which the city itself, thanks to its mayor, agreed to repair at their own cost rather than have Clemont carry the burden on his shoulders), Ash and his friends were all snuggling themselves in either the beds or on the floor in their sleeping bags. Clemont and Bonnie were in the same room again and seemed to have reconciled their differences from earlier. In fact, as Bonnie tucked herself in and waited for Serena (who was dressing up in her pajamas) to join her in the bed, she looked down at Clemont.

"Clemont… I'm sorry I yelled at you earlier." Bonnie said as she lightly brushed her brown shirt. Normally she would be asleep in Tyrantrum pajamas, but she was still recovering from being unconscious earlier and didn't feel like changing her clothes tonight.

"It's alright, Bonnie. In fact, there's no need for you to apologize. You are absolutely right." Clemont said.

"Huh?" Bonnie said.

"I really should've perfected these things by now. We have traveled far and wide around Kalos, and all my inventions have ever done is blow up in our faces. And now look where it's gotten me." Clemont said.

"Awww… cheer up, Clemont! I haven't given up on you, and you shouldn't give up either!" Ash said.

"Ash is right. He taught me never to give up! Besides, at least Officer Jenny said you couldn't USE your inventions in Kalos." Serena said.

"All you have to do is build something that won't blow up. That ought to convince Jenny that you and your inventions are not a menace to the public." Ash said.

"Thanks, guys. You've been such wonderful friends. Still, I'll only build something if the situation absolutely demands it." Clemont said.

"That's the spirit!" Ash said.

"We better get some sleep now, Ash. I'm still looking forward to our gym battle tomorrow!" Clemont shouted.

"Right! Good night, Clemont." Ash said as the two boys nestled themselves into their sleeping bags. Bonnie scooted over as she watched Serena tuck herself into the bed with her. Pikachu and Dedenne were already nestled comfortably on the other side of the bed… they both watched as Serena's bare feet stuck out from beneath the sheets.

"You feeling okay, Bonnie?" Serena asked.

"Sure! I guess it's a good thing I didn't get hurt in that blast. It could've been a lot worse, I suppose. Still, I hope my brother won't be devastated by the fact he can't use his inventions anymore." Bonnie said.

"There, there. Your brother is very strong and courageous. I'm sure he'll recover quickly, especially during the gym battle tomorrow." Serena said.

"Yeah! We'll cheer both Ash and Clemont on!" Bonnie said.

"Well… good night, Bonnie." Serena said as she reached over and turned the nightlight on the table off.

"Good night, everyone." Bonnie said as she was the last to fall asleep.


In the middle of the night, everyone was in a deep sleep, which was important because the next chain of events would go by unnoticed for the time being. Even as Pikachu and Dedenne were sleeping comfortably, their bodies started to shoot off waves of static electricity. The waves were very small, even as they slowly grew more intense in strength and visibility. At the same time, Bonnie's body glowed a bright blue, the same kind of glow she had earlier in the day when she was knocked unconscious. Also like earlier, Bonnie's body was being covered very faintly in static electricity, the same kind that was swirling around both Pikachu and Dedenne.

Suddenly, after a brighter-than-usual glow from all around Bonnie, the two electrical fields collided and she very slowly grew in size. Despite the growth spurt, she and the Pokémon were still asleep. However, because of Bonnie's body taking up more space on the bed and because of how close she had been sleeping to Serena, Serena was being slowly pushed off the bed. Eventually she rolled down onto the floor with the sheets underneath her to cushion the blow. Amazingly enough, she stayed asleep through the ordeal.

Soon after, Bonnie's body and clothes stopped glowing and the young girl's growth spurt came to an end at just over seven feet tall; twice her normal size. All the static electricity from the area had disappeared as well.


Serena was the first to wake up of the group in the room. She sat up and stretched her arms in the air, letting out a big yawn.

"*yaaawwwwwnnnn* Well, here we are with another beautiful day…" Serena said. She then realized where exactly she was sitting.

"Huh? What am I doing on the floor?" Serena asked. That's when she looked up at the bed and saw Bonnie still sleeping. And right away, something didn't look right?

"Huh? Wait a minute…" Serena said to herself as she stood up and looked from end to end at the bed. Bonnie was so young, and therefore short, so to see her feet (still in her pink shoes) nearly touching the far end of the bed immediately raised Serena's eyebrows. She then thought, as unlikely as it was, maybe it was someone else who snuck onto the bed and Bonnie was sleeping somewhere else.

"Bonnie? Is that you?" Serena said as she gently nudged Bonnie on her side. Right away, Bonnie squirmed around before finally leaning up and swinging her legs around so she could take a sitting position on the bed. As Bonnie rubbed her eyes to get her vision straightened out, Serena gasped. She couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"Good morning, Serena." Bonnie said softly as she was still waking up. Serena rubbed her own eyes, but they weren't playing tricks. Bonnie really had grown up seemingly overnight.

"EEEEEEEEK!!!" Serena shrieked, finally reacting in shock over what she saw right in front of her. She backed away a few steps, but didn't see Ash still sleeping on the floor behind her and tumbled backwards on top of him. As Bonnie looked on in confusion, and Pikachu and Dedenne both woke up from the scream (and also looked up in awe over the enlarged Bonnie), Ash scrambled to get out of his sleeping bag, thinking he was under attack. Of course, he looked to see it was only Serena.

"Owwww! Serena, what was that about?" Ash asked.

"Ash! Something's happened to Bonnie!" Serena shouted.

"Huh? What do you mean, is she…?" Ash said. He stopped his train of thought when he looked at where Bonnie was sitting.

"Wait… what's going on? Why are you panicking, Serena?" Bonnie said. She finally stood up from the bed… and that's when things looked completely different. The bed seemed a lot smaller… heck, forget the bed. The entire room seemed to have shrunken from Bonnie's perspective. The point hit her home when she looked up and saw the ceiling of the room was a lot closer than where it was when she went to bed. Then she looked down on Ash and Serena.

"Ummm… why are you all so small?" Bonnie asked.


While Pikachu reunited with Ash, with Dedenne alongside it and trembling a bit as it looked up and saw the supersized Bonnie, all of this commotion caused Clemont to slowly stir awake inside of his sleeping bag. He moved his hands around trying to find his glasses.

"Ash? What's all the racket? Did you say something about Bonnie?" Clemont asked. That's when Ash reached over and grabbed Clemont's glasses, quickly handing them to him.

"I think you need to see for yourself, Clemont." Ash said. Clemont put the glasses on and looked up at Bonnie.

"Sweet mother of Magnamite!" Clemont shouted as he jumped to his feet.

"Big brother, what's happened? Why did you and the room shrink?" Bonnie asked with a concerned look on her face. Clemont slowly approached his now taller sister, a scenario he never thought would possibly happen given the age difference between the two. Clemont gulped nervously as he looked straight ahead at Bonnie's waist, then moving his eyes up to her face.

"Um… it's not us, Bonnie. You're the one that's gotten taller." Clemont said.

"What!? Oh my! And I thought the last growth spurt I had was a big one!" Bonnie said.

"Well, granted, it was a long time that passed between the last two times we used the measuring tape to check your height." Clemont said. Ash and Serena were now standing up and, obviously, had questions for the mechanical marvel.

"Clemont, how did this happen?" Ash asked.

"Yeah… Bonnie couldn't just double in size overnight, could she?" Serena asked.

"No, of course not! This is physically impossible! Some outside force had to have caused this, but what?" Clemont said.

"Do you think the training machine you made for Pikachu exploding had something to do with this?" Ash asked.

"Hmmm… perhaps. Bonnie, do you remember anything from that accident yesterday?" Clemont said.

"Well, I do kinda remember getting a shocking feeling before I went unconscious. Maybe there was a lightning bolt or something that hit me." Bonnie said.

"Still… lightning alone shouldn't be causing this. Hmmm…" Clemont said.

"You don't know, do you?" Serena asked.

"Well, no… I don't. Like I said, something like this is physically impossible. Well, except maybe in a fairy tale or a movie." Clemont said.


Just then, everyone heard a knock on the door. Immediately after that was the recognizable voice of Nurse Joy.

"Hello? Is everything alright in there?" Nurse Joy said. Clemont immediately realized the chaos that could ensue if Nurse Joy were to lay eyes on his suddenly bigger sister.

"Quick, Bonnie! Hide under the bed!" Clemont said.

"But how…?" Bonnie started to ask.

"No time, just get under the covers!!!" Clemont said. Bonnie did just and laid back down on the bed, covering herself with the bedspread as much as she could. Her feet were sticking well out, but Serena took care of that by sitting in front of the shoes and concealing them as much as she could with her body. Ash was left in charge of opening the door and facing Nurse Joy.

"Hi! Good morning, Nurse Joy." Ash said.

"Good morning. Are you all okay? I heard someone screaming in here." Nurse Joy asked.

"Oooooh… that was Bonnie, Clemont's younger sister. She had a nightmare and we're all trying to make her feel better." Ash said. Being older and therefore much taller than Ash, Nurse Joy was able to look over Ash's head and see the big lump in the bed (which of course was really Bonnie) that Clemont was sitting on one side of and Serena sitting, while waving innocently, on the other side.

"Oh, I see. I understand… I've had that happen before with other guests. It's like little kids have the scariest nightmares." Nurse Joy said.

"Yeah, that must be true. Hahaha!" Ash said.

"Anyway, I wanted to thank you all for staying overnight here at the Pokémon Center. We have a complimentary breakfast for you whenever you are ready to leave." Nurse Joy said.

"Thanks, Nurse Joy! We'll be there soon!" Ash said. Joy nodded her head and then turned around and left. Ash closed the door and leaned back on it.


"Man, that was close." Ash said, breathing a sigh of relief.

"Okay, Bonnie, the coast is clear." Clemont said as he and Serena got up, as did Bonnie, who threw aside the bedspread and stood back to her full expanded height.

"So what do we do now? How are you going to fix this, big brother?" Bonnie asked.

"Well, obviously, I can't figure out how you grew until I do a scan of your body. I'll have to get some parts that I need for that scan from my gym, and then we'll go to my father's place and hide out there for now. He should be out making deliveries by now and won't be back for a few hours." Clemont said.

"Couldn't we just go to the gym itself?" Serena asked.

"I'd rather not chance it. Who knows how my security system will react to seeing Bonnie at the size she's at? Plus who knows what happens if any challengers for my gym badge come knocking on the doors?" Clemont said. This got Ash thinking about the gym battle he and Clemont were supposed to have for the Voltage Badge, but given the circumstances, he wisely put those thoughts aside. He instead focused on another concern he had after what just happened with Nurse Joy.

"Umm… there's just one thing, Clemont." Ash said.

"What's that, Ash?" Clemont asked.

"You think Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, or anyone else in this city, might ask more than a few questions if we're walking around with a 7-foot-tall 8-year-old behind us?" Ash said.

"Good point… but how else can we sneak Bonnie around? There's not a secret path between here and my father's shop…" Clemont said as he tried hard to think of a strategy to keep anyone from spotting Bonnie in her condition. A few seconds later, there was a very much audible snap of the fingers, and it came from where Serena was standing.

"Leave everything to me! I am the fashions expert, after all! Just give me a few minutes, everyone." Serena said. She quickly ran into the nearby bathroom and changed back into her regular clothes. Almost as fast as a Dodrio, she was out of the room. Ash and Clemont simply looked at each other and wondered what Serena had in mind.


As promised, it only took a few minutes for the girl to return. She was holding onto quite possibly the biggest man’s suit the other heroes could ever lay eyes on.

“Wow, that suit’s huge! Where did you get that!?” Ash shouted.

“From the nearby clothing store. Thank goodness they still had a Big & Tall section, because… well, you are big and tall now, Bonnie.” Serena said.

“You can say that again!” Bonnie commented.

“I get it! We put these clothes on Bonnie so we can disguise her as someone else!” Clemont said.

“Bingo! Let’s not waste another second!” Serena said. With that, the three heroes got to work dressing up Bonnie into the large brown suit. Bonnie slipped herself into both the pants and shirt, wearing them on top of her usual clothes, with her small friends helping her out. After the pants were on, Serena tightened up the belt as much as she could, much to Bonnie's discomfort at first.

"Ooooof! Ummm, Serena, maybe not so tight with the belt?" Bonnie said.

"Sorry, Bonnie. Just trying to keep your pants from falling down. That would be embarrassing!" Serena said. As Ash was helping with the shirt, he couldn't help but notice it sagging because Bonnie's body, despite being enlarged, wasn't filling it completely.

"Gee, Serena… maybe you got too big a suit?" Ash asked.

"Hey, come on! I took my best guess! Normally they measure you to determine the best size, but of course I couldn't just walk right in with Bonnie right behind me." Serena said.


Finally, Bonnie was fully dressed up in the suit, complete with brown fedora hat on her head. Although there was one thing that still bothered everyone.

"Huh? Why are you all looking at me like that? Do I look funny dressed up like a man!?" Bonnie shouted.

"No no, it's not that, Bonnie. It's just…" Ash said.

"…you may want to lower your hat so that it covers your face." Clemont finished as he picked up Bonnie's yellow purse, the only thing that didn't grow with her because she wasn't wearing it at the time. Dedenne immediately jumped inside the pouch.

"What!? But how am I supposed to see where I'm going?" Bonnie asked.

"Don't worry about that! Serena and I will guide you around." Clemont said. With an obviously disappointed sigh from Bonnie, she indeed lowered her hat so that her eyes and nose couldn't be seen. Right away she waved her arms around trying to find her friends, but she stopped when she felt Serena and Clemont grabbing one arm each.

"Okay, Bonnie, we got you." Serena said.

"Ash, you're gonna have to provide cover in case Nurse Joy or somebody asks about us. Don't worry, we'll move as quick as we can to my gym." Clemont said.

"And if anyone asks specifically about Bonnie…?" Ash asked.

"Ummm… just tell them she… or rather HE, is my uncle visiting from Johto. Uncle… Uncle Voltage!" Clemont said.

"Uncle Voltage!?" Bonnie and Serena both shouted at the corny name.

"Uncle Voltage, got it." Ash said. With a deep breath and plan in place, Ash opened up the door and walked outside the room, with Clemont and Serena not too far behind doing their best to navigate the disguised 7-foot-tall Bonnie around, although they were already off to a rough start as Bonnie felt her head bump against the top of the door frame.

"Ow!" Bonnie said.

"Oops, sorry… I'll tell you when you have to duck, Bonnie." Clemont said.


When the group made it to the lobby of the Pokémon Center, Ash (with Pikachu on his head) saw Nurse Joy and immediately conversed with her while Serena, Clemont, and 'Uncle Voltage' picked up the pace and fast-walked towards the entrance doors.

"Nurse Joy! Nurse Joy, thank you so much for the hospitality! I know you said we could have breakfast, but we really gotta get going now! Uncle Voltage is visiting from Johto and he really wants to see Clemont's gym right away. So, thank you so much! Have a nice day, Nurse Joy!!" Ash said, raising his voice the further away he walked from Nurse Joy. With Ash talking nonstop, Nurse Joy didn't have a chance to say anything back to Ash, and could only watch as he and the others exited the Pokémon Center.

"Huh… that was odd." Nurse Joy said to herself. However, with important duties in the Pokémon Center, she just shrugged her shoulders and wondered no more about what just happened.


Eventually, Ash and company were able to make it without any further distractions (maybe one or two people had a curious look at 'Uncle Voltage' but this didn't concern them) to the Lumiose City Gym. Ash and Serena, along with Bonnie still disguised, waited to the side for Clemont to return with the tools he needed. While they were waiting, Bonnie felt the need to ask an important question to Ash and Serena.

"Ash? Serena? You're not afraid of me, are you?" Bonnie said.
"Of course not, Bonnie! You may be taller of a sudden, but you're still the same old Bonnie I first met when I got here!" Ash said.

"Yeah! Don't lose faith, Bonnie. Your brother is smart… he will surely find a way to return you to your normal size." Serena said.

"I hope so. I already miss calling you my big sister!" Bonnie said with that enthusiastic smile she was always known for. Serena smiled right back.

"Heh heh, I'm glad to still see that smile, Bonnie." Serena said.

"Yeah, me too. It puts a smile on anyone's face no matter how bad a day they're having." Ash commented. Finally, the group could hear footsteps of someone coming plus the sound of a cart being wheeled on the pavement. It was Clemont, wheeling a tray full of gadgets, tools, and circuitry that only a mechanical genius like him could wheel around.

"Okay, I got the tools we need, and some more so I don't have to do any backtracking." Clemont said.

"So next stop is your father's shop, right?" Ash said.

"Yep! I'll lead the way." Clemont said. He took the lead as he walked away from the gym with cart in hands. Ash took over Clemont's spot of helping guide Bonnie around with Serena's help.


The group eventually made it to a group of 15-foot-tall buildings all lined up together with no room for alleyways. Among these buildings were the electrical repair shop run by Bonnie and Clemont's father, Meyer. The shutters were down on both the windows and the door, indicating the place was closed while Meyer was out making deliveries.

"Okay, let's get inside! Thankfully the shutters are down so we'll be safe once we're inside." Clemont said as he waited for Ash and Serena to catch up with the disguised Bonnie. Before anyone could go inside, however…

"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!!!" A female voice shouted loudly. Everyone in the group paused and looked over (except for Bonnie because she couldn't see anything) and saw Officer Jenny approaching.

"O-O-Officer Jenny!?" Clemont said.

"May I ask what you are doing with all that junk in your cart?" Jenny said.

"Nothing, nothing at all! I'm just delivering these parts from my gym to my father's shop! That's all!" Clemont said nervously. He was quite intimidated just by the mere presence of Officer Jenny ever since she ordered him not to even use his inventions anywhere in Kalos anymore.

"You better be right, Clemont. I'm sure I don't have to remind you of the punishment you face if I catch you using your inventions again, or I get a report of another big explosion." Jenny said.

"Of course not, Officer Jenny. I swear on my chinny chin chin that my inventing days here in Kalos are over." Clemont said.


"And who is that?" Jenny said as she looked over and pointed at the disguised Bonnie.

"Um… Um… Uh… That's my uncle, Uncle Voltage. He's visiting all the way from Johto." Clemont said with an innocent smile and many sweatdrops running down his head.

"Uh huh. Uncle Voltage, what brings you all the way out here to Lumiose City?" Jenny said. Everyone gasped when they realized Bonnie was going to have to speak out. Clemont tried to provide a valid excuse for why 'Uncle Voltage' shouldn't say anything.

"Ummm… Officer Jenny, Uncle Voltage is kinda nervous and doesn't really say much. We should leave him alone and…" Clemont said.

But suddenly, Bonnie spoke out… but not in her regular voice. A deep male voice was eminating from what little of her face could be seen.

"Oh, I'm just here for a quick visit to see how my little Clemont is doing. He said he would show me his dad's electric appliance shop and then show me the wonderful gym." Bonnie, or 'Uncle Voltage', said.

"Hmmm… I see. Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, uh, Uncle Voltage." Jenny said.

"Yeah, we better get a move on. He does have to catch a flight back to Johto soon, so we need to make the tour quick." Clemont said.

"Alright, fine. But know this, Clemont. I'm keeping my eyes and ears open on you. You better not be messing around with me." Jenny said.

"Of course, Officer Jenny! Promise!" Clemont said. Jenny, after taking one more extended look at 'Uncle Voltage,' finally turned around and got back on her motorcycle to return to duty. After taking a deep breath himself, Clemont pulled out a key to his father's shop and used it to open the door, letting Ash, Serena, and Bonnie go inside first before he too entered the building.


Clemont flipped on the lights and let out a deep breath.

"Whew… goodness, that was another close call." Clemont said.

"Okay, big brother, can I take this stupid suit off now!?" Bonnie shouted in her regular voice.

"Sure, sure…" Clemont said, sounding out of breath because he was still recovering from getting the third degree by Officer Jenny. Bonnie wasted no time in pulling off the hat and taking off the shirt while Ash and Serena helped take the pants off. The 7-foot-tall young girl kicked the suit to the side and brushed herself and her clothes off.

"Well, I'm glad that's over! That suit was starting to make me itchy!" Bonnie said.

"I must say, Bonnie, you sound pretty good as a man." Serena said.

"Heh heh… thanks, Serena, though I hope I never have to do something like that again." Bonnie said.

"Well, we somehow made it inside. What now, Clemont?" Ash said.

"Well, now we figure out what it is that's made my little sister so big. Then it's just a matter of building the right invention that'll cure the problem." Clemont said.

"Wait, did you say BUILD an invention? Didn't you hear what Officer Jenny told you?" Serena asked.

"I know, Serena, I know! But science and technology may be our only way out of this! I just have to make extra sure the stuff I build doesn't cause BIG blowups." Clemont said.

"Makes sense to me… keep the explosion contained in this building, basically. Jenny will never know what happened!" Ash said.

"Precisely! I'm going to need all your help, everyone. Let's get to work!" Clemont said.

"Wait! Can I at least sit down? I've been standing for what feels like a long while." Bonnie said.

"Sure, Bonnie. You can sit for this whole process." Clemont said. Right as she sat down against one of the nearby walls, Clemont set her purse next to her pink shoes so he wouldn't have to carry it anymore. Dedenne happily hopped out and ran towards its taller master.

"Oh! Hi, Dedenne! Wow, you sure look tiny from up here…" Bonnie said as she gently picked up the Pokémon with her supersized hands.


30 minutes later


Meanwhile, Officer Jenny decided to stop by the Pokémon Center before she headed out of the city to be on the lookout for any poachers. She always enjoyed chatting with Nurse Joy on wondering what was going on.

"So, how's it going, Nurse Joy?" Jenny asked.

"Good, I guess. I did have the strangest thing happen this morning." Joy said.

"Oh?" Jenny said.
"Yeah… you know Ash Ketchum, right?" Joy said.

"Yes, of course. Who doesn't know him, really? He's become sort of a legend in a few regions." Jenny said.

"Yeah. He was staying overnight here at the Pokémon Center, along with a girl named Serena as well as Clemont and Bonnie." Joy said.

"Go on." Jenny said.

"Anyway, Ash was in a real hurry. He kept talking and I didn't have a chance to say anything back to him. And behind him, I saw Serena and Clemont pushing this very tall man out." Joy said. That immediately rang a bell to Jenny having encountered the disguised Bonnie before.

"Hmmm… did he say his name or anything?" Jenny asked.

"Uncle Volt… something like that? I don't know, it all happened so fast. It's probably nothing to worry about." Joy said.

"Probably not, but still… anything's possible when Clemont is involved." Jenny said.

"Speaking of, you think maybe you were a little hard on him yesterday? I feel like I know him pretty well and he would never intentionally cause harm to anyone or anything." Joy said.

"Well, if you saw all the calls I got from people who were afraid a bomb had gone off, you'd take that kind of action too. Even Professor Sycamore hasn't made anything that blew up in his face despite any failures he might have had." Jenny said.

"Still, maybe you should talk to him. He might be feeling bad and…" Joy said. All of a sudden, before she could go on…




Even inside the Pokémon Center, an explosion went off that sounded loud enough like it was 10-15 feet away.

"I stand corrected." Joy said lightly as she tried to catch her breath from being spooked by the explosion.

"Oh, I'm going to talk to that boy, alright. I'll give him heck if I have to!" Jenny said as she pounded her fists on the counter and then turned around, storming her way out of the Pokémon Center.

"Be careful!" Joy shouted. The nurse stayed behind and resorted to talking with the people inside the center, trying to calm them down.


Over at the electrical appliance store run by Bonnie and Clemont's father, Clemont had figured out that Bonnie had grown as a result of the molecules expanding inside her body, even though he didn't yet figure out that electricity (like that from Pikachu and Dedenne) seemed to be the trigger. Despite drawing a 'no duh!' response from Serena, she and Ash helped out in any way they could with Clemont to build something that would return Bonnie back to her normal size. Unfortunately, they were not having much luck, namely because Clemont had to keep his inventions on the light side to keep another massive explosion from happening.

Alas, after six smaller inventions didn't work, Clemont had to resort to his regular ways of building machines, right down to letting his glasses reflect light and smile over how proud he is to build such a thing. But as Ash and Serena sadly predicted, this latest machine not only blew up, but a loud explosion could definitely be heard and smoke covered up practically the entire structure. After coughing out the smoke (which eventually cleared out) and cleaning themselves up, Ash and Serena knew Clemont was in trouble if Officer Jenny picked up on that explosion.

"Well, there goes another fine piece of machinery." Ash said.

"And not only that, it left another big boom! You're in trouble now, Clemont!" Serena shouted.

"Calm down, everyone! At least we're not hurt, that's the most important thing." Clemont said.

"Yeah, but not as important as if Officer Jenny finds out about this." Ash said.

"And not only that, but I'm still big! Can't you just shoot me with a return laser from a Poké Ball? It shrinks Pokémon to fit them inside, right?" Bonnie asked.

"Er… I'm afraid it's not that simple, Bonnie. For one thing, that laser is specifically programmed for the body structure of a Pokémon, and even then…" Clemont said.


But before he could get into a long-winded explanation on how exactly a Poké Ball works, the group suddenly heard a very loud knock on the front door.

"This is Officer Jenny! Open up this door right now!!" Jenny shouted from the other side that was covered with shutters.

"Eeeeeps! Everyone hide, quick!" Clemont said as he pointed towards the back of the current room and casually pushed everyone in that direction. After going behind the curtains, the group was turned left into what appeared from the outside to be a closet.

"Just wait here and try not to make any noises!" Clemont said as he shut the door. The small room, which was barely big enough to hold Ash, Serena, Pikachu, Dedenne, and most importantly the 7-foot-tall Bonnie, was lit up only by a small light bulb on the ceiling. There was also a light humming in the room, in which the sound was coming from some generators that lined one of the walls.

"Ugh! So cramped! Bonnie, could you maybe move your arm a bit?" Serena said as she tried to fight off Bonnie's huge arm that was pushing against her face.

"I'm trying, but this room is way too small!" Bonnie said.

"Man, Clemont couldn't think of a bigger place to hide us?" Ash said.


Clemont knew it probably wasn't the most comfortable of hiding places for her friends, but it was the only one he could think of, especially since Officer Jenny started to sound more agitated from outside.

"I repeat, this is Officer Jenny!! If this door is not open in 10 seconds, I'm breaking it down!" Jenny shouted.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" Clemont shouted. Finally, he opened the front door.

"Officer Jenny, it's nice to see you aga…" Clemont said, only to have to step out of the way as Officer Jenny marched her way in.

"Clemont, what are you doing here!?" Jenny shouted.

"Nothing much! I told you, I had to deliver some parts to this shop here for my dad when he comes back later." Clemont said. Jenny then started to walk back for the curtains that led to the back of the shop.

"Wait, Officer! You can't go back there!" Clemont said as he sprinted to the curtains and blocked Jenny's path.

"And why not?" Jenny said, looking more and more annoyed judging by her facial expressions.

"There… there's sensitive electrical equipment back there! It could be quite dangerous!" Clemont said.

"Oh? And by the way, where is that uncle of yours?" Jenny said as she now folded her arms.

"Oh! You mean Uncle Electrode? He's back there studying all those parts." Clemont said.

"Uncle Electrode? I thought you said his name was Uncle Voltage?" Jenny said.

"Oh! Right, right! Uncle Voltage! I always get those names mixed up! Heheheheh…" Clemont said, very obviously sweating it out right now.


Even inside the tiny room that everyone else was hiding in, they could hear the conversation going on and could easily tell Clemont was extremely nervous.

"Man, Clemont's gonna get grilled by Officer Jenny at this rate." Ash said.

"There's gotta be something we can do to convince her that nothing's wrong." Serena said. But as the old cliché goes… their problems were about to get a lot bigger.

"Pika…" Pikachu suddenly said, sounding like it was confused. Ash looked down and saw Pikachu's cheeks were glowing with static electricity.

"Huh? Pikachu? What's wrong?" Ash said. Serena squeezed her way around Bonnie's enlarged body to look down at both the electric-type Pokémon. That's when she noticed Dedenne's whole body charged with electricity as well.

"Dedenne too!" Serena said. Before they could wonder what the electricity was for and why it was slowly building up like they were getting ready to fire off a thundershock, Bonnie suddenly said something.

"Ooooh… I feel kinda strange. It's like my skin is tingling…" Bonnie said. Just as she said that, Bonnie's body glowed a bright blue again. This time, Ash and Serena were awake to see this happen.

"What the? Bonnie? Your body is glowing…" Ash said.

"Ash! What's going on with those generators!?" Serena said as she pointed up to the generators and other electrical equipment running along one of those walls. Electricity was building up on those devices as well, and all of a sudden, Ash and Serena had to bob and weave as the bolts from those devices as well as Pikachu and Dedenne suddenly swirled their way around Bonnie's body.


And that's when the young girl began to grow again, quickly filling up more and more of the already small room, her head already knocking down the light bulb that had been on the ceiling.

"Bonnie! You're growing again! Oooooof!!!" Ash said as he tried to get out of the way, only to feel himself being smushed between the wall and Bonnie's expanding body. Serena was in the same predicament.

"I… I can't breathe!" Serena said as she tried in vain to push the growing Bonnie off.

"Waaaaaaah!!! I don't like this! I'm gonna burst out of this room if this keeps up!" Bonnie shouted, trying hard to crouch down and move in any way she could to keep from breaking out of the room. Her knee was pressing against the door that led outside.


Of course, this did not go unnoticed by both Clemont and Officer Jenny. They both looked at the curtains when they heard muffled voices as well as the sounds of walls and the door creaking. Clemont and Jenny both ran behind the curtains, with Clemont putting his back against the door as he tried to keep it from busting wide open.

"Now what!?" Jenny said.
"Ummm… like I said, there's some sensitive electrical equipment behind this door. We better not open it or we'll be shocked to death!" Clemont said. After Officer Jenny took a quick look around the room and saw no sign of 'Uncle Voltage,' on top of the fact there were clearly voices behind the door of 'sensitive electrical equipment,' she threw up her arms in the air. She had finally had enough. She grabbed Clemont by his shirt and dragged him over to one of the workbenches. She let him go and had probably the most agitated face in the history of the Officer Jenny family.

"Young man, I'm tired of your childish attempts to obstruct the truth from me. I'm gonna give you 10 seconds to answer my questions. Where is your sister? Who was that man in the large suit!? What is going on behind that door!!? Why is there smoke billowing from around the outside of this structure… AND WHAT WAS THE CAUSE OF THAT LOUD EXPLOSION!?!?!?" Jenny shouted with all her vocal might.


Whether the truth came out now or he continued to make up stories, Clemont knew he was in a world of trouble. That's when he finally couldn't take it anymore.

"ALRIGHT! I CONFESS! I DID IT!" Clemont shouted.

"Did what!?" Jenny shouted just as loudly. At exactly that moment, the door busted loose and one of the walls of the 'closet' crumbled apart. There was Bonnie laying stomach first on the floor… and now at a height of 14 feet tall.

"Um… hi, Officer Jenny…" Bonnie said, waving awkwardly over at Officer Jenny.

"I blew up my sister!" Clemont shouted. Officer Jenny's eyes rolled back and she collapsed onto the floor.


After Clemont looked down and saw the officer fainted, he looked back over at Bonnie, where he saw Ash, Serena, and the electric Pokémon all crawling out from underneath Bonnie's expanded body. They took deep breaths, relieved to be breathing again and not crushed between a growing body and a wall. Ash then noticed Officer Jenny fainted on the floor.

"I guess she took it well." Ash said.
"Heh heh heh… yeah, I'd have to agree." Clemont said as he laughed awkwardly with an awkward smile to go with it.


But the long face on his now bigger sister's face said it all. Clemont wondered what was going to happen next.

Not too long after Officer Jenny fainted, Bonnie complained of cramps in her arms and legs as a result of feeling trapped inside the tiny confines of the workshop. Clemont, after conferring with Ash and Serena, who managed to free themselves from underneath Bonnie's body, felt it would be best to take Bonnie outside to the 'junkyard,' an area nicknamed by Clemont's father where he threw away and stored (until the end of each month to keep the area from becoming a landfill) anything that he was unable to fix. After getting the still fainted Officer Jenny on her feet and carrying her outside on their shoulders,  Clemont, Ash, Serena, Pikachu, and Dedenne were able to make it outside.

"Okay, Bonnie! Come on out, but be careful!" Clemont said as he opened the double doors as wide as he could. Despite that, although Bonnie's head was barely able to clear, her shoulders were too big to fit through.

"Ergh! I'm stuck!" Bonnie said as she tried forcing her way out of the shop.

"Um… okay, Bonnie, just stay still while I think of…" Clemont started to say, but eventually the wall started to come apart piece by piece as Bonnie crawled further and further outside, a situation that only got worse as the giantess's white skirt caught the pieces of the wall. Bonnie was finally outside, but there was now a gaping hole in the back of the building.

"…something." Clemont said, already thinking of what's going to happen when his father finds out what has happened, especially the hole in his beloved shop.

"Thank goodness there's this taller building behind us." Ash said as he pointed to the structure behind everyone.

"Yeah, there is that. Still, I don't think they make clothes for people Bonnie's size now." Serena added. Everyone watched as Bonnie finally stood up to her full height. They thought she was tall before, but what they were seeing with their own eyes, namely the fact she was almost as tall as the shop itself, now they almost couldn't put into words. Even Bonnie herself was amazed at how much smaller everyone now looked.

"Ahhhhhh! Wow, I'm glad to be out of there, but… but… you're all even smaller now!" Bonnie said as she stretched her arms high up in the air.


At that moment, Officer Jenny was finally waking up from being unconscious. Our group of heroes looked down when they heard Jenny slightly moan.

"Uhhhhhh…" Officer Jenny said as she slowly stood back to her full height.

"Officer Jenny, we're glad you're awake now." Clemont said.

"Yes. Yes, I am. I had the weirdest dream, Clemont." Jenny said.

"Oh?" Clemont asked.

"Yeah. I was chastising you again for using your machines, like I did last evening. Then all of a sudden, out from this closet comes your sister… and she was big! Bigger than I ever could've imagined her growing up to be." Jenny said.

"Ummmm… that dream sounds pretty real, if you ask me." Clemont said, again with an awkward laugh.

"Maybe a little too real." Ash said. As Jenny wondered what both Ash and Clemont meant by that, she looked behind them and saw the longest pair of pink shoes and legs she ever saw. A quick gaze up showed the now 14-foot-tall Bonnie towering above her and everyone else.

"Hi, Officer Jenny… please don't be afraid, I won't hurt you or anyone else." Bonnie said, again with a tepid smile on her face and a slow wave of her hand back and forth. Officer Jenny almost felt the need to scream, but as an officer, she did her best to remain calm.


"Okay… okay, okay, okay. Try to remain calm, Jenny. It's only Clemont's little sister standing in front of me, except she's anything but little." Jenny said as she took deep breaths. Clemont tried to lighten the mood a bit.

"Yeah, I agree, Officer Jenny. It is still Bonnie standing in front of us. Heheheheh…" Clemont said. Jenny was not laughing in the slightest. In fact, she once again gave an angry glare over to the boy genius. Clemont just sighed and lowered his head.

"Look, all I can tell you is I'm very sorry, Officer Jenny. I didn't think anything like this would ever happen." Clemont said. Ash and Serena looked concerned, thinking they were going to watch their friend get whisked away in handcuffs. Instead, there was an entirely different reaction from the officer.

"We can talk about your punishment later. I feel you're the only one that can reverse what's happened to your sister." Jenny said.

"Um… thanks. But…" Clemont said.

"What's the problem?" Jenny asked.

"I'm not even sure how she grew in the first place, and all my attempts to make something to shrink her have just blown up." Clemont said.

"Hey, what about your father, Clemont?" Ash asked.

"Oh?" Clemont said.

"Yeah! Maybe he'll know what's happened!" Serena said.

"That's actually not a bad idea. Your father has been brilliant in fixing some of our equipment in years past. Maybe you two can put your heads together and solve this mystery." Jenny said.

"Well, when you put it that way… we should call him right away." Clemont said. He started to walk inside to go find a phone to contact his father, Meyer, but Jenny stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

"Wait, just use my cell phone here. We should all stay here so that Bonnie isn't discovered by anyone else." Jenny said.

"Okay." Clemont said as he grabbed the phone and dialed Meyer's number for when he was on the road.


A few minutes go by, and the skies weren't entirely clear in Lumiose City, as flying high in the sky but slowly descending was a large balloon shaped and looking exactly like Meowth's head. That of course meant one thing… and that was the presence of Team Rocket.

"Hahaha! It's so great to be back in Lumiose City." Jessie said.

"Indeed, our journey has come full circle." James said.

"What are you two babbling about? We've only traveled through about half of the region, and we haven't established the base of operations like the boss told us to do." Meowth said.

"That may be true, but we've still made our presence felt throughout this Kalos region. Once we've driven enough fear into their hearts, we'll be able to succeed." Jessie said with a smile.


Next, as James looked down on ground level with his binoculars, focusing his sights on what appeared to be a small junkyard that was surrounded by a smaller building on one side and a much bigger building on the other. He noticed a section of wall from the nearby building that broke apart, and that's when he noticed a familiar group of people walking outside.

"Hey, Jess! Look down there." James said as he pointed down to the junkyard area. Jessie looked into the binoculars.

"Oh? The twerps are here too?" Jessie said. Meowth, with his sharper eyes and field of vision, didn't need binoculars to see what was going on.

"Look at that girl… Bonnie I think her name was. She's really grown up!" Meowth said as he looked at the 14-foot-tall Bonnie that was first crawling out of the smaller building and then standing up, almost matching the height of the smaller building.

"Wow, you're right! I wonder what vitamins she's been taking." James said.

"Who cares!? Her increased size can't be normal… those twerps are probably all trying to figure out how to get her back to normal." Jessie said.

"So what are you suggesting, Jess?" James said.

"What else? They're all distracted, so we swoop down and grab Pikachu while they're preoccupied!" Jessie said.

"Oooooh… I like that! You're a genius as always!" James said as he patted his long time partner on the shoulder.

"Hold on, what about that grown up girl? How are we supposed to evade her?" Meowth said.

"She may be big, but we still have this hot air balloon. We'll be safe up here… even she can't possibly reach us." Jessie said.

"I'll begin descending right away." James said as he manned the controls (as he usually does) on the balloon.

"Not too fast, James. We need to be able to make our getaway. You've got our special Pikachu trap, Meowth?" Jessie said.

"Ready to deploy at your command, chief!" Meowth said with his familiar wicked smile on his face.



Back in the 'junkyard,' our heroes got a stroke of luck in the form of Meyer's quick arrival. As Meyer said on the phone, he was finished early with his deliveries for the day, so he was on his way back to the shop when he called. Clemont ran to the front of the store, asking everyone else to wait in the back (with Bonnie now sitting down cross-legged on the ground) until he came back with Meyer. Sure enough, Meyer drove up in his motorcycle with Ampharos sitting as always in the back seat, eventually parking it on the sidewalk a few yards away from the shop. Clemont took a deep breath as Meyer hopped off the motorcycle.

"Hello, my son!" Meyer shouted with a big smile on his face as he patted Clemont on the head.

"Hey, Dad. I'm glad to see you again." Clemont said.

"So what's going on? Where's Bonnie? Is she inside the shop?" Meyer said.

"Yeah… that's what I wanted to talk to you about, Dad. I think I might have screwed up." Clemont said.

"Awwww… how bad can it be?" Meyer said. The two walked inside and right away Clemont led his father towards the back room behind the curtains, where he saw the huge hole at the back wall caused by the enlarged Bonnie earlier.

"Whoa… what happened here? Were you working on something back here?" Meyer said.

"No, Dad, of course not… you know I always conduct my experiments at my gym." Clemont said.

"And I must say a very fine job you do over there, even though you are now traveling with your new friends now." Meyer said.

"Thanks, Dad… but let me show you what caused that big hole." Clemont said. The two walked right outside, and that's when Meyer looked over and saw his big little girl, Bonnie, who wasted no time in greeting her father with the same slow wave she gave Jenny.

"Hi, Dad!" Bonnie said.

"Oh my… this is… this is…" Meyer said. Suddenly he closed his eyes and clenched his fists, like he was going to lash out in anger or something like that.

"Yes, Dad?" Clemont asked with a nervous tone, thinking he was going to get the tongue lashing of his life aside from the one he got from Jenny before Bonnie had her second growth spurt earlier. Instead…


Meyer opened his eyes wide open and tears immediately came streaming down his face.

"My baby girl is finally growing up! I'm so proud!!!" Meyer shouted as he happily ran over and hugged one of Bonnie's kneecaps. Everyone, even the Pokémon, had bugged out looks in their eyes and sweatdrops running down their heads.

"Ooooookay… did not see that coming." Serena said.

"Well, it does kinda make sense. Bonnie has really grown up over the past several hours." Ash said, trying to put some humor into the situation. Jenny, on the other hand, was eager to have Bonnie restored to normal now that Meyer was back in town. She gently tapped him on the shoulder.

"Um… I don't mean to be rude, Meyer, but we really need your help in shrinking Bonnie back to normal." Jenny said.

"Oh, um… yes, of course. Any idea on how it happened?" Meyer said.

"I don't know exactly what's making her grow like this. All I know is that yesterday, after a training machine I built for Ash blew up, she got caught in the blast and was knocked unconscious. We went to bed that night… and the next thing we knew, Bonnie was probably 7 feet tall." Clemont said.

"We went through a lot of trouble trying to keep anyone from discovering her while we got her to your shop, sir." Ash said.

"Including buying a suit made for big and tall people!" Serena said.

"Oh wow! I must admit, young lady, that's very clever." Meyer said.

"Anyway, not too long ago, while trying to hide Bonnie from Officer Jenny, she somehow had another growth spurt. She literally had to bring the wall down so she could come outside. I've been trying to build anything I could to shrink her back to normal, but I've not had any luck." Clemont said.

"I should point out I've had to ban your son from using any more of his inventions in the entire Kalos region." Jenny said.

"What!? Why!?" Meyer said.

"It's in the interest of public safety, sir. I can't begin to tell you how many people have told me they're scared because they hear and see these huge explosions in the distance, thinking a bomb went off or something like that." Jenny said.

"Officer Jenny, it is unfortunate my son's inventions have been causing these huge explosions, but I know my son. He would never endanger the public like that! I think you're making a mistake." Meyer said.

"Look… the only reason I haven't locked him up and revoked his gym leader license is because you two may be the only ones who can restore Bonnie to normal, preferably before anyone else discovers him or… *deep breath* Or she somehow grows even bigger." Jenny said.

"Okay, I'll help in anyway I can. Let's get to work, my son!" Meyer said.

"Right! Do you think we should do a more advanced scan of Bonnie's body? I did a basic scan already with my parts." Clemont said.

"That's a good start, but let me see what I can whip up using my own parts and pieces…" Meyer said.


While this conversation was going on, Pikachu and Dedenne were just standing idly by, both understanding why nobody was looking down on them. They knew the supersized Bonnie was the main focus of attention, although they were just as curious on why she was going through these growth spurts, not knowing yet their own electricity was part of the problem. Still, they couldn't help but turn around when they heard faint noises directly behind them.

"Pika?" Pikachu said.

"Denne?" Dedenne said. They were both looking at a red-colored bowl full of their favorite Pokémon food, the noise came from the bowl landing on the dirt surface. It wasn't much; it only took them about 30 seconds to clear the dish. But what happened next took them by surprise. The two Pokémon hadn't noticed the long cable attached to the bowl and extending upwards into the sky. By the time they did, the bowl transformed into a giant hand that wrapped around both Pikachu and Dedenne, trapping them within.

"PIKAAAAAA! DENNE!!!" Both Pokémon shouted with just as much despair in their voice. Pikachu already tried thundershocking its way to freedom, but the hand was made of rubber, thus making electricity useless. This was enough to get Ash's attention, who watched as the hand made its way up to the sky.

"Pikachu!!!" Ash shouted. The loud shout caused everyone, including Bonnie, to look in his direction. Meyer even stopped his trek towards his shop to look up and see Pikachu and Dedenne being taken away. Serena immediately recognized who the abductors of the two Pokémon were.

"Oh no! Not Team Rocket again!!" Serena shouted.

"Hahaha!! To protect the world from devastation." Jessie said as she got the infamous motto off and running.

"To unite our peoples within our nation." James said.

"To denounce the evils of truth and love." Jessie said.

"To extend our reach beyond the stars above." James said.



"Team Rocket... blast off at the speed of light!" Jessie said.

"Surrender now, or prepare to fight, fight, fight!" James said.

"Meowth! That's right!" Meowth said.



Ash angrily shook his fist up at the Meowth balloon as it started to slowly drift over Meyer's shop and away.

"Team Rocket! You give back Pikachu right now!!!" Ash shouted.

"Sorry, chumps! Finders keepers and losers weepers!" Meowth said.

"Besides, it looks like you have bigger problems to worry about right now." James said as he pointed down at the enlarged Bonnie.

"Don't worry, we'll take good care of your Pokémon until you're ready to come rescue them! Hahaha!!" Jessie said as she and the others in the balloon both laughed as it sailed away into the sky.

"Arrrrgh! Those conniving crooks! When will they ever learn!?" Serena commented.

"Officer Jenny! We can't let them get away with our Pokémon!" Ash shouted.

"I'm on it! Everyone wait here and let my police force take care of this." Jenny said. She started to run out of the 'junkyard' and back inside the shop, but…

"Wait!!!" Bonnie shouted, her voice sounding louder than usual obviously because of her increased size. Jenny stopped running and looked over at Bonnie, who was standing back up on her feet.

"Let me take care of this! That's my Dedenne that those Team Rocket meanies stole from me." Bonnie said.

"Uh… B-B-Bonnie, that's not such a…" Clemont started to say.

"Don't worry, guys! I'll get them back!" Bonnie said. She walked over towards the shop and made a high leap to get on top of the building, which was able to hold up despite the 14-foot-tall one standing on top.

"No, Bonnie!!" Meyer shouted.
"Stop, little sis! You'll cause a scene!!" Clemont said. Their efforts were in vain, however, as Bonnie walked forward and jumped out of sight, landing in front of the building.

"Guess the Meowth is out of the bag now…" Ash said.

"Well, come on, everyone! We can't just stand here and do nothing! We have to catch up with Bonnie!" Clemont said. Everyone, including Meyer and Officer Jenny, ran to the front of the building, where they saw Bonnie walking out in the distance trying to keep up with the Meowth balloon. More importantly, as Clemont feared, people were looking up at the mini giantess and murmuring with each other on whether they were dreaming or not.

"Ugh… this is serious now. She's out and about and could hurt someone or something." Jenny said, as she jumped on her motorcycle.

"Wait, Jenny! Take us with you! Maybe we can talk her into coming back." Serena said.

"Alright, fine. Hurry up!" Jenny said as she pressed a couple of buttons on her motorcycle. Instantly, two passanger seats (one on each side of the bike) sprung out from the vehicle. Ash hopped in one seat and Serena the other. Meanwhile, Meyer looked over at his faithful Pokémon, Ampharos.

"Ampharos, I need you to stay behind and look after the shop for me. Can you do that?" Meyer said.

"Amphar!!" Ampharos happily shouted. Meyer suddenly smiled and had tears running down his face again.

"Oh thank you, Ampharos! You're the greatest friend I've ever had!!" Meyer said.

"Um, Dad… we really need to get a move on!" Clemont said, pointing out at Jenny's motorcycle which was driving off in the distance after Bonnie.

"Right, sorry, my bad! Hop on, son!" Meyer said as he climbed aboard his own motorcycle, with Clemont holding on tight in the back seat. Meyer fired up the engine and drove the bike to catch up with the others.


Meanwhile, Bonnie was keeping one eye locked on the Meowth balloon and the other eye on the ground in front of her, making sure she didn't crash into anyone or anything. She didn't care that people were giving different looks (mostly ones of bewilderment or being scared) as she walked by them, she was focused on one thing only.

"Team Rocket, come back here with our Pokémon!" Bonnie shouted. Despite her size, the balloon was well out of her reach as it floated over 50 feet in the air and slowly rising. She could hear both Pikachu and Dedenne calling out for help.

"Hahaha! You'll never catch us, little squirt!" Jessie shouted.

"You sure she won't be able to catch us, Jess?" James said.

"Of course, you halfwit! We're well up in the sky. She can't possibly reach us now!" Jessie said. Despite that scenario, Bonnie still kept walking after the balloon, trying to figure out how she was going to catch up with the balloon. But she was very soon about to get some big help… almost literally.


As Bonnie walked by a series of buildings that were connected by power lines, the lines suddenly started to glow blue and become infused with visible static electricity. The exterior of these buildings also had a little bit of static electricity floating out and about. Bonnie herself began to glow blue again as well. When the blue glow was at its brightest, the electricity suddenly gravitated in midair towards Bonnie's body.

"Huh? What the?" Bonnie asked as she looked all over her skin and clothes and saw static electricity flowing around in different directions. While curious as to why she wasn't being shocked by this electricity, she also noticed one more important as she looked down on the ground.

"Wait… the ground's getting smaller…" Bonnie said to herself. She took a look at the buildings next to her. They were going downward like she was going up on an elevator. That's when it hit her.

"Wow! I'm growing even bigger!" Bonnie shouted out loud. Any people that had been close to Bonnie started running and screaming when they saw her growing bigger. Bonnie then looked back up at Team Rocket's Meowth balloon and saw it coming closer and closer…


Of course, this was not lost on Team Rocket, who were having a field day watching the 14-foot-tall Bonnie try in vain to catch up with them. But that all changed the moment they saw her glow blue and static electricity flowed from the nearby power lines and onto her body.

"Huh? James, what's going on? Why is she glowing like that?" Jessie asked.

"Don't ask me! I flunked science in elementary school!" James said.

"Uh… guys!" Meowth said as he pointed down and noticed Bonnie growing even bigger. Finally, both the blue aura and the electricity disappeared. Bonnie was now an astounding 55 feet tall.

"Oh my gosh! I'm not just big and tall… I'm gigantic!" Bonnie said. Although many of the buildings in Lumiose City still towered well over Bonnie, they certainly didn't look as big as she was used to seeing. But there was then the most important detail of them all.

"And most importantly, I'm big enough to reach the balloon!" Bonnie shouted as she put on that famous smile of hers and reached up to grab the balloon…


Team Rocket had gone from feeling victory was at hand to fearing for their lives when they saw how big Bonnie had grown.

"Yikes! It's the attack of the 50-foot squirt!" Meowth shouted.

"James, get us out of here! Hurry, hurry!!!" Jessie shouted.

"I'm trying!" James said as he feverishly worked the controls of the balloon, intensifying the flame and trying to get the balloon to rise faster. But it was too late. The group watched as a hand suddenly latched onto the base of the balloon.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" Jessie, James, and Meowth all screamed, with Wobbuffet repeatedly shouting its name. Bonnie, meanwhile, pulled the balloon down with both her hands (it still had a lot of weight thanks to the Meowth head fully blown up) and shook the base until the ropes connecting the balloon with the platform everyone was standing on came loose. Immediately the air slowly fizzled its way out of the balloon, and Bonnie let go and watched the platform drift back on the ground.

"We're going to crash!!!" Jessie and James both shouted as they braced for impact.


The platform tilted over on its side upon impact and the balloon was fully deflated now. Bonnie watched as Pikachu and Dedenne came darting out from underneath the balloon.

"Pikachu! Dedenne! Are you okay?" Bonnie asked them both. On one hand, they were both very happy to see that Bonnie had come to her rescue, but then they looked up stunned to see how much bigger Bonnie was thanks to her latest growth spurt.

"Pika!" Pikachu shouted.
"Denne!" Dedenne replied as well.

"I'm glad. Go back to Dad's repair shop with the others. I'm sure they'll be happy to see you both." Bonnie said. The two Pokémon nodded and ran past the giantess to make their way back to Meyer's shop, not knowing that Ash and the others were coming their way. In fact, the two Pokémon watched as two motorcycles suddenly turned the corner. Pikachu and Dedenne both waved their arms calling for the cycles to stop, which is exactly what happened.

"Oh, look! There are the Pokémon!" Jenny shouted.

"Pikachu!!" Ash said as he jumped out of Jenny's bike (as did Serena). Pikachu happily jumped into its master's arms.

"Pikachu, how did you manage to escape?" Ash asked. That's when Pikachu pointed out several yards into the distance… and everyone got their first look at the even bigger Bonnie.
"B-B-Bonnie?" Serena said as she stared out in the distance.

"My god… she's even bigger." Jenny said.

"But how? How is she growing like this?" Clemont said. Jenny stopped a young man that was running for his life.

"You! Did you see what happened here? Namely if the girl grew?" Jenny asked.

"Yeah, she was glowing blue and had all this electricity from the power lines surrounding her. I took off running after I saw that!" the man said before he went back to running. Before Clemont and Meyer could ponder more on that…

"Wait… is that Team Rocket's Meowth balloon deflated?" Ash asked as they all watched and saw Bonnie looking down at the downed balloon.


Finally, Jessie, James, and their two Pokémon (Meowth and Wobbuffet) came crawling out from beneath the balloon.

"Ugh… well, at least that was one of our softer landings." Jessie said.

"I give it an 8 out of 10, personally." James said.

"I don't think we're out of the woods yet…" Meowth said as he was the first to notice the giant Bonnie towering above them. Bonnie, on the other hand, was taking great delight seeing Team Rocket seemingly helpless at her feet. She had a somewhat evil type of smile on her face as she folded her arms and looked down on the evil group.

"Well, well. You guys are always saying prepare for trouble. I'd say you found some big trouble!" Bonnie said.

"Eheheheheh… now now, perhaps you can be a good big little girl and find some dolls your own size to play with?" Jessie said with an awkward laugh and sweatdrops.

"I wonder what I should do with all of you… You know, you all look like teeny tiny bugs from up here, and here's what I always do to teeny tiny ugly looking bugs!" Bonnie said as she lifted one of her legs high in the air. Team Rocket got a good look at the bottom of Bonnie's pink shoe.

"RUN AWAY!!!" All three shouted as they scrambled onto their feet to get away.

"Wobbuffet!" Wobbuffet shouted. Bonnie slammed her foot down and hit nothing but pavement. She watched as the group ran as fast as they possibly could.

"Teehee! This is going to be fun! I'll crush you so you never hurt anyone ever again!" Bonnie said as she gave chase after the evildoers.


Ash and his troupe couldn't help but gasp when they saw Bonnie try to stomp Team Rocket flat. They all watched as Bonnie took off walking after the evildoers that were trying to get away.

"Oh my! She's going after Team Rocket!" Ash said.

"Well, isn't that a good thing? I don't think anyone in the world would miss them if they were crushed." Serena said.

"They may be bad people, but stomping them flat is not the answer! Besides, look at the people running around!" Jenny said as she pointed down the road. Indeed, people were running and screaming away for their lives, especially those that were close to where Bonnie was stepping while she was focused on catching Team Rocket.

"Why is everyone running!? Bonnie doesn't mean them any harm!" Clemont said.

"It's human intuition, son. I know I'd be running if someone that big was walking towards me." Meyer said.

"Exactly, and we need to end this before we have mass hysteria around this city. I need to know right now what is causing her to grow and how you intend to fix the problem!!" Jenny said, again with a mean look on her face.

"Um… well… you see…" Clemont said.

"Arrrrgh! I'm tired of waiting! I'm taking action now!" Jenny said as she then whipped out her radio.

"This is Officer Jenny! I need all available officers to rendevous with me back at the station. We're to draw up a plan of attack immediately!" Jenny said.
"Plan of attack!? Officer Jenny, you're not seriously going to try and take down my sister, are you!?" Clemont said. This time, Jenny did not respond. In fact, she jumped back onto her motorcycle (retracting the passenger seats at the same time) and drove it off in the opposite direction.

"Now what do we do?" Ash said.

"There must be some way we can talk Officer Jenny out of attacking Bonnie!" Serena said.

"I think first things first… we need to catch up with Bonnie; just to make sure she doesn't do anything foolish." Meyer said.

"I agree, Dad. Let's go!" Clemont said as he hopped back on the back of his father's motorcycle.

"Wait! How are we supposed to keep up?" Ash said, noting that they lost their mode of transportation when Officer Jenny had to leave. Serena quickly came up with a solution as she looked over at two bikes sitting against a nearby building.

"Ash, we can borrow those bikes!" Serena said.

"Well, okay. Borrowing bikes is nothing new for me." Ash said with a smile. As they each took a bike for themselves, they started pedaling and kept up with Meyer and Clemont on the motorcycle. Everybody looked straight ahead, watching out for any panicking pedestrians and watching how much closer they were getting to Bonnie.


The chase felt like it had been going on forever, even though it's only been a few minutes since Jessie, James, and their two Pokémon broke into an all out sprint for their lives. One of them would keep looking back trying to see how much closer or farther the giantess was from them.

"This is utterly humiliating, being chased by a giant 7 or 8 year old girl!!" Jessie shouted. After digging through his pants pockets while running, meanwhile, James pulled out what looked like a remote control.

"Hey! I found the escape remote!” James said.

“Well, stop jabbering and use it already!!!” Jessie shouted.

“Yeah! This is one time I don’t mind blasting off!” Meowth shouted. James pressed the button and a huge puff of smoke went up around the evil group. Just as the giant Bonnie raised a foot to stomp on the cloud of smoke, Team Rocket lived up to their namesake by emerging up from the smoke and shooting up towards the sky.

“Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again!” Jessie, James, and Meowth all shouted before they disappeared with a blink in the sky.



Bonnie, meanwhile, saw Team Rocket blast off and would normally celebrate another victory against them, but she was actually rather disappointed.

“Darn it! I really wanted to catch those guys.” Bonnie said. She kicked the cloud of smoke on the ground in frustration, but in doing so, she felt something collide with her shoe. When the cloud of smoke finally dissipated, there was a car tipped on its side.

“Oops…” Bonnie said as she looked down on the car, which luckily didn’t have anyone inside. However, that would soon become the least of her worries. Her hearing had readjusted to where she was hearing people screaming in every direction. A quick glance down and she saw tiny people running around trying to get away from her.

“W-w-wait! Don’t run away! I won’t hurt you!” Bonnie shouted as she tried to calm everyone down.

“Everybody run! It’s a giant monster!” one man shouted.

“I… I’m not a monster! I was just trying to catch Team Rocket, that's all!" Bonnie said. Alas, her pleas seemed to be falling on deaf ears as the people continued to panic like crazy. And to make matters worse, her body was glowing blue again.

"What the…?" Bonnie said. She didn't realize it, but she was standing close to another group of power lines, complete with transformer at one end. Much like before, the electricity seemed to sense Bonnie's presence and latch onto her body. All Bonnie knew was that she was covered in both a blue aura and static electricity again… and watched the scenery around her shrink once more.

"Oh no! Not again!" Bonnie shouted. She watched and wondered how much bigger she was going to get, also watching the panic in the street she was standing on grow more widespread.


Meanwhile, Meyer and Clemont on their motorcycle were turning the corner as were Ash and Serena on their separate bikes (with Pikachu and Dedenne along for the rides). They had seen Bonnie pleading for everyone not to panic as she wasn't out to hurt anyone, but they all stopped when they saw the giantess's body glow blue again and get charged with static electricity.

"Wait, look!" Serena shouted. The group watched as Bonnie grew bigger and bigger. Eventually, the aura and electricity both faded out and Bonnie's fourth growth spurt came to an end. Meyer pulled out what looked like a miniature scope and looked through it for a few seconds.

"According to my scanner here, Bonnie is now 112 feet tall." Meyer said. Indeed, Bonnie had a little more than doubled her previous size, going from 55 to 112 feet tall thanks to all that electricity.

"Oh my gosh! And to think she was only 14 feet tall not too long ago!" Serena shouted.

"Dad! What do you suppose is causing this growth phenomenon?" Clemont said.

"I don't know… but I do recall power lines and a transformer being near where she's standing right now." Meyer said.

"Power lines… a transformer… all high voltage. Wait a minute… the closet!" Clemont said.

"Huh?" Meyer said.

"When I tried to hide Bonnie from Officer Jenny after her first growth spurt, I put her in the closet where you always have those generators running!" Clemont said.

"Oh, that's right! Remember that, Ash? And Bonnie's body was glowing blue then too!" Serena said.

"And that man Jenny stopped earlier said Bonnie grew from standing near another set of power lines…" Meyer said. Clemont clapped his two hands together.

"OF COURSE! Now I understand!" Clemont said.

"What, Clemont? You know what's causing Bonnie to grow?" Serena asked.
"Electromagnetic flux…" Meyer added.

"Around every operating electrical device, there's a flux… like an electromagnetic forcefield! And Bonnie got hit by my exploding training machine yesterday… it must've charged her body somehow electrically." Clemont said.

"Perhaps that would explain the very first time she grew. Pikachu and Dedenne were sleeping near her last night, and they have plenty of electricity!" Ash said.
"Precisely, Ash! Finally, this is all making sense." Clemont said.

"Well, that's great that we figured that out, but how do we reverse the process?" Serena asked.

"Clemont and I will think of something, for sure. But we better hurry, because that electromagnetic flux also revolves around city lights." Meyer said with a grim look on his face.

"Huh? City lights? The same ones that come on when it's nighttime?" Ash said.

"Yes, and if we don't restore my baby girl to normal by tonight…" Meyer said. Despite the scientific details Ash and Serena had just been lectured on, even they knew what could possibly happen if night were to fall and Bonnie had all that electricity to absorb, and they shared in Clemont's concern.

"Uh oh…" all three kids shouted. 

Eventually the group went back to driving or pedaling their way towards the even bigger Bonnie. Even though nightfall was several hours away, they still felt it was a race against time to save not just Bonnie, but the entire city as well.

Bonnie couldn't help but stretch her arms outward as she compared herself with apartment buildings that she was now either the same size as or bigger than.
"I can't believe this is happening. I thought it was only a dream that I could grow this big and tall." Bonnie said. As she swung her arm back, her elbow suddenly clipped a billboard that was on top of the building behind her.
"Oh no!!" Bonnie said as she watched the billboard break off from its hinges and fall towards the ground. A few people were barely able to dodge it (and Bonnie's giant shoes) as the billboard crashed flat on its frontside in front of Bonnie's shoes.
"S-S-Sorry! It was an accident!" Bonnie said as she backed away from the billboard. In backing up back onto the road, however, she wound up stepping on a parked car, crushing it almost completely flat.
"*gasp*" Bonnie gasped as she worried heavily about any people that might have been in that parked car. There didn't appear to be anybody inside, but still, she once again felt the need to apologize.
"I… I didn't mean to crush that car! I'm sorry!!" Bonnie shouted. The giantess now found herself looking up when she heard the sounds of helicopters approaching. She recognized the two copters to be part of the nationwide news TV network.
"*sigh* Guess I'm the number one story for the day. Giant little girl terrorizes Lumiose City, they're probably screaming." Bonnie said.

She then started walking further up the road, sweating bullets every time she heard one of her foot steps send a booming echo into the sky. She walked very slowly, trying to make sure not to crush any innocent people, which there were plenty of as they tried to get away.
"Maybe I can hide behind the Prism Tower until I shrink back to normal…" Bonnie said as she thought about where she could hide to keep the news copters from filming her all day long, even though her size of 112 feet tall left her with little room to hide anywhere in the city. In fact, very few buildings in this section of the city were taller than Bonnie herself, a fact she did not take comfort in at the moment. Her negative thoughts then caused her to forget about a nearby fire hydrant, which she kicked off its foundation with one errant swing of her foot. Water shot up several feet in the air like a geyser. It wasn't as tall as Bonnie herself, but it was enough to startle her.
"W…What now!?" Bonnie said as she sidestepped to dodge the geyser. In doing so, however, her shoe caught a larger than usual curb on the street. It was just tall enough to cause Bonnie to lose her balance.
"Whoa… whoa… whoa! EEEEEK!!!" Bonnie screamed as she tried but ultimately failed to keep her balance. She fell backwards onto an apartment building that was half her size. The building was nowhere near strong enough to support the weight of the young giantess, and it crumbled apart beneath Bonnie's body.
After she felt the falling stop, Bonnie rubbed her backside.
"Owwww… that hurt." Bonnie said. It was then she took a look behind her and saw the damage she caused. Immediately a chill went down her spine. Even though the building was empty thanks to being evacuated as word of the giantess's arrival spread around the city, Bonnie had no idea of that and thought she had just crushed a lot of innocent people beneath her. Tears started to slowly fall down from her eyes.
"I…I didn't mean to! I'm sorry! I don't want to be this big! Clemont… where are you!? *sniff sniff*" Bonnie said as she wiped the tears from her face.

Not too long afterwards, with no more water shooting up from the very wet ground, Meyer's motorcycle and Ash and Serena on their bicycles had finally caught up with the giant Bonnie. At the same time, an ATV drove up and stopped not too far from our heroes. Three people emerged from the ATV that our heroes were able to recognize. First there was Professor Sycamore, the Professor Oak if you will of the Kalos region who starts Pokémon trainers on their new journies. He was also known as probably the top authority on Mega Evolved Pokémon, a subject that not just the Kalos region, but the entire world was still learning to grasp. Behind him were one of his assistants, Sophie, and also Viola, the gym leader of Santalune City. Viola had one of her cameras in both her hands.
"Oh! Professor Sycamore and Sophie!" Ash shouted.
"And Viola?" Clemont said.
"Ash! I didn't expect to see you here, but I'm glad to see you again regardless." Sycamore said.
"Likewise, professor, though I guess you could say I wish the circumstances of our reunion were different." Ash said as he looked up at the crying giantess that was Bonnie. The professor had met Clemont and Bonnie before and so he knew exactly who he was looking at.
"Yes… it's quite remarkable that Bonnie has grown so huge. That's kinda why I'm here, actually. To study more on her behavior." Sycamore said.
"But if there's any way we can help shrink her back to normal, we will be happy to assist!" Sophie added.
"Thanks, guys! But what about Viola?" Ash said. Viola, on the other hand, was busy snapping pictures.
"Wow! What a sight! This'll be the biggest story of the year, no pun intended of course! I hope Alexa isn't near by! She'll be jealous that I beat her to this story!" Viola said as she continued snapping pictures, moving in closer trying to get a better picture. Everyone had sweatdrops running down their heads.
"Heh, you can always count on Viola to get the best pictures." Clemont said.
"Still, she's taking a huge risk getting that close to Bonnie…" Sycamore said.
"And speaking of Bonnie, look at her." Meyer said as he pointed up to his gigantic daughter. It didn't take long for everyone to realize why she was crying when they saw the ravaged apartment building (along with damage to some other structures to the side).
"Oh my… she seems really upset." Ash said.
"This has to be tough for her. I wish we could talk to her and try to make her feel better." Clemont said. Serena looked up at Bonnie's face. It broke her heart seeing her as sad as she was and her face drenched with tears. Clenching her hands into fists, she suddenly took off running towards the giantess, a fact that was not lost on her friends.
"Huh? Serena!? Where are you going!?" Ash shouted.

As Bonnie continued to sniff and cry in sadness because of the damage and chaos she was causing in the city just by being so big, she suddenly heard a faint, but familiar, voice calling her name.
"Bonnie!!! Bonnie, down here!!!" Serena shouted. Bonnie looked past her white skirt between her black shorts, where she saw Serena jumping up and down waving her arms around.
"S…Serena? Is that you?" Bonnie said.
"Bonnie! It's okay… I'm down here for you." Serena said.
"I… I can't hear you very well. Can I pick you up?" Bonnie asked.
"Of course! I trust you, Bonnie. I know you won't hurt me." Serena said. Despite what she just said down to Serena, Bonnie was still very nervous about even touching her, especially given the destruction she had inadvertently caused. Nevertheless, she gently lowered one of her hands down until it was flat on the road. Serena wasted no time in climbing onboard and standing on the palm of the giantess's hand, although she did lose her balance when Bonnie moved her hand up quickly. Bonnie raised her hand all the way up to her face.

"Hi, Bonnie! How are you feeling?" Serena asked.
"Okay, I guess. *sniff sniff*" Bonnie said.
"Awwww… it's okay, Bonnie. It can't be that bad. Remember what you told me yesterday?" Serena asked.
"W…What's that?" Bonnie said.
"You wondered what it would be like to be as tall as these buildings, and how you could probably see all of Kalos from up there." Serena said.
"Yeah… I do recall saying that, but…" Bonnie said.
"What is it?" Serena asked.
"Dreaming it and having it actually happen are two different things. When I thought about being big, everyone still loved me and it seemed like I couldn't hurt anyone or anything. But now…" Bonnie said as she slowly cried again.
"Yes?" Serena said, who could feel her heart seemingly melt again seeing Bonnie so sad.
"…Just look around, Serena. I'm an overgrown klutz… I probably killed all those people in this building. Everyone's calling me a monster… and you're not my big sister anymore. *sniff sniff*" Bonnie said.
"Oh, Bonnie… I'm so sorry you're going through all this. We're doing everything we can to get you back to normal." Serena said.
"But what if they can't!? What if I'm stuck like this? What if I grow even bigger?" Bonnie said, with her voice sounding like it's in despair as tears continued to drip down her face and onto the road.
"Don't worry, Bonnie. No matter what happens, I'll always be your friend. I'll always be like a sister to you." Serena said.
"You… you will? *sniff*" Bonnie said.
"Of course! I don't care if I'm a big or little sister, Bonnie. I'll be by your side to the end!" Serena said.
"Oh, Serena…" Bonnie said, suddenly admiring her little friend's words of encouragement.
"And don't ever give up, Bonnie! Your brother hasn't given up on you either. He and your father are working hard to find a cure for you." Serena said.
"You're right, I shouldn't give up. My brother is very smart. But still, all those people calling me a monster…" Bonnie said.
"You can't let them get to you, Bonnie. They're just scared because they're afraid of getting hurt. I mean… we'd both run if there was a giant Tyrantrum running around the city, right?" Serena said. Bonnie couldn't help but giggle over that thought.
"Teehee, yeah, that would be pretty scary." Bonnie said.

Just then, before the conversation could continue, suddenly a swarm of police cars pulled up in front of the giantess. Coming out of one of them was Officer Jenny.
"Bonnie! I am ordering you to release that innocent girl and surrender immediately!" Jenny shouted.
"Huh? What?" Bonnie asked.
"Officer Jenny, what's going on?" Clemont asked.
"Step back, Clemont. After we got word that apartment building was crushed by Bonnie, I'm left with no choice but to subdue the threat. The interest of public safety is of utmost importance now!" Jenny shouted.
"Subdue the threat? You don't mean attacking her, do you!?" Ash shouted.
"But I must! She will destroy the entire city if she is left unchecked! Now step back and let us do our job!!" Jenny shouted.
"All units, deploy Pokémon now!" another officer shouted. Indeed, the various officers (including Jenny herself) threw out their Poké Balls and various Pokémon came out. About the only type that wasn't used was the electric type. Regardless, all the Pokémon immediately shot out different projectiles up at the giantess. Although Bonnie wasn't being hurt too much thanks to her size, she still felt some of the attacks hitting her.
"Ouch!" Bonnie said. She reached up to gently rub her shoulder after it got hit with a flame ball, but the hand she used was the one that was holding Serena. She tried to grab a hold of Bonnie's huge hand, but it was no use.
"Eeeeeeeeeeeek!!! Ooooof!" Serena screamed as she felt herself falling. Her fall was only a few seconds, though, as she had actually landed just below Bonnie's neck. Because Bonnie was now sitting at an angle, Serena felt herself sliding down the giantess's oversized body. She tried grabbing onto the black ribbon on her chest, but missed. She knew her last chance at holding onto Bonnie in some way was the white skirt, and luckily there was plenty of that to rest on.
"Serena! Are you okay!?" Ash shouted.
"I… I'm fine! That was… whoa, Bonnie!!!" Serena shouted. She suddenly had to hold on very tight to the skirt as Bonnie was now getting up and standing on her two feet again.
"Please, stop shooting at me! I'll just go leave the city and hide until I'm little again…" Bonnie said as she stomped away from the police officers, heading deeper into the city. Serena dangled helplessly onto Bonnie's white skirt, knowing full well a fall from that distance would be deadly.
"Somebody help me!!" Serena shouted.
"Serena! I've got to save her!" Ash said as he jumped onto his bike and pedaled as fast as he could after the giant Bonnie. Professor Sycamore, along with Sophie and Viola, all got back into their ATV and drove off as well.
"Hurry! Don't let her get away!" Jenny said to the other police officers, who jumped in their cars or motorcycles and drove as fast as they could after the giantess.
"Wait, Officer Jenny! Please! I beg you to reconsider!!" Clemont said, but Jenny did not respond and she drove off.
"There's nothing we can do in regards to them, son. We have to think of a way to return our little Bonnie back to normal." Meyer said.
"(sigh) You're right, Dad." Clemont said.
"Now let's stop and think for a moment…" Meyer said as the two put their heads together to come up with a machine that could possibly shrink Bonnie back to normal.

Bonnie, meanwhile, continued to wander around the city. Despite being over 100 feet tall, Lumiose City was still very large and was a tremendous amount of ground to cover. Bonnie was fully intent on finding a way out of the city and not crushing anyone, she had forgotten about her 'big sister' Serena, who continued to hold on tight to the back of the giantess's white skirt. However, Bonnie's quick movements around the city, on top of Serena's arms tiring out, were making it tougher and tougher to hold on.
"I… I can't hold on any longer! Bonnie, please stop!!" Serena shouted, but Bonnie did not respond. On top of that, there was a sound that was all too familiar to Bonnie no matter what size she was at. She looked down and clutched her stomach.
"Ooooh… I'm hungry." Bonnie said. Indeed, Bonnie had not eaten anything all day and her stomach was letting her know that loud and clear. She frantically looked down on the ground.
"But what am I going to eat at this size?" Bonnie said. She finally set her sights on a big rectangle shaped building that was wider than it was tall.
"Oh, that must be one of the food factories." Bonnie said as she stepped towards this building. When she finally approached it, there was one problem.
"Huh? No windows?" Bonnie said. Indeed, this particular factory did not have any windows, so there was no way to know if anyone or anything was inside. Well, there was one way, but Bonnie was already not a fan of it. First, she tried knocking on the roof of this building. On the fifth knock… she ended up punching a hole in the roof.
"Oh! I did it again…" Bonnie said. Nevertheless, she stood on the tips of her toes so she could better see inside the factory. She could see a bunch of shocked workers looking up at her face.
"Ummmm… excuse me? Sorry for destroying your roof and all, but I was wondering if you could perhaps feed me? I am hungry…" Bonnie said. Before she could finish her words, however, everyone started fleeing like crazy. One of the entrances to the food factory was right by Bonnie's feet, and she watched as worker after worker scrambled to get away from the giantess's shoes.
"Wait! All I want is your food! I didn't mean I would eat YOU!!!" Bonnie shouted, but her words fell on deaf ears.
"Ugh… I guess I'll just help myself then." Bonnie said. Unable to resist her hunger any longer, Bonnie tore more and more of the roof apart with her bare hands. Once she felt the hole was big enough, she reached inside and scooped up as much of the boxes as she could see. A quick peek inside these boxes showed her various food items, such as bread and chocolate chip cookies.
"Oh… at least there are chocolate chip cookies in here. I like those!" Bonnie said as she tipped the boxes towards her mouth and swallowed the contents inside. The packages of food fell smoothly down Bonnie's tongue and into her stomach, although some of the packaging ripped apart and the food fell in by itself. Nevertheless, Bonnie dropped the boxes back inside the factory and she patted her stomach.
"Well, that was kinda good, but I'm still hungry! Maybe there's another food factory I can find before I leave the city…" Bonnie said as she started walking again.

While all this was going on, Ash had managed to catch up with the giant Bonnie as she was eating away beside the food factory. Ash (with Pikachu on his head) leapt off his bike and approached the towering giantess as carefully as he could, focusing his sights on Serena as she continued to hang on to Bonnie's skirt.
"Serena! Hold on! I'll get you down!" Ash shouted.
"I… I can't… my arms are tiring out…" Serena said, breathing heavily between words as she tried harder and harder to keep her grip on the skirt.
"Well, that was kinda good, but I'm still hungry! Maybe there's another food factory I can find before I leave the city…" Bonnie said as she started walking again. This time, the sudden movement by the giantess was too much for Serena to take, and with one mighty swing of Bonnie's skirt, Serena lost her grip and felt herself falling again.
"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" Serena screamed, bracing for the impact that would end her life. Of course, Ash was not about to let that happen, and he used quick thinking to try and save his friend.
"Froakie, I choose you!" Ash shouted as he pulled out one of his Poké Balls and threw it in the air. It opened up and Froakie came out.
"Froakie!" Froakie shouted.
"Quick, Froakie, use Bubble to Serena to slow down her descent!" Ash shouted as he pointed at the falling Serena. Froakie took one quick look and understood what to do.
"Frooooooakie!!!" Froakie said as it shot a continuous stream of bubbles towards Serena. The bubbles quickly clumped together as they floated over towards Serena's backside. Once they made contact, Serena's falling speed decreased dramatically.
"Huh? Bubbles?" Serena said as she looked down between her legs and saw the 'bed' of bubbles underneath her. After a few more seconds of drifting downward, the bubbles landed on the ground and Serena was able to land safely. As she got up, she noticed Ash and his Pokémon running towards her.
"Serena! Are you okay?" Ash said.
"Yes, yes I am. Was that your doing?" Serena asked.
"Yep, sure was! Great job, Froakie! Return!" Ash said as he called his Froakie back into his Poké Ball.
"Oh, Ash. That was very heroic of you. Thank you…" Serena said.
"Well, just doing my part to help out." Ash said with a slight blush on his face. Serena couldn't help but walk closer and closer to her friend…

But before anything else could happen, Ash and Serena were suddenly rejoined by Officer Jenny and her other officers, Professor Sycamore, Sophie, and finally Clemont and Meyer, both holding papers in their hands. When Ash noticed Viola wasn't around, Professor Sycamore explained that she had run out of film and had to go get some more.
"Young lady, are you alright?" Jenny asked.
"Yes, I'm fine. Please don't attack my friend, Bonnie. She's only scared from being so big and doesn’t mean any harm." Serena said.
"I'm afraid it's too late, especially since she's raided one of the food factories. She must be stopped at all costs! Officers, let's continue pursuing the giant girl!" Jenny said.
"Yes, ma'am!" the officers said as some of them and their Pokémon continued onward.
"Wait, Officer Jenny! My Dad and I think we may have found a way to bring Bonnie back to normal!" Clemont said.
"Oh?" Jenny said.
"Yes, please take a look at these sketches." Clemont said as he and Meyer handed her the papers. Jenny took a good look at the blueprints, and already looked disgusted.
"As you can see, by putting inside a Poké Ball into this machine, we can retune its laser to work on humans, because as you know…" Clemont said. Before he could go on, however, Jenny ripped up the papers in half.
"No no no NO!!! No machines! Your machines do nothing but blow up and cause panic! And may I remind you, young man, that it was your machines that made that girl gigantic in the first place!!" Jenny said.
"Officer Jenny, please!" Clemont said.
"I said NO! End of discussion!!! Can't you use a Pokémon or something!?" Jenny shouted.
"Officer Jenny, please allow me to explain." Meyer said. As he tried to explain to Jenny why it was necessary to use more machinery in order to cure Bonnie, Ash suddenly thought about Jenny's suggestion of using a Pokémon.

And after flashing back to the time he fought against Sabrina in the Kanto region, and then to what happened outside the Twinleaf Festival between himself, Dawn, and Barry thanks to a wild Xatu… it suddenly hit him like a speeding bullet train between Kanto and Johto, especially after he realized Professor Sycamore was nearby.
"WAIT! I've got an idea, and we wouldn't even need machinery!" Ash said.
"Huh?" Clemont asked.
"Professor Sycamore, do you happen to have any psychic Pokémon back at your lab? Namely a very strong one?" Ash asked.
"Hmmm… I think I have a high level Alakazam that I've been keeping for observation." Sycamore said.
"Perfect!" Ash shouted.
"Huh? Please explain, Ash. What do you have in mind?" Clemont asked.
"There were a couple times in other regions where me and my friends were shrunk in size… but we were brought back to our normal sizes thanks to someone teleporting us." Ash said.
"Oh? Go on." Meyer said.
"What if we tried that with Bonnie? Maybe we can get a really strong psychic Pokémon like Alakazam to teleport Bonnie! She wouldn't have to teleport far, maybe even in the same spot, but the teleportation should reset her back to her normal size!" Ash said.
"Hold on, it sounds like a good theory, but what about that flux thingy that Clemont and Meyer told me causes her to grow?" Jenny said.
"And even then, Ash… Bonnie is extremely large! Even the strongest psychic Pokémon can only go so big in teleporting a large object." Sycamore said. Ash was silent for a few seconds, and even though he said machinery wouldn't be needed, he quickly came up with an idea.
"Perhaps that's where Clemont can come in!" Ash said.
"Huh? Me?" Clemont said.
"Clemont can build something really small, like a helmet, to amplify the Alakazam's psychic waves enough to where it can sorta latch onto Bonnie, allowing her to be teleported." Ash said.
"Hey, that just might work! And with the molecules in Bonnie's body resetting due to teleportation, maybe that will get rid of the flux as well!" Clemont said.
"Wait a minute, young man! Didn't I just say…" Officer Jenny said, but Ash surprisingly chose to intervene and interrupt the officer.
"Officer Jenny, please! Let Clemont try just this one small invention. It can't possibly cause a big blowup like a normal-sized invention." Ash said.
"Ash is right. We're talking something that you and I can hold with our bare hands. The damage would be very minimal, if any." Meyer added. Officer Jenny hesitated, but could see in the eyes of everyone, including Clemont, that they wanted to try this.
"Okay, fine. Do it!" Jenny said.
"Great! Let's get building, son!" Meyer said.
"And we'll go retrieve the Alakazam! Come on, Sophie!" Sycamore said as he and Sophie jumped back into the ATV and drove away to the professor's lab.
"I hope they make it fast… looks like Bonnie's about to be attacked again." Serena said as she pointed out to the distance at the giant Bonnie and some of the flying-type Pokémon approaching her.

Indeed, as Bonnie was looking around trying to find another food factory to satisfy her hunger, she suddenly had to contend with attacks from tiny Pokémon once again. She stopped her walk when she felt a blast of water hit her in the back.
"Hey! What the…!" Bonnie shouted. She looked to see one of the officers commanding a Blastoise to fire up at her again. The Blastoise shot a full stream of water from the cannons on its back up at the giantess. While Bonnie was able to sidestep the attack, a Skarmory was tugging on the ponytail on the side of Bonnie's hair. It didn't take long for Bonnie to feel this as she made a swipe up at the Skarmory.
"Stop that! Not my hair!" Bonnie shouted. Skarmory was not fast enough to dodge the giant hand, and it got slapped with massive damage as it fought to stay afloat in the air. Bonnie watched the Skarmory fly weakly and was already apologetic.
"Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you! Ack!!" Bonnie said, only to grab her arm as she felt another powerful attack strike her. As she turned around to keep on walking towards the next food factory, she was feeling both frustrated and scared from being attacked like she was.
"Please! Stop attacking me!!! I promise I'll leave as soon as I find something to eat!" Bonnie shouted with tears once again sliding down her face. Despite her pleas, the police officers kept commanding their Pokémon to attack the giantess, feeling she was a true menace because struck the Skarmory (and some other flying-type Pokémon) and said she wanted to get something to eat, which they thought was real people or something worse instead of actual food.

Minutes later, with Bonnie trying to dig her way into the food factory she finally found while simultaneously brushing off any attacks being made by the tiny Pokémon, our heroes were getting set to put their plan in motion. Alakazam, straight out of Professor Sycamore's lab, had already taken its place. It was a plain, regular Alakazam until Clemont slowly put a helmet on top of the Pokémon's head.
"There. My Super Psychic Psywave Amplifier is in place. I just gotta turn it on and…" Clemont said.
"As Bonnie would say, the name could probably use a little fine tuning." Serena said.
"Heh, maybe, but if my son's invention gets my baby girl back to her little self again, the name won't matter." Meyer said. Officer Jenny still had her doubts.
"Are you sure this is going to work?" Jenny asked.
"Well, like I said, the worse that can happen is Alakazam gets a blow to the head when my helmet explodes…" Clemont said.
"But I have the max potion standing by just in case that happens." Sophia said.
"Yeah, but more importantly, Bonnie will still be big." Jenny said. Clemont then activated the helmet and saw all sorts of lights flashing on top.
"Okay, it seems to be in working order right now. Do your thing, professor." Clemont said.
"I've got my fingers crossed!" Ash said.
"Alakazam, I want you to try and teleport that giant girl you see in front of you. Teleport her about 20 yards in front of us." Sycamore said. Alakazam nodded its head, seemingly understanding its instructions. Alakazam crossed its two spoons together and its eyes started to glow a bright white. Once this happened, everyone looked over at Bonnie and saw her body being surrounded by a similar white glow, even though it wasn't as bright.
"Is it working?" Ash asked.

However, the light around Bonnie was quickly dimming. Professor Sycamore immediately knew there was a problem.
"It's not working! Bonnie's just too big." Sycamore said.
"I'll have to turn it up to full power!" Clemont said as he pushed a few buttons on the invention's remote control that he was holding.
"No, don't you dare! I won't let you hurt that Pokémon!" Jenny shouted.
"Shhhh… Officer Jenny, please let my son concentrate!" Meyer said. Once Clemont was done making the adjustments, the device on Alakazam's head rattled back and forth and gave off an audible hum. Everyone looked back at Bonnie, and although the glow was brighter than before, it was quickly dimming down again. Even worse, Bonnie didn't seem to be feeling any effects as she was still fixated on the food inside the factory as well as the Pokémon that were still attacking her.
To make matters worse, the helmet began to shoot out sparks and smoke.
"Oh no! It's going to blow!" Clemont shouted.
"Quick, Clemont! Power it down!" Meyer shouted. But before Clemont could touch anything…
"Wait! Something's happening to Alakazam!" Sophia, Professor Sycamore's assistant, shouted. The group watched with awe as Alakazam itself began to glow a bright red.
"ALAKAZAM!!!" Alakazam shouted. Suddenly, the glow was so bright, it enveloped Alakazam's body into a black shadow.

The light eventually died down, and everyone saw a much different looking Alakazam.
"A…Alakazam?" Ash asked. Alakazam gained a large white beard and its mustache is larger and white. The armor-like sections became bulkier, with its upper body section becoming slightly shorter to reveal its thin stomach. Its head is now diamond-shaped. It keeps its four ear-like spikes, and gains a large, oval, red organ in the center of its forehead. Its lower legs become longer and slimmer and its feet become skinnier and resemble talons. It gains three additional spoons, which it levitates in the air. Professor Sycamore already had a feeling what had happened.
"It… it… it mega evolved!" Sycamore said.
"Huh? A mega evolution?" Ash said.
"Oh, it looks like Alakazam is trying again!" Clemont said, noting that Mega Alakazam, despite floating in the air in a sitting position now, was glowing white once again, with all three of its spoons spinning around its body.
"Come on, Alakazam! You can do it!" Serena shouted as she and everyone else traded looks between Mega Alakazam and the giant Bonnie.
This time, Bonnie could clearly see the white glow around her skin and clothes. More importantly, she felt her body tingling somewhat.
"What… what's this? I'm not gonna grow again, am I?" Bonnie asked nervously. She held up her hand to try and block a Razor Leaf attack coming from one of the grass Pokémon.

Finally, Bonnie disappeared. She vanished into thin air with white lines left behind where she was standing, although these also eventually faded out of existance. As the officers and their Pokémon looked confused over where Bonnie had been standing, Clemont and the others were watching in front of them. About 15 seconds passed, and there was still no sign of Bonnie, let alone no telling what size she was going to be.
"W…w…where's Bonnie? Ash, please tell me where Bonnie is!!!" Clemont shouted with extreme worry in his voice as he shook Ash quite vigorously.
"Shhhh… calm down, Clemont. It takes a little bit of time for the teleportation sequence to complete, especially if the object is larger than Alakazam." Sycamore said. Right as he said that, a bright light started to form 20 yards away from our heroes.
"Look! Over there!" Serena shouted.
"Kazam!!!" Mega Alakazam shouted at the same time. The light slowly formed clearly into the shape of a human being.

And that human being was Bonnie… back at her normal size.

After Bonnie moved her arm away, the scenery looked a lot different.
"Huh? The buildings… they're…" Bonnie started to say.
"BONNIE!!!" Clemont shouted. Bonnie looked over and saw Clemont running towards her with a great big smile on his face. At first she thought Clemont had grown giant, maybe to make her feel better and not feel so lonely, but as she took a look around even as Clemont smothered her in his arms, the buildings were all way way waaaaaaay bigger than what they were just a few minutes ago.
"C…Clemont? Am I back to normal?" Bonnie asked.
"As normal as you'll ever be! Oh, Bonnie!" Clemont said. Bonnie could see the tears coming down his eyes, even through his bright shining glasses. She was further relieved to see everyone else approaching at the sizes she expected them to see, including her 'big sister' Serena.
"Whew! You gave us quite a scare, my precious! But I'm so happy my baby girl is back to normal!" Meyer said, tears coming down his eyes as he stood over both his children.
"YAY! I'm so glad to be back to normal! I knew you could do it, Clemont!" Bonnie said as she deeply hugged her brother right back. Clemont then loosened up his hug.
"Actually, I can't take all the credit, Bonnie." Clemont said with a smile.
"Oh?" Bonnie said.
"It was Ash's idea to use a psychic Pokémon to teleport you." Clemont said.
"Wow! I guess you have a head for science too, Ash!" Bonnie said.
"Heh, yeah, I guess so. I was just thinking about past experiences I've had, namely in how teleportation can change the size of someone or something if commanded to do so." Ash said.
"Even I must admit it was a brilliant strategy. It's no wonder you're a master class trainer, Ash Ketchum." Sycamore said with a smile. Bonnie then felt the need to run towards Serena as she approached. She gave the taller and older girl a hug just as strong as Clemont's.
"Serena! I'm so glad you're okay too!" Bonnie said.
"You betcha! You see? I told you not to give up. We found a way to get you back to normal." Serena said.
"I'm glad! I love having you as my big sister instead of a little one!" Bonnie said. Serena just laughed as the two continued to hug.

But Officer Jenny felt they weren't out of the woods yet. There was still one chief concern she had.
"Well, this is great, but we don't know yet if she's been cured of this flux thing." Jenny said.
"Oh?" Ash asked.
"She may be normal now, but what if she goes walking by another power line? Is she going to grow again?" Jenny asked.
"Well, there's one way to find out. Alright, Pikachu and Dedenne, for the love of science and Pokémon! I want you to PLEASE thundershock my darling little sister! Now, please!" Clemont shouted. Pikachu and Dedenne were at first unsure, but Ash quickly assured Pikachu it was okay to do so.
"Go ahead, Pikachu! Do as he says!" Ash said.
"Yeah, come on and shock me, Dedenne!" Bonnie said. Both electric Pokémon jumped high in the air and combined their signature electrical attacks. The bolts both struck Bonnie and she screamed out from getting shocked.

By the time the two Pokémon were done, Bonnie was a bit charred up and her hair was sticking up like it usually does when a machine by Clemont blows up. But most importantly…
"She's still the same size!" Ash shouted, with all the others either cheering or breathing a sigh of relief.
"It's just like you said, Ash. The teleportation reset her body to the point where there were no more effects from yesterday." Clemont said.
"Well, that's a relief." Jenny said with a smile on her face. Having heard those words, Bonnie (who was miraculously already cleaned up back to her normal self) approached Officer Jenny.
"Um… Officer Jenny. I'm really sorry for scaring everyone in the city. I only wanted to have fun with Team Rocket because they're bad guys." Bonnie said.
"Hey, forget it, kiddo. All's well that ends well." Jenny said.
"Are you sure? What about all those people in that apartment?" Bonnie asked.
"Actually, you don't have to worry about that. That apartment was fully evacuated long before you arrived there and crushed it. There were no casualties." Jenny said.
"Oh! You mean…" Bonnie said.
"That's right! In fact, nobody died during this whole ordeal, which I think is a remarkable achievement." Jenny said.
"Wow! Thanks! I guess being careful really paid off!" Bonnie said with that signature big smile on her face.

Jenny then looked over at both Clemont and Meyer.
"There is one more matter of business I need to discuss, specifically with you, Clemont." Jenny said.
"Oh?" Clemont said.
"You did a fine job with that helmet for Alakazam. To be honest, I thought for sure it was going to explode." Jenny said.
"Well, I never doubted my son for one second! As I always tell him, if at first you don't succeed, try try again!" Meyer said.
"You've proven to me you can build safe and reliable machinery to save humankind. So I tell you what? My cousins and I will still keep an eye on you, but I will let you build and use your inventions here in the Kalos region again." Jenny said.
"You… you really mean it!?" Clemont said.
"I do. Though like I said, we'll be keeping an eye to make sure you don't go overboard again." Jenny said.
"Oh, thank you, Officer Jenny! I promise with all my might that my machines will not cause any more madness and mayhem, including what happened with my sister!" Clemont said.

Just then, there was another loud grumbling sound. Everyone focused their sights on Bonnie's stomach.
"Whoops… I guess I'm still hungry." Bonnie said as Ash handed the girl her familiar yellow purse, which Dedenne immediately hopped in.
"How about we go for a big cheeseburger? That should fill up your stomach in a hurry!" Serena said.
"You're right! Even though I'm back to normal, my stomach still feels quite big, to be honest with you!" Bonnie said, prompting a laugh from everyone.
"Oh, Ash! I haven't forgotten about our gym battle. What do you say we do it first thing tomorrow morning?" Clemont asked. Ash didn't blame Clemont for wanting to postpone the gym battle to tomorrow after the wild day he and everyone else had with the giant-sized Bonnie.
"Of course, Clemont. I'm already looking forward to our battle. Don't hold back on me!" Ash shouted.
"I certainly won't! As a gym leader, I'm fully required to give it my all!" Clemont shouted.
"Alright! You ready for tomorrow, Pikachu?" Ash said.
"Pikachu!!!" Pikachu shouted its name happily.

And with that, the sun began to set on a long day that involved dealing with the growing Bonnie. Professor Sycamore and Sophia returning back to their lab, no doubt to further analyze how Alakazam was able to mega evolve. Officer Jenny and her fellow patrollers returned to their duty of protecting Lumiose City. Meyer joined Ash and his friends for dinner (complete with cheeseburgers as promised by Serena, which filled Bonnie up very nicely) before he headed back to his shop to begin repairs on the walls that Bonnie had torn down.

Ash, Clemont, Serena, and Bonnie all got a good night's rest at the Pokémon Center. When they all woke up, Bonnie was still her normal size and very glad of it, although as they were all heading out the room to head for the Prism Tower and the epic gym battle with Ash and Clemont, Bonnie looked over at her brother.
"Hey, big brother? Can I make a request?" Bonnie asked.
"Yes, Bonnie?" Clemont asked.
"When this adventure is over with Ash and Serena is over, can you build me maybe some virtual reality goggles or something so I can pretend to be big and chase after Team Rocket again?" Bonnie said.
"Heh heh heh! Sure, Bonnie, I'll put that on the top of my to do list." Clemont said.
"Yay! Thanks, Clemont! You're the best!" Bonnie said as she gave her brother a quick hug before he and the others all exited the Pokémon Center and made their way to the Prism Tower.